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Loving Change, As Difficult as It Is In Buddhism, the word Anicca refers to the concept of impermanence. In other words, nothing stays the same. My family recently experienced a significant change, as my eldest daughter took flight to study abroad in Italy for seven months to complete her high school years. Surely, this particular change is a great opportunity and, so, I wanted to embrace it wholeheartedly.


Instead, I found myself crying days before and weeks following her departure. Sometimes, navigating and adapting to transition is no easy feat. As the weeks passed, things got easier. I found it best to pause, reflect, feel it, and move forward.

Healthy Shrimp/Tofu Recipe


I knew I had to embrace this new beginning and come to terms with accepting the things I can neither change nor control.

Ayurvedic Elixirs for Your Dosha


Home Practices and Remedies for Regular Detoxification


SuperHuman Healing


Common Triggers Of Autoimmune Disease


Life Is Foreplay!


Loving for No Reason


How to Get More Grit


Elements Of Truly Balanced Fitness


Spices That Can Help You Find Your Happy Weight


Break the Cycle: How Yoga and Meditation Can Help Heal Addiction


Why Caregivers Must Act as Advocates


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This brings me to a song that my grandmother, Emily, used to hum when I was just a little girl – “Que sera, sera; whatever will be, will be. The future’s not ours to see.” Those lyrics have given me comfort as I’ve navigated my own life – especially during unchangeable situations, as hard as they were to accept. She would say, “I must move on.” "whatever will be, will be." The song is of Italian origin. The phrase, “Que sera, sera,” means that the future is up in the air, and whatever is going to happen, will happen. Doris Day had a big hit with this song in her movie, “The Man Who Knew Too Much” (1956). Check it out. I wrote these lyrics down for my daughter on her journey to study in Italy. As I hum the verse in my head, even now, I find myself building up my strength and finding comfort in knowing that what will be will be! Let it go! I would like to share with you the letter I wrote to Isabelle as I bid her farewell. Perhaps this will help you in some way. " Dear Isabelle, My love for you is unconditional. I never really understood what that meant until I" My love for you is unconditional. I never really understood what that meant until I held you in my arms for the first time. They would say a daughter’s love is like no other! I will cherish US! And I look forward to the future… what will be, will be! It was a pleasure to have raised you. We have had our share of laughs and tears. You certainly didn’t come with instructions and, as my first-born, it was truly a trial-and-error experience. Lol Every experience thus far, no matter the outcome, has shaped you into the wonderful woman you are today. As you step off the plane, it’s time to look toward your future with no regrets. Allow your struggles and successes to shape the woman you have become. As you start this new chapter, whatever will be, will be! I realized I can read this to myself! As I start my own new chapter of letting my daughter go. I’m certainly more prepared for when my two youngest children fly the coop. Thanks goodness I have two years to prepare! (And Hover) Embrace change. It’s inevitable.

Healthy Living Magazine spring summer 2018

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Interested in a second career, a part time occupation, an addition to your present occupation, or self-improvement through knowledge?

Patricia MacIsaac LPN, CMI, DNGH, OB Certified Instructor

The NGH training course is licensed by Post Secondary Education Boards in NH and many other states and countries, and is taught exclusively by certified instructors of the 68-year-old National Guild of Hypnotists. You will benefit from this intensive hands-on training as a Certified Consulting Hypnotist.

This proven classroom course also includes personal phone mentoring by your instructor after graduation, plus a year’s membership in the National Guild of Hypnotists. Patricia MacIsaac LPN, CMI, DNGH, OB Certified Instructor

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Certification Course Instructor: Patricia MacIsaac, LPN, CMI, DNGH, OB

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Contact us for a Free Course Syllabus and Convention Catalog For details: (603) 429-9438 • • NATIONAL GUILD OF HYPNOTISTS, INC. – ESTABLISHED 1950 –


Setting the Standards

Healthy Living Magazine spring summer 2018


The fabulous flavor combo of cilantro, pumpkin seeds, and squash adds bounce to shrimp or tofu. Cilantro is rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, and has shown anti-diabetic, cholesterol-lowering, and anti-inflammatory effects in early studies. Pumpkin seeds are a great source of minerals and trace minerals, most notably zinc and magnesium.  Serves 4 1 pound 16/20 jumbo shrimp, peeled and deveined, OR 1½ pounds firm tofu Marinade for Tofu ½ cup white wine ½ teaspoon salt Squeeze of lime 1 tablespoon olive oil 2 cups butternut squash, cut in small-sized dice

Spicy Cilantro Pesto 2 cups fresh cilantro, washed well ¼ cup pumpkin seeds, toasted ½ cup olive oil 2 cloves garlic 1 tablespoon lime juice ½ teaspoon salt Pinch of chili flakes ¼ cup parmesan (optional)

To make pesto: Place all pesto ingredients into food processor and puree. Set aside. For shrimp: Pat shrimp dry and lightly season with salt and pepper to add flavor and prevent sticking in the pan. Heat a medium-sized sauté pan with 1 tablespoon oil and sear shrimp for approximately 1½ –2 minutes per side. Remove from pan and reserve. For tofu: Rinse tofu, pat dry, and cut into 1-inch cubes. Mix wine, salt, and a squeeze of lime and warm in a small pot. Cover tofu in warm marinade and allow to sit for 1 hour.

Heat a medium-sized sauté pan with 1 tablespoon of olive oil, and sear tofu cubes for 5 to 8 minutes, turning once. Remove from pan and set aside. Reheat the sauté pan and add the squash. Sauté squash until it becomes tender and starts to caramelize, about 6 minutes. Once squash is caramelized, add shrimp or tofu. Cook for 1 minute to warm; be careful not to overcook the shrimp. Remove from heat and toss with pesto. Serve over quinoa. Copyright © 2018 Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. All rights reserved. Reprinted with Permission. 

Healthy Living Magazine spring summer 2018



Butternut Squash and Spicy Cilantro Pesto with Shrimp or Tofu.


Ayurvedic Elixirs for Your Dosha Support mind and body with these nutritious, dosha-balancing elixirs.

Don't know which dosha you are—vata, pitta, or kapha? Take a quiz on line to find out which of these nourishing elixirs is most beneficial for your specific emotional and physical constitution.

Vata Elixir: Spiced Milk

This nourishing, soothing spiced milk is ideal for the vata seasons of fall and winter. 1 cup organic milk (or your favorite nondairy alternative) ¼ tsp turmeric powder ¼ tsp ginger powder Small pinch cinnamon powder Small pinch cardamom powder Small pinch black pepper In a small saucepan, bring milk and spices to a low boil for five minutes. Add a dash of nutmeg at night to support sleep, ½ teaspoon of ghee to relieve constipation, or one teaspoon maple syrup after milk has already boiled if you’re craving something sweeter. Avoid spiced milk when fighting a cold or the flu.

Providing Personal Health and Nutritional Counseling

A little of this energy-stoking elixir goes a long way, so experiment with drinking one ounce about 15–30 minutes before your biggest meal of the day. ¼ cup fresh-squeezed lemon juice ¼ cup raw honey 2 tablespoons freshly chopped ginger In a glass, mix together the lemon juice and honey. Combine ginger and two tablespoons water in a blender and pulse until finely ground. Strain the ginger-water mixture through a fine-mesh strainer into the honeylemon mixture. Mix well. Avoid if you have acid indigestion or ulcers. Copyright © 2018 Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. All rights reserved. Reprinted with Permission.

(508) 362-1221 

This tea will keep your digestive fire balanced, and give you more energy for your day.

½ tsp cumin seeds ½ tsp coriander seeds ½ tsp fennel seeds In a small saucepan, combine two cups of water with all of the seeds. Cover and bring mixture to a low boil for 10 minutes. Strain into a mug and enjoy. Larissa Hall Carlson, E-RYT 500, former Dean of the Kripalu School of Ayurveda, guides retreats, directs Kripalu Yoga teacher trainings, and provides Ayurvedic consultations across the country. She is passionate about empowering and encouraging people to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature through the time-honored teachings of yoga, Ayurveda, and Mindfulness. Learn more

Good Health Natural Foods

Bringing the best foods, vitamins, sports nutrition and health items to the South Shore since 1978.

Stacey Richmond, RD, LDN KIND EATING Integrative Nutrition Therapy Mindful Eating Workshops and Retreats Kingston and Cape Cod

Pitta Elixir: Digestive Tea

Kapha Elixir: Lemon Ginger Honey Nectar

• Organic & Non-GMO Groceries • Clean Health & Beauty Products • Sports Nutrition • Gluten-Free & Vegan Foods • Raw Foods • Pure Fish Oils & Super Greens • 100% Certified Organic Produce • Knowledgeable Associates In-Store Demos weekly

• Prepared foods by: To Dine For and Sepal • Best Every Day Value Monthly National Awareness Specials

1630 Hancock Street, Quincy 617.773.4925 • 219 Columbia Road, Hanover 781.826.0808 Open 7 Days

Healthy Living Magazine spring summer 2018



Home Practices and Remedies for Regular Detoxification Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Healthy Living, Total Life Cleanse How do you go beyond diet when cleansing? Here are some simple home practices and remedies that you can incorporate for regular detox throughout the year, or ramp up while focusing on a dietary detox. Sweating for Skin and Lymph Detoxification The body releases hundreds of chemicals and toxins through the skin in our sweat. In this way, sweating benefits the lymphatic system, kidneys, lungs, skin, liver and blood. Sweating can be achieved through exercise, sauna or bathing. Dry Brushing and External Oleation Using a dry brush, which can be purchased at most health food stores, removes dead skin cells from the surface. After dry brushing, lightly massaging the entire body from head to toe with sesame or coconut oil is extremely nourishing for the tissues, assists the body with drawing out fat-soluble toxins and rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin.

removes the toxic coating that builds up on your tongue, especially when used first thing in the morning. Nasal Rinsing Using a neti pot first thing in the morning, every day, will eliminate particulates, toxins, bacteria and common allergens from your sinuses and enhance circulation of air, blood and energy in your body. Regular media cleansing We are not able to digest an unlimited amount of food; neither are we able to process an unlimited amount of energy and information. While it is obviously beneficial to avoid ingesting unhealthy foods, it’s also extremely beneficial to avoid unhealthy sensory, informational and emotional input, and to limit the amount of input we are exposed to. Media is generally a source of excessive input. It is not only stimulating but also stressful and mind-numbing or depressing.

Tongue Scraping Another handy device that can be found in most pharmacies and health food stores, a tongue scraper

Jonathan Glass

M.Ac. Ayurvedic Practitioner Author of: “Total Life Cleanse” A 28-Day Program to Detoxify and  Nourish the Body, Mind, and Soul

Order Now!

At Barnes & Noble Check our website for our ongoing Live and Virtual Cleanses THE TOTAL LIFE CLEANSE PROGRAM  A comprehensive lifestyle-oriented program.  Healing Essence Total Life Cleanse  integrates diet, herbs, nutrients, exercise, stress-reducing practices, daily routines, and personal hygiene.

Healing Essence Center

978.369.9228 96 Commonwealth Ave., Concord, MA 


Healthy Living Magazine spring summer 2018 

Jonathan Glass, M.Ac, Acupuncturist, Ayurvedic Practitioner and creator of Total Life Cleanse, co-founded Healing Essence Center, in Concord, MA. The above guidelines are excerpted from my new book, Total Life Cleanse: A 28-Day Program to Detoxify and Nourish the Body, Mind, and Soul. Learn more at

Gina Rainwater

Ayurvedic Practitioner Rainwater Falls Apothecary and Ayurveda Reiki Master Teacher Ayurvedic Body Care Massages & Shirodhara

Offering individual, retreats, courses and workshops April 11th Held at The Art of Being Miramar May 9th The Mindful Table Retreat Center June 13th 9:30-1pm Gina Rainwater Food as Medicine (Includes Lunch) AP, RMT, OM. July 11th Register with The Bounty of Life August 8th Mindful Meditation Ayurveda . . . the science of life.  September 12th Selfcare Retreat Balance your Doshas, support October 10th your nutritional needs, Meeting of the Minds nurture your soul. November 14th Mindful Movement December 12th Reflections

781.706.0339 Rt.3A Duxbury


SuperHuman Healing by Diane Jordan CCH, CRT, LMT

sōōpərˈ(h)yōōomən adjective Having or showing exceptional ability or powers.

hēling/ noun The process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.

