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Gang, family, clan, band, kindred spirits, group, people, close-knit circle. No matter what you choose to call it, it represents a social tradition in society consisting of Editor & Publisher Designer Radio Host Art Director families or communities that gather together to support CANDITA MAMET GINNY JUST and nurture. Cell 508 615.9805 508 345.4493   From a very early age growing up in a tight-knit mmamet@verizon.net ginnyjust@gmail.com www.MyHealthyLivingMagazine.com Brooklyn community, I always found the most comfort www.MyHealthylivingExpo.com from my tribe. As years pass, this bond has become even stronger. We have developed a deep understand of each Serving South of Boston to the Cape in Print and Online other, creating unconditional love and loyalty. This is not the same as being part of a clique or group of gossipers. A tribe is a group of people who care for each other and look out for each other — no matter what. They are bonded together by a strong sense of shared values, meaning, and purpose in life.  Mirror Work. Reflecting the   Our cover photo by Julia Watson is a good illustration of the tribe Greatest Love of All 3-4 dynamic mentality. It has an intricate network of branches that represent how a tribe grows and expands throughout many generations. It symbolizes Becoming a Better Advocate for togetherness and is a reminder that you are never alone or isolated. You are Your Own Health Care 5-8 connected to something much larger than yourself. This connection requires effort, love, trust and understanding.  Innovated Workout Trends 9-11   There are those who feel that they have yet to find their tribe.  If you currently find yourself in a strong tribe, then look around you, you will notice Healthy Living Magazine potential tribe members sitting to the side, alone. All you have to do is reach Conference & Expo 12-13 out to them with an invitation to connect. I have found recently that folks are longing to be included. All it takes is a little compassion and a smile. Finding your Life Purpose 14-16 There is strength and humility in acceptance, let’s be more open to inviting in others into our circles.  The EMF Crisis: Protecting Please!  It’s time to make a connection. It’s time to understand that we are yourself in a 5G World 18 all interconnected. It’s time to understand that your behaviors have a trickledown effect on everyone around you – particularly the words we choose to Bone Broth Has Been Around speak to others. for Centuries 19 Ponder this...“Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of Energy Artist Julia 20-21 encouragement, or destructively by using words of despair. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to What is CBD and how does harm, to humiliate and to humble.”  - Yehuda Berg.  I ask that you choose it work?  22-24 your words carefully.    Like all things that are worth nurturing in life, tribes are no different. Professional Referance Nurture your tribe by being all-inclusive. Help yourself and those in your Directory A to Z 25-28 tribe to let go of ego, and give each member a voice. Set your highest intention for the good of all. Encourage forgiveness and release judgement.  Events to Inspire & Transform 29 Author of "Queen Bees and Wannabees", Rosalind Wiseman, said, “Each  person’s truth is of equal value. No one gets to speak for anyone else or  dismiss an opinion just because it’s not shared by the people who have the most power.”  Copyright © 2002-2019 Healthy Living Productions. All Rights Reserved. All information contained in this publication is   There is a tribe or group for everyone. We may even belong to more than the exclusive property of The Healthy Living Magazine unless one! Through the awareness that we are all inter-connected we can bring otherwise noted. Publisher is not responsible for errors or more light and love into the world. Is it time you share more of your love, omissions in the ads upon proof. No monetary returns. The Healthy Living Magazine cannot warrantee or guarantee abilities and talents with the world? Don’t hold back. Now is the time. More any of the goods or services advertised herein. Information than ever, your tribe needs you. Open your heart and expand your light. You contained in this guide is no substitution for the advice have a mission that only you can fulfill.   of a qualified health care professional. Healthy Living


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Mirror Work

Reflecting the Greatest Love of All

by Genie Lee Perron

LIFE. You know you want to have a good life – a life full of meaning, purpose, joy and love. But, how do you get there? The foundation of a good life is by loving yourself. Loving yourself starts with noticing, without judgment, your thoughts about yourself.

You know that what you think about, you create. Your thoughts attract other like thoughts. These thoughts form your belief system and, what you believe you tend to make true for yourself. You act according to your beliefs. Often it feels as though you are stuck in a rut because you are subconsciously thinking the same types of thoughts repeatedly. So, you create the same types of situations over and over again.

Your thoughts are the fuel for your self-talk. Your self-talk is the running dialog you have in your head. It’s so automatic that, often, you aren't even aware of the 60,000 or so thoughts that flow through your mind each day. What do you tell yourself when something goes wrong in your life? If you’re like many of us, you berate yourself with thoughts like, “You're so stupid; you'll never be good at anything. Why can’t you just get this? You aren’t good enough.”


The first step to breaking the cycle of negative self-talk is awareness of your thoughts. One of the best tools for highlighting our thoughts is the mirror. Mirror work was popularized by Louise Hay, founder of Hay House Publishing. The mirror effectively © Louise Hay. All Rights Reserved

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reflects back to you the feelings that you have about yourself. So, let's say you’ve begun taking notice of your thoughts. You’re noticing how unkindly you speak to yourself in your mind at times. Now, you’ve decided to release the limiting beliefs you’ve been carrying, and you want to replace them with positive, life-affirming thoughts. Limiting beliefs are any thoughts that conflict with the goals you are trying to achieve in your life. Positive affirmations are thoughts that align with the goals you want to achieve. One of the first exercises I recommend to clients when we begin mirror work is to sit in front of the mirror and say, “I love you, I really love you,” while looking into your eyes. Take a moment to notice how that feels. The mirror is a tool for instant feedback on the thoughts you are thinking. Notice the thoughts that come up when you tell yourself, “I love you, I really love you.”

Let’s flip them. Instead of, “How can I be loveable?”, what about, “I am lovable just as I am. I am growing and changing and learning as I go. I love myself and so I am learning to make healthy choices for my body and mind. I can succeed as © Louise Hay. All Rights Reserved I realize that I deserve all good things,” and so on.

TRY THESE AFFIRMATIONS IN THE MIRROR EVERY DAY. I love my life. I am the caretaker of the garden of my life the seeds I choose to plant in my garden are the things I wish to grow in my life. The more I love myself as I change and grow, the more beautiful and lush my garden grows I know that with love, all the changes I wish to make in my life are easy and effortless. I honor my own personal strengths and I build upon them. I make the conscious choice to move my thoughts from fear to love. My life reflects back to me all the love I hold in my heart.

Take each limiting belief and shift it to a positive, present tense declaration. Even if it doesn’t feel true right now, remember you’re planting the seeds for a new way of thinking and living. Now, look in the mirror again and tell yourself, “I am willing to learn to love you.” Repeat the affirmations you wrote in your journal and see how they feel. They may feel silly, awkward or down-right wrong, but just be willing to try. As you go through your day, each time you face a mirror, tell yourself, “I am willing to learn to love you,” and notice how it feels. Use your journal as a tool to take note of your feelings that come up as you practice this. Know that you deserve a good life. You are worthy of love. The greatest love of all comes from within you. With a greater awareness of your current thoughts and a gentle shifting and releasing of limiting thoughts, you are on the pathway to more love in your life.

I suggest having a journal handy Life is amazing & Life is good. and paying attention to the thoughts that come up as you say this to I love my life and my life loves me. yourself. Use your journal to record any thoughts you have. Once you've shined the light of awareness on the limiting thoughts, then you can choose to change those thoughts. As you continue using your mirror, remember, we all do better when we are treated with kindness. Children thrive and Make a note of any conflicting or limiting beliefs learn better with kind, gentle guidance. Pets learn better and that come up. Think of these as a victory! Yay! You've are more joyful companions when treated with kindness. Your uncovered some beliefs that can be gently shifted to more family, friends and co-workers do better when treated with positive beliefs that line up with the life you want to respect and kindness. And so do you. Speak to yourself with create. love and kindness and watch your life blossom. Use your mirror as a tool to expertly reflect to you what your beliefs truly are Perhaps you heard something like, “How can you be and then, as Louise Hay used to say, “It’s only a thought and a lovable? You're fat, you’re unsuccessful, and you never thought can be changed.” finish anything.” Those thoughts don't feel very good, do they? Sending you lots of love. You deserve it!

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Genie Lee Perron is an ICF credentialed coach, bestselling author, owner Love Your Life Center of Plymouth, host of the Love Your Life Show on InFlowRadio, Heal Your Life Teacher. Genie studied personally with Louise Hay, Cheryl Richardson, Dave Buck, Summer McStravick and Patricia Crane. Offering lifechanging workshops and groups. www.genieleeperron.com

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by Joe Valente

How many times have you heard someone tell you to be your own advocate? But it seems that is all they say. There’s no how-to list or suggestions — just that confident statement that seems like it should mean so much.

How would one even begin to understand what that means without firsthand experience? It can be the most difficult part of being someone with a chronic illness. Unfortunately, our medical system gets harder to navigate by the day, and just when you think you have it all figured out, you will hit a new roadblock. Being born with a congenital heart defect, I began to learn the meaning of being a self-advocate at a young age. My father is a doctor who always helped me understand the complexity of my disease and how to navigate the medical world, and my mother always encouraged me to be the one to communicate with my doctors and to learn more about

the hand God had dealt me. With their assistance, I began to build my toolbox that has carried me throughout my life. THESE ARE MY 15 LESSONS I STARTED LEARNING FROM THE AGE OF 5. This list represents 29 years of lessons of how I learned to advocate for myself, and I hope you find them useful, too.


Become a Better Advocate for Your Own Health Care

1. COMMUNICATION. Effective communication is essential. Write out a list or a letter that includes all your questions and symptoms and take it to your doctor’s appointment to ensure you cover all issues. 2. HONESTY. Be honest and answer every question as best you can. Don’t tell the doctor what you think they you should continued on page 6 . . .

