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EAT Well. PLAY Well. Fuel UP for Fun! Fuel up


for coaches and parents of sporty kids ages 6 to 15 years

Fuel up for Fun is is the nutrition go-to resource designed for parents and coaches of kids 6 to 15 years of age. Authored by Registered Dietitian Carol Harrison, RD and fitness expert Christa Costas-Bradstreet, MA.

What you'll find inside: • Why healthy eating matters • Spotlight on meal timing, hydration and the power of protein • Practical solutions to common healthy eating challenges • Meal and snack ideas

What people are saying about Fuel Up For Fun: “Great resource to share with parents, coaches and educators.” “Sharing this resource with my child taught her new things about what to eat when.” “This is a good basic resource that cuts through what some parents are hearing and reading on-line.”

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68 Indoor Cycling Upgrade

Turn something ordinary into extraordinary



3 ways to empower participants to succeed DIVERSITY & INCLUSION

30 Supporting Weight-Neutral Fitness

What can i do if my client wants weight loss?



3 steps to generate leads and convert them to clients




Sponsors Exhibitor & Sponsor Directory Intensives Trade Show Schedule Floor Plan Career Fair Hotel


Find a rewarding career with pilates, one of the most in-demand forms of exercise


5 ways to slow down in order to speed up your growth TRAINING

38 Fitness Inclusion 101

How to combat our fear around disability in the gym


Use questions, collaboration, and exercise to help your clients move with ease and confidence










Easy tips to build rapport and fill your classes KIDS FITNESS


42 46 51 52 54 56 58






62 PREVENTING INJURIES ON THE BENCH PRESS 3 common injuries and technique corrections for proper posture TECHNOLOGY

64 12 Tech Tools For Social Media

Save time and effort with tools that can help you convert followers into paying clients


Ensuring inclusivity, creativity, and the ethical use of innovative tech to build fitness communities


How to design quality kids’ fitness programs for ages one to 12 ACTIVE AGING / BIEN VIEILLIR EN RESTANT ACTIF


3 areas of opportunity to make our seniors feel included and cared for


Nous avons identifié trois veines à exploiter pour permettre à nos ainés de se sentir inclus et incluses, et de sentir qu’on se préoccupe de leur bien-être. MIND-BODY FITNESS


Uniting two practices for a calmer mind and nervous system NUTRITION

86 The Protein–Bone Health Connection An overlooked and underrated nutrient in preventing and managing osteoporosis EXCERPT


This Is an excerpt from Methods Of Group Exercise Instruction By Mary M. Yoke And Carol K. Armbruster REGULARS








PRO TRAINER SHOWCASE canfitpro July/August 2022


Note from the COO Photo Credit: Dawn Bowman

July/August, 2022

Chief Operating Officer Maureen Hagan Director of Operations Michael O’Neil Director of Business Growth Robert Robinson Managing Editor Erin Andersen Graphic Designer Imran Mahmood, Doris Li, Certification Operations Manager Barb Pontes, Events Experience Manager Nicole Delorme, Senior Account Manager, B2B Sales Bill Loker,

A tribute to this year’s canfitpro 2022 Global Conference and Trade Show This editorial is a tribute to this year’s canfitpro 2022 Global Conference and Trade Show theme, Welcome Back, which returns live, in-person for the first time in two years. While many of us have found new ways of staying connected and staying up to date in our training and education, most of us are craving the connection that will happen instantaneously when we come back together. Anticipating our upcoming event reminds me what I have missed and the importance of being together, not only for our own desire to feel like we belong, but a responsibility we have to help support our industry’s recovery. For those who remember the 1970’s TV series Welcome Back Kotter, you will recall its theme song written by John Sebastian for the show. It rose to #1 on the American music charts in 1976 after being played on American Bandstand. And for those who have yet to hear it, forgive me…here are the ‘canfitpro inspired’ lyrics! For the original song visit youtube. com/watch?v=OK4_fDHv-SQ Welcome back, your dreams were your ticket out… of this pandemic Welcome back, to that place you smiled about… canfitpro live in-person in Toronto Well, the names may have changed since you hung around… with canfitpro last But those dreams have remained and they’ve turned around…’cause your WHY has not changed just the fitness trends have Who’d have thought they’d lead you (Who’d have thought they’d lead you) Back here where we need you...cause the fitness industry needs you (Back here where we need you)

4 canfitpro July/August 2022

Member Experience Manager Fatima Sunga,

Yeah, we’ve teased you a lot… because we care about you a lot Cause we got you on the spot Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back Welcome back, we always could spot a friend… and .... a fellow fit pro Welcome back And I smile when I think how you must have been…showing up each day like a pro And I know what a scene you were learnin’ in… behind a computer screen Was there something that made you come back again… to see others and be together in-person again? And what could ever lead you (What could ever lead you) …to opportunities that support your comeback Back here where we need you (Back here where we need you) be part of our industry’s comeback Yeah, we tease you a lot… because we really want to see you Cause we got you on the spot…for 3 days we hope to see you Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back Need MO’re to inspire your decision to join us August 12-14th? Read the Global Onsite Trade Show Directory and Schedule inside this issue (pages 41-58) and learn from some of our Global presenters who are also featured in this issue.

Maureen “Mo” Hagan Chief Operating Officer

Fitness Advisory Panel Leslee Bender Carl Carter Deidre Douglas, EdD Stephanie Dupuis Suaad Ghadban Daniela Goode Alisa Herriman Sara Hodson Nathalie Lacombe Sheldon McBee Lorne Opler Simone Samuels Vyshnavi Sivakumaran Jeff Tiessen

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canfitpro UPDATES canfitpro is proud of our staff and their commitment to helping you, our valued members, be successful. Our staff come from diverse and varied backgrounds and bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience to their roles. What is one interesting fact you can share about yourself? One fun fact about me is that I am a pescatarian! How long have you been working at canfitpro? I am fairly new to the canfitpro team. I have been working here for almost one year now and have enjoyed every minute of it. Name Marilyn Napoli Nickname: Everyone calls me “Mar”. Country of birth: Canada Cultural background: Italian! Both my parents immigrated from Sicily when they were younger. What is your favourite food? I have a huge sweet tooth! So, anything with sugar is a yes for me. However, my favourite food would have to be sushi. I could eat it every day and never get bored of it. What is your favourite holiday? Tough question! I love Halloween and Christmas both so much. However, Halloween may take the win because of the fall weather, leaves, and pumpkins. There is something so comforting about the fall season.

6 canfitpro July/August 2022

What is your role and what do you do for canfitpro? I am the Communications & Social Media Coordinator. I like to think of myself as the base line of communication both internally and externally. I help connect people and I get to create daily content! I am also responsible for canfitpro’s social channels. I am highly active online responding to comments, questions, re-sharing posts, collecting data, and organizing analytics. Every day is different, and I love my job for that reason. Why is what you do with canfitpro important to you? I am a highly creative person, and my job gives me the opportunity to utilize my skillset in many ways. But the most important way is being able to connect people to stories through my content. Which canfitpro core value most resonates with you? The canfitpro core value that resonates with

me the most would have to be Curiosity. We are constantly learning at every stage in our life, and it is important to continue to be curious about new ideas and visions. The only way we can keep growing is to keep learning. What is your favourite form of exercise or physical activity? I really enjoy going for walks, in the summer especially. It is something so simple but can be so refreshing for the mind and body. I also love roller blading, it is such a fun way to get exercise in. How do you incorporate fitness into your life? I currently circuit train. I like this method because it keeps me on my toes and keeps me engaged. Fitness is an important aspect in my life, not only does it help me physically but also mentally. What is your two-word WHY statement? My two-word WHY statement would be “Try Again”. The path to success is never linear and sometimes you need to try alternative ways to make it to your goal. What is your Super-Power? I am an empath and can feel and recognize emotions very strongly. What do you want to be remembered for? Making people laugh.

WE DARE YOU TO KEEP UP Inspired by the instructors who make group cycling worth the sweat, the next generation of Schwinn has been built so we can Ride As One. Driven to create the most versatile bikes in the industry, we’ve looked at our history of authenticity to design a series of group cycling bikes whose key touchpoints, personalisation and connectivity are revolutionary. Each of these bikes were created to suit the personality of your studio. No matter which bike fits your members best, we’ve simplified our customer experience so you can focus on what you do best—Ride.

R E QUEST A Q U O TE T O D A Y ! Contact VISIT COREHEALTHANDFITNESS.COM/SCHWINN ©2021 Core Health & Fitness LLC. All rights reserved. Schwinn is registered trademarks of Nautilus Inc. used under license to Core Health & Fitness LLC.



Styker Slat Treadmill Engineered to withstand the demands of your facility, the TRUE Stryker Slat Treadmill provides excellent durability thanks to its robust TRUE design and premium components. The Stryker features a running surface of vulcanized rubber slats that are more durable, requiring less maintenance than the conventional conveyor belt system of traditional treadmills. The individual shockabsorbing slats provide a running surface closer to the natural feel of a more realistic training experience.

Expand your coaching skills, build your client roster, and learn how to train and coach clients living with physical disabilities with the Breaking Barriers interactive online course. The one-day training is canfitpro approved (CEC credits), and all canfitpro members receive 20% off! Dive into the fundamentals of training clients with spinal cord injuries, neurodegenerative conditions, and other physical disabilities. Join our next training session!

MedFit Classroom: Specialized Education for Fitness Pros Most personal trainers work with fit, near-fit, or “healthy” individuals. But, there are millions of “unwell” potential clients looking for trainers who understand their medical issues or chronic disease and can offer specialized programming to improve their quality of life. Gain the knowledge, skills, and credibility to reach this vastly untapped market with MedFit Classroom. canfitpro members save 25% on courses!

8 canfitpro July/August 2022

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Schwinn Z Bike Powered by personalized zones, accountability and an instructor who will push riders to be their best, the Z Bike was designed for studios that focus on unifying their members with color. The configurable console allows for your instructor to design the class around FTP, Heart Rate, or Cadence for an experience that is never the same twice.

canfitpro July/August 2022



SHARING A PASSION FOR HEALTH AND FITNESS Meet our PRO TRAINERS who champion fitness education in their communities Kim Nicholls Langham, SK Courses Taught: FIS How did you get started in your fitness career? My fitness career started a little later in life. I am a Recreation Therapist by trade and when I was 35 years old, I was offered a position where one of the requirements was to become a Group Fitness Instructor. I thought – okay, I can do that if I have to! Up to that point in my life I had not really participated in many fitness classes – I was more of a sport for fitness person. I grew up on a farm in rural Saskatchewan and, thankfully, had parents who believed in the value of sport. So, I have been active my whole life, just not specifically with group fitness. When I think about it, I recognize that life steered me in the right direction. As soon as I became a group fitness instructor I knew. You know that feeling when you start to do something, and it feels like, “This is it! This is what I have been waiting for!’? That is what I felt when I started teaching group fitness. I have energy and life and this crazy sense of joy to spare, and teaching group fitness has given me this amazing community that I get to share those things with. What do you enjoy about group fitness? All of it! The community, the connections, the jokes, the work, the joy, the fun. I love knowing that the way I feel in my body and the way I feel about my body can change just by taking 10 canfitpro July/August 2022

a group fitness class. I love knowing that no matter how I feel when I walk in, I am going to walk out in a better mood and with my body feeling fluid, strong, and beautiful. What is your favorite part of being a group fitness instructor? I absolutely love that as a group fitness instructor I get the opportunity to create a community of people who recognize the strength and the beauty in their body, and that the size and shape of their body is not the most important thing in this life. I get to teach people how to build strength in their physical body; I get to coach people to find success, strength, power, joy, and fun in the movement. But, my absolute favorite, most rewarding part of teaching group fitness is seeing someone’s attitude towards their body change. Knowing that through my coaching, cueing, and encouragement they have been able to see the power, strength, and beauty in their own body. Celebrating with participants who have more range of motion, are choosing heavier weights, have less pain when they move, and who are choosing to move more outside of my classes. That is the real thing for me seeing someone walk and move with more confidence makes my heart sing. What do you bring to the table as a Fitness Instructor Specialist? Fun! I know it sounds ridiculous, but I work hard to bring fun, joy, and creativity to every single one of my group fitness classes. I know this is what keeps my regulars coming back.

What direction do you think group fitness needs to take? I passionately believe that group fitness (as well as the fitness industry as a whole), needs to move towards finding joy in movement – in moving our bodies for fun and pleasure instead of solely moving our bodies to change the size and shape. We need to let go of this idea that for fitness to be worth it, it needs to be hard. I mean, I am all for a good HIIT class or a Spin class that has me out of breath and working hard! The point is that we, as group fitness instructors, need to shift the focus of our classes to movement that adds vitality, energy, and fun to life. What is your favorite group class to teach? That is a tough one! I think that right now my favorite class to teach must be Spin. Which is crazy because at one point in my life I said that I would never teach a Spin class! Just even thinking about teaching a Spin class brings a smile to my face. I love the music, the loudness, and the karaoke opportunities that a

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Scaen m

Spin class offers. I love that you get to choose the level that you work at in a Spin class and nobody else can even see what that level is… which is awesome. How and where do you currently teach? I am currently teaching in person at an amazing gym in the town closest to where I live called Prairie Strong Fitness. The atmosphere and culture are utterly amazing, and I love it there. I have also recently opened my own virtual fitness studio called Joy in Movement. Marie-Eve Ricard Shawinigan, QC Courses Taught: FIS, CPR Partager le bonheur en groupe Passionnée des cours en groupe, je vous partage d’où cet amour est né et comment je continue à alimenter cette flame à travers notre nouvelle réalité. Les cours en groupe m’ont permis de vivre plusieurs défis stimulants à travers les 18 dernières années. Je vous partage aussi comment je tire mon épingle du jeu en offrant des cours en groupe à la maison, en entreprise et sur l’eau! Comment avez-vous commencé votre carrière en conditionnement physique? J’ai débuté comme instructeur de cours en groupe en 2004. Au commencement, ce fût un emploi étudiant pendant mes études. J’ai rapidement eu la piqure! Soucieuse d’offrir des cours de qualité et professionnels, j’ai participé à plusieurs formations tel que BodyJAM, BodyFLOW, Newbody et j’ai aussi fait ma certification FIS de canfitpro. J’ai enchaîné avec un baccalauréat en enseignement de l’éducation physique et à la santé à l’UQTR. L’activité physique faisait partie intégrante de ma vie et la passion a vite pris le dessus. Les cours en groupe m’ont amenée plusieurs défis stimulants dont être chef d’équipe au Québec pour BodyJAM, coordonnatrice au centre sportif de l’université et démarrer mon entreprise. Depuis, j’ai continué à me former et à suivre les tendances de l’industrie. J’ai eu l’occasion de participer à plusieurs congrès de canfitpro et ça m’a beaucoup apporté sur le point de vue personnel et professionnel. Dernièrement, j’ai particulièrement apprécié participer au programme Propulsez votre carrière de Nathalie Lacombe et THINK Yourself a Coach de Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas. La formation continue donne des ailes et motive à se réinventer pour mieux servir nos participants. Qu’est-ce qui vous plaît des cours en groupe? Pour moi, les cours en groupe sont une grande passion! C’est une façon amusante et efficace de s’entraîner et de maintenir la santé. J’adore la musique entraînante qui nous fait vibrer et qui nous pousse à se dépasser. J’apprécie la variété infinie de styles de cours en groupe, c’est impossible de se tanner! Cette diversité apporte aussi un bel équilibre pour notre santé physique et mentale. J’aime pouvoir me défouler avec un cours à haute intensité et ensuite, offrir une belle séance d’étirements 12 canfitpro July/August 2022

What is the next step in your fitness career? I recently became a Fitness Instructor Specialist PRO TRAINER. I am so excited to be able to share my joy and passion for group fitness with new instructors. Other than that, I am going to continue learning and growing as a group fitness instructor both in person and virtually. What is your number one tip for other group fitness instructors? Be yourself! Be authentic! Be your quirky, crazy, fun loving, amazing self. If you try to be et de yoga à mes muscles. De plus, chacun peut en trouver pour son compte. Plusieurs options s’offrent aux participants pour adapter les entraînements selon leur niveau. L’effet de groupe contribue aussi grandement à maintenir la motivation et la constance. L’énergie et le bonheur que nous en retirons sont incomparables. En étant instructeur de cours en groupe, j’ai la chance de partager ma passion en plus d’être créatrice d’endorphines auprès de plusieurs personnes. Partager le bonheur, c’est génial! Comment et où enseignez-vous actuellement? Avec notre nouvelle réalité, j’ai osé me lancer dans le monde virtuel! Ce ne fût pas de tout repos au début mais j’ai réussi à trouver une formule gagnante. Les cours en groupe à la maison permettent à plusieurs de concilier le travail, la vie personnelle et la santé. Le virtuel nous apporte une approche et une flexibilité que les participants apprécient grandement. Cela élimine plusieurs excuses potentielles et nous bougeons ensemble, chacun chez soi! Quel bonheur se fût, pour la santé physique mais surtout mentale, de se retrouver semaine après semaine durant les mois les plus difficiles d’isolement que la pandémie a engendré. Les cours en groupe à la maison font maintenant partie de notre quotidien et nous en avons vite pris goût! Le monde virtuel m’a aussi apporté de belles opportunités professionnelles. J’offre des cours en groupe pour différentes entreprises francophones et anglophones à travers le Canada, et ce, en direct de mon sous-sol à Shawinigan! Qui l’eut cru! Sachant que la santé physique et mentale fait partie des enjeux principaux des employeurs, les cours corporatifs permettent d’encourager un mode de vie sain et actif en plus de renforcer le sentiment d’appartenance à l’organisation pour une meilleure rétention des employés. Le virtuel offre des possibilités incroyables pour aider les gens à se mettre en action. C’est une façon différente de rendre accessible l’activité physique. En tirant avantage de ce que la technologie nous permet de faire, nous pouvons élargir notre offre de services et rejoindre encore plus de gens, sans aucune barrière géographie. En plus des cours en groupe à la maison et en entreprise, j’offre des entraînements sur planche à pagaie durant l’été. L’instabilité de la planche apporte un défi physique très intéressant! C’est une expérience incroyable de partager ma passion pour l’activité

someone else or teach the way someone else teaches, your participants are going to know (and it is not going to feel particularly good for you either). Lead with your heart and go into every single class remembering why you became a fitness instructor in the first place.

