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User Test Questionnaire Ricky Sungho By answering the follow questions, I will be able to conclude whether the game has been made professionally robust or if it is set to fail. I will also be able to see if I have identified and understood the subject and to whether I have been able to present my findings in the game or not.

1) What computer operating system are you currently using? Please circle your answer. Windows XP / VISTA / MAC OS / WINDOWS 8 2) Were you able to load up and run the game successfully? Please circle your answer. Yes / No 3) Does the character navigate around the map at a decent speed? If no, please circle Faster or Slower. Yes / No Faster / Slower 4) What do you find aesthetically pleasing about the game? I like the cricket tv ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5) How could I improve the design of the game? Add some more monsters and animate them ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6) What should be removed from the game and why? The tiger cuz its all spazzy ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


7) Are any of the features not working? If yes, please state. Yes / No Inventory but nothing to put in ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8) Did anything surprise you? If so, please explain. The tree sound that thing scared me ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


9) Would you play the game again in your free time? Please circle your answer. Yes / No 10) How would you develop the game if you had the chance? Add more interaction and things to do on it ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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