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Summer 2023

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GG Summer 2023 Page 5 Contents •Summer 2023 •Volume 33 •Issue 2 The official publication of the Canadian Gelbvieh Association 5160 Skyline Way NE Calgary AB T2E 6V1 P: (403) 250-8640 Email: Cover photo JML Farms, Lamont AB 12
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Lonesome Dove Ranch, Ponteix SK

Canadian Board of Directors


Eddie Marsman

25032 Twp. RD 274

Red Deer County AB T0M 0V0



Bev Milne Box 1573

Fairview AB T0H 1L0 780-835-2645


James Jasper Box 24

Hartney MB R0M 0X0 431-740-5443


Don Okell Box 627

Duchess AB T0J 0Z0 403-378-4898

Cody Congdon Box 366

Bashaw AB T0B 0H0 403-350-5791

Kirk Hurlburt Box 3 Site 206 RR2

Saskatoon SK S7K 3J5 306-222-8210

Duncan Pearson Box 589

Calmar AB T0C 0V0 780-220-5730

Cody Girling 515 6th AVE

Dunmore AB T1B 0J9 403-928-1923

Gelbvieh Association of AB/BC Reps


Darrell Hickman

RR #1 Sundre AB T0M 1X0 780-581-4510


Olivia Koziak

RR #1 Star AB T0B 4E0


ManSask Gelbvieh Association Reps


Ian Thackeray Box 1002 Weyburn SK S4H 2L0 306-861-7687


Cynthia Wirgau

Box 25 Narcisse MB R0C 2H0


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Canadian Gelbvieh Association


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President’s Message

Here we are, time already for the spring/summer edition of the Gelbvieh Guide. Time sure does fly by when you are having fun and working hard! For those breeders calving early in the year, I hope you had a successful calving season, and to those getting started calving, me included, I wish you nice weather and trouble-free calving. Bull sale season is now behind us and were there ever a lot of quality bulls up for sale! With the impressive selection of Gelbvieh bulls for purchase everyone should have been able to find excellent addition(s) to their herd.

With that being said, it is now time for many of us to get into the fields for the spring work. Let’s hope for adequate moisture and good growing weather. It appears moisture could be somewhat of a concern in quite a few areas. Despite the potential weather worries, the good news is that cattle prices are very good and projected to remain steady for the foreseeable future.

In March, we had our first in person meeting as the Board of Directors since the onset of Covid. Every board member made it to the meeting which was held at the old CGA office in Calgary on March 11. It was very productive to have this face-to-face meeting wherein a lot of business was resolved. I would personally like to thank all the board members for taking the time out of

their busy lives to make it to the session.

On to some fun events this summer. On July 1st the Gelbvieh Associations of Alberta and B.C. will be having a field day at Towerview Ranch and on July 27 – 29 the Canadian Junior Gelbvieh Association will be having their Canadian National Junior Gelbvieh show in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. The CGA Annual General Meeting will be held in Swift Current during this event.

We hope to see all of you at one or more of these events, and remember, in a world full of Angus, be a Gelbvieh!


Front L-R: Bev Milne (vice president), Cody Girling, Duncan Pearson, Kirk Hurlburt

Page 8 GG Summer 2023
Twin View Livestock, Parkbeg SK 2023 Board of Directors L-R: Don Okell, Eddie Marsman (president), Cody Congdon

Office Report

The Canadian Gelbvieh Associaiton is looking forward to hosting the AGM in Swift Current SK in conjunction with the National Canadian Junior Gelbvieh Associaiton show. With the warmer weather and cattle out to pasture we hope that this meeting will be accessible for more members, and we look forward to seeing you there. The meeting will still be held online as well and information on how to join will be availbale to the membership ahead of time. There are accomodations through Home Inn & Suites and the Holiday Inn Express under Canadian Junior Gelbvieh Show. The last day to book under the room block is June 26.

The CGA office has been sending out monthly e-newsletters starting in March. They come out at the end of every month reminding everyone of important

deadlines, events, and programs. Eblasts will also be sent out in this format from now on. You can send eblasts to the entire CGA email contact list for $30 per email to advertise your events or genetics for sale.

Check out the website banners on the CGA website. You can advertise your operation here and connect it to a link of your choosing that the viewer is taken to when you ad is clicked.

Did you know that the CGA office takes e-transfer? If you would prefer to pay by e-transfer let me know and we can set that up as your preference. The CGA has implemented a 2% interest fee on any balance due over 60 days. Accounts will continue to be locked at 30 days to give members ample warning. No work can be processed by the office for members with balances owing over 30 days.

I look forward to attending the BIF conference in Calgary from July 3rd to 6th. The focus this year is on “Precision Breeding” and I encourage any member who can attend to do so. These educational sessions focus on connecting scientific advancements with producer application.

Remember you can order your TSU supplies through the CGA office, we always have lots on hand.

I hope everyone has a great summer.

Page 9 GG Summer 2023 Canadian Gelbvieh Association Annual General Meeting July 29th at 3:30PM At the Stampede Room at the Palliser Pavillion at Kinetic Park in Swift Current, SK.

Gelbvieh Association of AB/BC News

As I write this and look out the window, I am reminded to be thankful! Thankful for the bit of rain we have received, for the lack of fires in our area, and the market conditions we are currently experiencing. The air is filled with smoke, and we are the lucky ones! I hope by the time you read this, you are well past these risks and the grass is knee high.

As an association, this year we are so fortunate to have the opportunity to attend the field day over the July long weekend at Towerview Ranch. Mark it in your calendars as a must attend event! There are certainly some good people and cattle to enjoy. As well, a breeder school is scheduled, and I promise you will want to be present to learn from this panel! Come and enjoy the food, people, cattle and review and stretch of your genomic knowledge. Please feel free to reach out if you need any help in organizing a room, camping or sights to see along the way, we are more than happy to help!

This Fall is shaping up to be an amazing series of events once again, and we encourage each of you to attend and engage with your fellow breeders. Farmfair will be a definite showcase for our breed as the newest and greatest are brought to town. There will be a few adjustments this year to ensure a better flow and format to the event, and I encourage you to let your board members know your thoughts. They work many hours to carry out a successful event, and we can’t thank them enough!

The Wishlist has moved back to the first weekend in December, and once again is being hosted in Stettler. We highly, highly encourage you and the family to try to attend! We can’t say enough positive things about the event, the comradery and engagement are always the best across any breed function. This year sounds

like we will have strong support from consignors, and we hope to surpass the numbers of last year! As well, the amazing Canadian Bull Futurity will once again be hosted during the event. Plan to bring your very best to showcase to fellow breeders and be a part of the incredible process. This year we are very honored to have Flatland Ranch, Chuck and Jen Williams, as the generous suppliers of the donation heifer. She will no doubt be a stellar female and we are very humbled and gracious for your support Flatland crew! Once again, the icing on the cake is our incredible juniors and the junior incentive program so graciously supported by the fellow breeders. Every year this program grows in support and demand and is certainly an amazing method to bring new people into our breed. If you would like to join don’t hesitate to reach out to any board member. Speaking of juniors, I would like to also encourage each of you to attend the Canadian National Junior Show this year the last week of July in Swift Current. It will be a fun filled event for everyone in attendance. I would like to thank the good people who have volunteered their time and energy to once again ensure the juniors have a way to engage positively in our breed and carry the torch forward. The Canadian AGM meeting is also held during the junior event in Swift Current, and it is always best to have a voice in the decisions being made on your behalf. As you can see, we have the privilege of many things to attend and engage in with fellow breeders. I encourage you to phone your closest Gelbvieh breeder, and make a road trip out of it. Attending a few events through the year is always a positive experience and a way to help keep us all moving forward. I wish each of you all the best, and look forward to connecting at one of the many functions this year!

