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AD COPY NEEDED WE’RE ON THE MOVE NEW LOCATION starting November 4th #101, 160-10th Avenue, CampbellGurdeep River

6x3.4 250.287.3445 • Fax: 250.287.3465 • Email: Proc (in the Old Island Micro Systems building)

Gurdeep Sidhu , CGA N o t a r y

P u b l i c



Ultimate Leather lazy boy 7x14



PROCESS on all La-Z-Boy Leather Furniture Storewide!*

DEXTER 100% leather sofa

now only

3 Leather Colours Available at the Sale Price


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Plus! Pay No Interest for 6 Months!* Locally Owned & Operated 路 Visit us online at: Courtenay Victoria Nanaimo

2937 Kilpatrick Ave NOW OPEN! 3501 Saanich Road (at Blanshard) 3200 North Island Hwy (Country Club Mall)

MON - THURS 10 - 5:30

FRI 10 - 7

SAT 10 - 5:30

(250) 871-6074 (250) 382-5269 (250) 756-4114

SUN: 12 - 5

or Toll-Free 1-855-203-0857 or Toll-Free 1-877-452-5269 or Toll-Free 1-866-756-4114

*See store for details. Discount equivalent to the taxes (PST 7% and GST 5%) will be given at time of purchase on leather furniture. Financing On Approved Credit. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Hot Buys and Final Markdowns are excluded. Although every precaution is taken, errors in price or specification may occur in print. We reserve the right to correct such errors. Not all items available at all locations. Flyer pricing ends October 28th, 2013 or while supplies last.



Tips on Teaching Your Kids about Money Make earning money fun and rewarding. Attaching a value to certain chores allows children to associate working with earning. The harder the work the higher the pay – on a realistic scale. Avoid buying toys, games, and other luxuries for kids during random trips to the store. Keep special occasion gifts to those you can save for, and make this a lesson as well. Make a point of talking to your children about what things cost, including paying cash versus carrying a debt. Make sure they understand the difference between a “want” and a “need”. Most importantly, kids tend to mimic what they see parents do, not always what is said, so make sure you are “practicing what you preach”. Submitted by Garat Financial

The North Island, a place for families to grow... Be sure your kids leave home with healthy values about money.

In this age of easy credit you need to be sure your kids leave home with healthy values about money, and there is no better teacher for kids than their parents. Demonstrate the importance of saving as a part of having money. Kids should have a piggy bank to build up cash at home, and a savings account to consolidate and grow that cash. Although their first acAvoid buying toys, games, and counts should be fee free, talk to your children about future costs such other luxuries for kids during as debit and credit cards, fees and random trips to the store. interest rates.

Claire Trevena MLA (North Island)

Campbell River Community Office: 908 Island Hwy, Campbell River, V9W 2C3 Phone: 250-287-5100 or 866-387-5100 Fax: 250-287-5105 •

Gary Hartford Counselling Gary provides counselling for: - Children, Youth, & Adults - Couples & Families Online booking Free 15 minute consult

Gary Hartford, MC Registered Clinical Counsellor

250 203 7898

A-1 Pet sAlon formerly located in Shar-Kare

hAs re-locAted to 1883 Whistler Way.

Evening appointments available!! We provide one on one grooming services. no assembly line grooming which EvEry third allows for a low stress, enjoyable groom rEcEivEs experience for your pet. $

10 off!

Phone: 778-418-2602 tXt only: 250-203-2602

Protecting your greatest assets.... ...your family and your ability to earn income to take care of them. Life insurance, disability and critical illness insurance. Darlene Garat Financial Advisor

Garat Financial Suite F-850 12th Ave Campbell River



Fortis BC 7x14


Terms and conditions apply. See for details. 2 Family prize pack consists of a home energy saving kit and $400 credit gift card. Full contest details are available at FortisBC uses the FortisBC name and logo under license from Fortis Inc. (13-163.7 09/2013) 1



