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Demolition & Recycling Issue



CONTRACTORS Putting Finishing Touches on Hollywood Park Demolition Project

12 INTERIOR REMOVAL SPECIALIST, INC. Calls For Proof of Diversion by Commodity and/or Toxicity


MATERIALS, INC. Whether You Are In Need of Crushing & Recycling Services, Demolition Construction or Delivery of Natural Aggregates – Greenstone Materials, Inc. Has You Covered

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2015 Demolition & Recycling ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR



n October 1936, the Golden State Jockey Club announced that it had selected a site and acquired a permit to build a horse racing facility on 228 acres of land in West Los Angeles. Protesters objected to having an equestrian racetrack in their backyard and so plans were withdrawn for the LA location, replacing it with a site in Inglewood. Determined and now going officially by the name, The Hollywood Turf Club, an official license to conduct horse racing events in Inglewood was granted to begin in June 1938. The track and clubhouse officially opened June 10, 1938. Opening day brought 40,000 plus visitors and soon the name was changed to simply, Hollywood Park. On July 16, the famed horse Seabiscuit came from 14 lengths back to win the inaugural Gold Cup, thrilling everyone in attendance. Hollywood Park closed from

1942 to 1944 during WWII and the grandstand and clubhouse were destroyed by a fire in 1949 and rebuilt in 1950. Over the years, Hollywood Park would go through several changes, including owners and stockholders, as well as additional name changes. The decision was eventually made to close the famed track in the fall of 2013 in favor of redevelopment. The final race was held Dec. 22, 2013, concluding 75 years of exciting horse racing in Inglewood. At 6 a.m. Sunday, May 31, the Hollywood Park grandstand was brought down through a series

of small (demolition designed) explosions. Shaped charges were placed on all 20 columns and detonated within a half second of one another to bring the structure down perfectly and according to plan. National Demolition Contractors, headquartered in San Pedro, was contracted to perform all of the demolition and remediation on Phase 1 of the Hollywood Park Redevelopment Project. The official commencement started back in the summer of 2014, when National Demolition Contractors started the demolition of the barn stalls and jockey living quarters.

Above: Hollywood Park grandstands an hour before the implosion. Below: Celebrating 4th of July early with 10 seconds of a series of small demolition designed explosives.


2015 Demolition & Recycling ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

This was no small feat, as these 18 barn structures were spread out over a 60-acre area. National Demolition Contractors utilized approximately 75 percent of their equipment fleet consisting of Caterpillar Tier 3 and 4 excavators, ranging from a 321 model to a 365. This was all conventional demolition and the wood structure material, concrete block, footings, light poles and other materials, were all sorted and segregated into separate piles for crushing. National Demolition Contractors has their own mobile crushers that

they will bring in before the end of summer to process the various materials for delivery. National Demolition Contractors then moved on to gutting the racetrack grandstand building, more commonly known as ‘The Turf Club.’ After salvaging monuments and the jockey racing flags that were posted along the walls, National Demolition Contractors utilized skid steer loaders, including their new Cat 226 machines, to fully demo the inside of the structure. They even customized an attachment that resembled a claw of sorts to bring down

the ceiling more efficiently. It was also necessary to remove asbestos and other materials deemed hazardous. Construction material dated back to the 1940s and there was a significant abatement process that took National Demolition Contractors nearly six months to complete. Once the abatement and small miscellaneous internal demolition was complete, the real fun of imploding the steel structure was commenced. National Demolition Contractors is currently busy removing and sorting the steel and concrete from the grandstand remains

Above: NDC operators at work demolishing the canopy and seating areas of the Hollywood Park grandstands with all Tier 3 & 4 Cat equipment.

