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Saturday, June 16, 2012 CAA National Convention Banquet

embryos & semen & more

23 Lots

a sale to help fund the Canadian youth teams to compete at the 2013 World Angus Forum in New Zealand 142, 6715 – 8 Street NE, Calgary, Alberta T2E 7H7 Phone: (403) 571-3580 Toll Free: 1-888-571-3580 Fax: (403) 571-3599

Join us Saturday, June 16, 2012 Lethbridge, Alberta

during the National Convention Banquet at approximately 8:30 p.m. in the Grand Ballroom Lethbridge Lodge Hotel & Conference Centre Sale Contacts:

Brent Carey 403.650.9028 Shane Castle 306-741-7485 Scott Bohrson 403.370.3010 Michael Latimer 403.861.7772 Rob Smith 403.861.6884

Special Thanks to Donors and Supporters: Angus World, Dave Callaway, donor Cindy & Dale Bosch, Coutts, AB, donor Lookout Stock Farm, Fairview, AB, donor FrenchRiver, Noelville, ON, donor LLB Angus, Erskine, AB, donor Lee & Leanne Carfantan, Coronation, AB, donor Belvin Angus, Innisfail, AB, donor Lazy MC, Bassano, AB, donor Alta Genetics, Inc., Rocky View County, AB, donor U-2 Ranch, Coaldale, AB, donor Geis Angus Farm Ltd., Barrhead, AB, donor Bow Valley Genetics, Bassano, AB, donor Towaw Cattle Co. Ltd., Sangudo, AB, donor Miller Wilson Angus, Bashaw, AB, donor, donor Blairs.Ag, Lanigan, SK, donor Allflex, donor Cudlobe Angus, Claresholm, AB, donor Sandy Margetts, donor Doug Fee, retired CAA CEO, donor Greg Comstock, RAAA CEO, donor Bandura Ranches, Duchess, AB, donor Canadian Angus Association, donor

The Canadian Angus Association’s Breeder’s Guarantee will be followed for all “cattle” lots.

Terms of Sale: • Purchaser is responsible for shipping costs and transportation • Contact the donor and arrange for transfer within 90 days of the sale date • No guarantees are made, lots are sold as is




WAF Zorzal 321U May 25, 2008 • #1485949

Tres Marias 5887 Hornero Tres Marias 6301 Zorzal Tres Marias 4850 Wind Ext Tres Marias 5837 Cumelen Tres Marias 6582 Cumelen 5632 Tres Marias 5632 Chapar 5026

2A. 5 straws, donated by French River 2B. 5 straws, donated by Lookout Stock Farm Zorzal was first spotted at the World Angus Forum in 2009. A tremendous muscle pattern, structure, big top, large scrotal are of the many reasons Zorzal has gained popularity. The proof is in the pudding now as what a set of calves he is throwing! The heifer calves are phenomenal and the bull calves are long bodied, masculine reproductions of Zorzal as a young bull. Those who have used him are extremely excited about these calves and feel the service to this outcross bull is worthy.


EPDs BW 2.8



WW 25 YW 32 MILK 5 TM 18 CE -4.0 SC N/A MCE 0.0

Border Butte Linebacker 203N January 26, 2003 • #1185425

Connealy Dateline Connealy Frontline Pleasant Pill of Conanga V D A R New Trend 315 Allencroft JCT Eva 03 101B Allencroft Eve 03 44Y

1A. 5 straws 1B. 5 straws, daughter of 203N EPDs BW 1.7

donated by Cindy & Dale Bosch

WW 41 YW 74 MILK 20 TM 41 CE 7.0 SC 0.96 MCE 9.0





Ronan Tex 56A March 23, 1991 • #728964

Angus Acres Texas Tea 19M Angus Acres Tex 16S Angus Acres Startell 76K Fairmac Bestman 89’84 Ronan Black IDA 57U Ronan Black IDA 32N

3. 2 straws, donated by LLB Angus Tex 56A is LLB’s long serving straight Canadian bred herd sire - this will be the 16th year 56A has sired progeny at LLB. He has proven to sire moderate birth weight calves that are highly productive, easy fleshing, fast growing and structurally correct. Tex 56A daughters are among some of the very best females at LLB.

EPDs BW 4.4




WW 35 YW 58 MILK 14 TM 32 CE -4.0 SC 0.8 MCE -1.0

Belvin Panic Switch 2’11

January 2, 2011 • #1612033

S A V Final Answer 0035 S A V Pioneer 7301 S A V Blackbird 5297 Belvin Rebel 33’05 Belvin Lady Blossom 14’09 Belvin Lady Blossom 22’02 4A. 5 straws, donated by Lee & Leanne Carfantan and Belvin Angus

Panic Switch was Bull Calf Champion at Olds Fall Classic and Farmfair. Along side his dam, they were Reserve Champion Female at Olds Fall Classic, Farmfair, and the Agribition First Lady Classic. Panic Switch combines the prolific EPD spread of S A V Pioneer 7301 with the maternal strength of the Lady Blossom cow family. He was the high selling bull at the Calgary Bull Sale for $26,000.

