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Alert: Are you struggling with IRS penalties and back taxes? Dealing with federal-state taxes alone can be overwhelming and confusing. The IRS and State Tax Boards are only concerned with collecting taxes. Their job is to get the most money they can from you. A leading tax resolution company, OMG Tax®, can “free you” from the threats of wage garnishments, bank levies and property seizure.


n 2010, U.S taxpayers spent 6.1 billion hours complying with the over 3.8 million word federal tax code. The IRS and many State Tax Boards have seen drastic budget cuts in recent years so getting a hold of a tax agent is more difficult than ever.

When you owe the IRS back taxes the best outcome for everyone is to be able to find a speedy resolution. When a taxpayer has been holding for 20 minutes or more and attempts to negotiate with an IRS agent can be frustrating to say the least.

Stop “Aggressive” Tax Collection If you don’t pay back taxes the IRS will take aggressive collection action to satisfy your tax debt. Of course the IRS has their own agenda in mind. This can make turning to them for answers equivalent to asking another team’s coach for free throw!

Finally Free of the IRS! The following are

testimonials*** from OMG Tax clients. With your help they can find your best solution and stop your IRS nightmare... Now you can finally be “free” of the IRS!

ALERT: DO YOU OWE BACK TAXES? IRS recently announced changes to its Fresh Start Policy giving taxpayers who owe money to the IRS more options! Alex Turner “Thank you guys for all your work on this ... It Fast & Hassel-Free has been a thorn in my IRS Solutions side for several years, and it is really great to have The IRS does not require it on track now”! you to obtain third party representation to settle R. Knox Jr. “To my surprise, after it was said and done your tax liabilities. However, with the garnishment has been stopped and I saved about representation your case 70% of the money they often moves forward wanted to take per month quicker and you get a by making that call.” better result.


OMG Tax will work with you to prove to the IRS People that work for the exactly what you make, IRS, are just that: People. what your expenses are, Some IRS employees are and what you can really smart, some are nice, some pay and what you really are inane, and some are just owe them , if anything. If paying your tax debt with mean. Good tax help requires experienced experts an affordable pay plan is your tax solution, then that keep a dialog with the they will make sure that IRS protecting your rights the monthly amount you and interests. pay is affordable for you!


OMG contacts the IRS for you and can resolve your IRS tax matter and stop wage garnishments and the threat of bank levies quickly!

Solve Your Tax Problems Today! The professionals at OMG Tax are available to solve your IRS tax problems. The consultation is free... Stop your tax nightmare! FREE CONSULATION CALL TODAY!


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Alert: Are you struggling with IRS penalties and back taxes?