2022 Thank You Report

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2022 THANK

A new day dawns at Camp For All.

Camp For All transforms the world for children and adults with challenging illnesses or special needs.

Camp For All is a national leader in creating and providing proven lifechanging experiences for children and adults with challenging illnesses or special needs through passionate and professional staff, cutting edge facilities and innovative programming. The barrier-free, not just accessible, Camp is located on 206 acres in Washington County, Texas and has served nearly 180,000 campers since 1998.

Camp For All 2U provides this same life-changing Camp experience for children who are unable to leave the hospital. The unique, award winning, multi-day Camp program allows patients to canoe, learn archery, roast s’mores, pet the barnyard animals and more all without leaving the hospital!

CAMPERS come to Camp For All with many challenges including autism, muscular dystrophy, cancer, Down syndrome, cognitive differences, multiple sclerosis, neurofibromatosis, PKU, spina bifida, sickle cell disease, seizure disorders, HIV, brain trauma, PTSD, missing limbs and more.

Dear Camp For All Family, 2022 was an exciting year at Camp For All!

We continued to emerge from the COVID impact and served more than 4,000 campers, which was nearly double the number served in 2021. It wasn’t at our 2019 capacity level, but we moved forward! Many of the hospitals and organi zations we Partner with were still requiring vaccinations or not willing to have “in person” camps, but we could tell that campers who did come were grinning ear to ear behind their masks!

Five new Partner organizations joined Camp For All including Communities In Schools. Each of their campers wrote a “thank you” note: “My name is Daniel and I want to say thank you for helping me get through my fear of heights and accommodating me on this trip even though it was only a weekend and I enjoyed myself.”

Joshua Samuels, M.D. became the new Board Chair. He has a long history with Camp For All, serving a record of three six-year Board terms and he is camp director for Shining Stars, a Partner camp at Camp For All for children with renal challenges.

In February, Camp For All welcomed a new Camp Director, Allen McBride. A Texas A&M graduate, Allen started his camp career at Camp For All before becoming Camp Director for Timber Pointe, an Easter Seals camp in Illinois. Allen’s wife and four children are glad to be back at Camp For All and in Texas.

One of the Camp For All auxiliary boards, the Young Professionals, changed its name to Emerging Leaders to be more inclusive of future leaders of all ages. The board members serve on many of the Board of Director committees, which helps Camp For All in myriad ways.

As you know, Camp For All, pre-COVID, was at 98% capacity in the summer and 98% capacity on weekends the rest of the year. We have waitlists for both and the number of campers that need this experience has continued to grow. The Camp For All Strategic Plan Big Hairy Audacious Goal is to have the capacity to double the number of Mission campers by 2027.

2022 was doubly exciting because the Charles Jago Elder Charitable Trust donated more than 379 acres of incredibly beautiful land to Camp For All where we can build a second Camp that will help us achieve our strategic goal. We are so very thankful to the Trustees who have entrusted Camp For All to fulfill the donor’s dream.

My sincere thanks to you and each and every member of the Camp For All Family. Your financial support, volunteerism, leadership, passion and dedication to helping campers experience love, laughter, hope and healing made 2022 exciting and very, very special.

Warmest regards,


The Hamill Foundation

Samuels Family Foundation


Charles Jago Elder Charitable Trust


The J.W. Couch Foundation

Melinda and Matt Mogas


Janet and Tom Behanick


CFP Foundation

Guill Family Foundation

Stacie and Rod Pitts

Scurlock Foundation


Cathleen and Robert Davis

Debra, Steve and Ryan Gilbreath

Sarah and John Hastings, Jr.

Dena Wren-Mumford


Brooke and Jason Bernhardt

Julie and Richard Boushka

The Crain Foundation

Alexis and Michael Leiser

Marilyn and Louis Mogas


Laurie and Chris Baker

Gyeszly-Prangner, PLLC

Lesley and Barrett Schick

Pat and Gordon Sorrells

Serjio Brereda & Family

The Medallion Foundation, Inc.


Agape Foundation Charitable Trust

Rhonda and Paul Gerson

Patrick Samuels

Under $10,000

Mary and Mark Goehring

Kim Hurst and Tom Humphrey

Deborah and Matthew Leyden

Lindy and Laurence Neuhaus

John Zinn
We are grateful for these commitments to the Blazing New Trails Campaign in 2022.


Joy and Will Crenshaw Family

Guill Family Foundation*

The Moody Foundation Samuels Family Foundation*


Estate of Bobbi Jo Kirlin

Marilyn and Louis Mogas*

May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust*

Vivian L. Smith Foundation*

Martha and Buzz White*


BetsWest Foundation/ Sally Blackie-Sengel and Sonny Sengel*

The Brown Foundation, Inc.*

The Crain Foundation*

Cathleen and Robert Davis*

John S. Dunn Foundation*


The Marie M. and James H. Galloway Foundation

Gilbane Building Company

Debra and Stephen Gilbreath*

The Melbern G. and Susanne M. Glasscock Foundation*

Ally and Tim Kelly

Mary Catherine and Michael Lewis

Judy O. and Kenneth C. Margolis Foundation

John P. McGovern Foundation*

Melinda and Matt Mogas*

The W.T. and Louise J. Moran Foundation*

Stacie and Rod Pitts

Robin Reed*

Rose and Boone Schwartzel

Shell Oil Company*

Robin and Brad Stein*


Gilly and Andrew Agosto

Kelly and Jared Anderson

MD Anderson Foundation*

Sandi and Gary Appelt*

Leslie and Jim Avioli*

C.T. Bauer Foundation*

Becky Bayless and Frederic de Joybert

Bearden Foundation

Janet and Tom Behanick*

Dawn and Brett Berly*

Will and Bailee Byler Foundation

The Carruth Foundation, Inc.*

CFP Foundation*

Community Foundation of the Brazos Valley

The Ellwood Foundation*

Enterprise Holdings Foundation*


Karen and Bob Funk

Arline Guefen*


George and Mary Josephine

Hamman Foundation

Sarah and John Hastings

Albert & Ethel Herzstein

Charitable Foundation*

Gerhard and Diane Hill

Charitable Foundation

Houston Junior Woman’s Club*

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo*

Illinois Tools Works Inc.

