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Valarie Brown-Klingelhoefer 2022 - 2023 Governor

Carole Farris Governor-Elect

Margo Dutton Immediate Past Governor

Gary Gray District Treasurer

Cal-Nev-Ha Magazine - Fall 2022 - 2023

After three years of training, planning, and preparation, it’s time for Dr. Valarie Brown-Klingelhoefer to shine In a penthouse suite at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas last fall, Dr. Valarie Brown-Klingelhoefer met with a team of Kiwanis volunteers, many of whom had helped in her campaign for Governor-Elect of the Cal-Nev-Ha District. She outlined her vision for the next two years, sharing her desire to revamp club officer training and Kiwanis conventions. She put her team to work in identifying issues facing Kiwanis today, and brainstorming ideas to bring in members and SLP graduates. Under her tutelage, Valarie’s team developed a bold new strategy. Now, she gets to put those ideas to work. Starting on October 1st, Valarie officially takes office as District Governor. As a four-time Lieutenant Governor, and a member of nine different clubs herself, Valarie has opened more than 40 Kiwanis Clubs around the world. Now retired from her professional life, she helps run a nonprofit organization that helps homeless women in Monterey County, California, where she belongs to the Marina Kiwanis Club of Division 43. One big reason why she retired is because she wanted to spend more time building new Kiwanis Clubs and helping our organization grow. During the upcoming term, Dr. Valarie wants to help build up interest in Kiwanis using modern technology, including a Kiwanis podcast based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, and hosted by professional radio broadcaster Aaron Phillips. She hopes to build at least one new KKids Club per division. She has also worked tirelessly to develop the new Kiwanis Education Academy (KEA), a much more interactive training program for all Kiwanis members, a replacement for the previous CLE Training program. Her positive attitude as well as her vision for Kiwanis are reflected in her “SMILE” theme: Service, Membership, Innovation, Leadership, and Experience. Dr. Valarie lives on a remote ranch in Greenfield, California along with her husband, Andy, a retired Dean of Students and Housing Director for several major colleges and universities, including San Diego State University. She also has the unique opportunity to serve on the same board as her mother, Flora Brown, who will serve this year as Lt. Governor of Division 43. Flora, also known as “Mama Flo,” lives in La Mesa when she is not spending time with her family in the Monterey Bay region.

Service with a SMILE!

Valarie Brown-Klingelhoefer


2022 - 2023 CNH District Governor

2022-23 is going to be an amazing year. I am so excited and honored to serve as you next CNH Governor. As we head into this year with a SMILE — Service, Membership, Innovation, Leadership, and Excellence — we have the opportunity to pave the way for our success for years to come. Over the next few months, I will be hosting club leader roundtable discussions to help develop our district strategic plan for the future. Your voice matters. You can also join me on our weekly virtual show “ Kiwanis Connects” on at 9am Fridays to catch up on all things Cal-Nev-Ha Kiwanis. You can even watch the show on YouTube, Roku, Instagram, and Facebook anytime…new channels will be added soon. Join our Facebook community @Kiwanis Connects and watch on Facebook Live. You can call in at +1 702.329.6947 and press 1 or message me on Twitter by using #KiwanisConnects to be on the show. We are broadcasting around the world. As the largest Kiwanis district in North America we have the opportunity to be innovative and lead the way for the Kiwanis world in service. In order to do that I am going to need your help. Your help? Yes you are the key to our Kiwanis success this year. Proudly wear your Kiwanis

KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023


gear and practice your 1-minute speech with everyone you meet. Use the 2-for-2 membership growth process to invite people to your club. Make it a practice to invite every like minded community supporting person to become a part of the best group in your community…your club! Over 35,000 students and special needs adults in our Cal-Nev-Ha Kiwanis Ohana from K-Kids to Circle K to Aktion Club are counting on you… me…all of us. They need amazing Kiwanians to show up and be the leaders in each of our communities. Since October is Youth Protection month—take the time to get your background checks renewed. See the article by David Hillman in this issue for more information. Our students and adults with special needs in Aktion Club need advisors, co-sponsors, extra hands to work on large scale service projects. Our extended Kiwanis family need your time, talents and treasures. Most importantly CNH Kiwanis needs you. Aloha and Happy Kiwanis New Year! SMILE • 909.989.1500 •



As the end of this Kiwanis year approaches, I want to thank each of you for giving me this opportunity to serve as the 2021-2022 Cal-Nev-Ha District Governor. It has been such an amazing journey. From meeting Kiwanis member from throughout our district, to participating in some absolutely life changing projects, such as the Special Games, I continue to be inspired by you, and all you do to serve your communities and the Kids. Certainly, we have had our challenges with the Covid-19 Pandemic, but you were resilient, innovative, and absolutely determined to do the work of Kiwanis during this time, and for that you should be commended. For the first time in three years, we were able to hold our Mid-Year, and District Educational Conferences. I was able to visit every division in the district in person, to meet and hopefully inspire you. We were able to build 9 clubs, and there are more that we plan to complete in October. I also want to thank you for your support of the First Family Focus: “Building Healthy Hearts and Minds” a mental health initiative for young people. To date we have raised approximately $23,000. That means we still have grant money for you. You embraced my vision and made it your own.

