Page 1 Lenten calendar 2013

Tuesday 12th February

Shrove Tuesday

Make a Lenten

promise today.


Ash Wednesday

Wednesday 13th February

What could you give up this Lent?

Get sponsored or collect the money you save for CAFOD!

St Valentine’s Day

Thursday 14th February

Did you know....? 1 in 8 people will go to bed hungry tonight.

Pray for them today.

Friday 15th February

Cut out meat today! Have a fish

Friday instead.

Saturday 16th February

Be the change you want to see. What

changes will you make in your own life this Lent?

Sunday 17th February

Read and reflect on Luke



Monday 18th February

Plan a global reality lunch.

Use our guide online to help you explore some of the injustices in the food system.

Tuesday 19th February

Spread the word - check out our short talk. Could you use it to promote Hungry for change?

Wednesday 20th February

Design a Hungry

for change poster to display in your school.

Thursday 21st February

Watch the Lent

Hungry for change animation online.

Friday 22nd February

Lent Fast Day

Today is Lent

Fast Day! Give up a meal today and put the money you save into your Hungry for change collection.

Saturday 23rd February

Keep up to date with the campaign follow CAFOD on twitter – remember the hashtag #hungryforchange

Sunday 24th February

Read and reflect on

Luke 9:28-36

Monday 25th February

Fairtrade fortnight begins Set up a Fairtrade stall or buy Fairtrade goods this week.

Tuesday 26th February

Collect for a World

Gift today. Drought resistant crops are just ÂŁ12!

Wednesday 27th February

Take it! Use the fish template and write your message to the Prime Minister asking for a fairer food system.

Share it! Give the loaf to somebody at home and ask them to join us in our Hungry for change campaign!

Thursday 28th February

Multiply it! Make a

display of fish and loaves in class or in the assembly hall.

St David’s Day

Check out our In

the Baking of Bread activity online. Could you get a group involved in this?

Friday 1st March

Saturday 2nd March

Make lunch today for someone in your family.

Sunday 3rd March

Read and reflect on Luke


Monday 4th March

Plan to take a simple packed lunch to school tomorrow and donate the money you save to your Hungry for change collection.

Tuesday 5th March

Draw a plate and write a grace today. Why not share it with us?

Wednesday 6th March

Sign up for the

Great Generation E-News.

Thursday 7th March

Make a short film with your friends to tell others how you are Hungry for change. Post it to Facebook.

International Women’s Day

Friday 8th March

Find out more about International

Women’s Day.

Saturday 9th March

Could you plan a cake

sale for your Hungry for change collection today?

Mother’s day

Do something nice for your

mum and other special women today.

Sunday 10th March

Monday 11th March

Run our food round of the CAFOD

quiz this lunchtime to raise money for your Hungry for change collection.

Tuesday 12th March

Post on the

Great Generation Facebook group wall about how your Lenten promises are going.

Wednesday 13th March

Find out where your food comes from. Research the meals you have today.

Thursday 14th March

Give up your Facebook


picture and status today to ‘I’m Hungry for change – are you? And link to our Lent page.

Friday 15th March

Plan a shared global

meal for the end of term – try some national dishes and collect donations for your Hungry for change collection.

Saturday 16th March

Visit your local library, or organise a music swap today –

borrow and share instead of buying today.

Sunday 17th March

St Patrick’s Day

Wear, eat and plant


green today.

Monday 18th March

Make peace today. Arguments happen – but make sure you resolve them!

Tuesday 19th March

Write a blog about what your group have been doing to show you are Hungry for change this Lent – send it to us!

Wednesday 20th March

Show the love today. Give

hugs instead of texts.

Thursday 21st March

Recycle bottles, cans and paper, and make signs for recycling points if there aren’t any.

The Tarafa project in Brazil supports children and young people care for their community. Here is a member sorting rubbish for recycling.

World Water Day

Save water today, and pray for people in the world without access to safe clean water.

Friday 22nd March

Saturday 23rd March

Change for change collect the loose

change around your house today and put it towards your Hungry for change collection.

Palm Sunday

Sunday 24th March

Collect your palm at Mass today.

Monday 25th March

Make some

Easter cards for family and friends today.

Tuesday 26th March

Jesus was always willing to share

food with those who were on the edges of society. How can we follow Jesus’

example and make sure that no one is excluded from the feast?

Wednesday 27th March

Spend some

quality time today – take the time to listen to people in your family.

Holy Thursday

Thursday 28th March

Do something to make life easier for someone.

Water systems have been repaired after the floods in Pakistan in 2011so that people can enjoy clean water again.

Good Friday

Friday 29th March

Say a prayer for the

870 million people who are suffering without enough food to eat.

Holy Saturday

Have a quiet

day with no TV or computer.

Saturday 30th March

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter!

Alleluia! Give somebody a Fairtrade Easter Egg.

Sunday 31st March

Lent calendar for young people  
Lent calendar for young people  

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