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CAPPELEN DAMM AGENCY Cappelen Damm is Norway’s largest publishing house, publishing approximately 1300 titles a year, within the genres of fiction, non-fiction and children’s books. Cappelen Damm’s list of authors includes Lars Saabye Christensen, Åsne Seierstad, Karin Fossum, Erlend Loe, Erik Fosnes Hansen and Roy Jacobsen. We also have a strong list of fiction and non-fiction in translation, which includes J.M. Coetzee, Antony Beevor, Lars Kepler, JK Rowling, José Saramago and Jonathan Franzen. Cappelen Damm is owned jointly by Bonnier and Egmont, each of which owns 50%. Cappelen Damm Agency represents the rights of all of the authors in this catalogue. The Agency is responsible for all foreign book rights, as well as rights for TV, film, radio, anthologies, electronic media, etc. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the authors and the sales of foreign rights. We look forward to speaking to you.



Ingvar Ambjørnsen

The Elling Series Elling-serien

Photo: Tine Poppe

Ingvar Ambjørnsen’s most successful novels in recent years is the quartet about the odd ball Elling: Utsikt til Paradiset, Fugledansen, Brødre i blodet and Elsk meg i morgen. These novels are critically acclaimed and have sold very well to Ambjørnsen’s wide audience. Ambjørnsen introduced something entirely new with his books about Elling. His stories contain crazy inventiveness and absurd, gentle humour. He describes the loneliness – and the dream of friendship. It is an entertaining read, and the protagonist Elling is called by some reviewers “the Norwegian Forest Gump”. The movie Elling was nominated for an Oscar in 2001, and the stage play was very well received at London’s West End.


Ingvar Ambjørnsen (1956–) made his literary début in 1981, and has since published novels, crime fiction, short story collections, children’s and young adults books, as well as essay collections.

A Vision of Paradise (Utsikt til paradiset), 1993. Rights sold to Denmark, GERMANY, ICELAND, KOREA,




Beyond the Great Indoors (Brødre i blodet), 1996. Rights sold to BULGARIA, CZECH REPUBLIC, DENMARK, FINLAND, FRANCE, GERMANY, ISRAEL, ITALY, KOREA, LITHUANIA,THE NETHERLANDS, POLAND, SPAIN, SWEDEN, TURKEY and UK. Love me Tomorrow (Elsk meg i morgen), 1999. Rights sold to GERMANY, KOREA, LITHUANIA, POLAND and TURKEY.


Ingeborg Arvola

Pig Hearts Grisehjerter


This novel with several protagonists covers a wide range of topics, from the problems of living together, to the beauty industry, to gambling addiction. The small family consisting of Kine, Konrad and six-year-old Iver, an anxiety-ridden child, has had to move in with Kine’s parents because Konrad has gambled away everything the family owned and more. An uneasy place to start from, but they’re determined to try to rescue their relationship. In a close neighbourhood, we meet many people from Kine’s past. Ingeborg Arvola writes entertainingly, but also with great commitment to her serious themes, which include food refusal, hysteria about beauty ideals, the anguish of children, our relationships with animals and nature in general and criminal trade in organs.


Careful Glass (Forsiktig glass), 2004. Penalty (Straffe), 2003. Forty Postcards (40 postkort), 2007. The Korell House (Korellhuset), 1999. Rights sold to GERMANY.

in Tromsø. Her first book was a novel for adults called Korellhuset, published in 1999. She has written several novels for adults and young people.

Photo: Vidar Høyvang

Ingeborg Arvola (1974–) grew up in Pasvikdalen and



Sunniva Lye Axelsen

Follow Me All the Days of My Life Følge meg alle mine dager


In her diary, an elderly woman tells of how she is gradually losing control over her existence. She lives alone, without contacts with family or friends. Both obstinate and wilful, she refuses to let the cleaning lady in, and so it happens that she scrubs the floor with rice pudding instead of scouring powder. Suddenly, a great tit is perched in the bath and singing away – or is it actually the stuffed rock ptarmigan she inherited from her father? She has clear moments, when she broods about her failing memory and understands how far she is falling short of managing her life. Then, she also remembers fragments from her past: she had been an outsider in her own family and grossly betrayed by Axel, the great love of her life. And there were the periods in mental asylum. Despite everything, this isn’t a sad story; the writer has given her storyteller an inventive, convincingly old-fashioned language that flows easily and makes this book into a rich reading experience of high literary quality.

Sunniva Lye Axelsen (1980–) was born in Stavanger.


Photo: Elke Mayrhofer

She lives and works in Jerusalem.


Torgrim Eggen

Iron Jern

In a time where people share their grievances and sorrows with strangers on the internet, where seeking souls are longing for a new kind of religion to be redeemed – Torgrim Eggen has created Folkvang. Here the seductive Biv Boeser offers answers to their longings, with his great idea that all religions are true, and that every sign points toward the Day of Judgment. Only the few chosen ones will survive.


The hairdresser Gro lost her little daughter in a car accident. Ove, a rather resourceful junkie, is hiding from the Lithuanian mafia. Ina is writing her PhD on new age movements, and wants to join a sect as an undercover researcher. Their stories meet at Biv Boeser’s Folkvang. Together they are ready to embark upon the journey to Judgment Day.

‘Entertaining, smart and relevant.’ Adresseavisen

‘There is an international edge to this novel, the text is entertaining, well-written and exciting.’ Dag og Tid

journalist, now a full time writer. Jern is his seventh novel. With a sharp and witty pen he echoes the zeitgeist in his novels, exploring phenomena such as vanity, politics, immigration and our crazy and wonderful Internet society.

Photo: Christian Berset

Torgrim Eggen (1958–) is a former musician and



Lars Saabye Christensen

Bernhard Hval’s Slips of the Tongue Bernhard Hvals forsnakkelser A new, great epic novel from the author of The Half Brother. Doctor Bernhard Hval left medical school with the best marks in his year. Regrettably, certain bad habits of his, like spitting and swearing and rudeness, led to him ending up in a mortuary doing autopsies. Hanging out with the dead was the best thing for him, people said.


The story is told in 1979, when the nearly 80-yearold Bernhard Hval looks back on all of the past century from an extremely eccentric point of view. He gives us an account of himself, his wife Sigrid and Notto Fipp, the competitive walker. A bizarre, unruly novel about friendship, love and craziness – especially craziness. Rights sold to DENMARK (C&K), GERMANY (BTB), BULGARIA (VESSELA lutzkanova), and ISRAEL (KinneretZmora).

‘Without exaggeration one can say that every page of this novel is a linguistic pleasure.’ Dagsavisen

‘… a feast to read!’ NRK


début in 1976 with Historien om Gly. His break-through novel was Beatles, which is one of the greatest literary successes in Norway and which continues to speak to new generations. He received both the Book Seller’s Prize and the Nordic Council’s Literary Award for Halvbroren in 2001. This novel also marked his break-through to the international market.

Photo: Siv-Elin Nærø

Lars Saabye Christensen (1953–) made his literary




Lead (Bly), 1990. Rights sold to BULGARIA, DENMARK and GERMANY.


The Funeral (Bisettelsen), 2008. Rights sold to BULGARIA, DENMARK, FRANCE, GERMANY, THE NETHERLANDS,





Torkil Damhaug

Death by Water Døden ved vann Liss lives in Amsterdam, but when her sister disappears, she jumps on the first plane home. In Oslo she searches desperately for answers. But someone is willing to kill in order to hide the truth behind her sister’s gruesome fate. Døden ved vann is a thriller that trespasses the boundaries between past and present. It is about a child who searches for love and meets with desire. Several of the characters appearing in the novel can also be found in Torkil Damhaug's thriller from 2007, Se meg, Medusa. Rights sold to Czech Republic (Jota), Denmark (Modtryk), France (Seuil), Germany (Droemer Knaur), Netherlands (Ambo Anthos) and Russia (Azbooka).


▶ BACK LIST Look at Me, Medusa (Se meg, Medusa), 2007. Rights sold to denmark, gERMANY, RUSSIA and turkey.

Flight of the moon (Flykt, måne), 1996.

a specialisation in psychiatry. His début novel Flykt, måne caused a great stir when it appeared in 1996. Syk Rose was also well received by the critics. Døden ved vann is his fifth novel.


Photo: Fredrik Arff

Torkil Damhaug (1958–) has a degree in medicine with

’A first-class thriller.’ Dagbladet

’Incredibly exciting and utterly unputdownable.’ Fyns Stiftstidene, DK

’A must for readers of Stieg Larsson … Damhaug quickly turns out to be wiser and far cleverer than Stieg Larsson.’ Berlingske Tidende, DK

’Another highlight from one of the most ambitious – and best – crime writers in Norway.’ Adresseavisen

’Another confirmation that the Norwegian climate, landscape and psychology is a lucky combination for the making of outstanding crime.’ Jyllands-Posten, DK

’One of the most well-written and nerve wracking works of crime fiction in a long time.’ Dagens Næringsliv

’Torkil Damhaug’s new thriller is an exciting, original and disturbing novel with intriguing nuance and depth.’ VG


Jon Øystein Flink

Sex, Death and Marriage Sex, død og ekteskap The narrator of this novel does his very best to kill himself. Why would a 32 year-old Norwegian writer take his own life? We watch as the main character repeatedly tries to kill himself, through his remorse, cowardice, debauchery, marriage, and sodomy until the final scene where he deals the fatal blow at the pub Valka in Oslo. Flink’s narrative is crude, humorous and melodramatic, while being poignant, precise, nuanced and disturbing. Rights sold to: Germany (Ubooks).


’Superior Flink’ Dagbladet

… a convincing piece of literary artwork, somewhere between Christ and Satan.’ VG

‘…. brilliantly plotted and well-written. … packed with entertaining devilishness.’ Aftenposten

’The story goes from bad to worse and gives the reader a delicious sinking feeling, along with the gripping fear of what the end will bring!’ Klassekampen


philosophy, sat on the editorial boards of the periodicals Parergon and Kraftsentrum, and written music reviews for Morgenbladet and Dagsavisen. His first novel, Ole-Kristian Oksrød, was published in 2003. He has written novels, short stories, dramas and poetry, as well as essays and articles.

Photo: Joachim Kotte Norvik

Jon Øystein Flink (1976–) has studied music and


His second novel, Salme ved reisens slutt (Hymn at Journey’s End), which was published in Norway in 1990, is about the musicians in the multinational orchestra onboard the ”Titanic” in 1912; an elegic journey through Europe at the fall of an epoch. Salme ved reisens slutt was received as a sensation by the press and is one of the bestselling Norwegian postwar novels, also outside Scandinavia. It has reached bestseller level and earned superlatives from critics in the nearly thirty countries where is has been published so far. In 1990 Fosnes Hansen was awarded the most prestigeous Norwegian literary award Riksmålprisen for Salme ved reisens slutt, and in 1998 the book was nominated for the international IMPAC Award.


Erik Fosnes Hansen was born in New York on June 6, 1965, to Norwegian parents. He was raised and went to school in Oslo. After graduation he worked as a radio journalist for a few years before moving to Stuttgart to study literature and art. In 1985, at the age of twenty, he published his first novel, Falketårnet (The Falcon Tower), an intense psychological and symbolic drama set in the German Empire of the Crusades around 1230 AD. The novel was praised by critics and audience alike as a debut far beyond the ordinary.

Photo: Marcel Leliënhof

Erik Fosnes Hansen

Fosnes Hansen’s third great work Beretninger om beskyttelse (Tales of Protection) was published 1999 and was hailed as a masterpiece and a literary sensation. It is a bestseller in Norway and other countries and was shortlisted for the Aristeion Prize 2000. Fosnes Hansen completed a new novel Løvekvinnen (The Lion Woman) which was published in October 2006. The much anticipated new novel is a story about being different in socitey. Fosnes Hansen’s novels have been sold to more than 25 territories worldwide.


17 Rights are controlled by Leonhardt & Høier Literary Agency in Denmark.


Karin Fossum

The Caller Varsleren «Hell Begins Here», says the card that detective Konrad Sejer finds outside his door late one night. Earlier that day the young couple Lily and Karsten found their baby in a pool of blood in the pram. The little community is plagued by events that frighten them all. But does the perpetrator intend to follow through, or is it all a bad joke? Rights sold to Belgium (Standaard/Manteau), Denmark (Gyldendal), Estonia (Eesti Raamat), Finland (Johnny Kniga), France (Seuil), Germany (Piper Verlag), Italy (Sperling & Kupfer), Spain (Random House Mondadori), Sweden (Forum) and UK (Harvill Secker).


’Hardly anything beats a good, psychological thriller, and The Caller is an exquisite example of that.’ Dagbladet

’To read The Caller is a refreshing reminder of what good crime is like.’ Aftenposten

’A new victory for Karin Fossum … The quivering excitement takes off from page one.’


Karin Fossum (1954–) made her literary début in 1974 with the poetry collection Kanskje i morgen, for which she won the Vesaas First Writer’s Award. She has published books in several genres, but is best known for her 10 crime novels about Konrad Sejer. Several of her books have been filmed. She has received a number of prestigious awards, including a recent LA Times Book Award for her novel Elskede Poona.

Photo: Arild Sønstrød



Eve´s Eye (Evas Øye), 1995. Rights sold to albania, belgium, bulgaria, the czech republic, Denmark, Finland, france, Germany, iceland, Italy, lithuania, the netherlands, poland, portugal, russia,



Sweden and uk.

Don't look Back! (Se deg ikke tilbake!), 1996. Rights sold to albania, belgium, bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, france, Germany, hungary, iceland, ISRAEL, Italy, japan, korea, LATVIA, poland, portugal, romania, russia, serbia, spain, Sweden, turkey and uk.

He Who Fears the Wolf (Den som frykter ulven), 1997. Rights sold to belgium, BRASIL, Denmark, Finland, france, Germany, hungary, iceland, Italy, korea, THE NETHERLANDS, poland, russia, spain, Sweden, turkey and uk.

When the Devil Holds the Candle (Djevelen holder lyset), 1998. Rights sold to belgium, brazil, bulgaria, denmark, finland, france, germany, hungary, poland, russia, spain, sweden, turkey and uk.

The Indian Bride (Elskede Poona), 2000. Rights sold to belgium, the czech republic, denmark, estonia, finland, france, germany, hungary, iceland, ISRAEL, italy, the netherlands, poland, portugal, russia, serbia, spain, sweden, THAILAND and UK.

Black Seconds (Svarte sekunder), 2002. Rights sold to belgium, denmark, finland, france, germany, the netherlands, spain, sweden and uk.

The Murder of Harriet Krohn (Drapet på Harriet Krohn), 2004. Rights sold to belgium, denmark, ESTONIA, finland, germany and sweden.

Water´s Edge (Den som elsker noe annet), 2007. Rights sold to Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Sweden and UK.

Bad Intentions (Den onde viljen), 2008. Rights sold to Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Sweden and UK.



Beate Grimsrud

A Fool Free En dåre fri

Nominated by both Norway and Sweden for the Nordic Council’s Literature Prize! Eli lives alone. But she shares her life with Espen, Erik and Emil – or, rather, their voices, which have been with her since childhood. Periodically, she is cared for in a mental hospital and treated either with sympathy, or with gross insensitivity. Eli’s will to live and be creative is strong, but the voices keep rowing and ruining things for her. Still, she carries on writing books and making films. In this novel, Beate Grimsrud opens the door to a world that is alien to most people. In that world, you can at times feel vulnerable and powerless, but it has its own fascination and pathos.


Rights sold to Denmark (Gyldendal), Finland (Like), Germany (BTB LUCHTERHARD) and RUSSIA (CORPUS)

’It invades your body and your mind, it becomes a voice that stays with you and which demands attention.’ Expressen, SE


Nomina ted to the

Brage P r


To Slip Past an Axe (Å smyge forbi en øks), 1998.

