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At Canterbury you will be academically challenged, yes. But we will also challenge you to step beyond comfort zones and to consider talents outside of the classroom: on stage, on athletic fields, and in the water. Students at Canterbury are more than prepared for college. They are prepared for life.

The cool thing about attending a school that specializes in marine studies is that some days, your classroom may be on a boat, or on a coastline, or even under water. When you are on campus, you will study marine life in our 2,800 sq. ft. Cousteau Center for Marine Studies with a university-level learning laboratory, touch tanks, outdoor red fish

tanks, a laptop lab, and interactive displays. On these displays, students share the data they’ve collected in Tampa Bay with scientists and other students throughout the world. For instance, middle school classes exchange data with a science class in Monaco on water quality, marine debris and microplastics to work together to create a solution for preventing future marine debris from entering the Bay.

Character counts at Canterbury. We strongly believe that education is more than just academics, it’s about developing students who will become--per our mission--”responsible stewards of our world.” How do we do this? Lower School students write and perform monthly skits for their peers on topics such as optimism, perseverance, and honesty. Middle and Upper School students participate in morning advisory discussions once a week that cover everything from decision-making and dealing with conflict, to time management and college and career development.

Both campuses have a “buddy” program, wherein the oldest kids on campus mentor the youngest kids on campus in the hallways, during lunchtime, and during monthly activities which may include anything from reading together, to athletics, to a water balloon toss.

From planting gardens and beautifying streets in Costa Rica, to planting marsh grass in Tampa Bay to prevent beach erosion, you can dig in with both hands to engage in service both locally and globally. This is how empathetic, impactful leaders are born.

Our school is full of budding engineers, artists, writers, scientists, entrepreneurs, diplomats, and scholars thanks to the challenging and inspiring academic programs available to our students. Our learning community is highly collaborative, real-world focused, and research based. Cutting-edge digital tools extend conversations beyond the classroom and advance student-driven, global learning. You will learn to make sound, thoughtful decisions. You will learn to balance studies, passions, and family and friends--a life skill that will serve you well beyond your collegiate years.

The best thing about Canterbury is that students are encouraged to try (and excel) at everything! Arts electives are a part of everyone’s school-day schedule, but you can also participate in school plays, band, choral concerts and more, while also playing a sport. Certain times of the year, if you are involved in a school play, you may have to negotiate practice and rehearsal schedules with your director and coach. This is a common practice (no pun intended) when activities overlap. These are golden opportunities to practice real-life time management skills.

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We know it can be overwhelming to consider the pros and cons of a private school experience, so ask us all your questions. What are the pros & cons of private vs. public? Big classes vs. smaller classes? AP vs. IB? Religious vs. non-sectarian? Should my kids go private in elementary school or wait until middle or high school? Is the cost really worth it?

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Don’t be stressed. We’ll help you figure out what is best for you. You can talk to our faculty, parents, and students as well to see if we’re your perfect fit.

A Hough Campus | PK3 - Grade 4 | 1200 Snell Isle Boulevard NE, 33704 B Knowlton Campus | Grades 5 - 12 | 990 62nd Avenue NE, 33702 Main Office | 727.525.1419 Admission Office | 727.521.5903

CanterburyFlorida.org facebook.com/canterburyschoolofflorida @canterbury_fl @canterburyFL pinterest.com/canterburyFL youtube.com/canterburyflorida

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Find out what Canterbury School of Florida is all about and how our students challenge themselves, find their passion, and come together as...

2019-20 Canterbury School of Florida View Book  

Find out what Canterbury School of Florida is all about and how our students challenge themselves, find their passion, and come together as...