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2012 Owner / Operator ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

2012 Owner / Operator CALCONTRACTOR


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A True Small Contractor Cinderella Story


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The Return of The Bridge Crushing Jaws of National Demolition Contractors’ Machinery & Their Specialized Crews

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Putting Years of Experience To Work In The Southern California Pulverizing & Stabilization Business

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2012 Owner / Operator ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR



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2012 Owner / Operator CALCONTRACTOR


Poppin Backhoe Service A True Small Contractor Cinderella Story Written by: Brian Hoover

(Left to Right) Dennis McShane, Sales Representative, Westrax Machinery, and Poppin Backhoe Service employees and family members: Anna Poppin, Safety Director, Bruce Poppin, Vice President and Bob Fuller, Project Manager. Who doesn’t appreciate a good Cinderella story? You know when the wicked stepmother exploits the downtrodden stepdaughter to the point of utter exhaustion and failure, only to have the determined young girl later succeed beyond her wildest dreams. The Poppin Backhoe story may not be quite as dramatic, however it does serve as proof positive that sometimes in this backwards world, the small guy can actually catch a break and go on to great success. The story here is along the same lines, however the characters


have taken a bit of a different form. In this case corporate bureaucracy represents the wicked stepmother, while Cinderella is represented by a very small disadvantaged business enterprise. The fairy godmother is played by the small business administration, which swiped its magic wand through the air and brought dramatic new change to the ‘Good Faith Effort’ program. I think the best way to tell this story is just to start at the beginning. Once upon a time there was a hard working equipment operator by the name of Bruce Poppin. Bruce

2012 Owner / Operator ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

had been working in the general engineering construction business his entire life. He was a hard working, secondgeneration contractor, who along with his father, owned and operated a good-sized general engineering contracting company from 1980 to 1991. Bruce had also worked as a project manager for several well-known Southern California construction firms. In 2007, while working for one of Southern California’s largest heavy civil underground and grading contractors, Bruce approached his wife, Pamela with the idea of becoming a self-employed owner-operator. He explained that he wanted to purchase a single backhoe and begin taking on work as a small independent contractor. Together, Bruce and Pamela started their new enterprise with his wife being a 51% shareholder of the brand new state certified micro business. Pamela applied for and became a Women Business Enterprise (WBE), as well as a Small Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (SDBE). They began taking on jobs as a operated equipment rental company, but in 2008, when things came to a screeching halt, they were forced to get their ‘A’ contractors license and begin bidding on jobs as a contractor in order to try and remain afloat. They started out very small and were able to weather through

4701-B Little John St. • Baldwin Park, CA 91706 Phone: 800-813-8232 • Fax: 626-813-1594 Email:

The Largest Attachment Rental Inventory in Southern California

Shears Available

Compaction Wheels Available

Additional Equipment • Breakers • Auger Motors From Mini to Large Ex, Bits (8” Up To 60”) and Extension • Hydraulic Shears Mechanic and Hydraulic Pulverizer • Vibratory Compactors • Compaction Wheels

Hydraulic Breaker

• New and improved 8,000, 11,000, and 13,500 ft. lbs breakers.

Mini Shear

• No oil required. • No need additional circuit to rotate • Can be mounted

on SSL, Mini-ex or even backhoe with proper plumbing

New Reverse Cylinder & Reconditioned Crushers Available!

• Rod inside of the frame no need guard plate to protect. • Speed valve as standard on 120, 130, 140 model

2012 Owner / Operator CALCONTRACTOR


Poppin Backhoe Service’s LiuGong 842 III wheel loader out on the $1.4 million Berth 100 project, where they are performing all of the sewer, water and storm drain work. This utility construction work includes the installation of 3,600 linear feet of 12” pipe, as well as 1,500 linear feet of 36” and 24” reinforced concrete storm drainpipe. They are also constructing the trench drains and various underground structures as well.

the lousy economy one job at a time. Bruce was operating the equipment, while Pamela worked out of their living room, helping Bruce land storm drain and grading type projects. Bruce had gained all of the valuable experience and insight over the years to handle any sized job, but cash flow and bonding capacities forced them to keep it small and steady. Then in January of 2012, Poppin Backhoe Service was invited to bid on a couple of projects at the Port of Los Angeles. They were listed as a subcontractor for the site utilities portion of the work on Berth 100, where prime contractor, Reyes Construction was overseeing the overall extension of the wharf area. Bruce Poppin comments, “We were sent a letter from the Port of Los Angeles in February


inviting us to a pre-bid meeting. I reminded my wife that we had been to a hundred of these meetings and it was really just about fulfilling their good faith effort duties. In my mind there was just no way these big guys were going to use us and even if they did, we did not have the bonding capacity for jobs of this size anyway. My wife, being the level headed person she is, responded by telling me that we could miss out on some valuable information if we did not show up at the prebid meeting. I went ahead to the meeting and to my shock there were small business administration representatives present from the Obama Committee. They proceeded to give a speech on how the current good faith efforts were not working and they were making some major changes

