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ELAC students explore career planning BY LEONARDO CERVANTES Staff Writer The Career and Job Services workshop discussed the for steps a student needs to review in order to set up a sucessful career path for themselves. Main topics discussed were dispelling career myths, steps to career planning, career counseling appointments, career assessments and College Central Network. Career counselor Dray Banks was in charge of explaining the details of the workshop. Banks had two assistants assisting with the presentation, Hayley Lim who is one of the new career mentors and Rocio Nava, who is also a career mentor. The first myth that was discussed was about how most students entering college are uncertain about their academic major. National statistics vary, but at least 50% of students entering college are undecided about their majors, said Lim. Another myth is that was once a student declares a major, he or she will stick with it. 50-70% of students change their majors at least once and sometimes up to three times. The final myth is that a student needs an exact match between their course of study and a future career. While some careers require specific training, there are more careers that do not follow a specific course of study or major. A recent study by the College Placement Council indicated that the majority of college graduates are successful in fields not directly related to their academic majors. Self-discovery is one of the steps to career planning. They focus on interests, personalities, values, skills and abilities. Career and Job Services asked guiding questions and develop different types of assessments to find out what a student is like. These assessments are free at ELAC unlike other campuses. The next step is developing career literacy and researching careers. Career and Job Services


4 STEPS TO SUCCESS—ELAC career counselor, Dray Banks, show a drawing of their philosophy on how students can be sucessful in their career planning. offer websites like or Occupational Outlook Handbook to learn about all types of careers. Occupational Outlook Handbook shows students how certain careers are progressing and the salaries. The U.S. Census Bureau evaluates all careers and shows students the expected growth in years to come and labor market trends. It also provides what significant workforce changes will occur in the next five to 10 years The third step to career planning involves having part-time jobs, internships, extracurricular activities and joining clubs. The final step is setting everything in motion. Set a specific timetable

for completing goals. “Short-term goals create momentum for long-term goals,” Banks said. Some services that Career and Job Services offers are individual appointments, career assessments, career and major exploration, career panels/guest speakers, resume building and job and interview skills. Career counseling appointments range from 30 to 60 minutes. Career services are typically 30 minutes and they offer major and career counseling, job search and resume writing. Career exploration is typically one hour, which is career decision making. Resume critiques and

job search assistance is typically an hour and involves the review of resumes and conducting job searches. Career and Job Services currently offer two career assessments. The first SII, Strong Interest Inventory. This assessment focuses on a persons interests and how their interests help them identify a variety of different types of majors that fall within their areas. The six different codes are Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional. MBTI known as The MyersBriggs Type Indicator is the other assessment. It’s known as a personality assessment that focuses on a student’s personality

preferences. The test goes into 16 different personality types. College Central Network is ELAC’s free online job database. Students must first activate their CCN account then add their resume. The next step is exploring open off and on-campus positions and the final step is applying to open positions. CCN is a database exclusive to ELAC students. Career and Job Services post events throughout the year. The Hire a Husky Job Fair is an event Career and Job Services hosts and is typically held during the spring semester. It’s an opportunity for students and community members to speak to employers and find job opportunities.

Career and job Service also hosts career panels which happen throughout the academic year, and are a great way to connect with professionals in the field and learn about various career paths. The next event will be on Oct. 13, it will be a Career connect workshop from 10 a.m. to noon. Register at Students can make an appointment with a counselor. Appointments are open on Fridays for the following week. Students can also schedule an appointment in person, over the phone or via Conex ED.

Healing workshop helps students confront educational, racial trauma BY ANNETTE QUIJADA Staff Writer Farima Pour-Khorshid facilitated a workshop to bring awareness to healing being a vital part of education. Pour-Khorshid said that trauma decontextualized in our education system looks like schooling. “We have to really think about the historical and transgenerational trauma that exists and runs through the very systems we are being educated in,” she said. Pour-Khorshid looks at education in a radical form, where certain things such as capitialism, abelism, and racism, must be grasped from the root in order to heal from them. “Our own bodies also suffer from this trauma. For those who identify in marginalized communities and come from constant oppression like slavery and colonization, those acts of horror affect those beyond in the moment,” she said. Native Americans are currently being affected by the remains of thousands of Native children found at former residential schools in Canada. “The trauma echoes for generations. It’s important for us to understand that trauma can compound within and across generations, and it results in physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and CN/STEVEN ADAMO

