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Operating in the mining and extractive sectors means finding both opportunities and risks in a highly regulated environment. Our dedicated Mining Team can help your organization seize potential by enhancing and preserving value through the pre-production and production stages of your operation. MNP’s services are tailored to your needs so you can proceed with confidence.

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Maruf Raza, CPA, CA National Director, Public Companies Graeme Wedge, MBA, CET Mining Advisory Services Leader

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Publisher, Glenn Dredhart It’s an exciting time in northwestern Ontario. Multiple new mines are expected to open in the next few years and that means a major boost to the region’s economy. Canadian Trade Ex is proud to bring you the Mining The Northwest virtual regional event. The event brings together stakeholders from a broad cross-section of the economy. We have an incredible three days of events lined up. On day one we bring you “Challenges and Opportunities in the Mining Industry”, a full day of high profile speakers sponsored by the Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission and moderated by MNP. On day two we’ve assembled an incredible array of participants that will connect educators, employers, and young people looking to start or advance their careers with our “Workforce Needs of Mining Companies & Local Training Opportunities for Mining” all-day session. This exciting day of activity is sponsored by Lakehead University, Confederation College and the North Superior Workforce Planning Board, all are important and strategic players in the region’s economic landscape. Day three features the First Nations Partnership Conference with sessions addressing; Contributing to Sustainable Communities, Aboriginal Employment in Mining, Business And Economic Opportunities, & Environmental Practices.

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That’s not all. We are also introducing a cutting-edge virtual exhibit platform that revolutionizes the way traditional trade show exhibitors and manufacturers, can showcase their equipment. This web-based platform allows equipment manufacturers and junior miners the unprecedented ability to showcase their equipment and assets like drill core and geological models in stunning 3-dimensions. It’s not too late to participate in this remarkable trade show feature. This is a first-to-market achievement that no other trade show provider has been able to accomplish. At Canadian Trade Ex, we have a long history of connecting the right people with the right partner. It’s what we do. We’re proud of our three-decade track record of trade shows that connect buyers with sellers, job-seekers with job-providers, and indigenous stakeholders with resource developers. We look forward to meeting you virtually throughout these three days and we equally look forward to having this global pandemic in our rear view mirror so we can meet in person in 2022. In the meantime, get ready to enjoy the most comprehensive and innovative virtual event of the past two years. We feel like we’re just getting started, and Mining The Northwest is a milestone event that showcases all the northwest has to offer.

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WE ARE RODREN: YOUR TRUSTED EXPERTS IN EXPLORATION DIAMOND DRILLING MEET PINKY - OUR NEW EF-100 IN SUPPORT OF CANCERCARE! Rodren Drilling, a Manitoba-based leader in exploration diamond drilling services, is on a mission. A mission to offer the best services to our clients worldwide, while ensuring our work will make an important and lasting difference in our community. Our goal is that through our work, we will always be synonymous with partnering and supporting great causes whose incredible efforts are truly helping those in need. This year, we are working with CancerCare Manitoba and we are Drilling for a Cure! To donate to CancerCare and join our Drilling for a Cure mission, please visit and click through to a secure link directly at CancerCare. Together, our drilling community can make a difference.

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Newmont’s Social Acceptance Built on Trust and Engagement By Kevin Vincent

The numbers at Newmont’s remote Musselwhite Mine in northwestern Ontario are up significantly over 2020-21, thanks in large part to the lessening impact of COVID-19. The fly-in operation employs an average of 860 full-time staff and contractors. The company’s latest filings show that gold production increased 140% through mid 2021, primarily driven by higher mill throughput and higher ore grades milled. The higher mill throughput in the 2021 2nd quarter, as compared to the prior quarter was a result of the site restarting processing activities in February 2020, following a devastating conveyor fire in March 2019. All of the ore travels to surface via the conveyor system where it gets stockpiled for the mill. In December 2020, the company announced the completion of two key projects at its Musselwhite with the full commissioning of the mine’s conveyor system and the material handling project. “I am extremely proud of the work that has been completed by the team at Musselwhite to safely deliver these two critical projects, whilst managing through the unPage 8

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precedented challenges caused by COVID-19,” said Newmont’s President and CEO Tom Palmer at the time. “Musselwhite is an important part of our North America region, and with the commissioning of these two projects is positioned to contribute to Newmont’s portfolio for many years to come.” The conveyor system and the material handling systems work in association to efficiently move material from deeper mine levels to the surface. Haul distances are reduced as the ore crushed at depth will be hoisted from the underground crushers to the conveyor system and brought to the surface for processing. On the community front, the Sioux Lookout Friendship Accord and their signatory communities, including Musselwhite (Cat Lake), have secured a partnership with Northern College’s Haileybury School of Mines to establish the Sioux Lookout Mining Centre of Excellence. The centre has a vision for First Nation youth to fully participate in the mining sector and the comCont`d on Pg. 10

NEWMONT CELEBRATES 100 YEARS OF GROWTH AND ACHIEVEMENT Thank you for your confidence and support as we enter the next 100 years and continue to deliver our purpose – to create value and improve lives through sustainable and responsible mining.

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Stope School Program Success – In 2021, Musselwhite hosted 2 Stope Schools that included a total of 8 participants from local Indigenous Communities. All 8 have transferred into full time mining careers at Musselwhite. Of the 8 participants, 2 are female. Two more stope schools are scheduled for Q1 2022.

Pic: Musselwhite’s 2020 Stope School program Graduates

Pic: Musselwhite’s 2021 Stope School graduates

AMSTEP Training - Musselwhite continued its support of the Aboriginal Mining and Skilled Trades Essentials Program (AMSTEP) with 9 indigenous youth participating in a virtual classroom sessions off site. AMSTEP is a partnership between Oshki-Pimache-OWin: The Wenjack Education Institute and Newmont Musselwhite to bring Mining Essentials and skills training to Aboriginal youth from local First Nation communities. It is a work-readiness training program that includes Mining Essentials, pre-trades, and work experience. This is the 7th intake that Oshki and Musselwhite delivered. 3 individuals conducted on site work experience in July through job shadowing in the department of their choice. Cont`d from Pg. 8

munities approached mining operations in the area to secure training to build a future labour pool. Musselwhite will participate with two to three intakes to be completed by March of 2022. In 2021, Musselwhite hosted two Stope Schools and the mine is currently hosting a Level 1 Industrial Electrician Apprenticeship with all-Indigenous participants. Musselwhite also recently finalized an Indigenous Employment Plan which includes annual local employment targets. The site met its 2020 target to develop an auditable sysPage 10

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Pic: Musselwhite’s pre-apprenticeship training

tem for tracking local or indigenous employment and set a 2021 target to achieve 2 percent yearover-year improvement in Indigenous employCont`d on Pg. 12

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Pre-Apprenticeship for Industrial Electrician – Musselwhite partnered with Oshki-Pimache-O-Win: The Wenjack Education Institute to host an on-site Industrial Electrician Level 1 apprenticeship program beginning in Q3 of 2021. The pre-apprenticeship includes an introduction to heavy duty mechanic trade and mentoring expertise from Musselwhite’s own industrial electricians. The program is currently hosting 2 cohorts of 10 participants which are all indigenous youth from neighbouring FN communities. Through this partnership, we set out to equip and provide the opportunity for Musselwhite Agreement signatory and affiliates to begin a career as an Industrial Electrician.

From Pickle Lake, the 150 km Northern Ontario Resource Trail accesses the remote mine road Cont`d from Pg. 10

ment, towards achieving 30 percent per the Agreement. Musselwhite is a fly-in, fly-out operation located approximately 500 kilometers north of Thunder Bay. Musselwhite’s ore is mined from two main zones below Lake Opapimiskan. Musselwhite’s fly-in fly-out operation uses the Opapimiskan Lake Airport. The rotations for production and maintenance crews are generally 12-hour days 14-in 14-out. Due to the mine being a year-round operation these rotations entitle 168 working hours every 28 days, comparable to a standard 40-hour work week. This contrasts with seasonal jobs in logging, oil drilling and mineral exploration where the rotations have longer “in” times but only run for part of the year. Transportation of personnel is contracted to Wasaya Airways. The Dash 8 300 series was purchased by the airway specifically for the transportation of personnel from Thunder Bay to the mine. Musselwhite has a formal agreement with First Nation communities and councils in the vicinity of the mine: North Caribou Lake First Nation, Cat Lake First Nation, Kingfisher Lake First Nation, Wunnumin Lake First Nation, Shibogama First Nations Council, Windigo First Nations Council. In addition to revenue sharing, the agreement includes targets for employment, training, and business development opportunities. Page 12

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Musselwhite has an additional cooperation agreement with Mishkeegogamang First Nation. Other service points to the mine include Pickle Lake and Sioux Lookout. Material (fuel, parts, explosives, reactants for processing, etc.) transportation is done by truck from the south. Due to the remote nature of the area any vehicles coming to the mine are required to contact a member of the security team before leaving Pickle Lake and embarking onto the Northern Ontario Resource Trail. Approximately 150 km from Pickle Lake traffic leaves the Northern Ontario Resource Trail and enters the mine road, travelling the remaining 43 km to the mine. Traffic arriving at the site then notifies the security team of their arrival, due to nonexistent cellphone reception at the site or along the road a log of traffic must be kept. If a traveller has been out on the road for an unusual amount of time (generally 3 hours during the summer months) and cannot be reached by radio it is assumed they have encountered difficulty and a team is sent out to find them. The process is reversed for road traffic travelling the other direction. This procedure is vital in the winter months where the temperatures can drop to below −30 °C (−22 °F) and a driver experiencing engine trouble could otherwise be in a disabled vehicle without heat until another vehicle passes.



ENGINEERED FOR MINING The Niagara F-Class was built specifically for mining, using double eccentric technology. Unlike traditional inclined vibrating screens, it maintains constant g-force — even during surging — so you can achieve optimal material stratification.

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Contributes to research and in-field support in Northwestern Ontario mineral exploration By Kevin Vincent

Impala Canada announced in 2021 that it was $375,000 to help establish a new industrial research chair in mineral exploration at Lakehead University. The investment, announced in early 2021, acted as a catalyst to secure additional funding from the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and Lakehead University for a total commitment of $2.15 million. The funds are designed to advance research outcomes and strategic goals through the Lakehead Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Mining & Exploration. Dr. Peter Hollings, the current chair of Lakehead University’s Department of Geology, was named the new NOHFC Industrial Research Chair in Mineral Exploration. “Exploration is the lifeline of the mining industry, and finding new, economically viable mineral deposits opens the door to generations of jobs, investment and community development opportunities,” said Tim Hill, Chief Executive Officer, Impala Canada. “We are proud to co-invest in this industrial research chair and partner in the world-class research led Page 14

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by Dr. Peter Hollings at Lakehead University.” The Impala Canada contribution goes beyond the financial investment. To support the research into the metallogenesis of Nickel-Copper-Platinum Group Metal deposits and prospects in the Thunder Bay area, the company’s geology team will work collaboratively with the researchers and provide in-field support. Dr. Hollings and his team will have unparalleled access to the geological database at Impala Canada’s Lac Des Iles (LDI) Mine and regional exploration properties, a database that is several orders of magnitude greater than most academic-based geoscientific projects. The LDI Mine and regional exploration projects will become in-field research hubs for faculty, graduates and undergraduates in their quest to better understand the magmatic system that gave rise to the palladium deposits at LDI and other prospects in the region. Lac des Iles is a ‘one-of-a-kind’ deposit that is now a mine that has been operating for over 25 years and today is one of the largest and safest underground mines in Canada. A mine that attracted a $1 Billion investment from Implats, one of the world’s foremost producers of platinum group metals. And a mine that is one of only two primary palladium producers in the world; a metal that contributes to a cleaner global environment. The funding partners share the same vision: to unlock mineral resources with the same potential as LDI, becoming major operations in the Thunder Bay mining district, responsibly mining nickel, copper and platinum group metals – essential for the world’s transition to a green energy future. “Investing in job creation and research and development at Lakehead University will help drive new solutions and support our government’s commitment to

JOIN US! Impala Canada is excited to be part of the Mining the Northwest Virtual Conference, and we are looking forward to meeting YOU. Come learn about our world-class Lac des Iles palladium mine, the career opportunities that await, and our new $10K retention bonus!

November 30 to December 2

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Lakehead University trains the next generation of graduate students to work on mineral deposit grow the province’s mineral exploration and prospecting industry,” said Greg Rickford, Ontario’s Minister Northern Development and Mines. “Through this project, we have the potential to attract new investments into the region and drive more economic opportunities here in Northwestern Ontario.” State-of-the-art analytical equipment located at Lakehead University will help researchers develop an enhanced understanding of the geology and genesis of mineralization, which can be used to guide further exploration and development and enhance exploration efficiency by reducing the time and capital costs required in the discovery of mineral resources. “Through this research project, Lakehead will train the next generation of graduate students to work on mineral deposit studies. Students who are highly trained geoscientists are in great demand among the mineral exploration industry,” added Moira McPherson, President & Vice-Chancellor, Lakehead University. “We know we can contribute to the growth and opportunities in the mining sector and see those opportunities filled by highly skilled graduates from our University.” This five-year NOHFC Industrial Research Chair in Mineral Exploration will lead to additional collaborations with Impala Canada, and will help generate new partnerships with other companies that are actively exploring new ventures in Northern Ontario. “We have great confidence in this project’s success. And in turn, we commit to rapidly implementing the results into our regional exploration and operations. Our vision is significant new exploration activity and investment and perhaps even hundreds of new jobs in Northwestern Ontario for generations to come,” concluded Tim Hill, Impala Canada. Page 16

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Impala Canada Limited was formed in December 2019 when North American Palladium was acquired by Impala Platinum Holdings Limited (the Implats Group), an integrated global platinum group metal producer. Implats was attracted by the company’s focus on palladium, its reliable growth potential, its highly engaged team and the revenue-generating potential of its Lac des Iles Mine. The Lac des Iles Mine, a palladium operation with more than 25 years of production northwest of Thunder Bay, employs over 700 workers and features a unique, world-class ore body and modern infrastructure, including both underground and surface mine operations. The mine is also noted for its advanced underground methodologies and significant exploration portfolio. LDI is expanding production to become one of Canada’s largest, lowest-cost and safest underground mines, producing a metal that contributes to a cleaner global environment. Impala Canada Limited was formed on December 13 2019, when North American Palladium was acquired by Impala Platinum Holdings Limited (the Implats Group), an integrated global platinum group metal (PGM) producer. Implats is one of the world’s foremost producers of PGMs. It is structured around six main operations, including Impala, Zimplats, Marula, Mimosa, Two Rivers and Impala Canada and has its headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa. Implats’ operations are located on the Bushveld Complex in South Africa and the Great Dyke in Zimbabwe, the two most significant PGM-bearing ore bodies in the world, as well as the Canadian Shield in North America. The company’s refineries operations are based in Springs, Ekurhuleni, South Africa.




With 13 locations across Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec we offer quick and personalized service for your operation with after sale support and repair services.

