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Publisher’s Letter Political thoughts and unsung heroes For some time now, I have believed that you will never get anything to change by speaking to only those who agree with you. This is the season for politics and debates. The Republicans have fielded an army of potential presidential candidates which is probably a good thing as they have several leaders who may be up to the task. The Democrats have a list, which I believe, is up to five. Two of which most people recognize. Viewing the polls so far it is apparent that many voters are not at all satisfied with politicians in general. That is likely the reason we have seen the interest in candidates who have had no political experience. Many people believe that political experience is important but I am not sure our Founding Fathers would have agreed with that. When this nation was formed, our framers planned that bankers, ranchers, lawyers and others would give up part of their time for two years or six years to make necessary laws and then return to their business to live under the laws they just created. How many companies do you know where the employees decide how much to pay themselves or have the employees decide what kind of benefits their boss should have but not be willing to accept the same for themselves? When the government decides to rob Peter to pay Paul, you can pretty much expect to have Paul’s full support. We have come a long way in the past 239 years (but which direction?). It will be interesting to watch the direction our country takes with the present election cycle. Our association has been very active in evaluating the people and the issues that have an impact on our industry. We had the pleasure of having our lieutenant governor, Gavin Newsom as our guest speaker for the annual dinner this year. While I have to admit I have very little in common with him on social issues, he does run three very successful wineries in Napa Valley. He understands business, probably better than our current administration both State and Federal. He joined us in late August for a tour of Vulcan’s quarry and hot plant in San Diego. He asked very good questions and showed a sincere interest in our effort to build and maintain the state’s highway infrastructure. While the next gubernatorial election is still three years away, we may want to follow his interest in our industry. With each asphalt magazine that we receive it has been enjoyable and informative to read articles about our member companies but one of the people behind that information gets little recognition. Kerry Hoover is one of our unsung heroes. Kerry is always in the background playing a critical role, taking pictures to record our achievements, writing or rewriting stories or articles about what we do. She is one of our greatest supporters and a true Asphalt Ambassador. For once, we turned the camera on her with Gavin Newsom. We are honored to give her a little well-deserved spotlight. Thank you Kerry, Brian and your whole team, for all you do. Remember, stay involved and thank those who make our lives better. Sincerely,

Len Nawrocki Valero Asphalt Products 4

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Equipment Guide Issue

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Publisher’s Letter


Flying High On Potential of UAV Technology in Construction and Beyond


The Wild West of Regulating UAVs and What You Should Know Going Forward


Scott Equipment


2015 Equipment Guide


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Seasoned Veteran of Heavy Equipment Industry Rounds Out Equipment Line to Better Serve Growing Customer Base

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2015 Golf Classic

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Photo illustration of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), popularly called drones, superimposed over a photo of traffic on Interstate 80 near Berkeley, Calif.

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California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Equipment Guide Issue

Breathe easy. Emissions regulations are getting tougher here in California. No problem. CEI offers vent condensers and blue smoke control to meet or exceed the toughest specs around. CEI service technicians can install them not only on our AC tanks, but on other brands as well. Call today & stay ahead of the game.

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Flying High On Potential of UAV Technology in Construction and Beyond By Brian Hoover


ook! Up in the sky! It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s…oh, it’s just another UAV. The FAA has said that the agency expects that as many as 1 million UAVs will be sold this coming holiday season. When you consider the many possible benefits a company can glean from the use of UAVs, it is easy to imagine sales that may soon see that number pale in comparison. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), popularly known as drones, are being looked at and utilized in a variety of industries, including agriculture, real estate, aerial surveying, photography and in the environmental industry. It is also being applied in the energy sector for inspections of pipelines, flare stacks, windmills and solar panels. The mining industry is adopting the technology to detect landslides and for mineral extraction accounting purposes. The film and television industry have used UAVs in films such as Skyfall (a recent James Bond film) and several of the Harry Potter movies, realizing a huge savings where conventional helicopters were once used. At Cal State East Bay, located in Hayward, the office of University Communications deployed a UAV to collect footage for campus promotion and news media purposes, says Jeffrey C. Bliss, associate vice president for university communications. He said the UAV footage was much more impressive than video he has collected in previous jobs that were shot from helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft. “We used it for a promotional video for the campus, and we’re always looking for ‘B-roll’ footage for the news 10

Above: Photo illustration of one possible use of UAVs: package delivery.

media, so when they contact us we have it available for them to use,” Bliss said. “We also use the footage for recruitment purposes, use it to reach out to donors and peer institutions. It presents such stellar photo and video opportunities. The drone footage provided a better visual of who we are and our place in the Bay,” Bliss said. The campus contracted out with a private firm to provide the footage, and made sure they had all the proper licenses and insurance coverage. UAVs have also gained the attention of contractors for their use in everything from managing jobsite progress and general monitoring of construction activities, to surveying, 3D mapping and automating the measurement of stockpiles of aggregates and other construction materials. In other areas of construction, they can be used to inspect hard-toreach areas and perform safety inspections. Testing is being done

to incorporate UAVs as production vehicles in running aerial cable and utility lines, as well as for hauling and delivering tools and parts within a jobsite. Contractors are always looking for that competitive edge and UAV technology can help them get into areas that humans or heavy machinery, either cannot venture or where a UAV would simply be more efficient and productive. Safety is also a concern and UAV technology is currently being used to inspect bridges and other structures to locate corrosion or possible failures, keeping a workers feet on the ground and out of danger. If you are an asphalt contractor, you can imagine the advantage of doing a flyover on a prospective jobsite and then using that as part of your sales presentation. UAVs could also be used to locate potential trouble areas or defects, assist in calculating a smoothness index,

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Equipment Guide Issue

Upper Left: Sully-Miller Contracting Co. uses a Kespry drone to manage aggregate stockpiles. Above (Photo courtesy of Jason Rath): Jason Rath of San Luis Obispo County Department of Public Works flying a DJI Phantom III drone for inspection at a water plant. Left: UAV inspecting a pipeline project. Below: Aerial photography taken from a UAV of California asphalt road projects.

or measure other information such as rideability, surface distress and skid resistance. The UAV is the vehicle that allows the user to gain the necessary altitude to perform video and data collection, but it is the powerful geographic information system (GIS) and software that takes this information, analyzes the patterns and relationships and converts it all into a 2D or 3D model for display on a computer screen. A GIS is, simply put, a computer system used for capturing, storing, checking and displaying data related to positions on the Earth’s surface. All sorts of software platforms are currently being developed. For example researchers at Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom are developing smart scanning technology to detect the early signs of potholes and determine their severity. Additionally, a UK university has developed a GIS model that predicts where potholes will frequently recur in roads. Construction equipment manufacturers are adding UAV technology to their sales lineup and in some cases they are using UAVs to help navigate unmanned machines. Faced with a looming

shortage of skilled construction workers in Japan, Komatsu has partnered with Silicon Valley based company, Skycatch, to begin bringing a new revolutionary concept it calls “Smart Construction” to life. The new technology allows for a team of automated dozers and excavators to scoop rock and push dirt without a human behind the wheel. They are guided in their work by a fleet of UAVs, which scan job sites to capture imagery and then automatically generate the information into highly accurate 3D data. The results are then transmitted as instructions to Smart Construction machinery for fully autonomous work on the site. Construction equipment distributors are also adding UAV products and systems to their sales portfolio. RDO Integrated Controls (RDO IC) was established by RDO Equipment Co. in 2009, in order to deliver innovative Topcon solutions and support for their construction GPS and Machine Control customers. Over the past few years, RDO IC has added UAV products and they currently offer the senseFly and Topcon Sirius Pro UAV systems. According to RDO IC Mapping/ UAV Product Supervisor, Matt

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Equipment Guide Issue

Above: Photos courtesy of Jason Rath.