News Briefs

ELAC Career and Academic Pathways Meet students in your area of study on October 7 from 11 a.m. to noon. Register at

social distress for individuals,” Solution, that has different tapping said Pour-Khorshid. exercises and anxiety that ranges Pour-Khorshid believes it’s from fear of flying to the stresses important for people to address what of COVID-19. they’re feeling, especially when Healing looks different for every they’re overwhelmed. Not adressing person, Pour-Khorshid encouraged it can lead to bigger problems such students to play around with as toxic positivity. different applications and methods P o u r - K h o r s h i d s a i d o v e r in order for them to find the perfect generalizing being happy turns into one. denying and P o u r- K h o r s h i d minimizing encouraged emotional attendees to experiences “We have to really think p a r t i c i p a t e i n a and therefore two minute silent about the historical the current breathing exercise situation one and transgenerational during the event. is in becomes underestimate trauma that exists and t h“We worse. e medicine of P o u r runs through the very breath. So many Khorshid us are always so systems we are being of s h a r e d tense because we’re multiple literally having to educated in.” tools and deal with assaults DR. FARIMA POUR-KHORSHID resources on our humanity on Professor at University of San that can be a daily basis. And helpful to sometimes I just students want to remind us and faculty. She recommends that it can take two minutes to just downloading an application called recalibrate, to catch your breath My Life.This application is used for again and remember you are here student to check in with themselves in this present moment,” she said. and assess where they are mentally, “We need to heal from the physically and emotionally. Based ideological trauma, the system of on the assessment, the application beliefs that are built around the will conjure up a meditation for the superiority of some groups, and the user to practice. inferiority of others which shape our She also recommends a second society,” Pour-Khorshid said. application called, The Tapping

UndocuHuskies Meet and Greet

Inter Club Council Check-in

The UndocuHuskies club is hosting a meet and greet to connect undocumented students and allies.

A club check-in on Oct. 8 for student questions on fundraising, chartering and more will be from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.




Free college should not be means-tested BY RAYMOND NAVA Staff Writer The Democrats potential plan to means-test their free community college proposal is ludicrous. The White House and Congressional Democrats are planning to attach a means-test for their free community college proposal as a way to shrink the cost of their reconciliation bill. A means-test is a method used to determine whether someone qualifies for financial assistance. Linking a means-test defeats the purpose and idea of free community college. Democrats should push back against this purported suggestion. While details on a potential means-test for free community college are not known, it would likely mean having an income threshold of some kind to access the benefit. When the American Rescue Plan was being worked on earlier this year, the $1,400 stimulus checks were means-tested. This meant that the eligibility threshold is lowered, reducing the number of people who would qualify to receive them. It would be absurd to put any threshold on a free community college program and then continue to call it a universal program. Business Insider reporter Joseph Zeballos-Roig reported on Tuesday that Virginia Democratic Senator Tim Kaine wanted to apply meanstesting to free two-year community college. The current plan would allow everyone access to the program, but a means-test would mean it would be limited to lower-income people who meet a threshold. This is beyond frustrating as it is almost no different than the current

EDITOR IN CHIEF Daniella Molina Zasha Hayes MANAGING EDITOR Erica Cortes FRONT EDITOR Annette Quijada OPINION/SPORTS EDITORS Teresa Acosta Cynthia Solis FEATURE EDITOR Gabriela Gutierrez NEWS EDITORS Alma Lizarraga Jonathan Bermudez


financial aid program, where people in the middle once again cannot get access because they could be barely above whatever threshold is in place. An argument that can be made in favor of means-testing is that wealthy individuals shouldn’t get access to free college because they can afford it. This argument would fall flat mainly due to very low odds that rich people would be going to a two-year community college in

the first place. But even if they did, the whole point of a universal free program like free community college is that everyone, regardless of financial situation, gets access to it. Affluent individuals would also likely be taxed along with everyone else to fund the program, which would entitle them to access a public system for which their money is being taxed. In the unlikely scenario, rich people end up using the free community college program, which

would be beneficial. This would destigmatize the system in the eye of the public. Adding a meanstest and capping eligibility to less fortunate people gives the program stigmatization. Food stamps are an excellent example of a public program that some people feel ashamed of if others were to find out they used. A free community college program used by wealthy and poor individuals, regardless of whether rich people use it, would stop any stigmatization from being

attached to it. Means-testing a free community college program is a wrong decision and takes away the whole point of it being universal. The fact that Democrats continue to butcher proposals that would otherwise be slam dunk wins is just frustrating. Democrats need to get their act together and stop their outlandish goal of putting a means-test on free community college.


