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Reflection In the reflection, the success of our proposal is analyzed.

Fulfilling the Intention

Every building carries its role in a society. Sejersen [2015, p.158] argues that by creating ‘a destination’ and ‘an event’, an opportunity of global relations and reinvention of a place for cultural consumption is made. Therefore, through the already placed initiative of the National Gallery of Art, we are seizing the opportunity for creating a place to shelter the local arts and crafts movement. This ambition has the potential to support the movement towards the establishment of global integration by raising awareness. Through our proposal we are recognizing the Inuit peoples as competent future-makers in possession of the necessary collective political, economic and intellectual resources, and we offer them the means with which to develop their own path. Hence, a dual relationship in which cultural exchange between the modern world and the local traditions of the Inuits

Nuuk Center Nuuk Center 10 floors 10 floors approx. 25000 m 25.000 m2


of Greenlands by way of an art hub is stressed. The function, which supports the trilogy of education, production and exhibition, can respond to the needs outlined in the previous paragraph. From here a modernization of this Nordic society by raising awareness of their own traditions can be achieved. Through the means of a specialized cultural center, which favors the direct interaction between the public and the artists, the proposal seeks to contribute to ‘the development of a living culture’ [Bione, 2009, p.7].

In a discussion with local base engineering and architecture practices, the practice of mall building strategies has been pointed out. This is due to the unavailability of local resources, making it expensive to acquire the necessarily material. However, our strategy has shown that sustainable building in the given context is indeed plausible, therefore we stand to raise the question: ‘should society not be educated more on sustainable building traditions and the effectiveness of the return of investment in long term perspective?’

Moreover, at an initial phase the building sets out to meet local building requirements . However, through informed design and constant iterations, the design reaches 2015 Low Energy Building Requirements. With the implementation of and area of 110 m2 of PV panels, the building will succeed in attaining 2020 goals for energy.

Katuaq Culture CenterCenter Katuaq Culture 3 floors 3 4800 floors approx. m 4800 m2 2

Art Hub Greenland 4 1/2 floors Architecture 3482Fig. 115. Landmark m2

New Culture Center 5 floors 3482 m2



Master's Thesis  

Architecture and Design Master's Thesis Proposal

Master's Thesis  

Architecture and Design Master's Thesis Proposal