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Volume 75, Number 4 • Fall 2019

Esports: It’s Way Bigger Than Just Sports



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PARKS &RECREATION FALL 2019 • VOLUME 75, NUMBER 4 From the President

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Esports competitions are on a growth curve rarely seen by other activities. It is a trend that park and recreation professionals should pay attention to. This special section looks at Esports and how it impacts and builds a community.

ESPORTS: IT’S WAY BIGGER THAN JUST SPORTS................................. 8 Read about the trend of Esports and its global appeal.

MARICOPA TRAILBLAZER IN ESPORTS COMMUNITY WITH CREATION OF CITY SANCTIONED LEAGUE............................... 16 Learn how a park and recreation agency implemented an Esports league.

RECREATION DEPARTMENTS TAKE ON NEW CHALLENGES WITH ESPORTS PROGRAMMING......................................................... 26 What does it take to build your own Esports facility? A recreation department at a university did just that.

CPRS 50 OVER 50................................................................................ 24 Park and recreation leaders give their perspective and advice on the park and recreation profession and leadership.


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Hello CPRS Members!


by Lydie Gutfeld • CPRS President


all is upon us and our summer brains have been reset, refreshed, and hopefully rested to get us through the end of this amazing year. Fall is a scary time for us too. Many of our cities, counties and special districts have dealt head on with the fires that have destroyed so many acres of land, hundreds of homes, and many lives. I am inspired by the hard work ethic of our fire fighters, police, shelter volunteers, hospital staff and the many more who continue to have optimistic attitudes, positive outlooks, and who show their public servant mentality through and through. Additionally, I am enamored with the parks and recreation folks, CPRS members, who have shared stories from their agencies of moving Halloween events indoors, collaborating with faith-based organizations, and implementing much needed reassurance, that no matter what is happening, recreation will always be there. I applaud each and everyone of you who have made the sacrifice of going to work and leaving your family and loved ones with others so that you could open your doors and provide the essential services you do to ensure your communities continue to thrive. In every one of my presidential messages, I have worked to share a story. Some have been about work, others personal, but always something that I have been told connected to someone else. As president of CPRS, I had the honor of representing California at the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA) conference in Baltimore, Maryland. This was my very first

NRPA (I am not counting the one I snuck into in Anaheim as that is my back yard and stomping ground….sorry…. kinda!) and I had so many visions of what it would be like. I had heard the stories of amazing sessions, great keynotes, and the socials being out of this world. To say I had expectations of the conference was an understatement! And every single one of the expectations I had was far exceeded! I have to start with the sheer joy I experienced when I opened up the conference app on my phone and saw that our very first 30 under 30 Tiffanie Lai, from the City of Mountain View, was presenting her session we had highlighted! California was definitely present at NRPA!!! The educational components were elite level, filled with engaging discussions and powerful thoughts that left you thinking, WOW!!!! Just WOW! The keynote with Cal Ripken Jr. made my baseball girl dreams come true. The socials were filled with energy and did a fabulous job of highlighting the city. Then all of sudden it was over and I walked into the closing session with sad feelings of not having one more day of sessions or another meal with some sort of crab (thank you Baltimore!). Soon the closing keynote was introduced, and this beautiful silence filled the room as a woman, led by her seeing eye dog, walked onto the NRPA stage. The silence was epic. No one knew what was about to happen, but she demanded respect from the room without one word spoken. She stood behind continued on page 56

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Lydie Gutfeld is the 2019-20 CPRS President and the Recreation and Community Services Manager at the City of Mission Viejo 6


Represented in Northern California by:

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Esports It’s Way Bigger Than Just Sports In my work consulting with park and recreation agencies nationwide, I am constantly asked about trends and what’s the next big sport/offering that agencies should provide in their communities. In years past, it used to be lacrosse while, recently, we hear a lot By Neelay Bhatt Vice President PROS Consulting Inc.

about rugby and pickleball. “What’s pickleball?” — you ask. Well, that’s a conversation for another day and another article, but suffice to say, it is a fast-growing sport nationally.



u Esports

Esports by the Numbers

In 2019, global annual esports revenues crossed $1 billion — a steep rise from $130 million just seven years ago, according to Newzoo: Esports Insider. A report from Goldman Sachs, titled “Esports: From Wild West to Mainstream,” projects total esports monetization will reach $3 billion by 2022. To put that in perspective, the NBA’s 30 teams combined generated $7.4 billion in 2017. Recognizing the potential of this genre, that same year, the NBA, in a joint venture with TakeTwo Interactive, introduced its own esports league, titled NBA 2K League, and the Wall Street Journal estimates this sponsorship to be valued at $1.1 billion over seven years. Along with that, Newzoo’s 2018 Global ESports Market Report projects an estimated audience of more than 550 million viewers by 2021, which translates into a 200 percent growth in viewership in merely five years since 2016. This is a vast market with different genres, including, but not limited to: • Fighting games (e.g., Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, etc.) • First-person shooter (CounterStrike: Global Offensive; HALO; Call of Duty)

• Real-time strategy (e.g., StarCraft II) • Sports games (EA Sports FIFA; Madden) The MOBA format is among the most popular since it allows for a high number of participants and viewers alike. Overall, some of the most popular games include League of Legends, Overwatch, Fortnite, Defense of the Ancient (DOTA) 2, Starcraft2, NBA 2K, Madden, etc. At the collegiate level, in 2018, more than 300 varsity programs and college clubs competed in the League of Legends collegiate division. More than 30 colleges and universities offer substantial scholarships for their varsity athletes. These colleges range from Boise State, Idaho, to the University of Akron, Ohio, and from the University of California, Berkeley, to Hawaii Pacific University. The Peach Belt Conference became the first NCAA conference to sponsor esports tournaments and other conferences, including the Horizon League, have already followed suit. The NCAA Board of Governors is also looking into this, as is the International Olympic Commit-

Why Should Park and Recreation Agencies Get into Esports?

Connect with hard-to-reach audiences. Besides being the fastest-growing genre, esports has a primary target audience that is critical to park and recreation agencies: teens and young adults. Virtually every agency struggles with programming for teens, who are notoriously hard to attract for structured programming or offerings besides traditional sports. In addition, per the National Alliance for Youth Sports Poll, 70 percent of kids stop playing sports by the age of 13, while, in contrast, 90 percent of kids ages 12–17 play video games. This is where offering esports and eGaming can help agencies attract

Source: Statista 2019


600 Occassional Viewers Frequent Viewers/Enthusiasts



222 200

• Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) (e.g., League of Legends, Defense of the Ancients 2 – DOTA) • Racing (e.g., Kart Racing Games, such as Mario Kart, Need for Speed Series)

tee, which is weighing the potential of esports as an Olympic Sport. The Moment of Zen: When a 16-yearold from Pennsylvania, who goes by “Bugha,” wins more money at an esports tournament (Fortnite) than Tiger Woods does winning The Masters or Novak Djokovic does winning Wimbledon, you know that esports is the future.

Global Esports Audience

Viewers in millions


he one sport that I have scarcely heard anyone cite is esports (electronic sports), which, incidentally, is the fastest-growing sport genre nationally and globally. eGaming is a generic term to describe amusement or recreation using a standalone video game, desktop computer or the internet with one or more players, while esports comprises organized, multiplayer gaming events played in a competitive environment, often by professional gamers. What’s more, spectators watch esports in person or via online channels, such as YouTube and Twitch.

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Esports u an audience that may not otherwise show up at their recreation centers. The evolution of esports and eGaming from a single-player, solitary activity to a multiplayer, immersive social experience can be helpful in allowing these audiences to create their own place to hang out or socialize in a safe, structured environment…at your recreation center. Provide physical activity and (multigenerational) socialization benefits. As a father of two kids, a 6-year-old and (almost) 2-year-old, I, too, am concerned about the lack of physical activity the current generation gets daily. With an increase in childhood obesity and nature deficit disorder, I am hesitant to recommend anything that may simply create an increasingly sedentary environment simply in another location. However, there are companies, such as MassVR (based in Chicago), that provide a team-based, virtual-reality experience where participants are physically active and run, jump and move, while being engaged in a multiplayer


game. Chris Lai, founder of Mass VR, shares insights in his TEDx talk about this immersive gameplay format that not only promotes physical activity, but also increases opportunities to socialize in, what he calls, a “Mom-approved” environment. These benefits are not reserved simply for teens or youth, but also extend to a varied and multigenerational audience. An October 2018 study by reveals that 31 percent of Fortnite-playing dads and 17 percent of Fornite-playing moms play, at least occasionally, with their child, and 39 percent of teens reveal that playing Fortnite helps them bond with a sibling. Brodie Sutton, a 34-year-old engineer in the semiconductor industry in Virginia, has been an avid gamer for more than 25 years. Along with following gaming influencers on YouTube or Twitch, he also plays Massively MultiPlayer Online (MMO) games, such as War Thunder with friends across the country. Sutton says, “It is incredible to see how increasingly immersive and

interactive these gaming opportunities have become. They have not only helped build new friendships across geographies, but have also provided learning opportunities in several areas, including math, reading, strategy and critical thinking.” Maximize facility utilization and revenue generation. Another challenge many park and recreation agencies deal with is having unused or under-used facility spaces, especially at non-prime times. Offering eGaming nights or esports tournaments could be another way to use existing capacity, bring in a new audience and cross-promote existing offerings that they may not be aware of. Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has a local Esports Club that offers a STEAM (Fortnite) Summer Camp, which combines gaming with cognitive health and physical wellness activities. These activities can all drive incremental revenues, ranging from facility rentals, to participant fees for camps or tournaments, facility membership or sponsorships.


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Esports u The Moment of Zen: The average age of a League of Legends player is 21.2 years compared to 29.2 for a Major League Baseball player. If you are looking for a way to connect with teens and youth while generating incremental revenue over time, esports may be just be that solution.

What Can Park and Recreation Agencies Do?

Focus on esports in your program offering or future strategic direction. An initial start for agencies would be to create a program area focused on esports that’s like other traditional sports offerings or camps. Excelsior Springs, Missouri, for example, has an esports and gaming program, offered as a part of its Youth Enrichment program area, with a recreation coordinator (who is herself a gamer) to run those programs. The Boca Raton Recreation Services Department in Florida, recently created a core program area focused on esports, while Durango Parks and Recreation Department in Colorado, and Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation Department in Virginia, include exploring opportunities to offer esports as a part of the future direction in their master plan and strategic plan, respectively. Identify an existing facility space. Fort Lauderdale, Florida, plans to open its first electronic video gaming center this year. This center is an existing 2,137-square-foot building that will be rented for three years and operated by the park and recreation department. The video games offered by the city will be “age-appropriate” city officials say, and will incorporate “STEAM” activities (science, technology, engineering, arts and math), as well as homework assistance and promotion of healthy lifestyles. Build dedicated esports spaces in future facilities. Esports Stadium in Arlington, Texas, at 100,000 square feet is the largest dedicated esports facility in North America. While that may not be realistic for park and recreation agencies, one could emulate the example of Westerville, Ohio, a National Gold Medal agency that is designing an esports room in its renovated community center. This would 12

help the agency stay on top of future trends and potentially help drive incremental revenue through a combination of memberships, league play, camps, tournaments, special events, etc. The Moment of Zen: For park and recreation agencies looking to enter this vast and seemingly unknown world of esports, the best thing you can do is treat this as just another program area and take the first step.

What Does the Future Hold?

As I see it, esports will be one of the biggest growth stories of the coming decade. The previously referenced Goldman Sachs report reveals that the total online population globally in 2018 was 3.65 billion, of which only 5 percent were esports viewers. This is a huge untapped market that is anticipated to generate increasing revenues in the future, particularly from media rights and sponsorships. As viewership grows, so will the focus on esports athletes and high performance to ensure sustained success. Taylor Johnson is the chief performance engineer for Statespace, a New York-based neuroscience and artificial intelligence gaming company and a sports-performance expert in the NFL and the esports world. Johnson says, “I see the overall landscape evolving to provide a greater balance between gaming and being active, with people being more creative about blending gaming camps and sports camps.” His

company also is expanding into digital therapeutics to help gamify rehabilitation for patients, and he sees that work complementing the health and wellness benefits that park and recreation agencies provide their communities. Globally, the fast food chain Fairwood has opened Fairwood Esports, which is Hong Kong’s first restaurant and entertainment concept, where patrons can dine and game at the same time. Locally, Esports Arenas, North America’s first dedicated esports facility, opened Esports Arenas within Walmart facilities, including in Roseville, California, and Spokane Valley, Washington. With incremental growth leading to more than 500 million viewers and $3 billion in revenues globally in the next few years alone, it is only a matter of time before esports will be on par with traditional sports in participation and viewership. The Moment of Zen: Esports will be a disruptor to the traditional model of park and recreation offerings and agencies will have two choices: You can either be the force for change or you will be forced to change.