If you’ve lived your whole life with a significant power you never knew you had, and suddenly you discover that power and begin to use it, becoming more and more powerful with it,wouldn’t that feel kind of “SuperHuman”? I think so. That’s how it feels to me. Because discovering this power and getting really good at using it has changed my life. SuperHuman Healing is the power to self-heal. And we all have it. The human being is selfhealing. Cuts heal. But what about lingering emotional pain, anxiety, and chronic pain? These are areas where I’ve seen my clients have the most frustrating lack of healing. Symptoms resolve but then often reappear, transform and move to a new body location. Why does this happen? In many cases the cause is “Sympathetic Symptoms.” These are symptoms which arise suddenly. One moment you’re fine, the next you’re having negative thoughts, anxiety reaction, fatigue, physical pain. Sympathetic Symptoms often become chronic. Understanding why and how Sympathetic Symptoms happen is the first step in realizing your SuperHuman Healing power to overcome these issues. It first requires having a basic understanding of Universal Energy (UE) and the Human Energy System.

Universal Energy (UE): Energy is vibration. High vibration energy (HVE) is beneficial, low vibration energy (LVE) is detrimental. The highest vibration energy is Life Force (white light/pure love). The lowest vibration energy is fear. All other energy is leveled in between. Energy is boundless. Think of UE like oxygen. We are all sharing oxygen and we all have a system for processing that oxygen. In the same, we are all sharing UE and we all have a system for processing that energy. Every living thing is by its nature, energetically empathic. In order to be living, we must constantly absorb and release UE. We are all swimming in a universal pool of Universal Energy! This continued 

Healthy Living Magazine spring summer 2018


universal energy

is really important to understand because, as we share UE with every living thing, we also potentially share everything that is energetic within their personal being and vice versa.

If absorbed in then it is processed through the Chakras and manifests into the physical reality (thoughts, emotions, body, life situations).

For example, when we observe pure joy (giggling baby, playful puppy), we absorb that HVE and feel happy. An adorable FB video can be instantly uplifting. But with the reverse – we observe fear, anger, and grief. We can absorb that LVE and feel it. When we notice a Sympathetic Symptom our immediate tendency is to find a logical reason for what we are suddenly experiencing. This results in our “owning” the symptom. Thereby Sympathetic Symptoms can easily become chronic symptoms which we then attempt to manage through medicine, therapies, etc.

A strong EF will absorb lots of HVE, a minimal amount of LVE and help Chakras to function optimally. Weakness in the EF will allow LVE to be absorbed. This blocks the Chakras and impedes their function; allowing that LVE to manifest in physical reality. Likewise, blocks and dysfunction in the Chakras cause weak spots in the EF. The Chakras and EF are mutually reliant.

The Human Energy System consists of: • Soul (spiritual energy) • Thought (mental energy) • Feeling (emotional energy) • Sensation (physical energy) • Chakras are energy vortices which draw in and release energy. I refer to the Chakras as the “lungs of the energy system.” • Energy field (EF) is our unique energy vibration which surrounds our physical body. UE comes into contact with our EF and is either kept out or absorbed in.

Sue wakes up feeling great. It’s a day off, with plans for a massage! She gets coffee and turns on the morning news. Within minutes she notices stiffness in her upper back. A few minutes more and this develops into pain between her shoulder blades. Sue thinks, “I must have overdone it at the gym, I’m probably dehydrated.” She drinks water, eats a banana and stretches. The pain lessens but doesn’t stop.

SuperHuman Hypnosis –  The Power is in YOU!

Detail Orientated Individual Hypnosis. Digital Recordings for at Home Reinforcement. Holistic Healing Session  Combines Reflexology, Hypnosis, Channeling & Massage   I specialize in:   • Anxiety • Pain and symptom management • Block release  • Change behaviors  • Increase spiritual connection Call for a free consultation Professionally Pre-recorded sessions available now for at home use:  • Chakra Perfection Hypnosis For Sleep • Release Stress ~ Receive Peace • Healthy, Nurturing, Loving Relationships • Quick Clearing Technique Diane Jordan CCH, CRT, LMT @ Natural Body Works Healing Center 161 Summer Street, Kingston MA  Office 781.585.5130   Cell 671.650.7475


So how does this all fit together? In this scenario, the absorbed LVE is in bold:

Next, her mom calls. Mom talks about her hip pain, worry over upcoming hip replacement surgery and how she misses Sue’s father (deceased 6 months). Now Sue’s heart starts racing, her throat constricts, her neck hurts. These anxiety symptoms seem to happen almost every time Mom calls. Sue wishes she could talk about her own grief, but she’s too worried about Mom to open up to her. Sue practices some breathing exercises and symptoms gradually subside but don’t stop. She’s really glad for her massage today because she doesn’t want to take an anxiety pill. As she gets out of the car at the Healing Center, Sue notices her low back is sore. “Ugh I’m getting so old, everything hurts!” The massage therapist gives her a wonderful massage with Reiki. Sue feels great again! But later that night the pain comes back. She takes ibuprofen and goes to sleep. At 4 a.m. Sue wakes up from a sound sleep. As she looks at the clock in dismay Sue wonders why this keeps happening every night. She’s uncomfortable, anxious and unable to fall back to sleep. What happened? Sue woke up feeling great but soon felt horrible from absorbing LVE in the following ways:

Healthy Living Magazine spring summer 2018 


ASTROLOGICAL READINGS Liberate yourself through the timeless and miraculous art of astrology. Your astrological birth chart is the blueprint of your life. It is nothing short of a map – your own personal GPS – outlining your life’s intended path, your greatest gifts and your highest potential, as well as areas of particular challenge. Your chart is a lifecoaching tool that will provide you with a wealth of self-understanding, allowing you to move towards a place of self-love and acceptance. With increased personal awareness, you will have the necessary direction to take control of choices and opportunities leading to a more joyful and fulfilling life. There are several types of astrological readings, all of which work together to paint an integrative picture of yourself, but also that work independently to support you through the various stages of your life: 617.610.1564 I believe that astrology is the key to unlock our fullest potential, shining a light on what might otherwise be confusing or mysterious. Astrology shows us the road map of our lives, the direction we are to go, and the best way to apply our talents to get there. Hilary Harley Astrologer & Reiki Master, Harley Holistic Healing 4 Healthy Living Magazine spring summer 2018 

NATAL CHARTS The blueprint of your current lifetime that you co-designed with the universe.

SOLAR RETURNS The solar return celebrates all of the changes that each new year of life brings.

TRANSITS & FORECAST Reading the planets as they orbit the earth reveals new opportunities & challenges.

REIKI By means of touch, reiki activates the natural healing processes of your body to restore physical and emotional wellbeing.

CLASSES Astrological classes in a group or private setting are also available.


Pembroke Country Club, 94 West Elm Street, Pembroke, MA

� �ummer �venin� of


July 19th Thursday 5-10pm FIND YOUR SOUL MENTOR

Yoga Play On The Green

Sunset Yoga

Starting at 6:30pm F eaturing Yogis Christina Fenton Heather Keay

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Christina Fenton Michelle Levangie Gilmore

Laura Joseph

Andrea Blinn

From Harmony Healing Center in Rockland

Nancy Smith

Check in at the Pembroke Country Club Ballroom Joan Marie Baptiste

Kailie Dutton

Michelle Kundzicz

Readings Cost $40 for 20 minute Registration Recommended, Space is Very Limited For inquires call Candita @ 508.615.9805

1) The Morning News* - After hearing the story of a man’s tragic death, grief and loss were absorbed through weak spots/blocks in Sue’s EF and Heart Chakra (love center) and manifested as pain between her shoulder blades. She owned the symptom with the thought “I overdid it at the gym.”

subconscious memories of previous experiences with these and other symptoms.

2) Mom‘s call - Worry and grief absorbed through weak spots/blocks in Sue‘s EF and Heart Chakra (love center) and Throat Chakra (self-expression center). The LVE manifested as sudden onset of anxiety symptoms, throat constriction and neck pain.

We can access our SuperHuman Healing power through learning to be diligent in our awareness of what and how we feel and techniques to release energy that isn’t ours. As soon as a symptom suddenly arises, reflect on where it may be coming from and don’t own it!

3) At the healing center - The low back pain manifested from mutual, shared blocks in Sue’s and Mom’s Sacral Chakras (relationship center) due to loss of a loved one. The thought,“I’m getting so old,” allows owning of the symptom. All of the symptoms in this story were a result of absorbed LVE. Although they came on suddenly when she was feeling great, Sue owns the symptoms because of

SuperHuman Healing shows us our ability to keep our EF strong, to release Chakra blocks, to stop symptoms as they arise and even to resolve chronic issues.

Diane Jordan is a nationally certified hypnotist, reflexologist, massage therapist, energy worker and owner of Natural Body Works Healing Center with 19 years professional experience. Diane’s goal is to teach individuals and groups amazingly quick, easy, and effective techniques to self-heal. Contact Diane to schedule your individual or group session. Learn more about Diane

*News media release a tremendous amount of LVE. It is health critical to limit news media as much as possible. Our Mission Statement: Body, Mind, Energy, Spirit We Strive to Heal. We Seek to Ease. We Aim to Balance. We Aspire to Restore.

The First and foremost established healing center on the South Shore. Serving our community for 21 years. Diane Jordan LMT, CCH, CRT Owner Hypnosis Reflexology Muscular Therapy  Spiritual Energy Healing  Mythic Tarot & Angel Messages Readings

Jim Tebeau NC-LMT Myofascial Release Specialist Sports Massage Therapeutic Massage Soft Tissue Injury Rehabilitation Myofascial Release & Craniosacral Therapy

Cindy Strong LMT Deep Tissue Specialist Muscular Therapy Deep Tissue Massage Sports Massage Pregnancy Massage

Nancy Thomas CST, RMT CranioSacral Therapy Specialist CranioSacral Therapy Advanced Level Somata Emotional Release  Reiki Master of Masters Teacher

Emily Celli LMT Swedish Massage Specialist  Relaxation Massage Pregnancy Massage DoTERRA AromaTouch Massage

Heather Sweeney LMT, RMT Polarity Specialist Relaxation Massage Deep Tissue Massage Pregnancy Massage Infant Massage & Instruction Reiki & Polarity Energy Healing

Open 7 days and 4 nights. By appointment only. Discount packages available. All ages welcomed. Handicap accessible.  Find us on the web at for a full description of our services.  781.585.5130 

Healthy Living Magazine spring summer 2018



Common Triggers Of Autoimmune Disease by William Cole, D.C.

For many of my autoimmune patients it doesn't have to be a piece of bread or pasta to cause damage either. Foods crosscontaminated with gluten can be like gasoline on a fire for many people with autoimmune conditions.

Autoimmune conditions have grown rapidly over the past years, with more than 50 million Americans living with some sort of autoimmune disorder. I've already covered the multifaceted reasons for the autoimmune explosion we are seeing, and I've also given you some effective tools to reverse autoimmune symptoms and balance your immune system. Did you know there are common triggers that can flare up an autoimmune response and cause devastating symptoms in the body. From full-blown autoimmune diseases like Crohn's, celiac or Hashimoto's disease to common "autoimmune spectrum disorders" like acne, or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), it's important to know what the potential "land mines" are that can turn on an inflammatory-immune response in your body:

Gluten-free grains Many people with autoimmune problems already avoid gluten, but still consume foods like corn, oats and rice. As well-intentioned as that decision may be, these grains can be just as damaging as gluten, or even more damaging. The proteins in these grains are very similar to gluten, which can be like a game of Russian roulette for someone

Gluten The infamous "G" word is a protein that's found in wheat, barley, spelt, rye and other grains. This protein is linked in many different studies to an increase risk of autoimmunity. Many people and their doctors believe you have to have celiac disease to be gluten intolerant. When their labs for Celiac come back negative, they are told that avoiding gluten is not necessary. This antiquated misinformation keeps many people struggling with an autoimmune condition very sick.


