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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sheriffs seek owners of lost money Brian Villalba Staff Writer After four months, $300 that was dropped in the P4 parking structure and turned into the East Los Angeles College Sheriff Station has yet to be claimed. The money was dropped in the structure on May 30. The low-resolution ELAC campus security footage showed two unidentified females with items falling out of one of their bags. It isn’t exactly clear what was dropped. A few minutes after the females drop the money, Senior Computer and Network Support Specialist Michael Iwashita came across money on the floor of the P4 parking structure. “I thought I saw $20, but then I realized it was a stack of $20 bills,” Iwashita said. Student Bum Lay also saw the money and went to pick it up. As Iwashita was picking up the money, which was spread over the immediate area, he directed Lay to help pick up the money and turn it into the sheriff station in two envelopes, one with $140, the other with $160. “Michael Iwashita reported the lost money on May 30,” Deputy Erric Roman said. “It was found at 11:35 a.m.–a few minutes after it was dropped.” The sheriffs investigated and were not able to identify the women. According to the security footage, the two women spoke to a man in the video who the sheriff deputies identified as instructor Ray Zhang. Sheriff deputies questioned Zhang, but he was not able to recall the names of either of the females. Zhang did not offer any information to help in the investigation, in spite of the fact that he stopped to speak to the females just moments before they dropped the money. “We thought (Zhang) may have been their professor,” Roman said. Deputies asked around campus, but no one has been able to identify the two females. According to Frank Velasco, the policy for cash found would be to hold it for 90 days. Roberto Garcia is the detective on this case. “In this case where we have video of the owners of the cash, after we have exhausted every lead, it will be up to the discretion of the detective,” Velasco said. Contact the Sheriff station if you have any information on the girls in the photo, or contact Detective Roberto

Courtesy of The IT depart-

Do You know us?—ELAC video

feed shows two females just before dropping $300 on the floor of the P4 parking structure.

Timeline • May 30 two unidentified females enter the P4 parking structure • Unidentified females speak with professor Ray Zhang • Unidentified females drop $300 • The money scatters around the P4 structure elevator • A few minutes later Senior Computer & Network Support Specialist Mike Iwashita finds the money • Student Bum Lay picks up $140 • Iwashita picks up $160 • Iwashita reports $300 to the Sheriff • Sheriffs get security video and investigate • Investigation stalls

Former Elans to participate in Red Bull Flutag Jesus Figueroa Staff Writer East Los Angeles College Red Rock Rovers is one of the few hispanic teams, and the only community college team, competing at the Red Bull Flugtag on Sept. 21. The team is hard at work finalizing their design for a humanpowered aircraft to enter in the competition in Long Beach. The Flugtag is a human-powered flying craft competition, which for the first time will simultaneously be held in Washington D.C., Miami, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth and Long Beach. The Red Rock Rover team is led by current ELAC engineering student Carlos Garcia. “We entered the Red Bull Flugtag as a way of testing the skills we’ve acquired at East Los Angeles

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College,” Garcia said. “All the members have been committed to their education so we never got a chance to participate in extracurricular activities. This was meant to be that activity for us,” he said. The team consists of former ELAC engineering students who are transferring to fouryear universities. Team leader Carlos Garcia is transferring to California State University, Los Angeles as well as taking classes at ELAC. Team pilot Gabriel Garibay is transferring to the University of Southern California. Crew members Manuel Garcia, Alejandro Ponce and Alfonso Perez will be attending California State University, Pomona this fall. The team has been hard at work this summer, fundraising, designing and building their craft before they continue their education at their four-year universities.

ASU to raffle iPad

“The craft was inspired by the Mars rovers and the men and women that make space travel possible,” Carlos Garcia said. The rules state that the craft must weigh a maximum 400 pounds with the pilot on board with a limited wingspan of less than 28 feet and height if 10 feet. “The lighter, the better,” said Manuel Garcia. “That’s what every group is aiming for. Not every group intends to fly, many of them just go there to have some fun. But us we want to break the record this year.” The support has shown up from many places. Fundraisers, that included a small concert to ELAC’s Engineering Department and the 2013 X-Games Brasil Silver medal winner Coco Zurita. “The entire ELAC Engineering Department has been supporting us, in particular Brian Vasquez and Kamyar Kashayar,” Carlos

ASU is raffling an iPad to anyone who purchases raffle tickets. To participate, find any club representative or go to the ASU office located in G8 118 and purchase a ticket for $1. The raffle will commence on Dec. 5 at 10:30 a.m. in the S2 Recital Hall.