Hayes, senseFly offers two platforms. One is a fixed-wing craft and goes by the name, eBee, while the other is a multi-rotor platform, known as eXom. The senseFly eBee comes with detachable and replaceable wings and at just 1.5 lbs, is one of the lightest UAVs currently available on the market. The eBee takes off, flies and lands autonomously, while the artificial intelligence autopilot analyzes data from the Inertial Measurement Unit and the onboard GPS. The eXom can achieve sub-millimeter image resolutions, while capturing video, still and thermal imagery, all during the same flight. “The eXom can do what the eBee does in terms of 2D and 3D mapping, but it also does much more with its close inspection and ventricle mapping capabilities. This would include subjects like roof inspections, cellphone towers, buildings and bridges,” says Hayes. “The eBee can cover up to hundreds of acres in a single flight and, in my opinion, is the most user friendly mini drone on the market. It can also acquire images with a GSD (ground sampling distance) of down to .08 inches per pixel.” Hayes goes on to point out that the Topcon Sirius Pro is another long-range mapping system option that offers longer flight times, as well as the ability to fly in heavier wind conditions. “Our UAV systems complement one another well, each a leader in their one particular niche,” says Hayes. “In the end, it is all about the quality of the data and how the technology makes businesses more efficient and profitable.” The senseFly packages are sold with a one-time fee that includes the flight planning and imagestitching software, all with end-user, lifetime licenses and free upgrades. According to Hayes, there are no hidden maintenance fees and you can put each software package into as many as 20 seats. 12

EnviroMINE is a San Diegobased mine consulting firm and CalAPA member with over 30 years’ experience operating throughout the Western United States. The firm offers a full range of environmental consulting and project management services for both the public and private sectors. Their expertise extends into many areas including project management for permitting efforts, resource evaluations, mine and reclamation planning, GIS analysis and mapping, and construction materials market studies. It is important to note that EnviroMINE has received a grant of exemption in accordance with Section 333 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 (FMRA), as well as a Certificate of Waiver of Authorization (COA). They have also registered their UAV with the FAA and currently have a pilot in training to receive an FAA airman certificate, which puts them in full compliance with current FAA regulations. EnviroMINE offers a service known as MineFLY™, a suite of aerial mapping and contour product solutions. According to EnvironMINE’s project manager, Crystal Howard, MineFLY™ offers high-quality, low-cost aerial mapping through the use of a UAV. “Among other things, we do mine permitting and reclamation plans for mining companies,” says Howard. “This includes the collection of topo (topographic) data for use in constructing mine plans for clients.” Howard notes that if a facility is going to adjust their mine plan or go through the initial permitting process, they must fly the site to acquire current topography via GIS mapping. Also many conditions of approval require a mining operation to provide fly over data to the lead agency on an annual basis. “We can also help with calculating stockpile inventories through the use of our drones,” Howard says.

“We chose the senseFly eBee system with Pix 4D software. The data goes into the Point Cloud software, where it can differentiate between the ground and trees. UAV technology has taken what used to require several weeks of labor and condensed that into hours and days at a tremendous cost savings to our clients.” One of EnvironMINE’s customers is CalAPA member United Rock Products (United Rock), which uses EnvironMINE’s UAV services where longer and more encompassing flights are required, but they have their own systems for other less –intensive data collection purposes. Colas USA, a world leader in the construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure, is the parent company for United Rock Products, as well as CalAPA members Blue Diamond Materials (Blue Diamond) and Sully-Miller Contracting Company (Sully-Miller). Jon Layne is the Business Development Manager for the Sully-Miller Group and he knows a thing or two about UAVs. He started out about eight years ago having fun with one of those single-blade helicopters that you might find at Radio Shack. A few years back, Jon upgraded to a Parrott Wi-Fi quadricopter and has been honing his skills ever since. His hobby has now made its way into his regular duties at Sully-Miller, as well as for Blue Diamond and United Rock. Jon and three others fly the Kespry Drone System to measure aggregate supplies and reserves at United Rock, and RAP and aggregate stockpile inventory at Blue Diamond asphalt plants. In the near future, Jon hopes to use the drone in providing data for pavement condition index, smoothness index information, and to measure quantity of materials for customers of SullyMiller prior to, during, and after

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Equipment Guide Issue

Above (Photos courtesy of EnviroMine): UAV aerial shots, including topographic image that has been analyzed through a GIS computer based system. Right: Photo illustration of signage that could be used in a future filled with UAVs.

construction. “With the Kespry drone, I simply plug the various coordinates into the iPad, which includes the safe area and capture area and it pretty much does the rest,” says Layne. “I do a preflight check with the iPad and after that I simply push a button to launch and land the drone. It is programmed to do the rest.” Jon points out that measuring aggregate supplies was once an arduous and unsafe task. “Previously, it was necessary to shoot points from the base, top and at all the break points of our many supply piles in order to calculate a volume. This would take weeks and was physically exhausting,” says Layne. “The Kespry Drone System creates a safer work environment and we get results within hours.” Jon also notes that Sully-Miller’s parent company, Colas USA, has purchased 20 drones for use at various facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada. “Colas USA has issued their own strict internal-use operating rules that –meet current FAA guidelines,” says Layne. “For instance, even though FAA guidelines allow UAVs to navigate up to 400 feet, as an added precautionary measure, we are currently limiting flights to stay below 200 feet. Drones may only be flown over company-owned property. Only those individuals who have received certification from Kespry may operate the drones. These are just a few of the guidelines

set forth by Colas USA and SullyMiller. When the FAA institutes their new UAV regulations in 2016, Colas USA will select certain employees from each company to obtain the required FAA license and Kespry will assist us in that process. Safety is always our number one concern and we go to great lengths to assure that everyone remains safe at all times. We also carry aviation insurance on each of our drone units.” Jason Rath works as a Civil engineering technician for the San Luis Obispo County Department of Public Works and he is responsible for performing construction inspection and material testing. Rath has also been a UAV enthusiast for many years, starting out with a small RC helicopter like so many others before him. “My dad and I are into fixed blades and I have flown many and crashed many,” says Rath. “I have been heavily into photography for many years and have long recognized the benefits that drones could provide to this end.” His supervisor noticed pictures of drones on his desk and when he found out that he was an accomplished UAV pilot, he asked if Rath would be willing to fly an emergency water-line project for use in an environmental impact report. “The agency agreed to purchase a DJI Phantom III drone and off I went to not only document this, but also a massive sewer project and another

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Equipment Guide Issue

multimillion-dollar job as well,” says Rath. “We are using drone technology for simple documentation purposes, but we see much more value and hope to soon implement them to create cross sections and to develop typographic maps and integrate them into a GIS program. This is game-changing technology and we intend to make full use of the benefits.” From agencies, contractors and mines and quarries to construction equipment manufacturers and distributors and private enterprise, the positive effects of UAV technology on our economy are undeniable. According to the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), the total UAV domestic economic impact could reach more than $82.1 billion between 2015 and 2025, creating more than 100,000 high-paying jobs in the process. Consider the most recent UAV startup called AirDroids, a pocket drone that is collapsible and can fit easily into a backpack — a flying robot that goes everywhere you go, documenting your daily escapades. Partners, T.J. Johnson, 29, and Timothy Reuter, 37, have already taken in $1.2 million in pre-orders and they just got started. The sky, apparently, is no longer the limit. CA CalAPA Executive Director Russell W. Snyder contributed to this story.


The Wild West of Regulating UAVs and What You Should Know Going Forward By Brian Hoover


AA Administrator, Michael Huerta and Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx held a press conference Monday, Oct. 18 to discuss Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) safety and the establishment of a new task force that would include members of the government, pilots, UAV hobbyists and other industry professionals. The purpose of the more than two-dozen member task force would be, among other things, to recommend potential UAV registration policies. These policies are said to include specifically what UAVs will be included, as well as registration methods and how it should affect the UAVs that have already been sold. According to Transportation Secretary, Anthony Foxx, the group will have until Nov. 20 to finalize its recommendations, which would conveniently coincide with the holiday sales season. The FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 was enacted by Congress back in February 2012 and called for the FAA to integrate UAVs into U.S. airspace by Sept. 30, 2015. That date has come and gone and reportedly the FAA now hopes this can be accomplished by spring 2016. In February 2015, the FAA proposed a framework of regulations for the use of UAVs within today’s aviation system. This included provisions set forth in Section 333 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, which allows for current operators of UAVs to apply for an exemption. U.S. Rep. John Garamendi, D-Calif., a member of the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee and a subcommittee that oversees the Federal Aviation Administration, said in response to


a question by California Asphalt magazine that UAV’s are upon us and the government must respond quickly to protect public safety. “It’s coming. It’s going to be there. It’s going to happen,” he said, adding that UAV lobbyists in Washington have told him they expect to sell 1 million of the devices this holiday season. Garamendi earlier this year introduced federal legislation to make it a federal crime to operate a UAV in an active fire zone, or within 2 miles of a commercial airport. The legislation came in response to high-profile incidents of drones interfering with wildfire suppression efforts and reports of aircraft being forced to alter takeoffs and landings at major airports, including Los Angeles International Airport, due to UAV activity. He said that the FAA process for bringing forward regulations is very slow, and that some protections need to be in place. At the same time, he said UAVs show great promise in many industries, including agriculture. “We think it’s time to lay down the law, and we can talk to people and educate them. And the best way

to educate people is to arrest a couple of them and the word goes out. It’s a real serious issue, but it’s going to be a huge industry.” According to the FAA website ( programs/section_333/333_faqs/#q1), the four main requirements needed to operate a UAV for a business are: a Section 333 grant of exemption, a Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (COA), an aircraft registered with the FAA, and a pilot with an FAA airman certificate. As of Oct. 22 there have been 2,020 Section 333 petitions granted and 399 petitions closed. According to the above-mentioned website, the need for a Section 333 grant of exemption to fly a UAV commercially is necessary, even if you are only flying to supplement or aide your business and even if you are not charging fees. Step-by-step instructions for requesting FAA authorization to operate a UAV for civil (nongovernmental) purposes, other than for recreation or hobby, can be found at legislative_programs/section_333/ how_to_file_a_petition/. You may [ Continued on page 16 ]

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Equipment Guide Issue

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Above: The FAA regulations state that all commercial UAV operators must have a pilot certificate as well as a Section 333 Grant of Exemption. RIght: Many public areas like freeways and stadiums are considered no drone fly zones.