Therapeutic Massage by Shari Shari Harris, LMT (781)704-3421


Cherie L. Ross Licensed Massage Therapist Graduate of Massage Institute of Cape Cod Quality and affordable massage services and body treatments on Cape Cod

774.268.1429   923 Route 6A Unit U, Yarmouthport, Ma 02675


Specializing in Swedish, Sports and Hot Stone

Healthy Living Magazine spring summer 2018

Specializing in repair & recovery: Hips Shoulders Low Back

11 S. Station . #2 . Duxbury

Everyone is different, so it's helpful to run immunological blood tests to see what your body is cross-reacting with. Quinoa A favorite in the health community, pseudograins like quinoa are high in proteins called saponins which can damage the gut lining, causing an immune response in the body. Soaking and rinsing quinoa can reduce the gut-damaging effect, but for many autoimmune conditions this is not enough. Stress Stress has many far-reaching effects on your health; one of them is your immune system. Research has found chronic mental stress to be a trigger for autoimmune diseases. Many of my patients noticed the onset of their health problems during a rough time in their life. Caring for an aging parent, the loss of a loved one or a divorce can be the tipping point for an autoimmune response. Toxins Our environment has been bombarded with toxins that were unknown 100 years ago. Studies have shown toxins play a role in autoimmune cases such as autoimmune thyroiditis.

Sugar It should be no surprise that sugar is on this list, but I'm not just talking about the stereotypical junk food. There are many "healthy" junk foods that are popular in the health food community that will not be good for autoimmune conditions. Healthier-sounding terms like "organic turbinado sugar" or "agave nectar" on a food label may sound more earthy and natural, but sugar is still sugar to the immune system. Chocolate This yummy food can cause a lot of damage to someone living with an autoimmune condition. The literature shows that some people who struggle with autoimmune problems may be negatively affected by chocolate. Dairy Casein, the main protein found in milk and other dairy products, can be a trigger for runaway inflammation in the body. Removal of the dairy proteins in ghee or clarified butter can be a safer alternative for some people. Some autoimmunity disorders can also handle fermented dairy, like grass-fed whole yogurt or kefir. Nightshades A plant group that consists of tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, eggplants, goji berries and some spices contains alkaloids in their skin which can cause an inflammatory response in the body. SIBO Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, or SIBO, occurs when normal bacteria of the microbiome grow from the continued


physical therapy • sports performance

New England Wellness Solutions is an Acupuncture and Massage Clinic focused on Pain Management. Specializing in acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine. Offering manual therapies: massage, cupping, reiki, and polarity. Our goal is to deliver high quality services at an affordable price, making better health easy for our clients.


At Peak Physical Therapy our private Women’s Health Clinic offers custom programs for conditions related specifically to women’s health and well-being. Our treatments provide natural, safe, and effective results and often eliminate the need for medications or surgery. Some common conditions we treat: Urinary (stress) incontinence | Breast Cancer Rehab Pregnancy related low back pain | Pelvic Pain | Osteoporosis Treatments may include: Biofeedback | Pelvic floor muscle training | Scar Adhesion Management Exercises post mastectomy or lumpectomy | Manual Therapy Techniques Weight-bearing exercises | Electrical Stimulation 99 LONGWATER CIRCLE, SUITE 203, NORWELL | PH 781.347.4686 

Our Team: Jimmy C. Duong LiAc, MAOM, LMT Andrew Barr LMT, RPP Angela McNally LMT, LE Tania Hood LMT, LE Our Services: Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Polarity, Reflexology, Skin Care 90 Rockland St. Hanover, MA 02339 781.829.9355

Healthy Living Magazine spring summer 2018



suffering from an autoimmune condition. Just like gluten sensitivities, symptoms do not have to be gastrointestinal in nature. A flare-up of any autoimmune symptom can occur with exposure to grains.

mind body

large intestines where they belong into the small intestines. This can lead to a number of localized autoimmune spectrum conditions such as IBS and acid reflux. Chronic SIBO can also lead to a leaky gut which can then cause autoimmune problems throughout the body. Weakened microbiome The majority of your immune system resides in what's referred to as the microbiome. This highly sophisticated gut ecosystem consists of trillions of bacteria colonies. Your microbiome controls not only your immune system but your brain, hormones and genetic expression.

leaky gut can be seen as a causal trigger, but also the effect that proceeds from an autoimmune condition. When your gut is damaged undigested food proteins and bacterial endotoxins can pass through the protective gut lining, turning on an autoimmune reaction throughout the body. In summary, finding out your individual underlying triggers can save you from the years of unnecessary suffering that millions with autoimmune conditions go through. I clinically investigate autoimmune cases all around the world, customizing personalized plans for the individual.

Parasitic, yeast and fungal infections have all been implicated in a variety of autoimmune type conditions such as Parkinson's and M.S. It's also important to note that you don't necessarily have to be experiencing gastrointestinal symptoms to be affected by these pathogens. I run a specific two or three day stool lab to uncover these often undiagnosed factors in autoimmunity. Leaky gut syndrome Functional medicine considers an increased permeability to the gut lining, or a "leaky gut," a precursor to autoimmunity. All of the above-mentioned triggers can lead to leaky gut syndrome. Because of this, a

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Dr. Will Cole, leading functional medicine expert, graduated from Southern California University of Health Sciences as a doctor of chiropractic. His extensive postdoctorate education and training is in functional medicine and clinical nutrition. Dr. Cole consults people around the world via webcam and locally in Pittsburgh. He specializes in clinically investigating underlying factors and customizing health programs for thyroid issues, autoimmune conditions, hormonal dysfunctions, digestive disorders and brain problems. Learn more about Dr. Will Cole  Copyright © 2018 All rights reserved. Reprinted with Permission. This article appeared on

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Life Is Foreplay!

Moving Toward A More Fulfilled Sexual Life With Your Partner

by Kate and Joel Feldman

“But how?” our couples sigh. “Why can’t it be better”? “Why are we so stuck?”

intimacy, and create a passionate love life no matter what age in the life cycle.

Sex, like everything in a relationship, takes attention, time and energy. You cannot have a magical, juicy fulfilling relationship at any level unless you nourish and grow it. If you complain and don’t do anything about it nothing will change.

The practices must be learned and put in place over time. Core Principles 1. Presence: Learn to be with each pleasurable sensation moment to moment. Let go of all goals and agendas; follow your bodies as the sensual dance unfolds.

There is no pill you can take (really!) that will increase the passion between you. There are pills to help physiologically but the biggest and best sex organ is right between your ears: Your brain. And you have to learn to use it with regularity, and even discipline.

2. Life is foreplay: Use every interaction and every circumstance to build bridges to desire. The way you connect all through the day is key to enhancing your sexual life.

We have created a systematic method to train and support couples to deepen their desire, unlock sensual and sexual

3. Touch each other frequently in and outside the bedroom without the agenda of it “going somewhere”.

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The benefits of Reflexology Reflexology stimulates the sole of one foot by moving along the meridians according to your specific health issues. • Ability to stimulate nerve function  • Increase energy • Boost circulation • Induce a deep state of relaxation  • Eliminate toxins • Reduces sleep disorders

• Relieves depression and

pain from plantar fasciitis.  • Stimulate the central nervous system • Prevent migraines • Speeds up recovery after an injury or surgery

Reflexology By The Sea Cindy Forte LPN 

687 State Road, Plymouth 508-904-0610 $35 for 50 minute session

Again, practice being present to the pleasurable experience of the moment. 4. Become an intimate Team: Sex is a team sport. You win or lose together. Remember, any trouble your sex life has, must be solved together, as a team. 5. Talk about your needs, desires, and preferences. Learn to be vulnerable, take risks, experiment. Learn the art of deep listening and make sure you do not shame or criticize one another when talking about any aspect of sex. Each one of these principles includes practices for increasing the sensual flow between you. They are not new but what we know from personal and professional experience is that partners have to WANT something different and take time, resources, continued

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energy, and make the choice to move toward one another differently. When you begin to practice, something different will happen between you. Surely, we all have barriers to increasing the intimacy between us.

You deserve to love and be loved. Being a couple can be one of the most rewarding growth experiences you’ll ever have. But you have to understand that’s what it’s about: Growing into the most magnificent being you can be. Let your sex life be the vehicle for being fully expressed – body, mind, heart and spirit. You could have a lot of fun in the process!

We come to our partners with beliefs and experiences which form our ability to love, be loved, share our bodies, experience pleasure, and open ourselves to another. Some of us were traumatized, some of us never learned to enjoy our bodies. Some of us feel happy and delighted with ourselves sexually and want our partners to feel the same. Sex is complicated because human beings are complex, and amazing beings. Our struggle is normal and expected.

Kate Feldman, MSW, LCSW, one of Kripalu’s founders, is a psychotherapist with a background in Gestalt, Imago, and equine-assisted psychotherapies as well as EMDR, yoga, and meditation. She is codirector of the Conscious Relationships Institute in Durango, Colorado.

GO FOR IT If you are a couple who has been together for a while, you probably experience some of what we, and many other couples in our culture go through. You are not alone, and you don’t have to figure it out by yourselves. If you find yourself stuck or offended or shut down or dissatisfied in your sexual life together, consider the possibility of education, inspiration, training, and a new approach. It could not only transform your sex life, but your relationship, as well as your experience of yourself as a sensual and sexual person.

Joel Feldman, CPCC, certified coach, mediator, and consultant, has been coaching and training couples, individuals, and work teams for nearly 30 years. A founding member of Kripalu, he is codirector of the Conscious Relationships Institute in Durango, Colorado. The Conscious Relationships Institute™ all rights reserved. Learn more: Copyright © 2018 Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. All rights reserved. Reprinted with Permission.

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Hullistic Health closely follows the Chinese philosophy of health and illness. Our internal landscape is affected by mother nature’s shifts in season. Adapting to these seasonal changes is vital to good health! We work closely with you to create individual health programs to establish baseline functioning and develop a comprehensive plan to move you toward your best self. Offering:  •Colon Hydrotherapy  •Infrared Sauna  •Herbal Foot Soak •Lymphatic Drainage •Body Treatments •Purification Programs •Yoga Therapy Meghan Sylvester, LPN, Center Director  Hullistic Health 175 George Washington Boulevard Hull, MA 02045 781-773-1352

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Occasional Sleeplessness? Muscle & Joint Discomfort after workouts? Seasonal Threats? Stressful & Anxious Feelings? Hormonal Shifts or other common issues?

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by Sarah Platt-Finger

One of my favorite quotes of Mani Finger’s is “Be not the lover, or the loved. Be loving.” What does it mean to “be” loving, or to embody the essence of love? How can we truly love others if we do not know how to love ourselves? This is such a difficult concept because the ego wants us to get something in return for giving, especially if what we are offering is a piece of ourselves. But love as a force is limitless, so there is never less of us when we give it. Does the ocean seem less vast when it loses a drop? Why would we lose the magnitude of who we are by being kind and compassionate for no particular reason? In fact, it’s through the practice of sharing and giving love that love flows back to us.

The best way to know unconditional love is through our children or our pets. Here is an example: Recently, my daughter managed to pull apart a piece of our chandelier because she thought it was beautiful. The glass crystals sparkled like diamonds and, according to her, she needed a piece of it! Somehow she managed to climb up onto the dining room table, disassemble a glittering thread from the unit, and show Alan and me how proud she was of her accomplishment. Needless to say, this angered her father, who scolded her on why it was dangerous to climb up onto the table and take apart the furniture in the house! Satya welled up with tears and proceeded to cry for how much she needed and wanted the thread in her hand.


Holistic Physical Therapy Ian L. Rubinstein, M.P.T., M.R., owner of Eclectic Physical Therapy™, has over 25 years experience helping thousands of patients with their physical discomforts. He has created an integrative style of therapies, combining manual soft tissue release techniques with traditional physical therapy. This not-so-typical intervention has proven key to addressing his patients’ many states of “dis—ease”. Ian’s specialties include, but are not limited to: Neck/ Back Pain, Concussions, Headaches/Migraines, Bulging/ Herniated Discs, Pinched Nerves, Tendonitis/Bursitis, TMJ Dysfunctions, Fibromyalgia. Experience has taught Ian that under physical duress, restrictions develop that cause an individual’s body tissues to feel restricted, burdened, and/or “dis—eased”.

