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Transfer resources available for undocumented BY ANNETTE QUIJADA Staff Writer East Los Angeles College invited California State University, Los Angeles Dream Resource Center to speak to undocumented students about the transfer process on Thursday. Laura Anaya Jurado, an ELAC transfer mentor, encourages undocumented students to continue their path for higher education. “Pursuing a bachelor’s degree can open up many more opportunities and it’s a great way to be an agent for change,” Jurado said. Jurado said a majority of CSU and UC campuses have some form of undocumented student services center. She said it’s important for undocumented students to look for resources on campus. Undocumented-friendly organizations like clubs, cultural centers and other various academic or social programs are some examples. Undocumented students who apply to California State Universities for the fall of 2022 need to file a California Dream Act Application between Oct. 1 and March 2. Students also need to make sure their GPA is submitted for a Cal Grant. Once accepted to a CSU campus, students must submit a “statement of intent to register” at their intended campus. Students who applied for spring semester 2022 should now be getting in touch with the universities they applied to. Students looking to transfer to a California State University have until Nov. 30 to submit applications. Melody Klingenfuss, coordinator at CSULA Dream Resource Center,

said undocumented students looking to transfer to Cal State LA can expect to see legal services and programs similar to the ones ELAC provides such as the partnership with the Central American Resource Center (CARECEN). Klingenfuss said it can be a culture shock when students transfer to a university that doesn’t have the same resources they are used to. “Here at the Cal State LA Dream Resource Center, we believe we have to support you personally, academically and professionally,” Klingenfuss said. CARECEN’s College legal services are free legal services that are offered at eight CSU campuses for current students, faculty and family members, including alumni (up to two years). Their services include free consultations, advance parole family based petitions and special immigration protections for survivors of domestic violence. Ana Hernandez, a CARECEN fellow, said that the program includes help with DACA renewals and initial applications. Hernandez said that the organization can help provide funds for students who can’t pay the $495 DACA processing fee. Hernandez suggests students think about what resources they will need and take that into consideration when choosing a university to transfer to. Students who need a guide on the transfer process can visit https:// Documents/transfer-academicupdate-2020.pdf. Students who would like to experience one-onone transfer counseling may book an appointment on the ELAC transfer website https://www.elac. edu/Student-Services/TransferCenter.


Help available for those that speak up BY LEONARDO CERVANTES Staff Writer The “Transitioning to College” workshop went over important college tips like time management and communication. The meeting on Thursday went over life goals, the differences between high school and college and communication. Karla Corona hosted the meeting and spoke about her personal experiences in college and ways new students can prepare and adjust. In high school, the classes students take are mostly chosen for them. In college, students have free rein to register for any classes they want. They also schedule their own appointments with the Transfer Center and the Career and Job Services counselers. All of the available times are easily accessible on the East Los

Angeles College website for what they expected, but it is always students to choose what time is best. best to have a major sorted out so “Reading the syllabus in high school there is less wasted time and money. Maintaining a work-life balance might have been an afterthought for students, but in college it is can be one of the most difficult important to read it because it things college students go through. will show you the grading system, Sometimes work and school schedules conflict, requirements and leaving students important dates needed in order to Communication is a big i n a d i f f i c u l t pass the class,” Ty part of life, especially position. Some students Pierce, the other in college. If a student c h o o s e n o t t o host said. The major that never speaks up, they work and solely focus on school. students choose will always be a step However, not will impact the rest of their lives. behind the rest of their every student has this option, some If a student is classmates. students have to unsure, meeting do both. with the Career This may lead and Job Services them to take fewer department can help as they offer career assessments classes or work unappealing shifts in order to maintain both school and career and major exploration. Students can change their major and work. Post-college plans are constantly if they feel their current major isn’t

on the minds of every college student. They will either stop after earning their associate degree and get a job or they may transfer to a university. Communication is a big part of life, especially in college. If a student never speaks up, they will always be a step behind the rest of their classmates. Networking with students and staff is one of the most important things to do in college. Even if students aren’t social, small talk can go a long way to opening up doors to future jobs and opportunities. A simple “hello” or “good afternoon” can lead you anywhere. When a student has doubt or is confused, they don’t always ask the professor for help for whatever reason. Asking for help is not a burden to the professor, in fact, they often encourage it.

It creates more dialogue and clears up any confusion the student might have. If students are struggling or feel like they are behind, they can go to the Learning Center and sign up for tutoring. Students must have good time management skills because one missed assignment can set them back. Most professors post due dates in advance, so it is up to students to turn in assignments on time. Most professors also have strict deadlines but may allow assignments to be turned in late for a reduced grade. Studying a few extra hours a week may be necessary to truly understand the course work. Students may have to sacrifice a few more hours a week, of their free time, to successfully complete a class.

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News Briefs CCM welcome meeting

The Chicano/Latinos for Community Medicine Club is hosting its first meeting of the semester on Thursday at 1:30 p.m. Register at https://forms. gle/6RDkHWq1aTKL1aJi8

College Awareness Month webinar

The Great Outcomes Program celebrates College Awareness Month with a webinar on Wednesday at 5 p.m. Zoom ID: 83075197433

ELAWC Candelight Vigil


The Women’s Center’s 24th annual Mujeres de Paz Candelight Vigil is on Thursday at 6 p.m. in the ELAC Performance Arts Courtyard.