Together We Can; Together We Did.

Margo Dutton

Immediate Past District Governor 2021-2022 KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023


SMILE • 909.989.1500 •

Executive Director Updates! Mark McDonald

Executive Director/District Secretary

Well as we conclude the 2021 – 2022 Kiwanis year we look back on our first in person meetings in over two years. They turned out to be very successful for the education and fellowship. We are looking forward to this new 2022 – 2023 Kiwanis year and continued great education and fun/fellowship. The first Mid-Year meeting and District Board meeting is happening early this year on Saturday, January 28th at the Monterey Convention Center and the Monterey Marriott Hotel. Registration will open soon. The second Mid-Year meeting, in Burbank, will take place on March 18, 2023. This program will take place at the Burbank Convention Center and the Burbank Airport Hotel. On Friday, March 17, the Cal-Nev-Ha Children’s Fund will hold their Board of Trustees meeting. The District Convention will be held at the Nugget Casino & Resort in Reno/Sparks, Nevada on August 10, 11, & 12, 2023. Looking forward to a great convention in Nevada -- the rooms and food are priced at a great rate. This new year, Kiwanis will launch a new database they are calling “Kiwanis Engage.” The platform used will be sales force. The new system will have options for clubs and divisions to add items you would like to track. And at the Kiwanis International level, the club secretaries and division Lt. Governors will be able to see more items such as Past Presidents, Past Lt. Governors, background checks and completed background required education. The District Secretaries will see this program in action at our meetings in November. Kiwanis will produce and host training for all that want to be trained. In addition, it will be online to review or rewatch as needed. As you all know changes can cause lots of questions. You can ask the questions at member services 1-800-kiwanis. I hope to see you all at the next meeting in Monterey, Burbank, or Reno/Sparks, Nevada. Happy New Year!

KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023


SMILE • 909.989.1500 •

Mr. Kiwanis Meet Our 2022 Bert Shoemaker Recipient

Larry Graves

Larry Graves, a member of the Kiwanis Club of Woodside Terrace, A.M., was recognized with the Bert Shoemaker Award during the Awards Luncheon at the 2022 Cal-Nev-Ha Kiwanis District Education Convention in Indian Wells, California. Larry first joined Kiwanis in 1971 and was recently honored with the Kiwanis International Legion of Honor Certificate for 50 years of service to Kiwanis. According to Club President Sandy Farley, “Through all those years, Larry has always been a major contributor to Kiwanis. He has served in almost every role imaginable . . . and [is our] general go-to man.” Time and time again Larry leads by example, often being the first to volunteer for service projects and fundraisers. He never says no and doesn’t let his age stop him. At 88, you can still find him working alongside club members and Key Clubbers at their monthly gardening project, pulling weeds and cleaning the park. For more than 30 years, Larry organized the club’s July 4th carnival fundraiser and currently co-chairs the club’s annual crab cioppino fundraiser. For more than ten years, Larry took the lead in the club’s participation in Special Games, an annual event that provides a fun and competitive day of activities for kids in Santa Clara County who are in the Adaptive Physical Education program. He has also been Inter-club Chairman for years and made it a point to complete his own personal “Round Robin” each year until the pandemic struck. Larry is deeply committed to Kiwanis and the objects of Kiwanis. He has been recognized with division, district and international awards including the George F. Hixson Award, Distinguished Kiwanian Award, Distinguished Service Award, International Tablet of Honor, Mort Korngold Award, and Dunlap Fellowship Award. In addition to being committed to serving his community, Larry is committed to having fun. According to his club president, Larry is a master at digging up interesting and challenging trivia questions for their club’s trivia contest, which raises funds for their administrative account. At board meetings, Larry often brings special treats... sweets, refreshments, and such. When the club was forced to meet via Zoom due to the pandemic, Larry brought “virtual” treats: a joke or two to keep the members smiling. In her nomination letter, Farley said, “Larry is our own ‘Mr. Kiwanis.’ Kiwanis means so much to him. He was thrilled to receive his 50-year Legion of Honor certificate, and we know he will be thrilled if he was honored with this additional award!!” Join us in congratulating Larry on this well-deserved recognition!