Garcia said. The unexpected support of Zurita brought more exposure to the group. “Coco reached out to us via Red Bull. He was excited about the event and wanted to lend his support to a group. Naturally he decided to rally around us because we’re one of the only Latino team’s in the competition,” Carlos Garcia said. “I identify with the Hispanic community as I am from Chile and have been living here (the United States) for a long time. Also I think is great to support each other in a positive way,” Zurita said. From now, until the day of competition, the Red Rock Rovers will work at their headquarters in South Gate awaiting to show off their creation. “Dedication and commitment to the project, that’s what’s going to help us succeed the day of competition Sept. 21,” Manuel Garcia said.



Online Scoop

ELAC wrestler Davit Hovhannisyan speaks about his goals for the season. Wrestling coach Ralph Valle said that Hovahannisyan, along with his brother Rafik, are two of the team's future stars. For the full video interviews, visit

In last week’s issue of Campus News, the ELAC Latin Jazz ensemble was incorrectly stated as being the Cumbia band.

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Scholarship requirements cause concern Luis Vasquez Staff Writer The East Los Angeles College Foundation is offering $136,000 in scholarship awards to East Los Angeles College students beginning fall 2013 semester. H o w e v e r, a l o t o f t h e s e scholarships are not applied for because students fear they do not meet the required criteria. ELAC does a good job in advocating these scholarships to its students by announcing it on their home web page, teachers announcing it in class, and the financial aid office also informs students of these scholarships. However, many Elans are not taking advantage of this great opportunity and do not apply. Whether they are uninformed or lack the desire to apply for scholarships, ELAC students leave money offered by the state untouched. Professors often take time during class to remind students to take a shot and apply for a scholarship. The benefit of being granted one of these scholarships outweigh not applying at all. The ELAC Foundation is offering scholarships that range from $500 to $1,000 (providing eligibility). This money is being granted to students who meet certain criteria.

All a student has to do is take 20 do not apply. minutes of their day to fill out an However, many of the scholarships application. being offered by ELAC only require Students can only apply online an applicant to be eligible to receive by following a link on the ELAC the Board of Governors Fee waiver, home website. must complete 24 or more degree The initial application period applicable semester units and be started August 26 and will be open enrolled full-time. until Sept. 26. They do not require a high grade The notifications of the award point average. Many of these winners will be the week of October scholarships’ GPA requirement 21 via email. ranges from 2.5 to 3.0. There are different reasons Now that state funding has why students do not apply for begun to fill ELAC’s bank accounts these scholarships. more opportunities are As you go around available for campus, you hear students. “Who different reasons as During the Spring 2013 wouldn’t to why they have not semester 43 scholarships want to applied. were awarded to ELAC A l t h o u g h E L A C receive $500 students. does a good job in That number dropped to $1,000 announcing the vast from 93 recipients in fall for free?” amount of scholarships 2012. being offered, many ELAC students must students are unaware of respond this semester this opportunities. and apply to every I believe this is the single scholarship being primary reason as to why offered. scholarships go untouched and The ELAC Foundation has been therefore wasted. generous enough to offer students a Another reason why students vast amount of scholarships for the don’t apply to these scholarships is fall 2013 semester – we must reward because they are afraid they do not their efforts by making the effort meet the criteria. to apply and receive these People are afraid of rejection. In scholarships. this case, applying for a scholarship The pros outweigh the cons. Who can seem like a daunting task wouldn’t want to receive $500 to therefore students back away and $1,000 for free?