While all these statistics and trends tell an important tale, the story that most resonated with me was one I heard from Nate Williams, director of Excelsior Springs (Missouri) Parks and Recreation. On March 9, 2019, the park agency hosted an esports




Esports u tournament to play Smash Bros on the Nintendo Switch. One of its participants was a child with special needs. When the tournament concluded, the participant’s mother approached the staff and told them how she could never cheer on her son since he didn’t play any of the traditional sports. However — thanks to the agency’s esports offerings — for the first time that day, she got to see

her son play and cheer him on like all the other moms do. With this single act that offered a child a chance to compete, if not on the traditional field of play but a virtual one, esports just helped make a case for true inclusion and how it positively impacted that child (and his family’s life). At the end of the day, isn’t that what parks and recreation is all about?

“Reprinted with permission from Parks & Recreation magazine from its September 2019 issue. ©2019 by the National Recreation and Park Association.” Neelay Bhatt is Vice President at PROS Consulting Inc.

Creating a Safe Place Where Students Compete and Parents Learn Jaime Harris was dismayed by the way parents and the community were demonizing the idea of kids playing video games. Except for the physical activity, is there a difference between a group of friends shooting baskets at the park and a group of friends playing video games? There is the same camaraderie among the group, each is improving their skill sets in their activity and hopefully each is taking place in a safe environment. Harris sees the social benefits of video games and he wants to create a positive community passion about Esports. Harris thought it would be a great idea to host a community Esports tournament: something simple with a kid-friendly battle game like Super Smash Brothers. He is a youth pastor at his church and knew that the church had extra space that could handle a small crowd of 1215 middle and high school aged kids. The pastor okayed the event, flyers went out and on the day of the event 40 kids showed up. Emergency calls were made to the pizza restaurant to triple the order of food and drinks. A few modifications were made to the tournament plan, but the event went off with very few issues. While the event was at his church, Harris was cognizant not to include any religious messaging with the event. Based on the success of the first event, a second event was held and this time 125 kids showed up. Harris knew he had tapped into something that was much needed in the community. But despite the number of participants, something wasn’t quite right with Harris. Many of the parents that stayed to watch the event, weren’t all smiles. In fact, many were frowning and looked frustrated. Harris was trying to compare the parents’ reactions to a soccer game. Instead of cheering and being supportive like they would at their child’s sporting events, the parents seemed guilty or confused. Harris wanted to create a safe environment were social interactions were experienced shoulder-to-shoulder. But having parental approval and buy-in was critical.


So Harris and his Education Director, Dylan Juran, decided to incorporate a parents class while the kids were playing in the tournaments. Parents were taught about the ESRB rating system, how to keep your child safe online and recommended screen time. Some of Harris recommendations were to be fair about screen time. It is hard for a child to understand that you are limiting them to one hour of video time while you are binge watching five hours of House Wives of Orange County. But the most important lesson Harris wants the parents to learn from the parents’ program is to be involved in their child’s interest. He recommends that parents actually play games with their kids or at least participate by watching, asking questions and learning about what their child loves about the games. Harris related about how many parents are in tears when they participated in gaming with their kids and saw just how happy and excited the kids were. Based on his success of hosting Esports tournaments, Harris created the company, Strategic Gaming. The company hosts gaming tournaments for parties, groups, churches and even park and recreation agencies. He suggests adding an electronic component to camps and has learned that when participants learned that a gaming component was added to the camp it helped bolster attendance. Harris has also discovered that it is important to add educational components to the tournaments, classes and camps. One idea that has been a big success is having participants fix broken video games and then being able to take the games home after the event. One of Harris’ favorite parts of hosting tournaments is in seeing the power that comes with celebrating the competition. It’s not so different than a basketball game or soccer match. And regardless if you like the idea of Esports, he hopes that you will at least agree with the idea that it is important to create a safe place where students compete and parents learn.


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Maricopa trailblazer in esports community with creation of city sanctioned league The rapid growth of esports may be best reflected in a recent decision by the City of Maricopa, Arizona. The city announced it is kicking off its inaugural season of recreational league esports, funded by taxpayer dollars and By Warren Younger CronkiteNews/ArizonaPBS

city sanctioned. It is believed to be the first league of its kind in Arizona and one of the

Reprinted with permssion. Photos courtesy of Warren Younger


very first of its kind in the country.


u Esports


atthew Reiter, marketing coordinator for Maricopa and now esports director, said the city is always looking to innovate. “We are a city known for doing things that are cutting edge,” Reiter said. “We not only want to be progressive, we want to bring in cool new things, and what we found was that esports is where it’s at.” The recreational league, which is starting its first “beta season” in the coming weeks, will be hosted at the Copper Sky Recreation Complex in a dedicated room that is lined wall to wall with state-of-the-art gaming computers loaded up with all the latest esports titles that were all paid for by the city. The growth of competitive video gaming is evident by the increased participation on college campuses and by the opportunities to view on platforms such as Twitch. The NHL’s Coyotes, in partnership with hockey teams at Grand Canyon and Arizona State,

recently hosted an esports tournament in Scottsdale. Communities are more engaged as well. In Indiana, for example, the St. Joseph County hotel-motel tax board approved $2 million from its bed tax collections to convert an underused

theater into a 500-seat arena, the South Bend Tribune reported. In Maricopa, Reiter said that backlash has been minimal and that support has been great for the program. “The only backlash has been more questioning versus anything else,”

(Soils & Barks)



Esports u Reiter said. “We did our research. We were ready for that fight.” One of the things that raised questions related to fitness and nutrition that is vital in other sports. Reiter, who was the fitness coordinator for the city of Maricopa for 20 years before becoming the esports director, was ready for those questions. “We have nutrition and fitness integrated in the league because we want our kids to be healthy physically and not only gamewise,” Reiter said. “The Bulletproof Diet,” which has its origins in the technology mecca of Silicon Valley, will be pushed alongside additional incentives to participate in fitness that include a plan that will give participants more time in the game room if they hit the weight room, Reiter said. “We want to relate gaming, nutrition and fitness to this league, and we want them to understand that it’s going to help their gaming,” Reiter said. Travis Orian, who works for the City

of Maricopa, has two sons competing in the first season of the Maricopa Esports League. As an old-school gamer himself, he is glad that his children can experience something like this. “I have two sons that are competing in esports and both of them compete in regular sports, too,” Orian said. “I really see my kids enjoying esports.” The Maricopa Esports league isn’t just for kids, either, with an adult division that Orian is also competing in, but not because he has a history of gaming. He said he joined at the encouragement of his kids. “I was telling them I was too old for that, but they wanted me to compete,” Orian said. “It’s cool to be able to have your kids cheer you on. It’s something new and really exciting for me.” Orian’s sons, Ezekiel, 11, and Degan, 9, play the same esports titles as their dad. The Maricopa Esports League in its beta season will have leagues for “Overwatch,” “Rocket League,” and “Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.”

Even though they are not playing against their dad in the league, Ezekiel and Degan said they already know what would happen if they did. “He thinks he is better than us, but we know we are better,” Ezekiel said. Another concern was the financial aspect of the league, including questions of cost of maintenance versus other sports. Nathan Ullyot, the community services director for the city, said the cost of keeping this league running should be cheaper than the other programs they offer. “The way I look at it is that it costs us tens of thousands of dollars to maintain our soccer fields but if we replaced every computer in the room every year it would still be less expensive than the soccer fields,” Ullyot said. Reiter agrees with Ullyot that not only are esports cheaper to run than other recreational sports, they have the potential to produce a profit. “We have brought in about $10,000 in sponsors who are getting on board


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Partnered with City of Aliso Viejo in July, 2015 18


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u Esports with it because they realize there is a need for this market,” Reiter said. “With our numbers we are probably going to cost recover in the first year.” Ullyot said that with the initial success of the programs – almost every spot in the league’s beta season is sold out across all divisions – that this can lead to other great things for the city. “From a business perspective, it’s our biggest opportunity to build income for other programs,” Ullyot said. Maricopa might be the first city to implement a city-funded and sanctioned recreational esports program, but it certainly won’t be the last. Larry Binion, the Parks and Recreational Manager for the City of Apache Junction, visited the Maricopa Esports League. Binion wasn’t a believer in esports originally but he is now. “It’s hard to argue against the numbers in esports,” Binion said. “I’m very confident that we can get something going knowing that other cities have successfully implemented esports.”

“Esports is coming and I don’t want to get passed up.” With Maricopa leading the way, Reiter wants other parks and recreation directors to know just how good esports will be for their city.

“I want anyone in rec to fight the good fight, talk to leadership, and do it,” Reiter said. “This is such an awesome thing and the overall response has been amazing, it’s definitely worth that battle.”


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Recreation Departments Take On New Challenges with Esports Programming

If you think the esports competitions sweeping college campuses these days are nothing more than a passing fad, consider this: More Researcher: Michael Popke Founder/Owner Two Lakes Media Group

than 100 cities bid for the opportunity to host the 2019 National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE) National Convention.

“This article appeared in the May 2019 issue of Athletic Business and is reprinted with permission of AB Media Inc.”



u Esports


arrisburg University of Science and Technology ultimately was chosen as the site of the second annual event, which will be held July 17-19. While NACE represents more than 130 member schools that offer varsity esports programs and range in size from junior colleges to major four-year universities, local campus oversight of all esports programming often falls to recreation departments — and for good reason. “We’re not just about fitness or traditional sports,” says Laurie Klein, director of recreational sports at the University of North Texas and chair of the esports joint task force launched last fall by NIRSA and the National Association of Campus Activities (NACA). “We are about recreational activities, and that means we should serve students who aren’t otherwise using our programs or facilities. Not everybody wants to come to the rec center to work out or play basketball. If you can get students engaged on

campus, they’re more likely to be successful students.” “Human beings want to be social,” adds Wade Kolmel, director of athletics and recreation for the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, which began offering an esports intramurals program in 2017 at a nightclub-like space on campus. “Esports are creating their own energy and attracting like-minded people, bringing them out of the isolation of their dorm rooms.” Indeed, reaching a broader swath of students is one of the goals of the NIRSA/NACA task force. “Students are organizing through various student organizations, and administrators are organizing through intramural and club sport models,” NIRSA president Ken Morton, who also is director of campus recreation at Stephen F. Austin University, said when introducing the task force last October. “Senior level administrators, especially at smaller campuses, are leveraging esports as a recruiting tool.”


Top 10 Esports According to Esports Observer, the top 10 Esports by Total Prize Pool for the first half of 2019 are: Fortnite - $14.7 million Counter-Strike: Global Offensive $8.6 million Defense of the Ancients: All-Stars - $8.37 million League of Legends - $3.9 million Overwatch - $3.35 million Battlegrounds - $2.74 million Rainbow Six Siege - $2.64 million Hearthstone - $2.26 million Magic the Gathering $1.83 million FIFA 19 - $1.65 million top10-prize-pools-h1-2019/


Esports u The nine-member task force surveyed college and university administrators about their esports offerings. The group is expected to make recommendations about potential opportunities and challenges that esports represent in the pursuit of providing all students with a holistic educational experience — especially regarding club sports and intramurals. “We know esports is happening all over the place, but it’s still the wild, wild west,” Klein says. “I can’t tell you there is a common way campuses are approaching esports.”

‘I didn’t know anything about gaming’

In 2018, UNT was among the first colleges and universities in Texas to launch a varsity esports program, with four teams competing in Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends and Overwatch — some of the most popular games in competitive esports. By that point, North Texas already was hosting intramural competitions with such games as Call of Duty, EA Sports FIFA and NBA2K, as well as providing club sports opportunities. In fact, some of UNT’s first varsity esports squads were pulled from those club teams. About a year ago, UNT’s recreational sports department also hired its first esports coordinator to help advance the university’s varsity programs. North Texas hosts tournaments both online and live at a repurposed space in one of the libraries on campus. That space has been dubbed The Nest, and administrators decked it out with $250,000 worth of gaming equipment — including computers, consoles, monitors, chairs and adjustable desks

50% of colleges and universities responding to a NIRSA/NACA survey indicated they offer esports programming 22

— all paid for by the recreational sports and student affairs departments. While varsity teams receive first dibs, The Nest is home to all of the university’s esports programs. Word spread about UNT’s commitment to esports, and more than 130 high school students have contacted the recreation department’s staff in recent months to find out more about the university’s varsity esports program. Adding esports to UNT’s recreational sports palette came as a mandate from university president Neal Smatresk, who took over that role in 2014 and envisions UNT as a pioneer in this arena. “I didn’t know anything about gaming,” admits Klein, a 26-year veteran of UNT’s recreational sports department and the mother of two teenage boys who play video games. “I can’t even tell you I used to play Pac-Man, because I didn’t. I spent a week or so looking into the esports culture and its opportunities, and then I thought, ‘Who on my staff can help me with this?’ Because my role is not to understand how the games work; my role is to figure out our program and how we’re going to run it.” While esports can fall under the jurisdiction of student life on some campuses and under athletics on others, some colleges and universities are ceding that responsibility to academic departments. At Boise State University, for example, varsity esports is overseen by the Department of Educational Technology, and the esports program at Utah State University relies heavily on support from the Department of Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences. At Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, where recreation officials

48% of institutions with esports programming said it has increased student engagement and socialization

oversee esports, programs are developed based on demand. “We noticed at some of our open houses and expos that students were asking more questions about gaming opportunities on campus,” Kolmel says. “SAIT embraces innovation and entrepreneurship, and our students are helping us become more innovative.” SAIT also developed “Get Up and Game,” a four-day summer camp for local Calgary kids in grades three through six that combines mental and physical activities by encouraging participants to compete together in online gaming, as well as use those social skills in real-world recreational activities. Says Amanda Gill, SAIT’s marketing and recreation program coordinator, “We’ve learned esports are just as in demand as traditional sports.”

