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TABLE OF CONTENTS What to do in Toronto this month K-Cup Gallery Cold & Flu Season Fitness on Demand is at Parkside World Cancer Day Parkside Playlist Valentines Fun Facts Cute things to do for Valentines Day Student Feature Places to go Skating Best Food Spots near Parkside St. Patty's Day Facts St. Patty's Day Events Fit February Hi! How are you day CAs here to help

What to do In Toronto This Month

Go checkout some magnificent art at the ROM! Entry is free for students every Tuesday!

Go visit the famous early 1900s castle! General admission is $25

Check out the art at the Toronto Light Fest in the distillery district!

Head north on Church St. for a pitch black dining experience!(If you're brave enough)

K Cup Tower of Power

Check it out in the gym on the 2nd floor

Fitness Class Schedule Coming Soon!

d l r Wo y a D r e c Can F


World Cancer Day is the one singular initiative under which the entire world can unite together in the fight against the global cancer epidemic. It takes place every year on 4 February. World Cancer Day aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year by raising awareness and education about cancer and pressing governments and individuals across the world to take action against the disease. It is important to commit to ensuring that year-on-year the event is seen and heard by more people around the world. This is so that organizations and people, especially those in power, can highlight cancer as a global health priority, and take control of the discourse surrounding it. This will help dispel rumours and myths that lead to stigma and discrimination against people with cancer in some communities. Additionally, it will encourage schools and workplaces to implement nutrition, physical activity, and no smoking policies that help people adopt healthy habits for life. Above all, making cancer a global health priority will help work towards finding a cure for it which is vital considering how many people are affected by it on a daily basis.

Facts about Valentines Day Not all valentines are chosen on purpose In the the Middle Ages young men and women drew names from a bowl to see who would be their valentine. The single women’s names would be added to an urn and single men of the town would take a name out and pin it to their sleeves for one whole week. Red roses have been associated with love since Ancient Rome The origin of this tradition stretches as far back as Ancient Rome when the red rose was the favorite flower of Venus: the Goddess of love. Juliet still gets love letters sent to her on Valentine’s Day The city of Verona in Italy (where the play was set) receives around 1,000 letters addressed to Juliet. You don’t have to be lovers to celebrate Valentine’s Day Finland celebrates Ystavanpaiva which is translated as ‘Friends Day’. Forget the romantic undertones  Henry VIII decided when Valentine’s Day should be celebrated Marrying a total of six women throughout his lifetime, there’s no denying Henry VIII was a BIG fan of women and probably a rather big romance. King Henry VIII declared by Royal Charter that Valentine’s Day would be a public holiday chose 14 February as the official day of celebration. Teachers receive the most Valentine’s Day cards  Teachers generally receive the largest number of Valentine’s Day cards with children, mothers, wives, and pets (yes, pets) filling the rest of the top five recipient’s list

Cute things to do for Valentines Day 1. Start a Couple’s Bucket List - Let’s start with my favorite Valentine’s Day idea of them all. Do you have some couple goals you wish to achieve this year? Jot it down on a notebook and create your very own bucket list. It can include anything you two dream to do in life together. 2. Eat Breakfast in Bed - How about dishing up a little love by preparing a delicious breakfast for your beloved and serving it in bed? As they say, good food is the way to someone’s heart. You can make some waffles or pancakes and jazz them up with whipped cream and strawberries. You can even sprinkle some chocolate syrup. Break some eggs and cook a scrumptious cheese omelet with some toast.  3. Slow Dance to Your Song - Don’t we all have a song that reminds us of the time when we fell in love? Remember the early days when you both were nervous and giggly, and holding hands gave you jitters and enveloped you in warmth at the same time? The first kiss and even the first fight over the silliest issue… Oh, those lovely days! Bring them back by putting on YOUR song and slow dancing to it. 4. Stay in a Suite - Pack away a few belongings and go on a short couple’s retreat. I would especially recommend this if you are stressed out parents or burned out workaholics. Send your kids off to their dear old grandparents, cancel all the appointments, and book a cozy suite for just the two of you. Spend your time lazily snuggled up with each other in bed, watch a romantic movie on Netflix, order away your comfort food and talk to your heart’s desire with zero interruptions and diaper explosions. 5. Stay Up All Night - Do you remember when the two of you just started your relationship and would spend the wee hours of the morning just talking on the phone? Try to replicate that special period of time by planning an all-nighter that may include chatting, laughing, dancing or taking a late night stroll. 6. Take a Bubble Bath (with Champagne & Strawberries!) - Bubble baths are not only romantic, they are actually quite therapeutic. They have a power to cleanse and soothe you inside out. If you are a little harried and short on time, take out an hour and jump into the bathtub with your significant other. Set up the mood! Light scented candles, dim the lights, put on relaxing music, fill up the bath with water and add some salts and bath bombs, and plunge! Add some strawberries and a bottle of champagne and this is one of the must things to do on Valentine’s Day. 7. Eat a Fancy Dinner Out - Sometimes it will be ages since your girlfriend and you went out to have a decent dinner without looking at your clocks. Plan to have a night out having a lavish meal in a five-star restaurant without having to worry about any pending housework or homework that needs to get done.