NEWS EDITOR Jesus Figueroa FEATURE EDITOR Tadzio Garcia

ARTS EDITOR Sergio Berrueta SPORTS EDITOR Diego Linares PHOTO EDITOR Manny Miguel

Syria coverage overlooked, replaced by MTV Alejandra Carrillo Staff Writer Television and alternate media, like the Internet, have been focusing on matters of much less importance rather than on events that do matter. This summer was award season for the entertainment industry. The MTV Video Music Awards along with the Teen Choice Awards were the hot topics as the days passed on. Little coverage was given by news channels on the controversial events occurring in Syria. What was covered about this topic was overpowered by Miley Cyrus’ latest twerking trends along with other celebrity nonsense. Students and everyone else should become more aware with news events that can potentially harm others. In Late August, Syria launched rockets filled with deadly chemicals in an attempt to kill Syrian Rebels. According to the Washington Post, nearly 1,500 people were killed; among those were 426 innocent children. The Post also said U.S. spy agencies recorded every step of their supposed chemical attack without Syrian officials knowing.

CAMPUS VOICE: “Honestly, I think I would keep it. I need a new bike.”

Gabriel Serrano Business Administration

“I would keep it for myself. I would invest it in equipment and I would buy stuff that I really need.”

Daisey Olivia Nursing

This event was compared to one that took place about a decade ago, which claimed that Saddam Hussein was pursuing chemical, nuclear and biological weapons. According to CNN, 10 days after the chemical attack, President Obama was still unsure of what actions he should have taken, but there were hints of a military strike without the use of chemical weapons. Secretary of State John Kerry, who was dispatched to talk with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in peace talks, said to the New York Times that Obama was deeply committed to a negotiated solution with respect to Syria With a potential limited U.S. military strike against Syria, who really wants to talk about Miley Cyrus? Decisions made by the president and White House officials change daily, which is why it is important to keep up with news that actually matters. Cyrus, Justin Beiber, Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes will surround our television screens for as long as they live, but it does not mean that their antics are valued more than people’s lives and the safety of our country and soldiers.

What would you do if you found $300 in the ELAC parking lot?

“I would turn it into security. I wouldn’t want to keep it because it is not my money.”

Taylor Cano Forensic Pathology

“I would go to security and try to find the rightful owner. I think its wrong to keep it. It’s kind of bad karma to do something like that and in God’s eyes it’s wrong.”

Ulfreido Lopez Business Administration

COPY EDITOR Augustine Ugalde CARTOONISTS Bryan Pedroza Anthony Tran STAFF Carlos Alvarez, Alejandra Carrillo, JC Casarez, Micole Guevara, William Hernandez, Yesenia Martinez, Diego Olivares, Laura Parral, Ruben Perez, Ricardo Pimienta, David Rios, Evelyn Sanchez, Karina Soto, Elide Valdez PODCAST Sergio Berrueta Jesus Figueroa ADVERTISING MANAGER Stefanie Arocha DISTRIBUTION Augustine Ugalde ADVISERS Sylvia Rico-Sanchez Jean Stapleton Campus News encourages letters to the editor relating to campus issues. Letters must be typed and double spaced. Submitted material becomes the proper ty of Campus News and cannot be returned. Letters should be limited to 250 words or less. Campus News reserves the right to edit letters for grammatical errors or libelous content. A n o ny m o u s l e t te r s w i l l n o t be printed. Writer s must sign submissions and print their names and a phone number where they can be reached. Letters should be addressed to the editor of Campus News. Submissions can be made at the mailroom in building E1 or the Journalism department office in the Technology Center in E7-303. East Los Angeles College Campus News 1301 Avenida Cesar Chavez E7-303 Monterey Park, CA 91754 (323) 265-8819, Ads (323) 265-8821 Fax (323) 415-4910 The East Los Angeles College Campus News is published as a learning experience, of fered under the East Los Angeles College Journalism program. The editorial and advertising materials are free from prior restraint by virtue of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. The opinions expressed are exclusively those of the writer. Accordingly, materials published herein, including any opinions expressed, should not be interpreted as the position of the Los Angeles Community College District, East Los Angeles College, or any officer or employee thereof. PRINTING BY NEWS PUBLISHERS PRESS




Uber, Sidecar provides great taxi alternative Brian Villalba Staff Writer

CN/Jesus Figueroa

Masterpiece—”Holidays,” a large 38”x100” pastel work of art by John Valadez, shows beautiful depiction of East LA in detail

on the “Santa Ana Condition: John Valadez” exhibit in the Large Gallery of the Vincent Price Art Museum.

