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Join us for Food Talk October 30 Cafeteria 6 pm - 7:30pm Have questions, comments, concerns Talk to the caf

Halloween Events

Halloween Haunt

Canada's Wonderland will be taken over by 700 monsters this month, all on the prowl and ready to pop up when you least expect it. Brave 20 haunted attractions, mazes, and activities, from an eerie CarnEvil where maniacal clowns cause mayhem on streets, to a “devilish dance hall” and a thrilling roster of rides (including the Behemoth and Leviathan coasters). Don't let your guard down!

Toronto Island Stories: Murder at the Lighthouse

Join Spooky Lagoon for a historical boat ride across the lake into the early history of the Toronto Islands. Discover the real story of the murder of John Paul Radelmüller, Gibraltar Point Lighthouse’s most famous keeper, along with other unique and fascinating stories about the Island’s history. This ride is sure to be a night to remember.

Howling Hootenanny

Head to Black Creek Pioneer Village for Halloween fun at the Howling Hootenanny. Trick-or-treat your way around the village and learn about spooky pioneer superstitions.  Enter the haunted maze (if you dare!), decorate your own pumpkin, get creeped out at the Creepy Creature Show and try the apple slingshot.

Legends of Horrors

Toronto’s majestic castle, Casa Loma will be transformed into a massive haunted house. The Legends of Horror is an immersive theatrical interpretation of all of the classic horror figures. Audiences will be lead through a one hour, 1.75 km self-guided walking tour commencing in the lower gardens of Casa Loma and winding its way through the castle’s tunnels and darkest spaces never before open to the public.

Night of Dread at Dufferin Grove Park

Wear your best black-and-white “dreadful” attire and join Clay and Paper Theatre, towering puppets, stilt walkers, fire-spinners and more as they walk through the streets of Toronto. Parade is followed by live music and more! Masks and puppets will be available to wear.


Screemers is back for its 25th year of terror at Exhibition Place. A Halloween tradition, this year's attractions include a brand new Zombie Prizon, Skull Castle, 3D House of Cards, The Darkness, The Haunted House, Field of Screems, Slasher Wax Museum and a terrifying and gory show from illusionist Ryan Brown.

Haunted High Park

Enter Toronto’s High Park after dark and discover the chilling legends and ghostly tales that have been spooking visitors of the park for decades. Attendees can discover Victorian funeral and mourning traditions inside the candlelit rooms of historic Colborne Lodge and see what goes creak in the night. Spooky refreshments included!

After Dark Film Festival

Calling all horror movie fans! The After Dark Film Festival brings nine nights of horror and blood-curdling films, drawing thousands of thrill-seekers together to celebrate the rush of fear. The critically-acclaimed fest of new horror, sci-fi, fantasy and short films from around the world is a fan favourite in Toronto. Films include new independent pieces from across North America, Europe and Asia, and big box office feature films.

Toronto's Horror Hallways

Toronto’s Horror Hallways returns this Halloween season with a bigger and scarier maze than ever before. This year features pitch-black hallways and demons around every corner. Adventure through a demon infested, old hotel and try to find your way out.

Haunted Walk at Black Creek Pioneer Village

Explore the supernatural side of Toronto’s historic pioneer village. Featuring some of the oldest buildings in the city, Black Creek Pioneer Village is the perfect, creepy backdrop for a night of spine-tingling ghost stories.

Traditional Day of the Dead

Explore Mexico's cultural relationship with death and celebrate the “Day of the Dead” at Artscape Wychwood Barns. The free event includes Mexican music, food, dance and community installations. Bring a marigold flower to place on the community altar as an offering. The event is all-ages.

Ghost Walks at Exhibition Place

Evolved out of actual paranormal experiences and a few well-kept secrets of staff who work the late shift, the Ghost Walks at Exhibition Place tells the stories of Exhibition Place. The Horticulture Building was once used as a temporary morgue; the current site of the CNE midway was a bloody battlefield during the War of 1812; the grounds were once home to two military forts. Not suitable for children under 10 years of age.