‘It is a bit risky’

Given the surge in esports programming on campuses nationwide, it’s no surprise that the two sessions dedicated to esports at February’s NIRSA Annual Conference and Campus Rec & Wellness Expo in Boston — including a panel that featured Gill and recreation professionals from other colleges and universities — boasted large crowds. “It is a bit risky,” Kolmel says about taking on an unknown entity as a new programming challenge. “But all we had to do was be quiet and pay attention to what was going on around us. Then we invested in the right people who put the time and energy into a new and innovative opportunity.” “Does esports programming have staying power? I think so,” Klein concludes. “This is the world our kids are growing up in, and I feel good about what we’re doing and the students we’re serving.”

47% of institutions with esports programming have staff members dedicated to esports oversight

78% of colleges and universities don’t offer competitive esports but are likely to consider it


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CPRS 50 over 50 The CPRS State Board is honored to highlight 50 professionals over 50! We know that many of our members will read these inspirational testimonials and hopefully work to remember them as they move forward in their recreation journeys. Meet all of our 50 Over 50’s on our website at To all our 50 Over 50’s… You are an inspiration! Thank you for taking the time to help the future of parks and recreation! Thank you for taking the time to enhance the CPRS membership experience! We appreciate you! Your 2019-20 CPRS Board of Directors Nominate a 50 Over 50 today by visiting our website at!

Jill Zachary Parks & Recreation Director City of Santa Barbara As a young adult, I anticipated having a profession in the environmental policy world. Although I started on that path, I found that municipal planning and parks and recreation provide the best means to contribute to community health and vitality. After all these years, I have deep appreciation for how active parks and natural open spaces are critical to a vibrant community. As I look to the future, I believe we need to be forward thinking, strategic, open minded and flexible. And further build traditional partnerships, while embracing non-traditional opportunities and community diversity. Even with economic downturns, climate change, higher housing density, park safety concerns, and limited resources, our challenge will be to provide vibrant outdoor places and support new trends to maximize the use of recreation spaces. When I finish my working career, I look forward to giving back as a volunteer and advocate for parks and recreation.


Paul Adams Director of Parks & Recreation City of South Gate For 45 years I have had the rare opportunity to help people have fun, get healthy and to make the most of those few hours a day where they get to choose what they want to do. It has been the best career that I can imagine and I have often joked about someday getting a “real job.” What I would like to share with those young people just starting out in the industry is that this IS a real job with real impacts to the communities and the people that we serve. Like any real job, it can be challenging at times and to do it well requires commitment, skill and professionalism. Few jobs give you this much freedom to be creative and to make people smile. To get the most out of it, be open, try new things, learn and grow, challenge yourself to do better each day and enjoy the chance to have an impact on people’s lives. My motto has been Creo Occuro (Make Things Happen).


Susan Andrade-Wax Library & Recreation Director City of San Rafael “As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.” – Bill Gates In 1989, I was given the opportunity to work for the City of Chino as a Recreation Coordinator. I was fortunate enough to be mentored by some of the best professionals around. After my first year, they took me aside and said, “Okay if you really want to grow as a professional and make a difference, I suggest you get involved in some of our professional organizations. And by the way, we don’t mean simply by just submitting a membership application, we expect you to lead a committee or two and run for a board position – really get INVOLVED!” A year later I had worked on a couple of CPRS District XI committees, joined Women in Leisure Services, and SCMAF, and was appointed to the CPRS Supervisor’s Section Board. Within 12 short months, a job became my career, co-workers became family and my life changed forever. A year later I was promoted and thanked my “bosses” for their encouragement and support. Their response, “it’s your turn now.” “Go hire the best staff you can find, train and encourage them to reach their full potential and then get out of their way.” Since then, I have made staff development and growth opportunities my highest priority by implementing leadership-in training, college internships and cross-training programs; facilitating lateral and promotional job opportunities; increasing funding for staff development and training; and encouraging staff to actively participate in professional organizations on a local, state and national level.

Johnathan Skinner Director of Community Services City of Lake Elsinore In our profession, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a vision come to reality that manifests itself into a legacy. Be it a program for children who have never seen a pool before getting to experience swimming for the first time, developing and building the neighborhood or community park which brings joy for the next 20 years, or being that mentor to the next “Rising Star” in the world of parks and recreation – we make memories on a daily basis. Recently, we held our 7th Annual Just 4 Kids Fishing Derby. We had over 200 youth, some driving from all over Riverside County. Their reason, “Johnathan, you and the city make us feel welcomed and you’ve made the city better. I used to bring my oldest son, now it’s his little brothers turn. That’s why I bring my kids.” – there is no better feeling than making memories for others.


Randy Councell Community Services Director City of Twentynine Palms It seems just like yesterday, when I started in Recreation as a lifeguard in 1979. Through the years I have seen numerous changes in CPRS and in Recreation. I have seen the Recreation field go from a predominately white male institution, to grow to a very diverse culture. I have found that Recreation in general has been very cyclical in nature. You have highs, where new parks and programs are being offered, to the very lows where budget and personnel cuts are being made. What CPRS has taught me over the years is to embrace both the highs and lows of the profession. Both ends of the spectrum teach you to be innovative and change is the new norm. Lead from that new norm. Time flies when you love what you do.


Alex Posada Director of Recreation & Parks City of Santa Maria The Park and Recreation field has offered me so many opportunities to make my community a better place for all, from planning and construction of new parks and facilities to offering youth their first employment. There is no other career that allows an individual to make a more lasting impact on a community than ours. I have worked with so many great people during my career, all of who just wanted to make a difference – I think I have been able to do this in Santa Maria.

Christopher Roke Director City of Hercules I got my start in the field of Recreation at the age of 13. My father was serving as a Parks & Recreation Commissioner when he dropped me off at the pool and said “you’re volunteering for the Swim to Live Program, have fun.” After I got over the initial shock, I realized that it was likely I would’ve ended up at the pool anyway. Looking back, I credit this experience for helping shape the person that I have become. For the next 3 summers I volunteered as a Water Safety Aid (WSA). I eventually became a Locker Attendant and Lifeguard before moving on to the Parks where I became a Recreation Leader, Coordinator, Supervisor and Manager. Today I am the Parks and Recreation Director for the City of Hercules. My journey has taken me to some incredible places, and I have met many amazing people. I feel extremely fortunate to have had some great mentors along the way, and I’m always looking for ways to give back to this great profession.

Maridith CurfmanJanssen Director CSU Office of the Chancellor Parks and Recreation made me see the value of successful recreation programs in creating stronger communities. My journey through this profession from lifeguard, to recreation therapist, to educator has allowed me to see how recreation can be used as a powerful tool to connect people to their community as well as help keep a community healthy. Over time I have worked with and seen families and communities use recreation as a tool to unite and strengthen their sense of belonging. Whether it is a concert in a park, an open community pool or taking patients with spinal cord injuries to a Frisbee golf course at a local park, the power of these spaces is invaluable.


Bill Smith City Manager City of Colton When I started in Parks & Recreation at 15 years old, I never dreamed that this would be the beginning of a 37-year journey in municipal government. My first job as a high school student turned into the career I didn’t know I wanted. Few career paths provide more opportunity to positively affect so many lives, and the relationships I’ve formed – including meeting my wife on the job – will be cherished forever!




Beahta Davis Director of Regional Parks County of San Bernardino My wish for Parks and Recreation is that our programs and facilities will receive increased recognition for the benefits and growth we offer youth, adults and families. Most youth have their first working experience as a volunteer, junior counselor, or leader at a recreation department. The first lessons about teamwork and cooperation are learned as a member of a sports team. Parents often meet other adults who become close family friends while standing on the sidelines or in the stands watching a practice or game. Campgrounds offer families a unique environment to bond, learn about nature, and other outdoor activities. Finally as we age, senior programs provide older adults the chance to socialize and network. Parks and Recreation plays an important role in every stage of our lives.

Clark Dikeman Retired Many people will tell you how lucky we are to work in recreation because we bring joy and satisfaction into people’s lives. I certainly agree with this assessment; however, I think it’s only part of the equation. I believe we need to experience that same kind of joy and satisfaction in our work as recreation providers. If you’re not in a work environment that is infused with positive energy then it drains the joy and satisfaction you can bring to the services you provide the community. It is important to find a fit in an agency whose mission and values match your own. As you grow within the field, try to have a generalist approach and work to find working areas of parks and recreation that make you happy and also bring a benefit to the community. A career in recreation will always be considered successful if you grew as a professional, left the agency you work for better than it was when you came to it, and created a community of advocates to support your parks and rec endeavors. Making money shouldn’t be the driving force to do what you do, it is a poor trade for sacrificing happiness. Be secure of your purpose in improving quality of life and serve with a strong heart and mind.

Yvonne Garrett City Manager City of La Mesa Parks and Recreation made me a creative thinker and problem solver. In 2000 I became the Director of Community Services for the City of La Mesa via a non-traditional path. I started my career working for a small rural non-profit organization. After 15 years with the organization, I decided to seek a new challenge and landed in La Mesa. I was hired because I didn’t have municipal experience but was experienced in community building. The City Manager was looking for a new model for parks and recreation, one where city funding was replaced by private and corporate revenue for programs and capital improvements. A non-profit was formed. This unique model required forging new partnerships and finding creative ways to show businesses the benefit of supporting traditional city functions. Through our work we built a better community and improved relationships. These skills continue to be invaluable now as the City Manager.



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Alec LeMay 559-289-6381

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M u r r a y, U T

Highlighting Greenfields’ projects across the nation


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Henry Perezalonso Recreation, Arts & Community Services Director Town of Danville Always remember, this profession impacts lives. An 8-year-old boy was playing in an after-school program. The kind that was run out of a closet on the side of the school filled with board games, jump ropes and balls. One day he was asked by the rec leader if he wanted to be a part of the upcoming parade. He was so thrilled they asked. He ran home as quick as he could to ask his mom for permission. She said yes, he was beyond excited. When he was standing on that parade float going down the street he felt as he was the most important kid in the world. This small invitation made his day and life better because it took him away from a bit of the heartache he was experiencing because his parents were getting divorced. Our profession can change lives. It changed mine. Best parade ever.

Andre Pichley, III Director City of St. Helena Learn to articulate WHY you’re in this field. Take the time to identify your core values and how they connect to the work you do. What’s YOUR mission? Get involved professionally: take on a leadership role in CPRS, get your CPRP, and go to conferences and network. Check your ego. I may have more experience, but I’m not smarter. “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” – Steve Jobs Own your mistakes and learn from them. It’s not the end of the world if you fail – it may take time to learn the lesson, but it’s there. “You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.” – Walt Disney Strive to be happy, healthy, and in harmony.

John Jones Community Services Director City of Torrance I have been a CPRS Member for 39 years and in the Recreation Profession for over 42 years. Over this time I have been required to solve many unique and challenging community issues to improve the quality of life for our Torrance residents. Without the networking, professional development and expertise that I received from the CPRS Organization and all of the members within CPRS over these years, I would never have been able to successfully and professionally accomplish these tasks for my department. Due to these many successes I have been fortunate to demonstrate strong performance within the Recreation Profession, and blessed to become the Community Services Director for the City of Torrance. I am extremely passionate about Parks and Recreation, and that passion motivates me to continuously strive to provide the highest quality programs and services to my community. I strongly recommend that if you are serious about growing in this profession, you must actively engage in CPRS and get involved in networking with all of the hard working members who, day-in and day-out, give their best for the programs and services they provide to their communities.



Juliene Flanders Director of Recreation & Community Services City of Patterson For over 30 years I have had the amazing opportunity to work in Parks and Recreation and have smiled every day on the job! My daughter works in the Parks & Recreation field and when she is asked in an interview how long she has been in recreation…. She says “I was in my mom’s tummy at a Hershey Youth Track Meet in San Jose,” Ha! and yes that was true! This job has accepted my family right along the way! They have served as parade & track meet announcers, Santa’s Helpers, clean-up crew and more. A few words of wisdom... • Laugh, have fun, be creative and enjoy what you do, and those you serve will enjoy it too! • When problems arise: Listen to the concern/complaint, Pause/ stay calm (count to 10), Provide the customer 3 options (because you can always think of 3 options), let them decide and then resolve the problem • Teach your employees the value of their job, motivate them and help them succeed!