2015 Demolition & Recycling ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


Above: Jennifer Perry, Owner and Richard Alarcon, Senior Superintendent ready for countdown to blast time.

and they are expected to complete Phase 1 by the end of August or early September. National Demolition Contractors has also been awarded Phase II of this project, where they will perform additional demolition of the Hollywood Park Casino and pavilion area. Phase II will commence after the new Casino is finished, which is expected to be within the next 6 to 9 months. Jorge Rodriguez is the Safety Manager for National Demolition Contractors, although he also takes care of much of the photography and jobsite documentations, as well as corresponding with certain media outlets. “I want to take a moment to recognize our Senior Superintendent, Richard ‘Chuck’ Alarcon, who worked tirelessly and diligently to maintain an extremely challenging schedule on Phase 1 of this project,” says Rodriguez. “Additionally, our owner, Jeff Perry, was on-site 90 percent of the time working hands-on and right along side the operators and laborers. We own and maintain one of the largest fleets on the West


Above Left: Demolition of 6 levels of Turf Club area at Hollywood Park. Right: Jennifer Perry, Owner, Tye Perry, Asset Recovery Specialist and Jeff Perry, Owner.

Coast, as well as the very best operators around. It is important that we recognize each and every one of our employees that helped make this job go so smoothly. None of our success would be possible without our incredible team. There was no room for errors on this complicated project and I am proud to say that we have not had as much as the need of a first aid kit on this job. Safety is truly job one.” The official name of the redevelopment project is ‘Hollywood Park Tomorrow’ and when completed it will include the construction of a new mixed-use development that contains approximately 2,995 dwelling units, 620,000 square feet of retail space,

2015 Demolition & Recycling ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

75,000 sf of office/commercial space, a 300-room hotel, 10,000 sf of community serving uses, and a 25-acre park system. In all there will be more than 4 million square feet of new retail, office, hotel and residential space. Additionally, on Feb. 24, 2015, the Inglewood City Council approved a plan to build an 80,000 seat worldclass stadium and performance venue. The Forum and Hollywood Park Casino teamed up with the owners of the Hollywood Park Casino (The Hollywood Land Company) to build the new arena. The development, named the “City of Champions Revitalization Project,” builds on the momentum of the original [ Continued on page 10 ]



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238-acre mixed-use project currently under construction at Hollywood Park and is being built at no cost to taxpayers. The City of Inglewood is certainly poised to become one of the most popular destinations in Southern California, and National Demolition Contractors is proud to be a part of their exciting future. Jennifer and Jeff Perry started National Demolition Contractors more than two decades ago and the company has a bonding capacity in excess of $250 million. The implosion of the Hollywood Park grandstands commemorates NDC’s 20 year


anniversary this year. For more information on National Demolition Contractors, please visit www.nationaldemolition. com or call (310) 732-1991. Cc

2015 Demolition & Recycling ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

Above: Part of the NDC team that was involved with the blasting operation on Sunday morning, May 31 at 6 a.m., including Craig Ross Fire Chief for the LAFD.


Bakersfield, CA 661.387.6090


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Calls For Proof of Diversion by Commodity and/or Toxicity


nterior Removal Specialist, Inc. (IRS) is a leader in tenant improvement demolition and a champion of waste diversion practices here in Southern California. IRS works as a subcontractor to property management companies and general contractors throughout all of Southern California. When a large or small company decides to move out of their office space, IRS will go in and gut the space, so that the new tenants can put down their own custom floor plan. In many cases, they will remove everything other than the elevators, stairwells and core restroom area. A large job for IRS may include 10 floors in a high-rise building all the way down to a small business office space. In 2014, IRS did close to 7 million square feet of commercial interior demolition, removing some 36,000 tons of debris with nearly 30,000 tons of material being successfully diverted. If you do the math that comes to an almost 83 percent diversion rate and on average IRS will recycle more than 75 percent of what they glean from any given tenant improvement project.


I know what you are thinking. You’re thinking, well that fits right in with LEED diversion requirements for a demolition project. You would be correct; however you must keep in mind that the average demolition recycler is bringing in debris containing concrete, asphalt, structural steel and metals, as well as other readily recycled products such as cardboard, plastic and lumber. IRS, on the other hand, meets these stringent requirements at their own facility, where they process and divert items like drywall, carpeting, ceiling tiles, floor tiles, manufactured lumber and other materials derived from interior demolition projects. These are materials that for the most part end up in a landfill and do not get recycled. IRS’ sister company, Construction & Demolition Recycling, Inc. (CDR), is a construction and demolition recycling facility unlike almost any other in California or throughout the country. Owned by Carlos Herrera, IRS and CDR were designed to work together and prove that diversion of