Halloween on Church Street.

One of the biggest Halloween events the city has to offer, Halloween on Church Street is the annual Halloween block party that features thousands of costume-donned attendees. The Village is transformed into a wicked pedestrian street party at 6:30 p.m. Halloween night, with special guest DJs spinning all night long. Best of all? It's free!

Carnivale Halloween

Carnivale Halloween returns for an unforgettable evening. The Great Hall will be transformed into a living, breathing, haunted experience with creepy decor, live performances including freaky sideshow acts, fire artists, contortionists, top DJ talent and more you need to see to believe.

Haunted Hotel Halloween

The Thompson Hotel comes alive with ghosts of generations past at Bacardi’s Haunted Hotel Halloween. Join 500 of the cities best at this iconic venue at second annual Haunted Hotel. The Lobby and Rooftop will be completely transformed with state of the art visuals, lighting, projections and decor. Two DJ’s spinning Hip-Hop, House and open format top-40, lots of Halloween snacks and candy will be served by the walking zombie hotel staff.

High Powereen

Manifesto's monthly dance party, High Power returns with an added "een" for a Halloween bash that is sure to thrill (and play "Thriller"). If you want a guaranteed all-night dance-a-thon, look no further. Local DJ heroes Nino Brown and Dre Ngozi will be providing the sounds.

Scream Whistle

Steam Whistle Brewery is back with 16th annual Screamwhistle Halloween dance party. Screamwhistle takes over the brewery for two nights with music provided by DJs Skratch Bastid and Fields McQueen.

Dark Waters

Steam Whistle Brewery is back with 16th annual Screamwhistle Halloween dance party. Screamwhistle takes over the brewery for two nights with music provided by DJs Skratch Bastid and Fields McQueen.Splash into Dark Waters for Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada’s Halloween event. Dark Waters is not your average Halloween party - beware of creatures from the deep. Once you've caught your breath, nab a drink or two, join the costume contest and dance the night away (with stunning views of the aquarium of course).



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Thankful for I am thankful for each and every connection I've made at Parkside. - CA Michael I am thankful for all the residents I’ve got to know since I’ve got here as well as the ones that I will get the opportunity to meet. - CA Nick I am thankful for all the people I have got to meet and know as well as my family and friends. - CA Bailey I am thankful for all the positive people around me. - CA Heaven I am thankful for my family. - CA Skye I am grateful for all of my loved ones :) - CA Isaac I am thankful that I get to go to school and dance every day. - CA Lizzie I am thankful for my friends for being around me all the time whenever I need and my parents for guiding me in all the aspects and always standing with me during my successes and failures. - CA Vinay

l l Fa FAVS

Pumpkin Spice Latte - In case you forgot (as if), the PSL is made with real pumpkin, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, espresso, and steamed milk. They top it off with whipped cream and a sprinkle of pumpkin spice. You can get it hot, or you can opt to get it iced — the fate of your PSL rests in your hands. Pumpkin Spice Latte Frappuccino - Even in the fall, you might be craving something cold and frosty. Get the best of both worlds, thanks to the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte Frappuccino. Starbucks takes all the regular ingredients and blends them with coffee, milk, and ice. Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew - The Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew is the first new pumpkin coffee drink since the PSL happened in 2003. 2003! Starbucks makes it with their iconic Cold Brew, pumpkin cream cold foam, and a sprinkle of pumpkin spice on top. The swirling flavors of cocoa, vanilla, and pumpkin will make your taste buds cry in ecstasy. Plus, it's the perfect solution for people who are living in warmer areas, or areas that haven't gotten sufficiently chilly for a hot coffee drink yet. Pumpkin Syrup - Because Starbucks will let you add a shot of pumpkin syrup to anything you want, the sky is the limit. Add it to your hot coffee drink. Add it to your frozen coffee drink. Stick your head directly under the pump and see how much syrup you can get until they call security.



