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Easy readers Reading Lions – Norway’s strongest brand of easy readers.


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LESELØVE – NORWAY'S MOST POPULAR EASY READS The first Leseløve (Reading Lion) was published in 1988. More than 30 years later, Leseløve remains Norway's strongest brand in the genre of easy reads. In Norway, these books have as natural a place in any child's rucksack as their lunch box and pencil case. Leseløver have kept the youngest readers up way past their bedtime, and they have made countless children proud to have read a book themselves. The Reading Lion books are developed to aid children in the process of learning to read, with short sentences, large fonts and rich illustrations. There is great variety in the stories and content, as the series aims to awaken the reader’s interest - whether the book is about animal facts, love, football, suspense and monsters, nasty things, or even jokes and quizzes. When the content is engaging, it becomes so much easier to learn how to read! The series is divided by age and literacy, but as we know, children are very different. Some learn letters and read well before they start school. Others need a little longer, and it can take several years before they crack the code. The Reading Lion books are aimed at children of different ages and levels of reading. Therefore, the books vary in length, content and genre. There are three categories in the Reading Lion-universe.


FIRST LEVEL: LION CUB (approx. 4 to 7 years) The books marked Lion Cub have only one sentence on each page. Perfect for new readers who have just started spelling words to be able to form an entire sentence. Finishing a Lion Cub can be the child's first experience of completing a whole book on their own.

SECOND LEVEL: MY FIRST READING LION (approx. 6 to 9 years) Suitable for those who have learned the letters and can read a little. These books gradually increase their difficulty level, at a pace the reader will barely notice.

FINAL LEVEL: READING LION (approx. 7 to 11 years) The reading lions are easy to read, with short lines and large font. The stories vary in length.

There are fiction and non-fiction titles for each lever, but all with the same aim: To create interest in their target group, and encourage to the joy of reading. 5


Camilla Kuhn

LUNDA AT RIDING SCHOOL Lunda has her first day at riding school. Everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. She gets caught up in the bushes, obstructs the traffic and gallops when she should trot.

Lunda på rideskole 168 x 190 mm / 40 pages

There is no end of ways to make a fool of yourself when you are a beginner at riding school; especially if you are a horse, like Lunda! Camilla Kuhn has written and illustrated a colourful and comical book about the challenges at a riding school – from a pony's perspective. Rights sold to: Sami (Gïelem nastedh), Sweden (Triumf Förlag)

Camilla Kuhn

TIME TO TIDY UP It's time to tidy up, but Daddy and Jens would rather go to the swimming pool. Unfortunately the two of them are discovered by Jens' little sister as they attempt to sneak out. Strangely enough neither she nor Mummy are angry. When Daddy and Jens reach the swimming pool, they understand why. Ryddetid 168 x 190 mm / 44 pages

Camilla Kuhn

GLENN AND THE BAD GUYS All the police officers are able to capture bad guys, except for Glenn. "Namby pamby!" the other officers call him. But tomorrow, Glenn is going to show them! You can say a lot about Officer Glenn. He's nice. He's tidy. He's helpful. But he's not particularly observant.

Glenn og skurkene 168 x 190 mm / 44 pages

Camilla Kuhn has written and illustrated a new, funny easy reader that will hit home with the youngest readers.

Rights sold to: Sweden (Triumf), The Faroe Islands (Bókadeildin)



Camilla Kuhn

LOOSE TOOTH Tim can't wait for his loose tooth to fall out. He plans to give it to the tooth fairy and hopes to receive some money in return. Tim is saving up for a bicycle. However, by some unfortunate accident, he swallows the tooth and suddenly everything looks very bleak. Right up until the moment he makes a toilet visit, that is, when he hears something tinkle all the way down in the toilet bowl. Can it be...?

Løs tann 168 x 190 mm / 44 pages

Camilla Kuhn

IDA AND THE WOOLF Ida is going to sleep over at Grandma’s. Grandma sits at her bedside and reads a fairytale about a wolf that eats a little girl and her grandmother. In the darkness Ida thinks she hears sinister noises. It’s the wolf!

Ida og ulven 168 x 190 mm / 44 pages

Siri Gjelsvik & Stina Langlo Ørdal (ill.)

MONSTER UNDER THE BED It's bedtime, but what if there are monsters under the bed? Big sister knows how to get rid of the monster. You just do this and this and that. And then the monster is gone. Or is it? Debutant Siri Gjelsvik has written a nice easy reader about a very relevant theme. Stina Langlo Ørdal is behind the somewhat creepy, but sweet illustrations. Monster under senga 168 x 190 mm / 40 pages



Hans Sande & Eivind Gulliksen (ill.)

LARS ON MARS Lars is happy because he is going to make a soufflé with his mum and dad. But then he makes a mess with the eggs and is told off. Mum is stupid! Dad is stupid! Lars is leaving! FOR MARS!

Lars på Mars 168 x 190 mm / 44 pages

Jan Chr. Næss & Kamila Slocinska (ill.)

SCARY MELONS Fruit seller Plum has a big problem: no one is buying melons, not even if they're refreshing and delicious. The customers seem like they're downright scared! Detective Ole gets on the case. Can the customers' skepticism simply be blamed on a typo?

Skumle Meloner 168 x 190 mm / 40 pages

Scary Melons is an easy reader crime book – something that isn't all that common. Those who want to solve the mystery will also have to look closely at the language!

Fredrikke Nicolaisen & Johan Egerkrans

DAD AND ME There are so many fun things to do at home. Dress up, for instance. Like a rock-hard Viking. And have sword-fighting competitions! But when Dad gets over-excited and hits your head, then even a tough Viking feels pain. Then, there's only one thing that helps: ice! But does Dad mean an ice pack, or ice cream? Lørdag med pappa 168 x 190 mm / 32 pages



Henning Lystad

ODA HITS THE GAS Oda desperately wants an ice cream, but the freezer is empty and Dad is asleep on the sofa. So what does Oda do? She does the only logical thing – she borrows her dad's car. And it's not just any car, it's a monster truck. Oda thinks that it's easy to drive. She has no problem finding the gas, but oops, where's the brake? Oda gir gass 168 x 190 mm / 40 pages

Anette V. Heiberg

DAD HOOVERS THE TOWN Dad has bought a new hoover, but he hates reading the instruction manuals. Because of this, he ends up hoovering the whole town. This surely has to end in disaster! A warm, fast-paced and hilarious first reader.

Pappa støvsuger byen 168 x 190 mm / 48 pages

Jan Chr. Næss & Tiril Valeur (ill.)

PORRIDGE FOR BRAINS Mum says you get porridge for brains if you spend too much time on the iPad. But what if it's mum who is on her phone? Does she also get her head filled with porridge? The girl thinks it's simmering and boiling. And is that a hint of cinnamon smell coming out of mum's ears?

Grøt i hodet 168 x 190 mm / x pages



Camilla Mariangela Di Fior & Tiril Valeur (ill.)