Chappelle targets LGBTQ+ community BY ALMA LIZARRAGA Staff Writer


Employees propose strike for better conditions have spoken about their personal experiences on set. Carman Spoto, a camera technician, said, “I did a production The International Alliance of with The Rock last Friday for Theatrical Stage Employees have come forward with the poor working Netflix, and because of The Rock’s conditions and lack of wages they schedule he was like oh well, we’re just going to work experience. through lunch.” No rest periods This should be a and bad pay sounds “I did a concern for society. like a joke. It is insane how production with Big companies, l i t tle knowledge such as Walt Disney The Rock last consumers of film and Netflix, are Friday for Netflix, and tv production to blame for this have of the working injustice. and because conditions. All 60,000 union Most are not aware members have come of The Rock’s of the hard work that together to put an end schedule he was goes on behind the to the mistreatment. T h i s i s a b i g like oh well, we’re scenes, like the one Spoto was involved concern nationwide. T h e 6 0 , 0 0 0 just going to work in. As a former film members play an through lunch.” student, the preimportant role in production and postthe TV and film production jobs are production industry. not easy. CARMEN SPOTO IATSE members It can consist of are asking for sleepless nights, improved working sacrificing social conditions from life, and damage to mental and their trade association: Alliance physical health. of Motion Picture and Television The “rest” times do not feel like Producers. Many members of the IATSE “rest” times, and everything feels


very rushed. The fact that working on independent films felt like this, makes it hard to imagine working for Netflix. Being underpaid for doing something you look forward to discourages the idea of, “chasing your dreams.” How will more students, especially students of color, want to pursue a career that makes them feel worthless. It can also be blamed on the cast members for union member’s working conditions. In Spoto’s case, The Rock should have been aware that crew members do not get the same respect and catering that he does. It is disrespectful as a consumer to idolize these actors and actresses if they do not give credit to the workers. It is too often that workers are working under these strenuous conditions. It is time that not only cast m e m b e r s s t a n d w i t h I AT S E members, but all of us as a society. For more information on how change can be made visit: https://

Dave Chappelle’s new special “The Closer’’ brought the comedian even more backlash than his special “Sticks and Stones” did, which had a focus on transgender jokes and cancel culture. Chappelle faced backlash from the LGBTQ+ community, which he spent almost the entirety of his special criticizing. Netflix faced walkouts from writers and advocates from the community who called Chappelle transphobic. Jaclyn Moore, a showrunner of Netflix’s “Dear White People,” completely chatisized the special declaring she was boycotting all of Netflix. “Dear White People” is a critically acclaimed show that discusses the racism black people face. Moore, as a transgender woman, felt offended by Chappelle’s special which made a lot of raunchy jokes about the community. “I’ve gone too far, I’ve said too much.” Chappelle said in his special. “Every time I come out onstage, I get scared. I am looking around the crowd, searching for knuckles and Adam’s apples to see where the threats might be coming from.” Most of his material was filled with jokes like these, taking easy shots at not just the LGBTQ+ community, but at the Me Too movement and black people. The point of “The Closer’’ aren’t the jokes however, and is more of a monologue about what Chappelle is trying to communicate. Chappelle compares how differently the black and transgender community are treated in society. He points out how quickly the LGBTQ+ community grew and acquired change in society, much slower than the black community. Chappelle talks about rapper DaBaby, who was cancelled for making transphobic jokes about AIDs earlier this year. Chappelle points out that the rapper killed a black man in a parking lot, but it was the transphobic jokes that ruined his career. Several people misconstrued Chappelle for defending DaBaby’s jokes, completely missing the point that DaBaby got away with killing a man. “The Closer” is trying to discuss the inequalities these communities are facing and yes, by doing this,

it also criticizes the LGBTQ+ community. Shortly after Moore publicly made her stance against Chappelle, several people noted that she was a white woman working on a show about black inequality, criticizing a black comedian. Though Moore may or may not have a right to work on a show trying to highlight black struggles, she ironically helped Chappelle’s points. White people tend to have a lot of audacity and leeway over black people even when they’re LGBTQ+. Chappelle’s criticisms never once deny the LGBTQ+ nor any community any right to live. He speaks about supporting the Me Too movement before criticizing women in power for not risking more to support the cause. He affectionately talks about his transgender friend, Daphne Dorman, and critizes the community for not supporting her more. Dorman, who committed suicide, is a controversial part of Chappelle’s specials as many think he’s using her as proof he’s not transphobic. Though he does speak of her to communicate his experience with transgender people, Chappelle’s intentions are to talk about his experience with how a member of the community was unfairly treated. Chappelle actually spends a bit too much time talking about Dorman herself as a person, affectionately talking about her as a comedian. The problem with Chappelle’s jokes this special, is that they don’t always communicate what he’s trying to say to the audience. Sometimes when the tension is high, he’ll break it by joking about punching a transgender person in the face. These jokes are so absurd, it is obvious they are just jokes and not at all social commentary. However because they are so detached from his criticisms, it does come across as an attack on these communities. Early in the special Chappelle made a pedophilic joke about a priest, which had almost nothing to do with the rest of his material. The joke is extremely dark, probably the most shocking of all of his jokes this special, and it made no headlines. Most people focused primarily on his jokes about the LGBTQ+ community, proving his point.

Los Angeles Dodgers beat Giants in NLDS BY CYNTHIA SOLIS Staff Writer The Los Angeles Dodgers finally put on their game faces in Game 3 of the National League Championship Series, winning their first game thus far. Each game, thus far, had its good and bad parts; every Dodger fan needs to have complete and utter faith in their boys in blue to win the NLDS and make it to the World Series. I am not the biggest Dodger fan, but I hope they will work together to advance to the next level. Seeing how they played against the Giants, any viewer could see how hard the Dodgers fought to win the NLCS, so I hope they have that same hunger for victory against the Braves and can advance to the World Series. In the first game, the Dodgers started strong. Corey Seager opened the game up for the Dodgers by hitting a double in the first inning. Hitting a double is quite the achievement since most batters typically only make it to first base. Seeing that Seager was able to do it when Max Fried, pitcher for the Braves, was arguably at his strongest shows how strategic Seager can be. Unfortunately, the Dodgers’ luck seemingly ended there when Corey Knebel, pitcher for the Dodgers, threw a wild pitch, which enabled Eddie Rosario to advance to home plate, gaining a point for the Braves. The game ended when Austen Riley hit an RBI single enabling Ozzie Albies to advance to home plate and take the first victory for the Braves. Even though the Dodgers lost, there was a noticeable improvement in their batting since they played the Giants in the NLCS. That being said, the Dodgers clearly sacrificed their defense by trying to ensure