2015 Demolition & Recycling ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

commercial interior debris is not only possible, but can be done cost effectively. “At IRS, we prove our recycled diversion by material and not by gross weight,” says Richard Ludt, the companies Director of Environmental Affairs. “So when a contractor is looking for a proven diversion rate, be it for their waste management deposit or for LEED points, they will receive irrefutable and concise reporting for each material source brought in to our CDR facility.” Ludt also points out the great myth of current diversion rates at most recycling facilities in California. “Nearly all recycling facilities utilize a process known as facility averaging,” says Ludt.

He further illustrates this process by pointing out that when a truck full of demolition materials comes into a recycling facility, it will simply dump its materials into the “great gray trash pile,� as Ludt refers to it. Once this truck dumps its materials into these common piles, there ceases to be any specific economy or audit for any specific project. According to Ludt, most recycling facilities deal mainly with demolition debris from residential demolition, full building demolition, bridge and road demolition and commercial interior demolition. However when you closely inspect the majority of inbound trucks, you will find that in most cases, they have an inordinate amount of inert

Top: Interior Removal Specialist, Inc. and Construction & Demolition Recycling, Inc. crew shown here at their South Gate yard with their three latest equipment purchases from Sonsray Machinery. CDR recently purchased three Case SV250 skid steer loaders and a Case CX250C hydraulic excavator. Above: Interior Removal Specialist, Inc. headquarters in South Gate.

2015 Demolition & Recycling ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


Above: Case CX250C hydraulic excavator purchased from Sonsray Machinery processing steel for Construction & Demolition Recycling, Inc. Left: Vicky Herrera, Operations Manager, Carlos Herrera President/CEO, Jose Pech, Equipment Manager, Art Jurado, Sonsray Machinery and Richard Ludt, Director of Environmental Affairs.

concrete, asphalt, structural steel, building lumber, plastics and cardboard. These are all very recyclable products that will easily generate diversion rates between 75 to 80 percent. However, as Ludt points out, “when an interior demolition contractor pulls into a standard facility and dumps their load, the recycling facility will more than likely sort out the steel studs, the copper pipe, the copper wire,


the aluminum door frames and maybe some cardboard and plastic. Everything else goes to the landfill. The material salvaged may only equal as much as 25 to 30 percent of the entire load, but the driver will be given a certificate for diverting between 75 to 80 percent.” How can they do this? They can do this because recycling facilities are not required to track by load, but simply by the entire

2015 Demolition & Recycling ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

facility average of all materials recycled. As long as the recycling facilities average is equal to or greater than 75 percent, they are considered to be in compliance. “We have been challenging the State of California and many individual counties and cities for several years now to consider mandating the diversion of recycled materials by commodity and toxicity, and not simply [ Continued on page 16 ]

ving o r p Im

ou! y o t ry delive

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by weight,” says Ludt. “This would allow for full recycling capacity and in turn protect our landfills and environment from harmful pesticides, fungicides, formaldehydes, adhesives and a continued long list of other harmful chemicals.” Ludt points out that this is a fight against a multibillion dollar industry. “We have worked tirelessly to raise the bar for the recycling of construction and demolition debris. We started our own recycling facility for the express purpose of providing diversion by commodity and exceeding the standards set forth by the USGB LEED requirements,” says Ludt. “Facilities need to be held accountable for what they are actually recycling and what is happening to each demolition category.” According to Ludt, the biggest issues are the money, manpower and time it takes to sort materials like drywall, ceiling tiles and carpet. “There is not a big profit margin, but that is secondary to the impact on our environment if we do not mandate recycling proof by commodity and toxicity,” says Ludt. “Many in our industry see this as just adding more work, however we were able to do


nearly $25 million last year, while still recycling material that most everyone else throws away. Could we make more money by landfilling the material like the other facilities do? Of course we could, but at the end of the day the cost to the environment is just too great.” At Construction & Demolition Recycling, Inc. (CDR), approximately 27 percent of everything they take in by weight is drywall. They are currently the only facility in Southern California that is removing drywall from mixed loads. Drywall is made up of

Top: Case 921FXR wheel loader purchased from Sonsray Machinery sorting lumber for processing at Construction & Demolition Recycling, Inc. yard in South Gate. Above: Art Jurado, from Sonsray Machinery, performing orientation and service demonstration for Construction & Demolition Recycling, Inc. employees.