SIMON COOKS FOR HIMSELF Simon is extremely hungry when he comes home from school. Mum is working from home and doesn’t have time. Simon really wants pancakes! He has to make them himself, with grandpa’s help via FaceTime.

Simon lager mat selv 168 x 190 mm / 40 pages

This book is a mix of a cookbook and fiction. Mariangela is a cookbook author, amongst other things. This is a workhorse of a book for children coming home hungry from school!

Monia Nilsen


Hiv og hoi 168 x 190 mm / 40 pages

The boys are going fishing with Granddad. He's a world champion of fishing. Ganddad doesn't even need a lifevest, since grown-ups don't fall in the water. Granddad is busy with his new phone. Suddenly there are fish all around him, and Granddad is calling mum to make sure she starts boling potatoes for dinner. Just then, the big ferry passes by, making huge waves that shake the boat so Granddad falls overboard.

Martine Grande

MAD ABOUT PETS Molly desperately wants a pet. Mum says she can go buy one. but it has to be small. But when Molly gets to the pet shop, almost all the small pets are sold ourt except one. A baby crocodile, but the baby crocodile is a small pet. Molly buys it, but what happens when the little crocodile grows?

Dilla på dyr 168 x 190 mm / 40 pages



Kari Stai

THE TREE Truls loves to climb and no wonder – because he has a tree of his very own. And it isn't just any old tree: Truls' tree is a hundred metres high! Truls has never been to the top before. So isn't it about time he had a try?

Rights sold to: Ume sámi & Southern sámi (Gïelem nastedh), Lule sámi & Northern sámi (Árran)

Treet 168 x 190 mm / 48 pages

Kari Stai

WHIMP Jon doesn't want to go to Sara's birthday party. Jon hates birthday parties, because there is always soda there, and Jon hates soda. What if everyone can see that he doesn't like soda, and calls him a whimp? The story of Jon, who is afraid to be called a whimp, is a warm, relatable story about facing the things that scare you most. About fitting in and feeling different. And about finding out in the end that we are all scared of something.

Pyse 168 x 190 mm / 40 pages

Kari Stai

EMBARRASSING Dad loves to swim and is taking Jon to the water park. 'First one to go down the slide!' Dad yells, Dad loves the slide. Jon doesn't love the slide, and he tries to avoid it by pretending that he has to use the bathroom. Just then, Dad slides down the slide, and his bathing shorts gets stuck in a tree half-way down. Dad is naked! Now Jon must face his fear of the slide, to retrieve Dad's swimming shorts. Flaut 168 x 190 mm / 40 pages



Janne Aasebø Johnsen & Johan Egerkrans (ill.)


Julia og Nissen 168 x 190 mm / 36 pages

What does Santa's son do on Christmas Eve? He must have an awful Christmas, given that his father is always away on business? In this warm and wonderful Christmas tale, Santa's son kicks over his porridge bowl and scares away all the little birds in his frustration at having to celebrate Christmas without his father. Julia, the girl who set the porridge out in the barn, has to find a solution to Santa's son's problems.

Janne Aasebø Johnsen & Thomas Kirkeberg (ill.)

DAD! Some dads can be a bit overeager – and Ina's dad is one of them! Even though Ina has made it clear that birthday games are too childish for her, Dad insists on playing blind man's bluff, musical chairs and fish pond.

Å, pappa! 168 x 190 mm / 40 pages

The birthday party is heading towards a catastrophe, until Ina finds an effective way of slowing Dad down. This is a comic tale about a father who tries too hard, and a daughter who knows best.

Janne Aasebø Johnsen & Monia Nilsen (ill.)

THE TEDDY BEAR It's Stian's turn to look after the teddy bear for a week, and he isn't looking forward to it. 'Cuddly toys are for girls', Stian complains, but what he's really worried about is that the teddy bear will reveal to everyone in his class just how boring things are at home.

Bamsen 168 x 190 mm / 32 pages


Stian decides to take action, or is it the teddy bear? Either way there is large-scale waffle baking, mattress-sliding down the staircase, bubble baths with dish soap and lots more fun.


Ingunn Aamodt & Anne G. Holt (ill.)

THE BAKER AND THE MOON The baker and the moon is an unassuming and beautiful story about a normal work night for a baker. What many people don’t know, is that the moon is the baker’s good friend who keeps him company as he rolls and kneads, fries and bakes, and finally delivers his bread and cakes. And when morning comes, the moon goes to bed in the same room as the baker. So finally we know where the moon really is during the day! Bakeren og månen 168 x 190 mm / 44 pages

Jan Chr. Næss & Kamila Slocinska

THE MYSTERY OF THE CREAM Granny has a big problem: her cream has disappeared from the fridge… Fortunately she has detective Ole to help her! Ole thinks very hard and looks for tracks and clues. Who can have stolen Granny's cream?

Rights sold to: The Faroe Islands (Bókadeildin)

Fløte-mysteriet 168 x 190 mm / 40 pages

Tiril Valeur

JUMP, GRANDAD! Grandad is picking Lea up from school today, but they have to hurry, because Lea has ballet class! When the time comes for Grandad to help Lea get changed, they get a suprise. None of Lea's pretty dance clothes are to be found in Grandad's bag, and Lea doesn't feel like dancing at all anymore. If only Grandad could find some way to persuade her. A sweet and familiar tale of what happens when a grandfather joins his granddaughter's dance class.

Hopp, morfar! 168 x 190 mm / 44 pages



Flu Hartberg

FOOL Fool loves hats! His flat is covered in all sorts of hats from all over the world: sombreros, cowboy hats, caps, top hats? you name it!

Fjols 168 x 190 mm / 40 pages

One evening Fool is getting ready for bed when he hears a scary noise that won't stop. The sound is coming from the floor above his own. Fool begins to feel afraid; he's never heard a peep from the flat above his own before now. What if there is somebody up there who wants to steal all of his marvelous hats?

Brynjulf Jung Tjønn & Lisa Aisato (ill.)

FOOTBALL SHOES Sigurd can't wait for the tournament! He is hoping to be picked as striker today. But then Sigurd realises that he has forgotten to bring his football shoes, and so his best friend Helge is striker instead. It is no fun at all to watch the tournament from the bench, he thinks, no matter how exciting the competition is. But then Helge is injured! Fotballskoene 168 x 190 mm / 40 pages

Football shoes is a charming and familiar little book about football, competition and friendship. Rights sold to: The Faroe Islands (Bókadeildin)

Pål H. Christiansen & Tiril Valeur (ill.)

THE LUNCH BOX A simple, witty and warm story of an ordinary family on an ordinary morning that turns out to be a little different from all the others.

Matboksen 168 x 190 mm / 40 pages


Mie's family has overslept! Daddy tries as best he can to get the lunch boxes ready. Mummy walks Mie to school, with the little one in the pram. But when it’s time to cross the road outside the school, a stream of cyclists holds them up. In the end, Mummy is almost run over! But who is the only cyclist to lose their balance and fall into the hedge?