BNH Livestock, Red Deer County AB


$400 Membership

Provides the member with one voting card, the chance to win their choice of the Futurity Bulls and draw down prizes. Draw down prizes will include cash value vouchers to purchase animals or genetics from any Bull Futurity Member either privately or from a sale.

$200 Bull Entry Fee

Only Bull Futurity Members are eligible to enter bulls. No limit on number of entries.

Updated set of rules:

• Futurity Entries must be born on or after January 1st of the previous year (2022).

• Bulls will only be allowed to enter the Futurity once.

• Futurity Member must be the registered owner of their Futurity Entries by August 1 of the current year.

• All entries must be CGA or AGA registered PC88, Purebred or Fullblood

• All Futurity Entries must be virgin bulls and not have had semen collected.

• All entries must have a minimum of complete SNP parent verification on file (both parents) with the CGA or AGA by Monday November 27th, 2023. 100K, polled and color DNA testing is up to the discretion of the Futurity Member but is recommended.

• All bulls will be tattoo checked and weighed at the event.

• All bulls must have videos taken before the Futurity that can be made available on-line.

• The Bull Futurity Entries may be cataloged in conjunction with the Wish List Sale catalog. Entry deadline to be included in the catalog is October 1st. Late entries and substitutions can be made up until November 27th.

• The Bull Futurity will provide a stall card that must be displayed. All other promotional signage is at the discretion of the Futurity Members.

• On-Line voting will be available for Futurity Members who are unable to attend the event, there will be no proxy voting.

• The Futurity Entry that receives the most votes will be named the Bull Futurity Champion.

• The last name to be drawn will be the Draw Winner and have their choice of the Futurity Entries. This bull will be the Selected Futurity Bull.

• The Draw Winner is not eligible to choose their own bull.

• The Bull Futurity Committee has the discretion to assign pay out amounts to each of the winners and other prizes.

• Full ownership of the Selected Futurity Bull is assumed by the Draw Winner and the prize money paid to the owner of the Selected Futurity Bull when the bull passes a breeding soundness evaluation or if the Draw Winner chooses to take ownership before that. Until ownership is assumed the care of the Selected Futurity Bull is the responsibility of the owner.

• The owner of the Selected Futurity Bull Champion may draw in herd semen. They may not sell this semen or use it to breed cows they do not own.

• Purchase of insurance of the Selected Futurity Bull is up to the discretion and/or responsibility of either the owner of the Selected Futurity Bull or the Draw Winner.

• The Draw Winner has the option to sell the Selected Futurity Bull any time after they take ownership.

To purchase a membership or enter a bull contact Aaron Birch 403.485.5518

GG Summer 2023 Page 11

BNH Livestock Awarded GAABC Purebred Breeder of the Year in 2022

BNH Livestock was established in 2010, however this was not the start of their herd that exists today. Both Brad and Nicole grew up on farms and prior to getting married and starting BNH Livestock, they both had their own herds. Brad grew up showing and breeding purebred Black Angus cattle, which he sold in 2001 to purchase a house. Nicole grew up showing and raising purebred Gelbvieh cattle under her parent’s farm, Brittain Farms, since she was 10 years old. In 1998 Nicole purchased her first female from Mo-Roc Gelbvieh Farms, Otto and Marilyn Rauch. The female was OAR Mo-Roc Sunset 33H and she was part of their Farmfair show string. Otto was nice enough to let Nicole sort through his show pen and pick out this female to later go on to show in 4-H as well. This female started what many know as the prefix “NGC”, Nicole’s Gelbvieh Cattle. The herd was ran under the NGC prefix until 2018 when it was changed to match the herd name of BNH.

Brad and Nicole started showing cattle together at various shows, such as Farmfair, Agribition, Mountain View County Fair, The Westerner and various other junior shows throughout the years and have Championship banners, ribbons and fond memories of these events. It just so happened that Brad and Nicole met at one of these shows and that led to a marriage, four kids and a farm that we all know as BNH Livestock. Up until 2010, all animals were exhibited under Brittain Farms and still to this day you can trace many foundation females back to Brittain Farms breeding.

BNH Livestock and Brittain Farms continue to sell together at their annual Gelbvieh Advantage Bull Sale, which is currently held on the second Friday of March.

Throughout the years Nicole has grown up with the Gelbvieh breeders, anything from sitting at Con and Gail Winder’s kitchen table, being offered many treats and the adults enjoying some “Gelbvieh Cream”, to camping trips at The Westerner Days with the group of people that became regulars and the many memories walking around the fair grounds. The Severtson’s offering to let Nicole sell the first purebred female she produced in their annual female sale. Rodney Hollman and Nicole starting back up the Junior Gelbvieh Association (this is

Page 12 GG Summer 2023
Contributed Article

where Brad comes in). Otto & Marilyn Rauch being ever accommodating and allowing pick of their show pen for $1200 to get a young breeder started. The many years that Nicole attended Farmfair as Brittain Farms and Bev Milne recognized that Nicole was pregnant with her first son and had not yet told anyone else. This was then later followed by Brad & Nicole’s four boys, Colby, Kaden, Lincoln, and Austin taking on the role of showing and attending Farmfair and Agribition where again the Gelbvieh breeders were sure to watch out for the boys like they were their own. Don Okell is still recognized as “The guy who draws mustaches on us”.

BNH Livestock prides themselves on being a small family run operation and run approximately 50 purebred and balancer cow/calf pairs on 90 acres of intense pasture grazing in central Alberta. Along with the Gelbvieh cattle, they also raise purebred Nubian and LaMancha dairy goats, as well as purebred Kunekune grazing pigs. Visitors are always welcome to stop in and tour cattle or reminisce about the past and how far the Gelbvieh breed has come over the years. Check out the website at to learn more about BNH Livestock and to stay up to date on new livestock and events.

GG Summer 2023 Page 13
“Visitors are always welcome to stop in and tour cattle or reminisce about the past and how far the Gelbvieh breed has come over the years”

ManSask Gelbvieh Association News

I hope everyone had a great calving season. It is always exciting when using new genetics, to see what the calves will look like. Hope your bull sales were fantastic. Some have already started breeding season, others are getting started.

Juniors and 4-H members are actively showing their project animals. We wish you all the best of luck. Make sure your 4-H leaders get in touch with us for breed tokens. As you know shows don’t happen without sponsors and volunteers. If you are able to help out, at Agribition (Nov 19-25) or Manitoba Ag-Ex (Oct 2528), please let a board member know. Sponsorship letters will be emailed out soon.


Nominations for the Purebred/Commercial breeder awards will be due September 15. Please submit to If you have pictures that can be used to help promote the Gelbvieh breed, please send to Maureen as soon as possible.

We continue to evolve, and look forward to having an exciting new event coming to Agribition. Watch for details!

Page 14 GG Summer 2023

It has continued to be an extremely busy and exciting time for the Canadian Beef Breeds Council (CBBC) as we work to focus on our key priorities for the organization and ultimately drive value for our members by advancing the importance of genetics within the Canadian beef industry and translating those efforts into value for our members. The organization has undergone significant changes over the past year and a half in an effort to revitalize the organization and elevate our engagement and collaboration within the Canadian beef industry, that has driven positive growth and advancements on many fronts. One of the most notable changes is the addition of Carla Borsa as Executive Coordinator. Carla joined CBBC late in 2022 and has quickly become a critical piece of our organization. She has an extensive background in the beef industry and is the initial point of contact for our members. We look forward to her working with us as we continue to work to improve the service to our members.