2012 Owner / Operator ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

effective immediately. It was mentioned that in the interest of not losing any of the federal money by not complying with the new requirement, all bids must be accompanied by a 5% minimum mandatory VSBE contractor. A man stood up and asked, ‘well what if we just fill out the good faith effort like we have been doing before.’ The gentlemen then explained to him and the others present that this would be considered a non-responsive bid and they would be forced to move on to the next bidder. Then another representative of a large construction firm asked, ‘where are we going to find someone that does underground work and is also a SDBE licensed engineering contractor.’ The small business representative then said, ‘funny you should ask that. We just happen to

have invited a few of them to join us at this meeting today.’ They asked us to raise our hands and then suggested that the general contractors at the meeting should contact us and get a bid. This would be a day to remember. Just as my wife and I were seriously thinking about hanging up our hardhats and retiring to our property in Northern California, we were presented as the winner of not just one LA Port bid, but two. We were chosen to do the site utilities for Berth 100 for Reyes Construction, which was a $1.4 million job and we also won the bid that we had put in three days earlier for all of the trenching and excavation of hazardous material out at Berth 302 and 305 for Dyna Electric. This was a $2.2 million job and just like that we had $3.6 million dollars of work on our books.” The most that Poppin Backhoe Service had done in a single year up to this time was at right around $500 thousand. This stroke of luck, destiny, fate or

whatever you want to call it had now put Poppin Backhoe Service on a whole different level, but by doing so, it opened up other challenges that had to be met. Expansion of this magnitude usually means having to endure growing pains. Bruce explains, “We are so fortunate to have benefited from our affiliation with the SDBE and WBE programs. Now we just had to figure out where all of the money to acquire additional equipment, operators and supplies was going to come from. The banks are just not a contractor’s friend in any way shape or form these days, even though you would think being awarded contracts of this size would be enough to secure a loan. Not so and it has nothing to do with credit scores. The banks are just not lending, period. So, we made the decision to exhaust our 401K’s and even borrowed funds from private individuals to make sure that we do this thing right. It will all pay off

soon and I can feel and smell the positive energy in the air. We are now bidding multimillion jobs and coming in 2nd and 3rd. Our immediate goal is to put another $3 to $4 million on the books and keep our momentum going. We just hired Bob Fuller as our new project manager and let me tell you he is really doing a great job for us during these stressful times. My wife and I have been working most Saturdays and Sundays and all of us have learned to multitask in order to stay ahead of the game. My daughter, Anna Poppin and I also took the required HAZMAT certification course together, as the Berth 302/305 job requires that a 40-hour trained HAZMAT manager be on site at all times. In addition, our son Christopher works long hours as one of our equipment operators. It is very tough right now and it seems that we are working all of the time, but I couldn’t be happier for the way that things are working out.”

Poppin Backhoe Service recently took delivery of the very first LiuGong backhoe on the West Coast. 9 2012 Owner / Operator ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

2012 Owner / Operator CALCONTRACTOR


Poppin Backhoe Services LiuGong 906 mini excavator working out at the $2.2 million Berth 302/305 Port of Los Angeles New Amp Project for Dyna Electric. Poppin is using their new LiuGong equipment to place more than 25,000 linear feet of conduit to provide electricity to the ships.

In the past, Poppin Backhoe Service has rented much of the heavy equipment they have needed to get by on each job. They also have an existing small fleet of equipment consisting of a Komatsu backhoe and compact excavator, a John Deere excavator and a Bobcat skid loader. Along with these Port of Los Angeles projects came the need for Tier III or Tier IV compliant equipment to be used on the jobsite in order to comply with the green Port of Los Angeles mandates. Bruce comments, “The time had come to purchase some heavy equipment and we were looking at all of the brands. We had rented equipment from Dennis McShane in the past and he was now working for Westrax Machinery out of Rancho Dominguez. He approached us to let us know that Westrax was offering some amazing bargains on LiuGong equipment. We were already in negotiations with


another brands for a wheel loader and a backhoe, but we said that we would take a look at what Westrax had to offer. After checking out what most of the manufacturers had to offer, we came back for a good look at LiuGong and ended up purchasing a LiuGong 842 III wheel loader from Dennis McShane and Westrax Machinery. I have been running another brand most of my life. I have more than 25 to 30 thousand hours under my belt running heavy machinery and my experience with this our new LiuGong wheel loader is so positive that I can honestly say that I would put the it up against any other brand, any day of the week. In addition to the wheel loader, we also purchased the very first LiuGong 766 rubber tired backhoe to be delivered to the west coast. It came standard with cab and air and has excellent breakout force and plenty of swing. Our third purchase was a LiuGong

2012 Owner / Operator ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

906 mini excavator and we have been so pleased with its performance that we are in the process of purchasing a larger 922 LiuGong 50,000 lb. excavator from Westrax as well. I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised by the performance of our new LiuGong equipment. For us it is all about economics, and for less than what I would have paid in rental on these two jobs, I now own a small fleet of equipment. We saved about 50% on each purchase when comparing the price to a new competitive unit and we received a three-year warranty to boot. For a small business like ours that truly means everything.� Poppin Backhoe Service operates out of their new Signal Hill yard and office. For more information on how they can assist you with your next job, please call (562) 881-5465 or visit their new website at www. Cc


Per/Mo OAC

Tier III, 4-Yard Bucket, Coupler and Forks


Per/Mo OAC

Tier III, 76 HP, Skid Steer


Per/Mo OAC

Tier III, 80,000 lb., Excavator

19618 South Susana Road • Rancho Dominguez, CA 90221 Serving Southern California

2012 Owner / Operator CALCONTRACTOR


The Return of The Bridge Crushing Jaws of National Demolition Contractors’ Machinery & Their Specialized Crews

Written by: Brian Hoover

The sequel to Carmageddon, dubbed Carmageddon II came and went much like last year by not living up to the billing of traffic madness and mayhem. This of course is a good thing for everyone that lives and works in the Los Angeles area and uses the 405 Freeway each and every day. The 405 was closed between the 10 and 101 freeways from Midnight Saturday until 5:00 am on Monday. Like last year, motorists listened and adhered to the warnings to avoid this particular stretch of freeway at all costs. It didn’t however stop the onslaught of looky-loos from showing up, creating some minor inconveniences, which seven individuals paid for by receiving