Rikke Komissar & Tiril Valeur (ill.)

OLIVIA EATS ART Olivia and Mum are visting an art exhibition. There are a lot of strange pieces of art on display in the different rooms, and Olivia thinks it's all quite good fun. But after a while she feels hungry, and takes a bite out of an art installation made of bananas ... A funny and original little book, with a simple storyline, that also works excellently as an introduction into what art is and how it can be experienced by adults and children alike.

Olivia spiser kunst 168 x 190 mm / 44 pages

Rights sold to: The Faroe Islands (Bókadeildin)

Jan Chr. Næss & Ketil Selnes (ill.)

ABRA CADABRA Fredrik can’t believe his eyes when the postman removes one of his fingers right in front of Fredrik’s nose. How did he do it? And where on earth did the finger go? Is it in the post box? Under the postman’s hat? In his bag?

Hokus Pokus 168 x 190 mm / 40 pages

Jan Chr. Næss & Ketil Selnes (ill.)

THE SWIMMING POOL The silly lifeguard says that Fredrik can't bring his dog Rufus into the swimming pool, even though he is Fredrik's very best friend. What will Fredrik do now?

Rights sold to: The Faroe Islands (Bókadeildin)

Svømmehallen 168 x 190 mm / 36 pages



Henning Røed

SCARY EXTINCT ANIMALS Did you know that in ancient times, there were 15-metre long snakes and huge crocodiles that hunted on land? In the sea there were enormous sea dragons and whales with 36-centimetre long teeth.

Utdødde skrekkdyr! 168 x 190 mm / 40 pages

Some animals are so scary, you can almost be relieved they are extinct. Nowadays you’ll only get to meet them here in this book.

Mari Kjetun

CUTE AND DANGEROUS Cute animals can also be dangerous. A surprising amount of lovely, cute animals are actually very scary. Don’t be fooled by their sweet eyes and soft fur. The animals you meet in this book can be life-threatening!

Søt og farlig 168 x 190 mm / 40 pages

Mari Kjeltun


Svaret er sjiraff 168 x 190 mm / 40 pages


What animal has the longest neck? The giraffe! The giraffe is perhaps the strangest animal on the planet. They are also an endangered species. Every day there are seven fewer giraffes on our soil – so children need to learn about them. They are fascinating creatures. Did you know giraffes hate getting wet and are terrified of thunder? Or that their tongues are as long as your arm, and that they use them to wash their ears? Or that they do enough poop each day to fill a grocery-bag?


Jenny J. Jacobsen

TINY PAWS This is the cutest, little non-fiction book for the cutest readers! Tiny paws is a collection of short facts about the cutest animals. Did you know the polar bear is just the size of a child's palm when it's born? That the lion cub is an excellent swimmer? Or that the fox is a master at hiding away? Små poter 168 x 190 mm / 40 pages

Jenny J. Jacobsen

PECULIAR PUPPIES Some puppies have purple tongues. Some have no fur at all. Others have loads of wrinkles. And some have dreadlocks. The one thing they all have in common is that they’re really peculiar – and pretty cute, of course.

Rare valper 168 x 190 mm / 40 pages

Jenny J. Jacobsen

WHICH ANIMAL? Which animal sleeps the most? Which animal has the longest ears? Which animal has the biggest poop? And most importantly: Which animal is best at reading? Which animal? is a fun and challenging quiz book for the early readers, with lots of strange and funny questions about animals. Each spread shows pictures of four animals, and the reader has to match one of them to the question.

Hvilket dyr? 168 x 190 mm / 40 pages



Sarah Roxana Herlofsen & Linn Isabel Eielsen (ill.)

OUR BODY – FROM POOP TO HAIR Did you know that you drink several bottles of nasal mucus and spit every day? Or that you only need a few months to fill a whole bathtub with pee? And do you know how much the massive pile of poo you pooed last year weigh? Our bodies are extremely awesome and make many strange, but also very lovely things. Did you for example know that the blood looks like a sea of tasty donuts? Kroppen vår fra bæsj til hår 168 x 190 mm / 40 pages

Scientist Sarah Herlofsen has written a colourful and fun book full of fun facts about the coolest thing in the world: Our strange bodies. Sarah Roxana Herlofsen & Fredrik Edén (ill.)

THE HEART Come along on an exciting exploration of the human body! Did you know that the heart of a blue whale is the same size as a car? That you can die from a broken heart? How about the fact that the hearts of astronauts become smaller when they spend a long time in space?

Hjertet 168 x 190 mm / 40 pages

The Heart is the first book in a new series with fun, exciting and very strange facts about the body.

Sarah Roxana Herlofsen & Fredrik Edén (ill.)

THE BRAIN Come along on an exciting exploration of the human body! Did you know that men have bigger brains than women? It's true, but it doesn't mean men are smarter. Did you know that because of the brain, it's impossible to tickle yourself? Or that spiders have their brain in their legs?

Hjernen 168 x 190 mm / 40 pages


The Brain is the second book in a new series with fun, exciting and very strange facts about the body.


Martin von Dürenfeldt

VOLCANOES Volcanoes are thrilling and mysterious. Have you ever shaken a fizzy drink and then opened it? A volcano works a bit like that when it erupts, spraying out lava from the top. Here beginner readers will learn what volcanoes are, how they work and where they can be found.

Vulkaner 168 x 190 mm / 40 pages

Martin von Dürenfeldt

BIGGEST IN THE WORLD This book is packed with fun facts about really big things. Did you know that previously there were dragonflies the size of crows? Or that the giant sequoia is so big that cars can drive through a tunnel through it? Or that Russia could contain 44 countries the size of Norway? Lavishly illustrated with awe-inspiring and funny photographs.

Verdens største 168 x 190 mm / 40 pages

Ed. & Jens A. Larsen Aas (ill.)

STRANGE RECORDS There are all kinds of strange records! Read about the world's smallest dog and the world's shortest bridal couple, about the man who drove a lawnmower for 260 days, the bear who was a soldier… and many other strange records!

Rare rekorder 168 x 190 mm / 40 pages



Anneli Klepp & Cathrine Sandmæl (ill.)

LEONA IN RAT TROUBLE Leona always does the strangest things, and she always ends up in trouble. This despite her sidekick Felix, who tries to serve as Leona's voice of reason.

Leona i rottetrøbbel 160 x 233 mm / 56 pages

In this first book in the series, Leona captures a rat. She brings the rat to school, because they have swimming that day and Leona wants the rat to see how good she is at swimming. To her surprise, the rat escapes! That's really bad news, especially because her teacher is a very strict and angry type.

Anneli Klepp & Cathrine Sandmæl (ill.)

