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Happy Holidays

Winter 2020

2020 Special Holiday Issue

As 2020 comes to a close, the year-round staff at CAMP would like to thank you for your support. We wish you and your family best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and an incredible start to 2021.


Susan and the CAMP Team! Camping Team– Brandon, Dee, Laura, Jordan, Alex, Ken, Mason, and Bill Development Team– Dianna, Lauren, Regina, and Nancy Family Support Team– Michelle, Amanda, Chris, and Perla Volunteer & Administration Team– Sarah, Stephanie, Paula, Tom, and Bobby

We frequently say, “CAMP is more than a place, it’s more than an organization, and it’s more than our programs.” It’s true and we are very proud of this culture! At its heart, CAMP is a community. In the midst of a pandemic and a whole lot of necessary but hard changes this year, we have proven this community believes we should Keep CAMPing! For the first time in 40 years, CAMP canceled school-year programs and all Summer Camp sessions to ensure the safety of our campers, staff, and volunteers. This dramatically impacted not only the hundreds of children, teens, and adults we serve, but hundreds of healthcare professionals who receive continuing education credits, hundreds of teen and young adults who receive valuable leadership development, and most dramatically...the families who are coping with the reality of not receiving a break for many, many months. While we were truly sad not to see our campers’ smiling faces in person, we know they missed their time at CAMP even more. The decisions made in 2020 had tremendous impact on the financial health of CAMP and our ability to continue our mission this year. However, because of your continued support, we’re expecting 2021 programs to be even better than ever! CAMP has a lot to be appreciative of in 2020...

The most important thing is YOU!

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To the hundreds of campers and families who believe in the mission and participate in programs year-round at CAMP!

To the hundreds of teen and young adult volunteers, healthcare professional volunteers, and seasonal Staff who make CAMP possible with their gifts of time and service!

To the hundreds of individuals, families, foundations, corporations, and community members who ensured our campers Keep CAMPing through their philanthropic support!

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Tributes are from September 1 through November 30 Ruben Abrego by Debra Abrego All our Campers, Staff, & Volunteers by Dr. Brandon Briery Redia Anderson by Regina C. Anderson Regina C. Anderson by Redia Anderson Pat Bendle by Sandie Palomo-Gonzales Sherry, Gene and Romeo Bielke by Terri Oliver Dr. Brandon Briery by Benjaman Ault by Tessa A. Baden by Wendy Carter by Paula Loring by Carolyn Powell by Carla Weiland The CAMP Staff by Amanda Meigs and Jason Curtis Maegan Eichelbaum by David and Sheryd Jackson Vincent Esqueda by George and Mary Esqueda Trent Evans by Matt and Dee Evans by Rebecca Goldstein by Nancy and Carl Smith Madeline Gerhart by Meredith Gerhart Amanda Garner by Amanda Quick Nancy Gerson by Barry and Nancy Portnoy

Kamran Gharib by Joseph Mokry Dr. Marilyn Harrington by Darryl Lynn Lefcoe

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Michael Hawkins by Amy Hawkins by The SPR Family Charitable Giving Fund Griffin and Kate Hill by Evan and Bo Gaddis by Galen and Cathy Jackman

Allison Hoch by Lyndon Hoch Josh Johnston by Nancy Johnston Dan and Emily Kahn by Stanley Kahn Mason Lewand by Traci Lewand Matthew Lindeman by Mike and Cindy Lindeman by Natalie Velez Lisa Lockwood by Patrick Comerford and Erin Lockwood Alana Lopez by Jessica Lopez Sydney Malcolm by Daniel Rubio Brandon McConnell by Mary McConnell Amanda Meigs by Levita Corbin by Dean Nurse Logan Moodie by Emily Lang Gregorio Nava by Frances Jimenez Susan Osborne by Christopher Carmona by Michael and Ashley Guillemette by Carla Weiland

Jarred Payne by Regina C. Anderson Taylor Payne by Regina C. Anderson Dr. Chris Plauche by Sandie Palomo-Gonzales by Cynthia Smith Lillian Plunkett by Cathy Rauschendorfer and Alan Plunkett Jake Quiroga by Victor and Lisa Quiroga Madeleine Reichert Zachary by Jay and Pat Vargas-Zachary Natalie Rodriguez by Monique Mehta

Sam Stone by Ben and Madison Hisey Merle Tanner by T. Paul Furukawa Allie Templin by Karen Ladd Ben Thompson by Tanya Shipp Joseph Thomson by Stacie Turnbow Kim Wang by Michael Grimes Cycy Willoughby by Gary and Rita Willoughby The Wonderful Staff at CAMP by Laura Genet Laura Zachary and Shekhar Mehta by Lynne R. Balbert Bonnie Zimlich by Alison Zimlich

Tributes are from September 1 through November 30 Virginia Allred Stacey by Allan and Gwen Kropp

Robert "Bobby" Hunt by Larry and Kathy McClaugherty

Rachel Reavis by Dana Sims

Scarlett Ancellotti by Jim Massey

Nathaniel Barker by Drew Mittal

Katheryn Jamison by Andrew and Sarah Coulombe by Amanda Meigs and Jason Curtis by Wayne Tauer and Susan Osborne by Lauren and Dan Weiss

Heather Semmelmann by Edna Becker by Roger Duncan by Thelma Lehmberg by Curtis and Terry Saathoff

Edward and Mary Rose Blass by Alison Blass

Matt Lipham by Dr. Fredrick McCurdy

Sammie Marie Briery by Dr. Brandon Briery by Virgil Briery by Tammy Browne and Ruth Eyres by Danny and Judy Foster by Ed and Charlotte Maynard by Amanda Meigs and Jason Curtis by Becky and Curtis Powell by Ryan Ratliff by Richard Swafford

Ruperto Macias by Paula A. Macias

Tommie and Olivia Anderson by Regina C. Anderson

Christy Brown by Ron and Phebe Brown Dona Brown by Dianne Powledge Wally Chandler by Carole and Preston Davis Dr. Robert de Lemos by Frank Davis and Hope de Lemos

Pete and Helen Magare by Steve Magare Mike Maynard by Ed and Charlotte Maynard Neal McClaugherty by T. R. Garcia Ray McCormick by Joseph D. McCormick III Richard Mery by Mary Catherine LeBouef Jill Munn by Pamela C. Leonowich

Cole Tolson by Dawn Thompson Rhett Urban by Paul and Jaydean Urban Eric van Hell by Carolyn Eckman by Edward Gonzales by Veronica Hinojosa by Timothy and Gail Lamb by Angela Pena by Nicole Smith Papa West by Mark and Bernadette McKay

Diane Odena by Lisa Odena Our Recently Lost Loved Ones by Mark and Bernadette McKay

Meghan Hill by Lleanna Brinsmade by Evan and Bo Gaddis by General (R) Tom and Dr. Toni Hill by Galen and Cathy Jackman

Lauren Pickett by Tricia Davidson by Richard Dunbar by Amanda Moore

Clayton Howard by Paul and Laurie Howard

Timothy by Nicole Barrett

David Nix by Thomas and Ann Nix

Terrence Foster by Steve and Judy Foster

Ian Hinkle by Hannah Cruz by Martha Hinnenkamp

Maria Stancombe by Marilyn H. Stancombe

Virginia Rawlins by Elaine Ebner by Anne Lazenby by Mary Nikirk by Roland and Janice Patry by Jeff Spearman

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Happy Holidays Children’s Association for Maximum Potential PO Box 27086 | San Antonio, Texas 78227 (210) 671-5411 | www.campcamp.org

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