330D Ultra High Reach Excavator Repositioning to begin demo activity. 12

citations from the Highway Patrol who were out in force. Crews from Penhall Corporation and National Demolition Contractors, Inc. were given a 5:00 am Monday deadline, however they finished hours earlier. This is fortunate, because had they overshot their 53hour time limit there would have been a stiff penalty to pay of approximately $360,000 per hour. Ouch. The reopening of the 405 freeway began at around 8:45 pm with the northbound lanes opening first, followed by the southbound lanes just a few hours later. The dismantling of the Mulholland Drive Bridge was not without challenges. A Cat 330D Ultra High Reach Excavator First, there was 30 percent with Pulverizer, Shear Combo Attachment. more bridge to deal with this time and four columns full of 1 1/2-inch rebar to operators mind as they worked dismantle instead of just two to keep each piece of falling the year prior. One of the debris away from the existing west side columns was able new bridge structure. By jobs to be tipped over against the end, more than 2,700 cubic embankment before being yards of material, including demolished, however the 300 tons of steel and a fourother three had to be taken foot pad of dirt intentionally apart in place. This proved to laid on the roadway beneath be a very delicate operation to protect it from falling debris considering that there was the were removed. Before final new part of the Mulholland clearance could be given, Drive Bridge standing there, street sweepers were brought just daring construction crews in to insure that every spec of and machines to damage it. debris was removed before Caution was the word of the day inspection and reopening of and it was constantly on every the 405 freeway.

2012 Owner / Operator ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

2012 Owner / Operator CALCONTRACTOR


at Penhall Corporation for allowing us to once again be part of this project and I also want to thank their entire management team who worked so very hard to ensure that everything remained safe and on schedule. I would like to particularly recognize Ray Dickenson and Frank Glen, whose involvement was so very critical to the success of this operation. I would also like to recognize our very own Richard Alarcon (NDC Superintendent) and all of our operators, mechanics and additional staff for their hard work and tireless dedication to this high profile demolition 330D Ultra High Reach Excavator Shearing project. Everyone worked rebar and pulverizing surrounding concrete day and night and their skill at same time. and professionalism was very much appreciated. Additionally, I would like to Crews were onsite by 2:00 recognize one of our valued PM and reported to the safety equipment suppliers, UB meeting at 3:00 pm, before Equipment and Charles Min going over preparation like who has provided us with personal protection gear that such outstanding attachments they were required to wear at and service for many years all times on the site. National now. Without UB Equipment’s Demolition then went to work shears, crushers and hydraulic assisting Penhall Corporation breakers, this job would just in laying down a 4-foot thick not have been possible to dirt protection pad underneath complete in the short timeframe the bridge that extended out we were given. This year was 12 to 15 feet outside of the bridge perimeter. Next, National a bit more complicated and demanded more from all of us. mobilized their specialized We were required to work in Caterpillar 330D Ultra High an extremely limited working Reach Excavator, outfitted area, where an existing bridge with their UB shear/pulverizer structure and utilities were combination attachment. present. This portion of the Additionally they utilized bridge contained a lot more their (2) Cat 325 and (2) Cat electrical, water and gas 330 excavators with breaker utilities and obviously much attachments to begin bringing more conduit as well. We also down the other half of the had a little more pressure on Mulholland Drive Bridge. Jeff us this time with more severe Perry, Owner and President liquidated damages. I can of National Demolition honestly state that if not for the Contractors had this to say tremendous organization and about the project, “First of all teamwork between Penhall and I just want to thank everyone 14

2012 Owner / Operator ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

our company, I don’t think we could have finished on time. It became necessary that we assist one another to keep production flowing. This meant jumping into one another’s machines and helping and helping one another with every aspect of the job from demolition to cleanup. Bottom line, it wouldn’t have happened any other way”. The concrete material was trucked just a few miles away to a portable crushing and recycling location for the prime contractor, Kiewit Infrastructure West, Co., to use later as Class II base on the Sepulveda Pass

Inside the bridge 1 1/2-inch rebar with 4000 PSI concrete. Improvement project. The rebar was also taken to a recycling yard, making this demo job truly 100 percent green. Kiewit Infrastructure West, Co. will have approximately the next 12-months to finish construction of the Mulholland Drive Bridge. The demolition of the Mulholland Drive

Bridge is part of the $1-billion Sepulveda Pass Improvements Project, which adds a 10-mile northbound carpool lane that will connect surburban San Fernando Valley to the Los Angeles International Airport. In addition to this muchpublicized project, National Demolition also recently began working on the Ujima Village Demolition project in the city of Los Angeles for the CDC. This project encompasses over 400 low income family project units, National will have to abate each unit of all asbestos containing materials before the actual demolition can begin. National demolition was selected partly for its reputation of completing high profile jobs on time, on budget and above all safe. The project is currently in its first phase and is scheduled to last between 6-7 Months and is slated to be one of the smoothest projects National has worked on due to the highly skilled and qualified management staff and engineers the CDC has put in place. National Demolition Contractors began over a decade ago when Jennifer and

330D UHD cutting concrete girder. Jeff Perry started a construction debris hauling company. Today they are one of only a handful of demolition and abatement companies able to handle any size project, with a bonding capacity in excess of $80 million. The company’s capabilities range from a $20,000 house

demo to multi-million dollar takedowns. In addition to general demolition, they also offer abatement, environmental soil remediation, recycling and green demolition, disaster relief and emergency services, as well as operated equipment rentals. Their focus and goal is to become the largest most respected demolition and abatement company in the nation. And with the largest fleet of Caterpillar demolition equipment and reliable UB attachments; combined with their flawless safety record and zero OSHA violations, National Demolition Contractors is well on its way to solidifying themselves as a company that’s not just changing the industry, but setting the new standard! For more information on National Demolition Contractors, please call (310) 732-1991 or visit them at www. Cc

Overview of all demolition activity, NDC had over 5 Machines on site ranging in weight from 50k lbs to 100k lbs.

