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The Basics of ETA Canada There are many people who would like to visit United States in a year and the purpose of this visit has its diversification. Most of these people often face severe trouble while applying for the visa. To get rid of this inconvenience, an electronic visa application system has been generated by the US Government. This particular system is commonly known as ETA Canada. How to apply for ETA Canada Applying for an ETA Canada is very simple and easy to understand if you are internet friendly. As the procedure of application is very simple, it never takes more than two to three minutes for the application. However, though the application procedure is very easy, sometimes it takes several days to process the requests and submit all the required supportive documents. Therefore, it is better if you book the flight once you get the Canada eta. 1. Keep your documents ready: Whenever you are going through the Canada eta application procedure, you need to keep your important documents ready with you. The credit cards and the passport are the two basic documents which you need to keep with you. When you are applying for the Canada eta, you need to read the help the document very clearly. Here you are going to find exact procedure of the application. 2. Always use the online form for the application: The applicants need to use the online application form as it is the easiest way to start the application procedure. The page of the online application form appears on the screen for just of minutes therefore you need to keep the information ready with you and put it in the form very quickly. 3. Clear the payment right away: You need to clear the payment for Canada eta application once you are done with filling up the application form. You need to pay $7 to fill up the application form. 4. Check if you have got the confirmation mail ID: The moment you are done with the application process, you will get a confirmation mail within 72 hours. Sometimes you can get the confirmation within few minutes. Some considerable factors which hinder you from getting eTA  

If you are not a Canadian citizen, you may face trouble in getting the eTA. Then you need to have and carry a valid Canadian passport and VISA. If you are having Refugee Travel Document, you cannot get eTA.

You can apply for eTA for one person at a time that means if you have three persons in your family you have to fill up the form for three times. You have to make sure that you have the receipt in your hand. You have to take the receipt instantly once you are finished with the application because you on’t e a le to get the appli ation re eipt later. There is no option for sa ing your gi en information on the internet page. These are the basic procedures of applying for eTA and the hindrances that an ETA applicant face which applying for it.

How to apply for eta canada  

The Basics of ETA Canada There are many people who would like to visit United States in a year and the purpose of this visit has its diversi...

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