JDM Partners

Demi and Alex Jessett

Kay and Rene Joyce

Donna and Fred Leonard

Liz Logan and Kirk Hollingshead

Laurie and Jack Maddox*

The Ralph H. and Ruth J. McCullough Foundation*

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church*

Galin and Stephen Morgan*

NIC Holding Corp.

Heather and Paul Palmer

Pape-Dawson Engineers

Liz and Robert Rigney*

Susan Sarofim

Pat and Merv Schaefer*

Cindy and Don Scharringhausen

Scurlock Foundation*

SK Foundation*

Susan and Tommy Smith*

Sandra and William Swenson

Whalley Foundation*

Crystal and Brandon White

Greg Willbanks


Deborah and Jim Adler

Eddie Allen

Sue Anderson*

Blue Bell Creameries*

Cathy Blum

Nancy and Werner Boeer

Susan Fernbach and Peter Boudreaux*

Brenham National BankBrenham*

Cadence Insurance


Amy and Paul Carbone

Susan and David Davis

Susan and Bill Davis

Tricia and Michael Dillick

Jane Dure

McKensie and Cameron East*

EOG Resources, Inc.

Esther Friedman Family Foundation

Cheri and Andy Fossler*

Lynne and Mark Franklin

Rhonda and Paul Gerson*

Leslie and Douglas Gilstrap

Mystan Gurkin

Barbara Hermis*

Howard Hughes Corporation

Kim Hurst and Tom Humphrey

Sue and Stuart Jacobson

Kristin Johnson

Victoria and Michael Jones

Saranne and Livingston Kosberg

Verlin and Howard Kruse*

Barbara and Paul Kruse

Meredith Lamberton

Alexis and Michael Leiser*

Diann and Mike Lewter*

Karen and Evan Marti

Diane and Tim Myers*

MZ Foundation

Georgia and Kurt Nelson

Vicky and Erik Nielsen

Karen and Michael Odegard*

Paul Paras

Kathy and Clay Parker

Tish and David Peden*

Tim Porea*

Prosperity Bank

Raising Cane’s

Susan and Blake Randolph*

Ann and Daniel Rogers*

Sybil Roos*

Salners Family Foundation

Lesley and Barrett Schick*

Lisa and Bill Schwartz

Andrea Smith

Shuchi Smruti

Spindletop Community Impact Partners, Inc.

Caren and John Steffes*

Strake Foundation

Jane and Gary Swanson

Julie and Michael Taetz*

The Tapeats Fund*

Texas Rural Communities, Inc.

The Autodesk Foundation

Thank you to all of our donors for generously supporting Camp For All. Your gifts transform the world for children and adults with challenging illnesses or special needs.
* Denotes 5 years or more of consecutive giving

$5,000-$9,999 (cont.)

The Jackson Foundation

Cynthia and Fisher Trigg

UBS Wealth Management

Bonnie and David Weekley

Wells Fargo*

Emily Whittenburg

World Oilman’s Tennis Tournament Corp.

Dena Wren-Mumford*

Youths’ Friends Association

Michelle and Jonathan Zschech*


Ascend Performance Materials

Ellen and Hank Bachmann

Laurie and Chris Baker

Bank of Brenham

Kristen Bayazitoglu

Amanda and James Behanick*

Debbie and Brian Bender*

Linda and Bill Blocker

Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative, Inc.*

Julie and Richard Boushka*


Pam and Murray Brasseux*

Beth and Kirk Bruce

Elizabeth and Walter Bruce

Katie and Ken Burch

Sara and Larry Carbo

Edith and You Chin

Susan and Jim Chisolm

Pamela Cooper

Kelty and Rogers Crain*

Trisha and Joey Doucet

Sarah and Eric Eilers

Nancy and Gary Ellison*

Exxon Mobil Foundation

Fidelity National Title Insurance Company National Commercial Services

Diana and Brad Fishman

Glenna and James Floyd*

Mandy and Paul Forbes

Ellen and Tommy Ford

Pam and Bryan Green

Claire Greenberg

Debra and Mark Gregg

Sharon and Shane Guelker*

Hoar Construction

Jeanie and Jarrod Hodson

Houston Police Officers’ Union

Dianne and Stacy Hunt*

Ethel and Edward Hutcheson

Jack and Annis Bowen Foundation*

Kim and Rich Jochetz

Nancy and Alan Kaniss

Theresa and Ralph Kelly*

Lloyd and Susu Vancil Foundation

Stephanie and Bryan Magers

Desi and Patrick Marek

Julia and Johnny Martin

Lori and Neil Martin

Susan and Tom Martin*

Susan and Charles McCluggage*

Debbie and Kenny Meyer

Mike Hopkins Distributing Company, Inc.