Remove the core restrictions and the body returns to its relaxed, balanced, healthy state. He has developed a unique therapy that focuses on listening to the body, identifying the trouble areas, and intuitively responding to its needs. Unlike traditional chiropractic and physical therapy methods which emphasize routine manipulation of the symptomatic body part, Ian utilizes a distinctive approach by incorporating techniques like Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation and other forms of soft tissue release. This is what he refers to as “Light Touch” therapy. This diverse blend provides a patient with a therapy flexible enough to address many causes of the symptoms. 

“ Listen to the body, address its core issues, and let it perform the corrective releases it already knows how to do.”

… the therapy is covered by insurance.

Eclectic Physical Therapy™ USA Health & Fitness 130 Corporate Park Drive Pembroke, MA 02359 Phone: (508) 246-4233 Fax: (781) 826-8609

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Integrative Therapy

Loving for No Reason

Holistic Healing Practitioners Tybee Acupuncture

TYBEE MARRUZZI, MS, LICAC, DIPLAC, DIPLCH Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine

It’s time for spring cleaning! While organizing and decluttering your EXTERNAL environment, don’t neglect your INTERNAL environment. Acupuncture treatments revitalize your energy and can help tune up your body, both physically and emotionally. They lift your mood, increase blood and lymph circulation, boost immunity, and help you to detox. Let’s get started! 164 CJC Highway, Cohasset, MA 02025 781.383.8877

When someone hurts us, we harbor anger and resentment towards that person. How could she do that to me? What was that person thinking? The ego and judging mind goes on and on and the “loving” part of us steps quickly and quietly to the side. Perhaps if Satya were only a few years older, her pouting would last a little bit longer. However in this instance, she managed to stop crying and, when I told her it was time for bed, her little feet began running into the bedroom. When I told her to say goodnight to her father, she stopped midway and said, “Wait! I forgot to give Daddy a hug!”

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There were no words spoken between the chandelier altercation and that moment when Satya decided to give her Daddy a hug. She didn’t think about it, or rationalize it, or count in her mind how many hugs she had given up to that point and what she had received in exchange for them. She simply connected to her “loving” self and responded from that place. And, of course, she got the largest embrace filled with shakti and love from her father. It all came right back to her. continued

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Practice to Connect to the Loving Self: Sat Yam with Anahata Bedhana 1. Sit or lie down comfortably and bring your awareness to the center of your chest. 2. Visualize a glow of light right at the center of your chest. 3. As you breathe in naturally, feel the light expand from the center of your chest outward; as you breathe out naturally, feel the light move back to a point in the center of the chest. 4. Silently add the sound “sat” on the inhale and “yam” on the exhale. Sat is the sound for purification and yam is the sound for emotional intelligence—the seed sound of the heart.

Hanover Offering Restored Queen Anne Farmhouse Offered at $659,000

A courtyard of perennial flowers greets you as you view this extraordinary 13 Room Home: 4 Bedrooms, 2 Full Baths, Sunroom with adjoining deck that overlooks a gorgeous yard; gardens, fire pit, pergola, abutting conservation land, 2 Story Barn,  Lower Level with separate entrance – Great for Home Business!

5. Repeat this several times until you feel the breath get a little quieter. 6. When the breath gets even stiller, allow the light to begin to expand into each cell of your body, eventually expanding into an aura of light around you that you bathe in. 7. As you bathe in this radiance, continue to connect to the glowing light at the center of the chest. This is the jiva, or the individual self, which relates to an unbound field of intelligence—the loving self.

Sarah Platt-Finger is the cofounder of ISHTA Yoga and the private yoga teacher of Deepak Chopra. She teaches trainings, workshops, and retreats internationally with her husband, yoga master Alan Finger, and is a featured teacher on Yoga U Online as well as Jiyo, a revolutionary new digital platform that brings health and wellness to online communities throughout the world. She serves on the board of directors for Exhale to Inhale, a nonprofit organization that teaches yoga to survivors of domestic violence. Learn more about Sarah This article was originally published on Sarah's blog. Copyright © 2018 Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. All rights reserved. Reprinted with Permission.

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How to Get “Authentic grit” is the passionate pursuit of gritty people have these 10 More Grit: Authentically hard goals that awes and inspires others to traits in common… become better people, flourish emotionally, 10 Traits In order to cultivate more grit, I believe take positive risks and live their best lives. To qualify for the label of authentic grit, it’s it’s best to focus on these 10 areas and not enough to be resilient, persistent, and understand these traits before rolling that Every passionate. I believe that gritty behavior is a up our sleeves to begin working on positive force only when it awes and inspires Authentically developing more of the right kind of grit others to want to become better people and in our own lives: imagine greater possibilities for themselves. Gritty People who display it make us wonder, “What 1. Positive relationships with if I went after hard things, too? What if I others The people who have the quality Person devoted energy and time to cultivating my that makes such a positive difference pull passions? What if?” us into their lives in uplifting ways, and Needs they are inclusive, not exclusive. They by Caroline Adams Miller

Authentic grit isn’t something that is reserved for only a few special people, nor are those who have earned that classification clearly destined from childhood to be tough, resilient, and aweinspiring. While Angela Duckworth’s research has found that some of the strengths that undergird grit, such as optimism and impulse control, are hardwired at birth, many of the traits and behaviors of authentic grit can be learned. For example, goal-setting is a learnable science, as is selfregulation, even if some are born with a jump on it.

flourish in their relationships and build other people up. People with authentic grit foster teamwork and camaraderie. Authentic grit is magnetic, and you want to associate yourself with someone who is passionate about something in life because you want to feel that way, too. The same passion that those with authentic grit bring to goal pursuit is what allows them to create deep connections with others. They are people who don’t just love and appreciate others but also are comfortable being loved and continued

en of Wisdo om m W

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Offering extraordinary programs to assist you on your journey! Akashic Soul Mastery Hypnotherapy Certification Please call or visit website for start dates. With Nancy Smith With Katie Malloy Ramaci Intensive program prepares you for a

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Akashic fields of energy& toII become your rewarding career as aAngel Professional School of Earth Medicine Shaman  I & II Holistic Practitioner Certification Alignment Certification I own spiritual authority. With Tom Onagazi Frederick With Katie Malloy Ramaci Hypnotherapist. All inclusive. With Katie Malloy Ramaci Strengthen your unique relationship with Blends & utilizes energy work, Angel Alignment Certification Holistic Practitioner Certification Strengthen your divine elemental healing, vibrational Katie&Malloy Withhealing Katie Malloyconnection Ramaci for With healing angel Ramaci Mother Earth. Learn Woptura teachings Strengthen your Divine Connection for the Lakota Tradition, identify your & utilizes work, elemental from and a variety of modalitiesBlends to heal yourenergy messaging. Become an Earth Angel, an direction & shamanic path. vibrational healing and a variety healing and Angel Messaging. Become spiritual life. Includes Reiki I & II. healing, planting seeds of joy! Earth Angel planting seeds of joy. of modalities to heal your life.

of Animal Communication Holistic Professional School of Animal Communication I & II Holistic Professional HypnotherapySchool Certification With Karen Daley With Katie Malloy Ramaci With Karen Daley With Katie Malloy Ramaci Step into Mastery withWith Katie Malloy Ramaci advanced tools & Learn how to increase communication Learn how to increase communication Step into Mastery with advanced tools you for skills,prepares speak with animals living and in techniques to expandIntensive your talent program skills, & techniques to expand your talent build aaProfessional rewarding career Professional spirit, as talkawith an animal higher self, do speak with animals living and in exponentially, and more. Holistic Practice. spirit, talk with an animal’s higher self, do exponentially, build a Professional All inclusive. Holistic Practice. Includes Reiki Master/ Cert. through IACT. mini-readings and more. School of Earth Medicine Shaman Advanced Holistic Professional Teacher & Shamballa 1-4. With Katie Malloy Ramaci With Tom Onagazi Frederick with Soul Mastery Take your Holistic Profession & clients to Strengthen your unique relationship School of Mediumship  Akashic Mother Earth. Learn Woptura teachings a much deeper level of healing. Learn Advanced Holistic Professional With Rita Berkowitz I & II With Nancy Smith from the Lakota Tradition, identify your I - IV Mastery, work with inner With Katie Malloy Ramaci Karuna® Learn new protocols for accessing the In more. this intensivespiritual program, learn direction & shamanic path. child, shadow parts and Take your Holistic Profession & clients how to communicate with the spirit Akashic  fields of energy for self healing, to a much deeper level of healing. world and develop your skills to get increased creativity and become your Learn Karuna® I - IV Mastery, work with the most own (508)230-3680 118 Washington St, North Easton, MAspiritual authority. information from a single inner child, shadow parts and more. communicator. (508)230-3680 118 Washington St, North Easton, MA 02356 18

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2. High hope People with authentic grit are hopeful and optimistic. Although they may not always be correct about what they think they can do, their positive beliefs offer protective benefits. People with this outlook work longer and harder than others and are less likely to quit when challenged. A hopeful mind-set also allows people to generate more potential solutions for accomplishing their goals and makes them believe they can carry out those solutions, too. But hope and optimism are hard to sustain when you aren’t pursuing your own goals and are trying instead to please others or achieve something that is more superficial than significant. 3. Humility Authentic grit is also marked by humility, which never promotes itself but rather attracts others. This is the humility of heroism under fire—for example, some selfless act that you don’t learn about until the person passes away. It is the humility of the woman who has toiled in obscurity for years without trumpeting her work improving the lives of others in a community food bank, proud because she knows she is giving her best to a meaningful goal that matters to her. Authentic grit is strikingly devoid of narcissism and the need to be recognized for what one does. Quite the contrary—those with authentic grit know what matters, and don’t need anyone’s approval or praise, nor do they seek publicity to boost their confidence or self-esteem. 4. Self-confidence Authentic grit is characterized by genuine confidence. People with authentic grit bet on themselves because they know they will have toxic regrets if they don’t give their goals everything they have. Their countenance can be unassuming, but they have a determined mindset that is known to the people around them. The person with authentic grit exhibits grace under pressure, as well as in defeat, and is consistent in his or her unwillingness to quit, whether a trophy or public acclaim or even no reward at all awaits at the finish line. Because they have faith in their abilities and a willingness to learn from mistakes, they have a battle-hardened confidence that is also spotted in the best leaders. 5. Givers, not takers Authentic grit is also defined by being the right kind of giver. These men and women don’t give to their own detriment. They primarily surround themselves with those who share their mindset but are not above mentoring others who lack focus or discipline. They recognize that being generative and seeing the lights go on in others’ eyes is part of a positive legacy, so they give without strings attached, and often do so secretly and 

without fanfare. So while people with authentic grit are selfish with their time and energy when they have to be, it’s never just all about them, because they know that other people matter. 6. Appropriate focus Authentic grit is focused. People who have this quality aren’t dogged finishers in everything in life. In fact, every person I interviewed who fit my criteria for authentic grit laughed immediately and said “No!” when I asked them if they are gritty in every area of life. They preserve their self-regulation for what really matters, and don’t waste time on everything that crosses their path. They narrow down what is meaningful to them and have no trouble finishing last in something else or being self-deprecating about something they aren’t good at. 7. Stubbornness Authentically gritty people have a certain kind of stubbornness, but use it as a form of “alternate rebellion” because it’s more effective than just being a disruptive troublemaker, which some of them—like Louis Zamperini, the real-life hero from the 2014 film Unbroken (that's him in the photo above)— have admitted to being before latching onto a focus that gave their lives purpose and meaning. As a young man, Zamperini ran away from home regularly, stole, fought, and was constantly in trouble until he discovered his talent for running, which he tirelessly honed until he reached the Olympics, finishing in eighth place in the 5000-meter race in 1936. Authentically gritty people can be obstinate, defiant, rebellious, and feisty, but they put that energy to good use when they need to dig deeper for positive goals. continued

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Spiritual Health

appreciated. It’s interesting to note that the most beloved Hollywood movies are never about succeeding at a big goal and celebrating alone; they are about being gritty and sharing the journey with loved ones, win or lose. The wrong kind of grit often celebrates alone. In fact, this was the poignant message of the book—later turned into a movie—Into the Wild. Christopher McCandless mistakenly thinks that being isolated and self-reliant is the epitome of happiness, but he dies alone in agony, after eating poisonous berries, in a frigid school bus in Alaska. The last words he penned in the margins of a book that was later found simply read, “Happiness is best when shared.”

