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Sunday, September 2013 Nunn’s Creek Park ay, September 8, 20138,Nunn’s Creek Park

day, September 8, 2013 Nunn’s Creek Park 9:30 am Registration 11:00 am 4KM Walk 9:30 am Registration • 11:00 am• 4KM Walk GOLD


Strathcona ToyotaStrathcona Toyota

m Registration • 11:00am 4 KM Walk

t s e g r a l e h Creek Park September Joi8,n2013tNunn’s g n i v a s t n eve 8, 2013 eptember ! C B n i s l a anim 250.287.2427 •

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“Campbell River’s Favourite Pet Food & Supply Store”


“Campbell River’s Favourite Pet Food & Supply Store”

9:30 am Registration • 11:00 am 4KM Walk

ember 2013 Nunn’s Creek Park 8, 20138,Nunn’s Creek Park GOLD BRONZE

Strathcona Toyota

m Registration 11:00 am 4KM Walk ation • 11:00 am• 4KM Walk GOLD



Strathcona ToyotaStrathcona Toyota

n’s Creek Park Supporting Sponsors

250.287.2427 • Supporting Sponsors

ration • 11:00am 4 KM Walk SILVER 250.287.2427 • Jim Lilburn • Local Businesses • Veterinarians • Pet Stores

250.287.2427 • Balloons “N” More Party Shop • Campbell River Dog Fanciers • CR Salmon Festival


Sunday, September 8 Nunn's Creek Park PET MART Thanks to our Sponsors, Participants and Volunteers “Making a Difference Together” DOGWOOD River’sFestival Favourite Balloons “N” More Party Shop • Campbell River Dog Fanciers“Campbell • CR Salmon PET MART DOGWOOD & Supply Store” Jim Lilburn • Local Businesses • Veterinarians • Pet PetFood Stores



PET MART Thanks to our Sponsors, Volunteers “Making a Difference Together” PetParticipants Food & Supplyand Store” “Campbell River’s Favourite

8, 2013 Nunn’s Creek Park

“Campbell River’s Favourite Pet Food & Supply Store”

tion • 11:00 am 4KM Walk GOLD BRONZE


Strathcona Toyota


9:30 am registration 11 am » 4 km walk Supporting Sponsors Supporting Sponsors 250.287.2427 • Supporting Sponsors


Balloons “N” More Party Shop • Campbell River Dog Fanciers • CR Salmon Festival “N”•More Party Shop • Stores Campbell River DogDOGWOOD Fanciers • CR Salmon Festival Jim Lilburn • LocalBalloons Businesses Veterinarians • Pet

Join the S ND! I H T EKE largest event SUNDAY E SEPTEMBER 8TH that helps W Jim Lilburn • Local Businesses • Veterinarians • Pet Stores PET MART Thanks to our Sponsors, Participants and Volunteers “Making a Difference Together” “Campbell River’s Favourite Together” Balloons “N” More Party • Campbell River Dog • CR Salmon Festival Thanks to ourShop Sponsors, Participants andFanciers Volunteers “Making a Difference & Supply Store” Jim Lilburn • Local Businesses • Veterinarians • Pet PetFood Stores

Thanks to our Sponsors, Participants and Volunteers “Making a Difference Together”


save animals in B.C.! Supporting Sponsors

Nunn’s Creek Park 9:30am Registration 11:00am 4 Km Walk

Locally Owned for DOGWOOD PET MART “Campbell River’s Pet Food and Supply Store” to our Sponsors, Participants and Volunteers “Making aFavourite Difference Together” 29Thanks Years Balloons “N” More Party Shop • Campbell River Dog Fanciers • CR Salmon Festival Jim Lilburn • Local Businesses • Veterinarians • Pet Stores


Prizes donated by:

DOGWOOD PET MART “Campbell River’s Favourite Pet Food and Supply Store”

From one Best Friend to Another . . .