CBBC has continued to actively represent the seedstock sector both domestically and internationally to maintain and build market opportunities as well as drive transformational change as it relates to the utilization of beef cattle genetic data and adoption of innovative technologies. Through the unprecedented cross-sector collaboration of the Canadian Beef Improvement Network (CBIN) we continue to work to elevate the conversation of the importance role genetics plays in beef cattle sustainability. As with any large collaboration, there have been unforeseen challenges and unexpected hurdles to overcome and the CBIN initiative has encountered a few of those which has resulted in an adjusted timeline. With that being said, CBBC and it’s collaborative stakeholders remain committed and focused on achieving the deliverables to our members and the entire industry and driving results through the four pillars of development:

1. Unify and standardize genetic data capture;

2. Facilitate the linkages of genetic data flow through the entire production chain;

3. Create trusted analytics and tools to translate genetic data into value;

4. Enhance genetic literacy and knowledge transfer within the beef production system.

If you haven’t already noticed, CBBC has rolled out a new updated look. As part of our efforts to revitalize the organization we are excited to have a refresh or our CBBC logo and are working on finalizing a completely new and more accessible website. You will see our new logo throughout the industry and soon to be featured on our new website that will be live the beginning of June. Watch for more details as we share about this on our social media throughout the summer.

We are thrilled to have this new look as we work to host many US and international guests to Calgary in just a few weeks! The Beef Improvement Federation Symposium and Convention will be July 3-6 in Calgary and we invite everyone to take advantage of this opportunity to engage with the leading experts in beef cattle genetics from around the world. The event features educational programming and networking opportunities with leaders within the industry. The technical breakout sessions will focus on a range of beef production and genetic improvement topics under the theme of Precision Breeding. Featured on this year’s agenda includes a Young Producer Symposium, various technical breakouts and additional tours. Presentations from a diverse group of industry leaders will be sure to further equip attendees with information on the why and how of precious breeding. We welcome you to join us in Calgary at the Hyatt Regency. Registration is open through June and the full agenda and registration information can be found at

Throughout 2023, CBBC will remain focused on elevating the role of genetic advancements and the seedstock sector within the Canadian beef industry, growing our membership and advancing the value of our organization for our members, and driving the development of CBIN forward to capture increased value for Canadian beef cattle genetics both domestically and internationally. We know there is much work to be done and we remain committed to delivering to our members.

GG Summer 2023 Page 15
CBBC Report

JSJ Livestock Awarded ManSask Purebred Breeder of the Year 2022

Contributed Article

JSJ Livestock is owned and operated by James and Shayla Jasper, with help from their children Ethan, Aidan and Louelle. The farm is located 2 miles north of Hartney, Manitoba.

James and Shayla both came from a commercial cattle background. They were considering investing in purebred Gelbvieh cattle, so a trip was planned to Agribition in November of 2006. After seeing the animals and the warm reception in the Gelbvieh barn the decision was made.

Originally JSJ Gelbvieh, their first Gelbvieh females and herd sire were purchased at the DTJ/SBR dispersal in February of 2007. More females were purchased through production sales and dispersals, before getting the opportunity to purchase the complete herd of purebreds and fullbloods from Camille and Judy Gofflot (Canadian Gelbvieh Hall of Fame inductees). JSJ has remained steady between eighty and one hundred registered purebreds ever since. The farm evolved to include selling mineral, custom feeding and calving cows, custom tubgrinding and Louelle’s goat division. At this point the name changed to the more all encompassing, JSJ Livestock.

Page 16 GG Summer 2023

JSJ recently went through a transition with James taking a fulltime sales job with Mazergroup in Hartney and both the boys heading to college. They transitioned to fall calving and a year-round grazing program. The commercial herd has been downsized, custom work has stopped and the on farm operations are focused on the purebred herd.

Both Shayla and James have served 6 years on the ManSask Gelbvieh Association. James served on the Canadian Gelbvieh Association board from 2017 to 2022, CGA president in 2022. They organized and brought a Gelbvieh show back to Ag Ex in Brandon in 2013. They also continue to show at Agribition. Some of JSJ’s show highlights are; JSJ Baha 35B winning Grand Champion Gelbvieh at Ag Ex in Brandon MB, and Reserve Grand at Agribition and JSJ Crush 8C, Grand Champion Gelbvieh Bull at AgEx in Brandon.

They have used AI and embryo transfer to move their program forward and select cattle on function and maternal traits. JSJ originally sold bulls off the farm and then were the first in the breed to switch to an online format in 2012. JSJ bulls sell through DLMS Farmgate Auctions the first weekend in March. A select few females sell in the Function and Finesse Sale in October.

GG Summer 2023 Page 17

Canadian Junior Gelbvieh Show

Swift Current, Saskatchewan

July 27-29, 2023

Entry Deadline is July 3


1 Exhibitor Age is determined as of January 1, 2023 Participants will fall into one of the following age divisions for all competitions:

➢ Senior 15-21 years of age

➢Junior 9-14 years of age

➢Pee Wee 6-8 years of age

➢Cow Campers Under 5 years of age

2 Entry is open to Canadian Junior Gelbvieh Association (CJGA) members only Membership can be made prior to the event by calling Sarah at 403 250 8640. Cost is $10.

3. Active Junior members will abstain from possession, use, or consumption of alcohol, tobacco, electronic cigarettes during the event

4 Animals may be owned solely by the exhibitor, the family’s ranch, or co-owned by the exhibitor

5. Registered animals must have legible tattoos at check-in and match the animal’s registration. Animals that do not meet these requirements will be reviewed by the junior board

6 Exhibitors who need additional assistance with contests (such as reading, writing) may request assistance.

7. Parental involvement during the event is discouraged as much as possible.

8 The judge’s decision is final in all contests

9 All rules are at the discretion of the CJGA Board of Directors

Competition Outcomes

1. COW CAMP - This fun learning experience is open to junior members 5 years and younger. Crafts, games, snacks and showmanship will be included Activity T-shirts will be provided! Juniors may bring their own calf for showmanship and to enter in CLASS K of the conformation show and other classes at the family’s discretion. The fee for Cow Camp and CLASS K is included in the $60 participant fee Entry into other conformation classes is additional Cow Campers are not required to bring an animal to participate.

2 TEAM GROOMING - Teams of 2 will work together to get an animal ready for the show ring You are welcome to choose your partner or we can help you join a team. Each team will provide their own grooming supplies and power will be available

3. TALKIN’ THE BLOCK! - It’s sale day and it’s your job to introduce the next animal to be sold. You will receive a pedigree, a set of EPD’s and a video of the animal you will sell Friday morning before the competition Sign up for an interview time at registration.

Page 18 GG Summer 2023

4 THREE DIMENSIONAL ART - This competition will be completed before the show and dropped off for judging during registration. Follow the instructions and use your most creative, out of the box thinking! Some items may become property of the CJGA for a fundraiser auction

A) PEE WEE - Your job is to design and build a safe handling system for cattle on a firm piece of material (ie plywood, coroplast or cardboard) Think about the parts you need to get an animal through the system and into the chute! You will be judged on creativity, useful design and thoughtful creation. Start building! Be safe!