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Greenstone Gold Mine one of the

most attractive Canadian developments By Kevin Vincent

Construction-ready and a multimillion-ounce resource in the middle of one of the top mining jurisdictions in Canada – is it any wonder why shareholders are excited about northwestern Ontario’s next big producer – in fact they’ve set aside nearly a billion dollars to make it happen. Equinox Gold acquired a 50% interest in the Greenstone Project through its acquisition of Premier Gold Mines and acquired an additional 10% from Orion Mine Finance Group in April 2021. The project will be advanced in a 60/40 joint venture partnership by Equinox Gold and Orion through their ownership in the Greenstone Gold Mines Partnership, which manages the project. Early works activities commenced in Q2 2021, focused primarily on tree clearing, road work, construction of the temporary camp and temporary effluent water treatment plant and feed pond and plant site preparation. The 39,000-hectare Greenstone Project is located approximately 275 km northeast of Thunder Bay and is host to several historic and recently discovered gold deposits near Geraldton. In December 2020, Premier Gold completed an updated feasibility study for the Greenstone Project (formerly called the Hardrock Project), outPage 18

Page 20 FALL 2021 ML&EN

lining the design of an open-pit mine producing more than 5 million ounces of gold over an initial 14-year mine life. The update was based on a revised mineral reserve/resource estimate, a new life of mine plan, and advances in detailed engineering reflecting firm price bids for all major equipment including the processing plant, mobile fleet, power plant, and the water and sewage treatment plants. The updated feasibility contemplates the construction of a 27,000 tonne per day processing facility and open-pit mining operation. Gold production during the first five years is expected to average 414,000 ounces every 12 months with an average head grade of 1.45 g/t gold. The project timeline accounts for a 20-month pre-production period and a 4-month plant commissioning period. The life of mine strip ratio averages 5.1 to 1. Initial capital is estimated at $953 million, with life-of-mine sustaining capital estimated at $323 million, of which Equinox Gold would be responsible for funding 60% based on its 60/40 joint venture partner with Orion Mine Finance. At the base case gold price of $1,400/oz, the project has an aftertax NPV5% of $1.05 billion and an internal rate of return of 20%. The project is most sensitive to changes in gold price, followed by exchange rates, initial capital costs and oper-

ating costs. The project is expected to produce 5.05 Moz of gold LOM with a pay back of 3.2 years from the commencement of commercial operations. The feasibility study did not include upside potential from the Hardrock underground deposit or the nearby Brookbank, Kailey and Key Lake deposits. Between 1930 and 1970, more than 4 million ounces of gold was mined from multiple underground mines in the region. In late 2016, a feasibility study was completed on the Greenstone open pit deposit which paved the way to complete benefits agreements with local Indigenous groups and to complete the permitting required to advance the project to development. The project has excellent infrastructure including immediate access to the Trans-Canada Highway (Canada’s national highway) and the TransCanada natural gas pipeline. At press time Equinox Gold Greenstone Gold MIne had it`s official groundbreaking ceremony on October 27th. The ceremony was held at the Greenstone Mine site in the Ga-Be-She-Win Lodge. Visitors were bused to the mine site where local, provincial and company leadership made remarks to the economic spin offs of the project and what the project will do for the local, indigenous, regional and provinial economy.


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Responsibility Integrity Security Efficiency Page 19

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Women in Mining

Vital for meeting our future skills needs of Mining in Canada PureGold photo: Jillian Christmann and Erin Wilson

Women have always played a part in Canadian mining. Pioneering miners like Kathleen Rice and Viola MacMillan being two who trailblazed women’s participation in mining and minerals exploration and operations. By: Frank Giorno

Today there are many more women participating in the mining labour force as mining companies seek to expand their labour pool by encouraging women and indigenous members to embrace mining as a career. Women comprise 51 percent of Canada’s population and 48 percent of the overall labour force. Women are underrepresented in the mining labour force with only 15 percent employed. Women In Mining Northwestern Ontario (WMNWO) is part of a network across Canada that strives to provide a supportive network that promotes the advancement of women in their mineral and mining careers. WMNWO supports exploration and mining development in the region. They also support women in mining who want to live and work in a safe environment that is free of harassment and are enthusiastic about working with industry and communities to raise awareness of challenges faced by women and advocate for diversity. Erin Wilson P. Geo, Chief Mine Geologist, with Pure Gold in Red Lake, Ontario is one of today’s women in mining. “We’re very proud of the dedicated and incredibly talented team we have built at Pure Gold Mining. Meet Erin Wilson, Chief Mine Geologist at the Pure Gold Mine, located in the very heart of Red Lake Ontario,” Page 20

Page 22 FALL 2021 ML&EN

Pure Gold tweeted on October 7, 2021 Erin Wilson works as a Chief Mine Geologist at Pure Gold Mining, which has an estimated 245 employees; and was founded in 2005. Erin is currently based in Vancouver, Canada. And is a graduate of University of Victoria. Previously Wilson worked with Goldcorp (now Newmont Goldcorp) as lead production geologist, 2007-2020. She also worked at ValGold Resources as a project geologist, 2003-2006. That is quite an accomplishment for Erin Wilson and women in mining generally. In April 6, 2021, Pure Gold posted a tweet featuring Erin Wilson and geologist Jillian Christmann to announce a successful conclusion to a drilling program headed by Wilson. The tweet received many likes and favourable comments. Women in mining have progressed over the last decade, but there is still a long way to go andthere is still a need for organizations like WMNWO who play a vital role in supporting women who work in mining. As demographic diversity increased, Women in Mining branches independently formed across Canada. The synergies between branches have empowered women to get more involved. In recent years, combined efforts from coast to coast have showcased the generosity and social responsibility of the exploration

Women in Mining North Western Ontario

partners with Industry to offer 4 scholorships to women Mining, The Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR) is also supporting and encouraging diversity in the mining labour force by launching a program to encourage women, indigenous peoples and immigrants to overcome barriers and enter the mining sector. At the educational level, Women in Mining chapters have also opened up at Canada’s schools of mining. During the summer of 2014, geology students Felicia Da Silva and Rachel Jongsma co-founded the University of Toronto’s first Women in Mining Student Chapter, creating a platform for women in the school’s Rotman Commerce, Mineral Engineering and Geoscience programs to learn about the various facets of mining and provide the resources required to excel in

the industry. Queen’s University Women in Mining Chapter was honoured when in 2019, Heather Jamieson, a professor and researcher in the Department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering, at Queen’s University received the 2019 Rick Hutson Mentorship Award winner from Women in Mining Canada (WIMC). Building on the example set by Women in Mining in Canada, Women in Mining chapters are now emerging in many mining jurisdictions globally. For example, Women in Mining Chile, Women in Mining Queensland, Women in Mining South Africa and Women in Mining USA. For more information you can visit their website




and mining industry. Each branch is unique and many hold monthly meetings featuring guest speakers, with a focus on networking. WMNWO strives to Increase the number of women working at all levels of the mining industry and inspire young women to consider a career in the minerals and mining sector. It also encourages continued education, personal and professional development for women in the mining industry and offer opportunities to enhance their leadership and communication skills. They do so through programs like their annual scholarship program. Each October, they offer four scholarships to women who want to study mining and mineral development. Supporting the work of Women in







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J.H. Fletcher & Co. cannot anticipate every mine hazard that may develop during use of these products. Follow your mine plan and/or roof control plan prior to use of the product. Proper use, maintenance and continued use of (OEM) original equipment parts will be essential for maximum operating results. 2020 J.H. Fletcher & Co. All Rights reserved.

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The Evolution of the

Red Lake Gold Mining Camp The historic Red Lake Gold Mining district is evolving again into a premier goldmining district in Northern Ontario after a decade long decline - leading the reinvigorated Red Lake mining scene is the appropriately named Evolution Mining. In the two years since Evolution Mining bought the gold mining assets from Newmont Goldcorp in 2019, the Australianbased company has helped to revive, the dormant mining district with its pledge to keep on investing in the area. Evolution Mining backed up its commitments by buying Battle North Mining’s Batemen Mine and Mill property in May 2021 and followed quickly with details of how the Red Lake mining turnaround will be funded at the Denver Gold Forum in September 2021. Addressing the Forum virtually from Australia, Jake Klein, Evolution Mining’s Executive Chairman said: “Evolution Mining is looking for great turnaround opportunities like in Red Lake, which fits firmly in this category,” Klein told the Forum. “With 11 million oz. in gold resources it also has geological upsides, “said Klein. Klein explained that Evolution Mining’s growth plan is focusing production in jurisdictions like Canada and avoiding high-risk investments in countries that are politically unstable. “Canada is an excellent place for Page 26

Page 28 FALL 2021 ML&EN

doing business,” Klein explained. “Our portfolio is based on investing in countries that have a well-developed rule of law, great mining skills and technology.” Evolution Mining has a clear commitment to sustainable production.

In fact sustainability is integrated into everything they do. One aspect of this is the company’s recent commitment of reducing its emissions by 30 percent by 2030 and achieving zero emissions by 2050. Evolution’s operations in Canada and Australia are committed to supporting strong partnerships with first nations people through locally relevant projects and engagement. Evolution has pledged to build on its record as a safe and sustainable operator for the long-term benefit of a broad range of stakeholders including the local workforce, regional communities and their partners in Wabauskang and

Lac Seul First Nations. History: In November 2019 Evolution announced its bid to purchase Newmont’s Campbell Red Lake Mine. The company made a pledge to revitalize mining in Red Lake by implementing a “Turnaround Plan”

for it’s Red Lake operations. “Evolution identified a range of improvement opportunities to reinvigorate the Red Lake Gold Complex with the objective of reducing costs, increasing production and extending mine life,” Klein added. Evolution’s Turnaround Plan extends over the next three years. More information is available here: red-lake/ When Evolution Mining took possession of the Campbell Red Lake Gold Mine the goals were to optimize opportunities available in order to create value for the commuCont`d on Pg. 28

Page 27

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Evolution Invests in expansion, improvement and modernization of operations Photo supplied by Evolution Mining: Leading the charge and managing Evolution Mining’s Red Lake Operations in Ontario, Canada is Kirsty Liddicoat. Her aspiration as General Manager for the Red Lake Gold Mine is to continue to strengthen her team’s way of thinking when it comes to safety, culture, and innovation.

Cont`d from Pg. 26

nity, investors and people in the region. After Evolution’s turnaround phase, the Campbell Red Lake operation has grown into a cornerstone asset which aims for annual production in excess of 200,000 ounces at an AISC below US$1,000 per ounce. “There is still a lot of work to do at the operation but the turnaround to restore Red Lake to a premier Canadian gold mine is gaining momentum,” said Klein. “We know what to do, we know how to do it; it is now a case of execution and delivery.” One of those new mining fronts is tapping into new gold systems at the Upper Campbell area of the Red Lake Mine and finishing a decline over the next 12 months to open up that area to production. Evolution’s geologist are still taking investing in understanding the Red Lake ore body.. The company’s board of directors recently approved a plan with a three-year capital investment timetable for Red Lake with the Page 28

Page 30 FALL 2021 ML&EN

intent to boost gold production to more than 350,000 ounces a year by 2026 and extend mine life in the prolific northwestern Ontario camp by more than 15 years. Today Evolution’s Red Lake Operations consists of the Red Lake, Campbell, Cochenour mines and the recently bought Bateman mine following the Battle North Gold Corporation acquisition in May 2021. Evolution’s the Red Lake, Campbell and Cochenour mines have a joint mineral resource of 11.1 million oz. and an ore reserve of 2.9 million oz. The purchase of the Bateman Mine added another 733,000 oz. of mineral resources and 635,000 oz. of reserves into the picture.

Expansion of Milling Capacity The company is also working on a study to expand capacity at the Campbell mill to more than 1.5 million tonnes per year over the next three years. Between $30 million and $40 million will go into that upgrade. The added processing capacity from the new Bateman Mill will accelerate the company’s ability

to achieve their production goals. Plans are underway to expand the Bateman to 900,000 tonnes per year beyond 2024, giving Evolution combined milling capacity at Red Lake to more than 2.0 million tonnes per year. The company has earmarked between $50 million and $60 million for improvements at Bateman.

Revitalization of Red Lake Community The revival is welcome news for an Ontario community that had fallen on tough times. Now Evolution’s investments to expand, improve and modernize operations, will boost the local economy with expansion creating prospects of a brighter future for people in Red Lake. The Red Lake operation is located in northwestern Ontario and is situated in one of the highest-grade Archean gold camps in Canada. Since production started in 1949, the combined Red Lake operation has produced more than 25Moz of gold at an average grade in excess of 20g/t.

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With 13 locations across Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec we offer quick and personalized service for your operation with after sale support and repair services.

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2021-10-21 5:41:01 PM


targets 100K oz/yr at Eagle River Mine Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd. has big plans for its Eagle River near Wawa. The company announced results this Fall from initial sill development on the Falcon 7 Zone at the wholly-owned Eagle River Mine complex. By Kevin Vincent

The Falcon 7 Zone was discovered in 2019 and now initial sill development has been completed on the 622 and 635 levels in preparation for mining in Q4. “We are pleased with the development of the Falcon 7 Zone that will bring to Eagle another high-grade mining front at a reserve grade of almost 20 g/t,” said Duncan Middlemiss, President and CEO. “We expect to start production activities in the 4th quarter and going forward, Falcon will comprise a significant portion of the mill feed at Eagle River. Further, the discovery and imminent production from the Falcon 7 Zone reaffirms the potential of the surrounding volcanic rocks to host sizeable deposits of gold mineralization and I remain encouraged with our ongoing surface exploration outside of the mine diorite.” The goal of the company is to increase production of Eagle River to approximately 100,000 oz per year. To achieve this goal consistently over the next years, operations within the mine need to be spread out so bottle necks can be avoided. “The Falcon 7 Zone development is an important aspect of this operational planning as it is situated away from the main mining area at depth thereby providing a separate work area away from heavier mine traffic,” said Middlemiss. Chip sampling and test holes during the initial development confirmed earlier exploration drill results by returning high gold grades over continuous strike length. The 2020 mineral reserves for the Falcon 7 were 136,344 tonnes grading 19.7 g/t Au totalling 86,177 ounces. ExPage 36

Page 38 FALL 2021 ML&EN

pansion and definition drilling are ongoing. Historically, mineralization of the Eagle River Mine has been hosted in the mine diorite; however, the Falcon 7 Zone is hosted in volcanic rocks west of the intrusion. Hence, the discovery and subsequent development of the Falcon 7 Zone is important to the company as it highlights the prospectivity of the volcanic rocks both to the east and west to host additional gold mineralization beyond the currently existing footprint of the Eagle River Mine. Consequently, near-mine exploration is continuing and is focusing on the adjacent Falcon 300 Zone; further exploration work targets the westerly along strike extension of the Falcon structure where limited drilling has returned several encouraging results in volcanic rocks. Highlights of the recent development include: -622 Level – Chip sampling yielded 54.3 grams of gold per tonne (g/t Au) (uncapped) and 37.9 g/t Au (capped at 125 g/t Au) over an average thickness of 2.1 metres (m) over a continuous strike length of 75.6 m. -Sill 622-720-311 Line#L31: 178.5 g/t Au (99.6 g/t Au capped) over 2.0 m. -Sill 622-720-311 Line #L03: 92.8 g/t Au (62.4 g/t Au capped) over 6.2 m. -635 Level – Chip sampling yielded 67.3 g/t Au (uncapped) and 34.3 g/t Au (capped) over an average thickness of 1.9 m over 61.0 m. -Sill 635-720-L04W: 168.8 g/t Au (88.2 g/t Au capped) over 2.0 m. -Sill 635-720-L03W: 265.6 g/t Au (71.2 g/t Au capped) over 1.5 m.

Underground development at Falcon

on western extent provides opportunity The underground development at Falcon on the western extent of the mine also provides an opportunity to target by drilling the structures west of the mine diorite in a region of the mine that has historically had very little attention. In the event of a successful exploration campaign the development in this area would provide easy access. Year to date production at the Eagle River Complex of 76,773 ounces leaves us very well positioned to achieve the mid to high point of our guidance range of 92,000 – 105,000 ounces. The Eagle River Complex, located 50 kilometres due west of Wawa, consists of two operating gold mines which have been developed using common infrastructure and feeding the same mill. The complex consists of two claim groups totaling over 11,000 hectares and includes the Eagle River Underground Mine (producing since 1995), the Mishi Open Pit Mine (started production in 2002) and common mineral processing facilities located adjacent to the Mishi Open Pit and permitted at 1,200 tonnes per day. The Eagle River Mine and the Mishi Mine, are located 15 km apart in the Mishibishu Lake area. The mill site is at the former Magnacon Mine located 17 km by road north of the Eagle River Mine site. The Mishi Mine site is located 2 km due west of the mill site. The two mines, total 11,013 hectares of staked claims, patented claims and mining leases. The Eagle River Mill started processing ore in October 1995. To December 31, 2019, a total of 4.2 million tonnes of ore averaging 9.6 g/t Au from the Eagle River Mine totalling approximately 1.3 million oz Au. Access to the Eagle River Complex is via road – travelling northwest on Highway 17 for 50 km from Wawa then southward 70 km along the Paint Lake Road. The access road is a secondary gravel road and the trip from Wawa takes about 1.5 hours. The property is situated in the Algoma Highlands, a rugged plateau steeply incised by north-south drainages fed by SE and SW

flowing tributaries. The local power supply is provided from the provincial grid via a 70 km power line owned by the company. Standby diesel generators provide a backup source at the mine site and mill site. A 183-man camp kitchen and recreation facilities house workers and is located at Cameron Lake, 3.5 km north of the mine. A smaller camp with kitchen facilities is located at the mill and Mishi site (55 and 30-man camps, respectively).

Page 37

Page 39 FALL 2021 ML&EN

Spreads its wings with Kirkland Lake Gold Merger The fall of 2021 saw the biggest Canadian mining news in more than a year when Agnico Eagle Mines Limited announced they had reached an agreement with Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd. To join forces.

