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The K-cup Cook-Off

03. Note From Daniel

04. November Gallery

06. Ginger Bread Event

07. Humans of CampusOne 08. Cook-Off Gallery

Humans of CampusOne

10. Living Green

11. Holiday Event

12. Christmas Market 13. Don of the Month 14. Snowboarding


Snowboading 101

Dear residents, Welcome December, my favorite month! As exams approach, remember to also take some time to unwind. Toronto offers great activities in December like the Christmas market, ice skating and more. Feeling like staying in? Explore the various CampusOne amenities, challenge your friends to a Foosball match, watch a movie in one of the theatre lounges or be the first to experience our new upcoming lounge. As we prepare for the exam season’s crunch time, we would like to remind you that the Skylounges have been rearranged to provide you with an enhanced study experience for the duration of the exam season. The spaces have been designated appropriate noise levels, The West being moderate and the East quiet. Don’t forget to participate in our December programing! We have prepared a sweeping series of events tailored for the exam season and the joys of the holidays. These are great opportunities to go for a study break and/or to refresh your mind. See your floor bulletin board for your floor specific events and check out our building-wide itinerary attached. From all of us at CampusOne, we wish you the best in your final examinations, a warm and happy holiday season and finally, a fantastic and success filled 2020. Daniel Travieso

Senior Residence Life Don dfltravieso@studenthousing.com

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Hallway Bowling

The Price is Right! - Jobs Edition

HolidayDecember Toy Drive Toasty

Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?


Diwali Dinner

Holiday Toy Drive

Foosball Tournament

Unsolved Cold Case



“Why’d you choose U of T?” I didn’t know, uh, I didn’t know it completely before I got here. So the reason I chose it was it’s a really interesting city in Toronto, uh, it’s a very interesting university cause it has a long history, it has a good computer science program, uh, and I wanted to change what I was studying back then, which was biomedical engineering. I think it was really interesting, the subject, uh, but then the type of life it produced... well, in my opinion, it generates a lot of either research work or office work or, if you’re into clinical biomed, then hospital work, um, but I’m trying to look for more of an independent sort of life. And um, having to work in an environment like that..

It’s not creativity itself which I value, I just think that creativity goes hand in hand with happiness. And you can use creativity with happiness to create something satisfactory, so it’s sort of a necessary tool to create something satisfactory… I don’t know. I’d say that I have times where I’m temporarily happy for a long time. And then I’m just normal, or standard, or baseline I guess. And then times where I’m not as happy. But I’m not in a perfect, uh, continued sense of happiness. So, what I read in Buddhism is that it is possible but it’s not what we think it is. So, being permanently happy is not like being temporarily happy forever, it’s like being satisfied, it’s being understanding, and being, uh, present in the moment, and you can try and do that right now. And I’ve been able to do it for brief moments of time but it’s really hard to do it forever as Buddhists claim is possible. I think it is possible but it’s like a personality thing that you have to build within yourself. I think it’s possible to build and environment and mentality that will guide you towards a more satisfactory life. (Christian Zenkl, 21)




e K-Cup Cook-Off Challenge



SUSTAINABILITY THE MONTH In 2019, fashion is haiving a moment! You can now shop for cheap, inexpensive clothing and always have a new outfit fo every event. Unfortunately, this style of clothing (also known as "fast fashion" has dire consequences for both the environment and the people making the clothes. If you're looking to make a change to be more sustainable in you day to day life, fashion is one element that often goes overlooked but has a big impact on your carbon footprint!



In order to understaNd the impact of fast fashion, it is first important to recognize what fast fashion is. Stores like H&M, Zara, or Forever21 are excellent examples of fast fashion. They all have thousands of garments and all the latest trends, normally at pretty low prices. Their clothing is cheap and low quality and often doesn't last more than a few wears. Of course, a big indication of which brands are "fast fashion" is where they source their labour. Often, fast fashion brands outsource the manufacturing of their clothing to workers with low wages and inadequate health and safety procedures. The impact of fast fashion on the environment is huge and growing! Oftentimes, fast fashion is made with cheap, toxic fabrics like polyester, which sheds microfibers and adds to the plastic pollution in our oceans, or cotton, which used lots of water and pesticides in its production. According to an article by Good on You, "the fashion industry [is] is the second largest polluter of clean water globally after agriculture." The greatest effect of fast fashion on our environment, however, is its mentality of disposability. Often, because the quality of fast fashion pieces aren't great or because they follow trends that disappear quickly, we think of these clothes as being disposable. however, when we dispose of fast fashion, we only send them to a landfill. According to the City of Vaughan, Canadians alone send more than 12 million tonnes of clothing to landfills each year. The average person throws away 37 kilograms. There are many steps you can take to stop contributing to the problem of fast fashion. There are many helpful apps nowadays like Good on You, which seek to evaluate fast fashion brands' sustainability and ethics. They are a great resource to use on the go when looking to understand a company's environmental impact. Moreover, when shopping, choose quality over quantity. Rather than buying lots of cheap clothing that won't last, try purchasing fewer, but higher-quality pieces that will last. Furthermore, get your friends invovled! Organizing a clothign swap or share between your friends is a great method of shopping without contributing to the demand for fast fashion. Swap clothes you don't wear anymore with your fiends and avoid disposing of them!

