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UPDATE #8 November Events in store: *Pnish Show Phantom of the Opera Fashion Night in Omote sando Meji Shrine Ceremony to commemorate the Emperor’s Birthday


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keep this pace up. My studies slipped too much.



Hybia Park This is a large park area with live turtles in the lake. It’s directly south of the Palace and walking distance to Ginza, Bic Camera, and Tokyo Station. Nice area to relax. There are a lot of cats in this park. They seem to believe they own it.

*Pnish show... I thought it was going to be a concert when I got the ticket. However, this is TOHO comedy trope. They perform original stage shows. The good thing was that it was a slap-stick comedy show they were performing. NOthing complex or anything that relied on language ability. Slap-stick is visual as you know. The poster looked like a 1930’s gangster story. I heard the announcer say “san-juu...” and right away triggered my recognition of these words 3 Musketeers..... A story of mistaken identity. I got to enjoy the story and follow along great. However, the reason I liked it was the reason other people were disappointed in the show. But for me it was a great show because I didn’t expect to enjoy it or to be laughing so much.. Sami might recognize the two principal actors as Bleach Rock Show’s Renji and Gin....

This is the side view of the Sunshine Theater from outside the Sunshine 60 building. This place is huge!!!!!! Lots to do and see, but it all costs money and requires time to stand in line. On the 7th floor, above sunshine Theater is an Egyptian Museum. It had some nice pieces, but no wow-factor piece. But it did have an interesting gift shop. I’ll probably return to visit the gift show when I have some spare money

Ebisu Beer Garden may have felt the need to put up a Christmas chandelier to light for the holiday season, but thankfully they put up a couple of trees to make the season look more like Christmas. Few places are putting up trees. They have chandeliers or twig sticks wrapped around a cut bamboo stick. Nice to the trees. Since, I won’t be decorating one this year.

Meiji Shrine November 3, 2011 Ceremony to commemorate Emperor Meiji’s Birthday

Emperor Meiji (1852-1912) is the 122nd emperor of Japan. He’s the greatgrandfather of the current Emperor. Emperor Meiji is the one that promoted friendship with other countries and introduced Western civilization. He slicked back his hair to look more Western, wore Western clothes like a suit for meetings, and ate Western food. He modeled the behavior and people followed his example. In getting people to change and become open to other cultures he was able to move Japan forward. Technology developments and education became more important to compete on the world stage. He tried to balance his Western lifestyle while trying to incorporate Japanese traditions into a balanced modern lifestyle. The act of preserving Japanese identity, introduce overseas technology, and accept Western civilization in Japan is credited to Emperor Meiji who built the foundation of what is now modern Japan

Meiji Shrine is dedicated to the divine souls of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken. Remember-- Emperor in Japan is considered divine because of birth. Emperor is God. Shrine was established on November 1,1920

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Entering the grounds you find flower displays. Some have some villages created. The Emperor and Empress were big promoters of nature---trees and flowers.

There’s a sample of the events for the Emperor’s birthday. Flower display, bugaku (court music), martial arts demonstrations, Yabusame (horseback archery--Samurai rank of warfare), religious ceremonies by the shinto priests to bless the day or actually to respect the Kami (Spirit) of the Meiji Shrine.

The building in the center is the entrance to the JR train. On the left is the Metro line if you prefer. Either way when you leave the park turn left, walk across the bridge, make another left and you’ll be right here at the station. If you cross the street and turn left you’ll head for the famous area of Harajuku. The dori road will be on your right. Just follow all the kids and tourist down the busy shopping alley.

Fashion Night out Saturday November 5, 2011 Area between Harajuku and Omote sando. Lots of people, lots of foreigners on display, and lots of shopping. Nothing major to see....

Omote Sando had a huge Christmas tree on display. It was close to the Forever 21. The clothes look the same as in America. but the sizes don’t go pass an 8 (Asian 6---- not a western body-- you must be a small flat board to wear these clothes)

Some popular spots: Jonathan’s Restaurant Shakey’s Pizza-Oriental Bazarre Forever 21 Wego Tiffany’s Denny’s Meiji Shrine and Park area Mainly people walking around looking at other people. So, a lot of people watching going on. Fashion Night out had expensive stores greeting famous Japanese people while poor people tried to get a photograph from outside the store

Fashion Night Out is only interesting if you have an invitation to be somewhere. No walking off the street

Lights were a blaze down Omotesando Hills. All stores were open to catch the shoppers who couldn’t get inside an expensive store.

I went to Kyoto Fan show event in Omote sando. I saw a real Kyoto performance. These type of shows usually never allow photography of the show, meeting the performers, or photo op with the performers. I got to do all three for free. I got free champagne and commemorative fan from the event.

< LOOK at the shoes.......>

I think people pay around $200 to see a performance and donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t even get to take a photo. It wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t something that I thought I would do in Japan, but it was a great experience. I think some people saw the raw video up on my Facebook page

Phantom of the Opera Shimbashi-Shiodome in Japanese Of course no photos happened inside, but it was a good stage show. I did feel missing or alterations in the music at certain places but it was still good. It probably has to do with translation. I had the English soundtrack playing in my head. It was only when the places where it didn’t match my audio track that I lost my place. The casting for the show was excellent, except for Christine. She just didn’t have the voice for the part. This Opera part depends on a solid Soprano voice but I think her voice was more of an Alto... The guy playing the Phantom was amazing; even in Japanese. The ending I didn’t even notice what language was being used. He was that powerful of a performer. Restaurants were selling theme dessert . $40 for a brownie--No I didn’t get it, but I do want a brownie.

November was eventful, but a lot of work being social. I may have gotten a little sick from the weather changing. It’s typhoon season so it’s lots of strong cold winds and rain. Japan medicine id divided by symptoms. so no combo medicine for everything. The medicine is also weak. You need to take triple the pills and syrup for an adult dose. It will cost a lot to get healthy.

No firm plans yet. Still learning Japanese and trying to work. I believe the plan is still to come home in March..... if it’s sooner I’ll email. I seem to be here for January. My mental block for languages will have me taking double classes. Twice as much work will happen. See if I can keep up. So far I’m exhausted....... no extra places to visit in December. December will be just work, study, sleep.......... Update may be boring or unnecessary. Call home around Christmas................. Bye Reyna

Update 8  

Hello from Tokyo November 2011

Update 8  

Hello from Tokyo November 2011