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Activating these points improves blood flow, releases tension, and relieves many common symptoms. Energy flow promotes wellness and opens new awareness. You carry your own healing and wisdom within. The purpose of this work is to empower that inherent ability. 508.947.4993

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Wellness Strategist Her scientific curiosity and source-based approach to health and wellness motivates  Tricia’s discovery and application of healthy living techniques. Certified Yoga Instructor Paleo Foodie and Juicer Young Living Essential Oils Distributor Call for more information. 508-294-8447

8. Learn from failure People with authentic grit have experienced disappointment in their goal pursuit, and as a result, they’ve had to learn how to handle defeat, integrate its lessons, and continue on their path. 9. Authenticity People with authentic grit are comfortable in their own skin. When you meet them, you may not detect special airs, and they are as comfortable being with other people as they are being alone. When they do the difficult, deliberate work that usually accompanies long-term goals, they do it alone and without excuses. They are not perfectionists to such an extreme that they beat themselves up, though. They know when to have enough selfcompassion and wisdom to step away, regroup, refocus, and then return to action. 10. Growth mindset Finally, people with authentic grit have what is called a “growth mindset” and not a “fixed mindset.” People with a growth mindset believe that hard work is the key to succeeding, and their curiosity and willingness to take risks allow them to explore different approaches and be flexible in goal pursuit. A fixed mindset believes that intelligence and talent are finite predictors of success and that getting a quick win is more important than working toward an important outcome. The fixed mindset also believes that effortless winning is most important, rather than being someone who grinds away toward success, dismissing the idea of doing hard work because it is something that only less talented people have to do. Baking the Grit Cake Much like a cake that tastes different when you leave out one ingredient, cook it too long, bake it at the wrong altitude or in the wrong pan, or forget to mix the ingredients thoroughly, it’s not enough just to follow these instructions, and hope for the best. Developing authentic grit means experimenting with these ideas, practicing them over and over, learning what works through trial and error, and evolving from a cook who masters one behavior at a time to a master chef who blends them all together repeatedly with hard work and for the right reasons. If you demonstrate self-control one day, but not regularly, or you can persist when you want to, but not most of the time, then you will not cultivate authentic grit—instead, you are someone who is dabbling in grit. Now that you have a good idea about how grit can be both well used and misused, I want you to think about what you need to do to improve your own grittiness in a variety of untested ways. Don’t try to change everything at once. Start with one of these 10 traits, pick something you want to work on, and follow the suggestions to see what works best for you in getting the results you want. Find out about upcoming programs with Caroline Adams Miller at Kripalu. This post was originally published on Caroline’s website and includes excerpts from her book Getting Grit.

Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP, has been a pioneer for almost three decades with her groundbreaking work in the areas of goal setting/ accomplishment, grit, happiness, and success. She is recognized as one of the world’s leading positive psychology experts on this research and how it can be applied to everyone’s life for maximum transformation and growth. Caroline is a speaker, coach, media personality, and the author of seven books, including Getting Grit and Creating Your Best Life.Caroline graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University and received her master’s in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Learn more about Caroline Adams Miller: This post was originally published on Caroline’s website.

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Elements Of Truly Balanced Fitness by Tamara Jacobi

High school gym class originally taught me that running every day was the key to fitness. I was then informed that power yoga was definitely the way to go, so I ditched my running shoes. Now I’m told that high-intensity training is the fitness miracle. After years of yo-yoing from one fitness fad to the next, I’ve finally put my foot down and embraced a new approach that I called "balanced fitness." What is balanced fitness? Essentially, I define balanced fitness as a fitness regime that challenges, strengthens, stretches and restores the body and mind with a range of motion. Balanced fitness realizes that there is really no silver bullet fitness solution. Instead, a balanced approach to fitness suggests incorporating a variety of fitness techniques, sports and movement into your fitness regime.

Are you an exercise addict? Or perhaps a tad lazy? If you’re confused about what balanced fitness means, then you’re not alone.

your body, developing a healthy relationship with your body and using your fitness regimen to support health and healing instead of focusing on strict goals that may harm the body. Ready to dive in? Here are five key elements that you’ll want to include in your balanced fitness plan. Whether you simply want to reap the healthy benefits of fitness, or you’re a competitive athlete looking for max performance, this is an excellent place to start.

It’s important to note that balance should not be confused with perfection! With fitness fads, as with fad diets, it’s tempting to follow a strict regimen with an "all-or-nothing" approach. Instead, balanced fitness encourages listening to

Moderate cardio/endurance/aerobic exercise. You’re probably familiar with this one. Slow-paced jogging, biking, walking, swimming, etc. all fall into this

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category. Often thought to be the cornerstone of fitness, this area is generally given the most attention. However, though regular cardio is an important element of fitness, it's important to not over do it. Beware! Too much cardio can actually wear out the body, increase inflammation, burn muscle and cause weight gain in the long run. A few hours of “slow-go” cardio a week is plenty for most people. Also, be sure to mix it up with a variety of different sports and activities! High-intensity exercise. Many of us neglect this key piece of the fitness puzzle. Did you know that a short blast of intense exercise is a powerful fitness tool that strengthens the heart, lungs, bones and immune system, not to mention trains the body to burn excess fat, increase muscle, and prevent injury by improving joint strength? Welcome to the world of sprints, high-speed jumping jacks, quick sit-ups, burpees and fast-paced sports such as soccer or rugby. The best part? Pushing yourself to the limit means you can spend less time working out while still reaching peek athletic performance. Integrating a few high-intensity sessions into your fitness routine each week will bump your degree of fitness to new heights. Yoga. The physical and emotional benefits of yoga are endless: strength, balance, flexibility, healthy joints, mental control, stress reduction and restoration. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different yoga styles and move your body in a variety of ways. A Kundalini class will affect your body much differently than a stand-up paddleboard yoga class. Strength training with light weights or body resistance. Unless you regularly practice ashtanga or some other athletic yoga style, you’ll want to incorporate this element into your fitness routine as well. Try adding light weights (2-3 lbs. for ladies, 5-10 lbs. for guys) or some kind of resistance exercises to your fitness routine. To tone and

strengthen your body, heavy weights aren't necessary (unless you’re looking to build muscle). Classes such as Pilates and yoga sculpt are also a great way to integrate strength training into your routine. A strength-training session even once a week can support you with toning muscles, strengthening bones, boosting metabolism, managing chronic conditions and strengthening the body as whole. Restoration and rest. Most of you will be happy to hear that balanced fitness includes rest days! It’s essential to let your body recover from intense workouts. You can even enhance rest days by treating your body to a restorative yoga session, often called the dessert of yoga. Incorporating rest and restoration is key to balanced fitness. In fact, lack of rest (over-exercising) can be as damaging as lack of exercise. Exercise addicts, take note! Take a moment to consider which if these areas you might be neglecting. Perhaps you need to integrate more highintensity exercise into your regimen, or maybe restorative yoga and rest need to be priorities. Listen to your body, and do your best to incorporate these five elements of fitness into your life. You might be delighted to find that a balanced fitness regimen keeps your body and mind engaged, inspired, and on track, while helping you feel and look your best. Tamara Jacobi, aka "the jungle girl", is the owner of the Tailwind Jungle Lodge, an eco-lodge, yoga retreat center and adventure tour company on the Mexican Pacific. Tamara is also a holistic nutrition coach and founder of Jungle Girl Health, specializing in balanced living, weight loss, fitness and quality sports nutrition for athletes. Connect with Tamara Copyright © 2018 All rights reserved. Reprinted with Permission. This article appeared on

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Healthy Living Magazine spring summer 2018

Spices That Can Help You Find Your Happy Weight

by Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, M.S., N.D.

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Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, M.S., N.D., helped inspire the bone broth craze, and mind body green class instructor!, the weight-loss expert is back with a new book that will help you find your healthy weight, stat. This exclusive excerpt from 10-Day Belly Slimdown tells you NewNew England CompanyCompany With A ‘Bee Cause’ exactly what spices to sneak into your meals to burn through fat: England Whimsical, Inspirational Greeting Cards,   With A ‘Bee Cause’ Journals, B-shirts, Onesies & More! Whimsical, Inspirational Eco-friendly: recycled paper, orgnanic cotton & local printing.Basil: Greeting Cards, Journals, We support and donate to the Basil is anti-inflammatory, reduces water retention and bloating, ‘Save TheOnesies Honeybee Foundation’. B-shirts, & More! and functions as an adaptogen (a substance that helps your body adapt to stress). It also helps reduce fat buildup in your liver while Eco-friendly: recycled paper, detoxifying your body. orgnanic cotton & local printing. Wholesalers call 617.510.8479 or go to the website to fill out an application.

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Black pepper: Piperine is the compound that gives pepper its pungent flavor. Piperine enhances the effects of curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric—a fatburning powerhouse I’ll talk about later. One study also suggests that the piperine in black pepper battles fat by blocking the formation of new fat cells. Cardamom: Cardamom is thermogenic (meaning it increases your body heat and speeds up your metabolism), has anti-inflammatory properties, and acts as an antioxidant, cleaning up rogue molecules called free radicals and resisting cellular aging. Cayenne: Capsaicin, the compound that gives chili peppers their heat, helps shrink fatty tissue and lower blood-fat levels. It’s also thermogenic. Cilantro and coriander: Although both names refer to the same plant, cilantro typically refers to the leafy green part of the coriander plant, while coriander is the common


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name for the seeds of the plant. Both cilantro and coriander are antioxidant-rich and may help reduce LDL, or "bad," cholesterol levels in your blood. They also contain large quantities of vitamins A and K. Cinnamon: Cinnamon helps regulate blood glucose levels, reducing your cravings and helping you burn fat faster.   Cloves: Cloves help reduce your blood sugar. They also help improve your digestion and optimize your metabolism. continued

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Fennel seeds: These are a natural diuretic and a powerful digestive aid. Garlic: Garlic is rich in antioxidants and helps burn belly fat. It also reduces LDL cholesterol, which may lower your risk of heart disease. In addition, it reduces oxidative damage from free radicals, helping fight the aging process. Ginger: Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, and it’s a powerful gut soother. It also has thermogenic properties that help boost your metabolism.   Green tea: Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and thermogenic properties. What’s more, the EGCG in green tea reduces the amount of fat your body absorbs when you eat.

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Mustard: One teaspoon of prepared mustard can boost your metabolism by up to 25 percent for several hours after eating. The credit goes to allyl isothiocyanates, which are phytochemicals that give mustard its characteristic flavor. continued


Healthy Living Magazine spring summer 2018



Just Live Mindfully

Cumin: Cumin is a great fat burner that also aids in digestion. One teaspoon can help you burn up to three times more body fat!


Parsley: Parsley’s wealth of vitamin C makes it a great immune-system booster. It’s also an excellent source of beta-carotene, an antioxidant that helps protect your body against free-radical damage. It has anti-inflammatory properties, relaxes your muscles, and encourages digestion. Turmeric: Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric. It slows the formation of fatty tissue by affecting the blood vessels needed to form it. Curcumin contributes to lower-body fat and weight loss. It is also an anti-inflammatory agent and lowers insulin resistance.   White pepper: Just as in black pepper, piperine is the compound that give s white pepper its pungent flavor. White pepper also increases the effects of curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric.

