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Canada eTA, Things you Should Keep In Mind The Canada government had changed the rules regarding entry to Canada last year. In effect from 10th November, 2016 all visa-exempt foreign nationals need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to fly or transit through this North American country. An Authorization Canada eTA is a mandatory document used in place of the visa for people who are from visa-exempt nations to get an entry into Canada. Legitimate for five years or until the termination of your passport, it enables you to make as many trips to Canada as you want and even stay there for six months at a stretch. However, the entry requirements using other ways of travel such as road or sea to Canada have not changed. Applying for the Canada esta is a simple and unfussy online procedure. It is fast and safe at the same time. While some requests might take some time for processing (if the required documents are not submitted), generally the applicants receive their eTA approval within minutes in their email inbox. It is recommended that you apply for the eTA a few days prior to your flight to Canada. You should keep your passport and credit card ready before applying for an eTA. You can also go through the help document on the official website of the Government of Canada for better understanding of the process. Next you would have to fill up the online form available on the website. The form cannot be saved and a limited amount of time is given to complete the form, hence you should keep all the required documents at hand. Once you have completed the form, pay the $7 CAD fee via your credit card. The applications get approved within three days or 72 hours. You will probably get a conformation email saying that the Authorization Canada eTA approval has been approved in a few minutes. Sometimes you need to submit some supporting documents along with the application form for getting the eTA application approved. In such cases, you will receive an email with proper instructions. Make it a point to check your junk folder as well. Canadians including those with a dual Canadian citizenship do not require applying for the eTA. The permanent residents of Canada also do not need the eTA. The lawful residents of America lacking a valid passport can apply for an eTA by showing a valid U.S. refugee travel document and a legitimate permit for re-entering the United States. Those obtaining the Refugee Travel Document, UN LaissezPasser or Organization of American States (OAS) Travel Document are not permitted to apply for a Canada esta. Applicants who have criminal records or expelled in any country are prohibited from applying for an eTA. The advantage of getting an eTA is that any issues regarding travellers are checked prior to getting into the flight, hence ensuring that they do not face any hassles while the journey.

Canada eta, things you should keep in mind  

The Canada government had changed the rules regarding entry to Canada last year. In effect from 10th November, 2016 all visa-exempt foreign...