Toni and Gary Miller*

MOD Pizza

Tiffany and Bryan Morisak*

Shashi Mudunuri

Pamela and Stuart Musslewhite

Lindy and Laurence Neuhaus*

David O’Reilly

Barbara and Brian Pierce

Susan and Robert Pohl

Jerrie and Peter Powell*

Terri and Gary Russell

Jenny and John Schaer

Laurel and Mike Schwehr

Jean and Mike Shoup

Kathy and Elton Steffen

Glenda and David Stegent

David Steinhart*

The Lillian Kaiser Lewis Foundation

The William Gano Houstoun Foundation*

TIRR Foundation

Susan Walker*

Elisa and Cole Walters

Leslye and David Weaver*

Western Midstream

Melanie and Tim Willett

Susan and Bob Zeller*

Alan Zuber


Abiding Word Lutheran Church

Rebecca and Billy Adler

Agape Foundation

Charitable Trust

Pam and Larry Alexander

Katie and Eric Alford*

Amegy Bank of Texas*

Sue Sue and Don Aron

Barbara and Oswald Bartholomew*

Deborah and Ozzie Bauer*

Joanne Belfort

Brooke and Jason Bernhardt*

Amy and Gary Blackie*

Rachel and Albert Blake

Rita Blumenfeld*

Bowen, Miclette & Britt, Inc.*

Shelley and Geoffrey Bracken

Brady, Chapman, Holland & Associates, Inc.

Brannon Industrial Group

Eleanor and Dale Brown*

Jerry Brown

Cassandra Bryant

Celeste Byrom

Catherine and Dougal Cameron

Ron Caress


Bob Christy

Citizens State BankBrenham

Thomas Claffy and James Sessel

Beth and David Clarke*

Jana and Brian Cogburn

Jacques Craig

Carolyn and Platt Davis*

Alisha and Christopher Davis

Patti and Stephen Davis*

Allynn and David Dealy

Katherine and Robert Dowdell


$1,000-$2,499 (cont.)

Jennifer and Jim Drew

Vicki and Tom Drummond*

Matthew Einbinder

Jim Ellison*

Ann and Tom Estus

Amanda and Corey Finke

Andrea and Darrell Fischer

Joyce Flanagan*

Norbert Flynn

Focalpoint Coaching of Texas, LTD.

Sherrie Foerster

Chicky and Corky Fowler

Jennifer and Scott Frasier

Chantal Froehlich

Gladys and Morgan Fuller

William Gregory Garrison*

Carma and Glenn Gibler

Giddings Livestock Commission Company, LLC

Christine Giese

Julie and James Gilligan*

Brenda and Aaron Gonzalez

Margaret and Richard Grall

Francel and James Gray

Matthew Hawthorne

Gail and Michael Hendryx*

Ruth Anne Herring*

Randy and Erin Hodge

Laine and John Hurdle

Whitney and Taylor Inman*

Liz and Mark Jacob

Kathy and Alex Johnson*

Cerin and Todd Johnson

Patsy and Willis Johnson

Joan and Marvin Kaplan*

Jano Nixon Kelley and John Kelley

Suzanne Kerr

Sandra and Lynwood Kindt

Sandy and Jim Kite

Lois and Jim Kolkhorst

Jennifer and Brian Kuzma

Johnny Lacina

Gregg and Claudia Laswell

Allison and Neville Leibman

Joyce Lindler*

Ashley and Barney Loesch

Loring Cook Foundation

Emily and Louis Macey

Donna and Lawrence Maddox

Marshall Construction Company, LTD.

Andrea and Dave Matthiesen*

John Mauel

Kerry Mazoch

Dinah and John McClymonds

Cathy and Kevin McFadden

Mary Lynn McKeown

Tracey Samuels McNamara and Robert McNamara

Samantha and Terry McPhail

Charlie Menefee

Connie and Jerry Merten

Mindy and Kyle Merten

Tamy and Roger Metzger

Mechelle and Brice Milliorn*

Nancy Moncrief

Carole and John Moore

Erin Trent and Nicholas Ndah

Rebecca Sells Neuhaus

Hope Northrup

Colleen and Bill O’Brien

Zillah Oden

Carlos Olea

Sonia and Mark Owen

Mary Alice and Michael Parmet

Partners in Building, L.P.

Paul B. & Frances Lenora Terry Jr. Family Foundation*

Sherry and Scott Peterson

Kathy and Harry Phillips

Sarah and Ben Powell

Andy Rambin

Catherine Randall

Veronica and Bryan Roby*

Alice and Curt Rohrman

Lee and Gary Rosenthal

Marci Rosenberg and Benjamin Samuels

Kyttie and Lawrence Sanford*

Judy and Henry Sauer

Ken Schaumburger

Sallie Gordon and Ken Schwenke

Seidel Schroeder

Paul Short

Clevette and Neville Simms

Cyndee Smith*

Dawn and Douglas Smith

Suzanne and Tad Smith

Pat and Gordon Sorrells*

Sean Spansel

Amie and Jeff Springmeyer

Stacy and Rickie Duke Family Charitable Fund

Starlight Aggies

Judy and Don Steinbach*

Meredith and Grant Stuart

Billye and Isik Tezel*

The Baker Family Fund

The Castro Family

Green Tree Fund

The Pittsburgh Foundation

Joanne and David Thomas

Michelle and Matthew Thomas

TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital

Leon Toubin*

Lee Train

Tim Treadway

Susan and Peter Tumminello

Hilary and. Warren Tyson

Chan Tysor

Christy and Jarvis Van Dyke

Laurie and Douglas Vander Ploeg

Paula Cizik and William Wade

Suzanne D. Walstad

Mary and Lawrence Walton*

Bron Ward

Alexandra and Ali Weaver

Whitney and Jason Weighter

Welcome Lutheran Church

Elecia Wheeler

John Whetsell

Gigi and Pete White

Sally and Jay White

Kate and Stewart White

Jennifer Jones and Joel Whitehead*

Janet and Thomas Whitener*

Melissa and Justin Whitley

Sherry and Ben Whitsett

Sharon and Doug Wicklund

Gena and Bernard Wilimitis

The Williams Companies, Inc.*

Suzie and Larry Wilson*

Jennifer and Ron Zach

Eleanor Zuber


Florence and Donald Ahrens*


Appel Ford, Inc.

