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Division 13 Signature Project

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Cal-Nev-Ha Magazine - Winter 2022 - 2023

Service with a SMILE!

Aloha Cal-Nev-Ha Kiwanis!

It's hard to believe that Puxatawny Phil predicted only weeks ago that there would be six more weeks of winter I think he was seriously mistaken. I have seen more cold weather across our district, than I’ve ever seen before Blizzards predicted in Southern California, snow & hail on the central coast, and freeze warnings across Nevada. Even members in the Aloha state are breaking out jeans and long sleeves There have been too many natural disasters and heartbreaking events over the last few months to count Yet I have HOPE and my heart has been warmed, and is bursting by our Cal-Nev-Ha Kiwanis response to these extremes

Many of you have provided warm blankets, hot meals and personal care packages in your communities You have taught workshops to keep families safe. You have raised thousands of dollars to help flood victims in our tri-state area You have done all that you can do to ensure kids do not go hungry over the weekends Clubs have

provided bikes and helmets to kids so they do not have to walk in the rain or snow to get to school Mahalo for all that you do

Our communities would not be the same without you. Because of our Kiwanis family's incredible work, kids in Cal-Nev-Ha can thrive, prosper and grow. Together, we tackle immediate health and education issues in communities, and we find sustainable solutions that will serve children well into the future

We have an amazing lineup of educational opportunities set for the MId-Year South Educational Conference on March 18th. Olympic medalist Jackie Joyner Kersee, will be the keynote speaker at our inter-club luncheon. She will inspire you to “Dare to Dream by being Extraordinary”.

Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Born in 1962, in East St. Louis, IL, Jackie came from very humble beginnings but despite the times, very strained conditions she describes her early home life as being full of love, principle and discipline These ingrained values have served Jackie well both on and off the field through her life She has been described by the sports media as one of the warmest, most even-tempered, grace-filled persons in all of athletics

Jackie is the author of both A Kind of Grace (1997), her autobiography, and A Woman’s Place is Everywhere She is an active professional speaker and is widely considered one of the most inspiring motivational speakers in all of sports Jackie speaks on topics of athletics, business success, living with the limitations of medical issues, nutrition, women’s issue and youth advocacy

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Service with a SMILE!

Valarie Brown-Klingelhoefer

2022 - 2023 CNH District Governor

You will be in awe when you hear from our K-Kids leaders and Junior Miss California who exude hope with a SMILE. The Mid-Year South Conference will be at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott Burbank. We have lots of mini adventures set for Friday and Sunday So make a family weekend of it. Golf time, local studio tours, and more. There is still time to register: https://k02 site kiwanis org/mid-yearsouth-education-conference/

Attending educational conferences and sharing our successes across the district makes us stronger leaders in our communities. We don’t stop at what our members can accomplish today We are developing future generations of healthy children ready to learn, lead and make a difference for generations to come. Attend Our Mid-Year Education Conference, your Regional RTC training, and enroll in KI’s Amplify program Learn how you can provide meaningful mentorship and volunteer experiences to youth so they can serve their communities while developing the skills and compassion needed to address and solve challenges we can’t yet imagine

We know that when we bring the right people together, with one heart and one purpose, we not only bring hope and health to our children, we change the course of history. In short, if Kiwanis disappeared today, the world and the children in Cal-Nev-HA would be worse off.

It scares me to think of a world without Kiwanis.

We have a serious issue that must be addressed so those we serve today can pay it forward when they become Kiwanians. At the 2023 Kiwanis International Convention in Minneapolis, delegates will have an urgent matter to vote on how to solve a growing budget deficit

The global slowdown and inflation crisis along with the lingering effects of the pandemic are affecting the financial health of our organization. Since 2013, KI has cut costs, reduced staff and benefitted from a thriving economy and strong investment returns to cover deficits The international board has made strategic decisions to control spending, but cannot continue to cut to end this crisis.

Doing nothing is not an option. We addressed this financial crisis in Cal-Nev-Ha in the 2022-2023 budget and made the necessary increases, Now we must address it at the international level As members of this great organization, it’s up to us, the clubs to discuss important issues that affect the future of Kiwanis Please plan to send your club’s two delegates to the International Convention in Minneapolis Your votes matter

For more than 100 years Kiwanis International has been a global force for good, actively working to address the health and education needs of children through our worldwide network of volunteers and clubs It’s dependent on you and me to make sure that Kiwanis is here for at least 100 more years I look forward to seeing you soon

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First Mate's Project:

K.I.C.K. Initiative

Each year, CNH Kiwanians have the opportunity to support a project chosen by the Governor’s spouse. Our 2022-2023 First Mate, Andy Klingelhoefer, has developed the K.I.C.K. Initiative (Kiwanians Investing in Circle K) to support our District’s Circle K members (CKI). Your gifts to the K.I.C.K. Initiative will provide Circle K members with an opportunity to participate in leadership development training

How YOU Can Help

Specially designed commemorative pins, challenge coins and banner patches are available to Kiwanians and Kiwanis clubs this year. Proceeds from these items will be used to provide aid to Circle K members to attend the 2023 Circle K International Convention Learn more here

Lapel Pin

Available with a $5 gift to the First Mate's Project

Available with a $10 gift to the First Mate's Project

EncourageCKImemberstodeveloptheir leadershiptrainingskillsbyattendingthe 2023CKIInternationalConventionin Minneapolis,MN;

IncreasethevisibilityofCKIwithinthe Kiwanisfamily;and

WhenyousupporttheK.I.C.K.Initiativeyou: 1 2. 3

AttractCKIalumstojoinKiwanisupon graduation

Club Banner Patch

Available with a $150 gift to the First Mate's Project
Challenge Coin coin back

Executive Director

Mark McDonald

From the District office, the Mid-Year North Education Conference was a success and looking forward to the South at the Burbank Airport Marriott on March 18th, 2023 The day prior to that is the Children’s Fund Board of Directors meeting.

Minneapolis, Minnesota International Convention will be a fun-filled event The downtown area has more than sufficient Bars & Grills (as they call them in Minnesota) to meet all of your needs, including the “News Room” of Mary Tyler Moore fame. Yes, I know, many of you are not that old to remember. The convention will consist of an election of new leaders globally and a complete modernization of our outdated bylaws. There will be a vote on a needed dues increase, as well

Each of our clubs should send (at least) one member, so, you have representation. If you are not there, you will not have a say in the future of Kiwanis We will be at the Hilton Hotel as our District anchor hotel You may stay at any of the hotels listed on the Kiwanis website. The Hilton is the closest to the convention center and has an enclosed trail above the street, so you will stay comfortable if it is hot and muggy.

August 10th – 12th, 2023 is our District Education Conference We will have information on the new “Kiwanis Engage” platform that incorporates the secretary dashboard with features that will allow clubs to email members, post announcements and share an event calendar. There will be no charge to use Kiwanis Engage

Governor Valarie Brown-Klingelhoefer promises great speakers and meals at the District Education Convention. Governor-Elect Carole Farris will have education on the latest items from Kiwanis and updates

Burbank, CA , Minneapolis, MN , and Reno/Sparks NV , plus, our three Sponsored Leadership Programs; Circle K, Key Club & KIWIN’S Educational Conferences Just to add a little sparkle, the Key Club International Convention will be in Anaheim, CA , July 5th - 9th, 2023

Good times & good friends, see you all there at each event


2023 EVENTS... plan to attend one or all

CNH Mid-Year South Conference

March 18th

Burbank Airport Marriott

Kiwanis International Convention

June 21 - 24 virtual or in person

Minneapolis, MN

CNH District Education Conference

August 10 - 12 Reno/Sparks, NV

SLP Events

CNH Circle K Education Conference

March 23 - 26 Riverside, CA

CNH KIWIN’S Education Conference

March 31 - April 2

Westin Los Angeles Airport

CNH Key Club Education Conference

April 21 - 23

Ontario Convention Center

Key Club International Convention

July 5 - 9

Anaheim, CA


Can Build a Better Future for Children

Matching Dunlaps

We're pleased to announce matching Dunlap funds benefiting our Pediatric Trauma Program are now available! Thanks to the hard work and generosity of our Key Club and KIWIN'S members, an individual or Kiwanis club may be recognized with a new Dunlap, or upgraded to the next level, with a $500 contribution. The remaining $500 will be “matched” by funds raised from our SLP members. These funds are available until depleted or September 30, 2023, whichever comes first. Remember, when you award a Dunlap, you deliver programs which directly benefit youth, such as Key Leader scholarships for Key Club members and college scholarships for members of our Service Leadership Programs. Download an application here



According to the Jason Foundation, "Each day in our nation, there are an average of over 3,703 [suicide] attempts by young people grades 9-12 [and] four out of five individuals considering suicide give some sign of their intentions, either verbally or behaviorally."

With sobering statistics like this, the CNH Children's Fund Board of Directors recognizes that supporting the mental health of our children and teens is a top priority and that's why they recently expanded our Pediatric Trauma Program (PTP) grant criteria to include projects which seek to prevent and/or treat child/teen mental health issues.