their readiness against the strong opposing pitchers, which hurt them in the end. In Game 2, Corey Seager was the Dodger’s bright light in the first inning by hitting a home run. Things seemingly looked up for the Dodgers up until the bottom of the fourth inning when Joc Pederson hit a two-run home run tying up the game. The Dodger’s luck got worse in the bottom of the ninth inning when Rosario hit a hard ground ball, and Corey Seager missed it. The viewer was able to see the ball skip off of his glove and roll into the outfield while Dansby Swanson got the winning point for the Braves. Although a phenomenal batter, Seager needs to be on his A-game

when he is in the outfield. The fact that he was so close to catching the ball that the ball could touch the glove, yet he still managed to be far enough where he couldn’t catch it, shows that he has spent too much time batting and not enough time on his defense. The Dodgers and their fans indeed began to tremble as the Braves held a 2-0 series lead leaving their World Series aspirations in jeopardy. Having the home advantage helped the Dodgers in game 3. Corey Seager, once again, hit a two-run home run in the first inning. This makes 13 homers, officially tying him up with Justin Turner for the most postseason home runs in Dodger franchise history. While a great accomplishment, this isn’t that


surprising since Seager has always been a great batter and constantly improves with each game. Although there is a lot of controversy about who will potentially win the MVP award, Seager should be considered for the award after gaining such a prestigious honor. In the top of the fourth inning, the Braves had bases loaded, and Walker Beuhler, a pitcher for the Dodgers, walked Charlie Morton, allowing the Braves to take a two-point lead and forcing Coach Roberts to make a pitcher change. It is saddening to see such a great pitcher like Walker Beuhler allow his nerves to get in the way and make such a big mistake at a time like this. I speak for every Dodger

fan when I say that it was a good move for Coach Roberts to take him out of the game actually to give the Dodgers a shot at winning. In the eighth inning, Cody Bellinger, batter for the Dodgers, hit a three-run home run tying up the game. After this, the Braves noticeably began to play more poorly, no doubt, because they believed that they had another win in the bag since it was so late in the game. The Dodgers continued to fight tooth and nail until the last inning to ensure they won game 3. Mookie Betts was able to hit an RBI double, gaining a one-point lead against the Braves. Their luck did not stop there. Kenley Jansen struck out the side, referring to his phenomenal ability to strike out all of the batters he faced in the defensive halfinning. As a result, the Dodgers won because Jansen struck out the three players for the Braves. Jansen definitely redeemed himself in my book since there have been many times during the regular season that he has lost multiple games for the Dodgers. The worse one was when he was booed off the mound in his stadium because he allowed the Giants to gain four runs, allowing them to win, when his sole purpose being put in the game was to show his face essentially. Although it is early to tell, I think the Dodgers will win the NLCS, advancing to the World Series because, in the 2020 NLCS against the Braves, the Dodgers were also down in the beginning and completed the comeback with a 4-3 series win. The Dodgers need to improve their lineup if they hope to have a chance to win the series. Including top batters like Mookie Betts, Corey Seager, and Justin Turner will strengthen their chances significantly against the Braves.

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Artist discusses indigenous culture, artist self-worth BY TERESA ACOSTA Staff Writer The Los Angeles based artist River Garza discussed the life and cultural experiences that influence his art at art lecture on zoom. He stressed the importance of community, self-awareness and knowing the business side of being a working creator. Garza gave an in-depth overview of his work starting in 2016 and included projects he is currently working on. Stressing the importance of community, self-awareness and knowing the business side of being a working creator. Associate Professor Christine Frerichs hosted “ The Visiting Artist Lecture Series,” the first lecture for the 2021/2022 academic year. Frerichs said when she first met Garza they talked about a workshop he was hosting about sign painting that left her wanting to know more about him and his work. This led to inviting him to do the lecture. Garza admitted that the influences for his work were very eclectic, but most refer back to his indigenous community, Tongva heritage and the maritime

“Be authentic and true to yourself, and just always focus on making things.” RIVER GARZA

Mixed Media Artist

traditions he participates in. His early work incorporates mixed-media collage techniques and images of his family members. Self-exploration and identity is a major theme in these early works. A traditional canoe used in ceremonial events, named Mo’omat Ahiko, is an item heavily featured in his works. He considers this inanimate object more like a living ancestor after it was built by his community in 1992. Performance artist and photographer James Luna is the biggest influence for Garza. He pays homage to him in a painting titled, “Portrait of James Luna.” “Be authentic and true to yourself, and just always focus on making things” Garza said to aspiring artists.

During quarantine he created pieces with subjects he likes and people he thinks are cool, from Kobe Bryant to Kurt Cobain. He gave a lot of useful advice about engaging with other artists and community members. This is how he has found mentors for his art. Garza even offered himself as an avenue for those seeking advice and guidance. He also said for artists to protect their artwork from people trying to take advantage. Artists should know your worth and establish it early. The idea of success for Garza is doing what he loves and having time to give back to the community through teaching. Another measure of success for him is being able to work only on projects that he is comfortable with and not being pressured into work he does not value. When his schedule allows, he likes to offer free arts-based education and workshops. His work has just been accepted into the Whitney Museum of American Art. He is currently working with the city of South Gate and another artist to design, create and implement an art installation on a water tower as part of a new park development.


LACCD housing plan gets Newsom’s rubber-stamp BREANNA FIERRO Staff Writer



Bill SB-330 enables the LACCD to develop a new housing program for low-income students and staff members. Governor Gavin Newsom signed bill SB-330 for the Los Angeles Community College District, developing a housing program made to help the student housing crisis. SB-330 allows LACCD to lease areas within the district to other nonprofit organizations and private entities for expansion in housing. This bill is meant to help students who face troubles academically because of their living situations or homelessness. The bill requires that students be given priority for the available housing units. SB-330 will help the LACCD to develop a new pilot program designed to work with students who are in need of affordable housing. The program will be specifically created for both low-income LACCD students and low-tomoderate income employees who are in need of affordable housing. The bill requires that homeless students be given priority for the units that are available regardless

of their current status. “This creative and innovative bill provides LACCD another tool in the toolbox to enable the district to look at alternative models to provide safe, affordable housing for low-income students and staff,” LACCD Board President Steve Veres said.

