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Two men combine their passions: diving and photography


Campbell River’s girls will floor you with Roller Derby


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Featured Resident Morgan Ostler, longtime resident of the community gets things done.


Business Profile Thank You Products is a line of organic, fair-trade Canadian products supporting children’s charities.


Fit to Play





Photographer Profile Gardening Putting healthy and home-grown food on your table.


Team Profile

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Two men create awareness and appreciation for underwater life.

Enough with the excuses! If you truly want to exercise and keep fit you will make time for it!

Weddings Special 14 page must-see wedding feature!

Campbell River girls will floor you with the rock ‘em sock ‘em style of Roller Derby.



Chef’s Choice Executive Chef, Marc McGraw’s signature oyster recipe


Pet Profile Meet Kobe, the water cat.


Industry Profile Forestry – Heading into a period of re-growth.


Living Feature The design-build experience – creating your dream home.


Historical Feature Wild companions.

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Featured Resident

Longtime resident of the community gets things done Story and photography Alistair Taylor

Morgan Ostler is a force to be reckoned with


here is a force at work in Campbell River that never stops pushing the community towards the future, relentlessly shaping it in pursuit of a vision, doggedly leading it toward a goal.

That force is Morgan Ostler. And if Campbell River is being picked up by the scruff of its neck and marched towards a bright future, it’s a reflection of how Ostler relentlessly pursues her agenda. “I am not driven, but I definitely have goals,” Ostler says. The 81-year-old Ostler’s latest vision is to transform Campbell River into a community that grows more of its own food. For the last few years she has been involved in the adoption of a municipal agricultural plan that was included in the official sustainable community plan. She also helped get council to approve backyard chicken coops. Ostler likes to point out that Vancouver Island produces only 6-10 per cent of its own food and Campbell River only produces about one per cent. Yet, the community is surrounded by Agricultural Land Reserve – land officially designated for agricultural use. And although that land is covered in forest, the soil beneath is excellent for growing things. Soil testing done during the process to adopt an agricultural plan turned up surprising results. “It showed we had soil values as high as those in the (Fraser River) delta of Vancouver,” Ostler says. But because Campbell River has been a resource-extraction based community for so long, it’s taking a long time to convince residents and the powers that be to see this community as an agricultural community. But Ostler never shies away from a challenge. She came to Campbell River in 1964 as a wife and young mother of two children. She eventually had to support herself and her children working as a journalist in town with the old Upper Islander newspaper. In those early years she was active in the effort to replace the Old Island Highway which back in the seventies was seen as narrow, windy and dangerous, particularly after a young girl was killed in a tragic accident. In 1996, after decades of pursuing a new highway, Ostler “presided” over the opening of the new Inland Island Highway as Queen Elizabeth the Second, a persona she is known to put on now and again for the entertainment of the masses.


Ostler may be driven but she takes the wheel with a grin on her face and a twinkle in her eye that reflects her proud Anglo-Irish roots.



Whether presiding over highway openings as “Queen Elizabeth” or serving as the agricultural queen of the community, the 81-year-old Ostler doesn’t like to sit still for very long.

“So, you can see I’m never bored,” she says. And you know that through it all, Ostler is having fun. “I enjoy my life,” she says. “I think my life is a gift.” But if her life is a gift, it’s a gift that she pays forward. Community service has been a big part of Ostler’s life. She considers herself privileged to have married a man who became a mayor who was much loved in the community for his vision. She married Bob Ostler in 1970 and between the two of them, they raised eight children. She now has 11 grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Bob passed away in 2001 and Morgan is proud of many things about him. One of the things she’s most proud of was his vision for the community’s accessible waterfront. Bob Ostler was the force behind the city’s waterfront acquisition program which provides for the purchase of waterfront property so that it can be opened up for use by all the residents of Campbell River. Ostler contrasts Campbell River’s open waterfront with that of Parksville where you used to be able to see the sandy beaches from the highway but which are now blocked by high rises and development. “They have essentially separated the people of Parksville from their waterfront,” Ostler says. It was also her husband’s city council that began the Seawalk which the Rotary Club took on as a project and completed. He also help spearhead the Discovery Pier project.

A rebellious youngster Ostler’s gifts were given to her at an early age, under circumstances that might not, at first, seem to be such a nice present. Ostler was born in Victoria to prosperous parents, her father being a former military commander stationed in India and who loved Indian and Asian philosophies. “My father was very, very spiritually-inclined towards Oriental and Asian beliefs.” But along with that Asian sensibility came the British tradition of sending your children away to boarding school. At the tender age of five, Ostler

“I am a very happy person,” she says, “and I find hilarity in the human condition.”

Because of my optimism, I see that it maybe developed a side of my character that maybe would have remained latent if I hadn’t been challenged.

and her sisters were sent to a Catholic boarding academy in Victoria. “It seems strange now,” Ostler says. But that was the norm in her family’s social circles. “My father lived in a society where they were sent to military school at five years old,” Ostler says. “When we were placed in an academy as a little girl, it was simply a reflection of how society was.” It was hard at times, she admits. The nuns were harsh disciplinarians. But Ostler was no shrinking violet as a student. She was a curious and lively child who would frequently challenge her Catholic overseers. “I was quite rebellious and I got expelled several times.” Each time, her father managed to negotiate her return to school. Demonstrating a dramatic flare early on in life, Ostler liked to sneak into the school auditorium and put on events on the stage. Once a nun caught her and tied her to a chair and locked her up in the attic on the eighth floor of the school. “I was terrified, as a small child,” Ostler says. But Ostler sees the boarding school experience as shaping her in a positive light. “Because of my optimism, I see that it developed a side of my character that maybe would have remained latent if I hadn’t been challenged like that,” she says. She says later in life she was able to test herself psychologically and confirmed that she had, in fact, Attention Deficit/ Hyper Activity Disorder. “I knew very little about what that meant, other than I was a very hyperactive person.”

of energy and a tremendous amount of curiosity,” she says. “I don’t see myself as being disabled in any way,” she adds later. She believes that children should be taught to treat their condition as a gift that can help them.

“That might explain why in my 81st year, I get up in the morning with my list,” she says with a grin. Ostler served two terms on city council from 2003 to 2008. During her years on council she often felt out of place because she is inclined to work independently. “I had my own agenda to move forward and that was out of place on council,” she says. But her council experience gave her a useful insight into how the system works. And now she’s using that experience to continue her agenda. She practices “creative magnetism” which she learned at an early age. “My father taught us that we could create our own life by our thought processes,” she says. It’s worth paying attention to what Ostler is creating for her life because, with her go get ‘em attitude, you know her vision will have an impact on Campbell River in some way. Now that the city is incorporating Ostler’s agricultural vision, she is in pursuit of another goal. She wants to convert Campbell River and the rest of Vancouver Island’s municipalities into genetically-engineered free zones. She wants to ban genetically-modified foods. And Ostler is just the kind of force to make that happen.

Authentic Chinese Food in Campbell River

But for whatever reason, Ostler has never seen her condition as a disorder. Quite the opposite, she uses it as a tool in her psychological kit. “Being ADHD was a blessing because I have a tremendous amount

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Business Profile

Making more to give more By Kristen Douglas


resh off the sale of their own company, Campbell River entrepreneurs Marion and Bernard Eberlein wanted to break away from the small-business model and instead do something meaningful. So the pair started their own brand – a brand that supports children’s charities and provides consumers with a healthy, all-natural product that is produced close to home. Thank You Products is a line of organic matcha and loose leaf teas, organic coffee, natural spring bottled water, and hand-crafted soaps. All the products are fair-trade and produced in Canada. The bottled water, for example, is spring water produced by a family company in the Kootenays. “We see Thank You Products as a brand, a brand that stands for 100 per cent giving,” Marion says. “It’s a new brand that stands for a good cause. What makes the company unique is that it’s not-for-profit and all of the proceeds go to five different children’s charities – the Help Fill a Dream Foundation in Victoria, the B.C. Children’s Hospital in Vancouver, the Nicaragua Children’s Foundation based in Vancouver, the Mary A. Tidlund Foundation based out of Alberta and the Vitamin Angels, which operates worldwide.” The Eberlein’s connection to the Nicaragua charity stems from Bernard’s days as a pilot for the United Nations when the Eberleins were living in Germany, where they’re originally from. “I was inspired by my job in the United Nations,” Bernard says. I did a lot of work where we were bringing food and essentials to local villages. In the UN I was based in Honduras and Nicaragua is close to Honduras so we did a lot of humanitarian work in Nicaragua. This is where the inspiration came from and we hope to get it back in our lives.” After emigrating to Canada from Germany in 1996, the Eberleins settled on Quadra