[ Continued on page 18 ]

2015 Demolition & Recycling ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

[ Continued from page 16 ]

around 98 percent gypsum. California soil has a heavy clay composition and desperately needs gypsum to break up the clay and allow water to infiltrate better. “We ship approximately 700 to 800 tons of drywall every month to a facility in Bakersfield, where it is used by local farmers as a soil amendment,” says Ludt. “When drywall is sent off to a landfill, a chemical reaction is created due to a lack of oxygen and this creates a dangerous hydrogen sulfide gas. In fact, every 4 pounds of drywall creates 1 pound of this highly toxic gas, so we are effectively able to stop 125 tons of hydrogen sulfide gas from harming individuals and the environment each month, in addition to extending the life of the landfills and gypsum mines.” There are some materials that currently cannot be recycled, like manufactured lumber, which can make up around 12 percent of materials brought to a landfill. That is all the more reason to recycle materials that we know we can recycle, like ceiling tiles, which make up 4 percent of demolition debris and carpet, which accounts for around 3 percent. IRS has broken new ground in the Southern California recycling industry through the repurposing and diverting of nearly 18,000 tons of drywall each year and approximately 1,400 tons of ceiling tiles. “We are proud to say that we have recycled more than 75 percent of all debris removed from our demolition projects,” says Ludt. “We also diverted nearly 180,000 tons of materials from local landfills over the last 10 years, saving our company more than $6,000,000 in dump fees alone. This was accomplished not only through the recycling process, but also by donating many reusable items found on jobsites to non-profit organizations. We are committed to always doing what is right, rather than what is easy, and the satisfaction of our clients is our number one concern.” Interior Removal Specialists, Inc. and Construction & Demolition Recycling, Inc. have knowledge of commercial interior demolition and the recycling of construction and demolition debris that truly sets them apart from others in the green building arena. They are obviously fully committed to the advancement of green building practices and are way ahead of the curve here in California when it comes to the recycling of interior demolition commodities. Their unique take on recycling has earned them Gold and Silver awards from the Solid Waste Association of North America, an Innovation Award from the International Solid Waste Association, Gold Metals from the California Resource Recovery Association, and multiple WRAP awards from the California Integrated Waste Management Board. For more information on Interior Removal Specialists, Inc., please visit them at For more information on Construction & Demolition Recycling, Inc., please visit or call their offices in South Gate at (323) 357-6900. Cc


2015 Demolition & Recycling ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

Above: Construction & Demolition Recycling Inc. work in 24/7 shifts to sort and process everything from cardboard and drywall to carpet, copper wiring and plastics.

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Greenstone Materials, Inc. Whether You Are In Need of Crushing & Recycling Services, Demolition Construction or Delivery of Natural Aggregates – Greenstone Materials, Inc. Has You Covered

Written By: Brian Hoover


reenstone Materials, Inc. proudly serves Orange County, the Inland Empire and North San Diego County with their own quarry in San Juan Capistrano and crushing facilities in Perris and San Juan Capistrano. Greenstone Rock Quarry encompasses more than 250 acres and is the only natural rock quarry located within Orange County. With more than 12 million tons of reserves, Greenstone Rock Quarry has many types of clients including direct sales outlets, sand and gravel customers, ready-mix companies, as well as large and small construction firms. They have made a name for themselves for offering high quality products at competitive rates that allow their clients to go direct to the source. Their natural crushed aggregates meet and exceed Caltrans and ASTM testing specifications and include: Class II aggregate base, 3” to 5” construction exit/ stabilization rock, ¾” crushed rock, 3/8” rock, SE 30+ fill sand, 2” to 4” cobblestone, decorative rock, Sender Fieldstone, rip-rap of all sizes, DG, baseball diamond material and many other custom products.