For 013 the month of September Strathcona y, September 8, 2 unn’s Creek ParkToyota is donating $100 to the BCSPCA Walk

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for every new & pre-owned vehicle sold.


Favourite “Campbell River’s Store” Pet Food & Supply

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Favourite “Campbell River’s Store” Pet Food & Supply

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sors Supporting Spon


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• www.rhprinting


Festival s • CR Salmon ell River Dog Fancier Pet Stores Party Shop • Campb rians • Balloons “N” More Businesses • Veterina r” Jim Lilburn • Local g a Difference Togethe



% for up to 84 months

Favouril te River’sFestiva Salmon • CR ell Volunteers “Makin rs“Campb rs, Participants and ell River Dog Fancie Pet Food & Supply Store” Thanks to our Sponso Party Shop • Campb arians • Pet Stores Balloons “N” More Businesses • Veterin er” Jim Lilburn • Local g a Difference Togeth

ors, Participants and

Thanks to our Spons


Volunteers “Makin

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Thanks to our Spons


teers “Maki Participants and Volun

See dealer for details.



% for up to 60 months Lease*

SAVE up to $8000* on select models.


2785 N. Island Highway Campbell River DL#5495 » email: 250-287-9527 or 1-877-777-9527

A Message from our CEO Every September we are overwhelmed by the outpouring of support that comes from people like you who love animals and participate in our Scotiabank & BC SPCA Paws for a Cause walks. Across the province, people of all ages come out, rain or shine, to show they are there to help animals in need. We remain so grateful.

recent survey of 100 Canadian charities by MoneySense magazine. For more information on how your fundraising dollars directly impact the animals we care for and protect, I encourage you to explore the Where your Dollars Go section of this site.

Thank you for joining us in this very important event helping animals. Your support, in all its forms, helps give homeless, The hundreds of injured and abused thousands of dollars animals the second chance raised in support of our they deserve. Without work help the animals people like you who who need us the most Craig Daniell want to help, our cruelty in communities across Dear Scotiabank & BC SPCA investigations, as well as this province.  The BC SPCA Paws for a Cause participant medical, sheltering, education appreciates how hard you and advocacy work simply work for every dollar raised wouldn’t be possible.  On behalf of the and we are proud to let you know we animals, thank you again for showing you have earned an “A+” in overall efficiency, care.  I wish you the best of luck with your fundraising efficiency and transparency in a

T. Murray Construction Ltd.

fundraising and we look forward to seeing you in September.

With great appreciation, Craig Daniell
 Chief Executive Officer, BCSPCA.

Through The Dog Spot is Campbell River’s newest Web-blog and it’s all about dogs, dog products, dog art, dog everything. You can find it at Xena is the Spokes dog and Dax is the Paw-prentice at and they will both be at the SPCA Paws for a Cause on September 8th to take pictures and write stories for upcoming posts on The Dog Spot. They would think it pawsome if you came by to say hi. • Contractor Directory • The Dog Spot • Evelyn M’s Home and Garden Blog Spot

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We support the SPCA of BC and our local


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“Charlie and his family support the SPCA.”


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Big or small... we proudly support them all. Tyee Chevrolet Buick GMC 570–13th Avenue • 250-287-9511 •

Renewed search for a new home

but the SPCA looks forward to its future in Campbell River and is excited about the Scotiabank & BC SPCA Paws for a Cause walk on Sept. 8 at Nunn’s Creek Park and other events to support the new centre.

The SPCA in Campbell River's search for a new home continues.

In late July, the B.C. SPCA announced it had found a suitable location and would set up its animal shelter at the cityowned Maritime Heritage Centre.