You can download our revised PTP grant application here and review mental health resources here

Join the hundreds of Kiwanians and Kiwanis clubs who have said, "YES2YOUTH!" with a gift to our YES! Initiative. When you make a gift to our YES! Initiative, you

fund student leadership and development training; award scholarships, making the dream of a college education a reality; and fund projects that impact children and their community.

There are three ways you can make a gift and say YES2YOUTH!

Text YES2YOUTH to 71777

Visit Scan this QR Code

1. 2. 3.
1. 2. 3.

President's Message


That is what Kiwanians like you are creating by your continued support of the Cal-Nev-Ha Children’s Fund.

Impact at our six partner hospitals where our grants fund programs that help eliminate pain and trauma in young children’s lives.

Impact that provides meaningful support and training for young adults. Your contributions fund scholarships to students who would not be able to attend college without assistance, provide grants to assist with mental health programs and provide servant leadership training through SLP board weekends and Key Leader.

Impact in your local communities through club grants. Grants that focus attention on the unique issues in your community that benefit from your service. Putting our funds to work where they make a meaningful difference and improve the quality of life in Kiwanis communities.

As your President, I am so proud of all that we do as the CNH Children’s Fund. I am also very grateful to those who continue to contribute to our work and if you haven’t yet contributed, I would like to ask you to consider joining us as we make an IMPACT in the lives of children throughout California, Nevada, and Hawaii. There are lots of ways for you to contribute, some of which are highlighted in this month’s magazine.

Champions Night & Tailgate

Word on the street is we knocked it out of the park at our Champions Night & Tailgate Party in Monterey! From the food, to the games, to the fun and fellowship, our guests had a great time.

Have you made plans to attend our Tailgate Party in Burbank on March 18th? Register before March 6th and remember to purchase your dinner tickets! And why not invite other club members and friends to join you? It's not a party if not one attends!

We hope you make plans to join us in Burbank; however, did you know there are other ways you and your club can support our biggest fundraisers of the year? Check out these sponsorship, advertising and donation opportunities!

Have You Checked Out Our Online Auction?

From sports memorabilia to fabulous vacations to unique merchandise, there’s something for everyone! We’ll be adding items periodically so be sure to check back often. And the best news . . . we ’ re keeping our auction open until March 24th – giving you plenty of opportunities to place your bids!

You can access our auction in three different ways:

1. Grab your phone or your tablet and scan the QR code below to get started; or

2. Text CHAMPIONSNIGHT to 76278 from your phone to access the auction; or

3. Visit to view the auction from your computer or tablet.

Gary Cal-Nev-Ha Children's Fund
Cal-Nev-Ha Children's Fund

Kids and Cops 2022

What do cops do on their day off? Well, on Saturday, October 22, over 20 police officers and Long Beach Police personnel volunteered their time to participate in the fourth annual Kiwanis Division 13 Kids and Cops One Day Event Franklin Middle School Students teamed with LBPD officers to participate in games and had a chance to learn about various kinds of police jobs including forensics and crime lab, to ask questions of current sworn officers and to interact with K-9 officers and police dogs

After the games, lunch was served by the Police League who grilled hot dogs, assisted by Kiwanis high school Key Club and college Circle K volunteers They were the best hot dog wrappers the police had ever seen! The SLP students also set up tables, put up awnings, put helium into balloons, worked the water stations, helped with breakfast and lunch, and were score keepers. We could not have had such a great event without them

Everyone was surprised to see a Long Beach Police Helicopter flyover! Manuel Campos, event chairman, believes the best way to build trust with law enforcement is to allow youth to meet them in an unthreatening environment. "It is an opportunity for kids to meet police, play games as part of a team and ask questions about what police do to protect and serve the community," Campos stated.

“I am delighted that we are finally able to bring back the Kids and Cops event at Franklin Middle School,” said Chief of Police Wally Hebeish “Middle school can be a pivotal time in a young person's life and getting involved in events like this embodies our community policing philosophy. I know the kids will have a great time engaging with our police officers and civilian staff throughout the day A big thank you to Kiwanis for hosting such a great event.”

Over 80 volunteers including Division 13 Kiwanis members, students from the Long Beach Police Academy, Kiwanis Key Club and Kiwanis Circle K helped make the event a success.

KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Winter Edition -- 2022 - 2023 8 SMILE • 909 989 1500 • www cnhkiwanis org
“best way to build trust with law enforcement is to allow youth to meet them in an unthreatening environment”

Many of our clubs service has stalled as they are still working their way out of the “covid” mode And yet others have continued moving forward making a difference in their respective communities Whether you are just coming back, or have been continuing, our communities are looking for Kiwanis to step up. Kiwanis clubs are vital to all the communities we serve.