2012 Owner / Operator CALCONTRACTOR


Thomas Whedon Construction, Inc.

Putting Years of Experience To Work In The Southern California Pulverizing & Stabilization Business Written by: Brian Hoover

(Above) Thomas Whedon, President of Thomas Whedon Construction, Inc. For many, working for one’s self is the quintessential American Dream. The current economic downturn has caused many Americans to redefine their careers and pursue their own business venture. While it is true that having your destiny in your own hands seems comforting, it can also be the scariest thing ever, especially when a steady paycheck is no longer coming in. So, perhaps the first thing you may want to consider is whether being your own boss truly makes sense for you in your individual situation. The decision to go it on your own can mean financial and personal ruin or success that you could never have imagined working that 9 to 5 job. The truth is that working


(L to R) Spencer Breedlove, Operating Engineer Apprentice, and Chad Yeager, 50% Partner & Owner of Thomas Whedon Construction, Inc.

for one’s self almost always requires more work and longer hours, however the freedom and satisfaction that comes along with it can be most rewarding. Ask yourself one important question. Are you happy with your life and your current job situation? If your answer was yes, then why would you consider a change? However, if the answer is no, then perhaps you should consider going it on your own, doing what you love. That is if you can swing it financially. For Thomas Whedon, the decision to go out on his own first appealed to him back in 2006. It wasn’t because he was unhappy with his career choice, but because it was simply the natural progression of working his way up through the ranks of

2012 Owner / Operator ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

other companies and deciding that the time had come to try it on his own. Tom had worked in the road construction and soil stabilization business since 1993, when he started out as a flagman on a paving crew. After working for 4 or 5 companies for over a 20-year span, he decided to become an owner operator and offer his operated equipment rental services in 2006, under the name, Thomas Whedon Construction. The first year was a oneman show and Tom rented the heavy equipment he needed for each job. He had built up an exemplary resume over the years, earning a muchdeserved reputation for being one of the industries most competent operators. Tom mostly performed various

2012 Owner / Operator CALCONTRACTOR


grading and soil stabilization jobs, for companies that did not have their own in-house equipment or were simply looking for an experienced owner operator. “While contracting on my own, I was approached by a long-time friend and onetime co-worker, who was working for a wellknown soil stabilization and asphalt pulverization contractor. I had been on my own for around 2-years and

I began to grow weary of constantly chasing money and missed collecting that regular paycheck. The company offered me a job and so in March of 2008 I went back on the payroll and stayed there for the next four years”, explains Tom Whedon. Tom was content in his situation and before long he was running the show as the company’s general manager. Then in early 2012, the decision

was made by the owners to liquidate the company and he once again found himself in a big life changing, decisionmaking situation. He had worked hard and brought the company he was managing from $600,000 in annual sales to a whopping $12 million in revenue a year. Tom adds, “I didn’t want to lose all of the momentum I had built over the past four years and so I asked Chad Yeager and a few select

Tom Whedon comments, “I have had a lot of working experience with the Wirtgen W120 cold milling machine from my days at Soil Stabilization & Asphalt Pulverization, Inc. All of the operators really liked this machine and that is what led us to our first purchase. The Wirtgen W120 is an extremely maneuverable milling machine with a zero cutting edge that will allow you to back up directly to the curb, unlike the bigger machines. It can also handle the larger jobs without that big price tag. Nixon-Egli Equipment Co. has always been fair with us in the past and their excellent sales and service staff is what will keep us coming back.”

individuals to come work with me in a new startup operation. Chad was a tremendous help in the startup of this new venture and I am extremely grateful for his knowledge and expertise. The name remained Thomas Whedon Construction (TWC), but this time, my partner, Chad


Yeager and I took it a step further and purchased a brand new state-of-the-art Wirtgen W120 milling machine from Nixon-Egli Equipment Co. Just recently we also just added a new road stabilizer/pulverizer to our fleet. The timing was right and I am happy to say that we

2012 Owner / Operator ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

will most likely come in at over $2 million in sales by the end of our first year of work.” Thomas Whedon Construction specializes in soil stabilization, asphalt pulverization, cold milling, grinding and grading. They service all of Central and

(Above Left) Thomas Whedon Construction working at the Target Shopping Center in Temecula, California. (Right) Hamm roller compacting newly paved asphalt in Temecula.

Southern California, as well as offering operated equipment rentals to Arizona and Nevada. Tom has three very experienced full-time operators working for him and together they just concluded a $250,000 contract for the City of Pomona, as a subcontractor to All American Asphalt. The job required TWC to pulverize approximately 390,000 square feet of roadway on South Campus Drive from Temple to Ridgeway. This is a main roadway for Cal Poly Pomona and TWC’s portion impacted the school operations from July 5th of this year into the first week of October. They pulverized 20 ½ inches down and then stabilized with a cement treated base. Additionally, Thomas Whedon Construction is currently under construction in Temecula, where they are once again working for All American Asphalt. This is a $500,000 contract and not only represents TWC’s largest job to date, but also their most challenging. They are contracted to remove the entire roadway section on Ynez Road from Solana to

