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Look and learn

An exhibition in Ōtorohanga invites viewers to do their own research.

Ki te kapu o taku ringa - In the palm of my hand - features wāhi mana or places of significance in the King Country.

There are no captions in the associated book or on walls explaining what the viewer is seeing - rather there is an invitation to learn and research.

Tom Roa and Rodrigo Hill from Waikato University launched the exhibition at Ōtorohanga museum last Friday.

Images, taken by Hill using both film and digital cameras, include an inside view of the cave of Maniapoto, near Hangatiki – where

Up for the Shield

the 17th century chief lived as an elderly man.

One shows Kāwhia moana and two distant peaks which served as a tohu – a sign – to the people of the arriving Tainui waka.

Two photographs show hands connecting with nature. In one, they cradle a Naultinus geckomoko kākāriki. In another, Roa holds a huia feather referencing that of Ngāti Maniapoto chief Rewi Maniapoto (1807-1894) in a colonial era painting.

There are also built environments such as the underside of the bridge across the Pūniu river.

“The image, stark as it is, contains an implicit invitation.”

Roa said. “What is the mana of this image, and how do I give it proper regard?”

The exhibition was the result of a research project, Te NehenehenuiThe Ancient Enduring Beauty in the Great Forest of the King Country. Photographs were taken following discussions with mana whenua with the intention to ‘decolonise the lens’ – so the work was informed by tikanga Māori rather the European approach, which holds the photographer as the images’ legal owner.

That had little regard for the mana of people or space, Roa said.

The pair described the work as a way to reassert and reclaim mana over ancestral knowledge, landmarks, flora, and fauna.

Photographer Rodrigo Hill is from Brazil and has lived here for 20 years with his wife and New Zealand born children.

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Rodrigo Hill, pictured with Tom Roa, right. Pass it on… King Country challenge for the Ranfurly Shield next week. Last time out Josevata Malimole was pictured in action during a 43-18 win over Thames Valley. Paul Charman looks ahead to the big game against Hawke’s Bay on Page 13 today.

Taumata Arowai turns off rural taps

Ōtorohanga’s rural water schemes will be deemed useable for stock only as a result of national water regulator Taumata Arowai requiring expensive upgrades.

In a letter threatening enforcement action, the agency has given the district council until the end of the month to confirm a funding plan for a required protozoa barrier for the three Arohena water supplies – and have it operating by December 2024. Protozoa are microscopic single celled animals.

The Waikato District Health Board placed the three supplies under permanent Boil Water Notice in February 2021. They make up the Arohena scheme and users were surveyed in 2018 on removing the drinking water part of the scheme, as was done at Ranginui rural water scheme in 2016.

A 2017 report to the council by engineering consulting company Beca estimated the total cost to meet compliance for the Huririmu, Koharekau and Tuapaki supplies was more than $6 million. The three supplies serve just over 200 properties and the requirement was regarded as unaffordable for that ratepayer base.

independently of each other and supplying water to farmers, rural dwellings and the Arohena School.

“There are people on there who don’t drink this water currently, they have alternate supplies whether it be bore or rainwater,” Council engineering and asset manager Mark Lewis said.

“I think it’s quite unique to have a rural water scheme out in a rural area that is supplying drinking water. Most farming communities within New Zealand would have their alternative water supplies for drinking already.

chair Peter Stubbs, Wharepuhunga ward councillor Cathy Prendergast agreed the water scheme users were happy with what was been proposed.

The Arohena Rural Water Scheme Committee was fully aware of the challenges the council faced and was fully aware of the primary purpose of the scheme - to support agricultural activities.



Roy Pilott 027 450 0115

Andy Campbell 021 0232 1666

Paul Charman 027 405 9038

Sigrid Christiansen 022 080 6141

Advertising Director Janine Davy 027 287 0005

Owner/Publisher David Mackenzie Office 07 878 1188

A staff recommendation to the council’s Risk and Assurance Committee is that the Arohena schemes remain under the boil notice and staff pursue closing down the drinking water provision of the Arohena Rural Water Scheme – and inform Taumata Arowai.

Arohena’s three individual supplies run

Left saddled…

“So it’s not something new to the rural sector. They’re a very resilient sector of our community. I’m sure that a lot of them would already have existing systems in place so its slightly different than if we were to be looking at a permanent drinking water supply.”

Replying to a question from independent

“They do not wish to incur significant financial burden being placed on the scheme that will ultimately lead to an increased per cubic metre cost and invariably push the cost until it is unaffordable to remain on the scheme.”

The Arohena rural water scheme was built in the 1982. The intent was to provide reliable and affordable water for the primary use of agriculture. Because the water was also being consumed by people the rural schemes evolved into drinking water suppliers.


I wish I could say that I was walking through the graveyard late one night when my eyes beheld an eerie sight, but no, I was walking the footpath in Te Kūiti after having enjoyed a meal out with my friend, when we came across some rather big blobs of horse poop outside a Real Estate Office window. I checked to see if they were selling it with one of the properties, but no. Perhaps the donor thought a sculptor could use it for shaping a garden ornament, or that someone might have put it into a picture frame and hang it on a barn wall.

But then I remembered having seen two young chaps riding their handsome horses across the road earlier. They had obviously criss-crossed back and ridden them down the footpath where the public walk before riding off out of town. Sad to say but these disrespectful ning nongs on their manly steeds didn’t care about the public. I don’t think the horses that left their nuggets behind were embarrassed about it as it’s just a horsey thing, but come on, even cats bury their own brownies. How about in the

future guys, you stick to country roads – the public would appreciate it because there’s far too much other shit to deal with in daily life.

A Graham Te Kuiti.

Media coverage

People whinge about keyboard warriors having their say on social media - but where else can you speak your mind? The government, councils, government departments and many businesses take absolutely no notice of anyone complaining about lack of services or poor quality goods.

So why do people complain because they have a guts full of the spin media put on things and make many out to be victims when there are hundreds of people in far worse circumstances? A good amount of the issues we have in today’s society is fuelled by media coverage. I listened to someone being interviewed about this guy who has taken his three kids and gone bush.

Everything was about what a bad guy he was, he didn’t have custody and people in the background were looking after him.

So what? He probably has a very good reason in that no-one wants to listen and see his side of the story. I take my hat off to him, having been in a similar situation with my kids 40 years ago, He is getting support from people who know he’s a good dad and is looking after his kids well. I wouldn’t dob you in for $80,000.

Graham Carter Te Awamutu

Mix and mangle?

Every week I sort all my waste ready for collection. All the paper and cardboard are stacked together ,cans are washed and labels removed and all plastic is sorted. Last collection day I was able to witness the collection process. Lo and behold, all my sorted recycling went in the same bin as general waste. No wonder people can’t be bothered Council may as well collect all recycle bins so they are not clustering up every street and house hold.

Gordon Walker Piopio

2 | Thursday, June 20, 2024 King Country News
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Farmer Your
Stringent water rules have forced Ōtorohanga District Council to recommend a downgrade rural water supplies

Mum’s plea for help

Police have played a trump card in efforts to find Marokopa dad Tom Phillips who has been missing with his three children for two and a half years.

Despite the promise of $80,000 for information leading to the safe return of Jayda, 10, Maverick, 9 and Ember, 8, the case has remains unresolved.

On Tuesday, police release a video featuring the children’s mother, identified only as Cat – who pleaded for help in finding them.

“They are just innocent children. They do not

deserve to be treated this way. They do not deserve the life that is being provided to them right now,” she said.

Referring to her daughter’s birthday, Cat said: “She will be a young woman now and she needs her mother.”

Her other daughter, Ember, was asthmatic and needed medical care “that cannot be provided from the land”, Cat said.

“And I can only imagine how Maverick is coping with the hand that life has dealt to him.

“Many of you say that the children are fine, that they’re being well looked after.

“How do you know? Have you seen them? Or is it just bush talk?”

Phillips missed a scheduled court appearance in January 2022, and last year a warrant was issued to arrest him following alleged involvement in the armed holdup of Te Kūiti’s ANZ bank and an attack on a Piopio superette.

But despite allegations of criminal behaviour, support for Phillips seems to have remained significant among locals, some of whom police suspect are helping him to remain hidden.

The News took an anonymous poll of 12

people in Te Kūiti yesterday morning, asking each person whether Phillips should give himself up, or be left to raise his children as he saw fit.

Two spoken to, a man and a woman, said he should be left alone.

Nine felt he should give himself up, and one man had no view.

One man said he had gone to school with Phillips but still felt he should give himself up, “because it has gone on long enough”.

Another man who thought Phillips should now come forward said it was clear that a lot of people were looking after him.

The others mentioned what they saw as negative effects

as they missed out on family

Church leaders unite for Te Kūiti

Following the tragic death of a baby at Te Kūiti on June 1, local churches have called a special prayer meeting, to be held at St Luke’s Anglican Church on Sunday night.

The idea came from the interim pastor of the Ōtorohanga Baptist Church, Stephen Tyrrell, who has been leading a prayer meeting for Te Kūiti, held in the town over the past six weeks.

Tyrrell said he was aware that his was just one of the groups praying

for the welfare of people in town.

“There’s a famous Bible passage in the book of Jeremiah commanding us to pray for the peace of the city we are live in: It says, ‘Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper’.

(Jeremiah 29:7)).’

“Our prayer group had been looking at the positive and strong points of the Te Kūiti and we have given thanks to God for the strengths of the town and the good

things we can share together.

“Then, the last time we got together, we started to identity some of the less desirable factors of the town and prayed about these. There was an overarching thought that there was a lack of hope in town at present.

“One of the items we identified was “domestic violence” and the following day the news broke of the ten-month-old boy’s death at his home in Te Kūiti.

“Like everyone we were devastated to hear this news. And

our response is to try to bring into one meeting the groups and individuals who have already been praying for town. Thanks to the generosity of St Lukes, we now have a venue to do this on Sunday night.

Tyrrell said Waitomo Mayor John Robertson had agreed to welcome everyone and open the meeting at 7pm.

Prayers would be in both English and Te Reo.

“We are gathering in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, but nobody is excluded,” Tyrrell said.

Waitomo pulls plug

Waitomo will quit a Smart Water partnership it had with Hamilton city and Waipā district councils from the end of next January. It’s a financial decision, Waitomo CEO Ben Smit said.

“Really we weren’t getting value for money.”

Smart Water cost the council about $50,000, a year, ‘a not insignificant amount’ which Smit said would be better spent on leak detection in Te Kūiti and Piopio.

Smart Water is a partnership between Hamilton City, Waipā District Council and Waitomo District Council. It’s stated aim is to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of water from source to tap and support schools, organisations and the community to value water and use it in an efficient way.