COVID-19 disrupts women’s basketball team recruitment BY MIGUEL DOMINGUEZ Staff Writer

Demand rises for indoor fans BY MIGUEL DOMINGUEZ

percent of fans being allowed to the games. Godinez also plans to have staff East Los Angeles College monitor the fans and players to administrators will allow indoor sports to have fans in the stands make sure they are wearing masks during home games. It has been when they need to. “I think it’s time to have the a month since the volleyball and players enjoy their friends and water polo teams have been playing family being able to participate. without fans during home games. “Their (volleyball) event comes It’s been a long year and a half first,” Athletic Director Bobby of going through this (COVID-19 pandemic)” Godinez said. Godinez said. He said players deserve to have Volleyball will be the first fans allowed at games, since the ELAC indoor team to have fans in players have been doing their part attendance at their game. The first of getting vaccinated, getting tested game will be on Oct. 13 against and following Pasadena City the protocols on College. campus. “We are not going to be “Even though “I just hope the pool is mandating vaccination we can stay safe considered status. If we abide by until it’s our turn. indoors, we were still fortunate the protocols, make sure Everybody needs to respect the enough to have the outdoor patio everybody is masked up rules and wear o p e n ” H e a d and sanitize everything, I masks so that everyone can Coach Kimberly have fun. think it should be okay.” Romero said. Hopefully The water polo we can finish team had fans the season with trying to come in BOBBY GODINEZ fans. That’s what and watch their Athletic Director makes the kids previous home proud. When games, but were they play for the not allowed to go college, parents and their friends, in the stands. The water polo team was recently when they come and watch them. allowed to have fans outside on the Fans bring energy to the game” patio for their home games just last coach Bruce Turner said. Tu r n e r a n d t h e w o m e n ’s week. No fans would be allowed indoors. There are no seats on the basketball team need to wait until patio. Fans would need to bring Dec. 27 for their first home game. “We are very excited that we their own chairs to be able to sit. are moving closer to the student “ We a r e n o t g o i n g t o b e mandating vaccination status. If experience we are accustomed to,” we abide by the protocols, make head coach John Mosely said. The men’s basketball team won’t sure everybody is masked up and have their first game until January 5 keep the appropriate distance and sanitize everything, I think it should against El Camino College. “We want you (the fans) here,” be okay,” Godinez said. Godinez said. The event capacity will be at 50

Staff Writer

It’s been a tough situation for East Los Angeles College Head Coach Bruce Turner with the pandemic still ongoing. “[COVID-19] has affected recruiting and our numbers,” Turner said. The team currently has 14 players on the roster. There are nine sophomores and five freshmen on the team. Three players are still pending to join the team. “They are thinking whether or not to play with the whole COVID-19 situation going on,” Turner said. Usually, Turner would have 20 players on the roster before the start of the season.There are four players returning to the team. “The best thing was being able to go and advance academically and keep their eligibility of playing for the team,” Turner said. The Huskies are looking to make it 11 consecutive years going to the playoffs. Turner is entering his 15th season with the women’s basketball team. “We’ll have a winning season,” Turner said. Coach Turner said they looked pretty good. He said they still need to work on defense and more

continuity in their offense after playing showcase games two weeks ago. The preparation for the season is ongoing. “Right now, we are getting them to do weight training and building up their stamina,” Turner said. The team will play a scrimmage game on Oct. 16 before the start of their season to gauge where they stand as a team.

