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06 W.A. Rasic Construction

Relocates 4-Miles of the Santa Ana River Interceptor (SARI) Wastewater Pipeline

10 Atlas-Allied, Inc.

Providing The Highest Quality Underground Pipeline Solutions While Safeguarding Their Employees Since 1969


14 John Deere

Offers Idustry Leading Construction Technology Solutions


18 Ground Breakers Constrctruction, Inc.

Changing Lives While Bringing The Highest Quality Excavation & Grading Services To Their Clients

22 Southern California Recycling Facility Doubles Productivity With Hyundai Loader

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2013 underground ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


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W.A. Rasic By: Brian Hoover

W.A. Rasic Construction Relocates 4-Miles of the Santa Ana River Interceptor (SARI) Wastewater Pipeline


he Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority (SAWPA) was formed in 1972 to plan and construct the Santa Ana Regional Interceptor (SARI) pipeline network with the goal of protecting and improving ground and surface water quality of the Santa Ana River Watershed. SAWPA is a joint powers agency and consists of five member agencies: Eastern Municipal Water District, Western Municipal Water District, Inland Empire Utilities Agency, Orange County Water District and San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District. SAWPA owns, operates and maintains 72 miles of the SARI pipeline within Riverside and San Bernardino Counties upstream from the Orange/Riverside County line. The Orange County Sanitation District manages and maintains the remainder of the SARI pipeline within the Lower Santa Ana Watershed inside Orange County. The SARI pipeline conveys primarily highly saline, non�domestic wastewater from industrial dischargers and municipal desalter facilities within Riverside and San Bernardino Counties to the Orange County Sanitation District wastewater treatment facility. The Santa Ana River Interceptor (SARI) Line is a 23-milelong wastewater pipeline that extends from the Orange/San Bernardino County boundary just southwest of Prado Dam to the Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD) sewage treatment plant in Fountain Valley. The SARI Line serves the sewage disposal needs of Yorba Linda, east Anaheim, Orange, and portions of Garden Grove, Santa Ana and Fountain Valley. It also serves segments of Riverside and San Bernardino counties by conveying raw sewage and brine (wastewater from agriculture, commercial, industrial and other sources) to OCSD’s treatment plant. Several segments of the SARI Line lie under the Santa Ana River within Santa Ana Canyon between the Orange/San Bernardino county boundary and Weir Canyon Road. Constructed in the mid-1970s, the SARI Line was originally buried about 20 feet below the riverbed. Over time, the amount of soil covering the SARI Line has eroded, leaving the pipeline virtually exposed in some locations. This condition puts nearly 4 miles of the SARI Line in jeopardy of failure during heavy rainstorms when high volumes of storm flows are released from Prado Dam. As an interim measure until the SARI Line can be permanently relocated, OCSD constructed several grade stabilizers to protect the existing pipeline. However, to ensure the long-term integrity of the pipeline, protect public health and safeguard the environment, the Orange County Flood Control District, in cooperation with the Orange County Sanitation District and the


2013 underground underground ISSUE ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR CALCONTRACTOR 2013

1 Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority, is now embarking on the Santa Ana River Interceptor Relocation Project. This project will relocate and replace the SARI Mainline with a new 54-inchdiameter pipeline on the south side of the river just north of the Riverside (91) Freeway. A new 15-inch-diameter gravity sewer has been constructed along La Palma Avenue and Santa Ana River Trail to capture flows from the north side of the river. Designed to handle 43 million gallons per day, these new locations will protect the pipeline from stormwater overflowing into the river. As a cooperative project, the Orange County Sanitation District, the County of Orange and the Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority (SAWPA) have awarded the above mentioned $42 million project to W.A. Rasic Construction who is currently leading the effort to relocate the approximately four miles of pipeline. Jeff Troop, W.A. Rasic’s Senior Project Manager for the Santa Ana River Interceptor Line Project explains, “Our project is to replace the existing Santa Ana River Interceptor Line located on the north side of the Green River Golf Course and tie this new line into the existing Santa Ana River Line down behind the SAVI Ranch Commercial Development. The total length of this project is approximately 20,000 lineal feet and the majority of the 54” pipeline installation is performed with open cut excavation. Ranging from 15 to 20 feet deep, with several of the locations requiring the installation of beam and plate as well as sheet pile shoring. This is primarily due to the high ground water table near the river, which also necessitates significant dewatering on the majority of this project. The microtunneling portion of this project is without question the most unique part of this job. J.W. Fowler out of Dallas, Oregon is the subcontractor being utilized to perform the more than 3,400


3 (1) West Side Santa Ana River siphon outlet structure with double cantilevered wall. (2) WA Rasic installed dewatering system which discharges 1.5 Million Gallons of Water Daily. (3) 54” FRP Hobas Sewer Pipe. 2013 Underground ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR





4 (1) New Cast-in-Place Metering Station 30’ Feet Deep. (2) WA Rasic installing sheet pile shoring with their ABI Rig. (3 & 4) Receiving shaft under Santa Ana river. 8

2013 underground ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

lineal feet of 104” microtunneling. Drill Tech Drilling & Shoring out of Corona, CA is constructing the secant pile shafts, which account for half of the total shafts required for this project. The Microtunneling is being done in basically two sections, the first being a 1,200 ft. section that goes under the Santa Ana River. A 54” casing pipe is installed and then three 30” carrier pipes are installed inside, which form a siphon under the river between inlet and outlet structures. We have and will continue to face many more challenges on this project, including the very limited right of way and tight working conditions in general at many locations. Another interesting challenge is that approximately one mile of the pipeline runs straight through Orange County Park’s, RV Canyon Park. This of course required extremely close interface with the RV park concessionaire and their ongoing operations. In addition there is what is considered a critical wildlife crossing on this project in the area of the Old Coal Canyon Road underpass. We are not able to work at night in this area and Caltrans previously took the ramp out of service here to continue to provide a safe animal crossing between the North and South sides of the freeway. Even though we have several unique applications in progress and face many challenges along the way, I am happy to say that all of the various agencies and contractors are working very well together and we are on track to meet our completion deadline of early 2014. The construction manager on this project is MWH (Montgomery Watson Harza) and they have done a good job coordinating this massive project with all of the agencies, contractors and other public and private entities involved as well as the principal design consultants, Tetra Tech, HDR and Hatch and Mott MacDonald. I would also like to recognize W.A. Rasic management and supervisory staff including Danny DeLao, Jeff Ray, Mark Stewart, Raul Ramirez, Matt Grimaldi, Julio Guerrero, Nina Hamamura, Stephen DeLao and Phil Palomino, Jr. This Project

1 was also administered under the direction of WA Rasic’s Director of Public Works James Keoshkerian and Vice President David Lee. The list of individuals that have contributed to the success of this project is very long and W.A. Rasic Construction would just like to take this time to thank everyone involved.” The SARI wastewater pipeline project was first bid in May of 2011 and the contract was awarded to W.A. Rasic in August of 201l, with work starting shortly thereafter. W.A. Rasic is currently on schedule to have the actual pipeline into service in late 2013. Jeff Troop continues, “We have a formal partnering process established by the contract that all parties are involved in and I am optimistic that this process will produce the desired results in partnering in construction. We redesigned this project with value engineering by working together with our tunneling sub-contractor, J. W. Fowler and shaft sub-contractor Drill Tech. Together and along with the Orange County Public Works Department, we were able to eliminate several straight micro-tunneling sections on this project and replace them with a curved tunneling method. This required the use of special surveying and jacking equipment and enabled us to eliminated intermediate shafts and manholes resulting in an overall savings of approximately $500,000.” Since its 1978 inception, W.A. Rasic Construction has completed in excess of a billion dollars in infrastructure projects; some being the largest and most difficult pipeline projects in the Country. Today, by ENR Engineering & News, it is a Top 600 Specialty Contractor and the 7th largest utility contractor in the United States. For more information on W.A. Rasic Construction, please visit them online at or call (562) 928-6111. Cc



4 (1) 70’ deep launch shaft with 104” Casing. (2) Microtunnel entrance. (3) Microtunnel operator & guidance. (4) Relocated temporary bike path. 2013 2013 Underground Underground ISSUE ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR CALCONTRACTOR


Atlas-Allied, Inc. By: Brian Hoover

Providing The Highest Quality Underground Pipeline Solutions While Safeguarding Their Employees Since 1969.


ichael Siciliani lived most of his life in Southern California before moving to Chicago in 1960 to work as a plumber for the local union hall. Then one fateful day, he fell from a building while on a job, leaving his back in pretty bad shape. The experience left him with the feeling that it was time to make some changes and moving back to California was going to the first of many. He moved his wife and family back to familiar stomping grounds in Anaheim and went immediately to the union hall to procure work. Work was scarce at the time and he was turned away, so Michael took a job working for a local plumber at a fraction of the earnings he had become accustomed to. Then in 1969, he made the decision to get his license and began working from his garage and used van under the name of Atlas Plumbing. Hard work and determination allowed the company to grow steadily and in 1975, Atlas Plumbing moved into their first official building facility in Anaheim. As the workload increased, Michael’s son, Sonny would work weekends and even take days off school to help his father. Sonny worked hard for his father and by the time he 10