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say or what your lifestyle should be. Your story is the key to a new diagnosis or your continuing care. Putting your story together is the art of medicine. When we smudge the truth, we are smudging the artist’s canvas with unknown consequences. 3. NO SECRETS Tell your whole story. Don’t leave out a symptom because you think it’s inconsequential; that one symptom may be the one clue that finishes that canvas. Let the doctors determine what pieces fit where. 4. SELF-EDUCATION. Understand your disease the best you can. We often get caught up in the symptoms, prognosis and treatments of our disease, which are all important. But for long-term care, understanding the relevant anatomy, physiology and terminology will help you better understand your disease and improve the communication between you and your doctors.

5. UNDERSTAND THE ANSWER. When you don’t understand something, stop and ask for clarification. Some doctors love to speak in complex medical terminology, which is a great opportunity for you to learn more if they follow it up with a simple explanation. But if they don’t, stop them and make sure you understand everything they’re telling you. That’s why you’re there. 6. ASK THE RIGHT QUESTION. If you aren’t getting the answer to your question, you may not be asking the right question. The answer often lies in the question, take a step back and think about a new approach, keyword or fact that you’re missing. Asking the right question is as important in communicating with your doctors as it is when researching your disease and treatments.


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Executive Director & Founder holly@lookfeelfab.org www.lookfeelfab.org



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Salon Elegance Somerset “By appointment only”

781- 385-9601


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8. CHALLENGE YOUR PROVIDERS. Challenge, question and make suggestions to your doctors. You’ll be surprised how often they will be receptive to your insight if you have done your research and communicate in an efficient manner. It may be a change of medication or your entire course of treatment. Don’t always take their answers as the end all be all. Work with them to get what you need and question them when needed. 9. KEY PLAYER. Know the one provider you can call when you need it. It may be any one of your doctors, a nurse or program coordinator. As you build your team, know who you can count on when things aren’t getting done or if you’re in desperate need of help. 10. LEARN FROM OTHERS. Find other patients with your disease. They will open your eyes and make you not feel so alone. You’ll learn from people who have already gone through what you’ll be experiencing and gain insight into the answers that worked for them. Finding these resources will help you ask the right questions, but just as importantly, it will help you mentally as you navigate life with a chronic illness. 11. RESEARCH WITH PESSIMISM. The internet is full of good and bad information. Find out which sources provide real data and information that can help you make an informed decision and formulate substantive questions. Most importantly, know when to walk away. When you get overwhelmed, turn off your computer and call it a day — or maybe even a week.


7. DON’T SETTLE. You know your body the best. If you feel like something isn’t right, don’t settle until you have an answer. Sometimes that answer maybe “we don’t know,” which may be a reality depending upon your disease. That is your chance to determine if you want a second opinion.

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12. BE PERSISTENT. You didn’t hear back from your doctor? Well, call again and again. Keep at it. Find an email address or another form of communication. It’s your health and your life — take control. 13. GET WHAT YOU NEED. Never be afraid to change your care. You may feel the need to switch care but may also feel guilty leaving your doctor. But you don’t owe them loyalty if you don’t feel comfortable with them or think they’re not helping you the best they can. And make sure it’s them and not you because nobody will be able to assist you if you are the source of the problem. 14. DON’T RUN OUT THE DOOR. Always leave your appointments with a follow-up scheduled and all referrals and labs in hand even if they’re in another office in the same facility. We assume electronic medical records have made these things seamless, but they often make them more complicated. There is no substitution for a hard copy — paper is still king.

Joe Valente was born with a congenital heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot. He required his first open heart surgery at 54 hours old and suffered a stroke after surgery. He has now had four open heart surgeries, the last two days before his 30th birthday. He has struggled with PTSD for most of his life and believes a strong mind and building a team with a roster full of supporters is the key to successfully living with a chronic illness. He is a Board Certified Patient Advocate for families, children, and adults with congenital heart disease—helping them to navigate the emotions, diagnoses, and challenges they face in finding and understanding appropriate CHD care.  teamunclejoe.org

15. DON’T FALL INTO THE FEEL-GOOD TRAP. If you have a chronic illness, get as much accomplished with your medical providers while you feel good. You are patient for the clinical setting, not the acute care setting. You may get stable in the hospital, but your long-term success depends upon you seeking treatment and attention when you “feel good” from the specialist who has time to help you develop a long-term plan and dive into the details of your case. Reprinted from The Mighty Proud Media, Inc  





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Innovative Workout Trends

by Kelsey Darling-George

Spring is not only a time of renewal for the earth and nature, but can be the perfect time to start becoming a new, healthier you! Good health is invaluable and, with all the different types and levels of exercise available, it’ll be easy to find something that’s just right for you, your body, and your schedule. Take a look at some of the exercise trends hitting 2019, dust off your sneakers, grab a friend and jump right in!

TREADMILL BOOTCAMPS –  Focused on interval workouts mixed with both speed and distance, this type of class will push both experienced runners and those who are brand new without burning them out. Improve you endurance by adding it to your weekly workout routine exercise that combines ballet technique, mat Pilates work and light weights. Toning and resistance exercises will work to elongate the appearance of your body.

TOTAL BODY BURN – Sculpt your body from head to toe, using light weights and high repetition. The goal is to create lean muscle and burn body fat. Short bursts of interval, plyometric, and endurance training will maximize this workout .

CYCLE – Who doesn’t like to ride a bike? Choose your virtual terrain in an indoor setting, and focus on endurance, strength and intervals. Burn maximum calories using stationary bikes with weighted flywheels. This will be sure to motivate you! continued on page 10 . . .

Relax Release Re-energize. Lauren Turner LMT 163 Washington Street, #2 Norwell, MA 781 - 878 - 6002 lauren@laurensmassage.com www.laurensmassage.com

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BMAX ® - is a complete full body fitness program that delivers the five critical health components of physical fitness in every workout: flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardio health, and body composition. Tone and burn your entire body using no equipment in this unique program!

BUTI YOGA – This is a calorie-burning workout that fuses yoga with cardio-intensive tribal dance, plus body sculpting primal movement. Buti Yoga utilizes the Spiral Structure Technique to sculpt and tone the deep abdominal muscles that stabilize and strengthen the body. 

KICKBOXING – This workout is a combination of cardio, boxing and martial arts, providing a total body workout which aims to improve strength, aerobic fitness, speed, flexibility, coordination and balance. Kick and jab your way to a fitter you!

BARBELL - Barbell is for everyone. Using light to moderate weight with high repetition, you will get a great total body workout using a barbell and plates. All levels can gain strength and endurance as weight selection can be adjusted.

PILATES – The overall goal of Pilates is to lengthen and tone the muscles of the core without adding bulk. If you are looking for that long, lean dancer body, this is the class for you.

HATHA YOGA - Hatha Yoga is very gentle in its approach and therefore, not as strenuous as the other practiced forms of yoga. Because of its innate gentle nature, this format is perfect for those who cannot meet the demands of physically straining ZUMBA – Latin-inspired, this popular dance fitness class will have exercises. It’s perfect for all levels. you sweating in minutes. Get lost in the music and enjoy the energetic atmosphere while you work your cardio and tone head MIXXED® - MIXXED FIT® is a people-inspired dance fitness to toe. program that incorporates explosive dancing and boot camp toning. Typically set to nightclub hits, this unique and easy YOGA – There are many types, from relaxed and slow to the to follow class will help you burn max calories and sweat while more advanced. Soft music and a certified instructor will help having fun.  you stretch, strengthen, and invigorate the mind, body, and soul. Practice at your own pace, great for all levels. Namaste! PILOXING® - PILOXING uniquely blends two of the industry’s most powerful and timeless disciplines of Pilates and boxing, CARDIO BARRE – This is a fun, high-energy, no-impact exercise PILOXING adds a third element of dance into this high-energy that combines barre work and light weights with continual fat interval workout. This dynamic program moves through heartburning motion. Toning and resistance exercises will target the pumping, powerful boxing combinations to sculpting and butt, legs, torso and arms to sculpt muscles and elongate the lengthening Pilates-influenced movement. continued on page 11 . . . appearance of your body.


Celebrating 11 Years! A Dedicated Studio To The Love Of Yoga

Quality and affordable massage services and body treatments on Cape Cod

Specialty Yoga Classes

Specializing in Swedish, Sports and Hot Stone, Cupping and Barefoot Ashiatsu

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The Freight House 844 Webster Street Downtown, Marshfield


Cherie L. Ross Licensed Massage Therapist Graduate of Massage Institute of Cape Cod

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Be Balanced!

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Beawell Acupressure Therapy & Yoga Natural Remedies Massage

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Francesca Whalin L.M.T. Polarity Licensed Massage Therapist 781.789.7189 Frankie.whalin@gmail.com


STEP & SCULPT – Mix together a great step workout and intense muscle conditioning using weights, then finish with core toning. 

without stressing or straining your joints. Perfect class for all levels of fitness!

ROW & SCULPT – Target all major muscle groups, boost that metabolism, and tone your entire body! Alternating rowing intervals with sculpting exercises in a timed interval format will make for the perfect blend of cardio and strength training.

CARDIO – Get your heart rate up moving to aerobic movement. Strength conditioning will keep you healthy and relaxing stretching will calm your body and mind.

ROW & CORE – This will target all aspects of the core and improves your endurance. Alternating rowing intervals with a variety of mat based ab exercises will burn calories and build core strength. 

CLUB CALIENTE - Looking to spice up your current dance fitness experience? Join in on this motivating, fun, and energetic dance based PARTY. With multiple genres of music such as Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Dancehall, Nightclub hits and more, you wont want to stop moving to these easy to follow routines. Leave class feeling extra spicy!

ROW & RIDE – Merging two of your favorites: cycle and indoor rowing. You will burn through calories while lengthening and toning a variety of muscles.


. . . continued from page 10

Since November of 2014 my passion as the Group Fitness Director for Fit Factory has been to build our clubs Group Fitness Program by creating class formats, hiring and training instructors, preparing events and actively teaching classes. As a mother of 3, I am so blessed to share fitness with my family, Fit Factory members & colleagues. I strive to develop a team culture, assist members with their goals and expanding our Group Programing. Come visit us and jump into a class with me!