Tara Gee Park Planning & Development Superintendent Growing up, people thought I was smart. The truth was, I’m not smart, I just worked really hard. I strove for good grades and was more disappointed in myself than were my parents if I didn’t get all “A’s.” My Dad told me, “It’s not about the grade, it’s about what you do with the information you’ve learned.” That was something that really clicked with me. Fast forward to now, I use the term “comparative transference.” This means, take what you’ve learned in any circumstance and look for the parallels in another situation. That’s the “comparative” part. Now apply that lesson learned, that previous experience, that previous knowledge to the one at hand. This is the “transference” part. Try it! Believe me, this process/technique helps you bring a new perspective to a situation, helps you be creative in problem solving and expands your learning. Oh, and I guess, it makes you smart. :-)


John LaRock Community Services Director City of Redondo Beach First of all, CPRS, over 50 is the new over 30! I try to instill that we are the people building human and wellness legacies in our communities. It is important for me to help staff view the larger picture of their impact on the community and to have free voice for ideas. Leveraging relationships in the community and informally seeding conversations about what’s possible have been the best tools for guiding processes towards positive outcomes. California is a brilliant gem but also faces serious long-term issues that will be inherited by our successors – population growth and the demand for services; analog open spaces in a digitized virtual world, climate change and sea level rise; societal demographic evolution not mirrored in public agency make-up; the backlash against “safe play.” It’s not doom and gloom, though, because CPRS is adept at maintaining connectivity across the state to share strategy and solutions.


Nora Webb Community Services Manager City of Fountain Valley

Park Planning Design Build Plan Checking Budget Analysis Consensus Building Inclusive Playgrounds Demonstration Gardens Skateparks Splash Pads Feasibility Studies Historical Site Design Athletic Field Planning Park & Recreation Master Plans

CPRS has played a pivotal role in my career in senior and human services. There have been countless great experiences; and they all are because of the people! CPRS has been an amazing way to connect with colleagues, and in the process, I have made lifetime friends whom I treasure. Serving as the Aging Section President back in 1999-2000 was a highlight, and before that, I served on the District 10 Board, and the CPRS State Board of Directors. The greatest lesson I’ve learned over the years is that change is inevitable. It’s not easy, but imperative for growth. I read somewhere to “Teach the change you want to see” and that is my hope for the future of CPRS and Parks and Recreation. My wish for Parks and Recreation is for our departments all across our state, and the country, to be recognized as an essential service and funded like lives depend on the services we provide, which of course, they do! Parks and Recreation has made me really appreciate life, and the wonderful people around me. I have had the opportunity to work with amazing teams, and together we have, and continue to make a difference in the world.

We recently assisted in the preparation of Prop 68 Grant Applications for 8 projects with 7 different agencies. We would welcome the opportunity to assist you on your application for the next round expected in 2020. Please contact us for more information at or the number below. 6800 Indiana Avenue, Suite 245, Riverside, CA 92506

951-781-1930 ext 121 34 SUMMER FALL 2019 • CALIFORNIA PARKS & RECREATION


2019 marks my 34th year full time in Parks and Recreation. Although I began as a playground leader in 1980 for the City of Glendale. Over these many years in the field and now seeing the end of a long career not too far off, I’ve had the privilege over time of getting to know many of my peers over the years. I was 32 when I became the Director for the City of Carpinteria. Wow, I had a lot to learn! My ability to survive and succeed was in large part due to the relationships I made through CPRS and NRPA. I was lucky enough to have outstanding individuals in the field that were a phone call away to provide me advice and tutelage that helped me succeed. The best advice I can pass on is take advantage of your relationships and seek those who are leaders to learn from.


has worked with public agencies throughout California to develop hundreds of successful aquatic facilities. If you are planning a new aquatic facility or are

considering modernization of an existing facility, Jones & Madhavan can provide the professionalism you will appreciate from beginning to end.


Dan Hernandez Director County of Clark

Since 1990, Jones & Madhavan

• Renovation Analysis • Needs Analysis • Master Planning • Programming • Architecture • Engineering • Aquatic Design • Construction Administration

Dominguez Aquatic Center

Van Nuys / Sherman Oaks Recreation Center

Terra Linda Aquatic Center

Granite Hills High School

Buck Martin Director City of San Marcos I recently had the opportunity to be involved with one of our volunteers who was recognized for his commitment to enhance the lives of others county-wide. He said something that really resonated with me, “Those of us who volunteer do not expect rewards for what we do when it is so rewarding in and of itself.” I have the opportunity to work with so many volunteers every day who donate their time and money to better the lives of the people in our community. I do my best to recognize them and to say thank you to these individuals. Without the support of our volunteers, we couldn’t provide the level of service we are currently producing. Thank you to all who volunteer to support their communities and improve the quality of life for others.


Job #: 1922JM Description: Ad for California Parks & Recreation magazine Filename: 08.26_JM_Ad_1922JM Size: 3-1/2"x 9-1/4" vertical

100 East Thousand Oaks Boulevard, Suite 211 Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 T 805.777.8449 F 805.777.8489 E W


Parks Make Life Better!® u

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The following agencies, companies and universities have completed the Parks Make Life Better!® logo policy/agreement application. They are using the logo in their marketing efforts, using the key messages in their promotions and are living the brand promise. Now is the time for you to join the Parks Make Life Better!® branding compaign. Please visit the CPRS Web site ( and click on the Parks Make Life Better!® logo on the home page for more information on the campaign. California Agency City of Agoura Hills City of Alameda City of Albany City of Alhambra City of Aliso Viejo Aliso Viejo Community Association Ambrose Recreation & Park District City of American Canyon City of Anaheim City of Anderson City of Antioch Town of Apple Valley Arcade Creek Recreation and Park District City of Arcata Arden Manor Recreation & Park District Arden Park Recreation & Park District City of Arroyo Grande City of Artesia City of Atascadero City of Atwater Auburn Area Recreation and Park District City of Azusa City of Bakersfield City of Baldwin Park City fo Banning Beaumont Cherry Valley Recreation & Parks District City of Bell City of Bell Gardens City of Bellflower City of Belmont Belvedere Tiburon Joint Recreation City of Benicia City of Berkeley City of Beverly Hills City of Bishop City of Blue Lake Boulder Creek Recreation & Park District City of Brawley City of Brea City of Brentwood City of Brisbane City of Buena Park City of Burbank City of Burlingame Buttonwillow Recreation & Park District City of Calabasas City of California City California State Parks City of Calistoga


Cameron Park Comm. Svcs. District City of Campbell City of Capitola City of Carlsbad Carmichael Recreation & Park District City of Carpinteria City of Carson Central Plumas Recreation & Park District City of Ceres City of Cerritos Chico Area Recreation & Park District City of Chino City of Chino Hills City of Chowchilla City of Chula Vista City of Claremont City of Clovis Coalinga-Huron Recreation & Park District City of Concord Conejo Recreation & Park District Cordova Recreation & Park District City of Corona City of Coronado City of Costa Mesa Cosumnes Community Services District City of Cotati City of Covina City of Culver City City of Cupertino Cypress Recreation & Park District City of Cypress City of Dana Point Town of Danville City of Davis City of Del Mar City of Delano Desert Recreation District City of Diamond Bar City of Dinuba Town of Discovery Bay City of Downey City of Duarte City of Dublin East Bay Regional Park District City of East Palo Alto City of El Cajon City of El Centro City of El Cerrito El Dorado Hills Community Services District City of El Monte City of Emeryville City of Encinitas

City of Escondido City of Exeter Fair Oaks Recreation & Park District Feather River Recreation & Park District City of Folsom City of Fontana City of Foster City City of Fountain Valley City of Fremont City of Fresno City of Fullerton Fulton-El Camino Recreation & Park District City of Galt City of Garden Grove Georgetown Divide Recreation District City of Gilroy City of Glendale City of Glendora Green Valley Homeowners Recreation Association Greater Vallejo Recreation District City of Gridley City of Grover Beach City of Half Moon Bay City of Hanford City of Hawaiian Gardens City of Hawthorne Hayward Area Recreation & Park District City of Healdsburg City of Hercules City of Hermosa Beach Hesperia Recreation & Park District Highlands Recreation District City of Hughson City of Huntington Beach City of Huntington Park City of Imperial City of Indio City of Inglewood City of Irvine City of Irwindale Isla Vista Recreation & Park District Jurupa Area Recreation & Park District Jurupa Community Services District Kensington Police Protection & Community Services District City of Kerman County of Kern City of King City City of Kingsburg City of La Habra City of La Mesa

City of La Mirada City of La Palma City of La Puente City of La Quinta City of La Verne City of Lafayette City of Laguna Beach City of Laguna Hills City of Laguna Niguel City of Lake Elsinore City of Lake Forest City of Lakewood City of Lancaster City of Larkspur Recreation City of Lathrop City of Lawndale City of Lemon Grove City of Lemoore City of Lincoln Livermore Area Recreation & Park District City of Lodi City of Long Beach City of Los Alamitos City of Los Altos City of Los Angeles County of Los Angeles City of Los Banos Los Gatos-Saratoga Recreation City of Lynwood City of Madera City of Malibu Town of Mammoth Lakes City of Manhattan Beach City of Manteca County of Marin City of Martinez McKinleyville Community Services District Mendocino Coast Recreation & Park District City of Menifee City of Menlo Park City of Merced City of Mill Valley City of Milpitas Mission Oaks Recreation and Park District City of Mission Viejo City of Modesto City of Montclair City of Montebello City of Monterey County of Monterey Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District


u Parks Make Life Better!® City of Moorpark Town of Moraga City of Moreno Valley City of Morgan Hill Mt. Shasta Recreation & Parks District City of Mountain View City of Murrieta City of Napa City of National City Navy Region South West City of Nevada City City of Newark City of Newport Beach City of Norco North County Recreation & Park District North Highlands Recreation & Park District North of the River Recreation & Park District North Tahoe Public Utility District City of Norwalk City of Novato City of Oakland City of Oakley City of Oceanside City of Ojai City of Ontario City of Orange Orangevale Recreation & Park District City of Orinda City of Pacifica City of Palmdale City of Palm Springs City of Palo Alto Paradise Recreation & Park District City of Pasadena Human Services & Recreation City of Pasadena Parks & Natural Resources City of Paso Robles City of Patterson City of Perris City of Petaluma City of Pico Rivera City of Pinole City of Pismo Beach City of Pittsburg County of Placer City of Placerville Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District Pleasant Valley Recreation & Park District City of Pleasanton City of Pomona City of Port Hueneme City of Porterville City of Poway City of Rancho Cucamonga Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District City of Redding City of Redondo Beach City of Redwood City City of Reedley City of Rialto

City of Richmond Rim of the World Recreation & Park District Rio Linda Elverta Recreation & Park District City of Rio Vista City of Riverbank City of Riverside County of Riverside Regional Park & Open Space District City of Rocklin City of Rohnert Park Rosamond Community Services District City of Rosemead City of Roseville Rossmoor Community Services District City of Sacramento County of Sacramento City of Salinas Town of San Anselmo City of San Bernardino City of San Bruno City of San Carlos County of San Diego City of San Diego City of San Dimas City of San Fernando City of San Francisco County of San Francisco City of San Gabriel County of San Joaquin City of San Jose City of San Juan Capistrano City of San Leandro City of San Luis Obispo County of San Luis Obispo City of San Marcos City of San Mateo County of San Mateo City of San Pablo City of San Rafael City of San Ramon City of Sanger City of Santa Clara County of Santa Clara City of Santa Clarita City of Santa Cruz County of Santa Cruz City of Santa Fe Springs City of Santa Maria City of Santa Rosa City of Santee Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve City of Saratoga City of Sausalito City of Scotts Valley City of Seal Beach City of Selma City of Sierra Madre City of Signal Hill County of Solano City of Solano Beach South Coast Air Quality Management District City of South El Monte City of South Gate City of South Lake Tahoe


City of South Pasadena Southgate Recreation & Park District County of Stanislaus City of St. Helena City of Stanton City of Stockton City of Suisun City City of Sunnyvale Sunrise Recreation & Park District City of Tahoe City Tamalpais Community Services District Tehachapi Valley Recreation & Park District City of Temecula City of Temple City Templeton Community Services District City of Torrance City of Tracy Truckee Donner Recreation & Park District City of Tulare City of Turlock City of Tustin City of Twentynine Palms City of Ukiah City of Union City City of Upland City of Vacaville County of Ventura City of Victorville City of Visalia City of Vista City of Walnut City of Walnut Creek Wasco Recreation & Parks District City of Watsonville City of West Covina City of West Hollywood City of West Sacramento West Side Recreation & Park District City of Westminster City of Whittier City of Wildomar Town of Windsor City of Woodland City of Yorba Linda Town of Yountville City of Yuba City City of Yucaipa Out-of-State Agency Brownsburg Parks, Indiana City of Bluffton, Indiana City of Butte-Silver Bow, Montana Clarksville Parks & Recreation, Indiana City of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Friends of Maryland State Parks City of Franklin, Indiana Greenfield Parks and Recreation Department, Indiana City of Johnson City, Tennessee City of Logansport, Indiana Mooresville Park & Recreation District City of New Albany, Indiana

