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UPDATE 4 Tokyo Hello everyone, Sorry it took so long to write. It just got so busy. I suddenly didn’t have a any free time. Well, on my Monday July 12, your yesterday. I picked-up my resident alien card. I’m an official alien of Japan. No photo just because so much information is in dual languages. I have some photos of the bridge area by the building. This bridge has protection from the sun, however its a part of the freeway to Koto-ku. So as always there are pluses and minuses.

Just some side photos to see the jogging path along the river.

I live very close to a Kabuki Theater. Meijiza Theater. The shows are very expensive but its considered cultural. The in front is like a very nice mini-park walk way for people to relax.

Close to the theater is this clock, Turret of gimmick clock at Ningyo-cho. Its suppose to symbolize firefighters and Japanases comic history. I get the comic, but I don’t know what’s symbolic of the firefighter. But its on the map of things visitors should see / what’ available to see.

Nearby is a simple neighborhood shrine. It’s hidden by bushes and trees, so its not a place to give directions to but it is attached to a small playground if you a place to rest.

This shrine is very close to the Peacock grocery store. It’s across the street and down a block going toward the river bridge. It’s very open and has regular visitors that stop and pray. Well that’s it for the area I live close to. Meaning walking distance. So photos are mainly going to be from places I require a train ride.

Sami knows this show. I got to go to “Bleach rock Musical 10th Anniversary Show” starring an all new cast. The first ten years of the show was done by the same actors, writers, director, producers, and music arrangers. The show’s rights were bought by Toho Studios and done with all brand new people. New younger actors, a new director, and new music coordinator. The show has funny moments. A very small cast to do a Bleach version of Romeo and Juliet (guy in red & lady in white). It was okay but many fans are not taking to this show. As you see from me ticket the show was Sunday July 3 at the Kita Senju Theater 1010. The 1010 is a play on the name Kita Senju which means the number 1010.

Above is the advertising posters (They used anime characters and the real people to draw in fans).

Things I got, one is the commemorative booklet of the show and the other is a fan of Gin Ichimaru. Well a small theater and low flowing air among a few hundred people. Yes I needed a fan. And I knew enough about him to take on questions. I Researched.........

Theater 1010 is very easy to find. Take the Hibiya Metro train all the way north (last stop) exit on the second floor. 80% of the train stations are attached to a mall or a large store. In this far off city it’s a mall. The theater has a strange creature logo. Apparently the artist was inspired by Southwestern rock art. Like from the Casa Grande area. Got there very early. The show starts at 12pm, but enterance starts at 11am, but I needed to be sure I signed in so that I got credit for going there. It’s a good thing because the only way up to the 11th floor is by elevator. That elevator was so busy with mall customers I had to ride all the way down to go up.

See the McDonalds in the corner in the first picture, fifty feet away is that other McDonalds in the center photo. Then down the road is a shopping arcade. The biggest difference is that the area allows smoking. McDonalds has a smoking room. People are dressed very casual and carry their drinks while walking. Everything you can’t do in Tokyo

Kita Senju Iria Shrine Very small and considered a neighborhood shrine.

I did the social thing and went to a movie with people from the dorm. We went and saw the 4th Pirates movie starring Johnny Depp.The ticket is from a Toho Cinema complex. I went to the Olinas Mall in Kinshicho. Remember it was the building from the last Update 3 that’s accross from the subway on your way to the radish temple. Above the 3D it says “Screen 7” in Katakana. The F-13 is my seat. You must select your row and seat at the ticket office before you enter. If it’s taken you have to select again. Since its 3D you have to buy the glasses.

I went to Shinjuku to open my bank account at Shinsei Bank. They have a Flex Account that foreigners can open easily. They even sent my bank card and instructions to login. Beside the bank card (Pink) you get a security card that (Green) where The bank mails all the letters in different envelopes. If the mailman misses you, he comes back after 6pm to try again to deliver- Same Day. I know because I wasn’t home when he first came by.

assigned values that have to be input at random. strong security. Lose either card your in trouble.

From the bank I walked down to the Government Building. There are to free observatories on the 40th floor (North and South) to look. The second floor has a government tourist office and information for foreigners about the miscellaneous

Supposedly, you can see Mt.Fuji from this view. But the odds are like 1 in a million.

After leaving the South observatory floor I went to the tourist office for maps and foreigner residency information. I ended up getting a free private tour of the building and of the Parliament room. A lot of political fights happened there.

The day was so hot I decided to leave using the underground passage that leads to the Shinjuku train station.

On the Right is the famous Studio Alta with TV display. The 1st On the left is a Yunika building like many other Tokyo buildings is using TV to get peoples attention.

The tour of the Tokyo Palace was on Thursday June 30. You need to remember your passport and the permit ticket to participate. I was in the 10am tour group. Check-in is at the Kikyomon Gate.

After check-in they take you to a visitor building to watch a video of the area and the history. The English audio headset is available for free. Eventually the tour begins.

Basically that’s all to see. The East Gardens are free to visit but I didn’t have time to explore. The tour on the grounds took 1 1/2 Hours of walking forward and back.

The palace look out houses on top of the rock mounds were interesting. The rocks on the ground are cut and numbered exactly to match the corresponding rock on the hill as replacements. They are very serious about up keep and exactness.

Saturday July 9 I went to the Tokyo Big Sight for the 18th Annual Tokyo International Book Fair. The bottom floor was all selling and books. The featured booth was a seller dealing in Spanish books from Spain. The top floor was dedicated to the electronic and technology. I was able to enter free into all the areas and look around with my badge. They signed me in as a Scout.

Around 3pm there was the writer appearances and book signing. He writes the novels that are period pieces with romance. He was very nice. He let me take his picture before he got swarmed with fans wanting their autograph.

I prefer to take the Metro if possible. I look for the blue sign. Too many people are on the JR line. That’s where most people get confused and lost.

The above Eastern toilet is from a nice park close to the Kabuki Theater. And if your desperate your only choice.

The Eastern and Western toilets are from the Palace grounds area. Very nice.... toilet paper and and a sink. It’s a good idea to have a towel to dry your hands. There are no paper towels available and usually no hand air dryer (maybe in malls & hotels). Kleenex will be good for when there is no toilet paper available. Manners: Before using a bathtub or public bath you are suppose to clean yourself first then get in to the tub.

Well that’s all for this Update. In August I’ll do Update 5 and have more to show. I’ve just been getting busier and busier. Oh something about an earthquake you heard about. I say you because I didn’t hear anything. Maybe felt something for 2 seconds, but not sure. Everything for me is still fine.... If I had TV maybe I would know what happened. Yahoo over here didn’t report much........ other than it was somewhere north and 200+ miles away from Tokyo. Remember I not here forever, its temporary. And if I can afford it, I have the option of going to Osaka or Hiroshima See ya Later

Bye Reyna

Update 4  

My couple of weeks in Tokyo