EPDs BW 1.2


WW 55 YW 104 MILK 30 TM 58 CE 4.0 SC N/A MCE 6.0




Belvin Tres Marias Patrón 205 March 2, 2010 • #1589387

Tres Marias 5181 Junior Tres Marias 6221 Casimiro Tres Marias 6221 Casimiro Tres Marias 6661 Mandrake 4462 Tres Marias 7278 Suegra Tres Marias 6440 Hornero 5314

5. 5 straws, donated by Belvin Angus Belvin Tres Marias Patron 205 is an exciting young herd sire. He has an outcross pedigree, coming from the Tres Marias Ranch in Argentina. Tres Marias is one of the most impressive Angus herds in the world. His sire is a prominent AI sire, while his dam is a past show champion and a paternal sibling to the famous Tres Marias sire “Zorzal”. Patron was a Top 10 Finalist at the 2011 Agribition Supreme. Stout made with lots of natural muscle and rib shape, a wide base, and a traditional Angus head, Patron is one of the exciting young bulls in North America right now.






BB Tradesman 0002 (BULL 0002) x Red Lazy MC Gold Design 84U (CBM 84U)

Tradesman 002

EPDs BW -1.5

WW 22 YW 51 MILK 19

TM 30 CE 9 MCE 0.0

5L Tradesman 1715-6237 BB Tradesman 0002 5L Martha 1612-1074 Red 5L Direct Design 893-6315 Red Lazy MC Gold Design 84U Flotre Black Gold 47M

Gold Design 84U

Tradesman 0002 is our newest herd sire from Barenthsen/ Bullinger Red Angus in Powers Lake, ND. He is a promising son of the top 5L Tradesman herd bull. He has done a terrific job of breeding and held his condition well, which is what we like to see in our genetics. 84U is the dam to Red Lazy MC Lookout 153X, our high selling bull to CK Farms, TX. A great cow family topped with interesting out-cross genetics.

EPDs BW 2.3

WW 43 YW 73 MILK 24

TM 45 CE 5

MCE 11

6. 3 embryos, donated by Lazy MC





Alta Genetics Semen Choice Semen Choices

Connealy Tru Answer 892 Belvin X-Man 14’10 S A V Premier 0096 Connealy Amazing 0651 Connealy Q B 0102 S A V Viper 0986

7A. 10 straws 7B. 10 straws 7C. 10 straws, donated by Alta Genetics, Inc.

Connealy Tru Answer 892



Alta has been in the Custom Collection business since the beginning of A. I. in Canada in the 1960’s under the name Western Breeders Service. Over the years many faces and programs have changed, but what has remained constant is the quality of product and excellence in service our employees and facility provides.

Bow Valley Genetics Flush 8. flush, donated by Bow Valley Genetics Includes:

• All drugs for stimulating the donor • Flushing of the donor • All freezing costs • Implant up to 5 fresh or frozen embryos

Buyer is responsible for the following:

• All board costs on donor and recipients if in our donor centre • Supplying semen for AI • Mileage if done on farm * Valued at up to $1600


Lots can and will be added at the last minute. We hope to see you at Convention!




Red CC Expansion 5E February 3, 1995 • #836778

Red RCRA Expedition Red Rock Creek Trek Red Six Mile Gloria 892P Red BBCC Presidio 5Z Red Coulee Crest Annette 4C Red Towaw Annette 80S

5. 5 straws, donated by Towaw Cattle Co. Ltd. Purchased Expansion 5E at Red Roundup in ‘95, reserve Grand Champion at Agribition that same year. One of the best maternal sires ever used at Towaw. His best son has turned out to be Red Towaw Indeed 104H, whose last semen offered sold at $1200 per straw. Used Expansion in ‘09 as we were running short on daughters. Third high selling bull in our sale this spring was an Expansion son at $7300 to Smoky River Red Angus.

Expansion Progeny EPDs BW 1.5




WW 32 YW 77 MILK 13 TM 28 CE 0.0 MCE 2.0

Miller Wilson Embryo Choice Full Sib to 10A Embryos DMM Miss Essence 7M x Gumbo Gulch Creed 94S OR Southern OX Blackbird 12J x Gumbo Gulch Creed 94S

10. 2 embryos, donated by Miller Wilson Angus Choice of either DMM Miss Essence 7M x Gumbo Gulch Creed 94S (full sibs to the Grand Champion Female at Farmfair last year and several other Championships) OR Southern Ox Blackbird 12J x Gumbo Gulch Creed 94S (donor and sire have lots of print). A daughter was just Supreme Champion of Canada’s Richest Youth Steer and Heifer Show.