While the BC SPCA is disappointed by the City of Campbell River’s Aug. 13 decision not to approve the rezoning required for a proposed new SPCA Education & Adoption Centre at the Maritime Heritage Centre, the SPCA remains deeply committed to helping animals in Campbell River and looks forward to partnering with the city in a renewed search for an appropriate space. Between March and July, the Maritime Centre was the only leasehold space the SPCA was able to identify which met their specific requirements. To assist them opening as soon as possible, they are hoping that the community will come forward if they are aware of any leasehold space that meets the following requirements: • 1600-2100 square feet at $ 7 - 15 dollars/ sq ft • Water, sewer and natural gas in the leasehold property itself • Zoned for kennelling • Access near to park or walkway to walk dogs • Good parking • Access to public transit The rezoning decision will unfortunately delay the opening of a new centre as they seek appropriate leasehold space,

Centre because it fit the animal society’s needs. “In our search between March and July, 2013, the Maritime Centre was the only leasehold space the SPCA was able to identify which met our specific requirements,” according to the BC SPCA. Suggestions have already been making the rounds on the Campbell River SPCA’s Facebook page.

One day later, the city said it had never been approached by the SPCA to use its facility and further, the zoning of the site did not allow for the SPCA’s intended use.

Possible options floated include the former Lite Shop on 13th Avenue, Campbell River Common, Sunrise Plaza in Willow Point as well as the former Canada Trust building in Merecroft Village, though the former bank site was ruled out as the rent is out of the SPCA’s price range.

So, on Aug. 13, council did not approve the SPCA’s relocation to the Maritime Heritage Centre which now has prompted the SPCA to start over.

The SPCA's great support in the community will ensure that a new home will be found. With dedicated friends like Tom Burton, a former volunteer dog walker, and corporate support in the community from companies like Save-OnFoods,the SPCA can't help but be successful.

The SPCA’s decision to look elsewhere was also a blow to the Maritime Heritage Society which lobbied council to agree to have the SPCA as a tenant. M.J. (Marv) Everett, president of the Maritime Heritage Society, wrote a letter to council stressing the importance of finding a long-term renter.

Burton organized a fundraising program with the help of Save-On-Foods.

“It is essential to the on-going operation of the MHS and the on-going fulfilment of our operating mandate that we find a secure and reliable tenant for the vacant MHC space,” said Everett who claimed council has had “continued indifference and apathy to our numerous pleas over the past several years for a fair, non-oppressive contract.” Everett also said that if a re-zoning was necessary to accommodate the SPCA, the Maritime Heritage Society was prepared to do whatever it took to make the zoning changes happen. Meanwhile, the BC SPCA said it chose the Maritime Heritage

“Save-On-Foods jumped on the bandwagon immediately,” Burton said. “Save-On-Foods got back to me in three days. They’re terrific, absolutely terrific.” What the store is doing to help is allowing customers who are a part of the Save-On More rewards program to redeem their points in 1,000 point increments towards the SPCA’s building fund. Burton said Save-On-Foods will continue with the fundraising program as long as there’s activity in the account. It's that kind of support that is the SPCA's strength in the community.

Cinna Moon Bay


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Safety Incorporated is proud to support the BCSPCA of Campbell River “Paws for a Cause” fund drive.

Unit E1-B, 465 Merecroft Campbell River Phone: 250-287-2007 Email:

Safety Incorporated has been providing value added health and safety management services to industry since 1992. Services include program Safety Incorporated Dan Kelly, CRSP Principal development, risk assessments, system (250) 202-7215 Campbell River, BC audits, leadership training, emergency response planning and project support.

A message from your local SPCA I would like to thank our donors, supporters, volunteers and especially the staff of the Campbell Branch for their support, caring, and devotion to “speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves”. With all of your help, we have been able to provide the highest quality of animal care to the animals in Campbell River and surrounding communities. Throughout the years a lot of relationships have developed, with businesses, veterinarians, but especially my team, I am proud to have been part of the BC SPCA for 27 years and to have been able to work with you, and for the animals.

I would like to ask our donors and supporters to continue to support the BC SPCA ,now as we continue with our transition period, and to promise you that the Cruelty Investigation Department will still be available to address any concerns pertaining to the care of animals in their homes. Together and as a Team we DID make a difference in animals lives. Without all of your help, we would not have been able to do so.