B) JUNIOR - You are a well known Canadian Agricultural Artist and you’ve been asked to create an award for the National Champion Gelbvieh Bull. You can use ANY materials you like from steel, wood, yarn, empty containers, wood, clay, etc. You should include a typed Artist’s Statement in a paragraph that describes the process you used to make the award, why you chose the materials and any other information you think makes your award the best. The sky is the limit!

C) SENIOR - Not only is the farmyard your place of business, it is also your home. You have been tasked to create an item to help beautify a farmyard on a budget! Using forgotten, unused or old materials from around the farm, you will design and construct one item. You should include a typed Artist’s Statement in a paragraph that describes the process you used to create the item, why you chose the materials and any other information you think makes your farm beautification item the best You will be judged on creativity, use of recycled or repurposed materials, and your explanation. Think outside the box!

5 KEEP AND CULL JUDGING - It’s weaning time and you’ve got decisions to make You will arrive at the weaning pen and find a group of animals You will receive a scenario that will help you decide who stays and who goes! You will use the information you have been given to make the important decisions for your breeding program Using all the information you have been provided you will write your reasons for keeping and culling based on EPDs, pedigree, genetic testing and physical makeup

7 HERDSMAN / FARMHAND CHALLENGE - The farm brings a new set of challenges and jobs to be completed everyday A group of stations will have your tasks for this particular day You will need to go through the stations and complete the tasks to the best of your ability earning points along the way Topics could include animal health, basic machinery skills or herd management practices. Don’t know what to do? A friendly face will be there to help!

GG Summer 2023 Page 19
6. SHOWMANSHIP - Contestants will be judged on their skills in the show ring.

Schedule of Events

Thursday, July 27

Barns are open after 12:00 pm

5:00-7:00 pm Registration and supper

3D Art creations must be submitted.

Friday, July 28

8:00 Breakfast and Talkin’ The Block Presentation

9:00 Team Grooming and Talkin’ The Block begin

10:00 Cow Camp Activities

Noon Lunch

1:00 Showmanship and Herdsman/Farmhand Challenge begin, Cow Camp Activities

4:00 Keep and Cull Judging

5:00 Chores

6:00 Supper

7:00 Evening Activity

Saturday, July 29

8:00 Breakfast

10:00 Group Picture and Learning Demonstration

11:30 Lunch

1:00 Conformation Show

3:30 Canadian Gelbvieh AGM

6:00 Banquet and Awards

Other Details

1 Serviced camping is available at the Swift Current Ag & Ex Call Kinetic Park at 306 778 1621 to reserve your spot.

2. Blocks of rooms have been held at Home Inn and Suites (306 778 7788) and the Holiday Inn (306 773 8288) Rooms are held under Canadian Junior Gelbvieh

3. Meals included in the participant fee are supper Thursday, breakfast, lunch and supper on Friday, breakfast and lunch on Saturday and the awards banquet The same meals EXCEPT the banquet are included in the non participant meal fee.

4 The Canadian Gelbvieh Association AGM is Saturday afternoon at 3:30 with banquet to follow at Modern Family Restaurant.

5. Get your banquet tickets by emailing and put BANQUET TICKETS in the subject line Cost is $30 per person

Etransfer can be made to the same email address

5 Junior awards will be presented at the banquet

We’ll see you in Swift Current!

Page 20 GG Summer 2023

Canadian Junior Gelbvieh Show

Swift Current, Saskatchewan July 27-29

Entry Form - Deadline is July 3


Cow Campers Under 6 / Pee Wee 6-8 / Junior 9-14 / Senior 15-21

Exhibitor Name: Birthdate: Age as of January 1, 2023:

Address: Phone:


*If you do not have a partner, we can place you with one. *If a Jr enters with a Sr. you will be judged as Sr


A - Purebred Heifer Calf, born in 2023 B - Balancer or Percentage Heifer Calf, born in 2023

C - Purebred Yearling Heifer, born in 2022 D - Balancer or Percentage Yearling Heifer, born in 2022

E - Purebred Two Year Old Cow, born in 2021, with her own natural calf

F - Balancer or Percentage Two Year Old Cow, born in 2021, with her own natural calf

G - Purebred Mature Cow, born 2020 or prior, with her own natural calf

H - Balancer or Percentage Mature Cow, born 2020 or prior, with her own natural calf at side

I - Purebred Bull Calf, born in 2023 J - Balancer or Percentage Bull Calf, born in 2023

K - Cow Camp Conformation (Optional, non-competitive learning experience. No entry fee)

All Participants must be current members of the Canadian Junior Gelbvieh Association. Contact the Gelbvieh office to ensure you’re a member

Make cheques payable to:

Canadian Junior Gelbvieh Association

Mail entries and checks to: Olivia Koziak

RR1, Star, AB T0B 4E0

Email entries/questions to:

Etransfer accepted at:

canadianjrgelbviehassociation@gmail com

Participant Fee (includes 6 meals, $60 activities, token and Saturday banquet)

Non-participant Meal Fee (per person, ____ x $45 includes 6 meals Thursday-Saturday)

Saturday Banquet Tickets ____ x $30 (for non-participants) Total _________

GG Summer 2023 Page 21
Circle One) Youth SM Youth M Adult SM Adult M Adult L Adult XL
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Gelbvieh in the Big Muddy: The Hlavka Family

Deep in the heart of southeast Saskatchewan are the renowned Big Muddy Badlands. This diverse and unique landscape has a storied history dating back to the last ice age. An integral part of First Nations life for centuries, the Big Muddy Valley is surrounded in folklore and varying points of view. Today the sparsely populated area is an agricultural and tourism mecca. At the east end of the Big Muddy is the prairie hamlet of Minton just a few miles north of the U.S. border. It is here you’ll find Harvey and Sharon Hlavka working with their family. They are the 2022 Man/Sask Gelbvieh Commercial Breeder of the Year.

The Big Muddy is thought to have been formed over 12,000 years ago when a massive glacial lake burst and washed out what is now the valley. The terrain is

harsh, dry and steep. In the floor of the Badlands is Big Muddy Valley, an immense 2 mile wide swath of land stretching over 32 miles in length.

A salt lake covers much of the valley and remains an important habitat to many migratory and endangered bird species. As the land moves away from the lake and the badlands, the topography gives way to rolling hills and grasslands with soil rich in mineral deposits ideal for agriculture.

First Nations groups were the first to inhabit the Big Muddy area for centuries. The land offered consistent water sources, rich hunting grounds and winter shelter for the Sioux and Assiniboin people.

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Words by Joe Barnett

Later, with the increasing presence of Europeans in the west, protection north of the Medicine Line (the Canadian border) in ‘Grandmother’s Land’ was sought in the Big Muddy prior to Canadian Treaty agreements. Iconic Indigenous leaders like Sitting Bull were among the most notable names to spend time of the area. The area remains a rich source of artifacts and First Nations history.

Just a mile from the Hlavaka farm is the famous turtle effigy, a rock formation believed to be pointing to a common water source. Without written language, the First Nations people created many rock formations as a method of marking important locations or preserving sacred ideas. The Minton Turtle Effigy was first identified in 1965 although many now believe it is a badger rather than a turtle.

Several miles from the Hlavka yard is the historic Roan Mare Buffalo Jump. One of the better-preserved buffalo jumps in the area is marked by thousands of small stone cairns that acted as a fence line for the tribes to drive herds of buffalo off the steep embankment. Jumps were a common hunting method largely prior to the arrival of horses. Many jump sites are in the area as well as hundreds of tipi rings.