Alum brings retrospective to VPAM Jesus Figueroa Staff Writer East Los Angeles College Alum John Valadez prepares his art exhibit at the Large Gallery of the Vincent Price Art Museum for the opening reception on September 21. “Santa Ana Condition: John Valadez” contains a 35 years retrospective of Valadez’s artwork spanning from his time as an art student at East Los Angeles College. “John grew up in East LA. His work was and continues to be heavily influenced by his environment,” Karen Rapp, director of the VPAM, said. “VPAM is honored to host this important retrospective because

it is time that all of Los Angeles recognize the enormous artistic talent flourishing here,” she said. Bringing the exhibit to the VPAM brings an ELAC alum artist’s work back to ELAC after being shown at museums such as the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. “Ms Karen Rapp secured what is left of my retrospective art exhibition from last summer at The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego at La Jolla. I am also an alumni of ELAC, 1969 to 1971,” Valadez said. Valadez brings artwork that has been on display for many years and at many museum since his time at ELAC. “The ELAC Art Department and instructors were a very important

early phase in my creative motivation to become an artist. My work has many messages and this exhibit is an opportunity to show them all,” Valadez said. The magnificent art on display carries with it history and meaning. It captures the attention of viewers with the familiarity of the scenery it depicts. “I am in awe of the two pieces we (The VPAM) have on display side by side, “Leed’s Shoes” and “Holidays,” Rapp said. The two pieces bring a perspective of East Los Angeles to a 38 inch by 100 inch pastel artwork that have fine detail. “You almost get lost in the scenery because it pulls you in and your eyes can barely grasp the level

of detail,” Rapp said. Opening reception for “Santa Ana Condition: John Valadez” starts at 5 p.m. on Saturday. Accompanying the exhibit will be a book signing and artist walkthrough with Valadez and Cheech Marin on October 12 at 1 p.m at the VPAM. The art is truly a slice of life and can be enjoyed by visitors of the VPAM through to December 7. Rapp said, “Because these scenes are familiar to us, they both depict downtown Los Angeles, we don’t see them as exotic, but rather part of everyday life. The fact that John notices, documents, and then transforms scenes of everyday life so masterfully makes him almost a magician.”


Unknown Father—Dalton Lambert, played by Ty Simpkins, cowers aways from his father Josh Lambert, played by Patrick Wilson, as he becomes possessed by an unknown spirit.

‘Insidious Chapter 2’ loses scares Laura Parral Staff Writer “Insidious: Chapter 2” fails to carry on what made “Insidious” the surprise hit in the horror genre. The film premiered on Friday the 13th and was expected to trhill the audience, but it failed on that promise. The cast and crew of the previous ‘Insidious’ returned once again to add another chapter into the life of the Lambert family. Director James Wan unfolds the mystery the first film left unsolved and answer some questions that did not need one. The movie continues with the Lambert family. Josh Lambert, played by Patrick Wilson, whose body is now in possession by an evil spirit. His wife Renai Lambert, played by Rose Byrne, and his mother Lorraine Lambert, played by Barbara Hershey, find the truth and to recover Josh’s soul. With the help of two mediums and two silly ghost investigators, they are able to discover the truth and make contact with Josh Lambert, who is in a called The Further.

The Lambert family had some history with the evil soul, which connected them to the occurrences that were happening to them. Similar to Wan’s other horror features, the characters had to search for the answers in order to find a resolution to their problems. However, the script does not do a great job in giving the story behind the evil spirit. Wan did not give any explanation into the motives of the spirit’s past actions. “Insidious: Chapter 2” had some terrifying moments that made the audience jump with fear, but it was for a limited time. There were only about three times in the hour and 45 minute film that had moments of frights for the audience, but nothing that truly made the film stand out against its predesscessor. Most moments were predictable and set off the fear mood. Also, the humor caused by the two ghost investigators, Tucker and Specs, played by Angus Sampson and screenwritier Leigh Whannell respectively, were comepltely unnecessary. Even though their clumsiness and exaggerated performance caused the