IG: @kim_nicholls79 Email:

physique dans une atmosphère bucolique au gré des vagues. La connexion avec la nature est tout simplement inspirante. Quel cours en groupe préférez-vous enseigner? À travers les différents cours en groupe que je donne, je dois avouer une préférence pour les cours de type dansant. La musique envoutante et l’enchaînement des mouvements rendent l’expérience unique. Ce style de cours m’apporte un lâcher-prise et du plaisir assurément. Quel est votre conseil numéro 1 à donner à un instructeur de cours en groupe? En tant qu’instructeur de cours en groupe, je crois que la composante numéro 1 à privilégier est le plaisir. Autant pour vous que pour les participants; si vous vous amusez pendant que vous donnez vos cours, les participants le ressentirons. Les gens ont besoin de décrocher des obligations quotidiennes et c’est souvent leur meilleur moyen pour reconnecter avec leur vraie nature. Grâce au plaisir, les participants voudront revenir suivre vos cours et par le fait même, ils développeront le goût pour l’activité physique. Même en tant que PRO FORMATRICE FIS et RCR/DEA, ma mission est de vous former dans le plaisir afin que vous atteigniez la confiance et les aptitudes pour briller comme instructeur de cours en groupe. Vous serez outillés à offrir une expérience optimale à vos participants autant en personne qu’à distance. L’industrie évolue et vous serez gagnant d’embarquer dans cette nouvelle ère où une foule d’opportunités s’offre à nous pour aider les gens à prendre soin de leur santé physique et mentale. Passez au niveau supérieur et offrez des cours en groupe de qualité et professionnel, à votre hauteur! IG & FB: @marievericard courriel:



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The Future of Indoor Cycling Is Hybrid 3 trends to watch for this year By James Byrne


16 canfitpro July/August 2022

There is no doubt about it, indoor cycling only continues to increase in popularity; especially considering the number of indoor bikes purchased during the pandemic. With the indoor cycle market estimated to see a growth of over $200 million between 2022 and 2028, according to Research and Markets – to a whopping $993.7 million (USD) – now is the perfect time to re-evaluate your cycle studio and ensure you are delivering the type of experiences members expect. Hybrid Classes The hybrid model will see a mix of live and virtual cycle classes. As more members are comfortable coming back to their clubs and participating in live classes, one thing to consider is that these enthusiasts now have their own bikes at home. Being able to exercise at home or in the studio is an option for many members that is going to stay. In times when working from home is still prevalent, people enjoy having the ability to stay in. To address this change, clubs need to think about how to capture their members’ home sessions and encourage them to complete workouts in your club. Members crave the engagement, interaction, and community of live classes – and they love your instructors. It is the top reason riders attend live cycle classes.

… CLUBS NEED TO THINK ABOUT HOW TO CAPTURE THEIR MEMBERS’ HOME SESSIONS AND ENCOURAGE THEM TO COMPLETE WORKOUTS IN YOUR CLUB. Creating live-stream or virtual class offerings is a way you can be part of your members’ fitness routine, even if they are not in the building. By offering virtual classes, members can reap the rewards of their membership without having to pay for another streaming service. Plus, they get to keep the connection with their favourite instructors. Another benefit to virtual classes is that they serve as a gateway to live group classes. For members who might not

be comfortable participating in live classes with experienced riders, they can complete the virtual workouts and then move into the live class. Member retention is boosted because they get the same quality of workout without feeling overwhelmed in a large group setting. Gamification Although this trend is aimed at younger generations, everyone who has ever played Mario Kart will enjoy this feature. Following the lead of virtual classes, gamification gives riders interactive sessions with objectives to complete, and medals earned at the end. Espresso Fitness is just one example of an indoor cycling platform already using videogame inspired design to make indoor training more accessible and fun. Using Unreal Engine (the same game engine used by Fortnite), they allow the rider to compete against avatars from other riders around the world. Participants can also send a “ghost” of their rider for friends to race against. BODY BIKE On Demand, a collaboration between Intelligent Cycling, Wexer, and BODY BIKE, is a virtual exercise platform that includes many gamified workouts. Riders can explore a pre-historic land with dinosaurs or ride a track under the sea. Connectivity Now more than ever, people are investing in wearable technology to track their fitness levels and workouts. It is the #1 trend emerging out of industry surveys for 2022. Enabling your members to connect their own devices to your equipment will play a significant role in their class satisfaction. Seeing their data in class, on their own console, is important to riders to motivate them during the workout and to see their progress over time. Using their own devices also gives members the ability to take their data with them so they can track and compare their home workouts to the live classes. For example, BODY BIKE’s SMART+ model includes its own app and encourages riders to use their devices in place of a fixed console during the workout. The app tracks everything from watts to cadence to calories burned. As Health and Fitness Speaker, Educator, Coach, and BODY BIKE Brand

Ambassador Dan McDonogh says, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure. The best athletes in the world understand that data can help drive decisions when it comes to training. Using technology, such as the BODY BIKE SMART+ while cycling indoors can help participants train smarter not harder, thus increasing performance and durability.”

GIVING YOUR MEMBERS MORE OPPORTUNITIES TO RECORD THEIR DATA, COACHING THEM THROUGH THE RESULTS, AND CREATING A PLAN ESTABLISHES A VALUABLE CONNECTION What do these trends mean for you? A boost in member retention and ways to attract new members. Giving your members more opportunities to record their data, coaching them through the results, and creating a plan establishes a valuable connection they would not get from an ‘online only’ class. Adding virtual classes will give members an opportunity to participate on their own schedule. Which means you will not lose members when their schedules change, and they can no longer make their regular class. Instead, they can still come in (or stay at home) and watch the replay of their favourite class when it suits their life. Staying flexible and using your in-club advantages (like awesome instructors) can keep you competitive with the ever-growing at-home market for indoor cycling. James Byrne is the President of BODY BIKE Canada. As an avid indoor cyclist, James knows what makes great live and virtual cycling experiences. He is passionate about everything indoor cycling and is excited to bring the world class quality of BODY BIKE to Canadian consumers. Learn more at

Learn more from Body Bike Canada at GLOBAL

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Now You Need a Logo


18 canfitpro July/August 2022

This article focuses on the first and central component of your brand’s visual identity, your logo, but it is not an instructional course in how to design one. Professional designers have gone to school for this and have honed their skills through years of practical experience in the creation of visual brand identities. To pretend to provide you with the knowledge and expertise of a professional brand identity designer within the span of this article would be ludicrous. This article is intended instead to point to the possibilities that are available to you and to offer key pieces of advice as you move through the process, regardless of the direction in which you decide to go. The Less Than $64,000 Question: Go Pro or DIY? Let us deal with the elephant in the room right away. Why hire a graphic designer when you can do it yourself? It sounds like it could be fun, and who would not want to save some money in the process. Here is the thing: It is not as easy as it seems. Designing a logo can be a labourintensive process. Your logo is the most important piece of graphic your company will ever possess and embody. If you decide however that this is the way you want to go, there are some resources and tips I will share with you in this article. But first, here are some of the Pros and Cons for each approach. HIRING A PROFESSIONAL DESIGNER PROS • Contextual Research and Strategy Support • Experienced Judgement and Critical Thinking • Creative Exploration • Original/Unique Work • Professional Advice and Sounding Board • Professional Execution • Implementation Support and Technical Advice CONS • Initial Higher Cost • Longer Development Time Frame DOING IT YOURSELF PROS • Initial Lower Cost • Preset Templates • Ease of Use • Shorter Development Time Frame • Sense of Control

CONS • No Research or Strategic Support • No Advice • Uncertain Quality • Questionable Originality • No Guarantee of Exclusivity • Little To No Technical/ Implementation Support If you decide to go the DIY way, be prepared to invest some time to learn your way around the options open to you, and to do all the legwork that will be required. At the risk of coming across as biased, which of course, as a professional brand creator I would be, I will offer a word of caution. Let us first understand that there are risks even when hiring a professional designer. Many times, people will hire a friend or cousin of a friend, or just someone on the say-so of a sibling or a professional acquaintance, without any due diligence having taken place. You might even have done your own research and found a designer or agency whom you feel is right for you. But designers are like every other professional. Some are more qualified than others, and some are a better fit or are more suited to your needs than others. Hiring a professional designer is no guarantee of satisfaction. The risks in choosing to go it alone however are of a different order. I will not go into each of these as I feel it has been covered in the Pros and Cons table’ to ‘list. But I will say that from my point of view, the biggest risk is not having a qualified sounding board, the advice of a professional to guide you through the development and decision process leading to a new logo. There is both a technical and artistic dimension to designing a logo. A lot of online resources attempt to bridge the gap in both areas. However, good logo design requires experience as well, a gap which none of these online solutions can fill. This aspect, in my view, is key. So, no one can say I am hiding these from view, here is a list of just a few of the bestknown online resources for the DIYers in the audience:

Some are straight-up tools that allow you to design a logo based on a selection of templates, and a palette of customizable graphical elements and fonts, while others follow a crowdsourcing format. While costs can vary significantly, all aim to make the end-product affordable. If this is the direction you choose, I would encourage you to explore the best option for you, and to experiment with these tools before you commit. If, on the other hand, you heed my best advice and decide to hire a professional designer, but have no one specific in mind, I suggest you go through the Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD). RGD is Canada’s largest association for graphic design professionals, with 4,400 members. By going through the index,, you can find professional certified designers – freelancers or agencies, depending on your needs and budget – in markets across the country. How much it will this cost will depend on the individual designer or agency. Your logo will have a major impact on the effectiveness of your branding and marketing efforts. It may be worth spending a bit more upfront to make sure the job is done right. A further advantage in hiring a professional designer is their ability to assist or advise you in the downstream work relating to the implementation of your brand. What Kind of Logo is Right for Me? This is a question one does not usually start with but should. There are several types, and some may be better than others, so let us review. Wordmarks: Some logos are little more than type with a bit of a tweak. The company name is set in a specific font, with some clever modification, customization, subtle twist to the type or a subtle insertion of a graphical element within the letter form. This is ideal for companies or organizations that prioritize name brand recognition.

canfitpro July/August 2022


Symbols or Brand Marks: While it is rare to have just a symbol, some brands do use their symbol as their primary logo. It is worth noting however that this is generally only one version of their logo, and that other versions showing the company name are also in widespread use. This is ideal for companies that have large budgets and look to apply their brand on many items/merchandises or divisions.

distinctive and consistent manner at every touchpoint will help you achieve this objective infinitely better than a predominantly illustrative logo. Does this mean you should not use a distinctive graphic element to help make your visual identity more alluring or relevant to your intended audience? Not at all. It simply means that it should not be done at the expense of your name being your logo’s dominant element. Now that we have this covered, let us focus on the process of creation.

Combinations Marks: This is the most common type of logo structure. Often referred to as a logo lock up. This structure sets, in a predetermined arrangement, size and position relationship, both the graphic and the name of the company. While there is often a preferred version, more than one such arrangement may exist to accommodate various space requirements or limitations. You may come across a vertical arrangement where the graphic is on top of the name (stacked) or a horizontal arrangement, where the graphic and name are set side by side.

Other types of logos such as Lettermarks or Monograms, Emblems, and others are mostly subcategories or variants on the above structures.

How Do I Choose? I strongly recommend that in creating a logo for your offering, you place no less than 50 per cent of the visual focus on your name. I would even go as far as to suggest that a wordmark may be the right option. Why? As a new company, your primary objective should be to achieve maximum name awareness and recall. Assuming a limited marketing budget, your name prominently featured in a 20 canfitpro July/August 2022

Creating Your Logo Your visual identity naturally follows through on the direction you set in developing a name for your venture. If by chance, you are considering a visual rebranding using an existing name, then I suggest you review aspects of the previous two articles in this series to help ensure your strategy is on solid ground to help guide the development of the visual identity. The following section deals with the creative, practical, and technical considerations relating to the design of your logo, from typography and colour choices to what tools to use, and the requirements for the various file formats in which your final logo will need to be rendered. Here then, in no particular order, is a broad, if incomplete list, of steps and principles to remember when designing a logo. Scalability Your logo will be used in several ways, from website to business card to signage, etc. So, it will be important to accommodate a few sizes, from exceptionally large (e.g., the side of a bus or building signage), to small, such as a button or icon for social media channels. Scalability needs to be a consideration. The place to start is simplicity. There is a trend currently toward simplicity by large corporations. This trend, referred to as “debranding”, aims to pare down more logos into their most basic graphical selves, without loss of meaning or brand equity. For maximum scalability, vectorbased files are the ideal format. More on this following. Versatility/Flexibility Depending on the type of usage, if your logo uses assorted colours, you may need to create a version that works equally well in one colour or in black and white

and reversed, without losing any of its meaning or recognizability. Think Name Recognition This bears repeating. Place the emphasis on the business name. Many may favour a logo that prioritizes an image/symbol that more compellingly conveys your personality and the nature of your offering. But to prioritize a symbol at the expense of the name, is a mistake. You are not Nike or Mercedes. Even some of the largest global corporate brands make excellent use of wordmark for just that reason. Think Amazon for instance. Simplicity of Thought What should your logo communicate? Beyond the all-important name of the company, you may wish your logo to communicate strength, or flexibility, or grace and agility, or to get right down to it, depict fitness equipment. The basic criterion if using an illustrative element as part of your logo should be this: be “suggestive” rather than literal. Literal representations of real-life elements are too complex to act as an effective logo. What’s Your Personality? Are you wanting to be perceived as a personal training expert, as a friendly and approachable facility, as a dynamic and leading-edge workout studio, or as an old-fashioned brawny gym? These are good starting points that get to the core of your overall brand and that should provide some clues as to the direction you want to pursue for the design of your logo. Note that none of the qualifiers used here are necessarily exclusive of one another and can often be combined to different degrees. Inspire Yourself I suggest you begin your logo design journey by collecting samples that inspire you. It could be looking at what competitors are doing, but I suggest looking outside your immediate field. You will produce fresher and more unique ideas not found in your own industry. One way to do this is to go online and look at resources like Pinterest. Search for logos and visual identities. The point is to start noticing what “speaks to you”. This should be shared with your designer. DIY the Professional Way Designing a logo may require you to become familiar with the tools the professionals use. Graphic designers overwhelmingly work with Adobe Illustrator for logo design. First, because it | The Gallagher Way. Since 1927.

Building Confidence. Together. For more than 90 years, we’ve been a trusted insurance, risk management and consulting partner for businesses, communities and people around the globe. Customizing programs and solutions tailored to your needs. Driving better outcomes for your people and your organization. Helping you build the confidence to handle whatever comes next. Apply online or learn more by visiting:

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ANNUAL PREMIUM STARTING AS LOW AS $158.00 • General and professional liability, including abuse • Working with children • Fitness equipment protection • Fitness facility protection • In-home studio protection • CPR training coverage We’ve added coverage for “on-line training” for fitness trainers, which given the COVID-19 circumstance is more important than ever. To deal with current challenges, we temporarily eliminated the requirement for 50% of training revenue from “on-line training” so that fitness instructors could continue to work while face-to-face appointments were not possible and fitness facilities were closed.* *This condition will be reinstated once the COVID-19 situation has dissipated.

is the most powerful tool in this category, but also because it is a vector-based application that produces files that are scalable. There are other online and proprietary vector-based options with similar features such as Affinity Designer, Vector Styler, Inkscape, and CorelDRAW. I will be happy to discuss those with you, should you wish to do so. Online DIY Tools You can get a logo for as cheap as $5. At least that is the sales pitch. Sounds perfect if you are in a hurry and have little money for a logo. But beware the quality of the outcome, or the experience. I do not want to discourage anyone from using online logo templates and applications, even crowdsourcing services, but this area if rife with subpar results, “recycled” solutions and clichéd approaches. When put up against the importance of the logo to your branding, you need to consider whether saving money on this aspect of your brand is worth it. Having said this, some of those applications can be fun to play around with, but I would consider them primarily as idea generators rather than as professional design tools. What Is Your Type Your choice of a font will be important in helping you express the dominant personality of your brand. This goes double if you decide on a wordmark as your logo. The thing about wordmarks is that to bring uniqueness into your logo, you will want to inject a degree of modification to the letter forms once you have spelled out your name. This is best

done with a program like Adobe Illustrator which offers notable features. If you have a Creative Cloud subscription, the Adobe Fonts website ( allows you to choose typefaces based upon their classification and characteristics. Colour Your World Let us understand one thing: There is no such thing as a bad colour. You should feel free to go with what seems appropriate or creates the effect you desire. In fact, going against conventions espoused by colour psychologists and by many designers themselves, may be your best bet. Unusual colour choices have helped many companies create brands that truly stand out in the marketplace. You may be able to do the same thing in your own sector. It is important however to not be too subtle when choosing a colour or a scheme. While some insist there is a infinite number of colours visible by the human eye, the brain tends toward simplification and retains far fewer variations of primary, secondary, and more complex tertiary colours. To many, blue is just blue, and is either light or dark, but that is where it stops. Another little thing I like to remind people of, is that while there is such a thing as a light blue or green or purple, or even black (gray), there is no such thing as light red; it is only pink. Colour schemes for brands were once largely influenced by the economics of the print medium. Since brands now live in digital form, the choices are far less limited.

Versions and File Formats The reality is that from a brand implementation perspective, designing a logo means creating several versions of the final logo. Some of those are formatted for use online, like your website, favicons, and email signatures, in print for items such as business cards, branded merchandise, posters or direct mail brochures, in social media, on various channels, platforms, for social posting, video or animation. A further benefit of working with a professional designer is that they can provide you with all the versions and file formats you will require for each end usage, such as vector, eps, png, jpegs, svg, etc., as well as the various resolutions for optimum sizing and scalability.

Jean-Pierre Veilleux is a brand developer and creative strategist in Toronto. He is the co-founder and a principal of Retool Brand Counsel and Design www. and Retool Lab Jean-Pierre has developed visual brand identities for large and small enterprises in a variety of sectors. His identity design work can be seen at Contact Jean-Pierre at

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Step Into Happy! Zumba Is For Everybody And Every Body! 6 REASONS TO BRING ZUMBA TO YOUR FACILITY 24 canfitpro July/August 2022

All kinds of people globally teach and participate in Zumba classes! From sorority sisters, professors, to golden girls, dads who dance, and cardio queens, Zumba instructors come from every walk of life. Zumba® Happiness Promise We are confident that your members will fall head over heels, shout it from the rooftops in love with our Zumba programs. Top Six Reasons to Bring Zumba to Your Facility: 1. Zumba classes are in high demand – during a global pandemic, people need their Zumba® fix more than ever! Studies show working out to great music and dance moves helps to fight depression, elevate metabolism, and provides a feelgood feeling long after the class is over. 2. No special equipment is needed to start a Zumba program at your facility. a. Just hire a Zumba Instructor - go to b. OR have your staff register for a Zumba Instructor Basic 1 training – and save 65 per

cent with special discount code TSZUMBA65 at events2022/intensives/ c. OR host a training at your facility and receive not only the 65 per cent discount for your instructors, but you also receive two complimentary registrations! 3. Why hire a Zumba instructor network member (Zin™)? a. Zin members have the license to teach indefinitely. b. Have access to the latest monthly music and choreography. i. Ongoing access to fresh music and choreography - plus everything your facility needs to rock your classes, keeping them fresh and fun. c. Marketing tools. i. Zin members get customizable marketing materials and an instructor page to help you promote your classes. Everything is created for you! 4. Apps + technology: Zumba has virtual and in person classes. • Access to our virtual teaching platform to stream and host online classes, plus ClassBuzz™, our Zin-exclusive social media

content creation app. 5. Global community = support. • Connect with a network of experienced instructors from all over the world to seek advice and share experiences on how best to launch Zumba at your facility. 6. Zumba has created many thousands of jobs globally. • Over 15 million people are dancing Zumba across 180 countries and 200,000 locations. • The Zumba Instructor Program is a fantastic way for students and faculty to earn extra money doing what they love! Zumba® has helped melt the pounds and inches off more than 12 million Zumba-enthusiasts in over 125 countries, through exhilarating, calorie-burning high & low intensity, easy to follow fitness moves, and high energy music. This workout is the perfect complement to providing variety to your fitness and bodybuilding training routines.

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Why Canada Needs the Fitness Industry Council WORKING WITH INDUSTRY AND GOVERNMENT TO IMPROVE THE HEALTH AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY LEVELS OF CANADIANS By Sara Hodson When the pandemic began, it hit the fitness industry hard and was unrelenting. Although all businesses in Canada were affected, the fitness industry was impacted in significant ways. According to the Global Health and Fitness Association, one in four gyms have closed since March 2020; when the dust has settled, we will be able to determine exactly how many fitness businesses closed in Canada, but our industry has been decimated. Fitness businesses were the first to be shut down, the last to be reopened, and were subject to repeated inspections by provincial health authorities. As COVID-19 is a highly 26 canfitpro July/August 2022

transmissible virus, fear of exercising in a public space split us open. We have lost members in the last two years; many fitness businesses are nowhere near their pre-pandemic membership levels. And yet, we are resilient. We know that exercise is essential for the physical and mental health of Canadians. In the face of lockdowns, the Fitness Industry Council has stood up and demanded to be seen as essential. And, the silver lining of the pandemic has been that the Fitness Industry Council came together like never before. This sense of solidarity has

empowered us to use our voice to make our provincial and federal leaders listen. Who is the Fitness Industry Council (FIC)? The Fitness Industry Council (FIC) is the not-for-profit trade association that represents the voice of thousands of fitness facility operators across Canada. The FIC pursues a legislative agenda in the hopes of bettering the fitness industry for both consumers and operators and aims to work with both industry and government to improve the health and physical activity levels of Canadians.