Above: Rich Holt president and owner of Greenstone Materials, Inc. and Greenstone Rock Quarry holding his son Ronin (3).

Greenstone Materials, Inc. offers material crushing services at both of their locations in San Juan Capistrano and Perris, as well as mobilized on-site crushing and recycling capabilities. Gone are the days of landfills full of concrete, asphalt and other reusable debris, as recycling and repurposing moves from

2015 Demolition & Recycling ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

buzzword status to mainstream reality in this age of environmental awareness. It is however not just the positive environmental benefits that make crushing and recycling so attractive, but also a very real economic benefit as well. In many cases, the primary benefit to a contractor is the reduction in cost from

Above: CAT 988K purchased from Quinn Company loading material into their portable Jaw-Cone-Impact crusher, which is capable of processing 500 tons of material per hour. Below: CAT 988K moving material to be processed.

loading material into trucks and transporting it to an off-site recycling facility or landfill. Additionally, the newly crushed material can be used throughout the jobsite as base, fill or even landscape bedding. Greenstone Materials can mobilize to your jobsite, crush and recycle your material to a size of 2’ x 2’ or smaller, leaving you with a reusable product, all at a price that is lower than importing virgin material. Crushing and reusing material at a construction site reduces the cost of construction, lowers tipping fees, saves transportation costs, keeps debris out of our landfills, lowers the need for gravel mining and reduces greenhouse gases associated with conventional import/ export trucking practices. Greenstone Materials, Inc. has been on crushing jobs both large and small. They own and maintain various sized mobile crushing plants that can handle any size job from 1,000 tons up to 1 million tons. Some of the more note worthy projects include crushing more than 100,000 tons of concrete at El Toro Marine Base, over 200,000

tons of concrete at Atkinson Brick Yard in Compton, 25,000 tons of cobble in Ontario, and they are currently finishing the crushing of more than 75,000 square feet of concrete tilt-up rubble in Costa Mesa. The project in Costa Mesa will eventually require as much as 7,000 tons of Class II base for future roads, parking lots and driveways. Crushing and stockpiling material now will yield huge cost savings in the future. Greenstone Materials also recently finished crushing nearly 7 acres of asphalt and concrete pavement at the former home of Ametek Aerospace, all of which will

be used as base material for parking lots and as general fill material. Greenstone Materials, Inc. can take this whole process one step further should a contractor require demolition services. They offer a large fleet of excavators fully equipped with UB Equipment attachments that are ready to take on any and all construction demolition challenges. They can crush rubble and break up and size material including footings and caissons, as well as assist in the demolition of roads, bridges, buildings and other structures. Greenstone Materials has had their demolition license

2015 Demolition & Recycling ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


for 15 years and have safely demolished well over 1,000 buildings in that time period. They offer Tier III and Tier IV 80,000 lb. class excavators with the following tools: 8,000 lb. hammers, hydraulic pulverizers, multi-processors, rotating shears, cracker jaws, grapples, thumbs and 4.25 cu. yd. buckets. Rich Holt is the president and owner of both Greenstone Materials, Inc. and Greenstone Rock Quarry. Rich graduated from Cal State Fullerton, earning a degree in communications and business, before beginning his career working for a general contractor at the age of 24. He was just 27 years old when he started out in the demolition business, getting his feet wet by leveling an 8-story air traffic control tower on San Clemente Island. Rich is and has always been a calculated risk taker, starting his crushing and recycling business in 2010 and in the middle of the worst recession in decades. “I just felt that the time was right to diversify,” says Holt. The plan paid off as Rich has grown his crushing division from just five employees in 2010 to more than 40 in 2015. “I have surrounded myself with awesome employees and fellow workers. Everyday presents a new challenge, where we may be


Top: Greenstone Materials, Inc. finished product. Above Left: Jose Garcia, San Juan Capistrano plant manager. Above Right: Two 80,000# Tier IV excavators equipped with UB attachments demolishing a concrete tilt-up in Costa Mesa.

