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Conceptual Approach

Having a point of departure in the serial view exercise, where we have accentuated the dominating features of both approaches to the site, from Tuapannguit and the fjord, we have outlined the two concepts that define the proposal: The Narrative and the Open View. The Narrative By making an analogy to the points of a narrative, we intend to define the experience of our site as seen in fig. x. 1. Exposition 2. Rising action 3. Built up 4. Climax 5. Experience 6. Resolution The building will therefore be placed at the Climax point of the story. The narrative will be used in defining the experience of walking on the site. Therefore, the experience of the place will in itself be entangled in the local environment, by telling the story of the site.



The Open-ness This design intention formulated as The Open View maintains the existing phenomenological approach experienced throughout the city. This is achieved by use of the architecture in order to frame the natural scenery. Nonetheless, the existing surrounding will themselves frame the proposed architecture. Therefore, the design will be empathetic towards the surroundings and towards the tradition of the place, and will dwell upon a mutual relationship between the constructed and the natural.

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Fig. 45. The Narrative

Fig. 46. The Open View

Master's Thesis  

Architecture and Design Master's Thesis Proposal

Master's Thesis  

Architecture and Design Master's Thesis Proposal