Bonnie’s Alterations

Bonnie Hart

778-418-4222 {Inside Burp It Up Boutique} 2116F S. Island Highway, Sunrise Square, Willow Point

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Serving the North Island from two offices

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Island where the wilderness enthusiasts could be closer to nature. Both were always self-employed and had a background in business so they opened their own tourism resort, Coastal Spirits Sea Kayaks and Lodge. After selling the lodge in 2012, the Eberleins, who have two children – ages 17 and 8 – were at a crossroads. They made the decision to move to Campbell River and just this past September, established Thank You Products. “We didn’t want to do the small business model again and we wanted to do something purposeful,” Marion says. And, Bernard points out, the products are a win-win for everyone. “This is a benefit for everyone involved,” Bernard says. “It’s a benefit for the children’s charities, it’s a benefit for the customer who is doing something good and getting a good product.” Bernard says the goal with Thank You Products is to get enough exposure and get their product into enough stores, gyms, restaurants, and hotels that the company will become a sustainable funding source that the five children’s charities can count on on a regular basis. In only two months of operation, the Eberleins made $1,021 off the sales of their products which was split evenly between the five charities in November. Bernard says right now he and his wife are working on getting the bottled water into hotels. He says hoteliers who put bottled water in their guest rooms like it because the label says Thank You on it. “We are expanding into hotels and resorts, so the plan is, the more we sell, the more money we have to give away,” Bernard says. “The whole concept is, you need your teas, you need your water, you need your coffee. Instead of putting money into a large corporation – and who knows what they’re doing with it – you’re putting your money into something that has meaning.” Thank You Products are currently sold in Campbell River at Healthyway Natural Foods Market, Discovery Foods, Willows Market, Willow Point bakery, several sports facilities, and Jeanie’s Vitamin Store. Thank You Products can also be found in the Comox Valley at Jeanie’s Vitamin Centre and Runges Delicatessen and on Quadra Island at Tru Value Foods. The products can also be purchased on Thank You Products’ website, Thank You Products is also on Facebook and Twitter.

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Fit to Play

Alright, enough with the excuses!


By Steve Nagle

y work gets in the way. My family takes up too much time. There is a good show/game on TV tonight. The weather is too bad. I’m on shift work and the gym is not open at midnight. My wife is having a baby. And the classic: “I don’t have time.” These are all weak excuses for not exercising. As a fitness instructor and personal trainer for many years, I think I’ve heard every excuse known to man for why “I can’t exercise.” The truth is – if you truly want to exercise and keep fit you will make the time for it! One of the best ways in our busy lives is to build fitness into our regular routines and one of the easiest ways to do that is on your way to and from work or school. Leave your car in the driveway and cycle or walk there.

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Most people wouldn’t even consider it, but it’s a great way to get a workout while actually going somewhere. I ride or run to and from work almost every day. My ride is about nine kilometres one way and takes me about 30 minutes. So that amounts to about 18 kilometres and one hour a day. Multiply that by five days and it’s 90 kilometres a week or 4,700 kilometres and 260 hours a year. Yes, it takes some planning, and yes, it takes some effort, and yes you can get cold or hot or wet and dirty, but for that planning and effort, the rewards for personal fitness are immense. It frees up all kinds of time. When you get home, you have already done your workout for the day. You don’t have to eat into your evening/ leisure time. The excuse: Okay, you say, “I have to drive, I live too far from work.” The answer to the excuse: Why not park a few kilometres short of your work and walk the rest of the way? Easy to do! There is always a way to fit fitness into your lifestyle. Don’t listen to excuses, just get on with it. I do it – so can you!

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Team Profile

Ready to roll

By Kristen Douglas

With names like Foxie McMuff, Ballsy Benoit and Lumber Smack, Campbell River’s roller girls will floor you with the rock ‘em sock ‘em style of Roller Derby


hen Kim Emsley-Leik rollerskates around a rink, it’s no leisurely roll. She takes numbers and clears bodies.

Emsley-Leik is one of a growing number of local women who have taken up the thrilling sport of roller derby. But it’s more than a sport. It has a culture all its own. It even comes with its own rough and cheeky nicknames. At the rink, Emsley-Leik becomes Foxie McMuff and her job as a blocker is to block the opposing team’s jammer from passing Emsley-Leik’s fellow blockers and scoring points. If the jammer gets around twice, she racks up one point for each skater she passes on the second lap. Emsley-Leik is one of seven from Campbell River who skate for the Rink Minx, a team based out of the Comox Valley. The other members are: Lindsey Ryzak, who’s known around the rink as Lita Riot, Peggy Benoit (Ballsy Benoit), Lisa Jackson (Whiskey Jack), Chantelle McPherson (Chantos Sanchez), Kari Barker (Swifty), and Taisa Brown (Lumber Smack). Though so many members of Rink Minx call Campbell River home, the team has had a difficult time bringing the sport to the River City. “What’s challenging is finding the space,” Emsley-Leik says. “A lot of facility staff assume our roller skates will ruin the floor, which is not the case. So we practice in Courtenay, which is unfortunate because half the team is from Campbell River.” But having said that, Rink Minx will be hosting its first ever Campbell River bout at Strathcona Gardens on Saturday, July 5.

gear which includes a helmet, mouth and wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads, and roller skates.

Emsley-Leik said she hopes the bout, which will attract teams from all over Vancouver Island, will show the viability of having the sport in Campbell River.

While serious injuries are rare, Emsley-Leik says she does come home with some “wicked” bruises. “We call them trophy bruises,” she says smiling. “They’re these huge things sometimes. We’re actually kind of proud of them.”

“Every time we host a bout there’s an influx of skaters,” Emsley-Leik says. “They spend money on hotels, on restaurants, they go shopping, they go to bars. The more events we have, it only benefits the community in the long run. People want events to go to, they want to be entertained.” And roller derby is no doubt entertaining. It’s a full contact sport full of positional, or booty blocking, ride outs, and hip whips. For that reason, each skater must wear full

ter Gut

C le


Emsley-Leik and teammate Melicious Mooose (Melissa Curtis) have even started roll-

Commercial and Residential

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Re pai r

e E ag l e Blu

But she enjoys it all the same. “I just love to skate,” says Emsley-Leik, a former figure skater, who first got into the sport while living in her hometown of Williams Lake. “I’ve always loved to skate. I like being a part of a team atmosphere. It also promotes fitness. We’re always trying to find a way to up the bar just one more notch.”

aning &


Serving Campbell River & Area

✆ 250.203.7670

Photo Morgan Leik

Photo Paul Rudan

Live Music Every Fri & Sat Night!

Photo Morgan Leik

er skating from Courtenay to Campbell River on Sunday mornings after bouts, leaving Courtenay at 4 a.m. and winding up with breakfast at the Dolphins Resort.

have a certain amount of pride in trying to bring the sport to Campbell River because we live here, it’s our hometown,” Emsley-Leik says.

Bouts are typically held Saturday nights at the Comox Valley Sports Centre between May and July. But Emsley-Leik says the team is trying hard to bring some of the games to Campbell River. “I think the Campbell River girls definitely

For more information on Rink Minx or to sign up for the team look for Rink Minx Roller Girls on Facebook. “We’re always accepting fresh meat!” Emsley-Leik says.


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Photographer Profile

It all leads to the ocean

By Paul Rudan

Two men combine their passions: diving and photography


lip below the surface into the surreal. It’s a world of vivid, eye-popping colours; creatures that both amaze and alarm; and out-worldly landscapes seemingly dreamed up by a sci-fi artist.

This dreamy underworld is right on our doorsteps too. Just slip on a dry suit, gear up with a buddy and splash down below the waves to glimpse a very different world. “As soon as I was underwater for five minutes I knew this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life,” says 22-year-old Dylan Smith. Smith was teaching courses at the Tribune Bay Outdoor Education Centre on Hornby Island when he first tried scuba diving. Five years later, he’s now in Campbell River managing Beaver Aquatics dive shop, teaching others how to dive, and just beginning to hone his underwater photography skills. “I was always kind of artsy. I liked drawing and painting…and then I realized I could use my art skills underwater,” he says, and then adds, “but it’s a whole different level of diving.” An ordinary dive in safe water is challenging enough for a novice diver, but the ocean presents far greater dangers even to veterans. That level of difficulty is compounded when you’re trying to focus on a subject, while trying to maintain neutral buoyancy and trying not to get swept away in the strong currents and tides. “You get excited and start following something and suddenly you become unaware of your surroundings… you can get caught focusing on dolphins and suddenly you’re at 120 feet!” says Eiko Jones. Jones, a Campbell River resident, makes a living cutting and installing granite, but he’d rather be in the water with his dive and photography gear. In just a few short years, Jones has developed an international following for his stunning underwater photographs. One in particular kickstarted his photographic career; it’s a “cloud of tadpoles” that he captured while diving in a local swamp. National Geographic featured the picture last April in “Your Shot” and since then it’s been viewed more than 14,000 times. “The tadpole photo has been my most successful, but salmon has been my specialty,” says Jones, as he sips at his coffee in Starbucks. Last summer and fall, Jones spent much of his free time in area rivers and streams adding to his catalogue of salmon images.