Winchester, which runs directly in front of the Promenade Mall. After grinding off the asphalt and rock base surface, TWC trucked the material over to a nearby stockpile to be used later as crushed miscellaneous base. However before returning the recycled material to the road section, they first have to remove an additional six inches of undesirable subsoil and export it off of the jobsite. Then along with the reused crushed asphalt, the entire section receives a final grade, before All American Asphalt takes over to install the new roadway surface. “This project is turnkey and is part of a 5-year capital improvement program. We are performing everything except for the paving portion of this job, and have completed all of the intersection work up to this point. We are also performing almost all of our work at night due to traffic constraints in the City of Temecula. The time and logistical expertise needed to remove 18-inches of reusable material from one main travel lane starting at 9:00 pm, and then having to have that section reopened and ready

for traffic by 5:00 am the next morning can be daunting. I am fortunate to have such experienced and talented operators who can work safely and quickly. We first began the job back in September, however progress has temporarily been suspended for the holidays and should be back up, running and then completed by April of 2013”, explains Tom Whedon. Thomas Whedon Construction is one of only a small handful of stabilizing and pulverizing contractors in Southern California. Tom concludes, “I plan to continue growing this business slowly and steadily by hiring only the best operators and training them myself. I also plan on adding additional pieces of pulverizing and stabilizing equipment from quality equipment companies like Nixon-Egli Equipment Co. By putting quality only second to safety, I know that the sky is the limit for our company and I truly look forward to our upcoming years successful business.” For more information on Thomas Whedon Construction, please call 714-315-9630. Cc

2012 Owner / Operator CALCONTRACTOR


Volvo SD75 Soil Compactor — High Productivity Meets Low Emissions

When it comes to demanding compacting jobs, the new SD75 soil compactor from Volvo Construction Equipment is loaded with features that enable it to take on a wide range of applications. The highly maneuverable, mid-sized compactor is suited for small to medium sized jobs and even performs well inside structures. New features improve the SD75 compacting capability — boosting efficiency and productivity while lowering cost of operation, according to the manufacturer. Built for optimum compacting performance, the SD75 provides greater material density in fewer passes. High centrifugal forces, high frequency and drum weight all combine to produce the energy necessary for enhanced compaction and high machine productivity. 20

Dynamic drum forces can be adapted to suit a wide range of terrain or depth of material. High or low amplitudes are selectable from the operator control panel. Additionally, two drum frequencies can be chosen with a console switch to compensate for changing soil types and conditions and an optional 5-frequency feature further boosts the machine’s versatility and performance. A center joint provides +/-38 degrees of articulation and +/17 degrees of drum oscillation for stable, flexible machine performance and greater operator comfort over rough terrain. Because the 66-in. (167 cm) wide drum remains in constant contact with the ground surface, compaction is both smooth and uniform. Able to negotiate slopes of up to 33 percent, the SD75 drum frame design offers better, more effective gradeability. The possibility of digging into the surface or damaging the machine is eliminated, as an angled frame allows better clearance in the approach to steep slopes and while loading, according to the manufacturer. The SD75 is a steady and stable work platform with a heavily constructed axle that is integrated in the drive train for an efficient rear-wheel drive system. Traction is increased with the No-Spin differential axle, which prevents tire slippage and improves gradeability, performance and productivity. The optional UltraGrade traction system also improves gradeability when operating on slippery surfaces and steep inclines.

2012 Owner / Operator ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

More Productive, With More Care for the Environment One highlight of the new SD75 is its powerful 4-cylinder Volvo engine (99.2 hp [73.9 kW]) which combines Tier IVi and EPA certification with the performance, dependability and fuel efficiency for which Volvo is known. A diesel particulate filter (DPF) burns off and eliminates material build-up — further reducing emissions. A hydraulically operated engine cooling fan runs only when needed, reducing fuel consumption and noise levels. Volvo long life coolants protect the machine for up to 6,000 hours, resulting in lowered operating costs and more uptime. For added peace of mind, the engine is backed by Volvo dealer service and parts support, as well as a 1,000-hour warranty. Safety First — and Last In line with the Volvo commitment to safety, the emergency stop system can be easily activated by the operator, shutting down the engine, applying the brakes and stopping the machine’s movement. Further promoting safe operating conditions, a switch located in the seat will shut the machine down and apply the brakes if the operator rises from the seat for more than five seconds during operation. Care for the environment also is ingrained in the design of the new SD75. Even simple things are important — for example a new hydraulic oil fill and Volvo standard sight glass are now included as standard, minimizing the possibility of oil spills and overfilling. Cc

2012 Owner / Operator CALCONTRACTOR


New John Deere E-Series Features North America’s Largest ADT The new John Deere 460E ADT joins the 370E and 410E as part of the cutting-edge E-Series. The 46-ton 460E, the highlight of the three models, is Deere’s largest, most operator friendly truck ever built. Designed and built in Davenport, Iowa, the E-Series ADTs feature a John Deere PowerTech™ 13.5L IT4 engine with three power levels based on the model – 422 net hp (370E), 443 net hp (410E), and 481 net hp (460E). A purpose built ZF transmission includes a high capacity retarder, eight forward gears and four reverse gears. In addition, the new John Deere hauler axles are designed for heavy-duty applications and include on-the-fly differential locks, outboard planetaries and each axle is independently pressure lubed and filtered. The E-Series axles use internal wet disc brakes that utilize independent cooling circuits. Allowing the differential lock system to run in automatic mode will simplify operation for new operators by taking the guesswork out of using the differential locks. When ground conditions get soft and difficult, the system will automatically control the axle differential locks as well as the inter-axle differential lock all while the truck is still moving. An experienced operator can still choose to manually engage the traction controls. The new ADTs incorporate high-strength materials to provide durable, long lasting structures while still keeping a strong focus on overall weight and distribution. This provides excellent powerto-weight ratios and hauling 22

efficiencies. A newly designed stay-tight oscillation joint, highsuspension travel on all axles, and balanced weight distribution also provide the agility and ability to navigate hostile terrain. To minimize the risk of rollover while unloading, the dump body can be restricted from rising when the rear chassis exceeds a predetermined slope angle. Another new customer driven feature of the E-Series and a hallmark for John Deere is centralized, true ground level servicing to simplify daily maintenance and overall serviceability. All daily service can be completed from the ground. In addition, the allnew John Deere Adaptive Suspension Control System improves stability to increase productivity on the worksite. This new suspension system is standard on all E-Series ADTs. Hydraulically controlled fans with swing out cooling packages on