Beth and Jeff Appel

Archbishop Rummel Ladies Auxiliary

Morven and Andrew Bancroft*

Bethany Lutheran Church

Leigh Ann and Joseph Blount

Boehm, LP

Tom Brackin

Braverman Family Charitable Foundation

Aubrey and Wesley Brinkmeyer

Carole and Donald Bullock

Brian Burnett

Shelly and Richard Butler

Catherine and John Byrd

Sean and Brett Cameron

Bradley Canterbury

Jim Carman

Michael Clements


$500-$999 (cont.)

Shannon Clubb

Ellen and Paige Cokinos

William Collins

Sheila Condon

Shannon Cox

Nancy and Joe Crabb

John Crane

Creative Paws

Amberly Darby

John Davenport

Poppy and Peter Doyle

Noah Dupuis

Brooke and Heath Durham

David Falk

Whitney and Cale Ferguson

Lyndsay and Travis Fincher*

Nancy and Sandy Gaido

Brenda Gallegos

Kristen and Philip Gallegos

Isidro Garza

Francia and Don Gentry

Stefanie Gerdes

Diane and Eddie Green

Nelson Haight

Kelly and Mike Handel

Terry Hargus

Susan and Richard Harris

Laurie Hatfield

Howard Haysom

Jody and Johnny Hendrix

Ricki and Stephen Hendrix*

Rodney Honerkamp

William Horn

Geoffrey Hynes

Kathryn and John James

Kathleen Johnson

Patricia Johnston and John Healing*

Dana and Randy Jordan

Deborah Kainer

Janice and Richard Kellogg

Kara King

Valeri Dietz and Patrick Klein

Samantha Knecht

Eric Kratz

Kristy and Greg Kroencke

LaRoche GM Dealerships

Arielle Lawson and Victor Ho

Robin and Charles Lindberg

Jim Locke

Marilyn and Steve Lowrey

Sue and Elroy Maass

Clark Martin

Jessica and Michael Marziani

Rachel and Charles Mathers*

Doug Mei

Melinda Mogas Flower Boutique

Carla and Michael Michalka

Marita and Robert Mikeska*

Mischpocheh, Inc.