About the Bert Shoemaker Award Each year, the CNH Children’s Fund solicits nominations for the award by providing every club president with a set of guidelines to be used in making their nominations. Kiwanians who have made a difference in their club, divisions, and communities are perfect candidates to be honored at the District Education Convention and awarded a plaque symbolic of their achievement. The uniqueness of this award stems from the fact that it is always presented to a Kiwanian who has earned the love and respect of their fellow members by virtue of their dedication to the ideals of Kiwanis over a significant number of years. Because nominating a candidate is a simple, open process, this award has come to be recognized as the most prestigious of the many awards given at District Education Convention and the CNH Children’s Fund is proud to be the vehicle through which it is presented. If your club has a member who you feel should be recognized with this esteemed award, please take the time to submit their name as a candidate by completing our online submission form. Your outstanding Kiwanian just might be selected as the recipient of the award!

Cal-Nev-Ha Children's Fund

President's Message

As we do each October 1st, we once again begin a new Kiwanis year with fresh leadership and new ideas for the future. We are so grateful for those who have come before us. Their vision, ideas and work have brought us to where we are today. Let me introduce myself to those of you who may not know me. I am Gary Jander and I am honored to have been elected to serve as the President of your Cal-Nev-Ha Children's Fund for the next two years. As I begin, I am excited to continue that long legacy of impact and for the future impact your CNH Children's Fund will have on the children of California, Nevada and Hawaii. I am also excited for the opportunities your CNH Children's Fund can offer to our Kiwanis clubs so that they can continue to provide service that matters to the children in their communities. Since 1965, your CNH Children’s Fund has been providing unparalleled enrichment of our youth. As you plan your club’s year, please consider supporting your CNH Children’s Fund by making a Founder's Day donation that is substantial to your club. Your club's gift provides young adults with leadership training, funds our Pediatric Trauma Programs for our Kiwanis clubs and local Partner Hospitals, and finances grants that specifically impact the youth in your local community. For more information and to donate, please visit Please look for impactful club projects in your community and consider whether a grant from your CNH Children's Fund would help increase that impact. You can download grant rules and an application here: Finally, as an individual member of the CNH Children's Fund, please consider joining our Visionary Fellowship by donating $500 or more to the YES! Initiative. You can begin that journey by making a one-time gift of at least $500 to the YES! Initiative or by making a monthly gift of $50. Your club can also participate in the YES! Initiative. With a cumulative donation of $1,965 or more to the YES! Initiative, your club can join the 1965 Vision Club. For more information and to donate, please visit Thank you again for this opportunity to lead and I invite you to share in the impact your CNH Children's Fund is making for the Gary Jander, President 2022-2024 youth of California Nevada & Hawaii.

Cal-Nev-Ha Children's Fund

Virtually Introduce Dr. Young at Your Club Meeting!

If your club is seeking a program for an upcoming meeting that will both educate and inspire your members, then be sure to share the keynote address from our recent Honors Breakfast in which Dr. Timothy Young provided an engaging, inspiring - and at times funny presentation on the impact our members make when they give to your CNH Children’s Fund. We’ve received some very positive feedback from clubs who have shared this video at their recent club meeting. In fact, we’re told Dr. Young’s presentation is by far the best explanation of the collaboration between the CNH Children’s Fund and our partner hospitals! Consider inviting community members to join you at your meeting when you share this video. You never know if you will gain a new member!

Save the Dates! Hang with your "grill friends" at Champions Night & Tailgate Party! Leave the station wagon in the parking lot because these parties - benefiting the CNH Children's Fund - will be held indoors at the 2023 Mid-Year Education Conferences, January 28 in Monterey and March 18 in Burbank. Look for registration details in the coming months. In the meantime, check out ways you and your club can support our biggest fundraisers of the year with sponsorships, advertising and donations.


by Michael Fields CNH District Partnership Coordinator 310-245-8329

Little Free Library


Little Free Library is one of Kiwanis’ International newest partners. Little Free Library’s mission is to be a catalyst for building community, inspiring readers, and expanding book access for all through a global network of volunteer-led Little Free Libraries. Little Free Library’s vision is to have a little library in every community and place a book in every reader’s hand. Little Free Library believes that all people are empowered when the opportunity to discover a personally relevant book to read is not limited by time, space, or privilege.