Rights sold to Denmark , Germany and Iceland.

Children, What Do e Know that Lives in the Woods? (Hva er det som fins i skogen barn?), 2002. Rights sold to HUNGARY.

Beate Grimsrud (1963–) made her literary début in 1990, and


in 1998 she was nominated for the Nordic Council Literary Award for her novel Å smyge forbi en øks. In 2007, she published her first children’s book: Klar ferdig gå!, which was co-authored by Inger Alfvén.

Photo: fotograf Henrik Lindal

The Leakage of Sleep (Søvnens lekkasje), 2007.


Vigdis Hjorth

Talk to Me! Snakk til meg Ingeborg is a middle-aged, unadventurous librarian who lives in a small town in Norway. Her husband is dead, and her son has moved out and lost touch with his mother. On a trip to Cuba, Ingeborg allows herself to be charmed by a black man, a musician who sings and plays the drums in the hotel garden. He is black and poor, but a clever man. She is white and well off, but alone. Norway’s satiated consumer society is contrasted with the bankrupt Cuba in this politically aware, searching novel Hjorth writes about being a woman now, from every perspective and without flinching from dangerous and unpleasant issues. She is knowledgeable, has a probing intellect – and a sense of humour!


’The novel has literary qualities which by a wide margin blow away narrow political boundaries. The story expands upon a second reading and becomes an existential movable – and moving – novel, with an abundance of possible interpretations, among the very best Hjorth has written.’ Klassekampen

▶ BACK LIST What's with Mother? (Hva er det med mor?), 2000.

Rights sold to Denmark and Iceland.

If only (Om bare), 2001.

Rights sold to GERMANY and UKRAINE.

Wheel Change (Hjulskift), 2007.

Vigdis Hjorth (1959–) made her literary début in 1983 with the children’s book Pelle-Ragnar i den gule gården, for which she won the Norwegian Art Council’s Debutant Award. Her break-through came with her adult novel Drama med Hilde in 1987. In 2006, the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet voted Om bare as one of the most important novels of the past 25 years.

Photo: Siv-Elin Nærø

Rights sold to DENMARK and SWEDEN.



Roy Jacobsen

Child Wonders Vidunderbarn It all begins when a mysterious, little half-sister arrives. Her name is Linda. She carries a blue suitcase with a manual. A manual for Linda. Because Linda is someone quite special. It is the year of the Berlin Wall, of President Kennedy and Jurij Gagarin. Finn lives with his mother in a tiny working class apartment in Oslo. Life is all about a TV, playing with his best friend Freddy, but also about beating up boys in the neighborhood and getting beaten up yourself. This small family’s everyday life is modest and stubbornly social-democratic. But then Linda arrives. Suddenly Finn detects signs of change and secrets about his mother. The foundation of his entire existence is shaking. This powerful depiction of a childhood shows how wonderful and how dangerous it is to be a child.


Rights sold to Azerbaijan (Qanun), Bulgaria (Perseus), Czech Republic (Pistorius & Olšanská), Denmark (Rosinante), Estonia (Eesti Raamat), The Faroe Islands (Nylendi), Finland (Like), France (Gallimard), Germany (Osburg Verlag), Israel (Keter), Italy (Bompiani), The Netherlands (Querido), Poland (SIW Znak), Spain (Grijalbo Mondadori), Sweden (Norstedts) and UK (MacLehose Press).


d Shortliste for the

Impac Award

The Conquerors (Seierherrene), 1991. Rights sold to denmark, lithuania and sweden. Boundaries (Grenser), 1999. Rights sold to Denmark, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands and Sweden. The Burnt-Out Town of Miracles (Hoggerne), 2005. Rights sold to Croatia , Czech Republic, Denmark, Faroe Islands, France, Germany, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Poland , Russia, Serbia, Sweden and UK.


evolved into an original, strong and analytical writer with a special interest in the underlying psychology at play in human relationships and actions. He is a wonderful storyteller with obvious political engagement. He has twice been nominated for the Nordic Council’s Literary Award. He was also shortlisted for the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award in 2009 for his novel Hoggerne.

Photo: Siv-Elin Nærø

Roy Jacobsen (1954–) has since his literary début in 1982

‘What a wonderful novel!’ VG

‘A book that makes you laugh and cry – what more can you wish for? That it does not end after 264 pages, but lasts into next week … Vidunderbarn is nothing less than a perfect masterpiece.’ Dagsavisen

‘A new addition to an extraordinarily rich authorship.’ Aftenposten

‘If Vidunderbarn will not be one of the bestselling titles this fall, I don’t understand any of the mechanisms in Norwegian book business.’ Dagbladet

‘… everything is presented in the compassionate light of great humor, even if the depths are dark enough. Roy Jacobsen masters the art of writing about someone who struggles in a way which makes the reader feel better … The novel is a small, both sad and merry gem.’ Politiken, DK

‘Here we find ourselves in Norwegian prose’s top league. One should convince oneself about this by personal inspection.’ Weekendavisen, DK

‘The novel is rich with both irony and love, fights and tenderness, peculiarities and general beauty in a boy’s world, just before the present breaks through, and where modesty’s small everyday life shines with nostalgia, sadness and guts.’ Information, DK


Kristian Klausen

Achilles Akilles


In this novel, the narrator arrives in Røyken on a warm day in August 1997, keen to start teaching Art at the local secondary school. He is bursting with enthusiasm for art and literature and, in particular, for The Odyssey; last year, he based a photographic project on the ancient Greek epic. However, art teaching has been withdrawn and the headmaster instead offers him a locum post as physical education teacher. He soon realises that the PE hall contains unexpected opportunities for experiences and sensations. Before long, he is propelled into a strange reality where the warp in the psychic weave is made up of unlikely combinations, such as ball games and mythology, war and erotic pleasure, past and present time. Akilles is a novel about physical training, impotence and Greek mythology.

▶ BACK LIST Supper in Emmaus (Måltidet i Emmaus), 2008.

Kristian Klausen (1971–) has been a freelance writer and art instructor and currently works as an environmental therapist with a psychiatric hospice. He made his literary début in 2008 with his critically acclaimed short story collection Måltidet i Emmaus.


Photo : Finn Michelsen

The Globe (Globus), 2009.


Benedicte Meyer Kroneberg

Nobody Must Hear the Silence Ingen skal høre hvor stille det er Hanna grows up, alone with her mother, the mother has three different incarnations: Crow, Nightbird and Mummy. Hanna shares secrets with Crow, where as Nightbird is a dark, frightening creature. Of the three, she likes Mummy best. But she is torn between her loyalty to her mother and her father’s insistence that everything should be nice and orderly; her problems with friends have to be kept hidden to prevent something dreadful from happening.


Ingen skal høre hvor stille det er is an utterly convincing tale of a childhood, told by the voice of a child who, again and again, has to compromise between her loyalty to her parents and her own happiness. Rights sold to Lithuania (Svajoniu Knygos).

‘Benedicte Meyer Kroneberg’s Ingen skal høre hvor stille det er is the best début novel [in 2010].’

Benedicte Meyer Kroneberg (1972–) was born in Oslo, but now lives on the outskirts of Arendal. She graduated from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology with a degree in Nordic literature, and works as a lower secondary teacher.

Photo: Fredrik Arff




Erlend Loe

Lazy Days in Mixing Part Stille dager i Mixing Part The theater-going Telemann hardly has an alcohol problem and has little love for Germany. His wife, however, has very thick glasses and a love of everything German. They are on vacation with their three children in Mixing Part, south of Munich, at the foot of the Alps in the middle of the Nazi belt. And there is nothing more to be said about that. Well, yes, there is: Telemann is in love with an English woman he has never met. But he pretends that he isn’t. Pretends and pretends.


Rights sold to Brazil (Tinta Negra), Czech Republic (Vakát), Denmark (Gyldendal), Finland (Johnny Kniga), France (Gaïa), Germany (Kiepenheuer & Witsch), Hungary (Scolar Kiado), Macedonia (Tabernakul), Netherlands (De Geus), Russia (Azbooka), Serbia (Geopoetika), Sweden (Alfabeta) and Ukraine (Folio).

‘Loe makes it easy to laugh at the painful and hard things in life.’ Bergens Tidende

‘… some of the funniest writing Loe has done in a long time.’ Klassekampen

‘… a fast read, very funny, somewhat embarrassing and with a satisfactory ending.’

Erlend Loe (1969–) is one of Norway’s best-selling authors. He made his literary début with Tatt av kvinnen in 1993. His break-through, both in Norway and internationally, came with the publication of his second novel Naiv.Super. in 1996. His 2004 novel Doppler was critically acclaimed for its depiction of the modern man.


Photo: Katrine Mellingen Kaldal




Naiv.Super. (Naiv.Super.), 1996. Rights sold to: Brazil, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia,

Doppler (Doppler), 2004. Rights sold to Albania, Brazil, Czech Republic, Denmark , Finland , France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia , Macedonia, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and Ukraine.


Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, UK and US.

Muleum (Muleum), 2007. Rights sold to Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Sweden and Ukraine.

‘It’s a fantastic novel. Fan-tas-tic.’ Weekendavisen, DK on Doppler

‘Erlend Loe’s Doppler is yet another step into utter absurdity. The result is a surrealistic contemporary criticism of the highest quality. Loe’s best book since Naive.Super.’ VG on Doppler



Hans Olav Lahlum

Human Flies Menneskefluene

Easter 1968. Harald Olesen, an old man who was once a member of the resistance, is found dead in a block of flats. He has been shot. Detective Inspector Kristiansen soon realises that the killer must be one of the other tenants in the building. That there is no lack of motives is evident when Olesen’s dairy is discovered. The police investigator concludes that present-day actions are driven by wartime events. Next, another neighbour is killed – this time, someone who was on the wrong side during the war. Rights sold to Italy (Einaudi).


’An intelligent and well written crime novel … splendidly constructed with an escalating suspense, this was really a fun read.’ Dagbladet

’You enjoy yourself as the story is unraveled, and you are delighted by cleverly made dead ends. In his epilogue he hints at a possible series, if this novel proves to be a hit. My appeal will be: Write more! Menneskefluene enriches today’s Norwegian crime fiction.’ Aftenposten


Photo: Fredrik Arff

Hans Olav Lahlum (1973–) is a historian. He made his literary debut with the critically acclaimed biography Oscar Torp in 2007. He has since published Presidentene, Haakon Lie: Slik jeg ser det nå and a biography on Haakon Lie.


Tania Michelet

Africa is not for Everybody Afrika er ikke for alle Afrika er ikke for alle is a rough and unsentimental account of African everyday-life amongst Europeans after civil war and liberation. The novel is written in a sensuous language with precise details, and the environment described is unknown to most Europeans who haven’t lived in Africa.


The main character Anna is a young woman who has spent her youth in Lusaka, Zambia. Her strong fascination for Africa makes her return several times. This is also a story of a love affair with a man from the falling, white upper class, romantic getaways to Zanzibar and safaris through Zambia’s national parks. Africa is not for Everybody is an exotic debut novel about a fascinating continent.

‘Extraordinarily steady debut about an African farm.’ Dagbladet

‘Rough and tender images of Africa.’ Dagsavisen

‘The language is rippingly good; short, concise descriptions are entwined with believable dialogues. You let yourself get carried away by the exotic and exciting lives of the novel’s characters. This is nothing less than a page turner of a debut novel!’ Bokavisen

Tania Michelet (1969–) is born in Tromsø and has lived

Photo: Rolf M. Aagaard

four years in Zambia. She has a higher degree in Comparative Literature from the University of Oslo.



Gert Nygårdshaug

Mengele Zoo Mengele Zoo Poverty-stricken Mino was born in the rainforest. He’s a butterfly catcher and loves the diversity of life found in the jungle. As Mino collects butterflies, he sees the ways in which the jungle is being destroyed by multinational corporations. One day the catastrophe hits his own village, and Mino finds himself very suddenly at the centre of the rainforests’ great tragedy. He is transformed into a feared warrior with an unstoppable thirst for revenge. As the head of the infamous Butterfly League he goes out into the world spreading terror and alarm. With this novel Gert Nygårdshaug combines his masterly, vigorous ability of narration and imagination with an exciting drama hewn out of a part of Latin American reality.


Mengele Zoo was voted People’s Favorite 2007. Rights sold to Denmark (Hovedland).



Gert Nygårdshaug (1966–) is a well-established and critically acclaimed author. Many of his books, including Mengele Zoo, Himmelblomsttreet and Prost Gotvins geometri, have become modern classics. He is also known for his books about the amateur detective and gourmet chef Fredric Drum.

Photo: Lars Aarønæs

The Horologist (Klokkemakeren), 2009. Priest Gotvin's Geometry (Prost Gotvins geometri), 2005. Rights sold to denmark. The Fredric Drum Series (Fredric Drum Serien), 2005. Rights sold to Poland.

Prick-Teaser Luremus This is chick-lit, so it goes without saying that the story is about what girls want most of all: finding Mr Right before it’s too late.


Elin Rise

Our heroine is Siw Anette, or Siwa for short, and she goes about getting what she wants methodically. Time is of the essence, if she’s to find someone who meets her needs and wishes. The right man mustn’t be too short, or kiss like a frog or speak crap English ... Given that the list of No-nos has grown long and Siwa anyway isn’t willing to jump into bed with a guy who doesn’t measure up, the title of this novel was a no-brainer ...


Elin Rise (1983–) grew up in Tønsberg. She studied journalism and media and has worked as a photographer, editor and also in psychiatric care. Luremus is her first novel.



Stig Sæterbakken

Don’t Leave Me Ikke forlat meg For Aksel, meeting Amalie was the turning point in his life. Not only does he experience the terrors and passions of great adventure, he is also introduced to a strange world in which he sees everything with new eyes. He reevaluates all of his values. As though he were drugged, Aksel feels himself lifted out of the life he thought he had been doomed to live. “You don’t know what would have been better; whether no one else were in love with her, or everyone were.” Rights sold to Sweden (Vertigo).



Siamese (Siamesisk), 1997. Rights sold to Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, Turkey and USA. Invisible Hands (Usynlige hender), 2007. Rights sold to Russia and Sweden. Don't Leave Me (Ikke forlat meg), 2009. Rights sold to Sweden.

his poetry collection Flytende paraplyer in 1984, and has since published several short story collections, translations, novels and essays. His work has always been well received by the critics.


Photo: John Erik Riley

Stig Sæterbakken (1966–) made his literary début with


Chris Tvedt

Circle of Death Dødens sirkel Mikael Brenne is a partner in a successful legal firm and his future looks bright. Then he is accused of fixing an attack on an innocent woman in order to win a case. He ends up in prison, loses the right to practice as a lawyer and is promptly sacked. Suddenly, he is left without friends, income and future. A former colleague gives him a chance to work on an ancient case of double murder. And so Mikael Brenne, who thought his life couldn’t get any worse, discovers how wrong he was. It could get worse – much worse … Rights sold to Denmark (Klim) and Germany (Droemer Knaur).


’The fifth book in the Mikael Brenne series is a true highlight – so packed with excitement, surprises and clever twists and turns it is tempting to use the cliché “unputdownable”.’ Bergens Tidende


Chris Tvedt (1954–) is born in Bergen. In addition to law school he has studied Comparative Literature. In 1988 he started practicing as a lawyer, but is now working as a full-time writer.

Photo: Petter Solheim

Reasonable Doubt (Rimelig tvil), 2005. Rights sold to Germany and the Netherlands. Bad Habits (Fare for gjentakelse), 2007. Rights sold to Germany. Grounds for Suspicion (Skjellig grunn til mistanke), 2008. Rights sold to Germany. The Rat Hunter (Rottejegeren), 2008.



