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July 2019

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Meet Danielle Parksides Residence Life Coordinator

About Myself

Hi, my name is Danielle and I'm from the little Caribbean gem, Barbados. I'm a pretty easygoing person so feel free to bounce ideas off of me, to ask me any questions or to just say hi! As the residence life coordinator it is my job, and privilege to help students in the transition to post secondary education and to feel part of the Parkside community. I look forward to connecting with you this current year and hope to make your time at Parkside a memorable one.


I am a previous law student who moved on to complete a diploma in visual merchandising arts at sheridan college

Fav Food My favourite food has to be macaroni pie. For those unfamiliar it's not a traditional pie but it's more akin to a savoury baked mac and cheese

Fav Music My taste in music vary from day to day, sometimes hour to hour but there's nothing like soca. It just makes me feel like I'm at home

Hobbies I have a few hobbies including reading, writing and visual art. Most recently I've been thoroughly enjoying creating abstract art

If you could buy anything in the world what would it be... I'd buy a lifetime subscription of Chapman's caramel ice cream. It's definitely a guilty pleasure

Fav Animal I absolutely love elephants. They're just so beautiful, I think if I met one I'd cry.

Fav Game Yahtzee. I can't explain why. I just know I love it

Fav Tv Show There are a few that come to mind but Brooklyn 99 is definitely up there

Excited about the position... Working in residence life presents a unique opportunity to impact student life and more importantly, the student experience. Having the opportunity to positively impact so many students us very exciting to me


Whats up this Month In Toronto

Upcoming Events July 5 - 28 - Beaches International Jazz Festival July 9 - Carnival 2019 Official Launch July 11 - 13 - Roxodus Music Festival 2019 July 19 - Pizza Fest

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July 2019 Parkside Pulse  

July 2019 Parkside Pulse