The holiday season proved to be a busy time for the Kiwanis Club of Santa Monica. The season began with the Salvation Army Red Kettle bell ringing The Holidays for Heart shopping and wrapping is always a big event for the club And this year, member Neil was able to play Santa Claus for their partner PAL! Sadly this year due to some conflicting information the club was not able to participate in the Rose Float feeding

In the spirit of giving, the Kiwanis Club of Torrance also rang the red kettle bell for the Salvation Army. Members, along with Kiwanis Club of Lomita-Harbor City and the Torrance High School KIWIN’S, volunteered over three days to assist the Salvation Army. It was noted that one of the days they participated, Christmas Carolers joined them, making the pot full and had to be replaced Way to go Kiwanians!

KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Winter Edition -- 2022 - 2023 9 SMILE • 909 989 1500 • www cnhkiwanis org


The Kiwanis Club of Alameda has a long standing commitment to the community and children in their community as they continue their service into the next 100 years.

100 years and counting . . .

The Kiwanis Club of Alameda’s celebration of 100 years began October 1, 2022. The club has been serving children and the Alameda community from its inception.

In 1923 the club was chartered and held its first meeting on May 2nd of that year. Since that time, the club has had a new President and Board of Directors each year.

DIVISION 19 (cont’d)

The Kiwanis Club of Torrance, once again, participated in the Toys for the Troops’ Kids program. Several collection boxes were distributed throughout the community Malaga Bank graciously filled their box that was sent to the LA Air Force Base just in time to make a child smile

Congratulations to Henry Ching as he now presides over the club as their 100th President. Henry has instilled in the club several objectives:

1) more fundraising for the Kiwanis Foundation,

2) financing student scholarships and grants to local non-profits,

3) strong ties with current Key Clubs and encouraging new Key Clubs in other Alameda schools,

4) greater publicity of the club through social media platforms. . . . and then onto planning the next 100 years.

Congratulations Kiwanis Club of Alameda.

KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Winter Edition -- 2022 - 2023 10 SMILE • 909 989 1500 • www cnhkiwanis org


The Kiwanis Club of Grantville-Allied Gardens, along with clubs from San Diego County, participated again this year in the Miracle Mile of Quarters in support of Rady Children’s Hospital. More than $12,000 was donated collectively The “Quarter Art” contest shows the creativity of our youth while making a difference Check out the Service Leadership Programs (page 21) to view the artwork done by the Lewis Middle School Builders Club.

Honoring students is one of the Kiwanis Club of Grantville-Allied Gardens most meaningful activities. Each month two local students are recognized for their talents in the classroom and elsewhere In addition, once a semester they honor a student at the Lewis Middle School

Mid-Year South Conference

March 18th -- Burbank Airport Marriott


The members of the Kiwanis Club of East Hawaii did their part in securing safe parking by managing the Imiloa Parking. There were volunteers on both Saturday and Sunday in November The Saturday crew wore their Kiwanis shirts making sure the drivers knew who was in charge of the parking lot After the rush in the morning, the crew took a break giggling and chatting with each other

In true Kiwanis fashion, the members of the Kiwanis Club of East Hawaii were bell ringing for the Salvation Army at KTA in December

The Kiwanis Club of Pearl Harbor kicked off the year with a K-Family Interclub meeting. Members from five other clubs joined the meeting to enjoy each others company via zoom and/or in-person The speaker was from the Genki Ala Wai Project with the mission to make the Ala Wai swimmable and fishable within seven years. Genki balls were made from top soil, rice bran, molasses and EM-1 and will be thrown into the Ala Wai at the next scheduled toss/test date

KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Winter Edition -- 2022 - 2023 11 SMILE • 909 989 1500 • www cnhkiwanis org


A See’s Candies store is a great holiday fundraiser

The Kiwanis Club of Moraga Valley, Moraga set up a store front where they bought, managed and sold See’s Candies. A venture like this takes many hands. There is set-up, replenishment, sales, clean-up and managing funds But the Kiwanis Club of Moraga Valley, Moraga does it with a smile. The month long store started with 4,000 pounds. And the decorations on the walls added to the festivities

“ The Objec ts of Kiwanis”

To give primacy to the human and spiritual rather than to the material values of life.

To encourage the daily living of the Golden Rule in all human relationships

To promote the adoption and the application of higher social, business and professional standards.