crushing one day and supplying 10,000 tons of sand for a pipeline contractor the next. You never know what each day may bring and I like it that way.” Rich also points to the relationships he has formed with other companies and vendors as a reason for the success of his companies. “We deal with quality equipment companies like Caterpillar and UB Equipment and we consider them partners in our success. UB Equipment, for instance, offers a very high quality product, but it is the ease of doing business with them that I appreciate most. Charles

2015 Demolition & Recycling ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

Min and his entire crew are always on top of it and their service in high flow equipment in second to none. We also work closely with companies like Gary Bale Redi Mix, selling them natural aggregate and even sharing a yard with them in San Juan Capistrano. It is relationships like this that make this job that much more enjoyable.” For more information on Greenstone Materials, Inc. or Greenstone Rock Quarry, please visit or call (949) 728-0500. Cc

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COASTLINE EQUIPMENT CRANE DIVISION PROUDLY WELCOMES NEIL GOODALE AS THEIR NEW DIVISION MANAGER Coastline Equipment Crane Division is proud to announce Neil Goodale as their new Division Manager. Neil joined Coastline in June 2015 and he brings many years of knowledge and experience to Coastline. Neil attended Villanova University, before going to work for the family business, Goodale Crane & Equipment Company, in 1985. He worked in sales and operations, traveling internationally buying and selling cranes. Anthony Crane Rental purchased Goodale Crane & Equipment Company in 1992 and Neil Joined Anthony Crane, helping them grow their crane dealership and bare rental crane company into a full service operated and maintained crane company that specialized in industrial applications. Goodale moved on in 1998 to work for AmQuip Crane in Bethlehem,

PA, where he remained until 2002. Then in 2002, Neil Goodale accepted a management position at Maxim Crane Works, where he would remain for more than 12 years. Then in June 2015, Neil accepted the Division Manager position at Coastline Equipment Crane Division, where he is responsible for overseeing all operations for both the northern and southern California operations.

As a well accomplished operations and sales management executive, Neil Goodale has a firm understanding of the crane and equipment rental industry, as well as the heavy equipment sales markets. His unique skill sets have enabled him to produce top results and profitability for all of the companies he has served. “I am looking forward to working with all of the great people at Coastline Equipment Crane Division,” says Neil. “Coastline is a great company to work for and I see a very bright future for myself and everyone of our employees here at Coastline Equipment Crane Division.” For more information, please visit or call (916) 440-8090 in Northern California and (714) 265-6550 in Southern California. Cc

COASTLINE EQUIPMENT CRANE DIVISION PROUDLY WELCOMES BUTCH ORTIZ TO THE SALES & RENTALS TEAM Butch Ortiz joined the Coastline Equipment Crane Division team two months ago, after working for Bragg Crane for more than 23 years in sales and technical services. Prior to working at Bragg Crane, Butch spent 16 years working for Warner Corp. (DBA Foster Sand & Gravel). He now brings his years of extensive experience and relationships to Coastline, where he is serving all of Southern California in crane sales and rentals. “I am very excited to be part of the Coastline Equipment Crane Division team


and I look forward to working with Neil Goodale and other team members to increase sales and market share here in Southern California,” says Ortiz. Butch resides in Laguna Niguel with

2015 Demolition & Recycling ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR

his wife of 25 years, Su-Lyn. Together, they have three grown children and three grandchildren. Coastline Equipment Crane Division is proud to be a full service crane dealership providing rentals, sales, service and parts support for any and all crane needs. They provide parts and service to all makes and models of cranes and forklifts. For more information, please visit or call (916) 440-8090 in Northern California and (714) 265-6550 in Southern California. Cc

