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Publisher’s Letter A job that’s never completed Earlier this year I joined a contingent of CalAPA members for our annual “Fly-in” to Sacramento. After a briefing by our advocates, we set out for a series of appointments with key members of the Legislature to discuss issues that are important to our industry. Adequate funding for roads, of course, was at the top of the list. You may recall that we had a similar “Fly-in” last year, and the year before that. In fact, we have been doing them for more than 20 years. We’ve also participated in similar events at the Capitol in Washington, D.C. Why do we keep at it, you ask? Simple: Protecting your interests is a job that’s never done. Construction is all about risk-management. Knowing what you are bidding on, having the capabilities to deliver the product or service for the agreed price, and avoiding surprise costs that can blow up your budget. And then it’s on to the next project. We’re like a shark in the open ocean -- we need to keep moving. Stop and we’re dead. What sets CalAPA apart is that we are the only statewide entity that focuses exclusively on asphalt pavements. Our technical expertise is respected and our opinions are sought out and thoughtfully considered. There are issues that are unique to asphalt that no one else but us can speak to as effectively on the state level. The process of educating our elected officials, regulators, engineers and others is never-ending. This is made even more complicated because of term-limits, which results in a crop of new faces every session and renewed efforts to make relationships and tell our story. These face-to-face encounters are important when you have an issue back in the home district – they remember your face, your business and hopefully will listen carefully to your concerns. And don’t forget that we have many enemies out there who are not above twisting facts to suit their own interests. It’s a simple principal of physics – a vacuum will be filled up by something. If we don’t tell our story, someone else will tell it for us, and I guarantee you won’t much care for their version. If you are bidding a project this week, remember that a lot of hard work took place years ago to make the funding for that project possible. And while there are far too many regulations than any of us would like, there were plenty more that never made it to the publication stage thanks to our association’s efforts. Remember, it is your association and our volunteer members who are out there trying to represent your interests and secure funding so you’ll have a project to bid on next week and next year.


Donald L. Daley Jr., President California Commercial Asphalt, LLC. 4

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Special Grass-Roots Advocacy Issue

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Publisher’s Letter


CalAPA Steps-up Grass-roots


Pavement Coatings Co.

Advocacy to Tell Asphalt’s Story

Utilizes Micro Milling Along with Scrub

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Seal/RAP Slurry to Rehab LA County Doublegrove Street Project


George Weir Asphalt, Inc. A New Direction Towards Increased Productivity and Quality Control, and Implementation of Core Values


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Assemblymember Eric Linder, R-Corona (left), Assemblymember Catharine Baker, R-Dublin, Assembly Minority Leader Kristin Olsen, R-Modesto and Mike Cunningham, A. Teichert & Sons pictured at A. Teichert & Sons asphalt plant facility tour in Sacramento on April 23, 2015.

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P.O. Box 981300 • West Sacramento • CA 95798 (Mailing Address) 1550 Harbor Blvd., Suite 211 • West Sacramento • CA 95691 • (866) 498-0761 Russell W. Snyder, Tony Grasso, Sophie You, Rita Leahy, PhD., P.E., Donald L. Daley Jr., California Commercial Asphalt, LLC Construction Marketing Services, LLC • P.O. Box 892977 • Temecula • CA 92589 (909) 772-3121 • Fax (951) 225-9659 Aldo Myftari, Brian Hoover, CMS, Tony Grasso and Russell W. Snyder, CalAPA Kerry Hoover, CMS, (909) 772-3121 • Fax (951) 225-9659

Copyright © 2015 – All Rights Reserved. No portion of this publication may be reused in any form without prior permission of the California Asphalt Pavement Association. California Asphalt is the official publication of the California Asphalt Pavement Association. This bi-monthly magazine distributes to members of the California Asphalt Pavem­­ent Association; contractors; construction material producers; Federal, State and Local Government Officials; and others interested in ensuring that asphalt remains the high quality, high performance pavement choice in the state of California.


California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Special Grass-Roots Advocacy Issue

CalAPA Steps-up Grass-roots Advocacy to Tell Asphalt’s Story By Tony Grasso, Deputy Executive Director, California Asphalt Pavement Association

“Oh, I wish I had a camera!” And with that, one of the most powerful members of the Legislature let out a hearty laugh over the plight of one of her fellow lawmakers. The site wasn’t the floor of the Assembly, or in a committee room or candidate debate. The setting was at an asphalt plant and quarry operated by CalAPA member A. Teichert & Sons, one of the most venerable construction companies in California. Teichert hosted a tour of its Sacramento quarry, reclamation and asphalt plant operations April 23 as part of a stepped-up effort by the association to help a new generation of elected officials understand the construction business in general, and the materials and asphalt production side in particular. The hearty laugh belonged to Assembly Minority Leader Kristin Olsen, who is the top Republican in the 80-member Assembly. A former member of the Modesto City Council, she was elected to the Assembly in 2010 and quickly ascended to the top leadership position for her party in the lower house. With the debate over infrastructure funding raging in Sacramento, Olsen cheerfully agreed to get an up-close look at how construction materials are made, including the many environmental controls and sustainable practices that the industry routinely utilizes to be a good neighbor and partner to increasingly environmentally conscious customers. Olsen was joined on a warm and sunny afternoon by other key members of the Legislature: Katcho Achadjian, R-San Luis Obispo, Catharine Baker, R-Dublin and Eric Linder, R-Corona. All are members of the powerful Assembly Transportation Committee, where most bills that impact the asphalt pavement industry must be vetted before moving on in the elaborate legislative process. All have construction materials facilities in their districts. 10

Teichert Regional Operations Manager Mike Cunningham conducts a quick safety briefing and site orientation for visiting members of the state Legislature prior to a facility tour April 23, 2015 in Sacramento. Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian, R-San Luis Obispo is seated at left.