Study Habits Make a schedule and stick to it Time management is a key to your success in college. You are on your own for the first time and there are a lot of things to do; both academic and social. Even though your schedule may seem overwhelming, there is time to get everything done. Once you know your class schedule, set up specific times for studying. Study every day if you can.

Create Your Environment

Almost everyone studies best in a quiet environment with few distractions. It’s best to create this place if possible. It tells your brain that you are here for a specific purpose, and can help you focus. If your dorm environment is always noisy, or if you are constantly distracted while in your dorm, then finding another quiet place, such as a library might help you. Noise cancelling headphones can also help – and some of us find it easier to study with music.

Study in spurts, do not cram

Our brain at its most productive during about the first 60 minutes of study. If you need to schedule two hours of study time, you’ll actually be more productive if you take a ten-minute break in the middle. If you study for three hours straight without a break, your mind will be fatigued and retain less information.


Sleep is important. It’s what keeps you sharp. If you are not getting enough sleep at night, then your study time is going to suffer. A fatigued brain will have to study longer in order to retain information. There will likely be short periods of time where you are overwhelmed with work and might not get as much sleep as you need, it happens to all of us, but don’t get in the habit of sacrificing sleep for study on a regular basis.

Utilize Tutors and Study Groups

Use all of the tools available to you It may help you to get together and study with others who are taking the same class. If you feel behind in a class or that you aren’t grasping some of the concepts being presented, it’s a good idea to find a tutor who can help you, rather than trying to puzzle it out all on your own.

Don’t get behind – and if you get behind, catch up quick!

College courses move quickly. If you do not have a regular study time scheduled, it can be pretty easy to get behind. If, for example, your homework is to read two or three chapters of a text book between classes, getting behind on that could have you struggling to read half of the book before the test! The best thing you can do is stay caught up on all of your work.



Haunted Places in Toronto Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre Built in 1913, The Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre is one of the last operating, fully restored Edwardian double-decker theatres in the world and just so happens to be home to a few spooky residents. Years ago, a girl allegedly was stabbed in the Wintergarden washroom on the fifth floor. She then dragged herself to the elevator, but no one came to her rescue and she died on the floor. Today, staff have reported that the elevator will travel up to the fifth floor, the doors open and there is no one around as well as mysterious cold spots throughout the theatre.

Humber College Lakeshore Campus Before becoming a place to shape young minds, Humber College Lakeshore was home to a string of insane asylums, psychiatric hospitals and hospitals for the insane since 1890. While in operation, the hospitals would use a “cottage system” to help classify the patients and used a series of underground tunnels to connect the various buildings. Today, there have been various reports of ghost sightings on campus and eerie experiences on the site. These spooky instances include sightings of the ghost of a nurse who allegedly hung herself on one of the apple trees and now roams the halls at night. Other stories include students and faculty smelling strong, unusual scents in the F building, which is where the morgue used to be.

Keg Mansion Come for a steak, and you could potentially stay for a ghost encounter. The historic Keg Mansion was once the  private residence of industrialist Hart Massey and his family. Rumour has it, during the family’s residency one of their distraught maids hung herself over the staircase. Over the years, numerous Keg guests have claimed they spotted the maid’s body dangling over the stairs, as well as countless sightings of children playing and the sense of someone watching them in the washroom.

Mackenzie House Home to Toronto’s first mayor William Lyon Mackenzie, the Mackenzie House has since been coined as one of the eeriest spots in the city. It’s been reported that he’s been spotted lingering in his old bedroom, in addition to the ghost of a mysterious woman seen roaming the hallways. A rocking chair in the basement has also been spotted rocking by itself and the in-house printing press operating on its own.

Christie Mansion When William Christie, founder of Christie Brown and Company, died in 1900, his stunning Victorian home was passed on to his son Robert. The tale goes that Robert lived in the home with his wife, but also secretly kept a mistress hidden in a windowless room. The imprisoned woman was never allowed to leave her room, and over time her loneliness and despair led her to hang herself. Years later, the house was turned into a female residence for U of T students, and there have been reports of a spirit haunting the mistress’s hidden room. Reports say the bedroom door would slam shut and lock itself, trapping students inside.