FIC Achievements The Fitness Industry Council membership has doubled since the pandemic began, and the concept “strength in numbers” has been proven time and again. The willingness of our members to come together, put competition aside, be vulnerable and share best practices to ensure a thriving fitness industry has been incredible. Nationally, as an industry, we knew we had each other’s back - we have gotten through tremendous challenges together with great passion for what we do - which is to help Canadians with their physical and mental health. It was due to the FIC’s active campaigning that Bill C-2 was modified in November 2021; The Tourism and Hospitality Recovery Program (THRP) provides financial support through wage and rent subsidies and when the federal government announced the program they excluded fitness - the FIC immediately lobbied and were successful in extending the subsidy to fitness businesses. This provided a lifeline to many of us. The Voice of the Industry One of the greatest accomplishments from the last two years is that the FIC has a seat at the table of provincial and federal governments. We are engaged with Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, the Prime Minister’s Office, and the federal government to lobby for a tax deduction for gym memberships, and though this has not come into effect yet we continue to provide evidence on the cost-benefit of exercise and to push for tax incentives, federally and provincially.

The FIC has also challenged provincial leaders: We are fighting on behalf of Saskatchewan fitness businesses against a proposed six per cent tax on gyms that is slated for October 2022. Our Quebec provincial FIC leadership kept physical and mental health high in the news during lockdowns. One of the best examples of the work of the FIC comes from my home province, British Columbia, under the leadership of Carl Ulmer (Director of Operations, Club 16 Trevor Linden Fitness). In December 2021, gyms were ordered to shut down across the province, and the FIC went into overdrive, meeting with Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry. We repeatedly argued that fitness was essential for physical and mental health. When she announced the reopening of fitness, Dr. Henry honored the work of the FIC in the clear, calm, evidence-based discussion we had that led to her decision. Why the FIC is More Relevant Today Consider your house insurance: you pay fees “in case something happens”, and we never know what that something might be. The FIC is the insurance for your fitness business. As governments become creative in their attempts to balance budgets, and as we continue to navigate this new world through COVID-19, it is imperative our industry is proactive in our approach, and is not negatively impacted by government decisions. We must continue to stand together and hold our governments accountable to reducing barriers to access fitness, exercise, and wellness. The pandemic brought unpredictability to our shores: The FIC is the anchor for

the Fitness Industry, and we are here for businesses to lean on in times of adversity. We are also here to help you navigate your way forward, through the choppy and calm waters, through workshops, events, and our ongoing lobbying efforts. A Note From the President In August 2021, I was unanimously elected as President of the Fitness Industry Council, which is both a privilege and an honor. My life mission - that exercise is medicine for the physical and mental health of Canadians - is more important than ever, and I am proud to lead a vibrant organization such as the FIC. Gone are the days where aesthetics and performance ruled fitness: we now need every Canadian back in our gyms for their lasting health. We are a vital part of Canada. And our voice is more important than ever. Register your business with the FIC today by visiting and receive a free canfitpro Business Membership.

Sara Hodson, CEO of LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic is the President of the Fitness Industry Council of Canada.

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IN MY LAST ARTICLE IN THE MAY-JUNE ISSUE, WE LOOKED AT OPTIONS TO MARKET WEIGHT NEUTRAL FITNESS (WHICH IS FITNESS THAT FOCUSES ON OUTCOMES OTHER THAN WEIGHT LOSS.) Current and potential cle i nts may ts li e b enmeshed n i the e w h gi t-centric paradm gi and asn ik g for e w h gi t o l .s What many fitness profeso is nals may ask ,si W “ hat o d Io d now”?

Cle i nts of all e zis s come to su tiw h aesthetic o g al.s Often, e ud to the nature of e w h gi t ts m gi a, hih g er e w h gi t cle i nts come to su e b e il n iv g that e w h gi t o l s si necesa s ry to e b come healthier. Of coure s ,e w n k ow that research h s ows 30 canfitpro July/August 2022

that fitness prove di s e b nefits to people of all e zis s n i( cln idu g ts rength, ts amina, -extilb ,y m i proved cardo i metabocil riks factors, and more) tiw hout any e w h gi t o l .s Unfortunatel,y many people are not aware that ti si fitnes,s not e w h gi t o l ,s that creates these e b nefits. When o s meone assk for e w h gi t o l ,s they are n ivg g su an opportunti y to help them h s fi t their thinn ik g to release n i ternale zi d e w h gi t ts m gi a and move to an eve di nce-a b e s d path that can p us port their personal o g al.s When a potential cle i nt a s sy that they a w nt to o l e s e w h gi t, e w can ts art yb asn ik g them, tiw hout m gduj ent or asm us ption, W “ hat are o y u hoping e w h gi t o l s l iw o d for o y ”? u Be prepared for them to e b rus prie s d that

o y u even ase k .d For many of our cle i nts, especiayl those of hih g er e w h gi t, their fitness experiences p u to this point have centered around the e di a that e w h gi t o l s h s oudl e b the focus of their fitness o j ru ney. By ts arting tiw h an open-ended e uq ts o i n, e w alo l w them to artica lu te their e b e il fs abotu e w h gi t o l .s Their anse w rs are e kil yl to fall n i to one or more of three main categorie:s 1. m I rp oving their mobiil ty or e g neral tnes.s 2. rT eating or rp eventing health ise us .s 3. a csE ip ng or avoiding weight ts igma. m I rp oving their mobiil ty or tness Many people come to su e b caue s they a w nt to m i prove their mobtil ,y abtil ,y or e g neral fitnes.s They have often

If there are options that would improve the situation quickly, like encouraging someone to take the elevator and/or use mobility and assistive devices, then we should start with those. We want people to be able to navigate their world with as little pain or restriction as possible, as soon as possible. Then, we can help them work on things like strength, stamina, flexibility, and balance based on their priorities, goals, and individual circumstances. We must also avoid falling prey to weightbased myths ourselves. For example, one myth many fitness pros buy into is that we should not work on strength with higher-weight clients because we do not want them to get heavier. This is a tremendous disservice to those clients since strength-building can often create major improvements in mobility. Weightneutral fitness means we focus on the client’s fitness goals, rather than picking and choosing activities based on how we think they might impact body size. Treating or preventing health issues If a client is asking for weight loss to treat or prevent health issues, we first need to make sure that our own education is current to know if fitness can help, and make sure that we are practicing within our scope and referring where appropriate. If our client’s request is within our scope, we can provide both information and reassurance by saying something like, “The idea that weight loss will prevent or treat health issues is very common, but it’s not as simple as that. Because of the way our bodies deal with weight loss attempts, they most often result in short-term weight

loss followed by long-term weight gain, so if you’ve had that experience, know that it’s not your fault. The good news is that fitness can help with [the health issue you mentioned] without weight loss. Besides, weight loss isn’t a behavior, and behaviors are what fitness professionals like me focus on. What do you think about focusing on fitness to reach your goal, and we’ll see what happens with your weight?”

The bottom line is that your clients may want weight loss, but the research makes it clear that weight loss is not something we can promise, and ethics demand we be honest about that. The good news is that there are so many things we can do to help our clients if we are honest and support them to move beyond weight loss to create realistic goals on their own terms.

Escaping weight stigma A client who wants to become thinner so that they will be treated better by society can be the most difficult to help because we must acknowledge the truth – weight stigma is real, and it does actual harm including shame, stigma, bullying, and oppression and can be found in employment, healthcare, and society at large. It does the most harm to the those with the highest weights and those with multiple marginalized identities.

WORKING FROM A WEIGHTNEUTRAL PERSPECTIVE • Lead your clients to create goals that are based in fitness, not appearance • Encourage clients to focus on gratitude for what their body is doing (whether it is a new PR or just blinking) • Focus on celebrating achievements rather than aesthetic changes like weight loss (especially since weight loss is often temporary)

The idea of losing weight to escape this suggests that oppressed people should change themselves to suit their oppressors. Put simply: give the bullies your lunch money and hope they stop beating you up. Beyond the civil rights issue of having to change one’s body to avoid mistreatment, the fact is that weight loss is highly unlikely to work long-term. If your client asks you to help them lose weight to avoid stigma, you can gently point these things out to them. Consider connecting them with Fat Liberation community, encourage them to follow higher weight folks on social media who are thriving despite weight stigma, let them know that while weight stigma is real, they can choose to stop fighting their body on behalf of weight stigma and start fighting weight stigma on behalf of their bodies. They can stop focusing on shrinking their body and start focusing on supporting it.

• Create positive representations of people of all sizes in marketing, online, and physical spaces • Do your own work around weight stigma – take workshops, follow fatpositive fitness folks

Photo Credit Lindley Ashline

(erroneously) been taught that weight loss is the only option to help with things like joint pain, climbing stairs, or getting out of breath, even though there is always people who weigh less than they do who are struggling with these same things.

Ragen Chastain is a speaker, writer, trained researcher, and fitness professional. She has spoken about weight science, stigma, and health at Google, Kaiser Permanente, canfitpro, and more. Ragen is a champion dancer, triathlete, holds the Guinness Record for heaviest woman to complete a marathon, and co-founded Fit Fatties on Facebook.

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Music & Fitness: A Natural Fit Get licensed to play music today!

music licensing simplified

A RE:SOUND and SOCAN Company

canfitpro July/August 2022





Some fitness professionals get tons of engagement and attract lots of clients. Far more fit pros either miss this opportunity or waste tons of time for few results. The good news: You do not have to be a celebrity and you do not have to spend endless hours on social media. What you need is a clear strategy consisting of three main components: Make sure your profile supports your business goals. Too many fit pros do not clearly send a business message to prospective clients on their profiles. So prospects bounce away. Your profile is your prospective client’s first interaction with you. Be professional and approachable. Make your profile 32 canfitpro July/August 2022

about your client, not you. In just a few words, communicate: 1. The essential information of your business. 2. How someone can contact you. 3. Your consistent branding message and voice across all platforms. Your PHOTO is crucial. It is a headshot where you are up close and personal – facing the camera, well-lit, they can see your eyes, and you are smiling. That is welcoming and builds trust. Post content regularly that supports your business goals. Too many fit pros do not post content regularly or strategically. They may post random food pics, flex posts, or random workout pics. Those posts may be interesting, but they do not move prospective clients down a path that eventually leads them to do business with you.

You need a posting strategy aligned to your business goals. That means you post: 1. “Awareness” content. Tell people who you are and what you do for your clients. Talk about your process. Share your story: the WHY behind your business. 2. Growth or educational content. Educate people and establish yourself as a guide capable of leading your ideal client to achieving their goals. 3. Promotional content. You will speak to the stakes of not taking action … the best and worst case of those costs. Share success stories and testimonials. Turn visitors into leads and convert them into clients. The biggest reason fit pros fail with social media is lack of strategy and systems. They engage in random activity, hope for a miracle, and more often than not,

achieve few to no results.

and uncover their challenges, and encourage them with an offer to take some action with you. You want them to begin their client journey with you and continue that journey until they are a client!

The strategy itself is pretty simple: Generate leads and follow up. You do this by: 1. Creating compelling offers. Your content needs to drive to an action of some kind. You want people to do something, not say what a nice person you are. You do that by including offers. Drive people to your website to opt in for a free guide download. Ask them to subscribe if you have email notifications. Best bet: Offer people a free consultation or a free trial. This is a powerful offer and creates good leads, because people who opt in are ready to talk and even commit. 2. Get involved in communities and create connections. Communities and connections are how you get noticed and grow. Your profile is the start. You want to leverage your friends lists, a business page, and join related groups. 3. Engage conversations. This may seem obvious. But you need to welcome new contacts, reach out to them, nurture

Summary Success on social media starts with having the right strategy. Your social media profile needs to send an inviting and professional message to your ideal client. Next, create a plan for creating content that will position you as the leader in solving your client’s biggest challenges. Include content that creates awareness of your solutions, demonstrates your credibility, and promotes your services. Make sure you have compelling offers that will motivate your ideal client to engage in some way, ideally to set up a consult or free trial. Then, make connections and join communities so you begin to attract attention to your profiles. Finally, be ready to have conversations with people who engage: Always have a

next step for them to take. Ready to generate more leads? Get step-by-step training and a downloadable workshop with “How to Turn Your Social Media Accounts into Awesome ClientConverting Machines.” This is an ondemand CEC Course that is FREE for canfitpro members. Register here:

Sean Greeley, Founder and CEO of NPE, has an unrelenting passion for inspiring fitness professionals and business owners to realize their unlimited potential. Since 2006, NPE has helped over 45,000+ fitness professionals and business owners in 96+ countries grow their client base and income to the next level.

Learn more from Sean Greeley at GLOBAL

Looking for dedicated riders… to join us on August 12 & 13 at the canfitpro 2022 Global Conference & Trade Show Experience a ride like no other on the BODY BIKE SMART+ Meet Uffe Olesen, CEO of BODY BIKE International Learn how to completely customize your cycle studio and amp up your riders We’ll see you there!

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A MERRITHEW® EDUCATION IS AN ONGOING JOURNEY FIND A REWARDING CAREER WITH PILATES, ONE OF THE MOST IN-DEMAND FORMS OF EXERCISE Global leader From its inception at a small studio in 1988, Merrithew has pursued a path to becoming the leading authority in Pilates, fitness, and mind-body education and equipment. More than 30 years later — with 65,000 students trained in 100 countries around the world — it would be easy for the company to say, “Mission accomplished,” and rest on its laurels. Something for everyone But there is another goal that has driven Merrithew since its origin. The company’s founding philosophy is that effective, responsible, and mindful exercise is the basis of a better life. And that “better life” should be accessible regardless of age, fitness level or ability. This applies to everyone involved with Merrithew, whether it is a master instructor training future teachers or someone touching a piece of the company’s equipment for the very first time. That is why Merrithew is constantly evaluating and updating its education and equipment to ensure it incorporates the latest in modern exercise science 34 canfitpro July/August 2022

and meets the needs of today’s fitness professionals, rehabilitation centres, facility operators, and retail clients. This results in programs and products that are not only innovative, versatile, and effective, but also founded on tried-andtrue Pilates principles. In it together After all, there is a reason the company has trained more than 65,000 students around the world. Merrithew offers the type of expertise that instructors need to succeed; the competitive edge that puts them ahead. But even more important than that, the company views its instructors’ success as being synonymous with its own success. And that translates into an unparalleled level of continued support. The company’s education programs — STOTT PILATES®, ZEN•GA®, Total Barre®, Halo® Training, Merrithew Fascial Movement and CORE™ Athletic Conditioning and Performance Training™ — start future instructors off in the right direction and help them continue to grow their business, elevate their programming, and expand their client

offering. Merrithew not only meets the changing needs of its instructors with a versatile education, the company also proactively seeks out emerging areas in which it can better support its instructors. The company accomplishes this by implementing the latest research to create programs designed for everyone including special populations. Its courses cover everything from the fundamentals and rehabilitation to young adults and active aging seniors. In addition to fostering an advantage through the company’s ever-evolving education, Merrithew strives to make its programming as accessible as possible. The most recent endeavour in this direction has been the launch of Merrithew Connect™, a digital streaming platform featuring Pilates, fitness and mind-body workouts and training. This library of on-demand videos is an inspiring source for tips, exercises, and full classes suitable for a vast range of clientele — from performance-focused athletes to pre-natal moms-to-be.

Equipped for success One of the reasons Merrithew can offer such diverse programming is because of the comprehensive catalogue of equipment, accessories, and props it offers in support of its education. The company takes immense pride in the superior design and professional craftsmanship of every piece of equipment it manufactures. Used by health professionals, sports teams, studios and fitness facilities around the world, Merrithew’s equipment lines are synonymous with quality. How synonymous? Just last summer, a story in the Wall Street Journal referred to the company’s reformers as being the Rolls-Royce of Pilates equipment. While such comparisons to other luxury brands are nice, what sets Merrithew equipment apart is about more than mere accolades. Recently, Merrithew received a special certification from the European Union for three of its reformers: the SPX® Max Plus, V2 Max™ Plus and Rehab V2 Max™ Plus. This allows the equipment to be used by doctors, sports medicine professionals, physiotherapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and osteopaths to improve the health and quality of life of their patients across most of Europe. It is this type of recognition that proves Merrithew’s reputation to be well-earned. It is evidence of the care and attention to detail that goes into the design and manufacture of every piece of equipment the company designs and builds.

workshops — can help broaden their skill sets, deepen their knowledge, and grow their client base.

No time like the present The very nature of Pilates — a low impact, highly effective full-body workout that prioritizes functional fitness, breathing, mobility, and strength — has made it one of the most in-demand forms of exercise during these chaotic times. In addition to more and more individuals finding Pilates in their search to improve personal fitness and mind-body connection, there is also an increasing number of people going a step further and finding rewarding careers within the industry. During the last couple of years, the term “The Great Resignation” has emerged to describe an era of employment when many have switched careers or left previous jobs behind in search of increased flexibility and more happiness from their work. For many, Pilates has been the answer to these shifting priorities and changing values. With a Merrithew education and training, Pilates represents a career with rewards unlike any other. And for fitness professionals who have already made the leap into this type of career, a Merrithew education — even single

To learn more about these opportunities and the support Merrithew can offer, be sure to find the company’s booth at canfitpro 2022 Global Conference and Trade Show and join a live session during the conference to see firsthand the difference a Merrithew education can make. In the meantime, you can read stories about other fitness professionals and learn what teaming up with Merrithew has meant for their lives, their businesses, and their futures on the Merrithew blog. You can also find helpful tips, useful exercise examples and other great learning opportunities through the company’s Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Merrithew® is the global leader in mind-body education and equipment. Founded in 1988, the company has trained more than 65,000 instructors and partners worldwide, developed innovative education programs and produced an extensive line of professional and at-home equipment and accessories for personal and professional use. For more information visit

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“I FEEL LIKE I AM JUST POSTING ON SOCIAL MEDIA FOR NO REASON. I AM WASTING MY TIME. I AM SPINNING MY WHEELS TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO ATTRACT MORE CLIENTS.” If you have ever thought these things, you are not alone. There are so many other fitness professionals who feel the same way. Is there a solution? You bet there is. I love to help entrepreneurs move forward with their businesses. Many times, I end up telling them to slow down to speed up. Slowing down can help you regain your footing, bring you clarity, and help you establish healthy boundaries. Throwing posts on social media is not going to bring you more clients. That is like trying to hang art on a wall that is not built yet. Instead, you need a firm business strategy and foundation. Here are five ways to speed up business growth, and they probably are not at all what you are expecting. 1. Pause If you are feeling overwhelmed and are scrambling, it is time to hit the pause button. Take a week or two off of social media; it is not going to kill your audience or you. Stop creating. Stop posting. Pause. 2. Reflect Now that you have paused your posting, you need to reflect on

yourself as a business. What is your expertise? If I gave you a microphone and asked for you to speak about a topic for over 30-minutes joyfully, what would you share? Write down at least five of those topics. 3. Link Do your five topics speak to the pain points of your target market? If they do not, there is a business strategy disconnect. You are not speaking their language, and that is why you are not connecting. Spend some time brainstorming on how your expertise can answer the questions your target market is Googling at 2:00 a.m. 4. Create If you are using social media as a brand awareness tool, but your brand does not have anything to sell, you waste your time. You need offerings that establish you as the expert while answering the needs of your target demographic. Without offerings, your social media is a personal account and should reflect as such. 5. Attract Social media should not be entirely focused on selling. It is about building awareness. It is a magnet to help you attract the clients you want. Think of it like fishing – you have to know what fish you are searching for before picking your bait and body of water. Your “bait” should attract your fish just like your posts should attract your target market.

