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Fall 2022

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On behalf of the staff and Board of Directors, we would like to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone in the community who has supported CAMP with financial gifts. CAMP is extremely grateful and blessed by your support.

The 2022 CAMP Gala raised an astounding $235,000! WOW!! Again, thank you for your outpouring of love and support of CAMP!

What a Summer! Successful Summer Adventures! We want to thank you for a wonderful summer season at Camp CAMP! This summer we were able to have 8 weeks of incredible programs, welcome even more of our CAMP Family back to CAMP, and add some new activities such as our Giant Swing as well as initiating a new Bounce House and Slip 'n Slide! The fun just keeps growing at Camp CAMP! Our Summer Expedition Edition theme of 2022 had many memorable moments, and we are grateful we got to create and share them with our campers. Everyone’s spirits were high, and thanks to so many wonderful people, we were able to see 630 campers this summer!

Thanks to our Volunteers! CAMP is delighted to celebrate our extraordinary young adult volunteers who dedicated over 74,500 hours of service and healthcare professionals who dedicated over 15,000 hours to help strengthen and inspire individuals with disabilities and medical conditions this summer! We truly appreciate the time spent at CAMP and for all those who helped our campers have the best experience ever. The commitment from our extraordinary volunteers made CAMP’s Summer 2022 Expedition Edition a huge success! Volunteers are now and will always be the backbone that allows our programs to take place. So, it is with sincere gratitude that we THANK all our volunteers for their service to CAMP!

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CAMP Spotlight on

Natalie Velez “Honestly, I didn't know much about the disability community before I volunteered at CAMP. But, when I heard about CAMP, it sounded like something that I would like to do. Here I am seven summers later, still loving it! By volunteering at CAMP, I've learned the value of interacting with people who behave, communicate, and act differently than you. It is so valuable to be surrounded by people who are different than you. You can learn so much from them. Through volunteering at CAMP, I've learned that you can make friends with, honestly, anybody. They don't have to look like you, they don't have to act or communicate like you. You can just be a friend to everyone! Growing up, I always said that I wanted to be a doctor. But I didn't really know what that looked like until I got to CAMP. I saw the medical staff and how they were able to help in such a unique way. So that has really inspired me. I am going to medical school and I plan to combine medicine and the disability community so I can serve the population that I love to hang out with.” After graduating with her undergraduate degree in May 2022, Natalie’s parents asked her what she wanted for a graduation gift. She didn’t even pause! She asked for the balance needed to purchase the new bounce house for CAMP. Because of her dedication to those we serve, CAMP was able to have a new bounce house during the summer of 2022.

Thank you Natalie for your dedication and commitment to CAMP!

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What’s New?

 The Volunteer and Camper applications have been streamlined to make the application process easier. The camper application will now retain information from year-to-year.

  There is no longer a $60 application fee for campers. Have questions? We’re here to help!

For assistance with the camper application, you may email us at familysupport@campcamp.org – or – call or text us at 210-439-9581 For assistance the volunteer application, you may email us at volunteerservices@campcamp.org – or – call or text us at 210-563-0684

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Get excited for our School-Year programs because CAMP needs Volunteers… …and that means YOU!! There are lots of opportunities to make an impact by helping out at CAMP during the school year. You can be a buddy for a camper at our TADA or PNO programs in San Antonio or a respite weekend at CAMP – giving a caregiver and a camper a chance to get away from the daily routine and have some fun. You can spend some time getting to know families at a Family Weekend Retreat while you help them canoe together, painting during arts and crafts, or lead campfire songs. We are excited to open these programs to new and returning volunteers, ages 15+.

We can’t wait to see you soon!

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School-Year Programs at CAMP CAMP's vision for all programs is that “CAMP is for the Camper.” This means regardless of the disability, all Campers will be respected, encouraged, inspired, and celebrated during their participation in our programs. Year-round, programs are designed for Camper participation, and activities are adapted to meet the unique needs of each Camper.

All about Family

Weekend Retreats!

Family Weekend Retreats- a weekend retreat designed for families with a member who has a disability and/or medical condition. Families enjoy outdoor recreation, relax, and reconnect with each other, while building new connections with other families. The cost of Family Retreats are underwritten by Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas, Inc. Upcoming Fall Dates... September 30-October 2 November 4-6 December 2-4

All about Respite


Designed for individuals (aged 5-55) with special needs, campers spend a weekend at CAMP experiencing many of the traditional activities similar to those at summer camp while caregivers get a well deserved break. Upcoming Fall Dates... September 17-18 October 15-16 November 19-20 December 17-18

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All about Parent’s

Night Out!