[ Continued from page 14 ]

also use Google to find the dozens of companies popping up on the Web that offer assistance for a fee. One such company is UAV Coach (, where you will find a video that does a great job of explaining what you will need to do to get your UAV up and flying commercially and in full compliance of current FAA regulations. Alan Perlman is the owner and founder of UAV Coach and he has been flying UAVs and operating other remote vehicles since the age of eight. “I saw this huge disconnect on how advanced this technology has become and the lack of education and emphasis on safety,” says Perlman. “My goal is to promote safety and help businesses and individuals navigate the industry at whatever level they are interested.” In a phone interview with California Asphalt magazine, Perlman was asked if it is necessary for a commercial UAV operator to have a pilot certificate. “The simple answer is if you are following the FAA guidelines and you have a 333 exemption and you are the pilot in command (PIC), you then need to have a pilot certificate,” says Perlman. “When you go through the exemption process, the FAA will send you a congratulatory letter with your exemption and introduce you to 25 plus guidelines that you will need to follow.” 16

Perlman went on to explain that those interested in attaining a 333 exemption, should allow for a minimum of 120 days for their petition to be evaluated and answered. He also pointed out that a sport pilot certificate is the least expensive and least time consuming pilot certificate solution. A sport pilot certificate requires a minimum of 20 hours of flight time (at a cost of $10,000 to $13,000), 15 hours of flight training from a certified flight instructor and 5 hours solo flight. This can be compared to 30 hours of flight time for a recreational certificate (at $13,000 to $15,000), and 40 hours for a private pilot certificate (at around $13,000 to $16,000). “It is my hope that the FAA will adopt policies and recognize the need for independent UAV training and certification facilities throughout the United States,” says Perlman. “I believe that a UAV pilot must have an understanding of national airspace and how unmanned aircraft falls into the existing framework. Mandatory airtime in a manned aircraft may be a bit overreaching, and I would not be surprised if this policy is changed or modified in the near future.” California Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed legislation back in September 2015 that would have prohibited flying a drone less than 350 feet above private property without the property owner’s

permission. He explained that he did not want to introduce legislation that could possibly expose hobbyists or \FAA-approved commercial UAV users to burdensome litigation. This may indicate that government officials recognize the many benefits of a seemingly unstoppable multibillion-dollar industry, but it is clear that they have every intention of regulating it for the safety and interest of everyone involved. An overview of proposed small UAV rules can be viewed at regulations_policies/rulemaking/ media/021515_sUAS_Summary. pdf. Some of the more major bullet points include: aircraft must weigh less than 55 lbs., UAV must remain within visual line-of-sight, maximum airspeed of 100 mph and maximum altitude of 500 feet. It doesn’t look like it is going to be easy or that we will have all the answers anytime soon. It is clear, however, that UAV technology will continue to be utilized in California and across the nation in a variety of industries. At what cost and with what permanent regulations, only time will tell. For more information or a free consultation, you can call Alan Perlman at (617) 331-2426. CA CalAPA Executive Director Russell W. Snyder contributed to this story.

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Equipment Guide Issue

Northern California (916) 783-9333


Southern California (909) 877-5597

CP75 Commercial Paver

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Scott Equipment Seasoned Veteran of Heavy Equipment Industry Rounds Out Equipment Line to Better Serve Growing Customer Base By Brian Hoover

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cott Equipment was officially established in Fontana back in 1991, however the Scott Family has been involved in the equipment business for nearly 50 years. Richard Scott, Sr. was first introduced to the construction equipment scene in the 1960s, when he went to work for Klein Products, a manufacturer of water trucks and towers. Richard spearheaded the sales effort and eventually became a minority partner in the operation located in the Inland Empire. Richard

Scott, Sr. and Dick Klein decided to part ways, when Richard learned of an opportunity to acquire a John Deere dealership in San Diego. Scott Machinery proudly opened their doors as a certified John Deere dealer in 1971 and Richard eagerly went to work, establishing a name for his fledgling company, as he gained a foothold in San Diego County. The company did well and they continued to grow and prosper over the next 20 plus years. Richard Scott, Jr. and

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Equipment Guide Issue

Above: Scott Equipment is an authorized full-line New Holland dealer. Above: Richard Scott, Sr., President, Scott Equipment.

Gregg Scott were just in grade school, when their father purchased the John Deere dealership. Both brothers hold fond memories of growing up around heavy equipment, unknowingly learning a culture and discipline that would serve them well in their future. Both Richard and Gregg worked summers and breaks for the family business, eventually joining the company full-time. They did it all, from sweeping floors and doing inventory in the parts department, to driving trucks equipped with lowbed trailers for pickup and delivery of heavy machinery. The early ‘80s presented a down economy and Richard Scott, Sr. decided to diversify his operations a bit in order to not be held hostage by the then unpredictable San Diego marketplace. He opened up a rental equipment company in Fontana and named it Western Rentals. Richard Scott, Jr. was asked to move to the Inland Empire in 1983 to help oversee the growth and development of the new but already growing

Above: Scott Equipment stocks a huge parts inventory to keep you up and running.

enterprise. Richard Jr. worked hard and helped lead the rental company into growth, not only in the Inland Empire, but also to a breakthrough into the Greater L.A. Basin. Consequently, a move that was supposed to be a short stint ended up being a permanent situation and Richard Jr. is still there, some 30 plus years later. He remained on to manage growth, as well as to oversee another opportunity that became available to the Scott Family in 1991. The year 1990 brought yet another down economic climate and the existing Ford New Holland dealer, in San Bernardino County, had decided to close their doors. Scott Equipment was born in 1991, as Richard Scott, Sr. seized this opportunity to once again diversify his equipment company portfolio. John Deere would not allow an existing dealer to offer Deere equipment outside of their designated territory and so Richard Sr. saw this as an opportunity to expand his presence in the Greater L.A. area with his new Ford New Holland dealership. Richard Sr. could

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Equipment Guide Issue

also feel the winds of change at his back, as rumors began to circulate that Deere was looking more toward larger multi dealerships nationwide and less to the single store operations. Rumors turned to fact, when the Riverside County John Deere Dealer, Whitney Machinery, purchased Scott Machinery in 1994, in order to make them more viable in a much more competitive marketplace. Richard Scott, Sr. had worked hard his entire life and he saw this as an opportunity to enter semi-retirement. By this time, Gregg Scott had been working for the Mark Gorn Auction Group (MGA) for five years, but now was needed in Fontana to help his brother, Richard, run both Scott Equipment and Western Rentals. The two brothers have been partners ever since, with Richard Scott, Jr. (Richard) overseeing most of the dealer principle responsibilities, new equipment sales, cash flow, payroll and other general business duties and Gregg Scott taking care of the entire rental operation and 19

Above: Steve Hutchins, Service Manager (left), Richard Scott, Jr., President, Michael Madrigal, Parts Manager Jeremy Mertz, Rentals Manager.

used equipment responsibilities. Either brother is perfectly capable of performing any of the above-mentioned tasks, but according to Richard, they each seem more comfortable in their respective roles. Scott Equipment has seen their ups and downs over the past 35 years. They became known and are still thought of, in part, as an excavator house. This started in the early ‘80s, when they took on the Mitsubishi excavator line, which was so successful that it introduced Scott Equipment to a long list of contractors in the Greater L.A. area. They became a Kobelco dealer in the 1990s and this continued through the merger with New Holland and remains to this day, even after the breakup of Kobelco and New Holland. 2006 brought the addition of the Moxy articulated truck line, which was a great acquisition, if not for the economic times. With the advent of the Great Recession beginning in 2007, the lineup of six giant articulated beasts out front was temporarily relegated to become 20

Above: Scott Equipment Sales Representatives, Brendan Ramos, Art DeLatorre, Mike Diaz and Chuck Paramo.