“STRATEGY WITHOUT TACTICS IS THE SLOWEST ROUTE TO VICTORY. TACTICS WITHOUT STRATEGY IS THE NOISE BEFORE DEFEAT.” SUN TZU This quote speaks the truth. Often, we ignore spending quality time working on our business systems, strategies, and processes, arguing that we have more important things to do for our clients themselves. In reality, taking time to slow down, assess, and re-instate makes us better business owners, fitness leaders, parents, spouses, friends, and humans. Jessica Maurer is a fitness business consultant and strategist who has presented and consulted for many brands internationally. Her passion is helping fitness professionals and businesses reach full potential through education, program and instructor development, and brand creation and awareness. Jessica is the Senior Director of Instructor Development at FIT4MOM, where she provides extensive education and resources for all FIT4MOM branded formats, and she is aiding in launching new pre-and postnatal fitness programs in Canada.

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HAVING TROUBLE SLEEPING? OVERWHELMED? BURNT OUT? Equip yourself with the tools to handle stress and recharge body and mind.

Find out more at 1-800-667-5622 |

This is an online program. 4 FIS 4 PTS 4 HWL CECs upon completion.

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FITNESS INCLUSION 101 HOW TO COMBAT OUR FEAR AROUND DISABILITY IN THE GYM By Megan Williamson and Susan Currie “THE FINDINGS ILLUSTRATED THAT FEAR WAS AN IMPORTANT PERCEPTION THAT DISCOURAGED TRAINERS FROM WORKING WITH CLIENTS WITH DISABILITIES.” (Disabilities in the gym: perceptions and understandings about individuals with disabilities by Milly Zaleteli B.A., University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2009) As fitness professionals, we understand the importance of working fitness into our daily routines. It is our job to encourage others to do the same, and 38 canfitpro July/August 2022

we have developed several motivational techniques to assist our clients while they work to achieve their goals. When I teach our Breaking Barriers course to fit pros, I tell them about a friend of mine who is a paraplegic who sustained her spinal cord injury at quite a young age. She is very athletic, plays on the local wheelchair basketball team, and loves adaptive sport. She moved to a new city just a few years ago. Right after her move, she was visiting her new community gym and was wanting

to use the Rowing Ergometer. She saw a fitness trainer standing on the floor, and he looked approachable as he was not helping any clients. She called him over to ask him to give her some pointers and tips on her rowing technique. He refused to help her. He was not confident enough or familiar with disability enough to even ask the right questions or to know that her using this equipment would bring her immense benefit, rather than hurt her. Hearing my friend share this story with me was one of my biggest motivations to start spreading awareness

and speaking up about fitness inclusion for disability. How can we combat this fear around disability in the gym? Through some small environmental adjustments, and with broader thinking and awareness, we can begin to make our spaces more accessible and inclusive to more members of our community. Below are four ways in which we, as a collective, can start to break down the stigma within our industry. 1. Recognize the barriers people with disabilities have accessing coaches and fitness studios. Awareness is everything, and it begins with an understanding of the reality of your potential client’s situation with respect to their disability. We can look at external barriers with respect to transportation and how they get around, such as not having ramps where there may be stairs. Perhaps the changerooms are not accessible, or there are not enough spaces to navigate around gym equipment with ease. We can also look at external barriers with respect to knowledge and education. Is there gym staff who can show them how to adapt the equipment? Or is there anyone who can advise them on how to work out safely given their condition? In addition to this, how will this individual know that the information they have been given is correct? The ability of the would- be trainer or coach to easily discuss potential barriers to access, and troubleshoot those barriers, is one of the first steps to creating a comfortable and inviting space to learn and train in. 2. Become familiar with inclusive language. Much like how people feel strongly about the accurate use of pronouns, people feel strongly about the difference between person-first and identity-first language as it relates to their disabilities. Person-first language is when the word “person” is used in front of their state of health. This could be used as, “person with disabilities” or “person with MS”. Person-first language is trying to centre the person, not the disability. This language tends to be preferred in communities where the disability is illness or injuryrelated—but that is an observation rather than a rule. Identity-first language presents a

distinct perspective and is quite frequently, and most notably, favoured in the autistic and Deaf community. Identity-first language recognizes that deafness and autism (for example) are not by their nature something that needs to be fixed. It is best to ask what your client prefers when you are referring to them and their disability. You may wish to include a question on their intake form asking if someone has a disability and if they do, how they prefer to refer to it. But in many ways, it may be better to ask in person. 3. Have a general understanding of why someone might be using a mobility aid, such as walking crutches or a wheelchair. There is no conceivable way to catalogue every disability that affects a client’s day-to-day life or to know what you will have to look out for as a fitness instructor or trainer. The ones we focus on teaching in our courses at NACIF are commonly seen by instructors who advertise themselves as inclusive to people with disabilities, such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), spinal cord injury, Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinson’s disease, and amputations. Many of the above illnesses and injuries have overlapping symptoms and features—for instance, in the case of almost every one of these challenges, although not all, the spinal cord can become compromised. By learning about these conditions and their considerations with respect to exercise, we can springboard ourselves into further education which in turn will encourage us to take on clients that we may have not previously considered within our scope of training. 4. Prepare ourselves for supporting disability in the gym by becoming familiar with adapting equipment and what it means to have an accessible space. When it comes to building an inclusive environment, it is important to keep in mind the client’s external barriers to access (outlined above). Let them know whether there are a sufficient or limited number of ramps, elevators, accessible changerooms, and parking spots—this may dictate their ability to work with you, or how much time they budget to get from where they are to where you are.

The fitness industry is now seeing a real boom in adaptive exercise equipment innovation thanks to a broader, more global community of people with disabilities. In our Breaking Barriers course, we discuss how we can use some of the most common pieces of gym equipment that can help support clients with physical disabilities who wish to participate in physical training. For example, our top three most affordable and accessible pieces recommended are chest straps or weight belts, hook grips, and dowels. Our most recommended specialized adaptive pieces of gym equipment for clubs or fitness studios are handcycles and Ski Ergometers. Whether you are personal training and teaching classes, or you simply run a drop-in gym where clients are free to use the equipment as they please, keeping equipment at accessible heights is important. Individuals in wheelchairs need to be able to reach and acquire pieces, preferably without assistance if that is within their range of ability. Remember, adaptive equipment can be ‘sexy’ equipment too! Boxing equipment and heavy bags are a fantastic way to get in cardio for all abilities and can be placed at variable heights. Combating fear around disability in the gym starts with us, the fitness professionals. When we are given the right tools, we can all begin to broaden our thinking and awareness and begin to make our spaces more accessible and inclusive for more members of our community. As a collective, we can prove that accessibility is not a matter of convenience for some, but a matter of deepest importance for all. Megan Williamson BA, CPT, and Susan Currie, editor, and co-author of Breaking Barriers: Fundamentals of Training Clients with Physical Disabilities. Megan is currently the head educator at North American Council of Inclusive Fitness (NACIF). She hosts workshops to certify movement professionals on inclusive fitness training and educate fitness businesses on creating more accessible spaces.

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A career that makes a difference Merrithew® instructor courses and workshops teach you how to program for all levels and abilities: from weekend warriors building strength and elite athletes honing a competitive edge to post-rehab clients working toward recovery and active-aging adults looking to improve their stability.

Visit us at Global booth #913!

2022 GLOBAL CONFERENCE & TRADE SHOW Conference August 10-14, 2022 Trade Show August 12-13, 2022 METRO TORONTO CONVENTION CENTRE

2022 GLOBAL CONFERENCE & TRADE SHOW Conference August 10-14, 2022 | Trade Show August 12-13, 2022




canfitpro canfitpro is the largest provider of education in the Canadian fitness industry. Founded in 1993, canfitpro delivers accessible, quality education, certifications, conferences, trade shows, and membership services. canfitpro’s over 24,000 members include some of the world’s best fitness professionals, health club operators, industry suppliers, and fitness consumers.

Human Kinetics Since 1974, HK continues to be the premier publisher of physical activity resources, producing textbooks, consumer books, software, videos, journals, online education courses, and more. HK serves the fitness industry with resources in personal training, group fitness, yoga, strength training, club management, rehabilitation therapy, and more. Browse canfitpro/?rfsn=1304914.d5ce50 and visit the HK booth. Preferred Education Provider

Core Health & Fitness Core Health & Fitness is more than gym equipment, we offer innovative solutions for all your facility needs. This is why we’ve brought together six of the most recognizable fitness brands to ensure our customers can offer their members authentic fitness experiences. Partner with us and see how our Core Values motivate our every decision.

Matrix As the world’s premier brand dedicated to serving fitness enthusiasts at home and in the club, Matrix redefines the exercise experience with dynamic performance, sleek design, advanced functionality, exclusive workout programs and the kind of durability that stands up to rigorous use by multiple users, day after day for years.

GoodLife Proudly Canadian since 1979, GoodLife is the largest group of fitness club chains in Canada and the fourth largest in the world. With almost 10,000 employees, more than 1.1 million members and 400+ Clubs, GoodLife is helping to transform the health and fitness of one in 35 Canadians every day. The GoodLife group of clubs includes GoodLife Fitness, Fit4Less, ÉconoFitness, and Oxygen Yoga & Fitness.

NPE NPE is the leading business education and coaching company for fitness professionals and studio owners to grow their business, take home more money, and have the time freedom to enjoy it. Since 2006, we’ve helped over 45,000+ fitness entrepreneurs in 96+ countries grow to the next level.

42 canfitpro July/August 2022

Gallagher Gallagher is a global leader in insurance, risk management, and consulting services. We help businesses grow, communities thrive, and people prosper. We live a culture defined by The Gallagher Way, our set of shared values and guiding tenets. A culture driven by our people, nearly 30,000 strong, serving our clients with customized solutions that will protect them and fuel their futures. Around the globe and across a full spectrum of services.

Keiser Keiser relentlessly pursues solutions that push the limits of fitness science. By beginning the design process with the human body rather than the limits of current technology, Keiser develops science-backed solutions that break the widely accepted industry conventions and elevate human performance. Keiser. Because…’Good Enough’ Isn’t.

Merrithew Merrithew™ - Leaders in Mindful Movement™ is dedicated to innovating premium equipment, education, and fitness brands. Our high-caliber branded programs STOTT PILATES®, ZEN∙GA®, CORE™ Athletic Conditioning and Performance Training™, Total Barre® and Halo® Training inspire people worldwide to achieve optimal fitness and wellness.

Peloton Commercial Peloton Commercial delivers a winning product portfolio that includes the best of Peloton connected fitness, Precor cardio and strength equipment to create world-class commercial experiences that delight exercisers. With top-ranked teams driving sales, service, customer support, and experience design, a partnership with Peloton Commercial can help you win.

CLASSIC SPONSORS Chek Institute WE TEACH THE SCIENCE OF LIVING WELL Reaching our optimal best is a worthy goal for anyone – not just elite athletes. The CHEK Institute teaches fitness professionals a holistic system of exercise, diet, and lifestyle management that empowers them to guide their clients to unprecedented long-term fitness.

Canadian Physique Alliance The CPA is a community of amateur athletes who compete in bodybuilding, physique, figure, fitness, bikini, and wellness categories. We are sanctioned by the National Physique Committee, the premier amateur physique organization in the world and the path for athletes who wish to one day become professional athletes of the IFBB Pro League. The CPA ensures fair and honest judging by respected and experienced professionals who have met the highest standard of testing criteria. In 2022, there will be 20 natural competitions and one Natural Pro Qualifier in Canada.

DTS DTS Fitness Education is an awardwinning continuing education provider. The company has been leading the fitness industry on a path towards longevity and pain-free movement for everyone. Our courses are designed to not just teach, but to coach real-world trainers how to effectively implement everything that they learn. We believe that it is the practical application of knowledge that makes knowledge so powerful.

FIC Fitness Industry Council of Canada (FIC) is the not-for-profit trade association representing the voice of the Canadian fitness industry. We pursue a legislative agenda to promote and protect fitness business’, while encouraging Canadians to be more physically active. Our initiatives focus on awareness, advocacy, and action.

NACIF NACIF offer courses on fitness inclusion and the skills for working with clients with physical disabilities in the gym or studio setting. These courses are for any fit pros who take on clients with physical disabilities or are wanting to expand their clientele demographic. Courses can be used for CEU’s or CECs towards recertification.

Hydromassage Relax, Recover, Rejuvenate with HydroMassage®. HydroMassage Lounges and Beds are innovative amenities that provide a unique, 10-minute massage every day. New in 2022, HydroMassage introduces RelaxSpace; multisensory experience to relax with a mental wellness break from stressful, hectic lifestyles.

Pelvienne Wellness Inc Pelvienne Wellness Inc is the new home of the Core Confidence Specialist Certification originally created by Bellies Inc Founder Kim Vopni, known as The Vagina Coach, offers online core and pelvic floor fitness programs for women in pregnancy, motherhood, and menopause as well as certification and CEC courses for people who train female clients.

Jungshin Fitness Jungshin Fitness®️ is a body-mind movement fitness experience integrating the ancient wisdom of martial arts with modern conditioning techniques. The movements are choreographed implementing a unique tool: the sword. Used as an extension of the body, the sword builds core engagement and mental focus. Exercise with the weighted lever of a wooden sword helps participants focus the mind, leaving them empowered and revitalized.

SoulBody Fitness SoulBody Fitness is future-proofing Group Fitness by training instructors in classes that are innovative, on trend, and results driven, keeping members engaged. Programs include classes in Barre, Yoga Sculpt and HIIT. These pre-choreographed classes, set to music, bring the “boutique studio class experience” to Group Fitness with a progressive, more athletic-style format that keeps health clubs and studios stay ahead of the curve.

MedFit Classroom Those with medical conditions and chronic disease and the aging population need fitness services delivered by a specialized professional who understands their condition and knows how to make programs specific to their needs. MedFit Classroom offers specialization courses for fitness professionals to work with these populations. Gain the skills and credibility to reach the world’s largest untapped market!

STRONG Nation™ Stop counting the reps. Start training to the beat. STRONG Nation® combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio, and plyometric training moves synced to original music that has been specifically designed to match every single move. Every squat, every lunge, every burpee is driven by the music, helping you make it to that last rep, and maybe even five more.

Preferred Education Provider

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ence August 10-14, 2022 | Trade Show August 12-13, 2022 METRO TORONTO CONVENTION CENTRE

Think Yourself® Academy Over the past 30 years, the THINK Yourself ACADEMY has inspired over 100,000 audience members and empowered thousands of clients internationally through coaching, leading-edge courses, training, and events. The Founder and CEO, Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas, is also an International No.1 Bestselling Author of fifteen books on success, communication, wellness, and empowerment.

YogaFit YogaFit Worldwide is the leader in mindbody fitness education. Our programs are the perfect blend of Western sciencebacked exercise principles and the ancient traditions of yoga. Our aim is to bring yoga to everyone in a safe, accessible, adaptable way. Get certified to teach, earn CECs, and expand your yoga practice.

True Fitness TRUE Fitness has been manufacturing premium fitness equipment since 1981. Providing innovative product via both TRUE and Octane brands, we offer a customer-first approach while designing, building, and servicing cardio, strength, and functional training equipment. We’re your trusted partner in fitness before, during, and after the sale.

TRX Founded in 2004, TRX was built on the idea that fitness can be achieved by anyone, anywhere. Today, TRX is the global leader in functional fitness and Suspension Training®️, a revolutionary bodyweight workout system that powers life in motion. TRX also offers its own proprietary professional education and certification.

WellnessLiving WellnessLiving offers a powerful business management software solution, trusted by thousands of businesses and over 15 million users in the fitness, health, and wellness industry worldwide. Its cloudbased software features the tools and mobile apps that businesses need to attract, engage, and retain their clients. WellnessLiving is a customer-focused company that makes running and growing your business easy.

44 canfitpro July/August 2022

Zumba Zumba® has helped melt the pounds and inches off more than 12 million Zumbaenthusiasts in over 125 countries, through exhilarating, calorie-burning high and low intensity, easy to follow fitness moves, and high energy music. This workout is the perfect complement to providing variety to your fitness and bodybuilding training routines.

UNIQUE SPONSORS Entandem Entandem is a joint venture between RE:SOUND and SOCAN, created to simplify licensing for businesses that use music. Entandem works with businesses across Canada, and the money from licenses is distributed as royalties to the musicians and organizations behind the music: record labels, songwriters, composers, performers, and music publishers.

Human Touch Ditaturis exere repudant la idus. Lique sinctiam et repro blacestiam expedictat. Equi odio. Se volest quas moluptatqui simolupici utet, ea quae offic tem ipsandipsam, etur? Ugiae re net a consequatur? Quiat laborro ipient pre dolluptas im fugitatiosa velesci lluptur? Mi, sam sunduciam volluptatest parit molore nobis accaepratur, sitis rem aboratures des ipsa est.

ONLINE SPONSORS Trainerize Trainerize is the software making fitness accessible by empowering fitness professionals and businesses worldwide to reach, engage, and motivate more people to change their lives for the better. With Trainerize, fitness professionals can spark client engagement through mobile fitness technology, build online communities, and tap into the ever-growing market of digital fitness enthusiasts and consumers looking to take charge of their health.

2022 GLOBAL CONFERENCE & TRADE SHOW Conference August 10-14, 2022 Trade Show August 12-13, 2022


2 Keynote Presentations 2-Day Trade Show Pass 12 CECs to 90 Post-Session BONUS Access Recordings from Online

90 Online Sessions ONLINE

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2022 GLOBAL CONFERENCE & TRADE SHOW Conference August 10-14, 2022 | Trade Show August 12-13, 2022 METRO TORONTO CONVENTION CENTRE

EXHIBITOR & SPONSOR DIRECTORY ELITE SPONSORS Core Health and Fitness Booth # 1005 Vancouver, WA 888-678-2476 GoodLife Fitness Booth # 1123 London, ON 519-661-0190 Human Kinetics Booth # 823 Windsor, ON 1-800-465-7301

Merrithew Booth # 913 Toronto, ON 1-800-910-0001 Peloton Commercial Booth # 804 Woodinville, WA 1-800-786-8404

CLASSIC SPONSORS Chek Institute Carlsbad, CA 760-477-2620

Matrix - JHT Fitness Canada Booth # 805 Montreal, QC 866-936-0006

CPA - Canadian Physique Alliance Booth # 1512 Consinton, ON (705) 694-4445

NPE Winter Park, FL 1-587-855-4547

DTS Fitness Education Toronto, ON 800-722-3155

PRESTIGE SPONSORS Gallagher Booth # 931 Toronto, ON 1-877-734-8776 Keiser Booth # 1013 Fresno, CA 1-559-256-8000

46 canfitpro July/August 2022

Fitness Industry Council of Canada Edmonton, AB 780-732-5015 HydroMassage Booth # 1131 Clearwater, FL 800-699-1008

Jungshin Fitness Booth # 935 San Francisco, CA 888-437-9314 MedFit Education Foundation Costa Mesa, CA 949-478-2814 North American Council of Inclusive Fitness Booth # 1505 Vancouver, BC Pelvienne Wellness Port Moody, BC SoulBody Fitness Baltimore, MD STRONG Nation Hallandale, FL 647-556-2174 Think Yourself Academy Booth # 1030 Surrey, BC 778-899-0260 True Fitness Booth # 1205 Fallon, MO

TRX Booth # 1313 Walnut Creek, CA 1-888-878-5348 option 3 WellnessLiving Booth # 1217 Thornhill, ON 1-888-668-7728 YogaFit Worldwide Booth # 934 416-792-9492 or 1-855-607-9642 Zumba® Hallandale, FL 6475562174

UNIQUE SPONSORS Entandem Toronto, ON 866-944-6223 Human Touch Booth # 1214 Long Beach CA 800-355-2762

ParticipACTION Toronto, ON 416-913-1511 Unsinkable

EXHIBITORS PLUS Fit4Mom Description automatically generated Encintas, CA (866) FIT.4MOM

One Day to Wellness Visit RV beside Nutrition Stage Emeral Isle, NC 831-332-0476 is an educational 501(c)3 non-profit. The founders, Mindy and Bruce Mylrea travel full-time in a fruit and veggie wrapped RV dubbed “The Wellness Wagon” providing unbiased evidence-based nutritional educational programs for medical professionals, fitness professionals, and health coaches. We provide both live and on-line CEC based wellness programs.