“This creative and innovative bill that provides LACCD another tool in the toolbox...”


LACCD Board President

As of last Tuesday current law prohibits LACCD from entering into any leases that are longer than five years. The law also prohibits the district from leasing properties for below fair market value except when certain circumstances are met. SB 330 has a specific exception that allows the district to lease

properties for less than the market value. This saves the developer money while still providing the district with the savings needed to meet its educational goals. The bill requires that developers make sure that the shelters and housing projects they create are consistent with the needs of the community. “As many as fifty-five percent of LACCD students currently experience housing insecurity, and nineteen percent experienced homelessness at some point during 2020. SB 330 creates an opportunity for the district to create a pilot program to develop affordable housing at or near a Los Angeles Community College,” Senator María Elena Durazo, author of SB 330 said. The program will be discontinued on January 1, 2033, and the LACCD will have to submit its report to the Legislature by 2032 detailing its findings and recommendations. “We appreciate the Governor’s commitment to closing the affordable housing gap for California’s neediest students and applaud Senator Durazo’s leadership and support for LACCD’s housing insecure students,” LACCD Chancellor, Francisco C. Rodriguez said.

Governor vetos bill that would benefit students BY RAYMOND NAVA Staff Writer Governor Gavin Newsom's veto of Assembly Bill 1456 is a slap in the face to college students across California. Newsom vetoed AB1456 on October 8. AB1456 would have been the biggest expansion of the financial aid program in recent history. CalMatters, AB1456 would have made about 100,000 more community college students eligible to receive the Cal Grant, California's financial aid program. These students would have had access to the grant's $1,650 in annual support. This would have been accomplished by loosening the current requirements, such as eliminating the time-out-of-highschool requirements and age restrictions. GPA requirements

also would have been dropped or loosened. About 40,000 students from f o u r- y e a r- c o l l e g e s w o u l d have been eligible to have tuition waived for University of California and Cal State Universities. Newsom's veto of the bill is infuriating, not only did he veto a bill that would have helped a lot of college students, he vetoed it during a time it was less likely to make news. Newsom vetoed AB1456 on Friday, Oct 8. Many Californians we're focused on the first playoff game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants. The news didn't get to reporters until later in the evening while the game was going on. The fact that Newsom tried to deflect as much attention as he could from the veto shows that he knew it would receive backlash.

Newsom's veto comes at a time when the Democrats free community college proposal is in limbo in Congress. The plan may or may not even happen. Democrats were reported to be looking at attaching a means test to their free college proposal as part of their reconciliation bill, which would limit the people who will have access to it. President Joe Biden, while speaking to a crowd in Connecticut, said he doesn't know whether or not the proposal will even happen. "I don't know whether I can get it done, but I also had proposed free community college," Biden said. The possibility of the free community college program becoming law is in danger. Newsom’s veto of AB1456 becomes even more disastrous for community college students. Newsom's reason for vetoing AB1456 isn't at all convincing.

Newsom said, “This bill results in significant cost pressures to the state, likely in the hundreds of millions of dollars annually.” He added that the bill should have been part of the budget process, rather than as a standalone bill. The bill's authors, also Democrats, said that financial aid reform can't be done through the budget process alone. The state legislature is no longer allowed to meet in session for the rest of the year, meaning financial aid reform will have to be taken up next year. Gavin Newsom's veto of AB1456 is enraging to college students across California. Newsom didn't even have the decency to veto the bill during a time when people would have noticed. Instead, he chose a time many people in the state were focused on a big baseball game. Newsom should be ashamed.





Poetry cliche leaves readers dissapointed BY CYNTHIA SOLIS Staff Writer Poetry can become extremely cliche if not written with a strong theme and tone in mind— unfortunately, “Some Things I Still Can’t Tell You” by Misha Collins is an example of this. Collins is an author, actor, and baker, widely known for his appearance in Supernatural as the character Castiel. He has been published in the Columbia Poetry Review, Pearl, and California Quarterly. The book is 144 pages of poems that depict small observations and musings; all are the basis of things that happened to Collins, providing a raw look into the author’s life and private thoughts. Some poems show a simple blade of grass drifting on a sidewalk, while others discuss more serious topics like loneliness and mourning. While some poems are very beautifully written and will have any reader in tears, some poems give the feeling that Collins is trying so hard to sound poetic that he emphasizes something as simple as a blade of grass and tries to relate existentialism. This poetry leaves the reader wanting more. Although poetry books do not need to have a set theme that each poem follows, it is easier for the reader. While reading this book, it seems as though the poems are strewn together in a mishmash fashion. Seeing that this poem is divided into various sections and each has a different theme, it isn’t completely random and adds a bit of order. The problem is that some of the poems in the section aren’t wholly related to the section topic, so following along is somewhat tricky. That being said, many of the poems are beautifully written, and he can articulate his feelings beautifully. For example, the poem titled “These Hours” is a phenomenal poem about love and wanting another chance with his significant other so that he could better love her. It showcases the importance of valuing a person’s important other


PROJECT PASTRY—Contestants build a working science experiment that is fully functional and made out of dessert.

‘Baking Impossible’ wants pastries to float BY ALMA LIZARRAGA Staff Writer


OUTLOOK—Poetry cover is a raw outlook on the author’s life. and suggests that they do better in remembering the little things even when life gets tough. Something that is not typically seen in poetry books is poems dedicated to people who doubted the writer. Collins has a poem called “Negative Basis,” which depicts a person who bluntly asks, “Why should anyone read what you write?” It shows the acceptance Collins undergoes. That every writer has to at one point in time, allowing him to excude confidence. The poem portrays the idea of living in the moment and not taking anything for granted.