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the Big Muddy area become a common haunt for outlaws looking to lay low. It was the northern end of “Outlaw Trail”, a common passage from Mexico to Canada. The landscape offered much needed natural cover for horse thieves and notable names such as Butch Cassidy who is reported to have called the area the ‘Devil’s Playground’. Gangs would steal horses and sell them north or south of the border only to steal them back, rebrand them and sell them again.

About the same time, settlers in search of new beginnings and opportunities began to arrive in the Canadian Prairies. The lawlessness presented many challenges and a Northwest Mounted Police Post was created in 1902 in an attempt to curb horse and cattle rustling. This was the last mounted RCMP patrol in Canada.

Shortly after in 1912, the first in a long line of the Hlavka family arrived from Austria. After immigrating to Canada and making the trip west to homestead near Minton, they found themselves with a herd of Hereford cattle and endless opportunity and challenge.

Harvey is part of the fourth generation to carry on the family name. Together with his brother, Murray, they ventured out and bought the beginning of their own

operation in 1981 with the support of their dad. The economy of the 80’s was not kind to those in agriculture or anyone looking to borrow money. Interest rates were high and the brothers agreed they would never let the land their dad had offered as collateral be in jeopardy. Spring wheat was $2.35 a bushel and interest rates were over 16%. The oil industry was booming however and, like so many young farm families, off farm income was essential.

“We needed something to pay the bills and there wasn’t a lot of things in the community to make money other than the oil field,” remembered Harvey.

Harvey and Sharon were married in 1982 and moved onto their place next to the family homestead. Sharon grew up in the neighboring community of Lake Alma east of Minton. “Dad had black cattle but I don’t remember spending time with them other than being in the truck checking cows. I was the cook. I was a farm girl but wasn’t as involved on the farm as my brothers and sisters were.”

As Harvey and Sharon continued working hard to grow their farm, their family also grew. With a young family it was all hands on deck. “I had to rely on Harvey’s Mom to look after the kids and I didn’t think that was fair so I didn’t work much off the farm. We usually had a truck full of kids hauling grain and did what we had to do to make it work.”

Harvey shared, “For a stretch of time, I was gone for 2 weeks in the Yukon and Sharon and the kids looked after everything with help from Dad. Sharon and the kids took care of the cattle for years.

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Docile replacement heifers.

That’s why Hereford and Gelbvieh have worked well for us. They did it all.”

The oil field continued to expand into southeast Saskatchewan and the opportunity for Harvey to earn off farm income and be at home became more possible. “We started battery operating around home in 1991. We took care of the wells. In 1994 I started consulting in the oil field and later in 2002 we started a trucking company. We offered a full meal deal to oil companies. It let us stay home with the cattle and the family and still gather some money out of the oil field. We sold the last of the oil trucking business in 2022.”

“We went to the oil field as a means to an end. We did every odd job in the community. I’d drive gravel trucks around home on my days off for extra pay. There was no way we were going to let Dad lose his land. We just put our heads down and went to work. There were a lot of days we wondered why but it came to the point this was where we wanted to raise our family.”

They were fortunate to find land that connected to the existing family property in the late 1980’s. Thanks to their hard work, they were able to purchase two smaller local farms building a larger block of both pasture and seeded acres. The Hlavka brothers continue to work together on the farming side of the operation but Harvey and Sharon have focused on the cattle side of the program.

Harvey and Sharon had four kids who were all active on the farm growing up. Josh, Steph, Kara and Alyson were all busy on the farm and loved horses. They worked hard together at home and did all the school sports, particularly baseball. Because of their work in the oilfield 4-H wasn’t a possibility due to the time commitment it required. “The kids took on hogs while they were in high school as a way to make some spending money. We would buy the weanlings and keep a finished one for ourselves, but the rest of income and the work was their own.”

“When the kids got older they would take care of the cattle all summer on horseback,” said Harvey. “They would check all the cattle. Without the whole family chipping in, we wouldn’t be here. We were a true family farm. The work ethic this place gave our kids has made them ‘go to’ people no matter where they work as adults.”

It was their son Josh who initiated the addition of Gelbvieh cattle to the primarily Hereford program. In 2000 he wanted to start his own herd of cows and had his

eye on Gelbvieh thanks to local friends and neighbours Wade Lund and the Fladeland family. Three heifers and a bull were added from the Thackeray program and soon there was a shift in the look of the herd with more blaze and brockle faces. The straight Hereford cows began to be bred Gelbvieh and before long weaning weights went up and the crossbred calves were impressive. More Gelbvieh bulls were added to the battery. Today, half of the herd is Hereford Gelbvieh cross, 30% are straight Gelbvieh and 20% are straight Hereford that get bred Gelbvieh.

“We calve 165 cows and keep our own heifers. Calving starts mid April with a 45 day calving window. We date the cows when we preg check and anything outside that window are sent to town. We don’t pull the bulls early because we just don’t have a spot to keep them. They stay with the cows until fall and then we don’t have to worry about bulls fighting and getting hurt.”

Harvey shared, “We’re running a few Simmental bulls as well and put them onto Gelbvieh Hereford cross cows along with Gelbvieh bulls. Those Gelbvieh cows just cross so well with anything. The blaze faced calves are so easy to sell as feeder calves or replacement heifers. We like to keep the F1 Hereford Gelbvieh heifers for ourselves.”

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“The Gelbvieh really tighten up that Hereford bag. I’m really sure we’re gaining upwards of 100 pounds with the cross. I just don’t think there’s a cross that gets any better.”

Now there’s a sixth generation of the Hlavka family around the farm with seven grandkids, and another on the way, who love to spend time at the farm whenever possible. “We would love if one of the grandkids would want to come and take this over,” shared Sharon.

This makes good disposition in the cowherd essential and is a trait they love in the Gelbvieh mother cows along with their longevity and easy keeping ability. “We find we get a couple years longer out of crossbred cows compared to the straightbred Hereford cows. We’re really happy with how our program has come along. It’s taken a lot of years but I wish I was 20 years younger with the cowherd we have now,” laughed Harvey.

Sharon said, “The kids are all raising families and working away from the farm. They are all busy. We have nine soccer and ball teams to watch in the spring and in the winter we chase hockey games. We love every minute of it.”

The Hlavka family are among the last in the area who continue to crop alongside the cattle. Working with Harvey’s brother Murray, they seed approximately 3000

acres of grain land each year which offers a diversified source of income. Land west and north from the farm becomes mostly unfarmable and is entirely ranch land.

With a busy farm and family and a work ethic becoming increasingly rare, you’ll be hard pressed to find people as humble and community oriented as Harvey and Sharon. They are very involved in the community and take part in as many things as they can. Harvey coached each of the kids in baseball until they graduated high school while Sharon managed the teams.

“Community is everything to us. We’ve coached all the sports and volunteered on as many boards from the curling club to the Fall Fair to the school board. It was important that we instilled that in our kids too,” shared Sharon.

While the long term future of farming for the Hlavka family isn’t entirely clear, one thing is obvious. Harvey and Sharon are passionate about cattle, community and family. They are truly deserving recipients of the Man/Sask Gelbvieh Commercial Breeder of the Year award. More importantly they are outstanding examples of the people in agriculture.


Harvey and Sharon Hlavka personal interview

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“The Gelbvieh really tighten up that Hereford bag. I’m really sure we’re gaining upwards of 100 pounds with the cross. I just don’t think there’s a cross that gets any better.”