ONLINE SPONSORS Trainerize Vancouver, BC 1-844-625-1155

RockTape Booth # 1325 Milton, ON (416) 477-0768


Meet RockTape a global leader in sports medicine products and education, RockTape helps patients and athletes “go stronger, longer®” with the world’s best kinesiology tape, powerful pain-relieving topicals, unique evidence-informed education seminars, and mobility and IASTM tools. Get trained with us and earn CEUs! Find out more about RockTape at

Ageless Now Academy Edmonton, AB Hot Booty Ballet Westmount, QC 514-264-9898

Socacize® Fitness Booth # 835 Brampton, ON 416.728.5545 [soh-kah-size] Socacize Fitness is a creative blend of authentic Caribbean and African dance techniques, in harmony with fitness moves, resulting in a unique and non-judgmental dance fitness program. With its one-of-a-kind - signature Socacize Jam Sessions, two-hour Bootcamps, Weights ‘Wine’ & Tone and Socacize Kidz - Socacize Fitness sets a platform for all ages and fitness levels to benefit from a fun-filled, total-body workout that burns up to 1,000 calories per hour.

Therabody Booth # 1316 Los Angeles, CA 866-480-3526

XBODY Canada Booth # 1213 Budapest, Hungary 416-727-1770 XBody is an award-winning manufacturer of full body Electric Muscle Stimulation devices. This technology has been scientifically proven to provide clients with muscle strengthening, toning and endurance. With appropriate Canadian approvals and infrastructure for +7 years including onsite service, support and inventory, we use cutting edge technology and products to meet your business needs.

Live Well Clinic Across Canada

canfitpro July/August 2022


2022 GLOBAL CONFERENCE & TRADE SHOW Conference August 10-14, 2022 | Trade Show August 12-13, 2022



Advanced Genetics Booth # 1535 Halifax, NS 1-877-792-5080

Centre for Applied Neuroscience Booth # 1532 Toronto, ON 416-998-1104

Forme Booth # 1323 Los Angeles, CA 917-999-8773

ALLMAX Nutrition Booth # 1414 Toronto, ON 416-223-4561

Decathlon Vaughan Booth # 1134 Vaughan, ON 647-598-3737

Giddy Yo Booth # 916 Orangeville, ON 1-844-443-9696

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Hairstrong Booth # 1530 Holland Landing, ON 416-835-1848

Embrace the Curve Booth # 1525 Scarborough, ON 416-274-5115

Hello Fresh Canada Booth # 704 Toronto, ON 855-272-7002

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High Quality Nutrition Booth # 827 Windsor, ON 866-838-3104

EX Fitness Corporation Booth # 1533 Richmond Hill, ON 416-508-4430

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Hydrin Booth # 1522 Toronto, ON 647-390-9198

Fazal Impex Booth # 1524 Sialkot, Pakistan +92 (300) 6135 691

Inbody Canada Booth # 1113 Ottawa, ON +1 (613) 704-4286

Fit Cricket Nutrition Booth # 1526 Toronto, ON 416-876-3770

Kaatsu Canada Booth # 1507 Thorold, ON 289-241-3080

Fitness Marketing Group Inc. Booth # 1026 Edmonton, AB 780-496-7410

Kinetic Solutions Booth # 1405 Ottawa, ON 613-745-1177

Allo Nutrition Booth # 708 Toronto, ON 416-660-9626 AquaOmega Booth # 1425 Cornwall, ON 877-738-8486 Bells Of Steel Booth # 912 Toronto, ON & Calgary, AB (647) 483-3160 Bestyfit Booth # 1312 Toronto, ON 647-269-7124 Boardgains Booth # 1523 Mississauga, ON 416-274-5981 Body Bike Canada Booth # 1415 Toronto, ON 1-416-890-0412 Born Primitive Booth # 926 Edmonton, AB 587-983-6019 canfitpro Booth # 1023 Toronto, ON 1-800-667-5622

48 canfitpro July/August 2022

2022 GLOBAL CONFERENCE & TRADE SHOW Conference August 10-14, 2022 | Trade Show August 12-13, 2022



Life Time Booth # 1314 Vaughan, ON 855-430-5433

Mr. Euro Manufacturing Company Booth # 1433 Sialkot, Pakistan 0092-300-871-0171

Telus Booth # 1504 647-619-991

LIV North Booth # 1305 Mississauga, ON 403-262-5811

Natreve Booth # 813 Vancouver, BC 604-305-3668

Titika Active Couture Booth # 1516 Markham, ON 1-905-604-5660

Life Fitness Booth # 1305 Rosemont, IL 800-527-6065

Neo Financial Technologies Booth # 1508 Calgary, AB 1-855-636-2265

Uvalux Booth # 1424 Woodstock, ON 800-661-6292

LifeWave Booth # 817 Edmonton, AB 780-297-1589

NoMiNoU Booth # 1331 Delta, BC 604-383-0060

Voxxlife - Pureoilz Booth # 1430 Kitchener, ON 519-575-1771

MadeGood Booth # 1230 Vaughan, ON

O’Snap Active Lifestyle Booth # 1431 Online Canada/US 416-206-3038

WaterRower Booth # 1315 Warren, RI 800-852 2210

Polar (Outdoor Gear Canada) Booth # 1422 St-Laurent, QC (514)-332-1320

Yes! Fitness Music Booth # 1031 Washington, DC 1-800-321-9379

Power Music Booth # 1509 Las Vegas, NV 800-777-2328

York Regional Police Booth # 1506 Aurora, ON 866-876-5423

Roshan Impex Booth # 1534 Sialkot, Pakistan 9252-429-6351

Younited Nutrition with Purpose Booth # 815 Toronto, ON 1-888-777-9682

Max International Booth # 1527 Burlington, ON 289-828-5884 Medistik Booth # 930 North York, ON 855-347-0226 Montreal Balance Boards Booth # 1034 Montréal, QC 438-229-6544 MOVATI Athletic Booth # 1035 Toronto, ON 647-478-3166 Movemate Booth # 1435 Toronto, ON

Squash Ontario Booth # 1423 Toronto, ON 647-360-0420 TeamBuildr Booth # 1033 Silver Spring, MD 240-415-8326 canfitpro July/August 2022




Thursday, August 11th, 2022 Intercontinental Hotel Toronto 10:30AM - 4:30PM




Maureen "Mo" Hagan

Samantha Montpetit-Huynh



Kim Basler

Suaad Ghadban

Cher Obediah

Simone Samuels

Jess Silver

Vyshnavi (Vysh) Sivakumaran Beth Yarzab

canfitpro Women Who Influence was created to celebrate women in the fitness industry. This full-day event and luncheon was also created to give women a platform from which to speak out, share their story and encourage other women to pursue next-level leadHERship opportunities. Register on or before July 12 and receive an invitation to an exclusive online event on July 14

3 CECs



Kim Basler

Libby Norris

Jess Silver

Join us as we celebrate the winner as part of the day’s events

50 canfitpro July/August 2022


Intensive Name





Wednesday, August 10 8:00 AM

6:00 PM

YogaFit Seniors

Christine Yanke


9:00 AM

1:00 PM

Kettlebell Coach Intensive

Ben McDonald & Casey Zavaleta


9:00 AM

5:00 PM

Jungshin Fitness/ Long and Short Sword formats, dance and combat introductions

Annika Kahn


9:00 AM

5:00 PM

Core Confidence Specialist Certification TWO DAYS: Wed. Aug 10 & Thurs. Aug 11

Kim Vopni


7:00 PM

9:00 PM


Kathleen MacDougall


Thursday, August 11 8:00 AM

12:00 PM

90-day lead generation plan to make it rain highquality leads and prospects

Sean Greeley


8:00 AM

3:30 PM


Leslee Bender


8:30 AM

1:30 PM

The CHEK Approach to Swiss Ball Conditioning

Aleksandra Patrzalek


9:00 AM

5:00 PM

TRX Suspension Training Course

Shana Verstegen


9:00 AM

1:00 PM

Habits Coach Intensive

Casey Zavaleta


9:00 AM

6:00 PM

STRONG Nation™

Amanda Grant


9:00 AM

6:00 PM

Zumba Basic 1

Andrea Sandhu


10:30 AM 4:30 PM

8th Annual Women Who Influence Luncheon

Hosted by Mo Hagan and Samantha Montpetit-Hunyh. With Kim Basler, Suaad Ghadban, Cher Obediah, Simone Samuels, Jess Silver, Vyshnavi (Vysh) Sivakumaran, and Beth Yarzab


12:00 PM 4:00 PM

Total Barre® Endurance with Props

Laureen DuBeau


5:30 PM

9:30 PM


Simon Liang

7:30 AM

5:30 PM

Schwinn® Cycling: Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification

Helen Vanderburg

n/a 4

For pricing and to register visit

canfitpro July/August 2022









Why your whole day matters: Sweat, Step, Sleep, Sit

Natalie Toman

12:50PM - 1:30PM

Protein, Power & Performance

Abby Langer

1:45PM - 2:45PM

Best Ways to Fuel for Optimal Sport Performance

Bruce and Mindy Mylrea

3:00PM - 4:00PM

Healthy Gut, Brain, Nutrition

David Lee

4:15PM - 5:15PM

Sugar Strike

Tosca Reno

5:30PM - 6:30PM

Exercise and Nutrition for Mental Health

Igor Klibanov


Let's Socasize!

Ayanna Lee Rivers

1:15PM - 1:45PM


Amanda Grant and Zuleidi Rodriguez

2:00PM - 2:45PM

Just2Sweat HIIT and Mix

Nike Charles

3:00PM - 3:45PM

Split Down The Middle - Rebuild Your Post-Partem Core

Janette Yee

4:00PM - 5:00PM

H.I.I.T. that CORE

Jay Raymundo

6:10PM - 6:45PM

CALM SPACE: A Soothing Yoga Practice

Lisa Greenbaum


C- Sections: The Forgotten Sports Injury

Janette Yee

12:30PM - 1:15PM

SPLIT-SECOND COURAGE: What if your fears were the keys to your dreams?

Christine Conti

4:00PM - 5:00PM 5:15PM - 6:00PM 6:10PM - 6:45PM

Move The Body, Heal The Mind DO THE WORK -How to live life on your terms with no excuses. Cell Preservation for Sports Medicine

Dr. Jennifer Heisz Diva Richards Dr. Drew Taylor

MEET & GREET canfitpro Booth #1083 12:45PM - 1:15PM

Meet & Greet

Nathalie Toman

1:30PM - 2:00PM

Meet & Greet

Christine Conti

5:15PM - 6:00PM

Meet & Greet

Dr. Jennifer Heisz

52 canfitpro July/August 2022


Check out lectures on a variety of topics from some of the most knowledgeable presenters in the fitness industry on our Health and Nutrition and Lecture Stages! Work up a sweat on our Activity Stage, and get a chance to snap a photo with one of your favorites in the Meet and Greet section of the canfitpro Booth. On Saturday, our lecture stage transforms into the 2022 canfitpro Natural Championships, support the athletes as they showcase their physique in the pursuit of qualifying for the Canadian Naturals. There is something for everyone!





9:15AM - 10:15AM

Bars & Belles: Strength Training for Women

Cassandra Chin

10:30AM - 11:45AM

Shame To Shine: Living Life from the Inside Out

Cher Obediah

12:00PM - 1:00PM

Top Foods for a Healthy Gut Microbiome

Bruce and Mindy Mylrea

1:15PM - 2:15PM

Adding Heart to Healthcare: A Doctor’s Healing Journey

Dr. Mitchell Abrams

9:30AM - 10:30AM


Amanda Grant and Zuleidi Rodriguez

10:45AM - 11:45AM

Body Weight Only Bootcamp

Jesse Thomas

12:00PM - 1:00PM

Towel Fusion

Karla Medina

1:05PM - 1:35PM


Andrea Sandhu

1:45PM - 2:45PM

Soca Dance Fitness

Shakera Martin

3:00PM - 3:45PM

BMI (Body Mind Improvement)

Barbara Klein

4:00PM - 5:00PM

Hot Booty Ballet

Suaad Ghadban




2022 canfitpro Natural Championships

MEET & GREET canfitpro Booth #1083 12:00PM-12:30PM

Meet & Greet

Cher Obediah

*For the most up to date schedule please visit

canfitpro July/August 2022



























1134 Canfitpro Meet & Greet

Ontario Rope Skipping Organization


Born Primitive





















Human Kinetics

Peloton Commercial

54 canfitpro July/August 2022




916 Bells of Steel


One Day To Wellness



Keiser Merrithew



Core Hea

Matrix Fitness 805


OR PLAN Metro Toronto Convention Centre South Building, Level 800 Friday, August 12 - 11:30 AM - 7:30 PM Saturday, August 13 - 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM


Activity Stage

Sold/ Not Available

Health & Nutrition Stage

Sold/ Not Available

Lecture Stage


Trade Show Experiences



Charging Lounge






























LIV North and Life Fitness True Fitness 1205





1516 CPA - Canadian Physique Alliance

Body Bike Canada

ALLMAX Nutrition







1217 XBODY Canada

alth & Fitness



Human Touch

Inbody (Jedco) 1113





Oxford College Massage Therapy


GoodLife Fitness




HydroMassage 1131









canfitpro July/August 2022






AUG 12-13 | 12:00PM - 4:00PM

Halls D&E


FIT FAM, CONNECT WITH GREAT BUSINESSES WHO ARE ACTIVELY HIRING ARE YOU HIRING? canfitpro Business Members are invited to participate in the Career Fair. Email to confirm attendance.



TRADE SHOW Friday August 12 | 11:30AM – 7:00PM | Saturday August 13 | 9:00AM – 5:30PM

Included in your FREE Trade Show Pass

Booth # 100

Booth # 1223


Learn from the wellness experts at One Day to Wellness’ RV Booth # 731

Booth # 1231


Get a FREE massage to relax and carry on with your day Sponsored by

Booth # 1223

Get your energy back at the canfitpro Charging Lounge

TAKE THE COLD PLUNGE LIKE A HIGH PERFORMER Plus get FREE access to three stages to learn how to improve your wellness routine, join a workout, and get your heart pumping!



MAKE IT A WEEKEND AWAY canfitpro has negotiated the best possible rates at hotels adjoining the Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Delta Hotels Toronto 75 Lower Simcoe Street Rates as low as $279/night

InterContinental Toronto Centre 225 Front Street West Rates as low as $284/night

Book by July 18 and specify canfitpro 2022


CN Tower

Art Gallery of Ontario

Ripley’s Aquarium

Rogers Centre Home of the Toronto Blue Jays

HOT TIP: Did you know you could be eligible to claim 20% of your hotel stay under the Ontario Staycation Tax Credit?

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CANADA'S PREMIUM ICE BATH IS HERE Cold Plunge On The GO With Portable Ice Baths Help manage stress Improve mood and confidence Improve blood circulation

Experience the clean and consistent benefits of cold exposure with the convenience of our Coldture Tubs Try it for yourself at our booth: #731

15% OFF 15% OFF

15% OFF






Most likely, they are female clients and many of them have given birth at some point in their life. Before you turn the page and move on thinking this does not apply to you or your clients, check out these stats; roughly 35 per cent of women struggle with urinary incontinence and 50 per cent have some form of pelvic organ prolapse. If you are a woman and/or if you train women and people born with a vagina, then I urge you to pay attention. As fitness professionals, we play a key role in helping screen for pelvic floor challenges like urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. We can also help 60 canfitpro July/August 2022

our clients move and exercise in ways that help! The key is to know what to ask, who to collaborate with, and what exercises are most beneficial. The subject of pelvic health has started to gain traction over the last few years, but it remains a taboo topic for many. The truth is the pelvic floor is a group of muscles and they deserve to be acknowledged like the others in the body. When we take the health history of our clients prior to designing a fitness program for them, it is in our best interest, and that of our client, to ask about the pelvic floor and here is why. The pelvic floor is the foundation of the core and is responsible for organ support, continence, pelvic and spinal control, and sexual response. Pretty important jobs, right? When not working

optimally, the pelvic floor may not be doing all those jobs well and your client may be leaking urine or struggling with feelings of heaviness or not finding any relief from the chronic back pain they have had for years. They may have told you about the back pain and you may have even asked, but they will not disclose that they leak urine with coughing or certain exercises so they wear a pad, or that they have sudden urges to pee and feel like they cannot make it to the bathroom in time, so they restrict their fluid intake. They will not tell you that after jumping they feel like their insides are going to fall out. But if we ask, they may tell us. Maybe not in the first session, but as we build a rapport, they will trust us and will be more likely to tell us their struggles.

These struggles can often be what is holding them back from reaching their fitness goals and when you tell them that you can design a program that will not only help them finally reach their goals but that will also help with the symptoms of leaking, urgency, and heaviness they will be a client for life! Here are some key questions to ask your clients during your health history intake. •

Do you leak urine when you laugh, cough, sneeze, or jump? Do you ever feel like you cannot make it to the bathroom in time? Have you ever fallen on your tailbone? Do you feel any heaviness in your pelvis especially after intense exercise or as the day progresses? Do you have low back pain? How close to menopause are you?

Many people do not ask these questions because they do not know what to do with the information. As fitness professionals, we are not able to diagnose but we can screen for pelvic floor dysfunction and ensure our clients know about pelvic floor physiotherapy.

to the vagina. (Some work with male patients too…. because men also have pelvic floors). They evaluate the tone of the pelvic floor muscles (there are three layers of muscles), the position of the organs (the bladder, uterus, and rectum) and the ability of the person to perform a Kegel. The initial evaluation is often done on the treatment bed but having the therapist assess the pelvic floor while standing is important. The therapist will help the patient understand if their pelvic floor needs more strength, endurance, or relaxation. Ideally you will have established a relationship with the therapist, and they can report back to you with the findings and recommendations for movement. Pelvic floor physiotherapists (called physical therapists in the USA) love working with fitness professionals who have training in the female core and pelvic floor. They handle the internal evaluation and treatment and then send the patient back to you for exercise.