GENTLE FLOW YOGA – Gentle yoga is a yoga style which as itname suggests, is very gentle in its approach and therefore, not as strenuous as the other practiced forms of yoga. Because of its innate gentle nature, this format is perfect for those who cannot meet the demands of physically straining exercises. FIT FOR LIFE – Total body conditioning that will keep you active and healthy. Move at your own pace while increasing strength, improving mobility, and boosting your cardiovascular system

en of Wisdo om m W

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Akashic fields of energy to become your rewarding career as a Professional Holistic Practitioner Certification School of Earth Medicine Shaman  I & II Alignment Certification I & II own spiritual authority. Hypnotherapist. Angel All inclusive. With Katie Malloy Ramaci With Tom Onagazi Frederick With Katie Malloy Ramaci Angel Alignment Certification Holistic Practitioner Certification Blends & utilizes energy work, elemental Strengthen your unique relationship with Strengthen your divine With Katie Malloy Ramaci Katie Malloy Ramaci healing, vibrational healing andWith a variety Mother Earth. Learn Woptura teachings from connection for healing & angel messagBlends & utilizes energy work, elemental Strengthen your Divine Connection for of modalities to heal your life. Includes theBecome Lakota ing. Become Earthhealing Angel, planting and Angel Messaging. anTradition, identify your spiritual healing, vibrational healing and aan variety Reiki I & II. Offering CEUs. Earth Angel planting seeds of joy. of modalities to heal yourof life. direction & shamanic path. seeds joy!

Holistic Professional School of Animal Communication I & II With Karen Daley With Katie Malloy Ramaci Hypnotherapy Certification Learn how to increase communication Step into MasteryWith with advanced tools & Ramaci With Katie Malloy Ramaci With Karen Daley Katie Malloy skills, speak with animals living and in techniques to expand your talent Step into Mastery with advanced tools Learn how Intensive program prepares spirit, talkyou with for an animal higher self, do to increase communication skills, exponentially, build a Professional & techniques to expand your talent mini-readings and more. speak with animals living and in spirit, talk Holistic Practice. a rewarding career as a Professional exponentially, build a Professional Holistic Hypnotherapist. with an animal’s higher self, do mini-readings School of Earth Medicine Shaman Advanced Holistic Professional All inclusive. Practice. Includes Reiki Master/Teacher & Malloy Certification IACT. and more. Tom Onagazi Frederick With Katie Ramaci throughWith Shamballa 1-4. Offering CEUs. Take your Holistic Profession & clients to Strengthen your unique relationship with Mother Earth. Learn Woptura teachings a much deeper level of healing. Learn School of Mediumship With Akashic from the Lakota Tradition, identify yourSoul Mastery With Nancy Smith I - IV Mastery, work with inner Advanced Holistic ProfessionalKaruna® Learn Rita Berkowitz I & II spiritual direction & shamanic path.new protocols for accessing the child, shadow parts and more. With Katie Malloy Ramaci Akashic  fields of energy for self healing, In this intensive program, learn WomenofWisdomInc.com womnwisdom@verizon.net Take your Holistic Profession & clients to a how to communicate with increased creativity and become your own the spirit (508)230-3680 118 Washington St,get North Easton, MA much deeper level of healing. Learn Holy world and develop spiritual authority. your skills to Fire III Karuna® RMT work with inner child, the most information from a single shadow parts and more. NEW! School of Wicca - Explore more communicator. about nature, energy, magick and WomenofWisdomInc.com womenofwisdominc@gmail.com yourself! Build the foundation for Wiccan (508)230-3680 118 Washington St, North Easton, MA 02356 life, with a variety of practices. 


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Finding Your Life Purpose

by Rhys Thomas

What is your life purpose? Does anybody really know for sure? We are taught that everyone has a life purpose, and will find it through some kind of work or service to others or God, and that we should know what it is by the time we are adults. So as adults we are forever embarrassed that we really have no clue what our life purpose is. And even those of use who have found suitable careers that showcase our personal strengths know in our hearts that we are so much more than our job or family or station in life.

What do we really know about what a life purpose is? It may be easier to look at a few of the more popular ways people try to find meaning in life, and why they are not even close to a guarantee of success and happiness.

As children we are asked, “What are you going to be when you grow up?” and we answer by picking a career that represents what we think our “Life Purpose” should be based on how we have been programmed by our parents and society to think. Boys often will say Fireman, Scientist, Professional Athlete or Businessman and would never say Hairdresser, and girls will often say Mother, Nurse, Veterinarian, Musician and rarely say Businesswoman. This archaic programming starts us all out on the wrong foot. Choosing a life purpose by pleasing parents and culture works for very few since we all are here to contribute something no one else has ever seen.

• Then there is having perfect health and fitness . Though being fit gives life more choices, whenever we are sick or when we get old and start breaking down we become failures to our life purpose. A life purpose is for life (duh!)

• Highest on the list is job or career. Even thought we all think that if we just had the right job, that paid more and gave us more vacation time and financial security, it could then be our life purpose, it won’t. What we do for work cannot be for external reasons alone.

• Soulmates and Twin Flames are often life purpose motivators. Though generally closer to a real purpose than the others since the heart is involved, it is very difficult to have any purpose that rests primarily in the hands and investment of another. Soulmate contracts can be of varying durations. continued on page 15 . . .

Clarity of Heart

• Breathing • Stretching • Opening • Awakening • • Calming• Balancing • Moving • Stilling • Relaxing • Letting go • Letting be • Feeling free & at peace • • Being in the Present Moment •


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The Martha’s Vineyard Healing Retreat Fern Ross Israel MA LMHC RYT

June 21 - 23, 2019

Group Classes • Individual Sessions brings 30 years of devoted practice and • Specialty Workshops • experience to the sacred art of yoga & • Hospital Programs meditation. As a mind-body therapist, Studio located in Milton Fern’s compassionate presence assists people flowingchi@comcast.net through difficult life transitions with a multi-dimensional approach to healing. www.heartcenteredhealing.org

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617. 913.1810

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• And then there is raising children and being a mother or father. Again, this is great heart work and conscious parenting is a key in making the generational changes we need on this planet, if you ask any parent, the challenges and the reward are massive, but exhaustion usually wins.

If everything is actually illusion, what is left to form a life purpose out of?

• Higher knowledge, Masters, PhD can be a life purpose. Getting higher education degrees or being a genius of higher knowledge or philosophy also has its drawbacks when we realize that what you know and learn today will likely be not only be wrong tomorrow, but will likely be laughed at in it’s silliness. Remember these? “The world is flat”, “Space is made up of the ether,” “Illness is a demon that can be sucked out with a large blood sucking leach, or two.” “Let’s terrorize the world to stop terrorism” These all represented spectacular blunders in thinking. No matter how much proof you think you have, your ideas are just research towards truth, not “the truth.”

If dictionaries operated in present time, when you looked up “Life Purpose” there would be a mirror. The simple truth is that you are your life purpose. This logic is inescapable. How could your life purpose be outside of your inner experience of it? If you are a sales person in a job that you have gotten bored of, but your boss comes in and tells you that you are the best and most natural salesperson she has ever seen, does her opinion make it any more your life purpose? Of course not.

• Spiritual or Yogic or Buddhist practice or Religious practice can be a very attractive life purpose. As we aspire to love more and commune with the divine and live an ideal life, is constantly be thrown off balance by your daily life, work, family and children. The mundane will not be silenced by a meditation practice. There are, of course, a million reasons that every conceivable life purpose is what the Buddha would call “Illusion.” Anything that we attach our happiness to that is outside of us cannot by its nature be your life purpose. They are material in nature, or a mental construct that have built within them a level of entropy that eventually collapses back on itself.



The key element of knowing your life purpose is to be able to feel it. Every one of the above examples could be your life purpose in any given moment, but you will have to feel it in your cells, not know it in your head. To find your life purpose you need to “Know Thyself” as the Oracle at Delphi admonishes. The basic problem lies in that you are a spectacular mystery not only to others but your self. To set out on this journey to your individual purpose with 7.5 billion other people trying to find their unique life purpose as well, you will need a really good map. A map of your self. SO HOW DO YOU START? . . .

continued on page 16 . . .

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. . . continued from page 14


. . . continued from page 15

Well. . . it may be good to know that there are only 5 spiritual purposes on planet Earth that all 7.5 billion people are divided up into. Whew! Now you just have to pick from five, not 7.5 billion. The five are so obvious we miss them. They are to be a Leader, or an achiever, for a caretaker, or a lover, or a creative person. Those are the human life purposes. I call them the 5 Life Purpose Profiles. In my book Discover Your Purpose published by Tarcher/ Penguin I go into depth on how to choose, not which one you want to be, but remember, which one you have always been since birth. The key to your life purpose is knowing that your purpose is who you are not what you do. When you learned the rules of being a boy or a girl and the language and behaviors of your parents, you learned that your life was a doing not a “being.” The 5 Life Purpose Profiles are the missing link in that would make all of the above possible life purpose actually your purpose. It isn’t the work you do, or the family you raise, or your fitness level, or the soulmate you find, or your doctorate, or even your spiritual practice, it is the person and the soul quality you bring to it. The 5 Life Purpose Profiles are the five ways that soul expresses itself through your human bodies and minds. Finding that deepest purpose within you calls you to a career not a job, it create a supportive and loving family, attracts many levels of soulmate, let you feel how to best feed and take care of yourself to live an optimal life, and ultimately becomes your curriculum to god who only wants

one thing, for you to live your purpose and not be swayed by the shiny objects in life. Cool right? The five soul qualities we call • The Creative Idealist–who represents the highest and most creative thinkers • The Emotional Intelligence Specialist–who represents the feelers and are the most empathic and gentlest people • The Team Player–who represents the caretakers and are those who love being supportive to others in everything they do • The Knowledgeable Achiever–who represents the organizers and achievers through knowledge and who see the big picture and who master and successfully complete tasks • The Charismatic Leader/ Charmer–who represents the leaders and are people who are willing to take the risks to lead others and fight for the cause’s worth fighting for or use their charisma and charm or cleverness to inspire others to live more fully Finding your purpose. There is no time like the present and it is never too late to find your purpose. You can take the profile quiz in the book or free on my website, www.RhysThomasInstitute.com, or you can simply roll back to your childhood to a time that you were just playing and did not have a care in the world. Back then before you decided to be who you are supposed to be, you knew who you are. Which of those 5 came through you the most in the games you played, the fantasies you had, and the way you felt deep in your heart. That is beginning of remembering your purpose not finding it! Rhys Thomas is a visionary author, speaker, trainer, and coach in the personal growth and energy mastery field. Founder of the Rhys Thomas Institute and the creator of the Rhys Method®, a powerful system self-discovery, transformation, and healing. Author of the International Best Selling book, “Discover Your Purpose: How To Use The 5 Life Purpose Profiles To Unlock Your Hidden Potential And Live The Life You Were Meant To Live.“ His Rhys Method is taught exclusively at the Rhys Thomas Institute, through the Rhys Thomas Coaching Programs, and through his products and on-line programs. www.rhysthomasinstitute.com


Solution focused individual or couples sessions to develop therapeutic options to assist in creating the life that serves you well.