2012 Owner / Operator ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

both sides of the engine highlight the cool on demand system. For dusty environments, there is a reversible fan option available for simplified cooler cleanout. The cab monitor provides an easy to read LCD screen with onboard diagnostics, analog/ digital gauges, and vital system indicators. Two ergonomically positioned sealed switch modules simplify operation and convenience controls. The auto shutdown feature turns off the engine after an ownerdetermined period of inactivity to help save fuel while reducing emissions, idle time operation, and subsequent wear on the power train and hydraulics. An On Board Weighing (OBW) system allows contractors to view the weight and the number of loads carried via JDLink™, improving project management and equipment utilization. For more information, contact your local John Deere dealer. Cc

Mike Pettus joins Yale Chase - JCB Southern California City of Industry, Calif. – Yale Chase – JCB Southern California is pleased to announce the appointment of Mike Pettus as their Key Account Manager for San Diego County. Mike will be handling new and used JCB construction equipment sales. Mike has over eighteen years experience in customer service and machine sales. He comments, “I love it when a customer calls with a machine application problem and they are looking for new ideas. We work together to find the machine that will get the job completed. JCB machines are designed with original features including; safety, strength and durability, that makes it easy for me to fit our equipment with any application.” Mike has a daughter Remington and he is based out of San Marcos, California. Cc

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Caterpillar Unveils First Hybrid Excavator Caterpillar Inc. (NYSE: CAT) unveiled the first model in its new line of hybrid excavators, the CatÂŽ 336E H, at its Mossville Industrial Design Center on Oct. 16 at a special trade press event. The Cat 336E H uses a new hydraulic hybrid technology developed by Caterpillar. Since the introduction of the 300 Series in 1994, the family of excavators has become the industry standard in a large variety of general, quarry and heavy construction applications. Caterpillar introduced the standard 336E in 2010 as a direct replacement for the 336D. The 336E was introduced primarily to meet Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB emissions standards, and like any new Cat machine, the 336E includes several enhancements over its predecessor, including more horsepower with greater fuel efficiency, more lift capability, higher digging force and automatic aftertreatment regeneration. The 336E H has all of the same powerful advantages of the 336E with the biggest difference between the two models being even greater fuel efficiency. To achieve added fuel savings, the design of the 336E H uses three building block technologies that: 1) Conserve fuel with engine power management via the Cat Electronic Standardized Programmable (ESP) pump, which smoothly transitions between the hydraulic hybrid power sources, engine and accumulator. 2) Optimize performance using restriction management via the patented Cat Adaptive Control System (ACS) valve, which intelligently manages restrictions and flows to seamlessly control machine motion with no loss of 24

power, and to ensure operators experience no difference in control, hydraulic power or lift capability. 3) Reuse energy via the hydraulic hybrid swing system, which captures the excavator’s upper structure swing brake energy in accumulators, and then releases the energy during swing acceleration. The 336E H delivers industryleading productivity with up to 50 percent greater fuel efficiency, which is measured in tons per liter, over the 336D. Customers can expect the 336E H to use up to 25 percent less fuel compared to a standard 336E, and up to 33 percent less fuel than the 330/336D. Because the 336E H burns less fuel and reduces regulated engine emissions, owning and operating costs will be dramatically lower compared to the standard machine, and its carbon footprint will be smaller, as well. Precisely when customers will recoup their initial investment in a 336E H depends on fuel prices and their applications. Assuming today’s fuel prices and a high-

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production application for a 336E H, Caterpillar estimates customers can realistically expect to see a return on their investment for the hybrid excavator model in as little as one year. Customers have been using field follow machines, which are first production machines built for customer acceptance testing, to validate fuel burn, controllability, reliability and performance of the 336E H. In a formal production study completed in August 2012, results were impressive, including greater fuel efficiency, and lower cab and spectator noise levels than the 336E and 336D. Additionally, the ACS valve, which intelligently manages restrictions and flows to seamlessly control machine motion, has been in the field since 2008 with superior performance and reliability. The ACS and hybrid system have also proven to work well together to maximize performance and controllability of work tools, including hammers, shears and grapples. Cc

California Transportation Commision Approves Nearly $300 Million In Projects To Help Motorists Get Around California Stockton

(Left) Artist rendering of the new Gerald Desmond Bridge in Long Beach; a $153 million Proposition 1B project. (Above) Port of Long Beach.

The California Transportation Commission today allocated $287 million to 23 projects that will provide better roads, transit, and bridges while at the same time strengthening California’s economy. The allocations include $259 million from Proposition 1B, a transportation bond approved by voters in 2006. In total, nearly $14.6 billion in Proposition 1B funds have been distributed statewide. The remaining $28 million in allocations came from assorted transportation accounts funded by state and federal dollars. Among the projects that received funding today were: * San Joaquin County: $10,974,000 ­construct a dedicated passenger rail track north of downtown Stockton interlocking between the Union Pacific and the Burlington Northern/ Santa Fe Railroads to improve train access to station and passenger boarding. * San Joaquin County: $2,331,000 ­install traffic monitoring stations at various locations on Interstate 5, and State Routes 132 and 580 to help

provide traffic related information quickly and efficiently to the traveling public. * Amador, Calaveras & Tuolumne Counties: $146,000 ­construct Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant pedestrian curb ramps at various locations on State Routes 12 and 49. * City of Ceres: $53,000 ­install landscaping and irrigation at the Whitmore Avenue Interchange. * $796,000 in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties at various locations on State Routes 4, 24, and 242 for replacement of metal beam guard railing approaches. * $570,000 in the City and County of San Francisco, from 15th to 16th Street to reconstruct deck and bridge railings. * $65.8 million to Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), for the Port of Oakland¹s Outer Harbor Intermodal Terminals Project. The project will provide new capacity, improve access and reduce congestion on the Union Pacific Rail Road (UPRR) mainline to the Port. * $2,462,000 to MTC for Solano Transportation Authority’s