Øystein Wingaard Wolf

Brighton Blues Brighton Blues

Daniel lives in Brighton; he is bipolar but holds down a job at O’Brien’s bric-a-brac shop. In his spare time, Daniel parties in the colourful settings on offer in the city. At times, he goes home to see his mad, religious mother. Most of all, he longs to get something going with O’Brien’s daughter, Sophia, who is a model. A beautiful novel about friendship, madness and love.

FIC TION Øystein Wingaard Wolf (1958–) has written both


Photo: Stéphane Polteau

short stories, novels, documentary, poetry, songs and children’s books.


Siri Østli

This Sweet Life Det søte liv Mari, Charlotte and Irmela are growing up in a small place. They are best friends and share everything – until Charlotte and Irmela have a row and it ruins their relationship. A few years later, they all meet in Oslo’s bohemian Grünerløkka quarter; Mari tries bravely to mediate between the friends, even though she has her own issues to deal with. So have all three of them, in fact.


Whilst coping with post-natal depression Mari finds a note on the kitchen table from her beloved Peter, who has left her alone with nearly-new-born Lilja in an old, draughty house with the cellar stocked with fine wines. Irmela, impulsive as ever, has run away from her church wedding in the middle of the ceremony. Now she worries about whether she’s married or not. Goal-oriented Charlotte wants just two things: a permanent job as a journalist and the status of a fashion icon. But first she must help Mari to sort out her life and make Irmela realise that somewhere, her husband is waiting for her.


Siri Østli (1957–) lives in Kristiansand and has five daughters. She has previously written short stories for the weekly magazine Hjemmet.

Photo: Sigrid Helene Svendsen

In Stillettos Across Grønland (På høye hæler over Grønland), 2009.




short stories Poetry and essays

▶ SHORT STORIES, Poetry and Essays

Lars Saabye Christensen

My Danish Album Mitt danske album

Lars Saabye Christensen has always had a special feeling for Copenhagen, his now deceased Danish father being the essential link. Mitt danske album is a collection of poetry and prose about the author’s exploration of himself, his family and the city. It is beautifully illustrated with family photographs.

‘A charming little book of remembrance ... a loving, redemptive portrait of a father and a relaxed, amusing history of his family through three generations.’ Politiken, DK

Lars Saabye Christensen (1953–) made his literary début in 1976 with Historien om FIC TION

Gly. His break-through novel was Beatles, which is one of the greatest literary successes in Norway and which continues to speak to new generations. He received both the Book Seller’s Prize and the Nordic Council’s Literary Award for Halvbroren in 2001. This novel also marked his break-through to the international market.

Gilles Dossou-Gouin

A Stranger in Hustad Bay En fremmed i Hustadvika Gilles Dossou-Gouin is a writer from Benin who, helped by the ICORN scheme (International Cities of Refuge), has settled in Molde where he works as a welder. But Gilles is above all a poet and Jan Jakob Tønseth undertook to transcribe 30 of Gilles’s poems from and about Hustad Bay: a colourful and exotic celebration of a small place.

Gilles Dossou-Gouin (1957–) was an author and journalist in Benin, but had to flee the


country after the publication of his novel L’Imaginaire et le Symbolisme de Dieu in 1996. Dossou-Gouin was ICORN (International Cities of Refuge) writer in Molde from 2005 to 2007.

The Land of Uncertainty Uvisshetens land Illustrated by Ivar O. Rudi

Kolbein Falkeid is a much loved and respected poet. His poems are of high literary worth, but people also understand what they mean. Writing like this is a skill which few have mastered. Because of it, his Samlede dikt (2003) became a bestseller. Many turn to Falkeid when looking for lines of poetry offering comfort, cheer or thoughtful reflections. Uvisshetens land is a selection which contains the best of Falkeid’s poetry. The collection is beautifully illustrated by Ivar Rudi, an artist based in Haugesund, and Torgeir Schjerven has written an inspiring afterword. A book that should appeal to absolutely everyone who loves poetry.

▶ SHORT STORIES, Poetry and Essays

Kolbein Falkeid

Kolbein Falkeid (1933–) saw his first book come out in 1962 and has published 21


collections of poetry. He is one of Norway’s best loved and respected poets, still questing and still looking for new recognition.

Håkon Øvreås

The Badger Variations Grevlingvariasjonene Håkon Øverås’ latest collection of poetry is populated by fathers, sons and badgers, too; the writer demonstrates that he is one of Norway’s most outstanding young poets.

Håkon Øvreås (1974–) grew up in Hof, Vestfold. Øvreås has a postgraduate degree in

comparative literature. His first poetry collection was called Avstanden mellom hus, and was published in 2008.


▶ SHORT STORIES, Poetry and Essays

Ane Farsethås

From Here to Reality Herfra til virkeligheten In Herfra til virkeligheten, Ane Farsethås approaches a generation of authors and the problems affecting our society. The collection is dominated by an overriding desire to destroy pre-conceptions – because literature means something.

FIC TION Dagens Næringsliv. She was elected Literary Critic of the Year in 2004 by the Association of Norwegian Critics and Best Critic in Scandinavia (2004) by the publication Nordic Literature.


Photo: Trine Thorsen

Ane Farsethås (1973–) is the permanent literary critic for


▶ Series

Liv Karin Kirkebøen Almendingen

Sunniva’s Saga Sagaen om Sunniva The year is 1349. On the Elvestad farm, they are preparing for the wedding of the young farmer’s daughter Sunniva Persdatter, just as the Plague is closing its clammy fist around the countryside. Sunniva must fight for her life. This powerful saga is about people who are torn from one another, about fates that are interwoven and about the bonds of love that are forged and broken. 13 books, the series ends with 7 more books in 2011.

Trine Angelsen

Daughter of the Sea FIC TION

Havets datter Elisabeth gazed over the small, gray tree stumps under the mountain while she grasped the worn suitcase in her hand. She was sixteen and off to work as a servant on the Dalsrud estate. She had never been away from her childhood home and now felt expectation and a sense of freedom. Drama, romance and the hard life in Lofoten, Norway. 30 books. Rights sold to Poland.

Anne-Lise Boge

Original Sin Arvesynd Young, beautiful Mali comes from a poor family and is ”sold” into marriage to a rich farmer boy. The marriage is loveless, and Mali suffers. One day a band of gypsies turn up at the farm, and Mali meets the wild, handsome Jo. Now she learns what love is all about, but this discovery will have fatal consequences for her whole life. This series has broken all records in readership and sales figures.


Three chapters in English are available. 26 books. Rights sold to Finland, Poland and Sweden.

A Mother’s Heart Morshjerte

▶ Series

Anne-Lise Boge

The year is 1928. Maren is the daughter of the merchant Thorvald Bredli. He is a wealthy man, with a lot of influence in the community. Since Maren is the only one who can carry on his legacy, he expects her to find a husband of equal social standing. One day the indigent boy Trond Lia is given a job in the storehouse. Maren falls head-over-heels, and the young woman is unaware of the dramatic consequences this relationship will have in regard to her life. 9 books, 5 books will be published in 2011.

Yvonne Fjeld

November Children Judianna is an unwanted and neglected child growing up in a fanatically religious environment. The only people she can count on, are the two youngest brothers, but they have been sent to work as servants for other families. Her closest friend is the young pauper Adam, who has an unnerving ability to see the souls of the dead around the cemetery, where all the children who died in the cholera epidemic of 1855 are buried. A suspenseful series with an undercurrent of the supernatural.



15 books, the series ends with 5 more books in 2011.

Ann-Christin Gjersøe

Legacy Livsarven The story of Livsarven takes place at the venerable Gimle Farm in Vestfold in the 1880s. This is an action-packed and heartwarming tale, which revolves around the lives and loves of three young women at a time when women were rarely in charge of their own destinies. 27 books, 5 books will be published in 2011. Rights sold to Poland.


▶ Series

Maria Grane

Sonja Sonja Northern Norway, 1954. Sonja is a young woman with a painful secret. She comes from a poor fishing family in Vesterålen, and has enjoyed a happy childhood in the care of her warm and loving parents. She applies for a place at school in Oslo and has a bright future ahead of her, but at a party something happens that makes a lasting impression on her. She can’t face the move to Oslo, and instead takes a cleaning job with Gunnar Mortensen in Bodø. He soon turns out to be a slave driver with a fondness for beautiful women… 6 books. A follow up series of six books will be published autumn 2011.

Elin Haugli

Jellerød FIC TION

Storgården Jellerød In this heartwarming series from the late 1800s in the country side of Østfold, we meet the poor prostitute’s daughter Thea and the handsome son of the grand farm of Jellerød, Jostein. While Thea lives in poverty and distress, her closest neighbors, the Jellerøds live in riches. Thea is hounded by the locals because of her background but the Jellerøds are good people and turn out to be her salvation in life. Follow Thea’s dramatic life searching for happiness and love. 9 books.

Inger Harriet Hegstad

Purple Stones Fiolsteinen


One morning a baby girl is found abandoned on the doorstep at Grønvoll farm. It turns out the baby is of Gypsy blood and has a deformed foot. At Grønvoll, the girl is taken care of by the spinster Gurine and given the name Hansine. Life in the mid 1800s is far from blissful at Grønvoll, but Hansine grows up to become a wise and beautiful young woman, and, as it turns out, she appears to have supernatural powers ... Hansine struggles to fit in with the locals who never quite approve of her, and one day she vanishes. 18 books, the series ends with 6 more books in 2011.

Winds of Change Sønnavind

▶ Series

Frid Ingulstad

The author takes us to the factories and houses along the river Akerselva in Oslo, 1905. Elise and her little sister work at one of the factories. Their mother is ill and their father an alcoholic. Elise must take responsibility for her family. The radical changes occurring at the turn of the century, and the fate of the common people are brought sharply into focus in this successful saga. 42 books, 8 books will be published in 2011. Rights sold to Poland.

Frid Ingulstad

Ingebjørg Olavsdatter By 1352, the Black Death has killed two-thirds of the Norwegian population. A young girl, Ingebjørg Olavsdatter lost her father. Ingebjørg is young, strong and beautiful, but as an unmarried woman she has little to say regarding her own future.


Ingebjørg Olavsdatter

A gripping tale from the Middle Ages; a personal and political drama. 45 books. Rights sold to Poland.

Frid Ingulstad

The Cross of Fire Ildkorset South Norway 1647. Seventeen-year old Marine lives in fear of her stepfather who abuses her. When she falls pregnant, she is seized by panic. A relationship such as theirs carries the death penalty. Can she escape the shame and punishment, or will she be sentenced to death even though she is innocent? We follow Marine’s dramatic fight – and flight – for freedom. 12 books.


▶ Series

Ingelill Kruse Jensen

The Kruse Saga Krusesagaen Copenhagen, 1648. One foggy winter morning a closed carriage rolls onto the quayside. Hidden inside are two women: the king’s mistress and their daughter. Christian IV is dead and young Elisabeth and her mother, Vibeke Kruse, must escape a dangerous rival. The ship that will take them to safety is waiting in the harbor. But before they reach the open sea, another ship appears on the horizon. They’re being followed. 10 books.

Dag Ove Johansen

The Shaman’s Realm FIC TION

Sjamanens rike This novel takes us to Finnmark in Arctic Norway and the remote areas of Alaska in the 1890s. A young reindeer herdsman is one of the first people to travel to Alaska to teach the Eskimos how to herd reindeer. His girlfriend, left back home on the Arctic plains of Finnmark, has to pursue her own future. Strong characters, impressive nature and magical powers. Book no. 1 available in English. 12 books.

Elin Brend Johansen

Alvestad Alvestad Love and desire, betrayals and mysteries, poverty and the harsh everyday grind are all components of Elin Brend Johansen’s new suite of novels set at the end of the 19th century.


For many years, Ingrid Alvestad lived peacefully as a member of the upper class in Christiania, but one day, a telegram shatters the calm. Her father has died and Ingrid has inherited a large estate in ancient province of Romerike. Soon, Ingrid is forced to choose between duty and longing, between her responsibilities and her dreams. The estate, where past sins still lurk, does not welcome her. 10 books will be published in 2011.

Sunniva Farlige krefter

▶ Series

Elin Brend Johansen

In Farlige krefter, an historical series set in Ringerike in the 1600s, we meet the young and passionate heiress to Svanemyr manor, Sunniva. She is blissfully ignorant of the extent of her supernatural powers, but will soon enough experience that her powers will have fatal consequences. In this dramatic series we follow Sunniva’s struggle to survive in a time when women with supernatural powers were burned at the stake. 21 books.

Jorunn Johansen

Water Fall Passion and Mystery at Finnskogen! Fossefall is set in Finnskogen, an enormous forested area that stretches along both sides of the Norwegian-Swedish border. Finnish immigrants settled there in the 16th and 17th centuries, and the culture is rich with myths and sagas. Amalie, a farmer’s daughter, has fallen in love with a Finnish man named Mitti. Her parents have other plans for her. They have already decided that she will marry the town’s sheriff.



25 books, 12 books will be published in 2011.

Else Berit Kristiansen

In War and Love I krig og kjærlighet This story is set during the Second World War. From an early age, Kristin has looked after her home and siblings, and has not been particularly concerned with what is going on in Europe towards the end of the 1930s. She just dreams about marrying Jan and living happily together. But soon the war casts its shadow over her world, and she is forced to make a choice that will influence the course of her life. 25 books, 5 books will be published in 2011.


▶ Series

Salmund Kyvik

Inga Torfinnsdatter Inga Torfinnsdatter In this series from the 1400s, we follow the life of beautiful and strong-headed Inga Torfinnsdatter, the only daughter of nobleman Torfinn Jonsson Smor. The events start in 1427 when the city of Bergen is attacked by pirates, and Inga and her family are forced to leave the city after a devastating fire. The only two things Inga manages to retrieve from her burning home are her precious gold coin that has protected the women of her family for generations, and a copy of the forbidden and infamous Black Book. 8 books.

Trude Brænne Larssen

The Pauper Children FIC TION

Legdebarna The year is 1869. Karoline, the eldest of five siblings, lives on a little fishing station, about a day’s journey from Bodø. Her father is a fisherman and her mother struggles to fulfill her duties as a housemaid for the landowner, while taking care of her husband and children. One day tragedy strikes and the family is left with nothing. 9 books, the series will probably end with 6 more books in 2011.

Trude Brænne Larssen

White Frost Rimfrost The sorceress Rime is guarding a much soughtafter secret. As a result she is afraid to fall in love. Only Bork, a farmer’s son, succeeds in wearing down her defences. This strong, silent man makes an impression on her, and against her will she is drawn to him. However, Rime has mighty enemies who are aware of her secret and want a share of it. She is not safe anywhere... 14 books.


Eyes of the Wolf Ulveøyne

▶ Series

Trude Brænne Larssen

This Viking saga is set in a period of time when superstition was stronger than religion, when tempers ran high and conflicts were solved by the sword. When a little slave-girl is born, people are shocked at her appearance: raven-black hair and ice-grey, luminous eyes. Word has it her father must have been a wolf, and so she is given the name Ulva. Refusing a life of slavery, Ulva runs away and tries to survive on her own. 26 books.

Vera Larsen

Sins of the Fathers In Sorgenfri we meet Karen and Eli, two sisters growing up on the poor farm Silderplassen at the end of the 19th century. Karen is big sister, calm and reliable. Eli is Karen’s complete opposite. When Eli is fifteen years old, she seduces the local minister’s son; hardly anything or anyone can stop her. But as times passes, things go terribly wrong …



9 books.

Merete Lien

The Rose Garden Rosehagen In 1881, ten-year-old Emily and her mother set out on a voyage. The ship goes down. Emily survives but loses her memory. Twelve years later she discovers a letter that reveals the fact that her life has been founded on a web of lies fabricated by her own mother. A series in which tension, intrigues and hidden pasts mingle. 31 books, 7 books will be published in 2011. Rights sold to Poland.