Life and Career Coaching

617.921.0869 www.marykayduffy.com

MaryKay Duffy M.S., M.Ed., L.M.H.C.

Find Your Balance 16

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LOVE YOUR LIFE CENTER OF PLYMOUTH Life gets busy! You’re juggling lots of things in all areas of your life.

Isn’t it about time you make space in your busy schedule for YOU?

Genie Lee Perron ICF credentialed coach, bestselling author, owner of Love Your Life Center of Plymouth, Host of the Love Your Life Show on InFlow Radio, Licensed Heal Your Life Teacher.

Genie studied personally with Louise Hay, Cheryl Richardson, Dave Buck, Summer McStravick and Dr Patricia Crane. Offering Life-Changing Workshops and Groups.

Offering fun, empowering, life-changing workshops and classes. We believe that healing, growth and empowerment begins with self-love. Learning to love yourself is a foundation of all we do at the Love Your Life Center. When you love yourself, you take good care of yourself. And . . . you’re not meant to walk this path alone. The Center is a place for you to meet other like-minded people. People just like you, who are looking to be heard, to be supported, to be respected and to be there for others. Genie has been interested in holistic healing and the deep connection between mind, body and spirit for as long as she can remember. As a cancer survivor, Genie knows that healing the body is only one step towards lasting health and wellness. We also need to quiet the mind and nourish the soul. A diagnosis of leukemia followed closely by the death of her parents and then a divorce, led Genie to realize that some inner work was needed to turn her life around. Louise Hay’s book, “You Can Heal Your Life” was an integral part of Genie’s return to health, happiness and a general love of life. When we change our thoughts we do, indeed, change our lives. Genie infuses her workshops with a passion for life, learning and teaching. Her hope is to share the tools that helped her to create a joyous life with others so that they can use this tried and true philosophy to create healthy, happy and fulfilling lives too!

Genie Lee Perron & Louise Hay

CALL TODAY to schedule a call with Genie or general questions 774.413.5695 Check out our schedule online or send an email genie@genieleeperron.com www.genieleeperron.com Find us on our Facebook pages www.facebook.com/genieleeperro www.facebook.com/HealYourLifeCenterofPlymouth

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Founded with the mission of becoming a world leader in scientific advancements, delivering nutritional supplements through water-based beverages, HYDRO ONE is led by internationally-acclaimed scientists working in conjunction with world-class athletes.

HYDRO ONE THE PEOPLE BEHIND THE INNOVATION “As a doctor and scientist, I’m passionate about helping people lead healthier lives.” Dr. Babak Baban, Ph.D., MBA, FAHA-Founder

“The science of creating healthful drinks has an impact in the real world every day.” Dr. Mark Fields, Ph.D., MPH -Co-Founder

“As a former professional athlete and coach, I appreciate the science behind hydration and its impact on performance.” Sammy Nasrollahi CEO, Co-Founder

REVd®: A REVOLUTION IN THE CATEGORY Innovation in a bottle, REVd® is an all-natural drink with 10 essential vitamins and minerals. It contains Cinnulin PF (cinnamon extract), which aids in the uptake of insulin and helps in the management of diabetes. REVd® has zero sugar, carbohydrates, sodium, or caffeine. It’s approved by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) for meal planning. Rev up your daily routine with a super healthy drink that benefits your body. The only drink with a US patent for diabetics in the nation!

BÖDE SPORT®: THE MOVE IS ON Ideal for people with an active lifestyle, this super low-calorie sports drink hydrates as well as restores electrolytes, carbohydrates, and other nutrients. It contains CoQl0 and D-Ribose to help support muscle recovery, as well as B6 Guarana Seed Extract to promote energy. If you’re passionate about taking care of your body, then BÖDE SPORT® is for you.

TRÜE GREEN TEA®: GREEN MEANS GO TRÜE is the only natural green tea with the FDA Claim, Heart Choice seal and Alpha-GPC. It was formulated to help reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol, boost and optimize brain function, and manage weight. It contains healthy plant sterols and has zero sugar. TRÜE SUGAR FREE GREEN TEA® is an awesome way to boost your energy and your brain.

Natural • Zero or no sugar • Super low calorie • Gluten-free

Natural • Zero or738-9287 no sugar • Super low calorie • Gluten-free (888) www.hydroonebeverages.com (888) 738-9287 www.hydroonebeverages.com www.myhealthylivingmag.com 

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by Sammy Nasrollahi

Years ago, while visiting a friend’s father at the VA in Washington, DC, I noticed a sign written in large letters that was posted on the walls at intervals where it would be easily noticed. The posters reminded residents and visitors alike that “Even mild dehydration can cause symptoms such as confusion that can appear to be dementia. Weakness or feeling light headed can cause falls. Remember to drink!” As we age, so does the signal our brain sends to remind us to drink. It’s especially important that older persons with health issues or who are on medications remember to stay hydrated. While the message is out there, most people aren’t that fond of just drinking plain water, and the marketplace is filled with water based drinks to entice us into consuming the fluid we need to stay hydrated. Unfortunately, not all of those drinks give the healthy hydration we seek, but are filled with additional ingredients that we may not want to consume. We know that the body needs some sugar, but the amount of sugar in our food and drinks is startling, and many products that we don’t think are sweet have sugar listed in the ingredients. Not surprisingly, this overload of sugars has contributed to the growing number of diabetics and pre-diabetics in the U.S. According to a reportCdc-pdf by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 100 million U.S. adults are now living with diabetes or prediabetes. The report finds that as of 2015, 30.3 million Americans – 9.4 percent of the U.S. population –have diabetes. Another 84.1 million have prediabetes, a condition that if not treated often leads to type 2 diabetes. While the majority of drinks that are marketed to consumers contain either large quantities of sugar or artificial sweeteners, artificial colors and flavors, preserves and emulsifiers, there are alternatives if you look. In South Carolina, where the top selling drinks are best known for their high sugar and caffeine levels, Hydro One Premium Beverages has been making natural, functional beverages since 2006. Hydro One, LLC is the first and only company to have a U.S. patented beverage designed to help with diabetes, to help regulate high blood sugar and high blood pressure. REVd, their Flagship product, is a great tasting drink that can be enjoyed by anyone of any age even if they don’t have diabetes. It is formulated with different natural ingredients that help regulate blood sugar which is extremely important for diabetics; frequent fluctuation of blood sugar causes damage to cellular structure. Also, diabetics are prone to lower

levels of some specific vitamins and minerals, and REVd helps replenish those that are commonly found to be low, such as B Vitamins. REVd is gluten free and available in Pineapple Mango and Blueberry Pomegranate. Internationally recognized registered dietitian Ashley Koff, CEO of The Better Nutrition Program has given REVd her coveted seal of approval.

Hydro One Premium Beverages also makes a sports drink, BÖDE (body) Sport, that is safe for diabetics to drink. Natural and gluten free, BÖDE Sport Lemon Lime and Black Cherry Grape electrolyte drinks have one third the sodium and sugar but three times the potassium of most popular sports drinks. The twelve grams of sugar in the 16 ounces bottles is natural cane sugar. The mix of vitamins and minerals include Co-Q10 and D-Ribose for muscle recovery. The unique formula helps prevent athletes from cramping and keeps them hydrated longer. TRÜE Sugar Free Green Tea is a refreshing tea that can be served cold or hot. It is the only green tea that has an FDA Claim for heart health because it is made with plant sterols that help lower cholesterol levels. The formula also contains Alpha-GPC, which boosts brain function and helps with memory and learning skills. Because Alpha-GPC helps cell communication, it helps improve muscle function and is a fat metabolizer. Another drink that diabetics can safely enjoy, it also helps with weight management. Sammy Nasrollahi, CEO, CO-Founder. -Sammy has over 38 years of sales and marketing leadership, while owning and operating a number of businesses. He has held many local and regional positions of leadership and is heavily involved in the Greenwood, SC community. For instance, his 28 years spent as a soccer coach led him to sell a line of healthy beverages he felt his team needed. Sammy has been active in the community, previously serving as president of the Uptown Greenwood Development Community. Sammy was a professional soccer player with the Chicago Pampas FC when they won the NSL Championship and he was named a member of the 1984 Chicago All Star Team. For more information about Hydro One Premium Beverages see www.hydroonebeverages.com and on Facebook Hydro One Premium Beverages.


Searching for Healthy Hydration


The EMF Crisis;

Protecting Yourself in a 5G World

by Ilene Cohn Reichman

We are living in an amazing time, but also in an era where it is impossible to avoid and function without “WIFI” technology. With the advent of smart phones and now the faster moving 5G (not permitted in Europe because of the harm to its citizens), we must shield ourselves from the dangers of Electromagnetic Frequencies (“EMFs”) that are emitted by these miraculous devices.

