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FALL/WINTER 2016-2017

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Learning to trust yourself to act courageously and confidently, with a commitment to elevating your journey and being a witness to the magic that will unfold in your life, is our teaching goal here at Healthy Living. We, along with our tribe of “wellpreneurs,” savvy, renowned practitioners, are aligned with core values of unity, forgiveness and abundance. We hope you feel a sense of belonging and support among our Healthy Living Tribe.

It is my hope that, as we come together, we help those consciousness-seekers from all walks of life spark that intuitive voice that encourages wellness, good health, and a sense of wholeness with the universe around them. We hope they will be able to achieve a feeling of inner peace and outer well-being that will assist in achieving the “wholeness" necessary as they tap into their own individual journey. To further support your journey, we offer special events to assist, encourage and offer guidance to you as you to begin your journey to well-being. We encourage you to join us. Oct. 27: Medium Fest – Medium Fest is a celebration that invites the public to have fun and celebrate the spirits by coming dressed as you were in a past life. The South Shore’s finest readers will be available to guide you on your own path to enlightenment. Offering angel and psychic readings, aura photography, Reiki, chair massage and energy healing, all available to open your mind and free your spirit, allowing you to become open to your own healing process and connect to the universal community.  Dec. 3: Holiday Fair Trade Shopping Fest – For conscious shoppers looking to get meaningful, purposeful, holiday gifts for the mind, body and soul. Shop outside the "big box" for unique items and support more than 40 creative, local artisans showcasing their handmade, inspirational products made with love and care. 

Couple Yoga Poses to Strengthen Your Relationship  21-23

April 2: Healthy Living’s Magazine’s 15th Anniversary in Publishing – Enjoy a day-long experience, celebrating 15 years of healthy living. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet the practitioners whom you’ve found on the pages of Healthy Living Magazine over the past 15 years. They are our healers, yoga instructors, expressive artists, teachers from a variety of spiritual pathways and most of all my extended family.

Fundamental Ideals for Holistic Parenting  24

Please check our new website for more info on our upcoming events.

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As I reflect upon the past 15 years, Healthy Living Magazine has been an amazing journey of ongoing discovery, reminding me to stay true to who I am, and to forever expand and reach higher into who I am becoming. I want you to know, my cherished Healthy Living friends, that your support has kept me going in this endeavor.  Our shared goals of a better world for all have inspired me and I hope you can see it in the magazine. I am SO proud to say that I have planted the seeds for my own children – Isabelle, 16, Sophia, 13, and Joseph, 11 – to become the next generation of conscious, kind souls. I invite you to join me on this healing path of self-empowerment, as I raise not only my own personal frequency, but the frequency of the healthy living tribe and beyond.  I am excited to see how the next 15 years unfold.

Healthy Living Magazine FALL/WINTER 2016-2017 

Live in the moment,

Join us for a day long celebration April 2nd 2017

Celebrating 15 years of Healthy Living Magazine! 70 “wellprenuer savvy” exhibitors 30 inspiring workshops with renowned experts, movement classes, healthy foods and live entertainment.










Stop by for your chance to win a Kripalu Weekend getaway! 1620 Hotel, 180 Water Street, Plymouth,MA 10am to 6pm 

Healthy Living Magazine FALL/WINTER 2016-2017


Holistic Healing Practitioners JLJ Spiritual Healing HEATHER KEAY Offering alternative healing therapies at her practice in Scituate, Massachusetts. She is a Certified Reiki Master, an Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) practitioner, a spirit medium and an Amazon bestselling author. 781.424.4073

LEAH SOMERS,CHHC, AADP, Nutritional Educator Creating balance with Mind, Body and Spirit starts with how you feed your soul. Offering cooking classes and workshops: Large/ Small groups, Private- in your own home, Children. Introducing you to new ways of nourishing your life. Make empowered food choices, feel better in your body and to integrate simple, healthy habits that will last a lifetime. 781.635.9195 www.

Multi Modality Heart-Centered Healing MAUREEN NIAK BSN, CNT, RMT Offering healing services

BE Your WELL Self

Tybee Acupuncture TYBEE MARRUZZI, MS, LICAC, DIPLAC, DIPLCH Acupuncture and

Heart Centered Intuitive Reiki LISA BRAZIL-POMAR

for over 40 years. Reiki Master Teacher, Usui, Shambhalla, Karuna, Lightarian Reiki. An Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner and Lightarian Angel Links Facilitator. Offering; Tong Ren Therapy, Animal Communication, Mediumship, and Intuitive Counseling. Serving the South Shore, distance sessions, home and hospital. 781.848.7057

Chinese Herbal Medicine. I'm honored to be observing 15 remarkable years in practice! It has been a pleasure to provide the community with a high standard of quality service, and I look forward to serving you in the years to come. 164 CJC Highway, Cohasset,

MA 02025 781.383.8877

Massage•Bodywork•Workshops BETSY POWELL-PELRINE, LMT

Looking for real results? Betsy offers an experienced and down to Earth approach to create the physical,mental, and emotional movement in your life utilizing massage, polarity, Reiki, and RYSE. Betsy possesses the knowledge, strength, and stamina required for a highly effective integrated session along with the life experience to truly listen to you and your session goals. Located on route 139 in Pembroke. 774.487.1401


Purely Simple Wellness

WENDY MORIARTY, CHHC & Institute for Integrative Nutrition Graduate. Did you spend the first half of your life yo-yo dieting? Let's work together to cut the string of fad diets. Be authentic. Find your wellness within by learning how to listen to your body so you can become your well self. Life is Long. Treat yourself Well. Serving the South Shore 781.956.7960

Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher, New Paradigm Basic Master/Teacher, IET Intermediate, Akashic Record Practitioner, Psychic Angel Reader. Reiki, IET, Chakra balancing, Cord Cutting, Classes, Workshops Offered at Uplifting Connections in Bridgewater and Villa Serra Creative Spiritual Center in Middleboro. 774.269.1499

Heart Light Therapies BARBARA BARKER

Integrative Holistic Practitioner. Massage, Reiki, Energy Work, IET, Essential Oils, CIH, Energy Scans. Relax on the AMETHYST BIOMAT with infrared heat penetrating deeply to sooth tired muscles while using Essential Oils, Massage and Reiki to restore inner Balance and Peace! 781.585.6292

Healthy Living Magazine FALL/WINTER 2016-2017

Learn to HYPNOTIZE Yourself & Others Fully Accredited • Hands-On Training Next Class Starting Soon • Texts & Material Included • Certification On Graduation


New class forming – call or e-mail now for full details

Interested in a second career, a part time occupation, an addition to your present occupation, or self-improvement through knowledge?

Patricia MacIsaac LPN, CMI, DNGH Certified Instructor

The NGH training course is licensed by Post Secondary Education Boards in NH and many other states and countries, and is taught exclusively by certified instructors of the 66-year-old National Guild of Hypnotists. You will benefit from this intensive hands-on training as a Certified Consulting Hypnotist.

This proven classroom course also includes personal phone mentoring by your instructor after graduation, plus a year’s membership in the National Guild of Hypnotists. Patricia MacIsaac LPN, CMI, DNGH Certified Instructor

Office Established 1989

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South Shore Hypnosis Center, 183 Whiting Street, Suite 5, Hingham, MA 02043

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HCP All Natural Hair Salon

Celebrating 16 Years! Great for Clients with: Asthma/Allergies Skin Sensitivity Holistic Thinkers

Certified Organic Means: No Toxic Smell Almost NO Allergic Reactions No Fading • No Sulfates

Superbly Cut

What makes organic the perfect choice for my hair and health?

Hair Consultants Plus (HCP) is dedicated to the health and beauty of our customers. Our primary goal is to enhance your outer beauty by using the most natural products available. Through listening to and understanding your needs, our desire is seeing your inner beauty reflected in your outward appearance.

Dramatically Healthy

Do Something Healthy for Yourself! Call today for a complimentary consultation and patch test. Visit our web-site for more information on our products and stylist.

HCP • All Natural Hair Salon

11 Schoosett Street Rt. 139/53 • Pembroke, MA 02359 • (781) 826-7595 

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Healthy Living Magazine FALL/WINTER 2016-2017



The Latest in Wellness Trends by Spafinder Wellness, Inc

SURF’S UP! The New Wave of Wellness IT’S HARDLY BREAKING NEWS that surf culture has been established as the apex of cool. More people are embracing surfing because of a rising recognition that it’s an extraordinary type of fitness. As Tony de Leede (who knows a few things about fitness, as founder of Australia’s famed Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat and the new, surfing + wellness-focused Hotel Komune) notes, surfing delivers the

“trim, tight body that is in now in, rather than the old, bulky ‘gym’ body.” De Leede explains surfing’s workout: “Paddling delivers intense cardio expenditure, as it builds arm, shoulder and back strength; popping up and down on the board engages all core muscles; balancing builds leg strength and flexibility. It’s interval training: aerobic bursts, followed by rest. It’s low-impact, functional cross training, covering things it would take many machines and classes to do.” Medical studies also show surfing prevents depression/stress. And if surfers are perpetually “stoked,” studies suggest why: wave turbulence releases charged ions into the atmosphere, which release endorphins in people.





SINCE THE SPA INDUSTRY began, “sex” has been a feared concept/ word (especially in Asia), given the long association between spas and “massage parlors” (and prostitution). So, for decades, spas, which are devoted to human touch and healing

and often offer safe, personal and romantic sanctuaries and specialize in wellness coaching of all kinds, have bent over backwards to dissociate “what they do” from sex and the explicitly sensual, and have been intensely (if understandably) light on sexual wellness programs. When destination spas took baby steps years ago, they typically centered on couples’ therapy (how to improve communication, etc.). But the focus is now turning to more personal, proactive education, exploration and empowerment: like women’s-only retreats, with practitioners from sex therapists to pelvic floor health experts, that take a no-holds-barred dive into every aspect of sexual happiness.

DATING BACK TO MAYAN and Aztec cultures, Temazcal roughly translates to “house of steam,” yet these simple adobe huts are far more than just primitive saunas. Most share the same basic components: A wood fire near or adjacent to the Temazcal heats volcanic stones, which are then placed in the dome’s center. The Temazcal soon rises to a sweltering heat, much like a sauna, and water poured upon the stones fills the dome with steam. Modern Temazcal sessions are often interspersed with cool down periods with water or herbal tea, while more traditional sessions might choose not to interrupt the process. At the ritual’s end, the guide ushers the guests out of the intimate Temazcal and into the refreshing waters of a bath, river, or ocean, from which they emerge purified, cleansed, healed.  

My daughter Isabelle's Favorite Quote, Age 16

Healthy Living Magazine FALL/WINTER 2016-2017

Serious Spa & Wellness for Kids

TUNED-IN PARENTS, ARMED with more options and resources than ever before, are looking to the same spa and wellness therapies and techniques they’ve relied upon to improve their own lives to now nurture their children’s. In addition, there has been a realization that making long-term lifestyle changes is exceedingly difficult, and it would be much easier if the need for these changes had never developed. Thus, parents are increasingly aware that they can spare their children the hardship of making changes later in their lives by instilling healthy habits at an early age. Parents are learning that to raise healthy children in the 21st century means more than just teaching them

to eat their vegetables or look both ways before crossing the street. The poor diets, technological obsessions, and ubiquitous stressors that plague adult life offer no immunity to the young.