equipment yard bookends and that did not serve any productive interest. The decision was made at this time to concentrate more heavily on the governmental entities and the sales of the smaller utility equipment during this period. This proved to be a wise decision, as Scott Equipment continues to be a major provider of equipment to municipalities and other state and local agencies. The Moxy articulated truck business eventually took-off and when Doosan acquired Moxy in 2010, Scott Equipment automatically became a limited Doosan dealer in Southern California. Many other changes took place from 2010 to 2012 that would change the landscape of offerings for Scott Equipment. Some of their manufacturers discontinued certain equipment offerings and Scott Equipment was also being courted by other manufactures at the same time. Scott Equipment made some changes including becoming a full-line Doosan dealer, as well as adding lines like Dynapac/ Atlas Copco. Today, they offer

a very well rounded line card that includes: New Holland Construction, New Holland Agriculture, Doosan, Kobelco, Dynapac/Atlas Copco, Fecon, Wacker Neuson and JRB. According to Richard Scott, Jr., excavators remain as one of Scott Equipment’s mainstays, and the New Holland skid steer and skip loader business continues to dominate in certain construction niches. “We have also made great strides toward becoming a leader in wheel loader sales as well,” says Richard. “The future is wide-open, as manufacturers are asking us to extend our footprint. I think we may start looking at how and where this will make the most sense.” According to Richard Scott, the Company’s tremendous skip loader business has opened doors and greatly enhanced the sales and potential of their Dynapac/Atlas Copco lines to asphalt contractors. “The Southern California asphalt contractor is very important to our growth here at Scott [ Continued on page 22 ]

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Equipment Guide Issue

Extraordinary passion. Extraordinary results.

MWV Specialty Chemicals is now Ingevity. New name. New look. Same products.

Above: Great selection of Doosan wheel loaders in stock. Left: Doosan articulated dump trucks in stock. Bottom: Full line-up of Doosan excavators in stock and ready for delivery to your jobsite.

[ Continued from page 20 ]

Equipment. We offer exactly what they need at a price that makes sense and customer support that will keep them coming back,” says Richard. “We have also added a large number of Dynapac double drum rollers to our Western Rentals fleet and we have many other late model machines ready to serve our customers that are not quite in need of a full-time unit. If someone is looking for a new, used or rental machine, they really should give us a call. We have what they need and we are ready to deal.”

Scott Equipment’s diverse lineup and seasoned sales team has put them in a position to expand and grow their sales in the Inland Empire and Greater L.A. Basin. One can actually see the growth of the company and feel the enthusiasm coming from each and every team member at Scott Equipment. “This is a time of great excitement and our new product offerings and upturn in the general economy has definitely brought the fun back to our business,” says Richard. “We are being proactive and doing things like joining the

Asphalt Paving Association in order to increase awareness and remain active in the asphalt construction industry. I am very excited about our future here at Scott Equipment and would like to thank everyone that has stood by us over these past 35 years.” For more information on Scott Equipment, please visit them at or call (909) 822-2200. CA


Scott Equipment now offers Atlas Copco road construction equipment, and has the parts and service to keep you on the road.

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Equipment Guide Issue

14635 Valley Blvd. Fontana, CA 92335 (800) 316-0327


Advertiser’s listings highlighted with a photo & white frame.

AMES ENGINEERING 1293 XE Place Ames, IA 50014 (515) 292-8194 Equipment Offered: High speed profiles, lightweight profiler, profilograph, real time profiler, concrete laser, Ames GPS-DMI, laser texture scanner and software.

CATERPILLAR, INC. (916) 201-3390

CEI ENTERPRISES, INC. 245 Woodward Road SE Albuquerque, NM 87102 (505) 842-5556 •  (505) 243-1422 Fax

Astec, Inc. (423) 867-4210

Equipment Offered: Asphalt terminals, asphalt-rubber blending systems, asphalt emulsion plants, polymer blending systems, asphalt tanks (vertical, horizontal, and portable), fuel tanks (vertical, horizontal and portable), Firestorm™ water heaters, fuel preheaters, additive tanks, asphalt metering systems and calibration tanks.

BOMAG AMERICAS (309) 853-3571

CMI Roadbuilding, Inc. (360) 941-2431



5594 East LaPalma Anaheim, CA 92807 (714) 696-7599 • (714) 696-7595 Fax

6188 Paramount Boulevard Long Beach, CA 90805 (562) 272-7400 • (562) 272-7444 Fax

Equipment Sold and Serviced: Blue Smoke Control Systems, Terex Cedarapids; screens, crushers and feeders, Simplicity Screens, Belt-Way belt scales, Donaldson Torit dust collectors, Kenco Engineering asphalt plant wear parts, Hauck asphalt plant burners, Goyen Broken Bag Detectors and Opacity Monitoring Equipment, Linatex cyclones, pumps and polymer screen media, WorldWide Electric motors and motor controls.


3216 Westminster Avenue Santa Ana, CA 92703 (714) 265-5500 • (714) 265-5505 Fax 12435 Foothill Boulevard Sylmar, CA 91342 (818) 890-3353 • (818) 890-5013 Fax

COASTLINE EQUIPMENT Continued 1930 East Lockwood Oxnard, CA 93036 (805) 485-2106 • (805) 485-7963 Fax 1950 Roemer Place Santa Maria, CA 93454 (805) 922-8329 • (805) 922-4582 Fax 4252 Saco Road Bakersfield, CA 93308 (661) 399-3600 • (661) 399-8782 Fax Equipment Offered: John Deere skip loaders, excavators, backhoes, skid steers, motor graders, wheel loaders, crawler loaders, Hitachi excavators & rigid frame trucks, Ingersoll Rand air compressors, Bomag asphalt and compaction equipment, Wacker compaction equipment, Trail King trailers, Kent Hydraulic Breakers. CONSOLIDATED INDUSTRIAL SERVICES (562) 490-3330 CRAFCO, Inc. (909) 822-6822

D’AMBRA EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO., INC. 1407 Nichols Drive Rocklin, CA 95765 (916) 677-8900 • (916) 677-8909 Fax Equipment Offered: Gencor asphalt producing equipment, Warm Mix Systems, RAP Systems for batch and drum plants, truck scales, Libra Systems asphalt batching controls, used asphalt plants and components, conveyors and radial stackers.

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Equipment Guide Issue



The Roadtec “Shuttle Buggy” material transfer vehicle (MTV) provides unequaled performance to other MTVs and is used extensively by government road departments worldwide to achieve consistently high quality asphalt pavement. Pavement lifespan tests have shown that a temperature differential of less than seven degrees Celsius in the mat behind the paver are key to even compaction and pavement durability.

WITH SHUTTLE BUGGY Infrared imaging behind the Shuttle Buggy™ MTV has shown in tests conducted in the U.S. as well as in Europe that the machine easily and consistently remixes to achieve temperature differential below the seven degree Celsius threshold. This proven performance has led not only to the machine’s popularity all over the world, but also allows contractors to earn maximum smoothness bonuses and win quality awards.






D&H EQUIPMENT LTD. 1564 South Loop 163 Blanco, TX 78606 (830) 833-5366 • (830) 833-5361 Fax Equipment Offered: Asphalt-rubber blending systems, reaction tanks, polymer blending systems, asphalt tanks (vertical, horizontal, and portable), hot oil heaters, heat exchangers, pump skids, heat tanks.


E. D. ETNYRE & CO. 1333 South Daysville Road Oregon, IL 61061 (800) 995-2116 Equipment Offered: Asphalt distributors, chip spreaders, heavy duty trailers, live bottom trailers and asphalt transports.

HAWTHORNE CAT Follow Us: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn. 16945 Camino San Bernardo San Diego, CA 92127 (800) 437-4228 Equipment Offered: Caterpillar: cold planers, asphalt pavers, road reclaimers, soil stabilizers, asphalt compactors, soil compactors, pneumatic compactors, vibratory asphalt compactors, vibratory soil compactors. Weiler Paving Product Line: asphalt windrow elevators, commercial pavers, remixing transfer vehicles, road wideners.

GOLDSTAR ASPHALT PRODUCTS 1354 Jet Way Perris, CA 92571 (888) 770-7325 (951) 940-1610 • (951) 940-9192 Fax


Rental Equipment Offered: Ingersoll-Rand Rollers, Dynapac Rollers, Hamm Rollers, Bomag Rollers, 2000 & 2500 Galllon Water Trucks.

Offers: • Bulk Delivery • Plant Pick-Up • Paver Rentals • Job Tanks 550 - 6,000 gal • Material Sales • Store Front & Showroom • Shipping Nationwide

2711 South Lilac Avenue Bloomington, CA 92316 (909) 877-5597 • (909) 877-5282 Fax

Support your industry by joining Calapa For further information call: 866.498.0761


1575 West Rialto Avenue San Bernardino, CA 92410 Toll Free: (800) 257-7336 (909) 383-9535 • (909) 383-9540 Fax


9220 Viking Place Roseville, CA 95747 (916) 783-9333 • (916) 783-9371 Fax

Equipment Offered: Bomag Cedarapids asphalt pavers and pick-up machines, Bomag double drum and pneumatic rollers and profilers and stabilizers, Carlson paving products, Etnyre oil spreaders and ship spreaders, Terex roadbuilding parts and service.