graduated from high school, he was for all intents and purposes a journeyman plumber. After graduating, Sonny bought a truck and went to work for his father for the next six or seven years. He landed a couple of good-sized public Above: Sonny & Eva Siciliani works projects for the company and as time went on he began to get a real taste for the we were the low bidder, he also business. After getting married, let me know that we would need Sonny decided that it was time to have either an “A” or “C34” to look at buying a house and license to qualify. He was kind he had really gone as far as he enough to hold the bid out for could in father’s company. He another few weeks to give me a informed his dad that the time chance to get licensed. had come to move on and his A friend of mine in Sacramento father wished him well. A short owned a contractors licensing time later, Michael approached school and he invited me up and his son and let him know that he promised to expedite the C34 was ready to retire and offered to pipeline license process. So I flew sell the company to him. Sonny up and studied for three days in a agreed and he took ownership hotel room and on the fourth day in 1984. Sonny comments, “In I took the test and passed.” 1987 I got a job for the City of Sonny got the job and changed Anaheim at Anaheim Stadium the company’s name to Atlasinstalling around 500 feet of 4 Allied, Inc. in 1987 to more inch waterline across a parking effectively represent his company lot section. I only had a plumbing and its new status. The small license at the time and when the repair type work gave way to City Engineer called and said that more and more site utility jobs

2013 underground ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

4701-B Little John St. • Baldwin Park, CA 91706 Phone: 800-813-8232 • Fax: 626-813-1594 Email:

The Largest Attachment Rental Inventory in Southern California

Shears Available

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Additional Equipment • Breakers • Auger Motors From Mini to Large Ex, Bits (8” Up To 60”) and Extension • Hydraulic Shears Mechanic and Hydraulic Pulverizer • Vibratory Compactors • Compaction Wheels

Hydraulic Breaker

• New and improved 8,000, 11,000, and 13,500 ft. lbs breakers.

Mini Shear

• No high oil flow required. • No need additional circuit to rotate

• Can be mounted on SSL, Mini-ex or even backhoe with proper plumbing

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• Rod inside of the frame no need guard plate to protect. • Speed valve as standard on 120, 130, 140 model



and soon the bulk of the work was primarily larger commercial, public works and industrial type jobs. Atlas-Allied began purchasing equipment in the 90’s beginning with just a few backhoes and then later larger excavators and wheel loaders. Sonny’s years of experience as a kid up to this point in his career had made him quite the shrewd bidder and the better paying jobs were being won and helping to grow the company to new levels.

In 1993, Atlas-Allied did a nearly $1 million project for Mount SAC College replacing underground fire lines. They also went to work for the Westminster Water Department changing out all of the water meters throughout the city. There was a sort of recession going on at this time and this was well before all of the bond money started to hit. Today, Atlas-Allied performs primarily general engineering pipeline work with an emphasis

on water line utility construction for municipalities and cities. They are currently working on a job in Southgate and just finished a project for the Rancho California Water District. The nearly $1 million Southgate job is interesting in the fact that it involves removing manganese and iron from a well treatment system consisting of several tanks and piping. Here they made way for the installation of a 10-ton filter vessel and built a

Above: The of City South Gate Well 27 - 16” tie in. Below: Metrolink Lancaster Station Utility Improvements.


2013 underground ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

Left & Above: Metrolink Lancaster Station Utility Improvements.

20,000-gallon backwash tank and installed all of the 10 inch cement and mortar pipe going to it. AtlasAllied’s biggest job since their inception would have to be the $5 million plus work they have done for Fullerton College over the past five years. The infrastructure had not been updated for many years and Atlas-Allied installed a new storm drain, new fire lines and numerous other upgrades. Atlas-Allied’s resume also includes major work

at John Wayne Airport, where they installed flush mount fire hydrants, as well as for the LACDPW in Santa Monica installing low flow diversion pipeline. Sonny and his wife Eva have worked side by side for these many years and today their daughter, Melissa works for the family business in the Estimating Department. Atlas-Allied has come along way from those first years working out of the family garage. Today, the company operates from their 6,000 sq. ft. company-owned office and yard

facility in Anaheim. They own and operate a fleet of equipment, including excavators, backhoes and dump trucks. Today with more than 40 years of continuous operation, Atlas-Allied has made a place for themselves in the water, sewer & storm drain construction business. They are poised and ready to handle anything that comes their way from water and sewer pump stations to low flow diversions and concrete structures. For more information on Atlas-Allied, Inc. please visit them online at www.atlas-allied. com or call (714) 630-3633. Cc

Left & Below: Fullerton College 36” Storm Drain Installation.