Queens Park It’s no wonder visitors and staff have reported seeing ghosts at this Toronto location, Queens Park was formerly home to an insane asylum in the mid-nineteenth century. Over the years, there have been four reoccurring spirits reported on the grounds, including a sorrowful ‘white lady,’ a woman covering her face with an apron, an angry-looking soldier descending the grand staircase, and a woman dangling from a hook in an underground tunnel.

Colborne Lodge (High Park) The home of John and Jemina Howard, the original owners of High Park, is said to be haunted by the ghost of Jemina, who passed away in her bedroom in Colborn Lodge after a tragic battle with cancer. It’s been reported that visitors have spotted her ghost standing in the window of her bedroom, while others have noted feeling prickly sensations on the back of their necks, and experiencing unsettling visions during their tour of the park.

The Grange This 200-year-old historic manor is now connected to the AGO, but it’s also home to a number of spirits who reportedly still haunt the manor’s halls today. Past visitors have claimed to have seen a man in a yellow velvet coat roaming the hallways, as well as a woman wearing all black hanging near a second-floor bedroom. Rumour has it that the spirits are past writers that used to live in the building, including Goldwin Smith and Algernon Blackwood.

Don Jail Located in Toronto’s Riverdale neighbourhood, the Don Jail was built around 1865 and was in operation until 1977. The jail was known for being overcrowded, having inhumane conditions, and its public hangings. Two of the most known hangings involved inmates Ronald Turpin and Arthur Lucas. On December 11, 1962, Turpin and Lucas were not only hung side-by-side, but their hangings were Canada’s last executions before capital punishment was abolished. Today, it’s rumoured that their ghosts have been spotted around the old jail grounds.

Old City Hall Over the years, a number of eerie occurrences have taken place at Old City Hall with judges frequently feeling mysterious tugs on their robes, as well as hearing footsteps in the building’s rear staircase and muffled moans coming from the attic. Word on the street is that Courtroom 125 (formerly 33) is haunted by the ghosts of Turpin and Lucas, who were sentenced and charged here for their separate crimes before being hung.

Spadina House This historic manor is not only known for its stunning grounds and rich history, but also for its supernatural appearances. Over the years, both staff and visitors have reported seeing grey, ghostly masses in private areas within the property. The strange part is that there weren’t any reported deaths at the residence in the past, so the reason for these sightings is unknown.

Gibraltar Point Lighthouse The lighthouse’s first keeper was a man by the name of John Paul Radelmüller, who was gruesomely murdered and dismembered by soldiers from nearby Fort York looking for bootlegged beer. Over the years, there have been claims of visitors sighting Radelmüller’s ghost climbing the tower in search for his body parts.

Grounds of Fort York Considering how many gruesome battles took place on these grounds, how could Fort York not be haunted? Visitors and staff have reported sensing the eerie feeling of being watched, as well as hearing off noises, and allegedly seeing a mysterious woman roaming near the Officer’s Quarters and what resembled a soldier wearing a red coat near the entrance of the grounds after dark.

The Hockey Hall of Fame To many, the HHOF is an iconic landmark known for being the home of the Stanley Cup. But prior to housing the cup, the HHOF was formerly a Bank of Montreal branch, which has allegedly become haunted by the ghost of Dorothy Mae Elliott, a nineteen-year-old bank teller who shot herself in the washroom. It’s been reported that employees and visitors have encountered flickering lights, windows and doors randomly opening and closing by themselves, the sounds of a woman moaning, and the eerie feeling of being watched.

Massey Hall One of Toronto’s most beloved concert venues opened in 1894, and is home to a number of mysterious visitors. Today there are reports of ghost sightings in Massey Hall, including a mysterious man in old-timey clothes who wanders around the backstage area in addition to an elderly couple spotted among the aisles late at night.

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