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Equipment Guide Issue



3440 East Pacheco Los Banos, CA 93635 (209) 826-4919


7310 Pacific Avenue Pleasant Grove, CA 95668 (916) 921-8800

800 E La Cadena Drive Riverside, CA 92507 (951) 686-4560

1521 West Charter Way Stockton , CA 95206 (209) 466-6000

41105 Raintree Court Temecula, CA 92562 (951) 696-1063

Equipment Offered: Caterpillar: cold planers, asphalt pavers,road reclaimers, soil stabilizers, asphalt compactors, soil compactors, pneumatic compactors, vibratory asphalt compactors, vibratory soil compactors and intelligent compaction. Weiler Paving Product Line: asphalt windrow elevators, commercial pavers, remixing transfer vehicles, road wideners. INSTROTEK INC. (925) 363-9770 James Cox & Sons, Inc. (530) 346-8322

83-817 Indio Boulevard Indio, CA 92201 (760) 342-1597 11930 Mariposa Road Victorville, CA 92345 (760) 947-0967 Equipment Offered: Caterpillar: cold planers, soil compactors, vibratory soil compactors, vibratory asphalt compactors, pneumatic tire compactors, wheel and track asphalt pavers, screeds, and road reclaimers. Weiler Paving Product Line: elevators, road wideners, remixing transfer vehicles and commercial pavers.

The California Asphalt Magazine Annual Equipment Guide is a service for CalAPA Members. For information on becoming a CalAPA member. Please Call:

916.791.5044 28

2155 PFE Road Roseville, CA 95747 (800) 363-9859 Southern California Butler-Justice Inc. 5594 East LaPalma Anaheim, CA 92807 (714) 696-7599 Parts for Excavating and Paving Process: Earth Moving: bulldozer and motor grader blades, compactor and scraper wear parts. Milling, Stabilizers and Recycling: ejector paddles, skis, side apron and skirt protection, scraper blades, cutter box and drum protection. Material Transfer Vehicles: Tungsten carbide augers, hopper protection, floors. Pavers: floors, screeds, augers, curb machine parts. Parts and solutions for: Asphalt Plants: flights, liners, mixer tips, silo liners, slat floors, and more. We can ARMOR your Loader/Excavator Buckets: cutting edges, corner protectors, heel plates, modular bucket floors, side protectors etc. Crushers: Kenco’s Black Gold RAP crusher, HSI apron and wall liners, Jaw cheek plates and RAP crusher liners. Miscellaneous Wear: Kenco Wear Patch: Highly effective wear solution in many sizes and shapes. Wear Plates: Kenco Alloy-K wear plates from .375” to 1” thick in 550 and 700 Brinell and unlimited range of Tungsten Carbide impregnated parts and plates. MAXAM EQUIPMENT, INC. (800) 292-6070

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Equipment Guide Issue

Pavement TECHNOLOGY, Inc. (770) 388-0909

NIXON-EGLI EQUIPMENT CO. 2044 South Vineyard Avenue Ontario, CA 91761-7748 (909) 930-1822 • (909) 923-2356 Fax 800 East Grant Line Road Tracy, CA 95304 (209) 830-8600 • (209) 830-8884 Fax Equipment Offered: Vogele asphalt pavers; LeeBoy asphalt pavers, motorgraders, and tack distributors; Hamm rollers; Rosco oil distributors, chip spreaders, and brooms; Wirtgen milling machines and soil stabilizers; Johnston sweepers; Link-Belt cranes; Gradall telescoping excavators; Midland road wideners; and Zieman trailers. Pape machinery Fowler (559) 834-4774 French Camp (209) 983-8122 Gilroy (408) 848-4150 Newark (510) 790-3600 Redding (530) 241-4555 Rohnert Park (707) 584-9161 Sacramento (916) 922-7181 Pavement Management Solutions, Inc. (951) 600-1110


PAVEMENT RECYCLING SYSTEMS (800) 966-7774 Main Office 10240 San Sevaine Way Jurupa Valley, CA 91752 (951) 682-1091 San Diego 704 Rock Springs Road Escondido, CA 92025 (760) 489-6888 • (760) 489-0808 Fax Bakersfield 2280 South Union Bakersfield, CA 93307 (661) 833-2280 • (661) 833-2288 Fax Lancaster 46205 Division Street Lancaster, CA 93535 (661) 948-5599 • (661) 948-5588 Fax Reno 68 Carry Way Carson City, NV 89706 (775) 246-2500 • (775) 246-2501 Fax Durham Stabilization 6201 Bradshaw Road Sacramento, CA 95829 (916) 642-1751 • (916) 685-3097 Fax Asphalt Busters 801 South 71st Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85043 (623) 936-8800 • (623) 936-8810 Fax Equipment Offered: Planers, pulverizer/mixers, bulk material spreaders, micro-milling, mini-planers, rollers, cold-in-place recycling (stationary or train method) and pugmill mixers.

PETERSON CAT 955 Marina Boulevard San Leandro, CA 94577 (510) 357-6200 5100 Caterpillar Road Redding, CA 96003 (530) 243-5410 13155 Sycamore Avenue San Martin, CA 95046 (408) 686-1195 411 South Tehama Street Willows, CA 95988 (530) 934-8839 425 Southgate Avenue Chico, CA 95928 (530) 343-1911 3710 Regional Parkway Santa Rosa, CA 95403 (707) 576-1616 1700 Alamar Way Fortuna, CA 95540 (707) 725-1888 1471 B South Main Street Willits, CA 95490 (707) 459-9006 Equipment Offered: Caterpillar: cold planers, asphalt pavers, road reclaimers, soil stabilizers, asphalt compactors, soil compactors, pneumatic compactors, vibratory asphalt compactors, vibratory soil compactors. Weiler Paving Product Line: asphalt windrow elevators, commercial pavers, remixing transfer vehicles, road wideners.

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Equipment Guide Issue

ARE YOU READY FOR CALTRANS SUPERPAVE? LET TROXLER HELP Troxler Model 5850 v2 Superpave Gyatory Compactor

Troxler is proud to announce the California-Ready Model 5850 v2 Gyratory Compactor.

PMW WheelTracker

Hamburg WheelTracking Devices PMW Premium WheelTracker

PMW Single WheelTracker • Integrated Specimen Cooling Rack with high • speed cooling fans

The Most Widely Used Hamburg WheelTracker in the World

• Built-In Specimen Extruder

• Industry standard

• 9% Reduction in Footprint vs. Troxler Model 5850

• Rugged stainless steel construction essential

• and 38% Smaller Footprint than Leading Competitor

• for accurate results

• Meets AASHTO T-312, ASTM D6925, & EN 12697.31

• Patented Auto-Lift Feature

• Made in USA

• Made in USA Troxler Electronic Labs 3008 Cornwallis Road Research Triangle Park, NC 1-877-TROXLER


The Leader in Construction Test Equipment

PIRTEK - Long Beach (562) 426-9219 PIRTEK - inland valley (909) 773-1700 PIRTEK - commerce south (323) 724-6737

QUINN COMPANY Continued 10006 Rose Hills Road City of Industry, CA 90601 (562) 463-4000 510 Pickerell Street Corcoran, CA 93212 (559) 992-2193 1219 12th Street Firebaugh, CA 93622 (559) 659-3444


25961 Wright Street Foothill Ranch, CA 92610 (949) 768-1777

20 Iowa Avenue Riverside, CA 92507 Toll Free: (800) 494-4863 (951) 778-3700 • (951) 778-3746 Fax

46101 North Sierra Highway Lancaster, CA 93534 (661) 942-1177 PINE TEST EQUIPMENT a Division of Pine Instrument Company 101 Industrial Drive Grove City, PA 16127 (724) 458-6393 • (724) 458-6418 Fax Equipment Offered: Superpave™gyratory compactors, Marshall testing equipment, angle measurement, concrete testing equipment and aggregate imaging equipment.

801 Del Norte Boulevard Oxnard, CA 93030 (805) 485-2171 1300 Abbott Street Salinas, CA 93901 (831) 758-8461 1655 Carlotti Drive Santa Maria, CA 93454 (805) 925-8611 10273 South Golden State Boulevard Selma, CA 93662 (559) 896-4040 13275 Golden State Road Sylmar, CA 91342 (818) 767-7171


Equipment Offered: Caterpillar: cold planers, soil compactors, vibratory soil compactors, vibratory asphalt compactors, pneumatic tire compactors, wheel and track asphalt pavers, screeds, and road reclaimers. Weiler Paving Product Line: elevators, road wideners, remixing transfer vehicles and commercial pavers.