This idea is seen throughout the poem, beginning when Collins discusses his relationship with his wife and watching his babies grow up. At first, he seems almost irritated by how much attention they need to realize they are growing up and wish more time with them. The reader who is a fan of Misha Collins, they will become witnesses to some “Easter eggs” about his life. However, if the reader is not a fan, they will be subjected to a variety of mundane yet thought-provoking prose. Overall, this poetry book is not the best poetry book on the market but worth reading, especially if the reader is a fan of Collins.

Netflix’s “Baking Impossible” is a baking reality show with a twist; a big part of the competition relies on good engineering. Contestants are paired up in teams asked to build working contraptions out of pastries. These range from boats that must float on water made out of Rice Krispy cakes. Teams are expelled as they are given a pass or fail based on the three metrics of the show, baking, engineering and “bakineering.” One team that received a fail grade is kicked out every episode. Teams are made up of a chef and an engineer. The show has interesting ideas and offers a fresh twist on a well-known genre, but is handled awkwardly. The contraptions are expected to taste good and work effectively,

which is a weird combination. In one episode contestants build a working robot made out of their pastries which then had to go through an obstacle course. It feels strange how seriously the engineering side of the show is taken. It can be a little sad to see teams being expelled because their boats made out of cake didn’t float. Judges have professional opinions on both the baking and engineering which makes it hard to follow along and judge alongside as viewers. Turns out baking and engineering terminology is very different. It is extremely fun to see what the teams do end up making. Though they do manage to make working, edible constructions that are great to see tested out. To judge the pastries without having to eat out of creations made out of wires and screws, contestants have to make a separate dish for the judges. Even though they are judged

based on the dishes’ similarities to their contraptions, it does make making objects such as robots made out of watermelon meaningless. The set design is great complementing how colorful the rest of the show is. It has a feel of creativity that the show really counts on. The chemistry between the cast is pretty good, as there are a lot of different people competing. Contestants seem to enjoy the challenges and give great results. As the show goes on the engineering aspect of the show gets more and more complicated, which takes out of the cooking aspect. It is hard to take seriously the insane requests the judges ask of the bakers. The show is a fun viewing but takes the grading a bit too seriously, especially with what the judges expect.

‘You’ series continues to shine spotlight on dysfunctional family tribulations BY ERICA CORTES Staff Writer Original series “You” takes on an eerie new season this year. The series is about serial killer Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgley, who does whatever it takes to make the object of his obsessions fall in love with him. In the last season he fell in love with Love Quinn, played by Victoria Pedretti. He later found that she wasn’t exactly who she was portraying. When things go south, Goldberg tries to murder Quinn but finds out she is pregnant with his child. The couple get married and move to a suburban neighborhood ending the season with Joe realizing that his newest obsession is his new neighbor. This season follows the dysfunctional newlyweds after having their child and trying to assimilate, into the town of Madre Linda. Throughout the season fans see Goldberg juggling his obsession with new love interests while trying to make his marriage work for the sake of his son. Quinn is juggling with creating new projects for herself and trying to fit into a new town. The town folk all seem to be narcissistic health gurus. She also finds herself in the middle of developing an affair. Although Quinn is trying to live a normal life as a new mom, the demons of her toxicity also come out to play. She becomes jealous of Joe’s new obsession and still believes Joe and

With so much tension going on throughout the season, viewers really begin to see the mindset of both Quinn and Goldberg.


SKULKING AROUND—Joe Goldberg (left) and Love Quinn move into a new neighborhood and cuddle their baby as they hope to begin a new chapter.

she are soulmates. The series tries something different than the past two seasons. Fans won’t expect the changes in the show’s plot. It seems like eons ago since Joe

was in New York following his fellow bookworm Guinevere Beck, played by Elizabeth Lail. This season there is a new side of Badgley’s character being shown, that of a father.

At first we see him struggling to bond with his newborn. His child being misgendered is a major obstacle. As the season progresses, we see him connecting with his child.

He becomes the protector of his newborn baby and wants to find them both an escape. He sees getting away from his crazy wife as the baby’s best chance. When the two characters move to

Madre Linda, fitting in seems a lot like fitting in at high school. Shalita Grant, who plays Sherry Conrad, is the nosey self centered type, trying to “help her community” all while taking center stage in the town. We also get introduced to Mathew Engler, played by Scott Speedman. He is the type that does not care about being in the spotlight and is reserved with everyone including his son Theo, played by Dylan Arnold. With so much tension throughout the season, viewers really begin to see the mindset of both Quinn and Goldberg. The best examples come when someone decides to cross them. The lengths that the couple go to get their way, their escape and their loved ones is terrifying. Both Badgley and Pedretti give eerie performances with their characters when trying to deal with the town’s crisis and events, all while keeping secrets from each other. “You” is now streaming on Netflix and is rated TV-MA.




New DC Comics titles blaze path to 2022 BY JUAN CALVILLO Staff Writer Warner Bros. and Detective Comics revealed their upcoming entertainment media titles slated for release in 2022 including “The Batman,” “The Flash,” and “Black Adam.” These updates ensure fans will have their dose of comic book heroes in the coming year. DC Fandome first aired last year due to COVID-19 restrictions but looks to become a yearly online entertainment event. A new trailer for director Matt Reeves “The Batman” showed the movie’s progress before its eventual 2022 release. Reeves said the version of Batman he saw for Robert Pattinson, who plays Bruce Wayne and Batman, was a mixture of recluse and rockstar. Pattinson said this version of the character had a sense of desperation. “The delineation between when he’s Batman and when he’s Bruce is not so clear. Other kinds of iterations of it, he really knows what he’s doing when he’s putting on the cowl,” Pattinson said. Zoë Kravitz, who plays Selina Kyle and Catwoman, said there was a foundation being built for the characters in this movie. “I want her to be a real human being, in a real situation, in a real city trying to survive and reacting to her own pain,” Kravitz said. “The Flash” star Ezra Miller introduced a teaser for the movie which is still in production. Miller said they wanted to show the movie, a teaser or something, but unfortunately the team behind the movie is still working on it. The teaser shows multiple versions of The Flash and gives a