Mary Beth Mosley and Peter Caldwell

Kachel and David Mullinax

Imogen Papadopoulos

Cindy and Allen Pate*

Carrie Pearson

Perry Homes

Mary and Larry Peterson*

Lete and Kenneth Phillips*

Valerie Qualls

Jeanette Rae and Don Ray

Erin and Jason Rebrook

Allison and Scott Redepenning*

Enid Robinson*

Denise and Joel Romo

Sarah Ross

Round Top Real Estate*

Pam and Philip Rundle

Barbara Samuels

Ally and Mike Seder

Peggy and James Shallock*

Jonathan Shaw

Gretchen Simmen

Abigail and Shane Smith

Mark Smith

Beth Stark

Lauren and Jared Steffen

Robert Stegen

Tracy and Gary Stein*

Molly Sweeney

Michael Switek

Twila and Milton Tate*

United Way of the Brazos Valley*

Karen and Donald Voelter

Leslie and Eric Wade*

Randa and K. C. Weiner

Susan Whiteford*

Elizabeth and James Wiggins

Ali and Taylor Williams

Darla and Nathan Winkelmann

Susan Wunderlich

Ed Wuthrich

Katie and Bryan Ziegler


Dorothy and Mickey Ables

Sue and Barry Abrams

Alice Acuna

George Adams

Lisa and Walker Agnew

Mary Aitken

Albertsons Safeway*

Ann Watson and James Allison*

Jennifer Alvarez

Amazing Space Storage

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 48

Jana and Michael Ames

Jeff Anderson

Kim and Ed Arnold

Janet Arnold

Ty Arnold

Juan Arredondo

Liz Aspromonte

Kristin Assaad

David Assid

Timothy Austin*

Delores and James Avioli*

Mark Avioli

Christian Baggett

Fred Baine

Daphne and Ken Baker

Casey Ball

Gregory Balogh

Katie Banks

Deloria Barber

Jolene Barnett

Debra and Peter Barnhart

Melissa Barrett

Mitch Barrier

Hunter Barrow

Frank Behanick

William F Bell

Brenda and Michael Benigno

Aimee Bertrand

Ginger Bertrand*

Shelby Beshara

Gerald Bianco

Carol Bishop

Crystal Bledsoe

Michael Blewitt

John Bluemke

Justin Boehm

Wyn Bomar

Camille Boudreaux*

Joe Bowen

Kathryn Kruse Boyd

Brady Pest Control

Darwin Brady

Sirena Branton

Shelley and Lewis Brazelton

Fredricka Brecht

Brenham Area Marble, LLC

Brenham Memorial Chapel

William Mark Brentzel

Shelley and George Britton

Darrell Brooks

Jena and Kevin Brown

Katherine Brown

Lauren Brown

Penny Bryant*

Mary Jo and George Budig

Candice and Chris Bullock



Mark Bulmash

Karen Burke

Sandy and Lloyd Burke

Dawn Bush

Carol and John Caldwell

Shawna Callaghan

Shannon Campbell

Becky Canterbury

Katherine Cantrell

Aleha Cantu

Richelle Carey

Debra Carlin

Anna and Colin Carsrud

Cedara’s Liquor

Ruby Cerda

Ashley Chabaud

Margaret Chabaud

Mitzi and Nelson Chafetz

Anita and Todd Chanon

Yanni Charalambous

Harry Christopher

Geoffrey Cislo

Citizens State Bank - Somerville*

Julie Cleaver

Jacqueline and Paul Clote

Jennifer and Miles Cobb*

Cortney and Kenneth Cole

Michelle Coltun

Elizabeth and David Conner

Ellen and Bobby Conner

Amber R. Connolly

Brian Cook

Catherine Cook

Cooks Point Brethren Church

Amanda and Mark Cooper

Stephen Coty

Doyle Courtney

Patrina Cranfill

Nikki Crews

Brenda Cuellar

Kate and David Dalton

Drew Davis

Sally and Edwin Davis

Beth and John Deans*

David Dell’Osso

Sunny and Tee Dippel

Timmy Dlabaj

Mary Doster

Katie Dowdell*

Tippy and David Downs

Betty and Jack Drake

Steve Dressler

Bonnie and Jim Dube

Gayle and John Durie

Gary Durrenberger

Cynthia and Robert Dye

Dan East

Lynn Edelman

Karen and Mark Edelman

Shelley and David Edelstein

Elizabeth and Samuel Edwards

Constance and Kenneth Eggers

Alison Ehnes

Liz and Larry Eickenhorst

Greg Eknoyan

Elite Collectables

Julie Ellerbrock

Jason Ellestad

Lynn and Edward Ellison

Pamela J. Ellison

Shawn Emerick

Randy Epps

Ann Eutsler

Elizabeth Fahnders

Nancy Fairfield

John Fedeli

Scott Fehmel

Brian Feiwell

Nelson Felder

Kathleen and Lee Feller

Robert Ferester

Nancy and Craig Ferguson

Julie Fette

First United Methodist Church

Marcella and Sky Foreman

Nikolas Fowler

Emily Freedman

Ellen and James Freeman

Steven Freeman

Christine and Keith Froebel

Leal and David Fruen

Grace Furr

Loubel Galik

David Gallagher

Gallagher’s Insurance

Nancy Gallmore*

Lori Gallo

Carol and Ronald Gallway

Elizabeth and Federico Garza

Dana Gaskins

Jerry Gauthier

Sandi Geerts

Anna and Phil Geleske

Sherry and Lawrence Gift

Sherwood Gill

John Gilman

Linda and Henry Glickman

Mark Goforth

Michael Golden

Leslie Goldman

Elizabeth Gonzales

Kalli Gonzalez

Melissa Goodman

Jena Goodridge

Gotier Trace III, LP

Nicole Goulet

Cynthia Gray

Lyndsay and Christopher Gray

Julie Grebe

Stephanie Green

Harris Greenwood and Romelia


Amie and Lane Gremillion

Geri Griffin

Brandi Grisham

Kathryn Grizzle

Jill and Ed Groff

John Gross

Jason Guyre

Robert and Diane Hain

Sharlie and J. P. Hall

Rick Hamman

Judith Hancock

Jack Haney

Eric Hansen

Linda and Stan Hargus

Clint Harrington

Dana and Juan Harris

Jill Harris

Karen and Don Harrison

Kathy and Robin Harrison

Heather Harvry

Kathleen and Clyde Hays*

Adrienne and Walter Hecht

Michelle and Roy Hendrix

Lindsay and Blake Henry

Gerald Herrington

Larry Hesketh

Matthew Hess

Jackie Hibbler

Kimberley and Brian Hickman

Russell Hicks

Lori and Brandon Hinman

Lori Hinman

Jean Hinton

Will Holford

Shawna Holmberg

Terry Hooke

Liz and Mike Hopkins

Bernice and James Houstoun

Sara and Bradley Howell

David Hurst

Allison and Brad Irelan

Rodney Jackson

Rochelle Jacobson

Elli Janisch

Michelle Janssen

Stephanie Jeandheur


$100-$499 (cont.)