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As you can see, those little herbs and spices have incredible mojo. (It’s true: Good things do come in small packages!) So use a liberal hand when you add them to your meals, put them in your shakes, or stir them into your broth. The 10-Day Belly Slimdown by Kellyann Petrucci, M.S., N.D., is available for purchase on Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, MS, ND, is a board-certified naturopathic physician, certified nutrition consultant, and the New York Times bestselling author of Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet. She is also a concierge doctor for celebrities in Los Angeles and New York and is featured on the public television special 21 Days to a Slimmer, Younger You. Dr. Petrucci is a regular guest on television shows including Dr. Oz, The Doctors, Good Morning America, and other national news programs. © Reprinted with permission from All rights Reserved 2018


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What characterizes an addiction? Quite simply this: you no longer feel that you have the choice to stop. —Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now While there are a range of ways that people break the cycle of addiction, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and its TwelveStep approach has become one of the most well known, accessible, and affordable ways (it’s free) to get clean and sober, and has come to signify the Western approach to recovery. It’s more than the promise of abstinence, however, that attracts people to the Twelve Steps. “Addiction itself can be a misguided spiritual search,” says Kevin Griffin, author of One Breath at a Time: Buddhism and the Twelve Steps and cofounder of the Buddhist Recovery Network (BRN). “Many people who don’t see themselves as particularly spiritual find that when they get sober they have some longing in them, and that their addiction, in one form or another, has been a longing for connection. This is a very common experience.”



Break the Cycle: How Yoga and Meditation Can Help Heal Addiction Though there is no spiritual or religious requirement to practice the Twelve Steps, at the heart of any TwelveStep recovery program is the importance of adopting a spiritual approach to life. “The point is that we are willing to grow along spiritual lines,” states the bible of Alcoholics Anonymous (the Big Book). First published in 1939, this main text offers detailed instructions for prayer and, to a lesser degree, meditation, but it doesn’t address, in any significant way, the role that a bodymind connection can play in the healing process. Aruni Nan Futuronsky, a Kripalu Senior Life Coach and Kripalu Yoga teacher who teaches Yoga and Recovery: 12-Step Spirituality, says that the complementary relationship between the Twelve Steps and yoga is a perfect marriage for healing. “Addiction is the ultimate checking out of the moment … Yoga, on and off the mat, is the checking in to reality,” she says. “Brilliantly, yoga and recovery programs work together to cover all bases.” continued

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Bodymind practices aside, there are many parallels between the benefits reaped from Eastern practices, like yoga and meditation, and the benefits produced as a result of working the Twelve Steps—self-acceptance for one, the importance of staying in the moment another. Kevin connects Buddhism’s Eightfold Path directly with the Twelve Steps. The First Noble Truth “is that there is suffering. The Second Noble Truth is that the cause of suffering is clinging, or craving,” he says. “And if [meditation] practice works with suffering, with clinging and craving, it’s going to help with addiction. And it does.” The Big Book promises that anyone can get and stay clean if they practice “rigorous honesty.” “Mindfulness,” says Kevin, a member of a Twelve-Step group himself, “is a form of existential honesty. What is true in this moment? Both the Steps and meditation really demand a presence and a willingness to look at what is real and true.” Although he has stopped assuming there is any one way to get and stay sober, Griffin will still encourage attendance at Twelve-Step meetings to students who are initially resistant, and will also refer them to the BRN, which “supports the use of Buddhist teachings, traditions, and practices to help people recover from the suffering caused by addictive

behaviors.” BRN meetings are not affiliated with any Twelve-Step program, but as Griffin points out, they have some similarities to a Twelve-Step meeting. “There’s sharing. There’s someone who leads. You meditate together as a group. [Even] if you don’t want to do Twelve-Step, you still need support.” Nikki Myers, cofounder of Y12SR, the Yoga of 12-Step Recovery, notes that she often comes across recovering addicts who only want to do yoga and not go to TwelveStep meetings. With a history of relapse in her own recovery, Nikki knows what awaits some people who go down that path. “I replaced meetings and [TwelveStep] program work with yoga. The relapse proved the ineffectiveness of that path for me. I had the realization that it takes both, and that brought me to a more integrated recovery approach.” Nikki uses models from the Yoga Sutras, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, and other sacred texts to help expand their students’ awareness. “A Twelve-Step program approaches addiction at a cognitive level,” says Nikki, “and yoga includes a somatic approach. The combining of the two creates a model that truly addresses addiction as the physical, mental, and spiritual dis-ease that it is.” continued

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approach to addiction generally falls into what is called cognitive behavioral therapy,” Rolf adds, “which focuses one’s attention on the problem and supports a person in the practice of new behaviors. A yoga or meditation teacher draws one’s attention to the cause of suffering and supports the student in practicing new behaviors. As a result, the Eastern and Western approaches to treatment are almost identical.” Whether it’s found through therapy, the Twelve Steps, a bodymind approach, or a combination of all three, the experience of spiritual well-being seems to be the key to helping many people break the cycle of addiction in their lives. “A longing for something lurks at the bottom of the issue of addiction,” Aruni says, echoing Kevin’s observation. “Aren’t all addicts seekers, wanting something extraordinary, something magical, to soothe them?” And what better magic to add to the path of clean living than yoga and meditation? A person in recovery, or anyone hungry for spiritual connection, is wise to take what Rolf says to heart: “It is my understanding that the Buddha told his students that there is only one mistake you can make on the path to awakening, and that is to stop.” Copyright © 2018 Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. All rights reserved. Reprinted with Permission.

The difference in perspective, however, doesn’t change the structure of the approach to healing. “The Western

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A recovering alcoholic sober for nine years who asked to remain anonymous explained her experience of being on the verge of relapse, and how adding the bodymind approach helped her turn a tough corner. “Four years into my recovery,” she says, “I started to question whether or not the Twelve Steps worked at all and if it was even worth it to be sober. I wasn’t drinking, but my addictive tendencies were making the rounds in different areas of my life, so I still felt crazy and restless and unhappy. At the suggestion of a fellow recovering alcoholic, I signed up for a yoga class. In yoga postures, I got introduced to how frenetic and negative my thinking was, and I knew that that’s where the change needed to happen. Abstinence from alcohol wasn’t enough. Eventually I started a meditation practice, which is where I get to both observe and train my mind.” The Eastern perspective on addiction is that it’s not a separate ailment, but rather a condition on the continuum of human suffering. Rolf Gates, master yoga teacher, addictions counselor, and author of Meditations from the Mat,puts it this way: “In the Western medical model, addiction is treated as something outside of the ordinary. In the Eastern approach to suffering, attachment to the pleasant and aversion to the unpleasant is seen as a constant, and so addiction is just an extreme manifestation of an ordinary attachment to the pleasant and aversion to the unpleasant.”


Why Caregivers Must Act as Advocates The responsibility of advocating for older adults in the complicated sphere of medicine often falls on their adult children, who know their parent’s history and present needs better than most. These family caregivers are in a position to see the whole picture, everything from dietary preferences and habits to the subtle ways in which they respond to new medications. You’re not just acting as an extension of your loved one’s interests; you also serve as an extended lens for medical professionals into your parent’s life. By offering busy doctors this uniquely holistic view, you can go a long way to bridge the gap that prevents more personal attention and customized care for your aging parent. At times, you may find yourself having to resuscitate your own confidence and stand up to authority figures in the medical field. But remember that there is a lot more to lose by not keeping that insurance agent on the line, or insisting that the doctor explore alternative treatment options with you, than there is to lose by wasting someone’s time with excessive questioning. E m p ow e r Yo u r s e lf t o B e a n A d v o cat e ! Before doctor appointments, hospital admissions, or interacting with insurance representatives, take some time to collect your own information and to anticipate questions you may want to ask or may have to answer. Remind yourself of the incredible difference you are able to make by bringing heart and emotion into an environment more often run by logic and patterns of care. 30

Enlist a compassionate care team: Be willing to consider whether your aging loved one has the best possible care team, who are seeing your parent as more than just a collection of diagnoses and directives. You are in a position to not only ensure that they receive sufficient medical attention, but also to help lay a path for their holistic well-being and graceful aging. Don’t ever feel as if you are stuck with a single opinion—or a single practitioner. Stay on top of medical record keeping: Take the time to gather and organize all of your parent’s medical information, including history of conditions, treatments, and medications; current medications and dosages; insurance documentation; and contact information for any healthcare providers you might need to reach out to. There are now countless technological platforms that can make this process easy to complete and easy to bring along with you to appointments, so you’re never unprepared. Keep a journal of your daily observations: A record of changes you notice in your loved one, whether positive or negative or no change at all, can be a compelling tool for doctors. Take the time before appointments to gather your thoughts, revisit your recent journal entries, clue into relevant details, and flag those pages, so you can deliver this information efficiently to a care provider without missing any details that could have an impact on their course of care. Don’t be afraid to question medical professionals: It’s certainly possible that the doctor’s word is the

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In fact, there are some questions you should get in the habit of asking regardless of a doctor’s recommendation: What will be the benefit of this treatment for the condition in question? What are the possible side effects and impact on daily life? What are the alternatives if we chose not to pursue this course of care?

Listen to your instincts and intuition: If something you hear during an appointment doesn’t sit right with you, don’t hesitate to ask questions. If, after the appointment, you’re still feeling uncertain, explore why that might be. You may come to find

that your reaction to the doctor’s recommendation comes from your own discomfort around what your aging parent is going through and fears about the unavoidable risks of treatment. Or you may come to find that your instinct was leading you in the right direction (as my mom’s was) and that there is another, better option out there to suit your loved one’s particular needs.


only word in some cases. But, for the sake of optimism and due diligence, always consider your time with doctors as a conversation of possibilities. Be willing to look and think outside the box because the ideal course of treatment may be as unique as your aging parent is. If you do your research and find treatment options that might apply to your loved one’s condition but the doctor hasn’t yet brought it up, don’t be shy about starting a conversation.

When an aging parent’s physical or mental health restricts their voice and they are unable to fortify their own needs, it is an incredible gift to rely on a family member who can see them from the inside out. If you are someone who cares for an aging parent and promotes their well-being where it matters, they are so lucky to have you. It is not an easy or straightforward responsibility. It is even harder to shut off your emotional experience while still advancing your loved one’s authentic, comprehensive interests. Instead, learn to mobilize your emotions and intuition. They may be your greatest asset along this journey. Institute on Aging is a San Francisco, CA-based nonprofit dedicated to preserving the dignity, independence, and well-being of aging adults and people living with disabilities. 2017 INSTITUTE ON AGING, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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Ayurvedic Practitioner GINA RAINWATER AP, RMT, Om; Balance your doshas, balance your life with daily nutrition and self care. Ayurvedic massages & Shirodhara. Aromatherapy, Herbs & Oils. 781-706-0339 Captioned Telephones CapTel Outreach; Tina Marie Davern. Ideal for people with hearing loss, CapTel captioned telephone shows word-for-word captions of everything a caller says. Like captions on TV - for your phone. 857-218-8707 CBD OIL Kannaway’s CBD-Rich Hemp Oil Products. Premium CBD oils and hemp products. Scott McKay 781-733-6381 store/?sponsorid=7665132 Chiropractic care Dr. Lisa Lewis; Cohasset Family Chiropractic. Discover all natural Chiropractic! To learn more schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation with Dr. Lisa Lewis. 814 Chief Justice Cushing Hwy, Rte 3A Cohasset, MA. 781-923-1226 Chiropractic care Dr. Jay Provenzano; Community Chiropractic Wellness Center Offering: chiropractic, acupuncture, nutritional advice, detox, nutritional therapy, weight loss, massage, esthetics., 25 School St. Quincy, MA 617-689-0440

coLON hydrotherapy Cornerstone Therapeutics. Lila Reader, RN, I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist. Colon Hydrotherapy in a relaxing, professional atmosphere. 781-775-7352 Consciousness & SAlt Therapy Enlightenings. Open your mind, be enlightened! Multimedia Himalayan Salt Therapy Cave. Meditation, Energy Therapies, Readings, Retail Items. 1078 County St. Somerset, MA 02726 508- 536-3224 Crystals Heavenly Light Crystal Creations; Sharon Keating. Handmade Crystal Sun catcher’s using crystal prisms, Natural Healing Stones, and infused w/ Reiki Healing. 781-820-9570 DETOXification Hullistic Health. Meghan Sylvester. Lymphatic Drainage, Colon Hydrotherapy, Infrared Sauna, Purification Programs. 175 George Washington Blvd. Hull, MA 781-773-1352 EARN PROFESSIONAL CAREER CERTIFICATES Cape Cod Center for Whole Health. Hypnotherapy, NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), Crystal Energy Healing, Reiki, Integrative Energy Therapy (IET), 116 State Road, Sagamore Beach, MA 508-539-2885 Eating Disorders Kind Eating with Stacey Richmond, RD. Nutrition Counseling and Mindful Eating Programs/Retreats. Specializing in Disordered Eating. Kingston and West Barnstable offices. 508-362-1221