John Deere Offers Industry Leading Construction Technology Solutions Imagine sitting in your office and receiving a phone call from your construction equipment dealer with the news that one of your backhoes is having serious fluid level issues, and no one from your company has even looked at the machine yet. Well this is exactly what happened with one of Coastline Equipment’s loyal customers that is a subscriber to John Deere’s “JDLink™” telematics system. How cool is that. Having a dealer that is able to warn you of problems with your machine and initiate solutions without visiting the jobsite and charging you for a technician’s travel time. This is just one of the benefits you can expect with “WorkSight™ Solutions” and it’s suite of services; JDLink™, Fleet Care, Service ADVISOR™ Remote, Payload Weighing 14 14

and Integrated Grade Control. These technological solutions from John Deere can help you increase productivity and reduce downtime. Service ADVISOR™ Remote, an industry exclusive available only through John Deere, allows machine diagnostics to be performed remotely. Your dealer can provide you with performance readings to help you optimize production, all while you still enjoy the full functionality of your machine. If it is determined that parts are

2013 2013 underground underground ISSUE ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR CALCONTRACTOR

needed, they can be dispatched right away, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum. Your machine can also receive wireless software updates; again saving the time it takes for you or your dealer’s technician to show up on the jobsite with laptop in hand. Tom Michael, General Sales Manager at Coastline Equipment, says “We have so many examples of how WorkSight™ Solutions has helped our customers and saved them time and money. For instance one of our customers had a backhoe that was overheating and our automated system sent them an email alert, enabling them to correct the problem before it was able to do serious damage. In another case, we remotely determined that a sensor was bad on a grader and

eliminated hours of travel to the jobsite. The customer had the part on hand and was able to complete the repair in less time than it would have taken us to drive to the machine. We use several of these programs like JDLink™, Fleet Care and Service ADVISOR™ Remote to keep a close watch on our own rental fleet’s health. They alert us to potential problems and allow us to take corrective action before damage occurs. We invite customers to call any of our locations and have one of our professionally trained sales representatives demonstrate exactly what this technology can do for you. I feel we are industry leader right now, especially with Service ADVISOR™ Remote, and we look forward to discussing how we can help you and your company be more efficient and more profitable.” Service ADVISOR™ Remote is just one of five solutions

that John Deere and their local dealers offer through John Deere WorkSight™ Solutions. JDLink™ and Fleet Care work together with Service ADVISOR™ Remote, giving you machine hours, location, maintenance-tracking and geofencing capabilities, all from your computer, 24/7/365. They proactively monitor a machines health and collect valuable data, providing you with anywhere, anytime diagnostics, while allowing you to see whether machines are earning or idling and which operators are most efficient. Payload weighing enables you to glean precise load measurements, eliminates the risk of overloads and easily tracks the exact amount of material you are delivering to a customer or jobsite. This will certainly come in handy for those who are responsible for bidding a job, where accuracy equals a loss or a gain. Payload weighing comes standard on all

John Deere articulated dump trucks and is available on other machines as well. Integrated Grade Control will allow you to perform your job with more speed, fewer passes and greater accuracy. It will make a seasoned operator’s job easier and allow a novice to perform far beyond his or her level of expertise. Whether installed on a grader, dozer, or other types of equipment, you will also find it a valuable asset, virtually eliminating the need for the operator to exit the cab to check the grade. Bottom line… exactness becomes synonymous with more profit. John Deere WorkSight™ brings together their most advanced technology into one seamless package and in the process it saves your company time and money. For more information, contact Coastline Equipment at (562) 272-7400 or your closest John Deere dealer. Cc


15 15


2013 underground ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR



Ground Breakers Construction, Inc. By: Brian Hoover

Overhead picture from Dollar General Store site in Woodlake.


round Breakers Construction, Inc. is a full service site construction company out of Lebec, Calfornia. They have been providing their clients with the highest quality excavation and underground utility services since their inception back in 2004. Building and maintaining relationships with their customers and employees is the cornerstone of Ground Breakers continued success and being faithful stewards with what the Lord has entrusted to them and to glorify Christ in everything that they do is what will continue to sustain them. Their services include but are not limited to: site demolition, excavating, grading and underground utility construction. They work directly for their customers as a prime contractor or for General Contractors and Construction Managers as a sub contractor. Curtis Martin serves as Founder and President of Ground Breakers Construction, Inc. and 18

Changing Lives While Bringing The Highest Quality Excavation & Grading Services To Their Clients

has grown up in and around the construction business. Curtis learned from his father back in South Eastern Pennsylvania, where they were in the land development business. His father taught him the value of doing quality work and going that extra mile and that has remained with him today. With more than 25 years of excavating experience as a laborer, operator, safety manager, site superintendent and operations manager, Curtis is able to set the tone for the company’s high quality and efficiency standards. When the Martin Family arrived in California back in 2000, Curtis and his father and brothers continued to purchase land and build spec houses and custom homes primarily for families in the Lebec area. Under the name, Martin Brothers Construction, Curtis focused mainly on the grading, excavating and basic site work side of the business, while his father concentrated on the property development