LEONA IN PRIZE TROUBLE Leona's class takes a trip to the forest. Their teacher is in a really bad mood, but Leona has an idea about how to cheer him up. Everybody likes prizes – especially teachers! What luck that Leona has brought along plenty of things in her school bag that she can now put to good use. But will burnt sausages, muddy water, a jar of hare poo and pupils falling from the trees make the teacher any happier? It’s a nice thought, but Leona ends up in prize trouble. Leona i premietrøbbel 160 x 233 mm / 56 pages

Anneli Klepp & Cathrine Sandmæl (ill.)

BIRTHDAY TROUBLE FOR LEONA Leona decides to give the headmaster a birthday present. And what could be better than a real-life wildcat? Mix a wild cat, the headmaster’s huge beard and an enormous cream cake and what do you get? That’s right – complete chaos!

Leona i bursdagstrøbbel 160 x 233 mm / 56 pages



Anneli Klepp & Cathrine Sandmæl (ill.)

LEONA IN WINTER TROUBLE Leona and Felix are entering a sledding competition. Felix really wants to win the competition, and Leona promises to help. And what happens when Leona helps? Yep, you guessed it—utter chaos!

Leona i vintertrøbbel 160 x 233 mm / 56 pages

Anneli Klepp & Cathrine Sandmæl (ill.)

LEONA IN MONSTER TROUBLE It’s the scariest night of the year: Halloween. Leona and her friends are having a party, but it gets ruined by a monster. Leona, as usual, decides to fix the problem, but, as usual, it just means everything turns into monster trouble!

Leona i monstertrøbbel 160 x 233 mm / 56 pages

Anneli Klepp & Cathrine Sandmæl (ill.)

LEONA IN CIRCUS TROUBLE In this sixth title in the series Leona and Felix are going to the circus! They discover a thief, and soon they find themselves in circus trouble.

Leona i sirkustrøbbel 160 x 233 mm / 56 pages



Eldrid Johansen & Eivind Gulliksen (ill.)

THE MARK Today Bjørnar is going to pick up his puppy! The white, lively one he chose some weeks ago. It is finally big enough for him to take home. But when Mama and Bjørnar reach the farm where the puppy lives, something isn’t right … The Mark is a sweet story, which will give you a little lump in your throat.

Øremerket 160 x 233 mm / 56 pages

Eldrid Johansen & Eivind Gulliksen (ill.)

PUPPY PRANKS Bjørnar's little, white puppy sleeps next to him and follows him everywhere. Now the thing to do, is finding a perfect name. The puppy should not be called Hercules, that’s for sure. Even though that is the name on his papers. But before Bjørnar can find a good name for the puppy, it’s too late! The puppy is missing and Bjørnar can’t even call out for him!

Valpestrek 160 x 233 mm / 56 pages

Eldrid Johansen & Eivind Gulliksen (ill.)

HOT DOG Bjørnar’s puppy Hjalmar is getting bigger. It’s no wonder— he eats everything in sight. He is a walking garbage disposal! One day on the beach, he snatches a hot dog right out of a man’s hand—an unpopular move… When they get home, the puppy has a stomach ache. It turns out that he has gobbled up even more food that he should not have. Charming excitement for children who have just learned to read. Lekkerbisk 160 x 233 mm / 46 pages



Eldrid Johansen & Eivind Gulliksen (ill.)

PUPPY SCHOOL Bjørnar’s sweet, little puppy, Hjalmar, has grown into an impudent little scamp. He simply has to go to dog school! There, Hjalmar is so out of control and badly behaved that Bjørnar is embarrassed. But they soon discover that Hjalmar can do more than simply be well behaved.

Valpeskole 160 x 233 mm / 52 pages

Eldrid Johansen & Eivind Gulliksen (ill.)

CHAMPION Hjalmar has finally started to behave himself. He has learned to sit nicely and to come when Bjørnar calls for him. Mummy is happy, but it’s not enough for Bjørnar. What he really wants is a champion dog! One that can do fun tricks and win prizes. But things don’t quite go to plan ... Then Mummy sees an announcement in the newspaper. A theatre group is in need of an obedient dog to star in their play. Could Hjalmar be just the dog they are looking for? Premievalp 160 x 233 mm / 56 pages

Eldrid Johansen & Eivind Gulliksen (ill.)

CHRISTMAS PUPPY Christmas is coming, puppy Hjalmar's first Christmas. Bjørnar is looking foward to snow and Christmas cheer. But nothing works out as he had expected. Hjalmar, the tough little puppy, has become a wimpy young dog! He refuses to go out in the snow, barks at St. Lucia and is terrified of the Christmas tree. And you can just imagine what's going to happen when Bjørnar and Mummy decorate the tree! Bjørnar fears it's going to be a dreadful Christmas. But then something happens… Julevalp 160 x 233 mm / 72 pages



Tor Åge Bringsværd & Haakon Lie (ill.)

THE WOLF BOY Tal from the Wolf Tribe is eight winters old. Every day, Dad and the other men go hunting. Tal is too young to go with them, but he doesn't agree with that! One day he goes out to pick berries for Mum, and meets a girl riding on a big sabre-toothed tiger, one of the most dangerous animals in existence. The girl is called Nea, and she is from the Mammoth Tribe, the Wolf Tribe's perpetual enemies. If Tal and Nea and the sabre-toothed tiger Shita are going to be friends, they will need to keep it very, very secret. Ulvegutten 160 x 233 mm / 56 pages

Rights sold to: Denmark (Bogoo Books)

Tor Åge Bringsværd & Haakon Lie (ill.)

THE HUNT FOR FIRE Old Sju fell asleep on the night watch, and now the Wolf Tribe's fire has gone out. Without fire they have to eat meat and fish raw. That's not so good, thinks Tal. Luckily, lightning strikes in the forest, and Tal runs off to find Nea and Shita. But they are not the only ones who have noticed the smoke. ”Go away,” yells the chief of the Wild Boar Tribe, ”This is our fire. Nobody else can take it.” But Tal and Nea and Shita don't give up. Even dangerous warriors are scared when Shita the sabre-toothed tiger appears! Jakten etter ild 160 x 233 mm / 64 pages

Rights sold to: Denmark (Bogoo Books)

Tor Åge Bringsværd & Haakon Lie (ill.)

THE TIGER TRIBE The warriors of the Wolf Tribe have captured Tal's secret friend, Nea. They tie her to a tree and are going to sacrifice her when the sun goes down. Fortunately, Tal and the sabletooth tiger Shita manage to rescue her. But when everybody gets angry with him, Tal realises that he can no longer be a member of the Wolf Tribe.

Tigerstammen 160 x 233 mm / 56 pages


He and Nea must start their own tribe: the Tiger Tribe! You need to be tough to survive in Tal and Nea's world. Fortunately, they are tough – and they have Shita!


Tor Åge Bringsværd & Haakon Lie (ill.)

THE DANGEROUS SEA Tal, Nea and Shita have wandered far from home – The Tiger Tribe must find a territory for itself. One day they come across something they have only heard about, but never seen: The sea! It is big, wet and scary. Fortunately, they also meet somebody who can help them when things get really dangerous.