“They are thinking whether or not to play with the whole COVID-19 situation going on.” BRUCE TURNER Head Coach

“That’s why you practice every day, each day. Players will get more comfortable with repetition plays they get,” Turner said. The first game of the season will be on Nov. 5, when they play at

Grossmont College Tournament. They have played against Fullerton College and Cerritos College with both teams being challenging. “They are both playoff teams,” Turner said. There are several players on the team being scouted by other schools. Of these players, shooting guard Delilah Kimble Gray and forward Maya Clarke are highly being scouted. “We definitely have some potential scholarship players,” Turner said. The Huskies will have their first home games Dec. 27- 29, when they play the Dan and Susan Okawa Classic Tournament. Turner said, “Dan and Susan Okawa were former employees for ELAC. They have been great supporters of women’s sports on campus which is why they named the tournament after them.” The Huskies will have seven other teams to play in this tournament. “We love to play defense and share the basketball. And those two components are keys to winning basketball games. That’s been a success to the women’s program since I’ve been here. That’s always been a goal of mine,” Turner said.

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GETTING READY— Women’s basketball team does layup drills as they get ready for the

start of the season.

Arts 3 Venom challenges red foe in new sequel EAST LOS ANGELES COLLEGE CAMPUS NEWS WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2021

BY GRACE RODRIGUEZ Staff Writer Fans have been anticipating the release of “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” since the release of the last movie, and they will not be disappointed. The film’s opening scene takes place in 1996 and introduces viewers to the antagonist Cletus Kasady, also known as Carnage, played b y Wo o d y Harrelson. This is a perfectly cast character, considering Harrelson often takes on cheeky and dislikable characters and somehow manages to make them relatable. The story is straightforward. It’s a superhero movie with an anti-hero named Eddie Brock, also known as Venom, played by Tom Hardy. When the journalist crosses paths

with the serial killer, chaos ensues. Aside from the usual gems— Hardy and Harrelson—the cast is splendid and included names like Michelle Williams, Naomie Harris, Reid Scott, Stephen Graham, William W. Barbour and Peggy Lu. The film is much more than a simple superhero movie. It is a tragic love story and a story of friendship—a wholesome movie indeed. This film had the same approach as the first, but with Venom acting like a protector. Ve n o m , a misfit alien, shows a more tender side toward Eddie, who he inhabits. He is the embodiment of the audience’s internal monologue. The conflicting situations Eddie finds himself in trigger Venom to respond often in a manner that is extremely relatable—this often serves as comedic relief as well. Venom is the ying to Eddie’s

Venom’s insatiable thirst for bad guys is still alive and well in this sequel.

yang, and it is interesting to see the relationship between the characters develop. They are simply “symbiotic,” as Eddie puts it. Venom’s insatiable thirst for bad guys is still alive and well in this sequel. And his soft spot for Anne is still very much present as well. Often she is his motive for his decisions. Fans will embark on a journey of emotions with this action-filled film. More than one new character is introduced, and it is interesting to find out exactly who. “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” was released on October 1. With three producers Ari Arad, Matt Tolmach and Amy Pascal, the production value was more than spectacular. The camera work was amazing. At one point in an early scene, sensory deprivation had to be mimicked and they delivered. At 1 hour 37 minutes, the film was directed by Andy Serkis and written by Kelly Marcel. There is a teaser for a new character and possible villain toward the end. A more seasoned fan of Marvel might be able to guess who it is.


PROTAGONIST— Venom stalks the night in search of his new opponent equal in strength. Viewers should be sure to stay for the usual Marvel post-credits scene. Not only will it expose an

interesting point of view, but it shows one the best crossovers in a quite while.

It made the theater audience audibly go, “I knew it!” in unison.

Psychological thriller ‘The Guilty’ radiates stress BY TERESA ACOSTA Staff Writer


MOTHER AND DAUGHTER—Mother Alex and daughter Maddy find comfort in each other as they navigate through nature.

Maid: a journey unleashing struggles of being a single mom BY NATALIA ANGELES Staff Writer “Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive” is a rollercoaster of emotions, starting from struggles of being a single mother to realizing emotional abuse is still domestic abuse. Inspired by Stephanie Land’s book, the series takes on various topics that evoke empowerment: women’s empowerment. Margaret Qualley who plays Alex, a 25 year old single mother/ writer starts off the series by running away from her home with her almost three-year-old daughter Maddy. With nowhere to go and no family to trust, Alex and Maddy become homeless. All 10 episodes are a journey of anger, sadness and disappointment. These episodes tackle the reality

