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Cappelen Damm Agency Cappelen Damm is Norway’s largest publishing house, publishing approximately 1000 titles a year, within the genres of fiction, nonfiction and children’s books. Cappelen Damm’s list of children’s books authors includes Thorbjørn Egner, Øyvind Torseter, Iben Sandemose, Stian Hole, Erlend Loe and Fam Ekman. We also have a strong list of fiction in translation, which includes JK Rowling, Shaun Tan, Astrid Lindgren, Markus Zusak, Sonya Hartnett, Darren Shan, Christopher Paolini and Eoin Colfer. Cappelen Damm is owned jointly by Bonnier and Egmont, each of which owns 50%. Cappelen Damm Agency represents the rights of all of the authors in this catalogue. This includes titles from Flamme Forlag, a subsidiary of Cappelen Damm AS. It is an Oslo-based small press devoted to experimental fiction in all categories. Their list boasts a new, bold generation of Norwegian writers. Flamme Forlag place great emphasis on book design, collaborating closely with the award-winning design studio Yokoland. The Agency is responsible for all foreign book rights, as well as rights for TV, film, radio, anthologies, electronic media, etc. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the authors and the sales of foreign rights.

We look forward to speaking to you.

Picture Books

P i ct u r e b o o k s For ages 2–5 years

Iver’s Journey Blue is reading a book in the shade under the parasol, and the cat is busy basking in the sunlight. It’s a warm summer day at the beach, and Iver is feeling impatient. He decides to take the boat out by himself. Iver navigates as well as he can, but he begins to drift into strange waters, and toward new challenges. The ocean is great and Iver is curious. He discovers a world he does not recognize. The waves have a will and a life of their own, and Iver gets dizzy trying to stay on course. He longs to be at home with good friends, but first he has to find his way back.


Marianne Nygård Title ENGlish:

Iver’s Journey Title NORWEGIAN:

Iver reiser

Illustrated By:

Jørgen Due Nordlie Format:

197x197 MM / 44 Pages

‘… a humorous and enjoyable reading experience.’ Foreldre & Barn about Iver baker

‘The story is captivating, picking up recognizable themes such as fear of the dark, friendship and how our imagination often makes things scarier than they really are.’ Foreldre & Barn about Iver og hulen

Marianne Nygård (1971–) graduated from Norway’s National Arts Academy and studied at the Winchester School of Art in England. She is an artist and illustrator.

Jørgen Nordlie (1972–) has graduated from The State Handicraft and

Industrial Art Academy. He lives in Oslo and works with graphic design and illustration.


P i ct u r e b o o k s For ages 3–6 years

Where is Albert? The Tåkedal family are off to bathe, but even before they’ve left the house, chaos reigns! Little brother Albert has just learned to run, and if you look away for even one second he disappears out of sight! Mummy and Daddy are always so busy doing other things, and so it is big sister Sunniva who must intervene and look after her little brother. Albert is always getting mixed up in sticky situations, and Sunniva must be ready to come to the rescue! Author And illustrator:

Martin Ernstsen

An amusing search-and-find activity book.

Title English:

Where is Albert? Title Norwegian:

‘In its wildest moments there are hints of the tales of Don Rosa. With illustrations that drive the story forward, the text supplements and contrasts the effects of these, all whilst offering the driest of witty comments on events... a particularly entertaining activity book for readers big and small.’

Hvor er Albert? Format:

227x320 mm / 40 pages Rights sold to:


Denmark (Turbine)

Martin Ernstsen (1982–) is currently living in Berlin, where he is working

freelance as a comic artist and illustrator. He has made seven comic albums and books, and is now working on his first picture book for children. His latest comic book, Eremitt, was translated into Swedish and Finnish, as well as Polish. It won the award for ’The most beatiful book of the year 2012’ in Norway.


P i ct u r e b o o k s For ages 3–6 years

The Little White Dog After an argument with his mummy, the little white dog decides to leave home. And he’s never coming back! But when both the conductor on the train and the man at the hot dog stand refuse to help a penniless pup simply because he is a penniless pup, maybe it’s not so bad being at home with Mummy after all?


Skjalg Tønnessen Kalvik Title ENGlish:

The Little White Dog

This is a delightful and charming picture book.


Den lille, hvite hunden Illustrated By:

Odd Henning Skyllingstad Format:

200x240 MM / 32 Pages

Skjald Tønnessen Kalvik (1991–) has studied for one year at the Norwegian Institute of Children’s Books, and at the time of writing is taking a BA in Aesthetic and Literary Science at the University of Oslo.

Odd Henning Skyllingstad (1978–) is a cartoonist, illustrator, animation artist and a musician. Soon he will be a librarian as well.


P i ct u r e b o o k s For ages 3–6 years

Markel the Earthworm Crosses The County Border

The first thing Markel does when he wakes up, is to think of his girlfriend. That’s what it’s like to be in love. He decides to visit her right away.


Rut Teian Title ENG:

The only problem is that his girlfriend lives all the way on the other side of the border between their two counties. It’s a frightfully long way for a little earthworm! As a worm, all he can do is to grit his teeth and hotfoot it over there! It’ll require patience, help from others and a lot of luck!

Markel the Earthworm Crosses The County Border Title NOR:

Markel meitemark Illustrated By:

Ida Larmo Format:

230x230 MM / 40 Pages

Rut Teian (1986–) is educated as a teacher in arts and crafts. She made her début as a children’s book author in 2012.

Ida Larmo (1981–) has a bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication from Oslo National Academy of the Arts. She works as an illustrator and graphic designer.


P i ct u r e b o o k s For ages 3–6 years

Chief Mouse Catcher of Downing Street Did you know that in number 10 Downing Street, home to the British Prime Minister, cats have been employed as mouse catchers for almost 300 years? The feline with the greatest perseverance was named Wilberforce, who held the position for 18 years. Other honourable candidates such as Treasury Bill and Nelson also went to great efforts for the Prime Minister. But the most notorious and merciless of them all was Humphrey. Following Humphrey’s retirement over 15 years ago, no cat has matched up to his impressive efforts.


Lena Lindahl Title ENGlish:

Chief Mouse Catcher of Downing Street Title NORWEGIAN:

Musefangeren i Downing Street Illustrated By:

Ketil Selnes Format:

One day they discover that there are rats in the house. It’s time to find a new cat. The job goes to Larry, a peaceful garden cat who has enjoyed a tranquil and undramatic life thus far in a cat shelter. There are just a couple of small problems: Larry is pretty lazy, and terrified of rats.

227x220 MM / 64 Pages

In order to avoid losing his job, Larry is forced to concoct a clever plan. More than that, he has to ally himself with some of the other residents in the house. …

Musefangeren i Downing Street is based on a true story. Well, almost.

Lena Lindahl (1971–) is a journalist. This is her second book for children. Ketil Selnes (1974–) is an illustrator and graphic designer.


P i ct u r e b o o k s For ages 3–6 years

Samira and the Skeletons Samira strongly protests when her teacher tells her that everybody has a skeleton inside them. 'Not me!' Samira declares. And not her best friend Frida, either. Author And Illustrator:

The rest of the day is horrible. To think that Samira and everyone around her is walking around with a skeleton inside them! It doesn’t bear thinking about. Luckily Mummy has some advice. She lays Samira down on the kitchen table and fetches a bucket and some tools. Surely Samira is happy now?

Camilla Kuhn Title English:

Samira and the Skeletons Title Norwegian:

Samira og skjelettene Format:

210x225 mm / 40 pages

A playful, witty and ever-so-slightly scary picture book from Camilla Kuhn.

Camilla Kuhn (1975–) debuted with the picture book Hvordan Greger Grinebiter havnet i bitter duell og alt nesten ble helt rosa in 2007. She has created eight books for children.


P i ct u r e b o o k s For ages 3–6 years

Midnight Snack When Simon the cat realises that mealtime comes but once each day, he decides to take matters into his own paws. He sets out on a wander, venturing into the city on the hunt for food. There must be something edible somewhere, surely? Through Simon’s city wandering and meetings with animals and people, young readers are given an exciting insight into what happens in the city after they’ve gone to bed.

Author And Illustrator:

Max Estes

Title English:

Midnight Snack Title Norwegian:

Nattmat Format:

197x215 mm / 56 pages Det var da voldsomt til mas!

Max Estes (1977–) is an American illustrator and cartoonist living in Oslo. His work has been published and exhibited in Europe, Asia, USA, Canada and Scandinavia. His first picture book Søppel (2010) was sold to France.

Nattmat_Materie_2k.indd 17


11.11.13 09:35

P i ct u r e b o o k s For ages 3–7 years

What Do They Do All Day? In the morning we wake up before walking or running off to all sorts of places. Children go to nursery or school, but what is it that grown-ups actually do when they’re at work? In this playful rhyming book, illustrated throughout, we come across familiar and not-so-familiar occupations. Crooks who pinch sweets, hot-air balloon salesmen, an easily-distracted guide dog with a fondness for sausages, and environmental activists staging protests with nappies.


Ellisiv Solskinnsbakk Title English:

What Do They Do All Day? Title Norwegian:

Hva gjør de dagen lang? Illustrated By:

Endre SkanDFer Format:

210x285 mm / 40 pages

Ellisiv Solskinnsbakk (1976–) is a qualified radio journalist with a minor degree in film studies. She has worked in children’s radio and as a presenter on Stå Opp on NRK children’s television. This is her first children’s book. Endre Skandfer is a designer and director with Storm Studios, where he has worked with, among other projects, Kaptein Sabeltann, Kurt blir grusom and Elias – Den lille redningsskøyta.


P i ct u r e b o o k s For ages 3–7 years


Torgeir Rebolledo Pedersen Title ENGlish:

The Daughter Who Dashed Out Of A Window Title NORWEGIAN:

Dattera som datt ut av et vindu Illustrated By:

Per Dybvig Format:

227x210 MM / 56 Pages

The Daughter Who Dashed Out Of A Window Little Bæibi, the thirstiest girl in Heiby, is accidentally pricked by a safety pin whilst her mother is changing her nappy. Being pricked by a safety pin – not least by your own mother – is not something Bæibi wants to put up with! And so she ups and leaves, heading for the forest like the speedy little crawler that she is. Alone in the world for the first time, Bæibi is unafraid and curious as she asks for directions from each creature she meets, venturing deeper and deeper into the forest until even the bright summer night grows dark. Charming stick-in-the-mud Bæibi crawls out on a journey of growth, however small this may be, and experiences the world in a curious child’s own rapacious way.

Dattera som datt ut av et vindu is the second picture book from poet Torgeir Rebolledo Pedersen and illustrator Per Dybvig. As in Lammet som ikke ville bli lår, both text and images are characterised by energy. This is a lively, wise and rich book that is easy to be drawn into. Torgeir Rebolledo Pedersen (1949–) studied architecture and has

published a number of poetry collections, the latest being Erfaring og Forsvinning in 2010. His first children’s book was entitled God natt lille abbor and was released in 2006.

Per Dybvig (1964–) is an illustrator and one of our foremost children’s book artists. He has received many awards for his drawings and his work has been featured in solo exhibitions. In 2005 he and Bjørn Rørvik were co-recipients of the Ministry for Culture and Church Affairs’ Literary Award for their Fox and Piglet books.

P i ct u r e b o o k s For ages 3–7 years

The Troll Prince The King and Queen produce a healthy son, but during the night the trolls come and switch the true prince with a troll baby. The King and Queen do not notice the swap before their assumed son grows old enough to speak. At that point, the truth is out! The poor troll child loses his princely title and the entire court is sent out to search for the lost prince.

Author And Illustrator:

Bjørn Ousland Title English:

The Troll Prince Title Norwegian:

Trollprinsen Format:

210x260 mm / 48 pages Rights sold to:

Denmark (ABC Forlag)

Bjørn Ousland (1959–) is a cartoonist, illustrator and author of children’s

books. He has received several awards for his illustrations and cartoons, and his lines are filled with humor.


P i ct u r e b o o k s For ages 3–7 years

Southern Brothers This is the third book in the series all about sweet little Pelé. Father and son travel to ‘the south’, the mystical place by the Mediterranean Sea that everyone in the North of the world seems to talk about. But nothing is perfect, and Pelé’s holiday isn’t without its challenges – such as the big boys who rule the swimming pool.

Author And Illustrator:

Annette Saugestad Helland Title English:

Southern Brothers Title Norwegian:

Sydenbrødrene is a comical book about the important things in life for boys and girls of nursery school age.


The first book about Pelé and his father has been animated and adapted for film.

Superpappa og Pelé Sydenbrødrene 277x210 mm / 64 pages

‘A nice picture book with humor, suspense and good illustrations. Saugestad and Helland are skilled.’ Mamma about Superpappa og Pelé: Tanntyven

‘…inspired by another children's book classic about father and child: Albert Åberg by Gunilla Bergström. The drawings are just a bit fresher and the stories at least as good.’ Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen about Superpappa og Pelé: Tanntyven

Annette Saugestad Helland (1975–) studied illustration and animation

at the Bergen National Academy of Arts and University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Sweden. Her children’s book Bø! was published in 2006 and was awarded the silver prize in the Most Beautiful Books of the Year competition. She works as an animator, illustrator and artist.


P i ct u r e b o o k s For ages 4–8 years

Moulton and Me Moulton og meg is the tale of three sisters who wish for a bicycle. The girls’ parents are a little bit peculiar, and much of the story is spent depicting life for the girls in the neighbourhood alongside their parents and determined grandmother. They receive a bicycle, but not quite like anyone else’s. In addition to being a superb artist, Torill Kove has a feeling for words, focusing on articulating things in original ways and making room for comical little episodes. These elements transform her books into small masterpieces for the enjoyment of adults and children alike.

Author And Illustrator:

Torill Kove

Title English:

Moulton and Me Title Norwegian:

Moulton og meg

Torill Kove (1958–) has illustrated the Johannes Jensen books and has published two of her own children’s books – one of which, Den danske dikteren, was the basis for the Oscar-winning animated film of the same name in 2007.


P i ct u r e b o o k s For ages 4–8 years

The Three Billy Goats Gruff Return Bukkene Bruse på badeland has been one our greatest picture book successes in recent years, as a comical, adventure-fuelled text with lively, vivid illustrations. Now comes the sequel, Bukkene Bruse vender tilbake. Author:

Bjørn F. Rørvik

It’s been a while, and the billy goats Gruff are beginning to wonder what they should do during their summer break. The two smallest billy goats want to take a trip abroad, but the biggest billy goat tells them that it’s too expensive. He wants them all to join him out to pasture, just like they did last time. Against their will, the two smallest billy goats join him, but there have been some big changes. The troll has gone and the mountain pasture offering the best waffles has closed. It becomes clear that the troll has gone into a retirement home and the billy goats decide to visit him there.