Krista Jenkins

Meghan Jennings

Lisa and Gary Johnson

Ken Johnston

John Jordan

Kanye Anderson Capital Advisors Foundation

Sherri and Richard Kaplan

Sarah Kathman

Lynn and Jim Kaucher

Joan and Richard Kehlenbach

Mary Carol Kelley

Thana and Otto Kemper

Misty Khan

Frank Kim

Donna and Ronald Kleist

Jan Klingsporn

Michelle and Will Klingsporn

Vicky and Robert Kloecker*

Wendy and Kevin Klump

Katheryn and Timothy Knott

Melissa and Christopher Kocurek

Christina and Adam Koehn

Randy Kostroske

Karen Krehbiel

Janis Krieger

Michelle and Stephen Krischke

David Kruse*

Michele and Jimmy Kwiatkowski

Armand LaBelle

Amy and PJ Lampi

Natalie Lance

Jennifer Lataquin

Cindy Lattanzi

Robert Law

Kelly Layne

Paul Layne

Heath Leax

Megan and Brad Lembcke

Kathleen Lennon

Annette Lester and Charlene Terrell

Greg Leveille

Liberty Mutual

Kristin Virginia Liedtke

Dena Lipper

Harret and Barry Lipsitz

Rachel Logan

Lori and Stuart Speer

Yesely and Kevin Love

Laurie and John Lowery

Brianna Luna

Claire Lutey

Basil Lyberg

Judy and Jeff Lyman

Reyne Macadaeg

Bob Mace

Elizabeth and James MacIntyre

Michael Maddox

David Majewski

Linda Maley

Carrianne Mance

Rochelle Mannigel

Ruth Marcott

Troy Marcott

Theresa Martinez

Elizabeth and Tres Masser*

Michelle and Jack Matzer

Marcia and Thomas Mazingo

Anna and Allen McBride

McCord and Company

Kathleen and Barry McCord

Daniel McCrory

Lana and Charles


Sally and Bobby McGowan

Patti McGrievy

Jane McGriff

April and Roman McIntosh*

Riley McLean

Warren McMahan

Betty and Jerry McNeill

Rita Meaux

Adam Meister

Jennifer Melster

Mario Mendez

Bryan Metting

Hayley Miller

Michael Miller

Elizabeth Jane and Sam Miller


Marilyn Mogford

Jessica Mohr

Robert Moll

Cheyenne Moore

Lisa Moraca

Debbie Moratto

Jackie Moreno

Josie and Phillip Morgan

Andi and Lee Morgenthaler

Chandler Morris

Bette and Pete Mosley

Erin and Sam Mosley

Amy and Matt Mosley

Amanda J. Murray

Lynda and Darrell Murski

Stacy Nathan

Ken Naughton

Dru Neikirk

Ken Neikirk

Sally and Dennis Nelson

Susan Netherton

Darylene Netzer*

Allison and Christopher Newport

Barbara and William Noel*

Jennifer and Dathan Nowicki

Julie O’Neill

Melanie O’Neill

Natalie and David Ortiz

Jane Osborne*

Sherrie Osborne

Rochelle and Sheldon Oster*

Outlaws BBQ

Connie and Randall Pachar

Kim Padgett

Janie Paleschic and Marlon Taylor

Michelle and Lee Panko

Maria and Chris Pappas

Stephanie Parker

Angela Partida

Rick Paskovich

Martin Payne

Dorothy Pearson

Marisela Pena

Michael Pena

Celia Peressini

Margaret Pering

Elizabeth Perrier

Anna Pertl-Regan*

Kristin Peterson

Phalanx United RC

Tina Pham

Kim Phillips

Michaela Pichini

Pierce Cattle Company

Rob Pilkenton

Minerva Pleasant

Daniel Pleason

Kurt Podeszwa*

Mr. Yechiel Polatsek

Esther and Gary Polland

Alyson Poston

Annie and Joe Potente

Barbara and Thomas Press*

Melissa and William Prior

Steven Prusak

Anne and George Quirk

Travis Rabun

Kelly Ratcliff

Lynette and Alan Rauch*

Lila Rauch*

Statira Overstreet and Corey Rich

Gisela Riggan

Melissa Roberts

Dilice Robertson

Jennifer Roche

Heidi and Steven Rodrick

Anne and Joseph Romano

Lisa Rothfeld


$100-$499 (cont.)

Janet Johnson and Chip Routt

Alex Rupert

Russell Reynolds Associates

Annabella and Vahe Sahakian*

Dianne and Calame Sammons

Cheryl and Joshua Samuels*

Dawn Sapp

Denise and Mervin Schaefer

Ryan Schafer

Ryan Schafer

Candace and Gerald Schlief*

Janet and Richard Schmidt

Carol and Thomas Schulte

Leah Schultz

Michael Schwartz

Andrea and Charles Seay*

See Conley Transportation, LLC

David Seiter

Mandel Selber

Sheri and Robert Selvage

Christie Shepard

Ken Shook

Angie Signorelli

Guido Paulus Sijbers

John Sileo

Cheyenne Simpson

Molly Simpson

Dianne and Bob Singeltary

Lilla Sivek

Harrison Sladic

Igna and Steve Smith

Anne and William Sorrells

Sonia Soto


Mary and Matt Speer

Linda Spielberg

Yvonne Spivey

Stacy Starmer

Stavis & Cohen Financial

Austin Stephens

Nancy and Larry Stevens

Lyn Stewart

Lynne and Jeff Stoltenberg

Karen Stowers

Kim and Mark Strange

Kathy Streby

Joyce Strickland

Sharon and Charles Suessmuth

Anne and John Suman

Patricia and Howard Sussman

Pamela and Wayne Swafford

Sally Switek


Gina Taylor

Sandra Taylor

Susan and Weldon Taylor

Alison and James Tennant

Chappell Hill United Methodist Church

The D J S Fund

Karen and John Thomas*

Mary Thornhill

Audrey Thorpe

Mildred and John Tiaden

Cynthia and Sammy Timpa

Brenda and Dick Tinsley

Mr. John Toxey

John Traupman

Steven Travis

Denise Traylor


Monica Tucker

Deborah Urquhart

Sharon Vaisman

Andrew Vaughan

Susan Vehaskari

Tera Vlier

Thomas Vlier

Whitney and Marc Walsh

David Walther

Julianna Wanek

Joan Warburton

Whitney Warlick

Frances and Christopher Weatherly

Adrienne Webb Braden

Byron Webb

Bonnie Wedemeyer

Lauren and Will Weeks

Vicki Wehmeyer

Kyle Weidemann

Kat Weiss

Marissa Weitzner

Kim Wellmann

Lauren and James Werline

Cassandra Wertz

Brian West

Sabre West

Fred Westling

Honey Whitesides

Sharon and Ray Whitley

Billy Whittaker

Bonnie and Kent Whitten

DeeDee Wilkins

George Wilkinson

Ms. Jennifer Willcoxon

Ana and Emory Williams

Connie Williams

Marsha and Thomas Williams

Sheila and Mark Wilson

Emily Wiper

Patricia Wolfe

Carrie and Ronald Woliver

Bridget and Alec Wolk

Melinda and John Wright*

Wendy and Rob Yates

Shick Yun

Z Zurich Foundation


Shelby Adams

Brianna Adkins

Carlos Aguilar

Carolyn Alex

Michele Alexander

Eric Anderson

Roy Murray Anderson

Karen Andrews

Michael Andrus

Mahreen Arain

Sylvia and Fred Arehart

Cris Armstrong

Karen Asprea


Kelley Austin

Sterling Bailey

Rajeev Bajaj

Suzanne Baker

Ward Baker

Ali Bamberger

Bandera High School Class of 1958

Susan and John Barnes

Raegan Barnes

Jay Barrash

Cathy and John Barrett

Adrienne Bash

Kristie Beeler

Rudy Benavides

Olivia Benitez

Natalie Bennett

Sarah Bernardo

Stacy Bernstein

BJ Electric

Rey Black

Thomas Blalock

Alexa Bode

Maria Bohnert

Becky Bosse

Alicia Bowen

Kate and Brandon Bracey

Lana Jo and Michael Branton

Marilyn and Randy Braud

John Bredehorst

Michelle and Brad Brookner

Hannah Brookner

Michael Brooks

Larry Broughton*

Amy Brown

Elyssa Buntzel and Derek Zhou

Tiffany Byers

Patrick Cain

Vincent Caldarera

Shanon Cammarata

Clay Campbell

Ronald Canales

Theresa Casco

Audrey Chabaud

Tess and Jack Chaney

Dena Chapa

Michelle Chavez


$1-$99 (cont.)