Fortunately, Neodymium magnets - rare earth magnets, provide necessary insulation. Neodymium magnets (with at least 3000 gauss) ground our own energy and close off our energy frequencies so that these EMFs,-negative, harmful frequencies from our cell phones, computers, WIFI, fluorescent lighting and cell phone towers, do not weaken us. Unlike ineffective man- made ceramic magnets found in most so- called protective “phone chips”, neodymium magnets, mined from the earth, last for at least 40,000 years.

Anxiety, insomnia, depression, skin disorders, and even brain cancers are a sad side effect of unprotected use of this technology. Recent studies have shown that absorption of EMFs are now having an mutative effect on our DNA, Protect yourself, your family and your fur- babies from harm perhaps affecting future generations. with use of these rare earth magnets. Our bodies are in constant movement, comprised of oscillating vibrations of energy. Each cell, every tissue and organ in the body and even the body itself,- move, like music, to their own frequency or vibration.

Ilene Cohn Reichman, attorney, nutritionist, personal and business development coach, author, advanced clearing practitioner and the founder of Cohn Leadership. She leads health and wellness, personal development and public speaking workshops for individuals and corporate groups. Her passion is helping humans and fur- babies protect themselves from EMFs, with magnetude jewelry. www.tudegirl.com


10% OFF

There’s a fine balance between what’s best for your landscape and what’s best for your family. This is why Aspenn Environmental Services of New England is proud to be an industry leader in the use of ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE products for outdoor pest control, tree and shrub spraying and injecting. Applications control LYME DISEASE TICKS, FLEAS, CATERPILLARS, ADELGIDS, and hundreds of other pests that can DAMAGE LANDSCAPE or HARM KIDS and PETS.

Visit the Plant Health Care Professionals at www.treeandlawncare.com Call (888) 418-BUGS GET THEM BEFORE THEY GET YOU! 18

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Sleep Number Plymouth 51 Commerce Way Unit B1 Plymouth, MA 02360 (508) 273-8280 www.sleepnumber.com


by Melissa Smith Honen

Add your favorite superfoods to your bowl of Bone Broth to make a powerful, healthy hearty masterpiece! 

It is a healing elixir that restores vital amino acids and helps to rebuild gut health. It helps to hydrate and it is a great way to boost our immune system. KEEP THESE CRITERIA IN MIND WHEN SELECTING YOUR BONE BROTH 1. 100% grass fed, grass finished bones. 2. 100% grain free 3. Made with organic vegetables. 4. Sourced from the highest quality farms where the farmers master and practice the art of pasture-raised animals. 

•Garlic for the anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties

•Turmeric-for the anti-inflammatory spice

•Ginger – for the immune boost

•Spinach for the nutrients and fiber 

•Avocado for the healthy fat


Ginger Lemon Turmeric Bone Broth Latte

INGREDIENTS 8 to 12 oz of Bone Broth 1 to 3 tsps of ginger (fresh is best) 1 to 2 tablespoons of turmeric ½ to 1 tablespoon of coconut oil (or grass fed butter or ghee) Dash of cracked pepper Dash of pink salt Squeeze of a half of a lemon *optional dash of cayenne pepper

INSTRUCTIONS Over medium heat on stove top heat the bone broth in sauce pan. Whisk in the turmeric, ginger, salt, pepper, and lemon. Remove from heat and add the coconut oil. Blend on medium until frothy and creamy. Pour into a mug and serve hot. Enjoy!

Providing Personal Health and Nutritional Counseling

Good Health Natural Foods South Shore’s Natural Grocer since 1978

• Organic & Non-GMO Groceries • Clean Health & Beauty Products • Gluten-Free & Vegan Foods * Raw Foods • Pure Fish Oils & Super Greens • 100% Certified Organic Produce • Knowledgeable Associates • Prepared Foods by: To Dine For, Sepal; Produce

Stacey Richmond, RD, LDN KIND EATING Integrative Nutrition Therapy Mindful Eating Workshops and Retreats Kingston and Cape Cod (508) 362-1221 stacey@kindeating.com www.kindeating.com


Chris and Melissa Honen, owners of The Hale Bone Broth (Avery, daughter 5 seen in the pic)  We have always always had a passion for health and fitness but we were  missing a critical part in terms of  replenishing  the nutrients our bodies needed.   We were looking for a way to help recover  faster and refuel from the day to day workouts, and  physical demands of living a busy active life. The Hale was also a result of us trying to approach the aging process head on. The answer was bone broth.  www.thehalelife.com

In-Store Demos weekly

Manager, Dan’s Organic, All Natural Salads & Wraps; and Nique’s Vegan Desserts . . . available in Quincy

1630 Hancock Street, Quincy 617.773.4925 • 219 Columbia Road, Hanover 781.826.0808 www.goodhealthnaturalfood.com Open 7 Days

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Bone Broth has Been Around for Centuries

Energy Artist Julia




Julia’s company is dedicated to bringing authentic, channeled energy art and jewelry, of the highest quality and spiritual vibration to the universe. Energy art and jewelry items are created with loving care in a positive spiritual environment at her studio in the high mountains of Colorado near Vail, CO. All items are personally blessed by Julia herself.

Theta Healing Tree Energy Artist Julia’s mission is to bring positive energies, thoughts and feelings to as many people as possible though energy channeled art and jewelry with the intent of raising the spiritual vibration of our planet, and beyond. Her beautiful and inspiring artwork is truly in harmony with that divine power within you.

"I created this painting by focusing on the energy of a story and vision of a powerful Florida theta healer and this is not my story or vision. Rather it is a painting where I channeled Jimmy Mack's energy and vision, a vision I believe in. I believe the tree represents the tree of life in a divine form revealing the energy of the creator, and infinite connections in all of his/her glory. We see the tree, are mesmerized by its beauty, then continued on page 21 . . .

Holistic Healing Practitioners Tybee Acupuncture TYBEE MARRUZZI, MS, LICAC, DIPLAC, DIPLCH Acupuncture and

Chinese Herbal Medicine. As we move from winter to spring, our bodies must work overtime adjusting to the unpredictable weather! Seasonal allergens can trigger an immune response that causes inflammation. My patients with MS find allergic reactions can also temporarily exacerbate disease symptoms and use acupuncture to strengthen their immune system and reduce inflammation! 164 CJC Highway, Cohasset, MA 02025 781.383.8877 www.tybeeacupuncture.com

Energy Healing

COURTNEY CHAMPAGNE Using energy from universal source, I will work with your energy field to alleviate stress, purify chakras, ease illness, disease and grief. It simply requires those receiving treatment to be open and accepting of the loving, gentle energy. I am a certified reiki master and teacher with a passion for all that positive energy can accomplish. In addition to reiki services and certifications, I offer remote sessions by appointment. Humorme@ccthemystic on FB. humormereiki@gmail.com 781.724.1112.


Heart Light Therapies BARBARA BARKER

Integrative Holistic Practitioner. Massage, Reiki, Energy Work, IET, Essential Oils, CIH, Energy Scans. Relax on the AMETHYST BIOMAT with infrared heat penetrating deeply to sooth tired muscles while using Essential Oils, Massage and Reiki to restore inner Balance and Peace! www.facebook.com/HeartLightTherapies bgb4477@aol.com 781.585.6292

Psychic Medium EMMA PHANEUF

Intuitive advisor for the past 34 years, Emma is a gifted psychic, medium, and channel. Has worked in the corporate sector with a highlight including helping an oil tycoon land a multi-million oil deal! Tarot cards, numerology, Runes, crystals, palmistry, are used to help people gain a better understanding of themselves and the world. Help with relationships, family, fertility, finding a job, investments, and the human condition! 857.526.5021 www.emmaphaneuf.com

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realize we actually are the tree, stretching from heaven to earth, rooted both in this world and the next.

its wonders, speaking of both introspection and vast possibilities.

By focusing on the tree - focusing on you being one with it, you connect through your subconscious to a divine energetic matrix where your thoughts manifest reality in both worlds. Through your beliefs, you are in control, whether or not you believe it, but only when you do believe it. By embracing the divine energy of the tree of life, you gain control of your future. "

There are no coincidences. If you are seeing this, you have been chosen to receive these amazing abilities. Just stare into his eyes and feel the powers of heaven and earth move inside you in new, strange and wonderful ways. You now have the power and confidence of the jaguar to take on whatever life throws your way.

Angel of Patience Positive Energy

Jaguar Spirit Energy Jaguar

spirit visits you in your dreams, bringing you strength to face anything, giving you the ability to adapt to change and giving you the foresight to see what is coming in the future, to shape and mold its path, just like you did for the civilizations of South and Middle America. This image incorporates the energies of day and of night jaguar, much like yin and yang. Day jaguar is of the light and things bright, looking forward and of Yang energy. Night jaguar lights the fires that fill the stars with light, and all

This stunning energy channeled image transmits to you the blessing and virtue of patience through one of the creator's holy, divine beings.

By focusing on this angel, you will find yourself more balanced and less irritable, improving your relationships, spiritual health and sense of well-being. Feel her energies reach out now and improve your mood in every way.


Comprehensive Nutrition Analysis and Counseling • Chinese Medicine Constitutional Assessment • Food Intolerance Testing Bio-Individualized Dietary & Natural Supplement Programs • Homeopathy Hair Mineral Analysis • Light and Sound Therapies Color Therapy / Chakra Balancing • Detoxification Programs • Holistic Fertility

Joel S. Price, Ph.D.