2013 underground ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

side and his brothers took care of the building end. Then in 2004, Curtis decided to start his own grading and excavating company and he purchased most all of the equipment assets from his Family’s company. Marty Siebe is the Chief Operating Officer at Ground Breakers Construction and he began a career more than 23 years in the construction industry working for a reputable General Contractor in Santa Clarita, California. Marty also acquired his higher education degree at The Master’s College in Organizational Leadership, before returning to the construction field and taking on the COO responsibility at Groundbreakers. In this role, Marty is responsible for working with the President and the rest of the team to ensure growth, profitability safety, compliance and overall customer management. Marty has this to share about Groundbreakers Construction, “First and foremost, we

Left: Geo dig for university of Oregon for their geology department. Doing sizemic research and testing. Above: Undground utility work for Svenhard’s Bakery or a private business.

consider ourselves a site utility contractor with our grading and excavating services bringing up a close second. We also perform a variety of site demolition work and pick up those occasional odd jobs like when we demo’d the two 307 ft. KHJ radio towers in Los Angeles, California. Curtis has a tremendous passion and talent for fieldwork that is where he chooses to spend most of his days. He also has many other interests and is part owner in Dry Creek Mini Barns in Arvin, California and also has a passion for building mortarless stackable retaining walls for customers whenever possible. His real passion

Ranch fire timber project.

however is for the Lord Jesus Christ. He is a man of great faith and is involved in several Christian Missions to Cuba and South America. He is also on the board of directors for an orphanage he founded in Mexico. Curtis and his entire family and our entire team here at Ground Breakers are focused daily on doing what we can to glorify Christ. From being a good steward with what the Lord had provided to maintaining the highest ethical standards with everyone we come into contact with, we try and remain faithful.” Ground Breakers Construction, Inc. performs projects from $10,000 to $3

million and they have been fortunate to have formed solid relationships with companies like Switherton, SC Anderson and JTS Construction, for whom they have performed quite a bit of remodel work at the Tejon Rest Areas on the North and Southbound sides of the I-5 freeway. Marty Siebe continues, “It has been the public works projects that have kept us busy the past couple of years. Things are picking up right now. Not necessarily in the private sector, as we really have not seen much of any new home construction recently in the Santa Clarita Valley in the past five or six years. However,

Ranger Station up in Lockquick Valley.



Above & Top Right: Hollywood hills working on restoring slope after a mudslide. Right: Mini excavator working at an elementary school for SBS construction.

this is starting to also pickup particularly on the smaller track home projects. As more money becomes available, I am confident that both the public and private sectors will continue to grow. I am very optimistic and project that our company will most likely double in size over the next 24 months. We went through our lean times like most everyone else, however Curtis really did a great job of downsizing things like equipment inventory and only holding onto what the company actually owned. Divesting ourselves of payments and overhead and having the property paid for made weathering the storm just that much easier. We are now poised for great growth due to the Curtis’ vision.” Currently, Ground Breakers Construction is working in Woodlake doing earthwork for a new Dollar General store with General Contactor, KDC Construction. The company is doing all of the site work here including the grading, over20

excavation and re-compaction of the pad. They also recently began a site utilities project on a FEMA project for MTM Construction at Olive View Medical Center in Sylmar, California. Perhaps one of Ground Breakers more rewarding jobs has been to partner with Swinerton Builders in the improvement to Edison Learning Academy in Santa Monica for SMUSD. Responsible for all the underground utilities portion of the project, they are nearing completion of phase 1 on the project and readying themselves for phase 2 of the project. Phase 2 will involve the installation of a state of the art storm water retention system manufactured by Contech that the school will use to catch all rain water run-off and reuse to water their facility landscaping. In addition to the Contech system, there will be a completion of installation and tie-in to the phase 1 domestic/ fire water, sewer and storm water systems.

2013 underground ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

On just about any Ground Breakers job, you will most likely find a Komatsu machine. The Martin family has relied on Komatsu clear back to their days in Pennsylvania and continue to trust the brand today. Marty explains, “ We get great service and parts support from folks at Clairemont Equipment and our operators really like the Komatsu machines. We also have had John Deere equipment and are interested in looking at a Volvo machine in the near future.” We are on this earth to share the GOOD NEWS OF JESUS CHRIST (Matt. 28:19). This is the whole reason for Ground Breakers Construction’s existence. Providing the highest quality site utility, grading and excavating services to their customers is what sustains them and enables them to do God’s work. For more information on Ground Breakers Construction, Inc., please go to or call (661) 248-6490. Cc