Det farlige havet 160 x 233 mm / 64 pages

Tor Åge Bringsværd & Haakon Lie (ill.)

THE SEA GOD'S DAUGHTER Tal and Nea are on a visit to Seal Island. One day, the fearsome wild boar warriors come paddling along on rafts to attack them. Luckily, the seal-folk have the Sea God's daughter on their side. She is able to talk to the Sea God, and out of the sea comes a huge whale, who sends the Wild Boar Tribe a long way off with a splash of its tail.

Havgudens datter 160 x 233 mm / 64 pages

Tor Åge Bringsværd & Haakon Lie (ill.)

THE BURNING MOUNTAIN Tal, Nea and the sabre-toothed tiger Shita have left Seal Island and are on their way further along the coast when they hear some strange noises from the mountain behind them. They begin to climb up to check what is going on. Then it happens – burning stones and rivers of fire spurt out of the mountain and there's only one thing to do: Run for it!

Fjellet som brenner 160 x 233 mm / 64 pages



Tor Åge Bringsværd & Haakon Lie (ill.)

THE TIGER QUEEN Tal, Nea and the sabre-tooth tiger Shita are migrating south, to the land where it is always summer. One day, some unknown sabre-tooth tigers show up – they are almost identical to Shita. And before they're able to stop her, Shita disappears with her new friends! Nea is inconsolable. And it gets worse: before they find Shita again, someone else finds them, and suddenly Tal and Nea are trapped in a village – where everyone is trying to cram them full of food! Tigerdronning 160 x 233 mm / 64 pages

How will they manage to escape, now that Shita has abandoned them? Tor Åge Bringsværd & Haakon Lie (ill.)

THE FORGOTTEN CITY Tal and Nea have settled down with the Murr Tribe. Shita lives outside the jungle with her new tiger friends. The tiger is a sacred animal for the Murr Tribe, and Nea is the new Tiger Queen – even though she is only nine!

Den glemte byen 160 x 233 mm / 72 pages

Recently, they've been hearing horrible sounds from The Forgotten City in the jungle, and Nea decides that they have to go and investigate. Tal and Nea join the brave hunters out in the jungle. As they approach The Forgotten City, the howls get even louder and more frightening – and suddenly they see a huge, sinister shadow approaching…

Ingelin Røssland & Åshild Irgens (ill.)

STOLEN FRIEND Charming easy reader about needing someone to hang out with. Gustav solves this in his own way! It's summer break, and Gustav is bored. No one else is home, and Mom is just tidying up. Outside the store is a dog. Mom has always told him never to go up to strange dogs. But Mom isn't there, is she?

Stjålet venn 160 x 233 mm / 64 pages


Rights sold to: Sami (Gïelem nastedh)


Gro Røsth & Sandra Pilny-Lockertsen (ill.)

THE BICYCLE THIEF Sanna got a new bicycle for her birthday, but next morning it is gone! It turns out that a boy from the asylum reception centre has taken it. He wants to give it to his sister, who is so unhappy. When Sanna and her dad go to the centre to fetch the bicycle back, Sanna sees how sad the children are, and she really wants to do something to help them. But she can't really give them her bike. Then Mum has a good idea.

Rights sold to: Denmark (Bogoo Books)

Sykkeltyven 160 x 233 mm / 64 pages

Gro Røsth & Eivind Gulliksen (ill.)

LOCKED IN Inga wants some peace and quiet, and locks herself in the bathroom to read some Donald Duck comics, even though she knows she’s not supposed to lock the door. Finally, some peace and quiet to read her book! But when her big brother turns off the light and the lock gets stuck, it’s not much fun any longer.

Rights sold to: Denmark (Turbine), The Faroe Islands (Bókadeildin)

Låst 160 x 233 mm / 52 pages

Kjersti Scheen & Sindre Wexelsen Goksøyr (ill.)

WHEN SIMEN WAS A GHOST Simen is due to visit Grandma and Grandad, and is looking forward to playing in the tent under the plum trees. It’s his favourite place of all to play, but winter is approaching and Grandad has packed the tent away for the cold season. What on earth is Simen going to do now? And what is that thing hiding in the garage?

Da Simen var et spøkelse 160 x 233 mm / 56 pages



Heidi Christine Schømer & Tiril Valeur (ill.)

ELLY ISN’T LYING! Elly wants a rat more than anything else in the whole world! And she actually NEEDS to get a rat – because she's told her friends at school that she's got a pet rat. And now everyone thinks she's lying. But she isn't. Elly HAS a rat. She has LOTTY. She just hasn't bought her yet.

Elly juger ikke! 160 x 233 mm / 56 pages

Tiril Valeur

LEO GETS A LITTLE UNCLE Leo is seven years old, and what Leo wants more than anything else is an uncle! A cool, funny uncle just like Even and Ivar’s. Then they could do cool things like going fishing or to the circus. But Leo only has Mum, Grandma and Arne, Grandma’s new boyfriend. One day Grandma has some news – Leo’s finally getting an uncle! But the uncle may not be as cool and grown up as Leo maybe hoped. Leo får en liten onkel 160 x 233 mm / 56 pages

Rights sold to: Denmark (Lamberth), Sweden (B. Wahlströms), The Faroe Islands (Bókadeildin)

Bjørn Ousland

FART TROLL Henrik is a careful little boy who never does anything wrong – at least, he won't fart in public. But then he suddenly starts letting farts rip; at the store, at a party, in the classroom. It makes him very sad, and he doesn't know what to do! But it turns out the real culprit is the fart troll, who believes that Henrik needs to learn to love his inner fart. An important and stinky story about the essential things in life. Prompetroll 160 x 233 mm / 56 pages


Rights sold to: Denmark (Bogoo Books), The Faroe Islands (Bókadeildin)


Camilla Kuhn

EMIL MAKES A MESS Emil saves a fly from drowning in the tub. The fly is so thankful that it starts to follow Emil around, wherever he goes. But it is a bit annoying to have a fly buzzing in front of your nose while playing football, or while eating. Emil must find a way to get rid of the fly. But how?

Emil surrer det til 160 x 233 mm / 48 pages

Mariangela Di Fiore & Camilla Kuhn (ill.)

GIRL GERMS Albert's Mummy and Daddy are getting married. They want Albert to be page boy. The only problem is that he has to hold hands with his soon-to-be stepsister Kine, and Albert doesn't want girl germs! The big day arrives, and girl germs soon turn out to be the least of Albert's problems.

Jentelus 160 x 233 mm / 56 pages

Jan Grue & Ketil Selnes

SUPERMAGNUS Magnus loves superheroes. But how do you become a superhero? Magnus is willing to try whatever it takes to become a real superhero. Super-Magnus is an everyday story about a small everyday hero, who most of all wants to become a big, strong superhero, whatever the cost, and however much it might hurt. Super-Magnus 160 x 233 mm / 48 pages



Martin von Dürenfeldt

THE WORLD'S CUTEST Which is the world's sweetest animal ? A kitten, or maybe a fennec fox or a Japanese flying squirrel? There are lots of ways of being sweet. The animals in this book are large and small, round and thin, brightly coloured or black as coal. They fly, swim, climb, throw snowballs. This book will teach new facts to adults and children alike.