Clostridial Disease in Cattle Summary Points & Practice Tips

We need to vaccinate to prevent the multiple different ways cattle can get clostridial disease from scours to blackleg to tetanus. It is a relatively cheap vaccination and the need for routine vaccination is great and very cost effective. This article in point form explains much about clostridial disease in Canadian cattle both commercial and purebred. There are sill producers that let this vaccine lapse in their herds.

•Clostridial Vaccines offer good protection as long as one recognizes the need to booster vaccinate. Single vaccination with most clostridial vaccines does not provide adequate anti-toxin titres 2nd boost is definitely required. The protection is very high approaching 100%.

•Clostridium Hemolyticum (redwater) immunity only last 6 months but is much longer for the other clostridial diseases so is the limiting bacteria in clostridial vaccines.

•Clostridium Hemolyticum (redwater) is seen with much greater frequency in Alberta on the eastern slopes of the rockies and in areas of Manitoba where an increased incidence of liver flukes predispose to Redwater disease. Once see red urine 50% of blood cells destroyed so cattle are very anemic.

•Some producers now vaccinate just going onto pasture to insure immunity will last over the grazing season from clostridium hemoyticum. In highly endemic areas twice yearly vaccination is recommended.

•Tetanus is seen in outbreak form with banding of large calves when castrating such as yearling purebred bulls that don’t pass semen evaluations. In order to be fully protected calves must have a priming shot three to four weeks prior to banding of tetanus (available in some 8 way vaccines, Tasvax and Covexin plus). The booster shot is given at banding. I have seen several outbreaks from vaccinating calves right at castrating and them dying 3-4 weeks later from tetanus just as the scrotum is sloughing off.

•With clostridial vaccines I encourage producers to have proper handling maintaining the chain of refrigeration. Don’t use partially used containers or use expired product and agitiate the bacterin container before using it. Try and use clostridial vaccines that have a low dosage such as 2cc.

•Always have epinephrine available when processing in

case of reactions

•Inside housed cattle are not protected from clostridial disease. Baled hay can have soil in it and any disturbed ground has the potential to expose cattle to clostridial spores.

•I see expensive bulls insured that die of clostridial disease so boostering them at semen evaluation time is a good idea. Bulls often are neglected in our vaccination protocols.

•The Clostridial Perfringens organisms are one of the groups of bacteria we see in neonatal scours. All of the scours vaccines have protection for Perfringens D. One has coverage for C& D. With C & D protection you get cross coverage for B. We are protecting for the toxins these organisms produce . Talk to your veterinarian about the specific scours vaccine you use. It will also be based on timing of when in your management scheme you vaccinate.

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•Novyi Type B (Black Disease) Concurrent infection with fasciola (liver flukes). Control flukes if in the area and the same with hemolyticum.

•Clostridial organisms can vary across the country so keep in mind where your cattle are pasturing. IE vaccination with a clostridial vaccine absent of clos hemolyticum and then pastured on the eastern slopes of the Rockies you are asking for trouble.

•In my eyes that is why it is imperative to do postmortems on all sudden deaths in all species of production animals. Ruling in or out clostridial disease, anthrax, pneumonia toxins all determine course of preventative treatment for the herd.

•Similar to Anthrax with clostridial spores surviving many decades we as veterinarians should be more proactive in encouraging quick removal and disposal from the pasture or pen. If we don’t over time contamination becomes worse and in severe cases can overwhelm even vaccination protection.

•All prostaglandins (estrumate etc) have as a warning, injections may be prone to set up clostridial disease so any cows on any sort of synchronization program are susceptible if not vaccinated. Keep cows both up to date in their vaccinations yearly. Show cattle especially sometimes slip through the cracks on vaccinations because they are away at the time or the owner doesn’t want to risk vaccination swelling.

•As a final point lets all try and insure we all vaccinate our cattles for the appropriate clostridial diseases including scour vaccinations for the enteric clostridium perfringens organisms. Clostridial vaccines are still the cheapest vaccines on the market providing broad coverage are very effective and yet we still we all see outbreaks every year unfortunately.

•When clostridial disease hits the death toll can be high and if on pasture. difficult to round up for vaccination so preventative vaccination is a must. Your veterinarian is the best one to know what clostridial organisms you specifically need in your geographic area and which vaccination protocols are best and the best timing for the vaccinations.

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Diamond Z Livestock, Rouleau SK

Photo Contest

First Prize in Each Category Wins an Ad


1. Herd

2. Bull(s)

3. Cow/Calf

4. Scenic/Artistic


5. Cattle wearing Gelbvieh oranange back CCIA tag

6. Gelbvieh Influenced Crossbred Cattle

Send an email to or a digital file of your photo to the CGA office.

Photos will be accepted year round. Photos will be judged annually on January 15 and winners will be announced in the Spring Gelbvieh Guide.

First prize in each category wins a 1/4 page ad in the Summer Gelbvieh Guide. Prizes must be accepted as awarded. Winners are to provide their ad by the content deadline.

Individual shots of animals used in sale catalogs will not be chosen as winners.

Winning shots will have print quality/ high resolution.

Please send in your BEST shots!

The contest and prizes are sponsored by the Canadian Gelbvieh Association Please send your photos to

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Genomics, Drive Change From the Female Side

Producing in the beef industry in 2023 is different than ever before. There is the traditional, romantic aspect of the lifestyle, but decisions are no longer made based solely on tradition. Science and technology usage drives decisions. If you are a seedstock breeder selling bulls into the commercial market, your primary role is to drive profit in the commercial sector. This is done by developing and promoting key economically relevant traits such as feed efficiency, maternal traits or carcass traits. This is where genomic testing plays a vital role. Through data and science, we can select genetics that fit our environment and are more efficient than traditions could have ever dreamed. Responsible investing and implementing genomic testing within a seedstock herd is an investment in the future of an operation. It is risk management.

Genomic testing immediately increases a prediction’s accuracy. This not only means increased confidence in the bulls a commercial customer buys, but it means bulls and females retained on a seedstock operation are bred and managed for optimum genetic gain. Producers unfortunately do not see the effects of a single year’s breeding decision until three years or more after the decision is made. This slow turnaround makes accurate decision-making of utmost importance and

equates to faster genetic gain. As mentioned, genomic testing provides faster capabilities to make accurate decisions on yearling bulls and replacements. Therefore, “new” genetics get turned over at a rapid rate, resulting in an increase in the breed average.

So what about the other half of the equation? The female genetics, if you are a seedstock producer selling bulls into the commercial market, why would you invest the time, money and energy into collecting data and genotyping those animals? The reasons and benefits or genomically testing your bulls are equally applicable to the females in your program. By testing replacement heifers or young cows you will learn more about the inherited genes they have and will pass along to their progeny or your future sale bulls. When you run the GGP-100k through the Canadian Gelbvieh Association you will receive the genomically enhanced expected progeny differences (gEPDs). This gives greater accuracy of the results over the traditional expected progeny differences (EPDs). As a result, the value of female gEDPs is not only to the breeder but benefits the breed and breed progress. Therefore, associations are organizing female testing programs to drive the other half of the equation.

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Nicki Westersund Jen-Ty Gelbviehs, Duchess AB

A more robust female genomic reference population bolsters the entire herd book. It means that the evaluations become more accurate with more recorded genotypes, it means pedigrees become more accurate as parentage verification becomes easier. As well, more female genotypes opens the door for trait discovery and research, it also allows for projects to easily be coordinated for marketing of the breed with data, and lastly you as a breeder are able to make breeding decisions earlier in that animals life to help make breed and herd progress.