Pelvic floor physiotherapists are trained physiotherapists with additional training in the pelvic floor and are licensed to evaluate and treat beyond the entrance

With regards to exercise, while it may seem helpful to create a “do and don’t” list, the reality is, it is highly individual, and we do not want to take away

• • • • •

The key is to ask these questions just like you ask any other question. No hush-hush voice, no disclaimers, no shame. Just ask the question directly, wait for the answer and then let them know that what they are experiencing is quite common and that you can help.

movements that people love. The key is to learn how the pelvic floor works as part of the core and then coordinate it into movement. If there are certain movements that make a person symptomatic, such as running or skipping or lifting heavy weights, we can scale back and look at what variables we can change while also working to strengthen the pelvic floor in that movement. Remembering the FITT principle will help. Can we adjust the frequency, intensity, time, or type? What other movements can the person do that will achieve the same goals but allow them to manage intra-abdominal pressure? Intra-abdominal pressure is part of the core control mechanism in all of us. Poor pressure management can sometimes be a contributor to pelvic floor dysfunction. Retraining the core and pelvic floor in movements such as bridges, squats, and lunges and then progressively loading the movements is a helpful strategy to get your clients on the path to success while reducing or eliminating their leaks, heaviness, and pain.

Kim Vopni is known as The Vagina Coach. She is a certified fitness professional and author specializing in pelvic health from pregnancy to menopause. Kim is also the creator of Kegels & Cocktails™, health events designed to empower and educate women on the importance of pelvic health.

Learn more from Kim Vopni at GLOBAL

canfitpro July/August 2022




3 COMMON INJURIES AND TECHNIQUE CORRECTIONS FOR PROPER POSTURE By Dr. Ken Kinakin WHEN PERFORMING THE BARBELL BENCH PRESS, PROPER TECHNIQUE AND POSTURE IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT WAYS TO PREVENT AN INJURY. When you compromise to lift more weight, you will set yourself up for an injury. Here are three common injuries caused by improper technique and posture. 1. Raising Hips Off the Bench When you raise your hips off the bench during ascent, you increase the stress on the low back joints. This is a built-in recovery from a technique flaw when the person allows the bar to bounce off their chest and go over the abdomen instead of over the chest during ascent. The person tries to recover from this technique fault by changing the bar ascent angle by pushing up the hips and changing the chest angle, which will assist in pushing the bar back over the chest where it is supposed to be. A technique tip to help prevent this is decreasing the speed of the bar on its descent, which allows you to control it.

62 canfitpro July/August 2022

Another technique tip is to pull back your feet and widen your stance, so it is difficult to raise your hips and you can drive power from your feet to your chest. A common technique that people do is put their feet on the bench so they can raise their hips up higher and turn the flat bench press into a decline bench press which makes it easier to press – do not do that.

WHEN YOU COMPROMISE TO LIFT MORE WEIGHT, YOU...SET YOURSELF UP FOR AN INJURY. 2. Hyperextending Wrists Many people, when doing barbell bench press, put their wrists in a hyperextended position. This increases stress on the wrist joint, which can potentially injure the metacarpal bones in the wrist. Wrist hyperextension risk is diminished with individuals who have small hands and large wrists, reducing the leverage and stress on the joints. The technique correction is to keep the wrists straight when pressing which decreases the stress

on the joint and allows more control on the bar as it is being pushed up. 3. High Chest Contact Point The risk with this technique is increased stress on the shoulder capsule and A/C joint. There may be a small benefit on the upper pectoral muscles, but it is usually too much stress on the shoulder joint. The technique correction is to have a midchest contact point, thus decreasing the shoulder capsule and A/C joint stress. Dr. Ken Kinakin is a chiropractor, certified personal trainer, author and competes in powerlifting. He lectures across Canada, US, and Europe to doctors and personal trainers on weight-training, rehabilitation, and nutrition. He is the founder of SWIS, educating doctors, therapists and personal trainers in exercise muscle testing, rehabilitation, and treatment of weight training injuries.


Contact: for more exclusive info on SPRINT 8 GX



Save time and effort with tools that can help you convert followers into paying clients By Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas IT IS 4:00 PM AND YOU STILL HAVE NOT POSTED ANYTHING ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA, OR WORSE, IT HAS BEEN A FEW WEEKS SINCE YOU HAVE HAD A CHANCE TO CREATE CONTENT. You take a selfie in front of the barbell rack and your caption will be: “Barbell Tuesday!” You may get a few likes and 64 canfitpro July/August 2022

be proud of your last-minute inspiration, but you are tired of winging it when it comes to social media. Without a strategy and tools to make it easier and save time, your social media will not convert your followers into paying clients. Here are twelve tech tools that I use in my social media strategy.

Trello I use this tool in the first step of my social media strategy. Trello is an online organizer where I create different boards and lists; like a giant digital Post-It board where I organize my ideas. Whether I am in front of my computer or on the go using my phone, I make a list of post ideas and organize them in Trello. This allows you to have a system when it comes to idea generation to ensure you always continue to fill up the

idea pipeline and have a way to convert the ideas into social media creations. You can even get your staff to contribute ideas in your board. Slideshow - Vimeo Create – ScreenFlow – Camtasia Adding music and a cover to your video will add a professional touch to your recording, which will differentiate you from all the other videos that viewers find on social. Slideshow and Vimeo Create are two apps on my phone that I use to create quick videos to post on social. The apps allow me to add a cover, add text, and background music. Screenflow for Mac and Camtasia for PC are the software I use on my computer to make more complicated videos that may require more details. Rev As most of the viewers surf on social without volume, adding captions to your video will ensure your followers can “see” what you are saying. The transcription can also be generated for free by YouTube or Facebook, but I like to get it done ahead of time and extract the .srt file so that I can then upload it on the different platforms where I am posting. Kapwing Once I have extracted the subtitles and the video is created with music, I make a square version in Kapwing to create a multi-platform video. This is useful to allow me to record horizontally and post the same video on platforms that require vertical videos. By making it a square, it fits on every platform. Vimeo I use Vimeo as a hosting platform for all my videos. From there, I embed the

video link on my website as a blog post where I send the traffic from social media. You can also choose to host your videos on YouTube (which I do as well) but the advantage of Vimeo is that you can replace videos when they get updated without having to change the URL address. Libsyn It is not mandatory to add a Podcast to your social media strategy. But if you do want to have one, why not make it easy on yourself. You can repurpose the same content without having to add extra workload into your weekly to-do’s. You can use some of the videos you or your staff recorded, extract the audio track, and use it as a Podcast. I use Libsyn platform to post on multiple podcasting platforms at the same time. Keap The followers that have advanced into your funnel (those that you convinced to leave the social media platform and follow you on your personal mailing list) are keen and interested in receiving content from you. Sending them your content before anyone else (before you post it on social) is a fantastic way to keep them engaged and move them closer to working with you. There are many emailing applications and customer relations management systems. I use Keap from Infusion Soft which keeps my clients organized and keeps track of my clients’ behaviours. You can get the system to tag members that have not been active in a while. Later Posting on social media manually on different platforms can be time consuming. Using a posting platform will save you time and allow you to plan your whole week in advance, and on multiple platforms at once.

Keyboard Shortcut Once you have posted, make sure you go back to your posts to answer comments and respond to messages. There are quick ways to simplify that step and save you time! On most phones, you can program text to appear when typing a simple shortcut. It is usually located in the keyboard section of your settings. For example, when typing the letters FB, you can have a full paragraph that gets typed automatically that would say: “Great to be connected here! I am looking forward to staying in touch on Facebook. In the meantime, let me know if you would like to try a free class. You can click here to register:” I hope these few tips were useful. You can download my whole 15 Step By Step Social Media Strategy here: thinkyourself. com/marketingguide or come to my session Fastrack Your Business With Technology! – THINK Yourself® TECH PRO on Friday August 12th at canfitpro 2022 Global Conference and Trade Show.

Founder and CEO of the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY, Confidence Expert, and International No.1 Bestselling Author of fifteen books on wellness and empowerment, Nathalie PlamondonThomas combines 25 years in sales and 30 years in the fitness industry. She works with entrepreneurs who want to find confidence and clarity so they can make money by living from their passion.

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USING TECHNOLOGY WISELY ENSURING INCLUSIVITY, CREATIVITY, AND THE ETHICAL USE OF INNOVATIVE TECH TO BUILD FITNESS COMMUNITIES By Christina Raskin, 500 hr. E-RYT TECHNOLOGY HAS CHANGED OUR HABITS, THOUGHT PATTERNS, AND CULTURE SO IT IS INEVITABLE THAT IT WILL CHANGE ALL INDUSTRIES, INCLUDING HEALTH AND WELLNESS. Innovative technologies like wearable devices, artificial intelligence trainers, and the metaverse are changes that come with many opportunities and obstacles. We must learn how to use technology effectively, in an ethical way, and for the benefit of us all. Unless, of course, you want to run away to the far North and leave society and, let us be honest, who has not considered that? Fitness technology to make us move We have technology that encourages us to get up and move like wearable devices, apps, and smart exercise equipment like Pelton and the Lululemon mirror. For many people, these technologies are now a part of their fitness lifestyle. Online teaching and promoting Online fitness and yoga instruction has been growing for years but the pandemic created a huge boom. Online teaching has many tech aspects to it. Of course, there is the actual tech set-up for teaching like camera and mic. Then we have all the software to help with online promotion, delivery, and registration. At my company alone, I use six software programs! 66 canfitpro July/August 2022

This new online teaching ability allows for easier and more effective communication. It can offer new sales opportunities and develop new, innovative approaches. We can now connect and instruct people from all around the world! Not to mention, as wellness professionals, we can continue to learn and grow from our mentors all around the world! Teaching and promoting ourselves online has challenges, including large costs involved with using the latest technology, a steep learning curve, and security risks. Also, we are at the whip of this technology that requires regular updates and has faults. All of this can also lead to social disconnect and work overload. What about the Metaverse and NFTs? This technology is hard to describe and understand because it is so new. It is still being imagined and created. Broadly speaking, “the metaverse” can include virtual reality (VR) worlds that continue to exist even when you are not online as well as augmented reality that combines aspects of the digital and physical worlds. NTFs are non-fungible (unique) tokens. Said another way, NFTs are assets that carry a unique digital identity and can

be traded between users on a public blockchain. Think of NFTs as certificates of ownership. They are created when a digital file, like an image, is minted. Despite this being an innovation, there are many companies already using it in creative and effective ways. Nike already has its own virtual “NIKELAND” for the metaverse, and they have purchased an NFT company. A notable example of a company that is incorporating this technology while still connecting in the physical world is Global Fit Club. When you join you receive access to lifetime memberships in person and online, in the metaverse. They are on track to be the first in the industry to create this virtual studio. You also get paid to workout (in person or online) which funds members’ fitness journeys for life. Artificial Intelligence Fitness tech innovation has already produced the first generation of fully digital AI coaches. There are programs like LifeBeam’s Vi bio-sensing headphones which tracks variables like heart rate, location, and weather to adapt your training plan with real-time coaching.

Another AI coach, Artifit, uses your phone camera to monitor your workout and give feedback on exercise technique. Most of these products are still working the bugs out, however, we can be certain that they will continue to improve. AI coaching helps users to set goals and can be more affordable over the long term. Of course, there are also many downsides. This technology is not always accurate, and they might lead to obsession. In addition, according to some medical experts, the electromagnetic radiations (EMR) which are released by these gadgets might be a health concern. There is disagreement in scientific literature over whether EMFs pose a danger to human health. However, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which operates under the World Health Organization, has classified non-ionizing EMFs as a possible human carcinogen. In addition, some preliminary studies show these radiations might reduce sperm counts, cause headaches, reduce appetite, cause nausea, mood swings and sleep disruptions. Another problem is data collection and privacy concerns. Many of these devices sell your personal health information and daily habits to other industries like pharmaceutical companies and political groups. A study by the US Federal Trade Commission found that many fitness apps sent data to someone not disclosed by the developer, either in-app or in any privacy policy. AI coaching devices currently rely on faceless data to formulate their advice

and coaching strategies, so it does have inadequacies. They can interpret data, but they cannot adjust in real time for the human they are helping. For example, a coach might adjust for a client’s personality by offering “tough love” or lots of positive reinforcement. For now, only a human can adjust in real-time in relationship to another human. Where do we go from here? We can expect that health and fitness technologies will continue to expand into our lives. As for our clients, some people have absolutely no interest in online classes or the metaverse and the tech can be a barrier. For those people, I predict there will still be in-person studios and gyms. However, people are already enjoying experiences like Peloton. It is reasonable to assume, as with all new tech, more people will start to use it as it expands and progresses so the in-person market will likely see decreases. With this technology revolution, we must keep in mind our ethics and priorities to ensure that technology is inclusive and used in a helpful way. A degree of healthy scepticism is warranted regarding data mining and health concerns. In addition, this personalisation and micro view of wellness should not overshadow the macro view of how broader conditions, like where we work and live, affect our health. What is our role as fitness instructors and coaches? What does the future look like for us? Will we become a Peloton coach, run our own virtual studio in the Metaverse, or have a small neighborhood in-person studio that

uses software for booking and promotion? Should we fear this progress? When telephones were introduced in the late 1800s, the New York Times said that telephones would only be used to invade people’s privacy. Other critics insisted that it would make us lazy and anti-social. As with all technological advances, we cannot foresee all the changes and opportunities to come. As fitness professionals, we can use technology to complement, enhance, or disburden ourselves while increasing our health and connection with our clients, if we use the technology ethically, mindfully, and creatively. Building community and connecting to one another is a truly human ability that cannot be replaced; thus, we must focus on connection and the human experience. With all its pros and cons, technology has without a doubt become a central part of the human experience and as our world changes, we will need to continue to adjust and evolve.

Christina Raskin has 20 years of teaching experience and has trained all over, including in India. She is passionate about marrying education and yoga together to help people transform through the science and soul of yoga. Christina was the National Training Director at Oxygen Yoga & Fitness for seven years. She is the founder of Soul Thrive Yoga where she offers teacher trainings, workshops and retreats.

INCLUSIVE FITNESS ONLINE TRAINING Instituting inclusion Disability language Guidelines for different disabilities Programming with respect to symptoms Methods of assessment


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The six categories include technical practice, intervals, combination ride drills, ladders, teamwork, and freestyle. Take teaching to the next level, stimulate your creativity, make it easy for you to prepare for classes, or have a fantastic, professional-level workout at home on your own. Whichever pattern or drill you choose, blend your uniqueness, trust your experience and process, add some great music, and enjoy the benefits.

An ordinary bike ride is now an extraordinary body, mind, and spirit experience worth doing. An effective fitness conditioning workout full of breath, positive vibes, uplifting music, mindful intention, and hope that keeps the fitness professionals excited to teach and fitness enthusiasts returning for more.

1. Technical Practice Benefits of technical practice: Refine, perfect and enhance performance, add depth to awareness of alignment and technique.

Breath—the thread connecting the body, mind, and spirit The indoor cycling experience is connected to the state of your body; the state of your body is connected to the state of your mind; the state of your mind is connected to your breath. Breath contributes to healthy alignment and correct posture mechanics. It is a tool that brings energy to the ride, allowing the body to endure the required effort and demands throughout the class. Breathing calms the nervous system and optimizes circulation. The breath also oxygenates and detoxifies the muscles during the class, which helps reduce recovery time. Breath is the foundation of the ride and brings success and vitality to the journey. Here are six effective cues you can instruct for inviting the breath into an indoor cycling class. • Breathe to move the body; move the body to breathe • Make space for breath • Breathe; encourage the heart to beat and the circulation to flow • Breathe; find ease in the effort • Ride the waves of your breath • Breathe in presence; breathe out expectations Breath is key in all activities, especially indoor cycling—remind yourself and your riders to breathe throughout the class. Mini Indoor Cycling Patterns and Drills Tool Kit There are multiple ways to put together an indoor cycling class. This mini-indoor cycling tool kit includes some of the most favourite, effective, and reliable drills and patterns you can use—a resource you can mix and match to create your own indoor cycling classes at home or the studio.

one class. Ladders can be delivered from a short ladder ascending to its full length, or a full ladder descending to a short ladder. 5. Teamwork Benefits of teamwork: Build a collective experience, add rapport and energy within the group, and bring fun variety to the ride. 6. Freestyle Benefits of freestyle: Builds and creates trust for the teacher and rider, gives opportunity for the rider to have space to add what they need. Within a class design you can add one, two or more freestyle opportunities where the rider chooses their own adventure. This can be placed in the middle of the class or as the final song.

Technical practice drills are an opportunity for the rider to focus on alignment and technique while participating in a drill. These technical drills can be done after the warmup, encouraging a continuation of body awareness for the remainder of the class. They can also be integrated at the mid-point of the class to check in with form and re-establish awareness of proper alignment and technique. 2. Intervals Benefits of intervals: Metabolic mashup, reaction/response, agility, variety, motivation, personal best, personal challenge, focus, perseverance, presence, resilience, fitness benefits and improvement. There are a variety of intervals and multiple ways you can deliver them. The focus is on the interval timing, compared to other types of drills that are described later. 3. Combination Ride Drills Benefits of combination ride drills: Variety, coordination, challenge for the body and mind, fitness conditioning, alertness, and fun. A combination drill is created when using more than one movement. The emphasis is on the choreography of the moves rather than on the interval timing. You can use any movements to create a combination. Ride the rhythm and repeat them for a set time. 4. Ladders Benefits of ladders: Easy to create and follow, organic, connects the group, fun and challenging for all levels of riders. Ladders are combinations of movements that stack up. You can use one ladder to create a full-length class, or you can use several ladders within

Freestyle rides help build trust between the students and teacher and support the student to develop independence and trust in themselves. This is a fantastic way to finish a class, especially if there is a diversity of riders with various levels of experience. It pro-vides a free window of opportunity for the rider to decide for themselves how they want to finish their ride. The Ascending Ladder: The ascending ladder is a favourite class design that combines all the categories from the above mini-indoor cycling patterns and drills. Time Move (1 min each) (mins) 5

Warmup (include technical riding)


1. Stand climb 2. 4-count jumps seatedstand


Active recovery


1. Stand climb 2. 4-count jumps seatedstand 3. Seated sprint 30 sec/flat road 30 sec


Active recovery


1. Stand climb 2. 4-count jumps seatedstand 3. Seated sprint 30 sec/flat road 30 sec 4. Seated sprint 30 sec/flat road 30 sec


Active recovery

Continued on the following page...

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Time Move (1 min each) (mins)

Time Move (1 min each) (mins)



1. Stand climb 2. 4-count jumps seatedstand 3. Seated sprint 30 sec/flat road 30 sec 4. Seated sprint 30 sec/flat road 30 sec 5. Hammer #1 (15/15 power 30 sec flat)


Active recovery


1. Stand climb 2. 4-count jumps seatedstand 3. Seated sprint 30 sec/flat road 30 sec 4. Seated sprint 30 sec/flat road 30 sec 5. Hammer #1 (15/15 power 30 sec flat) 6. Hammer #2 (15/15 power 30 sec flat)


Active recovery


1. Stand climb 2. 4-count jumps seatedstand 3. Seated sprint 30 sec/flat road 30 sec 4. Seated sprint 30 sec/flat road 30 sec 5. Hammer #1 (15/15 power 30 sec flat) 6. Hammer #2 (15/15 power 30 sec flat) 7. Sprint to finish line Bonus freestyle ride and cool down Total Time: 45 mins

Turn Something Ordinary into Extraordinary You will always need to maintain the physical body. May you also infuse your practice with a sense of spirit and empowerment, kind thoughts and a compassionate attitude. Your ride experience will change, your class delivery will be more engaging, and your students will respond accordingly.