Energy healER & CENTER Betty Sarmento. Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Counselor, Certified Hypnotist, Trance Medium, Readings, Healing, Peace, Joy for You and Yours. Workshops & Classes Master New Skills 508-591-5141 Plymouth, MA Energy healing Eye of the Eagle Center; Leontine Hartzell. Shamanic sound and energy healing, psychic transformational coaching, workshops, trainings, ceremonies. Soul Retrieval Specialist, in person, Beverly, MA, phone, and Skype sessions world-wide. EnvironmentalLY RESPONSIBLE Services Aspenn OF New England. Applications control Lyme Disease Ticks. Products for outdoor pest control, tree and shrub spraying and injecting. Call 888-418-BUGS Essential oils DðTERRA. Gwen Kazlouskas-Noyes. Yður Wellness Advocate. Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. Call for a free wellness consultation. 774-722-2763 soultreehealingessentials Financial advisor Ameriprise financial, Diana V. Smith. I provide personalized financial advice, retirement planning and investment strategy to help you live the life you’ve earned. 781-556-0050 www. ameripriseadvisors.comdiana.v.smith Fitness Fit Factory Cycle Studio, Babysitting, GroupFit, CrossFit, Personal Training, Sauna & Steam Room, Cardio Deck, Food & Juice Bar, Free Weights Area, Tanning, Mind Body Classes & Women’s Workout Area. Braintree: 781-849-2900 Kingston: 781 585-3000 Foxborough: 774-215-0188 Food addicts in recovery Anonymous Food Addicts. Food addiction is real. Obsessed with food? Weight? Dieting? FA brings you help, solutions, relief and recovery – anonymously. 413-219-3012 GEOLOGIC TREASURES Tom Cellucci. Crystals, Rocks, Fossils & Minerals. Aisle J - Raynham Flea Market, 480 S St W, Raynham, MA Sundays, 8-5 pm, Rain or Shine. All Major Credit Cards accepted.

GODDESS SPA PARTIES Athena’s Home Novelites. Adult novelty party plan companies. Bath and Spa Products. Joani B. Call 508-287-1484 gRAPHIC DESIGN SERvIcES GINNY Just. Art Director for Healthy Living Magazine. Books, Magazines & Newsletters, Brochures, Logos, CDs and DVDs. 508-345-4493 www.NotJust.Design HEALTH FOOD Good Health Natural Foods. Family-owned for 40 years. 100% certified organic produce, natural groceries, fresh and frozen natural breads,gluten-free/ diary-free foods, prepared meals, vegan pastries, vitamins, sports supplements, NEW CBD products, natural cosmetics, books & gifts. natural, clean pet foods, supplements & treats. Shipping Available. Quinc: 617-773-4925 Hanover: 781-826-0808 Healing Center HarmonY Christina Caputo Fenton Higher Vibrational Living. Yoga, Spin, Barre, Aerial Yoga, Personal Training, Reiki, Nutrition & Spiritual Life Coaching, Recovery Yoga & Massage Therapy. 508-775-0500 914 Hingham Street, Rockland MA. Healing Center Natural Body Works Healing Center. The South Shore’s first and foremost healing center. Therapeutic Massages, Hypnosis, Reflexology, Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, Polarity, Reiki, Spiritual Energy Healing, Ear Candling, Mythic Tarot & Angel Messages Readings. Serving our community since 1997. 161 Summer St. Kingston, MA 781-585-5130 Healing Center Angels of Light Healing and Spiritual Center. A Sanctuary for Spiritual Growth & Healing offering Meditation,Readings, Healing Certifications and Sessions, Events, Crystals, Fairs and more - call 781-871-1740 HEALTH and WELLNESS Juice Plus+; Anne Fleming. Whole food based product that has been clinically proven to improve health markers. 617-733-5126 HEALTH and WELLNESS COACHING Just Live Mindfully - Jenn MullEn. 90-day, personalized coaching programs. Free consultations. Flexible hours. 508-254-9450

Hearing Clinic coastal hearing clinic. Family owned and operated hearing clinic. Offering hearing protection, hearing aids, servicing of all hearing aid makes and models, batteries, assisted listening devices, most major insurance company coverage, including GIC, Mass Health Standard, Fallon Wellforce, Senior Whole Health and others. Plymouth, MA 774 -283-4770 Sandwich MA 774-413-5023 HOLISTIC COUNSELOR Abby DeMarzo, LMHC. Empathetic approach to assist clients dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma and other mental health diagnoses. Office located inside A Healthy Balance, 228 Columbia Road, Hanover, MA 617-699-4693 Holistic DOCTOR - Dr. Kevin Lizotte. A unique path to wellness personally tailored to your specific needs using the art of Naturopathy. 508-828-9943 575 South St. West #2 Raynham, MA Located in Dr. Petrie’s Chiropractic Office. HOLISTIC HEALING Healing with spirit with Laura. Providing spiritually based holistic health enrichment services classes and events for the mind body and soul. Based in Hingham, Ma 857-880-0365 Holistic Healing Eclectic Physical Therapy.™ Ian L. Rubinstein, M.P.T., M.R. Holistic manual therapy techniques for root restriction releases, combined with biomechanical re-education. 508-246-4233 Holistic Healing Center Barbara Ann Strassman. Reflexology, CranioSacral, Myofascial, Reiki, House Clearings. School of the Universe - Divine Matrix Healing training and spiritual programing. 781-784-1955 N. Easton Holistic Health Caryn Bellew; Bellas Bodyworks. Offers: swedish, pre-natal and hot stone massage. Utilizes reflexology, cupping and gua sha. HOLISTIC HEALTH Arbonne. Pure safe products that are gluten free, vegan, non gmo, FREE OF : harmful chemicals, toxins, fragrances, dyes and artificial flavors and sugars. Michelle Lenaghan National Vice President Arbonne Independent Consultant 617-759-9144 ID# 10738939 33

Holistic Health Coaching Purely Simple Wellness with Leah Somers, CHHC. Certified Holistic Nutrition Health Coach. Wellness Cooking Instructor. Guiding you to create balance within body mind and spirit. 781-635-9195 www. HOLISTIC WELLNESS Down To Earth Holistic Wellness; Kylee Foote. Herbalist & Reiki Master Teacher. Providing Personalized and Empowering Whole Life Approaches to Wellness. 978-304-7747 HYPNOSIS KATHRYN MCGLYNN, CERTIFIED HYPNOTIST. Past Life Regression, Soul Entrainment®, metaphysical hypnosis. Schedule your private or group session today. 781-340-2146 HYPNOSIS SuperHuman Hypnosis Diane Jordan CCH, MT, CRT. Nationally Certified Hypnotist. Specializing in uniquely personalized sessions with recording for at home reinforcement. Spiritual hypnosis. Anxiety issues.Habit changing. Self-Love. More. Release the blocks which have held you back - The Power is in YOU! @ Natural Body Works 161 Summer St. Kingston, MA. 781-585-5130 or 617-650-7475 HYPNOSIS TRAINING - south shore hypnosis center Pat MacIsaac. LPN, CMI, DNGH, OB. Certified Instructor. Learn to HYPNOTIZE Yourself and Others. Fully Accredited Hands-On Training, Texts and Material Included, Certification On Graduation. On rolling admission. Office Established 1989. 781-749-9050 HYPNOSIS TRAINING Train to be a Hypnotherapist/ Life Coach. Larry R. Quemere CHT. Hypnotherapist, Speaker, Facilitator. Start a new Career with 3 on site Full Days training. Focused on Helping Others. Regularly $395. Act now for a limited time $149. Full NGH Hypnosis 100 Hour Cert. Cost $2,195 - No Prior Training 800-446-2778 iNSURANCE Hanson Insurance Agency, Inc. Stephanie Lipinski. Protection for your life, auto, home & business. 632 County Rd. Hanson. 781-293-6376


INSPIRATIONAL APPAREL PICASSO JASPER. Fun, Fitness & Yoga Inspired T’s, Tanks & Fleece! Designed & printed in Hanover, MA. Wholesale and custom printing available too! INSPIRATIONAL GIFTS ’JUST BEE & ME’. Whimsical eco friendly greeting cards, journals, organic cotton B-shirts, onesies & more, all for a “Bee Cause.” Wholesalers call or fill out an application online. 617-510-8479 Integrated Holistic Practitioner - Barbara Barker, Heart Light Therapies. Massage, Reiki, IET, CIH, Biofield Tuning, Energy Work, Energy Scans, AMETHYST BIOMAT, Essential Oils. 781-585-6292 Integrated Holistic Practitioner - Veronica Schlegel, Holistic Physical Therapist. Specializing in Manual Therapy Techniques and Integrative Somatic Movement to help all conditions and ages. 40 yrs experience. 617-639-7383 Laser Skin Care & Hair Removal - LaserLight Skin Clinic Patricia Funder. Laser Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Anti-aging, and Scar revisions: Your comprehensive laser skin care solutions in a warm and caring environment. 781- 871-2224 22 Washington St, Norwell, MA MASSAGE & BODYWORK Betsy Powell- Pelrine, LMT. Massage, Natural Remedies, Polarity, Reiki, RYSE Therapist. 166 Schoosett St. Unit 1. Route 139, Pembroke, MA 774-487-1401 www.betsypowellpelrinelmt. MASSAGE & BODYWORK MOONSHADOW MASSAGE & BODYWORKS, Cherie L. Ross. Licensed Massage Therapist. Quality, affordable massage services on Cape Cod. Swedish, Sports, Hot Stone 774-268-1429 923 Route 6A Unit U, Yarmouthport Ma Medical Marijuana Caregiver - Trish Rosa C.Ht. Holistic Health, Endocannabinoid, Nutrition, pH Balancing & Energy Work. Coaching for patients & families to create a healthier foundation for a better quality of life. 508-505-4777 Metaphysical HEALING CENTER Sue Ustas; ZuZu’s Healing Arts Inc. Psychic readings, energy healing, classes, events and a retail store. Crystals, sage, candles, books, artwork, cards, statuary, jewelry and more. 781-665-8844 122 W. Emerson St, Melrose, MA.