It coordinates several projects and campaigns across the three council territories intended to reduce water use and increase community understanding around the importance of saving water.

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Police released a video in which Cat – the mother of the missing Phillips children - pleaded for people’s help in finding them. on the children contact and education. All together - St Lukes Anglican Church lay worship leader, Mary McNaughton, Ōtorohanga Baptist interim pastor Stephen Tyrrell, Te Kūiti prayer group leaders Justine and Reiner Volert, Ratana minister Phillip Campbell, St Joseph’s Catholic Church assistant priest Fr Ritchie Maguinda, Highway 3 Ministries Richard and Donna Kohanga and Gloria Soundy of Journey Church.
4 | Thursday, June 20, 2024 King Country News
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Camp to close

A decision to close Ōtorohanga’s caravan park and holiday camp on June 30 has come as news to some residents.

The lease expired a year ago and Ōtorohanga District Council chief Tanya Winter said the council since confirmed that no new operating lease will be established in the immediate future.

Camp resident Peter Tredo said lease holder Tasha Smith put the notice on the camp noticeboard in late April.

Smith said via social media campers were all told six months ago and she had been struggling with council to keep the camp open.

The neighbouring kiwi house wanted the land for a car park, she said.

At one stage Tredo, who has lived on the site for “a couple of years” looked at moving to the other camp in Ōtorohanga, but he was told his bus was too big.

Residents thought the lease was going to go to somebody else, he said.

The council says the decision to close the camp marked a transitional phase as it focused on the holistic development and management of the Ōtorohanga Domain.

“We understand this decision affects the long stay campers of the Ōtorohanga Caravan Park, and we’re sympathetic to their situation. However, it’s important for us to follow lease agreements and land use regulations”

Mayor Max Baxter said. Finding a place to move to has been difficult for residents who have been placing ads on facebook housing groups local community groups, Tredo said.

He’s been looking as far as Thames, Pukekawa, and Rangiriri.

“I’ve got my doctors here, my grandson’s here – they are getting ready to have another baby,” Tredo said.

But the numbers are thinning.

There are about half a dozen campers left, mostly of retirement age.

“It’s been a bloody nice little community. No arguments, no fighting, no bickering and dramas. I’m going to miss all these people.”

Funding change

The single-year community assistance grant, community events fund and hall hire subsidy, which have all been undersubscribed in recent years, have been removed from the Waitomo District Council’s community fund policy.

The policy will now focus mainly on the multi-year community partnership grant, which covers a threeyear period with grants paid annually, council community services manager Helen Beever said.

The updated policy will come into effect on July 1, and incorporate all community funding options provided

by WDC as well as those administered on behalf of external organisations.

Funding will be awarded through a contestable process.

“It will still provide for the same outcomes, which is to contribute to the social and cultural well-being of the community,” Beever said.

The council will continue to support the 12 community halls through an annual grant, and funding rises from $1000 to $1500. Council also administers grants on behalf of external organisations including the Creative Communities Scheme, Sport New Zealand Rural Travel Fund and the DC Tynan Fund.

Murder charge

A 22-year-old Te Kūiti man appeared in the Hamilton District Court on Saturday charged with the murder of 10-month-old Mustafa Ali at Te Kūiti on June 8.

He was granted interim name suppression by Judge Noel Cocurullo and remanded without plea to the High Court at Hamilton on July 2.



June 13: At 9.49 am the brigade was called out to assist St John Ambulance who were attending a medical case.

June 17: At 8.51am and 10.07am the brigade was called out assist St John with patient lifts.

June 18: At about 10am a fire appliance was dispatched to Waitomo Caves following activation of an automatic fare alarm at a business there. No cause was found.

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Ōtorohanga’s caravan park will close on June 30.

New focus on crims

Police have stepped up patrols and surveillance is to be improved at Te Kūiti Hospital Carpark after six vehicles were broken into.

And on information received from the public they have spoken to some “persons of interest” about the June 1 break-ins.

Acting Te Kūiti Police Sergeant Gary Anderson said that had not led to further action, but police were issuing crime prevention advice, which applied equally to parking at the hospital or anywhere else at night.

“If you can, always park in a well-lit area and don’t leave any valuables in your vehicle,” he said. “Obviously those intent on breaking into cars generally prefer not to do so under a spotlight.”

“Te Kūiti Hospital recently underwent a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design study by police where the installation of additional CCTV cameras was one of the engineering enhancements adopted.”

“In terms of safety advice for people using our carparks, if at night try to park in well-lit areas and report any suspicious activity to hospital security or the police. Avoid leaving valuables in your vehicle, if you can’t take them with you secure them out of sight in the boot or the glovebox,” Sutherland added.

Keith Buswell, of the Te Kūiti Medical Centre, had great sympathy for hospital staff members whose cars had been targeted.

The Te Kūiti Medical Centre Carpark was not affected but Buswell said there was a flow-on effect.

Health New Zealand’s group director of operations for the Waikato, Michelle Sutherland, said following the latest incidents a decision to expand the CCTV camera coverage to include the carpark.

“This kind of action creates personal anxiety in people we rely upon to work at night.

“It’s a great disincentive for them to do so and if we want them to keep working at night; we have to ensure they feel safe.”

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CCTV camera coverage is being expanded at the Te Kūiti Hospital carpark.

Gumboots and Fieldays

Youth mental health was in the spotlight at Fieldays which finished last Saturday.

Advocate Mike King manned the Gumboot Friday stall to share awareness about New Zealand’s mental health track record, and how he’s helping.

One happy visitor was 13-year-old River Roper of Pirongia, who comes from a dairy farming family formerly based in Piopio.

Of King, the teenager said, “He’s got such a great vibe. My mum, my sister and I were all stoked about meeting him.”

“We really appreciated his message about students at school.

“People brush it off, telling kids they’re just tired. But problems are real, they do exist. We aren’t just being overdramatic.

“He is saying to parents ‘no, you’ve got to take care of your kids.’ ”

River is homeschooled, but attended mainstream school until recently. She said

the former is much better for her wellbeing. She’s a keen rider; so the family made a quick trip to sort some horsey needs. They said they spent only a couple of hours at Fieldays

“We just needed a riding helmet for me, some boots, and a few shirts for Dad,” she said.

But they made time for one thing extra: Mike King’s stall.

King told the family he was thrilled that the current government had been prepared to support his service, after struggling to get funding in the past.

He explains that what he does is intended to bridge a gap caused by waiting times in the current New Zealand system.

Gumboot Friday, founded by King, is a free counselling service for any young person in New Zealand aged 25 and under.

TOP RIGHT: Olympian Sonia Waddell with Prime Minister Christopher Luxon at the Forgotten World Adventures Ltd stand featuring her cousin, owner and former professional rugby player Grant Ross and partner Laura Wackett. The couple, who are based in Cambridge, bought the King Country business two years ago from founders Ian and Rachel Balme. Forgotten World Adventures operates tours of townships, country farms, and native bush in converted golf carts on abandoned railway tracks from Taumarunui through to Stratford and spans across King Country, Taranaki and Manawatū. Photo: Mary Anne Gill.

BOTTOM RIGHT: Giltrap AgriZone, founded as Giltrap Engineering in Ōtorohanga in 1959, was at Fieldays again with staff from its Ōtorohanga, Cambridge, Rotorua and Taupō branches in attendance. Chatting to Ōtorohanga agricultural contractor Malcolm Boggiss, left, were Graham Anderson of Ōtorohanga and managing director Andrew Giltrap. Photo: Mary Anne Gill.

Heads up, we’re flying by

Over the coming weeks we’ll be under taking an aerial sur vey of TLC-owned lines and equipment using helicopters.

The footage will help identify areas needing maintenance, repairs or even replacement of structures and equipment — keeping your lights on. It will also help us to keep our community and workers safe.

The survey is weather dependent. The aircraft will rapidly fly over TLC-owned lines and infrastructure — only taking visual footage of equipment, not of private property, people or livestock.

More information

0800 367 546

Mike King and River Roper, 13, talk youth mental health and wellbeing at Fieldays last week.

Hei iti toki

Open doors to your future

Passport to Work programme for rangatahi

Need the confidence and skills to look for a job? In this programme designed for rangatahi, you can explore your options, develop your goals, and get the tools you need to get employed.

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Explore with us in Hei Toki

8 | Thursday, June 20, 2024 King Country News Visit for more information. Subject to class numbers and approvals. ©Te Wānanga o Aotearoa. May 2024

After the upset: now the semis

After a couple of upset quarter final results last weekend the semifinal action in King Country premiership club rugby will feature one club which finished outside of the top four.

Top seeds Taupo Marist and Taumarunui Districts won their way through but Tongariro United upset early competition favourites Taupo Sports and fifth placed Piopio put paid to early front runners Taumarunui Eels with an impressive victory.

Norris Woodbine gives his assessment of the how he thinks Saturday’s semifinals play out:

Taupo Marist v Piopio: Marist have completed an impressive rise through the club ranks to feature in their first premiership semi for some years but may be a little under done after winning by default over Bush last weekend. On the other

hand, Piopio can be rated the form team and come into this game following three impressive victories. In terms of big match experience Piopio can be regarded as battle hardened veterans and Marist will need to be on top their game to turn them back.

Taumarunui Districts v Tongariro United: Districts were incredibly impressive last week turning the experienced Waitete away and should be warm favourites against Tongariro United on their home ground. They have a big front five complimented by exceptional loose forwards and half back Hiwawa Kahu has set the backs alight. The United boys will need to lift if they want to continue to the final.

The first division semifinals are:

Taupo Sports v Waitete The wheels have fallen off

the glamour Taupo side over the last two weeks and they find themselves in the lower grade for the first time in living memory courtesy of upset losses. Waitete on the other hand have battled all season and while both sides will be in unfamiliar territory this has all the hallmarks of a classic encounter between two heavy weights.

Taumarunui Eels v Bush United:

The Eels have let a great start to the season slip but would be expecting a home ground victory over Bush who have struggled after a historic victory over Waitete took a huge toll on the squad. Hopefully the boys from Benneydale can lift and make a victorious trip.

My selections are Piopio the upset, Districts for a home final, Waitete and the Eels - although it would be great to see a Waitete-Bush final in Te Kūiti next week.

Compass points to Āria

A record 400 children from 14 King Country schools were at Āria school’s orienteering last Friday for a delightfully muddy 2024 event.

“It was probably our biggest ever,” principal Pam Voyce said.

The youngsters especially enjoyed the part of the course that followed the route of the annual Āria trail ride. Its steep hills were perfect for adventure.