How does Little Free Library achieve its mission and vision? 1. Providing 24/7 book access through book-sharing boxes that are freely accessible to all, removing barriers to book access. 2. Fostering new Little Free Libraries. Little Free Library (LFL) equips, educates, and guides volunteer stewards to establish Little Free Libraries in their communities. 3. Granting Little Free Libraries to high-need areas -- underserved urban, suburban, rural, and Indigenous communities. 4. Championing diverse books to promote understanding, empathy, and inclusion. 5. Working with key community partners collaborating with schools, public libraries, civic organizations, businesses, and other groups to bring Little Free Libraries to their communities.

Why Does Book Access Matter?

We are facing a growing literacy crisis. Books in the hands of children have a meaningful impact on improving literacy. The more books in or near the home, the more likely a child will learn and love to read. Through Little Free Library book exchanges, millions of books are exchanged each year, profoundly increasing access to books for readers of all ages and backgrounds. KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023


SMILE • 909.989.1500 •

Is Covid-19 behind us – yes and no. But that doesn’t mean we, as Kiwanians, have to stop what we are meant to do. Due to the pandemic, we all have put our lives on hold. Now is the time to move forward. Our communities have been starving for the “hands of Kiwanis”. Many projects (pancake breakfasts, cooking and serving hamburgers and hot dogs, cleaning up parks/beaches, refreshing Little Libraries and serving our students, etc.) need to get up and running – and now is the time to do just that. Pull your members together and “make a difference” in your own community.


In July, the Kiwanis Club of Alameda participated in Relay for Life raising $4,450 to support survivors, current cancer patients and their families. This year was our best! Many friends and families came out to support our team, We Walk As One. The Kiwanis Club of Alameda, through the Alameda Kiwanis Foundation, held a successful fundraiser in August. The event, It’s A Family Affair, filled the ballroom with music from two live bands and dancing attendees. Profits raised go directly to local non-profit groups supporting children and families.


The strong partnership between the Kiwanis Club of Lake Forest and Saddleback College/Foundation support the students as they continue their educational journey. The club recently donated $10,000 in scholarship funds. The Kiwanis Club of Lake Forest was awarded the “Donor of the Year” from the college at a recent event.

KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023


SMILE • 909.989.1500 •


The Fourth of July parade was a huge event. The Kiwanis Club of Napa participated with a car in the parade and many, many smiles from the members.


In August, members from the Kiwanis Club of Napa came out to pour wine and yummy Frozé at the new Garden Lounge at the Napa Town & Country Fair. There was so much fun involved that the club has already committed to doing it again next year.

The Kiwanis Club of Downey Noon recently lost two of their shining stars -Dick Lehn and Jerry Wetzstein. Club members miss their tenacity for service and committment to their club and Kiwanis.


The 20th Annual Brews, Blues & BBQ event in August was a huge success. The Kiwanis Club of Yuba City Early Risers budgets the funds from this and other fundraisers to support their ongoing donations including 17 academic and vocational scholarships, children related donations and their commitment to the Kiwanis Family House in Sacramento. In addition the club pledged $33,000 for a handicap, inclusive playground equipment at the new Yuba City park. KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023


SMILE • 909.989.1500 •


Another club participated in their Fourth of July parade. The Kiwanis Club of Corona, Circle City joined the festivities with their very own float. What a great way to be part of the community and share the Kiwanis committment. Member Belinda Becerra spearheaded the float decorating directing both members and Key Club members to their assigned tasks.


The Kiwanis Literacy Club in Southern California knows the importance of being able to read. But also the need for books to be accessible to all students. The club has graciously distributed more than 200,000 books throughout the states and organizations in Uganda, Philippines. Each book donated is branded with a Kiwanis logo. Our book boxes and mobile book depots can be found throughout the district promoting and distributing much needed books.


The summer months were busy for the Kiwanis Club of Santa Monica. They started out with opening day at the Cardboard City helping kids and their parents making cardboard art. Like other clubs the Fourth of July was celebrated with a parade. The decorated truck was made possible by the Kiwanis family (Kiwanians, Key Club and KIWIN’S) coming together to over decorate it - it was perfect! In late July, the Kiwanis Club of Santa Monica sponsored a bicycle rodeo with obstacle course and all. Service didn’t stop there. In August the club went on to organize their first Chess Tournament. More than 50 students participated in the all day event. KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023


SMILE • 909.989.1500 •


The Kiwanis Club of Grantville-Allied Gardens posted flags for Flag Day and for the first time Juneteenth. Also in June, the club co-hosted a child car seat inspection day because safety never takes a back seat. Members, along with Key Club, assisted Rady Children’s Hospital technicians remove and inspect around 25 car seats ensuring the safety of the children. On a sad note, the club lost a beloved member, Donald Lydy. He will be missed for his many years of service and playing “Santa Claus” for years.