They will notice something unique, authentic, and attractive about you that continues to bring them back. The adventure of your personal and indoor cycling journey will expand, and the gifts will continue to flourish—the ordinary ride will become extraordinary both inside and out. “May your journey be your joy; may truth be your compass.” —Hana Hana Weinwurm has been a leading indoor cycling instructor in Canada for over 20 years and most recently self-published Ride Alchemy -- an ultimate resource guide to creating an extraordinary ride. She is passionate about exercise and believes that through indoor cycling you can transform your outlook not just on your workout, but on your entire life. IG: @hanaweinwurm

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By Amina Khan ONLINE LEARNING IS A HALLMARK OF THE POSTPANDEMIC CULTURE THAT IS HERE TO STAY. Public familiarity and usage of online meeting and broadcasting software has become mainstream, which provides new opportunities for fitness training, coaching, and motivation. Fitness instructors can leverage online teaching tools in innovative ways to support participants in adopting positive behavioral changes and increase rates of physical activity. Online learning has numerous benefits by removing geographical limitations and class size restrictions. Large group classes can be held at various times throughout the day based on client availability and convenience. Instructors 72 canfitpro July/August 2022

can tap into a global audience far beyond local clientele. Live and prerecorded content are easy, fast, and cost-effective to create, with far-reaching advertising opportunities through social media. In my own coaching practice, online education has uniquely allowed me to reach thousands of clients globally from diverse cultural backgrounds. Fitness instructors are excited at the prospect of utilizing online training to expand their businesses and support new clients. However, online learning also poses unique challenges. Although online fitness programs have reduced client barriers to entry, participants struggle to stay accountable and self-motivated to complete online classes. Compliance suffers and drop-off rates increase as online fitness classes may feel

impersonal or lack time-urgency. Positive mental health benefits of social interactions and connectedness are also reduced during online workouts as clients can feel isolated exercising “alone” behind a screen, despite the presence of digital classmates. Instructors also are unable to provide the same in-person direct coaching in terms of form adjustments and body placement feedback. To overcome these limitations, fitness instructors can use creative strategies to empower their participants to succeed: 1. Do not just show clients how to exercise. Help clients create behavioral change with systems for accountability. Many online fitness instructors focus on content delivery such as instructing

workouts, form tutorials, and creating workout plans. These tasks are essential to coaching, but motivational support increases compliance and helps clients complete the programs that instructors design. Goal setting, intention development, ongoing encouragement, and peer support can dramatically improve a client’s experience in an online fitness program. For example, in my coaching practice, I noticed a significant improvement in the number of clients completing my full online fitness program after adding additional motivational weekly workshops and check-ins. In these sessions, clients identify their core motivators to pursue physical fitness, plan strategies to get through “bad days” or slumps in motivation and we

emphasize progression over perfection. These mindset shifts reduce drop-off, and clients enjoy the collegiality and accountability that is created through our group chats. Live Zoom check-ins, chat support or fitness tracker activitysharing can supplement pre-recorded workout content to help clients feel their instructor is guiding them constantly throughout their health journey. 2. Add “gamification” to your workouts—make it fun! Studies show that gamification can significantly help clients stay consistent and avoid program drop-off. This involves incentivizing exercise consistency and compliance via visual identifiers of progress such as points, leaderboards, badges, and other playful and entertaining achievement markers. Gamification helps my clients stay consistent. I assign my global clients into country teams on a leaderboard. As clients complete workouts, they earn points for their respective country team. Participants all over the world have told me how this simple competition motivated them to complete their daily workouts. They love seeing their scores increase and feel part of their country’s victory! Giveaways and prizes awarded for workout consistency are also extremely effective and bring excitement to your fitness community. 3. Create community. Fostering a connected community is just as important as delivery of online fitness instruction. Effective communities increase accountability, belonging, and inclusivity. Consider how you can create opportunities for dialogue between your various clients. Applications such

as Slack or Facebook groups offer platforms that your clients can use to connect and support each other. It is helpful to be a moderating and guiding presence in these groups to seed discussions, facilitate connections, and help strangers become workout partners. Online challenges and buddy pairings give reason for your clients to connect as online comrades. In my coaching community, I encourage clients to post a daily workout update. It is surprising how quickly bonds form as clients begin cheering each other on, collectively working towards a superordinate goal (completing the workout program) together! It is important to remember that technology can be used as a tool for connection (human-technology interactivity), not just for education or content delivery. Effective online instructors transcend the “screen barrier” by engaging, motivating, entertaining, connecting, and inspiring to stay consistent and productive on their fitness journeys. Amina Khan is the founder of Amanah Fitness, an online wellness community dedicated to providing health and fitness education to women of diverse cultural backgrounds. Amina is completing her PhD degree in Health Psychology and researching solutions to increase motivational development, diversity, and cultural inclusivity within fitness programming. She was named canfitpro Fitness Instructor Specialist of the Year in 2018.

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Your success is built on education, relationships, and entertainment. Let us pay attention to these three factors and take your group exercise experience to the next level. Talent will only take you so far, but education will keep you growing. A group exercise coach is responsible for the room - to train the clients and keep them safe. As our classes begin to fill up again with participants, we will see a range of athletes walking through our doors. If your education is limited, you are limited in your ability to meet the group where they are at and coach them to their fitness goals. Your baseline qualifications are what get your foot in the door. The continuing education courses and workshops expand your exercise library, fine-tune your coaching abilities to correct movement patterns, and unlock programming concepts that make your class a training experience and more than just a workout. A conference is one of my favorite ways to fill my cup of education. You have the opportunity to surround yourself with some of the best minds in your industry. The energy ignites my fuse to take my professional and personal skills to the next level. Another benefit is you may stumble across a workshop or an individual that influences your perspective on training. I call it the “big ah-ha moments” of a conference! Education is essential but let us be honest; members are not coming to your classes because of everything you know. Group exercise is about relationships! If they do not like you, they will not tell

their friends, and they are not coming back! If you do not make the experience personal for the participant, they will go someplace else. Building rapport is low-hanging fruit that many instructors bypass. Instead of welcoming members into the room, showing them where to find their equipment, and learning about any injuries, limitations, or questions they may have, the instructor may be texting, finalizing their playlist, and sometimes writing their workouts. The best part about group exercises is that it offers various times and coaches a user can experience. Losing a member in a group class can be a financial loss, and nobody wants that! There are some easy tips that you can implement immediately to build rapport with your members and fill those group classes. It starts at the front door! Welcome as many members into your class as possible. The existing members are made to feel special, and the new members can feel safe. If they are trying your class for the first time, we cannot assume they will enjoy it or be successful. In 60 seconds, try to understand their goals and expectations and do your best to meet them in the class. In the workout, be specific to highlight wins and try not to overcorrect the room. Nobody wants to hear they are doing something wrong but will work harder when there is an “atta-girl” mentioned to highlight a specific client. When the class is over, celebrate the new members for trying something new and congratulate the existing members. If the members do not show up, there is no class. Finally, try to get feedback. Ask the members and staff, complete selfevaluations, and make improvements. You can continuously improve your style; through honest feedback, we start the process.



QUALIFICATION COURSES The ultimate resource to launch your Suspension Training® or TRX Yoga coaching career.

Last but not least, we have to talk about your class’s “wow factor”. Any trainer can bark exercises and coaching cues, but can you create an environment where the client will work hard and have fun? Coaching is not a “you either have it or don’t” situation. You either have it, or you work your butt off to get it. Chances are, you were inspired by someone to get into group exercise. They are group coaches because they want to see people get better. Learn from them and others! See how they coach the room. Find out how they stay up to date with education and content to stay cutting-edge in their industry. They are the best for a reason, but they did not do it on their own. They had help with the music, the programming, the one-liners in class, and the necessary skills to deliver a best-in-class group exercise experience. The entertainment of a group class is the easy part and a result of the time spent on building education for your craft and relationships in your community. They are not going to leave your classes talking about how spectacular your programming was, but they will tell people how you made them feel. It may be called a group exercise class, but it is very personal, in my opinion. For over ten years, Miguel Vargas has been a key factor at TRX. When Miguel is not presenting, he is either in front of or behind a camera shooting the latest TRX content, or developing the emerging group of TRX Educators globally.

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Learn on your own schedule with our self-paced courses, including new topics like pre and post-natal fitness, running, and cycling.



90-MINUTE WORKSHOPS Short, interactive, virtual workshops are a smart introduction or refresher to qualification courses.

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CHILDREN ARE NOT MINI ADULTS. THEIR PHYSICAL, COGNITIVE, SOCIAL, EMOTIONAL, AND DEVELOPMENTAL NEEDS ARE DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT THAN ADULTS, AND SO THEY NEED DIFFERENT KINDS OF FITNESS PROGRAMS THAN OURS. As a fitness professional, you may find that your kids follow along to your adult workouts. I mean, why would they not? You are a fitness leader in their eyes – a positive role model for active living! But, when it comes to working with a broader audience of kids and families, it is critical that your kid’s fitness program design, instructional cues, and activity selections address the needs of ALL types of children (especially those who do not have in-home, healthy living role models). At PL3Y, we design pre-packaged kids’ fitness programs that fitness enthusiasts teach in schools and recreation centres around the world. From dance, to yoga, to ninja-fitness and beyond, we follow five elements to ensure that every program we create, and every class taught by our certified instructors, leads to a 76 canfitpro July/August 2022

quality, confidence-building, movement experience for our young end-users. In this article I will share with you how we design our award-winning programs using Five Elements of Quality Kids Fitness Program Design, then I will provide you with a summary of how the overall program design, movements, and activities are adapted for each age group. Section 1: Five Elements of Quality Kids Fitness Program Design The first element is Program Design. Here, we look at the structure and support within the class itself: will the child be accompanied by an adult or participate independently; what is the ratio of child: instructor for the activity; and can the program be delivered by a single instructor or are assistants/volunteers needed? The second element is Class Length. What is the most effective duration for each class, based on the activity type and age group of the participants? Beyond best practice for class length, the practical application of this element also involves

the art of balancing cognitive attention levels of children, parents scheduling needs, and shared location limitations. The third element is the Movement Focus, where the specific movements and purpose behind the physical activities is explicitly planned and designed. What type of fundamental movement skills will kids be learning, practicing, or applying during the class? Which movements will build on one another, from simple to more complex movement sequences, during the program? What type of cues and prompts are most effective to teach these movements for this age group? Once we have a clear understanding of the movements, instructional cues and education for the program, the next element is Activity Design. This element addresses the type of activities and classroom management strategies that we will use in the programs. From instructional demonstrations to circuits, group games to personal challenges, practice to performances, how children will learn movement in different ways is equally as important as what they are learning.

The final element is the Interaction Lens. Here we address the child’s innate developmental needs in terms of socialemotional connections, including who they tend to focus on socially during a program: their grown-up, themselves, or their peers. This determines how we plan to introduce, coach, and reinforce certain interpersonal behaviours among participants, peers, and the instructor. Section 2: Program Planning by Age Group In this section, I have summarised how we adapt the five elements for each age group so that you can plan out fun, engaging, purposeful, and quality kids’ fitness programs for children ages one to 12. TODDLERS (Ages one to two) Program Design: Parent (Grown-Up) Participation Class Length: 45 minutes Movement Focus: Exposure to activity, music, and movement. Foundational fundamental movement skills (FMS) exploration through play. Activity Design: Exposure to a routine, free play (90 per cent) and exploration. Instruction (10 per cent) is focused towards educating and equipping the grown-up with movement and cues to use with their child. Integration of language, verbal skills, and use of imaginative story lines facilitate learning. Interaction Lens: Child focused on, and is led by, their grown up. Rockstar Instructors: Comfortable with instructing, educating, and guiding grownups amidst the ‘chaos’ of busy bodies playing in a space. PRESCHOOL (Ages three to five) Program Design: Drop Off/Independent Class Length: 45-60 minutes Movement Focus: Move to play – participation as the priority. Foundational fundamental movement skills (FMS) instruction with one- or two-word verbal cues. Challenge or refinement of movements in short bursts, and by participant choice. Activity Design: Practice following a routine and instructions. Purposeful instruction (25 per cent) with maximum free play and movement exploration time (75 per cent). Use of individual games and imaginative stories/cueing to support education of movements while keeping a context of play. Interaction Focus: Child focused on instructor. Rockstar Instructors: Warm, caring, and attentive to social-emotional needs. Playful and adaptive. Can focus on the

child’s overall positive experience versus exactness or precision of movements. YOUNG KIDS (Ages six to eight) Program Design: Drop Off/Independent Class Length: 60 minutes Movement Focus: Move to learn exploration and repetition as the priority. Build on foundations of fundamental movement skills that have been set. Instruction to reinforce foundations and begin to explore more progressive skills. Use basic verbal cues to introduce longer sequencing of movements (two- to fourmovement combinations). Activity Design: Learning (anticipating) and following a class routine. Purposeful instruction (30 per cent), practice (30 per cent), and play (40 per cent). Selection of games and activities that have more explicit connections and instruction for the targeted fundamental movement skills. Use of stories and coaching from the natural world, adventure stories, or participant-centered topics. Interaction Lens: Child focused on instructor, and on peers. Rockstar Instructors: Ability to remain playful while delivering a purposeful movement education experience. Can balance instruction, encouragement, and refinement cueing. OLDER KIDS (Ages nine to 12) Program Design: Drop Off/Independent Class Length: 60-90 minutes Movement Focus: Move with purpose – priority of learning to move more effectively in the context of the activity/ game/sport. Continue to develop, practice, and refine fundamental movement skills, plus introduce and explore activity/sportspecific skills and techniques. Instruction and refinement cues support journey towards performance, while maintaining positive experiences and confidence in activity. Activity Design: Activities balance exploration, practice, and challenges towards proficiency. Introduction of performance and application of skills. (e.g., perform a sun salutation sequence or squat using correct body alignment, apply acceleration/deceleration skills in a soccer game, remember and perform a series of dance combinations, etc.). Balance of instruction (25 per cent), practice (25 per cent), performance (25 per cent) and play (25 per cent). Interaction Lens: Children interact more with each other, starting to explore their own identity while balancing with their innate need for sense of belonging to a group. Rockstar Instructors: Flexible class plan design to respond to participant

needs and skill levels. Ability to integrate participant choice in programming. Can create positive social climates within the program. Can deliver purposeful instructional program designed towards performance, while maintaining confidence-boosting movement experiences. Regardless of the age group, all children’s fitness programs must support each child’s unique physical literacy journey, which is a person’s physical competence, confidence, and motivation to be active for life. When you look at the impact of the pandemic on children and youth, this demographic has been significantly affected: over the last few years, only 4.8 per cent of children (ages five to 11) and 0.8 per cent of youth (ages 12-17) were meeting 24-hour movement behaviour guidelines, compared to the 15 per cent (five to 17 years) prior to the pandemic, and the Government of Canada stated that children and youth “experienced the worst decline in mental health of any age group”. Children need positive role models in their community to inspire them to move, to teach them new skills, to create engaging movement spaces, and to give them a chance to play. As a fitness leader, you have an opportunity to support children’s recovery and return to more physical activity, movement, and exercise while expanding your offerings and making great money doing something that you love. To learn more about working with children and gain CECs (Continuing Education Credits), check out canfitpro’s Children’s Fitness Coach course, or learn how to build a profitable kids fitness business with PL3Y’s pre-packaged programs, visit Melanie Levenberg, M.Ed., is an author, international speaker, TEDx presenter, and global leader in kids’ fitness. As the CEO/Founder of PL3Y Inc, she teaches fitness enthusiasts how to launch profitable kids’ fitness businesses teaching award-winning dance, yoga, and fitness programs in recreation centres and schools.

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By Sara Hodson


WE DO NOT WANT TO SIMPLY GET OLDER. WE WANT TO AGE WELL. We do not simply want to hold onto our health for as long as we can and delay or prevent the onset of chronic disease, we want to move our bodies with ease and we want to thrive. We want to be able to get up when we are down - mentally and physically. We want to get older and stronger. The best news is that this is possible. But, we have work to do. The physical and mental health of Canadian seniors is in jeopardy and we must focus on using exercise to reverse 78 canfitpro July/August 2022

this. There are more seniors in Canada than children - according to predictions by the Active Aging Institute, by 2061 there will be 12 million Canadians over the age of 65 - compared to 8 million children. We have a huge opportunity to help our senior population age WELL and now is the time to take action. Our seniors became more inactive during the pandemic - according to the National Poll of Aging (US) , one in three seniors have been less physically active since March 2020. The risk of falls and loss of mobility also increased in our 50-80 year old demographic, and mental health has declined. Due to lack of access to fitness facilities and community programs,


MEMBRE. seniors could not get outDE and about.

The Canadian longitudinal study, published in the medical journal The Lancet , found that our older adults who became more sedentary and secluded during the pandemic had significantly poor mental health outcomes. Rates of depression and anxiety were directly attributed to less physical activity - the study concluded that it is imperative we boost social and physical activity now, and for future lockdowns. The how and the why of getting our seniors active should be a priority for the fitness industry. But, we have to

make sure that our spaces are positive, welcoming, and inclusive for seniors. Here are three central areas we can focus on and the opportunities that exist. The Benefits Of Exercise For Chronic Health Conditions FACT: According to a 2021 report from the Canadian Chronic Disease Surveillance System, the overall number of adults aged 65 and older who will be living with chronic disease is estimated at 6.3 million people. Many of our seniors have two or more chronic health conditions at the same time. Although physical activity is not the only answer, helping our seniors get 150 minutes of physical activity weekly will reduce the rates of chronic health conditions in our senior population dramatically. This will also have a positive impact on our health care systems, which are overcrowded, and reduce healthcare spending. OPPORTUNITY: As trained fitness professionals, we have to help our seniors understand the dose effect of exercise on chronic health conditions as well as understanding the FITT (Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type) principles, the Rate of Perceived Effort Scale, and the benefits of cardiovascular and resistance training and mobility work. Although walking is a great start, this is not enough, and we need our seniors to feel safe lifting weights and attending yoga classes in our gyms! We also need trained fitness professionals who understand how to work with seniors and the specific health concerns they might have.