Photo Dylan Smith

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“It’s something I’m quite passionate about and I want to get the story of the salmon out there,” he adds. But this time of year is for the ocean. Jones and Smith are avid diving buddies who take a co-operative approach to underwater photography. In a nutshell, Jones goes for the big picture while Smith gets up close to capture “out of this world” macro images. One example is Smith’s close-up of the head of a giant Pacific octopus which better resembles the surface of a craggy asteroid. He also enjoys telling the story of his little octopus buddy. Smith was photographing the juvenile octopus when it appeared to “take a liking” to the man in the black suit. “It climbed right up my arm and then stayed there – for almost 40 minutes! It was amazing,” says Smith. Every dive is a new experience, but sometimes it’s not so amazing. Every

Photo Eiko Jones

year local divers volunteer their time to clean trash out of McIvor Lake, a popular recreation area just west of the city. “Last year we cleaned 1,200 pounds of trash out of the lake. The worst was around the ski dock. The bottom was littered with beer cans. It was terrible,” notes Jones.

tions, particularly around Vancouver and it’s also been seen at the north end of Vancouver Island.

He’s also been busy photographing local populations of sea stars. For now, they appear to be healthy, but a mysterious ailment known as “sea star wasting” is decimating West Coast popula-

By documenting local sea stars or the life cycles of Pacific salmon – through dramatic photography – Jones hopes his passion for the marine world spreads to others, before it’s too late.

I’m not a guy to preach. I just want to create awareness and appreciation. I even have a hard time eating fish because why would I eat my subjects?”

“I photographed 11 species of sea stars, probably more, on the pilings of the Argonaut Wharf. I can go back a year from now and see what’s there,” says Jones.

“The last bluefish tuna will probably sell for $5 million so that some people can say they had the last piece of sashimi,” says Jones. “A big part of my work is trying to bring awareness to the watershed because it all leads

to the ocean. I’m not a guy to preach. I just want to create awareness and appreciation – and it’s about appreciating your environment. I even have a hard time eating fish because why would I eat my subjects?”

Change your thinking, change your life.



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Improve your home and diet with a vegetable garden


lanting a garden can add aesthetic appeal and functionality to a property. Vegetable gardens can transform landscapes while putting healthy and homegrown food on the table. By growing their own fruits and vegetables, homeowners have total control over what foods can be harvested, and they can ensure sustainable, safe practices are used to care for the plants. Vegetable gardens can be compact or expansive, depending on how much space is available to cultivate. However, firsttime gardeners may want to begin small so they can hone their skills and experiment to see which plants are most likely to thrive in their gardens. Expansion is always a possibility down the road.

Choose a location Spend some time examining your landscape. Vegetables generally need ample warmth and sunlight to thrive, so find an area of the yard that gets several hours of direct sunlight per day. A sunny spot is good, but you also want a location with adequate drainage so your garden does not succumb to flooding or fungus during and after heavy downpours.

Decide what to plant When deciding what to plant, consider

what you eat and how much produce the household consumes, then choose vegetables that fit your diet. Some vegetables produce throughout the season. Others produce one crop and then expire. Plan accordingly when you purchase plants or seeds. Choose three to four different vegetables and plant them in the garden. Select varieties that require similar soil conditions, so that you can adjust the pH and mix of the soil accordingly.

Know when to plant Many of the foods grown in vegetable gardens, including tomatoes and peppers, are summer vegetables, which means they reach peak ripeness after the height of the summer season. It is less expensive to start seedlings indoors and then transplant them to a garden when the time comes. Seeds can be started three to four weeks before they would be put outdoors. Many vegetables are planted outside in April or May, but definitely after frost conditions have waned. Vegetable gardens can become central components of outdoor home landscapes. Not only do gardens add aesthetic appeal, but also they produce fresh fruits and vegetables to enjoy throughout the season.

Would you like to: • Feel great, have more energy and lose weight? • Reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer? • Have a year free of colds and flus? • Reduce your reliance on prescription drugs? Dr. Pincott If you are ready, we would like to help! Suite 300 Chateau Building 1170 Shoppers Row, Campbell River ~ 250-286-3655 | 1-800-898-6699




Community Calendar


23 Jan – 30 March, 2014 ➠ ANIMALS AMONG US EXHIBIT

2 May – 4 May, 2014 ➠ SPRING 2014 HOME EXPO Strathcona Gardens

Info: 250-287-3103 The Museum at Campbell River

7 March, 2014 ➠ JESSE COOK: BLUE GUITAR TOUR Info: 250-287-PINK

8 March, 2014 ➠ LEGO DAY: MOVIES THEME! Info: 250-287-3103 The Museum at Campbell River

8 March, 2014 ➠ SUPER SATURDAY ART PROGRAM Info: 250-287-2261

11 March, 2014 ➠ GABRIELLE: FESTIVAL OF FILM Info: 250-287-PINK

7 May, 2014 ➠ RON JAMES Info: 250-287-PINK

15 March, 2014 ➠ FAB FOUREVER Info: 250-287-PINK

22 March, 2014 ➠ SUPER SATURDAY ART PROGRAM Info: 250-287-2261

22 March, 2014 ➠ SNOWBIRD: A TRIBUTE TO ANNE MURRAY Info: 250-287-PINK

19 April, 2014 ➠ ERIC SAMUELS ACTS OF ASTONISHMENT Phone: 250-287-PINK

10 May, 2014 ➠ ROTARY BOOK SALE

11 May – 17 May, 2014 ➠ BC MINING WEEK 23 – 25 May, 2014 ➠ 20TH ANNUAL PAINTERS AT PAINTER’S Info: 1.800.663.7090

14 March, 2014 ➠ WORDS ON THE WATER Info: 250-287-PINK

14 March, 2014 ➠ 2014 CARIHI CUP

Pure Wrestling Association Ticket hotline: 250-203-5473

11 May


22 April ➠ EARTH DAY 2014 Sundays May – September ➠ PIER STREET MARKET 10am-2:30pm


Ecole Phoenix Middle School



Weddings spring 2014

Tips for trying on

wedding gowns

Trends for the groom: tone-on-tone

Making it legal in British Columbia don’t forget to check it’s all legal!


Lingerie for your Special Day & Everyday.

1042 Shoppers Row, Campbell River 250.287.8997 Mon - Sat 9:30-5:30

Bridal Registry A lot happens between “Will You” and “I do!”




Home Decor

Casual Tabletop

Gourmet Essentials is the perfect store to create a gift registry for your upcoming wedding. Let us help make your house a home and your home a haven.

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The top ten wedding to-dos


e has finally proposed? Then your top priority is to tell everyone the good news! Once your initial excitement has calmed down a touch, though, you’ll have to take time to do some serious thinking. There are so many details to plan, a budget to draw up, and deadlines to be met: it seems so overwhelming. If you are finding it hard to get some traction and launch your wedding planning, here are ten tips to give you some direction and help you get moving.


Establish your budget per guest. In fact, this is the perfect time to draw up your guest list.


Order your invitations, being careful to include your names, the date, time, and place of the wedding and reception, as well as the date by which you need to receive replies. Being clear about this will help you save a lot of precious time and money. Be sure to include stamped, addressed envelopes if you can.

3. 4. 5.

Book the reception hall. The reception hall is often one of the biggest expenses, so be sure to reserve one as quickly as possible. If you want to keep expenses down, think about holding the reception at a family home or in a garden. Choose a caterer. Creating a good atmosphere is just as important as choosing a caterer, although you don’t want to skimp on food either. To cut costs, consider serving fewer courses, with a focus on excellent quality instead of quantity. Make up or order wedding favours for your guests. These are put with their place setting or offered at the end of the reception. Let your imagination run wild: you could offer small homemade soaps, candles, local produce in mini format, bath pearls, or small boxes of candies. It can also be fun to have a “retro” favour, such as a pack of matches with the bride and groom’s names embossed on the matchbook cover.


Shop for a wedding gown. Give yourself enough time to find a wedding gown that really suits your personality. It is also possible to rent a dress for the occasion, much as your beloved can buy or rent his tuxedo.

7. 8. 9.