Craig Cheeseman

Jennifer Chinchilla

Jordan Chitwood

Samuel Christopher

Citizens Charitable Foundation

Jim Claffy

Patti and John Clevinger

Brandi Coatsworth

Charles Cobb

Judy Cohen

Gerri Colbert

Krystal Colman

Diane Combs

Amy Comiskey

Sandra and Daniel Courson*

Duanna Craig

Jessica and Matthew Crandall

Patrick Craska

George Crawford

Patrick Crawford

Scott Crawley

Corey Crouch

Sydney Crouch

Lourdes Cuellar

Jeff Culver

Rebecca Curren

Mike Cvejanovich

Monica Cvejanovich

Robert Cvejanovich

Caroline Cyboran

Akram Dagher

Marilyn Davis

James Davitt

Jacqueline Noel Deans

Maria Demma

Matt Denton

Debbie Diamond

Lisa Diaz

Rob Diesel

Timothy Dillow

Delores Dismuke

Chris Dodd

Ryan Dooley

Sue Dornbos

Riddhi Doshi

Rebecca Downs

Robyn Doyle

Rebecca Duke

James Dunn

Veda Dupree

Sherles Durham

Destiny Durr

Jack W Dykinga

Jennifer Ebel

Laraine Ebinger

Kerry Edwards

Elizabeth and Dan Switek

Noor Elsharif

Janet Enderle

John Erdman

John Esche

Brittany Faulkner

Erin Feemster

Aaron Fink

Carmen and Stephen Finn*

Laurie Ford

Robin Forehand

Cindy Fratina

Frances Friedman

Jennifer Gangeri

Elizabeth Garcia

Courtney Garson

Susan Geick

Alisa Geller

Gerrald Giblin and Marianna

Bruce Giblin

Nate Glassell

Lauren Goldman

Martin Goldman

Martha and Isreal Gomez

Carol and Barry Goodfriend*

Olivia Goodman

Sydney Goss

Kimberly Goyne

Deedra and Glenn Grant

Susan Greer

Ellen Greetham

Nita Gregg

Jeanne and William Gregory

Diane Griffin

Rachel E Griffin

Ashley Grigsby

Steven Grim

Lauren Grochocki

Kirsten Gruver

Annie Guajardo

Travis Guinn

Kathy Gulliver

Stephanie Gustafson

Norma Gutierrez

Eileen Hall

Amanda Hanks

Donaimian Hankston

Sarah Hartley

Andrew Hastings

Lisa Hayes

Kim Hearn

Wendy Hemingway

Courtney and Justin Hendrick

Sarah and Chris Herbek

Cheryl Herr

Dorene and Frank Herzog

Betty Heverly

Susan Lorraine Hill

Brian Hinman

Tara Hinton

Kallie and Adam Hodge

Kimberly Simmons Hodges

Bill Hoey

Marlene and Charles Hoffheiser

Melissa Horn

Erin Hubbard

Eric Huebner

Vanessa Huntley

Shana Ivey

Matthew Jamison

Sandra Jaquez

Jenny and Eric Gustafson

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Barry Johnson

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Thomas Jones

Jessica and Scott Jordan

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Cynthia and Howard Katz

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Abigail and Ali Khatiblou

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Rhonda Koether

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Damian Kukulski

Phillis Lackey

Lakeside Women’s Club

Linda Lane

Sean Lattis

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April Lewer

Cheryl Lewer

Barbara and Barry Lewis

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Trina and Brad Lindemann

Dora and David Lipper

Ryan Liska

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Justine and Kyle Marpe

Kristyn Martinez

Samuel Martinez

Audra Marye

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Melissa Matsu

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$1-$99 (cont.)

Lauri and Remo Mazzini

Gracie and Alan McClure

Jamie McFeders

Heidi McKeever

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Jennifer Meyer

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Madison Moore

Pat Moore*

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Cherie and Robert Nienstedt

Marian and Harry Nimon

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Tiffany ORourke

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Victoria Papp

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Susan Speert and Gabriela Hanrahan

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Angie Staller

Vanessa Stang

Royce Starling

Jodi Stasse

Pam Stephens

Mary Stinson

Michael Stoll

Charity and David Stone

Nancy Stow

Leslie Strug

Kyle Sumrow

Emily Switek

Judith Switek

Mary Switek

Noah Switek

Kirby Taylor

The Kroger Co.

