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Standard Typography (2048x1536 px) Strategy: The Rule of Thirds Colour: Monochromatic Variation

So I decided to go for simplicity throughout my compositions.

Vernacular Typography (1294x800 px)


Strategy: The Golden Ratio Colour: Analogous Relationship

This composition uses original stock images took from my dad and sister’s number plates. Yeah I figured that I’d get my font from them.. So what inspired me to create this piece of work? Well as I sat at my computer desk with freezing cold hands trying to pen tool my way through an original stock image.. Well I guess you can guess the rest ;) I used Blue shades of #226797 that represent and conveys a cold feeling; trying to help let the viewer feel what I was feeling as I created this piece of work. I did try to add a ‘wet/dripping’ effect to the ‘COLD’ typography, however I felt that the piece is just as effective as it is currently. If I had the oppotunity to improve the piece, then I would definitly add a wet/dripping effect to the text in order to make it have a little bit of personality.

This composition includes original stock images that I took of the road labelled ‘BUS STOP’. I decided to come up with a concept that a passive audience can take in and achieving this by only using the typography in the stock images that I took. I found that by using the golden ratio method, I was able to create a piece of work that actually looks proportional to the canvas- not sure about the human figure though, although by making the figure of the human disproportional to the ‘BUS’ lettering; I was able to convey a deeper significance to the piece. It gives a sense of horror and fright of the reality of how big a bus is in proportion to a human. The figure itself being created by the use of ‘STOP’ has been used with shades of red and yellow. STOP is used as a verb to draw attention to the viewer.


Abstract Typography (1000x500 px) Strategy: The Rule of Odds Colour: Split Complementary Relationship

I took several shots of objects in my house that looked like an abstract type and tried to link images together. I came up with the word ‘STONE’ and I ended up concentrating on creating a composition that focussed on what could be instead of making something look pretty. By applying the rule of odds, the viewer is to observe the composition in more detail as there are an odd number of objects in the composition. I also set the main focal point as the heart that is in a shape of an O, as I set the lighting to focus on it; the eyes of the viewer are drawn to it making it the focal point. The heart represents a cold and calculated person inside and I managed to use split complementary colour to bring this idea across. I also figured that the heart could link in with the aum sumbol (religious culture) and the horse shoe that westernised people see as luck. I experimented with the split complementary combinations and by using abstract typography, I created a piece that focussed on what it could be..


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