Verdens søteste 160 x 233 mm / 48 pages

Rights sold to: Denmark (Bogoo Books), The Faroe Islands (Bókadeildin)

Martin von Dürenfeldt

THE WORLD'S DEADLIEST Which is the world's most dangerous animal? Which animals are the toughest, the scariest, the sneakiest, and the angriest? Which ones should you watch out for? And where are they? Are they in the back garden? Which animals look scary, but actually aren't? And which ones look completely innocent, but are deadly? The World's Deadliest features animals from all over the world, those you already know and those you've never heard of. Verdens farligste 160 x 233 mm / 48 pages

Rights sold to: Denmark (Bogoo Books), The Faroe Islands (Bókadeildin)

Mari Kjeltun

THE WORLD’S STRANGEST Which animal in the book is the strangest? The one with nine brains? With their nose in their feet? Maybe the one who burps farts? In this book the young reader is introduced to the strangest of animals! A lot of animals look strange, and a lot of animals do strange things.

Verdens rareste 160 x 233 mm / 56 pages


EVERYONE HAS TO POOP Did you know that wombat poops square shapes and builds them into towers? Or that snails have their butt on their neck? Or that bears can keep their poo in for half a year, and that the vulture poos on their leg? In Everyone Has to Poop you’ll meet lots of different animals and find out how they poop. It’s completely wild and very strange how many different ways there are to poo.

Rights sold to: Denmark (Bogoo Books), The Faroe Islands (Bókadeildin)

Alle må bæsje 160 x 233 mm / 40 pages


Lena Lindahl & Jens A. Larsen Aas (ill.)

Lena Lindahl & Jens A. Larsen Aas (ill.)

EVERYONE HAS TO SLEEP Did you know that bats sleep upside down? Or that the parrot fish uses a sleeping bag? Or that guinea pigs sleep with their eyes open? In Everyone Has to Sleep you’ll meet lots of different animals and find out how they sleep. It’s totally wild and weird that there are so many different ways of sleeping.

Rights sold to: Denmark (Bogoo Books)

Alle må sove 160 x 233 mm / 40 pages

Lena Lindahl & Jens A. Larsen Aas (ill.)

EVERYONE HAS TO EAT Did you know that monkeys fish using rods? Or that the sea nettle eats with its rear end? Or that the shrew eats more than its own body weight every day? In Everyone Has to Eat, we meet many different animals and learn how they eat. It is astonishing and strange how many different ways it is possible to eat.

Alle må spise 160 x 233 mm / 48 pages



Lena Lindahl & Jens A. Larsen Aas (ill.)

ANIMAL LIFE Did you know that seahorse dads get pregnant? Or that the jaw of a crocodile is the safest place in the world if you happen to be a baby crocodile? In Animal Life, you’ll meet lots of different animal families, and you can read about what it’s like to be a kid in a clownfish family, how young sharks eat their own siblings and why kittens often look so different. And much, much more. Dyreliv 160 x 233 mm / 40 pages

Rights sold to: Denmark (Bogoo Books), The Faroe Islands (Bókadeildin)

Steffen Sørum & John S. Jamtli (ill.)

WARRIORS Warriors and weapons have always fascinated us. In Warriors, readers can learn about ten warriors who made the world less safe and left their mark on world history. Steffen Sørum simplifies history, and spices things up with surprising facts.

Krigere 160 x 233 mm / 48 pages

Rights sold to: Denmark (Bogoo Books)

Steffen Sørum & Andreas Iversen (ill.)

MORE WARRIORS More warriors tells the history of war from when gun powder was invented, until the Second World War. Readers can learn about ten warriors from across the world, both known and lesser-known warriors, and how they formed history.

Flere krigere 160 x 233 mm / 40 pages


THE UNICORN The unicorn is a mytical creature that once was believed to heal the sick. Their horn was crushed into powder, which was sold as medicine. But what was really in the powder? And what is the unicorn today? It's found as toys and as a symbol for Pride, but is there more to it? The Unicorn is the first in a new non-fiction series about mytical animals. Enhjørning 160 x 233 mm / 40 pages


Sveinung Lutro & Nicole Fortes (ill.)

Håkon Forfod Sønneland & Jens A. Larsen Aas

WEIRD FACTS ABOUT EUROPE Did you know that the Olympic Games come from Greece? And that all the competitors originally competed naked? Or that chocolate milk was invented by a man in Ireland? Or that in Switzerland you’re not allowed to own just one guinea pig? This is the ultimate guide to weird laws and customs in the different countries of Europe.

Rights sold to: The Faroe Islands (Bókadeildin)

Rare Fakta: Europa 160 x 233 mm / 56 pages

Håkon Forfod Sønneland & Per Ragnar Møkleby (ill.)

STRANGE INVENTIONS This is the ultimate book about all the strange inventions that exist—and perhaps some that shouldn’t. Inventions include slippers with grass, so you're always taking a stroll on the lawn. Rain clothing that prevents you from getting wet when in the bath tub. Your own private street lamp that you can use on dark evenings.

Rare oppfinnelser 160 x 233 mm / 56 pages



Sidsel Jøranlid & Monia Nielsen (ill.)

BETTINA THE BRIDESMAID Bettina is going to be a bridesmaid for Mum and Dad. Just before the wedding she's invited to a princess birthday party. Bettina sneaks in to try on her bridesmaid dress, and the dress rips along the zip! Even though Grandma tries to fix it in secret, it still isn't quite the way it was before. Luckily, Grandma remembers which dress it was Bettina actually wanted – the blue Cinderella dress that Mum didn't think was suitable for a proper wedding. Bettina brudepike 148 x 210 mm / 72 pages

Rights sold to: Denmark (Turbine)

Sidsel Jøranlid & Monia Nielsen (ill.)

BETTINA AND THE SUMMER GIFT Bettina is dreading four deathly boring weeks at the cabin without any friends. But then she meets Kristine, and suddenly summer seems to be turning out just fine! Kristine gives Bettina a nice summer gift. Perhaps it it's even too nice. Because what will Bettina give Kristine? A pretty shell won't do. And where did Kristine really get the gift from? Bettina og sommergaven 148 x 210 mm / 88 pages

Rights sold to: Denmark (Turbine), The Faroe Islands (Bókadeildin)

Sidsel Jøranlid & Monia Nielsen (ill.)

BETTINA AND THE SLEEPOVER Bettina is invited to a sleepover with Anna and their friends, so they can finish a school project. But Bettina doesn't really want to. She doesn't like sleeping over at other people's houses, where nothing is like at home. But she can't say that, because she doesn't want the others to think she is a whimp. Maybe she can just ask her mom to pick her up in the evening? But then she loses track of time, and suddenly it's bedtime and Bettina HAS to spend the night. Bettina overnatter 148 x 210 mm / 96 pages


Rights sold to: Denmark (Turbine), The Faroe Islands (Bókadeildin)


Sidsel Jøranlid & Monia Nielsen (ill.)