Also in attendance were CalAPA’s advocates, Jeff Sievers and Greg Hurner with the firm Carpenter Sievers Takahama, who jumped at the chance to shed business suits in favor of denim and boots to better understand the industry they represent at the Capitol. What made Olsen wish for a camera was a wrong turn taken by one of her colleagues, Linder, as he arrived for the plant tour in his state-issued sedan. Instead of pulling into the parking area, he inadvertently followed a delivery truck and got an unexpected tire wash from the automated washing station that all trucks pass through before heading off site. The tire wash, which helps mitigate fugitive dust, is one of the many environmental controls the group would see on their tour. CalAPA has active Legislative Committee and Political Action Committee, and employs lobbyists in Sacramento to track legislation, help lobby for or against bills when appropriate, as well as help educate elected officials about the industry and dispel the many myths and misconceptions

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Special Grass-Roots Advocacy Issue

Teichert’s Mike Cunningham points out the many environmental controls on the asphalt plant in Sacramento to Assemblymember Catharine Baker, R-Dublin during an April 23, 2015 facility tour.

about asphalt production and construction that are widespread. CalAPA’s lobbyists report that the association’s profile at the Capitol has raised dramatically in recent years, as evidenced by the level of access the association now routinely receives with powerful legislators and other policymakers. CalAPA’s efforts grass-roots advocacy efforts were recognized last year by the National Asphalt Pavement Association, which awarded “Asphalt Ambassador” awards to Don L. Daley Jr., president of California Commercial Asphalt, and CalAPA Executive Director Russell W. Snyder. Daley sits on the CalAPA Executive Committee and Legislative & PAC Committees is also a NAPA director. In the “Publisher’s Letter” he authored in this issue of California Asphalt magazine, he stresses that the job of educating and building relationships with our elected officials is never done. Daley, who towers over most Legislators and has a booming voice to match, has personally hosted numerous plant tours for elected officials over the years in his home town of San Diego, and regularly attends trips to the state Capitol in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. to lobby elected officials for the need for additional infrastructure funding. “What sets CalAPA apart is that we are the only statewide entity that focuses exclusively on asphalt pavements,” he wrote. “Our technical expertise is respected and our opinions are sought out and

Assembly Minority Leader Kristin Olsen, R-Modesto (right) discusses the operations of the Sacramento construction materials operations with Teichert’s Mike Cunningham.

thoughtfully considered. There are issues that are unique to asphalt that no one else but us can speak to as effectively on the state level.” A case in point occurred earlier this year when a bill introduced in the Legislature, actively opposed by CalAPA, was amended to exclude all references to asphalt. Although the bill was opposed by other construction trade associations, only CalAPA could claim to speak for the asphalt industry exclusively, and the negative impacts the bill would impose on the industry. “All it takes is one bad bill, or even one bad amendment to a bill, often inserted in the dead of night, that can be devastating to our industry,” says Snyder, who as CalAPA’s chief executive directs the activities of CalAPA’s lobbyists with the guidance of CalAPA’s Board of Directors and Legislative Committee. “It takes constant vigilance to protect our industry from harm, even from some well-intentioned proposals.” Under CalAPA’s advocacy strategy, a plant tour is a “ying,” and regular fly-ins to the Capitol to meet with lawmakers in their offices is the “yang.” Those office visits are dramatically more productive when the lawmaker has seen an asphalt facility first-hand. This year’s fly-in to the Capitol in Sacramento took place March 17-18, before lawmakers got buried with committee hearings, and gave the industry an opportunity to set the stage for the debate on

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Special Grass-Roots Advocacy Issue

[ Continued on page 12 ]


Left: The CalAPA group meets with state Sen. Jim Beall, D-San Jose, (15th Senate District), chairman of the Senate Transportation & Housing Committee.

Right: Assemblyman Jim Frazier, D-Oakley (11th District), chairman of the Assembly Transportation Committee (center) meets with CalAPA members Brian Handshoe with Kenco Engineering (left) and Len Nawrocki with Valero Energy.

[ Continued from page 11 ]

transportation funding that would take place in the weeks and months ahead. Among those who met with the CalAPA delegation included Assemblyman Jim Frazier, D-Oakley, chairman of the Assembly Transportation Committee, and state Sen. Jim Beall, D-San Jose, who chairs the Senate Transportation & Housing Committee. Both have introduced and are backing measures in the Legislature to substantially boost funding for road maintenance. “We have a good story to tell,” said Len Nawrocki with Valero Energy, chairman of the CalAPA Political Action Committee and a regular “fly-in” attendee. “Good roads are good for everybody. We just need to figure out a new way to pay for them.” Other attendees at the fly-in included Daley, Marc Mitchell with Alon Asphalt, Brian Handshoe with Kenco Engineering, and Crystal Howard with EnviroMINE. The main difference between an office visit and a plant tour is the plant tour focuses more on the “how” of what we do. At the Teichert plant and facility tour, Regional Operations Manager Mike Cunningham started off the visit with a safety briefing and site orientation. Teichert holds the oldest active contractor’s license in California (No. 8) and is in its fifth generation of 12

family ownership, having been founded in 1887. The two main companies that bear the family name are Teichert Construction, the building arm, and Teichert Materials, which supplies aggregate, asphalt and ready-mixed concrete, among other products. The sprawling Perkins Plant off U.S. 50 and Watt Avenue in Sacramento is a patchwork of sites that are in various stages of mining, production and reclamation. Teichert’s corporate offices on a verdant stretch of American River Drive, the group was told, was built in the 1960s on a former mining site that was eventually reclaimed for other uses. Significantly, the facility is surrounded by homes and businesses, which drives home the point that such facilities must be good neighbors and good stewards of the environment. High fences, berms and landscaping shield much of the facilities from view so that passing motorists may not have an idea of what type of work is taking place nearby. Numerous environmental controls on quarries and plant operations to control noise, dust, air pollution and other conditions that could be noticed by those nearby. At one point during the tour, the group passed by a conveyor belt that was ferrying quarried rock to a central plant for processing. The conveyor passed beneath an adjacent road -unseen and unheard by motorists passing overhead. [ Continued on page 14 ]

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Special Grass-Roots Advocacy Issue

[ Continued from page 16 ]

Cunningham also stressed the importance of local sources for construction materials, which can cut down on air pollution from trucks importing materials from great distances. A campaign by the materials industry, “Distance Matters,” is meant to emphasize this point. All tour attendees left with extensive briefing materials to take back to share with staff.

Assemblyman Eric Linder, R-Corona (60th Assembly District) makes a point about road funding March 17, 2015 during the annual “fly-in” to the state Capitol.

Later in the tour, Cunningham pointed out irregular chunks of old asphalt pavement being processed into RAP – Reclaimed Asphalt Pavements. Asphalt is the most recycled material on Earth, the group was told, and can be recycled over and over and incorporated in new pavement mixes. The group also learned about the use of ground up vehicle tires in asphalt pavements, which helps reduce pressure on California’s landfills. Linder, who represents an area of Riverside County that includes the City of Corona’s 150,000 residents, remarked how he has several construction materials facilities in his district, and even adjacent to this district, and is well-aware of the sustainable cycle of construction materials. Baker, who was elected to the Assembly last year under revised term limits that mean she could serve until 2026, peppered Cunningham with many questions about the plant operations, jobs, the regulatory environment and infrastructure.

An impromptu encounter across the street from the Capitol with state Sen. Isadore Hall D-Compton (35th Senate District). Pictured, left to right: Don L. Daley Jr. with California Commercial Asphalt, Crystal Howard with EnviroMINE, Hall, and Len Nawrocki with Valero Energy.