Title English:

The Three Billy Goats Gruff Return Title Norwegian:

Bukkene Bruse vender tilbake Illustrated By:

Gry Moursund Format:

230x260 mm / 48 pages

Bukkene Bruse vender tilbake is a wild, fantastic tale and a perfect sequel to the first book about the billy goats Gruff.

Rights sold to:

Sweden (Lilla Piratförlaget)


P i ct u r e b o o k s For ages 4–8 years

The Three Billy Goats Gruff at the Water Park

100,000 Books in print

Three Billy Goats Gruff are on their way to the meadow, as usual, to eat the green grass. But along the road they find a new sign: Water Park – 200 meters. The Gruff brothers think this sounds tempting. And maybe they won’t have to face the troll that is always waiting under the bridge to scare them every time they head for the hills to buy waffles.


Bjørn F. Rørvik Title English:

The Three Billy Goats Gruff at the Water Park Title Norwegian:

Bukkene Bruse på badeland Illustrated By:

The water park is exciting, especially the long slide. But then the troll shows up…

Gry Moursund Format:

230x260 mm / 48 pages

Rights sold to:

Denmark (Rosinante&Co) Faroe Islands (Bókadeildin) South Korea (Daekyo) Sweden (Lilla Piratförlaget)

Bjørn F. Rørvik (1964–) has worked extensively with film and video projects

for the business sector, and for children. He studied media in Volda, with a specialization in film and television. His first children’s book was published in 1996.

Gry Moursund (1969–) graduated from the National Art Academy with a specialization in illustration and graphic design. She has since received a number of prizes for her illustrations, among them the Brage Prize in 2003. Bjørn F. Rørvik and Gry Moursund won the Ministry of Culture’s Picture Book Award for Bukkene Bruse på Badeland.


P i ct u r e b o o k s For ages 4–9 years

Fever Feber is all about waking up with a warm and heavy head, and in a world that glides between dream and reality – something that every child has experienced. When you feel thirsty but Daddy is on the phone, the only thing left to do is to make your way into the dream world to find water. Jill Moursund’s picture book Feber plays with words, pictures and fantasy. The text is rhythmic and structured more like a poem than a story, alongside illustrations in a class of their own.

Author And Illustrator:

Jill Moursund

The reader is taken on a journey into feverish dreams that can be funny, but also a little frightening.

Title English:


Title Norwegian:



210x270 mm / 48 pages

Jill Moursund (1971–) is an illustrator with a graduate degree in visual com­­muni­ cation from Oslo National Academy of the Arts. She has illustrated a lot of books.


P i ct u r e b o o k s For ages 4–99 years

Tails Through­ out Time

Winner of the Bologna Ragazzi Award

This is a fantastically original picture book built on one simple yet alluring premise: What would life be like if people had tails? A shrewd and lexical text combined with classic and beautiful illustrations, Halens historie entices the reader to visit a hypothetical world – a world populated by people with tails! We see how tails can be used to convey emotions, how they can come in handy when we want to flirt a little, or even to poke fun at others. We gain an insight into how tails influence fashion trends and why some individuals have a strained relationship with their tail and take drastic steps in order to fit in with beauty ideals. But there’s also a look at more day-to-day matters, such as how to exersice your tail and how to avoid your tail being stepped on.


Yulia Horst Title ENGlish:

Tails Throughout Time Title NORWEGIAN:

Halens historie Illustrated By:

Daria Rychkova Format:

195x250 MM / 40 Pages

Halens historie is a beautiful and charmingly outlandish picture book written in the style of a factbook, all about the history of the tail.

Rights sold to:

France (Actes Sud Junior)

‘Halens historie is as playful, funny and fantastic as a picture book for children ought to be... Text is scarce and factual whilst remaining a lovely book for reading aloud. … the illustrations take centre stage. Rather than simply expanding upon the text, they constitute the majority of the book's content. Each has been painstakingly completed, rich in content’ DAGBLADET

Yulia Horst (1978–) is a Russian writer. She lives in Oslo and works as a dance teacher.

Daria Rychkova (1982–) is originally from Russia, but now lives in Germany where she works in an advertising agency. Rychkova is a qualified designer, and her illustrations appear in several Russian newspapers. Halens historie is her debut foray into book illustration.


P i ct u r e b o o k s For ages 5–8 years

Napoleon Decides Mother Monsen sits and remembers the time she had sweet treats. Back then it was chaos from early morning and all throughout the day until darkness fell. Ginger Snap slid down the banister, Danish Pastry rolled up and down the stairs. Only Rum Truffle was a little bit quieter. One morning it transpired that Danish Pastry had disappeared. ’Off you go and look for him,’ Mother Monsen told the two, and they set off on their journey.

Author And Illustrator:

Fam Ekman

Title English:

Napoleon Decides

On their way they meet Macaroon Cake, who tells them he has been defeated by Napoleon and his army. Napoleon has conquered every sweet treat in the land, and established a dictatorship. From now on in his kingdom, only the Napoleon Vanilla Slice is permitted. Ginger Snap and Rum Truffle know that time is of the essence if they are to rescue Danish Pastry.

Title Norwegian:

Napoleon bestemmer Format:

215x195 mm / 40 pages

When Mother Monsen awakens from her thoughts, a surprise awaits her.

‘Both text and illustrations are carried along on a tide of absurdist humour that will appeal equally to children and adults.’ VÅRT LAND

Fam Ekman (1946–) is known for her artistic illustrations. She studied at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts and The Faculty of Design and Arts. Her books have been collectors’ items among art-lovers for some time. Ekman has received a number of prizes, including the Art Book Prize in 2003, the Riksmålsprisen in 2007 and the Critics Award in 2008. Both her text and illustrations are clever and original, and often have surrealist traits.


P i ct u r e b o o k s For ages 5–9 years

The Night Light In the garden outside Tom’s window is a lamppost. Every evening the light switches on, and every morning it turns off again. It’s been the same for as long as Tom can remember. ’Goodnight, light,’ Tom calls out the window before he goes to bed each night. ’Goodnight,’ the light replies. One evening the garden is completely dark. The lamppost stands there, dark and sad and not uttering a word. Where did the light go? Tom gets dressed and goes outside. Even though it’s dark, he’s not afraid because he knows that the light can’t be far away.


Gaute Heivoll Title English:

The Night Light Title Norwegian:

Lyset om kvelden Illustrated By:

Marvin Halleraker Format:

160x233 mm / 40 pages

Gaute Heivoll (1978–) produced his first story for children in 2008; Himmelen

bak huset. The critics were very enthusiastic about his book. Heivoll is also a much admired writer of books for adults.

Marvin Halleraker (1962–) is a painter, newspaper illustrator and illustration artist. He is a graduate of Bergen Academy of Art and Design. In 2005 he received the Department of Education and Church Affairs’ Award for Illustration for his work on Erna Osland’s Skarpe tenner, and in 2007 he was nominated for the Brage Award for his picture book Høyt over husene.


P i ct u r e b o o k s For ages 8–14 years

Night Guard Taking their cue from settings that children recognise, these poems investigate concepts such as dreaming, longing and friendship. The familiar and intimate is transformed into a limitless, allencompassing world. The illustrations are dream-like but real at the same time. Synne Lea and Stian Hole have together created Nattevakt, a different, image-rich collection of poetry. Author:

Synne Lea Title English:

Night Guard Title Norwegian:


Illustrated By:

Stian Hole Format:

170x220 mm / 88 pages Rights sold to:

Denmark (Rosinante&Co)

Synne Lea (1974–) was born in Oslo and grew up in the city. She took sciences at school and was active in sports. In recent years, she has had to make different choices. She experiments with other means of expressing herself, including graphic design and sculpting.

Stian Hole (1969–) is a reputed illustrator and an author. He has created four picture books and a number of book covers.


NomiNated for the Brage Award ‘Nattevakt is one of the most beautiful books I've ever read, all whilst remaining both shrewd and witty … This book ought to be regarded as one of the most significant publications of the past decade.’


NUMER (Volume 4/2013)

‘… A book like Nattevakt shows how a combination of images and text can create its own sense of poetry, in addition to being quite stunningly beautiful. Nattevakt reveals how well suited picture books are for poetry collections.’ DAGBLADET

‘These are thoughtful texts, almost like perceptions of situations and voices … The texts are held together by a running theme of family life. Illustrator Stian Hole lifts the book’s poetic dimension in an astounding manner. With characteristic precision, lightness of touch and what I would describe as purity, he rolls out one visual treat after another.’ AFTENPOSTEN

‘The poems are written for children, and there is good reason to believe that they will hit home with many young readers with astute observations imparted through well-selected words. But even so, they shine with vigour and have a great deal to offer adult readers … There's so much life to be found within the illustrations. They appear to explode before your eyes!’ VÅRT LAND

‘The most sensational of this year's Brage Prize candidates has to be Nattevakt, bringing together Synne Lea's enigmatic poetry, written simply and brimming with revelations and sudden little abysses, and complemented by Stian Hole's strikingly beautiful, Magrittesque compositions … The fact that many children will come to love these poems goes without a doubt …’ BARNEBOKKRITIKK

‘The short verses are open and inviting, containing numerous questions and not many answers, making for some surprising reflections. They challenge the reader to view reality from a different perspective, whether young or old …’ DRAMMENS TIDENDE

‘Long-awaited poems for children (and for you).’ Best Books of the Year 2013, VG

P i ct u r e b o o k s For ages 5–99 years

Anna’s Heaven On a day in which everything aches and spikes fall from the skies, Anna turns the world on its head. She takes her daddy on a fantastic journey all the way to the bottom of the sky where the invisible ones live. Daddy is careworn and quiet, and Anna helps both herself and her daddy through the most difficult of days.

Author and Illustrator:

Stian Hole

Title English:

Anna’s Heaven Title Norwegian:

Annas himmel Format:

210x268 mm / 48 pages Rights sold to:

Denmark (Rosinante&Co) France (Albin Michel) Georgia (Karchkhadze) Germany (Hanser) Italy (Donzelli) Spain (Kokinos) Sweden (Alfabeta) USA (Eerdmans)

Annas himmel is an exceptionally beautiful book about overcoming grief, succeeding in this without becoming an overly sad or sentimental tale. Stian Hole is one of our foremost picture book artists, and Annas himmel is a work of art, both in terms of text and illustrations. ‘Stian Hole communicates the great life-changing questions with huge creative seriousness and moving poetic lightness of touch. ... These are images which one can never finish with, Hole brings the children along on a brave and poetic journey and takes them seriously as thoughtful, inquiring human beings. This is a curriculum for growing up. ... Let all children have a share in Hole's universe.’ VG

‘An exceptionally beautiful work by Stian Hole. ... One of our most frequently awarded writers of picture books and one who doesn't worry about pleasing others. That attitude makes for good literature. An outstandingly beautiful as well as meaningful picture book. ... the visual and verbal contents of Annas himmel fuse as the sense of the words and the images are seen together.’ Dagbladet

‘Hole's masterly way of addressing you through his images offers comfort about the resting-place of the dead. Hole's work is rich in both emotional and visual symbolism but, above all, his picture books are exciting and interesting.’ Aftenposten

P i ct u r e b o o k s For ages 5–99 years

Garmann’s Summer

Winner of the Bologna Ragazzi Award

Summer is nearly over and Garmann is going to start school. Garmann is dreading it, and he tries to find out if adults dread doing things, too, while he’s seeing if he’s got a loose tooth. Garmann thinks about life and death, the present and the future. ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ Aunt Augusta whispers to him. ‘A sword-swallower,’ Garmann answers.

Author and illustrator:

Stian Hole

This is an unusual and nice story in words and pictures by Stian Hole.

Title English:

Garmann’s Summer Title Norwegian:

Garmanns sommer

‘Fantastic illustrations and a warm story about approaching a change in life.’


210x277 mm / 48 pages


Rights sold to:

‘Let it be said straight away: this is a lovely book! It feels good to hold it, it is beautiful to look at, and the story touches your heart.’

Denmark (Thaning & Appel) Faroe Islands (Bókadeildin) France (Albin Michel) Georgia (Karchkhadze) Germany (Hanser) Hungary (Scolar Kiado) Italy (Donzelli) Netherlands (Hoogland & Van Klaveren) Palestinian Territory (Ogarit Cultural Centre) Poland (FISO) Qatar (Bloomsbury Qatar) Republic Of Korea (Woongjin Thinkbig) Russia (Machaon) Spain (Kokinos) Sweden (Alfabeta) USA (Eerdmans)

Drammens Tidende

In 2009 Garmanns sommer received the Mildred L. Batchelder Award, announced by the Amercian Library Association.

Garmanns sommer also won the French Prix Sorcière for best album of the year 2008.

Stian Hole (1969–) is a reputed illustrator and an author. He has created five picture books and a number of book covers.


P i ct u r e b o o k s For ages 6–99 years

Onwards and Upwards 1945 This is a new edition of a book originally published after the war, but which was discontinued after a while, as ’there were possibly a number of errors that had slipped through the net.’ The book was never republished as a corrected edition, but after almost 70 years the publisher is now able to print the book again following the discovery of a lost copy in a dust-covered box in a public library. The library staff (wisely) consulted an external adviser, Ragnar Aalbu (son of a teacher), about how to best assure the quality of the content before the longed-for corrected edition would see the light of day.

Author And Illustrator:

Ragnar Aalbu Title English:

Onwards and Upwards 1945 Title Norwegian:

Opp og Frem 1945 Format:

150x200 mm / 80 pages

Ragnar Aalbu (1966–) has a graduate degree from Norway’s National Arts Academy and is a popular picture book illustrator. He received the Ministry for Culture and Church Affairs’ Literary Award for a first publication in 2004. His work has also been featured in solo exhibitions.


P i ct u r e b o o k s For ages 6–69 years

Do You Play Chess? Asked Lucy In the book Spiller dere sjakk, sa Lucy, we meet Lucy who likes to play games, and who becomes a skilled chess player. However, a creepy character is lurking in the wings, and one evening he kidnaps Lucy in order to earn money from her chess-playing talents. Before long Lucy realises that she has to escape, and new experiences await her, some of which will even call upon her chess-playing skills.

Author and illustrator:

Fam Ekman

Title English:

Do You Play Chess? Asked Lucy Title Norwegian:

Spiller dere sjakk, sa Lucy

This is a book that will bring joy to all who love to play chess, cycle, dress up and read a story they’ve never heard before!


215x215 mm / 40 pages Rights sold to:

Sweden (Urax)

Fam Ekman (1946–) is known for her artistic illustrations. She studied at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts and The Faculty of Design and Arts. Her books have been collectors’ items among art-lovers for some time. Ekman has received a number of prizes, including the Art Book Prize in 2003, the Riksmålsprisen in 2007 and the Critics Award in 2008. Both her text and illustrations are clever and original, and often have surrealist traits.