Resetting the Mind & Body

WHEN WELLNESS TRAVEL’S EVOLUTION is discussed, it’s often represented as a series of consecutive “waves,“ with the first wave all

about Zen-like spa pampering, stress reduction and yoga, and the ascendant wave about out-in-nature and high adventure experiences. But it’s not a case of the more extreme adventure trend replacing the Zen

Holistic Physical Therapy Ian L. Rubinstein, M.P.T., M.R., owner of Eclectic Physical Therapy™, has over 24 years experience helping thousands of patients with their physical discomforts. He has created an integrative style of therapies, combining manual soft tissue release techniques with traditional physical therapy. This not-so-typical intervention has proven key to addressing his patients’ many states of “dis—ease”. Ian’s specialties include, but are not limited to: Neck/ Back Pain, Concussions, Headaches/Migraines, Bulging/ Herniated Discs, Pinched Nerves, Tendonitis/Bursitis, TMJ Dysfunctions, Fibromyalgia. Experience has taught Ian that under physical duress, restrictions develop that cause an individual’s body tissues to feel restricted, burdened, and/or “dis—eased”.

Remove the core restrictions and the body returns to its relaxed, balanced, healthy state. He has developed a unique therapy that focuses on listening to the body, identifying the trouble areas, and intuitively responding to its needs. Unlike traditional chiropractic and physical therapy methods which emphasize routine manipulation of the symptomatic body part, Ian utilizes a distinctive approach by incorporating techniques like Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation and other forms of soft tissue release. This is what he refers to as “Light Touch” therapy. This diverse blend provides a patient with a therapy flexible enough to address many causes of the symptoms. 

“ Listen to the body, address its core issues, and let it perform the corrective releases it already knows how to do.”

… the therapy is covered by insurance.

Eclectic Physical Therapy™ USA Health & Fitness 130 Corporate Park Drive Pembroke, MA 02359 Phone: (508) 246-4233 Fax: (781) 826-8609

Healthy Living Magazine FALL/WINTER 2016-2017





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Schools of Massage, Polarity, Aesthetics Training Successful Professionals Since 1980.


trend: more high-adrenaline “rush” ON-DEMAND experiences – from canyoning, to cliff Uber-izing Spa & Wellness camping, to circus schools – are now being paired with deep relaxation. WITH A SMARTPHONE IN every Countless wellness retreats, spa resorts pocket and more apps than stars in and adventure tours are now pairing high-adrenaline and deep relaxation experiences, whether extreme hiking and meditation or surfing and massage.   


Festivals Shift from Wasted to Wellness

FROM BONNAROO TO BURNING Man, Carnival to Coachella, the thriving festival circuit promises to fill any enthusiast’s calendar, with the only limiting factor being lack of funds or perhaps lack of sleep. But as the industry expands, a growing number


Therapeutic Massage by Shari Shari Harris, LMT (781)704-3421

Specializing in repair & recovery: Hips Shoulders Low Back

11 S. Station . #2 . Duxbury


of festivals are celebrating wellness in addition to, or even in lieu of, music, art, and debauchery. Of course many of the general principles of wellness have long been present amongst festivalgoers, who at least ostensibly endorse mindfulness, holistic therapies, environmental awareness, and dedication toward one’s spiritual, social, and emotional wellbeing. Wellness stepping into the spotlight seems a natural extension of much of festival culture. The single defining attribute of wellness festivals, however, is their lack of definition.  The diversity and sheer number of wellness events cropping up ensure there’s something for everyone. Whether it’s an afternoon gathering or a weekend-long experience, a chance to unplug or to get connected, a trip dedicated exclusively to your physical and mental health or a brief stop at the meditation and massage tent between dance parties, the healthy festivals movement welcomes all comers.  

Healthy Living Magazine FALL/WINTER 2016-2017 

the sky, the world isn’t just at your fingertips – it’s racing toward your front door. GrubHub wants to bring your dinner, Instacart your groceries, Drizly your booze, and Postmates is happy to fetch you everything in between. Long gone are the days when only Chinese food delivered. The beauty and wellness industries are not about to be left behind, and app-driven on-demand options are cropping up left and right, offering people access to healthy options wherever, whenever, and however they want. Wellness clients can make appointments for home visits when it’s convenient for them and receive services promptly, sometimes even within the hour. Private meditation and yoga sessions, after-practice sports massage, house calls from an MD, or even a manicure for a bedbound patient are all just a click away.  

My Son Joseph's Favorite Quote, Age 11

The Korean Beauty Explosion 2.0

KOREAN BEAUTY WAS A hot trend in 2015 but it’s far more than a fad, and in the coming year you’ll

hear more buzz on these premium, affordable skin-care products—and also more attention paid to the Korean approach to skin care: a multi-step hydrating regimen that rejects today’s need for speed in favor of a deliberate and healthy ritual in one’s busy day. In 2016, also expect to see more skin care and cosmetic products marketed to men outside of Korea. According to a widely-quoted Euromonitor study, South Koreans are the biggest spenders on skincare products specifically designed for men. And in an article published in October on CNN Money, “Alex Taek-Gwang Lee, a cultural analyst at Kyunghee University, said that men are using more cosmetics because in South Korea, appearance is everything.” That sounds a lot like men in other parts of the world – men we predict will follow

in the footsteps of women who are making Korean beauty part of their daily routine. HEALTHY


The Ship of Excess Has Set Sail

NO LONGER DO RUDIMENTARY spas and salons, where passengers can get a quick massage or hairstyle, satisfy

travelers. Today’s “floating hotels” are providing some of the largest, most impressive, comprehensive spa and wellness programming and facilities available in the world, ranging from full floors to full boats, making for a truly healthy cruise vacation amid the high seas. Spa menus are evolving as well: Seafarers can now return home looking well-rested not only from massage or facials but from high-tech medical spa services, from Botox and dermal fillers to teeth whitening and acupuncture

South Shore Myofascial Finally, get relief from ... Sciatica Migraines Fibromialgia

Back pain Nerve pain Shoulder pain Whiplash Neck pain TMJ

Christopher Arnold LMT is trained as an advanced practitioner in the world renowned  John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach . TM

Christopher Arnold LMT Cell: 207.899.9876 Offices in ME and MA 

“Safe, gentle and consistently effective in producing results that last”

to Ionithermie. Cruise lines are also connecting travelers with indigenous wellness and adventure activities on shore, such as trekking through the Amazon rainforest or visiting a family farm. From yoga sessions on deck to medical beauty treatments to cooking classes featuring healthy cuisine, wellness travel aboard cruise ships – and destination immersion on shore – are fast becoming major trends with true staying power.

A beautifully healthy outside begins on the inside! Hullistic Health closely follows the Chinese philosophy of health and illness. Our internal landscape is affected by mother nature’s shifts in season. Adapting to these seasonal changes is vital to good health! We work closely with you to create individual health programs to establish baseline functioning and develop a comprehensive plan to move you toward your best self. Offering:  •Colon Hydrotherapy  •Infrared Sauna  •Herbal Foot Soak •Lymphatic Drainage •Body Treatments •Purification Programs •Yoga Therapy Meghan Sylvester, LPN, Center Director  Hullistic Health 175 George Washington Boulevard Hull, MA 02045 781-773-1352

Healthy Living Magazine FALL/WINTER 2016-2017






CREATING A HEALTHIER WORK environment is far from a novel concept, its roots in Western corporate culture reaching back as far as Boeing’s pacesetting nonsmoking-workplace policies of the 1980s, and the early-1970s craze for executive gyms and mandated annual physical fitness tests for upper management employees. Workplace wellness is finally growing up, and it is beginning to look more fresh, inviting and – from the point of view of all concerned – worthwhile. While the idea of yoga classes at the office, lunch and learn education classes, or subsidized gym memberships is becoming more commonplace, with it comes the recognition that these “cosmetic” attempts haven’t really moved the needle on worker’s wellness. In this new phase, we are moving into a “culture of wellness”

and, at more advanced companies, a “culture of purpose.” And efforts to create a culture of wellness and align workers with their purpose are beginning to show the results everyone is seeking: healthier and happier workers, lower healthcare costs, higher productivity, less absenteeism and less turnover.

If you keep digging far

Spafinder Wellness, Inc.® is the world’s enough, you will find their largest media, marketing and gifting company the wellness industry. actionsforrooted in love. With nearly 30 years of experience as a spa and wellness authority, the company, through its Spafinder Wellness 365™ brand, guides the industry, partners, consumers and employers with the most comprehensive resource for wellness-related products, services and insight in the marketplace. To learn more © 2016 Spafinder Wellness Ltd. All rights reserved.

My Daughter Sophia's Favorite Quote, Age 13


6th ANNUAL The Art of Living - Life Beyond Cancer

A conference designed to empower people touched by cancer.

Saturday, November 12, 2016 Lombardo’s, Randolph, MA

By wearing Mel’s Bracelet™, you join a circle of friends who believe in our mission to provide qualitycancer care for the WHOLE patient through education, patient support and wellness initiatives.

Contact one of our Volunteer Supervisors for more information Jennifer Fenuccio:


To Register or make a Donation visit us at Friends of Mel Foundation 200 Ledgewood Place • Suite 101 Rockland, MA 781-878-8639


Healthy Living Magazine FALL/WINTER 2016-2017 

Make a minimum donation of $20 and you will receive Mel’s Bracelet™ as a token of appreciation.

by Aruna M. Siewert

It purifies at all levels, keeps us from giving in, and allows us relief from a vicious cycle of stress, sleep disturbance, and reduced performance. Many studies confirm its sleeppromoting and calming effects. Also helpful: Take a guided healing journey inward or meditate.


THE self-healing powers of your body. The more experience you gain in doing so, the more effective you become at helping yourself maintain both a healthy mind and a healthy body. Here are a few plant remedies for common stressors:

1. If thoughts are going

around in your head due to stress or worryValerian: Valerian has a balancing effect and helps us process our experiences. It's for people who have trouble keeping their feet on the ground and are stuck in their thoughts. Valerian eases and relaxes muscles, which is also helpful with inner tension. Also helpful: A brisk walk, playing a sport, or a conversation with good friends can interrupt your brooding and release energy so that you can find a solution.

2. If you're temporarily overworkedOats: This remedy is mainly for an

overburdened system and the resulting weak nerves and insomnia. Oats calm internal jitters and help re harmonize an offbeat sleep-wake rhythm. They also work overall as anti-inflammatory. Also helpful: Keep yourself healthy during busy times with wholesome, healthy foods and ensure that you get sufficient sleep.