“I think it was great that members of the Legislature are taking an interest in infrastructure and took the time to see our operations in person,” Cunningham said later. “They seemed genuinely caring and interested in what we do.” Although the Teichert Plant is steeped in history, as well as modern technology, the tour also served as an illustration of how a new generation of visitors views and interacts with such a facility. For example, a 20-something Assembly staffer along on the trip, Evelyn Rojas, took a few “selfies” with her smart phone to record the event. After the tour wrapped up, Olsen posted a photo of herself in a hardhat on her Facebook page that has 4.500 followers. Within hours the photo had dozens of “likes.”

Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins (left) meets with CalAPA Executive Director Russell W. Snyder to discuss transportation funding.


All politics is local, as the saying goes, and the job of telling the story of the asphalt pavement industry is never-ending. CAM CalAPA Executive Director Russell W. Snyder contributed to this article.

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Special Grass-Roots Advocacy Issue

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Pavement Coatings Co. Utilizes Micro Milling Along with Scrub Seal/RAP Slurry to By: Brian Hoover Rehab LA County Doublegrove Street Project


avement Coatings Co. has been offering cities, counties, local municipalities and other public and private entities a variety of asphalt maintenance solutions for many years. The company started as a slurry seal contractor in 1974, was purchased by Pavement Recycling Systems in 2007 and has been an integral part of this vertically integrated company ever since. Every road surface is unique and each may require its own specific maintenance or rehabilitation solution. Pavement Coatings Co. offers several interchangeable methods designed to maximize efficiencies, while offering tremendous cost savings over conventional remove-andreplace solutions. 16

Pavement Coatings Co. has performed several pavement preservation and maintenance job order contracts for the County of Los Angeles over the past two years that have included a variety of methodologies. They recently finished up on the LA County Doublegrove Street Project, which began in March 2015. This project encompassed unincorporated areas of LA County including West Covina and the Doublegrove housing development, but also impacts streets in neighboring cities. Numerous residential streets were part of this more than $2 million street improvement project that brought 13-miles of distressed roadway back to its former glory.

Typical street maintenance procedures would call for a slurry seal only, however on this particular project, the streets were too far gone and required a more aggressive approach. Bryan Boudreaux was the superintendent overseeing this project and he points out that the County of LA had implemented the use of micro milling on previous jobs and that they were very happy with the results. “We worked with officials from the County of LA and the decision was made to once again utilize micro milling prior to a scrub seal, followed by a RAP slurry seal finish,” says Boudreaux. “The micro milling process smooths out the streets and dramatically improves the rideability, while also exposing the concrete gutter

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Special Grass-Roots Advocacy Issue

Left Page: Micro milling prior to scrub seal. Above: Application of RAP Slurry over Scrub Seal. Above Right: Application of 5/16” RAP chips. Right: Scrubbing PASS CR Emulsion.

so that we can remove the old slurry seal buildup.” Approximately 2 million square feet of quarter-inch micro milling was performed, followed by the same amount of scrub seal and then capped with 2,100 tons of RAP slurry. “It was necessary to perform localized dig-outs in areas that were cracked and distressed beyond repair,” says Boudreaux. According to Boudreaux, these remove and replace areas ranged from as small as 4-foot by 4-foot, all the way up to 20-foot by 100-foot sections. Approximately 1,000 tons of hot mix asphalt was put down in 4-inch lifts in these areas, followed by the RAP slurry seal. Pavement Recycling Systems, Inc. (PRS) performed all of the micro milling and asphalt paving work

on this project. The micro milling in particular presented a challenge due to the macadam pavement that had been put down back in the 1950’s. Macadam is made up of compacted layers of broken stone, followed by a concrete cap and it was important that PRS not disturb this during the micro milling process. “Pavement Recycling Systems, Inc. did an excellent job in not disturbing the macadam below the surface and this saved us untold hours of remove and replace work that would have been necessary,” says Boudreaux. “There were some areas where the subgrade contained high moisture content and the macadam had actually sunk. We dug out these sections and replaced them with 4-inchs of compacted class II base,

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Special Grass-Roots Advocacy Issue

followed by another 4-inches of hot mix asphalt and then the slurry seal cap.” “A Scrub Seal using 5/16” RAP Chips and PASS CR Emulsion provided by Western Emulsions, Inc. also acts as a mass crack sealer. A scrub seal is very close to a chip seal treatment, in that the emulsion and crushed rock are placed on the existing road surface. The difference is that the asphalt emulsion is applied to the road surface through a series of brooms placed at different angles. The brooms effectively push the asphalt emulsion into the cracks, ensuring a better fill and seal. Put simply, it is a process that crack-fills, seals and rejuvenates the pavement surface. A chip spreader then [ Continued on page 12 ]




[ Continued from page 11 ]

applies a layer of crushed RAP aggregate that is rolled into the emulsion filled voids.� 100 percent Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) is crushed and screened down to the equivalent of a type II slurry and was added as the final layer on the LA County Doublegrove Street Project. PRS manufactures their own RAP slurry aggregate at their Reclaimed Aggregates, Inc. facility in Colton. The RAP is transformed into a uniform, quality aggregate via grinding, crushing, and screening using stringent testing and quality control procedures to assure consistency. Pavement Coatings Co. then takes this quality RAP slurry and applies it via conventional slurry trucks and equipment. The life cycle of these street improvements can be as long as 7 to 10 years and the ultimate goal is to continually protect these pavements through continued maintenance. Agencies like the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works go to great lengths to maintain their streets and roads and they depend on companies like Pavement Coatings Co. to provide them with cost effective solutions now and in the future. For more information on Pavement Coatings Co., please visit or call their Jurupa Valley offices at (714) 826-3011. CAM



1: Superintendent Bryan Boudreaux (left) and Foreman Jessie Martindale. 2: Cleaning old Slurry Seal from gutter. 3: Rolling RAP Chips. 4: Scrub Seal finished surface. 5: Final roadway surface.