of taking the first step out of an unhealthy environment. A highly significant topic in this series is poverty. These episodes highlight the amount of money Alex is losing while looking for food, shelter and transportation. The countless homes they find themselves in all highlight the hardship of being a survivor of domestic abuse. The storyline also includes Maddy’s father, Sean (Nick Robinson), a bartender at The Swan, who later is shown to have addiction and anger issues. These issues lead Alex to want a better environment for her daughter. Throughout the episodes, Alex gets constant flashbacks of the first act of violence Sean displayed. Sean presents the character traits most domestic abusers have and

many women tend to ignore. The process of becoming a single mother includes having to provide for your children with no other source of income. Alex finds a job called Value Maids, which is hidden in the back of a laundromat. Through this job, she finds someone who plays a crucial role in her journey. Regina (Anika Noni Rose), one of her very first clients, helps Alex in many forms to overcome the struggle of being a single mother. Being a maid not only supports Alex financially, but also artistically. From house to house, Alex finds inspiration in the people that live there. After every clean, she grabs her composition notebook and writes about the personality of the house. She names them by what she sees and listens; The Loving House, The

C*nt House, The Porn House. The well composed series illustrates the beauty of being a mother and knowing one’s worth. Alex’s art of writing represents how she feels and the way she sees the outer world without any fear. Her writing is the only thing that saves her from the constant Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that she suffers from her abuser. A beautiful and great journey that sheds light throughout this series. If you or anyone is suffering from domestic abuse there are resources to reach out for help: Domestic Violence Support | The National Domestic Violence Hotline ( Resources ( Resources for Families - Child Welfare Information Gateway

Nintendo announces upcoming projects at conference BY RICARDO MARTIR Staff Writer Nintendo’s Sept. Direct for the Nintendo Switch is filled with expected announcements for the upcoming holiday season and the year. Even with all the announcements, Nintendo was still able to fit in a few surprises “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak” was the first game in the direct to be previewed, although it won’t be a new game. It will be a massive expansion DLC pack.

“Splatoon 3” was also included in this direct, but not much was shown other than the mention and very brief gameplay of new weapons coming to the new game. “ H y r u l e Wa r r i o r s : A g e o f Calamity” will receive new content with its new expansion pass. This will include new sequences in the story, two new stages, and two new characters in Robbie and Purah. “Mario Party Superstars” will make its Switch debut on Oct. 29 along with the game’s exclusive party boards. This game will also be included with retro games from previous i n s t a l l m e n t s , l i k e “ Wo d d y

Woods,”“Horror Land” and “Yoshi’s Tropical Island.” The game, like always will also include the party mode, minigame mode and online play. “Kirby” will finally receive the attention it deserves when the franchise and its fans finally get the newest installment in “Kirby and the Forgotten Land.” This game brings “Kirby” to the 3-D world for the first time making it a great buy, for long-time fans of “Kirby” and making others who have never played “Kirby” actually consider this game. Since its announcement in 2018 the ‘Super Mario’ movie has

made very little noise. Director Shigeru Miyamoto announced the Illumination movie will count on a star-studded cast with the likes of Chris Pratt playing Mario, Anya Taylor-Joy for Peach, Charlie Day as Luigi and Jack Black for Bowser among others as well. The movie also received the release schedule of the 2022 holiday season along with “Bayonetta 3,” first announced in 2017. After four years Nintendo finally gave a 2022 release window. In its trailer, the gameplay includes combo moves and enemies in the game. IGN has hinted at a possible

“The Guilty,” a new Netflix thriller, highlights the stress and mental health of a Los Angeles Police Department officer. Officer Joe Baylor, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, spends most in a tense and stressed out state. As soon as you get wrapped up in the trajectory of this movie, the plot shifts and the real tension begins. The movie is filmed in one location, a 911 emergency call center. Although there are a few aerial landscape shots of the city in the beginning and at the end, the majority of the screen is focused on Gyllenhaal. He plays a troubled LAPD officer who has been placed on desk duty answering 911 calls. The tension rises as a call comes in from a woman who is pretending to be on a call with her child. The caller gives yes or no answers to Baylor in an attempt to get help for the child. She is in a vehicle that is on the move, which makes finding her very difficult. Baylor jumps back and forth