3. If you're lovesickGeranium: Geranium has a

somewhat chaotic growth pattern, with beautiful blossoms and few roots. That's a symbol for how helpful it is for people who are nervous. The plant is a purifier for the soul and cleanses everything that chooses to come to surface. It supports us in our journey back to life from a period of despair and shows us our own inner beauty. Also helpful: Write down your worries and allow this "release" to be a small ritual. Maybe you'll throw what you've written into the fire or fold it into a little ship to put in a stream and watch as it floats away.

7. If you're changing jobsHops: Hops combat sleep

4. If you're doing too much at once and having trouble multitaskingRhodiola: Rhodiola unifies people with their environment. It'll help us get by when we have too many balls in the air. When we feel we are at our limit, it helps us regain our senses. It is anxiety-reducing and an antidepressant. Also helpful: Do yoga moves, such as tree pose and child's pose.

5. If you're experiencing

premenstrual syndrome (PMS)Yarrow: Yarrow can help with painful abdominal spasms linked to inflammation. It helps ease menstrual cramps (start treating with tea a few days before they begin) and is antibacterial, antispasmodic, antiinflammatory, anti-fungal, and astringent. Also helpful: Treat yourself to an evening at the spa, a massage, or a movie night with a friend.

6. If you have an exam or

disorders and sluggishness and help ease mild anxiety disorders. Common hops help us stand with stability and be lighter, happier and more flexible so that we can allow something new into our life and let go of the old. Also helpful: On the last day at your home or place of work, express silent gratitude and consciously take only positive experiences with you when you walk out. Are you looking for ways to work these plants into your everyday routine?  Tara Mackey, #1 Bestselling Author of Cured by Nature and a global motivational speaker suggests you try it as a beverage garnish, as an ice infusion, in a bath, a facial steam or as a nightly mask. If you keep digging far

Aruna M. Siewert is the author enough, you will &find their of "Natural Antibiotics Botanical Treatments: Heal YourinBody, actions rooted love. Heal Your Mind" and a healing practitioner, having completed her extensive training and advanced medical education under the umbrella of botanical/ herbal medicine and the workings of the body. Learn more at


Lavender: Lavender helps us be straightforward and resilient.

Clean q Healthy c Eating

Start Your Healthy Lifestyle Today! GREAT VARIETY




From protein powders to handmade spa products, weight loss supplements, organic foods, sports nutrition, vegan, energy boosters, gluten-free . . . we have it all! 1000 Main St, Hanson, MA and Silo Marketplace, 2 Montello St., Carver, MA 781.264.5099

This article was previously printed and adapted from an excerpt of "Natural Antibiotics & Botanical Treatments: Heal Your Body, Heal Your Mind" by Aruna M. Siewert © 2016 Reprinted with publisher permission. Available where books are sold. 

Healthy Living Magazine FALL/WINTER 2016-2017



Medicinal Herbs to the Rescue


Cleanse Diet Plan & Healthy Eating


by Dr. Frank Lipman

The food you eat is central to your overall feeling of wellness, so following the Cleanse Diet is an important part of the process. This eating plan removes foods that cause inflammation in the body, as well as foods often behind the symptoms of chronic, low-grade sensitivities like fatigue, digestive issues, weight gain, & brain fog.




Enjoy in moderation. 1–2 servings of low sugar fruit per day. Berries (best), green apples, grapefruit, papaya

High sugar fruits such as bananas, cherries, grapes, figs, lychees, mangoes, pineapple, pears, watermelon. Dried fruits, fruit juice


All non-starchy vegetables, eat liberally. Sea vegetables (kelp, nori, dulse). Fermented vegetables (sauerkraut, kim chi)

Corn, nightshade vegetables (tomato, potato, eggplant, peppers of all kinds), Canned vegetables

Starchy Vegetables, no more than 1 serving per day. Squash (all types), sweet potatoes, yams, turnips, rutabagas, beets ANIMAL PROTEIN

Organic or free range lamb, chicken, turkey, duck, wild game, and grass-fed beef

Eggs, factory-farmed meats, processed meats (cold-cuts, canned meats, sausage, hot dogs)


Wild caught fish and seafood/ shellfish. Small fish such as black cod, herring, sardines, trout

Farmed fish and high-mercury fish. Avoid the large fish such as tuna and swordfish

Eliminate. Vegetarians may have 1/2 cup of whole grains daily, such as brown rice, quinoa and wild rice.

All gluten grains & flours including wheat, rice, quinoa, oats, couscous, bread, pasta, pizza, pastries, cereals

For what to eat, choose from the following food groups:



Kelp noodles, or Capello’s pasta are good substitutes for pasta/noodles. Almond flour and coconut flour are good baking substitutes.

SIDE EFFECTS MAY INCLUDE: Reaching and maintaining a healthy desired weight • Maintain a proper body pH that improves overall health plus boosts your metabolism • Provides natural energy needed to thrive and deliver essential nutrients supporting your body’s structural systems including your bones, joints, muscles etc. • Helps you achieve a total nutrition level while maintaining a healthy digestive tract*

WE TRANSFORM LIVES Physically • Emotionally • Financially

The Better Body System is recognized and recommended by leading alternative healthcare professionals simply because it WORKS. Begin your transformation today or to provide the Better Body System to your clientele Contact:

Trish Rosa C.Ht. 508.889.1344 BE A BETTER YOU TODAY!


Healthy Living Magazine FALL/WINTER 2016-2017 

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If you keep digging far

Dr. Frank Lipman, a pioneer in enough, youand willfunctional find their both integrative medicine, is the founder and actions rooted in love. director of Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York City, a New York Times best-selling author and the creator of Be Well, which offers premium supplements, cleanse programs and personalized health coaching. Learn more

Phyllis Simonetta Usui/Holy Fire ll Reiki Master Teacher

Offering Reiki Healing Crystal Chakra Healings

Reiki Healing for Children

(781) 929-5825



Eliminate. Vegetarians may have 1/2 cup of beans/legumes daily.

All beans & pulses (split peas, lentils, legumes). Soy (tofu, tempeh, miso, edamame, soy milk)


Raw almonds, cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts, brazilnuts, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds

Peanuts, salted/roasted nuts


Unsweetened almond, rice, hemp & coconut milk. Ghee & butter from grass-fed cows (no more than once a day)

Cows milk, sheep’s milk, goat’s milk, powdered mik, cheese, cream cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, non-dairy creamers


Small amounts of stevia

Refined sugars, added sugars, artificial and natural sweeteners including agave, honey and maple syrup

Non-caffeinated green or herbal teas, spring and sparkling water, fresh vegetable juices, bone broth. At most, one daily cup of coffee or caffeinated tea

Alcohol, soda, fruit juices, energy drinks, caffeinated beverages

Coconut oil, avocado, sesame, flax, extra virgin olive oil, coconut butter, almond butter

Processed seed and vegetable oils such as canola, sunflower, safflower, corn, soy, margarine or shortening

Apple cider, white wine, red wine, balsamic. Olive oil and fresh squeezed lemon is a great salad dressing.

Commercial salad dressings


All herbs and spices. Substitute coconut aminos for soy sauce

Ketchup, relish, BBQ sauce, soy sauce, mayonnaise


Cocoa nibs, unsweetened cocoa powder, 100% raw cacao

Candy, energy bars, protein bars, gluten-free junk food






This original article was previously published online at Copyright © 2016. All Rights Reserved.

Providing Personal Health and Nutritional Counseling

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If you watched the Olympics at all last month, you probably saw some news coverage about cupping therapy! This 2500-year-old technique from Chinese Medicine was brought into a very public spotlight by Michael Phelps and other American swimmers and gymnasts during the Olympics. Cupping uses heated glass cups that are applied to the skin along the meridians of the body, creating suction as a way of stimulating the flow of energy, increase blood flow to an area, improve circulation, help muscle fibers to relax, and draw toxins out of the tissues and acupuncture channels. 

Chinese Cupping Therapy

by Jennifer Dubowsky

ONE WAY TO THINK about cupping is that it is the inverse of massage. Rather than applying pressure to muscles, the suction uses pressure to pull skin, tissue and muscles upward. I often combine cupping with acupuncture into one treatment, but it could also be used alone. Cupping was developed thousands of years ago and though the techniques have modernized, the original philosophy remains the same. Cupping involves placing glass, bamboo or plastic jars on the skin and creating a vacuum by suctioning out the air. The underlying tissue is

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raised, or sucked, partway into the cup. The purpose of cupping is to enhance circulation, help relieve pain, remove "heat" and pull out the toxins that linger in your body's tissues. You usually will feel a tight sensation in the area of the cup. Often, this sensation is relaxing and soothing. Depending on your comfort and your practitioner's assessment of the problem, cups may be moved around or left in place. They may remain on your body briefly or for longer amounts of time. Each treatment is unique to you on that particular day. One very common area to be cupped is the back, although cups work well on other areas, too — particularly on fleshy sections of the body. Cupping causes the skin to temporarily turn red, blue or purple, especially if there is an injury or energetic blockage under the area that was cupped. The

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If you keep digging far

Jennifer Dubowsky is a licensed enough, you find in their acupuncturist withwill a practice Chicago, sincein2002 and, actionsIllinois, rooted love. published her first book, Adventures in Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture, Herbs, And Ancient Ideas For Today in 2013. She also maintains a popular blog about health and Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture Blog Chicago. Learn more at

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You ought to consider exploring the benefits of cupping if you seek relief from stress, pain, allergies, fatigue, flu, colds, back pain, anxiety, muscle aches, red itchy skin conditions or fever.

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skin discoloration can last anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks, but is rarely painful. Once the marks have cleared, the procedure can be repeated until the condition or ailment is resolved.

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The Gateway to New Possibilities

by Richard Lanza

HYPNO MEDITATION IS DESCRIBED as a combination of self-hypnosis and meditation. It is the gateway to the part of the brain/mind where your thoughts are busy wiring and unwiring brain cells to create the new possibilities and realities of your new life. It combines the techniques of hypnosis and guided meditation to produce a very powerful state of consciousness, helping you to create new options and abilities. The experience is deeply calming and transforming.

Currently available is the “Clear Quartz White Light” HypnoMeditation, which supports you in finding greater clarity and peace, as well as “Psychic Development,” designed to assist you in deepening connection to intuition and inner guidance. It is recommended that users listen to at least one of the meditations each day for 30 days to reap the most benefit from the program.

If you keep digging farin Richard Lanza has been involved psychic and spiritual healing enough, you will findwork their for over 45 years. He is trained in actions rooted in love. hypnosis, acupuncture, massage, neuro-linguistic programming, yoga practices, and Essene healing therapy. He is the creator of HypnoMeditations, the owner of Open Doors, and originator of Open Doors Yoga Studios. New, guided HypnoMeditations by Richard Lanza are now available at Open Doors Center, 395 Washington St., Braintree or online at

Clear quartz is a combination of all the elements – earth, fire, air and water. Besides its beauty, this gemstone “’HypnoMeditations’ is designed to help absorbs, stores and regulates energy and thoughts and the effects of other you uncover blockages in your energy crystals. It stimulates the immune flow,” said Richard Lanza, of Open system for healing and pulls away Doors, who narrates his 20-minute negative energy of all kinds, and in and 10-minute meditations on CD, the process balancing the physical, along with music by Bill Bures. “It supports you in creating greater clarity mental, emotional and spiritual planes. It also draws away environmental of thought and action, gain greater access to inner knowledge and wisdom pollutants, such as petrochemicals and electromagnetic smog. and renew energy and vitality.”