One of the easiest ways to make sure you are taking advantage of a female program is sampling any female animal that is destined for the breed herd book or to be registered. This ensures that when the registration is submitted the DNA test can also be submitted to get back the results in a timely fashion to make breeding decisions with that young female. The fastest, most efficient way to take that DNA sample on a young animal is to use a tissue sampling unit (TSU) made by Allflex®.

Using a TSU captures a high-quality DNA sample with ease. These samples can be taken on young calves as soon as they are dry or at the same time as tagging, this self-contained sample is inserted into a modified tagger and taken with an easy squeeze of the handles. Samples can then be stored in a dark, cool room until they are ready for testing at the lab. The most essential part of sampling in the accuracy and quality of the sample and the record of the animal to each sample, so ensure you are using the individual number on each TSU to record each animal.

Sampling your females as a seedstock producer is crucial to maintaining your herd and breed progress, as well as your bottom line. The improvement or capitalization on the traits that your customers are looking for can be achieved faster, and more consistently through genotyping your females that are going to contribute to your herd for many generations. So make sure you are taking advantage of sampling your females and catapulting your genetic progress.

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Theodore, SK S0A 4C0



Ponteix, SK S0N 1Z0



Box L

Hugoton, KS 67951-1211 USA



Dennis Gustin

5135 Highway 6

Mandan, ND 58554-8713 USA

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United States Apply to be a Canadian Gelbvieh Association Member Visit our website or contact the office

Sale Results

Severtson Land & Cattle Bull Sale

March 6, 2023

A good crowd was on hand for the 30th annual Severtson Land and Cattle Bull Sale. The high selling bull was lot 32, a red Balancer bull that sold to Unger Land and Livestock for $25,000.00. Lot 45, a black Balancer bull sold for $13,000.00 to Molenas in Mexico and the Lot 1 bull sold to V & V Farms for $12,500. Ellis Cattle Co. took home lot 2, a red Balancer bull for $11,000.00,

the lot 10 purebred red Gelbvieh for $10,000.00, and the Lot 21 red Balancer for $10,000.00. Overby Stock Farm purchased lot 11, a purebred red Gelbvieh for $10,000.00. Kochel Cattle & Timber Inc. took home lot 46, a black Balancer bull for $10,000.00. The Volume buyers were Ellis Cattle Co with 14 bulls and Reed Ridge Ventures with 7 bulls.

Sunville Simmentals & Overby Stock Farm Annual Bull Sale

March 24, 2023

Sunville Simmentals and Overby Stock Farm held their annual bull sale on March 24, 2023. The weather curse was lifted as the sale saw a nice warm sunny day with attendance reflecting the nice conditions. Overby Stock Farm wants to extend a huge thanks to all the bidders and buyers that have supported the sale over the years.

Draft Picks 2023 Bull Sale

We are very pleased with the great turn out for the open house weekend and leading into sale day. With a set of high quality bulls on offer from Rocky Top Gelbvieh and Royal Western Gelbvieh.

Lead off high seller was lot 42 RWG Jealous 1415, the natural son of leading donor RWG Kitty’s Gem 9409 ET. Selling for $25,000 to Prairie Hills Gelbvieh, ND.

Second high selling bull was lot 33 RWG Just To Cool 1416 ET with possession selling for $14,000 to Mexico and $10,000 in semen packs selling to Cow Lick Ranch, Fladeland Livestock, Goodview Gelbvieh, Rocky Top Gelbvieh, Hillsdown Gelbvieh.

Lot 50 RWG Just one More 1506 was another one of the sale features, this Homo Polled, Homo Black RWG Grand Plan 9420 ET son was purchased by Green Acres Cattle Co for $12,500.

Lot 41 RWG Jet 1443 ,a son of JRI Secretariat 285E78 from the Lora cow family was purchased by George Simpson for $10,000.

Lot 43 RWG Joe Dirt 1440 another son of JRI Secretariat 285E78, who’s dam is a RWG Exact Combination

High selling Balancer bull was OSF Evolve 2J selling for $17,000 to Foggy Mountain Farms Ltd, Mountain Road, MB and Hurlburt Livestock, Saskatoon, SK.

High selling Purebred Gelbvieh bull - OSF BoJack 38J selling for $7,000 to Jubema Farms, Tolstoi, MB.

7409 full sister sold for $10,000 selling to Arnoldo Elias, Mexico

Lot 14 RTG Knee Deep 2201 was a sale feature JRI Hallelujah 246E50 son who sparked a lot of interest in his travels that sold as the high seller for Rocky Top for $9500 to John Pheffer.

Lot 23 RTG Kix 2129, who is another stand out JRI Secretariat 285E78 son purchased by Arnoldo Elias, Mexico for $9,000.

Lot 5 RTG Kessler 2104, sired by JRI Secretariat 285E78, out of our Rocky Top Miss U cow family this cherry red eye appealing meat wagon of a bull sold for $8,000 to Barry Davisson.

Lot 1 RTG Ka Boom 2219 was another sale feature bull sired by RWG Gut Feeling 9429 ET who topped a lot of interest selling for $7,000 to Steven Terry.

We can’t thank the buyers and bidders enough for another successful year. We would like to extend the invite for you to join us in the 2024 year for our annual sale on February 13th!

Page 38 GG Summer 2023

Fladeland Livestock and Twin View Livestock Bull Sale

March 15, 2023 at Johnstone Auction Mosse Jaw, SK


18 Two year old bulls $6,561

18 Yearling bulls $7,236

1 Herdsire $21,000

37 Total lots $7,280

The high selling bull was Lot 1, KHR Grizzly Red 39F for $21,000. After proving himself as a herd sire at Twin View Livestock Grizzly was purchased by MacDonell Farms along with semen packages to Silver Line Farm, Classic Cattle Company, Triple S Cattle Company, Braylen Blake Gelbvieh and Tangle Ridge Ranch.

The high selling two year old was FLAD Fladeland Jabs 105J to the Mann family for $8,500. He combines two sires that have been used very successfully at Fladeland’s, LRSF Dewalt and Fir River Kessel.

FLAD Fladeland Jig 73J was the first of the RWG Green Light sons to sell and was purchased by Marcus Bauer for $7,750.

Beastrom Ranch of South Dakota selected FLAD Fladeland John Wayne 36J for $7,500. He is a son of National Champion Fladeland Gronk and from one of the strongest cow families at Fladeland Livestock.

Common Ground Bull Sale

March 16-17, 2023


18 Yearlings $5123.33

4 Two Year Olds $5525.25

The second annual online Common Ground Gelbvieh Bull Sale was held March 16-17 at Olds, AB. We were again privileged to have two beautiful days for bull viewing & an open house at the Olds Auction Mart. The

Best of the Breeds Bull Sale

March 26, 2023

19 bulls sold to a very strong demand selling into Saskatchewan,Alberta and Manitoba. High selling bull was lot 37 BLB 228k selling to Border Ridge Gelbvieh.

Repeat customers the McHattie family purchased two bulls including FLAD Fladeland Jed 59J for $7,500. The lead off yearling bull was lot 5 AWB Twin View Bold Ruler 20K ET who sold to Golden Buckle Gelbvieh for $13,000. Bold Ruler had a dominant show season in the fall of 2022 which included Reserve Grand Champion Bull at Farmfair and Grand Champion Bull at AgEx. Also selling for $13,000 was lot 10 AWB Twin View Hustle 37K ET to Braylen Blake Gelbvieh. Hustle is a direct son of National Champion Female, Twin View Sugar 26F.