Financial pointers for expecting parents

Determine your necessary income. Many couples have hypothetical discussions regarding children and their finances, but until they receive the news that a baby is on the way, those conversations have a way of being put on the back burner. Now that a baby is on the way,

couples need to revisit those discussions, and determining how much income they need is a great place to start. The dual-income household has become the norm in the 21st century, when the cost of living has skyrocketed. But couples must determine if it’s in the family’s best interest for both parents to keep working once their child is born. The cost of childcare is considerable, and it may be in a family’s best interest for just one parent to work until the child reaches school age. Consider your total income as well as your financial obligations (i.e., mortgage, car payments, etc.) and then shop around for the cost of childcare. If it makes more sense to become a single-in-

come household, even if it’s just for a few years, then you will have another important decision to make. Determine who is staying home. Couples who have decided that it’s in their best interests to become a single-income household once their child is born must decide who will be staying home and who will continue working. It’s easy to say the parent who is earning the most should continue working, but that decision is not so black and white. Consider the cost of healthcare offered by each of your employers. Some healthcare plans are significantly more affordable than others, and this might weigh heavily on your decision, especially if both parents are earning relatively similar incomes. Another thing to consider is each of your opportunities for advancement at your current company and within your field. Earning potential should factor heavily into the decision as to which parent will con-

Bosley’s Campbell River #250-1400 Dogwood St. 250-830-0933

Bosley’s By Pet Valu offers nutritious pet foods, accessories and supplies for dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles and small animals. Let our local Pet Experts help you choose the best products for your pet!

tinue working, especially if you plan to have another child down the road. The conversation as to who will continue working should be treated delicately. Discuss your housing needs. Couples who are expecting a child often feel this is a great time to abandon apartment living and buy

a home of their own. But chances are you can comfortably manage to live in your apartment for a few more years after your child is born. Those extra years of apartment living can give you the chance to save more money so you can afford a nicer home in a better neighborhood that boasts better schools. Or apartment living for a

few more years may give you more time to save and place a larger down payment on your home down the road. The larger the initial down payment, the lower your monthly mortgage payment, so it might be in your best interest to squirrel away a few more dollars before you go house hunting.

Families helping Families Campbell River and District Food Bank Society feeds more than 2,000 people each month from single parents and pensioners on fixed incomes to multi-generational families and people on disability or social assistance. As a non-profit organization, we are able to give because you give. You give us your support with financial donations, with food donations and by volunteering. To join us or for more information: visit us at 1393 Marwalk Crescent, call 250-286-3226 or email Hours of Operation: 9am to 1pm Monday to Friday Distribution Days: First 3 Wednesdays of each month from Noon to 3pm. Monday & Friday from 11am to 1pm.



Playground safety tips for parents, guardians should be an ample ratio of cr families adults to children. Adults can observe potential hazards and 7x14 intercede if children are mis-

children out at recess, there

Children also need to be on the lookout for unsafe conditions. Parents and teachers can gear lessons around playbehaving. Playgrounds that ground safety. By making safety a priority, children can have rope activities continue to enjoy outdoor play without should be avoided, TO BOOK A being injured. complete a PARK OR FIELD “Permit For as should putting Us available at the Sportsp e” form lex. Permit Fees/Field Us er children in clothing place. For de Fees are now in tails on appli please cont cable fees ac that has string ties. nagle@cam t Linda Nagle at linda. pbell

Always be sure adults are there to supervise. Adult supervision is needed wherever children are playing. In school settings, where there are a number of

gravel, sand, rubber mats, rubber tiles, and mulch.

PROCESS or at the 23.7911.

office 250.9

All children should play on age-appropriate equipment. Due to developAdult supervision is one of the primary mental differences ways to reduce playground injuries. as children age, it No one wants to prevent is essential children children from having fun, play on equipment but it is essential to child safety playgrounds be wellthat correlates to their age groups to keep maintained to ensure playtime does not end in injury. Implay safe and fun. properly maintained equipment coupled with ineffective shock-absorbing surface material can increase a child’s risk Make sure surfaces are cushioned. of injury. Equipment associated with the most injuries in- Falls account for an array of playground include climbers (monkey bars), swings, slides and overhead juries. Acceptable cushioned surfaces can ladders. Fractures remain the most common playground help prevent more serious injuries from injury, followed by contusions and abrasions. falls. Materials that can be used include pea Playground injuries have become a considerable concern for parents and caregivers across the country.

To keep children safe, there are certain precautions that should be taken whenever children are allowed to use playground equipment. It is up to adults, including parents and guardians, to ensure that play areas are safe and to use their judgement to restrict play if unsafe conditions are present. Here is a checklist for adults:

order. Equipment also should be safely anchored in the ground. If any safety hazards arise, the equipment should not be used until it is fixed.

