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SCRIPT/RESEARCH Camela Amalakumar iPhone 6 Commercial [concept]

0:00 ‘iPhone is ‘ 0:01 Hand holding the iphone (which is presented to be transparent) 0:02 Finger moves across the slider in order to unlock the phone. 0:03 ‘Clear’ – ‘Dirty’ 0:04 Fingers are used to zoom into the image of the motorcyclist. 0:06 ‘Sharp’ – ‘Blury’ 0:07 iPhone playing a video and finger touches the screen to change video. 0:09 ‘transparent’- ‘Opaque, as usual’ 0:09 Game being played on the iphone with 60% transparency. Finger being used to control the character in the game. 0:11 ‘fun’- ‘Pointless’ 0:12 facebook application opened up and finger print used in order to sign into account. 0:14 ‘secure’- ‘As if. Or in our dreams’ 0:15 finger pressed onto the install application button. 0:16 ‘fast’- ‘slower ’ 0:18 thumb and finger used to zoom into the map shown on the iphone. 0:19 ‘aware’ – ‘aware of Apps’ 0:20 iphone slanted at an angle. Thumb and finger used to bring the charts shown on the iphone OUT of the iphone. 0:22 ‘dynamic’- ‘lethargic’ 0:23 Finger presses area on the bottom of the iphone. Light appears once finger applies pressure. iPhone turns on. 0:25 ‘intelligent’-‘dumb’

SCRIPT/RESEARCH Camela Amalakumar 0:26 hand holding iphone. Light turns off in the background. Finger presses on button. Light on power button turns on. Screen lights up 0:28 ‘magical’- Light on, light off.’ 0:30 iPhone logo appears. END.

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