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Best Warranty In The Industry! 19618 South Susana Road • Rancho Dominguez, CA 90221 Serving Southern California



Southern California Recycling Facility Doubles Productivity With Hyundai Loader

Of the many features, the HL740-9 has to offer, Agajanian has found the three engine mode selections, economy mode for light duty work, standard mode for general work and power mode for heavy duty work to be one of the most beneficial.


n 1989, when the California State Assembly passed Bill 939 mandating that 50 percent of all municipalities’ waste be diverted from sanitary landfills, waste industry veteran Dan Agajanian saw both a business opportunity and an environmental responsibility. It was the passing of this new bill that lead Agajanian to take action by adding a construction and demolition (C&D) recycling facility to his existing waste hauling company in East Los Angeles. Since its establishment in 2003, Agajanian and his staff at Direct Disposal have made it their mission to provide their southern California community with an eco-friendly, cost-effective solution to avoiding landfills. “Recycling has come a long way in California in recent years,” states Agajanian. “Unlike many other facilities, more than 75 percent of all C&D waste delivered to Direct Disposal is turned into reusable commodities. Our current recycling rate meets 22

the State of California’s guidelines and goals for the year 2020, something we take great pride in as a company.” One of only a handful of businesses to take this initiative, Direct Disposal is permitted to accept up to 174 tons of C&D waste daily including materials such as steel, metal, aluminum, copper, wiring, plastics, wood waste, dry wall, clean dirt, clean asphalt, clean concrete, mixed inert, tires and roofing material. The company accepts waste in various ways including customer drop offs and through the company’s rental and hauling service of roll off containers. Once the waste is received at the facility it is “processed” or sorted and separated into piles by type before being loaded into trucks and taken to other facilities for grinding, melt down and/or reuse in various forms. To manage this expansive undertaking, Agajanian relies heavily on his equipment. “We move 200-300 tons of material

2013 underground ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

around our facility on a daily basis,” states Agajanian. “Without the proper equipment in place, it is nearly impossible to keep up the necessary pace.” To assist in managing the incoming and outgoing waste at such a high rate, Agajanian decided it was only necessary to add a new piece of equipment to his fleet. It was then he connected with George Davis, Sales Manager of Heavy Equipment Sales, Hyundai Construction Equipment dealership with two locations in Corona and Pacoima, CA. Upon understanding the needs of Direct Disposal, Davis recommended a HL740-9 Hyundai wheel loader for the job. Agajanian was immediately impressed by the high-quality build and standard features the machine had to offer, not to mention, the competitive price. In November 2012, Agajanian purchased the Hyundai loader and has continued to be impressed by its performance and productivity ever since.

Dan Agajanian – Founder/President of Direct Disposal.

“Before this purchase, we reduce fuel consumption, which were bursting at the seams and Agajanian has seen first-hand. having a challenging time doing Direct Disposal has saved 100 our daily tasks with our old gallons of fuel per month since equipment,” states Agajanian. purchasing the Hyundai loader “Since we started working and with the cost of off-road with the Hyundai loader our diesel at around four dollars productivity has doubled and in per gallon the company will be a crucial industry like recycling, saving approximately $4,800 per that speaks volumes.” year. Direct Disposal uses the loader in multiple applications, but primarily for sorting and “We have had numerous separating waste into piles and loading the waste onto the different types and brands vast amount of trucks entering of machines over the the yard to be taken to other recycling facilities. According to years, but with the Agajanian, the machine loads approximately 80-100 tons of Hyundai loader there is no waste onto 3-4 large, highsided trucks per day and works a consistent 8-10 hours per day, comparison,” 5 days per week. Of the many features, the HL740-9 has to offer, Agajanian Direct Disposal has also has found the three engine mode found the advanced 5.7” wide selections, economy mode for color LCD screen and Hi-mate light duty work, standard mode Remote Management System for general work and power to be critical tools, especially mode for heavy duty work to when used in conjunction. The be one of the most beneficial. loader’s color monitor features This feature is designed to allow an integrated load weight system the operator to customize the which allows operators to machine’s engine power in order view the bucket’s current loadto increase productivity and capacity to prevent over and

under loading, which contributes to work efficiency. This data along with many other types of diagnostic data is stored and can be accessed through the Hi-mate Remote Management System from anywhere with internet access. Agajanian accesses this crucial information approximately once per week through a daily reporting function and monitors the machine’s total cycles and daily tonnage moved in and out of the facility per day. With these tools combined, Direct Disposal has been able to increase their total tonnage of waste moved, as well as their cycle times, by 50 percent. Enabling the Hyundai HL740-9 loader’s power and productivity is its reliable, fuel-efficient, 143 HP, Cummins, Tier-III QSB6.7 engine. The machine has an operating weight of 26,460 lbs, a bucket capacity of 3.0 cubic yards and a bucket breakout force of 24,800 lbs, all of which allow for the moving heavy waste materials. “We have had numerous different types and brands of machines over the years, but with the Hyundai loader there is no comparison,” states Agajanian. Cc