5 California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Special Grass-Roots Advocacy Issue

[ Continued on page 20 ] California Asphalt Magazine • 2014 Equipment Guide Issue


Insurance Column




If you have an insurance question, please send it to our insurance expert, Steve Cota, at the email address below. Answers may be published in future editions of California Asphalt Magazine. Dear Mr. Insurance Expert: What are the CAL/OSHA regulations regarding the reporting of any injury resulting in a hospitalization or death? As of January 1, 2015 CAL/OSHA has mandated and intends to strongly enforce the following: 1. All work-related fatalities must be reported to OSHA within 8 hours. 2. All work-related inpatient hospitalizations, all amputations and all losses of an eye be reported within 24 hours. A contractor in Southern California recently was recently fined over $150,000. A large portion of the amount was due to the late reporting of the incident. Hopefully, none of you will experience such an occasion but if you do you need to report it to the nearest CAL/OSHA district office. You can find the address and telephone number of the offices at districtoffices.htm. In a somewhat related matter, the busy season and summer months are approaching and it is extremely important that your Heat Illness Prevention program meets CAL/OSHA regulations. In addition, we all want to make sure that our employees are safe during the hot summer months on the asphalt. Below are some mandatory regulations and just plain good ideas: • Employees should have plenty of drinkable water. Your employees who are working in or with heat should be encouraged to drink one quart or more an hour. • Shade is required to be present when the temperature exceeds 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The amount of shade present must be at least enough to accommodate 25% of the employees on the shift at any time. • Employees shall be allowed and encouraged to take a cool-down rest in the shade for a period of no less than five minutes at a time when they feel the need to do so to protect themselves from overheating. • The employer shall implement high-heat procedures when the temperature exceeds 95 degrees Fahrenheit. • Make sure that there is effective communication by voice, observation, or electronic means (cellphone) is maintained so that employees at the work site can contact a supervisor when necessary. • Be sure that your supervisors observe employees for alertness and signs or symptoms of heat illness. • Continually remind employees to drink plenty of water. • Close supervise new employees. • Supervisory and non-supervisory employees should be trained on proper procedures to take to avoid heat-related stress and illness. I hope you all have a safe and successful summer. Steve Cota directs the Asphalt Paving Program for Patriot Risk & Insurance Services in Irvine, California. For more information regarding the above or any other insurance-related questions, he may be reached at (949) 486-7947 or 20

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Special Grass-Roots Advocacy Issue

Member Spotlight

George Weir Asphalt, Inc. By: Brian Hoover

Above: Escondido Materials Asphalt plant - Tulip Street facility.


eorge Weir has been serving San Diego, Riverside, and Los Angeles counties since 1979. What began with a used Chevy pickup truck and a shovel has now grown into a verticallyintegrated group of companies, designed to offer the finest asphalt and aggregate products, as well as the very best construction paving services. After more than 35 years in the business, George Weir Asphalt, Inc. is poised for tremendous growth. “When I started out with my father’s old pickup truck, I never expected that we would get to this point,” says Weir. “We are faced with a unique expansion opportunity right now, and we are very excited about the future of our companies.” In addition to expansion and a 100% increase in sales during the past fiscal year, George Weir Asphalt, Inc. has a new management team and has revisited its core company values. Vertical Integration & Increased Production George Weir Asphalt, Inc. controls every aspect of its supply chain, from materials to construction. 22

Because Weir’s companies are vertically-integrated, they can meet customers’ aggregate needs in an efficient and economical way. The materials side of the business, Escondido Materials, is comprised of two previously-separate divisions: Escondido Asphalt and Escondido Sand & Gravel. Escondido Materials is one of only two plants in the county permitted to operate 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Its asphalt production facility currently has a plant with four 150-ton silos, and Weir recently received approval to expand its annual asphalt production capabilities from 250,000 tons to 370,000 tons. Plans are also in place to install a new state-of-the-art 400-ton per hour Astec “Double Barrel Green” hot plant. The aggregate and recycling divisions of Escondido Materials offer both virgin and recycled materials. They sell recycled Class II Base, rock, and sand products throughout San Diego County. They also accept demolition materials from asphalt, concrete, block, plaster, and concrete roof tile projects. According to Weir, “respect for the environment is one of our core company values. Asphalt is the number one recyclable product in the

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Special Grass-Roots Advocacy Issue

USA today, and we recycle 100% of everything we take in.” George Weir Asphalt, Inc. represents the construction and paving arm of the business and is run by Mark Weir. It is made up of three divisions: George W. Weir Asphalt Construction, Inc., Pacific Oil Spreading, and Advanced Concrete. Pacific Oil Spreading provides computerized, rate-controlled Bearcat oil distributor trucks that perform everything from tack coat and fog seal operations to paving fabric installations, sand and seal jobs, and chip seal jobs. Advanced Concrete has the ability to meet most any concrete applications, including cutting, demolition, coring, grinding, and decorative curb and gutter applications. New Leadership Vertical integration isn’t the only thing that has enabled George Weir Asphalt, Inc. to grow and provide greater value to customers; having a strong leadership team also plays a significant

role. “With the right people, we can provide the best experience and Left: Taylor highest quality possible to our Schmidt, Sales customers,” states Weir. He Manager (left), has paved the way for its muchGeorge Weir, anticipated growth through and Matt Pound, strategic new hires, Matt General Manager, Pound and Taylor Schmidt. Escondido Several months ago, Weir Materials. made the decision to bring in Pound as the new general manager of Escondido Materials. Weir describes Pound as a “rising star in our industry, a man of quiet confidence and profound humility.” He has an extensive background in the aggregate industry and previously worked at LeHigh Hanson, Wyroc Materials, and Titan Transportation. Part of his job is to encourage employees to specialize in their particular areas of expertise. Schmidt is another new member of the Weir Asphalt team and was recently hired as the sales and marketing manager at Escondido Materials and Escondido Sand & Gravel. Schmidt and Pound were friends in high school and played football together at Palomar College. They also worked together at Titan Transportation, and Schmidt recommended Pound for the general manager position, knowing that they work well together. “I am comfortable that we have the right sales and marketing manager in place and am now working to ensure that Schmidt has the proper support to reach his goals,” explains Pound. “None of this will happen overnight, but we are making great strides everyday and it is clear that we are on the right track.” After graduating from San Diego State, Schmidt signed with the Seattle Seahawks and played [ Continued on page 24]

Below: Escondido Materials administration office - Tulip Street facility.

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Special Grass-Roots Advocacy Issue


Left: Escondido Materials rock plant. Below: Aerial view of Escondido Materials hard rock quarry.

[ Continued from page 23 ]

for two seasons. He then returned to Southern California and worked at Titan Transportation and Marathon General, Inc. Most recently, he worked in dispatch and sales at California Commercial Asphalt. “I am very excited about the opportunity here at Escondido Materials,” says Schmidt. “My primary focus right now is sales. We are working very hard to generate a larger customer base and increase our backlog of business. There are also some changes taking place within our culture, the way we communicate with our customers, and the general chain of command. This includes everything from our general manager, to dispatch, hot plant operators, quarry and crushing operations and all of the support staff. My goal is to be out there on the streets as much as possible, selling our great asphalt and aggregate products.” “In addition to Pound and Schmidt, we have also hired a new controller and CFO,” says Weir. “We are in a good position strategically to achieve success, and we now have the right people in place to make sure it all happens.” George emphasizes that in addition to the company’s new leaders, he appreciates all of his employees. “Even if your hands are on the steering wheel, there are a lot of other people enabling you to be there and making things happen behind the scenes. I love our employees. They work hard. I respect them all.” Reigniting Core Values During its recent restructuring and growth, Weir Asphalt has re-implemented its core values across all aspects of its operations and customer interactions. These values include a commitment to innovation and excellence, respect for the environment, integrity, faith, family, and community. 24