▶ Series

Merete Lien

Descendants of the Storm Barn av stormen Agnete is the daughter of a harbor pilot and lives on an island with a fierce and beautiful nature. The story begins when she falls in love and faces a difficult choice between two men. Agnete and those close to her must fight against inner and outer enemies, as well as the ferocious forces of nature on the island that faces the wild ocean. This is a touching love story that also paints a picture of the daily lives near the end of the 1700s. 36 books. Rights sold to Poland.

Sigrid Lunde

The Midwife FIC TION

Jordmoren As a newly qualified midwife Astri moves to a small community in Western Norway in the 1920s. Work as a district midwife can be both lonely and dangerous, but Astri is pursuing a long time dream. Although the locals are welcoming and seem eager to meet her, she senses their apprehension. She settles in – and faces the challenges of a district midwife. Astri’s story is a momentous drama of love and betrayal, life and death. 46 books, 11 books will be published in 2011. Rights sold to Poland.

Hege Løvstad

Lillian’s Dance Liljas dans


Beautiful and talented Lillian from Mosjøen dreams of becoming a ballet dancer, but her father won’t hear of it. She is a common girl from a humble family and should know her place, her father says. But Lillian defies her father and leaves for Oslo and ballet school. Before long, Lillian becomes a celebrated prima ballerina, and enjoys her life at the ballet theater and with her dancer friends. An exciting story of love and betrayal, dreams and fame, jealousy and revenge … 8 books.

Kristin of Gilstad Odelsjenta

▶ Series

Anne Marie Meyer

This series is set in the mountain village of Aurdal in Valdres in the late 1800s. Kristin is the rightful heiress of the grand farm Gilstad and expected to marry a man of her father’s choice. Kristin is horrified when she finds out which man her father has chosen for her, but has no saying in the matter. The marriage will assure the future of Gilstad and bury her father’s dark secrets from the past ... But Kristin’s heart belongs to someone her father never, ever will accept into the Gilstad family. 24 books, 7 books will be published in 2011. Rights sold to Poland.

Jane Mysen

Flame Dance The year is 1880. A band of gypsies roams through Lillehammer and the surrounding countryside. We follow their lives, full of drama, excitement and passion, through towns and deep forests. Anna is a young Gypsy girl travelling with a large group of migrants. Her engagement to Nikolai is celebrated one bright summer night. But before they are married, a murder is committed in the camp. Nikolai is forced to flee and Anna is left to fend for herself.



37 books, 6 books will be published in 2011.

Jane Mysen

God’s Chosen Utvalgt av gudene Just as Amund begins to speak the child’s name, the prophetess suddenly interrupts. She lifts her arms toward the sky and the glass pearls in her staff flash in her hands. With breath-taking power she cries out: ”The girl child is chosen by the gods – and the gods say she shall be named Gyda. Odin himself, who reigns over Valhall, is her protector, and no one shall harm her.” The second child must be sacrificed, or the wrath of the gods will strike Jotungard... 30 books. Rights sold to Poland.


▶ Series

Jane Mysen

Children Under the Moon Barn under månen Maren Gregersen is planning a future in her father’s law practice in the most fashionable area of Kristiania. She is nineteen years old and just graduated from secondary school. However, the stunningly beautiful, dark-eyed woman is sent by her father to Lunner in Hadeland to learn how to run a household. She arrives in her own automobile with a manner and fashion the robust farmers have never seen. She takes the little community by storm. A group of rowdy workers from Sweden have just arrived, the leader of which is Gunther, a passionate and sensual man, able to charm every woman he meets. 15 books.

Christin Grilstad Prøis

The Chains of Life Livets lenker FIC TION

The year is 1856. At Heimsett farm, 18-year-old Elen is growing up. Even if the family lives in poverty, Elen is happy. But one day, a great tragedy is revealed. Her father has incurred huge debts. Unexpectedly, the doctor in the village offers to save the family farm from being sold at auction. His one request is that Elen accepts be his bride… 7 books, 6 books will be published in 2011.

Christin Grilstad Prøis

Cornelia Cornelia In 1878, the sisters Cornelia and Rakel move to Kristiania (now Oslo) to work for a famous architect and his wife. But Cornelia’s life as a servant is very different from what she had imagined. The master of the house lives a debauched life among Kristiania’s artists and he takes a fancy to Cornelia. She becomes embroiled in a drama that will haunt her for the rest of her life. 14 books.


Anna’s Fate Annas skjebne

▶ Series

Ellinor Rafaelsen

It is the year 1900, and on a cold winter’s day in Hallingdal, four-year-old Anna Johnsen is taken away by child care authorities. She is placed with Helga and Nils Bergmoen, a deeply religious couple who take saving little Anna from the sinful life in Ura as their calling. 11 books will be published in 2011.

Ellinor Rafaelsen

Polar Nights In the beginning of the 1900s, Tora follows her heart from Tromsø to Svalbard. But no loving reception awaits her. Life on the male-dominated and barren island is more than just full moons and midnight suns. It is a fight against intrigues, jealousies and nature itself. It is a world that Tora will never fully understand.



18 books.

Ellinor Rafaelsen

Gunnhild’s Choice Farsarven In this historical series set in Hallingdal, Norway, in the late 1800s we get to know the life of Gunnhild Johnsen and her five children after her husband follows his dream and sets off to America to find gold. All he leaves Gunnhild is a letter with a promise to return ... one day. Gunnhild struggles to provide for her family after her husband abandons them in poverty, and in despair she decides to put the children into foster care and seek work outside the small village in Hallingdal. Will Gunnhild’s husband return from America as a wealthy man? And will his family be there to welcome him back? 18 books. Rights sold to Poland.


▶ Series

Ellinor Rafaelsen

Julianne Amulettens kraft Julianne starts out in the early 1900s in the small town of Vardø in Northern Norway. It is rumoured that Julianne, a 16 year old fisherman’s daughter is pregnant with the Russian sea captain Mikhail’s child, and her family is furious with her. She is scared and desperate and left with no other choice but to flee with Mikhail to Russia – a country on the brink of revolution. In this eventful and dramatic series we follow Julianne and her descendants in a life filled with love, hate, sorrows and joy. 20 books. Rights sold to Poland.

Ellinor Rafaelsen


Hittebarnet Alicia In Hittebarnet Alicia we follow the life of the foundling Alicia on the small island of Bømlo in the middle of the 1800s. She has arrived by boat from the Shetland Islands as the sole survivor in a shipwreck off the coast of Western Norway. Alicia struggles to find her place with a fisherman’s family who takes her in. She is a lonely child who soon finds out that life can be cruel … but that love will find its way. 15 books.

Ellinor Rafaelsen

Northern Lights Nordlysets døtre


Beautiful and adventurous Kaja grows up on a small farm near the village of Mo in Northern Norway. She has a family who loves her and everything she needs in life, but she dreams of a life beyond the farm. She wants more than a husband and a family, and when the new ironworks are established in Mo in 1912, she seizes the opportunity to follow her dream ... She gets a job at the factory, she meets new and exciting people, but too soon she gets so much more than she bargained for. 12 books.

Storm-force Winds Stormvinder

▶ Series

Berit Elisabeth Sandviken

Stormvinder is the story of a family from Lom and Eidsvoll, set between 1832 and 1880. Embjørg is 20 years old when her father dies in a mysterious incident. Jomar, her fiancé, supports her throughout her mourning, but Embjørg’s world falls apart when he abandons her in favour of her younger sister. One stormy night she tries to kill herself, but is saved by a stranger, a young man who says his name is Mikkel. She doesn’t realise that he is not whom he pretends to be. Past and present are woven together, love is put to the test and dark shadows threaten the happiness of the young. 11 books will be published in 2011.

Berit Elisabeth Sandviken

The Timber Girl A magical series from the 1800s. Barbra is 16 years old when she runs away from her home in Julsruddalen, taking with her a dangerous secret. Barbra dreams of being a ”timber girl”, working to transport timber to Christiania (now Oslo). But a young girl on her own, travelling desolate country roads and staying in disreputable inns is tempting prey.



34 books.

Eva J. Stensrud

The Guldberg Saga Storgårdsfolk Johanna is the eldest daughter of the country policeman in the farm district of Hedmark. When her father dies in an accidental gunshot incident, Johanna – a young girl at the end of the 18th century – must take responsibility for the farm and the police work. She feels confident that she will manage. However, when it comes to love… things are not as simple. An abridged English version of book no. 1 is available. 49 books, 3 books will be published in 2011 – and the series will probably end with two more books in 2012. Rights sold to Poland.


Narrative non-fiction: Debate Reportage Autobiography History


Ann Magrit Austenå

The Legacy of the Satanic Verses Arven etter Sataniske vers In February 1989, a fatwa, or death sentence, was issued against Salman Rushdie, the author of the The Satanic Verses. Now, 20 years later, UN member states are discussing options for outlawing abuse of religions and Norway’s government had to retreat when, some two years ago, it attempted to remove the blasphemy paragraphs from the law. Religious symbols and feelings are used as weapons in political conflicts. The author calls for a policy based on clear principles, which would apply in cases concerning equal treatment of faiths and philosophies of life, of freedom of expression and criticism of religions. Austenå is a journalist and, although her arguments are based on the Norwegian situation, she also refers to the debate in Great Britain, Denmark, The Netherlands and Sweden.

non-fiction The Norwegian Organisation for Asylum Seekers. She was previously head of Norwegian Association of Journalists and Deputy Secretary General of Norwegian Red Cross.


Photo: Jo Michael

Ann Magrit Austenå (1961–) is Secretary General of


Kai Eide

Power Struggle over Afghanistan Høyt spill om Afghanistan As UN’s Special Envoy to Afghanistan, from 2008 to 2010 Kai Eide observed the Afghanistan conflict from the inside. In this book he speaks freely and honestly about the political gambles, the military reality and the people he met. Eide’s story is a unique account of contemporary Afghanistan. Its critique of military and civilian operations in Afghanistan will without doubt prove controversial.


Eide worked closely with president Karzai, and was inevitably caught up in the rivalries between the Afghani authorities and the international community, as well as in the tensions generated by the security situation. He has been in the middle of one of the most serious challenges of our times, and he is critical of the way UN and the leading powers work on this. Living with death threats and a dangerous security situation, Eide has been involved in high-level diplomacy. He includes strong personal stories in the account of his professional life. Rights sold to United States (Skyhorse).

‘… valuable and important inside stories.’ Dagsavisen

‘A very interesting description of power and diplomacy related to Afghanistan.’

Kai Eide (1949–) is a Norwegian politician and diplomat. He has held several international posts, among others as the United Nations’ ambassador to the former Yugoslavia and to UN's Afghanistan.

Photo: Jacques Hvistendahl Dagbladet




Mariangela Cacace


Camorraland Camorraland creates a frightening picture of the mafia as a system that infiltrates everything and everyone in Italian society, from the minor, everyday incidents to larger, global business, from the man on the street to the politicians, and from Naples to wider fields.



Mariangela Cacace (1981–) has a Neapolitan father and a Norwegian mother, and has lived in Naples for many years. Her previous publications include a number of books for young people.

Photo: Fredrik Arff

The book is based on courageous and extensive research, and contains meetings and interviews with Camorrists, policemen and journalists, as well as politicians talking about the infiltration of the Camorra into politics.

Missing in Baneheia Savnet i Baneheia


Hilde Moi

Savnet i Baneheia Hilde Moi

This is a powerful, sobering book about a small community hit by a catastrophe. It tells the story of the Baneheia-case and what it came to mean to the individuals concerned and to the town of Kristiansand.


Hilde Moi uses a highly literary form of reportage for her account of how the police worked to investigate the murders, how the court case proceeded to a final sentence and how those affected by the events have coped with their lives afterwards. But, above all, it is a narrative of how people deal with bereavement. The author writes in detached, but moving prose about how the bereaved experienced the days of the murders, and the years that have passed since then.

Fædrelandsvennen in Kristiansand. She now works for Stavanger Aftenblad.

Photo:Kristin Ellefsen

Hilde Moi (1980–) has worked as a journalist for



Kjetil Stensvik Østli

Cops and Robbers Politi og røver

e Winner of th

Brage Prize 2009

n Best non-fictio

Politi og røver gives a unique insight into the criminal world, which is hidden from people in general. We meet a man who blew up cash machines, drove cars straight into shops in order to rob them and who was accused of the famous Munch-painting robbery. And we meet the police man who spied him. Over a period of three years author Kjetil Østli met these two men who find themselves at each their side of the law.


By following the cop and the robber Østli shows how crime has toughened up the past twenty years. He also tries to find answers to questions about why someone ends up as a professional criminal. Why does Petter R. Hansen, who used to do so well in school and with respectable parents, turn into a criminal? How does the tiny, skinny and insecure village boy transform into the muscular and respected super undercover cop Johnny Brenna? Another story also grew out of the work with this book. It is about manhood. The robber and the cop share the same male role model, and regard the author a frail academic. What does it mean to be a man today? Rights sold to Poland (Czarne).

‘ Politi og røver is elegant crime history, fine up close and personal portraits, and a self-revealing search for the real man in the author. … All carried out with a much better literary nose than most non-fiction writers can perform on their best days.’


Kjetil S. Østli (1975–) is a journalist with the weekly magazine A-magasinet. He has received both the Arne Hestnes Prize and NTB’s Language Award, and has been hunted by Norwegian publishers for many years. With Politi og røver Kjetil Østli finally made his début. This earned him another prize; the prestigious Brage Award.

Photo: Olav Urdahl



Arnhild Lauveng

A Road Back from Schizophrenia I morgen var jeg alltid en løve Arnhild Lauveng spent ten years in secure wards suffering from schizophrenia. She was deeply psychotic, self-destructive and broke glasses and plates to cut herself with the shards. In this book, the author takes the reader into a world of voices and hallucinations, where she is chased by hordes of rats and packs of wolves with slavering jaws snap at her heels. We learn to understand that these illusions have their own logic and how they can be interpreted – and the author’s interpretations are like solutions to small crime mysteries.

Rights sold to Denmark (Akademisk Forlag), Finland (Therapeia Foundation), Germany (BTB), Iceland (Opna), Lithuania (Baltos Lankos), the Netherlands (Archipel), Poland (Smak Slowa/Sopocka Agencja Wydawnicza), Russia (Bakhrakh-M), Spain and Sweden (Sivart).



This is the powerful story of her journey back to reality, assisted by a mother who refused to give up hope, a victory that only a handful believe is possible and that sadly is seldom achieved.

Useless as a Rose (Unyttig som en rose), 2006.

Rights sold to Denmark, Germany, Poland, Russia and Sweden.

‘Arnhild Lauveng is a brilliant mediator of psychiatry’s problems, both as a specialist and a person.’

Arnhild Lauveng (1972–) works as a clinical psychologist. She received the Award for the Promotion of Free Speech within the Psychiatric Health Care Profession in 2004. In 2007 she received the NPF (Norwegian Association of Psychologists) Åsa Gruda Skars Prize for Popularizing Pschychology. And in 2008 she was awarded the Schizophrenia Prize and the Foundation for Freedom of Speech’s Award of Honor.

Photo: Fredrik Arff

Dagens Næringsliv



Gun Vik

Your Hand in Mine Din hånd i min Gun Vik and her husband sell all they own in order to begin a new life together at a small, idyllic farm with enough space to let them create art works, but freed from all the possessions which had come to detract from, rather than add to their lives. The day they move in, Gun’s husband has a heart attack, lapses into coma and ends up brain injured. Their life is indeed new, but not in the way they had planned. Serious illness can strike when you least expect it. The only way to cope is by mustering a will to fight and stay together, for the bad times as well as the good. But for Gun’s love and persistence, her husband would have ended his days as a needy patient in an institution.