Kerry O’Rourke, RN, MS

Natural Health Specialist

Holistic Nurse

Find us on Facebook @joelpricenutritionist To Schedule An Appointment Please Call Us


cell: 781.690.9667


210 Winter Street, Suite 301 Weymouth, MA 02188



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EBB & FLOW WELLNESS™ Find Your Inner Rhythm with our Tribe  Beth McLacklan Emily Berroa-Teixeira Rachel Boncek Lisa Cohen Stephanie Teixeira Lynn Corrigal Xueli Hawes Felicia Grant Linda Iamele Traci Lapanna Lynn Laporte Deborah Levine Chris Michaud Kimberley Pennock Krysta Pitney Lori Walsh Jes Wilder

Skin Care, Massage, Body Treatments, Alternative Health Healing Therapies, Skin Care, Yoga, Teacher Trainings, Meditation, card readings, Reiki, Reflexology, Events and Specialty Workshops. 211 Onset Avenue Onset, MA, 02558


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What is CBD and how does it work?

by Spencer Davidson

CBD. WHAT IS IT? Where does it come from? How is it used? Why is my friend's dog taking it? Can it be beneficial to me? These are all great and common questions we get. We will do our best to explain things in a way that is easy to

understand and give you a brief overview of CBD and how it works within the body. So, let’s dive right into it. CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a non-psychoactive phytocannabinoid found within

the hemp plant. In other words, CBD will not get you high. CBD has significant medical benefits and is becoming increasingly popular among the medical community because it provides a natural and safe remedy to a wide range of ailments. Patients and healthconscious individuals are running toward CBD instead of other pharmaceuticals because of its lack of side effects and natural, holistic benefits for a variety of conditions: While this is not a comprehensive list of conditions one could benefit from CBD, it is certainly a great starting point, and there is scientific research behind every condition mentioned above. So how does CBD work to benefit those struggling from these conditions? First, we must talk about the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a major system within thesystem or the nervous system. Some researchers even consider the ECS the most important physiological system involved in establishing and maintaining human health. So, you may be naturally wondering--if this system is so important, why has it taken so long to learn about it? This is a great question. We have actually known about the ECS for 25 years, after it was first discovered in the 1990's by L.A. Mastuda. Dr. Mastuda was studying how THC affected the body and during his research he discovered this complex network of cannabinoid receptors- CB1 and CB2. These endocannabinoid receptors are the most abundant neuromodulatory receptors in the body. These receptors can be found in the brain, organs, connective tissues, glands, and immune cells.

continued on page 23. . .


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The ECS performs different functions but is ultimately responsible for maintaining homeostasis within our body. In other words, the ECS helps the body maintain its balance and ensure our other systems are functioning properly. Balance is crucial to maintaining proper health. When we get sick, it is from a disruption in this balance. A damaged ECS can lead to Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency, which is responsible for many of the above disorders and conditions. The ECS and cannabinoids also allow communication and coordination between different cell types. For example, when you get an injury, cannabinoids decrease the release of activators and sensitizers from the injured tissue, stabilize the nerve cells to prevent excessive firing, and calm nearby immune cells to prevent the release of pro-inflammatory substances. While there is still a lot of research to be done, one thing is clear--a functional ECS is essential for our health.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the ECS, let’s look at how CBD interacts with this system to better our health. Unlike synthetic pharmaceuticals, CBD Oil may contain dozens or even hundreds of different cannabinoids and terpenes (other molecules within the cannabis plant), all of which work together holistically to produce beneficial medical effects with little to no side effects. CBD Oil containing these cannabinoids and terpenes helps maintain homeostasis using the receptors found within the ECS. By providing your body with more CBD, you are restoring balance to your health. This increase in CBD provides therapeutic effects, support the ECS and enhances its signaling, reestablishing homeostasis. { CBD is an incredible botanical found within the hemp plant and offers a variety of benefits }

Remove the core restrictions and the body returns to its relaxed, balanced, healthy state. He has developed a unique therapy that focuses on listening to the body, identifying the trouble areas, and intuitively responding to its needs. Unlike traditional chiropractic and physical therapy methods which emphasize routine manipulation of the symptomatic body part, Ian utilizes a distinctive approach by incorporating techniques like Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation and other forms of soft tissue release. This is what he refers to as “Light Touch” therapy. This diverse blend provides a patient with a therapy flexible enough to address many causes of the symptoms.


{ CB1 and CB2 receptors are abundant throughout the body, which allow us to benefit from CBD Oil }

continued on page 24. . .

Holistic Integrative Physical Therapy Ian L. Rubinstein, M.P.T., M.R., owner of Eclectic Physical Therapy™, has over 25 years experience helping thousands of patients with their physical discomforts. He has created an integrative style of therapies, combining manual soft tissue release techniques with traditional physical therapy. This not-so-typical intervention has proven key to addressing his patients’ many states of “dis—ease”. Ian’s specialties include, but are not limited to: Neck/ Back Pain, Concussions, Headaches/Migraines, Bulging/ Herniated Discs, Pinched Nerves, Tendonitis/Bursitis, TMJ Dysfunctions, Fibromyalgia. Experience has taught Ian that under physical duress, restrictions develop that cause an individual’s body tissues to feel restricted, burdened, and/or “dis—eased”.


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“ Listen to the body, address its core issues, and let it perform the corrective releases it already knows how to do.”

… the therapy is covered by insurance.

Eclectic Physical Therapy™

NEW LOCATION 320 Washington Street (2nd Floor) Norwell, MA 02061 Approximately 1 mile north of the Exit 13 interchange of Route 3 Phone: (508) 246-4233 Fax: (888) 886-7841 Eclecticphysicaltherapy.com

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Are You Having Trouble Controlling The Way You Eat? You are not alone. Today, there is a solution.

Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous offers FREE INFORMATION SESSION! Come to a community information meeting open to anyone suffering from overeating, under-eating, and bulimia. Everyone is welcome, including those who think they may have a food problem or are concerned about someone who may. No dues, fees, or weigh-ins.

Check out our website for a complete schedule! www.foodaddicts.org

{ CBD Receptors are among the most abundant in the body. These receptors help us maintain homeostasis, keeping us healthy and happy. } . . . continued from page 23

beneficial medical effects with little to no side effects. CBD Oil containing these cannabinoids and terpenes helps maintain homeostasis using the receptors found within the ECS. By providing your body with more CBD, you are restoring balance to your health. This increase in CBD provides therapeutic effects, support the ECS and enhances its signaling, reestablishing homeostasis. As mentioned earlier, the ECS is also used to communicate and coordinate between other cell types and body systems. An example of such communication is with serotonin receptors. High concentrations of CBD directly activate the hydroxytryptamine serotonin receptor, causing an anti-anxiety effect. This receptor is also implicated in neurological processes including (but not limited to) anxiety, addiction, sleep, pain perception, nausea, and vomiting. CONCLUSION While we have laid the foundation, this is by no means a comprehensive understanding of how CBD works and interacts with our endocannabinoid system to restore our body to proper working order. We will continue to provide content concerning more in-depth information about these topics but in the mean time we strongly encourage you to perform your own research to get a better understanding of just how this beautiful process works. Pain is not a lifestyle. Take advantage of what CBD has to offer you today. Founder and CEO, Spencer Davidson, created Summit Oils after his younger brother passed away from an opioid overdose to provide an alternative to addictive and dangerous pharmaceuticals. He decided to do this by providing natural healing remedies that provide holistic medicinal benefits to help people stay healthy, happy, and live better.


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Occasional Sleeplessness? Muscle & Joint Discomfort after workouts? Seasonal Threats? Stressful & Anxious Feelings? Hormonal Shifts or other common issues?



Soul Tree Healing Essentials Gwen Kazlouskas-Noyes ~ Yōur Wellness advocate www.mydoterra.com/soultreehealingessentials



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Questions call (508) 951-3188, (508) 317-3724

Are you a food addict?

1. Have you ever wanted to stop eating and found you just couldn’t? 2. Do you find yourself attempting one diet or food plan after another, with no lasting success? 3. Do you binge and then “get rid of the binge” through vomiting, exercise, laxatives, or other forms of purging? 4. Do you eat differently in private than you do in front of other people? 5. Has a doctor or family member ever approached you with concern about your eating habits or weight? 6. Do you eat to escape from your feelings? 7. Have you ever discarded food, only to retrieve and eat it later? 8. Do you eat in secret? 9. Have you ever stolen other people’s food? 10. Have you ever hidden food to make sure you have “enough?” 11. Do you feel driven to exercise excessively to control your weight? 12. Are you waiting for your life to begin “when you lose the weight”?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you may be a food addict.


in recovery anonymous


Marconics is the ‘Evolution of Energy Healing’. Marconics is the ‘Evolution of Energy Healing’.

As we move into the higher light frequencies of the New Age, many are struggling to assimilate these frequencies and anchor them. In order to experience life in the third dimension – in linear time, in density and duality - your soul was phase-locked for the purposes of manifestation on the material plane. Now, as you activate your DNA and learn to overcome that phase locking, you will return to a multidimensional quantum state.

As we move into the higher light frequencies of the New Age, many are struggling to assimilate these frequencies and anchor them. In order to experience life in the third dimension – in linear time, in density and duality - your As Teacher Practitioners, Kueting and Barbara Page were soul Christiana was phase-locked fortrained theby, and maintain ongoing mentorship with, the originator and custodian of Marconics, Alison David purposes manifestation thetheir light and Bird and co-founder Lisa Wilson. of Christiana and Barbara are excitedon to expand share Marconics with the communities of SouthEastern Massachusettes. material plane. Now, as you Contact Barbara at 774-644-6568 : MARCONICS activate your DNA and learn to Christiana at 508-330-4945 :CNETeachers@marconics.com overcome that phase locking, THE CLARION CALL you will return to a multidimensional Marconics is the ‘Evolution of Energy Healing’. quantum state.

As we move into the higher light frequencies of the New Age, many are struggling to assimilate these frequencies and anchor them. In order to experience life in the third dimension – in linear time, in density and duality - your soul was phase-locked for the purposes of manifestation on the material plane. Now, as you activate your DNA and learn to overcome that phase locking, you will return to a multidimensional quantum state.