BETTINA AND THE THIEF It's Bettina's birthday, and she gets the gift that she had on the top of her wishlist. But then, suddenly, the present vanishes, and Bettina doesn't know what to do. Did someone steal it? Is one of her friends a thief?

Rights sold to: Denmark (Turbine)

Bettina og tyven 148 x 210 mm / 80 pages

Sidsel Jøranlid & Monia Nielsen (ill.)

BETTINA AND BENDIK Bettina's class is setting up a play, and Bettina hopes to get one of the main roles. But nothing goes just as she hoped, and it doesn't for Bendik either. They don't look forward to the play. But then, they make a plan!

Bettina og Bendik 148 x 210 mm / 64 pages

Sidsel Jøranlid & Monia Nielsen (ill.)

BETTINA DOESN’T BELIEVE IN SANTA It's Christmas, but instead of getting into the Christmas Spirit, Bettina finds herself in a difficult situation. Does Santa Claus actually exist? Bettina is not sure. A lovely book about a child who’s beginning to grow up, but who nonetheless really wants to believe in Santa and the magic of Christmas.

Rights sold to: Denmark (Turbine)

Bettina tror ikke på julenissen 148 x 210 mm / 30 page



Eldrid Johansen & Rikke Fjeld Jansen (ill.)

ÅSA'S CHILLS Åsa doesn’t like the house they have moved to. It’s cold, and there’s a boy sitting in the bathtub. There’s a man standing in the kitchen too, though he doesn’t make a sound. And Mummy and Daddy can’t see a thing! Is it only Åsa that can see it’s haunted here? A real thriller for all readers that like a scare!

Åsas grøss 148 x 210 mm / 48 pages

Rights sold to: The Faroe Islands (Bókadeildin)

Eldrid Johansen & Marie Lyshol (ill.)

THE SKIER Jens doesn't like skiing, especially not when it's dark and cold. Even though the lit ski tracks are right outside the house, he is not tempted. But his parents are insistent, and eventually Jens puts on his skis. It's eerie in the woods, his ski technique is poor and he is entirely alone. He loses control on a steep slope, runs straight into a tree and loses consciousness. Fortunately, somebody comes by and helps him home, somebody who makes skiing much more fun! But who is this person he has met in the woods? Skiløperen 148 x 210 mm / 72 pages

Eldrid Johansen & Christoffer Grav(ill.)

THE SCHOOL HAUNTING One of the school corridors is closed. The teachers tell the pupils the walls are at risk of collapsing. But a few pupils believe the corridor is haunted, and that those who venture into the dark corridor at night end up as zombies. Aman refuses to believe the rumours, and when her class prepares to have a sleepover at the school before Halloween, she convinces Gina to come with her and check out the area. She never should have done so! Skolespøkelset 148 x 210 mm / 64 pages


Rights sold to: The Faroe Islands (Bókadeildin)


Eldrid Johansen & Rikke Fjeld Jansen (ill.)

THE GIRL FROM THE OTHER SIDE Håvard has moved to a new place. He is struggling to make friends and has just lost his grandmother. One day when Håvard is down at the shore, he meets a friendly girl. She has very unusual eyes and peculiarly cold hands. She comes from the other side…

Jenta fra den andre siden 148 x 210 mm / 56 pages

Eldrid Johansen & Marie Lyshol (ill.)

THE EVIL BUSH Guri, Susanne and their mother inherit Aunt Stina's summer house. Aunt Stina went mad after she lost her daughter. On the path there is a bush that they think might have something to do with the disappearance. Then Guri's ferret suddenly disappears without a trace. Can a bush really be evil?

Den onde busken 148 x 210 mm / 64 pages

Eldrid Johansen & Rikke Fjeld Jansen (ill.)

THE BOY IN THE MIRROR Mum might think he is only dreaming, but this is no dream: someone is waving to Kalle from inside the mirror. A boy. He is sitting on Kalle’s bed, but everything looks different. And then Kalle puts his hand through the mirror... A true thriller for all readers that like a scare!

Gutten i speilet 148 x 210 mm / 48 page



Sidsel Jøranlid & Monia Nielsen (ill.)

FUMBLEFIELD FC - THE LOCAL DERBY This is the classic tale of a local derby between Fublefield and the snobs from Toff Bay BC. But someone has stolen Sahir’s lucky gloves! Toff Bay is the prime suspect, naturally. Things don’t get any better when they discover that the referee is half deaf and semi-blind, not to mention his combover …

Knoterud FK 148 x 210 mm / 48 pages

Rights sold to: Denmark (Turbine)

Sidsel Jøranlid & Monia Nielsen (ill.)

EITHER OR - 100 CRAZY DILEMMAS Would you rather eat your nails each time you cut them, or eat your hair each time you cut it? Either or? What would you rather? This book is filled with dilemmas, where all of the options are completely insane!

Enten eller 148 x 210 mm / 48 pages

Rights sold to: The Faroe Islands (Bókadeildin)

Anne Østgaard, Kaja Østgaard Pettersen & Cathrine Sandmæl (ill.)

BAD, WORSE, WORST? Would you rather be in a lift with a skunk or take the stairs with a sloth? How about paddling on a toboggan or take a bath in a fur coat? This book is filled with dilemmas, where all of the options are completely insane!

Vondt, verre, verst? 148 x 210 mm / 48 pages



Sidsel Jøranlid & Martin Mauseth Hvattum (ill.)

THE SKI TRIP It's almost time for a ski day, and Anders wants to teach Khalid how to ski. First, they practice on the hills behind the apartment. But one evening, they follow the ski trail into the forest, and Anders falls on a steep hill. His foot is hurt, and it's dark and cold. How are they going to get home now? Exciting, easy read about a ski trip that suddenly gets serious, about friendship, and about helping one another. Skituren 148 x 210 mm / 80 pages

Janne Aasebø Johnsen & Thomas Malme Madsen (ill.)

YLVA SAVES THE SKI TRIP Ylva's skis are terrible. Ski trips are lame. Cross country skiing is so hard that she'd rather just hide in the bathroom. But it doesn't work; everyone is going out on a trip. Luckily, the teacher, Monica, keeps her company while the rest of the class goes on ahead. Monica is a good teacher. After a while, Ylva is almost even enjoying skiing! But then there is an accident, and Ylva has to be a skillful and brave skier!

Ylva redder skidagen 148 x 210 mm / 80 pages

Ragnfrid Trohaug & Ella Okstad (ill.)

WE WANT A DOG! The twins Jenny and Ole have a fanatical wish that many children will be familiar with: they want a dog! The twins are willing to do almost anything to convince Mummy and Daddy that they will take responsibility for a pet. Even tidying their room! But when they discover that this doesn't help, they are forced to think bigger. Kidnapping a dog from the kennel seems like a very good idea. Vi vil ha hund! 148 x 210 mm / 68 page



Thomas Framnes & Per Dybvig (ill.)