City of Olivette, Missouri New Haven-Adams Township, Indiana Noblesville Parks & Recreation, Indiana City of Shelbyville, Indiana City of South Bend, Indiana Washington Township, Ohio Company Alfa Products All About Play/Little Tikes Commercial - Nor Cal Buell Recreation California’s Great America Callander Associates Capitol Enterprises Inc. Columbia Cascade Company Community Works Design Group David Evans and Assoc. Inc. David Volz Design Landscape Architects, Inc. Firma Design Group Friends of Rockhaven Goric Marketing Group USA The HLA Group, Landscape Architects & Planners Innovative Playgrounds Company KPCRadio.Com Land Concern Ltd Leader Manufacturing, Inc./Fairweather Site Furnishings Division Maximum Solutions, Inc. Murdock-Super Secur National Academy of Athletics National Parks Promotion Council NLM Consulting Services PlayCore PlaySafe, LLC Play Smart Surfacing Play-Well TEKnologies Poimiroo & Partners Public Restroom Company Recreation Republic RHA Landscape Architects Planners, Inc. RJM Design Group, Inc. Robertson Industries, Inc. Shade Structures Southern California Municipal Athletic Federation SpectraTurf SSA Landscape Architects, Inc. Stone Soul Music StructureCast Sybertech Waste Reduction Ltd. Tri Active America Western Wood Preservers Institute Windsor Parks-Recreation Foundation Verde Design, Inc. Vermont Recreation & Parks Association University/College CSU Long Beach CSU Northridge San Jose State University SDSU MOVE


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2019-2020 BOARD OF DIRECTORS PRESIDENT Lydie Gutfeld City of Mission Viejo • 949-470-3004 •

Richard Fisher Associates 714-245-9270

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PRESIDENT-ELECT Tara Gee City of Roseville • 916-774-5253 • VICE PRESIDENT Tom Hellmann City of Folsom • 916-461-6617 • SECRETARY-TREASURER Nicole Acquisti City of Burlingame • 650-558-7337 •

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REGION 1 REPRESENTATIVE (Dist 1, 2, 3) Cindy Bagley City of Rohnert Park • 707-588-3452 • REGION 2 REPRESENTATIVE (Dist 4, 5, 6) Juliene Flanders City of Patterson • 209-895-8080 • REGION 3 REPRESENTATIVE (Dist 7, 8, 15) Brandon Taylor CSU Fresno • 559-278-2838 •

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REGION 4 REPRESENTATIVE (Dist 11, 13, 14) Helen Hernandez City of Baldwin Park 626-214-1601 x360 • REGION 5 REPRESENTATIVE (Dist 9, 10, 12) Frank Carson City of El Cajon • 619-441-1756 •

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Water Odyssey by Fountain People. Inc. 512-392-1155 p. 7


SECTION REPRESENTATIVES (Aging, Recreation and Recreation Therapy) Doug Grove RHA Landscape Architects • 951-781-1930 • (Administrators, Aquatics, Development & Operations, and Educators) Chris Chamberlain CSU East Bay • 510-885-2101 • Please contact any Board Member with questions or comments



Company Members through October 15, 2019

AARP California (916) 556-3030 1415 L Street, Suite 960, Sacramento, CA 95814 SERVICE: AARP’s mission is to empower people to choose how they live as they age. Abey Arnold Associates (415) 258-9580 1005 A Street, Suite 305, San Rafael, CA 94901 SERVICE: Landscape Architecture. Active Network (214) 996-7282 717 N. Harwood #2500, Dallas, TX 75201 SERVICE: ACTIVE Network is the leading provider of recreation management software powering thousands of local communities. A-G Sod Farms, Inc. (951) 687-7581 2900 Adams St., Ste. C-120, Riverside, CA 92504 SERVICE: Five farms in California & Colorado producing high quality sod for sports fields and parks. All About Play/Little Tikes Commercial - Nor Cal (916) 923-2180 3844 Presidio Street, Sacramento, CA 95838 SERVICE: Accessible outdoor playground equipment including unique theme playscapes and park service equipment.


American Solutions for Business (714) 396-1803 400 Princeland Court, Corona, CA 92879 SERVICE: Providers of printed documents, promotional products, corporate logo apparel like brochures, uniforms, stationery, catalogs, forms.

Arch Pac, Inc. (760) 734-1600 1341 Distribution Way Suite 11, Vista, CA 92081 SERVICE: Consulting Architects, Landscape Architects, Engineers, & Planners specializing in aquatics, pools, and associated architecture.

Berliner Seilfabrik Play Equipment Corporation (864) 627-1092 96 Brookfield Oaks Dr. Suite 140, Greenville, SC 29607 SERVICE: State of the art play structures from the world’s leader in net climbing playground equipment.

Anchor Audio (800) 262-4671 x138 5931 Darwin Court, Carlsbad, CA 92008 SERVICE: Anchor Audio is the leading manufacturer of easy to use, durable, battery powered portable sound systems.

Architerra Design Group, Inc. (909) 484-2800 10221-A Trademark Street, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 rkrumwiede@architerradesigngroup. com SERVICE: Landscape architecture and site planning: new and renovated parks, streetscapes, community gardens, nature parks, trails.

Beyond Green, LLC dba BioDOGradable Bags (800) 983-7221 x703 12 Santa Catacina, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688 veejay.patell@biodogradablebags. com SERVICE: Pet waste bags, dog poop bags, dog waste bag dispensers for parks.

Atlas Lab Inc. (916) 290-9375 2523 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95816 SERVICE: Park planning, design, public engagement, and landscape architecture.

BFS Landscape Architects (831) 646-1383 425 Pacific Street, Suite 201, Monterey, CA 93940 SERVICE: Parks, trails and open space planning; design for healthy and sustainable communities.

Anton’s Service, Inc. (619) 579-9000 P.O. Box 455, Lakeside, CA 92040 SERVICE: Park and playground construction, certified with Playworld & Little Tikes. Aqua Source (209) 745-6401 P.O. Box 1146, Galt, CA 95632 SERVICE: Commercial swimming pool equipment, automated chemical & filtration systems, commercial pool vacuums, heaters, deck equipment. Aquatic Design Group (760) 438-8400 2226 Faraday Avenue, Carlsbad, CA 92008 SERVICE: Programming, planning, design and engineering services for competition, recreation, and leisure aquatic facilities.

AV Now Fitness Sound (800) 491-6874 225 Technology Circle, Scotts Valley, CA 95066 SERVICE: Portable sound systems, wireless microphones, gymnasium sound, athletic field sound. BCI Burke Co, LLC (920) 933-6711 P.O. Box 549, Fond Du Lac, WI 54936 SERVICE: BCI Burke has been manufacturing high-quality and innovative playground equipment for 95 years.

Blair, Church & Flynn Consulting Engineers, Inc. (559) 326-1400 451 Clovis Ave., Suite 200, Clovis, CA 93612-1376 SERVICE: BC&F provides civil engineering and landscape architecture services for parks, playgrounds, trails, and athletic facilities.


BMLA Landscape Architecture (951) 737-1124 310 North Joy Street, Corona, CA 92879 SERVICE: BMLA Landscape Architecture - Designs that build lasting communities. Brandis Tallman, LLC (415) 912-5632 22 Battery Street, Suite #500, San Francisco, CA 94111 SERVICE: A full-service investment banking firm solely dedicated to financing California municipalities and special districts. BrightLife Designs (714) 326-8326 16291 Gothard St., Huntington Beach, CA 92647 SERVICE: Decorative commercial lighting & Christmas holiday decor. Offer purchase and lease, installation, removal and storage. Brock USA (303) 544-5800 3090 Sterling Circle, Boulder, CO 80301 SERVICE: Shock pads for artificial turf fields. BSN Sports (972) 406-3413 14460 Varsity Brands Way, Dallas, TX 75244 SERVICE: Founded in 1972 as a factory direct equipment company, BSN SPORTS is the largest distributor of apparel & equipment in the United States.

Landscape architects, park planners, and civil engineers at David Evans and Associates, Inc. (DEA) provide creative and innovative design solutions that balance growth with environmental sensitivity. DEA offers you experienced professionals in multiple disciplines who can quickly form a team to meet your project needs. We work closely with public and private clients to plan and design parks, trails, resorts, residential, and commercial land development projects.

Kim S. Rhodes, PLA 3867 4141 E. Inland Empire Blvd., Ste 250, Ontario, CA 91764 | | 909.481.5750 LOS ANGELES, ONTARIO, SAN DIEGO, SANTA CLARITA, TEMECULA, TUSTIN, VICTORVILLE


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Buyer’s Guide u California Dinner Adventure (714) 690-1497 7600 Beach Blvd., Buena Park, CA 90620 http://www.piratesdinneradventure. com SERVICE: Restaurant and show with pirates theme. California Land Management (650) 322-1181 675 Gilman Street, Palo Alto, CA 94301-2528 SERVICE: Provides professional park management, security, maintenance, ranger patrol & related services. The California Parks Company (916) 529-1512 2150 Main Street, Suite 5, Red Bluff, CA 96080 SERVICE: Recreation concessions. California State Soccer Association South (714) 778-2972 1029 S. Placentia Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92831 SERVICE: The official state soccer association of USSF providing recreational youth and adult programs, coaching education and referee certification services. California’s Great America (408) 986-5947 2401 Agnew Road, Santa Clara, CA 95054 SERVICE: Theme Park that offers exclusive rates for visits & events.


Callander Associates Landscape Architecture, Inc. (916) 985-4366 12150 Tributary Point Drive, Suite 140 Gold River, CA 95670 SERVICE: Landscape architects. Capitol Equipment, Inc. (626) 357-3768 2718 E. Huntington Drive, Duarte, CA 91010 SERVICE: Portable steel equipment shelters, standard, and custom sizes. CH Bull Company (650) 837-8400 229 Utah Avenue, South San Francisco, CA 94080 SERVICE: Stocking distributor, Genie lifts, Ridgid, ladders, material handling, safety equipment, including engineered fall protection systems. Coast Recreation Inc. (714) 619-0100 15335 River Rock Drive, Fontana, CA 92336 SERVICE: Representing Landscape Structures, playground equipment, landscape brands site furnishings, and Icon Shelters in Southern California. Collette Tours (401) 728-3805 162 Middle Street, Pawtucket, RI 02860 SERVICE: Group Travel Specialist (Guided Vacations, River Cruises, etc)

Columbia Cascade Company (503) 223-1157 1300 S. W. Sixth Avenue, Ste. 310 Portland, OR 97201-3464 SERVICE: TimberForm and PipeLine playground and outdoor fitness equipment, TimberForm site furnishings and CycLoops & CycLocker bicycle security products. Community Pass (201) 689-2323 141 Dayton Street, #204, Ridgewood, NJ 02450 SERVICE: CommunityPass is a cloud-based recreation management software for your registration, membership, facility and payment needs. Community Playgrounds (415) 892-8100 200 Commercial Street, Vallejo, CA 94589 SERVICE: Design build specializing in nature play areas, installation of all play equipment, safety audits & surface impact tests. Community Works Design Group (951) 369-0700 4649 Brockton Avenue, Riverside, CA 92506 SERVICE: Your source for creative park planning, landscape architecture, irrigation design, and CASp/ADA services. Counsilman-Hunsaker (310) 734-2282 10733 Sunset Office Drive, Suite 400, Saint Louis, MO 63127 SERVICES: Aquatic design, engineering, and operation services.

Crane Architectural Group (714) 525-0363 110 E Wilshire Ave # 300, Fullerton, CA 92832-1934 SERVICE: Architectural services - community centers, senior centers, sports complexes, concession stands, park restrooms, ADA improvements. Dahlin Group Architecture Planning (925) 251-7200 5865 Owens Drive, Pleasanton, CA 94588 SERVICE: Architectural and planning services with a passion for placemaking, including community, senior, recreation, and aquatic centers. Dave Bang Associates, Inc. (800) 669-2585 P.O. Box 1088, Tustin, CA 92781 SERVICE: Suppliers of high-quality park, playground, athletic equipment, & site equipment since 1979. David Evans and Assoc. Inc. (909) 481-5750 4141 E. Inland Empire Blvd. Suite 250, Ontario, CA 91764 SERVICE: Multidisciplinary firm specializing in landscape architecture, civil, and transportation engineering, surveying, and construction management. David Volz Design Landscape Architects, Inc. (714) 641-1300 151 Kalmus Drive, Suite M-8, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 SERVICE: Award winning park planners and sports facility experts! DVD provides assistance with project planning budgets.


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FITNESS PRODUCTS! Visit for more details on this limited-time offer CALIFORNIA PARKS & RECREATION • FALL 2019 | 888.315.9037


Buyer’s Guide u Deschamps Mat Systems (973) 928-3040 218 Little Falls Road, Unit 11, Cedar Grove, NJ 07009-1277 SERVICE: We develop, manufacture, and distribute state-of-the-art Mobility Solutions. EcoFert, Inc (714) 580-4659 1237 S. Wright Street, Santa Ana, CA 92705 SERVICE: Landscape care solutions through a full service program utilizing organic based amendments applied through fertigation systems. Environmental Specialty Products (951) 371-5792 P.O. Box 77806, Corona, CA 92877 www.environmentalspecialtyproducts. com SERVICE: Recycled plastic lumber structural & non-structural decking, fencing, posts, picnic tables etc.

ETrak Recreation Software (877) 513-8725 1095 Playground Road, Charleston, SC 29407 SERVICE: eTrak Recreation Software provides cloud-based, cost-effective, powerful rec management solutions for any organization. ExoFit Outdoor Fitness (800) 527-0797 PO Box 942527, Miami, FL 33194 Service: Supplier/designer/installer of outdoor fitness equipment. FieldTurf Commercial (760) 745-7026 x1341 2750 La Mirada Drive, Vista, CA 92081 SERVICE: Manufatcturer and installer of artificial turf for any and all commercial applications.

