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Design Apparatus Aesthetic, vernacular, contextual and sustainable considerations have been considered when shaping the design of the proposal.

The Proposal

The final volumetric composition of the proposal is comprised of two volumes that house the 4 function of the proposal: national gallery, arts and crafts facilities, public functions and administration. The main building shelters the Art Hub’s galleries and associated spaces, while the smaller building has a more administrative purpose, including the administrative quarters and the storage and conservation units. When considering the disposition of the proposal on site, consideration has been given to sun exposure both in terms of aesthetic and environmental consideration. Therefore, by strategically positioning the venues on site, the openings on the facade will showcase the natural scenery, and as well make maximum use of natural daylight use and controlled heat gain through thermal mass. Moreover, the relationship with the surrounding environment has determined the placement of the smaller volume towards the NW boundary of the site. In this way a relationship with the surroundings can be established by continuing the volumetric framework of the typical Greenlandic dwellings. The volume housing the Art Hub is placed in



relation to the concrete residential towers, resembling the scale of these concrete giants. Nonetheless, by building into the site, the proposal carries out the conceptual approach of the open view, using the roof as a culminating point of the narrative. This approach opens the possibility of experiencing the landscape from different perspectives that one could normally do.

Compact Volume - Energy Compact volume -Energy Efficiency efficiency

Conceptual View fromClimax roof of the Narrative The View

Exhibition Spaces Placed Towards North Exhibition oriented north -no daylight No Direct Light

Master's Thesis  

Architecture and Design Master's Thesis Proposal

Master's Thesis  

Architecture and Design Master's Thesis Proposal