2200 Pegasus Drive Bakersfield, CA 93308 (661) 393-5800

Ramos Oil (916) 371-3289


10108 Riverford Road Lakeside, CA 92040 Toll Free: (800) 834-0187 (619) 270-4300 • (619) 443-3029 Fax 83-300 Avenue 45 Indio, CA 92201 Toll Free: (800) 736-4614 (760) 342-8900 • (760) 342-8909 Fax 3275 Highway 86 Imperial, CA 92251 Toll Free: (800) 464-4331 (760) 355-7800 • (760) 355-1821 Fax Equipment Offered: Sakai soil compactors and asphalt rollers, John Deere skip loaders, excavators, backhoes, skid steers, motor graders, wheel loaders, compact excavators, crawler loaders, scrapers, articulated dump trucks, Hitachi excavators, Okada hammers, Hitachi/Euclid haul trucks, Euclid haul trucks, Roadhog Cold Planers, Superior Brooms, Woods Gannon boxes and rental equipment.

Being a CalAPA Member has its benefits! For more details visit: or Call:


California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Equipment Guide Issue

RDO Integrated Controls 1515 South Sunkist Street Suite J Anaheim, CA 92806 (888) 527-3793

SAKAI america

3980 Research Drive Sacramento, CA 95838 (800) 500-8575

90 International Parkway Adairsville, Georgia 30103 Toll Free: (800) 323-0535

24353 Clawiter Road Hayward, CA 94545 (510) 460-3900

California Distributors: Northern – Pape Machinery

Equipment Offered: GIS, GPS, laser, machine control, mobile mapping, survey and drones.

2850 El Centro Road Sacramento, CA 95833 5380 Commerce Boulevard Rhonert Park, CA 94928 5065 Caterpillar Road Redding, CA 96003 38600 Cedar Boulevard Newark, CA 94560

SCOTT EQUIPMENT 14635 Valley Blvd. Fontana, CA 92335 (909) 822-2200 • (909) 822-4850 Fax Equipment Offered: Atlas Copco rollers, pavers and air compressors. Doosan Tier 4 wheeled excavators, Tier 4 crawler excavators, articulated dump trucks and attachments. New Holland compact excavators, compact track loaders, compact wheel loaders, skid steer loaders and track loaders. Kobelco conventional excavators, demolition machines, SR series and mini excavators.

415 East 9th Street Gilroy, CA 95020 8621 South El Dorado St. French Camp, CA 95231 ROADTEC an Astec Industries Company

3000 San Antonio Drive Fowler, CA 93625

Mike Hinson - Sales Rep. California (423) 667-9343

83-300 Avenue 45 Indio, CA 92201

Equipment Offered: Roadtec is the premier American manufacturer of asphalt roadbuilding equipment. Probably best known for the revolutionary Shuttle Buggy material transfer vehicle, Roadtec also builds asphalt pavers, road milling machines and soil stabilizers. Roadtec markets and services this equipment worldwide through a vast network of sales managers and dealers.


Southern – RDO Equipment Co.

10108 Riverford Road Lakeside, CA 92040 20 Iowa Avenue Riverside, CA 92507 Products Offered: High-Force Soil Compactors, High Frequency Asphalt Rollers, Static 3-Wheel Rollers, Vibratory Pneumatic Rollers, Oscillation, Intelligent Compaction, Rammers/Tampers, Plate Compactors, Reversible Plates, Steerable Walk-Behind Rollers and Trench Rollers.

Do you want to be featured in California Asphalt Magazine? For editorial or advertising inquiries please contact:

Kerry Hoover


California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Equipment Guide Issue

Paving every road ahead. Go further with Volvo.

SOIL COMPACTORS SD45 | SD75 | SD115 SD160 | SD200


Bakersfield, CA 661.387.6090



PF2181 | PF4410 | P7110 P7170 | P7820C | P8820C

Corona, CA 951.277.7620


Fresno, CA 559.834.4420


Sacramento, CA 916.388.2244

San Diego

Lakeside, CA 619.441.3690

San Leandro

San Leandro, CA 510.357.9131


ASPHALT COMPACTORS CR24 | CR30 | DD15 | DD25B DD29 | DD31HF | DD38HF | DD70 DD110B | DD120B | DD140 DD140B | PT125 | PT240R

Turlock, CA 209.410.6710

Smart works.

STANSTEEL ASPHALT PLANT PRODUCTS (502) 244-4046 Surface Systems & Instruments, Inc. (SSI) (415) 383-0570

VOLVO CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT & SERVICES Corona 22099 Knabe Road Corona, CA 92883 (951) 277-7620 • (951) 277-4550 Fax



2251 Alvarado Street San Leandro, CA 94577 Toll Free: (888)-4ALASER (510) 670-2800

West Coast Territory Sales Manager: Jim Kaylor (919) 819-2488

425 Southgate Avenue Chico, CA 95928 Toll Free: (888)-4ALASER (510) 670-2800

Service Center for CA: 11300 Sanders Drive, Suite 7 Rancho Cordova, CA 95742

4421 NE Columbia Boulevard. Portland, OR 97218 Toll Free: (888)-4ALASER (503) 280-1505

Equipment Offered: Nuclear Surface Gauges, Non-Nuclear Gauges, Exempt Gauges, Gyratory Compactors,Asphalt, Ignition Furnaces, PWM Wheel Trackers, Overlay Testers, Gyratory Compactors, Automatic Drying Units, & Content Gauges

3870 Turner Road SE Salem, OR 97302 Toll Free: (888)-4ALASER (503) 280-1505

Services Offered: Full equipment lab calibration for soil, asphalt and concrete quality control labs, including our own equipment.


Equipment Offered: SITECH NorCal is Northern California, Oregon, and southwestern Washington’s dealer for Trimble, LOADRITE, Apache, Crain, Seco and Laserline products. We serve the construction and agriculture market’s technology needs from locations in San Leandro, Chico, Portland, and Salem, Oregon. Our product lines include laser levels, construction lasers, optical instruments, machine control systems, intelligent compaction, surveying equipment and engineering software, GPS systems, and accessories. SITECH NorCal is an independent Trimble dealer, factory direct store, and authorized service provider.


Save the date CalAPA Annual Dinner Jan. 21, 2016 Jonathan Club, Los Angeles Contact the CalAPA Office at

916-791-5044. For reservations of further information.

Lakeside 12345 Mapleview Street Lakeside, CA 92040 (619) 441-3690 • (619) 441-2660 Fax Bakersfield 9150 Golden State Highway Bakersfield, CA 93308 (661) 387-6090 • (661) 387-6091 Fax Fresno 4501 E Volvo Avenue Fresno, CA 93725 (559) 834-4420 • 559-834-4425 Fax Turlock 1275 Venture Lane Turlock, CA 95380 (209) 410-6710 • 209-668-3543 Fax San Leandro 1944 Marina Boulevard San Leandro, CA 94577 (510) 357-9131 • (510) 483-7287 Fax Sacramento 8594 Fruitridge Road Sacramento, CA 95826 (916) 504-2300 • (916) 388-9944 Fax Providing a full line of Volvo Heavy equipment along the state of California. Seven locations with sales, service, parts & rentals. The official authorized dealer for Doosan Portable Power, Stanley LaBounty attachments, SDLG, K-Tech and Sennabogen. Equipment Offered: Heavy construction equipment, Compact construction equipment, road machinery, compaction equipment and Portable Power and Demolition attachments. Western emulsions, inc. (949) 248-8020

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Equipment Guide Issue

Featuring automatic traction control & ECO-MODE which will save you up to 20% in fuel costs, the SV540 is ready to tackle any obstacle at a moment’s notice.

Masters of Compaction

With a full line of dirt and asphalt compaction equipment, Sakai is ready to tackle any challenge.

2 015 G o l f C l a s s i c 38

California Asphalt Pavement Association

2 0 15 G o l f C l a s s i c Another Successful Day Of ‘Networking On The Green’ at Annual CalAPA Golf Tournament The shots were mostly straight and true, unlike the excuses, at last week’s annual CalAPA golf tournament at the Pacific Palms Resort in the City of Industry.

Water consumption was at an all-time high as golfers navigated the challenging “Ike” course under sunny skies and ideal course conditions.

Organized by the CalAPA Southern California Contractors’ Committee, the Sept. 24 event was held to benefit CalAPA scholarship and workforce development activities.