Kiwanis Youth Protection Week October 10 - 14, 2022


How far does the hands of Kiwanis reach? Well the Kiwanis Club of East Hawaii and the Kiwanis Club of Hilo can tell you that being part of the Sister City program is a true celebration. Sister City Sumoto, Japan celebrates their 20 year partnership. Mayor Mitch Roth and Tommy Goya, representing Kiwanis, made the trek to Japan to celebrate. Students and officials gathered for the celebration.The Kiwanis Club of East Hawaii supported the trip with 58 hand made leis to be distributed while on their trip. KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023


SMILE • 909.989.1500 •


Since 2005, the Kiwanis Club of Green Valley, Nevada has been working with the Serving Our Kids Foundation helping bag food for distribution to students in the Clark County School District. The food bags are distributed to homeless and at-risk children in K - 8th grade. Once a month the club members prepare food bags for distribution. On a weekly basis the Kiwanis Club of Green Valley, Nevada distribute about 4,000 prepared bags to schools across the valley.

Meet our Newest Kiwanis International Trustee Gary Jander DIVISION 30

To start the school off on the right foot, the Kiwanis Club of Brea and the Kiwanis Club of Fullerton joined forces to clothe underserved students by taking them shopping at JC Penney. Each student was able to pick out, up to $100, clothes and shoes for themselves. Seeing the smiles on their young faces made the day special for all who participated. Fourth of July festivities allowed the Kiwanis Club of La Mirada to be out in the community once again. First the club manned the fireworks booth for four days raising funds for their scholarship and Teacher Grant programs. Then on July 3rd, club members cooked and served hamburgers during the July 3rd celebration ending the evening with a full display of fireworks. KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023


SMILE • 909.989.1500 •

DIVISION 30 (cont’d)

Supporting the new school year, the Kiwanis Club of La Mirada donated 700 pencil pouches which were distributed to any student who came by the “Caring Beyond the Classroom” event in August. The pencil pouches were branded with their club name. Every time the student and/or parent gets out a pencil, they will see that Kiwanis supports them throughout the school year.

CNH Mid-Year Education Conferences Mid-Year North January 28, 2023 Monterey Marriott Monterey, CA

Mid-Year South

March 18, 2023 Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport Burbank, CA DIVISION 32

A fun filled evening was enjoyed by the Kiwanis Club of Healdsburg, Geyserville, Windsor and Santa Rosa clubs. Eighty members and guests engaged with each other over great food and general merriment. The Corn Hole competition was a rousing success (unfortunately knocking out the Healdsburg contingent). The Cloverdale team won the bragging rights until next year’s challenge. Funds raised will help the Project and Legacy Funds. Many thanks to their sister clubs who came out to enjoy the evening and support the club. KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023


SMILE • 909.989.1500 •


“The Objects of Kiwanis”

As a division, members usually host an annual “boxes for the troops” event. This year Tina Carey, Division 35 Lt. Governor decided to change things up. Rather than send their donations oversea, she found out that there was a strong need right here at Citrus College. The Kiwanis Clubs of Division 35 donated eletronics, hygiene products and items for the coffee bar at Citrus College. Independence Day didn’t bypass the Kiwanis Club of Duarte. The Key Clubs from Duarte High School and Mountain View High School joined the Kiwanis Club of Duarte with rock painting and face painting for more than 100 children during the afternoon.

To give primacy to the human and spiritual rather than to the material values of life. To encourage the daily living of the Golden Rule in all human relationships. To promote the adoption and the application of higher social, business and professional standards. To develop, by precept and example, a more intelligent, aggressive and serviceable citizenship. To provide, through Kiwanis clubs, a practical means to form enduring friendships, to render altruistic service and to build better communities. To cooperate in creating and maintaining that sound public opinion and high idealism which make possible the increase of righteousness, justice, patriotism and goodwill. The six permanent Objects of Kiwanis International were approved by Kiwanis club delegates at the 1924 Kiwanis International Convention in Denver, Colorado. Through the decades, they have remained unchanged.