To develop, by precept and example, a more intelligent, aggressive and ser viceable citizenship

To provide, through Kiwanis clubs, a practical means to form enduring friendships, to render altruistic ser vice and to build better communities

To cooperate in creating and maintaining that sound public opinion and high idealism which make possible the increase of righteousness, justice, patriotism and goodwill


Several clubs in Division 30 held holiday See’s Candies fundraisers. With the lack of fundraisers during the pandemic, See’s Candies was a vital one to get back in the swing of things Also, a couple of clubs did Wine raffles where the winning participant won 40 bottles of wine -- so where is the party LOL?

Every year the highlight of the season for the Kiwanis Club of La Mirada is the annual Holiday Shopping Spree The club anticipated 50 students to come out and be pampered for a morning where they get $125 worth of clothes/shoes for themselves and then treated to a pancake breakfast by Ruby’s Diner. Unfortunately, this year only 20 students showed up for various reasons The club intends to bring it back up to 50 this next year

Every year the Kiwanis Club of La Mirada hosts a spaghetti dinner to raise funds for Meals on Wheels This year ’s event was a success as usual

KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Winter Edition -- 2022 - 2023 12 SMILE • 909 989 1500 • www cnhkiwanis org
The six permanent Objects of Kiwanis International were approved by Kiwanis club delegates at the 1924 Kiwanis International Convention in Denver, Colorado. Through the decades, they have remained unchanged.


Every member of the Kiwanis Club of Fontana is very valuable to the club’s success. President Sid Lehman says “Let’s all remember that Kiwanis isn’t just service, but building friendships, networking and having fun ”

At a September meeting Beto won $500 -congrats Beto


Another club that marks it’s 100th Anniversary -- the Kiwanis Club of Healdsburg. To celebrate, several events have taken place. First in late November, the club held a Friendsgiving potluck along with collecting canned food for the Roger Dormire Memorial Canned Food Drive. In addition, the club entered Geyersville Lighted Tractor Parade for the first time to kick off the 100th Anniversary celebrations

In celebration of the Merry Healdsburg Tree Lighting, the Kiwanis Club of Headlsburg participated with their mulled wine sales and free Kiwanis sponsored horse drawn carriage rides

KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Winter Edition -- 2022 - 2023 13 SMILE • 909 989 1500 • www cnhkiwanis org
Remember to SMILE! Service, Membership, Innovation, Leadership, and Experience


The Kiwanis Club of Camarillo was successful with their food drive at the local Grocery Outlet The club filled the back and inside of a truck with over 100 bags of food.

A Magical Christmas Party at KidSTREAM was hosted by the Kiwanis Club of Camarillo and assisted by KIWIN’S

Members of the Kiwanis Club of Moorpark joined in the Kiwanis Club of Chatsworth Oktoberfest event Mark from Moorpark even filled in for one of the volunteers in the dunk tank. The Kiwanis Club of Moorpark held it’s annual Poker Tournament Fundraiser to a smashing success. In addition to fun and fundraisers, the Kiwanians and Key club members helped organize the Mountain Meadows Elementary School Library.

The Kiwanis Club of Oxnard was out early supporting the Port of Heuneme Banana Festival doing whatever was needed In December, the members donated just shy of 2,000 pounds of canned goods making a holiday impact to Food Share of Ventura County.

To start the new year off right, the Kiwanis Club of Santa Barbara cooked and served their famous pancakes, OJ and sausages (not to forget the parents -- coffee was also served) to more than 200 students and parents who had a huge camp-out in the field at Monte Vista Elementary School Then in November, the club hosted a Holiday Food Drive benefitting their community partner, The Unity Shoppe.

KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Winter Edition -- 2022 - 2023 14 SMILE • 909 989 1500 • www cnhkiwanis org

DIVISION 42 (cont’d)

For their “One Day” project the Kiwanis Club of Santa Susana members manned food drives at two Simi stores collecting over 800 items for local food banks. The Kiwanis Club of Sana Susana hosted an interclub with the Kiwanis Club of Simi Valley and the Kiwanis Club of Thousand Oaks where 33 Kiwanians enjoyed each others company and made placemats for Thanksgiving baskets and Meals-on-Wheels. Santa Susana’s members monthly service project is to help feed those in need at the Samaritan Center and they came out in force to serve dinners of chicken pot pie, salad, veggies and dessert.

A traditional spaghetti dinner was cooked and served by the Kiwanis Club of Simi Valley for the Community Games awards ceremony at the Senior Center Members helped to decorate and hand out candy at the Strathearn House in celebration of the “Heritage Halloween and Movie ight ” Veterans were not forgotten n November club members, following the veterans celebration, mingled and handed out patriotic smile bags to the veterans

Waking up to a a pancake breakfast after being part of a team for Relay for Life is magical. anis Club of Thousand Oaks cooked pancakes for the participants of this years Relay for Life They also had a team of their own raising more than $4,200 to fight cancer.

