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By Lori Berezin If the eyes are considered the windows to the soul, lashes

Volume lash for thicker, lusher lashes. The Volume extensions are

provide their stylish shades. Raising a curtain of luxuriously

extremely thin, multiple (3 or 6) synthetic lash strands bonded

long lashes each morning would certainly feel like a dream

together for a fuller effect. Similar to regular extensions, one

come true. Amazing Lash Studio in Woodland Hills provides the

Volume lash is also bonded to a single natural eyelash. These

perfect look for ladies with less than lush lashes.

provide clients with a comfortable, lightweight alternative, especially suited for those with fewer natural lashes.

When Calabasas residents Steven and Lisa Ruby identified an untapped market within the local beauty scene, they opened

Amazing Lash Studio’s monthly maintenance programs offer

the area’s first Amazing Lash Studio (ALS). The parent company

guests the option to receive one ($69.99) or two Twice as

of their franchise remains the nation’s largest name brand

Amazing lash refills per month ($119.99), plus myriad member

specializing in the application and care of eyelash extensions.

discounts and benefits. Since regular refills are recommended every two to three weeks, it’s a great way to save. The ALS parent

The ALS in Woodland Hills offers customers a relaxing, spa-like

company also continues to give back to the community. The

setting where they feel right at home. During the initial visit,

company, along with the Beauty Changes Lives Foundation,

guests are escorted into a private suite where one of the

recently awarded $2,250 scholarships to five lucky recipients

studio’s 15 licensed stylists evaluates the health of the person’s

looking to pursue a career in aesthetics. Locally, the Ruby’s

lashes and helps create an ideal lash-extension look. The

ALS in Woodland Hills continues to make eyelash extensions

stylist then applies individual extensions directly to the guest’s

“affordable, accessible, and convenient” for all. n

own lashes. This patented technique imparts a more natural appearance than strip lash extensions. Although maintenance is required, these look far more realistic than false eyelashes.

21785 Ventura Blvd.

In addition to regular eyelash extensions, ALS also offers a


3D “Classic” Volume lash for a wispier look and a 6D “Glam”


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November/December 2018