By Kevin Vincent

The “merger of equals” was great news for shareholders as the two companies have delivered more than $1.6 billion in dividends and share buybacks. The deal is expected to formally close by the end of this year and early 2022. The combined company continues under the name “Agnico Eagle Mines Limited”. The merger established the new Agnico Eagle as the gold industry’s highest-quality senior producer, with the lowest unit costs, highest margins, most favourable risk profile and industry-leading best practices in key areas of environmental, social and governance (“ESG”). Upon closing of the merger, the company is expected to have $2.3 billion of available liquidity, a mineral reserve base of 48 million ounces of gold, which has doubled over the last 10 years, and an extensive pipeline of development and exploration projects to drive sustainable, low-risk growth. The merger created a best-in-class gold mining company operating in one of the world’s leading gold regions, the Abitibi-Greenstone Belt of northeastern Ontario and northwestern Quebec, with superior financial and operating metrics. Consolidation within the Abitibi will also provide the new Agnico Eagle with significant value creation opportunities through synergies and other business improvement initiatives. Additionally, Agnico is established uniquely as the Page 38

Page 40 FALL 2021 ML&EN

only gold producer in Nunavut and well positioned internationally with profitable and prospective assets in Australia, Finland, and Mexico. The combination of Agnico Eagle and Kirkland Lake Gold delivers each company’s strengths by bringing together two industry leaders in growing per share value in key metrics such as production, mineral reserves, cash flow and net asset value. Both companies also share a strong commitment to returning capital to shareholders, with a total of $1.6 billion being returned through dividend payments and share repurchases since the beginning of 2020 (on a pro forma basis). Under the merger agreement, which the Board of Directors of both companies have unanimously approved, the new Agnico Eagle will be led by a combined board and management team of experienced mining and business leaders, bringing together the proven cultures, strengths and capabilities of both companies. Upon closing, existing Agnico Eagle and Kirkland Lake Gold shareholders will own approximately 54% and 46% of the combined company, respectively. “This merger starts a new chapter in Agnico Eagle’s 64-year history and creates the leading low risk global gold company with growing production, low costs and strong ESG leadership,” said Sean Boyd, Agnico EaCont`d on Pg. 40

We make mining work

Page 39

Page 41 FALL 2021 ML&EN


Cont`d from Pg. 38

gle’s Chief Executive Officer. “The transaction creates a company with a strong platform of people, assets and financial resources to continue to build and operate a long term sustainable and self-funding business. Kirkland Lake is an excellent cultural fit with Agnico Eagle, and we look forward to working together to further grow our business through exploration, mine development and optimization of our highquality asset base. Over time, we believe that the gold industry will continue to evolve and consolidate and with this transaction we are well positioned take advantage of high-quality opportunities and be a true Canadian mining champion.” Tony Makuch, President and CEO of Kirkland Lake Gold, added: “We are very pleased and excited to be entering into a combination with Agnico Eagle. It is a unique ‘strength-on-strength’ transaction that combines the two global gold producers with the best track records for increasing per share value. The deal creates an industry leader Page 40

Page 42 FALL 2021 ML&EN

with a dominant position in the Canadian market that is deserving of a premium valuation and is poised to generate superior long-term shareholder value going forward. The transaction represents a true merger of equals, with the business of both companies to benefit from the significant financial strength of the merged company, the extensive pipeline of development and exploration projects to drive future growth, and the potential to realize significant operational and strategic synergies along the Abitibi-Kirkland Lake corridor. It is the right deal for our company and its shareholders, our people, the communities where we operate, and all of our key stakeholder groups.” Agnico Eagle is a senior Canadian gold mining company that has produced precious metals since 1957. Its operating mines are in Canada, Finland, and Mexico, with exploration activities in each of these countries as well as in the United States and Colombia. The Company and its shareholders have full exposure to gold prices due to its long-standing policy of no forward gold sales. Agnico Eagle has declared a cash dividend every year since 1983.




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D I S C O V E R Page 41

Page 43 FALL 2021 ML&EN

Long and Winding Process to Building Ring of Fire Supply Road Reaches a Major Milestone Building a road to Ontario’s deep north to allow the mining operations in the mineral rich Ring of Fire, an area with sizeable chromite, nickel, zinc, copper, gold and other minerals, has proved to be a long and winding experience.

By Frank Giorno

On October 8, 2022, the Ring of Fire Supply Road project reached

a significant milestone when Ontario Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Parks, David Piccini informed Marten Falls First Nation he had accepted the Environmental Assessment study Terms of Reference they had submitted for the Marten Falls’ Community Access Road (MFCAR) Project The decision enables Marten Falls to start the Environmental Assessment (EA) process which will study the environmental and social impacts of the road from Webequie First Nations to Marten Falls. Marten Falls Chief Bruce Achneepineskum said he was pleased that a major milestone has been passed for a road project that will “enable socio-economic development to reach unprecedented levels within this region.” In a separate news release, Chief Cornelius Wabasse of Webequie First Nation, announced that his community has also given approval for the Page 42

Page 44 FALL 2021 ML&EN

terms of reference of the Webequie Supply Road. The road being proposed by the Marten Falls and Webequie First Nations as proponents will undergoing rigorous environmental assessment to study the impacts and mitigation measures that will make the two sections of the road viable with minimal impact on the natural and man-made environment. Public consultations will be held as part of the Environmental Assessment. The roads will be developed and funded by the Ontario government. The phase one Webequie road is a proposed 107-kilometre road that will link the Webequie Airport to the McFaulds Lake area in the James Bay region near where Noront’s Eagles Nest nickel project is located with its chromite project a short distance away. The road from Webequie to Marten Falls is the second stage of the proposed permanent road into Ring of Fire mining area. This would be a 120-kilometre-long, north-south, two-lane gravel road to be used by residents of the communities and mining vehicles to reach the provincial highway system for the first time. The mining industry would also use it to shuttle people, supplies and material into the exploration and future mining camp, and transport raw bulk ore material out for processing in Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie. The third phase of the project will see a road built from Marten Falls to Cont`d on Pg. 44

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Page 43

Page 45 FALL 2021 ML&EN

Road project offers opportunity to bring “economic reconciliation” for remote First Nations in Ontario Cont`d from Pg. 42

roads linking to Highway 11 and the provincial highway system. “We share a common vision with Webequie to change how development occurs in our traditional territory,” Achneepineskum said. “Today, we are leading the planning and assessment of this project to ensure that environmental risks to our traditional ways of life are thoroughly assessed and mitigated, and that opportunities for First Nations people are maximized.” Achneepineskum said. “The road project offers the opportunity to bring “economic reconciliation” for remote First Nations in Ontario. The two Chiefs affirmed that this an Indigenous-led EA process that will involve traditional knowledge and consultation with community members. The chiefs’ stated commitment is use best practices to safeguard the environment during the road building process. “One of the main reasons we are leading this environmental assessment is to exercise our jurisdiction and inherent rights, as well as to Page 44

Page 46 FALL 2021 ML&EN

generate the necessary information to make informed decisions about the future of the lands and prosperity of our members through self-determination,” added Webequie Chief Cornelius Wabasse. “We are hopeful that our neighbouring First Nations will trust us to lead this planning work responsibly, respecting traditional protocols, clan families and environmental concerns,” said Wabasse. “At this stage, we don’t know if Webequie First Nation will decide to build a road, but we are generating the information needed to inform those future decisions,” Wabasse added “We look forward to getting started on the many studies and consultation activities that will allow us to make informed decisions about a potential road in our territory. We appreciate the Ontario government’s commitment to supporting the planning of key community infrastructure that has the potential to bring positive socio-economic impacts to the region.” Earlier in 2021, the two First Nations selected SNC-Lavalin and Dillon Consulting through a competitive bid

tendering process. The selection of the two veteran Canadian engineering firms was announced in a joint news release by Marten Falls First Nation and Webequie First Nation, the two community road proponents, on Jan. 28. Two consulting firms will conduct environmental assessment (EA) studies for the second leg of the proposed Ring of Fire Road, from Marten Falls to Webequie. The Northern Road Link is a proposed 200-kilometre-long road running from west of Marten Falls north and connect with the 107-kilometre Webequie Supply Road. The latter road runs east from the Webequie Airport to the McFauld’s Lake area where exploration activity is taking place. The Northern Link is part of the proposed north-south in the Ring of Fire area south of James Bay, which would connect the two isolated communities to the provincial road network for the first time, and also provide land access into the high-grade nickel, chromite and other riches of the

Ring of Fire road environmental assessments scheduled to be finished by the end of 2023 Ring of Fire mineral belt. The two First Nations closest to the Ring of Fire area, reached agreement with the Ontario government in 2020 to be the proponents of the Northern Road Link Road which links the Ring of Fire area, Webequie and Marten Falls to Aroland and Nakina, which has access to the CNR rail line and Highway 11. Usually, projects by First Nations are exempt from the Environmental Assessment Act. The Ontario government through the terms of the Environmental Assessment Act has final approval of terms of reference prior to the start of the EA process that will study the environmental and social costs compared

to the social economic benefits of the road Ontario recently acceded to a request from nearby Neskantaga First Nation to extend consultation deadlines on the Marten Falls Road (March 31) and the Supply Road (Feb.26) to give communities more time because the pandemic restrictions reduce their ability to provide comments. “We respect the measures taken to protect the health and well-being of your community,” Kathleen O’Neill, director of the environmental assessment branch, with the ministry of the environment, conservation and parks, said in a Jan. 25 letter to Neskantaga Chief

Chris Moonias. “The ministry continues to be aware of the challenges faced by all in light of the pandemic and appreciates the efforts communities have made to adapt to the situation.” As to when the roads will be completed and become useable according to the project timelines from Noront Resources, the leading mine developer in the Ring of Fire, all the road EAs are scheduled to be finished by the end of 2023. Noront is timing the start of construction of its Eagle’s Nest nickel mine at the beginning of 2024 to be ready for commercial production by 2026.





Page 45

Page 47 FALL 2021 ML&EN

Well-positioned in the race for green metals

Photo provided by Noront

Noront Resources is an early-stage exploration and development company with the dominant land position in Northern Ontario’s emerging Ring of Fire mining district. The company has made a number of significant base metal discoveries during the past 15 years, Page 46

Page 48 FALL 2021 ML&EN

including the high-grade Eagle’s Nest nickel-copper-PGE deposit. Uncovered in 2007, Eagle’s Nest is considered by many to be the most significant nickel discovery since Voisey’s Bay. Once in production, it is expected to be a low cost producer of nickel thanks to significant copper and PGE credits. The nickel produced there will

feed the rapidly growing demand for battery-powered electric vehicles (EVs). Other Noront Ring of Fire discoveries are the high-grade Blackbird chromite deposit, the Nikka copper-zinc deposit and numerous base and precious metal occurrences, which have yet to be Cont`d on Pg. 47

Cont`d from Pg. 46

fully delineated. Between 20152016 the company took advantage of the market downturn and consolidated their land position in the Ring of Fire through the acquisition of competitor properties for pennies on the dollar. This added the world class Black Thor and Big Daddy chromite projects and significant copper-zinc VMS properties to its portfolio. The company continued to acquire claims from 2017-2020 targeting gold and base metals, doubling down on their belief in the campscale potential of the belt. Despite the obvious metal endowment of the region, the question of access has troubled would-be investors as the deposCont`d on Pg. 48

Photo provided by Noront

Page 47

Page 49 FALL 2021 ML&EN

Marten Falls & Webequie First Nations

partnered with the Province to lead Environmental Assessments

Pictured: Noront’s Eagle’s Nest Camp

Cont`d from Pg. 47

its remain stranded in a remote area more than 300km from the nearest paved road. In 2017, the local Indigenous communities of Marten Falls and Webequie First Nations partnered with the provincial government to take the lead on environmental assessments required to study access roads into the region. In October 2021, these road studies reached a major milestone when their Terms of References were approved by the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks. Once approved and built, these First Nation-led road projects will become a model Page 48

Page 50 FALL 2021 ML&EN

example of how infrastructure projects through remote regions can be achieved in an era of reconciliation. Planned timing for road development to the Ring of Fire meshes well with the burgeoning demand for nickel in EV batteries which is expected to require 7.5% to 25% of the total Cont`d on Pg. 49

Noront’s Eagle’s Nest

can provide nickel for over 400 thousand electric vehicles every year Cont`d from Pg. 48

nickel market by 2025. This demand is intensified by the fact that not all nickel is the same. Only class-1 nickel, largely supplied by nickel sulfide deposits like Eagle’s Nest, can feed the EV battery market. Low nickel prices over the past decade have resulted in little investment in exploration and discovery of new resources to feed growing nickel demand.

Nuna Group of Companies

Nickel in Electric Vehicle (EV) Batteries Changes the Market Place Given the Eagle’s Nest value proposition, continued nickel prospectivity in the belt and recent progress in access roads to the region, it comes as no surprise that Noront is now subject to a bidding war between the world’s largest mining company, BHP, and Wyloo Metals, the private mining investment firm of Andrew Forest, one of Australia’s most successful mining magnates. Both companies have a strong mandate to advance a portfolio of nickel projects which will feed the emerging global demand for EVs as the world transitions to a greener economy. Both groups also have a proven record of engaging with local indigenous communities making the future for Noront and the Ring of Fire brighter than ever.

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Page 51 FALL 2021 ML&EN

Perseverance pays off for Great Bear

By Frank Giorno

Great Bear Resources, the Vancouver-based exploration company, had a difficult time raising exploration funds in the early days of its inception but it has weathered the storm and its net value today is worth more than $800 million, based on drilling results. After a few different companies held the project and drilled over many years, a, Great Bear’s geologists decided to analyze more closely the surrounding rock that had never been thoroughly tested and found it was teaming with gold. The company drilled at an area known as “the LP fault”. Incredibly this area had never in the history of mining in the Red Lake area ever been drilled before. Great Bear drilled more than 440 holes in the area – and every single drilled hole contained gold. By overturning conventional wisdom that gold in Red Lake was found only in quartz veins, Great Bear Resources turned their fortunes around. “There was high-grade gold that Page 50

Page 52 FALL 2021 ML&EN

was just sitting there, already drilled, waiting for us,” said Chris Taylor, Great Bear Resources, President and CEO. Great Bear found that the LP fault was uniform and large, that were quite unlike the usual Red Lake deposits, that were in narrow veins, haphazardly dispersed. This geological feature indicated the ore could be extracted in a bulk underground operation, potentially making it much cheaper than traditional, underground stope mining method. “It was obvious to us that we had a major gold find that others had just totally missed because it’s in a different suite of rocks [than what] everybody else mines in Red Lake,” Taylor said. Today the 100% owned flagship Dixie project boasts one of the largest recent gold discoveries in a Canadian mining jurisdiction. Proximal to major infrastructure near the town of Red Lake, Ontario, the Dixie property comprises over 91.4 square kilometres of contiguous claims that extend over 22 kilometres, which runs parallel to a paved

highway and provincial power and natural gas lines. The property also hosts a network of well-maintained logging roads which facilitate access. To date, Great Bear has completed over 700 drill holes, identifying four high-grade gold discoveries. The most significant discovery is the large-scale “LP Fault” zone, which comprises high-grade disseminated gold mineralization within broad moderate-to-lower-grade envelopes in felsic volcanic and sediment units. LP Fault drilling has identified gold mineralization along 11 kilometres of strike length to date, and a detailed drill grid is being completed along approximately 4 kilometres of strike length. The nearby “Hinge” and “Limb” gold zones are more characteristic of the renowned Red Lake mined deposits, comprising gold-bearing quartz veins and silica-sulphide replacement zones hosted by mafic volcanic units. Over 80% of the Company’s drill holes into the LP Fault, Dixie Limb and Hinge zones contain visible gold mineralization. Gold occurs mainly as free gold, neither bound to nor within sulphide minerals. With Phase 1 drilling now in it’s rearview mirror some analysts’ predictions believe Dixie has the potential to be one of the largest gold discoveries in decades. In early October of 2021 Great Bear Resources reported results from its ongoing fully funded $45 million 2021 exploration program at its 100% owned flagship Dixie Project in the Red Lake district of Ontario. Taylor said, “Our systematic deep drilling of the LP Fault along 1.4 kilometres of strike length has successfully intersected the target geCont`d on Pg. 52

Great Bear Resources is advancing a major new greenfield gold discovery at the Dixie Project in the high-grade Red Lake district of Ontario. We focus on demonstrating good stewardship of land, committed partnerships, and operational accountability Page 51

Page 53 FALL 2021 ML&EN

Cont`d from Pg. 50

ology with gold mineralization in all areas. These results establish significant continuity of both highgrade and bulk tonnage style gold over a broad area at depth, which remains open to extension in all directions. The LP Fault has no geological analogs in the Red Lake district, with the closest being the Hemlo gold deposit located near Marathon, Ontario.” Seven new drill holes are representative of deeper LP Fault mineralization across a broad area of 1.4 kilometres of strike length between approximately 450 and 750 metres downhole depth. Deeper drilling will continue along an additional 2.6 kilometres of strike length during the ongoing Phase 2 program. The same pattern of high-grade domains surrounded by lower grade envelopes are observed as had previously been drilled at shallower depths.