Book your hair, make-up, esthetician, and manicure appointments several weeks before the wedding. If possible, plan a test run. Write wedding vows. Put all your heart into writing down the vows that you would like to make during the marriage ceremony. If you plan to make a speech at the reception, be sure to get that down in writing as well. Plan the reception down to the last detail: create the atmosphere you like with suitable music, entertainment, and a decor that matches your personality. (Don’t forget to decorate the bathrooms, a place everyone will see at some point!)

10. Organize your honeymoon so that you can celebrate your new life together.



Trends for the groom: tone-on-tone


n the wedding day, it may be true that all eyes are on the bride, but a well-dressed groom will still be appreciated. He is one of the main stars of this celebration, after all! A classy and unique suit is on the agenda; after those criteria, the groom should choose a suit he feels comfortable in, one that corresponds to his personal style and that is tailored to his body shape. For an impeccably fitted suit, the groom

Tanning Booth & Beds Ask about our wedding party discount offer!

1275 Cypress Street (Across from Tyee Chev) Campbell River 250-287-8080 Hours: 7 Days a Week Monday – Friday 9:30 – 7:30 Saturday 10 – 6 / Sunday 11 – 5



should have a last fitting, two or three weeks before the wedding. The fabric of the groom’s suit should be chosen according to the season and its overall style should match the tone of the wedding; a suit is perfect for an afternoon wedding, while a tuxedo is required for an evening event. When choosing a suit, think of it as an investment;

it should signal sophistication and elegance rather than office-job functionality. Once a suit has been chosen, the next secret to a refined look lies in the tie. A contemporary finish requires a tone-on-tone tie that matches the colour of the shirt; it is a very attractive look, especially if both are pale in colour. Pale tone-on-tone will brighten up the complexion and highlight the smile.

Jill Brocklehurst

Jill Brocklehurst


250-287-1350 email:


1015 Shoppers Row, Campbell River 250-286-0028

250-287-1350 email:


Tips for trying on wedding gowns


housands of different styles and models of wedding gowns are available on the market, one more beautiful than the next. From white to cream, from long to short, and lace, pearls, and silks: there is certainly no lack of choice. But before you set out on a marathon tour of all the wedding dress boutiques, it is important to get to know your body type so that you can know what style of dress will best suit you. • Do you have an hourglass shape (shoulders and hips of equal width, with smaller waist)? You could treat yourself to a “mermaid” gown that accentuates your curves. If you dream of a royal wedding, the princess dress is perfect for you, as is a twopiece dress with a bustier. In short,

anything that flatters the waistline will emphasize your feminine curves. • For apple or V-shaped figures (shoulders broader than the hips), look more for an empire waist or A-line dress which will balance your proportions.

dress without too many frills. Belts should be avoided, as they will cut your silhouette in two where a lengthening effect would be more desirable. No matter what your body type, let your instincts guide you towards the dress of your dreams. Don’t hesitate

to ask for a few extra adjustments so that you will feel completely comfortable in your gown.

There are certain tips that can make the experience go more smoothly and potentially reduce the amount of time it may take to find the perfect gown.

• If your hips are wider than your shoulders, you have a pear or A-shaped figure. Look for an A-line style and avoid a straight or mermaid dress that draws eyes where you don’t want them to be. • When your shoulders, hips, and waist are all of a similar width, you have a straight or I-shape. Avoid a straight dress, opting for an A-line or princess style or one with a bodice, which will create a more curved effect. • If you’re petite, look for a simple



Making it legal in British Columbia Your perfect day is planned... just don’t forget to check it’s all legal! Congratulations to Len & Sara on their engagement. Len owns Golden Oak Woodwork and wanted Leonard Mitchel Yarjau & something different. We Sara Ann Obetkoff designed an invite that we printed on real cherry wood (in house).





We always work with our customers to create an invite that reflects their special day.

! Stop in and see what we can do for you

Are you eligible to marry in BC? • You do not have to be a British Columbia resident to be married in the province. However, you are required to get a marriage licence, which is valid for a term of three months and only valid in British Columbia. • Anyone over 19 years of age is eligible to apply for a marriage licence in B.C. Anyone under 19 years of age must first obtain the consent of both parents. No one under 16 years can be married without the consent of the Supreme or County Court. If one or both individuals were recently divorced within the last 31 days, proof of divorce must be provided. No licence is issued until the courts finalize a divorce, normally 31 days after the divorce decree is issued by the Courts.

Arrange the Marriage Ceremony

No Appointment Necessary!

We can create invitation packages that are simple and elegant but we can also make that specialty invite that is diecut in a different shape, foiled, embossed or whatever you can imagine. There may be other items you need printed for your wedding day. We can also print seating charts, thank you cards, gift tags, posters and even a custom photo book(s) as a keepsake. We print everything in-house so we can meet your time-line.

250-287-2427 #2 - 1040 9th Ave, Campbell River, BC 24


• In British Columbia, couples can choose a religious or civil ceremony, which must be witnessed by two people. • To perform the religious ceremony, you can choose a religious representative who must be registered with the Vital Statistics Agency, under the Marriage Act. • If you plan to have a civil ceremony, contact and book a marriage com-

missioner as soon as possible once you set your wedding date.

Register the Marriage • The marriage commissioner or religious representative who will perform the wedding ceremony will help complete the Marriage Registration Form. Within 48 hours of the wedding ceremony, the form will be sent to the Vital Statistics Agency, where the marriage will be registered and a legal record will be kept.

Proof of Marriage • At the time of the ceremony, your marriage commissioner or religious representative may provide a statement of marriage, which can be used temporarily as proof of marriage. However, it is not a legal document. You will receive a legal Marriage Certificate from the Vital Statistics Agency after the registration of the marriage.

Which name can I use? • After marriage, you can continue using or choose to use your own surname at any time. You also gain the right to use your spouse’s surname. This does not result in a legal change of name or any automatic change to your identification records. If you choose to use hyphenated surnames, a legal Change of Name is required.

Fun ways to involve your guests: Beat wedding-goer boredom blues with post-ceremony and pre-reception activities. guest book. You can make them from twigs which are arranged in clear vases, perhaps spray them gold or silver, or the colour of your wedding theme. Use lovely luggage labels printed with wishes that your guests can write their own special wish for you and then tie them to the tree. If you’re not feeling creative or crafty, your florist can easily create one for you.


hy not use a Wishing Tree? These are a great idea and a fun add-on or alternative to a

fun for everyone and involve minimal set-up.

rapher shoot against a neutral background.

Photo booths are gaining more and more popularity at weddings and give guests a chance to ham it up for the camera.

Be sure to bring in lots of props for your guests to dress up in and have fun with. These goofy snapshots can make for great casual and candid memories of your night, and the prints can be great additions to thank-you cards.

You can bring in a real photo booth, or keep it simple and have your photog-

If your location offers up plenty of outdoor open space, take advantage of it and set up some outdoor activities for your guests. Traditional backyard games like croquet, bocce ball, and horseshoes are

Calling all


As you prepare for your big day, let Thrifty Foods make your event fun and stress free. We’ll provide outstanding food and floral arrangements, allowing you to enjoy your moment to the fullest.

250.230.5466 |

Speak with one of our talented and passionate wedding specialists today. CAMPBELL RIVER 1400 Ironwood Road • 250.850.3581 •



Wedding guest attire - what to wear For an important event such as a wedding, it is absolutely essential to dress in an appropriate manner and appear well-groomed. owever, it isn’t always easy to make the right choice for these occasions, especially because of the great variety of styles that blur the boundaries between casual and formal. For women, there is one golden rule to follow: never wear a white dress. The bride should be the only person to dress in this colour; for someone else to wear it would show very poor manners, as if they were trying to steal the show. Provocative styles, such as very short, tight dresses with plunging necklines, should also


be avoided. Dresses made of a silky fabric are classics, and a light woven wool is alright, but avoid knits and worn looking fabrics. Long dresses are not obligatory, but hemlines should never go too high — a dress cut just above the knee is the most appropriate choice. For men, a long-sleeved shirt tucked inside the pants with a belt and a tie is a basic courtesy. Smart pants in a dark colour complete the outfit. Wearing a sports jacket or suit jacket will depend on the type of wedding you’ve been invited to. The important thing

is to forgo casual clothing and bright colours, like those flashy Hawaiian shirts, unless specified! Usually there are hints that will offer you ideas about the formality of the wedding. • Look at the invitation. Typically the invitation will set the tone of the wedding. • Consider the location of the ceremony and reception. Chances are if the couple is being married on the beach they won’t expect women to wear an evening gown or gents to wear tails. • Take your cues from the bride and her wedding party. If you’ve heard that the bride will be wearing a cathedrallength veil and elaborate

wedding gown, chances are she’s going for formal. If you know the bridesmaids are wearing sarongs and flip flops, it’s probably a casual affair. • Don’t be afraid to ask. Call the bride or groom, or their parents, and inquire as to what type of atmosphere it will be. The following are not appropriate to wear to a wedding. • Black to a daytime wedding. • Any form of jeans. • Anything torn, dirty or illfitting. Don’t forget that this is the bride and groom’s day, not an occasion to try to stand out from the other guests.