“The kids loved the motocross course –they slid down it like a mudslide.”

Not one but two minibuses and many cars got stuck, so Āria farmer Peter Foss spent the day dragging vehicles out with his tractor.

“We ended up asking if he wanted to be paid - but I think he quite enjoyed it,” Voyce joked.

Woeful weather contributed to the attendance becoming a perfect storm.

Voyce said in past years some children were off school for Fieldays, but this year many parents didn’t head north – so the children went to orienteering instead.

Most relished the mucky conditions.

Rangitoto school teacher Paige Coleman said it had been a fantastic day.

The rural kura sent about 14 kids to the event. It meant around an hour’s journey, but it was worth it.

“It was so good for them – especially the team building aspect. One of our highlights was watching the kids from all the different schools helping each other, and pointing out which way to go.”

“We love going out to orienteering at Āria, it’s always so well organised,” Coleman said.

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Rangitoto School students – in the before photo.


Matariki, also known as the Māori New Year, holds profound significance for Kiwis, both culturally and spiritually. It marks the rising of the Matariki star cluster, also known as the Pleiades or Seven Sisters, which appears in the mid-winter sky of the Southern Hemisphere around late May or early June. This celestial event heralds a time of reflection, celebration, and new beginnings, deeply rooted in Māori tradition and increasingly embraced by all New Zealanders.

10 | Thursday, June 20, 2024 FEATURE King Country News CELEBRATING THE MĀORI NEW YEAR Ngā mihi o Matariki, te tau hou Māori Celebrating Matariki together


- a time to reflect and to celebrate


For Māori, Matariki has been celebrated for centuries as a time to honour their ancestors, reflect on the past, and plan for the future. Traditionally, it is a period to remember those who have passed away and to celebrate the cycles of life and death. The sighting of Matariki was also associated with agriculture, as it signaled the time to prepare the land for planting crops. The cluster’s appearance was seen as a harbinger of the coming year’s weather and crop prospects, playing a critical role in the agricultural calendar.


In recent decades, there has been a significant revival of Matariki celebrations, driven by a broader resurgence of Māori culture and traditions. This renaissance has seen Matariki transformed into a public celebration encompassing a wide array of activities, including community events, educational programs, and cultural performances. These celebrations often feature traditional Māori

music, dance, storytelling, and feasting, allowing ethnicities to engage with and appreciate Māori culture.


Matariki has become a unifying event, fostering a sense of community and national identity. It o ers an opportunity for people from all backgrounds to come together to celebrate and reflect on shared values and aspirations. Now celebrated with New Zealand’s newest public holiday, Matariki allows families to gather, communities to strengthen bonds, and individuals to reflect on personal goals and achievements. This inclusive celebration was designed to enhance social cohesion and foster a deeper understanding and respect for Māori heritage among all New Zealanders.


The celebration of Matariki is also intertwined with themes of environmental stewardship and sustainability. The traditional Māori calendar is closely aligned with natural cycles, and Matariki’s

emphasis on the natural world serves as a reminder of the importance of caring for the environment. Activities such as tree planting, beach clean-ups, and educational programs on environmental conservation are often part of Matariki celebrations, reinforcing the connection between cultural heritage and environmental responsibility.


Matariki also provides a valuable

educational opportunity for New Zealanders, particularly the younger generation. Schools and educational institutions across the country incorporate Matariki into their curricula, teaching students about the significance of the star cluster, Māori mythology, and the broader cultural context. This education helps to preserve and promote Māori knowledge and traditions, ensuring that they are passed down to future generations.

11 King Country News FEATURE Thursday, June 20, 2024 |
Proud to support Matariki 2024 17 Maniapoto St, Ōtorohanga | 0800 734000 |


The 4H Community Trust Board operates a mobility van to assist people in our local community who have trouble getting around.

If you have mobility issues and need a lift to get to an important appointment, we can help you get there on time. Our local mobility van is operated by 4H Community Trust volunteers and is equipped to safely transport wheelchairs.

The backbone of our community

The health of any community can be measured in the strength and numbers of its volunteers. The people who give of their time and expertise to make sure the community in which they live thrives and looks a er itself.

And for communities in the King Country, the importance of the volunteer network which has been stretched in recent years, cannot be emphasised enough.

Their impact is profound and multifaceted, a ecting not only the immediate beneficiaries of their work but also fostering a sense of unity, empathy, and resilience within the community.

Many community organizations, from non-profits, schools, healthcare facilities, to social services, have no

option but to operate with limited budgets and resources. Volunteers help bridge the gap by providing essential services that might otherwise be inaccessible.

Whether it’s tutoring students, delivering meals to the elderly, or participating in environmental cleanups, volunteers fulfill critical roles that enhance the quality of life for many individuals.

Their contributions ensure their vulnerable members receive the support they need, thereby promoting equity and social justice.

Just as importantly, volunteering fosters a sense of community and belonging. When individuals come together to work towards a common goal, it strengthens social bonds and



• Please book at least one day in advance

• To book, phone or text 027 814 4663

• A gold coin donation is appreciated

We are open Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11am – 1pm Closed public holidays

Vouchers for food parcels can be collected from frontline social agencies including Te Küiti Community House and Winz

Please contact via email and/ or txt 021 254 6868 with your name and address

12 | Thursday, June 20, 2024 FEATURE King Country News
28 Taupiri St, Te Kūiti 07 878 5272 or 027 814 4663
June 16-22

builds a network of mutual support. This unity is particularly vital in times of crisis, such as natural disasters or economic downturns, when community resilience can make a significant di erence.

Those who volunteer o en become local champions, inspiring others to get involved, creating a culture of cooperation and collective e ort. It’s not just a one way street either. Volunteering o ers numerous personal benefits, contributing to their growth and well-being. It provides opportunities to develop new skills, gain experience, and build confidence.

For many, volunteering can be a pathway to employment, o ering valuable work experience and networking opportunities. Additionally, numerous studies have shown that volunteering can improve mental health by reducing stress, combating depression, and increasing overall life satisfaction. The sense of purpose and fulfillment that comes from helping others can be a powerful motivator and source of personal joy. It also play a crucial role in promoting civic engagement and

participatory democracy. By getting involved in community projects and advocacy, volunteers become more informed and active citizens.

This engagement o en leads to greater awareness of local issues and a stronger commitment to addressing them. Volunteers who participate in local governance, community planning, or advocacy e orts help shape policies and decisions that directly impact their neighbourhoods. Their involvement ensures that a diverse range of voices and perspectives are heard, fostering more inclusive and representative communities.

Volunteers are indispensable to the health and vitality of our communities. Their selfless contributions make communities more resilient, inclusive, and vibrant, proving that the spirit of volunteerism is a cornerstone of a thriving society.

So on behalf your your local community – if you’ve got some spare time on your hands, talk to some of the groups you might have an interest in, from firefighting to Lions or Rotary, from kids sport to Meals on Wheels. They’d love to hear from you.

Shield has fans fizzing

The Rams and their supporters are said to be champing at the bit ahead of King Country’s Ranfurly Shield game against Hawkes Bay next Wednesday (June 26).

King Country has made 19 challenges for the Ranfurly Shield over the years without success but having come close at times, going down to Taranaki in a hard-fought game 15-11 in 1958.

Interim King Country Rugby Union general manager Josh Standen said the big game at Mitre 10 Stadium, Hastings, was the kind of event players and supporters were determined to make the most of.

“We’re stoked, because opportunities like this don’t come along often.

“The Rams play in the Heartland Competition while the Magpies played in the NPC. So for us the Shield is something floating around out there in NPC land. The excitement of actually challenging for it is probably going to reach fever pitch in coming days.”

Standen said the players wanted to be well prepared. They had been training hard and playing well, including


120 Maniapoto St, Ōtorohanga • 07 873 8156

From our team at the Ōtorohanga Support House we wish to thank the volunteers who work with us and help to support our community. We appreciate and acknowledge you all. Stay well and warm.

Ōtorohanga Support House Whare Āwhina whānau. To support the journey of the people in our community ‘He Awhina, He Tautoko i nga purakau o nga Tangata’

the good win against Thames Valley last month.

“That has put them in a good space. We’re still in the middle of club rugby at the moment and heading into a final. They’ll be rugby hardened with four days left to recover ahead of the challenge. But there won’t be much motivation needed to get up for it.”

Meanwhile, general excitement is also building among supporters, who are still riding the wave of their team’s victory over Thames Valley.

King Country Supporters Club president Ryan Gulbransen said a bus was to leave for Hastings from Taupō i-site at 10 am on Wednesday.

“And a lot of additional vehicles are travelling over. We’ve heard from lots of people who are taking car or van-loads of supporters, carrying four-to-10 people.

“We will be hosted to a pre match lunch by Saracens Rugby Hawke’s Bay, which is only six-minutes-drive from the grounds.

“It’s sort of going back to the old school days of inter-island tours and events. The shield is a big game and I always love the fact that we get a chance to throw our

weight against the top guns of New Zealand rugby.

“It’s hard logistically. King Country is a massive rugby union covering a huge area.

“We haven’t head from Taumarunui supporters but to be fair it’s hard for people there working on the land to take a day off work.

“We have managed to get a mini-van to bring Te Kūiti supporters over to join the bus in Taupō.”

But couldn’t it all end up in a big defeat?

“Well it might not. Anything can happen in Shield rugby. If we look back to what happened a couple of years ago Thames Valley really pushed then holders Otago… Thames Valley were leading at half time. Anything can happen.”


Waitomo Caves could be in line for a major – and free – international plug.

Jimmy Donaldson, described as the world’s biggest You Tube star – is reportedly in New Zealand and followers believe a visit to the caves is on the cards.

If it is and he posts it online, it would be seen by millions of people.

Donaldson, who goes by the name MrBeast on YouTube has 282 million subscribers – on other words, more than 50 for every person in New Zealand.

He has been tracked by national media and social media, which suggest his visits to date

have been to an Auckland restaurant and a Hamilton supermarket.

Posts on one platform said he was filming in New Zealand for 14 days at a ‘famous movie location’ and was “coming to the Waikato” to shoot video in a dark place.

We’ll overlook our present drive to give this region it’s King Country moniker – one daily newspaper did, after all, call the Chiefs “Waikato” last Sunday – and assume the dark place is the Waitomo Caves.

It would be great news for the attraction, which has felt the wrath of Covid and the impact of extreme weather on roading.