Highlights included: • These new drill holes are not infill drilling, and significantly extend gold mineralization to depth on their respective drill sections. Page 52

Page 54 FALL 2021 ML&EN

• New drill hole BR-385 intersected multiple high-grade gold domains, including 157.00 g/t gold over 1.20 metres from 696.45 to 697.65 metres downhole, within a broader interval of 41.76 g/t gold over 5.15 metres from 696.45 to 701.60 metres. o The total mineralized interval using the same calculation criteria applied to the shallow LP Fault zone since its discovery (i.e. composite intervals cannot include more than 3 metres assaying less than 0.10 g/t gold) is 6.90 g/t gold over 36.95 metres from 673.25 to 710.20 metres downhole. o However, given the greater depths explored by these drill holes, a more relevant interval that excludes peripheral bulk tonnage style gold mineralization and may be more representative of any future potential underground development scenarios is 11.01 g/t gold over 22.85 metres from 678.75 to 701.60 metres downhole. • New drill hole BR-386 intersected 16.92 g/t gold over 4.90 metres from 525.00 to 529.90 metres downhole, within a broader interval of 2.21 g/t gold over 49.55 metres from 522.45 to 572.00 metres

downhole. • New drill hole BR-411 intersected 13.84 g/t gold over 3.15 metres from 459.15 to 462.30 metres downhole. o BR-411 is significant as it intersects high-grade gold below the “Gap” area of the LP Fault, and is over 500 metres above the deepest LP Fault intercept to-date in previously reported drill hole BR260 (March 29, 2021) which assayed 15.57 g/t gold over 3.05 metres from 942.20 to 945.25 metres downhole. More drilling is required to determine if both intercepts occur along a controlling plunge within the same high-grade gold domain. • New drill hole BR-384 intersected multiple mineralized intervals including 50.50 g/t gold over 1.00 metre from 587.50 to 588.50 metres downhole, and 6.71 g/t gold over 6.30 metres from 687.50 to 693.80 metres downhole. The total mineralized interval was 3.97 g/t gold over 17.50 metres from 687.50 to 705.00 metres downhole. Seventeen additional drill holes intersected the shallow LP Fault along 3.6 kilometres of strike length. Most of these targeted the bulk tonnage style envelope adjacent to higher-grade domains for resource delineation purposes.

Highlights include: • Eastern LP Fault (Viggo area) drill hole BR-379 intersected 1.84 g/t gold over 28.05 metres from 101.35 to 129.40 metres downhole. This included high-grade intervals of 15.90 g/t gold over 1.00 metre from 101.35 to 102.35 metres downhole and 28.70 g/t gold over 0.50 metres from 123.50 to 124.00

Cont`d on Pg. 54

For over a century, Haileybury School of Mines has created the future of mining.

Our grads are unmatched. Page 53

Page 55 FALL 2021 ML&EN

Cont`d from Pg. 52

metres downhole. o This drill hole is significant as it adds bulk tonnage style gold mineralization at shallow depths to this area. A steeply plunging area of stronger gold mineralization is currently being defined here (see news release of August 25, 2021). • Drill holes characterizing additional shallow bulk tonnage style mineralization are summarized in Table 2 on their website and include: o BR-425 which intersected 1.09 g/t gold over 80.55 metres from 62.50 to 142.75 metres downhole, o BR-441 which intersected 1.08 g/t gold over 30.25 metres from 13.00 to 43.25 metres downhole, and o BR-443 which intersected 0.55 g/t gold over 66.20 metres from 38.50 to 104.70 metres downhole. Ongoing Phase 2 LP Fault Expansion Drilling/Upcoming Reports • With the 42 new drill holes contained in this release, Great Bear has reported 446 LP Fault drill holes. Including in-progress drill holes, Great Bear has completed 300,000 metres of drilling at the Dixie property to-date. • Phase 1 drilling consisted of 440 LP Fault drill holes and was completed in July 2021. The program was designed to support mineral Page 54

Page 56 FALL 2021 ML&EN

resource estimation along approximately 4 kilometres of strike length to a depth of approximately 450 metres. • Phase 2 drilling is designed to expand LP Fault gold mineralization between approximately 450 and 900 metres depth over approximately 4 kilometres of strike length. • Great Bear will continue Phase 2 expansion drilling with the goal of significantly expanding the drill confirmed extent of gold mineralization at the LP Fault by late 2022. • Other Phase 2 drilling will include regional drilling of new targets, and mineral resource definition and expansion drilling of the Dixie Limb and Hinge zones. The Company is fully funded for this work. In addition to regular releases detailing Phase 2 drill results, deliverables for 2022 are expected to include: 1) a maiden mineral resource estimate in accordance with NI 43-101 of the LP Fault zone Phase 1 drilling, 2) a Preliminary Economic Assessment (“PEA”) of the LP Fault zone, and 3) a mineral resource update which will include deeper drill results from the LP Fault, plus maiden mineral resource estimates for the Dixie Limb and Hinge zones. The 23 high-grade domains that were discussed in this release are

structurally and geologically distinctive from the surrounding lower grade, bulk tonnage style gold mineralization. Together, they span a strike length of 4.2 kilometres and occur within larger stratigraphically controlled lower grade domains. They are characterized by high degrees of strain and/or transposed quartz vein zones following two distinct structural fabrics and transition from upper greenschist to lower amphibolite facies metamorphism. Gold in the high-grade domains is generally observed as free gold, is often transposed into, and overgrows the dominant structural fabrics, and is higher-grade on average than the surrounding bulk tonnage gold zones. Gold market analysts are excited about the Dixie Property’s future potential. The Dixie Project discovery may lead geologists to rethink future gold exploration in Red Lake and elsewhere. “What they’re describing not only is unlike Red Lake, but is unlike Canada,” said John Tumazos, an analyst with Very Independent Research LLC. Great Bear has approximately $80 million in cash on hand and is funded through 2022. Its share value increased from a low of $0.25 Cdn on May 1, 2018, to a high of $19.87 Cdn on June 1, 2020. Today the stock has been valued between $16.50 Cdn and $17.00 Cdn. There is an abundance of optimism at the Dixie Project as drilling results continue to prove its worth as the next potential Canadian gold producer. Many investors are anxiously waiting for Great Bear Resources to release its maiden resource estimate report in the first half of 2022. Potential investors then have a more solid picture of how lucrative a future Dixie Mine operation could be.

This is With state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, Confederation College is the perfect place to learn the latest real-world techniques and prepare for a career in the rapidly expanding skilled trades sector. W A P P LY N O Page 55

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Expecting PEA on Thunder Bay North this quarter By Kevin Vincent

One of the busiest companies in northwestern Ontario is a junior, Clean Air Metals. Clean Air’s flagship asset is the 100% owned, high grade Thunder Bay North Project, a platinum, palladium, copper, nickel property located near the Lac des Iles Mine owned by Impala Canada. The Clean Air Metals project hosts the Current Lake deposit and magma conduit, and the company is actively exploring the Escape Lake deposit, a twin structure to the Current Lake deposit. Executive Chairman Jim Gallagher and CEO Abraham Drost lead an experienced team of geologists and engineers who are using the Norilsk magma conduit stratigraphic and mineral deposit model to guide ongoing exploration and development studies. The company recently announced the appointment of Dr. Geoff Heggie, P.Geo. as Exploration Manager and a Qualified Person for the Company’s Thunder Bay North Project. “We are very pleased to welcome Dr. Geoff Heggie to the Clean Air Metals team,” said Abraham Drost, CEO of Clean Air Metals. “Geoff’s prior experience at the Thunder Bay North Project with predecessor companies and his innate expertise in magmatic systems gained in a variety of geological settings is accretive to the team. We look forward with Geoff and team to unlocking the full potential of the Escape and Current chonolith deposits and locating the source of high-grade massive sulphide occurrences within the system. We are grateful to Al MacTavish for his 14-year tenure with the Project and his considerable contributions from early discovery to present. We are pleased that, although stepping back to enjoy time with family and lead geology field trips to exotic locales like Iceland and Hawaii, Al has agreed to continue on a consulting basis to work on geological studies relevant to exploration of the Thunder Bay North Project.” Dr. Heggie worked on the Thunder Bay North Project Page 56

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previously for seven years. He earned his BSc in Geology at the University of Saskatchewan, his MSc at Lakehead University and his PhD at the University of Western Australia. Most recently with Noront Resources, Geoff is an expert in Ultramafic/ Mafic magmatic systems. Previously as Senior Geologist at Noront, systematic integration of geology and geophysics by the Noront team was typified by the discovery of the McFaulds No. 8 VMS lenses of the Nikka deposit during Geoff’s tenure. New assay results are from the drilling campaign presently underway at the company’s Thunder Bay North Project.

Assay highlights include: Hole ELR21-079 from the Escape Lake Deposit which intersected 21.3m grading 4.80g/t Palladium Equivalents (PdEq)1 composed of 1.64g/t Platinum (Pt), 1.97g/t Palladium (Pd), 0.66% Copper (Cu), 0.23% Nickel (Ni) from 388.7m-410.0m downhole including 7.5m grading 6.80g/t PdEq composed of 2.46 g/t Platinum (Pt), 2.94g/t Palladium (Pd), 0.96% Copper (Cu), 0.26% Nickel (Ni) from 400.5m-408.0m downhole.

The Escape Lake Deposit has undergone systematic expansion drilling exceeding 27,000m since the maiden Indicated resource of 505,369 ounces PdEq1 (3.67 g/t PdEq in 4.28 million tonnes reported January 20, 2021). The Current Lake Deposit 2.5km to the east has a well-defined Indicated mineral resource of 1,328,789 PdEq1 ounces (3.44 g/t PdEq in 11.99 million tonnes) and is currently well advanced with a Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) study to be published in Q4-2021. The PEA-level mine stope optimization in the Beaver Lake Zone area of the Current Lake Deposit may be enhanced by the results of a recent infill drill program, including the following highlight results: + Hole CL21-014 which intersected 18.0m grading 3.10 g/t PdEq1 composed of 1.36 g/t Platinum (Pt), 1.28g/t Palladium (Pd), 0.24% Copper (Cu) and 0.20% Nickel (Ni) from 127.5 – 145.5m downhole including 5.10m grading 5.90 g/t PdEq composed of 2.77 g/t Platinum (Pt), 2.72g/t Palladium (Pd), 0.43% Copper (Cu) and 0.28% Nickel (Ni) from 140.4m – 145.5m downhole + Hole CL21-015 which intersected 12.0m grading 7.90 g/t PdEq1 composed of 3.67 g/t Platinum (Pt),

3.31g/t Palladium (Pd), 0.75% Copper (Cu) and 0.38% Nickel (Ni) from 144.0 – 156.0m downhole including 8.0m grading 10.4 g/t PdEq composed of 4.92 g/t Platinum (Pt), 4.45g/t Palladium (Pd), 0.98% Copper (Cu) and 0.46% Nickel (Ni) from 144.0m – 152.0m downhole

Update on Metallurgy and PEA Metallurgical optimization studies continue with Blue Coast Research of British Columbia. The results of the metallurgical studies on drill core-derived bulk sample material and independent analysis of smelter recoveries and smelter payables are expected to input directly into a Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) mine cash flow model planned for publication in early Q4/2021. As with the mineral resource estimate published in March 2021, the PEA will be based on a ramp-access underground mine model constraining the existing mineral resource. In addition to the Current Lake Deposit, the potential to add scale to the Thunder Bay North Project with future feed from the Escape Lake Deposit is potentially accretive to the project.”

C L E A N A I R M E TA L S . C A

Metals for the

CLEAN AIR REVOLUTION Mid-Continent Rift PGE-Nickel-Copper District with Operating Mines

• Thunder Bay North Project • Current Lake & Escape Lake Pt-Pd-Cu-Ni Deposits • Total Indicated Resource at 1.8 Million oz PdEq • Utilizing Norilsk-style Magma Conduit Model for Exploration Based on Structure, Stratigraphy and Presence of Massive Sulphides

• 4E PGM’s (Pt+Pd+Rh+Au) Averaging 4g/t at Lower Current and Bridge Zone • Accomplished Management Team • Well Financed • Social License to Explore Written Communication Protocol with 3 First Nation Communities


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Advancing one of the largest gold projects in Canada First Mining adds value with new Pelangio and ALX deals First Mining Gold Corp. announced in early October that the company has entered into an earn-in agreement with Pelangio Exploration Inc. where First Mining, through its wholly owned subsidiary Gold Canyon Resources Inc., may earn, over the course of two stages and over a period of six years, up to an 80% interest in Pelangio’s Birch Lake and Birch Lake West properties. The Birch Lake Properties include the High-Grade Island prospect, which is located northeast of First Mining’s Springpole Gold Project in northwestern Ontario. The Birch Lake Properties cover approximately 3,700 hectares. With the addition of the Birch Lake Properties, First Mining now controls close to 70,000 hectares in the Birch-Uchi Greenstone Belt. “We are extremely excited to continue our consolidation efforts in the region by bringing in the HighGrade Island prospect, as it represents one of the most prospective areas in the Birch-Uchi Greenstone Belt,” said Dan Wilton, CEO of First Mining. “Despite being explored since the 1980s and with demonstrated high-grade drill intersections of up to 245 g/t gold, High Grade Island has been underexplored relative to other high-grade camps in the belt and will be a priority target for us as we embark on our first broader regional exploration program next year. Through several land consolidation transactions over the last Page 58

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few months, First Mining now holds some of the most prospective areas of the Birch-Uchi Greenstone Belt, and with future exploration success these new targets have the potential to significantly increase the grade profile, resource potential and economics at our Springpole Gold Project.” First Mining will have a two-stage option to earn up to an 80% interest in the Birch Lake Properties. In the first stage, First Mining, through its wholly owned subsidiary Gold Canyon, can earn up to an initial 51% interest in the Birch Lake Properties over a four-year period by making cash payments to Pelangio totaling $350,000 and issuing to Pelangio a total of 1,300,000 shares of First Mining, and by incurring at least $1,750,000 worth of expenditures on the Birch Lake Properties during the four-year period. Upon completing the first stage of the earn-in, First Mining will have a second stage option for a period of two years to acquire an additional 29% interest in the Birch Lake Properties by paying $400,000 to Pelangio in cash or First Mining shares, and by incurring an additional $1,750,000 worth of expenditures on the Birch Lake Properties. Upon completion of the second earn-in stage, First Mining (through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Gold Canyon) and Pelangio will enter into a joint venture agreement with respect to the Birch Lake Properties where First Mining will hold,

through Gold Canyon, an 80% interest in the Birch Lake Properties (if First Mining notifies Pelangio at any time after exercising the first earn-in that it will not complete the second earn-in stage, the joint venture will be formed as of the date of such notice, and First Mining will hold, through Gold Canyon, a 51% interest in the Birch Lake Properties). In September, the company announced they entered into an earn-in agreement with ALX Resources Corp. in which First Mining, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Gold Canyon Resources Inc. (“Gold Canyon”), may earn, over the course of two stages and over a period of five years, up to a 100% interest in ALX’s Vixen North, Vixen South and Vixen West properties (the “Vixen Properties”) located near First Mining’s Springpole Gold Project in northwestern Ontario. The Vixen Properties are comprised of 521 single cell mining claims covering approximately 10,600 hectares. In addition to entering into the earnin agreement with ALX to earn into the Vixen Properties, First Mining acquired additional claims covering approximately 6,000 hectares within the Birch-Uchi Greenstone Belt, including the acquisition of the past-producing, high-grade Sol d’Or mine located adjacent to the Swain Lake Property, on which First Mining has a three-year option agreement with Whitefish Explora-

tion Inc. With the addition of the Vixen Properties and the New Claims, First Mining now controls over 66,000 hectares in the Birch-Uchi Greenstone Belt and is the largest single claim holder in the region. “First Mining’s recent land tenure consolidation in the Birch-Uchi Greenstone Belt is another major development for our Company and the region,” said Dan Wilton. “Since the beginning of the year, First Mining has significantly increased its land package around Springpole and believe the Birch-Uchi is the one of the most under-explored and highly prospective gold belts in Canada, with district-scale potential.