STORM AND ALBRIKT BUILD A GO-KART Storm and Albrikt dream about having a lovely go-kart. They start hammering and nailing. But they are not particularly good at bulding go-karts. The first attempt does not have wheels or a steering wheel. And when they do get them in place, they forget to connect the steering wheel to the wheels. The first test ride down Brekke Hill hurts … and the next one, too … and the next … But Storm and Albrikt refuse to give up! Storm og Albrikt bygger kassebil 148 x 210 mm / 88 pages

Thomas Framnes & Per Dybvig (ill.)

STORM AND ALBRIKT LEARN TO SWIM Neither Storm nor Albrikt know how to swim. They splash around the shallow end with floaties on their arms. It is fine—as long as Storm’s mother is the only one who can see them. But then both Georg and Betina spot them. They laugh and Storm’s and Albrikt’s faces turn red. Now they will HAVE to learn to swim! And using their imagination and creative talents, they do so by unusual methods.

Storm og Albrikt lærer å svømme 148 x 210 mm / 80 pages

Thomas Framnes & Per Dybvig (ill.)


Storm og Albrikt drar dit pepper'n gror 148 x 210 mm / 84 pages


Storm and Albrikt are not just best friends, but also friends with Gaute, who has been really unlucky and is in hospital with a broken leg. Gaute must be cheered up, Storm and Albrikt agree heartily. Perhaps some homemade hot-pot would be the answer? But Gaute isn’t best pleased with their plate of stew. Instead, he keeps complaining about how boring the hospital is. Something to spice up ordinary days would’ve been a treat, he yawns. And then falls asleep. Storm and Albrikt realise what they have to do. And soon they’re on their way to where the pepper plants grow …


Thomas Framnes & Per Dybvig (ill.)

STORM AND ALBRIKT HAVE TO PLAY SOCCER Storm and Albrikt have far too much energy and far too little discipline, according to their mom! She says they have to start playing soccer like other children. But is that really such a good idea? What happens when two clumsy and comical wild animals with absolutely no athletic abilities are let loose onto the soccer field? Storm og Albrikt må spille fotball 148 x 210 mm / 80 pages

Jill Moursund

ZOMBIES ARE COMING Are you prepared for the zombie apocalypse? Darwin wasn't either. Now he's sitting at a balcony with a seething mass of zombies beneath him. Trapped, he starts writing the ultimate survival guide for when zombies come. You need food, water, a place to stay and a gang that you trust. How is it possible to sneak past the zombies? How do you call for help when there are no phones, or police and no internet? You have to be smart, trust yourself, and know what you're doing. Zombiene kommer! 148 x 210 mm / 80 pages



Cecilie Winger & Helena Lindholm (ill.)

VIKINGS IN 1-2-3 How was life really, during the Viking age? Why did the Vikings go on raids? Did they really have horns on their helmets? This easy read offers everything you need to know about the historic time periods of the Viking Age.

Vikinger på 1-2-3 148 x 210 mm / 72 pages

Rights sold to: Denmark (Bogoo books)

Cecilie Winger & Helena Lindholm (ill.)

JESUS IN 1-2-3 Who was Jesus? What do we know about him? Was he the son of God, or was Josef his father? What do we actually know, and what do we only think we know? This easy read goes into the intensely thrilling story of Jesus, with lots of humour and facts.

Jesus på 1-2-3 148 x 210 mm / 80 pages

Rights sold to: Denmark (Bogoo books)

Eldrid Johansen & Thomas Malme Madsen (ill.)

ANCIENT EGYPT In Ancient Egypt, people believed in life after death. But you had to be on your best behaviour while you were alive and pass difficult tests after you were dead. You couldn’t cheat either – because your heart would give you away. And what was happening in Europe, while the Egyptians were learning about writing and culture? Come along on an exciting voyage to Ancient Egypt, where you’ll encounter pharaohs, pyramids and sphynxes. Det gamle Egypt 148 x 210 mm / 96 pages



Steffen Sørum & Andreas Iversen (ill.)

PIRATES - TALES FROM THE SEVEN SEAS You’ve seen pirates in films and in games, but who were they in real life? In this easy reader, we follow the story from the first pirates up to the pirates of today. We learn about pirates who worked for monarchs, and the pirate hunters trying to find them. Read about infamous pirates such as Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, Anne Bonny and Mary Read as well as ships, crews and treasures that were never found. Rights sold to: The Faroe Islands (Bókadeildin)

Pirater fra hele verden 148 x 210 mm / 72 pages

Annette Münch, Hanne Eide Andersen & Philip Hauglin (ill.)

MARTIAL ARTS What is martial arts and what is the difference between Tae Kwon Do and Judo? Do you have to fight or be very strong to do martial arts? Martial arts is a detailed, easy-to-read book about a sport that many children are curious about. The book provides advice and inspiration for which sports suit you. Kampsport 148 x 210 mm / 64 pages

Sigbjørn Skåden & Ketil Selnes (ill.)

THE SAMÍ Who are the Sámi people? How do they live? What does it mean to be Sámi? Perhaps you know that they have reindeer, or that they speak a different language. Maybe you know that the Sámi people have their own parliament in Kárášjoga. This book will teach you a little more about the Sámi people, and just what it means to be Sámi today.

Samer 148 x 210 mm / 30 page

Rights sold to: Northern Sami (Gïelem nastedh)



Alexander H. Sandtorv & Linn Isabel Eielsen (ill.)

DISGUSTING Slimy snot, stinky farts, squirting diarrhoea and the sound of a knife scraping a plate. The world is full of disgusting things. But what are some really disgusting things? And why are they disgusting? The reader will find the answers in this book. But it comes with a warning! If you can’t cope with reading about truly disgusting, repulsive, stinky, slimy stuff, this book is not for you! Ekkelt 148 x 210 mm / 72 pages

Rights sold to: Denmark (Bogoo books), The Faroe Islands (Bókadeildin)

Line Renslebråten

BLOODSUCKERS There are many fascinating creatures who live off eating blood. They are called hematophages. How did they develop this ability? Does nature really need these bloodsuckers to be part of the ecosystem? Animals who live off eating blood have their own unique properties, and there are more of them than you think … Blodsugere 148 x 210 mm / 56 pages

Lars Mæhle & Joachim Berg (ill.)

A LITTLE BOOK ABOUT FARTS! Pinch your nose and enter the insane world of farts! In this book you will learn anything about farts and gas and silent killers. Amazing facts about farts, funny poems, silly rules, and fart stories from real life. Did you for example know why the giraffe has their butt so far away from their nose? Or that a loud fart once set off a war? Or that a Swedish football player got a red card for farting? En liten bok om promp 148 x 210 mm / 64 pages


READING LIONS – Norway's most popular Easy Reads

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