Come Celebrate the Spirits...

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October 27th, Thursday 5-10 pm The South Shore’s Finest Readers.

Prizes for Best Costume Readings $40 for 20 minutes $5 Admission Angel & Psychic Readings, Aura Photography, Reiki, Chair Massage, Energy Healing Come browse our unique vendors selling crystals, jewelry, handmade products, oracle and tarot decks, tapestries, organic skincare products, one-of-a-kind handmade spiritual energy tools, and much more!


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Our clinic specializes in neurological and muscularskeletal practices to rehabilitate from sprain and strain; joint replacement; scoliosis; fibromyalgia; multiple sclerosis; postpartum; knee, back, shoulder and neck pain and injury.

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by Alex Ziegler

Regulated body chemistry and boosted immune system Reduced cortisol and lactic acid levels Deep relaxation and recovery from fatigue Improved sleep patterns and quality

HOW DO ATHLETES BENEFIT from floatation after an intense training session or injury? Athletes can identify areas of tension through the feeling of weightlessness. When you float, gravity doesn’t affect the body as intensely, and the whole body can relax more fully than usual. Athletes commonly have specific areas that experience increased stress and fatigue, and weightlessness allows them to pinpoint the parts of their bodies that require the most attention.

Regulating Body Chemistry Floatation therapy also encourages the body’s natural painkillers and reward hormones, such as dopamine and endorphins, to be released into the bloodstream. This process also allows for a speedier recovery for

Floatation for Muscles

Offering Free Diastasis Screens

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athletes by helping flush adrenaline, cortisone, and lactate that may have built up. Athletes who float can reset their metabolic and chemical

Alex Ziegler is Co-Founder of Northwest Float Center in Tacoma, WA. "Meditation and expanded conscience have always intrigued me. I was never able to fully let go and truly experience stillness until I spent time in a float tank and in today’s society that is extremely valuable. I want others to feel the benefits that I used to search for.” For more information check out our blog at


Floatation therapy also has a cumulative effect. That is, the more you use floatation therapy, the greater the benefits. Athletes can not only alleviate their sore muscles and speed up recovery times from injuries; they can increase the effects of training exercises by allowing the body to have a period of deep relaxation. Some of the clear benefits of floatation for athletes include: Increased energy levels Accelerated recovery from sports injuries

Zen Den in Norwell, MA

Athletes can find several benefits with the floatation therapy and they can train harder and recover faster with regular floatation therapy. If you’re an athlete looking for a way to boost your training regimen, increase your energy, improve your body’s healing processes, and amplify your athletic performance naturally, why not Float today.


Massage therapy is common among athletes in all different sports and activities, and floatation can work in tandem with the benefits of massage therapy for a more thorough healing process. Floatation reduces blood pressure and oxygen intake while increasing red blood cells and blood flow throughout the body, loosening sore muscles. Massage therapy can then help those muscles heal more quickly.

balances while accelerating the recovery process with the release of large quantities of endorphins. The Epsom salts used in floatation therapy are comprised of magnesium sulfate, which means athletes are naturally absorbing a protein building and muscle relaxing compound through the skin as they float. This helps boost athletic performance by augmenting a training routine and giving the athlete sufficient healing after fatigue.

Physical Therapy

Nadine Adams MSPT Licensed Physical Therapist 781-831-2315 Hanover

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Floatation for Athletes


The Three Doshas

The Key to Your Individual Nature by Thomas Yarema, Daniel Rhoda, and Johnny Brannigan.

The doshas are dynamic energies that constantly change in response to our actions, thoughts, emotions, the foods we eat, the seasons, and any other sensory inputs that feed our mind and body. When we live into the fulfillment of our individual natures, we naturally make lifestyle and dietary decisions that foster balance within our doshas. When we live against our intrinsic natures, we support unhealthy patterns that lead to physical and mental imbalances.

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED what actually accounts for differences in people? Why are some people hyperactive and fast moving, while others exude grace and stillness? Why can some people eat a five-course meal with ease, while others can barely finish a salad? Why are some people inherently joyous, while others carry the weight of the world on their shoulders? Modern genetics offers some insight, but what about the characteristics and idiosyncrasies that make every person unique? Ayurveda answers all of these questions with the Three Doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. The doshas are biological energies found throughout the human body and mind. They govern all physical and mental processes and provide every living being with an individual blueprint for health and fulfillment. The doshas derive from the Five Elements and their related properties. Vata is composed of Space and Air, Pitta of Fire and Water, and Kapha of Earth and Water. A person with a predominantly Vata constitution will have physical and mental qualities that reflect the elemental qualities of Space and Air.

That is why Vata types are commonly quick thinking, thin, and fast moving. A Pitta type, on the other hand, will have qualities reflective of Fire and Water, such as a fiery personality and oily skin. A Kapha type will typically have a solid bodily frame and calm temperament, reflecting the underlying elements of Earth and Water. While one dosha predominates in most individuals, a second dosha typically has a strong influence. This is referred to as a dual-doshic constitution. To begin figuring out your own unique constitution, log onto htm for a dosha self-test.

Counseling Life and Career Coaching

Solution focused individual, couples or family sessions to develop therapeutic options for reducing stress and assist in creating the life that serves you well.

If the proportion of doshas in your current state is close to your birth constitution, then your health will be vibrant. A divergence between these states, however, indicates a state of imbalance. Vikruti is the term used to describe this imbalanced deviation away from prakruti.

Rev. Priscilla Gale is a life-long spiritual seeker. Her commitment to her own spiritual journey, and the adventure of living every day to its fullest, enables her to help clients explore their fullest potential. Usui-Tibetan Enhanced Reiki Karuna Reiki Shamballa Reiki Reconnective Healing Magnified Healing  Singing Bowls Sound Healing

617.921.0869 MaryKay Duffy M.S., M.Ed., L.M.H.C.

Find Your Balance 16 Office in Scituate Most insurances are accepted.

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INCREASED: A particular dosha is present in a greater-than-normal proportion; also referred to as an “aggravated” or “excess state.” DECREASED: A particular dosha is present in a less-than-normal proportion; also referred to as a “reduced” or “depleted state.” Of the three states, the increased or aggravated state leads to the greatest number of imbalances. Such imbalances can arise from any number of influences, including following a dosha-aggravating diet or, more generally, carrying too much stress in life. You can initiate a restoration of balance, however, when you begin to understand both your unique constitutional make-up and how to harmonize your internal environment and its needs with the external world.

VATA derives from the elements of Space and Air and translates as “wind” or “that which moves things.” It is the energy of movement and the force governing all biological activity. Vata is often called the “King of the Doshas,” since it governs the body’s greater life force and gives motion to Pitta and Kapha.

We are most susceptible to imbalances related to our predominant dosha. If you’re a Pitta type, for example, you may experience heartburn (a common Pitta disorder) after eating spicy foods. The key to remember is that like increases like, while opposites create balance. By simply choosing cooling or more alkalizing foods, you can avoid heartburn, while also supporting your underlying make-up.

Just as the wind in balance provides movement and expression to the natural world, the balanced Vata individual is active, creative, and gifted with a natural ability to express and communicate. When the wind in a Vata type rages like a hurricane, negative qualities quickly overshadow these positive attributes. Common signs of Vata imbalance include anxiety and bodily disorders related

Karma Connects is a high quality wellness studio that offers holistic health modalities with a mission to “Revitalize Individuals’ Inherent Wellbeing”.

Linan Munoz, Founder and Visionary

We are expanding rapidly in the community with services and education such as: Reiki healing energy, free essential oil classes, vocal music remedy toning, intuitive wellness coaching, herbal solutions and more. 204 Brockton Ave. Abington Rt.123 • 781-351-1003 • @karmaconnectsstudio 


BALANCED: All three doshas are present in their natural proportions; also referred to as “equilibrium.”

Ayurveda offers specifically tailored recommendations for every individual, ranging from general lifestyle changes to the treatment of dis-ease (literally, an imbalance within our natural state of “ease”). For this reason, Ayurveda can truly be called a system of individualized health care, something remarkably different from the Western model’s “one-pill for all” approach. Since the doshas are used to detect imbalances before the manifestation of dis-ease, Ayurveda is also a complete system of preventative medicine.

Simply Soothing SANCTUARY

Simply Soothing Sanctuary & Massage by Dee Licensed Krya Massage Practitioner Shamballa Reiki Master Therapist 84 Summer Street, Kingston, MA 617.962.9775

In total, there are three primary doshic states:

Dogs, Cats & Horses

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to dryness, such as dry skin and constipation. The qualities of Vata are dry, rough, light, cold, subtle, and mobile. A Vata individual will display physical and mental characteristics that reflect these qualities in both a balanced and an imbalanced state. The main locations of Vata in the body are the colon, thighs, bones, joints, ears, skin, brain, and nerve tissues. Physiologically, Vata governs anything related to movement, such as breathing, talking, nerve impulses, movements in the muscles and tissues, circulation, assimilation of food, elimination, urination, and menstruation. Psychologically, Vata governs communication, creativity, flexibility, and quickness of thought.

(Note: Many of the following suggestions will be explained in greater detail throughout the book.) -Eat a Vata-balancing diet. -Eat in a peaceful environment. -Engage in wholesome and contemplative activities (like spending time in nature). -Follow a regular daily routine. -Go to bed early. -Meditate daily. -Do gentle physical exercise like yoga, swimming, tai chi, or walking. WAYS VATA BECOMES IMBALANCED -Eating Vata-aggravating foods -Eating while anxious or depressed -Eating on the run -Drinking alcohol, coffee, or black tea -Smoking cigarettes -Following an irregular daily routine -Going to bed late at night

Key Words to remember: Grounding, Warming, Routine

Call James Dempsey today.

It is the energy of digestion and metabolism in the body that functions through carrier substances such as organic acids, hormones, enzymes, and bile. While Pitta is most closely related to the element of Fire, it is the liquid nature of these substances that accounts for the element of Water in Pitta’s make-up.

Walk With Your Guides

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June 10 @ noon to June 14 @ noon

Nurture by Nature Retreat Harwich, Cape Cod

Collective Energy Expands In Nature Deep Relaxation • Connection with Nature Heightened Intuition • Stronger Spirituality Renewed Passion for Life • Insight & Clarity Let your senses soar!

Experience joy, freedom, validation, gratitude, surrender, & love Waterfront Victorian home, stunning setting with private beach!

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PITTA derives from the elements of Fire and Water and translates as “that which cooks.”