2015 Demolition & Recycling ISSUE CALCONTRACTOR


HYUNDAI CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT AMERICAS INTRODUCES THE HL900 SERIES WHEEL LOADERS TO NORTH AMERICA Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas has launched its new HL900 series line of Tier 4 Final-compliant wheel loaders. These new wheel loaders are designed for maximum performance, productivity and efficiency, and have been proven to deliver as much as 5-percent greater productivity and 10-percent lower fuel consumption than the previous 9A series loaders. The first models available for sale include the HL940, HL955, HL960, HL970 and HL980. Additional wheel loader models, including the HL935, and special model configurations like the popular Tool Master (TM) and Extended Reach (XT) models, will be available in the fourth quarter of 2015. Enlarged Cab and Productivity Features The cab on the Hyundai HL900 series wheel loaders is up to 10-percent larger than previous models, and has been reconfigured for additional floor space and improved visibility. For added operator comfort, in-cab sound levels were reduced by 3 dB, making this one of the quietest cabs in the industry. An optional Smart Start ignition system for password- or Bluetooth key-enabled machine start is also available on the HL series, as is a new automatic weighing system with improved functionality for more efficient production management. The HL955 and larger models feature optional front locking differentials for improved tractive effort and added machine control.


The new Hyundai HL900 series Tier 4 Final-compliant wheel loaders, designed for maximum performance, productivity and efficiency, deliver as much as 5-percent greater productivity and 10-percent lower fuel consumption than the previous 9A series loaders.

Efficiency and Engine Technologies Hyundai HL900 series wheel loaders incorporate new engine technologies for Tier 4 Final compliance and include many new features that contribute to overall fuel and production efficiency. Cummins engines power the smaller HL935, HL940, HL955 and HL960 models. The larger models, including the HL970 and HL980, are powered by Scania engines. Cummins and Scania engine technologies both achieve Tier 4 Final emissions compliance through a combination of SCR (selective catalytic reduction) and DOC (diesel oxidation catalyst) systems using DEF (diesel exhaust fluid). Improved Safety Features Safety is a key design element for the new HL900 series. For added safety when getting on and off the machine or for inspection and maintenance, Hyundai’s wheel loaders are equipped with large access steps to the cab, convenient grab handles and upper guard rails

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near the engine compartment. The larger cab improves cab entry and exit. Ergonomically positioned operator switches, controls and other features make it easier to quickly access critical functions. Additional features on the new wheel loaders include a speed-limit setting, which is programmable through the touchscreen monitor, and an improved rearview camera that delivers higher resolution and enhanced nighttime visibility. Reliability and Serviceability Hyundai has also improved serviceability and reliability on the HL900 series wheel loaders. Hyundai continues to use premier quality components throughout the series, including ZF transmissions and axles. The new tilt-back, wide-open engine cowling design makes access to the engine, coolers and related components easier than ever. Hyundai now offers front- and rear-axle cooler options for select larger models that work in heavy load conditions like snow removal and long-distance travel applications. Cc

JOHN DEERE E-SERIES ARTICULATED DUMP TRUCKS FEATURE A LOAD OF NEW UPDATES Bolstered with big updates, the new 370E, 410E and 460E articulated dump trucks (ADTs) are designed to keep materials moving and profits flowing. The three models are highlighted by an EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU Stage IV John Deere PowerTech™ diesel engine and a pressurized Deere-designed cab – both of which combine to boost productivity and uptime, while minimizing daily operating costs. Designed and built in Dubuque and Davenport, Iowa, the E-Series ADTs feature 422 hp (370E), 443 hp (410E) and 481 hp (460E), delivering impressive power and torque with exceptional powerto-weight ratios and fast cycles. A purpose-built ZF transmission

includes eight forward gears and four reverse gears, and a high-capacity retarder to increase service brake life. In addition, the John Deere hauler axles are designed for heavyduty applications and include on-the-fly differential locks and outboard planetaries, and each axle is independently pressure lubed and filtered. The E-Series axles use internal wet disc brakes that utilize independent cooling circuits. Perhaps the biggest change to these new models is the updated cab. The ultra quiet, redesigned cab is sealed and pressurized to keep out dust and noise, affording enhanced operator concentration and efficiency.

The 370E, 410E and 460E boast an EPA Final Tier 4 John Deere PowerTech diesel engine to meet the strictest emissions regulations.