The region hosts several past-producing mines including our newly acquired Sol d’Or mine where there has been demonstrated historical, high-grade exploration potential. First Mining intends to undertake a comprehensive regional exploration program over the next twelve months for the first time since our acquisition of Springpole in 2015 and will be incorporating these newly acquired and optioned claims into the program. First Mining remains focused on advancing and permitting our flagship Springpole Gold Project which hosts the largest known gold deposit in the district and will be a critical strategic asset if more gold resources are found in the region.” In the interim, the results of a posi-

tive Pre-Feasibility Study for the Springpole Gold Project were announced by First Mining in January 2021, and permitting activities are ongoing leading to the submission of an Environmental Impact Statement. The company is the largest shareholder of Treasury Metals who are advancing the Goliath Gold Complex in Ontario. First Mining also has active partnerships with operators advancing other Canadian projects including the Pickle Crow Gold Project (Auteco Minerals) and Hope Brook Gold Project (Big Ridge Gold). In addition, First Mining owns a growing strategic royalty portfolio along with other wholly owned properties: Cameron, Duparquet, Duquesne and Pitt.

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hand, a strong exploration culture combined with its sustainable profitability strategy is expanding its asset base as we look to discover exciting new opportunities,” said president and chief executive Mark Bristow in the company’s quarterly filings. “We’re constantly pumping new prospects into a development and project pipeline which already contains Goldrush, Fourmile and Robertson in Nevada, Donlin in Alaska, as well as new Loulo-Gounkoto and Kibali targets in Africa. “The fact is that the industry has not been replacing what it’s been mining. Barrick, on the other hand, is running its business for the long term instead of focusing on shortterm gains and working to extend its resource-based 10-year plans to 15 and even 20 years,” Bristow said. Barrick is still projecting 200-220 ounces at Hemlo by year’s end with average costs of between $1280 and $1330 per ounce.

Barrick looks to extend Hemlo mine life past 2030 By Kevin Vincent

Production at Barrick’s Hemlo Mine was down through the first six months of 2021 compared to the same period in 2020. The company produced 42,000 ounces this year compared to 54,000 in 2020, a 22% drop. Those kinds of numbers don’t phase one of the world’s top gold producers, as Barrick is focused on long-term, not short-term objectives. “The gold mining industry’s chronic tendency to harvest the gold price instead of investing in the future has resulted in declining reserves and a shortage of high-quality development projects. At Barrick, on the other Page 60

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Hemlo has produced more than 21 million ounces of gold and has been operating continuously for more than 30 years. It consists of the Williams mine—an underground and open pit operation—located about 350 kilometers east of Thunder Bay. Hemlo’s gold production in the second quarter of 2021 was 11% lower than the prior quarter due to lower grades mined from the underground. Underground ore mined in the second quarter of 2021 was in line with the prior quarter, as efforts to improve efficiency and utilization continue.

Cost of sales per ounce and total cash costs per ounce in the second quarter of 2021 were largely in line with the prior quarter, as the impact of lower sales volume was offset by lower royalty expenses due to mining from underground zones that incurred a lower royalty burden. As part of the company’s efforts to upgrade and improve the operating performance of Hemlo, a new portal is currently under development to access the Upper C Zone, with mining expected to begin in the third quarter of 2021. Improving flexibility with a third mining front and a focus on development in existing mining fronts will allow the underground to steadily increase production rates and reduce operating costs per ounce. The pace of this transition has been impacted by ongoing Covid-19 related restrictions. A new General Manager with significant underground expertise, most recently at NGM’s Carlin operations, joined the Hemlo team in late June 2021. Drilling programs are underway to potentially add resources to extend the mine life past 2030, with promising initial results to the west of current operations as well as to the east at depth beneath historic workings.

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Moving closer to the feasibility of a processing plant By Kevin Vincent

The global demand for lithium has a set of crosshairs focused on northwestern Ontario. Frontier Lithium Inc. announced in late October that it has successfully produced battery-quality lithium hydroxide monohydrate (LiOH-H2O). The achievement was through a reputable third-party firm using its crystallization process technology from a purified lithium hydroxide (LiOH) solution produced by Frontier Lithium. The lithium salts were produced from ‘ore-to-hydroxide’ sulphate conversion route by a mini-pilot plant using core samples

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taken from the PAK Lithium Project’s PAK deposit. Trevor Walker, President and CEO of Frontier Lithium stated, “We continue to progress, de-risk and execute on our plan to build a fully-integrated lithium chemicals company to service the global battery and electric vehicle industry.” He also added “We are looking to complete lithium chemicals process selection by year-end and will then commence subsequent piloting and demonstration programs necessary to deliver the feasibility of an optimized process with innovative technology necessary for building a commercial lithium chemical processing plant in North America.” The program results reflect Frontier’s ability to produce concentrate and lithium hydroxide from the PAK Lithium Project. The Government of Ontario is financially supporting the program of conventional direct conversion sulphate and novel sulfate-free processing of spodumene concentrates. The test work will support the PFS study currently being conducted to assess the viability of a vertically integrated chemical company through operation of a spodumene mine and concentrator at the PAK Lithium Project to feed lithium chemicals plant operation in the Great Lakes region of North America. Shortly before the October announcement, Frontier announced the results of the remaining three delineation drill hole drilled during The Phase IX drill program in February and March, 2021 on the Spark pegmatite. Although drilling was completed on March 19th 2021, analytical results had been delayed due mainly to the COVID Pandemic.

The Spark deposit has a large surface exposure, broad mineralized zones and remains open in all directions, with the most significant upside at depth and to the southwest; Diamond Drill Hole (“DDH”) PL-046-21 was collared in mafic host rock and intersected 320.6 m of pegmatite averaging 1.68% Li2O (49.7 to 370.3 m); - Includes 94.5m averaging 2.33% Li2O; - Includes high grade zone of 27m of 3.41% Li2O; - The intersection represents a horizontal width of nearly 225 m for the Spark pegmatite assuming a WSW trend; Hole PL-047-19 was collared in pegmatite suggesting a southwest trend for the pegmatite body. Hole PL-049-19 targeted the area between the two main sets of surface channels from the south and intersected three 15 to 40m pegmatite zones averaging 1.3 to 1.6% Li2O. “These results confirm continuity of the pegmatite and lithium grades between holes PL-038-19, PL039-19 and PL-042-19 and the surface exposures

of the pegmatite,” said Garth Drever, V.P. Exploration, “Hole PL-046-19 is a significant step in the process of upgrading Inferred to Measured and Indicated.” Frontier Lithium is an emerging lithium mineral and chemicals company focused on the development of its 100%-owned PAK Lithium Project in northwestern Ontario. With increased ‘local’ supply chain desires around the world the Company’s objective is to become a strategic domestic supplier. The company is aiming to produce battery-grade lithium hydroxide and other chemicals to the growing electric vehicle and energy storage markets in North America as well as premium mineral concentrates supplier for high quality glass manufacturers. Frontier maintains the largest land position and resource in a new premium lithium mineral district located in Ontario’s Great Lakes region. The region is advantaged by favourable geology, proven metallurgy with access to intermodal hubs, infrastructure, power, and mining along with downstream lithium processing expertise for auto OEM’s future Li-Ion battery requirements.



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A Major Historical Multi-Million Ounce Gold Opportunity October 21, 2021 Goldshore Resources Inc. announced gold assay results from the first three holes (MMD-21-001 to 003) drilled to validate gold mineralization at the Moss Lake gold deposit in Northwest Ontario, Canada. Goldshore is an emerging junior gold development company, and owns the Moss Lake Gold Project. Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd. is currently a strategic shareholder of Goldshore with an approximate 30% equity position in the Company. Well-financed and supported by

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an industry-leading management group, board of directors and advisory board, Goldshore is positioned to advance the Moss Lake Gold Project through the next stages of exploration and development. Highlights included: Significant Width Increase: Mineralization was intersected over 550 m in MMD-21-001 which corresponds to an estimated true thickness of 422 m which is a 52% increase over the 2013 historical resource model in that area. Substantial Depth Extension: Mineralization was intersected between 100 and 500 m below the 2013 historical resource model in MMD21-002 which represents a +100% increase to the known vertical extent of the gold zones in this area. Several highergrade zones were identified and the best intercepts include: 57.00m at 1.20 g/t Au from 4.0m and 36.00m at 1.15 g/t Au from 182.0m in MMD-21-003 31.00m at 1.18 g/t Au from 122.0m and 16.30m at 2.09 g/t Au from 350.7m in MMD-

21-001 35.00m at 1.09 g/t Au from 100.0m in MMD-21-002 Drilling has just Begun and the three holes reported here represent only 2.3% of the planned 100,000 meters of drilling scheduled to be completed by the end of Q2 of 2022 as the drill program ramps-up from two to four drill rigs. Brett Richards, President and Chief Executive Officer of Goldshore commented: “These are the first drillhole results from the very beginning of our 100,000m program. The results from these first holes validate our belief that the Moss Lake gold deposit is very under-explored and geologically misunderstood, given the wide lateral extension indicated by these results. We are also seeing a good correlation with the twinned historic drill hole (ML-0803) as noted in this release on our website. These two early observations are very encouraging and we continue to advance our campaign and ramp up to 12,000m a month drilling capacity.” The Moss Lake Gold Project is located approximately 100 km west of the city of Thunder Bay, Ontario. It is accessed via Highway 11 which passes within 1 km of the property boundary to the north. The Moss Lake Gold Project covers 14,292 hectares and consists of 282 unpatented and patented mining claims.

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GENERATION MINING Marathon Project North America’s Largest Undeveloped Palladium Deposit

Generation Mining Pushes Ahead With its Marathon PalladiumCopper Project Anticipates Construction to Start in Late 2022

GREEN IS THE NEW GOLD Construction on the new palladium and copper mine in Marathon, Ontario, could start in late 2022 if environmental permitting is received by Spring of 2022 and financing for the C$665-million project proceed as planned. The project, located near the town of Marathon in north-western Ontario, will deliver 1.9-million ounces of palladium, 467-million pounds of copper, 537 000 oz of platinum, 151 000 oz of gold and 2.8-million ounces of silver. In the first three years following commercial production, Marathon would produce 588 000 oz of palladium and 122-million pounds of copper, from about 270 000 t of copper/palladium concentrate shipped, earning project owners $9 779-million of free cash flow. A major step forward was the completion of the feasibility study for the Marathon Palladium/Copper Project in March 2021. “With the consensus outlook for palladium and copper strong for the next decade, this is a project whose time has come,” said Gen Mining executive chairperson Kerry Knoll. Palladium is used in catalytic converters to reduce harmful emissions, palladium is forecast be in a supply deficit for the foreseeable future, as Europe, China and other regions continue to roll out tougher emissions standards, forcing automotive manufacturers to put more into each vehicle. In October Generation awarded Wood Engineering (Oakville), the global consulting and engineering company, the contract for engineering a processing plant for the Marathon palladium- copper Project. Page 66

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“We are extremely happy to have this integrated team comprised of the Wood Engineering group and the Gen Mining team members to advance the Project,” said Drew Anwyll, P. Eng. and Chief Operating Officer. Wood’s initial work will be to produce a Project design and footprint prior to advancing detailed engineering. The work will be conducted in the offices in Oakville Ontario. The project goal is to complete engineering and initial procurement activities, with approximately 75% of the engineering to be complete at the start of construction. Initial early works associated with construction are anticipated in the second half of 2022 contingent on receiving vital permits and Environmental Assessment approval by mid-2022. “This is a top team with a proven track record to advance the Project through the engineering designs and into the construction in the second half of 2022. We are definitely set up to make this an outstanding Project,” Anwyll added. Generation has also engaged Wood Environment and Infrastructure Solutions help prepare of its Closure Plan under Ontario Regulation 240/00; the application for an Environmental Compliance Approval for Industry Sewage Works pursuant to the Environmental Protection Act; and federal permits as required under Section 35/Section 2 of the Fisheries Act for the Marathon Project in northwestern Ontario. These are the key permits that will be needed for mine construction to start. Wood’s experience and success in this field include the permitting of several of the largest and most significant mining projects in Ontario, including the Côté Gold Project, Magino Gold Project, Goliath Project, Rainy River Gold Mine and the Detour Lake Mine. Generation Mining also acquired the services of LQ Consulting and Management with Gordon Lung, B. Eng. to

Mining half page 7.5 x 4.78 live area.pdf 1 9/18/2019 10:17:25 AM

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fill the key role of Project Services Manager, and Pierre Legare, President of LQ as Senior Project Advisor. They will help to advance the Project through pre- construction phase and into the construction phase which is expected to start following the approval of the Environmental Assessment and permitting phase, and financing. The Company released the results of the Feasibility Study on March 3, 2021, and published the NI43-101 Technical Report dated March 25, 2021. In total, The Marathon property covers a land package of approximately 22,000 hectares, or 220 square kilometres. Gen Mining currently owns an 82.6% interest in the Marathon Project, with the remaining interest owned by Sibanye-Stillwater. The Feasibility Study estimated that at US$1725/ oz palladium, and US$3.20/lb copper, Marathon’s Net Present Value (at 6% discount rate) is approximately C$1.07 billion with a payback of 2.3 years and an Internal Rate of Return of 30%. Up front capital costs were estimated at C$665 million. The mine would is estimated to produce 245,000 palladium equivalent ounces per year over a 13-year mine life at an All-In Sustaining Cost of US$809 per palladium- equivalent ounce.

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While the rest of the exploration world is primarily focused on gold, silver, copper and battery metals like lithium, one company is targeting another rare element, cesium.

Avalon Advanced Materials determined to make Ontario global cesium producer By Kevin Vincent

Avalon Advanced Materials Inc. announced in late September that it has received initial assay results from grab samples collected during a summer exploration program on the Lilypad Cesium Project, 350 km north of Thunder Bay. The new results confirm the “exceptional cesium enrichment” in several Lithium-Cesium-Tantalum pegmatite dyke occurrences on the property. Cesium is a rare element in growing demand for many new technologies, but with very limited supply following the cessation of mine production from the world’s largest historical producer, the Tanco mine, near Bernic Lake, Manitoba. “The Lilypad Cesium Project is proving to be a globally unique example of a large field of cesiumenriched LCT pegmatite dykes with significant resource potential,” said President & CEO, Don Bubar. “With cesium continuing to be in very short supply, the company is now well positioned to help Ontario become the new global leader in cesium production including innovation of new downstream applications.” Bubar says once all the geochemical survey results have been received and compiled along with the geological mapping data, next steps will be to plan for a diamond drilling program to test all the new targets including the western extension of the Pollucite Dyke. “This work would ideally be scheduled during winter months when access can made via a winter road,” he Page 68

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added. A work program included line cutting, soil and biogeochemistry grid sampling, as well as geological mapping and sampling over the area of the known LCT pegmatite field. The soil and biogeochemistry results have not yet been received but are anticipated to indicate directions for extensions of the known pegmatites and identify new pegmatite targets in overburdencovered areas for testing in a future drill program. Additional bulk sampling of the cesium-rich Pollucite Dyke was also carried out and Avalon now has about 400 kg of the pollucite mineralization available for further metallurgical test work. Sub-samples of the bulk sample assayed at Saskatchewan Research Council averaged 3.02% Cs2O, 1.07% Li2O and 0.03% Ta2O5, similar to the average grade of the historic resource. Assays of rock samples received to date have confirmed significant cesium values in four LCT dykes on the property with three samples assaying greater than 1% Cs2O. Two of the highest cesium values reported in this work are from the Western Extension of the Pollucite Dyke, about 180 metres west of the closest historic drill hole indicating potential to at least double its strike length. The Pollucite Dyke, with a historic resource estimate [1] of 340,000 tonnes grading 2.294% Cs2O and 0.037% Ta2O5 based on 9 holes drilled to a maximum vertical depth of 250 metres and along a strike

length of just 140 metres, remains open for expansion to depth and along strike. Samples assaying at or greater than 1% Cs2O were also obtained from the Rubellite Dyke, a second pegmatite with high tantalum enrichment located about 500 metres east of the Pollucite Dyke. Two other little-explored pegmatites known as the Baseline and Opie Dykes were also found to contain significant cesium values. Some samples are also highly enriched in lithium where it occurs mainly in coarse grained spodumene. One sample from the Spodumene Dyke with coarse spodumene crystals returned 3.34% Li2O and the six samples collected averaged 0.7% Li2O. Avalon Advanced Materials is a Canadian mineral development company headquartered in Toronto. Avalon specializes in critical metals and minerals with growing demand in new technology. The company has five critical minerals project across Canada, providing investors with exposure to lithium, rare earths, cesium, tantalum, feldspars, tin and indium. Avalon is currently focusing on its Separation Rapids Lithium Project near Kenora, Ontario and its Lilypad CesiumTantalum Project near Fort Hope, Ontario. Avalon is also evaluating opportunities to apply new extraction technology to recover rare earths and other metals from acid mine drainage at closed mine sites across North America, remediating outstanding environmental liability.