P i ct u r e b o o k s For ages 6–99 years

Connections In 2008, Øyvind Torseter received the BolognaRagazzi Award for his book Avstikkere. Koblinger is closely related to this title. The book is divided into 13 picture sequences, featuring no text. The order and construction of the sequences is decided by flow, colour and ambience as much as it is from a sense of narrative. We are familiar with many of the characters from earlier books by Torseter, such as the elephant boy, the cat girl and the guy who moved into the apartment in Hullet. The readers are given ample opportunity to create their own stories and to interpret the pictures without any text.

Author and illustrator:

Øyvind Torseter Title English:


The illustrations are due for exhibition, and the book is published in connection with this event.

Title Norwegian:

Koblinger Format:

215x273 mm / 80 pages

‘There is very little traditional storytelling in this book, but Torseter is wonderful at describing voices and his illustrations reveal the kind of meticulous carelessness to which a reader feels easily drawn.’ BERGENS TIDENDE

‘Intimate and shrewd … a picture book in the most absolute sense. This is an experience for the reader quite unlike any other. It demands a great deal, but opens up for new opportunities at the same time … This is a book for those with the curiosity and courage to expose themselves to something entirely unpredictable in order to see what happens.’ VÅRT LAND

Øyvind Torseter (1972–) has written and illustrated several books and won many awards – the most recent being the 2008 BolognaRagazzi Award and the Award for The Year’s Most Beautiful Book for Avstikkere.


P i ct u r e b o o k s For ages 6–99 years

The Hole ‘Hello, I’ve discovered a hole in my apartment ... it moves around ... yes ... if you could come and look at it ... bring it down to you, you say … how … hello!’ The protagonist has discovered a hole and tries to find an explanation. He seeks expert advice. But not everything can be explained. Perhaps he will just have to accept that it’s there.

Hullet has simple, expressive drawings by pen and computer. The hole is punched right through the book, so it exists in real life.

Author and illustrator:

Øyvind Torseter Title English:

The Hole

‘… a stylish and surreal picture book… line drawings combined with a minimal use of colour lends the book a stylish and elegant appearance. The book looks much like a graphic novel, where each spread resembles an enlarged comic book square. With few details, attention is drawn towards simple points on each page, making the story quick to read and easy to understand for readers young and old. At the same time it raises a whole host of questions, both concrete and abstract, and invites several perusals. It is fortunate that the pages are sturdy – this is a book that will quickly become well-thumbed.’

Title Norwegian:



230x276 mm / 64 pages Rights sold to:

Australia (Wilkins Farago) China (Anhui) Germany (Gerstenberg) Italy (Orecchio Acerbo) Republic Of Korea (BomBom School) Sweden (Daidalos) SPAIN (Barbara Fiore Editora) France (La Joie de Lire) USA (Enchanted Lion Books)


‘Quite simply masterful work, once again.’ Hamar Arbeiderblad

‘The text is short, but the illustrations surrounding the hole make the book dynamic. The book encourages discussions relating to the illustrations and the hole, and it can be read many times!’ Fredriksstad Blad

‘Humorous and imaginative. It will entertain people from the age of 3 to the age of 100. … This is a delightful play with reality and imagination. … What is brilliant about this book is the idea of the hole, which remains at the same place, but still appears to move around.’ Vårt Land

‘A charming and ingenious children's book that is similarly sure to charm mums and dads.’ Dagsavisen’


P i ct u r e b o o k s For ages 6–9 years

The War Inga has seen photographs of the war in the newspaper and heard the sound of bombs and gunshots on television. Luckily Inga lives in a peaceful country, where not even the bumblebees present a threat. But when war creeps closer and Mum and Dad bring the conflict into Inga’s own home, it feels as if it also moves into Inga’s head. It stays there, even long after Mum and Dad have separated.


Gro Dahle

Is it possible to be happy again, after having gone through a war? Can you remove the conflict from your mind, even if it has settled there?

Title English:

The War

Title Norwegian:


Illustrated by:

Kaia Linnea Dahle Nyhus

‘ … this is one of the most important and original books of this autumn.’


250x265 mm / 56 pages

TØNSBERG BLAD Rights sold to:

‘Gro Dahle allows us a painful and powerful insight into the drama of divorce as it is experienced by children… the images, filled with expression, ensure that emotion resonates throughout… [Kaia Dahle Nyhus] veers away from the war metaphors within the text, instead showing us Inga’s anger, confusion and self-harm in her own expressive and courageous artistic style. All this makes for a powerful overall impression.’

Denmark (Alfa | RPC) Sweden (Daidalos)


‘Few could convey a story such as this with the same skill as Gro Dahle. … The illustrations are exciting, showing original emphasis and use of colour.’ DAGBLADET

Gro Dahle (1962–) writes for both children and adults. As a children’s book writer she is known for her poetic books on themes that are often given little attention. Her poetry collections Regnværsgåter and Hundre tusen timer have solid places in the canon of modern Norwegian poetry. She has also published novels and short stories. Kaia Linnea Dahle Nyhus (1990–) is a student of visual communication at the National Academy of Arts in Oslo, and also studies illustration at the Luzern College in Switzerland. She designs book and CD covers and illustrations for newspapers. She has made short films, both in documentary format and animations.


Nature and Outdoors Characters

For years we have seen trains and cars in the international market for characters. Now we have Elias, the little rescue boat available for international licensing! Elias made his first appearance in 1998, starring in two very popular children’s books. The universal appeal of our hero has only grown through the years. Soon after premiering on Norwegian TV, he was nominated for an International Emmy. Elias and his friends provide not only laughter and fun; they also address powerful positive values such as responsibility and friendship. Over the years, more than 300 different merchandise products have been introduced in the Norwegian market with phenomenal sales numbers. Elias has an immense potential in the international marketplace, approaching 1 million toys and 700,000 DVD sales.

In the spring of 2014 Cappelen Damm AS will publish: • 2 story books • 1 sticker book

• 1 look and find book • 1 activity book

Cappelen Damm Agency handles foreign book rights in the Nordic territories. Worldwide distribution partner and merchandise agent is The Jim Henson Company. Over the next two years Elias will be aired as a TV series in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. The Elias series is developed by Animando AS.

Captain Sabretooth is a complete pirate universe with a welldocumented appeal to kids of all ages. He is featured in stage shows, films, CDs, DVDs, books and a large number of toys and all kinds of spin-off products. His very first stage show took place in July 1990. The summer shows are played around midnight on an outdoor stage, and gather 2,500 kids and adults each night. Now Captain Sabretooth is going international. His goal is to capture the hearts of children all over the world.

Terje Formoe (1949–) is known to Norwegian children of all ages as the character

Captain Sabretooth, created and performed by Formoe himself. Captain Sabretooth and his men feature on video, CDs and in books – not to mention their popular outdoor shows at the Kristiansands Zoo.

The Products • Picture books • Board books • Puzzle books • Pop-up books • Shaped board books • CDs and DVDs • Toys • Costumes • Games

The Characters Captain Sabretooth is the craftiest and scariest pirate king of The Seven Seas – a sea which resounds with myths and legends. It is said that he can smell gold from miles away, and he demands complete and utter loyalty from his crew on board The Dark Lady. Longfinger is known far and wide as the Captain’s second in command. Tiny grew up in the village of Abra. His dream is to someday be accepted by Captain Sabertooth as one of his men: a full-fledged pirate.

City of Friends is a beautifully animated preschool series for boys and girls. Cooperation, friendship, tolerance, knowledge, activity and fun are the key words which apply to the residents in the City. The series concerns itself with the three emergency teams: Police, Ambulance and Fire Rescue. The three friends Max, Ted and Elphie are all dedicated to their new jobs in the rescue services. The series sparks the imagination with exciting, playful storylines which are entertaining and educational. The characters are original and varied, and bring something fresh and unique to each episode.

City of Friends was first broadcast in the Nordic countries in 2010 and is uniquely based on the adventures of a real-life Norwegian state police officer – Carl Christian Hamre. CreaCon Group is Scandinavia’s leading independent children’s production company with businesses that now span TV production & distribution, licensing, live events, DVD production and distribution, music and digital operations.

• Target audience 0–6 years • TV series sold to 185 countries • Success on multiple platforms

Norway’s largest international TV success

TV/DVD/Film • All in HD • 52 episodes /10 minutes • 2 special episodes/30 minutes • Rights sold to more than 185 countries • A Hollywood film and three new seasons of the TV series are planned within the next two years

Merchandise: Plush Toys/Games Food Apparel

Cappelen Damm’s products:

Picture books Activity books Puzzle books Colouring books

3D Colouring books Sticker activity books Counting books Play and learn books Buggy books

The World of Karsten & Petra

The Karsten and Petra series comprises colourful and imagiative books for boys and girls in preschool. Here you meet the two best friends Karsten and Petra, and their cuddly toys Lion Cub and Miss Rabbit. The books are based on good values, and tell warm and familiar everyday Over stories of Karsten and Petra’s experiences in nursery school and One million daily life. books sold The Books • 2012 saw the 20th anniversary for the Karsten and Petra books. • Approximately 45 titles, with regular new publications • 2 spin-off series

Formats • Books • Audio books • Books with DVD • Puzzle books • Books with cuddly toys • Apps • Merchandise

The Films: Casper and Emma – Best Friends • An immediate hit with cinema-goers when it premiered in February 2013 When the films are distributed abroad, Karsten and Petra are named Casper and Emma. The film tells the story of Emma, soon to turn 5 years old, who wants nothing more than a dog for her birthday. We also meet Casper, who dreads his first day in a new nursery school, but who very quickly forgets this when he meets Emma. The two soon become friends, and we join Casper and Emma on their various adventures at nursery school and in daily life.

Casper and emma's winter vacation In the film Casper and Emma's Winter Vacation, the two best friends are on holiday in a cabin with Esther and Grandpa. For a whole week they will go skiing. However, Casper is a little bit afraid. In the neighbor cottage, Petter is on holiday – and he is both tough and good at skiing. Casper thinks that Emma might be more concerned of Petter than of him. The film premiered in January 2014. One more film is planned, premiere in February 2015.

TV/DVD • 12 episodes (13.5 minutes each) • Shown on NRK Super for the start of school (August 2013) • Rights sold to Denmark (DR) and Sweden (SVT) Tor Åge Bringsværd (1939–) has received numerous awards, both as an author and playwright. These

awards include the Norwegian Critics’ Prize for Literature, the Aschehoug Prize, the Dobloug Prize, the Riksmål Society Literature Prize and the Ibsen Prize. His work has been translated into more than 20 languages.

Anne G. Holt (1961–) is best known for her work on a long list of children’s books, including around 45

titles in the highly popular Karsten and Petra series. She has also illustrated a number of educational texts used in schools.

The KristiansAnd zoo books My favorite animals It is exciting to look at animals! In this book you will find nice photos of the most popular animals in the Kristiansand Zoo. The banners make it easy for children to find back to the page with their favorite animal. My favorite songs A picture book for little ones with images of well-known animals and the words to well-loved nursery rhymes, such as ‘I Know A Summer Pasture' and ‘Baa Baa Little Lamb'. The book also features lovely page headings, allowing children to easily locate their own favourite song within the book. My first picture lotto A simple picture lotto for the youngest children. Large cards in quality cardboard with photos of all the animals in the Zoo.

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle This is a wooden jigsaw puzzle for the youngest with pictures of their favorite animals in the Zoo.

Fitness and Health Illustrated fiction

Come along and join us in the fantastic world of Thorbjørn Egner! No other books have left such an impression on children growing up in Norway as these books have; the songs, the texts and the characters have become national institutions. And because Thorbjørn Egner was both the illustrator and the writer, the relationship between the pictures and texts is bound in a very special way. Very few authors get closer to the child’s imagination than Egner does. Karius og Baktus has also been immortalized in Ivo Caprino’s puppet film, and a full-scale Cardamom Town has been built at Kristiansand Zoo. Not only are Egner’s stories performed on stage in many countries, his books have, to date, been translated into 26 languages. And despite being published more than 50 years ago, they are still as popular as ever. Thorbjørn Egner’s books are sold to: Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Poland, Republic Of Korea, Romania, Russia, Sri Lanka, Sweden, The Netherlands, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States

‘The brilliance of Egner comes from his ability to tell his stories in such a way that children can understand and fantasize about them. The fantastic and adventurous tales are stamped with a naïve and authentic label.’ Tordis Ørjasæter on Egner’s authorship

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Tommy and the Elephant (Tommy og Elefanten) Captain Black-Bill and 40 Other Favourite Egner Songs (Kaptein Sorte-Bill og 40 andre kjente Egner-viser) Jumbo’s Journey through the World (Jumbo som dro ut i verden) The Book of Counting (Telle-boka) Ole Jakob Goes to Town (Ole Jakop på bytur) When Per was a Cow (Da Per var ku) The Band Comes to Town (Musikantene kommer til byen)

I llu s t rat e d F i ct io n

Klatremus and the Other Animals in the Hakkebakke Forest Klatremus og de andre dyrene i Hakkebakkeskogen

The Hakkebakke Forest is a small world which, in many ways, resembles our own bigger world. Klatremus and Morten and Daddy Ted and Mikkel and all the others in the forest are animals and look like animals too, but they also wear clothes and walk on two legs and live in houses, and remind us a lot of people in what they do and say, and how they think. Also in the Hakkebakke Forest is, as it is with us in the big world, a desire for peace and safety and respect for everyone.


170x240 MM / 96 Pages

Karius and Baktus Karius og Baktus

This is the story about two tiny folks, Karius and Baktus, living in the teeth of a boy called Jens. As long as he only brushes his teeth every fortnight and eats white bread with syrup, the trolls are enjoying their happy days in the teeth. They even build a new house with an underground tunnel to the old house. Suddenly they hear Jens cry out in pain. He has a terrible tooth ache. Karius and Baktus can hear Jens’ mother insist on him brushing his teeth, and the happy days are threatened. Then one day Jens goes to the dentist… Format:

135x195 MM / 48 Pages

When the Robbers Came to Cardamom TowN Folk og røvere i Kardemomme by

Cardamom Town is a somewhat different town than we are used to. Here we meet both donkeys and camels in the streets – and maybe even a lion? The head of police Bastian is keeping the town safe and sound, but does not like to arrest anyone. Old and wise Tobias in the tower is predicting the weather, and Auntie Sophie is taking care of little Camomile. Syversen is driving the tram between the town’s two stops while he is singing for the passengers. But be aware! Just outside Cardamom the three robbers called Kasper, Jesper and Jonathan live!