Flexground (916) 275-3588 2029 Opportunity Drive, #3, Roseville, CA 95678 SERVICE: FlexGround is the premier provider of rubberized poured in place and recreation surfacing. Fun Express, LLC (800) 228-2003 4206 S. 108th Street, Omaha, NE 68137 SERVICE: Crafts, art supplies, educational items, active play, camp, and seasonal items at discounted prices.

Glide SUP (888) 927-9405 702 Sutter Street, Suite J, Folsom, CA 95630 SERVICE: Stand up paddleboards and pool fitness platforms.

Gail Materials, Inc. (951) 667-6106 10060 Dawson Canyon Road, Corona, CA 92883 SERVICE: Leading manufacturer of ballfield materials, stabilized decomposed granite, sports sand, and specialty soils. Serving the West Coast.

Gold Bug Park and Mine (530) 642-5207 2635 Gold Bug Lane, Placerville, CA 95667 SERVICE: Gold Bug Park is Gold Rush History! Offering mine tours, gem panning, blacksmith, stamp mill, museum, and hiking trails.

GameTime (800) 235-2440 150 Fort Payne, AL 35967 SERVICE: GameTime is the leading manufacturer of commercial playground and outdoor fitness equipment.

GoTime Control, Inc (714) 257-0520 460 W. Lambert Rd., Unit C, Brea, CA 92821 SERVICE: Online Recreation Site and Lighting Control System - reserve, control, manage sites, and webenabled device.

Gates & Associates (925) 736-8176 2671 Crow Canyon Road, San Ramon, CA 94583 SERVICE: Landscape Architecture.


Glass Architects (707) 544-3920 200 E Street, #100, Santa Rosa, CA 95404 SERVICE: Architectural design and master planning. Specializing in indoor and outdoor aquatic, community and recreational facilities.

Grand Slam Safety, LLC (925) 997-6266 130 Alcosta Court, San Ramon, CA 94583 SERVICE: Design, manufacture indoor/ outdoor safety fencing system-permanent, or removable for multi-sport parks-baseball, softball, and little league.


u Buyer’s Guide Great Ideas/Geiger (510) 832-1015 3014 Granite Creek Rd., Scotts Valley, CA 95066 Service: Logoed apparel, awards, drinkware, journals, pens, banners, & displays, novelties for recreational events and programs. Great Western Recreation (435) 245-5055 975 S. State Hwy 89, PO Box 97, Logan, UT 94321 SERVICE: Turnkey design-build firm providing playgrounds, shade/shelters, surfacing, site amenities, splash pads, beachers, etc.

Greenfields Outdoor Fitness (888) 315-9037 2617 West Woodland Drive, Anaheim, CA 92801 SERVICE: Outdoor fitness equipment. Griffin Structures, Inc. (949) 497-9000 2 Technology Drive Suite 150, Irvine, CA 92618 SERVICE: Griffin provides program and construction management services, leading on-time, on-budget public agency projects.


Gro-Power, Inc. (909) 393-3744 15065 Telephone Avenue, Chino, CA 91710 SERVICE: Go “green” with Gro-Power products. They’re safe for the environment and naturally conserve water. Group 4 Architecture Research + Planning, Inc. (650) 871-0709 211 Linden Ave., South San Francisco, CA 94080 SERVICE: Architectural, research, and planning services.

GSM Landscape Architects, Inc. (707) 255-4630 1700 Soscol Avenue, Suite 23, Napa, CA 94559 SERVICE: Award winning landscape architectural design for parks, sports fields, recreational, and educational facilities throughout California. HAI, Hirsch & Associates, Inc. (714) 776-4340 2221 E. Winston Rd. #A, Anaheim, CA 92806 SERVICE: Landscape architecture, park planning, master plans, sports facilities, redevelopment, & public work projects.


Buyer’s Guide u Harris Design (510) 647-3792 755 Folger Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94710 SERVICE: Creative, community-based planning & design from concept through construction. Parks, trails, master plans, sports facilities, open space.

The HLA Group Landscape Architects & Planners, Inc. (916) 447-7400 301 University Avenue, Suite 110, Sacramento, CA 95825 SERVICE: Landscape architecture and planning emphasizing parks and recreation, urban design, community design, and land planning.

Hermann Design Group, Inc. (760) 777-9131 77899 Wolf Road, Ste.102, Palm Desert, CA 92211 SERVICE: Landscape architecture, planning, and project management for community parks, sports parks, and dog parks.

Hunter Industries (916) 899-9437 P.O. Box 1005, Meadow Vista, CA 95722 SERVICE: Irrigation Manufacturer - MP Rotator, Sprays, Rotors, Smart Controllers, Valves, Drip. ICAA (800) 728-7768 1603-2055 Pendrell Street, Vancouver, BC V6G 1T9 CANADA Service: Membership association providing education, information resources, and tools to those working with older adults.

Imagen (626) 593-9618 346 W. Foothill Blvd., Monrovia, CA 91016 SERVICE: We are a promotional marketing agency that produces custom branded apparel, promotional products, and print. Impact Canopy USA (951) 674-1441 22600 Temescal Canyon Road, Corona, CA 92883 SERVICE: Your source for custom canopies, branded flags, signs, custom inflatables, and other event branding solutions. Innovative Playgrounds Company (877) 732-5200 12407 East Slauson Avenue, Unit D, Whittier, CA 90606 SERVICE: Sales, designs, and project management for BCI Burke playground equipment, safety surfacing, shade structures, and fitness/sport/ site amenities. Inspector Playground (888) 293-7889 P.O. BOX 16654, Encino, CA 914166654 SERVICE: Independent inspector, surface impact testing with Triax, early childhood certified, playground inspections, compliance certificates, insured. Integra Planning & Landscape Architecture (805) 441-7537 870 1st Street, Sebastopol, CA 95472 SERVICES: Planning and landscape architecture design services including parks, aquatic centers and recreation facilities.


IZone Imaging (254) 778-0722 PO Box 368, Temple, TX 76530-0368 SERVICE: Sign Solutions and Custom High Pressure Laminate (CHPL) graphic panels and decorative surfaces. JetMulch (866) 306-8524 P.O. Box 1667, Capitola, CA 95010 SERVICE: Blown-In Mulch and ASTM certified playground materials. Jones & Madhavan (805) 777-8449 100 E Thousand Oaks Blvd Ste 211, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360-8134 SERVICE: Planning, architecture, & engineering services for public aquatic facilities. Keeper Goals (262) 781-7800 12400 W Silver Springs Dr. Butler, WI 53007-1003 SERVICE: Manufacturer and distributor of athletic facility equipment including goals, nets, bleachers, windscreens, benches, and shelters. Key Log Rolling (763) 544-0047 626 Mendelssohn Avenue, North Golden Valley, MN 55427 SERVICE: Key Log Rolling is a safe, fun, and challenging activity for any aquatics program.


u Buyer’s Guide Kidz Love Soccer (408) 774-4629 353 Bel Marin Keys Blvd., STE 8, Novato, CA 94949 SERVICE: Age-appropriate youth soccer instruction. Classes and camps for children 2-12 years of age.

Kix Soccer Centers (626) 432-7277 225 South Lake Avenue, Suite 300, Pasadena, CA 91101 SERVICE: Develop and operate ‘Next Generation’ small-sided soccer centers at no cost to city.

KOMPAN Playgrounds (800) 426-9788 605 West Howard Lane, Austin, TX 78753 SERVICE: KOMPAN is a world leader in playgroud and outdoor sport & fitness solutions.

King Plastic Corporation (941) 493-5502 1100 N. Toledo Blade Blvd., North Port, FL 34288 SERVICE: King Plastic is the leading manufacturer of quality polymer sheets, slabs, and massive shapes.

Knorr Systems, Inc. (714) 754-4044 2221 S. Standard Ave., Santa Ana, CA 92707 SERVICE: Quality aquatic equipment and services including: water treatment, filtration, recreation, maintenance, service contracts.

KTU + A Planning & Landscape Architecture (619) 294-4477 3916 Normal Street, San Diego, CA 92103 SERVICE: We Provide Award Winning Landscape Architectural Planning and Design Services for Parks and Recreation Facilities.


The KYA Group (714) 659-6477 1800 East McFadden Ave., Santa Ana, CA 92705 SERVICE: Industry specialist in surface solutions and sustainable plantscapes supported by project management, design, and maintenance services. L.A. Steelcraft Products, Inc. (626) 798-7401 PO Box 90365, Pasadena, CA 911090365 SERVICE: Equipment Manufacturer Playgrounds, schools, fiberglass tables & benches, court & field equipment, bike racks, flagpoles & site amenities.


Buyer’s Guide u Landscape Structures, Inc. (763) 972-5200 601 7th Street, S Delano, MN 55328 SERVICE: Commercial playground designer and manufacturer. LDA Partners, LLP (209) 943-0405 222 Central Court, Stockton, CA 95204 SERVICE: Architectural services. Lincoln Aquatics (925) 687-9500 2051 Commerce Avenue, Concord, CA 94520 SERVICE: Distributors of commercial swimming pool equipment, chemicals, and aquatic supplies since 1954.

Loco Canopies (833) 722-6679 17 Hammond #411, Irvine, CA 92618 SERVICE: Custom canopies, feather flags, tear drop flags, custom umbrellas, table covers, event display solutions. LPA, Inc. (408) 780-7203 60 South Market Street, Suite 150, San Jose, CA 95113 SERVICE: Sustainable design solutions in architecture, landscape architecture, and engineering for community centers, aquatics, and parks. LPi (262) 207-5877 2875 S James Dr., New Berlin, WI 53151-3667 SERVICE: FREE Full color newsletters, center member management software systems, branding & design services, websites and more.

Mack5 (510) 595-3020 1900 Powell Street Suite 470, Emeryville, CA 94608 Service: Project/Construction management and cost planning/estimating services for park & recreation capital projects. Mark Thomas (916) 381-9100 701 University Ave, Suite 200, Sacramento, CA 95823 SERVICE: Landscape architecture, transportation/civil engineering, structural engineering, surveying, construction management. Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament (714) 523-1100 7662 Beach Blvd., Buena Park, CA 90620 SERVICE: Four-course medieval feast. Live 2-hour tournament. Group and summer camp discounts available. Melton Design Group (530) 899-1616 820 Broadway Street, Chico, CA 95928 SERVICE: Landscape architecture, providing design services for parks, sports complexes, skateparks, & masterplans. We focus on providing personal service. MIG, Inc. (510) 845-7549 800 Hearst Ave., Berkeley, CA 94710 SERVICE: Landscape architecture, architecture and recreation and environmental planning for parks, open space, museums, zoos, and the public realm.


Miracle Playground Sales/ Miracle Recreation (800) 264-7225 9106 Pulsar Ct, Ste C, Corona, CA 92883-4632 SERVICE: Innovative playground equipment, playground safety surfacing; park shelters & gazebos; tables, benches & athletic equipment & splashpads. Miracle Playsystems Inc. (800) 879-7730 PO Box 263, Alamo, CA 94507 SERVICE: Play equipment design, distribution, and specialty contracting firm serving all of central and Northern California. Most Dependable Fountains, Inc. (800) 552-6331 5705 Commander Dr., Arlington, TN 38002-0587 SERVICE: Outdoor drinking fountains, pet fountains, showers, misters, play towers, hydrants, jug fillers, handwash stations, & grills. Musco Sports Lighting (949) 754-0503 3002 Dow Avenue, Suite 504, Tustin, CA 92780 SERVICE: Providing sports lighting solutions for your budget, for the environment. My Bark Co., Inc. (209) 786-4042 P.O. Box 932, Linden, CA 95236 SERVICE: ReadyPlay, EWF from virgin forest wood, bark products, colored enhanced mulches, and soil amendments.


u Buyer’s Guide MySeniorCenter (510) 685-7649 3550 Watt Avenue, Suite 140, Sacramento, CA 95821 SERVICE: We make software for Senior Centers. Software that is easy to use, secure, cloud-based and customizable. National Academy of Athletics (707) 541-2365 1260 North Dutton Suite 243B, Santa Rosa, CA 95401 SERVICE: Year round Sports Camps and Clinics offering 8 different sports for players, coaches, and parents.

National Alliance For Youth Sports (561) 684-1141 2050 Vista Pkwy, West Palm Beach, FL 33411-2718 SERVICE:Youth sports education, membership, and programming - coaches, parents, officials, administrators. Neptune-Benson (612) 414-5098 6 Jefferson Dr., Coventry, RI 02816 SERVICE: We offer filtration and disinfection solutions for water parks, competitive pools, aquatic facilities, zoos, aquariums and more.

NGI Sports a Division of River City Athletics (775) 544-6306 2807 Walker Road, Chattanooga, TN 37421 SERVICE: NGI Sports’ tennis and track surfaces=guaranteed solutions. We specialize in innovations for sports construction. Noll & Tam Architects (510) 649-8295 729 Heinz Avenue, Suite 7, Berkeley, CA 94710 SERVICE: Architectural design, programming, and planning for recreation/community/senior centers and other civic buildings.