Blackbird 12J


Lot AD

11 advertisement 11. website advertisement, donated by advertisement button (like Black Magic or GRP - value $480/1 year) is a great way to get more traffic to your website. These ads appear on both &





January 16, 2009 • #1504181

Red LJC Lancer 806 Red LJC Mission Statement P27 Red LJC KJ Jamie 516 Red U-2 Wanted: 917J Red U-2 Stormy 205M Red u-2 Stormy 936J

12. 5 straws, donated by Geis Angus Farm Ltd. and U-2 Ranch High selling bull at the 2010 U-2 Ranch Bull Sale for $14,000. This tremendous herd sire exemplifies everything we are looking for in a herd bull. This bull gets noticed in the pen and on paper where he boasts a 102 WI and 132 YI. Stormy 205M is simply awesome worthy of raising bulls of this caliber.

EPDs BW -1.3


WW 29 YW 66 MILK 16 TM 31 CE 0.0 MCE -3.0



Carruthers Mayflower 43N x Duff New Generation 6107


O C C Genesis 872G Duff New Generation 6107 O C C Dixie Erica 814G


Vermilion Dateline 7078 Carruthers Mayflower 43N Carruthers Mayflower 10E

13. 3 embryos, donated by Blairs.Ag Cattle Co.

Purchased in the 2009 Duff’s Power Plus Bull Sale. A full brother to New Edition, New Look and New Attraction. This ultra stout beef bull has produced some super progeny on a limited number of cows. New Generation’s overall power, dimension and structure is hard to beat. His full brothers have certainly made an impact. Coupled with this elite dam, there is no guess work here.





Red Corner Creek Cash 2R x Red JCC Roxie 20S Cash 2R

O C C Genesis 872G Red JCC Roxie 20S O C C Dixie Erica 814G Red Ter-Ron Mambo 28K Red JCC Roxie 20S Red JCC Roxie 73M

14. 3 embryos, donated by Blairs.Ag Cattle Co. Cash semen is hard to come by and in fact will only be offered during a specific sale in August, BUT, Blairs has graciously offered some embryos sired by this outstanding bull. His daughters are some of the best around and have been sold all over the world including to GK Livestock in Australia and Rust Mountain View Ranch in North Dakota.

Roxie 20S




Hand Crafted Clock 15. Hand crafted clock, donated by the Canadian Angus Association

For years, now retired CEO Doug Fee has hand crafted clocks for various gifts and donations. This may be the last one ever made, purchased by the CAA and commissioned from Doug. Now is your chance to own one!




“Where Change Comes Slowly” 16. Picture, donated by

RAAA CEO Greg Comstock and Doug Fee

“Where Change Comes Slowly” is a print by the famous Tim Cox. The frame is uniquely hand crafted by both the Red Angus Association of America CEO Greg Comstock and retired CAA CEO Doug Fee. Anyone would want to hang this beautiful print in their home!




Georgia Jarvis Print 17. Picture, donated by Sandy Margetts Beautiful agricultural scenes and one of our own Alberta artisans





“Cow & Calf” by Austen Anderson 18. print, donated by Austen Anderson

Our 2011 Junior Ambassador has not only been great at his title the past year, but Austen is also a very talented artist. His work entitled “Cow & Calf” sells and is only 1/100 of its kind!




“Looking to the Future” 19. picture, donated by the CAA

“Looking to the Future” is a Wendy Risdale piece, specially commissioned by the CAA for the 100th Anniversary celebrations. Risdale is an award winning agriculture and wildlife artist.


20 “Centennial Family”


20. bronze, donated by the CAA This “Centennial Family” bronze is unique and rare. Made by Gina McDougall-Cohoe of Cremona, these bronzes were made for the centennial in 2005. This is the FINAL bronze available, so represents your last chance at this Canadian Angus history. Series 10/25





HF Kodiak 5R x Royal Lucy DRCC 4058P

21. 3 embryos, donated by Bandura Ranches



22. 3 embryos, donated by Bandura Ranches


Alberda Traveler 416 Royal Lucy DRCC 4058P Thomas Lucy 1041

S A V Iron Mountain 8066 x Double AA Annie K 578’01



Sandy Bar Advantage 43M HF Kodiak 5R Wilbar Ruby 955N

TC Gridiron 258 S A V Iron Mountain 8066 S A V Madame Pride 3249 Double AA Bardolier 13’98 Double AA Annie K 578’01 Double AA Annie K 532’94

23 Cudlobe Angus Cudlobe Angus has donated the right to pick out 10 straws of any semen in their current inventory. Come look through their tank!

23. 10 straws, donated by Cudlobe Angus

Be sure to purchase your tickets for the plasmaTV (HD 50 inch HDTV) for a drawing at National Convention. Allflex has graciously donated the TV for the lottery. Your winning “ticket” will be an RFID tag numbered 1-500.

CAF's Building The Legacy Sale  

Canadian Angus Foundation

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