Congrats to the Kiwanis Club of Thousand Oaks for bringing in nine new members over a three week period.

The club presented 1,245 items and $4,254 to Lutheran Social Services as their Kiwanis “One Day” project.

KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Winter Edition -- 2022 - 2023 15 SMILE • 909 989 1500 • www cnhkiwanis org

DIVISION 42 (cont’d)

Let’s not forget about our furry pets. The Kiwanis Club of Thousand Oaks donated a few hundred pounds of food and supplies to the Agoura Animal Care Center See the article above

The Salvation Army relies on the volunteers of many groups. The Kiwanis Club of Ventura has been responsible for stuffing 150+ food bags every Tuesday to be distributed to the ones in need on the next day The Kiwanis Club of Ventura Suburban assist in the effort as well.

Pancakes Pancakes and more Pancakes

The Kiwanis Club of Ventura Suburban had another successful pancake breakfast.


The Kiwanis Club of Rancho Cordova partners with Rancho Cordova Police Activities League as part of the Book Buddies Club At the end of the season, the club provides nearly 350 free books to kids enrolled in their Junior Giants League.

KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Winter Edition -- 2022 - 2023 16 SMILE • 909 989 1500 • www cnhkiwanis org

DIVISION 44 (cont’d)

The Kiwanis Club of Lincoln annual fishing derby took place in September Based on the smiles reflected in the photos, everyone had a great time.

The Gold Country Fair was another successful event The Kiwanis Club of Gold Country faired quite well with their booth. Sales were approximately $57,600 in french fries, fried chicken, fried shrimp and fried poppers. For a 5-day event the profits were nearly $30,000

The Kiwanis Club of Gold Country sponsored the “Back to School” Shopping Day in conjunction with the Grass Valley School District. Students were provided $125 to purchase school clothes and backpack school supplies. Thank you to JCPenney for opening up, plus the 30% coupon was much appreciated

In July the annual Gold Country Children’s Festival took place at Pioneer Park in Nevada City The Kiwanis Club of Gold Country sponsors the event exposing children to the culture of the Renaissance period through music, art, literature, philosophy and science Children were able to paint their hearts desire on the castle -- a big hit!

The Kiwanis Club of Sacramento Suburban is a proud supporter of the Kiwanis Family House While attending the Governor ’s visit, the club took the opportunity to see the new stoves the club purchased for the Kiwanis Family House.

To celebrate Independence Day, the Kiwanis Club of Rancho Murieta held their pancake breakfast - one of their largest fundraisers of the year The community looks forward to this event every year.

KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Winter Edition -- 2022 - 2023 17 SMILE • 909 989 1500 • www cnhkiwanis org

In support of the Kiwanis Children’s Fund, our district is launching a new initiative for 2022-23, For the Love of Kiwanis!

Our goal is a two-fold increase in clubs contributing to Kiwanis Children’s Fund With this initiative we are looking for 125 of our 400+ clubs to donate this year. Clubs support will help improve the lives of more children in our district and around the world.

Introduced at Midyear Conferences

A Cup for Kids, a $4.50 donation helps two Kiwanis kids and a Carafe for Kids, an $18 00 donation helps eight Kiwanis Kids. Donors print their name and/or club’s name on a cup or carafe and we will display all the cups and carafes at DCON 2023. A QR code will be provided to make the donation Ensure you click on club gift to ensure your club receives the credit

Club Gifts Matter

In 2021-22 the Children’s Fund impacted 270,000 kids and provided $1.6 million in grants. Four

clubs in our district received grants supporting initiatives in their community and a new microgrant program has been specifically designed for clubs with 35 or fewer members While offering a smaller amount - $250-$1,000 –these grants can still make a big impact on children’s lives The program has other advantages: The application period is shorter, and the distribution of funds happens more quickly than with the traditional Club Grant program

Kiwanis Children’s Fund District Chair is a Team!

Alan Quon, a member of the Kiwanis Club of Los Angeles International Airport, Past Lt Governor and District Trustee, 2019-2022, is coming aboard, and we will serve as Co-Chairs!