full house audience to laugh; it was a distraction from frightening footage. Overall, “Insidious: Chapter 2” did not live to expectactions. They had the story set, but needed to expand the climax to explain what exactly is going on and why it is happening. The script was weak in comparison to the intense thrill ride that was the first ‘Insidious.’ The actors gave amazing performance. A majority of the actors have performed in horror features before and knew what marks to hit just right. Wan’s direction lacks the craft and style of his previous efforts, making his final foray into the horror genre, a lackluster piece of work in his career. The PG-13 sequel made $20.6 million over the first film’s $13 million opening. However, more money does not equal a better film. The first “Insidious” was more thrilling than the second. The audience must now wait to see what comes next in this new franchise series. “Insidious: Chapter 2” is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of terror and violence and thematic elements.

Uber and Sidecar are car services that are an upgrade from taxies that bring instant gratification for the spontaneous around the same price. Sidecar and Uber is requested, managed and paid for using an app on your smartphone. If Uber is the premium car service, then Sidecar is the middle class car service. The drivers are friendly and use their mobile technology to use the navigation process. The Uber drivers are well dressed and often have free bottles of water for passengers. The Sidecar drivers are dressed casually and offer a less formal driving experience. Once setup is finished, the passenger will not need cash or a credit card again. One of the coolest features from the Uber and Sidecar app is the fare quote. When opening the app, it uses the GPS on your phone to find your location. Then, the customer can enter a destination and get a fare quote in less than a minute. The Uber app lets the customer pick the size of the car, which comes in handy when having a large group. S i d e c a r d o e s n ’t h a v e t h e customization layers that Uber has. The more casual, social network support makes for some added value that Uber would have the rider pay for. Uber charges extra for unscheduled and extra stops. Sidecar drivers will stop off at an ATM on the way with no extra charge. When pressing the button to request a car, the passenger gets the name and photo of the driver, and a

confirmation for the estimated time of arrival for both services. The customer will also get a text message that your car has arrived. Tip is included in the original quoted fare so when the rider arrives, there is no scramble to find money to tip or hassle to find change. In popular areas like downtown and requesting an Uber car, the car will usually be waiting by the time you walk outside. Uber cars are usually black and come in three differentvechicles: UberX, Black car, and SUV. The UberX is the cheapest way to travel. The Black car and SUV are most cost-effective when splitting the fare with three to six passengers. Uber’s coverage area in Los Angeles stretches from Malibu to El Monte, and from Long Beach to the San Fernando Valley. Sidecar operates in San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and Washington DC. On the surface, Sidecar seems similiar to the Uber service as they both ultilize the use of apps and share similiar interfaces. The driver for Sidecar was dressed casually, but the prices were lower than Uber. The driver seemed more like a causual friend than a chauffer. The process of requesting a ride is similar to that of Uber. An important distinction is that the customers of Sidecar are required to enter a destination along with the current location. Uber allows the rider to enter the destination, but it isn’t required to request a ride. Sidecar is less of a driver service and more of a social transportation community. Uber asks the passenger to rate the driver after the ride is over, but passengers are do not get a rating.




Fullerton steals win with last second goal Liliana Marquez Staff Writer

The men’s soccer team slipped to its third defeat of the season as Brian Jaquez’s last minute goal for Fullerton College broke a 2-2 tie after an intense game last Friday at Weingart Stadium. An excited Fullerton bench jumped onto the field to celebrate their teammate’s goal to the amazement of the ELAC players, coaching staff and supporters. Just seconds after the final whistle echoed throughout the stadium, the Huskies were left frustrated and disappointed with the loss. The last game before the start of conference play will be this Friday on the road against Southwestern College at 3 p.m. Husky Hector Aguilar, who scored ELAC’s first goal, said that for him, the result was unfair. Aguilar scored a game-tying goal seven minutes after Fullerton’s Andres Muñiz opened the score. “We had a good performance. It was just bad luck. That’s the way soccer works. I believe it was unfair that they scored at the last minute because we were fighting hard to get the win,” Aguilar said in Spanish. It was after the equalizer scored by Aguilar when the game’s intensity began to increase. About 10 minutes before halftime, Juan Gallegos scored his first goal as a Husky from a free kick, turning the momentum to ELAC’s favor. “It was great to see how our supporters reacted after I scored. The goal was crucial at the time because we took the lead. I asked my teammate to allow me to take the shot. I felt confident. I knew I was going to score and I did,” Gallegos said in Spanish. Fullerton didn’t give up. Twenty