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The need for a long distance transmission line

Northwest Ontario’s Waasigan Transmission Line Frank Giorno

Over the last decade much focus has been given on the importance of access roads for mining projects like those in the Ring of Fire and other remote locations to proceed to production, but equally important is the need for long distance transmission lines to bring the energy needed for the site operate. The transmission system is Ontario’s electricity highway. Through it vast amounts of electricity from hydroelectric, wind, solar, nuclear, and natural gas generators over long distances to the Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) that power Ontario homes, businesses and remote projects like mining and forestry Ontario’s transmission system is managed by Hydro One. It contunes to investments to maintain and upgrade our system. We work with communities to ensure that our transmission system has sufficient capacity to deliver a safe and reliable supply of electricity. Two major transmission projects in Northwestern Ontario are currently underway to bring power to the minining regions. Hydro One is also upgrading and expanding the Marathon Transformer Station that serves the Town of Marathon and surrounding region which contains the Barrick Hemlo Mine and many active exploration projects. Hydro One is committed to energizing life for communities and businesses in northwestern Ontario. Energizing life means more than supplying safe and reliable power, Page 70

Page 72 FALL 2021 ML&EN

it means listening and taking action to meet their needs. The northwest has advocated for an increase in power for many years to support community and industry growth. Supporting the well being and benefitting Indigenous communities is a major mandate of Hydro One. The Waasigan Transmission Line is a proposed new double-circuit 230 kilovolt (kV) transmission line between Lakehead Transformer Station (TS) in the Municipality of Shuniah and Mackenzie TS in the Town of Atikokan, and a new single-circuit 230 kV transmission line between Mackenzie TS and Dryden TS in the City of Dryden. There are a host of mining and forestry activities in the region that play a key role in driving economic growth in the northwest and in the communities who support them. Waasigan will bring an additional 350 megawatts to the region, which is more than twenty times what it takes to power the City of Dryden, or enough to power 100,000 homes.

Environmental Assessment Process The Waasigan Transmission Line project is subject to an environmental assessment process. In October 2020, Hydro One submitted a Terms of Reference to the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks for the project, as required under Ontario’s Environmental Assessment Act. The Terms of Reference is the first step in the environmental assessment process. If approved, it will provide the framework for the second step of the process – the environmental assessment. The environmental assessment will evaluate and determine a preferred route and assess the potential effects of the project.

Project Overview Timeline 2021- Terms of Reference decision by Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks 2021- Notice of Commencement of environmental assessment 2021/2022- Consultation and data collection on environmental assessment study areas 2022- Draft environmental assessment review 2022- Leave to Construct (Section 92) application submission* 2023/2024- Decision on Environmental Assessment by Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks 2023/2024- Leave to Construct (Section 92) application approval BY END OF 2024- Complete development work

Page 71

Page 67 73 FALL 2021 ML&EN

Providing access to Western Canada and the USA WWW.PORTOFTHUNDERBAY.CA

The Port of Thunder Bay and the Seaway is the preferred marine route for European trade with Western Canada. The Port is an important facilitator of commerce in the Thunder Bay region. Every successful economic region has homegrown advantages. In the case of northwestern Ontario, the bellwether advantage is the Port of Thunder Bay. The Port of Thunder Bay is the Western Canadian terminus of the St. Lawrence Seaway System, the largest inland waterway in the world. The Port was built to provide access to European markets for Western Canadian grain producers through the longest grain supply chain in the world. TBPA Chair Bonny Skene says 2020, marked by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, impacted supply chains globally in both supply and demand and unprecedented health and safety challenges. In the Port Authority’s annual report, Skene says the Port of Thunder Bay played a key role in meeting increased demand for Western Canadian grain, engaging available capacity and efficiently increasing year-overyear throughput by 1.3 million metric tonnes. “The rise in grain shipments more than offset decreases in bulk coal and potash, and the overall cargo volume of 10.2 million metric tonnes was the port’s highest since 1997,” said Skene. Thunder Bay Port Authority (TBPA) employs an asset-based strategy to increase ship supply and enhance the port’s competitiveness, a critical supply chain success factor. Success in attracting cargo to Page 72

Page 74 FALL 2021 ML&EN

the Seaway from alternative routes can take considerable time and effort. Skene says the first shipment of import phosphate fertilizer at Keefer Terminal in 2020 is a product of these efforts. “This cargo represents an opportunity to increase long-term inbound shipments in Thunder Bay, providing two-way traffic for ocean vessels visiting the port. Marine cargo activity at Keefer also included steel rail, structural steel, and wind energy components. Several major project cargo shipments were delayed as construction was impacted by pandemic restrictions.” The TBPA completed a multi-modal terminal reconfiguration project at Keefer Terminal in 2020, which has greatly enhanced this significant Northern Ontario transportation asset. TBPA partnered on a $14 million dollar project with the Federal National Trade Corridors Fund ($6.5 million dollars) and the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation ($1.0 million dollars). Shippers will benefit from increased heated storage capacity, reconfigured rail and laydown assets, including 3,000 feet of rail upgrades and 6 acres of new asphalt laydown for cargo staging and storage. Skene says the TBPA is encouraged by the port’s regained prominence on the Seaway as the #1 Canadian Great Lakes Port in terms of cargo tonnage. “The port is a strategic supply chain link benefitting the Canadian transportation sector, shippers in Western


Bulk Heavy Lift Breakbulk Project Cargo


Canada using the East-West trade corridor, and the community of Thunder Bay. The port is a key driver of the economy and a major employer in our municipality,” she adds. An integral part of the Port of Thunder Bay’s strategy is expanding upon the successful project cargo corridor, facilitating the movement of dimensional cargo to and from Western Canada and international markets. The Port coordinates the activities of stevedores, trucking companies, equipment operators, railways, and fabricators to ensure that project cargo is handled efficiently and that shippers derive value out of shipping cargo via Thunder Bay. The Port strives to diversify cargoes to reduce dependency on select commodities. The Port has prepared a significant 5-Year Capital Plan in strategic investments, including the expansion and reconfiguration of the general cargo terminal to capitalize on future cargo growth opportunities. The Port’s facilities, able to handle 9 million tonnes of cargo annually. The port also has available waterfront land for property development, including: • Harbour Park – a 45-hectare industrial park, and • Intercity Site – a 12-hectare waterfront site with a 61-metre dock, rail access and operational grain elevator. Page 73

Page 75 FALL 2021 ML&EN

Wataynikaneyap Power A First Nations Owned Transmission Line

Frank Giorno

An 1,800 km transmission line project led by First Nations’ owned Wataynikaneyap Power will connect 17 First Nations communities to the Ontario grid as well reinforce existing service to Pickle Lake, Red Lake Service and expand into northern Pickle Lake and Red Lake to permit further exploration and mining in the future. The first phase, a new 300km transmission line, will reinforce electricity supply into Pickle Lake. The second phase will connect 17 First Nation communities north of Pickle Lake and Red Lake with an estimated 1500km of new transmission line. The total estimated capital cost is $1.83 billion. The Ontario government is providing $1.4 B and the private sector $500 million towards construction. “Indigenous Peoples are very patient and resilient – they have been talking about energy for 28 years,” Margaret Keneqanash, CEO of Wataynikaneyap Power, said in a media release. “We place our mark on history as we work towards a shared vision Page 74

Page 76 FALL 2021 ML&EN

which will form the foundation for our future generations. We celebrate the moment of truth today, but tomorrow our commitment to the tasks before us becomes very real as the work begins in our effort to connect our First Nation communities on time.” Status • On July 29, 2016, Ontario officially selected Wataynikaneyap as the transmitter to undertake the project. • 1,000,000 total person hours have been worked on the Wataynikaneyap Power Project since January 2019 • 716 out of 5002 structures have been assembled • The first structure on the Wataynikaneyap Power Project has been erected in the Sioux Lookout area near Highway 516 • On October 29, 2020, representatives of Valard met with students enrolled in the Line Crew Ground Support Training through Opiikapawiin Services LP and the Infrastructure Health & Safety Association. The 12-week course prepares the students for work in the powerline field. • By January 2021, another major Wataynikaneyap Power Project milestone was reached – wireworks activities (stringing of conductor wire) started on December 5th in the location of Pickle Lake, Ontario. Completion of the transmission line is targeted for the end of 2023. Wataynikaneyap Power LP (the “Wataynikaneyap”) is a licensed transmission company equally owned by 24 First Nations communities (51%), in partnership with

Fortis Inc. and other private investors (49%). 24 First Nations Partnership also owns 100% of Opiikapawiin Services LP. Fortis Ontario owns 100% of Wataynikaneyap Power PM Inc. The 24 First Nations communities will be able to increase their ownership and control to 100% in anticipation of such purchase right becoming available (25 years following the operation date for the Wataynikaneyap Transmission Line). First Nation communities working together and controlling development of infrastructure within their traditional lands will be a catalyst for greater prosperity and economic self-determination. Called “unprecedented”, the project will connect the remote First Nations communities to the Ontario power grid, supplying energy to thousands of residents and eliminating the financially unsustainable and environmentally risky reliance of diesel generation. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) estimates that the current cost of diesel generation for these remote First Nations communities is $43 million per year and growing. Building and operating transmission to these communities is expected to save $1 billion compared to continued diesel generation. Once operational, the new service will eliminate an estimated 6.6 million tonnes of Co2 equivalent GHG emissions over 40 years, contributing to a cleaner energy. The project has created about 769 jobs during construction, close to $900 million in socio-economic value, along with many other new economic opportunities.

Wataynikaneyap Power Transmission Project voted leading Clean50 Top Project in 2021 By Kevin Vincent

The Wataynikaneyap Power Transmission Project was voted the leading Clean50 Top Project in 2021 at the Clean50 Summit held in Toronto in September. Clean50 Top Projects are chosen annually based on their innovation, their ability to inform, and inspire other Canadians.

transport - with stable, clean power available, First Nations are enabled to grow and improve community infrastructure and further community development - including business and economic opportunities. This project is led by First Nations, who majority-own this infrastructure being built on our homelands,” said Frank McKay, Chair of the Wataynikaneyap Power GP Inc. Board.

Photo: Margaret Kenequanash, CEO of Wataynikaneyap Power

The project will reinforce the existing transmission grid to Pickle Lake and bring reliable energy to the communities, currently powered by diesel. Connection to the power grid will provide cleaner and more reliable power to the population. The project is expected to result in over 6.6million tonnes of avoided GHG emissions over forty years, by replacing approximately 25 million litres/ year of diesel usage. “I am very honoured that the Wataynikaneyap Power Transmission Project was voted as the top Project amongst 24 award winners,” said Margaret Kenequanash, CEO of Wataynikaneyap Power. “All Clean50 Top Projects recognized in 2021 are remarkable, inspiring, and have the potential to contribute to a better future. I accept this recognition on behalf of our Peoples and our partners.” “We are proud of this distinguished recognition from the sustainable business community. Connection to the Ontario power grid will not only reduce diesel usage and Page 75

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ADVANCING, GROWING, SUPPORTING Put our growth and experience to work for you.

With primary offices in Sudbury, Schuster Boyd McDonald has built an enviable reputation as the dominant providers of Group Benefits and Pension Consulting Services to Canadian Mining and mining supply industries. People First! Our business is about “people first’, and how we help them meet both their business and personal needs.

Employers in the Mining sector are faced with ever-increasing benefit cost pressures of employees, union agreements, government, and environment regulations to increase benefit levels and options. The SBM team’s modus operandi is to ensure that clients are fully informed of facts, options and risks to ensure they are in the best position to make decisions regarding their benefits, pensions and collective agreements. As Consultants of choice, they provide actionable long-term strategies that help control costs and maintain the integrity of the plans. SBM actively assists in every aspect of the collective bargaining process with all analysis and benefit costings being generated in-house. Extensive bench-marking data specific to the mining sector helps to ensure benefit plans are competitive in terms of offerings and price.


New Alliances Continue To Bolster SBM’s Range of Services

Human Resource Management Disability Management & Adjudication Collective Bargaining/Agreements Pension & Benefit Administration Compensation Audits WSIB Support Drug Formularies Corporate Wellness and Health Strategic Planning Employee Assistance Programs Risk Management Claims Resolution Board governance Training Legislation Updates Workplace Conflict Resolution Executive Aircraft Coverage Community Support Cost Containment Strategies Employee Educational Seminars Health Care Spending Accounts

The benefits and pensions specialists at Schuster Boyd McDonald go the distance to understand client needs and are fully vested in their clients’ success. To provide a wider array of services and to increase leverage with insurers, SBM recently joined forces with industry experts Jones DesLauriers Blevins Insurance Group. Headquartered in Toronto, JDB is a full-service consultancy serving clients for over 65 years. They have built a leadership position within the Canadian long-term care, healthcare, hospitality and manufacturing sectors. To better serve the needs of clients JDB has developed a highly efficient Third-Party Administration division that helps manage complex multi-tiered plans, cross-province locations, specialized billing or where a client simply wishes to separate the administration function from the insurer to provide negotiation flexibility. The newest member of the JDB Group is Belmont Health & Wealth out of Dartmouth, NS and Saint John, NB. Belmont has carved out a niche in the Atlantic provinces focusing on group benefits and retirement with specific expertise in unions and multi-employer plans.

Contact the SBM Team at 1.800.461.4074 or through Page 76

Page 78 FALL 2021Group Benefits | Retirement Solutions | Disability and Wellness Management | Third-Party Administration ML&EN



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What made the NEWS recently?

Aben Resources Executes Agreement on Red Lake Area Gold Project, Finalizes Plan for 2021 Work Program at the Forrest Kerr Project. Aben Resources Ltd. has formalized an Option Agreement with an arms-length third party whereby the company will hold the exclusive right to earn a 100% interest in the Pringle North Gold Project located north of the town of Red. The Pringle North Property consists of 5 contiguous mining claims covering approximately 1,881 hectares. The property is 60km north of the town of Red Lake and is located 15km east of the all-weather Nungesser Road. .... Gold’n Futures Adds High Priority Gold Targets Within the Expanded Hercules Property in Beardmore-Geraldton Gold Camp Gold’n Futures Mineral Corp. says the compilation of historical data on the Hercules Gold Property has identified two additional gold targets for its 2021 exploration program associated with indicative geological, geophysical and geochemical anomalies. Significantly, these new targets were found outside of and to the east of the Elmhirst Lake Intrusive Complex that is the host for the high-grade Hercules gold vein systems. This is an important development which establishes a new regional component for gold targets outside the main gold-bearing Elmhirst Lake Intrusive Complex. . .... Page 78

Page 80 FALL 2021 ML&EN

PureGold Announces Milestone Second Quarter and Provides Underground Drilling and 8-Zone Updates Pure Gold Mining Inc. provided an operations and underground drilling update, including drill results, for the second quarter at its highgrade PureGold Mine in Red Lake. Production highlights for the second quarter include: Average daily throughput of 509 tpd for the quarter and 577 tpd for the month of June; Average daily ramp development rate for the Main and East Ramps of 5.2 metres and 4.5 metres per day for the second quarter, respectively, a new quarterly record for the Main Ramp and a 53% increase compared to the first quarter; A 46% increase in second quarter gold production compared to the first quarter; Average head grade of 7.0 g/t Au from all stopes mined during the second quarter; and Average head grade of 5.8 g/t Au for the high-grade portion of the mill feed, which includes all stopes mined plus high-grade development ore, a 51% increase compared to the first quarter and in line with expectations for the period. 8 Zone Update- In addition to improving access to high-grade ore in the near-term, the ramp development rates achieved to date coupled with the acceleration of the Main Ramp beginning in July present an opportunity to bring forward underground drilling and development of the high-grade 8 Zone. ....