New Cat E Series Hammers for Medium and Large Excavators Deliver Enhanced Durability, Easy Operation and Maintenance Caterpillar has added three new models to the E Series Hammer line—H140Es, H160Es and H180Es—for use on medium and large excavators. Cat® E Series Hammers feature a rugged design for extended durability and solid reliability, and features such as automatic shut-off, silencing and vibration buffering make them easy on the operator. The E Series Hammers are designed to be field serviceable with common hand tools to keep them operating at peak performance. Cat hammers are wholly designed, engineered and manufactured by Caterpillar and are an optimum match to Cat carriers. The three new hammers match up with Cat excavators ranging from the 324E to the 374D L. Mounting brackets are available for Cat quick couplers. The energy classes of the H140Es, H160Es and H18Es are 6,000 ft-lb (8,135 J), 8,500 ft-lb (11,525 J) and 12,000 ft-lb (16,270 J), respectively. E Series Hammers feature a new symmetrical housing design, which allows rotating the housing 180 degrees to compensate for wear, effectively extending the life of the housing. The lower portion incorporates rock edges that add protection to the housing and enable quick positioning of boulders. An optional wear package is available to further enhance hammer durability in severe applications. The new housing is built for strength and lowers life cycle costs. A sleek, curved front and 24

Cat® H140Es Hammer breaks concrete chunks.

Cat H180Es Hammer breaks rock.

back profile eliminates stress points and transfers forces to the bottom of the hammer. Onepiece side plates eliminate points where cracks can start. The hammers are fully supported by Cat dealers so that customers can work with a single organization for machine and work tool parts and service. The E Series Hammers build on the proven D Series Hammers, which the new hammers replace. Those features include automatic shut-off, which instantly stops the hammer when the tool breaks through material. The system increases hammer reliability and durability by eliminating the high internal stresses created by blank firing. Another feature continued

in each E Series Hammer is the external pressure control valve, which reduces service time when an adjustment is necessary. Sound suppression is standard for environmental protection and enhanced operator comfort. Caterpillar hammer settings are preprogrammed in Cat excavator tool control systems for easy set up. The oil flow and pressure are fully adjustable in the tool control program. Also, actual hammer working hours can be recorded for routine maintenance purposes. For more information about E Series Hammers, contact the local Cat dealer or go to: hammers. Cc

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KOBELCO Excavators Hit US Soil for First Time in Over a Decade Houston, TX – Following the termination of a 10-year agreement with CNH in late December and the subsequent opening of their new, independent US Headquarters in early April, KOBELCO Construction Machinery USA is pleased to announce that the first shipment of their renowned excavators have arrived at the Ports of Galveston, Texas and Los Angeles, California. These first shipments will be delivered to customers or available at KOBELCO dealerships throughout the United States and Canada as early as next week. The initial shipment includes a wide range of models from KOBELCO’s full line of excavators in the 3,000 lb. to 180,000 lb. classes, many of which are on order from customers and dealers who are anxious to get true KOBELCO iron back on their jobsites or in their yards in time for peak construction season. “The overwhelmingly interest we’ve had in the product line by both customers and dealers is unlike anything I’ve seen in my many years in this industry. People love the KOBELCO brand and are excited to get back to the culture of the original KOBELCO, a culture that is Driven By Passion for the design, manufacture, sale and support of the product,” states Ron Hargrave, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for KOBELCO Construction Machinery USA. With equipment now in the field, KOBELCO is poised to deliver on their longstanding promise of total customer satisfaction. The company has a substantial parts inventory on 26

hand at their centrally based Houston headquarters for quick coast-to-coast shipment and delivery, as well as a full staff of parts and service personnel with a wide-range of industry experience to ensure their aftermarket support is industryleading. With many customers already familiar with the KOBELCO brand, the company is confident their reentry into the North American market will quickly result in considerable growth. “We are

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committed to manufacturing quality equipment and pricing it aggressively for today’s competitive marketplace,” states Katsuhiko Morita. “With a full network of established dealers behind us, we will be in a solid position to gain market share fairly quickly.” Additional machine shipments are already on the water for arrival at the Ports of Galveston, Los Angeles and Jacksonville. Subsequent shipments will be made on an ongoing basis. Cc



Quality you can rely on


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For details, contact your local Komatsu distributor.