13 King Country News FEATURE Thursday, June 20, 2024 | Wonderful volunteers of Ōtorohanga we thank you.
Interim King Country Rugby Union general manager Josh Standen. King Country wing Zac Wickham-Darlington carrying the ball during the Rams’ 43-18 victory over Thames Valley last month.
Jim’ll fix it…


Display your services here 07 878 1188 A HANDYMAN? DO YOU FENCE? Build your clientele here 07 878 1188 PT POWER SOLUTIONS 2018 LTD Power line construction and repairs Undergrounding, subdivisions, private line work Wayne Cleaver 022 068 2796 14 | Thursday, June 20, 2024 King Country News TO ADVERTISE HERE, PLEASE CALL THE SALES TEAM ON 07 878 1188
DAIRY SPECIALIST • DOMESTIC COMMERCIAL • INDUSTRIAL David Knight - 027 722 4857 Steve Knight - 027 598 2005 Tai Dundas - 027 598 2115 Ōtorohanga - 07 873 6385 Te Kūiti - 07 878 5169 Taupo - 07 378 8545 SERVICING THE KING COUNTRY 24 HOURS, 7 DAYS A WEEK • New Builds • Renovations • Decks & Fences • Concrete • Retaining Walls • Pole Sheds Contact Dylan Coull • 027 722 7914 Yourglazinglocal specialist 33 Progress Dr • Otorohanga 0800 873 808 GLASS • MIRRORS • SPLASHBACKS • PETDOORS FLY SCREENS • LOCKS • WINDOW & DOOR HARDWARE 45 Waitete Rd, Te Kūiti P: (07) 878 8842 E: • House alterations & maintenance • Farm pumps, shed, cowsheds • Heat pumps & transfer kit installations • Security alarms • Cable locating... and much more! 027 776 1794 Les Te Kanawa Director 027 271 6167 Lorrene Te Kanawa Director 027 333 8531 Les Te Kanawa Director 027 271 6167 Lorrene Te Kanawa Director 027 333 8531 Les Te Kanawa • 027 271 6167 Lorrene Te Kanawa • 027 333 8531 TE KŪITI PLASTERING Experienced tradesman gibstopping & painting • Plastering • Painting • Skimcoat • Gib cove • Tiling Call Steve P 07 878 3500 • M: 027 270 3679 CALL NOW! 07 873 7895 DONE ONCE... DONE RIGHT!!! PROMPT & EFFICIENT ELECTRICAL SERVICES / Residential / Commercial / Industrial / Inspections P 07 878 8335 E W M 027 554 8248 6 Main North Rd, Ōtorohanga P 07 873 6364 Quality workmanship guaranteed Commercial • Industrial • Residential Mitchell Knight 027 227 2930 Ryan Knight 027 578 5103 l Industrial l Commercial l Domestic l Heat pump installation and servicing Join with other trade professional businesses and advertise on this page plus the King Country App for a rate of $65 + GST per fortnight for more information phone 07 878 1188 Trade Professionals Rural Domestic Commercial Industrial Air conditioning Solar Sky dish/TV solutions Shayne Van Grootel registered electrician 021 422 876 ON CALL 24/7 Grow your business here 07 878 1188 DO YOU GARDEN?

Current Kindy set up or three bedroom home

There are potential options here. Remain the same as a day care centre or convert back into a Villa style three bedroom home with two covered decks at the side and back of this property.

Currently this property is set up for any day care to just move in and start operating.

To the right buyer all the chattels will be included. Below the property is a drop-off area for the kids and available parking for staff and parents.

The property has a craft room, kitchen and open-plan area. A covered deck allows you to watch the children play in the sandpit

while keeping the rest of the troops supervised at the same time. Multiple toilets and shower rooms with combined toilet.

There are two office areas. There’s so much more to this property that to take it all in you really need to make an appointment to view.

This is a property that will be sold by deadline sale - 4pm, Thursday, July, 18, 2024 (unless sold prior).

Ring for a private viewing and put your best foot forward to owning this well-kept property.

LOCATION | 25 Queen Street, Te Kūiti

LAND I 1788m2 HOUSE I 150 m2

HOUSE | Three bedrooms, two living areas, four toilets

PRICE | Deadline sale 4pm, July 18, 2024 (unless sold prior)

LICENSED AGENT | Property Brokers Te Kūiti

LICENSED SALESPERSON | Mary Tapu 0274 749 869


WEB ID | TEU183703

Te Kuiti 16 Hinerangi Street When location is key This three-bedroom property allows for easy walking distance to Te Kuiti township. The flat section makes for low ground maintenance. Native floorboards and solid weatherboard are all the ingredients for anyone looking to enter the home ownership ladder. Partially fenced with deck at the back section and garden shed. Sick of renting? Pick up the phone. 3 1 1 1 For Sale $339,000 View By appointment Web Mary Tapu M 027 474 9869 E Property Brokers Ltd Licensed REAA 2008 Proud to be here 15 King Country News Thursday, June 20, 2024 |
Your local sales specialist Buzz Linn 027 496 0053 | Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008

Solid - tidy - homely

This home will attract interest from those needing to be close to amenities, first and second home buyers and investors. Stroll to town from this attractive three bedroom 1950's brick home, conveniently located on Anzac St just a short flat walk from the heart of Te Kuiti township. A beautifully renovated bathroom, polished wooden floors and two heating options make this home stand out from the rest. Positioned to catch all day sun on a low maintenance, cross-lease corner section, with a secure covered carport and garden shed.


Here's your chance

Sitting on an elevated site with lovely views over Te Kuiti this three bedroom home which is currently tenanted could be the investment property you are looking for. The home is in it's original condition and I'm sure with a

Make this magical property yours

Welcome to a magical property that has been a famous garden trail destination for many years. Easily accessible from the welltravelled Timber Trail tourist route, which means it could be perfect for earning extra income, or for the new owner to enjoy this slice of heaven themselves. As soon you enter the driveway you will be impressed with park-like gardens that are the crown jewel of this property. The meandering paths, ponds and babbling brooks create a special the botanical oasis. The birdlife is incredible and there is even a tennis court for you and your guest's pleasure. There is also a couple of handy paddocks available to run livestock.

bedroom on Te

Set on a flat 986 m2 section, this four bedroom 1960s brick home is located in close proximity to Centennial Park School. From the back of the home by the steps you will find a laundry and separate toilet. In the kitchen to the right an old coal range is still in place but would need investigation to see if still operational. Native floor boards through the home and a archway straight into the lounge area. Single bathroom is provided with a

16 | Thursday, June 20, 2024 King Country News
Te Kuiti 16 Anzac Street
3 1 1 1 For Sale $420,000 View By appointment Web Mary
M 027 474 9869
Benneydale 488 Tapuwae Road
5 2 2 2 Auction 12.00pm, Thu 1st Aug, 2024, (unless sold prior) View By appointment Web Dianna
Janett M 027 554 2227
Te Kuiti 5 Sturgess Terrace
little flair
dining area.
the end
the driveway.
an appointment to view. 3 1 1 1 1 For Sale $399,000 View By appointment Web Lynne Aldridge M 0210 224 4700
you could add some value. There are three bedrooms, separate
and bathroom with bath, shower and vanity. Laundry conveniently located at back door. The step down lounge adds a feeling of space and there is a heat pump for your
The kitchen is tucked away off the
Parking is
care of by way of a
Te Kuiti 68 Te Kuiti Road Four Kuiti Road
4 1 1 1 For Sale $339,000 View By appointment Web Mary Tapu M 027 474 9869 Property Brokers Ltd Licensed REAA 2008 | Proud to be here
vanity and shower.

Team Kerry & Karen

Rare Find in This Location



Serioursly for sale!