Creature comforts include pushbutton start, low-effort pushbutton controls, air-suspension heated high-back seat, tilt/ telescoping steering wheel and optional premium radio with Bluetooth®, auxiliary input and satellite radio capability. Cc

TIPS FOR KEEPING YOUR EQUIPMENT RUNNING DURING THE HOT, HOT SUMMER Summertime means hotter temperatures, humidity, increased sun exposure and dry conditions. All of that, combined with a heavy summer workload, can result in a new set of maintenance and equipment challenges. Daily Inspections. It is important for operators to make daily checks of hydraulic fluid and coolant to ensure they are topped off and effective for higher temperatures. Check For and Clear Debris. Operators need to keep radiators and cooling packages clear of any debris. If the machines have auto-reversing fans, operators should manually reverse the fan on a more frequent basis.

Proper Operation. It’s important for operators to avoid overworking the equipment during the summer. Using it beyond its set capabilities could lead to expensive breakdowns and overheating. Service Checks. If everything detailed above looks good, but the machine’s temperature seems to be elevated, operators should have their service department check the thermostat opening temperature. Remote Monitoring. Many machines today come standard with telematics. One of the easiest things a fleet manager can do with telematics is monitor engine temperature. If there is

CASE wheel loaders, like the 821F, feature a mid mounted cooling module that limits debris buildup 500.

an odd spike in temperature, that serves as a red flag for potential faults or defects elsewhere in the machine – ultimately helping catch a larger failure before it happens. Cc

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NEW VOLVO EC140E OFFERS INDUSTRY-LEADING EFFICIENCY AND COMFORT Equipped with a Tier 4 Final Volvo D4 engine, the new Volvo EC140E crawler excavator features a 5 percent increase in engine power and 10 percent improvement in fuel efficiency versus previous models. The hydraulics system, electronic control system and advanced ECO mode have been optimized to match engine power and reduce power losses. The redesigned main control valve and new software builds on the hydraulic control system, improving fuel efficiency and controllability. EC140E A boom float function allows pump power for boom lowering to be transferred to other

functions, while the auto engine shutdown feature further helps to reduce fuel consumption by automatically switching off the engine after a pre-set amount of time. Volvo Care Cab The exceptionally comfortable, spacious cab helps operators work more productively. All machine interfaces — including the joysticks, keypad, panel and LCD monitor — have been ergonomically designed for optimum control and efficiency. Designed for durability, backed by lifetime warranty The reinforced steel structure of the ROPS cab ensures the operator is protected at all times. The idlers, track links and

upper and bottom rollers on the undercarriage are built to withstand tough terrain, while the intelligently designed X-shape lower frame enables balanced weight distribution, increasing stability and durability, and preventing damage from rock and debris. Cc

KOMATSU AMERICA CORP. INTRODUCES THE NEW WA380-8 WHEEL LOADER High breakout force, operator comfort and a new Tier 4 Final engine. Komatsu America Corp. recently introduced the new WA380-8 wheel loader. With a 6.69 liter, 191 HP Komatsu SAA6D107E-3, variable geometry turbo charged and after cooled Tier 4 Final certified engine, the WA380-8 uses up to six percent less fuel than its Tier 4 Interim predecessor. Komatsu’s SmartLoader Logic software combines with a lockup torque converter, which activates in second, third and fourth gears. Together, the system provides optimal engine torque for improved acceleration, hill climbing, a higher top speed and fuel savings.


Komatsu designed the machine’s Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filter (KDPF) and other after treatment components to work in harmony with the engine for efficiency and long life. A Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) assembly is incorporated to further reduce NOx emissions using diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). The engine uses an advanced electronic control system to manage the air-flow rate, fuel injection, combustion parameters and after treatment functions to optimize performance, reduce emissions and provide advanced diagnostic capability.

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The WA380-8 and every other Komatsu Tier 4 Final construction-sized machine, whether rented, leased or purchased, is covered by the Komatsu CARE® program for the first three years or 2000 hours, whichever comes first. Cc

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ROUGH TERRAIN CRANES 15 - 160 Ton Lift Capacity


9 - 25 Ton Lift Capacity

UNITS IN STOCK & READY FOR SALE Tadano Rough Terrain Cranes: 36 Units Available Manitex Boom Trucks: 63 Units Available Shuttlelift Carry Deck Cranes: 10 Units Available Skyjack Fork Lifts: 12 Units Available Elliott Sign Trucks: 8 Units Available

17 - 50 Ton Lift Capacity



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