Parent’s Night Out (PNO) is designed for children with a disability and/or medical condition (aged 3-15 years) and their siblings with no diagnosis (aged 3-14). PNO will be held during the fall season at the Down Syndrome Association of South Texas and offers the perfect combination of enrichment activities, socialization, and play – while parents enjoy an evening out. Upcoming Fall Dates... September 24 October 29 November 12 December 10

All about Teen

& Adult Day Adventure!

Teen and Adult Day Adventure (TADA) provides teens and adults with a disability and/or medical condition (aged 12-40) the opportunity to socialize with peers while engaging in local cultural and recreational experiences. Upcoming Fall Dates... September 24 October 29 November 12 December 10

For more information about each program, please visit:

www.campcamp.org For assistance with the camper application, please contact:

familysupport@campcamp.org | (210) 439-9581 For assistance with the volunteer/staff application, please contact:

Volunteerservices@campcamp.org | (210) 563-0684

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to the


Laurel Dees received her bachelor’s degree from Texas State University in Psychology and Business Administration. She found her passion for camping as an intern at a camp for kids and adults with disabilities in Killeen, Texas where she spent four summers. After college, Laurel obtained her teaching certification in Special Education and Mathematics. She taught at the Travis County Jail in Austin, Texas. Laurel started her CAMP career in the Summer of 2021 as the Head Canoeing Instructor and most recently served as the Unit Leader before starting as the Assistant Camp Director. When she is not at CAMP, you will find Laurel traveling, on the water, or hanging out with her dog, River.

Stacie Vaughn-Jennings officially began her journey with CAMP in March of 2022 but has been a longtime admirer of the organization, as is her oldest daughter – who has served as a volunteer for CAMP. Stacie grew up in San Antonio and lives here with her family, which includes her husband, three children, three dogs, and one cantankerous cat. Her interests include gardening, collectible toys, delicious food (her husband is a chef!), and spending time outdoors especially at the beach. CAMP’s mission is close to Stacie’s heart as two of her children are medically complex. As a result, she is passionate about medical advocacy, serving others, and is grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in lives of campers and their families. Stacie has already been invaluable to the Family Support team, and we are thrilled to have her on board as our new Family Support Specialist!

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For the hundreds of year-round, summer, and school-year staff that dedicate their time to CAMP’s mission...we can’t thank you enough! It is through your hard work and dedication that we have an amazing organization that serves the South Texas community. THANK YOU! Page 9

Make a BIG impact for CAMP During Big Give 2022!

6pm to 6pm on September 22-23 Page 10

Lunch available for purchase.

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Tributes are from June 1 through August 31 Dr. Robert de Lemos, Dr. Chris Plauche, Dr. Fred McCurdy, and Dr. Don McCurnin by Dr. Mark and Mrs. Janis Croley Katherine Dimick by Capital Group Companies, Inc. Vincent Esqueda by George and Mary Helen Esqueda Dee, Matt, and Trent Evans by Ms. Janice Meier Trent Evans by Matt and Dee Evans by Nancy and Carl Smith Nancy Gerson by Christina Rosas Mikie Hawkins by The SPR Family Charitable Giving Fund Dan and Emily Kahn by Mr. Stanley Kahn Ted Mulsow by Daisy Metcalf Gregorio Nava by Ms. Frances Jimenez Ford and Sharon Smith by Paul and Jaydean Urban Susan Smith by Drew and Elizabeth Cauthorn Colleen Tanner by Dr. Brandon Briery Jerry and Sandra Terry by Jimmy Valrie Joseph Thomson by Ms. Stacie Solis The Willoughby Family by Mr. Mark Humphries

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Tributes are from June 1 through August 31 Craig Alvord by Larry and Kathy McClaugherty Tim Foster by Dr. Brandon Briery William Randy George by Larry and Kathy McClaugherty Bill Jamison by Dr. Brandon Briery Traci Martin by Ms. Helen Baker Marlin Petty by Dr. Brandon Briery Tommy Thurman by Larry and Kathy McClaugherty Zachary Thurmond by Jordan Gonzalez Eric van Hell by Jay Smith Ross William Vick Jr. by Chuck and Leigh Smith Joy Wellington by Larry and Kathy McClaugherty Robert White by Larry and Kathy McClaugherty

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