Benton Advised That Metallica Metals Has Identified Numerous Drill Targets for Starr Project, Thunder Bay Mining District Metallica Metals Corp. announced that it has completed its review of a recently completed airborne MobileMT geophysical survey over its Starr gold-silver project (“Starr” or the “Project”) located in the Thunder Bay Mining District. The Project, which the Company has the right to earn up to a 100% interest, covers a large land position of 5,991 hectares that includes several highgrade gold and silver occurrences within a 20 km long segment of the southwestern section of the Shebandowan Greenstone Belt. .... GoldON Acquires a 100% Interest in Great Bear’s West Madsen Gold Property in Red Lake GoldON Resources Ltd. has elected to accelerate an option agreement with Great Bear Resources Ltd. and has acquired a 100% interest in the original Block A and B portions of the West Madsen Gold Project. GoldON now owns a 100% interest in the Project that covers 5,862 hectares in the heart of the Red Lake Gold Camp and is comprised of the Block A and B claim groups; the Flat Lake and MadsenMedicine Stone claim groups that GoldON acquired a 100% interest in from Bounty Gold; and claims GoldON acquired via staking in December 2020. ....


Page 79

Page 81 FALL 2021 ML&EN


Junior Review

By Frank Giorno

Northwestern Ontario is a hive of exploration activities from Red Lake to the Ring of Fire to the southern Thunder Bay area from Dryden to Marathon. What follows is a summary of the exploration activities in Thunder Bay North, Thunder Bay South and the Red Lake areas.

In Thunder Bay North, Gold (74 percent) was the most sought-after commodity, followed by copper-zincsilver (13 percent), copper-nickel-platinum group (PGE- 7 percent), lithium and rare elements (4 percent) and diamonds (2 percent).

Exploration Programs Thunder Bay North Cadillac Ventures Signed a purchase agreement with Braveheart Resources Inc. in the Thierry Mine property. Braveheart has commenced work on a Preliminary Economic Assessment for the property and plans to complete it in the first quarter of 2021. Equinox Gold Greenstone Gold Mines The Hard Rock mine project received Federal Cabinet approval of the Schedule 2 the Metal and Diamond Mining Effluent Regulations and key infrastructure permitting. Agreements with the Indigenous communities continued and a ground breaking ceremony was held October 27th. Ardiden Ltd. Was active on the Kasagiminnis, New Patricia and South Limb properties that comprise the Pickle Lake gold project. During the 2020 drill program on the Kasagiminnis Page 80

Page 82 FALL 2021 ML&EN

property, 15 holes were drilled from 5 pads for a total of 3117 m. Argo Gold Inc. Entered into an agreement with Denison Mines Inc., where Argo can acquire a 100% interest in the 760 ha Talbot Lake project, east of Pickle Lake in the Fort Hope greenstone belt. Argo also registered an additional 399 claim units for a total of 7982 ha covering the geological strike extension of the Talbot Lake gold project . Auteco Minerals Ltd. Auteco has drilled 58 holes, totalling 12 927 m, as of December 31, 2020, with drilling continuing into 2021. It signed an earn-in agreement with First Mining Gold Corp. whereby Auteco may earn up to an 80% interest in First Mining’s wholly owned subsidiary, PC Gold Inc., which owns the Pickle Crow gold project. Avalon Advanced Materials Inc. reactivated its Lilypad cesiumtantalum-lithium project because of increasing cesium demand. The

14 claims covered 3108 ha located approximately 350 km north of Thunder Bay, near the community of Fort Hope. Ethos Gold Corp. Registered the Fuchsite Lake property claim block, which comprises 3750 ha located 20 km north of the town of Armstrong in the Caribou Lake greenstone belt. Ethos also entered into an option agreement with Cross River Ventures Corp. to co-operate in the development of the Fuchsite Lake gold project. A high- resolution airborne magnetic survey defined and extended a structural zone associated with the Lette prospect, where anomalous gold, copper, zinc and lead have been reported from quartz-carbonate breccia zones or fault zones. Golden Share Resources Corp. Registered 15 mining claims in the Ratte Lake area of northwestern Ontario, approximately 35 km northeast of Armstrong. The property lies in the north central portion of the Caribou Lake greenstone belt.

NWO Laurion Mineral Exploration Inc. Completed an induced polarization geophysical survey over the A-zone and Sturgeon-Brenbar areas of the company’s Ishkoday property. Several, northeast-trending anomalies were identified, some are coincident with known gold mineralization in the A-zone. Preliminary results of a 2020 drilling program show 6 steeply dipping gold- bearing panels at depth that are offset by a southeast-dipping shear zone. Metals Creek Resources Corp. Carried out prospecting and geological mapping on its Dona Lake gold project, followed by a drill program. A total of 1411 m were drilled in 3 drill holes: 2 shallow holes to

test the Main zone and B zone and one deep hole to confirm the continuation of gold mineralization below the lowermost level of the mine. Riverside Resources Inc. Completed induced polarization (IP) inversion studies at the Oakes project that have defined 3 strong gold targets expanding upon previous data compilation Rock Tech Lithium Inc. Conducted a metallurgical study on samples from the Main zone of the Georgia Lake lithium project. The program produced a 6.0% Li2O spodumene concentrate at 60.9% recovery. Over 80% flotation recovery was achieved on low-grade

Junior Review

ore (0.88% Li2O), which exceeded PEA assumptions. Rock Tech is envisaging a lithium hydroxide converter with approximately half of the spodumene coming from Georgia Lake. Romios Gold Resources Inc. Conducted a helicopter- borne survey over its Lundmark–Akow Lake and North Caribou gold projects. This focussed on postulated structural features thought to control the location of gold mineralization in both areas. Silver Spruce Resources Inc. registered additional claims on its Melchett Lake property and plans a property-wide exploration and

Page 81

Page 83 FALL 2021 ML&EN

NWO diamond-drilling program. The property, located within Melchett Lake greenstone belt of the English River. Tri Origin Exploration Ltd. Is incorporating geophysical and geological data into a 3-D drillhole model comprising 15, 000 m of drilling from 130 drill holes on its Sky Lake and the Koval properties. The properties are midway between historic gold deposits in the Pickle Lake Gold District; the Dona Lake Mine to the northeast; and the Golden Patricia gold mine to the west.

Other Exploration Activity Big Ridge Gold Corp. Is exploring Greenoaks, Mud Lake and Miner Lake properties in the Beardmore–Geraldton gold camp. Hemlo Explorers Inc. Previously Canadian Orebodies Inc., holds a 100% interest in the Crescent Lake project, which comprises 48 mining claims covering lithium-bearing pegmatites. CJP Exploration Inc. Created a geological model for the Kyle #3 Kimberlite based on 2008 and 2011 airborne magnetometer surveys along with drill logs Copper Lake Resources Ltd. Completed spectral analysis surveys over the Marshall Lake project and surrounding area, identifying several new copper-zinc targets. Jiminex Inc. Entered into a purchase agreement to sell the Misehkow gold property to an arm’s length third-party individual. Page 82

Page 84 FALL 2021 ML&EN

Junior Review

By Frank Giorno

Landore Resources Ltd. Continued with exploration- and development-related activities throughout 2020 on the Junior Lake property, 235 km north-northeast of Thunder Bay.

Exploration Programs Thunder Bay South District On January 4, 2021, there were 887,605 hectares covered by active mining claims in the Thunder Bay South District. This compares with the 739 982 hectares that were covered as of January 6, 2020. The January 2020 claim area represents a 23% increase from January 2019. The Barrick Hemlo mine at just east of Marathon; and the Lac des Iles palladium mine 85 km north of Thunder Bay were the only two operating mines in the Thunder Bay South district. There were also 15 amethyst quarries authorized for commercial production during 2020. The quarries are located in McTavish Township and the Tartan Lake area, northeast of Thunder Bay.

EXPLORATION ACTIVITY Agnico Eagle Mines Limited Hammond Reef Project Located 23 km north-northeast of Atikokan. Hammond Reef is a proposed open pit gold mine with a measured Resource of 4.25 million ounces of gold grading 0.75 g/t Au, and an Indicated Resource of 1.06 million ounces of gold grading 0.61 g/t Au. The project is currently

on care and maintenance. Barrick Hemlo Deep diamond drilling targeted multiple zones at its Hemlo site. Barrick completed surface trenching and drilling in the Black Fly area, west of the C-Zone Barrick doubled their land holdings by entering into option and joint venture agreements with MetalCorp Limited for the Hemlo East JV and Melkior Resources Inc. for the White Lake JV Benton Resources Inc. Optioned the Far Lake Cu-AgAu Project from White Metal Resources Corp. Benton completed heliborne high-resolution magnetic and time-domain electromagnetic surveys, geological mapping, prospecting and soil sampling along favourable structures on the property. Preliminary results indicated several targets associated with known copper sulphide mineralization, as well as other exploration targets outside the main zones. Bold Ventures Inc. Was active on two projects located in the traditional land base area of Lac des Mille Lacs First Nation (LDMFN), known as the Wilcorp Gold and Traxxin Gold properties, located 14 km east and 55 km northeast of Atikokan. Bold completed a relogging and sampling of Benton Resources’ 2017–2018 diamonddrill core as well as formal interpretation of 2 airborne geophysical surveys and a ground induced polarization survey completed between 2017 and 2019. Brigadier Gold Limited Completed a drone magnetic survey on the Killala Lake diamond

NWO property, 30 km northwest of Marathon. The results from the magnetic survey indicate the potential for additional dikes that will be followed up with prospecting, sampling and possible stripping in the spring of 2021. Delta Resources Limited Completed a comprehensive geological mapping, sampling, prospecting and till sampling program on their Delta-1 property, 50 km west of Thunder Bay. Reports from its drilling program at Eureka Gold occurrence intersected hydrothermal breccia zones that contain a matrix of black quartz with finely disseminated pyrite. Gold grain counts between 41 and 457 grains with 78 to 99% pristine were reported from their summer 2020 till program. Falcon Gold Corp. Completed an airborne geophysical survey and drilled a total of 12 diamond-drill holes on the Central Canada cobalt and gold project property, 18 km east of Atikokan. Drilling was focused on the J. J. Walsh / Central Canada occurrence which is a mineralized zone outlined by Terra-X in 2012. Frontline Gold Corporation Optioned the Crooked Pine gold property from Traxxin Resources Inc., 45 km northeast of Atikokan. Prospecting along a northeasttrending structure returned anomalous gold values ranging from 40 ppb Au to 19.2 g/t Au at the X656 shaft, a silicified and pyrite-bearing shear zone was traced for a 200 m strike length.

Hemlo Explorers Inc. formerly Canadian Orebodies Inc. Completed several exploration programs on the Pic Project, including an airborne magnetic survey and geochemistry surveys at Beggs and Porphyry lakes. The company changed its name to Hemlo Explorers Inc. to honor Gordon McKinnon, the company’s founding President and CEO and his father, Don McKinnon, the company’s inaugural Chairman and co-discoverer of Hemlo. Honey Badger Exploration Inc. Raised $500 000 to be used for continued exploration on the Beaver Mine, Mink and Silver Mountain silver-cobalt properties, located west of Thunder Bay. Impala Canada Ltd. Completed 47 915 m of underground drilling in 2020 at their Lac des Iles Operations (LDI), 85 km north of Thunder Bay. Additionally, the company completed 3493 m of surface diamond drilling at LDI, largely focused on delineation of the C-Zone (discovered in 2019) as well as converting inferred resources to measured and indicated at other portions of the Offset Zone ore body. Impala also completed 3 diamond-drill holes (4295m) on the Sunday Lake Project property, 25 km north of Thunder Bay. International Montoro Resources Inc. Optioned the Blackfly gold property, 12 km northwest of Atikokan, from local prospectors. IM completed geological mapping, sampling and high-resolution airborne magnetic and time-domain electromagnetic surveys that identified

Junior Review

several northeast-trending magnetic-high anomalies Kesselrun Resources Ltd. Completed a diamond-drilling program, of approximately 3000 m on the Huronian Gold Project property, 100 km west of Thunder Bay. The goal of testing newly interpreted structural components and controls on gold mineralization. Nuinsco Resources Limited Completed 2 diamond-drill holes on the Sunbeam gold property, 27 km northeast of Atikokan. Drilling was focused on the down-dip extension of the Sunbeam Mine. Highlights from the drilling program include DDH NS-20-01 returning consistently anomalous gold mineralization, peaking at 1.1 g/t Au over 3.5 m (true width). Palladium One Mining Inc. Completed high-resolution dronebased magnetic surveys, groundbased EM surveys and 14 diamond-drill holes (totalling 1123 m) on their Tyko copper-nickel-PGE property, 65 km northeast of Marathon. Panther Metals PLC Completed sampling and high-resolution airborne electromagnetic and magnetic geophysics surveys on the Dotted Lake gold-silver property, 50 km north- northeast of Marathon that returned 18.9 g/t Au, 0.94 g/t Ag and 9.37 g/t, 1.73 g/t Ag. Portofino Resources Inc Optioned several of its properties including the Melema Gold West property 25 km northeast of Atikokan. The Sapawi West gold propPage 83

Page 85 FALL 2021 ML&EN

NWO erty, 12 km northeast of Atikokan and the Gold Creek property, 60 km west of Thunder Bay. Portofino completed mapping, prospecting, sampling and a high-resolution airborne geophysical survey identifying magnetic anomalies. Plato Gold Corp. Acquired 100% of the Good Hope niobium property, 45 km northwest of Marathon. Niobium mineralization is associated with carbonatite within a brecciated system consisting of variably fenitized syenite to quartz-syenite intruded by carbonatite dikes and crosscutting carbonatite veins. Plato Gold completed a Preliminary Mineralogical and Metallurgical Study on a 39.8 kg sample of drill core from the Good Hope project. Ready Set Gold Corp. formerly Omni Commerce Corp., Completed the acquisition of 100% interest in the Northshore gold property from Balmoral Resources Ltd., a 100% subsidiary of Wallbridge Mining Company Limited. The property is located 4 km south of Schreiber. Romios Gold Resources Inc Acquired 4 historical silver projects west of Thunder Bay. The Cariboo Silver Mine, Lily of the Valley, Copeland and Victoria located westsouthwest of Thunder Bay. Romios’ October exploration program consisted of geological mapping, sampling, and an overall assessment of the geology and landscape to determine the most suitable methods for tracing the veins along-strike and locating the thickest portions.

Page 84

Junior Review

By Frank Giorno

Superior Lake Resources Ltd. Completed an optimization study for their Superior Lake zinc-copper project (Winston and Pick Lake mines), 20 km northwest of Schreiber. The objective of the study was to improve economic returns and increase the project’s debt carrying capacity. Tashota Resources Inc. and Trojan Gold Inc. Completed an NI 43-101 Technical Report on the Hemlo South gold property, 33 km east of Marathon. Field work carried out in 2020 consisted of prospecting, sampling and a soil geochemical survey. The prospecting program identified 3 sulphide (gossanous) zones and a total of 32 rock samples were collected; however, no significant gold values were obtained. Transition Metals Corp. The company completed an option agreement to acquire a 100% interest in the Jolly Gold project, as well as staking additional claims to consolidate 4560 hectares, 75 km north of Thunder Bay. The property is believed to be situated on the extension of the Beardmore– Geraldton greenstone belt. Traxxin Resources Inc. Completed prospecting on the Crooked Pine gold property, 45 km northeast of Atikokan. The property was optioned to Frontline Gold Corporation in July 2020. Initial sampling by both Traxxin and Frontline Gold at the X656 occurrence, situated along a northeast-trending structure, returned 19.2 g/t Au and 6.26 g/t Au from a silicified and pyrite-bearing shear zone.


Wahl’s Prospecting Completed prospecting and sampling on the Heron Bay (gold), Bells Lake (gold), Jackfish Lake (gold) and the Killala Lake (Madonna Diamond Dyke) properties Prospecting was limited as a result of COVID-19 but continued with work permit applications and consulting with First Nation communities and promoting properties. Wahl, R. received the 2020 Bill Dennis Award from Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) on March 2, 2020 White Metal Resources Corp Completed prospecting and sampling programs on the Tower Stock gold property, 40 km west-northwest of Thunder Bay. White Metals reported assays from 299 samples ranging from below 5 ppb Au up to 16.2 g/t Au.