Photo: Jørn Roeim

Gun Vik (1951–) lives outside Porsgrunn. She runs her own company, which designs and makes leatherwear.


Marit Bromark and Sivun Pen


An account of Cambodia’s Dark Years

Overleve In 1975 the Khmer Rouge took over the rule of Cambodia. During their regime, one million people were killed. Sivun Pen tells the story of how he survived years in camps, forced to slave labour – and how he was reunited with his family. Sivun Pen was an ordinary, 23-year-old man, who worked for the Ministry of Finance. He was happily married and had a little boy of six weeks. When the Khmer Rouge took over his office, he was ordered to go to the south. Forget about your family, forget about home and possessions. Go. Protesters were shot.


The Khmer Rouge dictatorship created an absurd world, in which human life was worthless. When the regime fell in 1979, Sivun was reunited with his wife, but their son had been taken from her. The fate of the boy remained uncertain, until 1991, when they were about to leave a refugee camp and go to Norway: Their son was alive in Canada.

Marit Bromark (1975–) is a journalist, literary critic and translator.

Sivun Pen (1952–) studied economics and nowadays works as a teacher in Vennesla, where he lives with his family.

Photo: Stian Bromark

This is the story of the Khmer Rouge regime observed by ordinary citizens who had personal experience of the revolution.


Illustrated non-fiction


Liv Berit Tessem and Kjetil Wiedswang

Christmas Jul

This book takes a broad view of Christmas and considers it in the contexts of theology and folk memory, history and anthropology, art and cultural history, offering perspectives from both the past and the present. It is a rich and fascinating account, chockfull of tales and facts about the historical and religious basis for the celebrations, and also the emergence of different practices over time. It is as enjoyable and instructive to read from beginning to end, as it is to dip into it now and then.

non-fiction Liv Berit Tessem (1956–) is a journalist specialising in home affairs. She works for the newspaper Aftenposten.


Kjetil Wiedswang (1955–) is a columnist for the business journal Dagens Næringsliv and is married to Liv Tessem. They have previously published several books, jointly and separately.

Rome – from place to place Roma Join the author as he visits the great architectural works of Rome! The author provides us with exciting details that put them in a historical context and describe their role as the bearers of major historical stories about ideas and symbols that have influenced the architecture and culture of Europe even into the modern era.


Thomas Thiis-Evensen

Through Morten Krogvold’s fantastic photographs, the reader is able to experience the beauty of one of the world’s most amazing cities.


Thomas Thiis-Evensen (1946–) is one of Norways foremost authorities on architecture. In 1989 he received the Award for Groundbreaking Cultural Journalism from the Freedom of Speech organization Fritt Ord. In 2006, Thomas Thiis-Evensen was knighted by the Italian Merit Organization.

Morten Krogvold (1950–) is one of Norway’s most acclaimed photographers. He has published several books and his work has often been exhibited. He is the artistic director for the annual photo festival Nordic Light.



Svein Stølen

A Cocktail of Chemicals En cocktail av kjemikalier This book is a must-read for all of us who feel uncertain about the chemicals in the everyday stuff we surround ourselves with. It does no harm to know a little more about what is concealed inside the bottles and jars that we keep in, for instance, our bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms. On your skiing trip, if you enjoy a smooth run as opposed to a rough one, depends – just as the Gore-tex anorak and the sunglasses – on an array of fascinating chemicals. And what is going on when Dad sets a yeast dough, Mum cuts up onions or kid brother pops popcorn? What kind of thing is ethanol and caffeine? The advertisements boast that anti-wrinkle creams work, but do they really?

non-fiction Svein Stølen (1960–) is professor of chemistry at the

university in Oslo. He is a keen communicator about the marvellous world of chemistry and has contributed to a series of radio programmes by NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting).



Anita Bemer

Understanding the Power Game How to Lead and the Art of Influence

Forstå maktspillet The workplace is an arena where many forms of manoeuvring for power and influence take place. For your own comfort’s sake, and the safety of your career, it’s useful to be able to crack the codes in your colleagues’ power games and leadership bids.

Photo: June Witsøe

Anita Bemer Korsvold (1968–) is a trained economist and has a postgraduate degree in leadership and consultation. She has extensive experience as an executive in large organisations and is currently employed as a headhunter with Esholdt Executive Search.


Read this book, in which you’ll learn much about what to keep an eye on, what you should avoid and how you go about reading situations. What happens at the top? How are the top positions filled, and who decides? Who is influential in important decision-making? Who can directly affect your working situation? And what can you do to influence others? All this is crucial knowledge, not necessarily for your direct benefit, but to avoid unpleasant situations or surprises.



Kolbjørn Valestrand and Signe Aarhus


From a dream to a thrilling reality

Oleana Oleana is all about knitwear, 100 percent made in Norway. How does a company pull off the feat of going against the mainstream trends to such an extent? How did they go about building their brand? How do they cultivate their unique style? This is a story about the dream of an adventure which turned into an adventurous reality, and an inspiring narrative from business history. It teaches us as much about meeting people as about intersections between craft and industry, and culture and enterprise, but also speaks about work place surroundings and productivity.


Oleana’s founder articulately expresses goals and opinions which concern not only FairTrade, but also FairMade. Her writing style is personal and direct.

Kolbjørn Valestrand (1946–) and Signe Aarhus

(1949–) together founded the textile company Oleana near Bergen in 1992. Later, the company won awards for its work. This is their first book. Oleana’s designer, Solveig Hisdal has taken the photographs for the book.


Nature and outdoors

▶ Nature and Outdoors

Per Simonsen and Bjørn Simonsen

The Wilderness Experience Up Along Norway and Back

Opplevelse villmark Like so many other people, the Simonsen brothers were inspired by classical tale of the wilderness Norge på langs by the adventurer Lars Monsen. In the summer of 2006, they started out from Grense Jakobselv, a small community in northern Norway, near the border with Russia. Their intention was to walk the entire distance down to Halden, along the border with Russia, Finland and Sweden, following in the footsteps of Lars Monsen and Trond Strømdahl.


Not everything works according to plan. A large, ice-free waterway becomes a challenge if your intention was to cross it on skis, pulling a pulk – a robust kind of sledge. Storms, frozen limbs and illnesses are always unexpected, and lying low in bad weather can drag down both food supplies and tempers. But the brothers share a resilient turn of mind and an incredible ability to turn adversity into something positive.

Per Simonsen (1979–) and Bjørn Simonsen

(1981–) grew up in a family with a rather above average interest in leisure activities. They lived at Jørpeland in Rogaland, and being taken on innumerable hill-walking trips, before as well as after they learnt to walk, have left their mark.



The Hidden Wilderness

Lomsdal-Visten Lomsdal-Visten National Park is as close as you get to wilderness in Norway. This Nordland region is widely known as «The Hidden Country», where nature is almost untouched. The author takes us on a fantastic journey through virgin territory, where the landscape is magnificent and varied – trackless land, with expanses of moorland, precipitous mountains, unpredictable fjords and deep valleys where ancient forests creak in the wind. He walks in the area for a whole year and meets with people who live, or have lived there, and absorbs their history, culture, faiths and supernatural beliefs. And he knows how to tell a story.


Above all, this is where nature rules, but Lomsdal-Visten has an exciting history, especially of Sami use of these wide open spaces.

▶ Nature and Outdoors

Marius Nergård Pettersen

Marius Nergård Pettersen (1984–) trained to be a

photo journalist, studied outdoor leisure at the Technical College in Hedmark and has collaborated on several articles and books about nature and leisure. This is his fourth book as sole author.


â–ś Nature and Outdoors

Lars Monsen

Alaska by Foot Til fots gjennom Alaska Lars Monsen wanted to trek with a woman and chose the veterinary student Marit Holm. Together they set out on an adventure: 3000 kilometers by foot through the most impenetrable wilderness on Earth.


34. 000

copies sold!



The book is a stark and candid meeting with Alaska’s merciless nature – the rich animal life, the various peoples, new and ancient cultures. And last, but not least: How did Lars and Marit handle the many complex challenges they faced as expedition partners through four years in the wilderness? Rights sold to: Finland (Gummerus).

▶ Nature and Outdoors

Lars Monsen

Alone Across Canada Canada på tvers Lars Monsen and his Alaska huskies on the longest wilderness expedition on foot, from North Alaska across Canada to the coast of Labrador. The dramatic crossing of the Canadian continent – 8252 kilometres – took him almost three years (947 days).


55. 000

copies sold!

Photo: Lars Monsen

outside of Oslo and in the mountains of Nordland. After college, he worked for two years as a teacher before quitting to become a full-time wilderness trekker. Since then he has covered thousands of kilometers of the most desolate wilderness on the planet. He has written 15 books and has held a series of lectures for clubs and businesses.


Lars Monsen (1963–) spent most of his childhood in the forests

▶ BACK LIST 365 Artic Days (Nordkalotten 365), 2007. Rights sold to finland.

Norway from North to South (Norge på langs), 2005. Rights sold to poland.


48. 000

copies sold!


60. 000

copies sold!


▶ Nature and Outdoors NON-FIC TION


Kristin F. Olsen, Vera and Emma Simonsson, Ingebjørg Tollefsen

80 Days on Ski in the Arctic 80 dager på ski i Arktis The Baffin Babes – four cheerful girls in love with the wilderness – went on an extraordinary expedition in 2009. Two Norwegian and two Swedish girls set out on a well-planned winter tour through the arctic wilderness of Baffin Island, Canada’s largest and perhaps most spectacular island. It meant a roundtrip of 1,400 kilometres with 100 kilograms carried in each sledge. The girls meet serious challenges on the way: the area has one of the largest populations of polar bears in the world, and the temperature can fall to minus 50 degrees. During the 80 days of travel, the weather shifted from extreme cold to spring sunshine and thawing ice. Some days are filled with hard work, but others bring happy surprises. The Baffin Babes go for a refreshing swim in a seal hole in the sea ice, explore ice castles and climb peaks. But not all moments are good; at times, they cope with misunderstandings, emotionality and tears.

▶ Nature and Outdoors

Kristoffer Clausen and Gunnar Omsted

A Wild Man En vill mann

Inspired by the Norwegian explorer Helge Ingstad, Kristoffer Clausen sets out to live in the wilderness for 365 days without getting food from elsewhere. Instead he is armed with a gun and fishing tackle, and prepared to survive on game, fish, berries and mushrooms. Kristoffer sleeps in rough shelters and make-shift tents, and keeps warm by lighting fires. The winter of 2009–10 is the coldest for many decades and the temperature sometimes falls to 24 degrees Celsius below zero. This brings challenges that ordinary people hardly dare to think about. What matters is to keep dry and warm, to find enough food to keep going and also to cope mentally. This is a remarkable story for the present time. What is the life of a hunter-gatherer like in the 21st century? Will Kristoffer be able to complete his project?


Kristoffer Clausen (1976–) grew up in Tanzania and Botswana. Kristoffer is recognised as being Scandinavia’s foremost cameraman for films about hunting. What he most enjoys is being outdoors, hunting with gun or camera. Gunnar Omsted (1982–) is a journalist. He has worked with Kristoffer on several pieces of reportage. Nowadays, Omsted works as an information consultant.

Photo: Sverre Aurstad

4 print runs with a total of 14.000 copies!


▶ Nature and Outdoors

Jørn Mazarino and Hilde Skogedal

Give Us Your Paw! Gi labb

A dog is your perfect walking companion no matter how old you are. In Gi labb! we concentrate on the interaction between the dog and the children in the family. It is important that the child and the adults know the dog’s character and can identify good dog care. Training is important for the success of dog training, and here, the youngest in the family also learn simple commands. Not only is this important in many situations, but it also increases the relationship between the dog and child. The book gives advice and tips about everything from normal care of the fur, teeth and claws to what to do when the dog falls ill.


Jørn Mazarino (1956–) runs his own dog training school. He has taken a number of courses in dog behaviour and special training of dogs. He has previously published Rull rundt! (sold to Sweden) and På plass! Hilde Skogedal (1968–) is a qualified civil economist and works for the charity Kirkens Nødhjelp as a program coordinator. Her hobbies are her dogs and outdoor pursuits.

Nina Skramstad

Walking Your Dog På tur med hund A handbook for all dog-owners who like going for walks, no matter the breed or size of your dog. Here you get good tips and advice about walks in the winter and summer; about bicycle trips, hiking and playing in the water and about first aid on your walk and equipment you might need. Everything you need to know about taking your dog out for a walk!


Nina Skramstad (1969–) has worked with dogs since the 1980s, and is an experienced dog-sled driver and handler.


▶ Fitness and Health

Jørgen Jelstad

Hidden Away

How ME Became the Most Controversial Illness Today

De bortgjemte The most severely ill patients lie in sound- and lightproof rooms, masks covering their eyes, flat on their back in beds they never leave and hardly able to bear drawing a deep breath while resting. Many are fed through a nasal tube. And many are youths or young adults, whose next of kin spend years caring for them because no other options are available.


Jørgen Jelstad introduces us into many of these homes, where most of those involved feel they are disbelieved because this illness is classed as a psychiatric condition. The author’s mother is an ME sufferer and he writes from personal experience. But he also writes as someone informed about Norwegian and international research and is able to help us understand this mysterious condition and why health professionals find it so controversial.

Jørgen Jelstad (1979–) is a freelance journalist. He lives in Oslo. Jelstad’s mother is badly affected by ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).


▶ Fitness and Health

Kari Sørlie

Never Again a YoYo-Dieter Coach Yourself - Make Your Slim Body Last

Aldri mer jojo-slanker To be in control of your weight – and to stay that slimmer version of yourself… it’s great! A yoyo-dieter has everything required for success: experience, persistence and knowledge about a healthy lifestyle. And, he or she has the kind of willpower that others can only dream of. All this must be put to use. To become an ex-yoyo-dieter, you don’t need to completely change the way you live – only improve it. The thing is to work out why you’re a yoyo-dieter. Find the reason why you cracked up – and then how you avoid repeating it next time round. Cross the goal line, once and for all!

Photo: Ken Lawley


Kari Sørlie (1962–) is a licenced coach, with special interest in «yoyo-dieting», which she has lived with herself for 20 years. She holds a private clinic for dieters, and also runs popular courses and seminars.


▶ Fitness and Health

Sofie Hexeberg

Low Carbs = Healthy Frisk med lavkarbo By changing your diet you can rid yourself of complaints such as migraine, sugar dependency and high blood pressure, and illnesses such as diabetes and cardiac fibrillation.

6 print runs

25.000 copies!

This book tackles well-known lifestyle illnesses which can be cured or curbed by eating lowcarb food. The author explains what happens in the body when the diet is changed, and gives advice specifically linked to each illness. The recommended food can be eaten throughout your life – this is not a temporary slimmer’s diet or a selection of special products. Full of sensational patient stories, this book helps you change your life step-by-step!


Rights sold to Finland (Tammi), Sweden (Pagina/Optimal) and Uk (Little Moon).

’The only truly healthy diet is one that is based on natural fats and contains few carbohydrates. People need to know that they have been misled. Books like Low Carbs = Healthy should be essential reading if you want to learn how to lead a truly happy, healthy life.’


Sofie Hexeberg (1960–) is a doctor and dietary expert. She works at the Eikeliklinikken clinic and Heggeli Helhetsmedisin medical centre in Oslo, and is one of the founders of the Kostreform ved diabetes og sukkersykdommer (Society for Dietary Reform to Alleviate Diabetes).

Photo: Inger Marie Grini

Barry Groves, author of Trick and Treat: How ’healthy eating’ is making us ill and Natural Health and Weight Lost

▶ Fitness and Health

Sofie Hexeberg and Gunn-Karin Sakariassen

Healthy With Low-Carb 100 Recipes

Frisk med lavkarbo – 100 oppskrifter One hundred wonderful recipes for meals throughout the day and also for accompanying treats, sauces, cakes and desserts. Everything you need to change to a low-carb diet, including planning, advice and handy hints. Make crispbread, muffins, omelettes, meatballs, Thai soup and much more. Start-up menus for four weeks.