The K-Family Builders Award was recently presented to the club President, Reed Reichert, from the Kiwanis Club of Los Rancheros. He lead his club efforts at recruiting 18 new members, bringing the club membership to 38 members. Congratulations Kiwanis Club of Los Rancheros for a job well done! KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023


SMILE • 909.989.1500 •


A little help was needed at the kidSTREAM. The Kiwanis Club of Camarillo stepped up to the plate by painting the walls (with most of the paint reaching the walls.) In July, members of the Kiwanis Club of Conejo Valley served a barbeque lunch to the Ventura County foster families. The children enjoyed the day riding ponies, walking through the petting zoo, made balloon animals and wore themselves out in the bouncy house. If there’s a party around, you can be sure to find the members of the Kiwanis Club of Moorpark. Members will find any reason to gather: good food, fellowship and just have fun. At the district convention in June, the club was honored for being a finalist in the 2022 Signature Project. The Kiwanis Club of Oxnard partnered with Seaside Cowboys during their youth horsemanship program. The club hopes to bring this to the children in their community that will encourage and teach leadership skills within a different venue. The loss of a long-time member, Jay Duncan, of the Kiwanis Club of Oxnard was felt by all who knew him. He was dedicated to the club, as well as the City of Oxnard. He will be truly missed. In honor of their 100th Anniversary the Kiwanis Club of Santa Barbara teamed up with the Santa Barbara Sunset Rotary with a huge hands on school supply project for the Cleveland Elementary School. One hundred students received a backpack filled with school supplies, plus they were treated to a shopping day for new school clothes. This is how a joint effort with another service club can make a huge difference. KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023


SMILE • 909.989.1500 •

DIVISION 42 (cont’d)

The Kiwanis Club of Santa Susana continues to support the Samaritan Center, the city’s homeless shelter. A grand fried chicken dinner was served to those staying at the shelter. The Kiwanis Club of Simi Valley cooked and served dinner for the annual Girl Scouts barbeque. Independence Day celebration was complete with their own beer garden, silent auction, crafts booth along with wonderful food and merchandise vendors and local bands. The spectacular fireworks display was the finalé of the day. Projects continue to take place with the Kiwanis Club of Thousand Oaks. Their signature project “Bikes for Youth” keeps on rolling. Another 16 bikes were donated once again. The “Love Run” fundraiser returned with cooking breakfast for the participants, vendors and spectators serving more than 1,500 individuals. In addition, the BrewFest was back for its 10th rendetion. More than 525 people attended raising $45,000 for their local charities.


The Kiwanis Club of Sierra Nevada recently presented a check to Food for Thought who provides meals for Carson City children who wouldn’t normally have food during the weekend.


The Kiwanis Club of LGBT+ of Southern California is proud that their very own Benita Ramsey has been selected as one of the Grand Marshals for this years’ Palm Springs Pride Parade. KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023


SMILE • 909.989.1500 •

How to Improve Your Club Meeting

By Nelson Tucker Kiwanis International President 2006-07

In my 38 years of Kiwanis membership, I have visited numerous clubs and have been both impressed and discouraged. Clubs that are well run are growing and the energy shows. Clubs that left me concerned are likely to decline in membership and may eventually die. There are some easy steps that a club can take to become a model club that any visitor would want to join. When I refer to visitor, I mean potential member guests AND the guest speaker. Here is what members can do: • Introduce yourself to all guests (anyone you do not recognize) before the meeting • Stand and applaud when the guest speaker is introduced • Do not interrupt the speaker while making their presentation • Hold questions until the Q&A session • Avoid confrontive questions or comments • Give full attention to the speaker; no side conversations • Applaud after speaker’s presentation (everyone) • When making an announcement, stand so everyone can hear you • Turn off your cell phone when you arrive • Stick around long enough after the meeting to say “welcome” to all guests Kiwanis International did a survey several years ago about why potential members did not join Kiwanis. The number one reason was “the club did not make me feel welcomed.” Have you ever visited another club and noticed that many of the members were already seated and did not get out of their chair to greet you? Or, while standing in the buffet line, members did not say hello or acknowledge you? Why would a potential member want to join a club that shunned them on their first visit? You may have had a similar experience that I did where I walked into a club meeting and one of the members said, “Sorry, there’s a meeting going on here today,” as if I was an intruder. I happened to be the guest speaker and was even wearing my Kiwanis pin! The solution is for the entire club to be on the same page when it comes to greeting guests, including the guest speaker. It should be a topic for discussion at your next Board meeting where a simple plan can be put into place to improve the way the club welcomes visitors and converts them into members. If you want your club to prosper and grow, take a moment to consider how you can have a personal impact on guests at your club meetings. The old saying is true: “If it’s to be, it’s up to me!” KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023


SMILE • 909.989.1500 •

January 28, 2023 Mid-Year North Monterey Marriott -- 350 Calle Principal, Monterey, CA 93940

Mark your calendars for our Mid-Year Education Conferences North in Monterey and South in Burbank

Mid-Year South Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport -- 2500 North Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505

March 18, 2023

KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023


SMILE • 909.989.1500 •


SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM Apps due February 17, 2023

Kiwanians! Kiwanians! We need your help in promoting our scholarships so more students such as Diane can achieve their educational goals! Click on a button below to forward the link to your Circle K members and graduating Key Club and KIWIN'S members!