Special thanks to all the volunteers who helped make the event one of the smoothest-running in years. CA

Eagle Sponsors • Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Inc. • Valero • Vulcan Materials

Beverage Station Sponsors • Construction Marketing Services • Quinn Company / Caterpillar

Birdie Sponsors • Alta Environmental • Associates Environmental • Butler-Justice, Inc. • Concept Paving Solutions, Inc. • Diversified Asphalt • Holliday Rock • Lunday-Thagard Refining • Patriot Risk & Insurance Services • Pavement Recycling Systems, Inc. • RDO Equipment Co. • Road Science a division of Arrmaz Par Sponsors • Pirtek Long Beach • R.J. Noble Company • Quinn Company / Caterpillar

Hole-in-One Sponsor • Coastline Equipment Cigar Sponsor • California Commercial Asphalt, LLC Closest to Pin (Women) Sponsors • Concept Paving Solutions, Inc. • Kenco Engineering, Inc. Closest to Pin (Men) Sponsors • Kenco Engineering, Inc. • Terra Pave, Inc. LONGEST DRIVE (MEN) SPONSOR • Westpac Wealth Partners

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Equipment Guide Issue

Check-in goes smoothly at the CalAPA golf tournament on Sept. 24 at Pacific A sea of golf carts ready to roll at the CalAPA golf tournament. Palms Resort in Industry.

Putting contest hosted by Pin-Up Golf.

Jon Layne (left), Darin Ferguson, Paul Ekstrand, Alon Asphalt’s foursome; Tony Nader (left), Marc Sully-Miller Contracting Co. and Tony Grasso, CalAPA. Mitchell, Wayne Church and Steve Burhans.

Brian Platt (left), Tim Reed, Dennis Reed and Matthew Pherreigo, Road Science a division of Arrmaz (Vulcan).

Griffith Company’s foursome; Jason Spear (left), Linda Hynds, Colleen Tripp and Eric Guzman.

Darrin Grove (left), Brandon Rice, Daniel Rice and Josh Cobb of Concept Paving Solutions, Inc.

Dain Deforest (left), Bill Mettler, Vulcan Materials, Ralph Donaldson and Carl Bostick, J.B. Bostick Co.

Mike Scardina, BG Chemical (left), Scott Farrell, Ingevity, Chris Loher and Brad Oller, Stansteel Asphalt Plant Products.

David Cruse, Papich Construction (left), Scott Taylor, David Schack, Alta Environmental and John Fredrickson.

Kelterite’s foursome; Matt Bennett, Ryan Chaput, Tim McLean and Dan Howard.

Taylor Schmidt, Escondido Materials (left), Eddie Vanzyl, Jim Sauder, Astec and Chris Herne, Granite Construction.

Diversified Asphalt’s foursome; Lou Moreno. Chad Martindale, Chuck Staletta and Gary Green.

Valero Wilmington Asphalt’s foursome; Mark Venanzi (left), Dave Giron, Mukesh Gandhi and Phil Gray.

Lunday-Thagard’s foursome; Ray Couillard (left), Ronson Stermer and John Dougherty.

Vulcan Materials’ foursome; Grant Hughes (left), Dan Luna, Don Olivera and David Worthington.

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Equipment Guide Issue


R.J.Noble Company’s foursome; Bob Lutz (left), Mike Harmon and Terry McGill.

Ronnie Ambriz, Roadtec (left) and Tom Hughes, Champion Paving.

Jim O’Kane, Pavement Recycling Systems (left), John Chun Port of Long Beach, Vince Hourigan, Kimley Horn and Marcus Eminhizer, CalPortland.

California Commercial Asphalt’s foursome; Barry Coley (left), Wade Anderson, Lyle Stone and Frank Coakley.

Holliday Rock’s foursome; Chris Herrington (left), John Rogers, Hank Berry and Geoff Hollingshead.

Associates Environmental’s foursome; Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions’ foursome; Jason Thompson, Vulcan Materials Bryan Haynes (left), Randy Maddox, Todd Vargason (left), Greg Hunt, (left), Steve Kirschner, Dan Maas, Linda Pulford and Mike Buckantz. Darren Cook, Tom Hicks. Hardy & Harper and Mike Murray, Vulcan Materials.

Phil Ransom, VCES (left), Mike Guilette, John Greenwood, Skanska Civil West Michael Burchardt, AMS and Ed (left), Sal Gonzalez and Eric Gauss, Galindo, VCES. Valero Wilmington Asphalt.

Sully-Miller Contracting’s foursome; Wade Struiksma (left), Matt Mallory, Robert Contreras and Jim Oldham.

Paul Martin, PIRTEK (left), Aaron Terry, Terra Pave, Pete Wilkinson, PIRTEK and Matt Terry, Terra Pave.

Bill Taliaferro (left), Mike Burneson, Patriot Risk sponsored foursome Syar Industries, Mike Butler, Butler- John Hartwig (left), Danny Stinson, Justice and Dan Copp, Dan Copp Crushing. Steve Cota and Corey Crawford.

Blue Diamond Materials’ foursome; Rick Williams (left), Mickey Griffin, Andy Probert and Robert Wise.

Vulcan Materials’ foursome; Randy Moss Adams’ foursome; John Garthe Reichert (left), Pascal Mascarenhas, (left), Chris Gewain and Matthew Cameron Richardson and Alex Perez. Stone.


Tim Griffin (left), Scott Metcalf and Tyler Skender, Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions.

RDO Equipment’s foursome; Tory Williams (left), Chris Spross, Chris Rogers and Marcus Thomas.

Nixon-Egli Equipment Foursome pictured with Pin-Up Golf’s Cat Noel (center), Jake Straub (left), Roy Hensley, Mike Burns and Vern Gunderson.

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015w Equipment Guide Issue

Kenco Engineering

Pugmill Parts

Insurance column Equipment - commercial inland marine coverage By Steve Cota, Patriot Risk & Insurance Services

If you have been purchasing and renting new equipment throughout the year, how important is it that you add everything to your commercial inland marine policy? If you don’t, will you still be insured for a loss? Mixer Flights

Discharge Flights

Combustion Flight Castings

Inland marine insurance coverage (or a “floater” policy as it is sometimes called) is intended to insure equipment, tools and material that are in transit and/ or are away from your premises. The equipment can include skip loaders, milling machines, grinders, graders, backhoes, portable office trailers, etc. and even water trucks not licensed for highway use. Your policy will contain a limit for any newly acquired equipment not yet reported during the policy year. The limit of coverage for unreported equipment could be as low as $5,000. It is important to remember to review your schedule of equipment and the insured limits at least 90 days prior to each policy year. I recommend that all additions and deletions to the schedule should be made to the policy as each transaction occurs to ensure proper reporting and coverage. For your rented or leased equipment, make sure you are covered for the maximum value of the equipment along with loss of rental or leased income insurance to cover your liability while any lost or damaged equipment in your possession is being repaired or replaced.

Slat Conveyor Liners

Cone Liners

It is also important to make sure your employees are aware on how to use the equipment. One of our clients recently destroyed a $100,000 piece of rented equipment because their employee was not an experienced operator. In addition to physical damage of the rental equipment, the inexperienced operator was injured creating a very costly workers’ compensation claim. Inland marine insurance is also intended to cover goods and material in transit and while at a jobsite. It is recommended to check the policy’s limit to ensure accurate coverage was bound.

Rap Crusher Kenco’s Black Gold

800-363-9859 Still proudly made in the USA


For an unusual or special occasion (e.g., the renting of a high-valued piece of equipment) you may want to have your policy specifically endorsed (only for the rental period) rather than being charged premium for the entire policy year based on an over estimated limit of liability for leased or rented equipment. CA Steve Cota, CRIS directs the Asphalt Paving Program for Patriot Risk & Insurance Services. For more information regarding the above or any other insurance-related questions, he may be reached at (949) 486-7947 or

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Equipment Guide Issue

Industry News Contractors’ Sept 8 Dinner Meeting Featured overview on Intelligent Compaction Members of the California Asphalt Pavement Association met on September 8 at the Dal Rae in Pico Rivera for the contractors dinner. The featured

speakers were Stephen Vander Hart, account manager for RDO Integrated Controls, Fares Beainy, Research EngineerEmerging Technologies, and

Stephen Vander Hart, RDO Integrated Controls (left) and Mark Eckert, Volvo Equipment gave presentations on Intelligent Compaction.

Vulcan Materials is the largest producer of construction aggregates in the United States. The Western Division proudly supplies the highest quality materials for the production of roads, highways, dams, airports, seaports, commercial centers and residential housing as well as other Construction Material needs.