Photo: Inger Marie Grini

Gunn-Karin Sakariassen (1954–) is a nutritional therapist, who studied at the Norwegian Academy for Natural Medicine and gained further experience at the clinic of Dr Fedon Lindberg. She works at the Heggeli clinic for holistic medicine.


Easy to cook, good food for everyday eating from morning until night; breakfast, lunch and supper. The extras are not forgotten, like snacks, sauces, cakes and puddings. From the contents: How to go about changing to Low-Carb? Planning, advice and hints. 4 - weekly menu.What’s smart to keep in the kitchen – and in the fridge? How much should I eat? How to cope in company? Portions for dieters.


▶ Fitness and Health

David Sandoval

Green Superfood

Everything you need to know about green eating and health, anti-ageing, energy boosting and well-being

Den grønne supermaten Den grønne supermaten tells you everything you need to know about the most nutritious foods in the world and the health advantages that come from eating a supergreen diet. Den grønne supermaten is a world first in that it focuses on the scientific testing of the healing properties of vegetables and superfoods. Read it to learn all about green cooking and weight loss, enhanced energy levels and cell renewal, in other words the secrets of a healthier lifestyle, which counteracts the ageing process and keeps body weight stable.


The superfood guru David Sandoval will inspire you to start eating healthily. Let yourself be carried along by the green wave and bring wheatgrass, berries and sprouting pulses into your kitchen. Rights available in Denmark and Sweden.

David Sandoval is an advisor on nutrition. As the Superfood guru, he has devoted his life to helping people to live longer and stay healthier by eating live, green foodstuffs. He coaches the health conscious elite of Hollywood and is much in demand as a lecturer and course instructor. Sandoval is the founder of the brands Platinum Health Products and Pure Planet.


Take 10 minutes – for total fitness & wellness Kropp på topp! På 10 minutter A little goes a long way! Scandinavian toptrainer Kari Jaquesson has the knack for making exercise easy and accessible for everyone. Too busy for workouts? Everyone’s got 10 minutes, that’s the concept. 13 easy to follow routines with and without fitball, elastic tubing and weights – these exercises and tone-ups will give you a butt with guts and toned-up thighs, arms to flaunt and a waist made for belts! You strengthen the very core and centre of the body, a tighter, stronger middle, a happier spine and a great posture! Yes you can! Get motivated by great photos and superb instructions.

▶ Fitness and Health

Kari Jaquesson

The book has several ”you ask, the expert answers”-pages and some real tough mythbusters.



Take 10 minutes – for total fitness & wellness!

10 Minutes for a Stronger Back and Great Abs (10 minutter til en sterkere rygg og litt flatere mage), 2007. Rights sold to Sweden. 10 Minutes for Firmer Thighs and Buns of Steel (10 minutter til fastere lår og en litt mer spretten rumpe), 2008. 10 Minutes for a Healthier Body (10 minutter til en sprekere kropp), 2006. Rights sold to Sweden.

Kari Jaquesson (1961–) is a training motivator, course leader, video instructor and columnist.



Ragnhild Nilsen

The Art of Speaking Twelve Secrets

Talekunstens 12 hemmeligheter! Talekunstens 12 hemmeligheter reaches out a helping hand to people who have a lot on their minds, but struggle to express themselves – who worry about speaking in front of small or large audiences. Here, you’ll discover instructions about how to behave and to phrase your message for the strongest impact. You’ll be told how to control your nervousness, establish contact with your audience and use technical aids. Last, but by no means least, you’ll learn to speak with conviction and create enthusiasm among those you’re addressing. • A direct, practical and wide-ranging guide • Contains practice exercises, good examples and tried-and-tested techniques


• A different and inspiring format: a guidebook packaged inside a story


The Pearl Diver (Perledykkeren), 2008.


Change is You! (Du er forandringen!), 2009.

Ragnhild Nilsen (1958–) is a Norwegian artist and author with a fantastic scene persona. Besides being a gifted singer with many voices, she is the author of 12 books, a lifestyle coach, and one of Scandinavia’s greatest inspirators. Her success comes from the humorous and practical way she enables people to bring out their resources – and realize them in daily life. Or as she puts it herself: “The key to joy is not to dream about a life, but to live out a dream.”


Else Barratt-Due

On the Stage of Your Life HOW TO BE A GOOD COMMUNICATOR På scenen i ditt eget liv A former stage director, Else-Barratt Due teaches skills, drawn from the theatre, for you to use at committee meetings or when lecturing. How to communicate an argument, give a lecture or do a presentation? How to reach out to an audience and engage the listeners? What to do if you’re nervous? And how should you construct your manuscript, what elements should it contain and in which order?

Photo: Ole Kaland

Else Barratt-Due (1954–) graduated in dramatic arts and has an American postgraduate degree in stage direction. She is an experienced drama teacher and has taught both at secondary school and university level. During the last 18 years she has been employed by NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting). In 2006, she launched TELLtheSTORY, a framework for her courses on presentation, communication and dramaturgy.


This book introduces you to the art of presentation, imparting knowledge and dramaturgy, going through the different steps in the preparation essential for being a good communicator. It teaches presentational techniques, stressing the importance of correct breathing, diction, voice production and body language, as well as providing insights into ways to prepare oneself mentally and cope with stress and nervousness in anticipation of being in front of an audience. It is also a thorough guide to dramaturgical approaches to structure and shape a presentation. And, what mustn’t be forgotten: how to end well. The writing combines theory with practical exercises.



Lisbeth Lyngaas

White Stones


Hvite steiner An inspiring and trustworthy book of selfdevelopment written by a woman who is well on her way towards the goal of better understanding of herself. She is honest, down-to-earth and has a terrific sense of humour, laced with a liberating, self-critical irony. We learn of all the ups and downs of her inward, as well as her public journey! This book has been compared to the bestseller Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert – but it is both funnier and more down-to-earth.


A fantastic source of inspiration for anyone who takes to the route of self-development!

regression therapy. Her MA degree is in French, with art history and media studies. Her therapy studies include three years training at the Institute for Art Therapy in Denmark to become a Jungian art therapist, and one year to learn regression therapy.


Photo: Inger Marie Grini

Lisbeth Lyngaas (1948–) is a therapist specialising in art and


Mats Uldal

Emotion and Common Sense Thought Field techniques in practice

Følelser og fornuft Thought Field techniques make up a modern therapeutic approach, which combines Eastern knowledge of the body’s energy pathways with more traditional teachings in psychology. While the therapist taps critical points on the body surface, the patient focuses on her or his problem and describes it. A process begins which alters the patient’s thought patterns, and causes pain and other problems to disappear. Thought Field Therapy aims at changing the intensity of unpleasant sensations in such a way as to correct their relationship with thoughts and experiences. If strong emotions can be made to fade, the outcome could be peace of mind and absence of physical discomfort.

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Mats J. Uldal (1955–) is Europe’s most experienced instructor in Thought Field Therapy (TFT). He is head of the company Mats Uldal tankefeltteknikker and of Mats Uldal International School of TFT (MUIS), which is the leading training centre for thought field therapists in Scandinavia.



Frode Thuen

The Art of Being Adult Kunsten å være voksen What does it mean to be an adult in the Age of Youth? Frode Thuen has examined adulthood and our relationships to our nearest and dearest. Today is the day when we decide how to live. We need to understand ourselves and this book helps us to make well thought-out, wise choices. Thuen discusses love and intimate relationships, parental roles, work, leisure and lifestyle. He draws on his own life, from growing up, to forming a family and then divorcing, and lets us examine his own existence as an adult.


We are also offered encounters with actual life crises, with insightful comments from the therapeutic clinic. Here, we meet people who find it hard to confront the challenges of adulthood and are helped.



Frode Thuen (1961– ) is a psychology professor at Bergen College. He has many years of experience as a couple’s therapist. He has published several books and writes a column in the periodical A-magasinet. In 2008 he was awarded the Åse Gruda Skards Prize for popularising the subject of psychology. The Prize is awarded by the Norwegian Association of Psychologists.

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All You Need is Love (All You Need is Love), 2009.


Anne Nielsen

The Parental Role

You Are the Grown-up!

Foreldrerollen Many parents take an indulgent approach to bringing up their children, who are offered every opportunity to choose and make up their own minds. We hope for happy, contented offspring but instead end up with little princes and princesses, who haven’t learnt regard for others. Such children tend to be self-assured and strongwilled, but also demanding and ungrateful. Their expectations of attention and assistance can create trouble at school.

Recover power for parents – you will become a secure grown-up whom children trust!


The author analyses different styles of upbringing and the practice of personal authority, as well as how children develop, gain maturity and learn. She explains why contemporary upbringing tends to be child-indulgent and what the consequences are. Bringing up children requires strength of purpose and will, so that parents can hold firm when the children don’t like what we have decided.

talk therapist, and has long experience of working in nursery schools and after-school clubs. She lectures, writes, manages her company Foreldrepraxis and also works on course development in Læringsverkstedet, a company specialising in teaching the very young.

Photo: Inger Marie Grini

Anne Nielsen (1958–) trained as a primary school teacher and


Kids On-line

Children’s Digital Days

Nettkidsa Today, a new generation is growing up with digital media at hand and is able to relate to them in ways which are radically different from older people. The young explore an entire universe of activities and friendships, which seems mysterious to many parents. An engaged adult can be an invaluable resource for children and young people who have jumped uncritically into an on-line reality.


Nettkidsa provides all the important information about children and digital media, including the most recent research and advice from relevant organisations. You also find equipment descriptions, real-life case stories and practical advice aimed at helping parents to better insight into the digital world their children inhabit.

Per Kristian Bjørkeng (1969–) is a journalist who works for the arts pages of Aftenposten. His past experience includes working as a reporter, columnist and reviewer within areas such as news, science, general features, arts and new media.


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Per Kristian Bjørkeng

Parental Leave

The Good Beginning

Foreldrepermisjonen This is the indispensable book for everyone expecting a child. What happens when the baby actually arrives? It’s essential to be prepared, plan the year ahead and maximise comfort every day! Above all, this book makes helpful suggestions about how to stop stressing and enjoy the experience.


Haugan, Hege Saastad

The sections in the book correspond to the ages of the child: 0–3 months, 3–6 months, 6–9 months and 9–12 months; they offer information about the child’s development and likely activities for each period, and include advice and handy hints. There are also lists of things to remember and pages for notes.


The charming photographs help to make this a book to motivate all new parents.

Hege Saastad Haugan (1969–) is a mother of three. Her education includes languages and economics. At present, she works as a senior consultant at the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise.



Nina Misvær (red.)

The Big Book About the Child 0-6 Years

Den store boken om barnet Den store boken om barnet is an extensive, fundamental book of reference for questions of child development, health and practical care, covering the age range of 0 to 6 years. The articles have been contributed by 15 experts in their field. The book also contains a lot of information about upbringing of and communication with your child, as well as focusing on events around the little one: how Mum and Dad relate to each other, relations inside the family and in the nursery. Awareness of what parents often find problematic and look for knowledge about has influenced the contents. Much attention has also been paid to the parental role and the thoughts, feelings and experiences which it brings.


Rights sold to denmark (Lindhardt & ringhof) and Sweden (prisma).

▶ BACK LIST Sleep All Night Long (Sove hele natten), 2006.

Nina Misvær (1954–) is a community nurse with extensive


experience of working in both health centres and schools. She has written several guides for parents. At present, Nina Misvær is a lecturer in nursing studies at the Technical College in Oslo.

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Rights sold to sweden.


Jesper Juul and Monica Øien

Make Space for the Family Rom for familien • How to go about achieving the best possible relationship with your children? • How to make sure that your children are as secure and independent as possible when they approach adult life? • How do you react to a two-year-old who wants to wear summer clothes on cold winter days? • What do you say to your fifteen-year-old daughter who has started drinking alcohol? Join a thought-provoking journey through the different stages of family life!

Do what you have to do, and do it with care, enthusiasm, authenticity and courage.


The authors speculate about problems that often face parents: how to find the right answers, why borders have to be set, how to respond to the desires and complexes of our children. The authors speak to us straight from the heart and inspire parents to think about how they would like their family to be. The issue is not what is to be done, but hows and whys, which serve as keys to good communication.

Jesper Juul (1948–) is an author and a family therapist. Previously, he was the head of the Kempler Institute and the responsible professional at FamLab, an international organisation supporting families to develop competence. He is also active as an educationalist, writer and family adviser in 9 countries. Juul has published a series of books about children and their upbringing, and his books are published in 14 countries.

Photo: Inger Marie Grini

Rights sold to Croatia (Pelago), Germany (Kösel-Verlag), Poland (MiND), Slovenia (Didakta) and Sweden (Norstedts).

Monica Øien (1970–) is a teacher and journalist and works

as a programme producer for TV 2. She has made several documentary programmes, for instance with Paulo Coelho and with HRH Princess Märtha Louise.


Siblings for Life Søsken for livet

• What can you do to help the children to get on well together?

• How to resolve sibling conflicts at different stages of the children’s lives? • Why do siblings develop distinctive personalities – and might it have something to do with their place in the group of siblings?

• The main focus in this book is the life-long exposure of siblings to an entire spectrum of shared experiences, conflicts and bonds of affection, of feelings of togetherness and of confrontations.


An instructive, positive and inspiring book to suit all parents who want to make their contribution to good relationships between their children.

Dr Kirsten Hofgaard Lycke (1940–) has a doctorate in politics and is a professor at the Institute of Pedagogical Research at the University of Oslo. Ten years ago, she completed her doctoral thesis, part of which drew on a questionnaire-based study of sibling relationships in a population of 1250 school pupils aged between 12 and 16.



Photo: Caroline Roka


Kirsten Hofgaard Lycke

Food and gardening

▶ Food

Marit Røttingsnes Westlie

We Are Baking! Vi baker!

Now the children have their very own bakery book! The author and her children are baking together, but she has suited the recipes to their ages. The older ones get the trickiest dishes and the youngest, the easiest ones. The instructions in this book are precise and come with clear stepby-step pictures to show the young bakers what they are meant to do. In addition to baking with sugar, there are savoury recipes for lunch and supper dishes, such as pizza-twists, tortillas etc. Each recipe has its own text-box with information about equipment and preparation as well as cooking times. The descriptions are easy to grasp and pedagogically set out, guaranteeing success every time.



Delicious Breads of all Kinds (Elsker deig), 2009.

Freshly Baked (Nybakt!), 2009.

Marit Røttingsnes Westlie (1970–) is an author of


several cookbooks and has regular columns in several newspapers and magazines. She is a much-loved cook, known for her straightforward, simple and inspiring style, and her unique ability to describe the procedures so that following her methods will always bring successful results.

▶ Food

Andreas Viestad

Real Food Ekte mat

For Andreas Viestad, «real food» means two things: pleasure and also the satisfaction that comes from eating well, preferably every single day. If food is to count as real, it should have a history, an origin. What is it we need in order to cook real food? We need knowledge and action. If we know something about our food, we will find cooking it easier. And it adds to the enjoyment at the table if we have ourselves added an extra ingredient to the meal we are serving, be it something grown in the garden or balcony tub or window box, or things gathered on nature walks. Ekte mat is a unique cookbook. Although the themes are large, the recipes are easy and the book is fine for ordinary use if you have leafed through it, found something that looks nice and want to cook it for a meal for yourself, or for family and friends.


Nominated to Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2010 in the category Food Literature & Best Cookbook of the Year. 3 print runs with a total of 20.000 copies.