Ask us about Pandora Jewellery for the Bridesmaids!








CC8D12-14KR/ CC4D11-14KR


Alternative & Innovative Wedding Bands From black zirconium rings with an inlay of Gibeon Meteorite estimated to be about 4.6 billion years old to camo rings and hightech ceramic rings wrapped in tungtsten carbide and more... Preston Jewellers provides an outstanding selection of performance and precious metal wedding bands from the latest trends to the traditional.

A man's ring should be an expression of his personality.

Located in the Discovery Inn, Campbell River • 250-286-6421 26


A bouquet of options for wedding locations


he song goes: “Goin’ to the chapel and I’m … gonna get married…” but when it comes to tying the knot in the Campbell River area, the community is blessed with a bouquet of options for wedding locations. With spectacular ocean, mountain or forest backdrops, Campbell River specializes in outdoor weddings. Take, for example, Robert Ostler Park along the blue waters of Discovery Passage and the azure skies above the forests of Quadra Island. With that kind of a backdrop, your wedding photos will be nothing less than spectacular. One of the most popular wedding venues is the Maritime Heritage Centre with its open views to Discovery Passage. Plus the Discovery Pier can add even more choice when it comes to after ceremony photographs. Other waterfront locations and full service facilities include Dolphins and Painters resorts. Or head over to Quadra Island’s April Point Resort.

Gift Certificates Available

Partial to green? Well, the forested property of Campbell River’s Haig-Brown House Heritage Site provides an idyllic setting on the Campbell River. Love the wilderness? You could head towards Strathcona Park and the spectacular mountainous spine of Vancouver Island. There you will find Strathcona Park Lodge, a unique place to make your vows or hold your reception. The options are virtually endless with Campbell River and Quadra Island’s miles of waterfront, spectacular scenery and outstanding venues. 581A - 11th Avenue


Serendipity in the Garden

Special Touches

LED Candles

Wedding Gift Ideas

❧ Sentimental Figurines ❧ Framed Pictures ❧ Garden Accessories ❧ Concrete Statues ❧ Stained Glass Wall Hangings

Wedding Figurines

❧ Reflecting Balls ❧ Wind Chimes ❧ Candles, beautiful Selection of Cards ❧ Ask about our Wedding Registry

Unique Picture Frames

Wedding Memory Box

Napkin Rings

968 Shoppers Row | 250-287-9949 | Mon.-Sat. 10am - 5:30pm, Sunday 12-4pm SPRING 2014 » WEDDINGS


CHECK LIST 12 Months to go

❏ Announce engagement ❏ Set a budget ❏ Determine who will be paying for what ❏ Decide what type of wedding: Style, size, location, time of day, etc. ❏ Draft preliminary guest lists ❏ Register for engagement gifts ❏ Gather ideas for the ceremony and reception ❏ Order thank-you notes for engagement gifts

11 Months to go

❏ Interview and hire wedding planner ❏ Plan engagement party ❏ Begin dress research ❏ Set a wedding date ❏ Start ceremony and reception location search ❏ Create a wedding web site

10 Months to go

❏ Determine wedding’s color palette and theme ❏ Reserve a ceremony and reception site ❏ Research marriage licence ❏ Select the members of the bridal party ❏ Reserve a block of rooms for out of town guests

9 Months to go

❏ Make bridal salon appointments ❏ Try on wedding gowns ❏ Schedule alterations to the wedding gown ❏ Gather vendor referrals from friends and relatives ❏ Interview officiates ❏ Order and mail save-the-date cards ❏ Start meeting with vendors – photographers, caterers, bakers, videographers, florists, bands & DJs

8 Months to go

❏ Start a fitness/workout regime ❏ Contact lighting and tent rental companies ❏ Delegate agreed responsibilities to the groom

7 Months to go

❏ Finalize wedding theme ❏ Research wedding customs and traditions

6 Months to go

❏ Book baker and decide on cake flavor, design and style ❏ Book caterer ❏ Book florist and determine overall style for personal flowers and ceremony and reception décor ❏ Book ceremony musicians and reception band or DJ ❏ Book photographer and videographer ❏ Finalize guest list and mailing addresses



❏ Research invitation designs ❏ Select an officiate and discuss ceremony service ❏ Order wedding dress and accessories ❏ Book day of transportation for the bride, groom and bridal party ❏ Reserve a hotel room for the wedding night ❏ Update passports, if necessary

5 Months to go

❏ Select bridesmaids’ attire and confirm that each bridesmaid has ordered her dress ❏ Select attire for the flower girl(s) and ring bearer(s) ❏ Provide bridal shower guest list to maid-of-honor ❏ Update registry lists for bridal shower ❏ Research honeymoon destinations ❏ Finalize invitation design and order wedding invitations with extra envelops ❏ Test drive directions before printing direction cards ❏ Reserve rental items

4 Months to go

❏ Book honeymoon ❏ Meet with hair and makeup stylists to discuss ideas ❏ Create song play and do not playlists ❏ Select first dance and other special dance songs ❏ Order wedding rings ❏ Reserve tuxedos for groom, dads and groomsmen ❏ Draft wedding program information ❏ Schedule wedding rehearsal with officiate and bridal party

3 Months to go

❏ Attend first dress fitting ❏ Plan rehearsal dinner, book space and order invitations ❏ Order or make wedding favors ❏ Purchase guest book for guest notes ❏ Request time off from work for the honeymoon ❏ Finalize flower arrangements for ceremony, reception and personal flowers ❏ Order wedding programs

2 Months to go

❏ Mail wedding invitations ❏ Keep a record of RSVP cards received ❏ Schedule a makeup and hair trial ❏ Select gifts for attendants and parents ❏ Attend bridal shower ❏ Write and mail shower thank-you notes ❏ Start drafting the wedding vows ❏ Schedule a tasting with the caterer and confirm reception menu ❏ Send wedding announcement to The Campbell River Mirror newspaper

1 Months to go

❏ Draft seating chart ❏ Confirm that each bridesmaid has received her dress ❏ Review ceremony details with the officiate ❏ Apply for a marriage license ❏ Send photo shot list to photographer ❏ Send the play list to band/DJ ❏ Attend bachelor/bachelorette parties ❏ Write your wedding speech/toast ❏ Prepare bride and groom emergency kits ❏ Start breaking in wedding day shoes ❏ Attend a hair and makeup trial and (take pictures) ❏ Schedule a haircut appointment for the groom ❏ Find something old, new, borrowed and blue ❏ Attend final dress fitting ❏ Pick up the wedding rings ❏ Send seating and place cards to calligrapher

1 Week to go

❏ Pick-up wedding dress ❏ Have groom and groomsmen pick-up their tuxedos ❏ Give the caterer final head count ❏ Send reception location manager final seating chart and drop off seating cards ❏ Distribute wedding day timeline to vendors and bridal party ❏ Distribute contact list to vendors and bridal party ❏ Give ceremony and reception location managers a vendor contact sheet ❏ Confirm wedding day beauty appointments ❏ Confirm wedding day details with all vendors ❏ Pack for honeymoon ❏ Assign day-of responsibilities to attendants ❏ Arrange for someone to send your wedding dress to a preservationist ❏ Arrange for someone to return your groom’s tuxedo to the rental store

Day Before

❏ Organize tipping envelopes ❏ Attend rehearsal and rehearsal dinner ❏ Drop off ceremony accessories at ceremony site ❏ Give attendants and parents thank you gifts ❏ Get a manicure and pedicure

After the Wedding

❏ Mail thank you cards to guests ❏ Send thank you notes to vendors ❏ Send change of address form to post office ❏ Change bride’s last name on necessary forms





Bridal Gown & Alterations

Bridal Bouquet

Headpiece & Veil

Floral Headpiece

Bride/Groom Accessories

Honour Attendant Bouquet


Unit Cost

Total Price

Bridesmaid Bouquet

Grooms Tuxedo

Flower Girl Bouquet

Brides Rings

Floral Headpieces

Grooms Rings





Altar Pieces

Ceremony Musicians

Aisle Decorations

Reception Entertainment


Wedding Cake


Favours/Candles INVITATIONS


Cake Top Quantity

Unit Cost

Total Price

Wedding Invitations

Cake Table Centerpieces Total Cost:

Response Cards Thank You Cards Napkins/Matchbooks





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Other: Total Cost: BUDGETING Ceremony Decorations Reception Decorations Ceremony Officiant Rental Equipment/Lighting Wedding Licence Food/Beverage/Catering Rehearsal Dinner Venue Rental Miscellaneous Fees Transportation Brides Attendants Gifts Grooms Attendants Gifts Honeymoon







Choose your style


bride’s hairstyle is essential to the look she wishes to create for her wedding day. Choosing among this year’s trends is one way to find the perfect style.

ation before creating a hairstyle with a part. If the bride has a round face, a middle part will not be flattering; inversely, thin, longer faces are particularly suited to a middle part.