Excellence & Integrity “If we say we’ll do something, we do it,” says Weir. “We care about walking the talk – we offer quality work at a fair price, and if mistakes happen, we want to know about it so that we can fix it. I do business on a handshake, and our word is our bond.” Faith Weir Asphalt’s company values are based on faith in God and the teachings of the Gospel. “I want to walk a life of faith and trust; and that’s my [business] model,” adds Weir. “At our company, we are guided by faith and we leave our egos at the door. When we leave our egos at the door, God can do amazing things through us.” Family The Weir Asphalt company culture encourages employees to put family first. “We work because of our faith and our family,” says Weir. “We work to pay the bills, but we are also working together to support each other through life and take care of each other.” Community Weir Asphalt companies are based in Weir’s hometown of Escondido, and he feels a strong sense of dedication to the local community. He supports local causes and projects, but prefers that people don’t know about the specific details of his

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Special Grass-Roots Advocacy Issue

Above: Escondido Materials cold feed storage system - Tulip Street facility.

contributions. “I care about this community,” said Weir. “This is my home. I’ve lived here all my life. My family is here. This is my town and I’m going to take care of it.” George and his family have set certain goals for extending funding to community initiatives in the future. What Weir wants more than anything is to make his last decades on Earth count and “finish strong,” an attitude that he has directed towards the Weir Asphalt companies. “When I turned 60 this year, I

could see the rest of my life ahead. I want to finish strong…fairness with customers and employees, respect, compassion, helping and encouraging others – that’s what finishing strong means to me.” For more information on George W. Weir Asphalt Construction, Inc., please log on to or call (760) 746-0232. For more information on Escondido Materials, please visit or call (760) 432-0657. CAM


BAY AREA DEMO DAYS Smart Site Solutions


AT THE ALAMEDA COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS 4501 Pleasanton Avenue, Pleasanton, CA 94566

JUNE 4th & JUNE 5th 10:00 - 11:00 11:00 - 11:30 12:00 - 1:00 1:00 - 3:00

Registration, Meet and Greet, Door Prizes, Raffle Registration Preview Presentation: Johan Larsson, SITECH General Manager Barbeque Product /Equipment demos

Come see demos on these machines: EARTHMOVING − 140M Motorgrader with Trimble GCS900 − Dozer with Cat® Grade Control − Cat 336 Excavator with Trimble GCS900 − Cat 950 Loader with Loadrite system PAVING − Cat 1055 Paver with Trimble PCS900 − Cat CB54 Roller with PCS900 Intelligent Compaction System

PLEASE RSVP by 5/28/15 to Tammy Kelly at, 510-618-2993 (office), or 510-292-3111 (cell), PETERSON TRUCKS | PETERSON POWER SYSTEMS | SECO | LOADRITE | CRESCO - THE CAT RENTAL STORE

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Special Grass-Roots Advocacy Issue


Attendees flock to Spring Asphalt Conference in Ontario; program spotlighted the latest on pavement specs, research, best-practices The Spring Asphalt Pavement Conference went off smoother than freshly rolled asphalt, with more than 230 attendees hearing the latest updates on funding, research, specification changes, paving best practices and more. Keynote speaker Gary Gallegos, executive director of the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) painted a slightly optimistic picture of the prospects for more transportation funding in the near future, and emphasized the need for agencies to be flexible, innovative and open to new ideas. New Caltrans State Pavement Engineer Jesse Bhullar re-emphasized the department’s commitment to working in partnership with industry to deliver high-quality transportation improvement projects. He assumed his new duties Feb. 17, replacing Amarjeet Benipal, who was named District 3 Director. Basem Muallem, former Caltrans District 8 Director who on April 1 began a new job with Parsons Transportation Group in Southern California, announced that the regional Caltrans district that covers Riverside and San Bernardino counties will be moving forward with another long-life asphalt pavement project. Also known as perpetual asphalt pavement, the pavement strategy is designed to last 40 years or more with minimal maintenance. Caltrans won national recognition last year for utilizing the innovative design on seven projects, including sections of the 710 Freeway in Los Angeles County, Interstate 5 in the North State and Interstate 80 between Sacramento and San Francisco. Other speakers at the April 15-16 conference at the Doubletree Hotel in Ontario represented industry, agencies and academia. Toni Carroll with Vulcan Materials provided a summary of changes to Caltrans asphalt specifications, and Steve Marvin of Labelle-Marvin delivered an entertaining presentation on plant inspection for local agencies. Gary Hicks, representing the Pavement Preservation Center at CSU Chico, offered pavement preservations “keys to success” while Erik Updyke gave an overview of recent changes to the “Greenbook” standard for local public works. Carolina Rodezno representing the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) at Auburn University provided the latest research on performance testing of Warm Mix Asphalt, drawing partly on “live traffic” field tests in controlled conditions at NCAT’s test track. Jeff Ensell with Roadtec delved into the topic of Material Transfer Vehicles, and Bob Humer with the Asphalt Institute showed the audience the do’s and don’ts of proper joint construction. Chris Long with the Federal Highway Administration offered a national perspective on transportation, and John Harvey with the UC Pavement Research Center provided 26

Featured speaker Basem Muallem, recently retired Caltrans District 8 Director, who announced he is joining the Parsons Transportation Group.

Keynote speaker Gary Gallegos, Executive Director, San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG).

2015 CalAPA Chairman John Greenwood with Skanska USA Civil West opens the conference.

New Caltrans State Pavement Engineer Jesse Bhullar addressed the conference.

a preview of research that is providing new insights into pavement performance. Two expert panel discussions tackled pavement management systems and bonded wearing courses. One attendee summed up the event conference experience this way: “Each time I attend I think ‘they’re never going to be able to produce a better program.’ Then the next time I attend I find CalAPA has in fact produced a better program.” All CalAPA technical presentations, including every one delivered at the conference, are available electronically on CalAPA’s “SlideShare” page. A link to the page is on the “What’s New” area of the main CalAPA web page: . Plenty of photos from the event are posted on CalAPA’s Facebook page. This year’s conference marked a return of the popular “Equipment Expo,” where attendees got an up-close look at the latest equipment and technology that is resulting in higher quality and smoother pavement projects. CalAPA thanks all the conference exhibitors and sponsors, as well as the event steering committee and staff, for making the event so successful. The Fall Asphalt Pavement Conference & Equipment Expo will take place Oct. 28-29 at the Doubletree Hotel in Sacramento. Contact Sophie You at (916) 791-5044 for sponsorship and exhibitor information. CAM

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Special Grass-Roots Advocacy Issue

CalAPA thanks the 2015 Spring Conference Exhibitors and Sponsors Exhibitors Dr. John Harvey, representing Toni Carroll with Vulcan Materials the University of California provided a summary of changes to Pavement Research Center, gave Caltrans asphalt specifications. an overview of the latest research in asphalt pavements, including long-life (perpetual) pavements designed to last 40 years or more.