The Stand

The Woodlands Area Quilt Guild

Mary Thomas

Kyle Thompson


Nicole Tringali

Ronda Trow

Steve Troxell

Audrey Tucker

Greg Tucker

Sherry Tucker

Chris Turner

Melinda Tyra

UKOGF Foundation

United Way of Galveston*

United Way of Greater Atlanta*

Aneissa Urias

Kathleen Valle

Lia Vallone

Alanna Van Nostrand

Mara Segal

Gabriel Vargas

Lori Varnadore

Paulie Velasquez

Cristina Ventura

Abigail Walker

Mary Claire Walther

Stephen Warrell

Washington County Ladies Lions Club

Catherine Wehmeyer

Alex Wein

John Welch

Melissa Werner

Ted Whiteford

Scott Wiginton

Carolyn Wildenthal

Tamra Wilkerson

Patti Williams

Stephanie and Michael Williams

Tycely Williams

Blake Willms

Stephen Wilson

Peter Wismer

Angela Wrigglesworth and Justin Titcombe

Cydney Wright

Darlene Wright

Katie Wright

Bobby Yazdani

Linda and Mike Ybanez

Lisa Zarosky

John Zinn



In 2022, Camp For All continued to follow COVID-19 protocols for the safety of our campers with challenging illnesses or special needs and staff. However, with the help of generous donors and most of the second PPP loan forgiven, we served 20% more campers than 2021. In addition, as part of the Strategic Plan and with the gift of nearly 400 acres of beautiful land, Camp For All launched the Blazing New Trails Capital Campaign to build a second Camp to enable the growing population of the people we serve to discover life.


Homecoming 2022: A Night to Come Together

GALA CO-CHAIRS: Ginger Bertrand and Susan Walker

HONOREES: Laurie and Jack Maddox



Camp For All Goes Over The Edge 2022 ROOFTOP SPONSOR: The Howard Hughes Corporation FUNDS RAISED $166,000

Aloha: An Evening in Paradise!

GALA CO-CHAIRS: Sue Anderson and Kathy Steffen AUCTION CHAIR: Marita Mikeska

Sunny and Tee Dippel Brenham

EXPENSES Program Services- Camp Operations $ 3,885,078 n Management and General $ 649,978 n Fundraising $ 753,238 n Total Expenses $ 5,288,294
Program Service Fees $ 1,270,961 n Contributions & Special Events $ 3,019,056 n In Kind Land Donation $ 2,967,000 n Blazing New Trails Capital Campaign $ 15,360,433 n Other Income $ 17,638 n Total Revenue $ 22,635,088 14% 12%
National Bank
74% 6% 13% 13% 68%

Program Supervisor Jordan Pugh, was awarded the American Camp Association (ACA) Jack Weiner Leadership Award. Jordan was the sole recipient of the national award, given to a young person who is pursuing a career in the camping field. Jordan was recognized in a keynote address at the ACA National Conference.

Camp For All was voted the winner of the Houston Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” 2022 in the small companies category. Camp For All received the Better Business Bureau’s Awards for Excellence, in which Camp For All was a Winner of Distinction.




Joshua Samuels, M.D., CHAIR

Marion Anderson

Jim Avioli

Laurie Baker

Tom Behanick

Beth Clarke

Bob Davis

Marcella Foreman

Ashley Frysinger

Bob Funk

Philip Gallegos

Steve Gilbreath

Amanda Gyeszly

Sarah Hastings

Kim Hurst

Ally Kelly

Alexis Leiser

Michael Lewis

Liz Logan

Steph Magers

Matt Mogas

Stacie Pitts

Patrick Samuels

Lesley Schick

Susie Smith

Julie Taetz

Martha White

Dena Wren-Mumford


McKensie Wren East

Cale Ferguson

Jenny Schaer

Pat Prior Sorrells


Paul Gerson, M.D.

Laurence B. Neuhaus

Robert S. Zeller, M.D.


Pat Prior Sorrells


Gary W. Miller


Cynthia Adkins

Gary Appelt

Kathy Archer

Laurel Bashaw

Brett Berly

Jason Bernhardt

Ginger Bertrand

Sally Blackie-Sengel

Peter Boudreaux

Julie Boushka

Pam Brasseux

Eleanor Brown

Laurie Bruce Maddox

Don Bullock

Michael Donaldson

Lyndsay Fincher

Corky Fowler

Francia (Bove) Gentry

Curt Glowacki

Alan Kaniss

Tim Kelly

David Lummis

Louis Macey

Jack Maddox

Judy Margolis

Nick Ndah

Mike Odegard

Blake Randolph

Robin Reed

Carlos Rivera

Chip Routt

Laurie Selzer

Cyndee Smith

Robin Stein

Leon Toubin

Eric Wade

Susan Walker

Leslye Weaver

Michelle Zschech

Angela Wrigglesworth Titcombe


Joe Blount

Rogers Crain

Paul Gerson

Rock Houstoun

Mike Lewter

Gary Miller

Jay Munisteri

Larry Neuhaus

Becky Neuhaus

Lisa O’Leary

Elizabeth Rigney

Patrick Samuels

Pat Schaefer

Robert Zeller


Kyle Merten, CHAIR

Katie Alford

Sue Anderson

Archer Archer (Hadley)

Eva Coffey

Mandy Forbes

McKenzie Gillilan

Pam Green

Lisa Hernandez

Bailey Hodde

Jennifer Jones

Sandie Kindt

Janice Kramer

Leigh Linden

Jack Maddox

Brice Milliorn

Kyle Priesmeyer

Jamie Rankin

Joliee Robinson

Sarah Ross

Kaylee Roznovsky

Jenny Schaer

Cyndee Smith

Kathy Steffen

Meredith Stuart

Linda Thaler


Cale Ferguson, CO-CHAIR

McKensie Wren, CO-CHAIR

Albert Blake

Camille Boudreaux

Katie Dowdell

Samuel Edwards

Riley McLean

Harrison Sladic

Curtis Stallings

Peter Wismer


Follow us! Visit www.campforall.org or call 713.686.5666 for more information about donating, attending or volunteering! CORPORATE OFFICE 3701 Kirby Drive, Suite 570 Houston, Texas 77098 713.686.5666 CAMP 6301 Rehburg Road Burton, Texas 77835 979.289.3752

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