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January Newsletter Where you want to Live


The K-cup Tower of Power

03. Note From Inez

04. December Gallery

06. KCUP Tower of Power

07. Humans of CampusOne 08. Sustainability

Humans of CampusOne

09. Don of the Month 10. Welcome Week

12. Health & Wellness 13. Aspiria

Winter Welcome Week


Dear Residents, Greetings to the New Year! We are welcoming you back from hopefully a wonderful and restful time off for the holidays. As we head into a New Year and into a new decade, you can create a fresh start! January is a month full of resolutions and goals. The best way to set a goal is to make it specific, make it possible and allow yourself to fail. We have exciting events coming up with Welcome Week starting the New Year off strong. Welcome Week is filled with exciting events for all. Events such as the Snowball Dance and Bingo to name a few! We also have an upcoming K-Cup Tower of Power event and we are looking for participants! We need some excited volunteers who want to join the team to represent CampusOne at our K-Cup interresidential event. If you are interested please see your floor Don for more details. New Year, New Lease! We are starting renewals in the upcoming weeks. Love where your living? Secure your apartment for next year! Want a different unit type next year? You can reserve one by renewing! You can make new friends in different units or request to live with your current roommates. Our apartments fill up fast, so secure your space before it’s too late! From our CampusOne family to yours we want to wish you a Happy New Year. We are excited to continue to have you here with us at CampusOne. We hope your year is full of good health, happiness and success! Inez Estay

Leasing Coordinator iestay@americancampus.com

CampusOne Toronto | Canadian Campus Communities


Holiday Celebration

Cookie Decorating 4 | CAMPUSCONNECT

Winter Putlock

NYE Celebration


HUMAN OF CAMPUSONE The drive that I get for my life is like, for family in a sense... I lost my aunt last year so it was a lot more responsibility that falls on me because I’m like the eldest of the family. My aunt was my mom’s own sister and like, the father’s out of the picture, so it’s more focused on me. There’s a lot more responsibility for me to be successful and try and take care of them. In our culture, especially in the Indian culture, it’s not like a ‘law’ that you have to take care of your parents after, but it’s also out of love. You feel like, I want to take care of my parents and all my family. So that’s another inspiration -now I have to work hard, get a good job, and take care of them. And also, sometimes, it’s like friends are inspirations. Some people are doing cool things and I’m like, I want to try that too...

This is a weird analogy but as a kid, you’re always like, oh I want to be an astronaut or something cool. And then when you grow up, you realize there are so many things around you that you can’t just ignore. There are things that are evolving around you, you’re not the only person in the picture, you know what I mean? It’s like the ideal image of yourself in your head - I see myself wearing that NASA suit or me in a physio outfit or you know, my friends want to do art or drama and stuff. But there’s also other people that are so influential in that process of you becoming what you want to be that your dream kind of changes. People are added, relationships build, your dream doesn’t just become your dream. It becomes more like a vision of a couple of people together... Dreams are ok, but I believe more in vision - having a vision and working towards it. You can’t just throw out the variables in your life. (Suraj Bharadwaj, 21)





University of Toronto Floor 11


5 Tips For Staying Healthy In The Winter Months An apple a day keeps the doctor away. We’ve all heard the saying more than once. Unfortunately, that is not a foolproof method for staying healthy during the winter months. Fear not though, there’s many more steps you can take to keep your body running at full strength in these winter months. With another two months of winter left to go, we can all use a refresher on some common tips to help us stay healthy in our classrooms and homes. Here are some tips to avoid those common winter ailments like the cold or flu and keep you operating in top shape. Stay hydrated – Everyone always says to “drink some water”, but it’s true! Drinking water is important as it keeps your body working at its peak. Without proper hydration, you may feel aches in your muscles and joints, digestion issues, body temperature changes, and more. Staying properly hydrated is a good way to maintain the equilibrium between your body’s intake and output. It’s also quite easy to grab a travel water bottle and keep that with you in class to take a few sips as time goes by. Wash your hands – Yes, there are germs everywhere. One of the most important things we can do to keep us from getting sick is to keep our hands clean. Whether we’re eating snacks, shaking hands, or grabbing objects along the walk to our destination, we risk getting germs on us. People then touch their eyes, nose, and mouth throughout the day, many times without realizing it, inviting those germs inside. So as the science shows us, make it a habit to wash your hands throughout the day, especially when you find them touching all kinds of various objects.

Eat healthy – It’s so easy to just go for the ramen noodle bowl or a greasy slice of pizza at college. But the end results might not be as good as the feast itself. In addition to tasting good, healthy eating will help you avoid sickness too. Foods rich in vitamins, like C, D, and E, can help improve your immune system and resist infection. In addition to fighting the common cold or flu, many other food options can help maintain muscle and joint strength, digestive strength, and fight many common ailments. So next time you run for some groceries, be sure to grab some whole grains, nuts, and fresh fruits and vegetables to give yourself plenty of healthy options for your next meal or snack. Get up and move – Studies show that even moderate exercise can help us prevent sicknesses like the common cold or flu. And this doesn’t need to be a wipe-you-out type of workout. Simply getting yourself to sweat through physical activity is enough to stress out your immune system, which can help your body strengthen it. By making our body fight off the inflammation we feel

from a decent workout, we in turn force our immune systems to strengthen as part of the process. So keep to a schedule or small, 30 minute work-outs throughout the semester. A short walk or jog, athletic activity in the gym, or whatever pleases you. You’ll keep your body healthy both inside and out. Get enough sleep – If you’re balancing regular exercise along with all your school work and social commitments, your body will need plenty of rest to keep healthy. Studies show that lack of sleep can negatively affect your immune system, as the amount of infectionfighting antibodies and cells in your body are reduced during those periods when you don’t get enough sleep. According to health care research, adults can maintain a strong immune system with about seven to eight hours of good sleep each night. So do your best to keep those all-nighters out of your schedule. Artricle by Taras Fufel - State University of New York https://blog.suny.edu/2018/01/5-tips-for-stayinghealthy-in-the-winter-months/






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CampusOne Newsletter - January 2020  

CampusOne Newsletter - January 2020