The qualities of Pitta are oily, sharp, hot, light, moving, liquid, and acidic. A Pitta individual will display physical and mental characteristics that reflect these qualities in both a balanced and imbalanced state.

Feel Lighter, Cleaner, and more Hopeful ... Now!! I am a certified Reiki Master, psychic, and Shamanic practitioner. I can teach you simple visualizations that tell your body how to heal itself in a language that it understands. These visualizations are very effective in pain management and long term healing. • Psychic readings • Pain management • Chakra balancing • Channeling . . . Meet your spirit guides • Soul retrieval • Power Animal retrieval

(Note: For more extensive information on all three doshas, please see Eat-Taste-Heal)

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Jeannie M. Heroux, Mary Lucille Glynn Nurse Practitioner M.Ed..L.M.T.,C.F.T. Masters in Science Nursing Masters of Education in Certified Coach Counseling Psychology Spirit Walk Nature Guide Licensed/Certified Massage Shamanic Facilitator Therapy and Natural Health Spiritual Medium

the yelling Pitta. Anger, rage, and ego replace Pitta’s positive attributes, leaving an individual who is bitter with life and overbearing towards others. There is a saying that imbalanced Pitta individuals don’t go to hell; they simply create it wherever they go! Pitta imbalances commonly manifest in the body as infection, inflammation, rashes, ulcers, heartburn, and fever.

When a person has a tendency to “overheat,” excess Pitta is usually the culprit. Just as a campfire may turn into a forest fire without proper care, the internal fire of the mind and body must be kept in check.

-Eat a Pitta-balancing diet. -Eat in a peaceful environment. -Avoid artificial stimulants. -Engage in calming activities, like spending time in nature. -Meditate daily. -Do calming physical exercise, such as yoga, swimming, tai chi, or walking.

The balanced Pitta individual is blessed with a joyful disposition, a sharp intellect, and tremendous courage and drive. As the fire of the mind and body becomes unruly, however, the laughing Pitta quickly becomes

WAYS TO BALANCE PITTA Key Words to Remember: Cooling, Calming, Moderation

WAYS PITTA BECOMES IMBALANCED -Eating Pitta-aggravating food -Eating while angry

-Drinking coffee, black tea, or alcohol -Smoking cigarettes -Over-working -Being overly competitive KAPHA derives from the elements of Earth and Water and translates as “that which sticks.” It is the energy of building and lubrication that provides the body with physical form, structure, and the smooth functioning of all its parts. Kapha can be thought of as the essential cement, glue, and lubrication of the body in one. The qualities of Kapha are moist, cold, heavy, dull, soft, sticky, and static. A Kapha individual will display physical and mental characteristics that reflect these qualities in both a balanced and imbalanced state.

Genie is a Licensed Heal Your Life® Teacher, authorized by Hay House and approved by Louise Hay to teach workshops based on Louise Hay᾿s philosophies. As a teacher and cancer survivor, Genie uses her love of teaching and first-hand knowledge of these powerful, life-changing tools to infuse her workshops with love, compassion and healing. For information of these powerful workshops, email  Heal Your Life® with transformational workshops & Chakradance classes. Check out Genie’s new book “Things I Wish My Mother Had Said…(or maybe she did)” written and illustrated by Genie Lee Perron

Genie Lee Perron Coaching – Shining the light on your potential Genie Lee Perron, B.S. in Ed., CM.NLP, CPC, RMT Licensed Heal Your Life® Teacher AUTHOR, ARTIST, LIFE COACHING

Check out my schedule online or send me an email 774-413-5695 New Location! Heal Your Life Center of Plymouth, 67 Long Pond Rd. Plymouth, MA 02360 

Also offering Chakradance™ workshops. A powerful healing dance practice for the soul.

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The main locations of Pitta in the body are the small intestine, stomach, liver, spleen, pancreas, blood, eyes, and sweat. Physiologically, Pitta provides the body with heat and energy through the breakdown of complex food molecules. It governs all processes related to conversion and transformation throughout the mind and body. Psychologically, Pitta governs joy, courage, willpower, anger, jealousy, and mental perception. It also provides the radiant light of the intellect.


The main locations of Kapha in the body are the chest, throat, lungs, head, lymph, fatty tissue, connective tissue, ligaments, and tendons. Physiologically, Kapha moistens food, gives bulk to our tissues, lubricates joints, stores energy, and relates to cool bodily fluids such as water, mucous, and lymph. Psychologically, Kapha governs love, patience, forgiveness, greed, attachment, and mental inertia. With its earthly makeup, Kapha grounds Vata and Pitta and helps offset imbalances related to these doshas. Just as a nourishing rainstorm may turn into a rampant flood, the fluids of the body may flood the bodily tissues, contributing to a heavy dampness that weighs down the body and clouds the mind. This dense, cold, and swampy environment becomes the breeding ground for a number of bodily disorders such as obesity, sinus congestion, and anything related to mucous. Mentally, the loving and calm disposition of the Kapha individual may transform into lethargy, attachment, and depression.

WAYS TO BALANCE KAPHA Key words to remember: Drying, Stimulating, and Expression -Eat a Kapha-balancing diet. -Eat in a loving environment. -Avoid a luxurious, leisurely lifestyle -Focus on non-attachment in daily life. -Do emotional housekeeping regularly. -Make time for introspective activities, like meditation and writing. -Make a distinction between being nice and being taken advantage of. -Go to bed early and rise early, with no daytime naps. WAYS KAPHA BECOMES IMBALANCED -Eating Kapha-aggravating food -Overeating -Eating to offset emotions (like indulging in sweets when depressed) -Spending too much time in cool, damp climates -Not engaging in physical activity -Spending most of one’s time indoors (especially on the couch watching TV!) -Avoiding intellectual challenges

We Have Had A Moving Experience!

Eat • Taste • Heal is an Ayurvedic Guidebook and Cookbook for Modern Living, providing modern applications of Ayurveda.

Dr Tom is Medical Director of the Center for Wellness & Integrative Medicine in Soquel, CA. Daniel Rhoda, an Ayurvedic practitioner. Chef Johnny Brannigan is an internationally trained Ayurvedic chef. For the Most Delicious Free Gift Ever, go to This book is in memory of Daniel Rhoda, an avid supporter and contributor of Eat • Taste • Heal who passed away un-expectantly, he will be missed and never forgotten.

Clarity of Heart

• Breathing • Stretching • Opening • Awakening • • Calming• Balancing • Moving • Stilling • Relaxing • Letting go • Letting be • Feeling free & at peace • • Being in the Present Moment •

No . . . it has nothing to do with the wonderful, intuitive healers that are in this publication.


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Fern Ross Israel MA LMHC RYT

Please, come in and see our new office. Free 30 minute session for anyone who comes in to see the new place.


Group Classes Individual Sessions Specialty Workshops Hospital Programs some insurance plans accepted Studio located in Milton

brings 30 years of devoted practice and experience to the sacred art of yoga & meditation. As a mind-body therapist, Fern’s compassionate presence assists people through difficult life transitions with a multi-dimensional approach to healing.

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Admission $12 for the weekend! FREE GIFT BAGS (First 200 people each day.)

Web Of Light Expo “Weaving a Web of Light & Healing.”

Earth Day Weekend

April 22nd-23rd, 2017 Marriott Courtyard 2200 Southwood Dr. Nashua, NH 03063

one of the largest holistic/metaphysical expos north of boston! It is with great excitement that we announce our upcoming “Web of Light Expo”. This event will be held to raise awareness of the growing positive flow of the holistic and metaphysical community! The ENTIRE weekend will feature:

’ A variety of OVER 130 Exhibits!

’30 of the Best known regional

and local guest speakers!

’ Demos on a variety of activites

geared towards people of all ages!

Proceeds from the Raffle and Door Prizes during this event will be used to help support our non-profit “Web of Light Foundation”.

’ Arts, Entertainment, & Merchandise valuable to weaving a Web of Light within our Communities!

Please visit us at for more information!

For Details and to Register for Group and Private one on one Yoga Teacher Trainings, Intensives, Workshops and Exotic Retreats, Doula services and Plant Based/Macrobiotic Cooking Classes and Consults

go to  781.626.0000 Paulette's Sacred Space Yoga School offers a unique, whole life approach to yoga teacher training. You will not simply learn the physical aspects of leading a safe and beneficial yoga class; you will learn about the rich, ancient study of leading a yogic lifestyle. ~ Vivi Liousas, 2016 YTT Paulette is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever experienced. She physically, mentally and emotionally lives the yogic lifestyle. ~ Sarah Cathy M Having Paulette at the birth of my second son allowed me to have the natural childbirth experience I wanted. His birth was an amazing experience and I would recommend Paulette to anyone considering a Doula. I feel very blessed to have had her by my side.  ~ Kortney

Paulette Gloria Harwood E-RYT 500 Director, Trainer & Primary Instructor of Sacred Space Yoga School • 200, 300 and Prenatal YA Registered Yoga School. • Yoga Birth Method and Certified Prenatal, Labor and Delivery Birth Doula.  • The Four Desires Dharma Coach.  • Plant Based and Macrobiotic cooking and counseling. • Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider With 30 years of experience I am dedicated to lovingly mentor you toward personal shifts in perception, positive change and lifestyle choices that result in transformational healing. Whether a yogi considering teacher training, an expectant mother or simply a person exploring a holistic approach to life – I am able to be that teacher you seek. Building an instant rapport, I am easily someone to laugh with, cry to and unfold before, as your Mentor, Cook, Coach, Teacher or Doula.

I have witnessed how powerful and transformative working with Paulette can be. Paulette tells me to keep trusting the process and it is easy to do with her as she has a unique way of creating this safe, non-judgmental space that allows me to turn inward and get to the authentic part of myself. ~ Heather O’Donnell

To Strengthen Your Relationship

by Sarah Barnes

THE BASIC DEFINITION OF yoga is yoke or union — the work of uniting your mind, body and spirit. Much like Tantra, partner/couples yoga deepens the practice by including your lover, friend or family member, in postures where breathing and moving together is key. And like AcroYoga, couples yoga involves one practitioner acting as the base, and the other the flier. These roles ideally, are interchangeable. The benefits of practicing yoga with a partner are endless, but some include improved levels of communication, deeper expressions of postures and the encouragement of trust. Elysabeth Williamson, the developer of Principle-Based Partner Yoga, believes that partner yoga is an important part of feeling connected to not only our loved ones, but also people in general. She explains that, "Because we are so technologically based it is even more critical and crucial that we have touch … real human touch-based connections." SO WHY NOT GIVE THESE FIVE POWERFUL COUPLES YOGA POSES A TRY! Before you get started, sit in Easy Pose (Sukhasana) across from your partner and get in touch with their breath. Place one hand on your heart and the other over your partner's hand, which is already on their heart. Begin inhaling and exhaling together, feeling the beating of the other's heart and then switch sides.