167x247 MM / 144 Pages


I llu s t rat e d F i ct io n

For ages 5–10 years

Absolute Wild Wilma Wilma is six years old and knows what she wants! Where Wilma goes, fun follows! This compilation of read aloud stories about Wilma deals with the modern everyday life of a young girl. Wilma has a will of her own, and she has a tendency to get into situations where something extra fun takes place. Just ask her dad. In his opinion, Wilma’s pranks do not necessarily occur at the best time and place. And yet he knows that the world would be a boring place without her shenanigans. She sprinkles glitter over an otherwise mundane day.


Andrea Bræin Hovig Title ENGLISH:

Absolute Wild Wilma Title NORWEGIAN:

Absolutt Ville Wilma

The books come with lively and friendly illustrations by Lene Ask.

Illustrated By:

Lene Ask Format:

190x240 MM / 192 Pages Rights sold to:

Denmark (Turbine)

Andrea Bræin Hovig (1973–) is an actor, singer and author. She debuted with the book Ville Wilma in 2008. Lene Ask (1974–) is a cartoonist, illustrator, photographer and author. She

received the Sproing Award in 2006 for her cartoon series Hitler, Jesus og Farfar.


I llu s t rat e d F i ct io n

For ages 4–7 years

Bisk Gets Scared Bisk’s talented elder cousin Ulrik pays a visit, and he is better than Bisk at almost everything! Out in the forest, Bisk and Ulrik build a marvellous treehouse. They have lots of fun, especially when they spend the night inside. But when it gets dark and Bisk is left on his own in the treehouse, everything starts to feel a little bit scary …

Bisk blir redd is a cartoon for the youngest readers. Author AND ILLUSTRATOR:

Bjørn Ousland Title ENGLISH:

Bisk Gets Scared Title NORWEGIAN:

Bisk blir redd Format:

240x297 MM / 40 Pages

Bjørn Ousland (1959–) is a cartoonist, illustrator and author of children’s books. He has received several awards for his illustrations and cartoons, and his lines are filled with humor.


I llu s t rat e d F i ct io n

For ages 5–10 years

Captain Nero Samson and Roberto 4

The first three books about Samson and Roberto are loved by big and small readers alike. The clever cat, Roberto, and the amiable dog, Samson, inherited Fjordgløtt Guesthouse and they live a peaceful life there alongside the pageboy badger, Greta. Handyman otter Olli pops by when something needs repairing. One of their guests, the widowed goose Gåthaug, is nervous and depressed. She believes the end of the world is nigh.


Ingvar Ambjørnsen Title English:

After a while it seems that strange and scary things are happening out at sea. Several people have spotted an enormous, bright eye and when lighthouse keeper Fredrik, a strong and terrified ram, comes rowing at breakneck speed, everybody quickly understands that something is wrong. A small expedition, consisting of Samson, Roberto, Stork von Struts and Benny the News Rat, decide to find out exactly what it is out there that is scaring so many of them. This expedition sends them into perilous territory, with big surprises and unexpected occurences.

Captain Nero Samson and Roberto 4 Title Norwegian:

Kaptein Nero Illustrated by:

Per Dybvig Format:

155x215 mm / 120 pages

The book is as exciting as any James Bond film and is guaranteed to please Samson and Roberto fans new and old! The previous Samson and Roberto books have been sold Denmark, Finland, The Faeroe Islands, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden and Korea.

Ingvar Ambjørnsen (1956–) made his literary début in 1981, and has since published novels, crime fiction, short story collections, children's and young adults books as well as essay collections.


‘An amusing book for adults and children… The fact that Kaptein Nero alludes to the classic tales Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and The Mysterious Island by the renowned author Jules Verne allows for interplay between adult and child readers, allowing young readers to dip their toes in the water before taking the plunge into world literature. Enjoy!’ TØNSBERG BLAD

‘Kaptein Nero is a story filled with comedic capers and literary references, not least the works of Jules Verne, such as Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea… Throughout the book the reader can delight in the hilarious drawings by illustrator Per Dybvig, all of which bring the story to life… a book well suited to reading aloud or as an audio book for the whole family to enjoy on long car journeys.’ VG

‘This is an exciting and especially funny book that will bring laughter to readers (in fact, I'd extend that to encompass all creatures), regardless of age… The interplay between the text and the illustrations is perfect.’ Dagbladet

‘Natural storytelling in a superior and witty style has made Ingvar Ambjørsen's books about his dog Samson and cat Roberto among the best Norwegian children's books that I've come across in recent years.’ AFTENPOSTEN

‘A perfect combination of suspense and humour!’ FORELDRE OG BARN

I llu s t rat e d F i ct io n

For ages 8–12 years

The World’s Most Dangerous Gang The World's Most Dangerous Gang consists of Killer, Belly Bounce and Morto. Actually they're called something else, but nothing nearly as scary! They have a set of rules that they must live by until their dying days (or at least until they have to go home at tea time). A humourous book for reading aloud, illustrated throughout.


Arne Svingen Title English:

The World’s Most Dangerous Gang Title Norwegian:

Verdens farligste gjeng Illustrated by:

Ida Larmo Format:

148x212 mm / 136 pages

Arne Svingen (1967–) made his debut in 1999 with the critically acclaimed

novel Handlingens mann. Since then he has written a number of books for children, teens and adults, many of which have been translated.


I llu s t rat e d F i ct io n

For ages 7–10 years

The Crocodile Thief Odd isn't particularly brave. In fact, he's really rather afraid. Of dogs, for example, and of teenagers. He's terrible at football and is always picked last during gym class. Worst of all, he cries so easily, especially when the others tease him. And they do, at every opportunity. But one day the class take a trip to the aquarium where Odd meets Rolf Lange, head of the reptile department. Rolf has tattoos and a pierced ear. He handles snakes and crocodiles as if they were cuddly toys.


Taran L. Bjørnstad Title English:

The Crocodile Thief Title Norwegian:

Rolf probably isn't afraid of anything, thinks Odd, and is struck with an idea: he has to become tough, and what he really needs is a crocodile...

Krokodilletyven Illustrated by:

Christoffer Grav Format:

215x255 mm / 136 pages

Taran Lysne Bjørnstad (1966–) has studied Media and Communication in

London and Oslo, and has a degree with the University of Oslo. She has worked as a media analyst and researcher, with a special focus on children and youth. Bjørnstad has previously published several books for children and young adults.

Christoffer Grav (1983–) is an illustrator and graphic designer who studied graphic design for three years at Westerdals School of Communication.


I llu s t rat e d F i ct io n

For ages 7–11 years

Bendylegs and Bluff Ranglebein og Skrømt

Siblings Bendylegs and Bluff run away to learn how to scare. They think that by finding the ’Prince of Evil’ they’ll have the chance to learn from a master of scaring, because scaring is something all the little ones in their churchyard home ought to know about. In the hunt for the meanest of creatures in the whole of the Kingdom of Dauing, Bendylegs and Bluff become entangled in a drama much scarier and greater than they had imagined, and become acquainted with well-known and not-so-wellknown creatures and monsters.

’No question about it, this book will excite the attention of its young as well as slightly older readers. The storyline is straightforward and chronologically constructed, with a hint of fantasy thrown in for good measure. Ewo and Kjelsen have created a very sellable but also well thought-out book for children, a challenge to children's literature as we know it.’


Jon Ewo Illustrated by:

Reidar Kjelsen Format:

160x233 mm / 64 pages

The Battle Begins Kampen begynner

In the second book in The Deathly Saga, Bendylegs and Bluff travel to the city in which the giant Fathom abides. The city has been desolated by violent battles, and Fathom and the other giants are captured by the manbears, who force them to forge weapons for the Prince of Evil’s army. In order to free their friend, the two deathly siblings take up the fight, but they cannot succeed alone. They decide to ask the terrifying water people and mountain gnomes for help. Author:

Jon Ewo

Jon Ewo (1957–) has worked as a consultant, editor, writer, author and publisher. His first book for young adults was published in 1992. He has also written children’s books and crime fiction. All of his books are filled with a generous dose of humor.

Illustrated by:

Reidar Kjelsen Format:

160x233 mm / 64 pages

Reidar Kjelsen (1970–) has a graduate degree from The State Handicraft and Industrial Art Academy in Oslo. He works as an illustrator and is the author of several children’s books.


Narrative non-fiction First readers

Lion readers Well over 1 million first reader books have been sold since the publication of the first Lion Reader in 1988. Now the Lions are out in a terrific new design!

THE LION READERS COME AT SEVERAL LEVELS OF DIFFICULTY: LION CUB, 4–7 YEARS In the autumn of 2010 we launched Lion Cubs for 4- to 7-year-olds. The books are printed in capital letters and have only one sentence per page. Perfect for the earliest readers! MY FIRST LION READER, 6–9 YEARS These books suit children who know all the capital letters and can read a little, but still find lower case letters unfamiliar. The text is formulated so that it should be as easy to read as possible and so offer the less practised readers the joy of a wonderful experience: to read a whole book on your own. LION READER, 7–11 YEARS The Lion Readers with their short lines and large letters are made for easy reading. The children will find a subject they care for, be it football, animals, loving somebody or monsters. LION PLUS, 9–12 YEARS Everyone who knows about the Lion readers will quickly find his or her way through the Lion Plus series. The books are created for slightly older children who may have had less reading practice than they need. The text in each book is still quite short and interspersed with illustrations, but the size of the letters is somewhat smaller.

F irst readers For ages 4–7 years

The Dog Hunden

Grandma has a new dog. But it looks a little bit odd, and behaves a little bit strangely too.

'It's NOT a dog!' says Milla. 'Nonsense!' says Grandma. 'Of course Ludo is a dog.' But Milla isn't quite convinced.

Author and illustrator:

Anette V. Heiberg Format:

168x190 mm / 48 pages

Anette Heiberg (1981–) creates colourful and merry illustrations that bring a smile to children and adults alike. She illustrates children's books for clients worldwide.

The Teddy Bear Bamsen

It's Stian's turn to look after the teddy bear for a week, and he isn't looking forward to it. 'Cuddly toys are for girls', Stian complains, but what he's really worried about is that the teddy bear will reveal to everyone in his class just how boring things are at home. Luckily, Stian takes control, or is it the teddy bear? Either way there is large-scale waffle baking, mattress-sliding down the staircase, bubble baths with Zalo and lots more fun. You can only imagine the sight that greets Mummy and Daddy when they wake up the following morning!


Janne Aasebø Johnsen Illustrated by:

Monia Nilsen Format:

168x190 mm / 24 pages

Janne Aasebø Johnsen (1967–) is a trained teacher. She has written six children's books.

Monia Nilsen (1973–) is an illustrator and graphic designer, with a degree from Coventry University. At present she is working at Hydrogenfabrikken, where she draws, makes collages and builds paper sculptures all day long. Monia is a member of Grafill and has illustrated and designed several books for children.


F irst readers For ages 4–7 years

During the Night Om natten

Digging for beetles and worms in the forest … Exploring dark alleyways … Ringing the door and running away … … these are just a few of the many things that your hands do as you sleep! A playful First Reader!

Author and illustrator:

Max Estes Format:

160x180 mm / 32 pages

Max Estes (1977–) is an American illustrator and cartoonist living in Oslo.

His work has been published and exhibited in Europe, Asia, USA, Canada and Scandinavia. His first picture book Søppel (2010) was sold to France.

Friends Venner

Kåre, Kari and Kurr play together every day. More than anything else, they love playing music. One day Kåre and Kari begin arguing. It’s up to Kurr to find a way for them to become friends again, and help comes from the most unexpected sources. This is the first children’s book from illustrator and series creator Henry Bronken.

Author and illustrator:

Henry Bronken Format:

160x180 mm / 36 pages

Henry Bronken (1975–) had his first comic strip printed in 2001. Since then

he has contributed to anthologies but also to his own solo publications such as Scallywag, 3xO, Oscar Oliver Olesen and Artsyfartsy. He is currently busy mainly with his comic strip Sadsucker and Happyjerk.


F irst readers For ages 6–9 years

Safari Daddy Everyone with an overeager daddy will know this story – after all, nobody manages to upset the apple cart with quite the same success as a well-meaning father. Ylva and Leo's daddy gives himself a safari trip as a birthday present. Before long the whole family is sitting in an open-top car on the savannah, among the Serengeti's wildest animals. It could have been the perfect holiday for a Daddy who is more interested than the average person when it comes to animals – if only he could follow the guide's simple rules!


Mariangela Di Fiore

It's not long before Daddy has provoked a gorilla and a hippo­ potamus, terrified a herd of zebra, had his spectacles smashed by an elephant, lost his hat to a giraffe and incurred the wrath of their guide. It's hardly surprising that the family choose to spend the remainder of their holiday in the safari lodge, safely tucked away in front of a big screen showing nature films made in Africa.

Title English:

Safari Daddy Title Norwegian:


Illustrated by:

Ketil Selnes Format:

160x233 mm / 50 pages

Mariangela Di Fiore (1981–) has a Neapolitan father and a Norwegian

mother, and has lived in Naples for many years. Her previous publications include a number of books for young people and a documentary for adults on the Camorra.

Ketil Selnes (1974–) is an illustrator and graphic designer.


F irst readers For ages 5–8 years

First Jokes Young readers need short texts with immediate rewards. With this in mind, and set to coincide with First Readers’ 25th anniversary, is a book of over 60 jokes. In Vitseløver, the first pages of jokes are printed in capital letters, with short and simplified text for easy reading. Following this are some slightly longer jokes in small letters, and little by little, the level of difficulty increases …

Two tomatoes cross a road. After they had both reached the other side, one tomato said to the other, ‘Hey, now you’ve ruined the whole joke!’ Title English:

A funny and playful book for those learning to read!

First Jokes

Title Norwegian:


Illustrated by:

Bendik Kaltenborn Format:

160x233 mm / 64 pages

Bendik Kaltenborn (1980–) is an award winning designer and illustrator with an education from Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm, and has a BA in Visual Communication at The National Academy of the Arts in Oslo.


F irst readers For ages 6–9 years

The Monster Hill Elvira and Fredrik have played together lots throughout third grade. But does that mean that they have to be boyfriend and girlfriend? Fredrik isn't sure. He hasn't dared to ask. But when Mats begins showing off his juggling skills to Elvira and making her laugh, it isn't so fun being Fredrik anymore. He has to win her over! But how? A book about friendship – and a little bit about being yourself! Author:

Charlotte Glaser Munch Title English:

The Monster Hill Title Norwegian:

Monsterbakken Illustrated by:

Åshild Irgens Format:

148x210 mm / 48 pages

Charlotte Glaser Munch (1972–) studied at the Writers' Academy in Bø and has an MA in Comparative Literature, Film and Media Studies, and the History of Theatre. Åshild Irgens (1976–) graduated from Oslo National Academy of the Arts and is an award-winning illustrator of several children’s books. Her works have been bought by the National Library.