This is Esther! After studying at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for one year, Esther Liang continues her studies at OCAD University here in Toronto. As her main focus in art is to create paintings, Esther is currently majoring in OCAD's Drawing and Painting program. Over her years of practice, Esther has developed a keen eye for detail in her artwork, in which she enjoys creating surreal and vibrant compositions. Some of her signature works portray human desires through symbolic and dream-like imagery. Esther publishes her work on her website at estherliang.com

Places to Skate

Nathan Phillips

The Natrel Rink at

TD Union Holiday



Skating Rink

The Bentway under

Barbra Anne Scott Skating

Greenwood Park Skating

the Gardiner

Trail at College Park


SPOTS TO EAT NEAR PARKSIDE Jinya Ramen Bar - $$ - 3 min walk Imagine a world where eating ramen is an everyday ritual, like ordering pizza or going out for a great burger. This is the daily reality that JINYA Ramen Bar founder Tomonori Takahashi came from when he arrived in the United States in 2010. But when he searched for his favorite Japanese food, he quickly realized that enjoying the traditional taste and flavour of ramen wasn't possible unless he made it himself.   Hours: Open at 11:30 am Monday - Sunday

KINKA IZAKAYA ORIGINAL - $$ - 4 min walk An izakaya is a Japanese pub, an inviting place to enjoy exquisite food and drinks. It lets you unwind after a hard day’s work and to celebrate life’s milestones. Izakayas  offer relaxation, plenty of laughter and amazing food.  KINKA IZAKAYA, a popular izakaya-style restaurant now most famous for its bustling atmosphere, was established in the winter of 2009 in the heart of downtown Toronto. When you walk through our doors, you will feel as though you're dining in Japan. KINKA IZAKAYA offers an authentic dining experience of popular Japanese eateries, and is a pioneer in introducing Toronto to the world of authentic izakaya fare and superior Japanese-style hospitality.  Hours: Close at 12 am Monday - Sunday

Si Lom Thai Bistro - $$ - 7 min walk Thai curries & noodle dishes plus vibrant slushies are served in a space that mixes old & new. They are vegan friendly.   Hours: 12:00pm-11:00pm Monday - Sunday

Craig's Cookies - Bakery - $ - 7 min walk Bakery offering fresh-baked cookies stuffed with a variety of decadent fillings, plus milk & coffee. Hours: 9:00am-12:00am Monday - Sunday

Pita Land - $ - 3 min walk It all started with the introduction of our unique Shawarma wrap – an innovative product heaping with nutrition, variety, zest and the endurance to hold an unbelievable amount of quality meats, sauces and veggies! The idea was simple: Sell fresh, healthy and quick food. The uniqueness of Pita Land is in it’s  Halal products, taste and fast service.  Hours: 10:00am - 4:00am Monday - Sunday

FUN FACTS ABOUT ST.PATRICKS DAY St Patrick is credited with bringing Christianity to the Irish people This holiday commemorates St Patrick driving all of the snakes out of Ireland Legend says that if you catch a leprechaun, he must tell you where he has hidden his pot of gold, but if you look away for even a second, the leprechaun will vanish - along with his treasure. Every year since 1962 the Chicago River has been dyed green for St Patrick's Day. The river usually stays green for 4-5 hours. More than 245 million dollars of beer is sold across the world every year on St Patrick's Day St Patrick actually wore blue, not green. Green became popular when the holiday became associated with the Irish independence movement in the 18th century. According to legend, St Patrick used the shamrock as a metaphor for the holy trinity when introducing Christianity to Ireland. The odds of you finding a four-leaf clover are about 1 in 10,000

EVENTS TO ATTEND ST. PATRICKS DAY PARADE Join us for for the biggest St Patricks day parade to hit the streets of Toronto.A community event in its 33rd consecutive year celebrating Irish culture history and heritage. The parade has grown to include a number of diverse community and non profit groups and is recognized as the largest Irish themed event held in Toronto. A fun filled affordable family day. Date: Sunday March 15, 2020 Location: Nathan Phillips Square Admission: Free

Fitness February Fitness Tips Exercise Daily Eat the Right Foods and Portion Each Meal Keep Track of Calories and Food Intake Per Day Be Sure to Get Sleep Stay Motivated Always Stay Hydrated

Workout Ideas for Cardio Jump Rope Dancing Power Walking Swimming Boxing Cycling Dancing Organized sports Jumping jacks Stairs Check out Fitness on Demand in the Gym

Profile for Canadian Campus Communities

Parkside Pulse February 2020  

Parkside Pulse February 2020