Akzo Nobel

Pine Instrument Company

Alliance Geosynthetics

Ramos Oil Company

Alon Asphalt Company

RDO Equipment Co.

Applied LNG

RMA Group, Inc.

Aqua Patch Road

Road Science a division of ArrMazRoadtec

Materials, LLC Crafco Steve Marvin of LaBelle-Marvin delivered an entertaining presentation on plant inspection for local agencies.

Chris Long with the Federal Highway Administration offered a national perspective on transportation.

Bob Humer with the Asphalt Institute showed the audience the do’s and don’ts of proper joint construction.

Carolina Rodezno from National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) at Auburn University provided the latest research on performance testing of Warm Mix Asphalt.

There were plenty of exhibitors at the 2015 CalAPA Spring Asphalt Pavement Conference & Equipment Expo April 15-16 in Ontario, Calif.


Sales and Distribution Services, Inc. / Zydex, Inc.

Dynatest Consulting, Inc.

Scott Equipment

Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions Hanes Companies

SealMaster of Southern California

Hemi Equipment, LLC


Instrotek, Inc.

Sully-Miller Contracting, Co.

James Cox & Sons, Inc.

Surface Systems & Instruments, Inc.

MeadWestvaco Nixon-Egli Equipment

The CalAPA Spring Asphalt Pavement Conference now features an outdoor equipment expo, which is popular with attendees.

Telfer Oil Company

OMI Industries

Troxler Electronic Laboratories, Inc.

Pacific Emulsions, Inc.

Volvo Construction Equipment

Pavement Technology, Inc.

Western Emulsions, Inc.



Alon Asphalt Company

Pine Instrument Company

Asphalt Pavement & Recycling Technologies

Road Science a division of ArrMaz

California Commercial Asphalt, LLC

Western Emulsions, Inc.

Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Inc. Scott Equipment’s Jerod Weigand (left) presented raffle drawing winner Andrew Cooper of James Cox and Sons the grand prize a 50-inch television.

Road Widener, LLC

Roadtec Sully-Miller Contracting Company

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Special Grass-Roots Advocacy Issue

Silver SPONSORS Geocon, Inc. Surfa Slick, LLC 27

MEMBERS IN THE News Pat Whittey with Road Science / ARR-MAZ Retires

Pat Whittey.

Pat Whittey (right) chats with Ross Campbell with Dutra Materials during a break at a CalAPA-organized May 11, 2010 CalAPA “Tech Talk” seminar in San Ramon.

A very familiar face around the asphalt pavement industry in California for many years, Pat Whittey with CalAPA member Road Science™ a division of Arr-Maz Custom Chemicals, has retired. The company formulates and produces key chemical components for asphalt, emulsion and HMA plants, as well as providing field engineering support of the pavement application. For more than a decade, Whittey has been an ever-present face at CalAPA events, Caltrans technical meetings and anywhere else where the technical and practical applications of asphalt pavements are discussed. His dry wit and insightful comments livened up even the most boring technical meetings. Whittey was born and raised in Seattle and raised in the Pacific Northwest. He joined the U.S. Armed Services after high school. He was discharged from

the Navy in 1967. Rather than returning to Seattle, he settled in Southern California and worked his way through college while juggling work and family commitments. He ultimately attended several colleges, including Pasadena City College, Glendale College, UCLA and National University, and finally earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Marketing from Golden Gate University. He spent 13 years in the communications industry, including five years with Ericsson (now Sony Ericsson) as a national account manager, and eight years with MCA (now owned by Verizon) as a sales manager. He entered the construction sector and sold plumbing products as a sales manager for a small rep firm, working for 20 years with Rainbow sales, and spent the past 13 years leading up to his retirement as a sales manager for Road Science, a division of ArrMaz.


Looking back, he says he has many fond memories interacting with CalAPA members, agency personnel, academia and others in the industry. “The asphalt industry was by far the most fun and rewarding,” he said. “I just wish I had found my way there sooner.” Whittey was busy in the weeks leading up to his retirement, training his replacement, and looking forward to some relaxing time with his family, which includes 18 grandchildren. “When I first came out to work here in California for Arr-Maz, they said you will never get them to try that chemistry in California, but they did. It’s been a lot of fun.” Whittey’s replacement is Mike Natale, who will be the primary contact for Road Science in California. His number is (205) 478-4697. CAM

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Special Grass-Roots Advocacy Issue

Sully-Miller introduces VALET SERVICE Definition- A turn-key, Furnish, Deliver and Laydown (FD&L) paving service that specifically caters to commercial and residential developers, general contractors and pipeline contractors in both the private and public sector.

Does your paving contractor have these qualifications? • Award-Winning Performance

• Safety

We are the only paving company in the Greater Los

Safety is the #1 Priority for our employees, your employees,

Angeles Basin that wins asphalt paving awards on a

and the public.

local and national level on an annual basis.

As always, Sully-Miller’s goal is zero lost time. #GoalZero

NOBODY else has these acclamations.

• Innovative Solutions

• Quality Control/Quality Assurance

Sully-Miller and Blue Diamond Materials can provide

We are the only paving contractor with an AASHTO and

products that will help you earn U.S. Green Building Council

Caltrans certified lab in the Greater Los Angeles Basin.

LEED Credits.

ALL of our asphalt plants are current with NAPA’s

Diamond Achievement Commendation and Diamond

Quality Commendation.

NOBODY else has these credentials.

• Competitive Pricing

Sully-Miller provides competitive pricing to you on both large

and small projects.

Our crews can deliver your project on time and under budget.

So who do you really want to pave your job?

‘We Are Not Just Another Paving Company’ “Sully-Miller’s Valet Service is a marketing partnership between Blue Diamond Materials and Sully-Miller Contracting Co.”

For quotes, contact James Wu at:


For more info visit: 135 S. State College Blvd. Suite 400 Brea, CA 92821 California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Special Grass-Roots Advocacy Issue Simply scan the QR Code and visit


MEMBERS IN THE News Co-workers, competitors celebrate the career of Vulcan’s Lucinda Powell

Among the well-wishers at Lucinda Powell’s retirement fete April 24 were, from left: Phil Reader, Technical Services Manager for George Reed Co. and a former Vulcan employee, Vulcan Technical Services Supervisor Toni Carroll and Vulcan District Sales Manager Dom Didio.

