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New research by Harvard scientists… Have they found the fountain-of-youth? More quickly than anyone imagined, Nobel Prize winning research is yielding promising compounds for fighting aging at the most fundamental cellular level. A new study by Harvard scientists suggests a dietary supplement, TA-65®, derived from the Chinese Astragalus plant - stops shortening of chromosome tips which are linked to aging…The TA-65 Ageless DNA supplements restore youthful cellular function!


n 2001, a world-class biotech company named Geron made a landmark discovery. The scientists at Geron Corporation discovered TA-65®, a proprietary, single molecule purified from Astragalus Botanical Roots that causes Telomerase Activation (TA). Astragalus has been used for centuries as a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Its usage dates back to the late Han Dynasty (206 BC) when it was considered a “heaven class” herb due to its antiaging properties associated with an extended life span.

average 15,000 base pairs in length and through cell division they are reduced to 10,000 base pairs by the time we are born.

Throughout life we ““I feel so much better. My life quality is so much better that I'm afraid to lose 20-60 base pairs ever stop taking TA-65.” - Nina per year. By the time a telomere reaches 3,000Nature’s Age Reducer 5,000 base pairs the cell TA Sciences harvests plant will either die or become material from specifically senescent and contribute selected farms in one small to chronic inflammation. region in China. TA Many Health Benefits Sciences is the first company to isolate TA-65 What TA65md can do for from the Astragalus root you is lengthen your plant. The result of this shortest telomeres so your exclusive, proprietary cells can continue to extraction process is a Cellular Age Fighter function normally. A recent powder that is over 90% study determined that S Telomeres have been pure TA-65: the potent, subjects taking TA65 md referred to as the anti-aging Telomerasefor 1 year improved their "protective caps" of our Activating molecule*. chromosomes because they immunity, bone mass, blood pressure, cholesterol Get a FREE Sample! maintain their structure Now you can get the and glucose levels and and protect the genes. At purest TA-65 Ageless DNA specific types of memory. conception our telomeres supplements which fight the effects of aging at the cellular level. Free Samples are available for the new nationwide trial program!

TA-65 Ageless DNA

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Telomeres get shorter as we age, and shortened telomeres also are related to increased risk of disease and mortality.

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10-9-12 3D PLAY8 Draft V-1 TA-65 Newspaper QTR Page (5.37X10.5)