The Benefits Of Strength Training FACT: As we get older, we lose muscle mass. The pandemic increased rates of falls in seniors, and fall prevention starts with having stronger muscles. But there are even deeper benefits to strength training - and a research review, published in the British Medical Journal, found that muscle-strengthening activities were inversely associated with all-cause mortality and major non-communicable disease including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and many types of cancer; overall allcause mortality was significantly lower. Translation: pick up some weights and lengthen your life. OPPORTUNITY: Hire professionals in your facilities who know how to train older bodies, who know how to design programming that is based on a senior body, not a millennial. Many of the seniors who come to us are coming with injuries, or they are coming having never exercised before. We need to eliminate the intimidation factor in our industry and make our spaces positive and inclusive for all ages. The Benefits Of Group Fitness Fact: We have spent the last two years apart and we need to come back together again. A major study in the United Kingdom ran for two years and included group fitness classes specifically targeted for seniors. At the 24-month mark, the participants who had attended group fitness sessions had significantly greater mobility - more ease walking, climbing stairs, and in their

ability to perform daily activities. In fact, one strength/balance/mobility session was enough to provide meaningful benefits to lower limb function . OPPORTUNITY: You do not have to be a LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic or a facility solely focused on an older demographic to provide a unique offering for your senior members! Why does any potential member take a tour of your gym? Because they want to be healthier - physically, mentally, and socially! The answer is simple: Create seniorspecific group fitness classes within your facilities. Pump up the 60s and 70s music and get them moving! Bottom Line And, if you are looking for a bottom line answer to getting our seniors active one study showed that being physically active could save us $1,874 in health care costs after retirement. The earlier you start the better! As we look to attract members back to our gyms, think about our seniors and how we market to make them feel included and cared for. We all need a reason to get active and we all need support - especially our seniors! Sara Hodson, CEO OF LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic is the President of the Fitness Industry Council of Canada. To find out about bringing a LIVE WELL to your community, please start a conversation with us by emailing

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COMMENT AIDER NOS CLIENTS À BIEN VIEILLIR NOUS AVONS IDENTIFIÉ TROIS VEINES À EXPLOITER POUR PERMETTRE À NOS AINÉS DE SE SENTIR INCLUS ET INCLUSES, ET DE SENTIR QU’ON SE PRÉOCCUPE DE LEUR BIEN-ÊTRE. Par Sara Hodson IL EST HORS DE QUESTION DE VIEILLIR, BÊTEMENT. Nous voulons BIEN vieillir. Nous ne voulons pas simplement nous raccrocher à notre santé pour aussi longtemps que nous le pourrons, ni retarder ou prévenir les maladies chroniques ; nous voulons bouger avec aisance, nous voulons être des ainés épanouis. Nous voulons pouvoir nous relever lorsque nous tombons, au sens figuré et au sens 80 canfitpro July/August 2022

propre. Nous voulons bien vieillir, être plus forts, et en santé. La bonne nouvelle, c’est que c’est possible. Mais nous avons du pain sur la planche. La santé physique et mentale des ainés canadiens est en jeu, et nous devons cibler l’exercice pour renverser cette tendance. Il y a plus d’ainés au Canada

que d’enfants, et selon les prévisions du Active Aging Institute, d’ici 2061, 12 millions de Canadiens seront âgés de 65 ans et plus comparativement à 8 millions d’enfants. Nous avons une fenêtre d’opportunité importante pour aider nos ainés à BIEN vieillir, et c’est maintenant que nous devons agir. Nos ainés sont devenus plus sédentaires pendant la pandémie ; selon le National Poll on Healthy Aging (US), le tiers

Come Jump With Us! canfitpro 2022 Global Trade Show August 12 - 13 Ontario Rope Skipping Organization

Rope skipping is a wellness activity that promotes a healthy, active lifestyle and a positive attitude towards physical activity. ORSO supports and promotes rope skipping as both a recreational pursuit and a competitive sport for both children and adults in Ontario. Contact Us

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des ainés sont physiquement moins actifs depuis mars 2020. Les risques de chuter et la perte de mobilité ont également augmenté chez les adultes de 50 à 80 ans, la santé mentale en a aussi pris pour son rhume. À cause d’un manque d’accès à des établissements de conditionnement physique et des programmes communautaires, les ainés n’ont pas été en mesure de sortir. L’étude longitudinale canadienne sur le vieillissement, publiée dans le journal médical The Lancet, a conclu que nos ainés qui sont devenus plus sédentaires et isolés pendant la pandémie souffrent de conséquences importantes sur le plan de la santé mentale. Les cas de dépression et d’anxiété ont été attribués directement à un manque d’activité physique – l’étude conclut qu’il est crucial de stimuler l’activité sociale et physique maintenant et en prévision de confinements futurs. Comment et pourquoi garder les ainés actifs doit devenir une priorité de l’industrie du conditionnement physique. Mais nous devons nous assurer que nos installations sont positives, invitantes, et inclusives pour eux. Voici les trois principaux segments que nous devons cibler, et les opportunités qui y sont reliées. Les bienfaits de l’exercice pour des conditions chroniques FAIT : Selon un rapport du Système canadien de surveillance des maladies chroniques daté de 2021, le nombre global d’adultes de 65 ans et plus qui seront affectés par une maladie chronique est estimé à 6,3 millions de personnes. Plusieurs de nos ainés souffrent de deux maladies chroniques ou plus à la fois. Bien que l’activité physique ne soit pas la seule solution, les aider à atteindre 150 minutes d’activité physique par semaine réduira significativement la quantité de problèmes de santé chroniques chez les ainés. Ce qui entrainera également un effet positif sur notre système de soins de santé, qui est embourbé, et contribuera à la réduction des dépenses dans ce même secteur. OPPORTUNITÉ : En tant que professionnels du conditionnement physique, nous devons aider nos ainés à comprendre l’effet-dose de l’exercice sur les problèmes de santé chroniques

82 canfitpro July/August 2022

et les principes FITT (fréquence, intensité, temps, type), le niveau de perception de l’effort, et les bienfaits de l’entrainement cardiovasculaire, en résistance, et le travail ciblant la mobilité. Bien que la marche soit un bon point de départ, ce n’est pas suffisant ; nous devons nous assurer que nos ainés sont suffisamment confiants pour lever des poids et participer à une classe de yoga dans nos établissements. Nous avons également besoin de professionnels du conditionnement physique qui comprennent leurs préoccupations en matière de santé et comment travailler avec eux. Les bienfaits de l’entrainement musculaire FAIT : Notre masse musculaire diminue avec l’âge. Le taux de chutes chez les ainés a augmenté avec la pandémie, et la prévention des chutes commence par des muscles plus forts. Mais il y a des bienfaits plus fondamentaux à l’entrainement musculaire. En effet, une étude de recherche publiée par le British Medical Journal, démontre que les exercices de renforcement musculaire sont inversement reliés aux décès de toutes causes confondues et aux principales maladies non transmissibles incluant les maladies cardiovasculaires, le diabète, et plusieurs types de cancers ; la mortalité globale, toutes causes confondues, était significativement inférieure. Traduction : soulever des poids = allonger sa vie ! OPPORTUNITÉ : Engagez des professionnels qui savent comment entrainer un corps vieillissant, qui savent concevoir des programmes qui sont basés sur des corps d’âge mûr, pas des millénariaux. De nombreux ainés qui nous consultent souffrent de blessures, ou n’ont jamais fait d’exercices avant. Notre industrie doit se dissocier du facteur intimidation et créer des espaces positifs et inclusifs pour tous les groupes d’âge. Les bienfaits des cours en groupe FAIT : Nous venons de passer plus de deux ans sans pouvoir se côtoyer, nous avons tous besoin de nous retrouver. Une importante étude effectuée au Royaume-Uni s’est étendue sur deux ans ; celle-ci incluait les cours en groupe ciblant plus spécifiquement les ainés. Après 24 mois, les participants et participantes aux séances d’exercices

en groupe avaient atteint une mobilité beaucoup plus importante, il leur était plus facile de marcher, de monter des marches, et d’effectuer des tâches quotidiennes. En fait, une seule séance de renforcement musculaire/équilibre/ mobilité était suffisante pour leur procurer des bienfaits importants au niveau des membres inférieurs. OPPORTUNITÉ : Il n’est pas nécessaire d’être une clinique d’exercices LIVE WELL ou une entreprise ciblant uniquement le groupe d’âge des 60+ pour leur offrir des programmes et services uniques ! Pourquoi un membre potentiel prend-il le temps de visiter votre établissement ? Simplement parce qu’il ou elle veut être en meilleure santé, physiquement, mentalement, et socialement ! La solution est simple : créez des cours d’exercices en groupe ciblant les 60+ au sein de votre établissement. Dépoussiérez les longs jeux des années 60 et 70, et faites-les bouger ! En gros Si vous cherchez une raison financière de faire bouger les ainés, une étude a démontré qu’être physiquement actif pourrait nous faire épargner 1 874 $ en frais de soins de santé après la retraite. Plus tôt vous commencerez, mieux ce sera ! Alors que nous cherchons des solutions pour ramener les membres dans nos établissements, pensez aux ainés et à comment commercialiser votre offre pour qu’ils se sentent inclus et pris en charge. Nous avons tous besoin d’une raison pour devenir actifs et actives, et nous avons tous besoin d’appui pour y arriver, spécialement nos ainés !

Sara Hodson, présidente des cliniques LIVE WELL, est également présidente du Conseil canadien de l’industrie du conditionnement physique (FICC). Pour découvrir comment implanter un établissement LIVE WELL dans votre communauté, n’hésitez pas à lancer la conversation en nous écrivant au

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Not to mention, our solar system (earth and all) whirls around the center of our galaxy at some 220 kilometers per second, or 490,000 miles per hour. This alone is a very, very good reason to meditate! But that is a lot to take in, so let us slow this way down and begin with the basics. We can jump into the cosmos once we have taken some deep, grounded breaths. Meditation, like martial arts, dates back to 5,000 years before the “common era.” This places the roots of both disciplines 84 canfitpro July/August 2022

in ancient China and India. In fact, some archeologists have linked early forms of meditation to our early hominid ancestors telling stories around the fire. Meditation contributed to the peak fitness found in our ancestral hunter and gatherers. Both martial arts and meditation require discipline, dedication, practice, willingness, and humility. These character assets are refined through many, many hours of repetition. They may have emerged from different causes and for different reasons but now, hundreds of thousands of years later, the two practices cross paths and unite more than ever before. Today, we can say the practice of martial arts is the best form of

meditation. Let us look at this diaspora of both disciplines and where the crossing points may have emerged. Why did early humans meditate? What was the purpose and what was the practice? How did our ancient ancestors know to sit quietly to “clear the mind”? The concept of “survival of the fittest” may be applied here. Just as Confucius developed stances and strikes in martial arts practice to heal internal organs, early humans used brain training and mindfulness meditation to help heal the sick and improve memory. This is one of the beautiful aspects of evolution: what may have been developed early on

for a particular purpose (meditation for memory, martial arts for defending, both for healing the sick) has changed over time to a practice of general well-being.

focus, memory, presence. Unlike the treadmill or bike, where we may find ourselves texting, or taking care of business, in our martial arts practice we are required to be fully present in the moment. How many times have you been stuck in the past (regret) or in the future (an illusion) doing forms?

According to fossil records and modern-day brain research, meditation strengthens parts of the brain involved in memory. Today’s neurological studies show increased thickness in the brain around memory centers of those who meditate versus those who do not. (Not to be confused with new studies showing the thickness in the brain due to the 5G iPhone!) Anatomy on-the-go We often forget that the brain is an organ. This means it has glands, like the pituitary for example, and nerves that regulate hormones and keep us alive. The heart is a muscle and an organ and supplies a giant electrical field throughout the circulatory system. The biceps and glutes are muscles. They are nice to have and help us walk and pick things up and are guided by the brain and central nervous system, which happens so fast that we cannot see it in real time. Go ahead and pick up a pen. Did you tell your hand to pick it up? Are you aware of the subtle nano second nerve response from thought to action? Given this quick anatomy refresher, let us now look at the practice of martial arts, or what I like to call moving meditation. We do not practice today to defend our kingdom (although if we look at the fighters now supporting Ukraine we

It is impossible. Or, at least, it makes doing the form very difficult. Our doctors, teachers, friends, and family all tell us to MEDITATE! As martial artists, we can advertise MOVING MEDITATION offered in our martial arts practice, because to be a martial artist today, in 2022, is to be a modern-day buddha. Come check out how we do this, the modern warrior way at canfitpro 2022 Global Conference and Trade Show – not only is Jungshin Fitness presenting but we are a proud sponsor of the event!

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can see instances where their martial arts practice helped). And how many of us sit down and say, “Ok, I want to train my brain to enhance its memory centers so I will meditate?” I think it is more common that we meditate to “calm the mind”, to “relieve stress” and to help take the nervous system out of its fight or flight sympathetic mode, into a calmer parasympathetic state. The paths have crossed Our martial arts practice is one of the best forms of meditation! Practicing katas and form requires the necessary ingredients of deep meditation: breath,

Annika Kahn is the founder of Jungshin Fitness. She is a lifelong athlete and a 4-time world grand champion in the Korean Art of Kuk Sool Won. Annika is an international presenter with 20+ years of experience and offers instructor training worldwide as well as education and corporate seminars on the connection between positive mental health and movement.

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WHEN WE THINK ABOUT BONE HEALTH, TWO THINGS THAT OFTEN COME TO MIND ARE CALCIUM AND WEIGHT-BEARING EXERCISE. They both play a key role in keeping bones strong, but there is another key ingredient that many of us do not consider: protein. Surprised? Osteoporosis: The Silent Thief Osteoporosis can start at any age, but it is most common in people aged 50 and older. Before you dismiss this as a seniors’ condition, however, keep this in mind: we start to lose bone mass in our mid-30s. As fitness professionals, we can help clients understand that healthy habits they adopt today—including diet and exercise—could make a big difference to their bone health in 20, 30 or 40 years, and beyond.

Fact check: Does protein leach calcium from bones? You may have heard that excess dietary protein can cause calcium loss and reduce bone mineral density. Protein is acidic, and our bodies counteract that acidity with calcium from our bones—or so the theory goes. However, this misconception has been disproven. No link between higherprotein diets and decreased bone health has been found. How much protein do we need? The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for protein is 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight per day, but several research studies have found that this may be too low. For optimal overall health, adults may benefit from intakes of at least 1.2 to 1.6 grams of high-quality protein per kilogram of body weight daily. For active people, the

minimally processed protein foods such as meat, fish, beans, tofu, nuts, plain yogurt, seeds, poultry and lentils—ideally a variety. Animal products are “complete protein” foods; they contain all the essential amino acids our bodies require to function properly. Most plant-based proteins are incomplete and need to be paired with a complete animal-based protein or a plant-based protein containing the missing amino acids—for example, beans and rice. Some exceptions include quinoa, buckwheat, and soy products like tofu or tempeh which are complete proteins; however the actual protein content of these foods is considerably lower than in animal foods, which is important to consider when planning balanced meals with adequate protein. Generally speaking, animal-based protein foods also offer more protein per serving

THE PROTEIN–BONE HEALTH CONNECTION An overlooked and underrated nutrient in preventing and managing osteoporosis By Carol Harrison, RD recommendation is higher: about 1.2 to 2 grams of protein per kilogram daily. How protein helps to prevent osteoporosis Good nutrition is essential for keeping bones healthy and for managing osteoporosis. We hear a lot about calcium and vitamin D (which helps the body absorb calcium) but not very much about other contributors. Protein is one of those overlooked, underrated nutrients. Protein contains amino acids that our bodies need to build and sustain bone tissue, and to stimulate a certain enzyme (insulin-like growth factor 1, or IGF-1) that promotes bone growth and calcium absorption. In fact, about half of our bone volume is protein! Protein provides bones with strength and flexibility, which is why it matters for bone health.

A systematic review found that protein intakes above the current RDA may have some beneficial role in preventing hip fractures and bone mineral density. Fact Check: Canadians on average do not eat too much protein True! The most recent Canadian Community Health Survey on nutrition found that, on average, adults get just 17 per cent of their daily energy intake from protein. That puts them at the lower end of the recommended range of 10 to 35 per cent of calories. How can we make room for slightly more protein on our plates? Given that Canadians consume far too many nutrient-poor, ultraprocessed foods such as sweet baked goods and sugary drinks—they account for 46 per cent of our calories—swapping some of those for a variety of naturally nutrient-rich protein options would be a top priority. What proteins are best for bone health? The best protein options are whole and

than plant-based protein foods. This becomes more important to consider as we age and our protein needs increase and our appetites tend to decrease. Good to know: Osteoporosis Canada stresses the benefits of a food-first approach for bone health and in the prevention and management of osteoporosis. Supplements may offer convenience, but they tend to be costly alternatives. Check out for recipes, cooking demos, webinars, exercise recommendations, and video series.

Carol Harrison is a registered dietician who loves her daily workouts! She has a food nutrition communications company in Toronto. For more dinner inspiration and meal planning tips, follow Carol on Instagram and Twitter @CarolHarrison.RD canfitpro July/August 2022





88 canfitpro July/August 2022

Harden and colleagues (2015) analyzed research using a realist review approach from 52 group exercise studies and found that 92% (n = 48) reported significant increases in participant physical activity. An essential aspect of group exercise is the socialization and connectedness its participants experience. Dr. Dean Ornish (1998), a

rp eventive medicine h p isy ic an, is n k own o f ra s iy ng n lI“ ess e b ig ns with ’I‘ and weln l ess e b ig ns with w ‘ e.”’ n A exe c e l nt rg oup exercie s instrutc or encoru ages rg oup o c hesion while teaching. n I a f tc , Bray and o c e l age u s 2 ( 001) o f n u d that the tness instrutc or’s abiil ty to o c nnect with a p rticia p nts was an important rp edictor of exercie s attendance. Bure k and o c e l age u s 2 ( 006) e p rformed a meta-analisy s on tye p s of rg oup exercie s .h T eir research h s owed that a rg oup exercie s a lc s where rg oup dynamic rp incie lp s were e su d to increase adherence was e pus rior to a ts andard rg oup exercie s a lc s where the instrutc or h s owed pu and tauh g t the a lc s with il ttle interaction. Davis and o c e l age u s2 ( 015) o f n u d evidence of a recirp ocal il nk e b tween rg oup exercie s and o b nding. h T e major emphasis in training rp ograms o f r rg oup exercie s instrutc ors has e b en on a lc s o c ntent; what has e b en a l ikc ng is iug dance on o c nnecting the a p rticia p nts o s that a e s nse of o c mmunity deveo l sp within the rg ou,p which has many e b nets. o lF d y and o M e y r2 ( 009) o f n u d that rb east a c ncer rus iv o v rs exe p rienced rg eater improvements in their a uq il ty of il e f throuh g rg oup exercie s instrutc ion as o c mpared to individuayl a b e s d exercie s rp ograms. n I the majority of research on rg oup exercie s ,a p rticia p nts who ts ayed with the rp ogram held higher e p rcetp ions of o c hesie v nes.s

n I ts rutc ors a c n make or rb eak the opo p rtunity o f r rg oup o c hesion. o F r exampe l ,o c mpare the o f o l wing e cs narios: iJ l e b ig ns to teach her ts ationary indoor ilcy ng a lc s yb reminding a p rticia p nts that h s e has an “ o talik ng” rue l during a lc s o s a p rticia p nts a c no f suc on the workotu . Contrast that with o J hn, who teaches another ts ationary indoor ilcy ng a lc s and assk a p rticia p nts to a s y helo l to their neigho b rs e b o f re the a lc s e b ig ns and ask them where they are rf om. h T ese instrutc ors have e s e l tc ed dierent methods to ts art their a lc e s .s o J hn’s method will o f ts er more rg oup o c hesion than iJ s ’l aprp oach. Carron, a H e su nba l ,s and a M kc 1( 996) have h s own that deveo l ip ng a highyl o c hesie v rg oup that is o f e suc d on the exercie s task and its o p is e lb outo c mes is il e k yl to have a ts rong eect on o c mpil ance. n I a ts d u y on rp eference of n u iversity ts d u ent exercie s a p rticia p tion, Bure k , Carron, and syE 2 ( 006) o f n u d that exerciis ng alone was identied as the e l ast rp eferred method of exercie s . e R e s arch and a p rticia p nt ts ories tell su that, as rg oup exercie s instrutc ors, we need to do more than ts and in rf ont of aa lc s and e l ad exercie s .s e W need to engae g in exercie s together. By o f isuc ng on e b ing ts d u ent-e c ntered teachers, we a c n make a dierence in the o c hesie v ness of our a lc e s ;s tlu imatel, y this dierence will improve the health and weln l ess of our a p rticia p nts. h T eo f o l wing e gus ts ions are rp actical ways o f ra f ic il tating

o c hesion in a rg oup exercie s a lc :s

e L arn o y ru a p rticia p nts’ names and have them e l arn one another’s names. d pU ate o y ru webis te with a p rticia p nt e cus s ts ories w ( ith e p rmisis on) o f r all to read. h S are e p rsonal ts oriese b— human with o y ru a p rticia p nts! e sU a p rtner exercie s s and have a p rticia p nts introdue c themsee vl s while doing exercie s .s a H e v a p rticia p nts o c n u t down or pu with o y u when e p rforming exercie s .s a N me movements after a p rticia p nts. Celerb ate ib rthday,s anniversaries, and any other important dates with o y ru rg ou.sp

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