between doing what is legal and breaking the law to try and help this woman. His personal life seems to be in shambles and it is a source of distress that fuels his need to do whatever it takes to help. Gyllenhaal’s acting allows viewers to feel the anger, panic and anguish of being helpless. It may also be attributed to the extreme close ups shown of Gyllenhaal that really bring the viewer into the movie. The other characters in the movie are somewhat oblivious to the high stakes of the call and of the real trouble Baylor is facing from an impending court date. Few details are really given about his personal troubles. Enough is said for viewers to make an assumption that it is a current issue facing law enforcement officers. The lines are blurred between what they can and cannot be held accountable for. Viewers are kept at the edge of their seats waiting to discover the caller’s location, and then they are hit with a plot twist that completely changes everything. From beginning to end the movie draws viewers into a high stakes game of will-he-or won’t-he.

His personal life seems to be in shambles and it is a source of distress that fuels his need to do whatever it takes to help.

crossover with the line “The end of the trailer also showed a mysterious character who looked a bit like Vergil from Devil May Cry.” With a game that is highly anticipated, it will have a five-year wait span since its announcement. It’s definitely setting itself up for all the high expectations. Nintendo Switch Online is getting an added tier to its online membership, while neither the price nor release date has been announced. It was announced that the new tier will include access to a few Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games, and with more to gradually

make its way to the platform. “Super Smash Brothers” also received the announcement that three years after its release date it will be receiving its final update. The final fighter was revealed by Masahiro Sakurai in its individual direct on Monday. “Animal Crossing New Horizons” will also receive its own direct, scheduled in October, which will include details on updates. The game includes the return of a fan favorite the the “Brewster,” a coffee shop inside the games museum.




October 2021 Sports Schedule HUSKIES FOOTBALL


vs. vs. at vs.

Cerritos Allan Hancock Long Beach Canyons

*Conference *Conference



at at vs. vs.

LA Harbor Pasaadena Ciity Ell Camino Mt. San Antonio

*Conference *Conference *Conference *Conference


Thursday, Oct. 7

6:30 p.m.

Saturday, Oct. 16 Saturday, Oct. 23 Saturday, Oct 30

4 p.m. 6 p.m. 6 p.m.



Friday, Oct. 8 Tuesday, Oct. 12 Friday, Oct. 15 Tuesday, Oct. 19

4 p.m. 2 p.m. 6 p.m. 2 p.m. CN/ TERESA ACOSTA



ELAC at El Camino ELAC at Mt. San Antojo ELAC vs. Pasadena City

*Conference *Conference *Conference

Wednnesday, Oct. 6 Friday, Oct. 8

6 p.m. 6 p.m.

Wednesday, Oct. 13

6 p.m.

ELAC at Long Beach


Friday, Oct. 15

6 p.m.

*Men’s basketball season starts Nov. 4-7 at San Francisco (Tournament) *Women’s Basketball season starts Nov. 5-7 at Grossmont College (Tournament) *For complete schedules visit

*We are happy to announce that effective today, we will once again allow spectators at our indoor games and events! There are two main stipulations to this allowance: 1.Indoor capacity is capped at 50%. 2.Masks must be worn at all times except when actively eating or drinking. -Athletic Director Bobby Godinez


Jennifer Martinez, student worker in the Engineering and Technologies department, shows a display of various vegetables that are planted and grown on campus. The department was there representing the Roots of Stem, East Los Angeles College Technologies and Hydroponics Clubs. The department display was at the South Gate CN/ JUAN CAVILLO Adriana Gonzalez, currently running for Campus of ELAC. club president, represents the Puente Club CN/ JUAN CAVILLO at East Los Angeles College Club Rush on The Collegiate Association for the Research the South Gate Campus. of Principles, CARP, focuses on acts of service to the community and helping foster the next generation of leaders. President Yohei Oya and vice president Lisa Oya represent a chartering club at East Los Angeles College’s Club Rush on the South Gate campus.



Profile for Editor in Chief Campus News

ELAC Campus News Fall 2021 Issue 4  

ELAC Campus News Fall 2021 Issue 4- Career planning, Venom Review, Nintendo announces upcoming projects, October's sports schedule.

ELAC Campus News Fall 2021 Issue 4  

ELAC Campus News Fall 2021 Issue 4- Career planning, Venom Review, Nintendo announces upcoming projects, October's sports schedule.


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