https://www.redbrick.me/designingdisaster-fast-fashion-and-theenvironment/tudents during Spirit Week 10 | CAMPUSCONNECT


holiday MOVIE







TORONTO CHRISTMAS MARKET Get Festive! Written by Ashley & Nathan Happy December everyone! Toronto may be extremely cold this time of year, but the city is ready for the holidays! We highly recommend visiting the Christmas Market in Distillery District soon! It's your one stop for everything you need to prepare for the holidays. Admission to the market is free on weekdays until Friday at 5 p.m., after which tickets will cost $6. Vendors will be selling Christmas classics such as handcrafted goodies, eggnog, mulled wine, chocolates, and more! There will also be entertainment like Carolling and Santa with his elves!



NOVEMBER Seungmin Lee

University of Toronto Floor 22


What You Need to Know to Plan a

SNOWBOARDING! Day Trip By Ariel Zhu


Having some fun in the snowy mountains are definitly a must for a Canadian winter. Whether you have some experiences with the slopes or not, this will give you some insight

Scheduel The Day Before: 9:30pm - Go to Sleep (Getting enough sleep is crucial for a good day on the mountain!) The Day: 5:45am - Wake up 6:15am - Get Breakfast at Tim Hortons (Make sure you have enough energy) 6:30am - Take TTC to meet my Carpool 7:30am - Meet up with Carpool and Head towards Mountain! 8:45am - Arrive at Mountain and get my Gears ready (Checklist below) 9:00am - Hit the First Wave of Chairlift as the Mountain Opens 12:00pm - Get Lunch in the Cafeteria (Don't worry about calories! Snowboard/Skiing is a very intense sport) 4:00pm - Start Packing up for the Day 5:30pm - Gets dropped off by Carpool and TTC back.

Equipment Checklist - Water proof jacket and pants - Thick gloves - Enough layers underneath - Face Shield - Knee pads (optional) Rental: - Snowboard or Ski - Boots



Always the cheaper and more environmental friendly way to travel. Carpools can be found via a lot of different ways, start from facebook groups or wechat groups. Ususally the price is around $20 per round trip depending on the driver.

Ticket for one day including lift ticket and rentals is usually $100+ per person. If you are a hardcore skier like me, you can always by the annual pass, which is way cheaper if you buy it early. (I bought my pass for this season in April for $400+)


Earl Bale - In North York, very close, half an hour of car ride. - Only 3 slopes, no terrain park. - Good for first trips and beginners. - $28 lift ticket + $34 rental (very cheap) - Where I passed the test for CASI snowboard instructor :)

Mount Saint Louis and Moonstone - In Barrie, 1.5 hour of car ride. - 2 mountains, medium number of slopes, but no double black diamonds. Famous for the 2 terrain parks, one for beginner one for experienced. - Good for a regular day trip, no lodges on resort. - $119 lift ticket + rental

Blue Mountains - West of MSLM, 2 hour car ride. - Large mountains with big number and variety of slopes. 1 terrain park. - Has a really nice village at the bottom of the mountains with many lodges at the resort. Good for a overnight trip with friends. - Try going off season, the prices of the lodges during Christmas is ridiculous. - $75 lift ticket + $60 rental

Mont Tremblant - North East of Ottowa, might want to drive from Ottowa. - THE big mountain. Probably the largest mountain in Ontario. If you are like me and come from some place with a lot of mountains like Whistler, this might be the only mountain that can satisfy you. - Recommended if ever plan a trip to Ottowa, and plan early for big trips like this. 16 | CAMPUSCONNECT - $146 lift ticket + rental

Skating at Nathan Phillips Square Sharpen those skates! With the weather getting colder, the last thing you want to do is to be outside, but hold your horses! How about going ice skating with your friends! Don't have skates? Not a problem! You can rent them at the kiosk for $10 CAD! The rinks will be open from December until March and is open daily from 9 AM to 10 PM (but double check before you go! Don't worry if you're not a wiz on ice! There are plenty of places nearby for you to grab a cup of hot chocolate and just enjoy the scene!







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CampusOne Newsletter - December 2019  

CampusOne Newsletter - December 2019