Metaphysical HEALING NEW AGE PRODUCTS - HAFTA HAVIT Unique arts, Inspirational Gifts, Crystals, Stones, Salt Lamps, Music, Books, Local Artist’s Work, Jewelry, Statuaries, Tapestries & Events. 160 Schoosett Street, Pembroke 781-829-4969 mind/body therapy Judith A. Swack, Ph.D; Healing from the Body Level Up An innovative, rapid, and powerful new mind/body/spirit healing methodology that gets people unstuck by clearing unconscious self-sabotage. HBLU™ integrates biomedical science, psychology, hypnosis, NLP and Energy Psychology with original research. 781-444-6940, minerals, crystals, gems; Grant & Ray Cahill. Offering spiritual advice and problem solving by utilizing their spiritual connections and the minerals and crystals they sell. 203-892-9454 natural health products It Works!® Laura Hornbrook Started in 2001, debt-free; expanding all over the world. We are so much more than just the skinny wrap we are known for, we have something for everyone! 910-578-3987 non-toxic products Pure Haven By Stephanie Guerriero. Full line of non-toxic personal care and household products, WITHOUT harmful chemicals! (skin care, cosmetic, bath, body, and home) 617-594-6023 Nutrition Therapy Kind Eating with Stacey Richmond, RD. Nutrition Counseling and Mindful Eating Programs/ Retreats. Specializing in Disordered Eating. Kingston and West Barnstable offices. 508-362-1221 ORGANIC FOOD DELIVERY HILL’S HOME MARKET. All-Natural, gourmet food No Steroids, No Growth Hormones, No Preservatives or Chemicals. 978-567-1402 PRANIC HEALING Miriam Smith. Certified MCKS Pranic Healer/Teacher. Relieves chronic illness, stress, insomnia, pain. In person/distance healing sessions. Workshops, Meditations. North Andover. 978-807-1634

Psychic The Stone Lady: Terry Milton. Active in the Psychic Field since 1976. She offers grounded, empowering psychic “Stone Readings. 978-283-7532

Social Media Marketing Expert Nicholas Lopez Web Design, Social Media Make Over, Advertisements, E-Commerce, Branding Lead Generation 978-790-0156

Psychic The Psychic Navigator; Mary Daisley. Psychic/Clairvoyant/Chanel, born in Boston MA. Close to her Irish roots, and is considered a “True Irish Seer”. 30 years’ experience. 508-271-7716

SPIRITUAL COUNSELING KARMA CONNECTS - LINAN MUNOZ A meticulous integration of 10 plus healing modalities in this Master session that will purify the body, mind and soul. Free 20 min consultation. 204 Brockton Ave. Abington Rt.123 781-351-1003

PUBLIC RELATIONS/Marketing/ SOCAIL MEDIA MARKETING/WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT Candita’s Production Studio. Event & Social Media Planning, Website Design, Direct Mailings. 508-615-9805 Reflexology Reflexology by the sea with Cindy Forte LPN. Pampering and Therapeutic. $35 for 50 minute session. Office hours by appointment only. 687 State Road, Plymouth 508-904-0610 Reiki Golden Light Reiki Kimberley Molleur RN Jikiden Reiki Practitioner & Teacher. Teaching Shoden Level One & Okuden Level Two. Appointments 7 days a week. 769 Plain Street, Suite E. Marshfield, MA 617-875-0219 Reiki Hilary Harley; Astrologer & Reiki Master. By means of touch, reiki activates the natural healing processes of your body to restore physical and emotional wellbeing. 617-610-1564 Reiki GINA Scagliarini. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” Your home or mine. 73 Bournehurst Drive Plymouth, Ma 508-566-3351 FB REIKIGINA Reiki infused Jewelry LoveAleta by Justine. Reiki Certified Love-infused Soulwear, Handmade Jewelry, Inspired by Yoga. Book a Soulwear Party. view our collection online. 508-317-1987 SKin care Tryst Studio. Signature brow design, fresh and flawless makeup application, and comprehensive menu of waxing and skincare services. 781-740-2228 29 Main Street, Hingham, MA

spiritual wellness center The Enchanted Forest Taunton Aura Photography with The LoonWitch and Shamanic Bone and Lithomancy Readings with Brother Granite. 774-226-8079 Therapeutic Massage & REPAIR Shari Harris, LMT. Specializing in repair & recovery: Hips Shoulders Low Back. 11 S. Station . #2 . Duxbury 781-704-3421 WELLNESS and HEALING ANGEL TOUCH with Mary Pillsbury Certified Meditation Teacher, Certified Reiki I, II, III, RMT, Certified Angel Reader, Meditation and Reiki Classes. Private and Group Training in your office, center or home. 617-686-4159 Wellness hailey adams wellness. 500hr Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga, Reiki II, Children’s Yoga. Offering private, small/large group, and children’s reiki, meditation, and various styles of yoga. (Therapeutic, vinyasa, restorative) 781-424-4625 Wellness Strategist Tricia Arieta. Wellness from Within Offering Healthy living techniques. Certified Yoga Instructor. Paleo Foodie and Juicer. Young Living Essential Oils Dist. 508-294-8447 Women’s health Peak Physical Therapy. Women’s Health Clinics. Treatment for urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, breast cancer rehab, pre/post- natal back pain, osteoporosis Norwell Location. 781-347-4686

YOGA HEART CENTERED HEALING. Fern Ross Israel, LMHC Counseling, Yoga & Mindfulness. Helping individuals navigate challenging times with skillful means: EFT, TAT, EMDR, Aromatherapy & breathing. 617-913-1810 Yoga DRAGONFLY YOGA STUDIO, EMMA BOYLE. Yoga Teacher & Owner. Restorative, meditative classes & flow style gentle and energizing classes. Freight House. 844 Webster Street, Marshfield 781-696.-1266 Yoga Greg Belcher. RYT-200 Yoga, Kids Cardio Yoga, Cert. Reiki Master Teacher, Polarity Practitioner, Integrated Energy Therapy, New Paradigm MDT Master Healer. Cardinal Yoga & Bodywork. 1525 Hanover St. Hanover 781-421-6007 YOGA Unplug & Be Mindful Yoga. Yoga for children, teens and adults. Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Meditation, Reiki, Massage Therapy, Yoga Nidra, Pilates, Kids and Family Yoga. 696 Plain Street #5 Marshfield, MA 339-526-9234 YOGA Kerry Anns Wonderful World of Yoga; Kerry Ann McCarthy Kerry Ann is a 500-hour E-RYT, Ariel, Kripalu and Yin Yoga, licensed in Thai massage, pre-natal, and a reiki practitioner. 781-789-8156 YOGA & PERSONAL FITNESS Sarah Drury Fitness. Sarah Drury, Personal Trainer A.C.S.M. Certified, RYT Yoga Teacher. Hanover Location. Schedule Yoga, Bootcamps, or Privates. @SDruryFitness 617-413-4662 Yoga HarmonY Christina Caputo Fenton Higher Vibrational Living. Yoga, Spin, Barre, Aerial Yoga, Personal Training, Reiki, Nutrition & Spiritual Life Coaching, Recovery Yoga & Massage Therapy. 781-775-0500 914 Hingham Street, Rockland MA.


events TO INSPIRE & TRANSFORM APRIL 8, 2018 - 10-6 pm - SUNDAY PLYMOUTH ma Uplift Your Soul Conference Healthy Living Expo a mind body spirit event. An Extraordinary Experience for Lovers of Wellness, Seekers and Teachers alike. Expand your community and enjoy a day filled journey of self discovery. Wellprenuer Savvy Exhibitors, Inspiring Renowned Experts, Movement, Yoga, Healing, Healthy Eats and Musical Entertainment! 1620 Hotel, 180 Water Street, Plymouth,MA. 508-615-9805

tools to transform our personal lives and help make the world a better place. EVENT DETAILS: 7th Year Running, Featuring 30+ Vendors, Expert Readers & Healers in the field of Mediumship, Astrology, Spirit Art and Angel & Tarot Card, Reiki, Yoga and more. Heather Keay, Doreen Tripp, Cathi Burke, Laura Joseph, Michelle Levangie Gilmore, Nancy Smith, Kaile Dutton, Michelle Kundzicz & Joan Marie Baptiste. Yoga with Christina Fenton & Andrea Blinn. 508-615-9805

May 20, 2018 - Sunday 9am-5pm Plymouth, Ma. Surrender to Self Care and Nurture Your Soul” Mini Retreat Laura Joseph Facilitator. Lunch included. Spirit Venue 73 Lunn’s Way, Plymouth, Ma. Contact Betty: 508-591-5141 to register.

August 5 -12, 2018 - sun to sun Marlborough, MA National Guild of Hypnotists Certified Consulting Hypnotist Course. Certification Course Instructor Patricia MacIsaac, LPN, CMI, DNGH, OB. Royal Plaza Hotel & Trade Center. •

May 25-27, 2018 - Fri - Sun North Easton, MA Hypnotherapy Certification With Katie Malloy Ramaci Intensive program prepares you for a rewarding career as a Professional Hypnotherapist. All inclusive. Cert. through IACT. 1 weekend a month/6months 508-230-3680 JUNE 21-24, 2018 - Thur - Sun Needham MA Healing from the Body Level Up™ Level I Training (HBLU™ I) With Judith A. Swack, PhD This Course Focuses on Healing Trauma and Installing Boundaries. 28 CE credits for Social Workers, LMHCs and Nurses. For class information contact or call 781-444-6940 JUNE 22-24, 2018 - Fri - Sun Martha’s Vineyard healing retreat Restorative yoga, energy medicine, TAT tapas Acupressure Technique, Pangu mystical Qi Gong - a Path to release habits that no longer serve and develop new health promoting rituals that enhance well being. 617-913-1810 July 19, 2018 Thursday 5 -10pm NEW LOCATION - SpiritFest Pembroke Country Club 94 West Elm Street, Pembroke, MA 02359 We are a Community of Spiritually Minded Individuals providing spiritual continued . . .


August 10-12, 2018 - Fri - Sun Marlborough, MA National Guild of Hypnotists Annual Convention & Educational Conference Royal Plaza Hotel & Trade Center. • September 20, 2018 5-10pm Thur Cohasset, MA SPIRITFEST. EVENT Hosted By Healthy Living Magazine. We are a Community of Mind/Body Individuals providing tools to transform your personal lives and help make the world a better place. Stop in to meet your community health and wellness experts. Featuring 30+ Vendors, Expert Readers & Healers. Held at Atlantica Restaurant 44 Border St, Cohasset, MA For more info call Candita 508-615-9805 September 23, 2018 North Easton, MA HOLISTIC PRACTITIONER SCHOOL Women of Wisdom. 6-month course. Study of energy body systems & how to address disease holistically. Energy work, elemental & vibrational healing, hypnosis, kinesiology, intuitive development, and more. Incl. Reiki I & II. One Sun a month for 8 months. 508-230-3680 September 23, 2018 12 - 4pm NORTH Easton, MA TREAT YOUR FEET Reflexology treatments, learn how your feet tell your life story, and hands on learning of simple techniques to help heal your family. Fee $ 35. 781-784-1955

On-GOING Swansea, MA self care acupressure Stress Release Part 1 & 2. Sandra Haworth. 3 hour class and CE available. AHNA, NCBTMB and NCCAOM. Classes held monthly. 508-947-4993 HANOVER, MA HYPNOSIS TRAINING/CERTIFICATION. Create a new fulfilling career helping others. Reach your goals while learning Clinical and Metaphysical approaches. Be my guest in an intense 2 hr live workshop learning & practicing “Self- Hypnosis” NGH Certification. 800-446-2778 PEMBROKE, MA HAFTA HAVIT holds events every month including Astrology Readings, Tarot Card Classes, and Circling. 781-829-4969 160 Schoosett Street, Pembroke North Easton, MA Women of Wisdom. Free Open House! Meet our exceptional instructors, hear presentations on extraordinary School Programs, light snacks, Q & A. April 5 & September 7, 2018 Start 7pm. Call 508-230-3680 SAGAMORE BEACH, MA Tong Ren & Varied Energy Healing Clinic. Drop-in, $10. Thursday’s 5:30-8:30pm. Cape Cod Center for Whole Health, 116 State Road, Suite#3, Sagamore Beach. 508-539-2885. SAGAMORE BEACH, MA Quarterly- Reiki, Crystal Energy Healing, IET, classes For Certification and CEU’s. Cape Cod Center for Whole Health 116 State Road, Suite#3 Sagamore Beach. 508-539-2885 SAGAMORE BEACH, MA Spring (March & April) Hypnotherapy (220 hours) and NLP (64 hours) Classes for Certification and CEU’s. Cape Cod Center for Whole Health. 116 State Road, Suite#3 Sagamore Beach. 508-539-2885

Interested in having Candita Mamet plan your next wellness function, open house, speaker series . . . Give her a call! Reach out to Candita to learn more. Text/Cell 508.615.9805

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Healthy Living Magazine Massachusetts Spring-Summer 2018  

Loving Change, As Difficult as It Is. pg. 2 Healthy Shrimp/Tofu Recipe. pg. 3 Ayurvedic Elixirs for Your Dosha. pg. 5 Home Practices and Re...

Healthy Living Magazine Massachusetts Spring-Summer 2018  

Loving Change, As Difficult as It Is. pg. 2 Healthy Shrimp/Tofu Recipe. pg. 3 Ayurvedic Elixirs for Your Dosha. pg. 5 Home Practices and Re...