17 King Country News Thursday, June 20, 2024 | Ōtorohanga 943 State Highway 3, Te Kuiti Road Ōtorohanga 6 Glen View Avenue Ōtorohanga 12 Te Kanawa Street Kerry Harty 027 294 6215 Karen Lennox 027 559 4468 Find us on Facebook Team Kerry & Karen
For Sale $599,000 View For Sale $529,000 View For Sale $560,000 View A two bedroom beauty with modern kitchen, beautifully tiled modern bathroom with entry level shower, this home occupies a corner site just a hop skip and a jump to town making it an ideal option for downsizing or when mobility becomes a problem. All day sun is a bonus too. A north facing suntrap with elevation, this tidy home with three double bedrooms is the perfect starter or secondstep property. Located in a quiet cul-dec sac with a rural outlook from the deck this home has had a full renovation and redecorated a couple of years ago including a modern kitchen and more recently, a new bathroom too with only the flooring left to complete. Get your offer in quick! Handy to both Otorohanga and Te Kuiti this entry level lifestyle has a lot on offer for the price tag, including a good sized cosy four bedroom home which
healthy home compliant,
outside room.
Blue Ribbon Realty Limited Licensed Agent REAA 2008 For Sale $890,000 plus GST if any View By Appointment A
as an
Situated on 1.53 hectares of
which has been
subdivided with numerous paddocks, large set of yards, implement shed and bore water.
larger lifestyle
easy to manage support property for a nearby farming operation, this 28.3057
bare block located just 7kms from the Piopio village is not going to disappoint.
central raced with ample hay country we have no doubt the contour is going to impress as will the numerous building sites that feature elevated, north facing views over the surrounding countryside with no building or land use covenants to deter your dreams or interrupt your enjoyment of the property.
it be a
our word for it, this is a property that will grab you the moment you drive through the gate so view with urgency today as properties like this seldom come to the market. Piopio 0 Hunt Road LIFESTYLE LIFESTYLE Sun, 12.45-1.15pm Sun, 1.45-2.15pm Sun, 12.00-12.30pm To view all of our open homes this week, visit: Blue Ribbon Realty Ltd - Licensed Agent REAA 2008 Offices in Te Awamutu, Ōtorohanga and Te Kūiti Blue Ribbon Realty Ltd MREINZ Licensed Agent REAA 2008 SATURDAY 22 JUNE TE KŪITI 1.30pm - 2.00pm 14 John Street $435,000 SUNDAY 23 JUNE TE AWAMUTU 10.45am - 11.15am 3/439 Fraser Street $525,000 11.30am – 12.00pm 4/324 Rewi Street $399,000 11.30am – 12.00pm 6/324 Rewi Street $399,000 12.00pm – 12.30pm 381 Gleneagles Drive $850,000 12.00pm – 12.30pm 965 Hazelmere Crescent $579,000 12.15pm – 12.45pm 2/70 Fred Parsons Court $469,000 12.30pm – 1.00pm 384 Waikeria Road Deadline 26/06/24 1.00pm – 1.30pm 390 Young Street $810,000 1.00pm – 1.30pm 1/258 Mangapiko Street $659,000 1.00pm – 1.30pm 88 Kacey Avenue $979,000 1.00pm – 1.30pm 73 Raikes Avenue $775,000 1.00pm – 1.30pm 2/294 Mutu Street $665,000 1.00pm – 1.30pm 22 Galloway St, Kihikihi $675,000 1.15pm - 1.45pm 14 Ballance Street $700,000 1.45pm – 2.15pm 277 Churchill Street $550,000 1.45pm – 2.15pm 1650 Te Rahu Road $859,000 1.45pm – 2.15pm 1224 Kihikihi Road Deadline 19/06/24 1.45pm – 2.15pm 1/794 Kihikihi Road $499,000 2.00pm – 2.30pm 51 Bockett Aveue $670,000 2.30pm – 3.00pm 1/561 Ohaupo Road $615,000 2.30pm – 3.00pm 1/121 Bond Road $595,000 2.30pm – 3.00pm 18 Hall Street, Kihikihi $695,000 2.45pm – 3.15pm 248 Parawera Road $1,580,000 3.15pm - 3.45pm 28 Wikaira Road By Negotiation ŌTOROHANGA 12.00pm – 12.30pm 12 Te Kanawa Street $599,000 12.45pm – 1.15pm 6 Glen View Avenue $529,000 1.45pm - 2.15pm 943 SH3, Te Kuiti Road $560,000 2.15pm – 2.45pm 4 Sargent Place $749,000 TE KŪITI 10.30am – 11.00am 63 Waitete Road $369,000 11.30am - 12.00pm 13 Taruna Place $575,000 12.30pm - 1.00pm 40 Awakino Road Offers over $365,000 12.30pm - 1.00pm Lot 2 Tate Road $450,000 MAKING A PROPERTY MOVE? CHECK OUT OUR OPEN HOMES!
18 | Thursday, June 20, 2024 King Country News Ray White Ōtorohanga 07 873 7606 Te Kūiti 07 444 7003 Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 Rural/Lifestyle Agents Te Awamutu/Otorohanga Noldy Rust 027 255 3047 Cherie Kemp 027 271 9806 Howard Ashmore 027 438 8556 Pauline Love 021 155 4689 John Pinny 021 555 736 Buzz Linn Te Kuiti 027 496 0053 Tharaen Fearon Otorohanga 027 512 1290 Nicoleen Wessels Taumarunui 021 624 996 Julie Burgess Otorohanga 021 184 1382 John Rothery AREINZ Otorohanga 027 561 0530 Lorraine Fox Otorohanga 027 664 4087 Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 Situated on a spacious 21.27ha (approx) plot, this property offers 10 fully fenced paddocks with powered fences and water troughs and a fresh water spring running through the middle. Ph John. For Sale $875,000 538 Puketawai Road, Ōtorohanga FOR SALE Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 First home buyers, investors and downsizers will love this cute and well presented, three bedroom home in a great cul-de-sac, close to all amenities. Ph Lorraine. For Sale $480,000 17 Glendon Place, Ōtorohanga FOR SALE Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 A spacious, four bedroom, two bathroom, brick home with mountain views. Phone Lorraine. For Sale $1.05m REDUCED 24 Wharepuhunga Road, Ōtorohanga FOR SALE Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 This stunning brand new house offers a unique opportunity for you to shape every detail according to your taste. Phone Tharaen or Buzz. For Sale By Negotiation Lot 20, Thomson Avenue, Ōtorohanga FOR SALE Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 Three bedroom home with a fresh coat of paint and a new bathroom is ready and waiting for a new owner. This would be a great family home or first home. Vacant with vendors ready to settle anytime. Ph Julie. For Sale $540,000 103 Main North Road, Ōtorohanga FOR SALE Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 This four bedroom, two bathroom house sits on a 1098sqm (more or less) section and offers plenty of room for everyone. Phone Tharaen. For Sale $750,000 REDUCED 11 Thomson Avenue, Ōtorohanga FOR SALE Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 This charming three bedroom, one bathroom house is perfect for those looking for a cosy and wellmaintained home. Phone Tharaen or Buzz. For Sale $520,000 REDCUCED 5 Glendon Place, Ōtorohanga FOR SALE Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 A stunning lifestyle property boasting four bedrooms, kitchen/dining with harbour and ocean views, family room, rumpus, sleepout and workshop. Ph John Pinny. For Sale $980,000 View Saturday 22 June, 1.00 - 2.00pm 1411 Marokopa Road, Marokopa FOR SALE Open Home Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 Two shops and one residential flat for sale; triple tenancy for added security and all currently tenanted. Seismic upgrades completed. Ph Lorraine. For Sale $580,000 REDUCED View strictly by appointment only 23-25 Maniapoto Street, Ōtorohanga FOR SALE Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 A four bedroom plus office home with exquisite detail and a sophisticated designer kitchen. Ph Lorraine. For Sale $1.279m View Saturday 22 June, 10.00 - 11.00am & Sunday 23 June, 11.00am - 12.00pm 65D Mangawhero Road, Ōtorohanga FOR SALE Open Home Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 Partially refurbished character, three bedroom home in an excellent location. Phone Lorraine. For Sale $498,000 REDUCED View Saturday 22 June, 11.15 - 11.45am & Sunday 23 June, 12.30 - 1.00pm 13 Hinewai Street, Ōtorohanga FOR SALE Open Home Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 This character-filled home offers four bdrms, modern kitchen, cosy lounge/dining area, deck/patio area, double garage and stunning views. Ph John Pinny. For Sale $625,000 2705 Te Anga Road, Ōtorohanga FOR SALE Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 Large home with three bedrooms, two toilets and a renovated bathroom. Lots of space to entertain inside and out with views to envy. Tandem basement garage plus a man/woman or teenage 'cave'. Ph Julie. For Sale $520,000 REDUCED 70 Gradara Avenue, Ōtorohanga FOR SALE Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 Secluded and peaceful 60.8ha (approx) grazing block with four bedroom homestead, garaging and extra shedding nearby. It’s a must see. Phone Noldy. For Sale $1.149m + GST (if any) REDUCED 501 Kihi Road, Ōtorohanga FOR SALE Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 Neat, tidy and cosy, this three bedroom lifestyle property offers rural living in a handy location with ample room for all kinds of animals. Ph Noldy or Kezia. For Sale $820,000 REDUCED 2 Owaikura Road, Ōtorohanga FOR SALE Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 This offering is a must see for buyers looking for modern living with great shedding. Phone Noldy or Kezia. For Sale $949,000 REDUCED 46 Mangaorongo Road, Ōtorohanga FOR SALE Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 Titles are now available for the last few sections available in stage one of Westridge subdivision. Reasonable covenants apply. Phone John. For Sale $220,000 each Lots 14, 41, 45, 50, 53 Harpers Avenue, Ōtorohanga FOR SALE Boundaries indication only Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 Solid, elevated, in a quiet cul-de-sac you’ll fall in love with this three bedroom home. Phone Sonia Furniss 0275400726. For Sale $544,000 REDUCED 8 Glen View Avenue, Ōtorohanga FOR SALE Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 Minutes from Pirongia village, this one bedroom home on a 3012sqm (approx) section with established trees, offers space to build a larger home. Phone Cherie. For Sale $650,000 REDUCED 165 Te Tahi Road, Pirongia FOR SALE Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 Three bays, high stud, depth for larger vehicles and a mezzanine for storage. One end is well insulated with a heat pump providing. Approx 3.5ha. Ph Noldy or Kezia. For Sale $1.1m 37E Mangauika Road, Ōtorohanga FOR SALE

sections (sizes are approximate)

3 Honikiwi Road, Otorohanga, 5736sqm flat

9 Sunset Close, Otorohanga, 750sqm in popular

12 Merrin Avenue, Otorohanga, 2104sqm, no

16 Merrin Avenue, Otorohanga, 1459sqm, no covenants

163 Old Te Kuiti Road, Lots 1, 3 & 4, 5517-8932sqm,

Lot 1, 627 Waitomo Valley Road, Otorohanga, 8105sqm rural lifestyle section. Phone Julie $370,000

Lots 90-108 Harpers Avenue, 486sqm to 962sqm, Westridge II subdivision. Phone John From $220,000ea

Te Kūiti sections (sizes are approximate)

54A Ailsa Street (Lot 1), Te Kuiti, 2159sqm, end of a cul de sac, STT. Phone Buzz By Negotiation

54A Ailsa Street (Lot 2), Te Kuiti, 1707sqm, end of a cul de sac, STT. Phone Buzz By Negotiation

Other sections (sizes are approximate)

0 Raglan Road, Kawhia, 2648sqm lifestyle section, no covenants, completely off grid. Ph Julie $340,000 neg

147 Maukutea Drive, Kawhia, 600sqm, covenants apply, services at drive, water tank on site. Ph

$375,000 20C Parihoro Road, Pirongia, 5004sqm (STT), 4 bay shed wired for power, bore water. Ph Cherie $450,000

254B Pekanui Rd, Pirongia, 1.9225ha, 12min drive to Pirongia village, covenants. Ph Cherie or Noldy $295,000 194E Pekanui Rd, Pirongia, 1.9973ha, 12min drive to Pirongia village, covenants. Ph