Kathleen Embree


I am a responsible pet owner and support the SPCA of BC and our local

PAWS for CAUSE! Seahorse Edging fabricates concrete curbs for both residential & commercial properties. We are locally owned and employ several local people. We operate seasonally April through October in Campbell River and the Comox Valley. Visit our website at or contact for more information.

1250B Ironwood Street, Campbell River • 250-286-0077


Proud Supporters of BCSPCA Paws for a Cause

Thank you to all our fabulous clients that are helping the cause by joining the Paws for a Cause walk this year. Stop by and meet our grooming team: Cathy Merrithew, Krista, Rachel, Michelle, Carrie our Scheduler and our Resort Team Erin & Cassandra. We can help with any grooming need, and yes we do doggy day care too!

We’re a division of and located within the Campbell River Veterinary Hospital.

2566 S. Island Hwy in Willow Point. 250-923-5905

1241 Ironwood Street » Campbell River

» 250-287-8819

Paws in the Workplace

Where your dollars go...

fundraising as one in support of the Scotiabank & BC SPCA Paws for a Cause.

Throughout the summer you can bring your entire team together by finding fun and creative ways to raise money for the animals that need you most. Be an exceptional corporate citizen and get the Whether you are a veterinary office whole office on board! participating in our Vet Challenge, Each year, employees in businesses across a retail store selling our paw-prints Canada gather together to show their or an office setting up a corporate support for animals in need by team, there is a way for every organization to get involved and Sometimes my make an impact in the lives of dad takes me & my the province’s most vulnerable brother to work! animals.

I love my dad! He’s Dave at the Mirror... I love the Mirror!

If you need any help finding the perfect fit for your workplace feel free to contact us for help at paws@spca. or check out the workplace fundraising portion of our Unleash Your Paws Potential fundraising guide. Ryder & Priscilla Hamilton – SPCA Adoptees

Encourage your co-workers to register themselves as team members. Look for ways to inspire friendly competition between co-workers, offices, clients, etc. by encouraging them to register too. Get in touch! We’re happy to offer our support through or over the phone at 604.709.4651.

Where your dollars goThe w & BC SPCA Paws for a Cause is the organization’s biggest fundraiser and our work would not be possible without your support. The BC SPCA currently receives no provincial or federal government funding and we rely on your generosity to continue our life-saving work. All funds raised at each walk stay in the community to make the life saving work of your local BC SPCA branch possible. We pride ourselves on our low administration and fundraising costs and work hard to ensure that your fundraising directly impacts the animals we serve: In 2013 the BC SPCA joined an elite group of only 45 charities in Canada to become accredited by Imagine Canada through its Standards Program. This means that we have met their high standards in five fundamental areas: financial accountability


and transparency; board governance; fundraising; staff management and volunteer involvement. The BC SPCA was one of only six Canadian charities to receive an A+ rating in MoneySense Magazine’s 2012 survey rating of 100 Canadian charities. The BC SPCA was a Top Charity Pick in 2012 by Charity Intelligence. All funds raised stay in your community to benefit local shelters.

$1000 Donated to the SPCA by our Mom from Serendipity in the Garden, Rae

...collected from loy al customers in lieu of free gift wrapping.

Customer Appreciation Day! SAVE THE DAY Saturday, Sept. 21st 11:30am - 2:00pm Give-Aways Cake and Much More!

Mark your calendar!

HELPING YOU IS WHAT WE DO! 972 Shoppers Row, Campbell River


Serendipity in the Garden 968 Shoppers Row | 250-287-9949 | Mon.-Sat. 10am - 5:30pm | Sun. 12-4pm

we proudly support the BCSPCA!