Adams Par k Applegate Park Baikie Isla nd Barclay Par k Bowen Par k

2200 S. Island Hwy. 2761 Apple Dr. 2131 Island Hwy. 4268 Barclay Rd. 744 Bowen Cambridge Rd. Park 732 Cambrid Campbellto ge Dr. n Park 1721/1741 Centennia 15th Ave. l Park 230 4th Ave Charstate . Park 600 Charsta Coronation te Dr. Park 27 Coronation Dick Murph Cr. y Park Spit Rd. Discovery Pier 655 Island Hw Ellis Park y 1191 S. Island Frank Jam Hwy. es Park 2084 S. Island Gazelle Par Hwy. k 1185 Blesbo Haig Brown k Rd. /Kingfisher Ck. 2250 Cam Harrogate pbell River Rd Park 302 Harrog Hidden Ha ate Rd. rbour 67 Island Hw Hilchey Par y. k 109 Hilchey Jaycee Par Rd. k 2500 S. Island Ken Forde Hwy. Park 2501 S. Island Larwood Par Hwy. k 2400 S. Island Lilelana Par Hw y. k 770 Ralph Hu McCallum tton Rd. Park 991 S. Island McIvor Lak Hwy. e McIvor Lake Nunns Cre Rd. ek Park 1465 16th Ave Penfield We . st Park • 2090 Colleg Pinecrest Par e Drive k 360 Birch St. Raven Par k • 2199 Tamara Robert Ost c St. ler Park 945 Island Hw Robron Par y. k 425 Me recroft Rd. Rotary Bea ch Park • • 501/621 S. Isla Ruby Park nd Hwy. 1155 Ruby Sequoia Par Rd. k 471/491 S. Isla Simms Par nd Hwy. k 145 Simms Rd.

Make sure equipment is safe. Equipment should be inspected regularly to ensure that everything is in good working order. S-hooks on swings and other hanging items should be entirely closed, and there should be no protruding bolts. Footings and steps should be in good working

Splash Par k (Willow Poi nt Par

k) Twillingat e Park Washington

Willow Poi

nt Park

Personal Care - Bathing, Dressing, Shaving Housekeeping/Meal Preparation Driving to Hospital or GP Appointments Shopping

3300 S. Island Hwy. 90 Washingt on Dr. 1800 S. Ald er St.

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Empowering Children, Enriching Families! TM

Josie Coak 778-346-4446 •

corner of Pen field & Parkway Rds


Ball Diamond s Ball Hockey Co urt Basketball Co urt Beach Access Boat Ramp Bocce Community Ga rdens Disc Golf Dog Park Fishing Interpretive Ce ntre Outdoor Pool Paved Walkways Playground Picnic Tables/Be nches Sand Volleyba ll Court Skateboard Par k Seasonal Conse ssion Splash park Sporting Fields Tennis Courts Trails Washrooms- Sea sonal Washrooms- Yea rly Waterskiing

Children are encouraged to play outdoors to exert physical effort and promote health. Few things are more exciting to young children than the opportunity to swing and scale playground obstacles. But what if the outdoor play equipment poses significant safety risks?

Teaching Music to Beginners of All Ages Continuing Registration for: PIANO CLASSES MYC Sunshine (3/4 yrs) MYC Sunbeam (5/6 yrs) MYC Moonbeam (7/8 yrs)

PRE-PIANO CLASSES MYC Sunrise (3/4 yrs)

MUSIC & MOVEMENT CLASSES tmc Music Pups (birth - 4 yrs)

Call Lynda 250.923.6103


Every Youth Matters Become a Family Care Home “I like the fact that they’re a family and I get to be part of that family, even if it’s just for a little while.” 15-year-old girl in the Oasis program “My caregivers are open, caring, understanding and have a great sense of humor.” 16-year-old boy in the Headstart program For more information go to or contact Thanh at 250-286-0222 ext. 224 or email



How to keep kids safe on the Internet Parents of yesteryear seldom had to worry about protecting their kids from strangers once their kids were safely inside the home. But since the dawn of the Internet, parents know the safety of their private residence can be easily compromised. Be it through social media, chat rooms or other online outlets, strangers can now gain access to children in a variety of ways, many of which are seemingly innocent. The prevalence of online predators has many parents looking for ways to protect their kids when they go online. Some parents may want to outlaw the Internet altogether until kids reach high school, but such a reaction can put kids at a significant disadvantage academically by barring them from what is often a valuable resource. Parents who want their kids to get the most out of the Internet without putting them in danger of online predators can employ the following tips.

Warn kids about the potential risks and dangers of the Internet. Many parents would prefer their kids did not know about Internet predators, but that wish should not outweigh the desire to keep kids safe. Teach kids that people on the Internet may not always behave Parents can filter honestly, misrepresenting themcertain websites selves in an effort to gain access so children cannot to unsuspecting and often trusting kids. Teach kids to take the same access them approach with online strangers that they do with strangers they see in public, never sharing any personal information or engaging in conversation with someone they don’t know. Teach kids to tell an adult they trust immediately if an online stranger contacts them.