19 King Country News Thursday, June 20, 2024 | Ray White Ōtorohanga 07 873 7606 Te Kūiti 07 444 7003 Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 Rural/Lifestyle Agents Te Awamutu/Otorohanga Noldy Rust 027 255 3047 Cherie Kemp 027 271 9806 Howard Ashmore 027 438 8556 Pauline Love 021 155 4689 John Pinny 021 555 736 Buzz Linn Te Kuiti 027 496 0053 Tharaen Fearon Otorohanga 027 512 1290 Nicoleen Wessels Taumarunui 021 624 996 Julie Burgess Otorohanga 021 184 1382 John Rothery AREINZ Otorohanga 027 561 0530 Lorraine Fox Otorohanga 027 664 4087
land, power to gate, STT. Phone John $420,000
Phone Lorraine or John $219,000
on section. Phone Lorraine By Negotiation
section. Phone Lorraine By Negotiation
covenants. Phone Lorraine From $250,000ea
Cherie $475,000 Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 This fully renovated four bedroom, two bathroom house is close to town, school and hospital. Phone Buzz. For Sale $499,000 30 George Street, Te Kūiti FOR SALE Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 This modern house features comfortable and convenient living spaces with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, an ensuite and a spacious kitchen with dishwasher and rangehood. Phone Buzz. For Sale $679,000 8 Robin Azariah Place, Te Kūiti FOR SALE Artist impression Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 Coming soon... a quality new build with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and open plan living. Phone Buzz. For Sale By Negotiation 13 Ngatai Street, Te Kūiti FOR SALE Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 Three bedroom home with double garage located on a 1.1ha approx lifestyle property. Phone Buzz or Tharaen. For Sale By Negotiation 337 Mangarino Road, Te Kūiti FOR SALE Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 Featuring four bedrooms, one bathroom on a 928sqm (approx) section. This property offers ample space with urban views, close to shops and schools. Ph Buzz. For Sale $447,000 REDUCED 33 Ward Street, Te Kūiti FOR SALE Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 Multiple living options with three dwellings and extra support buildings set on 3.4ha. Phone Buzz or Noldy. For Sale $1.05m 2 State Highway 30, Te Kūiti FOR SALE Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 With four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a spacious double basement garage and workshop, this home offers plenty of space for a growing family. Ph Buzz. For Sale $589,000 8 Ailsa Street, Te Kūiti FOR SALE Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 This stunning, newly constructed property boasts four bedrooms with the option of an office, one bathroom and an ensuite. Phone Buzz. For Sale $658,000 REDUCED 15 Ngatai Street, Te Kūiti FOR SALE Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 Four bedroom, two bathroom home set on a 1244sqm section with fruit trees and a veggie garden. Phone Buzz. For Sale $469,000 REDUCED 60 Hill Street, Te Kūiti FOR SALE Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 Newly constructed house with three bdrms, combined kitchen/dining, plenty of storage space, double glazing, great insulation and modern features. Phone Buzz. For Sale $575,000 4 Boddies Terrace, Te Kūiti FOR SALE setown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 Open plan, four bedroom home with a carport space for your vehicle and a spacious land area of 1194sqm (approx). Phone Buzz. For Sale $460,000 35 Ailsa Street, Te Kūiti FOR SALE Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 A cosy home on an elevated freehold section, in a good neighbourhood, up a quiet ROW and has views with variety. Double garage, section with two entrances. Phone Julie. For Sale $590,000 173A Pearl Avenue, Kawhia FOR SALE Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 This 1012sqm (approx) Freehold section in Kawhia is in a great location. Next to the fire station, close to the hotel, garage, shops, school and harbour. Ph Julie. Deadline Sale Closes 5 July 2024 at 1.00pm at Ray White Otorohanga, unless sold prior 905 Pouewe Street, Kawhia DEADLINE SALE Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 A charming two bedroom, one bathroom house also features a single garage plus workshop space. Phone Tharaen or Buzz. For Sale $515,000 29 Carley Reeve Drive, Marokopa FOR SALE Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 Features a lovely designer kitchen. Set over two levels this home has many options. The large FREEHOLD section has a large garage and sits next to the primary school, this would be a great family home. Ph Julie. For Sale $735,000 360 Rosamond Terrace, Kawhia FOR SALE Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 This FREEHOLD property that has to be viewed to appreciate all it has to offer including a covered deck with spectacular views of Kawhia Harbour and the hills beyond. Private viewings only. Ph Julie. For Sale $679,000 167 Wasley Lane, Kawhia FOR SALE Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 A great place close to the water featuring two bedrooms, open plan living, a covered deck and a large section. Most furniture is included. Phone Julie. For Sale $560,000 110 Ash Terrace, Aotea Harbour FOR SALE Rosetown Realty Ltd Licensed REAA2008 Boasting five bedrooms, two bathrooms, internal access garaging and two sheds, this large home is set on 8021sqm (approx) of land. Phone Lorraine. For Sale $949,000 363 Limeworks Loop Road, Te Pahu FOR SALE
Cherie or Noldy $355,000 171 Ngahape Road, Te Kawa, 5001sqm, power at


ADVERTISE WITH THE EXPERTS Email ORCHARD SERVICES Rusty Tipping, Director P 021 780 105 E E P.O. Box 301 Mangonui 0442 | Irrigation – Design, Supply, Install | Headworks, Automation, Filtration, Fertigation | Earthworks | Artificial Shelter | GPS Mapping | Agricultural Fencing | Livestock Water Supplies AGENT YOUR PROVEN AND TRUSTED WELL DRILLING 0800 DRILL 4 U Water Bore Installation • Repairs & Maintenance • Pump Testing Rural & Residential • Environmental & Geotechnical GET A FREE ESTIMATE NOW 20 | Thursday, June 20, 2024 King Country News EXPERTS 021 737 443 | 72 Lyon St, Kihikihi | DOMESTIC & COMMERCIAL AIR CONDITIONING, HEATPUMPS, HOME VENTILATION, SERVICING, FILTER MAINTENANCE & REPLACEMENT 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE Your Trusted Local Air Conditioning Contractor AIR CONDITIONING FENCING RURAL . RESIDENTIAL . LIFESTYLE RETAINING WALLS Corey Hutchison 021 037 3685 KIWI VETERAN OWNED & OPERATED PLUMBING AVAILABLE FROM: 6 Main North Road, Otorohanga 07 873 6642 | | Other Showroom Locations: 10 Albert Street, Cambridge | 100 Roche St, Te Awamutu 123 456 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 1718 19 2021 22 23 24 Last week Fill the grid so that every column, every row and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9. 350 MEDIUM JSVLHTPAQEKSUMMONS UZOGVCBPKMGRAEWSLW RJOLOMAPGIBLCKDGSA YWASIZIEWRINWCGREE NETLOCLAHBEAMOEMVL QSRAVEILITEATDISIP LACUBSFTNMTDRRGEDQ ECMILLFEOTIOCHCNEB VOLSUISVORCKRELCNU ACEIITNRDAMAGESBCE GVFLPYNGSOCCOUNSEL EMWKTEWLAIRTTLEDRT CCTLYTNAGITILHJVEC JHINRUOJDACOKCBWYI VUATGGTFFITNIALPWD GCDRSPRISONERTEYAR KUYGGUEANEOPBUSBLE JKKGEEJPNSSENTIWJV Sudoku Wordsearch Quick crossword Sudoku Wordsearch
Across 1.
Across: 1. Format, 4. Tomcat, 9. Rodeo, 10. Endless, 11. Retreat, 13. Arch, Clothesline, 17. Solo, 18. Implore, 21. In depth, 22. Adapt, 24. Aurora, Seller. 1. Furore, 2. Red, 3. Above, 5. Oddball, 6. Crescendo, 7. Task, 8. See the light, 12. Tall order, 15. Trooper, 16. Pester, 19. Place, 20. Pita, 23. Ail.
Broadcasting (2,3) Gloomy (6) Large bird (3) Travel fatigue (3,3) Take away (6) Literary group (4,4) Become weary (4) Hi-fi (6) Foreign (6) Sweetheart (4) Anxious, jittery (8)
Down 1.
(3,3,3,4) 2.
19. Beverage (6) 20. Knickers (6) 22. Badger (3) 23. Stick to (6) 24. Regular practice (5) The last drink Everyone (3) Majestic (5) Hard-wearing (7)
All puzzles © The
5. Splendid, expensive looking (9)
Commercial (13) 11. Fuss (9) 14. Indecent (7) 18. Coarse (5) 21. Give a nickname (3)
Puzzle Company

Livestock For Sale


Te Kūiti

BROTHERS 2022 Ltd, 1 Riverside Lane, Te Kūiti has made application to the District Licensing Committee at Te Kūiti for the renewal of an on licence in respect of premises situated at 1 Riverside Lane, Te Kūiti and known as Riverside Lodge. The general nature of the business to be conducted under the licence is that of a tavern. The days on which and the hours during which alcohol is to be sold under the licence are Monday to Sunday 9am to midnight. The application may be inspected during the ordinary office hours at the office of the District Licensing Committee at Waitomo District Council, Queen Street, Te Kūiti. Any person who is entitled to and wishes to object to the issue of the licences may, not later than 25 working days after the date of the publication of this notice, file a notice in writing of the objection with the Secretary of the District Licensing Committee at Waitomo District Council, P. O. Box 404, Te Kūiti 3941. No objection to the renewal of a licence may be made in relation to a matter other than a matter specitied in Section 131 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. This is the second publication of this notice. This notice was first published on June 13, 2024.

Silage and hay bales for sale 23/24 seasons bales, hay is 12 1/2 bale equivalent. For more info please ring 021 189 4871

Winter Ewe & Cattle Sale

Friday, June 21

Sheep start 11am Cattle start12 noon Sheep

2th Coopworth ewes SIL

4th, 6th, 4yr, Perendale ewes

2th-5yr Romney ewes SIL

M/A Romney ewes RWR 200 6yr Coopworth ewes SIL Cattle

MT cows

2yr strs

2yr hfrs

1yr strs

1yr hfrs 26 M/A VIC Hereford cows (August 10 calving to Hfd bull)

QUOTA CLUB TE KŪITI INC, 71 Taupiri St, Te Kūiti has made application to the District Licensing Committee at Te Kūiti for the renewal of a club licence in respect of premises situated at 71 Taupiri St, Te Kūiti and known as Quota Club. The general nature of the business to be conducted under the licence is that of a club. The days on which and the hours during which alcohol is to be sold under the licence are Monday to Sunday 9am to 1am the following day. The application may be inspected during the ordinary office hours at the office of the District Licensing Committee at Waitomo District Council, Queen Street, Te Kuiti. Any person who is entitled to and wishes to object to the issue of the licences may, not later than 25 working days after the date of the publication of this notice, file a notice in writing of the objection with the Secretary of the District Licensing Committee at Waitomo District Council, P. O. Box 404, Te Kuiti 3941. No objection to the renewal of a licence may be made in relation to a matter other than a matter specitied in Section 131 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. This is the first publication of this notice.