short glimpse of the 1989 version of Batman. Michael Keaton’s Batman has an interesting observation while doing the voiceover for the trailer. “Tell me something, you can go anywhere you want, right? Any timeline, any universe. Why do you want to stay and fight to save this woman,” Keaton said. This short moment almost confirms that “The Flash” will be taking some of it’s story beats from the comic book storyline “Flashpoint.” In that story the hero tries to save someone close to him and ends up making a total mess of time itself. Dwayne Johnson makes his comic book debut in “Black Adam.” Playing the titular character. Johnson said he was born to play the character. He introduced a teaser for the film showing off not only the scope of Adam’s powers, but also one of his co-stars Sara Shahi, who plays Adrianna Tomaz and Isis. Rounding out the cast are Pierce Brosnan playing the magical hero Dr. Fate and Aldis Hodge who plays Carter Hall, also known as Hawkman. “Batgirl” starring Leslie Grace as the titular hero will focus on Barbara Gordon’s character origin and how she adapts to becoming Batgirl. Directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah will be helming the project from the script written by Christina Hodson. The directors said it was like going back and being kids as they directed the movie. Hodson said the movie will delve into how Gordon deals with the duality of her personality. Batgirl is the daughter of a cop, but she’s also a vigilante, and in the movie it’s these elements that make her interesting.

A new trailer for director Matt Reeves “The Batman” showed the movie’s progress before it’s eventual 2022 release.


FULL ARTILLERY—Detective Comics and its parent company Warner Bros. showed odd an exciting slate of projects for 2022. “The Batman,” “Injustice” an animated movie and Dwayne Johnson’s first superhero movie, “Black Adam” all showed off trailers. Grace said it was interesting to see a female lead hero movie like this. “A lot of times we focus a lot on the male superheros, but it was really exciting to read for a female superhero that has that grit and is very sincere and almost eager to prove herself,” Grace said. “Blue Beetle,” one of the first Latino centered superhero movies, is in pre-production right now and not slated for a 2022 release. Director Angel Manuel Soto, writer Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer and star Xolo Mariduena said they were excited to invite fans to be a part of the movie’s family. The movie will focus on the family dynamics that clash when a Mexican teen gets powers. The trio agreed that it was hard

to keep powers a secret specifically from a Latino family. “It’s (the movie) going to be fun, it’s going to be funny, it’s going to be crazy, but it also has feelings. It’s all those things. Like Latin American people are all those things, and the movie reflects that,” Dunnet-Alcocer said. Coming to the small screen and more specifically HBOMAX, the streaming destination for all things DC Comics, is the fourth seasons of “Doom Patrol” and “Titans.” “Doom Patrol” follows the heroic acts of a group of not so typical heroes. “Titans” focuses on young adult heroes like Nightwing, Superboy and Beast Boy. While both shows are very different in content, they both

focus on the bonds created within the groups. Coming from the hit movie “The Suicide Squad” the character Peacemaker, still played by John Cena, will have a show on HBOMAX. Director of “The Suicide Squad” James Gunn was given free reign from DC Comics to pick which ever character he wanted to be added on the tv show. “Peacemaker” will have eight episodes and Cena is very excited for the show. Gunn said “Peacemaker” is a mixture of different types of show genres from funny to workplace. He said he was excited to show off the show. “(The show is a) Fun and massive experiment that I just can’t wait to

share with the fans, DC fans and just fans in general,” James Gunn said. HBOMAX is currently streaming the new animated show “Aquaman King of Atlantis.” The animated adventure with the king of the seas is a comedy that is reminiscent of Cartoon Network hits like “Adventure Time.” A short trailer of the show was followed by a clip where the silly song “Talking to the Fish” was shown. The song, which is about people that aren’t people but are definitely fish, is available to stream on Spotify and can be purchased on Amazon. For more details about the four hour long event, check out more detailed notes on our social media, @elaccampusnews on Instagram and Twitter.

Fans satisfied with ‘VHS’ after waiting seven years BY BREANNA FIERRO Staff Writer The VHS series makes a return in the new Shudder original movie “VHS/94,” and is once again as unpredictable as ever. A VHS tape within a VHS tape is the first clue of foreshadowing that leaves the audience curious about what the unknown pre-recorded material has to uncover. “VHS/94” is great addition to a franchise with a cult following. It places the characters in situations where curiosity tends to get the best of them. The first three VHS movies were a coincidence after discovery of the films, while in this movie DEA agents were called to the scene. What began as a drug raid takes a complete turn when dead bodies are discovered in place of drugs and dealers. New events cause the agents to switch their focus on what is now a crime scene and split up in search of clues. The agents are clueless at first until the first hint of paranormal evil in the form of VHS recordings. What starts as a mission quickly turns into a fight for their lives. The tapes are designed to create a hypnotic trance that locks in whomever glances at screens playing them. These VHS tapes the agents find are filled with inexplicable conspiracies, full of unrealistic death scenes with lots of gore. Going back-and-forth between the VHS tapes and the current tape playing of the agents may be confusing at first, if one has never seen any of the previous VHS movies. The movie does an interesting job in following the concept of the story by presenting poor quality images and sound, creating a realistic ‘90s timeline. “All are welcome. All are watching. Finally followers, tonight is the night you’ve been waiting for. Track my signal. The signal is the stimulant. The signal is salvation. Forever starts right now,” echoes an audio recording through the halls of what appears to be an airplane hangar.