Circle K Applications Key Club \ KIWIN'S Applications

The Loretta Barksdale-McElwain scholarship has greatly helped me transition into my studies at UCSD by alleviating financial burdens . . . I am so grateful for this support from Kiwanis as I work towards completing my undergraduate education! - Diane Dinh

When you say YES2Youth, you make these programs possible! Youth --

Your gift funds the leadership training for all District student leaders, enabling any student to participate no matter the family’s financial situation.

Education -- Your gift awards scholarships to our Circle K, Key Club and KIWIN’S members, making the dream of college a reality. Support --

Your gift provides grants to Kiwanis clubs for new projects that make a difference in children’s lives and their communities. I am truly grateful for the scholarship support that will allow me to work less hours and focus on my studies and additional educational opportunities. Thank you so much for your support of Cal-Nev-Ha Circle K students. - Jason Liu



Our Service Leadership

Programs Lead the Way Every year our students shine with their compassion and dedication to help others. They enjoy the time spent with Kiwanians at events and meetings. The students strive at every turn making a difference in their school and community. Meet the Kiwanis Leadership who work tirelessly to improve the clubs, mentor the students and reflect on the jobs well done. Thank you to our student leaders, administrators, faculty and Kiwanis advisors.

Julie Carter

Builders Club Administrator

Builders Club is the largest service organization for middle school students (ages 12 to 14), and is student led. Community-based Builders Clubs also may be established at community facilities such as churches and libraries.


Builders Club sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Camarillo ended their school year by building a Lending Library to go outside their school. The Kiwanis Club of Thousand Oaks proudly sponsors several Student Leadership Programs including a Builders Club. Students from the Builders Club, with smiles on their faces, graciously served Dominos pizza at the Harbor House. The Lewis Middle School Builders Club is up and running having their first meeting of the year. KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023


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Timothy Cunning

Director, Service Leadership Programs Tim’s passion is, and always has been, the youth of our communities. He knows that given the opportunity, they will be our future. KIWIN’S

From the Turquoise Division, The Adolfo Camarillo High School Key Club stood out with the clubs participation at their events. Every member, and officer, is dedicated to KIWIN’S and has fun working together. One of the special events the division participated was “Stuff the Bus”. Along with Kiwanians, KIWIN’S passed out flyers and communicated with customers on the values of stuffing the bus to ensure that students would be able to continue their educational journey. KIWIN’S members worked tirelessly for hours sorting and collecting supplies.


KIWIN’S is a division of Key Club in the California-Nevada-Hawaii District. They are a groud of dedicated students who care for their school and community. Their leadership and devotion to service will carry them through their education journey and beyond. As an organization, they run just like any other Service Leadership Program. KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023


Anna Wu

KIWIN’S Administrator

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Kiwanis Kids includes three programs for elementary school students between the ages of 6 and 12. In each, the lessons of leadership and self-development are introduced through learning to plan, setting goals, working with others, and celebrating successes. The programs are broken into three components: service, character education, and academic achievement.

Jeff Ott

K-Kids Administrator


Weathersfield Elementary School K-Kids President Emily Katz, as shown in the photo, proudly shows the K-Kids pages in the school yearbook.

Along with the Builders Club, the K-Kids served Domino’s pizza at Harbor House and supported the Lutheran Social Services programs.

Aktion club is the only community-service club for adults living with disabilities. Aktion Club allows members to develop initiative and leadership skills in serving their communities while enabling their integration into society.

President of the Simi Su Aktion Club recently ran in the Camarillo Marathon raising funds for 41 wheelchairs to go to ProvisionAsia in Bengaluru, India. KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023


Brian Atwell

Aktion Club Administrator SMILE • 909.989.1500 •

Key Club International, the largest high school service organization in the world, empowers its members to lead and serve by cultivating leadership skills, developing friendships, and performing community service. Key Club members have a passion for helping others and gain leadership skills they will carry with them for a lifetime. KEY CLUB Key clubs don’t slow down for summer. The Patrick Henry High School Key Club collaborated with the Kiwanis Club of Grant-Allied Gardens in an annual event cleaning up Lake Murray following a long day of live music and Independence Day fireworks. Doug Gin Key Club Administrator One of the activities included removing a damaged kayak from the shore of Lake Murray. Other activites during the summer included a pet adoption event in La Mesa followed by a canned food drive to benefit Father Joe’s Village. Patrick Henry High School Key Club assisted the Kiwanis club with the Child Seat Safety and the first Friday concert booth. As the school year begins, the Patrick Henry High School Key Club is planning several events including Walk for Literacy and helping out at the Gage Elementary School Fall Festival. The Pacifica High School Key Club participated in park cleanup in August. Bring Up Grades or BUG is a program designed to provide recognition to students who raise their grades into an acceptable range and maintain or continue to raise them from one grading period to the next. KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023