Dr. Wil Blechman Fellowship

Children’s Fund unveiled the fellowship at the Kiwanis International Convention in 2022 Dr Wil Blechman, the 1990-91 Kiwanis International President, had a profound impact on Kiwanis International. More than any other member, he put Kiwanis on the world stage for early childhood health and development. Honoring his work and his vision, the

KIWANIS California-Nevada-Hawaii District -- Winter Edition -- 2022 - 2023 18 SMILE • 909 989 1500 • www cnhkiwanis org

Fellowship will honor our 74th president Dr. Wil Fellowships are awarded to donors who make a gift of $2,500 to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund. It is a way of recognizing Kiwanians’ generosity while remembering Dr Wil’s passion for childhood development. The gifts will support the Kiwanis causes: Health and nutrition, Education and literacy, and Youth leadership development

We had two recipients of the Dr Wil Blechman Fellowship at our district convention in 2022! We would like to recognize additional recipients in 2023

Four clubs awarded Grants in 2021-22

Kiwanis Club of Hidden Valley Escondido

received a grant to build a playground at Dixon Lake, Kiwanis Club of Rancho Cordova received a grant for a Book Buddies project for elementary schools, Kiwanis Club of Sweetwater, National City was awarded a grant for a Clothing Pantry providing essential items to 120 students in the school district three times a year, and Kiwanis Club of Mission Viejo for a Story Walk partnering with their library providing books to 2,000 children

Kiwanis Children’s Fund President’s Challenge

The President’s Challenge is to increase total giving by clubs, 10 percent in 2022-2023, to $32,936. Our Love for Kiwanis initiative supports our goal of meeting the challenge Let’s do this!

Kiwanis Day of Giving

Join Kiwanis Children’s Fund on April 7, 2023 and change the lives of kids around the world! We’re going to celebrate Kiwanis Children’s Fund’s 84th birthday with our first Kiwanis Day of Giving and raise $45,000 to help improve the lives of 20,000 children Visit www kiwanis org/dayofgiving

Kiwanis Children’s Fund Staff

The Kiwanis Children’s Fund, staffed by experts is anxious to help clubs with fundraising strategies, foundation management, and grant seeking. Call 1- 800-KIWANIS, ext 254 Want to help?

If you are enthusiastic about the Kiwanis Children’s Fund causes, please contact us We reach out to the clubs in our district and share news of the Kiwanis Children’s Fund and seek support

Herman Platzke, District Chair, Kiwanis Children's Fund, 760-972-7205 I

Alan Quon, District Chair, Kiwanis Children’s Fund, 509-432-6006 |

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Every year the anticipation of the Kiwanis Rose Float comes alive as it travels through the streets of Pasadena. The 2023 parade was held on Monday, January 2nd The parade committee has a long standing agreement that it will not take place on any Sunday, therefore since the 1st was a Sunday this year the parade took place on the 2nd.

The Kiwanis theme for 2023 was “Catching the Wave of Service” spotlighting on the hours of service Kiwanis members do every year throughout the world. As is tradition, the Kiwanis Key Club, KIWIN’S and Circle K members arrive in Irwindale for weeks prior to the new year volunteering their time to make our float and eight to ten other floats be ready to take the road to Pasadena The Kiwanis family volunteers up to 7,000 hours - an unprecedented volume of service hours making it the largest service project in Kiwanis International.

Besides the actual work on the floats, Kiwanis Club members came out in force to feed our Key Club, Circle K and chaperones.

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Photos provided by: Alan Zusman

O u r Ser vi ce Leaders h ip

Pro g rams Lead t he Way

We couldn’t do the work we do without the help of our Service Leadership Programs The various clubs (age groups) come out in force to do whatever is needed at any and all of our events


Builder ’s Clubs throughout the district are showing their spirit. The Builders Club in Camarillo, once they elected new leaders, worked on Candy Grams. In addition, an “ice breaker” was created to engage all the members Their “ice breaker” was “Leaning Tower of Feetza” -- what fun!

What a beautiful stone flag created by the Ventura DATA Middle School Builders Club which they gifted to the Veteran’s Center garden

The Ventura DATA Middle School Builders Club created Christmas cards for residents of a local nursing home.

More than 600 food items was collected by the Campus Canyon Builders Club for the Moorpark Food Pantry.

Members of the Lewis Middle School Builders Club hand-constructed greeting cards to be delivered on Thanksgiving to Meals-on-Wheels recipients. While the cards were a big hit with the students, the Meals-on-Wheels recipients and delivery drivers appreciated the sentiments.