West ‘B’ Street Bike/Pedestrian Undercrossing Project in the City of Dixon. The project will improve pedestrian and bicycle crossing safety by constructing a grade-separated bicycle/ pedestrian crossing under the UPRR tracks between State Route-113 and West ‘A’ Street. Also among the projects that received funding were: $153 million from Proposition 1B for a project that will replace the Gerald Desmond Bridge in Long Beach with a new bridge to relieve traffic congestion and improve goods movement in one of the nation¹s busiest ports. The project had previously received $153 million from the State Highway Operations and Protection Program (SHOPP). The SHOPP money was replaced today with an equivalent amount from Proposition 1B, a move made possible thanks to bid savings from various Proposition 1B projects. Today¹s action frees up the SHOPP dollars to be allocated in the future to other transportation projects. Cc

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John Deere Launches a Whole New Species of Gator™ Drivers who demand advanced off-road performance, all-day riding comfort, and the ability to challenge extreme terrain take note - John Deere has entered the Recreational Utility Vehicle category with the all-new, allpowerful Gator RSX850i. It’s been engineered to be faster, more powerful, and more agile than any Gator ever built. Since the creation of the John Deere All Materials Transport (AMT) in 1987, an event that launched the entire Utility Vehicle (UV) category, and the development of the first Gator UV in 1992, John Deere has built a reputation for durability, utility and safety. The addition of advanced power, high top speed and precision handling signal the next step in evolution for the Gator line of utility vehicles. To bring about these changes, the team at John Deere collaborated with design and engineering consultants for Formula One and NASCAR to create an all-new vehicle. The Gator RSX is the direct result. There are three RSX models – the Gator RSX850i Sport, the RSX850i Trail and the Base RSX. The Sport model was designed for harsh desert and rocky, sandy terrains and includes sport seats, alloy wheels with Maxxis tires, PreRunner bumper, cargo box rails, sport steering wheel and FOX® 2.0 Performance Series shocks. The Trail Model was developed for hunting, fishing and back country trails. It features sport seats, alloy wheels with Maxxis tires, winch, front brushguard, 2 inches front receiver hitch 26

with recovery loops, rear bumper and cargo box rails. The Base RSX can be modified to need and taste with factory installed options. And all three can be well appointed with over 70 available aftermarket attachments. All models come equipped with an 839 cc, V-twin, liquid cooled, four-cycle, gasoline motorcycle engine that produces 62 hp and a top speed of 53 mph. The engine also delivers 0-30 mph acceleration in three seconds. Advanced electronic controls and a fuel-injection system supply excellent starting, idling, and throttle response during operation. In addition, the closed-loop system offers dependable performance at high altitude and hassle-free cold weather starting (tested to -20 degrees F). The RSX also incorporates a large 7.4 gallon fuel tank. The RSX utilizes a unique four-wheel independent suspension for an unparalleled ride over challenging terrain and precision handling through

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corners. A dual, wide arch A-arm design delivers maximum front-wheel control, precise steering and 10.3 inches of ground clearance. The exclusive Multi-Link semi trailing arm independent rear suspension features 9 inches of wheel travel and moves wheels rearward in compression, lowering the impact of terrain and improving ride. Exclusive aluminum body monotube FOX shocks are standard on the Base and Trail models. While FOX 2.0 Performance Series shocks with full spring and compression adjustability come standard on the RSX Sport, and are available for aftermarket upgrade on the other models. The new Gator RSX850i is available in Realtree® Hardwoods™ HD Camo, olive and black or traditional John Deere green and yellow. In addition to the new RSX a full line of Gator Traditional and Crossover Utility Vehicles are available to support the needs of every kind of customer type. Cc

Volvo D-Series excavators are designed for efficiency

Never before has Volvo created such a productive and efficient range of excavators that bridge the weight classes of 14 and 28 tons. Featuring the latest fuel-efficient Volvo engines and enhanced hydraulics, take command with the new EC140D, EC160D and EC220D excavators. Offering greater digging forces and faster cycle times, the machines that make up the Volvo middleweight excavator range offer high-quality performance and boast fuel efficiency improvements of up to 14 percent. Spanning the weight classes between 14 to 28 tons, the EC140D, EC160D and EC220D also offer excellent lifting capacity and stability, allowing heavier objects to be lifted. Fitted with the latest Volvo D4 engine (EC140D, EC160D) and Volvo D6 (EC220D) Tier 4 interim emissions-compliant engines, these units are also substantially more fuel efficient — up to 14 percent. Couple these efficient engines with well-matched components and

a smart hydraulic system and the operator can enjoy smooth and highly responsive combined operation and travel, thanks to prioritizing oil flow according to requirements. Featuring greased and sealed track chains as standard, each track is powered by an automatic two-speed shift travel motor, maximizing tractive force. The track brakes are multi-disc, and travel motor, brake and planetary gears are all well protected within the track frame. The superstructure is just as robust and features a host of anti-slip plates, steps and handrails — allowing safe access to the machine. A new rear access located behind the cab of the EC140D and EC160D models brings the main hydraulic components and engine within easy reach. All machines are fitted with the latest Volvo D4 and D6 diesel engines, delivering exceptional performance and fuel efficiency — attributes maximized when combined

with new Volvo hydraulics and well-matched components. The engines use precise, high pressure fuel injectors, turbo charging, intercooling and advanced electronics to optimize engine performance. Maximum net power is 113 hp (84 kW) for the EC140D and goes up to 172 hp (128 kW) for the EC220D. When compared to the previous C-Series excavators, this represents an average increase in gross engine power of up to 7 percent across the model range. Operators can select the best work mode for the task at hand, ensuring optimum performance and fuel efficiency. Modes include I-idle, F-fine, G-general or H-heavy with the machine automatically setting the appropriate engine speed for the work mode. Eco mode is a new feature that works in H or G mode and provides better fuel efficiency without loss of performance in most operating conditions. The new “smart” hydraulics system is designed for high productivity, high digging capacity, easy maneuverability and class-leading fuel economy. It features improvements that increase total flow and improve cycle times up to 2.5 percent. An attachment management system can store up to 18 pre-sets and enables hydraulic flow to adjust to meet the requirements of the attachment in use. The EC140D, EC160D and EC220D come fitted with Volvo CareTrack as standard. For more information contact your local Volvo Construction Equipment dealer. Cc 2012 Owner / Operator CALCONTRACTOR


Quality you can rely on


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For details, contact your local Komatsu distributor.