You know you’re leaving a lasting legacy in your industry when former co-workers and even competitors flock to your retirement get-together to celebrate your career. Such was the case with Lucinda Powell of Vulcan Materials, who officially retired in April as District Sales Manager after a storied career that included mentoring countless co-workers over the years, all of whom she treated like family. Gathered at the Vulcan facility in Roseville April 24, many talked about learning the business from Powell, as well as some important life lessons on service, integrity and a strong work ethic. She began her career with Industrial Asphalt on April 5, 1984 as a dispatcher working at the Rancho Cordova Asphalt Plant. After five years, she was moved into sales for what became Vulcan Materials, and quickly was promoted to District Manager. 30

Lucinda Powell (right) is congratulated on her retirement by Vulcan’s Sean Harrigan.

Considered a pioneering woman in a male-dominated industry, she built and maintained relationships with customers in Northern California, and took many new co-workers and colleagues under her wing in the process. “I have worked with the same group of people for 30 years – they are like family,” Powell said. Asked for her keys to success, she said, “Know what you are talking about, and build relationships. Your word is the most important part of your reputation – I don’t make promises I can’t keep.” More than one Vulcan employee or former employee spoke fondly of how Powell took time to help them understand important aspects of the business, and how many of the principles are important to success in life. “She’s taught me a lot,” said Sean Harrigan, District Operations Manager. “She has great relationships with our customers. She’s a good lady – I’m going to miss her a lot.”

Added Vulcan District Sales Manager Dom Didio: “She is one of the coolest, most sincere people you will ever meet in your life.” He also commended her for her vast knowledge of plant operations, her work ethic and integrity. “She is just a super person.” Phil Reader, who worked at Vulcan before moving over to become Technical Services Manager for George Reed Inc., recalled how Powell took a special interest in him when he first started, getting him up to speed quickly. “I learned so much from her, especially when I first started.” Powell, who lives in Woodland, says she is looking forward in her retirement to relaxing, gardening, traveling and “sleeping in.” She said she will miss her co-workers and her company. “Vulcan is a great company to work for. They are committed to their employees, the environment and the community. They do what they say they are going to do.” CAM

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Special Grass-Roots Advocacy Issue

Our most important product, is our relationship with you. Delivering consistent quality and superior service to the asphalt industry for over 20 years, Diversified Asphalt is southern California’s leading seal coat manufacturer and asphalt service provider. From quality seal coat products and subcontracting support to equipment rentals and more, turn to Diversified Asphalt Products for exceptional service and lasting value.

Subcontracting Division • Full Service Oil Spreading • Paving Fabric Installation • Tack & Prime Coat • Fog Seal

Equipment Rental • Includes hot crack filling machines • 600 Gallon Seal Tanks • 6,000 Gallon Yard Tanks • 6,000 Gallon Job Site Tanks

Manufacturing Division • OverKote® Seal & Crack Filler • Deery Hot Crack Filler • SS1H Emulsion • Paving Fabric Rolls • Petrotac and Geotextiles • Oil Flow and Oil Spot Sealer • Latex Additives • Hot Soup Buckets • Diamond Shield Fortifier BRAND




1227 NORTH OLIVE STREET • ANAHEIM, CA 92801 • TOLL FREE: 855-OVERKOTE • 855-683-7568

Industry News New Storm-water regulations highlighted at CalAPA’s Southern California paving contractor dinner meeting April 7 California’s increasingly complex storm-water regulations and how they impact construction activities were the focus of the April CalAPA Southern California Contractors’ Dinner. The dinner took place April 7 at the Dal Rae Restaurant in Pico Rivera. California construction regulations and reporting requirements, especially the California Industrial Storm-water Regulations, are getting more complex. Of particular concern, many of the reports required today must be input into on-line databases that can be viewed by anyone with an internet connection. Ken Barker, Environmental Manager for Sully-Miller Contracting Co., discussed the changes to the storm-water permit requirements and how to manage them, risks, best practices and more. Barker, a graduate of Notre Dame with a degree in business management, has worked in all phases of construction, operations, estimating and administration. He started working in the environmental field full time when the Underground Storage Tank regulation came into effect in 1992, which was quickly expanded into Industrial Storm-water. In the early 1990s Barker joined the CalAPA Environmental Committee and the Southern California Rock Products Association. He is still an active participant in CalAPA’s Environmental Committee and is a past Chairman of the CalCIMA Environmental Committee. In addition, the meeting featured an insurance update from Mahan Insurance. The CalAPA Southern California Paving Contractors Committee organizes the dinner meetings, which are open to CalAPA members and invited guests and give paving contractors an opportunity to network and keep current on issues that may impact their businesses in an informal setting. For more information, contact CalAPA’s Tony Grasso at (909) 362-9192. CAM 32

Guest speaker Ken Barker of Sully-Miller Contracting gave a presentation on Compliance with California’s new Storm -Water Permit Regulations.

Jessica Schellentrager with Mahan Insurance Brokers, Inc. gave the attendees an insurance update.

California Asphalt Pavement Association Deputy Director Tony Grasso updates the members on upcoming CalAPA events.

Carlos Hernandez, Life Member (left), Rich Shaon, Sully-Miller/Blue Diamond and Bob Waggoner, Western Oil Spreading Services.

John Rogers, Holliday Rock (left), Josh Cobb and Jacob Palmer of Concept Paving Solutions.

Lonnie Clausen (left), Mike Acosta and Ken Barker with Sully-Miller/Blue Diamond.

Steve Cota (left), Scott Salandi, Patriot Risk & Insurance Services and James Nixon, Nixon-Egli Equipment Co.

Holliday Rock’s group; Brian Walker (left), Leah Rojas, Peggy Robertson and Martin Hansberger.

Chris Harrington (left), Geoff Hollingshead, Holliday Rock and Ernie Zambrano, Omega Paving.

Emma Godinez, (left) with Brett Weeks of Volvo Construction Equipment & Services.

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Special Grass-Roots Advocacy Issue

New Members of CalAPA Scott Equipment Jason McCluer, Operations Manager 14635 Valley Blvd. Fontana, CA 92335 P: 909.822.2200

Vulcan Materials is the largest producer of construction aggregates in the United States. The Western Division proudly supplies the highest quality materials for the production of roads, highways, dams, airports, seaports, commercial centers and residential housing as well as other Construction Material needs.