The classic bun is a popular choice, especially because it fits with the retro chic trend. In 2014 we will see lots of elegant buns and twists, just like Audrey Hepburn wore. Brides with fine hair can opt for a cut and style, with a square cut or a plunging bob. If they want to keep their hair long, extensions are ideal for filling out some volume.

Choose an accessory to add a more personal touch to a hairstyle. Tiaras or headbands are lovely; some wrap partially or completely around the head and come decorated with flower and leaf patterns, curves, arabesques, pearls, or Swarovski crystals. Such jewels are as perfect in loose hair as they are with loose braids or buns.

Braids are also making a comeback, but, for a more natural look, they should be soft and loose, with a few locks falling around the face to create a slightly tousled look. The shape of the face must be taken into consider-

With the help of your hairdresser, you can create the hairstyle you’ve always dreamed of. Be sure to make an appointment well ahead of your wedding day for a consultation.

Your happily ever after starts here.... Choose the bridal package that is right for you!

Packages include the use of our bridal suite, refreshments and light snacks for you and your wedding party and a lovely bridal basket! Visit us for specific details. Photos by Angela Gage Photography

870B 13th Avenue, Campbell River, 250-286-1213 30


We can help you find the perfect expression of your love.


40-1270 Dogwood Street 250-287-4042 Mon - Sat 9:30-6, Sun 11-4



Give them a gift they want ... we have a wedding gift registry!

A few wedding gift ideas....





Chef’s Choice

When oysters meet miso Story and photography by Paul Rudan

Ol’ man Rockefeller gets a Japanese twist


hink Oysters Rockefeller with an Asian twist. “It’s the Japanese miso,” explains Marc McGraw of his baked oyster recipe. McGraw is executive chef at Quay West Kitchen and Catering located on the foreshore beside Robert Ostler Park.

Over the last 26 years, McGraw has worked in several restaurants preparing a variety of world-wide cuisine. It was during a stint at Wasabiya Japanese Sushi Cafe in the Merecroft Village where he started tinkering with Asian ingredients and West Coast-inspired dishes.

Executive chef Marc McGraw serves up his signature oyster recipe.

Later, he brought that knowledge to Quay West and created the restaurant’s signature oyster recipe. “When you get locals loving your seafood you know you’re doing it right,” says Quay West owner Debra Cunningham as she bites into a perfectly-cooked oyster.

Quay West Baked Oysters

Seasoned Arugula

12 medium fresh oysters shucked Oyster Flour .5 cup all purpose flour .25 cup corn flour .25 cup corn meal .5 oz Cajun spice .25 oz salt Mix all ingredients in a bowl

1 lb arugula (spinach can substitute) 6 strips bacon – diced .5 red onion – small diced .75 tsp ground black pepper .5 tsp salt .5 tsp nutmeg

Miso Mayonnaise 500 ml Japanese mayonnaise (Kewpie brand) .5 oz white miso paste .5 oz Mirin Place items in a bowl and mix well.

Sauté diced bacon until fat renders out and bacon crisps, add diced red onion and sauté over medium heat until translucent. Add seasonings and arugula, cook until arugula is wilted.

Dredge oysters in oyster flour and sauté in butter over medium high heat until oysters are seared. Cover bottom of a baking dish with the seasoned arugula, place seared oysters on arugula. Cover oysters with miso mayonnaise and bake at 400 F for 5-7 minutes until top has browned.

We’re open every day to serve your life. March:

New students get 1-month of unlimited yoga for $30.


The original HOT YOGA. It’s yoga, with YOU in it.

926 Island Highway 250-287-YOGA (9642) Email:

You found the one... Now announce the big day in a big way with a unique wedding announcement starting at just




(*when you mention this ad)

104-250 Dogwood Street • 250.287.9227



Pet Profile

Meet Kobe, the water cat Kobe jumps into the big soaker tub and loves to shower and then drink under the faucet.

Story and photography by Paul Rudan

Most felines can’t stand the water, but this one jumps right in!


t probably started with the squirt gun when they were kittens. Five kittens in all: four males, one female; three jet-black just like dad and two grey/black tabbies like their momma.

Rio was an excellent mother, but her kittens got into everything, particularly plants. It wasn’t unusual to find them indoor plant climbing, so a fellow cat owner suggested “training” them with a squirt gun. It worked really well. The four males would scatter in four different directions while the female would sit down and put up a paw to cover her face. She rarely got squirted, but the boys did, and it seems that at least one kind of liked a good soaking. That turned out to be Kobe, the biggest black male of the litter which I chose to keep while the others found very good homes. He’s 14 now, but since he was a year old, Kobe loves to jump in the tub at ANY opportunity! He starts by showering his head and sometimes he even likes to sing too. Then, when he’s clean enough, the drinking begins – heavy drinking. It’s as if the boy has spent the last 10 days in the desert. Finally, when his mighty thirst is quenched, he leaps off the tub and shakes like dog to dry himself off. That’s Kobe, my water cat.

Have a great pet story?

Send us your story with some photos, we might print it in our next issue. Email

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Be an eco-conscious pet owner


wning a pet is often a rewarding responsibility. Pets make for loyal friends, and for every late night walk in the cold pet owners must endure, their pets repay those gestures in spades.

While the greatest responsibility pet owners have to their pets is to ensure their furry friends live as comfortable and healthy a life as possible, pet owners also have a responsibility to the planet. Eco-conscious pet ownership can have a positive and substantial impact on the environment and the following are a few simple ways for pet owners to care for their pets and protect the planet at the same time.

Say so long to plastic bags Picking up pet waste is arguably the worst part of owning a pet, and some pet owners simply want to pick up the waste without giving it a second thought. But how pet owners pick up their pets’ waste can impact the environment. Using plastic grocery bags leftover from trips to the store is bad for the planet, research shows that such bags can take as long as 1,000 years to degrade. That means that plastic bags full of pet waste might still be around come the dawn of the next millennium. Instead of using plastic bags to pick up pet waste, owners can use biodegradable waste bags made from materials other than plastic.

Embrace organic pet foods Organic pet foods make for healthier alternatives for pets, eliminating the buildup of residues of chemical additives, pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides in pets. A study funded by the European Union found that organic fruits and vegetables have up to 40 percent more antioxidants than non-organic alternatives, adding to the nutritional value of organic pet foods. Organic pet foods are produced without the use of conventional pesticides or artificial fertilizers, benefiting the planet as a result.

Photo Lyndsay Dakin

Prepare to indulge...

Look for products made from recycled materials More and more pet products are being made from recycled materials, and pet owners can encourage manufacturers to keep that trend going strong by purchasing such products whenever the opportunity to do so presents itself. Leashes, bowls, toys and scratching posts for cats are just a few of the many pet products made from recycled materials. Before buying pet products, owners should read labels to determine if a given product is made from recycled materials.

Discovery Harbour Shopping Centre

Clean green Like their human counterparts, pets need to bathe. While they might not bathe every day like their owners, pets such as cats and dogs need to be shampooed and cleaned every so often. When buying cleaning products, pet owners should look for nontoxic products. Many traditional pet shampoos or pet beauty products are laced with chemicals, and such ingredients can have an adverse effect on pet health while also harming the environment. Nontoxic grooming products can still give pets’ coats a beautiful shine, but they do so without taking a toll on the planet or the animal’s health. Pet ownership is a significant responsibility, and pet owners should recognize that part of that responsibility involves caring for their pets in an eco-friendly way.

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Industry Profile

Forestry – heading into a period of re-growth


fter a tough period, the forest industry in B.C. is heading into a period of regrowth.