Exploration Programs Red Lake District The focus of the majority of exploration projects in the Red Lake District in 2020 were Gold and rare elements. Operating mines changed hands during 2020. Red Lake Gold Mines were acquired by Evolution Mining Ltd. In 2021, Evolution also acquired Battle North’s Bateman mine and mill. Sustained gold production in Red Lake continued only at the integrated operations of Evolution Mining Ltd.’s Red Lake Gold Mines, comprising the Campbell, Red Lake, Cochenour and Balmer

NWO complexes. Gold was the only metallic mineral commodity commercially produced in the Red Lake District during 2020, but Frontier Lithium Inc. was able to produce technical grade spodumene concentrate for metallurgical testing. In 2020, Pure Gold Mining Inc. actively pushed for commercial production and completed its first pour in December 2020. poured its first gold brick in December 2020, marking a historic point in the Pure Gold Mine’s transition to commercial producer First Mining Gold has completed a pre-feasibility study and is working on environmental studies related to its Springpole gold project.

Advanced Projects Pacton Gold Inc. – Red Lake Gold and Sidace Projects The Pacton Gold Inc. Red Lake Gold project is between the Pure Gold Mining Inc. (formerly Madsen Mine), the Great Bear Resources Ltd. Dixie project and the Evolution Mining Ltd. Several field and geophysical surveys were completed at its Red Lake Gold, Sidace, Dixie and Pakwash properties. A seismic survey was completed on its Red Lake Gold property, conducted with Pure Gold Mining Inc. In September, Pacton Gold completed highresolution surveys over the Pakwash, Gullrock, Dixie and Golden Loon properties that defined multiple prospective areas of folding and faulting, most notably on its Gullrock property.

BTU Metals Corp. – Dixie Halo Project The Dixie Halo project of BTU Metals Corp. is located approximately 15 km south of Red Lake along Highway 105 and borders Great Bear Resources Ltd.’s Dixie project to the immediate south, southwest and east. Field programs and diamond drilling continued on the Dixie Halo property throughout 2020. The results identified 35 new highpriority gold targets to follow up on. Till sampling results identified new high regional gold grain counts of up to 156 pristine gold grains and several high gold grain counts are directly associated with, or immediately down-ice from, some of the targets identified by Windfall Geotek Corp. Argo Gold Inc. – Uchi Gold Project The Argo Gold Inc. Uchi Gold project, includes the Woco Gold prospect, is located west of Uchi Lake, about 80 km east of the Town of Red Lake. A field program of mechanical stripping, hydraulic washing and channel sampling was undertaken to identified near-term drill targets with. intent of exposing outcrop and mineralization associated with the anomalies identified in the 2019 biogeochemistry survey. West Red Lake Gold Mines Inc. West Red Lake Gold Mines Inc. holds an extensive land package in the western part of the Red Lake greenstone belt. In total, 6247.5 m of drilling was completed across 22 drill holes at the West Red Lake project with a focus on expanding

Junior Review

the gold mineralization at the NT zone. Trillium Gold Mines Inc. In June 2020, Confederation Minerals Ltd. announced a name change to Trillium Gold Mines Inc. Trillium Gold Mines is now one of the largest land holders in Red Lake with its acquisition of the Newman–Todd, Gold Centre, Western Bear, Sydney Lake, Leo, Pakwash, Moose Creek, Caribou Creek, Confederation Belt and Copperlode West properties. In 2021, Trillium Gold Mines acquired Swain, Satterly, Karas Lake and Larder Lake properties .

Mining Life and Exploration News Would like to thank the Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry Resident Geologists Program for the outstanding research and reporting of mining in Ontario. For complete results please read their reports that are available online.

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High school guidance counsellors, employment advisors & job seekers would be wise to pay attention Northwestern Ontario is going to need thousands of new workers for the mining sector in the next few years – jobs that pay well above minimum wage. The Thunder Bay Region has an abundance of opportunities in a variety of labour areas and careers from natural resource-based industries, to education, health and social services, manufacturing and transportation. Thunder Bay is one of Canada’s major transportation centers, ideally located on major rail, highway, and Great Lakes shipping routes. The demand for employment in the mining sector is growing as jobs are estimated to peak around 2026 while construction jobs are scheduled to peak around 2023. As of 2020, there were more than 3600 mining jobs in the region, throughout six mining operations. A 100% increase in mine operations jobs is expected to peak at 7400 positions and there are 2000 peak construction jobs expected to peak by 2023 estimated for the 15 major exploration sites from within Northwestern Ontario. Fueling Thunder Bay’s economic growth is a skilled and talented workforce that periodically needs renewal and expansion to meet the increased demands of new activities and to replace a retiring workforce. The North Superior Workforce Planning Board (NSWPB) helps to meet the needs for skilled employees by connecting partners to develop the workforce required to meet the needs of this thriving region. It also creates a dynamic, responsive process to leverage community alliances to maximize labour market caPage 86

Page 88 FALL 2021 ML&EN

pacity and competitiveness. The North Superior Workforce Planning Board connects with its community partners through the following programs.

Local Board Program Through the Local Board program, it develops and improves resources at the local level to respond to labour force related issues. The North Superior Workforce Planning Board, working with major employers and post-secondary institutions monitors, assesses and builds strategic workforce readiness plans to satisfy current needs and prepare for emerging labour market opportunities within a global economy. The mandate of the North Superior Workplace Planning Board is to lead in the creation of innovative labour market solutions by: - Providing authoritative and evidence-based research; - Identifying employment trends; - And Targeting workforce opportunities and Initiating workforce development strategies. Our volunteer Board of Directors bring a wide range of competencies and perspectives to the leadership and direction of NSWPB. Its’ core values and commitment are to equity, diversity and inclusion.

Northwest Connector Program Connecting talent to opportunity

For communities to grow and prosper, talented people are needed to establish roots and build their lives.

From small, tight-knit communities to major metropolitan areas, communities are looking at innovative, proven ways to attract and retain skilled professionals. It’s no secret that people who feel connected to their community are more likely to put down roots and stay. Connection leads to opportunity. We turn to our networks for referrals for just about everything; service providers, contractors, products; the list goes on. The same holds true for employers looking for their next hire. Up to 70% of local employers in Northwestern Ontario turn to their professional connections to fill roles in their operations. This means that many employment-ready newcomers and new graduates, who have yet to develop a local network of connections, are missing out on opportunities. The Northwest Connector Program is a simple, yet highly effective networking program that helps build the much-needed connection between new, talented job seekers (Connectees) and business owners, managers, civil servants, and community leaders (Connectors) right here in Northwestern Ontario. The program matches Connectees and Connectors based on industry experience, professional backgrounds, or on sector specific interest. Through facilitated informational style meetings with Connectors, Connectees learn about the local industry, job market, and build their network through referrals to other professionals that may help them tap into hidden opportunities, and successfully integrate into the Cont`d on Pg. 88

Page 87

Page 89 FALL 2021 ML&EN

community. The benefit of the Northwest Connector program is not unilateral. Recruiting talent is becoming a challenge for many businesses and organizations. Being a Connector, puts local professionals in touch with new talent just beginning their search for opportunity in Northwestern Ontario. Although the program is simply a networking and learning opportunity, it may just help you find the person you are looking for. The Northwest Connector Program is proud of being a member of the award-winning National Connector Program, developed by the Halifax Partnership, and replicated in communities across Canada.

Creating Inclusive Workplaces Baakaakonaanan Ishkwaandemonan (pronounced “bah-kah-konah-nun shkwahn-deh-monun”) – “Opening Doors for You” identifies the best practices and promotes existing resources available for supporting the hiring of Indigenous job seekers and of newcomers. The goal of the BI program is to recognize the efforts made by employers to create inclusive workplaces and encourage employers to understand the value and benefit of hiring newcomers and Indigenous job seekers. BI rewards employers for engaging with existing service providers and fostering an inclusive workplace. Employers that complete a certain number of tasks will receive recognition in the media and free advertising and promotion online plus they will be provided with a visual identifier for their business storefront window and/ or website. WorkSCAPE (Skills, Careers, Assets, and Programs Explorer) Northwest WorkSCAPE Northwest is an online suite of labour market tools providing Page 88

Page 90 FALL 2021 ML&EN

extensive information about the labour market in the NSWPB region. It provides job postings from 25 sources along with a host of community resources, a career pathway explorer and more into one central location that the public can access. WorkSCAPE Northwest will simplify the way people look for work, while also enhancing knowledge of the local labour market by generating timely reports on labour supply and demand data. WorkScape consists of a job board, jobs map and talent map. The job itself is only one part of the search. A number of other non-work factors play into a job seeker’s decision on where to work. That is why WorkSCAPE Northwest’s Jobs Map Tool takes the postings from 40 sources and shows you where they are on an interactive map in relation to other important resources like daycare, transit, schools, housing, and more. This will allow job seekers access to an unprecedented amount of information to aid in their job search. When the right talent is not available locally, WorkSCAPE Northwest provides employers with a Talent Map Tool that shows regions in Canada, the US, and five other countries with the highest concentration of workers in a specific field. Recruiters can now target their search to areas having the talent they need. Knowing the employers in individual industries, or which companies hire for specific job types can help job seekers begin or advance their careers. WorkSCAPE Northwest’s Sector Map Tool provides this information for both NAICS and NOCs codes. Users can view an interactive map of where companies in certain sectors are located or see where jobs are

concentrated via a heatmap. Many job seekers do not know how to get to their dream job. WorkSCAPE Northwest’s Career Explorer Tool helps by showing the pathways between different jobs. Not only that, it also provides information on typical duties, the skills and education required, as well as whether the job is in-demand locally, and what people tend to earn in each profession. Learn more about different occupations, including regional demand and salary expectations. You can explore different occupations, browse current and historical occupations that are in demand in the region. The National Occupational Classification (NOC) is Canada’s national system for describing occupations. The North Superior Workforce Planning Board is one of twenty-six Local Boards throughout Ontario mandated through the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development to identify, assess, and prioritize the skills and knowledge needs of community, employers, and individual participants/ learners in the local labour market through a collaborative, local labour market planning process. To find out more about what the North Superior Workforce Planning Board and the Northwest Connector Program have to offer both employers who are recruiting and prospective job seekers in this dynamic region, visit them at the Mining the NorthWest Virtual Expo and conference November 30-December 2 as they will be participating in an online conference and will be providing a virtual tour of their WorkSCAPE web platform. The two groups will be exhibiting with a virtual display and will help assist in your career path to the mining industry.

Tel: (807) 346-2948 600 Hewitson St., Thunder Bay, ON, P7B 6E4

Page 89

Page 91 FALL 2021 ML&EN


DAY 1 PROJECTS IN THE PIPELINE (Conference) With Mines & Active Juniors



We will all be there.

Join Us! Page 90



Proudly Hosted By

NOV 30 DEC 1-2 2021 Powered By


Projects in the Pipeline Projects in the pipeline will allow the attendee to stay on top of what northwestern Ontario’s mining industry has to offer. Discover what role you or your company can play in helping to build these future operations. Over 20 top operating mines and advanced juniors will be profiled during the Mining the NorthWest Expo and Conference. Meet with the top active juniors and find out what their projected timelines are for a production goal. Ten of the top companies will be profiled during the course of the day. Each company will speak for 15 minutes and will allow for a 5 minute Q&A period. Find out what each operation has to offer you as an attendee whether you are an investor, supplier, service company, indigenous organization, community leader or if you are interested in knowing what projects are in the pipeline, you won’t want to miss this event. Registration is free and is open to all. All advanced registrations will be entered into the door prize draw for a chance to win one ounce of GOLD.

Sessions Moderated by 09:00am-09:25am



Newmont Musselwhite Mine


Agnico Eagle


Equinox Gold


Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources & Forestry


Evolution Mining

noon -12:20pm

Noront Resources


Great Bear Resources


Avalon Advanced Material


First Mining Gold


Frontier Lithium


Clean Air Metals


Barrick Hemlo


Page 93


Careers - Education - Training Lakehead University, Confederation College and the North Superior Workforce Planning Board join forces with several local partners to offer a full day of information sharing, testamonials and networking opportunities aimed at addressing the workforce and training needs of the mining industry.


Hosted & Moderated by


Peter Hollings, CESME


Wilson Luo & Bill Maloney, Mitacs & Lakehead University


Joanna Hodge, Flemming College


Denise Baxter & Lisa Primavesi, Lakehead University


Caitlin Reeves & Sierra Lemonius-Walker, Lakehead University


Hosted & Moderated by

11:30am -12:30pm

Madge Richardson, North Superior Workforce Planning Board

AFTERNOON SESSIONS Hosted & Moderated by

Page 94


Nick Iachetta, Confederation College


Marie-Helen Gelinas, Greenstone Mine


Colin Kelly Dean, Confederation College


Tonia Oldford, Barrick Gold & Pauline “Pinky” McCrae, Northwest Employment Works


Ted Kirkpatrick, Curtis Lavoie & Shaun Padulo, Heddle Shipyards



Indigenous Partnership Conference INCLUSION 2021 Contributing to Sustainable Communities: The conference will promote the sustainable development of Northwestern Ontario`s natural resources and Aboriginal participation in the minerals and metals activities. Partnering Together for Mutual Benefits: Early community engagement and meaningful dialogue between Aboriginal communities and exploration companies are key to establishing successful working relationships and partnerships. The agreements signed at the early exploration phase (e.g., Memoranda of Understanding, Exploration Agreements) serve to establish a mutual understanding between a community and a company and define the principles for working together for mutual opportunities. Aboriginal Employment in Mining: The mining industry is experiencing a shortage of skilled workers due to an aging workforce. The proximity of Aboriginal communities to potential exploration and mining development and the rapidly growing Aboriginal youth population represent a largely untapped local labour force that can help meet this demand. Business & Economic Opportunities: – Exploration: drilling, expediting, transportation/freight services, line cutting, accommodations, catering; – Development: construction services, security, trucking, road maintenance, airport and aircraft maintenance, and recycling/waste disposal; – Operations: contract mining, supply of goods, site services, surveying, laboratory & environmental services; Aboriginal communities may want to develop joint-venture businesses with established companies. Joint ventures are an excellent way to develop local business capacity to prepare for and take advantage of the business opportunities related to mine development. Environmental Practices: Consultation is an important part of the environmental assessment process of mining projects. Through the review of project studies and documents, Aboriginal communities can express concerns, provide input, and develop shared solutions.

Page 95




Job Fair The virtual Career, Education and Training Fair will connect employers with potential employees. Job seekers will be able to connect with Human Resource staff, employment agency representatives about available job opportunities as well as hiring and training assistance and incentives. Job seekers are also encouraged to upload resumes to the virtual platform and build their own profiles. Mining companies, manufacturers, suppliers and academia will also have the opportunity to meet with career seekers specific to the mining industry through a focused approach that will match skilled job seekers with employment opportunities. Agnico Eagle Argonaut Gold Barrick-Hemlo Confederation College Equinox Greenstone Gold Mines Evolution Mining First Mining Gold First Nations Trade School/Northern Nishnawbe Education Council Impala Canada Lakehead University New Gold Rainy River Newmont - Musselwhite Mine North Superior Workforce Planning Board Northwest Connector Program Northwest Employment Works Thunder Bay CED Wesdome

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Page 96


December 2

Partnering with Procurement This is a unique portion of the event geared to communication and building relationships. Suppliers have the opportunity to meet with mine procurement professionals, one-on-one, for conversations leading to mutually beneficial relationships. This portion of the event is not open to the public.


SUPPLIERS PARTICIPATING Alliance Mercantile Inc. • Belterra Corp. • Blue Heron Environmental Management • CEDC • Confederation College • Corporation of Town of Marathon • Creighton Rock Drill Ltd. • ISMs Global Inc. • Lakehead Ironworks • Lakehead University • Levitt Safety Ltd. • MEP Brothers Ltd. • Métis Nation of Ontario • Milwaukee Tool/ TTI Canada Inc. • North West Hydraulics Ltd. • Sling-Choker Mfg. (Thunder Bay) Ltd. • Synterra Security Solutions • Testmark Laboratories Ltd. • Timmins Mechanical Solutions • Trojan Tire Inc. • Ultramar

Active Juniors Showcase The expo will host a number of active juniors that will have virtual displays and will be hosted by Investor relation representatives and upper management personnel. The online displays will have their latest video presentations, brochures, news releases access to core samples and will display a clear direction towards the company path to production.


Page 95

Page 97


Nov 30, Dec 1-2 2021

Attend from anywhere

To learn more about the event and to register, go to > Click on Login/Register > Complete the User Form and Submit > Go to your email and click on the link that was sent to you.

Register now for the conference & expo to qualify for a chance to win

1 troy ounce of Gold

> YOU’RE IN! * Be sure to complete your Profile and turn on your notifications, because your profile acts as your business card that you can share with others in the event. The notification system will notify you when someone is calling you or wants to chat. * You will have best results if you view the event on a laptop or desktop computer.

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