NSP3 a Division of Park Associate Inc. (530) 244-6116 1555 Tahoe Court, Redding, CA 96003 SERVICE: Supply & install of outdoor recreation equipment and shade structures. NUVIS (714) 754-7311 3151 Airway Avenue, Suite J-3, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 SERVICE: NUVIS landscape architecture - over 40 years of design solutions for people, environments, and experiences worldwide.

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Buyer’s Guide u O’Dell Engineering (209) 571-1765 x102 1165 Scenic Drive, Suite B, Modesto, CA 95350 SERVICE: Multi-disciplinary firm providing landscape architecture, civil engineering, land surveying, and 3D laser scanning. Opti-Fit International Inc. (916) 939-3690 P.O. Box 6716, Folsom, CA 95763 SERVICE: Opti-Fit Inc. is your one stop total fitness solution. Planning, design, supply, and service.

ORTCO, Inc. (714) 998-3998 2163 N. Glassell Street, Orange, CA 92865-3307 SERVICE: We install playground equipment, shelters, & safety surfacing. Outdoor Creations, Inc. (530) 365-6106 2270 Barney Road, Anderson, CA 96007 SERVICE: Precast concrete site furnishings, includes picnic tables, benches, BBQs, fire pits, planters, signs, and concrete products for outdoor use.

Pacific Park and Playground, Inc. (714) 846-4885 3640 N Pankratz Way, Meridian, ID 83646-6866 SERVICE: Providing park and playground products and services to Southern California cities, counties, schools, churches, and others.

PlayCore (423) 425-3168 544 Chestnut Street, Chattanooga, TN 37402 SERVICE: PlayCore helps build stronger communities by advancing play and recreation through research, education, partnerships, and products.

Pacific Play Systems (760) 599-7355 3288 Grey Hawk Court, Carlsbad, CA 92010 SERVICE: Playground, design - play structure, site furnishings, & exercise equipment distributor - installation Class A-B General Contractor.

Playgrounds by Design, Inc. (925) 426-6705 3086 Boardwalk Street, Pleasanton, CA 94588 SERVICE: Park Structures, playground safety, surfacing material, concrete products, site furnishings, bleachers, recycled plastic picnic tables and benches. Murdock Super Secur restrooms and drinking fountains.

PDPlay (760) 597-5990 2235 Meyers Avenue, Escondindo, CA 92029-1005 SERVICE: California manufacturer of commercial play structures, site furnishings, and poured-in-placed rubberized surfacing. Percussion Play Ltd (866) 882-9170 Staple Ash Lane, Froxfield, Hapshire GU33 7AN UNITED KINGDOM SERVICE: Outdoor Musical Instruments PIER 39 (415) 705-5500 P.O. Box 193730, San Francisco, CA 94119-3730 SERVICE: PIER 39, San Francisco’s premier bay attraction, includes 110 shops, 13 restaurants, and numerous attractions.


Playgrounds Unlimited (408) 244-9848 980 Memorex Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95050 SERVICE: Construction services; site preparation; play equipment; water play; shade shelter installation; pour-in-place & synthetic turf safety surface. PlayMax Surfacing, Inc. (951) 250-6039 1950 Compton Avenue #111, Corona, CA 92881 SERVICE: Manufacture and install rubber playground safety surfaces and tiles. PlaySafe, LLC (505) 899-9532 PO Box 66056, Albuquerque, NM 87193-6056 SERVICE: Playground audits, maintenance training, strategic master plan development, feasibility studies, expert witnesses, & recreation program development.


u Buyer’s Guide Premier Aquatics (949) 716-3333 36 Argonaut, Suite 130, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 SERVICE: Premier Aquatics provides contract lifeguard and swim program services. Proven Promotions (949) 245-2398 30025 Alicia Parkway #304, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 SERVICE: Branded products, print services, & creative services. Public Restroom Company (888) 888-2060 2587 Business Parkway, Minden, NV 89423 SERVICE: Public Restroom Company is a design build specialist for odor free, vandal resistant, park restroom, and concession buildings. QK (559) 449-2400 x3020 601 Pollasky Avenue Suite 301, Clovis, CA 93612 SERVICE: Land planning, policy planning, landscape architecture, urban design, civil engineering, environmental planning, biology, surveying, construction management. Quadriga Landscape Architecture & Planning, Inc. (707) 546-3561 1415 21st Street, Suite A, Sacramento, CA 95811 SERVICE: Landscape architecture and planning.

R. E. Schultz Construction, Inc. (714) 649-2627 1767 N. Batavia Street, Orange, CA 92865 SERVICE: General engineering contractor/playground eq. installation/ park rehabs/fitness eq. installation. Site work/concrete/shade shelter installations. R.J. Thomas Mfg. Co./Pilot Rock (800) 762-5002 P.O. Box 946, Cherokee, IA 510120946 SERVICE: Manufacturing and direct sales of park grills, picnic tables, benches, campfire rings, trash receptacle holders, etc.

Rain Bird Northern CA Northern NV Turf Division (916) 934-8947 412 Illsley Way, Folsom, CA 95630 SERVICE: Commercial irrigation systems: pumps, central control, controllers, valves, drip systems, MWELO rotors, sprays, rotary nozzles. Recreation Management Magazine (847) 963-8740 50 North Brockway Street, Suite 4-11, Palatine, IL 60067 SERVICE: Recreation Management Magazine provides news, trands, and educational information for parks & recreation professinals.

RecWest Outdoor Products, Inc. (818) 735-3838 31316 Via Colinas, #118, Westlake Village, CA 91362 SERVICE: Representing Landscape Structures Inc., DuMor Site Furnishings. Renewable Fiber Inc. (303) 994-0217 P.O. Box 205, Fort Lupton, CO 80621 SERVICE: Renewable Fiber is a bark and mulch manufacturer.

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Services Full Service Architecture ADA Compliance Studies Building Design Space Planning Site Analysis Cost Estimating Land Planning Project Bidding and Negotiation Construction Contract Administration Sustainable Design

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Buyer’s Guide u RHA Landscape Architects - Planners, Inc. (951) 781-1930 6800 Indiana Avenue, Suite 245, Riverside, CA 92506 SERVICE: Park & sports facility planning, LEED certified, water conservation design, community consensus building, park rehabilitation. Richard Fisher Associates (714) 245-9270 2001 East First St., Ste 160, Santa Ana, CA 92705 SERVICE: Professional consulting services for parks & recreation facilities, master planning/design, construction management, landscape maintenance/water management.

Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc. (714) 954-1912 11801 Pierce St., Suite 200, Riverside, CA 92505 SERVICE: Forensics architecture, engineering & consulting. RJM Design Group, Inc. (949) 493-2600 31591 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675 SERVICE: Park and sports facility master planning and design; park and recreation master planning; landscape architecture; LEED Certified; community consensus building.

Robertson Recreational Surfaces (800) 858-0519 2414 W 12th Street, Suite 5, Tempe, AZ 85281 SERVICE: Robertson Recreational Surfaces sells, manufactures, and installs resilient rubber safety surfacing, synthetic turf, and accessories. ROMTEC, Inc. (541) 496-3541 18240 North Bank Road, Roseburg, OR 97470 SERVICE: Design, build, and install recreational structures ie: restroom buildings,concessions, kiosks, pavilions, storage buildings, gatehouses, cabins, sidewalk restrooms, etc.

Serving Public Agencies Since 1979 Landscape Architecture | Park Planning | Trail Design

Ross Recreation Equipment Company, Inc. (707) 538-3800 100 Brush Creek Road #206, Santa Rosa, CA 95404 SERVICE: 44 years of providing superior recreational & outdoor products and service with attention to quality, safety, and design. Royston, Hanamoto, Alley & Abey (415) 383-7900 225 Miller Avenue, Mill Valley, CA 94941 SERVICE: Landscape architecture, site planning, master planning, urban design, and recreation planning services locally, nationally, and internationally. RRM Design Group (805) 543-1794 3765 South Higuera Street, Suite 102, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 SERVICE: RRM Design Group designs award-winning recreation areas by collaborating with people who use them. RWP Landscape Materials (877) 476-9797 1313 E Phillips Blvd., Pomona, CA 91766-5431 SERVICE: RWP FIBER FALL-Impact attenuating and ADA wheelchair accessible engineered wood fibers for playground safety surfacing.

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S.R.Smith LLC (503) 266-2231 x2278 1017 SW Berg Parkway, Canby, OR 97013 SERVICE: Manufacturer of “EnergySaver” thermal swimming pool covers, storage reels, and automatic re-winders.


u Buyer’s Guide Safe 2 Play - Certified Matters (925) 999-0117 1008 Veterans Court, Martinez, CA 94553 SERVICES: Certified playground safety inspections, safety surface impact testing on playgrounds, & sports fields. Safe Sand Company (415) 971-1776 2912 Diamond St #331, San Francisco, CA 94131-3208 SERVICE: Prop65 safety tested playsand, sandbox, playground and volleyball sand, delivered. No crystalline silica or lead. Safe Slide Restoration (314) 448-7233 P.O. Box 186, Fredericktown, MO 63645 SERVICE: We are a waterslide restoration company, focusing on preventative maintenance and proper inspections.

San Francisco 49ers (408) 986-4820 1466 Lido Court, Livermore, CA 94550 Sator Sports, Inc. (888) 887-2867 1455 W. 139th St., Gardena, CA 90249 SERVICE: Retailer of top-quality Agora Goals & Equipment. Call for Volume Pricing and free catalog. Schmidt Design Group, Inc. (619) 236-1462 1310 Rosecrans Street, Suite G, San Diego, CA 92106 SERVICE: Landscape architecture, park planning, and design that balances artistic expression with environmental sensitivity.

SCI Consulting Group (707) 430-4300 4745 Mangels Blvd., Fairfield, CA 94534 SERVICE: New revenue feasibility studies, ballot measures, assessment district formations, and administration.

Shaw Sports Turf (706) 879-3643 185 S. Industrial Blvd., Calhoun, GA 30701 SERVICE: Industry leading synthetic turf sport fields with over 3,000 installations.

Shade ‘N Net (800) 290-3387 5711 West Washington, Phoenix, AZ 85043 SERVICE: Tension cable breathable fabric shade structures/vents out heat/88% sun blockage/97% UV ray protection.

Siegfried Engineering, Inc. (209) 943-2021 3428 Brookside Road, Stockton, CA 95219 SERVICE: Design and engineering firm specializing in civil and structural engineering, landscape architecture, surveying, and planning.

SafePark (800) 734-4882 23052 Alcalde Drive, Suite C, Laguna Hills, CA 92653 SERVICE: Playground audits, inspections, Impact Testing-Traix-2010, playground maintenance, repair, complete certified playground refurbishment, and upgrades. Safeplay By Design, Inc. (916) 647-0912 9666 Sheldon Road, Elk Grove, CA 95624-9437 SERVICE: Certified Playground Safety Inspections, inspection programs, safety training, ADA inspections, and Landscape Architectural services.



Buyer’s Guide u SMG Equipment, LLC (253) 350-8803 2002 West Valley Hwy N. Suite 200, Auburn, WA 98001 SERVICE: World’s leading manufacturer of tools & equipment for the installation and maintenance of synthetic turf and running tracks.

SportaFence Marketing Enterprises, LLC (916) 715-6287 P.O. Box 340994, Sacramento, CA 95834 SERVICE: Professional grade portable fencing 6’ x 10’ with 8-gauge coated wire and retractable wheels.

SofSurfaces Inc. (800) 263-2363 x224 4393 Discovery Line, Petrolia, ON N0N 1R0 CANADA SERVICE: Rubber tile solutions for playground, fitness facility, and architectural applications.

SportFolder, Inc. (650) 741-8000 315 McCormick Ave., Capitola, CA 95010-3704 SERVICE: Mobile Apps to help you play like a kid, manage your sports like an adult.

Sol By Carmanah (844) 492-2243 250 Bay Street, Victoria, BC V8N 1T6 SERVICE: Sol provides cost-effective, reliable solar commercial lighting for streets and parks - with 10-year municipal grade warranty. Southern California Municipal Athletic Federation (626) 448-0853 x16 P.O. Box 3605, 823 Lexington Gallantin Road, South El Monte, CA 91733 SERVICE: Professional training, education, and networking; insurance services; sport rules, training, and competition for youth and adults. Spohn Ranch, Inc. Custom Skate Parks (626) 330-5803 6824 S. Centinela Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90230 SERVICE: Skate park design, construction, operation, and insurance. The leader in responsible skatelite, concrete, and hybrid parks.


SSA Landscape Architects, Inc. (831) 459-0455 303 Potrero Street, 40-C, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 SERVICE: Award winning parks & recreation master planning, community workshops/consensus building, construction documentation/administration.

SVA Architects, Inc. (949) 809-3380 6 Hutton Centre Drive, Suite1150, Santa Ana, CA 92707 SERVICE: SVA Architects is a full-service architectural firm committed to creating sustainable environments for our communities.

Stonehenge Signs (530) 249-6000 PO BOX 387, Quincy, CA 95971 SERVICE: Proudly providing world class engraved natural stone signs for park entry monuments since 1978.

SyberTech Waste Reduction Ltd. (888) 888-7975 P.O. Box 3009 - 33191, 1st Avenue Mission, B.C. V2V1G0 CANADA SERVICE: Our in-ground trash system, self-watering planters, and other products greatly save operational costs.