Couple Yoga Poses Specialty Yoga Classes

Half Lord Of The Fishes Pose (Ardha Matsyendrasana)

Chill • Restorative Yoga & Guided Meditation Monthly Class • Vinyasa Flow with Hands on Assist Monthly Class • Gentle Thru to Intermediate Flows • Butts & Gutts • Reiki Clinics and so much more . . . For class schedule log onto OWNER EMMA BOYLE CERTIFIED YOGA TEACHER AMBASSADOR OF LULULEMON ATHLETICA

This seated twist is a very easy, but intimate movement when performed 781-696-1266 with a partner. The Freight House Sit back-to-back and cross-legged in 844 Webster Street Downtown, Marshfield Sukhasana. Inhale your arms up. Exhale and twist to the right. Reach your right hand for your partner's left knee/shin/ thigh. With every inhale, lengthen and find more space. And • Yoga for all ages and abilities with each exhale, • Private, small group or utilize your partner's corporate yoga classes. knee to gently twist • Therapeutic & Holistic a bit deeper. See if Massage, Reiki, Polarity you can synchronize your breathing. • Hula Hoop & Specialty Hold for 5-10 Workshops. breaths and switch sides.

Cardinal Yoga and Bodywork

Greg Belcher 1525 Hanover St Hanover MA 781-421-6007 

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Bound Angle Pose (Baddha Konasana)

With this collaborative spin on a common resting pose, we're entering a slightly deeper movement. Sit back-to-back with your partner with the soles of your feet together. Inhale and lengthen your spine. Exhale, then one partner folds forward from the hips, attempting to keep their back straight. The other partner releases their head and shoulders onto their partner's

back and relaxes as their heart, collarbones and chest expand. Hold for 5-10 breaths then come back up on an inhale. Repeat the exercise with the opposite partner folding forward. Note: If your knees aren't comfortable or are far from touching the ground, then place blankets, pillows, blocks or bolsters underneath them to increase support.

Camel Pose + Plow (Ustrasana + Halasana) This backbend and deep forward fold are a bit more advanced, so some might find this exercise

en of Wisdo om m W

challenging at first. Make sure to utilize props, feel one another's bodies and communicate what feels good before going deeper. The base lies his/her back on the ground, then lifts the legs and takes them over their head, reaching to touch the ground behind the head to come into Plow Pose. If the toes can't reach the ground, help your partner and place something underneath their feet, like blocks. The second partner sits on his/her knees, facing away from the base with their feet hugging the base's shoulders. Now, this partner begins to bend back into Camel Pose, keeping the knees hips-width apart. Reaching back, grab the feet of the base partner. If you don't feel stable enough to reach your arms back, you can keep the standard Camel Pose arms and hold onto your heels (pictured).

Free Open House 7pm April 13 May 10

Free Open House 7pm November 18 January 4

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Assisted Backbend (Anuvittasana)

The base lies down on their back with their knees bent and feet flat on the ground. The flier stands facing away from the base near their feet. The base places their feet firmly at the flier's lower back with his heels resting on their glutes. Flier bends backward reaching with their arms. Base reaches and grabs onto the flier's shoulders. Base lifts their legs straight into the air, lifting the flier off the ground at the same time. You have now reached what is known in AcroYoga as Back Bird pose. Flier can bend the knees and grab their ankles with their hands in Bow Pose or enjoy here, relaxing and allowing the backbend to naturally happen.

Sarah Barnes is currently a volunteer in paradise at Blue Osa Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica where she is a blogger, photographer and yoga instructor. Sarah is a 200 level RYT, owner of Modern WarriorYoga Austin, TX. Photo gallery courtesy of the author.

This original article was previously published online at Copyright © 2016. All Rights Reserved.


This is the perfect movement to open up your heart and back, and incorporate playfulness into the practice. Stand back-to-back and hook elbows. The base bends their knees, engages their core, and starts to lean forward as the flier leans back. The base leans forward until the flier's feet lift off the ground. Hold for a few breaths and then slowly bend the knees until the flier's feet touch the ground. Switch partners.

Flying Bow/Wheel Pose (Urdhva Dhanurasana)


JILL JARDINE With 30+ years experience as a Professional Astrologer who combines a gift of Divine Intuition with a realistic application of the astrological archetypes. Jill helps solve life’s problems; financial, health, and relationship by chanting Sanskrit Mantras. Jill Jardine M.A. Counseling/ Psychology, Certified & Reverend in Sanskrit Mantra Teaching Mantras with true Credentials. 781.204.9350

MEDIUM, HEALER, TEACHER, GRID MASTER EMMA PHANEUF With 34 years experience as a gifted healer, teacher, and psychic Medium. Emma helps people gain a better understanding of themselves and will help you take the next step to happiness. Emma is available for private appointments, Gallery Mediumship parties, healing and classes. Book with her through her website; 857.526.5021


This pose takes the most trust and strength. An amazing back and heart opener, Flying Dhanurasana will leave you feeling blissful. 

journey on her Spiritual path began more than 20 years ago. Her gifts allow her to connect with the Angels, Guides and Loved Ones in Spirit to bring her clients guidance, healing and peace. Reiki Master Teacher, I.E.T II, Magnified Healing, Minister 781.630.2808

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Make sure to engage your glute muscles, press your hips forward and arch from your chest and upper back to feel the full benefits of Camel Pose. Hold for 5 deep breaths, breathing in and out through the nose and switch partners.


Fundamental Ideals for Holistic Parenting

by Holistic Moms Network

"Holistic living is the art of living in balance with ourselves and our environment. Understanding and respecting that all things are interconnected is at the heart of a holistic lifestyle. Holistic living is about taking responsibility for our actions and choices in the knowledge that these choices have consequences for all living things on the planet."  Holistic Moms Network™ HOLISTIC PARENTING BEGINS WITH an understanding and respect for how all living things are connected and how we impact one another. As such, holistic parenting embraces green and non-toxic living, non-violent communication, and natural health. The Holistic Moms Network believes there are 7 fundamental ideals for holistic parenting . . . 1. Making informed and educated parenting decisions around pivotal issues such as childbirth, breastfeeding, wellness, vaccination, circumcision, nutrition, interpersonal communication, discipline, and education, among others.  Parents need to be aware of alternative and holistic options that may differ from conventional choices in order to make an informed choice that best suits their family and their personal values. 2. Seeking respectful and nurturing relationships with others, imparting the values of empathy,

love, and compassion to our children, and embracing attachment parenting techniques (including baby-wearing, extended breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and positive discipline). 3. Actively participating in our own healing process when we’re out

of balance; using minimally invasive healthcare modalities to help the body and spirit heal while respecting the many paths to healing, both holistic and conventional. 4. Balancing and integrating the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of being into everyday life; using the principles of wholeness – healthy eating, regular exercise, natural healing, stress reduction, non-violent communication – to create a balanced life for the entire family. 5. Teaching our children to respect and care about the natural world by actively providing opportunities for them to be in nature, and teaching them about how they can protect our environment.

6. Limiting our children’s exposure to advertising, marketing, and a consumer-driven culture that is creating rampant materialism, disconnecting them from nature and healthy social interactions. 7. Living more simply and consuming less in an effort to reduce our impact on the environment and to emphasize non-material values. The Holistic Moms Network’s mission and purpose is to support parents on their holistic journey, wherever that may take them.  We emphasize community building and raising awareness, and welcome parents wherever they are and whatever choices they have made.  We are not a single-issue group, but a community that honors diversity and tolerance as we strive to do the best that we can each and every day. For more information logo onto

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We and donate to thesupport ‘Save The Honeybee the ‘Save The Honeybee Foundation’. Foundation’. Wholesalers call 617.510.8479 or go to the website to fill out an


Healthy Living Magazine FALL/WINTER 2016-2017 

Wholesalers call 617.510.8479 or application. go to the website to fill out an application.

PROFESSIONAL REFERENCE DIRECTORY A TO Z ACUPUNCTURE TYBEE ACUPUNCTURE. Tybee Marruzzi, M.S., Lic.Ac., DiplAc, DiplCH. Serving Boston’s South Shore for over a decade. 164 Chief Justice Cushing Hwy. Cohasset 781.383.8877 ACUPRESSURE KRYSTEN CAREY. Lotus Acupressure. 34 Country Way, Scituate, MA and Lyme and Pans Treatment Center. 223 Chief Justice Cushing Highway Suite 202 Cohasset. 617.872.8588 ADVOCATE CANDITA MAMET, MSW HEALTH OR SPECIAL NEEDS ADVOCACY. Always by your side. Navigating healthcare side by side. Trained by the Federation for Children with Special Needs. Eligibility Determination, IEP Development & Placement. 781.834.2728 ASTROLOGY JILL JARDINE. Astrology Jill Jardine/ Astrological Readings, Psychic Readings, Hypnotherapy. In Person & Long Distance 781.204.9350 AUTHENTIC BIRTHING PAULETTE GLORIA HARWOOD. Doula Services, Prenatal Consultation. Lactation Coach. 781.626.0000 AYURVEDIC PRACTITIONER, GINA RAINWATER AP, RMT, OM. balance your doshas, balance your life with daily nutrition and self care. Ayurvedic massages & Shirodhara. Aromatherapy, Herbs & Oils. 781.706.0339 CHAKRADANCE GENIE LEE PERRON. Reiki Master/Teacher, Licensed Heal Your Life Teacher, authorized by Hay House. Approved by Louise Hay. Certified Chakradance Facilitator. 67 Long Pond Rd. Plymouth, MA 774.413.5695 COLON HYDROTHERAPY CORNERSTONE THERAPEUTICS. Lila Reader, RN, LMT, I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist. Colon Hydrotherapy and Massage in a relaxing, professional atmosphere. 781.775.7352 CONSCIOUS COMMUNITY LYCEUMLIVE.COM Our mission: To create conscious community in Collaboration with Messengers of Hope and Healing to Restore our Collective Soul. JOIN US! Rose Tenaglia Dunn COOKING CLASSES MACROBIOTIC AND VEGAN. Custom healing meals prepared. Paulette Gloria Harwood 781.626.0000