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Miracle Miles of Quarters is an annual event in support of Rady Children’s Hospital. Students from the Lewis Middle School Builders Club joined the festivities with this design. The design earned the students a first-place recognition in the Quarter Art competition


The Turquoise Division KIWIN’S combined their monthly DCM (division council meeting) with a movie night where they raised money for the district by selling bobo drinks and chips

Showing off their spirit, the Turquoise Division KIWIN’S took first place with their cheer and won the Spirit Award at their Fall Rally at Knott’s Berry Farm


The Simi Su Aktion Club loves to come out and help their Kiwanis club just as they did in October by helping at the spaghetti dinner for the Community Games awards ceremony at the Senior Center

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Early December the Kiwanis Club of Santa Barbara served treats to the 4th, 5th and 6th graders at Cleveland School in recognition of the awards they earned bringing up grades and demonstrating good citizenship


Learning to make a difference, the Madera Elementary K-Kids were hard at work making Fall theme placemats for Thanksgiving baskets and Meals-on-Wheels Several Kiwanis clubs joined in on the fun at the Kiwanis Santa Susana interclub

Is it time for fun? The Madera Elementary K-Kids definitely deserved some time for fun after running their recycling project,collecting paper rolls for the zoo, and tabs for McDonalds, along with creating placemats for Meals-on-Wheels. Keep up the good work.

The Weathersfield School K-Kids gathered more than 1,000 items for the Kiwanis “One Day” food collection Six of their members joined the Kiwanis Club of Thousand Oaks handing off the goods to the Luthern Social Services.

The Hearst Elementary School K-Kids are back in action. Members were seen replanting the “Proud To Be An American” memorial planter box In addition they promoted the leftover Halloween candy drive to benefit our men and women in uniform at MCAS Miramar.

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Circle K members, sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Santa Barbara, was out in force at the “Summit for Danny” prepping, serving and cleaning up like the pros they are


Service across the islands All four Key Clubs from Hilo, Keaau, Kealakehe and Waiakea participated in making paper flowers to be given to someone in appreciation.

During Key Club week, the Waiakea Key Club participated in a number of activities/events from breaking down the Haunted House, assisted with the Robotics tournament, managed a fundraiser as well as Connect the K’s at the WHS Library.

A get together took place at the Waiakea High Library where all four Key Clubs came together to Connect the K’s. Following the activities, ots of chattering and laughing getting to know each other while sharing a pizza party

The North High School Key Club took over the Kiwanis Club of Torrance in mid February The Key Club has held 34 service events this year, earned 350 service hours and raised $409. Former North High Key Club member and current advisor to the Key Club, Ed Oyama shows everyone how to do the Key Club cheer -- you go Ed Oyama!

Hey Key Clubbers, How do you feel?

“I feel Good! Oh, I feel so good!, I feel Fine! All of the Time! ABOOGA!


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KEY CLUB (cont’d)

Where does the magic happen? According to the Patrick High School Key Club the magic is at Fall Rally South, where else but at Magic Mountain A portion of the ticket sales support the Cal-Nev-Ha Children’s Fund and it’s pediatric trauma program More than 5,000 key clubbers descended on Magic Mountain on November 12th. The spirit was high (and loud).

Patrick Henry’s High School Key Club created blankets for a senior center, handwrote support cards for military troops serving overseas and participated in the weekly afterschool cleanup

The shining star glows bright on Capistrano Valley High School Key Club. The club is reforming with at least 80 members -- hoping to get to 120 after club rush The club had some unfortunate dealings with dues from previous years, but is overcoming the obstacle

Club rush showcased the Mission High School Key Club activities -- lots of events/activities are planned for the year. Study hard, play hard

Placer High School Key Club held a very successful club rush in August having lots of students showing interest in what Key Club is and what they do

Service galore envelopes the Healdsburg High School Key Club mantra In one weekend in December the members split up their time working at the Redwood Empire Food Bank, passed out toys at the Boys and Girls Club, three students won accolades for their contributions to the Garden club plant sales, along with an award for writing the most cards to deployed servicemen and women. How do they have the energy to do all these events?

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KEY CLUB (cont’d)

Writing cards to those who won’t be home for the holidays seems to be a theme with key clubbers Not to be left out, the Healdsburg High School Key Club completed their 3-month writing campaign for those deployed soldiers that wouldn’t be able to come home for the holidays Key clubbers wrote over 50 cards and messages that were sent to the volunteer USASOA organization.

The Kiwanis Club of Oxnard was up early to help support and chaperone their Key Club members who volunteered at the Santa to the Sea Half Marathon/5K run.

Cheers were loud at the Division 42W Key Club rehearsals for the Cheer Competition at Fall Rally. They met on several occasions getting better every time.

The Key Club members, sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Oxnard, was up early for the Meet Up and Clean Up event in the City of Oxnard.


The Kiwanis Club of Moorpark continues supporting the Terrific Kids program with certificates, pencils and bumper stickers which they presented at a recent ceremony

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The Moorpark Key Club helped organize the Mountain Meadows Elementary School Library


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