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A Proven Track Record: From Ideas to Household Names BrandSeed Group’s President and CEO, Chuck Anton, has assembled a team of multi-channel direct marketing visionaries with years of results oriented experience. Mr. Anton’s built one of the first fully integrated and leading “multi-channel” direct marketing companies, TechnoScout, from one employee to over 300 employees ($75M in Revenues). His teams have launched many very successful products to market via direct marketing across Print, TV, Radio, Direct Mail, Catalogs and the Internet. Mr. Anton has taken his experience building the largest and first “infomercial in print” product launch platform (150M+ full page ads per month) to drive revenues for clients with real-world expertise managing all aspects of the key campaign factors necessary to run successful and large scale direct response campaigns. The BrandSeed team has “partnered” with dozens of clients to launch both large and small new branded verticals. The “new” product categories initially launched by BrandSeed teams will produce combined direct and retail sales of over $1 billion dollars this year alone!

The Track Record…Our Clients Experience Explosive Growth!


Recoton® Wireless Speakers- Recoton grew category from zero to $50 million annually. Introduced a series of line extensions and company grew from $20 million to over $200 million in annual revenues within 5 years.

Shark Vacuum- EuroPro® sold one million units through direct and retail first year which was their first direct marketing effort when the company was in start-up mode. Company does over $200 million in revenues today.

Radio Fence®- Grew from start-up to compete and surpass Invisible Fence® and own category under Pet Safe® name today…Over $200 million in annual revenues today at retail.

Navigator ® First Hands-Free Car Cellphone Adapter – Sold over $20 million direct first year and sold over $100 million combined direct and retail annually within third year of marketing efforts.

The Crystal Ear® Hearing Amplifier- Became the largest direct seller of hearing related devices in the space of six months exceeding over $50 million the first year.

The Hollywood Diet®- Sold over 1 million units direct first year and signed deal with GNC with sales exceeding $75 million combined retail and direct annually by second year.

Total Gym- Introduced Total Gym’s first direct program in print selling over $10 million first year. Company expanded into DRTV and other direct channels to exceed $100 million in annual sales.

Memory Foam® Mattress Topper- Worked directly with ER Carpenter OEM manufacturer and of the original TempurPedic® Mattress to introduce the world’s first memory foam mattress topper via direct print advertising. Sold over $50 million direct and established category to exceed $300 million annual revenue via DRTV. ER Carpenter leveraged these efforts into their own house brand exceeding $200 million in retail sales annually.

Botopical® Anti-Wrinkle Serum- Launched product introduction and selling over 1 million bottles first year. Became basis of Hydroxytone product launch across print, radio and TV which exceeded $200 million in annual revenues by the third year.

PhoneX® Worlds First Wireless AC Phone Adapter- Start-up Company introduced via direct response print and produced over $30 million in annual revenues first year. Company became licensed OEM to RCA within 18 months with over 2 million units per year sold annually.

Braun® Leg Hair Remover/Shavers- Introduced and launched new category for Braun via direct print advertising producing over $50 million in category revenues first year.

RCA® DirecTV Satellite- Launched original RCA branded direct TV satellite service via nationwide print campaign exceeding over $100 million combined annual revenues within the first year.


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All of these products launches shared a common set of goals from the client’s perspective. They all shared limited resources to build their market presence and they all shared a turnkey resource that drove their successful product launches. BrandSeed builds on this proven track record to introduce new products and their associated brands to the marketplace quickly and cost effectively. With BrandSeed you have control of your marketing campaign and spend your ad dollars in a scientific way. We provide all the resources you need to utilize the power of transactional direct marketing to liquidate your advertising spending. We can provide and manage all elements of your direct marketing campaigns or only the elements you need. Our clients can finally focus on their core business and build new customer relationships that will propel their brands into the future.

Plug into Millions of “Low-Cost” Impressions…Discounts of 70% Plus! BrandSeed has developed a proprietary platform for building brands in a dramatically faster and more efficient way than classic advertising approaches. The cornerstone to this platform is a media network of hundreds of millions of monthly impressions through partnerships with some of the world’s best known publishers across Print, TV, Radio, the Internet and Social Media at deep discounts. Our clients include manufacturers, distributors, catalog retailers, internet retailers, electronic retailers and store based retailers looking to build their brand through our self-liquidating advertising services. BrandSeed can manage or build all elements of the direct marketing infrastructure required to optimize the performance of each branded promotion and drive new customers to its clients’ businesses. BrandSeed partners with its clients to create a “performance based” customer acquisition engine. This multi-channel fully integrated marketing system drives explosive/profitable sales growth and creates recurring revenue streams to create a sustainable competitive advantage for its clients.

LOW COST CUSTOMER ACQUISTION = PROFITS! The goal of our marketing services client relationships is to drive the lowest possible customer acquisition costs…building a sustainable direct to consumer marketing platform to fuel growth into the future. There is substantial opportunity across our media networks to drive “content rich” and “contextual” copy within multiple industry and consumer verticals. Ultimately, building a “multi-channel” direct media bed and transferring an optimized direct marketing platform for our clients’ product launches…Achieving a positive marketing cycle of “attract, sell, satisfy and retain” which is the key to maximizing sales growth and profits!

BrandSeed’s Integrated Marketing Services

The Media Network

Transactional Platform

Database Marketing

- Low Cost - Multi-channel - Geo-Targeting - Efficient Test/Rollout - Customer Education - Build Brand Equity

- Inquires to Orders - Multi-Channel Service - Customer Learning - Fully Transactional - Data Warehousing - Channel Reporting

- Diminishing Sales Costs - Continuity Rev Streams - Customer Modeling - Market Research - Multi-Channel Contacts - Build Large Repeat File

The Results: A “Plug and Play” Product Launch Platform 1. Measurable and Cost Effective Media Test and Rollout Plans 2. “Self-Liquidating” Advertising Offers…”Low Cost” Customer Acquisition 3. “Low Cost” Print Media and Online Media Bed (70% below rates) 4. “Piggy-Back” Marketing Partnerships 5. Drive Lifetime Value metrics of acquired customers up dramatically 6. Retention and continuous Sales Model…Catalogs, Newsletters, etc.


BrandSeed Group, LLC

♦ 8817 Thornton Heath Drive, Chesterfield, VA 23832 ♦ 804-677-6104

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