7651 Ronson Rd. San Diego, CA 92111 Office: 858-278-8351 Fax: 858-492-9959 San Diego 4726 Convoy St. Office: 858-278-8338 Fax: 858-278-4845 Escondido 1330 Mission Rd. Office: 760-739-9100 Fax: 760-739-8888 Fontana 8520 Cherry Ave. Office: 909-429-9100 Fax: 909-429-9397 Imperial 440 West Aten Rd. Office: 760-355-7700 Fax: 760-355-7704 Indio 81-501 Industrial Place Office: 760-863-5558 Fax: 760-863-0959

WORK BEGINS TO EASE COMMUTE ON I-80 IN BAY AREA ALAMEDA/CONTRA COSTA COUNTIES Work began this morning on an $80 million technology-laden project to make life easier on one of the Bay Areašs busiest commuter corridors, Interstate 80. When completed, traffic signals on surface streets will be in better synch with onramp meters and computerized highway signs, helping cars and buses better share the road during rush hour. The Interstate 80 Integrated Corridor Mobility Project is the result of a partnership between Caltrans, the Alameda County Transportation Commission and the Contra Costa Transportation Authority. The project includes $66 million in Proposition 1B funds, the voterapproved transportation bond passed in 2006, which are awarded by the California Transportation Commission. The project is a cooperative effort between the ten municipalities along the corridor (Oakland, Emeryville, Albany, Berkeley, El Cerrito, Richmond, San Pablo, Pinole, Hercules, and the unincorporated areas representing Contra Costa County); AC Transit; WestCAT, and the West Contra Costa Transportation Advisory Committee. The project also relies on voter-approved local sales tax measures, approximately $2.8 million from the Alameda County Measure B half-cent sales tax, and $5 million from the Contra Costa Measure J half-cent sales tax. The corridor includes I-80 from the I-80/580/880 interchange in Oakland to the Carquinez Bridge, San Pablo Avenue, and the arterials that lead to I-80. The improvements include adaptive ramp metering with commuter bypass lanes at some of the metered ramps; active management of traffic during freeway incidents using variable advisory speed limits and lane management on the freeway and coordinated traffic signal timing on local streets; bus priority at traffic signals and at some metered ramps; enhanced traveler information; and the coordinated operation of all of these components ­collectively referred to as the I-80 Integrated Corridor Mobility (ICM) project. Cc 2012 Owner / Operator CALCONTRACTOR




Art’s Trench Plate & K-Rail................ 21

RDO Equipmnet Co............................ 5

A.S.A.P. Heavy Equipment Rentals... 13

RDO Integrated Controls.................... 5

CalAPA............................................... 17

Specialty Crane & Rigging................ 13

CAT Group.......................................... 2

Trench Shoring Co............................ 11

Clairemont Equipment................ 28, 29

UB Equipment Corp........................... 7

Coastline Equipment.......................... 3

Volvo Construction Equip. & Svcs.... 13

Coastline Equipment Crane Div........ 31

Westrax Machinery........................... 11

Nixon-Egli Equipment Co.. Back Cover

Wholesale Tires & Wheels................ 21

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Allied Enterprises, Hamm & Nixon-Egli Equipment Co.

(Above) Allied Enterprises two new Hamm HD 12 rollers shown in their City of Industry yard. (Right) Allied Enterprises team. With over 30 years experience as a full-service paving company, Allied Enterprises is at the forefront of their industry. They offer competitive rates on asphalt paving, striping, surface treatments, and concrete flatwork throughout all of southern California. Allied Enterprises is headquartered in the City of Industry, and together with their more than 20 employees they are ready to meet all of your paving and grading needs. In order to remain on the cutting edge, Allied Enterprises recently purchased two brand new Hamm HD 12 vibratory smooth drum rollers from Nixon-Egli Equipment Co. David Mendoza is the President of Allied Enterprises and he has this to say about the recent acquisition, “When the time came to purchase new rollers we didn’t have to look far. We had our eye on the Hamm brand because our experience has proved that Hamm manufactures a superior product. Our operators prefer the Hamm rollers over other brands because they simply offer more durability, have excellent maneuverability and are one of the few rollers to feature a hydrostatic drum and rear wheel drive. What it all comes down to however is the unsurpassed compaction we achieve with these units.” Mendoza adds, “We know we can count on Nixon-Egli because they have proven to be a reputable dealer time and time again and they represent only the highest quality equipment. Their representative Allen Hahn has always given us great service and follow-through, during and after the sale. He is very knowledgeable and great to work with. We value our business relationship with Nixon-Egli Equipment Co. and will continue to rely on them as our equipment dealer of choice.”


California’s Largest General Line Construction and Municipal Equipment Dealer. So. California: 2044 S. Vineyard Ave., Ontario, CA 91761 • (909) 930-1822 No. California: 800 E. Grant Line Rd., Tracy, CA 95304 • (209) 830-8600 2012 Owner / Operator ISSUE

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