Use the filters at your disposal. Parents can filter certain Web sites so children cannot access them. Filter sites geared toward adults as well as any sites where kids might be at risk of coming into contact with potential predators. Block chat rooms and other sites where adults can pose as kids and make sure kids who are involved with social media have made their online profiles private and only accessible to friends and family members. Monitor kids’ online activity on a daily basis. The Internet is such a commonly used tool that many kids go online at least once per day. Homework assignments and other school functions are commonly posted online, and many kids communicate with friends via the Internet as much as they do in person. Parents should monitor their kids’ online activity on a daily basis, scanning their Web history and examining their social media interactions to be sure kids aren’t putting themselves in harm’s way. Kids may grow more resistant to such monitoring as they grow older, but parents cannot turn a blind eye to kids’ online activity simply to avoid a confrontation.

Protecting kids online involves monitoring their smartphone activity.

Keep the computer in a common area. The family computer should be kept in a common area where parents can monitor how much time kids are spending online, what they’re doing and who they’re speaking to while surfing the Internet. When kids have their own computers or tablets in their bedrooms, parents can easily lose track of how much time kids are spending online. This makes it easier for online predators to gain access to kids, who have a harder time recognizing potential predators than adults. Remember kids can get online on their smartphones, too.

T A E R G A R O GF LOOKIN Family carrier ad ? Y T I V I T C A FAMILY 4x8

Computers are no longer the only way for kids to get online. More and more kids, especially those in high school, are doing their online surfing via their smartphones. Monitor kids’ mobile phone usage just like you do their computer usage. Peruse their call and texting history, and discuss any suspect usage with them immediately. Kids spend more time online now than ever before, and that usage figures to increase in the coming years as the Internet becomes increasingly accessible. Parents should take steps to ensure their youngsters are safe when going online.

Campbell River Compost Education Centre 228 South Dogwood Street, Campbell River, BC (Across from the Strathcona Gardens recreation complex)

CVRD 3x8

Tel: 250-287-1625

Deliver papers, earn extra cash and spend timePROCESS together! Call

Becky for details

250-287-9227 or email


7TH ANN PUM UAL SMASPKIN H!! November 2nd & 3rd from 12pm to 5pm


Parking lot of Strathcona Gardens recreation complex 225 South Dogwood Street, Campbell River, BC

Fun for the whole family! Join us at the annual pumpkin smash celebration and help keep tons of organic waste out of the landfill by having a smashing good time! This is a fun event for the whole family, enter to win prizes, enjoy refreshments and "SMASH" your jack-o'-lantern. These pumpkins will be turned into rich compost instead of becoming a ghoulish waste. For more information about composting visit: Follow comoxvalleyrd



SD 72 7x14

Giving children the best for their education and future.

StrongStart StrongStart A FREE, school-based early learning program for children from 0 to 6. PROCESS Under the direction of licensed early childhood educators, parents and children participate in early learning activities, such as story time, music, singing, art and puzzles. Children gain problem-solving skills, and build self-esteem and the social skills that will help them when they enter school. Parents learn activities that they can do at home to further support their child’s learning, nutrition, and make valuable connections with other parents or caregivers. Cedar StrongStart Cedar Elementary School 261 Cedar Street Tel: (250) 287-8335

Sandowne StrongStart Sandowne Elementary School 699 Sandowne Drive Tel: (250) 923-4248

Georgia Park StrongStart Georgia Park Elementary School 678 Hudson Street Tel: (250) 923-0735

Sayward StrongStart Sayward Elementary / Jr. Secondary School 690 Kelsey Way, Sayward Tel: (250) 282-3314

* For StrongStart Centre days and hours, please visit for the StrongStart calendar or contact the school office.

In addition to these regular StrongStart Centres, our mobile StrongStrart will now visit the following schools one day a week: Oyster River Elementary School 2250 Terrain Road Tel: (250) 923-4275 Thursday 8:30 to 11:00 a.m.

Quadra Elementary School Quathiaski Cove, Quadra Island Tel: (250) 285-3385 Friday 8:45 to 11:30 a.m.

École Willow Point Elementary 250 Larwood Road Tel: (250) 923-4311 Friday 8:30 to 11:30 a.m.

Open to all. Just drop-in!

The Campbell River StrongStart Centres are supported by the Ministry of Education and School District 72.

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