Women’s Volleyball The Huskies went 1-2 as they traveled to Imperial Valley College to participate in a round robin volleyball tournament. The only win of the tournament came against Cuyamaca College which started the season with 0-3 record. ELAC will look to improve on their 1-4 record as they travel to Los Angeles Mission College this Friday to face the Eagles at 6 p.m.

Cross Country Laura Aceves established herself as a top runner in the state by taking eighth place at the Southern California Preview hosted by College of the Canyons last Friday. The men’s team ran without their two top runners Gonzalo Ceja, who had an injury and Kris Chacon, who had to work. Also scoring for the Huskies were Lupe Yanez, Ruby Padilla, Briana Lewis and Annai Jimenez. Aceves will have time to rest as the team’s next meet is the Biola Invitational at Irvine Park on September 26.

CN/Danny Vasquez

Men’s Wrestling The wrestling program will begin its season today in the men’s gym at 6 p.m. They will compete among each other in the Green & White Dual. ELAC wrestling will have a busy week as they will head to Mt. San Antonio College to compete in the Mt. SAC Dual Tournament this Friday and Saturday.

Water Polo After losing two straight matches this weekend at the Saddleback Invitational, the Huskies (now 0-3) will head to Pasadena City College to face the Lancers today at 5:15 p.m.

GOAL IN MIND— ELAC’s Hector Aguilar receives a pass from teammate Dean Ramos, leading to ELAC’s first goal of the game last Friday against Fullerton College Weingart Stadium. minutes after the start of the second half, Manuel Gonzalez-Nuñez appeared to send the ball in making the score 2-2. The Huskies kept fighting to score the winning goal while giving their best to stop Fullerton from scoring. “We were rough at the beginning, but we finished strong toward the end. We deserved the win for the way we played until the last minute. It was a team effort,” Fullerton’s Head Coach Alex Perez said. ELAC’s Aguilar, who just arrived to Los Angeles from Honduras, said that playing soccer here is different than the way it’s played there, but he feels excited to be part of the team. “I’ve been working hard. The

soccer level played here is different than the one we play in our country. You can basically do anything you want when you play there, but not here. There are rules here, and those rules have to be respected,” Aguilar said. ELAC’s goalkeeper Salvador Falcon, who played his second game as a Husky, said that having the crowd to support them was important for them. “We played really well. We started the game the way we should had. We let the goals go to our head. At the end Fullerton played well and they wanted it more than we did,” Falcon said regarding ELAC’s performance.

Football stumbles at Santa Barbara David Rios and Diego Linares Staff Writers Head Coach Steve Mojarro was back on the sidelines last Saturday as they failed to stop Santa Barbara City College in a 47-10 loss. “We went out there and played a tough team. They were really good -- well coached,” Mojarro said as he returned to his team. After a scoreless first quarter, ELAC got on the scoreboard in the second quarter by driving downfield

on a 14-play 76-yard drive resulting in a 40-yard field goal by kicker Gustavo Ornelas. ELAC wide receiver Joshua Taylor made the game competitive while catching a 66-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Gilberto Rivera in the second quarter. “The kids played their hearts out and that’s all we can ask from our kids. We just have to put them in better situations,” Mojarro said. Husky quarterback Rivera threw an interception returned for a 35-yard pick-six by Vaquero

cornerback Zack Arnell (which was Rivera’s second pick-six thrown in two consecutive games) to end the second quarter and close out the first half. The Vaquero defense got in on the action again as linebacker Nevin Morgan recovered a fumble and returned it for a 72-yard touchdown. The Vaqueros dominated the second half of play shutting out the Husky offense in the second half. Santa Barbara went on to score 28 points in the second quarter and 19 in the third in rout of the Huskies.

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Fall 2013, Issue 2  

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