The Captivating Table (Bordet fanger), 1999.

Gourmand ook World Cookb * Awards 2008

Where Flavor was Born (Smak av krydder), 2007.

Andreas Viestad (1973–) has a university degree and is one of Norway’s most popular food and recipe book writers. He has a column in Washington Post. The TV series, New Scandinavian Cooking with Andreas Viestad, has been shown in more than 50 countries, including USA, China, Germany and Italy. In 2002, he was awarded the Riksmålsforbund’s media prize, the Golden Pen.

How to Boil Water (Hvordan koke vann), 2005.

Photo: Mette Randem



▶ Food

Margit Vea

Easy Meals for Kids – From 6 months to 3 years Lettlaget barnemat Lettlaget barnemat is a practical cookbook to help with meals for families with very young children. The food will suit the toddler’s sensitive taste-buds. Here you will find nutritional information, recipes for snacks, main courses, puddings and bakery, together with a great many clever hints about how, for instance, to restrain a ravenously hungry kid – or how to keep infant foods. Throughout the book, we follow little Emanuel, from new-born to three-year-old, as he learns about food. He makes little disarming comments, giving us his views on meals and on people.



▶ Food

Margit Vea

Kitchen Patrol Kjøkkenpatruljen Get the children into the kitchen and teach them food culture: they should learn to like different tastes and get a feeling for good, healthy raw materials. Check out this collection of delicious, unfussy meals for ordinary everyday occasions as well as weekends and celebrations of all kinds. • Colour-coded to show what suits children at different ages. • A special cookbook for the child’s own recipes. • Dishes that the older children can make on their own.


Nominated to Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2010 in the category Best Innovative Cookbook.

Now it’s easy to give children tasks they’ll love to do!

health and environmental studies. She teaches people who work with children and young people, and runs a course in cooking for adults and children. Vea is a permanent contributor who writes about food on

Photo: Grethe Nygaard

Margit Vea (1966–) is a professional teacher of nutrition,


▶ Gardening

250 sommerblomster for norske forhold

Tommy Tønsberg

The Garden Society’s Summer Plants

250 Summer Flowering Plants

Hageselskapets sommerblomster


sommerblomster Tommy Tønsberg

The choice of summer flowering plants in the garden centres have grown steadily over the years and so has the need for comprehensive overview of the species on offer.

Hageselskapets sommerblomster contains information about 250 genera and species. Every specimen is illustrated and key data such as height, flower colours, growing conditions and areas of use are briefly stated, together with a fuller description of the plant. The great majority of species are quite common and available in most well-stocked garden centres, but space has been set aside for quite a few «specials» as well. These are perhaps not on the shelves of most garden centres, but definitely not impossible to get – from seed, if all else fails.



▶ BACK LIST The Big Book of Perennials (Hageselskapets staudebok), 2009.

Tommy Tønsberg’s (1980–) interest in gardening was already evident at an early age: as a schoolboy he often spent his entire allowance at the nursery. Today he tends a small but lush garden on the outskirts of Oslo, and is the editor of Norsk Hagetidend, the magazine for members of the Gardeners’ Association. He is also a popular guest speaker .

Design and crafts

Tilda Tilda and her friends charm everyone! The Tilda books have now taken the world by storm, being published in China, Finland, France, Germany , Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands, Republic of Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, UK and USA. Tone Finnanger (1973–) designs all of the Tilda products herself: the books and other printed works, plywood figures, stamps and stencils, paint and metal works. She is schooled in drawing, design, graphic design and traditional painting handwork techniques. She worked as an interior decorator and window dresser until she started the Tilda company in 1999. Today Tilda is a familiar brand in hobby and sewing arenas, primarily in Scandinavia, although some Tilda products are also available in the EU countries. Tilda is known for its naive and recognizable characters.

In Tilda’s Studio Tildas ateliér A new book has entered Tilda’s world! Tone Finnanger has followed up her earlier books with a new one: written in her assured style, it features her charming characters in new adventures. She includes useful as well as decorative objects. This time, she draws her inspiration from her own studio.


▶ Design and Crafts

Tone Finnanger

Rights sold to Germany and UK.



▶ Design and Crafts

Tone Finnanger

Tilda’s Vacation Home Tildas Landsted In this book you will find hand-made conch shells and sand castles. A table set for a party – muffins, cows and angels’ wings all sewn and stitched! Even a doll with a dress inspired by Jane Austen. Here are patterns for two dolls, friends whom we find together and alone, meeting in the kitchen, lounging like princesses in the boudoir, and posing in 19th century inspired bathing costumes. There is also a gathering of the animals of the woods (with patterns for each), and boxes and baskets sewn from material or covered with paper. Rights sold to China, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Spain and UK.


Tone Finnanger

Tone Finnanger

Tilda – Address book

Tilda – Planner

Tilda – adressebok


Tilda – avtalebok

Tilda’s House Tildas hus Fun textiles that match the many rooms in the house, are a unifying factor in this book. The beautiful objects can make and create a pleasant atmosphere. Be inspired to make your own dream house stand out! Rights sold to China, Finland, France, Hungary, the Netherlands, Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan and Uk.

▶ Design and Crafts

Tone Finnanger

Tone Finnanger Tildas julehus

Lovely Christmas-themed textiles are the central theme in this book. There are ideas for things that will create the pleasant atmosphere we dream about. Tildas julehus, with Tilda’s examples, will inspire you to make your own dream house.


Tilda’s Christmas House

Rights sold to China, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Sweden and UK.


▶ Design and Crafts

Tone Finnanger

Christmas With Tilda’s Friends Jul med Tildas venner This book is bulging with charming patterns that are fun to sew. There are many variants of elves, angels, reindeer, snowmen and penguins. Rights sold to China, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Sweden and UK.


Tone Finnanger

Easter With Tilda’s Friends Påske med Tildas venner In this book, Tilda’s friends can be left out all year, even though they are designed with spring and Easter in mind. There are lambs, chickens and Easter rabbits with sweet cut-and-paste motifs and other ideas for quick, playful fingers. Rights sold to China, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain and Uk.


Wool - A New Take on Old Crafts Ull – gamle teknikker i ny drakt The text offers you a straightforward approach to traditional techniques. Reading it will teach you the basic principles of dying wool, felting, fulling and carding, and then spinning the yarns. The book also describes ancient crafts such as nålbinding, kroking, gimping (forms of braiding and trimming) and others. Embroidery, both on wool and with wool yarns, is demonstrated. You can pick and choose from traditional patterns to make things for yourself and your home. This book is also suitable for novices.

Success with Cakes (Kakelykke), 2007. was sold to Denmark and Sweden. Sweet Temptations (Søte fristelser), 2005. was sold to to Denmark, Iceland and Sweden. The Joy of Flowers (Blomsterglede), 2007. was sold to Denmark and Sweden. Flower Inspirations (Blomsterinspirasjon), 2008. was sold to Sweden. Joy Christmas (Julefryd), 2009. was sold to Finland, France and Sweden.



▶ Design and Crafts

Helene S Lundberg


▶ Design and Crafts


Tine Solheim

Retro-Stitches Retromasker Retromasker is Tine Solheim’s third book. This time she has been inspired by old patterns. The clothes can be used for everyday wear, at work or out walking, as well as for an elegant occasion. You will find something to suit every taste! The text is aimed at experienced knitters (or crocheters) on the look-out for new ideas, but also suits those who want just an inspirational read. There are nine chapters, of which two are set aside for children and young people. All the instructions are collected as a separate set of notes at the back of the book.



Tine Solheim is one of Norway’s most prominent clothingand costume designers. She studied at École de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, and worked as an intern with Yves St. Laurent and Per Spook in Paris. For nearly 30 years, she has designed haute couture, costumes, formalwear, wedding gowns and wardrobes for a number of actors, performers, artists and other media figures. In recent years she has also created knitted designs for Norwegian magazines.

Masked Ball Knitting and Crocheting

Maskeball i strikking og hekling Designer Tine Solheim invites us into a world filled with shapes and colours. Here one can find patterns both for beginners and those with experience. A dream-book for anyone looking for inspiration for colours, materials and techniques: the patterns range from simple summer attire to more traditional winter clothing.

â–ś Design and Crafts

Tine Solheim

All the patterns are collected in a booklet that is easy to take with you. Maskeball also gives the reader another experience through poetry, quotations and some wise words spicing up the book. Rights sold to Finland, Germany and Ukraine.

Fashionable Knitting and Crocheting Maskepi – en sammensvergelse i strikk og hekling


Tine Solheim

Here you will find fashionable knits and crocheted projects for every occasion. This book is for anyone looking for inspiration in form of shapes and colours. The patterns range from simple summer clothes to more traditional winter wear – but all with that something extra. There are also some things for the house. All the project descriptions are collected in a single pamphlet that is easy to slip into your bag. Rights sold to Germany.


▶ Design and Crafts

Kari Hestnes


A step-by-step guide to creating your own clothes

Strikk – komponer dine egne plagg The book is a tool adapted for use by fairly experienced knitters, who are keen to create unique clothes with a personal touch. You are helped to plan the design and fit the clothes. The book takes you through how to create your own wardrobe step by step and outline the choices you will face as you go along. You will also find straightforward explanations of why certain styles would enhance your particular shape and hints to help you pick the right yarns. Kari Hestnes’ previous book, Strikk – en reise til indre ro, was sold to Denmark and Sweden. The book gives you new ideas – and is also an essential work of reference.


Kari Hestnes

Knitting - Path to Inner Peace Strikk –en reise til indre ro Kari Hestnes is well-known for her beautiful knitting designs, available in book form, as well as individual patterns and products sold through the company Du store Alpakka. In this book, she invites us into a world of calm, with designs and patterns inspired by the colours in nature. Here you will find patterns for coats, cable-knit sweaters and leggings, or smaller things such as simple leg warmers, wrist warmers and scarves, but also some beautiful cushions, bedspreads and blankets. Rights sold to Denmark and Sweden.

Kari Hestnes (1959–) is a co-owner of the company Du Store Alpakka, one of the largest importers of alpaca yarns in Norway. She regularly provides many knitting patterns for magazines.


Sewing and Knitting for Your Dog Sy og strikk til hunden This book offers you tips and instructions for making everything from collars, vests, dog blankets and bathrobes to covers for dog beds. The book is bulging with descriptions of clothes and paraphernalia – some down-to-earth and practical, some functional but with more personal flair. The creations are as fantastic as your imagination.

▶ Design and Crafts

Mette Høydal

Rights sold to Germany, Sweden and UsA.

Knitting for Children Strikk til småfolk


Mette N. Handberg

This book provides patterns for wonderful knitwear for all occasions. You’ll find ideas for creating beautiful winter sweaters and jackets, as well as cute summer dresses and cotton fashions. Patterns suitable for children from 6 months to 16 years. Her previous book, Maske for maske, was sold to the USA.


▶ Design and Crafts


Needles and Yarns

100 Norwegian Knitting Patterns

Pinner & garn This book is simply bursting with great knitting patterns by famous, highly regarded Norwegian knitwear designers. We have aimed at creating a book with a multiplicity of instructions for a wide range of outfits, knitting techniques and materials. Here, you find large and small items of clothing, traditional patterns using thin needles and cool shapes in one colour, knitted with thick yarn on thick needles. There are patterns for men, women and children.


Lisbeth Bjørndal

Luscious Knitwear Frodig strikk

In our hectic, stressful lives, to pull out your knitting needles and carry on making lovely clothes and accessories can give you moments of pure meditation and spiritual healing. Besides, it’s such a pleasure to wear smart, handmade things. This book is full of ideas for small-scale projects which are easy to carry with you, as well as more labour-intensive ones, which take longer to complete. The patterns cover a wide range, from colour combinations to the most beautiful rose motifs for both children and adults. One decorative option is to crochet roses. Several of the patterns can be adapted for knitting machines. Rights sold to Denmark, Iceland and Sweden.


Colourful Knitting Fargerik strikk

This book is full of inspiration and ideas for colour combinations and for using up left-over yarns. It sets out simple patterns for making hats for children and adults; also, warm caps, fingerless gloves – long and short, with or without buttons, contrasting effects and pearls, ponchos for grown-ups and suggestions for outdoor wear for children. Many of these items can also be machine-knitted and the text is as suitable for beginners as for those who have already done a certain amount of knitting.

Great Knitting for Thick Needles Gøy å strikke med tykke pinner

Knitting offers endless possibilities. It is exciting to match colours and create fresh variants on old patterns. If you change the colours about, alter purl stitches and the neckline, you can create your own favourite version of a set of instructions. Some people like high-necked sweaters, some prefer a lower neckline. Some think a jacket shape would be more practical. To illustrate her point, the author has started from one pattern and changed the instructions in many different ways. She has also included a whole lot of instruction for knitting mittens, hats, scarfs and bags, adding descriptions of how to do braiding and pearl-stiching.


Gunn Birgirsdottir

▶ Design and Crafts

Lisbeth Bjørndal

Play with colours and make your own favourite clothes!


▶ Design and Crafts

Tove Fevang

Simple Crotcheting Helt enkel hekling This is a beginner’s book of crocheting with a detailed introduction and step-by-step pictures. In addition, there are patterns for scarves, hats, blankets, cushions and much more. The exciting thing about crocheting is that so many structures may be combined. Nothing is right or wrong! Her previous books, Applikasjon, søm med overlock and Vi broderer korssting, were published in Finland and Sweden. Rights sold to Finland, France, Germany, Sweden and UsA.


Frida Pontén

The Joy of Crochet

Simple Crochet and a Bit of Knitting

Hekleglede A book for beginners and for those who want to improve their crochet skills. This book provides patterns for small projects that are quick to finish. You will find purses, wrist warmers, scarves, socks, small decorative flowers, make-up bags, tunics for children, belts and other accessories. Some of the projects involve simple knitting – usually in combination with crochet. Her previous book, Fridas maleverden, was sold to Denmark, Iceland and Sweden. Rights sold to Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Usa.


Hardanger Embroidery Hardangersøm Tove Fevang is one of the few Norwegian artists who creates new patterns in Hardanger embroidery using the original materials: white yarns on white linen. This book contains a large selection of work of many degrees of difficulty. Suggestions are made for table cloths, runners, place mats, bed linen, ribbons and so on. Clear pattern descriptions accompany the instructive text in both English and Norwegian.

▶ Design and Crafts

Tove Fevang

A lovely book with wonderful pictures showing samples of Hardanger embroidery in their proper setting. Fevang's previous books, Applikasjon, Søm med overlock and Vi broderer korssting, were sold to Sweden, and Helt enkelt hekling was sold to Finland, France, Germany, Sweden, and USA.

Delicious Linen Embroideries


Marianne Aggebo

Broder lekkert i lin! You are offered a choice of linen tablecloths with strawberry patterns, made for light evening in the summer. Or be inspired by the berries of autumn, or perhaps select a Christmas embroidery for the big family celebration. Why not start with something small? The book includes descriptions of things like pincushions, scent bags and small tablecloths – tiny, charming things as pleasant to make as to give away.


▶ Design and Crafts


Lise Nymark

Outfits for Dolls

Knit and Crochet-Wear

Dukkeklær i strikking og hekling Lise Nymark uses children’s role-play as her basis for making knitted and crocheted clothes for dolls in different sizes. This book is packed with different dolls’ outfits to suit every occasion, including for instance the following themes: out shopping or camping, in the playground or at the carnival; prince and princess. Her previous book, Dukkeklær til aktiv lek, was sold to France.


Lise Nymark

Doll Clothes for Dress Up Dukkeklær til aktiv lek Lise Nymark takes her starting point in children’s roleplaying when she makes doll clothes. She shares with us costumes ranging from school uniforms, princess dresses to bathing suits, along with useful accessories such as blankets, beach mattresses, backpacks, picnic baskets, tiaras etc. The clothing patterns are for dolls 30–34 cm, 36–39 cm and 42–45 cm. Rights sold to France.