As Teacher Practitioners, Christiana Kueting and Barbara Page were trained by, and As Teacher Practitioners, Christiana Kueting maintain ongoing mentorship with, the originator and custodian of Marconics, Alison David and Barbara Page were trained by, and maintain Bird and co-founder Lisa Wilson. Christiana and Barbara are excited to expand their light and share Marconics with the communities of SouthEastern Massachusettes. ongoing mentorship with, the originator and Contact Barbara at 774-644-6568 : custodian of Marconics, Alison David Christiana at 508-330-4945 :CNETeachers@marconics.com Bird and co-founder Lisa Wilson. Christiana and Barbara are excited to expand their light and share Marconics with the communities of SouthEastern Massachusettes. Contact Barbara at 774-644-6568 : Christiana at 508-330-4945 : CNETeachers@marconics.com


PROFESSIONAL REFERENCE DIRECTORY A TO Z ACUPRESSURE SANDRA HAWORTH; ENHANCE WELLNESS. RESTORE YOUR INNER BALANCE - Relieve tension and common symptoms. Open awareness. Certified Clinical Acupressure Practitioner, Reiki Master, Holistic Nurse. Lakeville, MA 508.947.4993 www.sandrahaworth.com

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HYPNOSIS TRAINING - SOUTH SHORE HYPNOSIS CENTER PAT MACISAAC. LPN, CMI, DNGH, OB. - Certified Instructor. Learn to HYPNOTIZE Yourself and Others. Fully Accredited Hands-On Training, Texts and Material Included, Certification On Graduation. On rolling admission. Office Established 1989. pat@sshc.net 781-749-9050 www.sshc.net INSPIRATIONAL GIFTS ’JUST BEE & ME’ - Whimsical eco friendly greeting cards, journals, organic cotton B-shirts, onesies & more, all for a “Bee Cause. ” Wholesalers call or fill out an application online. 617.510.8479 www.JustBeeAndMe.com INSPIRATIONAL JEWELRY GILLIAN HURRIE INSPIRED DESIGNS - Jewelry that’s on trend, but with a handmade, artisan touch & emphasis on healing semiprecious stones. 774.313.8662 www.gillianhurrie.com Facebook: Gillian Hurrie Inspired Designs INTEGRATED HEALING PRACTITIONER ALISON HAAS - Physical therapist, energy work, STOTT Pilates certified, EFT/Tapping practitioner, essential oils, crystals, whole health, nutrition, exercise. 781.589.3333 alison@ahaasinspired.com www.ahaasinspired.com INTEGRATED HOLISTIC PRACTITIONER BARBARA BARKER, HEART LIGHT THERAPIES Massage, Reiki, IET, CIH, Biofield Tuning, Energy Work, Energy Scans, AMETHYST BIOMAT, Essential Oils. bgb4477@aol.com 781.585.6292 INTEGRATED HOLISTIC PRACTITIONER VERONICA SCHLEGEL, HOLISTIC PHYSICAL THERAPIST Specializing in Manual Therapy Techniques and Integrative Somatic Movement to help all conditions and ages. 40 yrs experience. 617.639.7383 veronicaschlegelpt@gmail.com INTUITIVE ANGEL READINGS SEA YOUR SOUL; DOTTIE GRANT COHEN - Angel readings, reiki, feng shui, law of attraction, Soul guidance, workshops, home gatherings. 774.454.7979 Dottiegrantcohen@gmail.com www.dottiegrantcohen.com LASER SKIN CARE & HAIR REMOVAL LASERLIGHT SKIN CLINIC PATRICIA FUNDER - Laser Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Anti-aging, and Scar revisions: Your comprehensive laser skin care solutions in a warm and caring environment. 781.871.2224 22 Washington St, Norwell, MA www.laserlightskin.com LASER LASER TRANSFORMATION, MARY O’MALLY - Holistic cold redlight laser treatments. Rejuvenating Face and Neck Lift. Slimming Body Treatments. 302 Broadway unit 8. Raynham, MA 774.501.2432 www.Pmubroadway.com

MASSAGE THERAPY FRANCESCA WHALIN L.M.T. Polarity Licensed Massage Therapist 781.789.7189 Frankie.whalin@gmail.com MATTRESS COMPANY SLEEP NUMBER PLYMOUTH Firmer or softer? With the Sleep Number® bed, you can both adjust to your ideal level of firmness, comfort and support. 51 Commerce Way, Unit B1 Plymouth, MA 508.273.8280 facebook.com/sleepnumber sleepnumberplymouthma@sleepnumber.com www.sleepnumber.com MARTIAL ARTS WHIDDEN SCHOOL OF FITNESS; MASTER ROGER WHIDDEN Gentle Taiji/Qigong, Yoga, Martial Arts. Shiatsu (Oriental Acupressure), Reiki, Yoga, Taiji, & Meditation. 822 Webster St.; Marshfield, MA 781.834.7722 www.whiddenschool.com MINERALS, CRYSTALS, GEMS TOOLSOFTHEHEART.COM; GRANT & RAY CAHILL. Spiritual advice, problem solving, utilizing their spiritual connections with minerals and crystals they sell. 203.892.9454 Toolsfortheheart@gmail.com www.Toolsfortheheart.com MUSICIAN CHRISTINE BULMAN - Offering soulful, relaxing new age and contemporary classical solo piano for your live yoga, spa or cocktail events. 781-291-9162 NATURAL PRODUCTS HYDRO ONE - Nutritional supplements through water-based beverages, HYDRO ONE is led by internationally-acclaimed scientists working in conjunction with world-class athletes. Natural • Zero or no sugar • Super low calorie • Gluten-free 888.738.9287 www.hydroonebeverages.com NATURAL PRODUCTS ANN’S NEEDED NATURALS: ANN MCFARLAND Collection of products infused with essential oils. annsneedednaturals@gmail.com 781.588.7692 Facebook Name: Ann’s Needed Naturals www.annsneedednaturals.com NON TOXIC PRODUCTS PURE HAVEN BY STEPHANIE GUERRIERO. Full line of personal care and household products, WITHOUT harmful chemicals! Skin care, cosmetic, bath, body, and home. stephanie@avamission.com 617.594.6023 www.avamission.com NUTRITION & WELLNESS COACHING NICHOLE RICH. PH.D. BREATHING ROOM YOGA & WELLNESS Nutrition Consultation, Fitness Programming, Life Coaching. Isagenix Nutrition system representative. 508.243.2368 www.breathingroomwellness.com nichole.rich@gmail.com www.NicholeRich.isagenix.com


NUTRITION THERAPY KIND EATING WITH STACEY RICHMOND, RD. - Nutrition Counseling and Mindful Eating Programs/Retreats. Specializing in Disordered Eating. Kingston and West Barnstable offices. 508.362.1221 www.kindeating.com ONCOLOGY AESTHETICIAN LOOKING & FEELING FAB, INC - Holly Brown, LE Oncology Trained Executive Director & Founder. Providing comfort and relief to those suffering with cancer, through integrative therapies, alleviating side effects and improving quality of life. “By appointment only 781.385.9601 holly@lookfeelfab.org www. lookfeelfab.org ORGANIC FOOD DELIVERY HILL’S HOME MARKET - All-Natural, gourmet food No Steroids, No Growth Hormones, No Preservatives or Chemicals. 978-567-1402 www.hillshomemarket.com PERMANENT MAKEUP PERMANENT MAKEUP ON BROADWAY; MARY O’MALLY Specializes in Brows, Eyeliner, Lips & 3D areola reconstruction tattooing. 302 Broadway unit 8 Raynham, MA 02767 774.501.2432 www.Pmubroadway.com PH WATER PH PERFECT LOVE WITH AMY & DAVE PIMENTEL - Highly detoxifying alkaline water machines, PO Box 40862 New Bedford, MA 02744 phperfectlove@gmail.com 508.264.2052 www.Phperfectlove.kangendemo.com PRIVATE AND GROUP SESSIONS CAPE COD CENTER FOR WHOLE HEALTH- Hypnotherapy & NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP). Energy Healing includes; Crystal Healing, Reiki, IET, Sound Healing. 508.539.2885 116 State Road, Sagamore Beach, MA cccwh@comcast.net www.capecodcenterforwholehealth.com PSYCHIC THE STONE LADY: TERRY MILTON. Active in the Psychic Field since 1976. She offers grounded, empowering psychic “Stone Readings. 978.283.7532 Terry@TheStoneLady.net www.TheStoneLady.net RETAIL JEWELRY PURPLE UMBRELLA JEWELRY; DEBBIE WOLF - Unique handmade jewelry representing “many artists under one umbrella” debbie@purpleumbrella.com 781.449.0630 www.purpleumbrella.com SPIRITUAL I AM THE FLAME CANDLES & PURE SELF-REFLECTION; ROSE NEVES-GRIGG - Rose provides you with blessed energy transfer and counseling. She offers blessed crystal jewelry and spiritual home-made candles rose@pureselfreflection.com 508.872.3181 www.iamtheflamecandles.com SPIRITUAL EDUCATION HEAVEN ON EARTH ACADEMY; MARCY NEUMANN, THE HEARTSHIFT COACH - Founder of Reiki and Metaphysical Practitioner Guild and Spiritual Adventures & Workshops of Plymouth Meetups. 516.729.2703 www.HeartShiftCoach.com www.selfloveuniversity.com SPIRITUAL JEWELRY LOVEALETA SOULWEAR - Handmade + Reiki-infused to promote well-being, balance, compassion + harmony. Info@lovealeta.com 508.317.1987 www.lovealeta.com