COUNSELING/LIFE AND CAREER COACHING MARYKAY DUFFY M.S., M.ED., L.M.H.C. Solution focused individual, couples or family sessions. Location in Scituate. Most insurance’s accepted. 617.921.0869 COUNSELING INDIVIDUAL & FAMILY CANDITA MAMET MSW. Therapeutic sessions include expressive therapies to support self’s not all talk. Specializing age 8-12 girls/boys. Divorce/Bullying issues. 781.834.2728 CYMATRON SOUNDTABLE FACILITATOR HEAL THYSELF: DONNAMARIE KAVANAH. Registered Nurse, Reiki Master Teacher, Sound/Vibration Facilitator. Rest, Relaxation. Quincy, MA. 508.259.0155 DETOXIFICATION HULLISTIC HEALTH, LLC. Meghan Sylvester. Offering Lymphatic Drainage, Colon Hydrotherapy, Infrared Sauna, Purification Programs and more. 175 George Washington Blvd. Hull, MA 781.773.1352 DIASTASIS RECTI REHABILITATION SPECIALIST P3 FITNESS: Pilates, Personal Training and Physical Therapy. Hanover. Nadine Adams, MSPT Licensed Physical Therapist. 781.831.2315 EARN PROFESSIONAL CAREER CERTIFICATES CAPE COD CENTER FOR WHOLE HEALTH. Hypnotherapy, NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), Crystal Energy Healing, Reiki, Integrative Energy Therapy (IET), 116 State Road, Sagamore Beach, MA 508.539.2885 EATING DISORDERS KIND EATING WITH STACEY RICHMOND, RD. Nutrition Counseling and Mindful Eating Programs/ Retreats. Specializing in Disordered Eating. Kingston and West Barnstable offices. 508.362.1221 ENERGY HEALER & READER MICHELLE KUNDZICZ. Spirit Medium, Certified Angel Card Reader, Reiki Master Teacher, I.E.T II, Magnified Healing, Minister 781.630.2808 ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES ASPENN OF NEW ENGLAND. Applications control Lyme Disease Ticks. Call 888.418.BUGS GRAPHIC DESIGN SERVICES GINNY JUST. Art Director for Healthy Living Magazine. Books, Magazines & Newsletters, Brochure Design, CDs and DVDs. 508.345.4493

GEOLOGIC TREASURES TOM CELLUCCI Crystals, Rocks, Fossils & Minerals. Aisle J - Raynham Flea Market, 480 S St W, Raynham, MA Sundays, 8-5 pm, Rain or Shine. All Major Credit Cards accepted. HAIR CARE NATURAL HAIR CONSULTANTS PLUS, BEAUTY SPA. Organic Hair Color Line & Products, No harsh chemicals 100% Organic & Vega. Great For Clients with Asthma, Skin Sensitivity, Allergies. Pembroke, 781.826.7595 HEALTH FOOD GOOD HEALTH NATURAL FOODS. 37 years. 100% certified organic produce, All natural organic groceries, gluten-free foods, vitamins, ports supplements, natural cosmetics. Shipping Available. Quincy, 617.773.4925 Hanover, 781.826.0808 HEALING & INTUITIVE CENTER ANGELS OF LIGHT. Offering Meditations, Certifications, Chi Gong, Spiritual Events, Crystals, Healings and Readings, and more-320 Washington St. Norwell 781.871.1740 HEALING & WELLNESS CENTER JLJ SPIRITUAL HEALING. Alternative healing therapies in Scituate. Heather Keay Certified Reiki Master, Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) practitioner, a spirit medium and an amazon bestselling author. 781.424.4073 HEALTH AND WELLNESS COACHING SYNCHRONIZED WELLNESS, NADJA G PIERCE. Certified Health Coach and Personal Nutrition Counselor. Specializing in the Prevention of Inflammatory Diseases and ADHD. Individuals, teens, and families. 781.424.9551 HOLISTIC HEALING ECLECTIC PHYSICAL THERAPY™ Ian L. Rubinstein, M.P.T., M.R. Holistic manual therapy techniques for root restriction releases, combined with biomechanical re-education 508.246.4233 HOLISTIC HEALING CENTER BETSY POWELL-PELRINE, LMT. Massage, Polarity, Reiki, RYSE, Yoga, & Workshops. 166 Schoosett Street #1, Pembroke 774.487.1401 www.betsypowellpelrinelmt. HOLISTIC HEALTH COACHING PURELY SIMPLE WELLNESS with Leah Somers. CHHC. Guiding you to create balance within body mind and spirit. 781.635.9195 www.

HYPNOSIS TRAINING PAT MACISAAC. Learn to HYPNOTIZE Yourself and Others. Fully Accredited Hands-On Training, Texts and Material Included, Certification On Graduation. On rolling admission. 781.749.9050 HYPNOSIS KATHRYN MCGLYNN, CERTIFIED HYPNOTIST. Past Life Regression and metaphysical hypnosis. Schedule your private or group session today for an illuminating experience. 781.340.2146 HYPNOSIS BLISSBORN HYPNOBIRTHING. Jessica Boylen. Use the power of your own mind to create a blissful birth. Hypnosis, NLP techniques & Meditation 617.412.0625 INSPIRATIONAL GIFTS ’JUST BEE & ME’. Whimsical eco friendly greeting cards, journals, organic cotton B-shirts, etc. all with a “Bee Cause.” Wholesalers call or go to the website to fill out an application. 617.510.8479 INSURANCE HANSON INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. Stephanie Lipinski. Protection for your life, auto, home & business. 632 County Rd. Hanson 781.293.6376 INTEGRATIVE NUTRITION BE YOUR WELL SELF Wendy Moriarty, CHHC & Institute for Integrative Nutrition Graduate. Let’s work together to cut the string of fad diets. Cooking Classes 781.956.7960 FLOATATION THERAPY ZEN DEN. Yoga. Pilates, Infrared Therapy, Floatation Therapy. Massage, Bio Cord. 392 Washington Street, Norwell MA 781.424.0488 MANTRA THERAPIES AND TEACHINGS JILL JARDINE. Help solve life’s problems, (financial, health, relationships, by chanting Sanskrit Mantras. Jill Jardine M.A. Counseling/ Psychology, Certified & Reverend in Sanskrit Mantra. 781.204.9350. MASSAGE RELAXATION BY RAE. Raeann Johnson, Owner and Therapist. Offering Kriya Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Body Scrubs, Hot Stone Massage, Ear Coning, Reiki. 103 Esta Road, Plymouth 781.249.7438 MASSAGE THERAPIST JENNIFER SAVAGE, LMT Deep tissue, sports, pregnancy, Oncology and Classic Western massage offered. 33 Railroad Ave., Suite 3, Duxbury, MA. 781.934.0020

MEDICAL MARIJUANA CAREGIVER Holistic Health, Endocannabinoid, Nutrition, pH Balancing & Energy Work. Coaching for patients & families to create a healthier foundation for a better quality of life. Trish Rosa C.Ht. 508.889.1344 MEDIUM, HEALER, TEACHER, GRID MASTER EMMA PHANEUF. For 34 years Emma helps people gain a better understanding of themselves and will help you take the next step to happiness. 857.526.5021 MULTI MODALITY HEART-CENTERED HEALING MAUREEN NIAK BSN, CNT, RMT. Offering healing services for over 40 years. Serving the South Shore, distance sessions, home and hospital. Offering distance sessions. 781.848.7057 MUSCULAR THERAPY KATHY FURZESPENCER, LMT. Therapeutic Massage, Massage & Facial Cupping, Hot Stone Massage, Ear Coning, Energy Work, Bach Flower Remedies. 508.642.5445 MYOFASCIAL RELEASE THERAPY CHRISTOPHER ARNOLD LMT. Trained as an advanced practitioner in the world renowned John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach. Offices in ME and MA 207.899.9876 NATURAL PARENTING INSTINCTIVE PARENT & FULL MOON DIAPERS. Natural parenting store, cloth diapers, natural, organic products 781.826.8673 75 Washington St, Pembroke, MA NEW AGE STORE & HEALING CENTER OPEN DOORS. Specializing in crystals, jewelry, divination tools, herbs, incense, books, cds, healing tools. Free Reiki Treatments, on-going workshops, Psychic Tarot readings daily, 395 Washington Street, Braintree, Open 7 days. 9am-9pm, 781.843.8224 NUTRITION STORE JUST FOR YOU. Healthier options, premium quality, offering products that are not found in your everyday stores.1000 Main St, Hanson, MA & Silo Marketplace, 2 Montello St., Carver, MA 781.264.5099 NUTRITION THERAPY KIND EATING WITH STACEY RICHMOND, RD. Nutrition Counseling and Mindful Eating Programs/ Retreats. Specializing in Disordered Eating. Kingston and West Barnstable offices. 508.362.1221 PHOTOGRAPHER MALCOLM LORENTE. Events, Architecture, Products and Art, Portraits 781.588.4787

PILATES DUXBURY PILATES. Betty DeLisle, Owner & Peak Pilates trained. All levels & All apparatus. Reformer, chair, Cadillac, etc. 272 St. George Street. Duxbury, MA 617.688.5318 PRANIC HEALING MIRIAM SMITH. Certified MCKS Pranic Healer/Teacher. Balancing physical, emotional & spiritual energy with no-touch. Relieves chronic illness, stress, pain. In person/distance sessions. Workshops, Meditations. North Andover, MA. 978.807.1634 PUBLIC RELATIONS/MARKETING CANDITA’S PRODUCTION STUDIO. Event & Social Media Planning, Website Design, Direct Mailings. 508.615.9805 REFLEXOLOGY ROSALIE CRYAN REIKI & REFLEXOLOGY AT BACK TO BASICS SPA. $15 off first appointment. Quincy, MA 617.471.4190 REIKI LISA BRAZIL-POMAR. Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Reiki, IET Basic, MDT. New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation(MDT)/Basic Master Healer. Kids Reiki Circle. Story Time Reiki. 774.269.1499 REIKI REV. PRISCILLA GALE. Usui-Tibetan Enhanced Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Shamballa Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Magnified Healing, Singing Bowls, Sound Healing 978.897.8846 REIKI PHYLLIS SIMONETTA. Reiki Master Teacher, Usui/Holy Fire ll. Offering Reiki Healing, Crystal Chakra Healings. Children's Reiki. 781.929.5825 SCHOOLS & CERTIFICATION SPATECH INSTITUTE. Massage, Polarity, Aesthetics Training Successful Professionals Since 1980. Ipswich | Plymouth | Westboro 800.262.8530 SCHOOLS OF WISDOM, NEW AGE STORE & HOLISTIC CENTER WOMEN OF WISDOM. Gift shop, readings, classes & holistic treatments. Holistic Training, Earth Medicine, Hypnotherapy Certification, Mediumship, Angel Alignment, Akashic Soul Mastery, Animal Communication. Call 508.230.3680. 118 Washington St., North Easton, MA. SELF HEALING TECHNIQUES JAMES A. DEMPSEY. Shaman, Reiki Master, Psychic, channel, medium. James does sessions in person, telephone, Skype. 857.719.9076

THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE SHARI HARRIS, LMT. Specializing in repair and recovery. 11 South Station Street Suite #2 Duxbury. 781,704.3421 VETERINARY ALTERNATIVES KINGSTON ANIMAL HOSPITAL. Acupuncture & other natural & holistic treatments to promote wellness and longevity. Mark Russo, Kingston 781.585.6525 VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES ASCEND HOSPICE OF MA. For terminally ill patients and their families. Reiki, Pet Therapy, Music, Massage, Reflexology. 508.229.8390 Jennifer Fenuccio WELLNESS CENTER WHITMAN WELLNESS CENTER. Cara Cappellini & Lee-Ann Trigler. Yoga/Reiki Certifications, Ayurveda, Yoga, Workshops, Spa Treatments 781.447.3815 7 Marble Street, b#12, Whitman WELLNESS CENTER DEE DAVIDSON. Simply Soothing Sanctuary. Licensed Krya Massage Practitioner, Shamballa Reiki Master Therapist 84 Summer St. Kingston MA 617.962.9775 WELLNESS CENTER KARMA CONNECTS LINAN MUNOZ. Reiki healing energy, free essential oil classes, vocal music remedy, intuitive coaching, herbal solutions. 204 Brockton Ave. Abington Rt.123 781.351.1003 WELLNESS LIFE COACHING GENIE LEE PERRON. Reiki Master/Teacher, certified Life Coach and Certified Chakradance Facilitator. Contact Genie 67 Long Pond Rd. Plymouth, MA 774.413.5695 or WHOLE PERSONALIZED HEALTH ZEN DEN. Yoga. Pilates, Infrared Therapy, Floatation Therapy. Massage, Bio Cord. 392 Washington Street, Norwell MA 781.424.0488 YOGA HEART CENTERED HEALING. Fern Ross Israel, LMHC Counseling, Yoga & Mindfulness. Helping individuals navigate challenging times with skillful means: EFT, TAT, EMDR, Aromatherapy & breathing. 617.913.1810 fernrossisrael@

YOGA CLASSES/ YOGA TEACHER CERTIFICATIONS SACRED SPACE YOGA SCHOOL. Paulette Gloria Harwood, Custom Group and Private Yoga Teacher Certifications. 781.626.0000


YOGA DRAGONFLY YOGA STUDIO, EMMA BOYLE. Yoga Teacher & Owner. Restorative, meditative classes & flow style gentle and energizing classes. Freight House. 844 Webster Street, Marshfield 781.696.1266 YOGA GREG BELCHER. RYT-200 Yoga, Kids Cardio Yoga, Cert. Reiki Master Teacher, Polarity Practitioner, Integrated Energy Therapy, New Paradigm MDT Master Healer. Cardinal Yoga & Bodywork. 1525 Hanover St. Hanover 781.421.6007 YOGA REAL LIFE YOGA STUDIOS. Yoga Teacher Trainings. New to yoga? beginners, yin, restorative, kudalini heated, hatha, Spa. Free Class mention this ad. Dee - 25 School St, Quincy 617.285.5219 & Nancy - 84 B S.Franklin St. Holbrook 508.990.6795

CLASSIFIED ADS WE TRANSFORM LIVES. . . physical & financially. We have the blueprint needed for success, the only thing you need is natural ability & drive. Trish Rosa 508.889.1344 LOOKING FOR AN ADVOCATE. Candita Mamet, Specializing in navigating the healthcare and Special Needs process, one person at a time. Trained by the Federation for Children with Special Needs. Eligibility Determination, IEP Development & Placement. 781.834.2728

Do you have a loved one with Special Needs?

NORTH EASTON, MA WOMEN OF WISDOM FREE open house 11/18 and 1/4/2017. 118 Washington St., North Easton, MA. Call 508.230.3680. SAGAMORE BEACH, MA TONG REN & VARIED ENERGY HEALING CLINIC. dropin, $10. Thursday’s 5:30-8:30pm. Cape Cod Center for Whole Health, 116 State Road, Suite#3, Sagamore Beach, MA 508.539.2885. SAGAMORE BEACH, MA CRYSTAL & MINERAL FAIR 10-20% DISCOUNTS! SUNDAY’S 10am-3pm 9/25, 10/23, 11/20, 12/11, 2017-1/8, 2/26, 3/26, 4/23. Common and rare crystals, minerals and jewelry. Cape Cod Center for Whole Health 116 State Road, Suite#3. 508.539.2885 SAGAMORE BEACH, MA MONTHLYREIKI, CRYSTAL ENERGY HEALING, IET, CLASSES For Certification and CEU’s. Cape Cod Center for Whole Health 116 State Road, Suite#3 508.539.2885 SAGAMORE BEACH, MA SPRING (MARCH & APRIL) - HYPNOTHERAPY (220 HOURS) AND NLP (64 HOURS) classes for Certification and CEU’s. Cape Cod Center for Whole Health. 116 State Road, Suite#3 508.539.2885 cccwh@ SOUTH SHORE, MA FREE WORKSHOPS on healthier life choices in holistic care, energy work, group hypnosis. Like and follow fb @ PEACE ohm MIND Complementary Care, 3rdTuesday @ 10 am. 2nd Thursday @ 6:30 pm. Trish Rosa 508.889.1344


Why Attend: Gain knowledge about expert providers, programs and resources on the South Shore that will benefit your Child's Needs.

$20 Sliding scale per family. Reserve your Seat in advance by email

For more information call Candita Mamet, Event Coordinator 508 615 9805 Advertising, Vendors and Sponsors. Hotel 1620, Plymouth.

CALENDAR OF EVENTS 2016/17 OCTOBER 15th, 2016 SATURDAY 7PM PLYMOUTH, MA LORETTA LAROCHE PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS SERIOUSLY FUNNY WOMEN Plymouth Memorial Hall 83 Court Street, Plymouth, MA Proceed Benefit the Friends of Mel Foundation. To learn more visit or call 800.838.3006

DECEMBER 3rd, 2016 SATURDAY 5-10 PM ROCKLAND, MA HOLIDAY FAIR TRADE SHOPPING MEET & MINGLE For conscious shoppers looking to get meaningful, purposeful mind, body, soul gifts for the holidays. Shop outside the big box with unique items and support more than 40 creative local artisans showcasing their handmade, inspirational products made with love and care. DoubleTree by Hilton 929 Hingham St., Rockland, MA Click on our website to learn more 508.615.9805

OCTOBER 27th, THURSDAY 5-10 PM ROCKLAND, MA COME CELEBRATE THE SPIRITS . . . DRESSED AS YOU WERE IN A PAST LIFE MEDIUM FEST! Open your mind and free your spirit, allowing you to become open to your own healing process and connect to the universal community. Angel & Psychic Readings, Aura Photography, Reiki, Chair Massage, Energy Healing. Unique vendors selling crystals, jewelry, handmade products, oracle and tarot decks, tapestries, organic skincare products, much more! Readings $40 for 20 minutes. $5 to attend. Prizes for Best Costume. DoubleTree by Hilton 929 Hingham St., Rockland, MA

MARCH 18th, 2017 PLYMOUTH, MA NATURAL INFANT AND CHILD EXPO Presented by Instinctive Parent. NICE showcases local businesses/products that support a healthy, natural lifestyle from pregnancy to preschool. $20 Adults, children under 12 are Free. Hotel 1620, Plymouth.

NOVEMBER 12th, 2016 SATURDAY RANDOLPH, MA 6TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE: THE ART OF LIVING LIFE BEYOND CANCER. A conference designed to empower people touched by cancer. 781.878.8639.

e You ArInvited lly Cordia

APRIL 2nd, 2017 SUNDAY 10-6pm PLYMOUTH, MA 12TH ANNUAL HEALTHY LIVING EXPO/CONFERENCE Healthy Living’s Magazine’s 15th Anniversary In Publishing – Enjoy a daylong experience, celebrating 15 years of Healthy Living. A wonderful opportunity to meet the practitioners who you find on the pages of healthy living over the past 15 years. Our healers, yoga instructors,

expressive artists, teachers from a variety of spiritual pathways and most of all my extended family. Hosted by Candita Mamet of Healthy Living Magazine. Held at Hotel 1620, formally the Radisson Hotel, Plymouth, MA. Click on our website to learn more 508.615.9805 APRIL 22nd - APRIL 23, 2017 (EARTH DAY WEEKEND) NASHUA, NH WEB OF LIGHT EXPO One of the Largest Holistic Expos North of Boston! 140 Exhibits, 20 Spiritual Readers, & 30 Presentations!! Being held at the Marriott Courtyard. 2200 Southwood Drive, Nashua, NH. 603. 321.4818. For more details go to JUNE 10th-14th, 2017 HARWICH, CAPE COD NURTURED BY NATURE 4 DAY RETREAT. With Spirt Guides Mary Lucille Glynn & Jeannie M. Heroux. Deep Relaxation, Connection with Nature, Heightened Intuition, Stronger Spirituality, Renewed passion for life, Insight & Clarity 508.394.3131

Holiday Fair Trade Shopping MEET & MINGLE Sponsored by Healthy Living Magazine 

Join us as we celebrate bringing in our 15th year in publishing. December 3, 2016 Saturday 4pm-10pm DoubleTree by Hilton 929 Hingham St., Rockland, MA Showcasing businesses, products, gift certificates for holiday shoppers looking to get meaningful, purposeful mind, body, soul gifts for the holidays. Glamming it up! Eco Fashion Show featuring local designs! Donations Drop for Toys for Tots

Vendors: This event provides the opportunity to showcase your healthy businesses/products. Call Candita to reserve your space today. 508 615 9805 28

Healthy Living Magazine FALL/WINTER 2016-2017

We have a good idea how to protect your world. It’s our world, too.

Reserve your space today! October 27th, Thursday 5-10pm Medium Fest Dressed As You Were In a Past Life Rockland, MA

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April 2nd, 2017 Sunday 10-6pm 12th Annual Healthy Living Expo/Conference Plymouth, MA

* With Safety Insurance. Some restrictions apply.

781-293-6376 632 County Rd. (Route 14), Hanson, MA 02341

Marketing is very important to the Cape Cod Times. These full page ads ran consecutively every week . . . in the paper . . . for five weeks. Then they ran them again.

Reach out to Candita to learn more. Text/Call 508.615.9805

In Print. Online. Whatever way we can to get your name out there!

East Bridgewater, MA 508 345.4493 * How else are they going to know you are there?

Malcolm Lorente

Photographer 781.588.4787


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December 3rd, Saturday 5-10pm Holiday Fair-Trade Shopping Event Rockland, MA

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Hanson Insurance Agency, Inc.

Malcolm has been an active photographer for more than 30 years. He photographs Events, Architecture, Products and Art, as well as Portraits. His Portraits show the personality of his subjects and what you see is what you imagine in your mind or what your friends imagine in their minds when they think of you.

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Healthy Living Magazine FALL/WINTER 2016-2017



Calling Corporate Sponsors & Vendors.

Join us for a day long celebration April 2nd 2017

Celebrating 15 years of Healthy Living Magazine! 70 “wellprenuer savvy” exhibitors 30 inspiring workshops with renowned experts, movement classes, healthy foods and live entertainment.










Stop by for your chance to win a Kripalu Weekend getaway! 1620 Hotel, 180 Water Street, Plymouth,MA 10am to 6pm 

Healthy Living Magazine FALL/WINTER 2016-2017


Healthy Living Magazine Massachusetts Fall/Winter 2016/17  

Healthy Living Magazine Massachusetts Fall/Winter 2016/17 The Latest in Wellness Trends 4-8 Medicinal Herbs to th...

Healthy Living Magazine Massachusetts Fall/Winter 2016/17  

Healthy Living Magazine Massachusetts Fall/Winter 2016/17 The Latest in Wellness Trends 4-8 Medicinal Herbs to th...