Play With Patchwork in Fabrics and Leather Lappelek med stoff og skinn We have filled this book with a wide range of Grete Gulliksen Moe’s delicious, colourful work in fabric and leather. You will find every kind of bag, soft furnishing like curtains, rugs and cushions in patchwork techniques, hats, mittens and leather slippers for children and adults, waistcoats and jackets in both fabrics and skin (with or without printed patterns) and large and small fur rugs.

▶ Design and Crafts

Grete Gulliksen Moe

Welcome to play with patchwork!



Colourful Quilting (Fargesprakende Patchwork), 2009. Rights sold to Finland and the netherlands. Joyful Quilting (Lappeglede), 2004. Rights sold to sweden and finland. Quilting All Year Round (Lek med lapper året rundt), 2006.

Grete Gulliksen Moe (1951–) teaches in Scandinavia, England and the USA and is known for her unique use of colour. Clear, fresh hues of red, blue, green and yellow are her trademark.


▶ Design and Crafts

Trine Bakke

Alternative Patchwork Andre lappesaker Patchwork quilts are everyday objects according to the author, and this book includes: • Old block patterns used in new ways • Naïve appliqué for wall art and used in patchwork quilts. • Full size patterns on a pattern sheet at the back of the book.

The level of difficulty varies from simple, modern examples to the more advanced. Her previous book, Lappesaker, was sold to Finland and UK. Rights sold to France, Iceland, The Netherlands and Sweden.


Trine Bakke

Patchwork and Quilting Lappesaker Some of Bakkes ideas, scattered over many years and having evolved through many stages, have been gathered in a fantastic book filled with patchwork patterns. You will find simple methods for sewing corners and zippers for bags, along with tips for loads of gorgeous things made from beautiful fabrics and patches. Every pattern is carefully explained with step-by-step instructions. With her passion for fabrics and colour combinations, she presents choices that range from miniature patches and small pictures for dolls to pillows and larger blankets. She also demonstrates simple techniques for sewing useful folders, bags and other functional pieces. The book also includes a wealth of information about choices of fabric and quilting. Rights sold to Finland and Uk.


Quilts for the Christmas Season Det kimer nå til ... Lappefest Peek into Kari Melsom’s world where you’ll find loads of inspiration for a pre-Christmas season of quilting. There are more than 40 ideas from which to choose – from small projects to large ones, from simple to challenging. Quite a few projects are shown in several colour combinations to give you an idea of the possibilities for variations.

▶ Design and Crafts

Kari Melsom

Ideas for: Placemats – Runners – Advent Calendars – Christmas Tree Skirts – Afgans.

Colorful Quilting


Grete Gulliksen Moe

Fargesprakende patchwork This is the author’s third book in a series of quilting books based on seasons. Autumn is a time for indoor pleasures and quilting. You will find various ideas for projects, large and small, designed with both the quilter and the recipient of the gift in mind. This is a quilting book, but it is also a book of ideas for purses, small cloth dolls, knitted pulse-warmers, computer covers and much more. Two of her previous books have been published in Sweden and Finland (page 121). Rights sold to Finland and Netherlands.


▶ Design and Crafts

Lise Bergene

Charming Quilts Hjertelige lapper This book provides a large selection of ideas – from small and funny to large and more demanding projects. Many of the models include sewn or appliquéd hearts in varying combinations and sizes. An exciting book to explore. Rights sold to Ukraine.


Lise Bergene


Lises lappetepper The wonderful thing about quilts is that they can be made in all shapes, colours and sizes. Lise Bergene’s beautiful collection of quilts inspires you to follow your own creative impulses. The book includes detailed instructions for making quilts for yourself or as gifts. It offers an abundance of lovely, exciting and original ideas for everything from comforters to tablecloths. Some of her previous titles have been published in Australia, The Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden and UK.


Patchwork in Red and White Lapper i rødt og hvitt The author has used vintage kitchen towels, bits of embroidery and damask dolls and combined them with new fabrics. The patterns are decorated with buttons, ribbons and crocheted lace – most of them vintage – for the perfect finishing touches. Projects span from small, practical shopping bags, fun and useful pillows, clutch purses and wall hangings to quilts of all sizes.

▶ Design and Crafts

Gerd Gellein Merkesdal

Her previous book, Lapper – lunt og lekkert, was sold to Sweden and Denmark. Rights sold to Finland, France, Iceland and Sweden.

The Joys of Quilting Quiltegleder


Rie Norum and Hilde Aanerud Krohg

This book contains many beautiful quilts and handbags for various levels of skill. One can find quilts ranging from those subdued and nuanced to the brightly coloured ones. Some of the pieces are decorated with buttons and sequins. The book is filled with ideas: new combinations of materials, colours and patterns. Be inspired by exciting appliqués, patches and quilting, and learn to sew perfect circles on your machine – without needles. Rights sold to Estonia, Finland, France, Sweden and Uk.


▶ Design and Crafts

Kirsti Hovland

Three-Dimensional Quilts Tredimensjonal lappesøm A quilt’s seams provide a strong sense of depth, but there are other ways to emphasize the threedimensional impression. These are especially decorative in wall hangings and murals. By using cotton batting and allowing sections of the pattern to rise from the background, one can create a fine three-dimensional image. Another possibility is to use several layers one on top of the other. An exciting, new technique that inspires a playful approach to material and design. Hovland’s previous book, Gipsforming, was sold to Sweden.


Tina Eckeroth and Hilde Lien

Patchwork Dreams Lappedrømmer

This book is overflowing with the joys of sewing with cheering colours that usher spring into the house. There is something for everyone’s individual tastes; projects large and small. Many of the works are based on simple shapes and familiar patterns – it is the material and the colours that are unique. Even the slightly advanced patterns can be achieved without major problems if one follows the illustrations and instructions. Rights sold to Finland, France and Sweden.


Shaping Felt

Filt – kreativ toving og filting This is a colourful, imaginative book, with many examples of the different techniques and levels of difficulty in felting. There are dresses, hats, cushions, oven mats, jewellery and a few adorable small Christmas elves. Everything can be completed using the step-by-step illustrations and good explanations.

▶ Design and Crafts

Tone Tvedt and Nina Tvedt Sliper

Their previous book, Filt i farger, was sold to Sweden and Iceland. Rights sold to Finland.

Spring Delights


Miriam Morken and Tone Stenkløv Vårgleder A follow-up to the successful Julegleder. Now the pale hues of Spring take centre stage. The wide variety of projects includes Easter chicks, naval place mats, cute bags, butterflies, bird houses and crocheted blankets. The authors’ previous book, Julegleder, was sold to France, Finland, Germany, Iceland and Sweden. Rights sold to France, Germany and Sweden.


▶ Design and Crafts

Turid Eide and Cathrine Rein Carlson

Scrapbooking - All through the year Scrapbooking året rundt Here are new ideas for album pages, digital layouts, mini-albums, cards and decorations related to the seasons. The book shows the latest in materials and techniques – for example transparent albums, stamps that are coloured with Distress Ink and accessories like crocheted flowers and pins to decorate the layouts. Corrugated cardboard and wine sleeves are examples of recyclable materials. Her previous book, Kreativ scrapbooking, was sold to Denmark, Iceland and Sweden. Rights sold to Sweden.


Turid Eide

A Book of Ideas for Making Scrapbooks Idebok for scrapbooking A world of scraps filled with mini-albums and decorations! The book contains creative suggestions for everything from birthday and anniversary presents made of coffee filters, to baby books. You also find ideas for new ways to decorate existing things, and for making new things out of paper. The levels of diffculty vary from simple to challenging and timeconsuming. Her previous book, Kreativ scrapbooking, was sold to Denmark, Iceland and Sweden. Rights sold to Finland and Sweden.


Card Craft - Short and Sweet Kort og godt In this colourful book, there are ideas, patterns and explanations of how to create the many different cards, place settings and labels needed for the great occasions and family events of the year. With its beautiful pictures and detailed instructions, this book is suitable for experienced card makers and for beginners alike.

â–ś Design and Crafts

Gitte Schou Hansen

Her previous book, Lag kreative kort, was sold to Sweden, Iceland and France. This is her 15th book about hobbies. Rights sold to Sweden.

A Creative Greeting


Gitte Schou Hansen En kreativ hilsen

Making cards is a fun hobby and not that difficult if you follow the instructions in this book. The designs are either sewn with needle and thread, or cut out with scissors or a hobby knife. Some of the designs are classic and clean; others are colourful and extravagant, while still others are sweet and naĂŻve. This book has card ideas for all occasions and provides challenges for both the beginner and the experienced card-maker. Rights sold to France, Iceland and Sweden.


▶ Design and Crafts

Vigdis Mo Johansen

With Paintbrush and Palette Colour theory – painting – decoupage Med pensel og palett A book for those who are looking for inspiration to develop interest in painting and decoupage. But it is also the right book for someone not yet at work with a paintbrush in hand, but who would love to give it a try. Any reader will find many good ideas and great images! Also information about how to use acrylic paints and other paint media, about tools, techniques and colour theory. Rights sold to France.


Previous publications: Design Your Own Jewellery (Bli din egen smykkedesigner), 2006, was sold to Finland. The Big Book of Jewellery (Den store smykkeboken), 2006, was sold to UK and China. Jewellery: Make It Yourself (Smykker, lag dem selv), 2005, was sold to Finland.

Vigdis Mo Johansen

Decorating on Canvas Lag bilder på lerret This book describes many opportunities for painting and decorating on canvas. Techniques range from quite simple decoupage with napkin motives, utilizing photographs, glossy prints, three-dimensional decor to figurative painting. In regard to motifs, one finds everything from angels and flowers to simple Christmas patterns. Whether you have never painted before, or simply need some new ideas, this is the book for you.


Decorative Clay Objects Dekorasjoner i leire This book is a creative firework of colours and shapes. You will find something for every taste, and all kinds of useful objects, large and small. For instance, there are ideas for buttons for children and adults; there are attractive pins, rings, bracelets and other forms of jewellery, and small shapes and figures with which you can decorate scrapbook pages, cards and frames.

â–ś Design and Crafts

Marie Andreassen



Paint with Acrylic and watercolor (Mal bilder), 2006. Rights sold to denmark, finland and iceland Creative Stamping (Kreativ stempling), 2008. Rights sold to iceland and sweden. .


▶ Design and Crafts

Tone Rørseth

Make Beautiful Jewellry Lag vakre smykker Welcome to the exciting world of jewellery! Tone Rørseth has put together a book filled with ideas – some simple, some challenging. You will find inspiration for novices and for those more versed in the use of beads, thread and other small, beautiful details. The idea is to use recycled material. Handmade articles are popular now and many feel a need for simplicity and tradition. Rights sold to Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and usa.


Tone Rørseth

Jewellry and Jewellry Boxes Smykker og smykkeesker This book will give you lots of ideas for jewellery and amazing jewellery boxes. And it tells you how to use the materials you already have lying around, maybe something you haven’t used in a long time, as the starting point for a new piece of jewellery. Rights sold to Sweden.


Design Your Own Jewellery Bli din egen smykkedesigner

This book provides a glimpse into the world of making cool, colourful, delicate and romantic jewellery. The different styles and impressions presented here make it possible for everyone to find their own, personal style. The book gives the reader tips and ideas for combining different colours, shapes and materials for exciting results.

â–ś Design and Crafts

Vigdis Mo Johansen

Jewellery: Make It Yourself (Smykker, lag dem selv), 2005, was sold to Finland. Rights sold to Finland.

The Big Book of Jewellery


Vigdis Mo Johansen

Den store smykkeboken The selection of pearls, stones as well as shapes and colours is enormous. That is why you have the opportunity to make the exact piece of jewellery exactly in the colour and form that suits you. It is fun to make personal jewellery in different colour scales, and that is why this book is divided into the sections of colour groups. It makes it easy for you to find a piece of jewellery in the colour you want. Jewellery: Make It Yourself (Smykker, lag dem selv), 2005, was sold to Finland. Rights sold to China and Uk.


▶ Design and Crafts

Carlos Zachrison and Arne Nerjordet

Christmas Baubles

Julekuler – én oppskrift, 55 mønster In Norway, Christmas baubles – ball- or coneshaped – are very much part of the seasonal traditions. They are used to decorate the Christmas tree and the wreaths, and can be put up anywhere, in the windows for instance. This book opens up a whole new world, bursting with creativity. The fantastic patterns for the Christmas baubles draw on the designs used in traditional Norwegian knitwear. This book is not only directed to practised knitters in need of new ideas, but also to novices and to those who just like looking at inspirational images.



One set of instructions – 55 patterns! 4 print runs with a total of 37.000 copies. Rights sold to Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Usa

Arne Nerjordet (a Norwegian) and Carlos Zachrison (part Swede, part Spaniard) presented their first joint fashion collection in 2002 and, in 2003, they were invited to the Paris fashion week to show their designs. The inspiration for their feminine clothes comes from many sources – from Dolly Parton to Japanese pleating techniques and Norwegian traditional dress.

Christmas Joys Julegleder

Julegleder includes all you need to set the stage for a good, old-fashioned Christmas. You will find ideas for Christmas tree ornaments (including Scandinavian hearts), Christmas stockings, wrapping paper, angels, wreaths, and Christmas treats like ginger cookies. There is something here for everyone – whether you want to work with patchwork or felt, plywood or paper.

▶ Design and Crafts

Miriam Morken and Tone Stenkløv

Find plenty of projects that allow the whole family to take part in a Christmas Workshop. Rights sold to Finland, France, Germany, Iceland and Sweden.

Christmas Joy Julefryd

Sew a lovely pillow or tablecloth especially for Christmas. A new Advent calendar can, over the years, become an heirloom, and handmade gifts are a joy to both the person giving them and the recipient. The book’s good mixture of new and old techniques stands for both tradition and rejuvenation.


Helene S Lundberg

The contents are varied: Christmas stockings, Christmas stationery, table decorations, Christmas cards and wrappings – and some of the author’s best Christmas recipes. Rights sold to Finland, France and Sweden.

Previous publications: Sweet Temptations (Søte fristelser), 2005, was sold to Denmark, Iceland and Sweden. Success with Cakes (Kakelykke), 2007, was sold to Denmark and Sweden. The Joy of Flowers (Blomsterglede), 2007, was sold to Denmark and Sweden. Flower Inspirations (Blomsterinspirasjon), 2008, was sold to Sweden.


▶ Design and Crafts

Beate Lindseth

Christmas Baskets Julekurver Making paper Christmas baskets is a lovely tradition – and something nice to do with the kids in the run up to Christmas. Some people have never learnt how to make Christmas baskets, and others have forgotten how – this book shows you step-by-step how to weave these pretty little baskets, from basic patterns to more advanced techniques. Every basket in the book is marked to show the degree of difficulty in cutting and weaving. And why not give someone a personalised basket with their star sign, name or date of birth on it, as a special birthday gift? Full-size patterns are included on a separate pattern page at the back of the book. Rights sold to Denmark and Sweden.


Edle Catharina Norman

Beautiful Winter

Wreaths, Garlands and Decorations

Vintervakkert The author gives us a wide variety of autumn, winter and Christmas decorations. She focuses on using natural materials that can be found in autumn and winter, and shapes and colours that harmonize with winter moods. In addition to materials from nature’s storehouse, she also uses flowers and greenery readily available from florists. Her previous book, Vakre markblomster, was sold to Denmark. Rights sold to Denmark, Finland, France, Iceland and Sweden.


Author index

▶ Author Index

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▶ Author Index

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â–ś Author Index


Cappelen Damm Agency 2011 catalogue  

Fiction and non-fiction books.

Cappelen Damm Agency 2011 catalogue  

Fiction and non-fiction books.