Serving all of California Southern California Area Los Angeles Basin Inside Sales: 626-633-4228 Customer Service Center (Dispatch) 626-856-6156 San Diego Area Inside Sales: 858-530-9472 Customer Service Center (Dispatch) 858-530-9465 Central California Fresno Inside Sales: 559-434-1202 Customer Service Center (Dispatch) 559-846-2852 Bakersfield

Customer Service Center (Dispatch) 661-835-4800

Northern California Bay Area, Pleasanton: 925-846-2852 Sacramento Area, Roseville HMA Inside Sales / Dispatch: 916-773-3968 Grass Valley Area, Nev City, Auburn Area HMA Inside Sales: 530-273-4437 Western Division Administration 818-553-8800


Technical Services Department Northern California Pleasanton Laboratory Technical Services Manager – Toni Carroll 925-485-5982 Central California Fresno Laboratory Technical Services Manager – Gary Dunkel 559-434-2714 Bakersfield Laboratory Technical Service Specialist – Bob Lee 661-398-6299 Southern California Los Angeles Laboratory Technical Services Manager – Tim Reed Technical Services Aggregate – Jeff Pollard Technical Services Asphalt – Pascal Mascarenhas 626-856-6190 Southern California San Diego Laboratory Technical Services Manager – Rob Piceno 858-547-4981 West Region Technical Services Manager LEED Green Associate – Ed Luce 619-843-3069

Mark Eckert, Product ManagerCompaction, with Volvo Construction Equipment. Their presentations were on Intelligent Compaction a term sweeping across the asphalt paving industry. Those in attendance received in-depth coverage about the technology and techniques that have come to be known collectively as “Intelligent Compaction (IC).” CalAPA Contractors’ Dinners are the paving industry’s premier events to socialize in a relaxed setting, enjoy delicious food and stay current with the latest industry trends, technical updates and more. Each dinner features a industry specific presentation and “news you can use” on a number of topics, such as insurance, HR, and technical and practi- cal aspects of paving. The Contractors Dinner is another exclusive benefit of CalAPA membership! For further information or reservations for the next CalAPA contractors dinner please contact the CalAPA office at 916-791-5044. CA

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Equipment Guide Issue

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Equipment Guide Issue


Industry News DeSilva Gates holds open house for new HMA plant in Sunol Like proud parents, officials at DeSilva Gates Aggregates showed off their new asphalt plant and quarry facility in Sunol. The HMA plant can produce 500 tons per hour of mix, and has 1,800 tons of hot storage,

which can be stored for up to 96 hours after it is produced. The plant also features eight coldfeed bins, two Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) bins (fine and course) and one bin for Recycled Asphalt Shingles (RAS).

DeSilva Gates Aggregates Division General Manager Alan French at the company’s new HMA plant in Sunol. 1575 W Rialto Avenue San Bernardino, CA 92410

Ben Inkster with DeSilva Gates Materials (right) leads a tour of the new facility.

Serving All Of Southern California Single Drum Padfoot Vibratory Grade Rollers Ingersoll-Rand SD25F Hamm 3205P Hamm 3307 Hamm 3410SP Hamm 3412SP

3 8 8 12 14

Ton 49.5” Ton 54” Ton 66” Ton 84” Ton 84”

The Best in Bare Rentals

Single Drum Smooth Vibratory Grade Rollers Double Drum Vibratory Hot Mix Ingersoll-Rand SD-25D Hamm 3307 Hamm 3410 Hamm 3412

3 8 12 12

Ton Ton Ton Ton

42” 66” 84” 84”

Water Trucks

Ford F-800 Water Truck 2000 Gallon Freightliner FL70 2500 Gallon

Pneumatic 9-Wheel RTR

Ingersoll-Rand PT125R 8-15 Ton 69” Dynapac CP142 8-15 Ton 69”

Bomag BW90AD Hamm HD10 Hamm HD12 Hamm HD13 Ingersoll-Rand DD70 Hamm HD70 Hamm HD75 Hamm HD90 Hamm HD090 Hamm HD110 Hamm HD120

2-4 Ton 3-5 Ton 3-5 Ton 4-6 Ton 8 Ton 8 Ton 8 Ton 10 Ton 12 Ton 12 Ton 13.2 Ton

35.5” 39” 47” 51” 57” 59” 66” 66” 66” 66” 78”

You have the best crew... now give them the best rollers


Construction on the HMA plant began in January and was completed in May. It has additional seismic safety bracing due to the numerous earthquake faults in the Bay Area, with a 4.5-foot thick silo foundation that took more than 800 cubic yards of concrete to construct. The silo legs feature 2-inch bolts embedded in 3.5-inch concrete, and the silo legs took four certified welders five weeks to weld to the pads. The plant also boasts state-of-the-art emissions controls. The plant is located at 6527 Calaveras Road in Sunol. The order desk is (925) 829-1446 and the Quarry Office is (925) 862-1909. CA

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Equipment Guide Issue

STRONG LIVES HERE. Authorized Doosan Dealer

14635 VALLEY BLVD. | FONTANA, CA 92335 909-822-2200


Since 1972, Scott Equipment has served the heavy equipment needs of Southern California. We proudly carry the full line of Doosan construction equipment, including the newly redesigned wheel loader models. With enhanced cab features, selectable engine power modes and versatile tool carrier options, Doosan wheel loaders are made to perform in your toughest conditions.

See how Doosan delivers.

Call or stop by Scott Equipment today.

Doosan and the Doosan logo are registered trademarks of Doosan Corp. in the United States and various other countries around the world. 15-D041

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Equipment Guide Issue


Target Compaction in Fewer Passes Intelligent Compaction (IC) is rapidly becoming a requirement for Caltrans projects. SITECH NorCal and SITECH Oregon have the cutting edge IC technology. Our CCS900 System enables your rollers to meet today’s stringent paving requirements: • Pass count mapping • Temperature mapping • Monitor Compaction Meter Values (CMV) • Wirelessly transfer data from the machine to the office for analysis

Contact us for a free demonstration, some conditions apply.

SITECH NorCal 2251 Alvarado Street San Leandro, CA 94577 (510) 670-2800


SITECH Oregon 4421 NE Columbia Blvd. Portland, OR 97218 (510) 670-2800

Our NEW Salem Store 3870 Turner Road SE Salem, OR 97302 (503) 280-1505

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Equipment Guide Issue

New Members of CalAPA Pape Machinery Bill Schwenk, General Manager 2850 El Centro Road Sacramento, CA 95833 P: 916.922.7181

Commercial Energy Jason Martin 2677 Oakport Street, #525 Oakland, CA 94621 P: 510.567.2700

Leighton Group Sean Colorado, Vice President 3934 Murphy Canyon Rd, B205 San Diego, CA 92123 P: 858.300.8490

Martin Brothers Construction Felipe Martin, 8801 Folsom Blvd., Ste. 260 Sacramento, CA 95826 P: 916.381.0911

PZS Stabilization, LLC Bruce Coulthard, President-COO P.O. Box 440-A Saint Helena, CA 94574 P: 707.287.6111 California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Equipment Guide Issue


CalAPA Annual Meeting and Dinner Jan. 21, 2016 Jonathan Club 545 S. Figueroa Street Los Angeles Spring Asphalt CONFERENCE & Equipment Expo April 20 & 21, 2016 Doubletree Hotel 222 N. Vineyard Ave., Ontario Meeting dates are subject to change. Watch the weekly Asphalt Insider newsletter for meeting updates or call CalAPA at (866) 498-0761 to confirm meeting date and location.

Providing Solutions for:


Road and Aggregate Stabilization, Dust Abatement, Erosion Control, Prime Coat Alternative

2520 South Birch St., Santa Ana, California 92707 Ph: 800-670-9570 / Web: Email:


Complete Custom Solutions / Environmentally Sensitive


• Economical

Perform technical supervision in road repairs and maintenance projects using “jetpatcher” technology and machines for contracts with local cities and municipalities involving road depression repair and maintenance, sealing dig-out, and pothole, and surface (alligator) cracks repair and maintenance, scabbing, and wheel path rutting repair projects. Supervise the technical assembly, repair and maintenance of “jetpatcher” machines, trucks, and equipment utilized in asphalt paving jobs. Train personnel and clients, prepare presentations, and perform troubleshooting. Requires minimum five years experience in “jetpatcher” asphalt paving technology, and technical skills in assembly, repair and troubleshooting of heavy equipment, and trucks utilized in asphalt paving projects. Mail resume and cover letter to: Jetpatcher USA Inc., 2520 South Birch St., Santa Ana, CA 92707. Attention: Mr. Abraham Lopez.



• All Types of Asphalt • Environmental Integrity

• Reduce Cleaning Time • Environmental and User Safety


• Aggressively Penetrates Heavy Oils

PZS Stabilization /

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Equipment Guide Issue

California Asphalt Magazine • 2015 Equipment Guide Issue



The Wirtgen Group owes its strength to the excellence of its four product brands – Wirtgen, Vögele, Hamm and Kleemann – with their unique wealth of experience and partnerships with hard working dealers like Nixon-Egli Equipment Co. – celebrating 50 years of dedicated customer service to their customers. Put your trust in the Wirtgen Group team.

WIRTGEN AMERICA . 6030 Dana Way . Antioch, TN 37013 Tel.: (615) 501-0600 .


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