Les Wiebe purchased AWB Twin View Martyr 48K for $9,000 to see use in his heifer pen. Martyr is a son of MCCA Gunner and from the Gypsy cow family.

Fairhaven Farms added new sires to their bull battery once again including Lot 9 AWB Twin View Ragnar 111K for $8,000. Ragnar is the natural son of donor Twin View Sugar 26F and was the first son of Twin View Valhalla 45H ET to sell.

high selling bull this year, STON Boone 15K (2022 Peoples Choice champion) @ $10,470, once again went to George Simpson, Jarvie, AB. Volume buyers were Kevin Reners, Pincher Creek, AB picking out four bulls and Mike Hughes of Hazlet, SK selecting three bulls. Bulls sold into three provinces: AB, SK & NB. The Common Ground sale group would like to thank all who considered, inquired, visited, registered, bid & bought. You truly made this sale a success again this year.

All the bulls averaged $6368. We would like to thank everyone that bought,bid ,came to the farm for tour or supported us in any way throughout the year.

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AWB Twin View Bold Ruler 20K ET FLAD FLADELAND JABS 105J

Davidson Gelbvieh & Lonesome Dove Ranch Bull Sale

Davidson Gelbvieh, Vernon and Eileen Davidson, and Lonesome Dove Ranch, Ross and Tara Davidson and Family hosted their 34th Annual Bull Sale on the ranch on Friday, March 3, 2023.

A mild spring sale day and a solid group of eye-appealing bulls attracted a lot of attention both in person and on line!

Bulls sold to many repeat buyers and new buyers from near and far! As the dust settled, the bulls sold from British Columbia to New Brunswick, including 7 provinces, to our American neighbors, south to Mexico, and down the road here in Saskatchewan too!

Please join us for our sale on Friday March 1st, 2024 as we celebrate our 35th Anniversary Davidson Gelbvieh &

Lonesome Dove Ranch Bull Sale here at the ranch near Ponteix, Saskatchewan, Canada.

90 Purebred Yearling Gelbvieh Bulls, both black & red, averaged $5850.

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Is Gelbvieh part of your Past, Present or Future? •Make sure everyone in your family has a copy, someday they will wish they had one! •Over 800 pictures •Printed in Full Colour •Over 100 submitted histories from members past & present •Pedigrees & champions over the last 50 years •Show champions from Farmfair & Agribition •$90 + $19.41 (shipping) - shipping is through the flat rate boxes and can fit one or two books into the same box Contact the CGA office for your copy! 403-250-8640

Tag ‘Em Gelbvieh

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Please send in any junior achievements by the content deadline of the given Gelbvieh Guide issue. The CGA is proud to showcase all junior achievements and sucesses including Gelbvieh and Gelbvieh influenced 4-H projects.

Keegan Little

Maple Creek Spring Cowtown Classic Placed 3rd in his purebred class

Raleigh Litte

Maple Creek Spring Cowtown Classic 5th in the Bracket Steer Show with her purebred steer Big Mac 3rd in Junior Showmanship

Raleigh Little

Maple Creek Spring Cowtown Classic 4th in her purebred class with LLC Head over Boots BTM 4K aka “Sugar Cookie”

Canadian Junior Gelbvieh Association Scholarship Application deadline

July 15

Molly Severtson

Molly is a member of the U of S livestock judging team. At the U of A competition hosted at Farm Fair, Molly was Reserve Champion individual judge. At the Canadian national 4-H and Youth judging competition hosted by Agribition she was Reserve Grand Champion Aggregate.

Go to for the application or contact the office. Also include a one page essay on your involvement with the Gelbvieh breed for a chance to receive $500.

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Chase Loren Rising Stars Show 50% Gelbvieh Steer Bandit Chase Loren Rising Stars Show Percentage heifer JML Kahlua 1K Luke Loren Rising Stars Show JML Kala 4K

Louelle Marie Fladeland, late of Regina, SK (formerly from Gladmar, SK), passed away peacefully on May 5, 2023, at the age of 42 years old.

Louelle was predeceased by her mother Wendy Lou Fladeland; grandparents Milo Bringedahl, May and Vagn Rasmussen and Ted Fladeland; aunt Judy Fladeland; uncles Dennis Fladeland, Murray Fladeland, Conrad Frischholz and Torrie Bringedahl; cousin Karson Bringedahl.

Louelle leaves behind so many people that loved her. Her boyfriend Kelly Hoffman (his son Dallas (Marissa) and their son Hayz); her best buddy Gizmo; her father Wayne Fladeland; her brothers: Delyle (Lisa) Fladeland and their sons Dawson, Rylan and Brayden; Clinton Fladeland (Melanie and her daughter Sydney) and his sons Benz and Tave (their mother Mindy); her grandmother Gertrude Fladeland; as well as numerous uncles, aunties, cousins, relatives and friends.

Louelle was born on January 20, 1981. She was the youngest of the three siblings of Wayne and Wendy and the only daughter. She was baptised and confirmed at St. Eugenes Church in Minton. Louelle grew up on the family farm at Gladmar, SK, a place where she always loved to be and brought her so much happiness. She attended elementary school in Minton and graduated high school from Gladmar Regional School in 1999. She went on to graduate from Marvel Beauty School in Saskatoon and worked as a hairstylist for many years at Calgary, Regina, Saskatoon and Lloydminster. She also spent time as a flight attendant and most recently as a caregiver in Regina. Louelle moved to Maidstone and married Trevor Robb in 2011. She moved back to Regina several years later to start a new chapter in her life. In August of 2020 she began to see Kelly, and they a developed a special, loving relationship. She was blessed to have 5 nephews that she dearly loved, to the moon and back.

She enjoyed helping with cattle, doing yard work, gardening, cooking, golfing and camping at Sherwood Forest. In her younger years she enjoyed sports including, basketball, cross country track, and hockey. Louelle was a true social butterfly and loved to visit. She spent many hours on the phone staying in touch with family and friends. Her phone calls and visits are something that will forever be cherished.

Louelle has left behind many memories for loved ones to look back on and bring a smile to their face. She lived life to the fullest, loved to have fun, joke around and make you laugh. She had the biggest heart in the world and could make you feel so good with one of her big hugs and three little words…. “I love you”.

For family and friends so wishing, donations in memory of Louelle may be made to Prairie Hills First Responders, Box 127, Minton, SK, S0C 1T0 or STARS Air Ambulance, 2640 Airport Road, Regina, SK, S4W 1A6.

Chad & Olivia Koziak of Koziak Land and Cattle, welcomed new arrival Madison Jean Koziak, January 30th, 2023. Sisters Sophia and Kayla adore her and love telling her all about their cows, every new calf born is Madie’s calf. Grandparents Harold and Bev Milne of Milne’s Gelbvieh and Larry & Colleen are all thrilled to have another Granddaughter to spoil.

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July 15 - Junior Scholarship Application Deadline

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September 1 - Farmfair International Entries Open

October 13 - Function & Finesse 5.0, Twin View Livestock, Parkbeg SK

October 25-28 - MB AG Ex, Brandon MB

November 8-11 - National Gelbvieh Show, Farmfair International, Edmonton AB

November 15-16 - The Destination Elite Female Sale, DLMS Farmgate Timed Auction

November 20-25 - Canadian Western Agribition, Regina SK

December 1-2 - Wish List Sale, Stettler AG Society Grounds, Stettler AB

December 1-2 - Canadian People’s Choice Bull Futurity, Stettler AG Grounds, Stettler AB

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