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Circle K International (CKI) is the premier collegiate and university community service, leadership development, and friendship organization in the world. Circle K clubs are organized and sponsored by a Kiwanis club on a college or university campus. CKI is a self-governing organization and elects its own officers, conducts its own meetings, and determines its own service activities. CKI blends community service and leadership training with the opportunity to meet other college students around the world. CIRCLE K

Patti Ryder

Circle K Administrator

In early summer, the Circle K International Convention took place in Austin, Texas. Even though San Diego State University Circle K members did not attend, they were thankful they didn’t get stuck in an elevator as some 30 students did.

Mike Akana

Key Leader Administrator

How much impact can a weekend have? It can change a life. Just ask anyone who’s attended a Key Leader weekend. Do your part to help teens ages 14-18 learn about their community, build self-confidence and set their own goals. The experience may change your life, too. Next scheduled Key Leader in California is Camp Cedar Glen – Julian, California the weekend of October 14 to 16, 2022.

Terrific Kids is a student-recognition program that promotes character development, self-esteem and perseverance. “Terrific” is an acronym for Thoughtful, Enthusiastic, Respectful, Responsible, Inclusive, Friendly, Inquisitive and Capable. KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023


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Youth Protection Week October 10-14 Important to our Kiwanis Family-Important to You Nothing is more important than the safety of the children we serve and support. Kiwanis Youth Protection Week, October 10 -14, could be the most important days of the year for you and your club. By using this week to make of sure your club is up to date on your Youth Protection Policies and training requirements, you are not only helping to protect our Kiwanis Family kids and SLP members, but you are also protecting yourself and your club.

Checks and Chaperone & Advisor training, as well as access to the Youth Protection PowerPoint training program and a webinar on the responsibilities of Club Secretaries.

Kiwanis clubs are required to educate members annually on Kiwanis Youth Protection Policies and Procedures. There are various resources available

So -- protect our kids, protect your club and protect yourself. Get involved and get current on your Youth Protection training.

through the Kiwanis International webpage, including information on Background

It is important to remember that our Youth Protection responsibilities apply to ALL of our Service Leadership Programs (SLP), from K-Kids to Circle K, including Aktion Clubs.

Thanks for being Great Kiwanians, Your District Youth Protection Team

JOIN THE FIGHT TO END BULLYING Millions of children worldwide have experienced bullying at school. Any bullying hurts a child’s self-esteem, but at its worst, bullying could lead to high anxiety, bad grades, dropping out of school or even suicide. The good news: You can help. Kiwanis is taking a stand against bullying with the help of its Kiwanis youth leadership programs—K-Kids for elementary school students, Builders Club for adolescents and Key Club for teens. KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023


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Are you aware there is a very inexpensive way to protect your club’s admin and foundation dollars? For as little as $145/year you can purchase $10,000 crime coverage. For only $245/year you can increase that limit to $50,000. Theft of funds could be from a cash heavy fundraiser (Crab feed, fireworks booth…) or employee/volunteer dishonesty such as fraud or forgery. You can learn more about this important coverage in the “Optional Insurance Resource Guide” provided to your club secretary. NOTE: Clubs only have until October 31st to get your application and premium payment into Kiwanis International to order this valuable coverage. Can’t find the guide. You can download the guide and application at or just do a Google search: “Kiwanis Club Crime Coverage”. While you are at it, check out Club Accident Insurance in the same guide. Your members will thank you for it! Dave Canady CNH Risk Manager

KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Fall Edition -- 2022 - 2023


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Kiwanis Rose Float Club of Pasadena and the Kiwanis CNH District Rose Float Committee SAVE THE DATE Float Preview Party

Saturday, October 29, 2022 5:30 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. Phoenix Decorating 5400 Irwindale Ave, Irwindale, CA 91706 Good Food, Prize Drawing, Fellowship $50.00 per person/$75.00 per person (VIP – includes $40.00 for Rose Float merchandise)

To benefit the Kiwanis Rose Float Project For tickets, contact: Dave Wallach 714-328-2410 or

Craig Wallace 909-210-3250