Serving all of California Southern California Area Los Angeles Basin Inside Sales: 626-633-4228 Customer Service Center (Dispatch) 626-856-6156 San Diego Area Inside Sales: 858-530-9472 Customer Service Center (Dispatch) 858-530-9465 Central California Fresno Inside Sales: 559-434-1202 Customer Service Center (Dispatch) 559-846-2852 Bakersfield

Customer Service Center (Dispatch) 661-835-4800

Northern California Bay Area, Pleasanton: 925-846-2852 Sacramento Area, Roseville HMA Inside Sales / Dispatch: 916-773-3968 Grass Valley Area, Nev City, Auburn Area HMA Inside Sales: 530-273-4437 Western Division Administration 818-553-8800


Technical Services Department Northern California Pleasanton Laboratory Technical Services Manager – Toni Carroll 925-485-5982

Day at the Races July 18th Del Mar Racetrack 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd. Del Mar

Annual Golf Tournament September 24th Pacific Palm Resort 1 Industry Hills Pkwy. City of Industry

Fall CONFERENCE October 28 & 29 Doubletree Hotel 2001 Point West Way Sacramento

Central California Fresno Laboratory Technical Services Manager – Gary Dunkel 559-434-2714 Bakersfield Laboratory Technical Service Specialist – Bob Lee 661-398-6299 Southern California Los Angeles Laboratory Technical Services Manager – Tim Reed Technical Services Aggregate – Jeff Pollard Technical Services Asphalt – Pascal Mascarenhas 626-856-6190 Southern California San Diego Laboratory Technical Services Manager – Rob Piceno 858-547-4981 West Region Technical Services Manager LEED Green Associate – Ed Luce 619-843-3069

CalAPA Annual Meeting and Dinner Jan. 21, 2016 (Tentative) Jonathan Club 545 S. Figueroa Street Los Angeles Meeting dates are subject to change. Watch the weekly Asphalt Insider newsletter for meeting updates or call CalAPA at (866) 498-0761 to confirm meeting date and location.

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Special Grass-Roots Advocacy Issue

Industry News

Don J. Brock Oct. 20, 1938 – March 10, 2015 Dr. J. Don Brock, chairman and former CEO of CalAPA member Astec Industries, passed away March 10 in Tennessee from complications of mesothelioma cancer, it was announced. He was 76. Brock was born in Chattanooga on Oct. 20, 1938, to the late James and Edna Brock and was preceded in death by his sister, Edith Brock Murray. He graduated from Central High School in 1957 and received a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville in 1961. He then continued his education at the Georgia Institute of Technology receiving a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering in 1963 and a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering in 1965. Brock started his working career building thermal hot oil heaters and asphalt storage tanks with his dad while in high school. He invented a revolutionary carpet dryer while at Georgia Tech, which gave him the seed money to start Astec Industries. He founded Astec with Norm Smith, Al Guth, Gail Mize, and Mike Uchytil in 1972. The company is now publicly traded, has sales of approximately $1 billion, and has over 4,000 employees worldwide. He won countless national and international awards and has over 100 patents. Brock was Chairman of the Board and CEO of Astec until 2014 when his son, Ben Brock, became CEO of the company. Brock remained Chairman of the Board of Astec until his death. Mize passed away on Jan. 6. Brock is survived by his wife, Sam; seven children: Beth Brock; Ben Brock (Carolyn); Walter Brock (Lee Ann) ; Jennifer Brock; Darryl Brock (Melissa);Melissa Adcock (Dustin); Krystal Parker (Lloyd); his two stepdaughters: Christie Gleeson (Tim) and Devin Sprouse (Tammy Lambert); 15 grandchildren,Garrison, Pierce, Payton, Daxton, Clay, Zachary, Austin, Katie, Haven, Taylor, Ashley, Hannah, Daniel, Jacob and Sarahbeth. CAM

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Special Grass-Roots Advocacy Issue


Alon Asphalt Company............................................................2 Bomag America........................................................................9 Coastline Equipment...............................................................9 CEI Enterprises, Inc................................................................15 E.D. Etnyre & Co......................................................................37 Gill & Baldwin.........................................................................38 GoldStar...................................................................................34 Hawthorne CAT.........................................................................5 Herrmann Equipment, Inc.....................................................19 Holt of California.......................................................................5 Johnson Machinery..................................................................5 MeadWestvaco.......................................................................21 Nixon-Egli Equipment Co...................................... Back Cover Pavement Recycling Systems...............................................38 Pine Instrument Company....................................................35 Peterson CAT.............................................................................5 Quinn Co....................................................................................5 RDO Equipment Co............................................................7, 39 Roadtec......................................................................................8 Sakai.........................................................................................39 Sitech.......................................................................................25 Sully-Miller..............................................................................29 Valero Marketing & Supply.....................................................3 Volvo Construction Equipment & Svcs...............................33 Vulcan Materials Company...................................................36 Western Oil Spreading Services..........................................13


California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Special Grass-Roots Advocacy Issue

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Special Grass-Roots Advocacy Issue


Nixon-Egli Equipment Co., LeeBoy and Cocco Construction Company, Inc.

Above: Cocco Construction Company, Inc.’s brand new LeeBoy 8510C paving machine on parking lot project in San Diego. Right: Dan Cocco, President and daughter Tracy Hill, CFO/Office Manager of Cocco Construction Company, Inc.

Cocco Construction Company is a family owned and operated asphalt paving and concrete construction company that has been primarily serving San Diego County for the past 40 years. They offer a wide array of services including asphalt paving and maintenance, concrete paving and repair, ADA compliance, parking lot striping, parking lot re-sealing, excavation and trenching, demolition, saw-cutting and core-drilling. Cocco Construction Company also offers the industries most experienced crews, supported by the best equipment technology available. Dan Cocco is the company’s owner and president and he has been dealing with Nixon-Egli Equipment Co. for many years. “The time had come for us to add another new paver to our fleet and there was no question that it was going to be another LeeBoy,” says Cocco. “We went with the LeeBoy 8510 C and this is our fourth LeeBoy paving machine.” The LeeBoy 8510 C paver features the Legend 815HD electric screen that offers a seemless mat with adjustments on the fly. It also comes standard with a heavy-duty, manually adjustable crown and valley mechanism and dual vibration system. Part of what makes the LeeBoy 8510 C so easy to operate is the dual lever joystick steering control, located on both sides of the machine. For those that prefer standard hydraulic operating controls, that is available onboard as well. Dan points out that his company’s scope of work calls for smaller, more versatile pavers that can perform well in tight quarters. “We go with the LeeBoy for its ease of operations and transport. The set-up is quick and easy and our crews really know how to get the best from theses machines,” says Cocco. “I have worked with Nixon-Egli and Allen Hahn for many years and just can not say enough about their tremendous support staff for everything from sales to parts and service,” says Cocco. “Also, Allen Hahn is a fellow Marine and we Marines stick together. We look forward to dealing with Nixon-Egli and LeeBoy for many more years.”

RATING 50 Y CELEB 1965-2015 EARS

California’s Largest General Line Construction and Municipal Equipment Dealer. So. California: 2044 S. Vineyard Ave., Ontario, CA 91761 • (909) 930-1822 No. California: 800 E. Grant Line Rd., Tracy, CA 95304 • (209) 830-8600

California Asphalt Magazine Special Grass Roots Advocacy Issue 2015  
California Asphalt Magazine Special Grass Roots Advocacy Issue 2015  

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