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Thank you to everyone who submitted their awesome design ideas for the Summer 2022 T-Shirt Contest. Below are the top two designs that will be printed on shirts. Read on to learn who the artists are and how the designs will be used this summer.

The design on the left was submitted anonymously by year-round staff member, Dianna Hopkins. This design had the highest votes and clearly defined the theme for the summer of 2022. You’ll see Dianna’s work printed in one color on different colored shirts for campers, volunteers, and healthcare volunteer shirts.

The design on the right was submitted by Sophia Zaldivar. This design had the second highest number of votes and we felt it was such a great design it needed to be showcased year-round! You’ll find Sophia’s Shirt in the Camp Store so get it while you can!

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Meet the 2022 Summer Staff! Throughout the Summer of 2022, campers will enjoy the sights, sounds, and action of CAMP in Expedition Edition mode! We are excited to introduce new and returning staff who are making this summer possible for our campers and volunteers.

Check out their photos and short bios about each summer staff member on our website at:


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Spotlight on

Kylie Matthews started volunteering at CAMP in the summer of 2021 and has continued throughout the school year programs. Originally, she signed up because her mother also volunteered at CAMP when she was a teenager. “It makes me feel like I’m home. CAMP is a place where everyone is welcome and can be who they want to be. I love the feeling of letting these kids have the best week of their lives.” Kylie will be returning to CAMP this summer as a member of the lead staff team! Kylie’s favorite activity is messy night because “throwing shaving cream, water, and paint at each other is always fun and I also love seeing the joy on campers faces, and that always makes my week.” Thank you, Kylie, for your amazing commitment to CAMP!

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Michael is thrilled to be a part of the year-round CAMP team! Michael first came to CAMP in 2003 as a camper. As soon as he was old enough to start volunteering, he joined CAMP’s seasonal staff. He has served in many roles: counselor, instructor, head instructor for target sports and outdoor cooking, and program coordinator. Michael holds a bachelors and master’s degree from Texas A&M University. He believes in CAMP’s mission and is beyond excited to serve CAMP’s community year-round!

Help us WELCOME Michael to the team!

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You can make a tremendous difference for CAMP by purchasing something off our Amazon Wish List! Don’t forget to use Amazon Smile and choose CAMP as your charity of choice. We will receive a % back from each purchase. All items on the wish list help with programming and support our campers.

Now...that’s shopping with purpose!

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How will you make an impact this summer?

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Volunteer Opportunities for teens and adults (15+ years) Leader in Training Program for teens (14+ years)

Earn up to 99 volunteer hours for a week of service All training provided Make a huge impact in the community Gain valuable experience Change your life and theirs!

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Your $100 ticket provides CAMP with $50,000 in program support and gives you a chance to win big!! WOW!

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Tributes are from March 1 through May 31, 2022 Dr. Robert de Lemos, Dr. Chris Plauche, Dr. Fred McCurdy, and Dr. Don McCurnin by Dr. Mark Croley Trent Evans by Mrs. Johanna Dee Evans by Mrs. Nancy Smith Erin Hickey and Robert Sanchez by Sabrina San Miguel Larry Holm by Larry & Kathy McClaugherty Gregorio Nava by Ms. Frances Jimenez Dr. Chris Plauche by Dr. Fredrick and Maria Raquel McCurdy by Ms. Lizette Esquenazi Robert, Erin and Franco Sanchez by Jennifer Michael Joseph Thomson by Stacie Turnbow Solis

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Tributes are from March 1 through May 31, 2022 Regina Anderson by Dr. Brandon Briery by Thomas and Emma Burney by Mrs. Taylor Burris by Karen Coad by Margaret Enloe by Thomas Fumarelli by Erik Galloway by Jerry and Nancy Gerson by Tim and Dianna Hopkins by Julia Jones by Mrs. Laura Leach by Kathleen Marron by Ms. Sandra Olvera by Ms. Susan Osborne by Chris Plauche, MD by Ms. Alex Sego by Bonnie Tunick by Sarah Walsh by Mrs. Lauren Weiss by Colleen Yamaguchi Bill Beckemier by Larry & Kathy McClaugherty Constance Behrman by Peter Rybar Kyle Conlee by Trey Crocker Earie Cotton by Mr. Mike Evans, Jr.

Molly Denton by Ms. Julia Collins Alfonso Dillard by Rhoda Reyna by Kelly Lisa by Michele Scheffer Alphonso Dillard & Jody Warren Dillard by Sharlana Dillard Carl Herlof Nordstrand by Larry & Kathy McClaugherty Meghan Hill by General (R) Tom and Dr. Toni Hill Jean Lorman Bertrand by Larry & Kathy McClaugherty Martin and Phyllis Maack by Larry & Kathy McClaugherty Hector Molina by Larry & Kathy McClaugherty Sherry Stoerkel by Larry & Kathy McClaugherty Zachary Thurmond by Jordan Gonzalez George Webb by Larry & Kathy McClaugherty

Sunny Daggubati by Kumar Daggubati

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