Sports Facilities Group, Inc. (951) 351-1313 P.O. Box 7024, Riverside, CA 92503 SERVICE: We sell, install & repair sports equipment (bleachers, scoreboards, marquee’s, basketball, football, soccer, & fields equipment)

Stop Drowning Now (866) 372-3373 100 West Main Street, Suite 4, Tustin, CA 92780 SERVICE: Growning Prevention Curriculum which is a free online curriculum for all public and private schools.

Synthetic Surfaces, Inc. (908) 233-6803 P. O. Box 241, Scotch Plains, NJ 07076 SERVICE: NORDOT Adhesive for installing synthetic turf athletic fields, tennis courts, playgrounds, recreational and aquatic surfaces.

Sports Turf Solutions (831) 484-2138 29001 Falcon Ridge Road, Salinas, CA 93908 SERVICE: Athletic field safety testing - specializing in G-max testing of synthetic and natural turf sports fields.

StructureCast (661) 833-4490 8261 McCutchen Road, Bakersfield, CA 93311 SERVICE: Precast, pre-engineered restroom, & concession buildings.

Techline Sports Lighting, LLC (800) 500-3161 15303 Storm Drive, Austin, TX 78734 SERVICE: LED outdoor sports lighting systems.

SportsEdge (704) 528-9806 259 Murdock Road, Troutman, NC 28166 SERVICE: Storm water management and sports equipment solutions for outdoor athletic fields.

Sunnycal Solar Inc. (209) 464-6100 842 E. Highway 88, Jackson, CA 95642 SERVICE: Solar power picnic table for mobile charging and internet with lights and 911 call box.

Terracon (925) 348-9059 1981 N. Broadway Suite 385, Walnut Creek, CA 94596 SERVICE: Aquatic design and swimming pool engineering, geotechnical engineering, materials testing and inspections, environmental engineering.


u Buyer’s Guide Tetra Tech, Inc. (949) 809-5042 17885 Von Karman Avenue, Suite 500, Irvine, CA 92614 SERVICE: Tetra Tech is a full-service consulting and engineering firm. TMT Enterprises, Inc. (408) 432-9040 1996 Oakland Road, San Jose, CA 95131 SERVICE: Bulk Material Supplier baseball surfaces, playground materials, top dress sand, topsoil, soil mixes, decomposed granite, organics. TRK Playground Safety, L.L.C. (559) 642-4939 46853 Chukchansi Road, Coarsegold, CA 93614 SERVICE: Statewide; playground audits and inspections; attenuation surface impact testing; playground design; and safety education and awareness.

Turf Star, Inc. (800) 585-8001 2438 Radley Court, Hayward, CA 94545 SERVICE: Commercial mowing equipment & irrigation. USA Shade & Fabric Structures (707) 257-7296 PO Box 3467, Coppell, TX 75019-3406 SERVICE: USA Shade provides shade solutions for everything under the sun! USGreentech (513) 371-5520 5076 Wooster Road, Cincinnati, OH 45226 SERVICE: USGreentech provides progressive infills for the synthetic turf market including their products Envirofill and Safeshell.

USTA Northern California (510) 263-0471 1920 North Loop Rd., Alameda, CA 94502-8014 SERVICE: Tennis programming for adults & juniors Verde Design, Inc. (408) 985-7200 2455 the Alameda, Suite 200, Santa Clara, CA 95050 SERVICE: Multi-disciplinary office of landscape architects and civil engineers with a focus on community projects.

Water Odyssey By Fountain People, Inc. (512) 392-1155 P.O. Box 807, 4600 Hwy. 123, San Marcos, TX 78667-0807 SERVICE: Leading manufacturer of aquatic playground and fountain equipment. Waterline Technologies (714) 564-9100 620 Santiago Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701 SERVICE: Sales and service for aquatic facilities - chemical delivery

Vineyard Rock Products (831) 637-6443 1781 Limekiln Rd., Hollister, CA 95023 SERVICE: Decorative granite products.

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Trueline (951) 817-0777 1651 Market St., Ste B, Corona, CA 92880 SERVICE: Resurfacing of tennis courts, basketball courts, game courts, playgrounds, striping, installation of equipment, and refurbishment. Turf Renovation Machinery, Inc. (562) 696-5780 18380 Lemon St., Hesperia, CA 92345 SERVICE: Manufacture and sell sports turf renovator machines.

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Buyer’s Guide u West Coast Arborists, Inc. (714) 991-1900 2200 E. Via Burton Street, Anaheim, CA 92806 SERVICE: WCA provides public agencies, school districts, and colleges with urban forestry management and maintenance services.

Westberg White Architecture (714) 508-1780 x400 14471 Chambers Road, Suite 210, Tustin, CA 92780 SERVICE: Westberg White Architecture is a collaborative and creative firm that designs environments for greater opportunities.

West Coast Turf (760) 340-7300 P.O. Box 4563, Palm Desert, CA 92261 SERVICE: Growers and installers of premium quality natural turfgrass sod.

Western State Builders (760) 270-8639 2141 Orange Avenue, Escondido, CA 92029 SERVICE: Playground Installation, shade structure installation, site furnishing installation.

Who Built Creative Builders Inc. (707) 763-6210 P.O. Box 1568, Shafter, CA 93263 SERVICE: Installation of play equipment and athletic equipment. Willdan Group, Inc. (714) 940-6300 2401 E. Katella Ave., #300, Anaheim, CA 92806 SERVICE: Willdan assists public agencies in the design and master planning of parks and recreation facilities. Wireless Telematics, LLC (858) 472-2334 PO BOX 928588, San Diego, CA 92192 SERVICE: We help Parks and Rec Directors control ballpark lights to save time, money, and hassles.

Zasueta Contracting, Inc. (619) 589-0609 P. O. Box 866, Spring Valley, CA 91976 SERVICE: Playground equipment installation. ZGolf Food & Beverage Services, LLC dba Wedgwood Weddings (951) 491-8110, Ex. 326 43385 Business Park, Drive #210, Temecula, CA 92590 SERVICE: Professional full service food & beverage management and operations with a focus on weddings, special events, and golf course F&B operations.

President’s Message, continued from page 6 the podium and introduced herself. Haben Girma, the inspiring African American deafblind woman who conquered Harvard Law School. If you didn’t read that right, let me restate it. The DEAFBLIND woman who conquered Harvard Law School. My jaw dropped as she spoke with a tone that was enough to make you listen and wanting to hear more. She spoke of her hardships, she described her attitude for not giving up, she painted the picture of what it is to see when you can’t see, and hear without a sound. She was phenomenal and she held the audience captive with every word. She provided comedy to make an uncomfortable topic a little easier to engage in. She ended with a quote that seared itself into my brain. “Disability does not create the barriers, society does. Disability is an opportunity for innovation.” I couldn’t get it out of my head as I came back to work the following 56

Monday. I shared the stories with my teams, my family, and my peers. It was clear that this message was connecting with me because I had been witnessing innovation through CPRS on another level. Innovation is what has helped CPRS become a national leader in our field. It is our tagline for the California Action Plan - Leading the Nation in Parks and Recreation. This message couldn’t ring more true for me as it does right now, heading into the final half of this amazing year. Last March, at general session, I spoke to you all about the wonderful benefit of joining a section within CPRS. There are seven to choose from and they all have resources and a network that are guaranteed to help you grow as a professional. Administrators, Aging, Aquatics, Development and Operations, Educators, Recreation, and Rec Therapy. These seven sections have gone next level with their

intensives and trainings and there is nothing more exciting than seeing parks and recreation enhance our profession through training, education, and advocacy. We have seen much happen in six months and I want to make sure I highlight some of the innovative trainings I have witnessed come to life in the section world. Administrators announced they will host their first Directors Academy in January in the City of El Cajon. Aging held their So Cal Symposium in September in the City of Garden Grove. Aquatics hosted CAMS at Granlibakken, with over 150 in attendance and 12+ scholarship attendees! Development and Operations brought back their fall intensive in the City of Diamond Bar. Educators partnered up with the Recreation section for REC U on Creating a Culture of Engagement and the Recreation section has officially sent the save the date for the School of REC for September


u President’s Message

23-26, 2020 at Camp Commerce in lovely Lake Arrowhead. Rec Therapy is excited to gear up for their Friday intensive at conference this year on lucky Friday, March 13, 2020. But the sections aren’t the only ones stepping up to the next level of innovation! Four of the five regions across the state have hosted a fall training, all with over 150 in attendance! A special shout out goes out to Region 2 and the leaders from District 4, 5 and 6 for putting together another SOLD OUT event with over 200 individuals. I am inspired by the dedication and persistence of providing exceptional workshops, trainings, and educational sessions for our members! I love seeing CPRS leadership hitting our mission to advance the profession! Talking about professional, in March, we kicked off our 30 under 30 / 50 over 50 initiative. This year, at conference, we will be celebrating 30 professionals under the age of 30 who have presented an educational session to the profession throughout the year. As of our last check, we already had 22 submissions on our website! 22 new resources for you to check out. 22 new people for you to connect with. 22 new sessions to help you grow in the profession. At CPRS, that is what we are about, advancing the profession and providing resources. The 50 over 50 is all about the

history of our profession. In March, we will celebrate the 50 stories from professionals over the age of 50. So many professionals are retiring and currently in the twilight of their careers. We are asking them to share a story, give a tip, or just help us understand what we can do to make sure we share our history, share our knowledge, and share the blueprints that created the communities in which we live, work and play. Parks and recreation is not what it was 25 years ago, and forgetting our rich history does us a disservice. We need to engage with our seasoned professionals, we need to learn from them and respect our history in parks and recreation. My goal in starting these initiatives was to get people involved through connecting by way of education, resources, and networking. In truth, organically, it has grown to so much more than that. I have heard stories of young professionals taking pride in the fact that they are highlighted on our website as a 30 under 30 and listing it as an accomplishment on their resumes. I have had seasoned professionals share stories that have brought back smiles, tars, laughter and the many lessons learned. The

sharing part of this initiative has been the greatest part. So today, I ask again that you take a look at your work team and at yourself and please submit your story or resource on our website. At the very least, take the time to look at the page we have set up and become connected and inspired. The stories we share are what make us who we are. So many have stepped up to complete a 30 under 30 or a 50 over 50 submission. Please, share your story and your strength and passion. We have 4000 plus members that are ready to learn from you! I continue to see the Know 1 Be 1 Show 1 movement throughout the state and especially on social media. I encourage all of you to continue pushing through your leadership evolution and working towards the next best you. Thank you for continuing your passion for excellence in parks and recreation and if I don’t get to see you in 2019, Happy New Year!

VETERANS PARK City of Lake Forest, CA

CA 1891 . NV 396




u Spotlight

Recreation Profession and CPRS Loses Long Time Advocate

Mr. Recreation, Edward W. Adams, completed his journey on earth January 26, 2019. Ed was born in Baltimore, Maryland and moved with his family as a boy to California where they settled in San Francisco. After completing an Army tour of duty in the early 1950’s where he served in Okinawa and Japan he realized his passion was recreation. While attending San Jose State College he worked part-time managing the Cupertino American Little League, served as a pool supervisor and taught social dance. After graduating with honors in 1962 with a degree in Recreation, he began his


fulltime career as a Recreation Supervisor with Mountain View Parks and Recreation. By 1965 he had become the Director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Novato. In 1973-74 he attended California State University at San Francisco fulltime to obtain a Master of Science degree in Recreation Administration. Upon completion of his education, he accepted the position of Director of Parks and Recreation for Foster City. Ultimately in 1977, Ed became the Recreation Superintendent for Santa Monica Cultural and Recreation Services Department. He retired from this position in 1994. Understanding the importance of community involvement, Ed was

always active in numerous organizations in the cities where he worked. He was involved in the Kiwanis Club, Little League, PTA, Jaycees, Community Players, and the Exchange Club. Often he served these organizations as President, Board of Directors member as well as committee chair. Professional organizations also benefited from Ed’s leadership skills. He served on the Board of Managers for the Pacific Association of the AAU and the Water Safety Committee of the National Red Cross. Throughout Adams career in recreation, he served CPRS in numerous capacities. When

CPRS had a certification program, Ed obtained all three that were available: Registered Recreation, Supervisor, and Administrator. He regularly attended the Administrator Section conference at Asilomar every November. As a member of the Administrator Section he also served on numerous committees. CPRS District 1 experienced his leadership skills in the Presidential series and also as their State Board of Directors Representative. A position he would also hold for District 9. Because of his dedication and extensive service to CPRS Ed was honored with the Fellowship Award in 1992. When not working and after retirement Ed loved fishing with his sons, social dancing, and snow skiing. Golf and San Francisco 49er football were his passion. Ed is survived by his wife of 41 years Bonnie Kehoe, former Director of Downey Community Services Department, two sons and numerous grandchildren.



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California Parks & Recreation magazine - Fall 2019 - Vol. 75, No. 4  

Official magazine of the California Park & Recreation Society.

California Parks & Recreation magazine - Fall 2019 - Vol. 75, No. 4  

Official magazine of the California Park & Recreation Society.