With a lower Canadian dollar and a slow recovery in the U.S. and around the world, the Business Council of B.C. says things are looking up, particularly for the forest industry. “The U.S. economy is gaining ground, the Eurozone is out of recession, and Asia, particularly China, continues to expand at a robust clip,” said executive vice president Jock Finlayson as he released the BCBC economic outlook in January. “The weakening of the Canadian dollar relative to the U.S. dollar will also help lift B.C.’s export of goods and services to the U.S., prompt more U.S. travellers to come to B.C., and serve as a headwind to cross-border shopping.” The report forecasts improvement in U.S. demand for lumber and other building materials, wood pulp and even natural gas, which has fallen to historic lows with a surge of shale gas production around North America. Recovery of the struggling B.C. coastal forest industry was echoed at the Truck Loggers’ Association convention in January. And it’s enticing B.C. workers to come back home. “I’ve got a desk covered with resumes of people who work in the oil patch,” said Don Banasky, operations manager at CopCan Contracting Ltd. and FallTech Logging in Nanaimo and vice-president of the TLA. Banasky said there are openings for road building, driller-blaster, grader and excavator operators in his operations, and some employees at remote oil and gas developments are anxious to work closer to home. And that includes the Campbell River area. That means employment in the forest industry has become appealing once again. One of the best ways to get into the industry is to take post-secondary training.

Photo provided by Campbell River National Forest Week Committee

Forest programs are offered at university and college level institutions across Canada where they learn forest ecology and health; engineering to design forest roads, bridges and cut blocks; resource management; mathematics; and computer programming,

We work for you not the lenders! JILL COOK

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Photo provided by Campbell River National Forest Week Committee

amongst other things. Many forestry schools have cooperative programs connecting students with summer and short-term on-the-job training. After a minimum of two years working in the industry, forestry workers are eligible to write exams to become Registered Forest Technicians or Registered Professional Foresters (RPF) as members of the Association of British Columbia Forest Professionals. “The most rewarding part of being a forester is seeing your labours become a reality. We see new forests grow after harvest or devastating fire, challenging roads built, share offices with wildlife, and we are able to enjoy the outdoors every day,” Thomas Hartz, an RPF

working with the Ministry of Forest, said. Forestry education is even reaching into the high schools with Campbell River’s Carihi spearheading an innovative forestry program. The latest studies by PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Coast Forest Products Association have unveiled an exciting snapshot of where coast forestry is today. It reveals a people-focused industry that has undergone a transformation and emerged dynamic, modern, sustainable and high-tech. It’s a good livelihood to get into. Coast Forest Products Association (CFPA) companies pay more than $373 million per year in salaries with surveyed companies paying an average of $40/hour in wag-

es and benefits to their employees, according to Rick Jeffrey, president and CEO of the CFPA. “An estimated 38,000 people in communities throughout B.C. rely on a healthy coastal forest industry for their jobs (direct, indirect, induced) – and this includes an estimated 5,735 direct jobs from contract logging,” he said. “Further, coastal forestry in B.C. supports an important and valuable manufacturing sector in our province. More than 3,100 people work in over 100 companies producing value-added solid wood products like flooring, architectural woodwork and cabinets while 2,700 people work directly for pulp and paper companies that manufacture newsprint, specialty paper and other products.”



advertising feature

Found money is what Found money is what clients like to call it. clients like to call it.



to see if you qualify for the rebate and only the price. In this case, the rebate has already ANADA’S RENO REBATE INC. takes 60 seconds. Or,the give themand a call and in continues to spread word about the been to see if you qualify for rebate only price.claimed. In this case, the rebate has already ANADA’S RENO REBATEthe INC. just few minutes, theythem can determine If your home is worth more than $450,000, takes government rebates for new-home 60aseconds. Or, give a call and inif you been claimed. continues to spread the word about are not entitled a federal but justqualify. purchases, owner-built homes and a few minutes, they can determine if you Ifyou your home is worthto more than rebate, $450,000, government rebates for new-home Everyone seems to know someone who has be entitled a provincial substantial renovations to existing homes youyou are may not entitled to a to federal rebate, rebate but if a qualify. purchases, owner-built homes and built a home or to done a renovation, so ifhas you the construction tookrebate place if while during the tenure ofto the HST throughout Everyone seems know someone who youportion may be of entitled to a provincial a substantial renovations existing homes homeowners who might qualify for this the HST was in effect. Iftook yourplace homewhile is worth builtknow the the province. clients are receiving a home or done a renovation, so if you portion of the construction during tenureHappy of the HST throughout rebate, make sure to let them knowfor before arehome entitled to both a know to $42,500, which is the limit homeowners who might qualify this the less HSTthan was $450,000, in effect. Ifyou your is worth the up province. Happy clients areupper receiving theymake miss sure theirtodeadline. rebate and a provincial forathe rebate, a homeowner can is receive for alimit project. let them know before lessfederal than $450,000, you are entitledrebate to both up to $42,500, which the upper Canada’s Rebate Inc. handles all the portion spent the HST period. Together with the Ontario-based company federal they miss their Reno deadline. rebate andduring a provincial rebate for the a homeowner can receive for a project. paperwork and follows through with the A spent new home built renovated Rebate4U, Reno Rebate Inc. has Reno Rebate Inc. handles all the portion during theor HST period. for yourself Canada’s Together with Canada’s the Ontario-based company government until you receivewith yourthe cheque. forhome a family member’s primary place of alreadyCanada’s helped homeowners for rebates Aor paperwork and follows through new built or renovated for yourself Rebate4U, Reno Rebateapply Inc. has Because Sean staff your knowcheque. the forms, residence if itprimary was completed totaling overhomeowners $8 million. apply for rebates until and you his receive or for a familyqualifies member’s place of within government already helped the processes, andstaff whoknow to call, they efficiently the lastqualifies two years. thecompleted home’s value is more Because “There is amillion. misconception that if your homeresidence Sean and his the forms, if itIfwas within totaling over $8 quicklyand collect information and $450,000, homeowner is only the and is worth than $450,000, you arehome not processes, whothe to call, they efficiently the than last two years. 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The company no upfront July 1, andfor March 31,spent 2013.between just not truegovernment — you are entitled a portion submit exactly what thecharges government agencies to 2010 a rebate money entitled to any rebates,to but this is ofentitled feeThe andcompany if you don’t receive rebate, the Rebate Inc. currently has need. saysofSeanJuly 1,Canada’s charges no aupfront 2010 andReno March 31, 2013. justthe notPST trueembedded — you are within entitledthe to HST,” a portion application costsreceive you nothing. “Sothe give us representatives throughout the province manager ofthe theHST,” Victoria office if you don’t a rebate, Canada’s Reno Rebate Inc. currently has who fee and the Leitenberg, PST embedded within says Seanof a call or costs checkyou outnothing. our website,” Sean are happy tothroughout help clientsthe with the forms that application Canada’smanager Reno Rebate “So give ussays. representatives province who Leitenberg, of theInc. Victoria office of “What haveout youour gotwebsite,” to lose?”Sean says. signed andwith the brief questionnaire “‘Do I qualify?’ a call or check are need happytotobehelp clients the forms that Canada’s Reno Rebatehas be the most that needs to be filled you live in frequently-asked staff get,” says need “What have you got to lose?” to be signed and the out. briefIfquestionnaire “‘Do I qualify?’ hasquestion to be themy most area to where the company does Sean. “Each renovation or new is not thatan needs be filled out. If you livenot in have frequently-asked question my staff build get,” says CANADA’S a representative, or if you would exactly same, soor wenew havebuild to determine an area where the company does notprefer have to Sean. “Eachthe renovation is not CANADA’S RENO download theor forms from theprefer comfort that the the same, best we on a case-by-case if you would to of exactly so can we have to determinebasis.” a representative, RENO your home, you can find There some clear-cut rules, download the forms from theeverything comfort ofon their that the bestare we definitely can on a case-by-case basis.” REBATE INC. courier service at no though. is a deadline of two rules, years to yourwebsite home, and you use can their find everything on their There areThere definitely some clear-cut REBATE INC. 778-433-7494 charge. is minimal and applyThere from is the time youof completed website andThe use time theirinvolved courier service at no though. a deadline two yearsyour to 778-433-7494 1-877-724-4624 yourThe rebate could be huge. major or new build, though time involved is minimal and apply fromrenovation the time you completed your there charge. 1267 Fairfield Road, Victoria Canada’s Reno arerenovation a couple ofor exceptions that rule, too. your rebate could be Rebate huge. Inc. also has a brief 1-877-724-4624 major new build,tothough there Web: questionnaire on their website thata allows To qualify for a majortorenovation, you must Canada’s Fairfield Road, Victoria Reno Rebate Inc. also has brief you1267 are a couple of exceptions that rule, too. Email: doqualify substantial the majority the questionnaire on their website that allows you Web: To for a work majorto renovation, youofmust inside of your home. If majority your work Email: do substantial work to the of was the limited to aofsmall yourwork home, such as a inside yourportion home. Ifofyour was limited or kitchen, if yousuch justas painted to abathroom small portion of youror home, a and putordown newor floors, not bathroom kitchen, if youyou justwould painted The endfloors, resultyou of your renovation andqualify. put down new would not should substantial that your home qualify. 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$42,500: $42,500:

Living Feature

Photography by Island Life Photographics

The Design-Build Experience

By Denise Mitchell


ore and more homeowners are looking to Design-Build companies to create their dream home, whether it be for new construction or renovations. Design-Build is not a new concept, in fact it has been around for centuries, but it is growing into a very popular method in the construction industry. Compared to the traditional model, Architect & General Contractor, Design-Build (D-B) utilizes one entity, or a single business, for the entire process. The benefits to the client with the Design-Build method are no secret. Everybody is on the same team, sharing the same goal. The whole team is working together from start to finish, sharing your vision, to create a more involved and collaborative experience for the client. Design-Build comes with continuity, total accountability on one business, one budget, one schedule, one vision, one goal. With the Design-Build model, it’s all about the process, it’s all about the client, and it’s all about communication. Two Hills Ventures, dba 2Hills Renovation Contractor and Denise Mitchell Interiors, is a local Design-Build team. Husband and wife, owner and operator, Steve Hills and Denise Mitchell have completed countless D-B projects with amazing results. The owners of this featured Campbell

general contracting services commercial & residential project management

Steve Hills 1423-C 16th Avenue River, BC 1423-C 16th Avenue 250-287-6471 Campbell Steve Hills 2E4 V9W250-287-6471 Campbell River, BC V9W 2E4


River home, contracted Two Hills Ventures to help them transform their newly purchased 20 year old house, into their custom dream home. Two Hills worked with the clients to talk about their lifestyle, their vision for the house, their budget, and their own personal style. The Two Hills team took all of this to the drawing board and created a new space plan and design scheme for the house. They completely opened up the main floor of the house to capture the amazing coastal views and to create an open concept living space for their young family to share and grow in together. The clients had the opportunity to view the space using 3-D software so they were able to see exactly what the finished space would look like and visualize how their family would live in and use the space. In the words of our clients, “[the] challenging renovation became a seamless process. Everything came together beautifully - on time and on budget. During the renovation we often felt the team cared about our house as much or more than we did!” The goal for any architect, designer or contractor is to hopefully have a happy client in the end. With Design-Build, the goal is for the client to become a part of the process so that not only is the finished product and overall experience the best possible result, it comes with lasting pride.

denise mitchell



1423-C 16th Avenue Campbell River,1423-C BC, V9W 2E4 1423-C 16th 16thAvenue Avenue Campbell CampbellRiver, River,BC, BC,V9W V9W2E4 2E4


denise denise mitchell mitchell

professional interior design commercial & residential architectural drawings project management

Markie Miller

Denise Mitchell tel: 250-830-0095 Markie Markie Miller Miller

tel: tel: 250-830-0095 250-830-0095





Evergreen Evergreen Seniors Home

Seniors Home

Now available for complex units View by appointment Call 250-286-7274 ext 1 635 Evergreen Rd, Campbell River



HOME "The Best Choice in your Home Away From Home" » Competitive Rates » Full Range of Care Options » Adult Day Tour Our NewCare Home Care Facility »Evergreen Meal Program/Delivery Seniors Home

635 Evergreen Road Call: 250.203.8621 or email:

There comes a time when each of us considers moving to a nursing home. Although the decision is difficult, the care and There comes a time when each of us considers moving to a support a person receives at home. Evergreen Seniors Homeiscan lead the care and nursing Although the decision difficult, support a person receives at Evergreen Seniors Home can lead to many years of healthy, enjoyable living surrounded by new to many years of healthy, enjoyable living surrounded by new friends and familiar routines. friends and familiar routines. provide a friendly home in a beautiful garden We provide a friendlyWe home atmosphere in a atmosphere beautiful garden setting. Long-term residents or those who need to spend only setting. Long-term residents or those who need to spend only a short while with us are all provided with experienced, trusting a short while with us are all provided with experienced, trusting care.To find out more about our services, care.To find out more about our services,

call 250-203-8621 or

call 250-286-7274 1 or email: email:



Historical Feature

Wild Companions


iving alone in the wilderness can often lead human beings to choose unusual companions. In an era when domesticated pets were scarce to come by but wildlife was plentiful, early settlers in the Campbell River area were often known to adopt wild animals like deer, bears and cougars. Some of them, like Jim Forbes of Forbes Landing Lodge, had a special gift for communicating with wild animals. The family kept a pet deer, Trixie for many years, but even more curiously, kept a pet wild black bear. This bear was known to have a foul disposition. One day it was being bottle fed by Forbe’s daughter but was interrupted, and the angry bear sunk his teeth into her leg. Forbes was going to kill the bear, but luckily for the offending animal, a visiting officer from the British Naval ship HMS Hood witnessed the incident and intervened.

By Catherine M Gilbert

became a sailor and went on to spend several years at sea aboard Hood. Cougar kits were also occasionally adopted. A famous local story about raising cougars involved the Schnarr sisters; Marion, Pansy and Pearl of Owen Bay on Sonora Island. Their father August shot a female cougar one day, then noticed that it had recently become a mother. He found her den with four little kits inside, and brought them home to his daughters.

Tom Brazil with his pet deer

Two of the cougars, Leo and Girlie, survived and lived to be three and six years old respectively. Francis Dickie, who visited Owen Bay in 1937, wrote: “Thus on a lonely island three girls and two ordinarily savage beasts have grown to maturity together – a unique companionship, perhaps the first on record on the North American continent.”

The bear was adopted by the Navy,

Photos courtesy of the Museum at Campbell River

Healthy Ocean, Healthy Salmon, Healthy Food. Norm Hammond with pet bear at Iron River Logging, Oyster Bay, 1945

Pearl, Marion and Pansy Schnarr with Leo SPRING 2014 » WAVE MAGAZINE


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TYEE CHEVROLET BUICK GMC 570 – 13th Avenue, Campbell River

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Photo Mennie Memories

Campbell River’s

My Five Faves with Dave Brown 1 Rocky Mountain Chocolates

Coach, Corporate Trainer, Entrepreneur and Community Leader, Owner, BEST Life Coaching

2 All In One

Party Shop

I love their ice cream – smooth, creamy, bliss in every bite!

It’s the service and sense of community that keeps me coming back. Alana is always ready to do what it takes to make an event happen!

3 Fusilli Grill For dining in, the peppercorn chicken always gives a flavourful experience with a nice little kick to wake you up! At events that Fusilli has catered their appetizers are always tasty, unusual and, well... appetizing.

4 Centre for

Spiritual Living

The vast range of events, workshops and opportunities to grow and develop that the Center for Spiritual Living offers is incredible! I personally loved creating a vision for my future in a collage!

5 Best Wok My favorite dish, without a doubt, is the rice bowl – it’s quick, tasty and satisfying!

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Unique Fabrics

1364 – 16th Avenue (Located across from McDonalds) 250-287-7456

Alustra® Vignette®

1364–16th Ave. (Located across McDonalds) SPRINGfrom 2014 » WAVE MAGAZINE 250-287-7456 1364–16th Ave. (Located across from• McDonalds)



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Parting Shot I grew, and now raise two human beings with a wonderful man, supportive family and a lot of love. Although I have a diploma in photojournalism I like to believe that my “eye” comes from my mom pointing out beautiful moments my entire life. I believe that the most beautiful quality one can have is a beautiful heart. I am a firm believer that love is art, that anything is possible and that you have the ability to design and create your own life. I eat nectarines in the shower, oatmeal cookies in the bath, and love to walk my dog in the rain. I have a peaceful heart. I like things with stories, be it an heirloom ring passed down from generations or a special stone found on a beach from your favorite far away land. I love the sea, think mermaids are probably real and will stop the car for beautiful light. As a child, my favourite toy was a wooden Buddha doll. I brushed his teeth and he was my best friend. I have traveled all over the world as a photographer, seen the Great Pyramids of Egypt, stood inside the Sistine Chapel, ate lunch outside the Eiffel tower, wandered through Monet’s garden and bought wool and wine in Chile. I’ve had coffee in Turkey, sat in massage chairs in Japan, and I once skipped out on visiting the Great Wall of China to buy the Soprano’s box set in a crazy seedy downtown Beijing market. I like to think that the world is good, that my children are my soul mates and my images might bring you happiness. I love fresh air, big skies and a room with a view. I choose to see beauty everywhere.

Erin Wallis Photography

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We are pleased to offer weekend and evening appointments. Our affordable fees are consistent with the BC Dental Association fee guide. We offer insurance assistance and collection on your behalf.

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