F irst readers For ages 7–10 years

Broken Board The initial First Reader about skateboarder David – otherwise known as David skater – was incredibly popular. This is the followup to that first book, compiled with the same winning recipe: a story with real driving force and clear, colourful illustrations. David is set to become a great skateboader. But he’s also getting a little arrogant and egoistic! Things do not get any better when some film clips of David performing tricks become a big hit on the internet. His friend Christian is both hurt and envious. He breaks David’s skateboard and makes it look like an accident.


Arild Rossebø

The date of an important competition grows ever closer, but David doesn’t have a board! And Christian could lose his best friend, because somebody saw what he did…

Title English:

Broken Board Title Norwegian:

Knekt brett

Illustrated by:

Christian Hovden Bloom Format:

148x210 mm / 80 pages

Arild Rossebø (1974–) has skated almost his whole life. He has also been working as a teacher at a Waldorf School. Rossebø studied at the Creative Writing Academy in Hordaland and at the Writers’ College in Bø.


F irst readers For ages 7–10 years

Full Speed Ahead! Roger tricks Erik into sliding out onto the road with his new sled – even though Erik has promised Daddy that he won’t do that. He flies straight into Gwen Lemon, whose leg is broken in the accident. It’s not easy being Erik. ‘Oh Erik, Erik, Erik! You’ve really messed up this time,‘ says Daddy. ‘I know,’ says Erik, his eyes beginning to sting. ‘But do you know what is the most important thing to do when you mess up?’ Daddy asks him. ‘Um, tidying up afterwards?’ suggests Erik. ‘Exactly!’ says Daddy. ‘Exactly right.’


Ingelin Røssland

Full fres is the second book about Erik, a cautious yet slightly spirited boy, rather like most.

Title English:

Full Speed Ahead! Title Norwegian:

Full fres!

Illustrated by:

Lene Ask Format:

148x210 mm / 80 pages

Ingelin Røssland (1976–) is an award-winning and critically acclaimed author who made her debut in 1998. She studied theatre and journalism, and is now based in Stockholm, where she continues to write. Lene Ask (1974–) is a cartoonist, illustrator, photographer and author. She received the Sproing Award in 2006 for her cartoon series Hitler, Jesus og Farfar.


F irst readers For ages 7–10 years

The Firecracker ‘What shall we do?’ Fredrik asks quietly. ‘Well, we’re going to set off the firecrackers. Are you a sissy?’ hisses Ask. Fredrik shakes his head. He doesn’t want to be a sissy. But he doesn’t want to set off the firecrackers outside the abandoned house either. It’s almost dark and Ask wants Fredrik to come out with him. More than anything, Fredrik wants to stay inside and draw, but maybe it will be fun after all? And it’s hard to say no when Ask is at the door. Ask convinces him to tag along to the ramshackle house – where he pulls out two firecrackers from his pocket! Now Fredrik really wants to go home!


Charlotte Glaser Munch

A lovely and slightly scary First Reader about friendship and heroes – and about not being a sissy!

Title English:

The Firecracker Title Norwegian:


Illustrated by:

Åshild Irgens Format:

148x210 mm / 60 pages

Charlotte Glaser Munch (1972–) studied at the Writers’ Academy in Bø and has an MA in Comparative Literature, Film and Media Studies, and the History of Theatre.

Åshild Irgens (1976–) graduated from Oslo National Academy of the Arts

and is an award-winning illustrator of several children’s books. Her works have been bought by the National Library.


F irst readers For ages 7–10 years

The School Haunting One of the school corridors is closed. The teachers tell the pupils the walls are at risk of collapsing. But a few pupils believe the corridor is haunted, and that those who venture into the dark corridor at night end up as zombies. Aman refuses to believe the rumours, and when her class prepares to have a sleepover at the school before Halloween, she convinces Gina to come with her and check out the area. She never should have done so!


Eldrid Johansen Title English:

The School Haunting

Skolespøkelset is the fifth title in the First Spooky Reader series, written by Eldrid Johansen.

Title Norwegian:

Skolespøkelset Illustrated by:

Christoffer Grav Format:

148x210 mm / 64 pages

Eldrid Johansen (1973–) is a trained singer and actor from the Bårdar Academy of Musical Theater, and she also has a degree from the University of Oslo. She made her literary début in 2005 with Sara vil bli stjerne. Christoffer Grav (1983–) is an illustrator and graphic designer who studied graphic design for three years at Westerdals School of Communication.


F irst readers For ages 9–17 years

Straight for the Throat! It’s summertime, and Tuva is with Simen and his parents at their summerhouse on a small island in the south of the country. During the night they are woken by horrible noises that sound almost like screams. On their way to the beach the following day, they hear snarling and rustling sounds from the bushes.

Title English:

The old lady next door thinks the island is haunted. Tuva and Simen aren’t sure about that, but something strange is going on, and when two curious snoops catch the scent of an unsolved mystery, no stone is left unturned!

Title Norwegian:

Rett i strupen! is a tale full of trembles for 9–12 year olds.


Tore Aurstad and Carina Westberg Straight for the Throat! Rett i strupen!

This is the fifth book in the series about Tuva and Simen.

Illustrated by:

Astrid Hansen Format:

148x210 mm / 92 pages

Tore Aurstad (1972–) is a translator and writer. He has written several thrillers for children and young adults. Carina Westberg (1972–) made her literary début in 2004 with Trettenkloa, the first book in the series about Absalom and Miranda, all of which were coauthored with Tore Aurstad. Westberg also works as a translator.

Astrid Hansen (1984–) is a cartoonist whose work appears in, among other places, the Nemi magazines. She also illustrates other people’s work in the same magazines, and has illustrated many books.



Young Adults and crossover

Yo u n g A d u lt s And Crossover

For ages 9–12 years

Doomsday Can Wait Astrid will soon have a little brother, but that's not exactly top of any 13-year-old's wishlist. Luckily there's a better option: new best friend and neighbour, Matt. But things aren't exactly simple when it comes to Matt, either – his parents are preparing themselves for doomsday! And it soon becomes clear that the forest around Matt's house conceals things even worse than doomsday preparations. The first book about Astrid, Engelen i Djevelgapet, is sold to Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Iceland and Sweden.


Levi Henriksen Title English:

The Angel and the devil’s jaw

Title Norwegian:

‘Top class action for children … At the bottom of this exciting and dramatic book lies the trauma that the divorce creates for Astrid … Most impressively, in addition to an imaginative, strong and action driven plot, is the description of the resourceful, sensitive and stubborn girl who invests everything in making her parents come together again.’

Doomsday Can Wait Dommedag kan vente Format:

130x205 mm / 197 pages


‘…the plot in this children’s book, well suited to be read aloud, is fascinating because Levi Henriksen has chosen a sad subject – a child with divorced parents – and he lets Astrid tell us about it with power, hope and humor.’ Politiken, Denmark

‘A powerful portrait of a girl is a feature in this engaging drama. ... That Henriksen is a skilled storyteller is clearly seen in the energy and forward impetus of the narrative. ... The film rights to this book have already been sold. It is easy to grasp why – it is easy to become involved in this story.’ Aftenposten

Levi Henriksen (1964–) is an author, songwriter, copywriter, journalist and

musician. He is well known for his modern-day depictions of rural life, combining masculinity and sensitivity. Levi Henriksen has received the Norwegian Booksellers' Prize and has connected with a large readership through his critically acclaimed books.


‘I think Levi Henriksen has written an entertaining and excellent novel for children. … many young readers will love this book.’ Altaposten about Engelen i Djevelgapet

‘This year’s best crime fiction book for young people! … With Engelen i Djevelgapet Levi Henriksen demonstrates his ability to write novels and describe places so believably that you feel you have been there before. Henriksen masters the task of turning his terrific adult writing skills into a language that is accessible to children. He takes his young readers seriously but with a rollicking sense of humour and enjoyable craftsmanship. ... So, if there really is an angel on Devil’s Jaw Island, its positive power has energised Levi Henriksen to add stories for children and young people to his growing career plan. For this is actually too good a work of literature for the young not to be followed up! You must write another book about Astrid, Levi! You simply must! This is the demand from the bedside after lovely evenings of reading aloud to the children!’ Sandefjords Blad about Engelen i Djevelgapet

‘Levi Henriksen is a well-known author, song and lyrics writer and musician. This autumn saw the bravura launch of his first book for children ... a wide range of younger readers as well as young adults will enjoy the company of Astrid, a never-ending source of ideas and precocious knowledge. Astrid and the other leading characters are described with a combination of warmth and humour which will go straight to the hearts of both older and younger readers. Funny, exciting and full of surprises summarises … a reading experience of the truly rewarding kind – a book I will read with pleasure to my grandchildren.’ Haugesunds Avis about Engelen i Djevelgapet

‘…Engelen i Djevelgapet is exciting to read for old and young alike … I do not know how Henriksen has worked in his research phase, but he reveals an admirable insight into the child’s temper and mind.’ Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen about Engelen i Djevelgapet

‘A fresh addition to the literary children of divorced parents … [Astrid] is a competent child à la Lindgren, but at the same time a modern manipulator who lies and borrows without asking if necessary. She really is a delightful acquaintance. … A controversy with armed criminals makes for a mix of genres which satisfies everyone with a hunger for suspense.’ Bergens Tidende about Engelen i Djevelgapet

Yo u n g A d u lt s And Crossover

For ages 10–12 years

Maradona’s Magic Mikke, Hansa and Shearer have been best friends, neighbours and teammates their entire lives, just like their fathers before them. They play at Clausenengen, a premier division team for young boys in the Nordmøre and Romsdal area, with excellent potential for improvement. Mikke thinks everything would be much easier if Norlandet's forward player, Sondre Goma, weren't quite so enormous. And so fierce. And if he weren't head over heels in love with Kari Hola – the most beautiful of all the Karis in the world.


Arild Stavrum

During a cruise of the Mediterranean, Mikke gets to know Kari a little better. And in a dark alleyway in Naples they happen upon what could be Clausenengen's only hope for winning the league: A magical treasure that once belonged to The World's Greatest Football Player.

Title English:

Maradona’s Magic Title Norwegian:

Maradonas magi Format:

130x205 mm / 144 pages

Game On!

‘… an easy-to-read, dynamic book that creates suspense as the story unfolds… A book for children and young adults on the topic of football ought to be a welcome treat – if I'd found a book entitled Maradonas magi when I was at school, I'd certainly have launched myself at it with full force.’ ROMSDALS BUDSTIKKE

Arild Stavrum (1972–) has played football for teams such as Aberdeen and Besiktas. He debuted as an author, publishing the football novel 31 år på gress. Maradonas Magi is Stavrum's fourth title, and the first book intended for children and young people.


Yo u n g A d u lt s And Crossover

For ages 10–13 years

If you Lie Thomas Marco Blatt, winner of the Tarjei Vesaas Debutant Prize, ventures into the field of children's and young adult fiction with a beautiful and crystal clear examination of the all-consuming experience of first love – but with a twist. Protagonist Klara isn't in love with Matias, like everybody thinks, but her neighbour Sofie, two years her senior. Without verging on the speculative, Blatt lays the foundations for an enterprising narrative about first love with additional challenges. This is a universal story about the dawn of love's existence for any individual, and the fact that every gain made in adulthood is met with a loss of childhood.


Thomas Marco Blatt Title English:

If you Lie

Title Norwegian:

Hvis du lyver

‘Writing for children is not a problem for Blatt. His telling of Klara’s story is as neat as it is nimble. … A recent visit to the local book shop revealed that mystery and fantasy books are dominating the shelves. I won’t say a word against this genre, but children need variation. Not everyone likes ghosts and magic. Hvis du lyver is a welcome addition. This is an open and easily read story about love which is neither raucous nor speculative.’


130x205 mm / 144 pages


Thomas Marco Blatt (1980–) was born in Busan, South Korea. He has

published three collections of poetry and is a recipient of the Tarjei Vesaas Debutant Prize. Hvis du lyver is his first novel aimed at children and young adults.


Yo u n g A d u lt s And Crossover

For ages 10–14 years

The Troll Skull Christiania, 1887 The eccentric collector has come into possession of a mystical skull, and sends an expedition force to the deepest forests of Østerdal to investigate whether the skull could be that of a troll. 14-year-old orphan and errand boy Edvard Frost suddenly finds himself on a train in his role as Professor Wolf's assistant and the guardian of the skull. Edvard is sure of himself on the streets of Christiania, but among the pine trees, mountains and tough village girls he feels isolated. Out here is a life that he never thought he'd experience – and creatures he never believed existed.


Alexander Løken Title English:

The Troll Skull Title Norwegian:


Norway's history teems with trolls and wood nymphs, but where have they gone? Why don't we see them any longer? Where can they be hiding?


130x205 mm / 208 pages

‘Løken is good at building suspense, the sinister feeling soon comes creeping, in city streets under heavy rain as well as in the dark woods. The efficient language contributes to this: short sentences and successful use of perspective, which makes you jump when surprised … I am happy to find that the ending prepares for a continuation.’ Dagbladet

Alexander Løken (1982–) originally comes from Asker but now lives in Oslo.

Trollskallen is his debut title, though he has previous experience in the business as both an illustrator and cartoonist.


Yo u n g A d u lt s And Crossover

For ages 10–14 years

CAPTURED IN LONDON It's the Easter holiday, and Clara is back staying with her grandparents in England, this time joined by her friend Emilie. When Grandma breaks her leg, the girls are kindly permitted to travel into London alone. There's shopping to be done on Oxford Street, after all. But then they see a man beaten up, and when they attempt to help him he thrusts a quadrangular contraption upon them. 'Don't go to the police,' he whispers. Clara has promised everyone that she won't play detective anymore. The girls make their way to the railway station with haste, but it's not their fault that somebody is on their tail...


Ingeborg Dybvig Title English:


13-year-old Clara has a tendency to get caught up in mysteries and criminal activities. Enthusiastic readers have followed her adventures throughout four books thus far, and it makes sense that they will also want to join Clara and Emilie in London – on a shopping trip, of course…

Title Norwegian:

Forfulgt i London Format:

130x205 mm / 256 pages

Ingeborg Dybvig (1961–) is a journalist and has worked for many years in daily and weekly papers. She ran her own production company for four years. She is now Head of Communication for a pharmaceutical company.


Yo u n g A d u lt s And Crossover

For ages 11–14 years

A Job for Tough Boys ‘You can do it,' Allan said again. ‘You wouldn't have managed it on the day that you arrived here, but you're braver now.' Just a week ago he had never used a chainsaw, never been properly in love, never visited an off-license, never driven a moped and never sold alcohol. Now Eirik does it all, and not only does he like it – it's as if he's made to be on the go and doing all kinds of exciting things with his life.


Per Knutsen

In the attic of the vicarage, Eirik and Allan find a hidden treasure. They very quickly discover that others are also after the treasure, but what chances do two 13-year-olds have against angry grown men? And how on earth are they going to sell their illegal goods and make enough money to buy what they really want?