(note start time)

A/c Ruatahuna Farms

1000 2th-5yr SIL Romney ewes SIL Suff/Tex rams 8-4

Ewes will be scanned prior to sale and sold in their age groups

Further enquires

Richard Bevege 027 453 9824

21 King Country News Thursday, June 20, 2024 | SEAN CURRAN ROOFING Specialising in re-roofing, roof maintenance, spouting, downpipes and light commercial work and roof leaks Ph 027 493 2502 Ph Nigel 07 878 7877 027 674 3396 Email: Need a qualified and experienced tradesman? Plumbing • Gas Fitting Drainlaying • Roofing NEED A QUALIFIED AND EXPERIENCED TRADESMAN? Plumbing • Gas Fitting Drainlaying • Roofing Neustroski Plumbing & Gas For Sale GOATS WANTED Will buy or muster feral goats Prompt pick up Ph Gavin 027 877 7512 or 07 877 7512 Livestock Wanted Servicing Ōtorohanga and Waitomo districts SEPTIC TANK CLEANING Call Steve and Marilyn 021 111 3911 Code of Compliance operators Waitomo Liquid Waste Disposal Trades & Services • From $20pw • • 24 Hour Access • • Security Patrols • • Free Moving In Trailer • KING COUNTRY SELF STORAGE 16 Progress Dr, Ōtorohanga 1 Awakino Rd, Te Kūiti 07 873 7271 To Let CALF MILK WANTED Phone Deb 027 4901 007 Phone Shay 027 373 3732 Public Notices Accom Available WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE $$$$ TOP CASH $$$$ $$$$ PAID $$$$ Hiace, Hilux, Corolla, Landcruiser, Liteace, Townace, Trucks, Nizzan vans & utes. From $200 to $5000 Same day pick up Ph 0800 551 7004 Sick of having things stolen? Need somewhere secure to store chemicals? Purchase a 10, 20 or 40 foot container. Contact PGF Transport for details. Phone 07 878 3622 or 027 223 9246 or email o FIREWOOD - Ph Sonny 021 617 349 or 07 873 9190. For Sale Trades & Services Wanted To Buy Trades & Services Calf Milk Pump Bianco stainless $143.75 incl gst Hynds Pipes, 17 Waitete Rd, Te Kūiti P 07 877 8326 Te Kūiti Branch only Anything too big for a shovel - give me a call • Vegetation removal • Driveway prep - Auger • Landscaping • Trenching • Water tanks Manga Roach Ph 027 431 9959
Dave Rowe PAINTER & DECORATOR 027 290 8776 • 07 873 9104 • SELF-CONTAINED unit for rent. 5 minutes south of Ōtorohanga. Suit single person. Room with kitchenette and ensuite. $300 p/w including power and Wi-Fi. Available in near future. Ph 021 796 300. FREE flax plants. Bare rooted. Large variegated variety. Grows over 2 metres. 40+. Ph 07 873 1611.
Quality Painting
70 Maniapoto St, ŌTOROHANGA 07 873 7008 159 Rora St, TE KŪITI P 07 878 8913 WATCH BATTERIES FROM $18* Car keys Garage remotes Come and visit us THE WATCH EXPERTS * T&C’s apply o er valid until 31/12/2023 Cycle repairs and servicing
8538 For Sale Trades & Services HANDYMAN Property maintenance and construction Lawns, trees, stump grinding, sections, moss & mould treatments, Chemwash, waterblasting, gutter vac, water tank and trough cleaning fences, retaining, odd jobs and more. References available GST registered. Mike & Allana 027 350 0836 Livestock For Sale Te Kūiti Winter
Fair Friday, June 21 Sheep start
start 12 noon Special entry
Capital Stock 190
Livestock For Sale
027 587
Ewe & Cattle
11am Cattle
A/c C & L Dunphy
Top 4th, 6th,4yr Perendale ewes. SIL Perendale Ram 21-3-24 (Scanned 172%) (65 4th, - 65 6th, - 65 4yr ) For further enquiries please ring Len Sheeran 027 473 5859
Te Kūiti Ewe & Cattle Fair Friday, June 21, 2024 Sheep 11am
Your news,wherever you are. The King Country App




Wednesday, June 26, 2024

held at the Ōtorohanga Club, Maniapoto St, Ōtorohanga

The evening will commence at 5.30pm in the Southern Lounge starting with the 'OTO-EXPO' a trade display by many local businesses. The farmers party is a chance for the farming community to meet and greet the many supporters of this event.

The evening will follow the usual format.


New farming families especially welcome

If you wish to become a sponsor or have any other enquiries, please contact Teresa Cooper @ Bailey Ingham Ltd 07 873 7325 or email

Committee Fee MemberKing Country

On behalf of the Minister for Social Development and Employment, the Ministry of Social Development is seeking community focused people for the role of Community Representative on the local Benefits Review Committee. This position covers the King Country (Te Kuiti, Taumarunui) and Taihape areas.

The Benefits Review Committee provides an informal setting for clients to review decisions made by the Ministry of Social Development about their benefit entitlement.

As a Community Representative you will provide a community perspective to the Benefits Review Committee’s decision-making process. You will be required to read benefit review reports, attend hearings arranged for the client and the Ministry, and consider decisions on a case-bycase basis.

Hearings are scheduled to be held regularly, however as there is a pool of Community Representatives in each region, individual Community Representatives may not be required to sit on every hearing.

In this role you will need to be able to relate to a range of people within the wider community, have good community experience and knowledge, and respect the views, beliefs, and cultural perspectives of others.

This is a Ministerial appointment. Names of successful candidates will be forwarded for consideration by the Minister for Social Development and Employment.

If you are interested in this role, please apply online at If you have any questions or queries, please email

Applications close: Friday, 28th June 2024

The Ministry of Social Development is one of New Zealand’s largest government agencies. Our work to achieve better social outcomes affects almost every New Zealander, now or in the future.

A call to pray for Te Kūiti

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14-16

Venue - St Luke’s Anglican Church, Esplanade, Te Kūiti

Sunday, June 23, 7pm.


Unless otherwise specified, all meetings will be held in the council chambers, Ōtorohanga District Council, 17 Maniapoto St, Ōtorohanga. Please check our website for the latest information: meetings-agendas-minutes/

Ōtorohanga District Council will hold the following meetings in July 2024:

Ōtorohanga Community Board

Monday, July 1, at 4pm

Kāwhia Community Board

Thursday, July 4 at 4pm

Elected Member workshop day Tuesday, July 9 at 10am

Ōtorohanga District Council Tuesday, July 23 at 10am

The following meeting were held in June 2024 and were not previously notified: Chief Executive Review Committee Monday, June 24 at 2pm

This notice is given under section 46 of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987.

Tanya Winter Chief Executive

College Hostel - Kāinga Rua CLOSING CEREMONY

We welcome contributions of photos, stories and memories to include

22 | Thursday, June 20, 2024 King Country News
Public Notice Public Notices
Public Notice
T h e Ō t o r o h a n g a C o l l e g e B o a r d i n v i t e s y o u t o j o i n t o g e t h e r a t t h e
Situations Vacant
in the presentation on the day and in the Hostel Commemoration Booklet that will be created afterwards. Please email contributions to the Board Secretary, If you are unable to make the Closing Ceremony, please contact the College Office to arrange a walk through farewell. Hostel doors open for farewell ramble Meet at Hostel entrance for karakia Gather for the sharing of kai and kōrero in the Gymnasium Close our hui with a karakia 9:00 am 10:00 am 11:30 am 12:30 pm S A T U R D A Y 22nd June, 2024 Past students, staff and whānau Public Notice What’s going on?? Let us know 07 878 1188 • Call in and see us now at 18 King St East St, Te Kuiti or phone us on 07 878 1188 for a no obligation free quote! Do you need to print or photocopy a document? YOUR ONE STOP PRINT SHOP A COUPLE of waitomo tourist attractions have featured in tourism new zealand’s latest promotion aimed at supporting the domestic tourism industry. The ‘do something new, new zealand’ promotion premiered its new music video on thursday night, which sees new zealand comedians madeleine sami and jackie van beek team up to release their summer tune. The song, which is also named ‘do something new, new zealand’, invites new zealanders to choose somewhere. New to explore as the summer holidays approach. The video showcases range of new zealand tourism attractions mentioned in the song, which includes waitomo adventures lost world and waitomo glow Waitomo adventures owner nick andreef says it was great to be involved with campaign supporting local tourism. “We’re the poster boy for you look at the images that come up – you’ll see guy standing at the bottom of lost world. It’s a positive thing; we’re all in favour of it as you can see and hopefully kiwis get out and do stu�,” nick says. The video was �lmed across 10 di�erent regions in new zealand and features more than 30 tourism activities and local points of interest including waitomo adventures lost world, the auckland bridge climb, waka abel tasman and puzzling world in wanaka. Tourism new zealand chief executive stephen england-hall says the message needed to be bold and catchy to inspire kiwis and challenge perceptions about what a holiday in new zealand can look like. “Tourism vital to new zealand’s recovery and we want to inspire new zealanders to do something new and explore their own country like they do when travelling overseas, rather than relying on routine and going to the same places year after year,” stephen says. The song is the newest iteration of paign, which was launched in may 2020 in response to the covid-19 lockdown. Comedians campaign in Waitomo Sami ed Thursday, KING COUNTRY NEWS news business opinion sport News King Country

Tigers Sports Club (Otorohanga)

Would like to extend our appreciation to the, Otorohanga District Council Community Grant Scheme For funds received for the maintenance and wellbeing of our club and members.

Nga mihi




Monday, July 8




Nominations for the Election of Trustee NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a call for nominations has been opened to appoint one (1) trustee to Ruapuha Uekaha Hapū Trust.

Nominations for the one (1) trustee position must be made on the nomination Form available from the returning officer:


P.O. Box 1712

ROTORUA Phone 07 348 3599

The nomination form may also be accessed from the Ruapuha Uekaha Hapū Trust website

The nomination form is to be completed by the nominee and countersigned by two registered adult beneficiaries of the Ruapuha Uekaha Hapū Trust. Nominations will close at 5pm on Friday, July 12, 2024.

Candidates are required to provide a copy of their curriculum vitae, a personal profile, and a photo along with their completed nomination form.

Only registered adult members (18 Years +) of Ruapuha Uekaha Hapū Trust beneficiaries register will be eligible to vote. Board of Trustees

Public Notices

District Council Service Information - Matariki Public Holiday - Friday 28 June

Customer Service Centre - Closed, reopening 1 July at 9am. For urgent enquiries please call WDC on 0800 932 4357. Help is on hand 24/7

Waitomo District Library - Closed

WDC Admin Building - Closed

Waitomo District

Te Kūiti Bowling Club Inc

AGM & Prizegiving

Sunday, June 30 at 1pm

at the bowling club Tammadge St, Te Kūiti

Please bring a plate for afternoon tea Nau mai, haere mai All welcome

Mirumiru Paa ki Marokopa AGM

Sunday, August 11, 2024

Mirumiru Paa Ki Marokopa 10am - Meeting starts


1. Karakia/Mihi

2. Apologies

3. Receive minutes from last AGM

4. Matters arising from last AGM

5. Amendments to last AGM minutes

6. Chairman’s report

7. Financial/treasurer’s report

8. Sub-committee report/brief

9. Trustees resignation and election of new trustees x 3

10. Nominated trustees korero

11. General business

12. Karakia whakamutunga


Position: 3 x Trustee (Resignation & amp; 2 x Annual rotation) 1 annual rotation trustee will stand again

Open: June 17, 2024

Close: July 28, 2024

Nominations for trustees can be made in writing to the secretary or nominated from the floor at the Annual General Meeting.