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PSYCHIC SHA BLACKBURN; THE LOONWITCH -Aura Photography, Tarot Readings and Rune Readings. Contact: 508.789.5141 loonwitch@ gmail.com www.loonwitch.com PSYCHIC MEDIUM EMMA PHANEUF - Intuitive advisor for the past 34 years. Emma is a gifted psychic, medium, and channel. Tarot cards, numerology, Runes, crystals, palmistry 857.526.5021 www.emmaphaneuf.com TRAVEL SHEER TRAVEL. Specializing in couples getaways & fun family adventures. Karen D’Entremont 781. 835.0208 karen@sheertravel.com www.sheertravel.com VIBRATIONAL HEALING RACHEL DOHERTY; WINDHORSE SACRED SOUND ILLUMINATIONS - Sacred sound instruments and tools, classes, workshops, meditations, concerts, and sound healing sessions. racheldoherty@comcast.net 617.212.2393 www.sacredsoundillumination.com WELLNESS AND HEALING EBB AND FLOW WELLNESS™ Yoga, Skin Care, Massage, Body Treatments, Alternative Healing Therapies, Teacher Trainings, Meditation, Events and Specialty Workshops. 211 Onset Avenue Onset, MA, info@ebbandflowwellness.com 508.273.7736 www.ebbandflowwellness.com WELLNESS AND HEALING THE ZEN LOFT; MAUREEN HANCOCK - Yoga, Buti, Pound, Grief, Bodywork, Mediumship, Meditation, Workshops. 120 West Center Zen Loft www.thezenlofts.com WELLNESS AND HEALING ANGEL TOUCH WITH MARY PILLSBURY. Certified Meditation Teacher, Certified Reiki I, II, III, RMT, Certified Angel Reader, Meditation and Reiki Classes. Private and group classes in your office or mine. mtpills@comcast.net 617.686.4159 www.angeltouch19.weebly.com WELLNESS & HOLISTIC THE REIKI WAY; SANDI SILVIA Reiki Sessions, founder & president of Ryan’s Ride Inc andij213@gmail.com 617.957.9411 facebook @The Reiki Way www.sandisthereikiway.com YOGA HEART CENTERED HEALING - Fern Ross Israel, LMHC Counseling, Yoga & Mindfulness. Helping individuals navigate challenging times with skillful means: EFT, TAT, EMDR, Aromatherapy & breathing. 617.913.1810 fernrossisrael@gmail.com www.heartcenteredhealing.org YOGA DRAGONFLY YOGA STUDIO, EMMA BOYLE - Yoga Teacher & Owner. Restorative, meditative classes & flow style gentle and energizing classes. Freight House. 844 Webster Street, Marshfield 781.696.1266 shiveashakti@gmail.com www.emmasdragonflyyogastudio.com YOGA UNPLUG & BE MINDFUL YOGA- Yoga for children, teens and adults. Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Meditation, Reiki, Massage Therapy, Yoga Nidra, Pilates, Kids and Family Yoga. 696 Plain Street #5 Marshfield. 339.526.9234 www.UnplugYoga.com

2019 EVENTS TO INSPIRE & TRANSFORM MAY 5TH 10-6 PM SUNDAY PLYMOUTH MA HEALTHY LIVING EXPO A MIND BODY SPIRIT EVENT. An Extraordinary Experience for Lovers of Wellness, Seekers and Teachers alike. Expand your community and enjoy a day filled journey of self discovery. Welcoming Keynote Speakers Genie Lee Perron & Rhys Thomas! 100 Plus Wellprenuer Savvy Exhibitors, 33 Inspiring Lectures with Renowned Experts, Movement, Yoga, Healing, Healthy Eats and Musical Entertainment! Held at the 1620 Hotel, 180 Water Street, Plymouth,MA. 508-615-9805 Freee Admission to the Exhibit hall and Lectures. Keynote Speakers have a small fee. www. myhealthylivingexpo.com

SEPT 5TH - THURSDAY EVENING 5:30 - 8 PM PLYMOUTH MA SPIRITFEST CRUISE TAILS OF THE SEA; CAPT. JOHNS BOATS (See description July 18th) Tickets $20 advanced. $25 at boat, Readings $40 Groups of 20 Contact Candita: 508.615.9805 www.myhealthylivingmag.com

MAY 18 - MAY 19 DEDHAM, MA AWAKEN EVENT WITH RHYS THOMAS. Unleash Your Soul’s Calling. Make your decision to awaken to a new life. 2 Day live event. Open a doorway to your future extraordinary self. Get the wisdom, life strategies and energy you need to break through and live the life of your dreams. Your life and happiness can’t wait another year! Holiday Inn 55 Ariadne Road, Dedham, Ma 508-233-2330 support@rhysthomasinstitute.com www.awakenevent.com ​​

JUNE 21 - 23 FRI - SUN MARTHA’S VINEYARD 3RD MARTHAS VINEYARD HEALING RETREAT Restorative yoga, energy medicine, TAT tapas Acupressure Technique, Pangu mystical Qi Gong - a Path to release habits that no longer serve and develop new health promoting rituals that enhance well being. 617.913.1810 fernrossisrael@gmail.com www.heartcenteredhealing.org JULY 18TH - THURSDAY EVENING 6:30 - 9PM SEPT. 5TH - THURSDAY EVENING 5:30 - 8PM PLYMOUTH MA SPIRITFEST CRUISE TAILS OF THE SEA; CAPT. JOHNS BOATS - We are a Community of Spiritually Minded Individuals providing spiritual tools to transform our personal lives and help make the world a better place. 8th Year Running on land and sea! Featuring Vendors, Expert Readers & Healers in the field of Mediumship, Astrology, Spirit Art and Angel & Tarot Card, Reiki and more. Tickets $20 advanced. $25 at boat, Readings $40 Groups of 20 Contact Candita: 508.615.9805 www.myhealthylivingmag.com

SEPTEMBER 22ND SUNDAY MILFORD, MA INSIGHT WITH RHYS THOMAS; DISCOVER YOUR LIFE PURPOSE - A Real Insight Opens a Gateway to Your Soul and Loving Life! 12 - 6pm Doubletree, Milford, MA Tickets are only $25. Attend in person or virtually. www.Insightliveevent.com OCTOBER 19-25 PARADISE ISLAND, BAHAMAS. 7 DAY PURE PEACE RETREAT SIVANANDA ASHRAM YOGA CENTER. Located at the transformative Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas, you will enjoy talks and meditations guided by Seth Monk and Coordinated by Candita Mamet. Join us for a restorative week of Meditation, Yoga, Healing, Beach, and Community. Ranging from $1350 to $1970, Includes all meals, yoga and accommodations. Air Additional. iwanttogotothebahamas@gmail.com www.sethmonk.org

ON-GOING MONTHY EVENTS NORTH EASTON, MA WOMEN OF WISDOM. Free Open House! Meet our exceptional instructors, hear presentations on extraordinary School Programs, light snacks, Q & A. September 13th & November 15th 2019, Start 7pm. Call 508-230-3680 www.womenofwisdominc.com SAGAMORE BEACH, MA CRYSTAL MINERAL FAIR 10-20% DISCOUNTS! APRIL 28, MAY 19, JUNE 30, JULY 28, AUGUST 25, SEPTEMBER 29, OCTOBER 27, NOVEMBER 24, DECEMBER 15. 116 State Road, Suite#3 Sagamore Beach. 508-539-2885 cccwh@comcast.net

AUGUST 4 -11 MARLBOROUGH, MA NATIONAL GUILD OF HYPNOTISTS CERTIFIED CONSULTING HYPNOTIST COURSE - Certification Course Instructor Patricia MacIsaac, LPN, CMI, DNGH, OB. Royal Plaza Hotel & Trade Center. ngh@ngh.net • www.ngh.net AUGUST 9-11 FRI - SUN MARLBOROUGH, MA NATIONAL GUILD OF HYPNOTISTS ANNUAL CONVENTION & EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCE - Royal Plaza Hotel & Trade Center. ngh@ngh.net • www.ngh.net



SAGAMORE BEACH, MA TONG REN & VARIED ENERGY HEALING CLINIC. Drop-in, $10. Thursday’s 5:30-8:30pm. Cape Cod Center for Whole Health, 116 State Road, Suite#3, Sagamore Beach. cccwh@comcast.net 508-539-2885. www.capecodcenterforwholehealth.com SAGAMORE BEACH, MA QUARTERLY- REIKI, CRYSTAL ENERGY HEALING, IET, CLASSES For Certification and CEU’s. Cape Cod Center for Whole Health 116 State Road, Suite#3 Sagamore Beach. 508-539-2885 cccwh@comcast.net www.capecodcenterforwholehealth.com

Healthy Living Magazine SPRING SUMMER 2019

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Harnessing the power of your thoughts. Mirror Work; reflecting the greatest love of all Genie Lee Perron Awaken your Soul Purpose to Heal & Inspire others. Crystal bowl sound healing workshop.  Rhys Thomas $25 fee to attend

Ironman Triathlon; from worker bee to Triathlete. There’s an app for that. Patrick PJ Flaherty True Clarity-Fighting Chronic Illness With The Help of Fitness & Nutrtion  Julie Armstrong

Science Behind Hydration & Its Impact On Sports Performance Sammy Nasrollahi Reclaim Your Life with ThetaHealing Jodi St.Onge Past Life Regression Guided Journey Katie Malloy Ramaci

Healthy Living Magazine Conference & Expo

May 5th 2019 Sunday 10am-6pm

1620 Hotel Plymouth, MA Expand Your Community Online


Destressing tools to enhance your health, personal growth More info: Contact Candita and transform your life mmamet@verizon.net 508 615 9805 Ilene Cohn Reichman


Healthy Living Magazine SPRING SUMMER 2019 


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“Skin is in” Treating Skin Side Effects From Cancer Treatments Holly Brown

Nourish Your Soul 20+ Lectures

What is CBD & How Does it Work? Michael Maloney

Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Heart Nichole Rich

Browse 100 Exhibitors

Activate your Divine Power with Sacred Ceremony Asha D Ramakrishna



Reserve Your Free Ticket www.myhealthylivingmag.com 

Emotional Trauma From Infancy Up Conscious Parenting Barbara Strassman

Acupuncture and Cupping Overview and Demo Kelly Hopkins Mat Pilates 30 Minute Class Kris Harris

Windhorse Sacred Sound Illumination Synergy of Sound Rachel Doherty

Healthy Living Magazine SPRING SUMMER 2019


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Healthy Living Magazine Massachusetts Spring/Summer 2019