Title English:

A Job for Tough Boys Title Norwegian:

Jobb for tøffe gutter Format:

130x205 mm / 272 pages

An exciting and action-packed book from critically acclaimed author Per Knutsen.

‘Knutsen offers up a juicy combination of mean, grown-up, small-time scoundrels and innovative self-expression for boys … it occurs to me that this might just be how Astrid Lindgren would have written her Bill Bergson novels if she were writing today. Young people will love this thrilling tale … this is a lovely book, filled with anticipation. Easy to become hooked by and equally easy to recommend.’ AFTENPOSTEN

Per Knutsen (1951–) has published 28 books. They range from books for children and young adults to plays, thrillers and novels.


Yo u n g A d u lt s And Crossover

The Legacy of Maél: The Demi Gods 3 ‘We stand poised for a new day – a day that has the potential to change the entire future of Tiladnen.' Finally there is a light at the end of the tunnel for The Guild, and also for the demi-gods Dina, Balder and Thea. The Alliance, severely weakened by the drama on Ysar, has gone into hiding. Baron Frytilgor has disappeared, and is quite possibly even dead. But something smoulders in Tiladnen. There are horrible rumours. The Guild receives reports of mysterious, unnatural deaths – it's clear that something is on the verge of happening. And somewhere, deep beneath the earth's surface, forces are gathering that will become at least as divine as the demi-gods themselves …


Mari Moen Holsve Title English:

The Legacy of Maél: The Demi Gods 3 Title Norwegian:

Arven etter Maél

Arven etter Maél is the exciting conclusion of the award-winning Demi Gods Trilogy. The first book in the trilogy, Halvgudene, was sold to Iceland and won the ARK Prize.


130x205 mm / 368 pages Rights sold to:

‘She writes about fictitious creatures in a visual way and cinematically about natural phenomena.’

Brazil (Escrita Fina Edições)

Dag og Tid

‘Her writing is clear, and her magical universe is not sprinkled with unnecessary contrivances. Even though the tale is timeless, many modern references have been inserted, allowing young readers to identify with it more closely.’

Mari Moen Holsve (1986–) started out in 2006 with the fantasy novel SkjelkaAgenten. Havgudene received the Ark Prize in 2011.


Yo u n g A d u lt s And Crossover

For ages 14–16 years

Elias and Emilie Åsgårdstrand, 1904. The same things that happen every year happen yet again that summer: the sun shines on, the moon beams down, the steamboat comes and goes, Edvard Munch lives in his yellow house, the fish bite and the band of travellers set up camp in the woods. But it's a first time for Emilie. She's on holiday at Åsgårdstrand with her family. Elias is the son of a shoemaker in town. Both Elias and Emilie are 16 years old. Author:

Stein Erik Lunde

Elias and Emilie is a novel about love and yearning.

Title English:

Elias and Emilie Title Norwegian:

Elias og Emilie

‘This is pure, beautiful and wise prose about the conditions limiting a life. Time, place, class, family. And a young boy's hesitant but brave attempt to go beyond these limits.’


126x178 mm / 208 pages


Stein Erik Lunde (1953–) published his first book in 1982. He has been awarded many prizes for his writing.


Yo u n g A d u lt s And Crossover

For ages 12–16 years

1920 1920 is a novel about what could have happened. In the year 1920, Oslo was called Kristiania. 15 years prior to that date, in the year 1905, the union with Sweden wasn't dissolved after all. The Swedes discovered that the North Sea was brimming with oil. Norway could have been free. A Norwegian uprising was crushed in the autumn of 1905, and by the year 1920, Norway was ruled by a Swedish head of state and the brutal SP – Special Police. A curfew ensures that people without special permission must remain indoors after 8pm. SP officers patrol the streets, beating up and arresting those who break curfew. 16-year-old Håkon Lie boxes in the evenings. His sister, Maria, is a political prisoner being held in Akershus, and has fallen ill. They require money in order to buy her medication. If he wins the match, he'll be paid. He loses and is forced to earn money through very different means.


Jon Ewo Title English:


Title Norwegian:



130x205 mm / 176 pages

Håkon takes part in a robbery that goes wrong. He is sentenced to hard labour and is transported out to the North Sea in an airship along with many other prisoners sent to work on the treacherous rigs. Out on the platforms, entertainment is still required and Håkon soon takes up boxing again. He is due to represent his platform in competition with a boxer from another. The fight will continue until one boxer is killed in the battle.

1920 portrays a very different Oslo, and shows how young adult life could have been if the path of history had taken a very different turn. ‘Counterfactual steampunk from occupied Norway … Ewo provides a thorough, highly readable depiction of this new 20 th century.’ AFTENPOSTEN

Jon Ewo (1957–) has worked as a consultant, editor, writer, author and publisher. His first book for young adults was published in 1992. He has also written children's books and crime fiction. All of his books are filled with a generous dose of humor.


Yo u n g A d u lt s And Crossover

For ages 13–18 years

Just One more Hour She's 16-years-old. Her mother has just died, and her father is in the Mediterranean. At least, that's what she tells the school counsellor, though it's not exactly how things are in reality. Her mother hanged herself in the basement and her father sits in the rocking chair at home, drinking beer with the curtains tight shut. That's how things really are, and this is why her little sister aged 8 and three quarters has moved in with Auntie Else next door. It's also the reason why Else thinks she needs to see a psychologist. So she does. These are dark times, and they grow ever darker. The only things to comfort her are the pocket torch that lights up narrow walkways before her, and Jonas. Jonas in her class at school, who probably wouldn't even notice her if she burst into flames.


Sanne Mathiassen Title English:

Just one more hour Title Norwegian:

Bare en time til

And in the middle of all this, she wonders what it would be like to cover her face in clingfilm or jump in front of a car or wade out into the great, deep, dark expanse of the river.


130x205 mm / 96 pages

About Sanne Mathiassen’s previous novel, Dagene før mai, the press wrote: ‘Dagene før mai is so good that you feel yourself beginning to happily anticipate the author’s next written endeavour.’ BARNEBOKKRITIKK.NO

‘This is a strong debut novel. … I heartily recommend this book. It will be exciting to follow Sanne Mathiassen’s writing.’ NORDLYS

‘Excellent literary craft from a debut novelist.’ FÆDRELANDSVENNEN

‘… Mathiassen has done something that few authors succeed in doing: she has written a book suitable for both young people and adults. Recommended!’ AFTENPOSTEN SI ;D

Sanne Mathiassen (1983–) made her debut in 2012 with the young adult

novel Dagene før mai. She has recently completed the Writer's Program at the Norwegian Institute of Children's Literature.


Yo u n g A d u lt s And Crossover

For ages 12–18 years

The World Liberators A new, freestanding book about Emilie, with whom we are already acquainted from Stranger's last young person's novel, Barsakh. In this new text, Emilie becomes involved in a youth protest group known as The World Liberators. The protest group is made up of young people of Emilie's age and a little older, and gives an outlet for their opinions on issues such as child labour, cruelty to animals, etc. Things begins with innocent protests, but soon develop into something increasingly more advanced – not to mention risky.


Simon Stranger Title English:

The World Liberators

Verdensredderne is a thrilling political novel for young people.

Title Norwegian:


‘ Verdensredderne is a book that engages me, the kind of bold book that I would like to see more of in the field of Norwegian children and young people's literature.’


130x205 mm / 200 pages


Rights sold to:

Denmark (Rosinante&Co) Japan (Chobunsha) Netherlands (Unieboek) Republic Of Korea (Galmaenmu)

‘In a day and age where luxury surrounds us, Simon Stranger's book strikes like an irritating disharmony that is impossible to block out. This disharmony asks who makes your clothes and iPhone, or picks the cocoa beans to make your chocolate: in essence, who it is that allows your life to function. The answer may be uncomfortable to acknowledge, but hopefully also motivating and engaging.’ Vårt Land

‘On the whole, Verdensredderne makes for exciting and thought provoking reading.’

Simon Stranger (1976–) made his literary début as a children's author with

the picture book Krusedullen in 2005. In 2006, Gjengangeren was awarded Riksmålsprisen. Stranger has also written two critically acclaimed novels for adults.


Yo u n g A d u lt s And Crossover

For ages 12–16 years

You Are So Beautiful It's summertime, and everything is different now. Uncle Simon moves in with Henrik and his mother. Simon and Henrik have always been close, but now Simon is ill – really ill. It's not difficult to work out what will happen, even if his mother avoids coming right out and saying it. Henrik tells Simon that he's kissed Kjersti, a girl in his class at school, even though he hasn't. He didn't dare, even when he had the chance. Kjersti is due home soon from her holiday in Italy, and Henrik wonders if she has missed him at all.


Brynjulf Jung Tjønn

Så vakker du er is the story of a boy on the brink of becoming a young man, all whilst another young man is fading away. This is a story that touches upon grabbing the chances life gives you – and the fact that one day, quite suddenly, there may be no more chances to grab.

Title English:

You Are So Beautiful Title Norwegian:

Så vakker du er Format:

130x205 mm / 128 pages

Brynjulf Jung Tjønn's writing is both concise and intimate in form, brimming with language that swells with emotion.

Rights sold to:

Denmark (Rosinante&Co)

‘The title Så vakker du er can be seen as a description of the novel itself. … Emphatic sentence structures lend the storytelling intensity and power. … Så vakker du er is a very readable book for adults as well as for young people. ... The advice to 'Seize the day' can be read between the lines. Go for the options open to you in the here and now, one day it might be too late!’ VG

‘Living is fantastic and painful at the same time, and described here in a poetic prose that moves the reader. This is a fine novel.’ Dag og Tid

Brynjulf Jung Tjønn (1980–) made his literay début with the novel Eg kom for

å elske in 2002. I morgen skal vi sitte i solen (2009) was his début as a children's book author, and was sold the Faroe Islands. Så vakker du er won the Brage Award.


Winner of the Brage Award 2013

‘If it were possible to speak with books, I might well have said to this short novel Så vakker du er. How beautiful and how painful you are. … The author does not spare his readers and sets to work with thoroughness and attention to concrete details. He takes both his difficult theme and his readers seriously, and his short sentences hammer into us the cruelty of real life. … Like all outstanding novels for young people, this one too makes good reading for adults.’

‘… this novel has unmistakable qualities, not least because the young reader is offered good opportunities to keep in touch with his own emotions. Jung Tjønn's narrator is Henrik, a boy who lives with his mother and, later, also with her brother, Simon, who is mortally ill. The friendship between uncle and nephew is described in sensitive nynorsk, set out in a sentence per line. The layout enhances the poetic feel of the writing … At its best Så vakker du er hits you where it hurts. … Jung Tjønn's slow sentences contain a quiet acceptance of the necessity of death. Given that, one had better work out how to relate to death. This means that Så vakker du er might come to function as a kind of self-help book. At times, it expresses in new, fruitful ways how to confront Death 'face to face'.’ Barnebokkritikk

‘The dramatic tension is generated as Henrik accompanies Simon into death, staying close on the journey with no return, an overpowering and claustrophobic experience. Tjønn writes with magnificent effect, but at the same time with nuance and tenderness. … It is the weightiest book I have read for a long time and, when all is said, my favourite for the Brage Award for the best book for children and young people in 2013.’ Aftenposten

‘Tjønn has written a moving and hopeful story about a young man who manages to find within himself the strength to cope with life.’

Yo u n g A d u lt s And Crossover

For ages 13–18 years

Eyes On The Road, Hands On The Wheel ‘What's that?' I asked. He didn't answer. The car didn't come to a stop. We were the only ones on the road. ‘Can you see anything?' I asked. Slowly he shook his head as he studied what was behind us. ‘We have to go out and look,‘ I said. ‘No point,‘ he replied. I took a hold of him. ‘We have to go back and see what we hit!' I said. It's summertime: summer jobs are looming, friends have travelled abroad and the sun is going down. Then it kicks off – and the road home will never be the same again.


Hans Petter Laberg Title English:

Eyes On The Road, Hands On The Wheel

Isn't it the case that there can be two victims, two parties that suffer when something like this happens? And is it always just the victim who deserves sympathy?

Title Norwegian:

Øynene på veien, hendene på rattet

Hans Petter Laberg writes with a raw, intimate and credible style on what occurs after an accident happens – to someone else.


130x205 mm / 144 pages

Hans Petter Laberg (1966–) is a librarian working with literature for children

and youth. This is his tenth novel for youth since his 1996 début Biter av en historie, an award-winner in Cappelen's competition for Best Romance Novel.


Yo u n g A d u lt s And Crossover

For ages 13–18 years

World of Spycraft: The Mientologists Eric's father sells all manner of imaginable (and less imaginable) items used in the spy trade – everything that anyone with a desire to become a spy could possibly dream of owning. All this comes in handy when Eric's friend Live discovers a quasireligious sect. Mientologists, as they call themselves, offer young people the chance to become ’pure’. The process is intended to bring unsure young people seeking answers a kind of spiritual freedom. However, it soon becomes clear that the leaders of the Mientologist Church have motives other than the wellbeing of the young people...


Tom Kristensen Title English:

World of Spycraft: The Mientologists Title Norwegian:

World of spycraft: Mientologene Format:

130x205 mm / 192 pages

Tom Kristensen (1955–) is both a Master of Business Administration and an engineer. His debut crime novel, En kule, was published in 2001, and since then he has written several crime novels based in the world of finance. Several of his books have been translated, and in 2007 he received the Riverton Prize for his novel Dødsriket. Mientologene is Tom Kristensen's first novel for young adult readers.


Yo u n g A d u lt s And Crossover

For ages 13–19 years

UFO! UFO! UFO! UFO! is a road-trip tale; a take on Sophie's World concerned with the wonders of nature and physics. David Hansen is 13 years old. This autumn, two momentous events occur in his life. Firstly, he takes part in Double or Quits, a Norwegian quiz show in which he loses out on the 24,000 kroner question. Secondly, his friend Karine, the most popular girl in the whole class, disappears without a trace. Just as the Double or Quits is broadcasted, he suddenly realizes that Karine is making telepathic contact with him. She has been kidnapped by aliens and he must rescue her!


Tore Aurstad

David runs away from home and leaves to find Karine, who he believes is in Hessdalen. David is abnormally interested in physics. He ponders and speculates on all sorts of questions relating to the world of physics. He also meets people who pull him back into ‘reality’ – albeit never for very long. There's a nice woman who drives him from Skotterud to Kongsvinger when his bike has a flat tire, and a lorry driver, Morten, who catches him redhanded trying to stowaway, but who takes his calling seriously. Before long, a friendship develops between the two.