Throughout the movie the agents become suspicious as they disappear one by one. Some of the agents insist on calling for backup while others insist on finding the rest of the team first. The acting in most of these VHS tapes goes from mildly humorous to sinister. Characters with normal lives and normal occupations became mixed up in events so eerie, not even they could handle them. These situations cause the victims

in the VHS tapes to react bizarre and inhumane. Since every VHS tape is different, the actors do a great job in maintaining the role of the character. The acting has fewer line breaks than the previous movies. The actors show impressive memorization skills and d i s p l a y s emotion that is both genuine and chilling. This movie intends to leave audiences on the edge of their seats with suspense and the amount

“VHS/94” focuses on demonic sacrifices, cult rituals, ceremonies of death, dotty doctors and religious practices.

of jump scares it consists of is more than necessary for the film. Still, each VHS tape will fail to disappoint any viewer. Situations that seem as if it will play out in favor of the victim always have an unfortunate twist. The past VHS films are full of mythical creatures, taboo events, cult practices, as well as religious trials and tribulations. “VHS/94” focuses on demonic sacrifice, cult rituals, ceremonies of death, dotty doctors and religious practices. Expect the unexpected as the VHS tapes push boundaries with the human body. This thriller is not for the faint of heart, as it is exclusively full of body mutilation and gore.


OH NO—Michael Myers wreaks havoc in the latest installment of “Halloween.”

‘Halloween Kills’ does not hit the mark completely BY BRENDA DE LA CRUZ Staff Writer The highly anticipated horror film “Halloween Kills” thrilled in some areas but misses the mark in others. The latest installment of the Halloween franchise comes after added waiting due to the COVID pandemic. In this follow up to 2018’s Halloween, Michael Myers is back and wreaking havoc in Haddonfield yet again, only this time the entire town is fed up. Fans who enjoy gore will absolutely love the many ways Michael inflicts pain onto his victims. However, despite it being “fun” so to speak, the film clearly has something missing. The story seems to be all over the place with no visible direction. While it is understandable this is considered a middle movie because it is part of a 3-part installment, it still does not mean viewers should not get a good plot. For those who have watched previous Halloween films, it is known Michael enjoys stalking his

victims, but in this installment, he is not shown doing that as much, simply magically appearing before his victims. The story follows more of the townspeople hunting down Michael in a very “angry-pitchfork wielding” type of way. This felt like more added fluff than anything else. The film does, however, do a great job at making Michael terrifyingly scary. Fans also get to reminisce on the original 1978 film with past characters from then returning to “Kills.” For those fans who have been in love with the man behind the white mask since day one, the possibilities of how the final installment will go from here are endless. Will Michael’s evil be explained in depth, or will they leave fans in the dark in order to make him scarier? All in all, the film has its entertaining portions but failed to completely hit the mark. “Halloween Kills” is out in theaters and also streaming on the platform Peacock.

Fans who enjoy gore will absolutely love the many ways Michael inflicts pain onto his victims.


HELD CAPTIVE—Young woman held captive against her will and mutilated into a cyborg.




Huskies struggle to touchdown, face loss BY MIGUEL DOMINGUEZ Staff Writer The Huskies searched for a fourth win but lost against the Allan Hancock College Bulldogs 31-23. The Huskies are now 3-3 for the season. The Huskies started strong against the Bulldogs in the first quarter. The Huskies led the first half, but the Bulldogs came back in the second half. The first scoring play was a 47-yard field goal by Christian Reyes, giving the Huskies a 3-0 lead in the first quarter. Bulldogs fullback Keyshawn Pu'a fumbled the ball on their first drive of the first quarter and was recovered by the Huskies. On the first play after fumble recovery, quarterback Trashawn McMillan had a 45-yard rush on the first play. This would lead to a field goal by Christian Reyes and extend their lead to 6-0 in the first quarter. The Bulldogs fumbled the football toward the end of the first quarter in the red zone leading to a recovery by the Huskies. The Huskies missed a 41-yard field goal after recovering the football late in the first quarter. The second quarter ended with the Huskies up 6-0. The Huskies took over immediately after the missed field goal when Allan Hancock was picked off on the first play by Cm’Reon Dean. On this drive, they scored a rushing touchdown by McMillan after faking a pass and


GAME ON—ELAC football team faces off against Alan Hancock College at Weingart Stadium. making his way to the end zone for a touchdown. The Huskies led 13-0 early in the second quarter. At this point, the Huskies had the Bulldogs cornered. Husky defense looked good. The run game was working for the Huskies. Overall, they looked better than the Bulldogs early in the game. The Bulldogs looked quiet throughout the first half, but a

ELAC gets ready for basketball season I really focus on the fundamentals of the game,” Johnson said. Staff Writer With Netflix’s success of the first season of “Last Chance U” that The East Los Angeles basketball followed ELAC, the college earned team is entering a new season. With itself another season. This means it a long road ahead of them, the team isn’t new for Johnson. “This isn’t my first time being looks to continue the success from followed around by a film crew but the previous season before it was this is the most in depth, I would say. cut short due to the COVID-19 But as far as the whole Netflix deal pandemic. Among the players on the team and everything, I try not to pay too is Bryan Penn Johnson. Out of all much mind to it because I’m here the junior colleges in California, to work [to] complete my goals and Johnson decided on ELAC as the get back to where I was, but it is a place to continue his basketball nice perk and a form of reassurance to know someone is watching,” aspirations. Like at the start of every season, Johnson said. Coming from Louisiana State there are always goals for every member of the team, even Johnson. University, Johnson has experience “The goal is to just get better in high competition with Division every day. We know that the real 1 schools and knows what the work and competition comes here competition is like at the next level. He looks every single day to bring that firstin practice. We hand experience know what we're to the team. capable of, we “Aggressiveness, At seven feet tall, know what we toughness, want and we know Johnson likes to competitiveness, what it takes. Fineand that chip on model his game after tune a lot of the my shoulder, that things and I’m just the likes of players not a lot of guys looking forward to like Rudy Gobert and bring. Regardless how we approach of how I feel, I every single day Demarcus Cousins. might feel terrible and how we come one day I might The style is about in ready to work,” feel great the Johnson said. big and powerful next day. You’re Johnson didn’t gonna get the play basketball centers who focus same energy from until he was 14 on the defensive end me. You’re gonna years old, having et the same previously played of the floor and hog gwork from me,” football “With Johnson said. up all the rebounds. basketball, I He is a believer started playing in staying ready cause I was getting both mentally and taller and started physically before losing weight. I each and every can use my height game. to my advantage “Game planning and making sure against others, so I realized that basketball was the better avenue everyone knows the scout. Knowing for me and my body,” Johnson said. which player does what, I’m not ELAC stood out for Johnson,“It’s the hype guy per se but I’ll make just the closest school to my house sure everyone including myself and my prior relationship with is stretched out and ready to play coach Mosley. Also knowing his because making sure they are locked and coach Kenneth’s approach to in is a way for me to lock in myself,” the game and their history here in Johnson said. Johnson knows what his next Los Angeles and knowing that we move is, and it’s ultimately being are all here to work and improve,” in the NBA Johnson said. “It’s getting better every day, At seven feet tall, Johnson likes going back to where I was, to model his game after the likes expanding my game. Never staying of players like Rudy Gobert and content with where I am, in order to Demarcus Cousins. The style is about big and powerful centers who keep moving forward toward my focus on the defensive end of the dream for the NBA,” Johnson said. Johnson and the rest of the Men’s floor and hog up all the rebounds. Husky basketball team appear in When having a defensive game, Johnson’s workout consists of their upcoming season of Netflix’s “Conditioning and athleticism “Last Chance U: Basketball Volume based work, for a big man like me 2.”