HCEA Introduces NEW HL760-9A Wheel Loader

7651 Ronson Rd. San Diego, CA 92111 Office: 858-278-8351 Fax: 858-492-9959 San Diego 4726 Convoy St. Office: 858-278-8338 Fax: 858-278-4845 Escondido 1330 Mission Rd. Office: 760-739-9100 Fax: 760-739-8888 Fontana 8520 Cherry Ave. Office: 909-429-9100 Fax: 909-429-9397 Imperial 440 West Aten Rd. Office: 760-355-7700 Fax: 760-355-7704 Indio 81-501 Industrial Place Office: 760-863-5558 Fax: 760-863-0959

The NEW HL760-9A Wheel Loader Norcross, Ga. – Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas announced the newest wheel loader model, the HL760-9A. This new model features a certified IT4 engine upgrade, improved durability and enhanced operator comfort. The HL760-9A is part of Hyundai’s new line of 9A series wheel loaders, all of which meet IT4 standards. Equipped with a low emission, low noise, 222 hp Cummins IT4/ Stage IIIB QSB6.7 engine, the HL760-9A provides power while remaining fuel efficient. Operators can choose between three unique engine modes, power, standard and economy, which enable the machine to switch between full power and reduced fuel consumption according to the user’s preference. The HL7609A’s fully automatic transmission features four step shift modes: manual, light, normal and heavy. The loader has an operating weight of 40,450 lbs, a 4.3 cubic yard bucket capacity and a bucket breakout force of 35,780 lbs. The wheel loader is also available in an extended reach (XTD) model for jobs where a higher dump height is a necessity such as loading high sided trucks and hoppers and stock piling material The HL760-9A has been enhanced with rounded front glass and larger door glass, giving users improved visibility from all angles. Other amenities include an increased cooling and heating capacity with fully automatic climate control, tilting and telescopic steering, an adjustable wrist wrest for reduced operating stress, an improved ladder with 20 degree incline, a 5.7-inch touch screen LCD color monitor and large, deep tread, aluminum cast steps making entering and exiting the cab safer and easier. The loader features an integrated load weighing system, viewable through the monitor, for improved work efficiency and a self-diagnostic, monitoring system with an active display of engine, hydraulic system, transmission and electrical component information. The LCD monitor is also functional as a rearview backup camera. Cc 2013 Underground ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


ADVERTISER’S INDEX A.S.A.P. Heavy Equipment Rentals.......25

Nixon-Egli Equipment Co.......Back Cover

CAT Group...............................................2

RDO Equipment Co.................................5

Clairemont Equipment.....................28, 29

Savala Equipment Rental......................30

Construction Marketing Services..........27

Trench Shoring Company......................21

Coastline Equipment...............................3

UB Equipment Corp..............................11

Coastline Equipment Crane Div.............31

Volvo Construction Equip. & Svcs..... 25, 27

GoldStar Asphalt Products..............16, 17

Westrax Machinery................................21

Heavy Equipment Rentals.....................27


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Nixon-Egli Equipment Co., LeeBoy and GoldStar Asphalt Products

Above and Right: GoldStar Asphalt Products utilizes their brand new LeeBoy 8515 paving machine on a project at the Port of Long Beach where it put down 1500-tons of asphalt in 7.5 hours.

GoldStar Asphalt Products offers a full line of products and materials to meet all of your asphalt maintenance needs. GoldStar Asphalt also owns an extensive operated rental fleet with new and highly maintained equipment. Centrally located in Perris, California, GoldStar recently took delivery of a brand new LeeBoy 8515 paving machine from Nixon-Egli Equipment Co. and added it to their growing fleet. When Jeff Nelson, owner of GoldStar Asphalt Products made the decision to purchase a small paver, he knew it was going to be LeeBoy. Jeff comments, “I called Allen Hahn from Nixon-Egli and told him it’s time to add a small paver to our rental fleet, and he suggested the 8515 with a 7.5-ton hopper. We ordered the machine with the heated and vibrating Legend Screed System and electric over hydraulic controls. This machine lays a finished mat better then any medium-sized paver in its class. We first used our new LeeBoy 8515 on a 1500-ton job, which we completed in 7.5 hours. It amazed everyone by how it performed just like one of our larger paving machines.” Jeff, adds, “Everyone who knows us as Goldstar Asphalt Products, also knows that our extensive rental fleet offers only the best pavers, rollers, milling machines and crews. We are so happy with service and equipment line offerings at Nixon-Egli and we are planning to order a second milling machine. We appreciate the support and quality equipment that Allen Hahn our Nixon-Egli Equipment representative has sold us over the past 25 years. Things are getting very busy and we are gearing up to service our customers the way they have been accustomed to when they rent or buy from GoldStar Asphalt Products. To accomplish this, we plan on continuing to do business with Nixon-Egli Equipment Co. for our next 25 years.”


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