Title English:


Title Norwegian:

Ufo! Ufo! Format:

130x205 mm / 520 pages

David reaches Hessdalen. He sees his parents' car there. At the same time, he catches sight of a UFO and hears Karine's voice. He must decide whom to follow, and as readers we must decide if we believe the story, or if it is UFOs at play …

Tore Aurstad (1972–) studied art history at the Oslo University. In the mid-90s,

he took up literary translation which remains an interest of his. For a few years, Aurstad also worked as a publisher's editor. His debut as a writer for children and young people came in 2004, and he has since written books in various genres for young readers of all ages. Many of his books are co-written with his colleague Carina Westberg. Like his protagonist David Hansen is UFO! UFO! Aurstad is fascinated by popular presentations of science.


Yo u n g A d u lt s And Crossover

For ages 14–18 years

Blue Eyes Can’t Lie Why does Mother have green eyes that light up in the dark? He has wondered ever since he was 4 years old. Now he is 14, and he knows the answer: Mother is made of elastic tissue, and there are no other living beings on the Earth. Everyday is a repeat, which begins with Father reading the latest news on the Isdal Woman from the Bergen Times dated April 4th 1971. The Earth is governed by the Ålehovs, but what's the reason for letting him grow up in complete isolation? He asks to be granted one single wish, to meet another flesh and blood human being, but ‘The request cannot be considered.' Finally he is given a 3D-object from the old world: a rusty Mora sheath knife. The knife is a warning that he will one day be released from the breeding division. But when, and what is it that awaits him out there?


Hans Sande Title English:

Blue Eyes Can’t Lie Title Norwegian:

Blå øger kan isje lyge

Blå øger kan isje lyge is a painful, humourous and thoughtprovoking tale. It focuses on a lonely young boy in a world that was once destroyed and has now almost been fully repaired: everything must get worse before it can get better.


130x205 mm / 168 pages

‘Hans Sande's most recent novel is a smart, chilling tale for young readers that has a great deal to share about contemporary history… The language is consistent and clear. The use of dialect gives the main character extra meat on his bones, making him seem raw and real… it's seldom that something quite as brutal, tender, sharp, entertaining and painful is quite so masterfully balanced within a novel for Norwegian young adult readers.’ DAGSAVISEN

Hans Sande (1946–) is a writer and a psychiatrist. He has published several

books for both adults and children. Sande is best known for his picture books and has received many awards for his writing.


Yo u n g A d u lt s And Crossover For ages 14–18 years

Darlah 172 Hours on the Moon NASA holds a historic lottery for young people. The prize is a trip to the moon. The three winners Mia, Midori and Antoine all experience unexplainable events. And in a nursing home in Miami sits a man who was once in the American military. He can barely remember his own name. But he is certain that a new expedition to the moon could mean the end of everything…

Darlah – 172 timer på månen is the story of three young people searching for something else, something new. But it is also a thriller.


Johan Harstad

This is Johan Harstad’s first novel for young adults. It earned him the prestigious Brage award 2008. The novel was also nominated to the Uprize 2009.

Title English:

Darlah – 172 Hours on the Moon Title Norwegian:

Darlah – 172 timer på månen

‘Well-written moony suspense … impossible to sleep before knowing how it ends. The chills won't go away … a powerful reading experience.’


130x205 mm / 384 pages

Adresseavisen Rights sold to:

‘A real side-winder.’

Bangladesh (Kaloharaph) Brazil (Novo Conceito) Denmark (Klim) Faroe Islands (Bókadeildin) Finland (Karisto) France (Albin Michel) Germany (dtv Junior) Iceland (Bókabeitan) Mexico (Castillo) Netherlands (Podium) Republic Of Korea (Munhakdongne) Sweden (Bonnier Carlsen) Taiwan (Kate Publishing) Turkey (Ithaki) United Kingdom (Atom) United States (Little, Brown) Viet Nam (Kim Dong)


‘… will make the hair on your whole body rise … If this book had been a film, it would have gotten an R-rating – it’s that scary.’ Stavanger Aftenblad

‘... so exciting that it's almost unbearable. … likely to be read far beyond the borders of Norway.’ Aftenposten

‘… not for the faint of heart.’ Dagbladet

‘Perfectly loony.’ Dagsavisen

Johan Harstad (1979–) debuted with a short story collection, Herfra blir du

bare eldre, in 2001. He has written short stories and plays, and his first novel Buzz Aldrin, hvor ble det av deg i alt mylderet? has been translated into ten languages.


Winner of the Brage Award 2008

‘The three main characters are well-developed and believable; the international ensemble gives the book a welcome breath of diversity that sets it apart from other entries in this genre. 172 Hours is a thrilling and original addition to the crowded shelves of YA books.’ The Hollywood Reporter

‘Harstad combines the perfectly paced creepiness of classic Twilight Zone episodes with Battlestar Galactica's chilling portrayal of the vast, unknowable emptiness of space. Sympathetic characters and multiple points of view keep readers engaged, but the absolute necessity of finding out what happens will keep you turning the pages late into the night.’ Romantic Times

‘… a high-quality piece of meticulously researched and realistic scifi/horror. This near-future tale falls within the blurry walls of young adult fiction but there's nothing to deter older readers. There are no punches pulled when it comes to offing major characters all the way through, and the final twist is satisfyingly merciless.’ The Sun

‘Ultimately, this downbeat novel offers few answers, just the cold, unfathomable depths of space—and that alone is pretty darn effective.’ Booklist

‘Interesting and original.’ Kirkus Review

Yo u n g A d u lt s And Crossover

The House by the Sea The book is about an old house in a small town in the west coast area of Norway, where our hero Nicolai's father has bought a house at a really low price from a widow, Margrete Modal. And Nicolai thinks highly of his chances to finally get off with his favourite girl, Bea, when the two of them go for a short holiday trip to the deserted house. It turns out that the house is hiding many secrets and that far from all the many mysteries it shelters are solved. Author:

Nicolai and Bea are, more or less reluctantly, drawn into an investigation of what has happened there in the past. They are two curious, alert young people who throw themselves into the role of private detectives with real enthusiasm. Nicolai has decided that, during this holiday, he wants to have sex with Bea for the first time. Bea has decided the same thing about Nicolai. Naturally, they haven't told each other. Besides, all the odd, mysterious and awful things that happen mean that their attempts to have sex are interrupted every time.

Hans Olav Lahlum Title English:

The House by the Sea Title Norwegian:

Huset ved havet Format:

130x205 mm / 320 pages Rights sold to:

Sweden (Opal)

They take turns to tell the story and this is how we, the readers, become aware of how they keep mistaking and misinterpreting each other's intentions, a situation that lends charm and humour to this thrilling narrative.

Huset ved havet is Hans Olav Lahlum's first crime novel for young readers. ‘This is an uncontrollably hilarious and well-composed classic crime novel for young readers … the sense of discomfort within Huset ved havet grows steadily whilst the secrets it hides begin to weigh down upon it. Lahlum doesn't rush things, and the novel is free from action scenes, placing full focus on the young pair's not insignificant brainpower. This is, quite simply, a wonderful piece of work, a seamless mystery that slowly grips at the reader like an iron claw.’ DAGSAVISEN

Hans Olav Lahlum (1973–) is a historian. He made his literary debut with the

critically acclaimed biography Oscar Torp in 2007. He has since published five crime novels and five non-fiction books. His crime novels have become bestsellers in Norway and will shortly be available in English, Italian and Korean.


Illustrated non-fiction Graphic Novels (iii) And Cartoons

Graphic Novels And CArtoons For ages 9–12 years

Zombie Bjarne Not all neighbours are equally nice. Emma and Emil’s neighbour is the headmaster of their school. What’s more, he’s the kind of headmaster you need to look out for – strict and scary. This Christmas, Bjarne is taking a cruise to the Caribbean. But when he returns home, something has happened to him. Emma and Emil discover that their own headmaster has become a reallife zombie – a member of the living dead, with an enormous appetite for childrens’ brains! But Bjarne also has a powder which turns him into Emma and Emil’s docile servant! What can you accomplish when you have full control over the school headmaster? Free lessons and sweets galore!


Sigbjørn Mostue Title English:

Zombie Bjarne

But Bjarne’s hunger for child brains is voracious, and no pupil is safe with a zombie loose around school! Emma and Emil have their hands full keeping Bjarne under control, to say the very least.

Title Norwegian:

Zombie-Bjarne Illustrated by:

Ketil Bleidin

Get ready for an adventure that is just as riotous and hilarious as it is hideous and hair-raising!


160x233 mm / 208 pages Rights sold to:

Denmark (Turbine)

Sigbjørn Mostue (1969–) has a degree in the History of Ideas and works full time as a writer.

Ketil Bleidin studied animation at Volda University College, and before that he attended the Film and TV education at NISS College in Oslo. Ketil has worked on several animation short films and documentaries along with motion-graphics for Norwegian TV and commercials.


Graphic Novels And CArtoons For ages 12–16 years

The Day We Dreamed Of Lukas, Lalah and Adam wait in the reception. Every week someone travels, and every week someone new comes through the door. The three of them dream of being allowed in. For a long time now they have filled their files with the required documents, but it’s been long enough now.


Bjørn Arild Ersland and Lilian Brøgger

One day it’s their turn. By the gateway they receive a map so that they can find their way. They make their way through the forest and emerge in a deserted landscape. Finally, at their destination, they discover that the worst is yet to come.

Title English:

The Day We Dreamed Of Title Norwegian:

Dagen vi drømte om

In this illustrated future fable, Dagen vi drømte om, dramatic events have led to a collapse of all infrastructures – all except a high-handed and terrifying bureaucracy. It reveals to us a frightening world, foreign and yet containing undeniable parallels with our own society.


170x200 mm / 96 pages Rights sold to:

Denmark (Alvilda)

‘Brøgger’s illustrations are excellent, and the project as a whole is provocative and exploratory.’ DAG OG TID

Bjørn Arild Ersland (1965–) has written several books, including Sageren and

Det første barnet på månen, and the popular picture books about Emilie and her brother.

Lilian Brøgger (1950–) is a highly regarded Danish illustrator, who has

specialised in picture books. Between 1967 and 1972, she trained at the Art & Crafts College in Copenhagen. Brøgger has been awarded several prizes for her work. The picture book Glassklokken was her first book to be published in Norway.


Graphic Novels And CArtoons For ages 12–16 years

Wolf Heart A follow-up to the exciting story of Martin and his special monkey skills. Shipowner Ludwigsen attempts to shoot Martin with his elephant rifle, but blunders. With Lily’s help, Martin manages to escape and vows to himself that he will forget all about his special powers. The monkey faces have disappeared from Oslo buildings, and the newly elected chair of the city government, Britt Børretzen, takes the credit. Martin is happy that things are all over. He falls in love with a girl in his class, Oda, and they become friends. All the while, he avoids Lily. Then one day, a monkey face appears once again. Martin knows that he is not responsible for the new tag. He decides to find the culprit, but Oslo is no longer deserted at night. There is evidence to suggest there has been a wolf on the city streets. Evidence of a long-extinct breed of wolves.


Tor Erling Naas Title English:

Wolf Heart

Title Norwegian:


Illustrated by:

Sigbjørn Lilleeng

Apefjes 2: Ulvehjerte is a neat combination of both novel and comic book. It is a thrilling tale that takes the reader deep into Martin’s innermost thoughts, high atop skyscrapers and into the darkest leagues of criminals.’


160x233 mm / 232 pages Rights sold to:

Denmark (Turbine)

‘Ulvehjerte is the second volume in a trilogy of graphic novels for young people. The first volume is called Apefjes and, once you started reading, was almost impossible to put down. Ulvehjerte follows it up with a gripping mixture of written diary notes and drawn episodes. … they have created a very thrilling novel, a good read for adults even though, in the first instance, it is aimed at 12–16-year-olds.’ Aftenposten

Tor Erling Naas (1965–) is a comic book creator and illustrator who produces work under the pseudonym Tor Ærlig.

Sigbjørn Lilleeng (1983–) has won several accolades including the Raptus Comic Festival debut prize and the Sproing Award 2008.


Graphic Novels And CArtoons

For ages 16–20 years

Talking Shop – Comic Strips for Your Consideration Fagprat is a daily feature in newspaper Dagbladet and is a cartoon series for those with a taste for the finer things in life. Funny folks meet and discuss any topic imaginable. There are no fixed characters throughout the book, but a new context and character for each and every tale. In the second collection of Fagprat strips, everything is presented in a striking and thought-provoking New Age design, with categories and colours to resonate with every intellectual soul.

Author and Illustrator:

Flu Hartberg Title English:

Talking Shop – Comic Strips for Your Consideration

A caustic foreword by Thomas Seltzer is included in the price. The first Fagprat collection was awarded the 2011 SPROING Prize in the category of Best Collection.

Title Norwegian:

Fagprat – tegneserier til ettertanke Format:

198x272 mm / 168 pages

Flu Hartberg (1979–) has a background in art, having studied in both Norway and England. His comic series have been published in stand-alone form and in various magazines. He also works as an illustrator, and has produced work for several children's books.


Graphic Novels And CArtoons

For ages 16–99 years

Smut – An Animated Anthology of Sex Smuss is a collection of erotic comic strips from some of Norway's best-known comic strip artists. Style and form varies throughout, but the contributions all share a concern with the beautiful, embarrassing and peculiar aspects of eroticism. First love, a librarian's erotic fantasies, a robot's visit to a brothel and the escapades of a sailor.


Lene ask and Martin Ernstsen et al. Title English:

Smut – An Animated Anthology of Sex Title Norwegian:

Smuss – en tegneserie­ antologi om sex Illustrated by:

Inga Sætre and Sigbjørn Lilleeng Format:

250x195 mm

Lene Ask (1974–) is a cartoonist, illustrator, photographer and author. She

received the Sproing Award in 2006 for her cartoon series Hitler, Jesus og Farfar.

Martin Ernstsen (1982–) is working freelance as a comic artist and illustrator.

He has made several comic albums and books. His latest comic book, Eremitt, was translated into Swedish and Finnish, as well as Polish. It won the award for ’The most beatiful book of the year 2012’ in Norway.

Tor Erling Naas (1965–) is a comic book creator and illustrator who produces work under the pseudonym Tor Ærlig.

Inga Sætre (1978–) is an animator and attends Oslo National Academy of the Arts. She is best known for the comic series Møkkajentene. Sigbjørn Lilleeng (f. 1983) har vunnet bl. a. Raptus Tegneseriefestivals Debutantpris 2006 og Sproingprisen 2008.




Non-Fiction For ages 3–8 years

What Jobs Would Animals Have? If animals worked, what sort of jobs would they have? Who would be the King? Who would be the fireman? Or the fisherman? What about the model? Who would drive the bus? Who would work as the night watchman? Who would deliver the post? Or empty the bins? And who would just laze around in bed all day? Here are all the answers to these questions and many more.

Author And Illustrator:

Haakon Lie

Title English:

What Jobs Would Animals Have? Title Norwegian:

Hva ville dyrene hatt som jobb?