fumble from the Huskies during a punt return would give the Bulldogs an opportunity to score. With 30 seconds left on the clock, quarterback Christian Tielu threw a fade pass in the endzone and was caught by wide receiver Mike McCoy for a touchdown to end the half. The Huskies still led 13-7 at the half. On the first play of the second

half, quarterback McMillan would fumble the football which would be recovered by the Bulldogs at the 24-yard line. After four plays for the Bulldogs, they scored a 3-yard touchdown by running back Maurice Smith. The Bulldogs took the lead 14-13 after the extra point was made. The second drive for the Huskies looked promising after kick returner


Anthony Felton returned the ball for 50 yards. On the current drive, the Huskies would be in the red zone after penalties were committed by the Bulldogs. The Huskies missed a 33-yard field goal attempt after two incomplete passes by Quarterback Rudy Garcia. The Bulldogs took advantage of the field goal miss by completing a play action pass to wide receiver Mike McCoy for 38 yards gained. Three plays later quarterback Esekielu Storer completed a 32-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Jaleel Walker. Walker made a one-handed catch for the touchdown giving the lead to the Bulldogs 21-13 after the extra point was good. The Bulldogs extended their lead after kicker Colton Theaker converts a 33 yard field goal, making it 24-13. The Huskies looked good in the final seconds of the third quarter after pickling off the Bulldogs quarterback for a 36-yard return. The Huskies closed the gap with the Bulldogs by scoring a 44-yard field goal by Reyes early in the fourth quarter. The Bulldogs still led the Huskies 24-16. The Huskies defense gave their offense an opportunity after forcing the Bulldogs to punt with 12 minutes still left to play in the fourth quarter. But the Bulldogs forced quarterback Trashawn McMillan to fumble the ball in Huskie’s territory. The Bullodogs recovered the ball at the 19-yard line. The Bulldogs scored

a few plays later. Running back Maurice Smith rushed three yards for a touchdown. The Bulldogs led 31-16, after converting the extra point. With under 10 minutes left on the clock, the Huskies made a 60-yard rushing touchdown by wide receiver Pedro Amosou. The Huskies still trailed 31-23. The Bulldogs ran the ball and gave the Huskies little time left on the clock. The Huskies forced the Bulldogs to punt with a minute 42 seconds left on the clock, giving the Huskies an opportunity to come back. After a few passes completed by the Huskies and a called timeout, the team was down to the final seconds of the game. Quarterback Rudy Garcia looked for wide receiver Colbe Stribling in the end zone, but Stribling was unable to make the catch. The Huskies made a final attempt with ten seconds left but were intercepted to end the game. The Huskies looked good in the first half but were not able to keep the offense going in the second half. The turnover in the first play of the second half hurt them. The two missed field goals by kicker Christian Reyes could have made a difference in the final play if the Huskies converted the touchdown. The Huskies have an opportunity to bounce back when they visit Long Beach College. They play this Saturday at 6 p.m. The game will also be streamed on



COVID-19 shows high risk of illness for pregnancies BY TERESA ACOSTA Staff Writer Pregnant people should be included in early clinical trials of pandemic vaccines. Excluding this subset of the population is detrimental to everyone. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there is an increased risk of severe illness and pregnancy complications from COVID-19 for pregnant people. The CDC also said of the 125,000 laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases in pregnant people, more than 22,000 were hospitalized and 161 have died throughout the pandemic. When Moderna and Pfizer began the clinical trials for COVID-19

vaccines, the companies required months ago, in early August. There are regulations and a commitment from women of childbearing age to use birth control guidelines put in place for pregnant and required proof of a negative people in clinical trials. Some include testing pregnancy test. for safety and This decision toxicity on has led to a delayed Guidelines should be pregnant animals first and then recommendation followed in a timely on people in by the CDC for those wanting manner similar to what the late stages of pregnancy. to become other areas of the This is when pregnant, t h o s e w h o population are afforded. the fetus is in the final stages are pregnant, of growth and and those development. breastfeeding to These should get vaccinated— absolutely be losing precious time and research efforts in the followed. Guidelines should be followed in a timely manner similar process. The recommendation statement to what other areas of the population and data release occurred only a few are afforded.

Understandably, protecting pregnancy from undue risk is important. This should not be used as an excuse to exclude those who are pregnant from potentially lifesaving research. In a recent article by the Los Angeles Times, Diana Bianchi, head of the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, said, “It’s a very paternalistic attitude, and we are trying to change the culture, to protect pregnant people through research, instead of from research.” Bianchi is a part of a cohort of researchers who work to further the inclusion of pregnant people in clinical research. This misstep of exclusion by vaccine companies will hopefully serve as an example of what not to do in pandemic vaccine research.

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