About Paws for a Cause

When we work together, anything is paws-sible! For over twenty years, animal lovers throughout British Columbia have come together to walk in support of their local BC SPCA branches. In 2004, these walks organized as one provincewide movement for the first Paws for a Cause. Today, the walks raise $1 million each year towards improving animal welfare in British Columbia. Join us this September 8* and enjoy an amazing day of celebration, fun and heart warming stories.

? e s l a v o L anim

Come meet a shelter animal and see the difference your community has made in the lives of animals in need. 

By fundraising and walking (with or without your four-legged friend!) you are letting others know that animal welfare is important to you. Whether you are the proud guardian of a BC SPCA adoptee, love buying our certified food products or are just looking for the opportunity to join with others to save animal lives, the Scotiabank & BC SPCA Paws for a Cause is for you.

d riend an f t s e b -legged ove at the r u o f r u se! l o Bring y e show your aws for a Cau com SPCA P C B & k an Scotiab

The experiences, pictures and stories you share through your personal fundraising page, face-to-face fundraising and participation on walk day will connect you with other animal lovers and help spread the word to other members of your community.

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Thank you

to our community sponsors!

Joanne the RV Lady cell/text 250-203-2305 Come in talk to me for a guaranteed trade in allowance on your tent. It’s time to get comfortable, dry, and have a washroom of your own. 2603 Sackville Road, Merville, BC 250-337-2174 •

Lend a Paw

Ways you can get involved: Lend a PawJust like the BC SPCA’s work, the Scotiabank & BC SPCA Paws for a Cause would not be possible without the help of our amazing volunteers! We thank each and every one of our volunteers for their ongoing hard work and support. You help make each year a success! We have all kinds of fun volunteer

opportunities for our Scotiabank & BC SPCA Paws for a Cause events. Contact us at with your local walk location and personal information and we will notify you when positions are open later this summer. Be sure to visit your local walk page for more information! Interested in lending a hand to the animals of the BC SPCA?

We're here to put the

Fduranising in


ids K A C P S C B e! a e r e f m r o o f c er Be b m e m Club

Sponsorship opportunities for the Scotiabank & BC SPCA Paws for a Cause are available at both the provincial and local level. Sponsoring this event gives your business access to thousands of BC SPCA supporters and animal lovers across the province. As an outstanding Corporate Citizen, your business will align its brand with an organization that is making a difference in the lives of animals in your community. We invite all of our sponsors to take their commitment to the next level by organizing a corporate team to

participate on walk day. For more great ideas on how to get involved visit our Paws in the Workplace page. Provincial Sponsorship Opportunities: Please contact us by email donations@ Local Sponsorship Opportunities: Benefits are specific to each of our 35 communities. Sponsorship levels are dependent on the size of the community you wish to sponsor. Please email us to request a local sponsorship package with detailed benefit information.

Kids 13 and under who register and raise $15 or more will get a free one-year subscription (or renewal) to the BC SPCA Kids Club. That way, you can stay connected to the work of the BC SPCA and learn even more about animals. Being a member of our BC SPCA Kids Club comes with great stuff: c Special Kids Club kit c Official membership card c e-Kids News - a monthly online newsletter, just for kids! c Bark! magazine 4 times a year! c Mini collector button c Activity sheet c Notification of BC SPCA kids’ events and contests Best of all, you are joining other kids across the province who love animals and want to make a difference in their community.



Every year one amazing young person is our top youth fundraiser. Helping out in such a huge way makes a big difference to so many animals, so we want to give you an awesome prize to say THANK YOU! Everyone has a chance to win! Every kid who registers online by walk day will also be entered into a draw for another great prize! Stay tuned to our rewards page for more info as the prizes are announced!

A heartfelt thank-you to the SPCA for continued efforts to care for animals in need.


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We Are proud to Support the BCSPCA

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Proud Supporters of the BC SPCA

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Proud supporter of the BC SPCA and Paws for a Cause Walk for Animals!








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Campbell River BCSPCA Paws for a Cause 2013  
Campbell River BCSPCA Paws for a Cause 2013