A colourful and comical picture book about animals, filled with lots to learn about their various characteristics.


240x270 mm / 56 pages

‘A colourful and amusing picture book in which you can also learn a lot about animal characteristics.’ FORELDRE OG BARN

Haakon Lie (1991–) has been busy as a bee completing his art and design courses at upper secondary school, followed by studies in illustration at the Norwegian School of Creative Studies. He has watched so much Animal Planet that it could only possibly be represented in elephant tonnes. This is his first book.


Non-Fiction For ages 4–99 years

Everyone Has a Backside Did you know that everyone has his or her own body? And that each one of those bodies has a backside? Well, you'll definitely know that after reading this book. In addition to the fronts and backs of bodies, you can read about hair, skin, digestion, hygiene and much more.

Alle har en bakside is a little book from a big name. This is a book packed with facts and surprises that provoke thought, speculation and raise awareness around the theme of the human body through skilful use of humour and intimacy.

Author And Illustrator:

Anna Fiske

Title English:

Everyone Has a Backside Title Norwegian:

Alle har en bakside Format:

170x240 mm / 88 pages

Anna Fiske (1964–) studied graphic design and illustration at Ölands

Målarskola, and Konstfackskolan in Stockholm. Since 1992, she has worked as an illustrator of comic books, children's picture books and children's magazines.


Non-Fiction For ages 5–10 years

17th May We shout hurray on the 17th May, for the parades and flags and the fact that we get to eat so many hot dogs and as much ice cream as we want! But did you know that what we're really celebrating is something as boring as 112 men meeting at Eidsvoll in the year 1814 to decide on the most important laws for Norway? Author:

Pia Strømstad

And yet, it's more important than almost anything else, because it's what makes Norway a free country in which everyone is equal and has the freedom to live the way that they choose. That's worth shouting about – hurray!

Title English:

17 May th

Title Norwegian:

17. mai

Illustrated by:

Ketil Selnes

In this witty book you can learn about helium balloons, ice cream, children's parades and constitutional laws in perfect union.


210x225 mm / 58 pages

A funny, easy-to-read book for all those who love 17th May!

Pia Strømstad (1962–) is a journalist and writer. She has previously published non-fiction books for children – one about ghosts and one about flying saucers and little green men. Ketil Selnes (1974–) is an illustrator and graphic designer.


Non-Fiction For ages 5–8 years

Incredible Dinosaurs In Utrolige dinosaurer, it is not the best-known dinosaurs that get all the attention. Instead it is the strange and unusual creatures that take centre stage, and even though in many cases we know that these creatures were peculiar, we are not always sure exactly why that was the case.


Jørn H. Hurum and Torstein Helleve Title English:

The book places emphasis on the fact that there is an awful lot we don't know about dinosaurs, and leaves many questions unanswered for the reader to ponder further.

Incredible Dinosaurs

Among other things, we learn that:

Esther van Hulsen

Title Norwegian:

Utrolige dinosaurer Illustrated by: Format:

210x225 mm / 76 pages

• The styracosaurus' head was filled with its own horn. • The microraptor had four wings. • The ankylosaurus had a club on its tail. • The diplodocus was the longest recorded dinosaur that we know of. • The stegosaurus had some strange plates on its back. • The alvarezsaurus' arms were no more than claws. • The masiakasaurus' front teeth stuck straight out. • The oviraptor had a large crest on its head, and a beak somewhat similar to a parrot's beak. • The protoceratops was about as big as a sheep. They lived like sheep, too, grazing in huge flocks. When you see a dinosaur fossil, it is often easy to forget that these were ordinary animals in their time – even they had to scratch behind their ears sometimes.

Jørn Hurum (1967–) is a palaeontologist and science communicator. He has collected fossils since childhood and written several factbooks.

Torstein Helleve (1964–) is a web editor at the Natural History Museum. This is his first book.

Esther van Hulsen (1981–) was born in Leeuwarden in The Netherlands and has studied at Academy Minerva in Groningen. She has a BA in Communication Design and has been educated in scientific illustration.


Non-Fiction For ages 5–10 years

Ida 47 million years ago there lived an ape-like little creature in a jungle in Germany. Today she is best known to the world as the fossil Ida. In this wonderful, illustrated picture book we learn how she lived and how we know what we do about her today. When paleontologist Jørn Hurum introduced Ida to the world’s media in 2009, she became a scientific sensation. Ida is our very own 47 million year old ancestor, and this picture book written by Jørn Hurum and Torstein Helleve from the Natural History Museum and illustrated by Esther van Hulsen brings Ida to life once again.


Torstein Helleve and Jørn H. Hurum

The reader is taken on a journey to the jungle that Ida lived in as part of a stunningly illustrated tale of her life, where we follow her through dangers and triumphs. In addition to a fictionalised picture book section based on what we know about Ida and the time that she lived, the book also includes a fact and activity section.

Title English:


Title Norwegian:


Illustrated by:

Esther van Hulsen Format:

210x297 mm / 72 pages Rights sold to:

France (Albin Michel) Netherlands (Clavis)

‘Researcher and Ida’s “ father” Jørn Hurum and web editor of the museum, Torstein Helleve, write passionately and vividly, but first and foremost it is the large spreads of illustrations by Esther van Hulsen which pull the reader into the pre-historic universe.’ Universitas

‘This book divided in two parts, are illustrated with fantastic, naturalistic paintings.’ Foreldre & Barn


Non-Fiction For ages 5–12 years

The Monster Reptiles of Svalbard 147 million years ago, the area we now know as Svalbard was covered by a shallow sea. With long snouts and tightly packed teeth large marine reptiles called ichthyosaurs roamed the depths hunting for food. In this book you will get to know these animals and their habitat. You will also learn how scientists discovered the fossils, find out how they dug them up, and discover what marine reptiles are telling us about life in the Jurassic seas.


Jørn H. Hurum and Torstein Helleve Title English:

The Monster Reptiles of Svalbard Title Norwegian:

Monsterøglene på Svalbard

Småen og de andre ungene kan svømme og puste med en gang de blir født. Det er de nødt til, for de er langt ute på havet.

Illustrated by:

Esther van Hulsen

Men de må ha mat også. De får ikke melk hos moren sin, slik vi gjør når vi er små. Så snart ungene er flinke nok til å svømme selv, legger flokken ut på jakt.


210x297 mm / 84 pages

Snart kommer de over en stim med blekkspruter. Men de er ikke de første som har gjort det. Andre øgler har også oppdaget stimen, og jakten er alt i full gang.

92484_monsteroeglene_bokmaal.indd 20

Småen kommer litt vekk fra de andre. Det er skummelt, for ennå er han så liten at han er en fin liten munnfull for andre øgler. Men de er heldigvis så opptatt av blekksprutene at de ikke legger merke til ham.

30/08/12 15.57

92484_monsteroeglene_bokmaal.indd 21

30/08/12 15.57

Jørn Hurum (1967–) is a palaeontologist and science communicator. He has collected fossils since childhood and written several factbooks.

Torstein Helleve (1964–) is a web editor at the Natural History Museum. This is his first book.

Esther van Hulsen (1981–) was born in Leeuwarden in The Netherlands and has studied at Academy Minerva in Groningen. She has a BA in Communication Design and has been educated in scientific illustration.


Non-Fiction For ages 6–12 years

The Adder Without a sound, the snake twists and turns and heads off on the hunt. It hears nothing, but feels with its body and detects scent with the help of its tongue on the search for food. Mice and baby birds are the best meals a snake can imagine. The snake strikes quick as a flash. It sprays poison from its fangs, sending it straight into the animal. Mice are dead within 3 minutes.


Bjørn Arild Ersland Title English:

The Adder

Title Norwegian:

Occasionally snakes bite things they don't want to eat. A foot or a paw, for example. It does this to protect itself, but this type of biting is something snakes would rather avoid.


Illustrated by:

Alice Bjerknes Lima De Faria Format:

In this factual picture book, you can learn more about one of our most feared creatures. Are you sure adders are something to be scared of?


Never before have you come this close to an adder!

Bjørn Arild Ersland (1965–) has written several books for children and young people, including Sageren and Det første barnet på månen, and the popular picture books about Emilie and her brother. Alice Bjerknes Lima de Faria (1968–) is a Norwegian-Swedish scenographer and illustrator. She graduated from Gothenburg School of Design and Crafts and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, and holds a Master of Fine Art degree in Scenography. She began her work as a freelance illustrator in 2005, producing book covers and work for a range of magazines and journals.


Non-Fiction For ages 5–10 years

Clown! It doesn't matter whether you're a boy or a girl, small or tall, an only child or a grandmother – you can be a clown. Nothing is required but you! Inside you is fantasy, music, stories, wonder, laughter and tears. You can use all of these, and your body is capable of all sorts of strange things. Maybe you like doing gymnastics or karate jumps? Perhaps you are the master of making funny faces that cause others to crumple up with laughter? Maybe you like to blow soapy bubbles that fly off into the distance?


Elisabeth Helland Larsen Title English:


Title Norwegian:


Illustrated by:

Do you want to try clowning? This book contains tips for creating your own clown circus, and instructions for how to juggle, balance and do magic!

Eldbjørg Ribe Format:

197x197 mm

Come on – let's clown around!

Elisabeth Helland Larsen (1973–) graduated from L'École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris and has worked as a professional clown for many years. More recently she has studied to become a children's book author at the Norwegian Institute of Children's Books, taking a specialisation in stage writing for children.

Eldbjørg Ribe injects life into the clown through her playful illustrations.


Non-Fiction For ages 5–55 years

The Elephant Man This is the powerful story of Joseph Merrick, also known as the Elephant Man due to his deformed appearance. Joseph began to develop deformities when he was two years old. He was an imaginative, playful and intelligent boy and had quite a happy childhood until he turned eleven, when his mother died, and his father found a new wife. His stepmother gave his father an ultimatum: ‘Joseph or me.' Joseph was thrown out by his father and had to earn his own money.


Mariangela Di Fiore Title English:

The Elephant Man Title Norwegian:


A period then followed in which he travelled around freak shows in Victorian England and in Europe, earning a small fortune for himself before being robbed. Abandoned in Belgium, where he was on tour, he was rescued by a doctor who took care of him and let him live in a hospital. There, however, he became a freak of another kind by being exhibited naked to gasping medical students. He had a lot of bad experiences, but things gradually got better later in his life, as he was given more respect. A number of famous people visited him, including the Princess of Wales. He died one night when he insisted on sleeping lying down, like ordinary people, and was suffocated by the weight of his large head.

Illustrated by:

Hilde Hodnefjeld Format:

197x197 mm / 56 pages

A gripping tale about being different, about refusing to be a victim and managing to find happiness even in an unhappy situation – and about seeing the beauty of life and of other people.

‘The powerful, true and thrilling tale of Joseph Merrick, also known as the 'Elephant Man'… A gripping story you'll never forget.’ FORELDRE OG BARN

‘The pictures bring the past to life, all whilst allowing the reader to understand that this is something that took place long ago.’ VÅRT LAND

Mariangela Di Fiore (1981–) has a Neapolitan father and a Norwegian

mother, and has lived in Naples for many years. Her previous publications include a number of books for young people and a documentary for adults on the Camorra.

Hilde Hodnefjeld trained at the Oslo National Academy of Arts, and works as an illustrator and draughtswoman.



Roleplay A factbook on role-plays – how they are played and how they are created. Role-play and live action games are forms of storytelling that are more exciting than film and computer games, say those-in-theknow. Many young people are interested and play, but there are very few games and worlds that act as an easy introduction for new, curious players.


Matthijs Holter and Ole Peder Giæver Title English:

Rollespill is more than just a factbook about role-play featuring player codes, history and exciting ideas for creating your own roles and characters; in the book there is also a game that you and your friends can develop and through which you can travel wherever you like!


Title Norwegian:


Illustrated by:

Marie Lyshol Format:

210x225 mm / 55 pages

Matthijs Holter (1972–) is an eager role player and has previously published the role playing game Draug. Holter also plays drums with the band Bluesøsken. He made his literary début with Landet bak landet in 2008. . Ole Peder Giæver (1980–) has role-played since the age of ten. He has coauthored the Norwegian role-play game Itras By, which has been translated into Finnish and English. Marie Lyshol (1982–) trained to become an animator at the Irish School of

Animation. She has worked as a concept designer for four years and also as a freelance illustrator. Just now, she teaches 3D cinema and animation at the Noroff Technical School in Oslo.


Non-Fiction For ages 8–16 years

Chess How to Become a Champion Are you ready to become a chess champion? Chess is the world's most popular board game and is played by several hundred million people of all ages. In this book you can learn how the pieces can be moved and the smartest moves to make at the different stages of the game. Both those who've never touched a chess piece and those who already know the basics can learn something from this book. Containing smart tips from some of the best chess players in the world, this book can help you to become a chess champion!


Ellisiv Reppen Title English:


Title Norwegian:


Illustrated by:

Flu Hartberg Format:

198x272 mm

Ellisiv Reppen (1986–) is one of Norway's top female chess players. She is a

member of the national team and has participated in the European Team Chess Championships, World Chess Championships, Chess Olympiad and World Mind Sport Games. Reppen has more than 10 years' experience as a chess coach and teaches more than 100 students of all levels on a weekly basis. She has worked with several children from the earliest stages of play to the point of becoming national champions in their own age categories.

Flu Hartberg (1979–) has a background in art, having studied in both Norway and England. His comic series have been published in stand-alone form and in various magazines. He also works as an illustrator, and has produced work for several children’s books.


Non-Fiction For ages 12–16 years

1814 – A Close Shave I suppose you thought that 1814 was all about constitution day and the national assembly, didn't you? You've no doubt heard how important events in 1814 were, but did you know how nerve-wrackingly exciting things were? And just why they were so important?


Jon Ewo

The story is played out through Jon Ewo's playful illustrations. 1814 – nære på is the dramatic tale of a country that awakens to its own potential freedom. This is an exciting story of 4 men, each with their own ideas about what Norway should look like. 4 men at odds, and a little mountainous country that isn't quite the same by the end of that year.

Title English:

1814 – A Close Shave Title Norwegian:

1814 – Nære på Illustrated by:

Bjørn Ousland Format:

195x250 mm / 152 pages

Jon Ewo is an award-winning author that has received special praise for his unique means of expression in the genre of nonfiction for children and adolescents. In this book he brings the story to life in a way you've never seen before. The text is visualised through Bjørn Ousland's fantastic illustrations.

Jon Ewo (1957–) has worked as a consultant, editor, writer, author and publisher. His first book for young adults was published in 1992. He has also written children's books and crime fiction. All of his books are filled with a generous dose of humor. Bjørn Ousland (1959–) is a cartoonist, illustrator and author of children’s books. He has received several awards for his illustrations and cartoons, in which every line is filled with humor.