All written nominations must be received by email by July 28, 2024. Nominees are to supply to the secretary

1. Their written nomination.

2. Brief biography.

3. Signed Declaration of Commitment to the aims and philosophies of the marae. This form can be assigned and completed at the AGM or emailed.

4. All nominations must be seconded.

Note: For the Declarations of Commitment form and the current charter email the below email address

Email all required documents by July 28, 2024 to the below address (for written nominations).

Shannon Martin Mirumiru Paa ki Marokopa secretary




James; Juliet, Alexander and Benedykt. Sister of Pat, Brian, Joan, Tony and Leo. Marie’s funeral service will be on Friday, June 21,1pm at St George’s Church, Te Kūiti. Marie, our Mother, Nonna and friend, will be dearly missed by all.

DOG MISSING from 1 Hinerangi Street, Te Kūiti since Saturday afternoon. If you know where it is or its whereabouts call 027 037 1991. The breed is Jack Russell and Chihuahua, brown and white in colour. Name is Tinka-bell. A reward is offered if you know where it is or seen it and I get to pick it up. Thanks Tokowha.

ŌTOROHANGA BAPTIST CHURCH Ranfurly St, Ōtorohanga Service times Sunday 10.30am Everyone welcome Contact 07 873 8685 23 King Country News Thursday, June 20, 2024 | Email your classified ads to Don’t forget to include your billing details, name, address & daytime contact phone number The King Country App is FREE Download it from the App Store or Google Play TODAY! Thanks ESSENTIAL SERVICES DIRECTORY Police, Fire, Ambulance..................................Dial 111 Non emergency police...................................Dial 105 Te Kūiti......................................................07 878 1450 Ōtorohanga..............................................07 873 7399 Piopio.......................................................07 877 0490 Benneydale..............................................07 878 1370 Ōtorohanga..............................................07 873 8399 Te Kūiti......................................................07 878 7878 For all urgent out of hours call.................07 878 7878 Unichem Te Kūiti Pharmacy Sat 9.30am - 12.30pm..............................07 878 8011 Unichem Ōtorohanga Pharmacy Sat 9am - 12.30pm..................................07 873 7294 Citizens Advice Bureau -Ōtorohanga, Te Kūiti and Taumarunui (free legal advice)...............................0800 367 222/07 878 7636 Community Mental Health Service..........07 878 8767 Emergencies..........................................0800 505 050 Counselling Services North King Country Mon - Fri, 9am - 3pm................................07 873 7676 Waitomo Women’s Refuge Helpline........07 878
Te Kūiti Hospital.......................................07
Cancer Society supportive care nurse...0800
Community House ......................07
NKC Family Support Mon -
873 6502 Noise Control (Waitomo District Council) .................................................................07 878 0800 Noise Control (Ōtorohanga District Council) .................................................................07 878 4000 Ōtorohanga District Council (24 hrs).......07 873 4000 Waitomo District Council (24hrs).........0800 932 4357 Victim Support Services.......................027 281 1499 ...........................................................or 0800 842 846 EMERGENCIES POLICE MEDICAL ROSTER COMMUNITY SERVICES Deaths Church Notices Entertainment 10:30am Sunday 10 Sheridan St, Te Kuiti Pastor Terry & Rowena Bradley 07 878 8694 021 703 008 An Assemblies of God Church We welcome you to our 10.30am Sunday service. If you are unable to attend, please email for the video recording Grace, peace and strength 10 Sheridan St, Te Kūiti An Assemblies of God church St Bride's Anglican Church Haerehuka St Ōtorohanga SUNDAY Morning service 10am Ph 07 873 7006 Services Sunday 10am Session clerk Ph 07 873 8735 Room bookings Ph Nina 027 237 2382 St David's Presbyterian Church Ranfurly St, Ōtorohanga PIOPIO ARIA MŌKAU CO-OPERATING PARISH All Saints 22 Moa St Every Sunday 10am Service St Peter’s By The Sea, 25 Aria Tce, Mōkau 1st and 3rd Sunday 2pm Service Piopio contact: 07 877 8097 Mōkau contact: Mrs Dorothy Lowry 06 752 9123 Church Notices Meetings
0800 733 843
878 7333
227 744
878 5272
Fri, 9am - 3pm...............................07
(McRoberts): 97, passed away peacefully on June 15, 2024. Beloved mother of Tony, Angela, Adrian, Jacqueline and Lucia. Grandmother of Ben, Caleb, Reuben, Jonathan and Simon; Liam, Gemma, Shaun; Adelle, David,
all Waste Transfer Stations will be closed Kerbside
Collection Services – Kerbside collection will take place as per normal, with new collection days starting from 1 July.
safe holiday!
Phone parish office 07 878 8026 St Luke's Anglican Church Te Kūiti Holy Communion Service AGM to follow All welcome THURSDAY, 20 JUNE 2024 - WEDNESDAY, 26 JUNE 2024 VISIT OUR WEBSITE W W W THEREGENT NZ DESP CABLE ME 4 ( PG) LOTS OF WEEKDAY SCREENINGS TH S WEEK Gru Lucy and he r g r s - Margo, Edith and Agnes - we come a new member to the Gru am y Gru J who s n en on ormen ing h s dad Faced w th new nemesis n Max me Le Ma and his emme ata e g rl r end Va en na the am ly is o ced o go on the un by myste ous crea ures each n gh Thu 12 55pm 7 25pm F 5 30pm Sa 11 55am 2 15pm 4 30pm 6 :45pm Sun 10 50am 1 05pm 3 :45pm 4 45pm Mon 10 30am Wed 10 :30am 6 20pm BAD BOYS : RIDE OR DIE ( R13) F 7 35pm Sa 4:20pm 6 55pm Sun 7 00pm Tue: 6 :30pm COPA 71 ( E ) Sat 12 30pm FURIOSA : A MAD MA X SAGA ( R16) F 6 45pm Sa : 6 15pm Sun 6 55pm Wed 6 30pm GOLDA ( M ) Thu 1:05pm Mon 10 25am IF ( PG) Sa 11:45am Sun 5 35pm Tue 6 05pm JOIK A ( M ) Sun 7 30pm KINGDOM OF THE PL ANET OF THE APES ( M ) Sat 12 20pm KUNG FU PANDA 4 ( PG) Tue: 10 35am ORDINARY ANGELS ( PG) Sa : 4 45pm Sun 5 00pm Tue 5 55pm Wed 10 10am THE EXORCISM ( R16) F 8 05pm Sa 7 30pm Tue 6 45pm THE FALL GUY ( M ) Sa : 4 00pm THE ROAD TO PATAGONIA ( E ) Descr bed as a ser es of ove et e s w h n a documentary e ng two love stor es a ove be ween wo peop e and he ove be ween humanity and he Ea th Thu 7 30pm Fr : 6 00pm Sa 2 30pm Sun : 10 05am 7 45pm Tue 10 30am Wed 10 05am 6 05pm UNSUNG HERO ( PG) When Dav d Sma bone s successfu music company col apses he moves h s am y rom Austral a o he Sta es search ng or a br gh er u ure n this fa th-based drama Sun 12 15pm Tue: 6 20pm Wed : 5 55pm THE GARFIELD MOVIE (G) Gar e d (vo ced by Chr s P a t he wor d- famous Monday-ha ing asagna-loving indoor ca s abou o have a w d ou door adventure Af er an unexpec ed reun on w th his long -lost ather - scruf y stree ca V c vo ced by Samue L Jackson) - Gar ie d and his can ne r end Od e are o ced rom the r per ectly pampe ed fe n o oin ng V c n a hilarious h gh- stakes he st Sa 11 30am 1 45pm 3 25pm Sun 3 20pm THE WATCHERS ( M ) When M na a 28-year-o d ar st nds she ter a er ge ing stranded n an expansive untouched orest n western re and she unknowing y becomes rapped a ongside three strangers ha a e watched and sta ked by myste ious crea ures each n ght Thu 7 45pm F 7 00pm Sa 2 05pm 7 00pm Sun 6 45pm Wed : 6 25pm COMMUNIT Y EVENTS TH S WEEK Kung fu Panda 4 & The Mountain ALL $13 T CKETS FOR EVERYONE EVERY TUESDAY $10 T CKETSaf ter 5pm Book Online Today FINAL SCREENINGS TH S WEEK - $10 TICKETS Copa 71 The Fal Guy COMING SOON K A WHAWHAI TONUSTRUGGLE WITHOUT END THE QUIET PL ACE INSIDE OUT 2
Landfill and
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What’s going on? LET US KNOW! 07 878 1188 • Comedians campaign in Waitomo FREE Thursday, September 20, 2020 KING COUNTRY NEWS news • business opinion sport News King Headine PG ??
24 | Thursday, June 20, 2024 King Country News 63 Maniapoto St Otorohanga | Ph 07 873 8640 220 Alexandra Street Te Awamutu | Ph 07 214 2161 45 Arawata Street Te Awamutu | Ph 07 214 2244 murray hunt furnishers Dream Queen Size Mattress & Base run outs, clearance stock (unless otherwise stated) and not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. See in-store for details. We reserve the right to correct errors or misprints. 30 day Comfort Guarantee Ts and Cs apply. Finance: Available on Q Card Flexi Payment Plans. A $50 Annual Account Fee and $55 Establishment Fee for new Q Cardholders or a $35 Advance Fee for existing Q Cardholders will apply. Minimum payments of 3% of the monthly closing loan before the end of the interest free period. Q Card Standard Interest Rate applies to any outstanding balance at end of interest free period. Q Card lending criteria, fees, terms and conditions apply. Latitude Financial Services: Normal the expiry of the interest free period. Gem Visa and Latitude Credit Line are provided by Latitude Financial Services. For more information on our terms and conditions please see your nearest store or visit our website 50% off. Chiropractic HDX Reflex. Hello Winter, Hello Sale. 20% off. Queen Set From $1,919 Serenity Peace. 50% off. Queen Set From $2,799 Serenity Essence. 40% off. Queen Set From $2,579 Chiropractic HD Radiate. *O er valid to 25.06.24 or while stocks last. Discount o ers apply to selected beds and bedding only, prices as marked. O ers exclude Everyday Dream prices, run outs, clearance stock (unless otherwise stated) and not to be used in conjunction with any other o er. See in- store for details. We reserve the right to correct errors and misprints and to change product specifications. All products are advertised in good faith and will be available, except in circumstances beyond our control. Product ranges vary between stores and some products are available in selected stores only. WINTER SALE 20% OFF ON EVERY ITEM OVER $100 STOREWDE* *Excludes beds, ooring and window dressings. T&Cs apply sale ends 27/6/24.

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